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00:00Moffixx and he said "I think I would have noticed"
00:00@mikegrb roflz
00:00taupehat rofl
00:00Moffixx they switched from the pure DEC chip to a clone
00:00taupehat GODDAMMIT mikegrb TURN THAT OFF!
00:00Moffixx I still have a stockpile of pure DEC tulips
00:00Moffixx hahaha
00:00Battousai NO!
00:00* Moffixx ^5s mikegrb
00:00Battousai mikegrb: keep that baby on!
00:00taupehat grr
00:00@mikegrb Moffixx: ^5
00:00Battousai that thing is a long-standing tradition
00:00@mikegrb Battousai: ^5
00:00Battousai well not really long
00:00Battousai not exactly standing either
00:00Battousai but still
00:00@mikegrb Battousai: getting there
00:01Battousai mikegrb: GO PHANTOMS
00:01@mikegrb lolz
00:01Moffixx I just love the irony of people who aren't annoyed by "lol" getting annoyed by "lolz"
00:01* Battousai is going nuts for game four
00:01@caker TRIVIA: The first commercial modem was released in 1960 by what company? AT&T, Hayes, HP, IBM
00:01psykoyiko Moffixx: you just love irons.
00:01taupehat well
00:01Battousai i wanna see if wachovia center staff will let me in with a push broom
00:01@mikegrb HAYES!
00:01thelsdj hayes
00:01taupehat it steals the humor out of the moment
00:01@caker negative
00:01taupehat I'm laughing
00:01@caker AT&T
00:01thelsdj hrm
00:01@mikegrb oh boy
00:01@mikegrb lolz
00:01taupehat I say "LOL"
00:01@mikegrb roflz
00:01Battousai rofl
00:01taupehat and then I get the lolz
00:01@mikegrb mmm cake
00:01Moffixx cake
00:01@mikegrb that's a good trick question
00:02Moffixx it used to be illegal to hook up a modem to your phone without Ma Bell's permission
00:02taupehat {grin}
00:02Moffixx that's one of the things that coincided with the birth of Unix
00:02encode haha
00:02Battousai Moffixx: it also used to be illegal for jews to drink from egyptian wells
00:02taupehat it used to be quite entertaining to phone someone up who had call waiting if you wanted a line in on Trex
00:02Battousai big deal
00:02taupehat hmm
00:02taupehat Moffixx: you probably remember trex
00:02taupehat hell, you're probably still on it =]
00:03Moffixx the BBS?
00:03taupehat yeah
00:03Battousai bbc
00:03taupehat 24 modems in
00:03taupehat oh man
00:03taupehat that was badass
00:03Moffixx I was West Coast
00:03taupehat and there had to be a trex2 to keep up with demand
00:03Moffixx Seattle Area BBS scene
00:03taupehat ahh
00:03* taupehat lived in San J in the earliest part of the 90s
00:03kobs wow, i didn't get a computer until late 2001 :)
00:04Moffixx oh wow, this is Los ALtos
00:04Moffixx crazy
00:04taupehat heh
00:04taupehat what was cool
00:04taupehat I got all nostalgic about it a couple weeks ago
00:04taupehat googled it
00:04Moffixx I was part of the Citadel scene in Seattle
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00:04taupehat and trex still exists
00:04taupehat not only that
00:04taupehat but I got in touch with a friend I hadn't talked to in about 15 years
00:04Moffixx taupehat: ever call Rat Head Systems or any of the NirvanaNet boards?
00:04taupehat no
00:04Moffixx I hang out with those guys
00:05Moffixx they're my bay area drinkin' crew
00:05Moffixx the pigdogs
00:05taupehat word
00:05taupehat man
00:05thelsdj TRIVIA: about what percent of the metal in your PC is platinum silver or gold?
00:05taupehat we were such rotten thugs
00:05encode thelsdj: i choose option d
00:06taupehat Moffixx: ever have to tell someone to turn the music down because it was sending line noise through his acoustic coupler?
