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05:52Teltariat Hey
05:52Teltariat Greetings, all.
05:53* Teltariat is here with the probably 2nd or 3rd stupid question of the day.
05:59internat and they are?
06:00square thats it.
06:00square they were that stupid we cant see em
06:01square we have set stupid levels ya see
06:01square if are level is too high for the stupid level of the question
06:01square we dont see it
06:01square its a part of the new irc protocol
06:01square are = our
06:02square okay, maybe i took that TOO far, but it was funny in my head!
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06:04@mikegrb lolz
06:04internat lol
06:04internat rolftruck
06:04internat rofltruck
06:04square mikegrb, i dont suppose you have ANY linodes hiding anywhere do ya?
06:05internat hes not here
06:05@mikegrb lolz
06:05internat lol
06:05@mikegrb lolz
06:05internat lol
06:05@mikegrb lolz
06:05internat lol
06:05@mikegrb lolz
06:05internat lol
06:05internat its a script trigger
06:05square o
06:05square tut
06:05@mikegrb lolz
06:05square lol
06:05square heh.
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06:08adamg Teltariat, you going to ask your questions or not
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07:41Teltariat Sorry
07:41Teltariat I was reading a lot of other stuff, then got fully distracted.
07:42Teltariat I just wanted to know of any utilities or special scripts that people were using to create, setup, maintain and track UML instances.
07:42Teltariat I have a couple of ideas, like using an XML spec to represent each instance.
07:46adamg best thing to do is ask caker or ask in #uml
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08:05jams anything happening with host45 or the network?
08:17@mikegrb jams: just got a ticket about it and looking into it
08:17@mikegrb oh, a ticket from you ;)
08:18jams yep
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08:26Teltariat adamg: thanks
08:28square mikegrb?
08:28jams mikegrb, if it helps the last two hops on a tracert are 19 ( and then (
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08:32superbeef anybody know what hte scoop is on host45? It seems like it's totally down
08:32square its being looked at
08:32square [14:17] <@mikegrb> jams: just got a ticket about it and looking into it
08:33superbeef k
08:34superbeef has it gone down a few times in the past few days?
08:35jams it was rebooted at least once
08:37* square makes a note to ask for any but server 45
08:37square s/server/host/g
08:39superbeef lollol
08:39superbeef asdfa
08:39superbeef weird
08:39superbeef nothing was typing then i press control c and it's all better and you get to see the nonsense i typed sorry
08:42square heh
08:42square aww, bugger
08:43Teltariat Maybe square's ideas of stupid levels was taking effect
08:43square linode only accept visa/mastercard
08:43square Teltariat: haha
08:43Teltariat :P
08:49square mikegrb, when ya get a sec, can you give me a shout please.
08:52* kvandivo hands square a shout.
08:53square wtf is a 'shout'?
08:53square in your context :)
08:53kvandivo i don't define dreams. i just make them come true.
08:53superbeef maybe its one of those shout wipes to prevent stains from ruining your clothes
08:54kvandivo i don't know if mikegrb would have had one of those
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09:04ptb Morning, all. Is host45 down?
09:05kvandivo !ping
09:05@linbot pong
09:05superbeef yes
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09:10superbeef Looks like host45 is up... i guess the UML instances are firing up now
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09:17@linbot New news from forums: Host 2 - very fast !? in General Discussion <>
09:22superbeef Glad to see host45 is back up, are you still working on the cause?
09:24@caker superbeef: I have a pretty good idea what it is (SMP ebtables race, fix is in 2.6.12)
09:26superbeef caker: I'm glad you know, that just translates to "Crazy Kernel Issue" to me. Do you run the same kernel on all the hosts?
09:26@caker superbeef: it varies depending on when they went online / last time we ran upgrades
09:27tizen caker: whatever you have on host42
09:27jams caker..should the uml's be up and running by now?
09:27tizen don't change it :)
09:27@caker superbeef: this race only seems to affect hosts that are 2.8Ghz and higher
09:28@caker jams: host45 has a few more nodes to boot -- most are running
09:28jams ok..guess mine is still in the queue
09:28superbeef caker: clearly a punnishment for a quest for speed and power.... What's a race?
09:30@caker superbeef: typically, when two different paths of code run in an order that's not expected, and causes variables to have funky values, which results in a panic/crash
09:30@caker superbeef: can happen if someone doesn't take care to properly lock/unlock (so that can't happen) before changing values
09:32@mikegrb mmm cake
09:32kvandivo why am i hungry? I'm imaging beef for supper and cake for dessert all of the sudden
09:33superbeef kvandivo you need bakedPotatoMan and DraftBeerGuy to maintain balance
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09:35* BakedBeanGuy hugs host8
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09:41@mikegrb lolz
09:41superbeef lol
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09:50griffinn The single-digit hosts seem much more stable. Does God favour old technology?
09:51@mikegrb griffinn: it's more of this bug only affects the faster cpus
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10:19@linbot New news from forums: Stay away from in