00:06taupehat ssssssssssssssjjjjjjjjjjsssjjjjj
00:06taupehat ;;;;;;;;;;jjjjjjjjjj;;;jjj
00:06taupehat =
00:06taupehat ]
00:06taupehat and all that
00:06@mikegrb I remember the first time I saw line noised
00:06Battousai bedooobedooo
00:06@mikegrb asked somebody on a bbs what it was
00:06@mikegrb oh!
00:07@mikegrb and in like 92 or 93 aol had a bbs
00:07taupehat haha
00:07@mikegrb maybe 94
00:07@mikegrb don't remember when they opened
00:07@mikegrb it was for support
00:07taupehat before they somehow magically morphed into 40!
00:07taupehat wait a second
00:07@caker TRIVIA: Nintendo's 'Mario' is one of the best known video game characters. Who was Mario named after? Nintendo's landlord, Nintendo's janitor, Nintendo's president's daughter's boyfriend, the lead programmer's cat
00:07thelsdj aww no one even bothers to take a guess at my trivia
00:07taupehat Moffixx: do they still do at-bang parties down there?
00:07taupehat @!
00:08npmr janitor
00:08@caker npmr: CORRECT
00:08* taupehat was this scrawny punk-rock kid hanging out on the ragged tattered fringe of the dawn of the silicon valley explosion
00:08Moffixx taupehat: haha no
00:08Moffixx taupehat: although bang-parties would be a pretty leet crew nowadays
00:09@caker Has anyone here read Microserfs, or any other Douglas Coupland books?
00:09taupehat heh
00:09taupehat caker: I own a copy
00:09Moffixx caker: yeah I read microserfs
00:09Moffixx when it came out
00:09taupehat loaned it out to several friends
00:09Moffixx I read the first chapter when it was published in wired
00:09taupehat still have it though =]
00:09taupehat hah
00:09@caker I've still never read Generation X, despite the recommendation of many friends
00:10taupehat Moffixx: I'm tempted to print out a page with nothing but @! in 250-point text and put it on my front door
00:10taupehat although if it had any result
00:10Moffixx taupehat: that would increase your cool factor by a power of @!
00:10taupehat !
00:10taupehat god knows it could still go lower
00:10Moffixx taupehat: of course npmr has dragged me kicking and screaming into the age of uucp-over-ssh
00:10Moffixx so I actually have bang-paths in my e-mail
00:10npmr :)
00:11taupehat nice
00:11Moffixx my first e-mail address was actually a UUCP address
00:11@caker npmr: and LDAP too, correct?
00:11taupehat hah
00:11npmr !google drunk-on-the-honey-of-uucp
00:11@linbot npmr: Search took 0.180841 seconds: This is Unix. Stop acting so helpless. -- DJ Bernstein % Computers ...: <>; [UFO Chicago] UUCP: <>; From Fri Nov 1 15:47:58 2002 From: pedro ...: <>; Day changed --- Log (1 more message)
00:11Moffixx ha ha DJB
00:11taupehat !more
00:11npmr caker, yes
00:11Moffixx it's just a quotes file
00:11Moffixx !mroe npmr
00:12Moffixx !more npmr
00:12@linbot Moffixx: opened Thu Jan 08 23:59:01 2004 00:27 ...: <>; Day changed --- Log opened Mon Sep 13 23:59:01 2004 23:59 < dtrumb ...: <>; <Zen> There should be a homonym exam before people are issued ...: <>
00:12taupehat ahh
00:12taupehat nothing like "Day changed" in a quote
00:12Moffixx wow, who is that with the quotes file
00:12Moffixx it's full of sneakums
00:13npmr probably some aglamian or something
00:13@caker taupehat: all the titles in Google for the #linode irc archive come up like that ...
00:13Moffixx yeah it's also got Atob
00:13* taupehat gets back to writing this pm for irssi
00:14Moffixx wow it's got Not Erik too
00:14Moffixx whoa, it's got ME
00:14psykoyiko that has to be from c-l
00:14Moffixx %
00:14Moffixx Rick Moen: How about that doomed admonition to "Have a lot of fun!",
00:14Moffixx when you log into SuSE?
00:14Moffixx Nick Moffitt: I quit using SuSE when I realized that I was not having
00:14Moffixx enough fun to meet their expectations. Those guys are slave drivers.
00:14Moffixx %
00:15Moffixx he even spelled it right
00:15psykoyiko considering the orbital death ray reference
00:15Moffixx psykoyiko: yeah probably
00:15psykoyiko no Miles Nordin though
00:29Moffixx yeah
00:29Moffixx curiouser and curiouser
00:29Moffixx Jonathan Gordon
00:29fo0bar Double the "f", double the "t", and you'll always have... umm, Moffitt
00:29Moffixx Moffittitti
00:29taupehat bah
00:29Moffixx like Mississippi
00:29taupehat I hate bloody perl
00:29npmr what name was it e kept seeing in the lnx-bbc-cvs mailbox when she just glanced at it?
00:29npmr Nice Muffin or something like that?
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00:29taupehat aww man
00:29taupehat I hafta say lolz now =[
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00:30fo0bar el
00:30fo0bar oh
00:30fo0bar el
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00:45xptek Is ThePlanet having routing issues or something?
00:45xptek People on my IRCd peering like mad.
00:45taupehat xptek: if it were in the general sense I'd notice
00:45xptek :o
00:45taupehat since I'm on my TP node here
00:45xptek hmm.
00:45taupehat and it feels smooth
00:46xptek It's only affecting certain people, it seems.
00:46taupehat hm
00:46xptek sigh.. oh well, get to ride it out as usual.
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03:48dryan does anyone know why i get forwarded to if i dont add a final backslash to the url to the server
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10:20rko did host45 just go down?
10:21rko looks like it
10:24@caker checking
10:25rko thanks :-) Opened a ticket, too
10:27rko pinging now
10:28@caker coming back online now
10:29rko thank you!
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12:32thelsdj bahahah
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12:46taupehat eh caker
12:46taupehat I believe we talked about something called "tattle" the other day
12:46taupehat well
12:47taupehat don't use it yet
12:47taupehat heh
12:47taupehat there's a rather significant vulnerability
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12:59gpd How much does the size of your MySQL database affect the memory usage of MySQL?
13:00kvandivo minimally
13:00@mikegrb heh
13:00gpd After a restart it uses about 14Meg...
13:00@mikegrb true for the most part
13:00gpd after a few weeks it uses 25Meg...
13:00gpd I can't find how to stop this increase...
13:00kvandivo that's memory leaks.. not size of the database
13:01gpd caused by programs accessing mysql or mysql itself?
13:01taupehat dammit
13:01taupehat when will people ever learn to call free()
13:01taupehat bloody
13:01taupehat that's what drives me nuts about memory leaks
13:01taupehat they're unneccessary
13:02gpd Is there anything I can do about it? or do I just keep restarting ?
13:02taupehat I restart mysql and apache about once every couple days
13:02taupehat keeps usage down
13:02taupehat I know that's not ideal
13:02taupehat but it's what I have to do to avoid swap-thrashing
13:02taupehat and getting the Evil Eye from caker and mikegrb
13:03kvandivo i call that "The Linode Slapdown"
13:03taupehat heh
13:03taupehat something like that
13:03gpd token removal...
13:03taupehat I'm still laughing my butt off from this bugtraq post
13:03taupehat aye gbd
13:03taupehat got that
13:03taupehat was down to 20k tokens with a refresh of 100
13:03taupehat ouch
13:04* gpd shudders
13:04gpd monit seems to be doing a good job of restarting apache for me when load is high
13:04gpd maybe i should entrust it to mysql too
13:04* taupehat refrences his post in the forums under /dev/random titled "What's the stupidest thing you've ever done with your Linode?"
13:07cout taupehat: keeping track of long-lived objects is unfortunately not that simple :(
13:07taupehat cout: ?
13:07taupehat oh
13:07taupehat wrt free()?
13:07cout taupehat: writing the code to call free() often isn't the problem; it's ensuring that the logic to call it is correct
13:07kobs eek, ntop is a memoery hog
13:07taupehat yeah
13:07@mikegrb cout: and not forgetting to call it when you need to
13:08taupehat cout: I understand that - sometimes a function will exit before free gets called and what not
13:08taupehat but damn
13:17@mikegrb gpd: your linode hasn't seemed slow has it?
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13:25gpd mikegrb: my linode seems to have higher than expected load average...
13:25@mikegrb somebody on your host was complaining but the host looks excellent
13:26@mikegrb though load has gone down even further then it was since I started watching
13:26gpd i think i am just trying to do too much and use too much memory
13:27gpd weird thing is that it always has >98% idle but load average ~2-5
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13:27taupehat argh
13:27gpd but io_status is fine
13:27gpd google, yahoo and msn bots drop by and all hell breaks loose...
13:28gpd i have about 5 domains each with xoops
13:28--- ---> Newsome [] has joined #linode
13:28gpd when the bots leave and I restart mysql / apache it is back to 0 load and smiles all round
13:32npmr [inkblot@dorothy:~]$ cat /etc/apache/denybot.conf
13:32npmr RewriteCond %{USER_AGENT} [0-9a-z]+bot/[.0-9]+ [NC,OR]
13:32npmr RewriteCond %{USER_AGENT} teoma [NC,OR]
13:32npmr RewriteCond %{USER_AGENT} yahoo [NC]
13:32npmr RewriteRule $(/stats/*)^ $1 [F,L]
13:32npmr ^-- modify last line to suit
13:33npmr then insert as appropriate in your VirtualHost blocks
13:33npmr don't forget to RewriteEngine On
13:35gpd nice - i'll try it thank npmr
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13:42gpd npmr: when you say insert you mean Incude /etc/apache/denybot.conf in my VirtualHost area?
13:43npmr yes, that's what i do
13:43npmr or you could cut and paste
13:44gpd no that works for me.
13:44kvandivo cut and paste is for slow, inaccurate typists
13:44gpd HOw about google? You are banning that too?
13:44gpd Vjjjjyy
13:44gpd P
13:44npmr [inkblot@dorothy:~]$ cat /etc/apache/denybot.conf
13:44npmr RewriteCond %{USER_AGENT} [0-9a-z]+bot/[.0-9]+ [NC,OR]
13:44npmr RewriteCond %{USER_AGENT} teoma [NC,OR]
13:44npmr RewriteCond %{USER_AGENT} yahoo [NC]
13:44npmr RewriteRule $(/stats/*)^ $1 [F,L]
13:44npmr whoops
13:44npmr Googlebot-Image/1.0 <-- google
13:44npmr hmmm
13:45npmr i guess that must just do the images
13:45* npmr checks May stats
13:45npmr Googlebot-Image/1.0 <-- google
13:46npmr which matches the first condition
13:46npmr oh hurg
13:46npmr Googlebot/2.1 <-- that
13:46npmr this whole ^C to buffer thing drives me nuts
13:47gpd I never did learn the RewriteCond [] statements ...
13:47* gpd goes to look up NC and OR
13:47npmr No Case
13:47npmr OR
13:48npmr execution of a RewriteRule is controlled by the immediately preceeding RewriteCond statement(s)
13:48npmr normally, the conditions are ANDed together
13:49npmr the OR flag does ORing
13:49gpd so you ban all the regexes in cond from going to any stats areas
13:49npmr right
13:49gpd F, L ?
13:49npmr i don't want my webalizer indexed
13:49npmr Forbidden
13:49npmr i forget what L does
13:49kvandivo is there are reason you aren't just using robots.txt?
13:50npmr bad bots
13:50npmr the only reason i'm really concerned about having webalizer stats indexed at all is because of logspamming
13:50npmr so there's an element of malice involved in the whole charade
13:50npmr i'd rather be absolute abuot it
13:51kvandivo whatever.. you could fix 99.95% of the problem with robots.txt.. very low hanging fruit
13:51gpd RewriteCond %{USER_AGENT} teoma [NC,OR]
13:51gpd RewriteCond %{USER_AGENT} msnbot [NC,OR]
13:51gpd RewriteCond %{USER_AGENT} yahoo [NC]
13:51gpd RewriteRule $(.*)^ $1 [F,L]
13:51npmr [inkblot@dorothy:~]$ apache -S 2>&1 | wc -l
13:51npmr 16
13:51npmr ^-- that's a lot of robots.txt to maintain
13:51gpd bans teoma / msnbot / yahoo from everywhere = correct?
13:52npmr versus one denybot.conf
13:52npmr gpd, the first condition matches *bot/<version>
13:52npmr so yes, msnbot, among others
13:52@mikegrb kvandivo: could also be useful in cases where you might have a /admin or some such and you don't want bots indexing it just in case they find a stray link somwhere
13:52@mikegrb kvandivo: but you don't want to advertise it in the robots.txt
13:52@mikegrb \
13:53kvandivo nod.. that's why i didn't say 100% :)
13:53@mikegrb ja
13:53gpd npmr: true but i left out the first line as I want google
13:55npmr gpd, then you're letting in most bots
13:55gpd how do i let google in but not the others then...
13:55npmr i don't know
13:56gpd yahoo and msnbot seem to be constantly trawling
13:56gpd hence giving me load grief
13:56gpd so this will do for now
13:56npmr i'm not that picky, i either want something indexed or don't
13:57gpd i only ever use google to search so why should i waste my linode cpu on those other monkeys ;-)
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13:57npmr because when google turns to the dark side, you'll wish you were indexed somewhere else
13:59gpd suppose you are right... damn... now I need more memory again... whre are those 256 linodes when you need them!
13:59--- User: *** gpd is now known as gpd_lunch
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14:46psykoyiko ok, so
14:46psykoyiko my conclusion is that 2.6 uml kernels are badness right now.
14:46psykoyiko at least with sarge.
14:48--- ---> cout [] has joined #linode
14:50psykoyiko anyone else seen segfaults all over the place with this setup?
15:04npmr mv /lib/tls /lib/tls.whatever
15:18--- ---> CShort [] has joined #linode
15:34@mikegrb psykoyiko: what inlblot said
15:35@mikegrb psykoyiko: 2.6 uml doesn't support tls
15:38npmr mv /lib/tls /lib/tls.psyko
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15:43claviola Hello.
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15:46claviola I'd like to know whether the host my linode lives on is compiled with the proper optimizations, so that I know my gentoo VPS is getting all the speed it can.
15:46kvandivo what answer are you expecting to hear?
15:47@mikegrb claviola: we compile all our kernels with -O1201293284
15:48@mikegrb and all of our servers have neon internal lighting and racing stripe decals on the outside
15:48claviola kvandivo: what are the CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS it is built with?
15:49claviola mikegrb: can I request custom stickers for host8? I'd like TOYO Tires and NOS, please.
15:49kvandivo i wouldn't know.. but try as i might, i can't see how it could be in the best interest of to not use well optimized machines
15:50@mikegrb claviola: yes we can do that
15:50@mikegrb we already have the NOS stickers
15:50kobs haha
15:50@mikegrb we have a brazillion flag on some of the hosts
15:51kvandivo from what i understand, there's been a 'My other computer is a macintosh' sticker on host32 for some time now.
15:55npmr can i get fake bullet holes on host30?
15:55npmr thx
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15:59Michael caker?
15:59--- User: *** Michael is now known as square
16:09@mikegrb mikegrb:?
16:09@mikegrb er square?
16:09square hey mike
16:09square i just read, your a new guy
16:10@mikegrb yes
16:10square its been a while since i was a linode customer
16:11square is xen in beta yet?
16:11@mikegrb yes
16:11npmr closed beta currently
16:11@mikegrb closed beta though
16:11square aw
16:11square i missed the opening
16:13square no linodes till 15/6?
16:17square and still no paypal?
16:19claviola square: omg I know.
16:19square ?
16:19claviola how can we ever live a week without the linode!
16:19square heh
16:19square i was looking yesterday
16:19square and there were 3 left
16:19square there's none left today :(
16:22kvandivo supposedly you can use the paypal credit card thingy if you need that option
16:22square not in the uk
16:22kvandivo ahh
16:22square it doesnt have that option :(
16:22kvandivo bummer
16:22square that would be a very cool feature
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17:02gpd_lunch Now I remember why I hate ftpd... 971 attempts to get in in 2 minutes... 1 day after I start running an ftp server...
17:02--- User: *** gpd_lunch is now known as gpd
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17:03gpd <-- evil!
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17:06gpd anyone know any software to grab images from a webcam on Windows and scp / sftp to my linode...
17:07--- ---> ElectricElf [] has joined #linode
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17:13psykoyiko oh, tls
17:13psykoyiko thanks.
17:14psykoyiko I surely missed the docs on that one.
17:14psykoyiko npmr: also, I am working on that removal thing.
17:14psykoyiko aka project goose down
17:14psykoyiko huk huk huk
17:17--- ---> eco|w [] has joined #linode
17:30* mikegrb gooses psykoyiko's down
17:34--- <<-- thelsdj [] has quit (Quit: leaving)
17:35@mikegrb caker:
17:40gpd anybody achieved rdiff-backup to OSX tiger running fink version of rdiff-backup? Seems to crash for me...
17:43gpd does destination user have to be root?
17:48@mikegrb I think so
17:48@mikegrb to set ownership of the files and what not
17:48gpd any updates on that?
17:49gpd who is Sarge?
17:49--- <<-- adamg [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:49--- ---> adamg [] has joined #linode
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17:50--- ---> dc0e [] has joined #linode
17:54gpd that whole rdiff-backup assumes you have root ssh access on... isn't that _very bad_ ?
17:56gpd arse... still crashes even with root at both ends... must be super unstable fink rdiff-backup version 0.13.6
18:01--- ---> dc0e_ [] has joined #linode
18:01@mikegrb gpd: well you can do things like limit what root can run via ssh
18:01@mikegrb and assuming password logins and such are disabled it isn't quite so bad
18:03iggy and use keychain/gpg-agent or something instead of passphrase-less keys
18:03@mikegrb indeed
18:03gpd so much to learn ... so little time...
18:03@mikegrb restricted ssh keys are good too, I make extensive use of them
18:04gpd can I set ssh access for root to specific IP address?
18:04@mikegrb probably but I'm not sure how off hand
18:04@mikegrb likely in .ssh
18:05gpd do you have a sample sshd_config file like you do for mysql ?
18:05gpd would be good addition to the wiki
18:05--- <<-- dc0e [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
18:11--- <<-- adamg [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:11--- ---> thoth39 [~hm@] has joined #linode
18:16gpd did i dream it or did sarge suggest removal of portmap?
18:16gpd now courier-imap-ssl is complaining about its absence...
18:31--- <<-- Newsome [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
18:39--- <<-- jekil [] has quit (Quit: Ciao)
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19:04Moffixx thelsdj: Is a daymare some kind of horse?
19:06gpd sounds like a nightmare during daylight hours to me...
19:06gpd Bristollian's from the UK had a phrase: I'm having a Weston...
19:06gpd Derived from the nearby town of Weston Supermare...
19:06gpd geddit...
19:09@mikegrb gpd: but a nightmare is definitly a type of horse, so the horse changes names by night and day?
19:10thelsdj is a nightmare actually a type of horse or just a d&d monster?
19:10thelsdj heh
19:10--- ---> Newsome [] has joined #linode
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19:39--- User: *** Electric1lf is now known as ElectricElf
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20:18--- User: *** guinea-pig is now known as guinea-sleep
20:31dizzan df
20:31dizzan whoops
20:31iggy oooh oooh, his password is df, somebody hack him quick
20:32* mikegrb hax0rz his gibs0s
20:32* mikegrb hax0rz his gibs0n
20:34@mikegrb roflz
20:34encode ROFL
20:39* guinea-sleep gets tired of eating peanut butter from the jar
20:39--- ---> gp1 [] has joined #linode
20:39* guinea-sleep starts eating jelly from the jar instead
20:39guinea-sleep | later, it's bread from a can
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23:02tvakah 06/10/2005 00:01:27 <tvakah> you like mtg, porn, family guy...
23:02tvakah 06/10/2005 00:02:04 <jadedwonderland9> haha i try
23:03tvakah damn...terribly sorry, wrong window..and damn mouse button... ;)
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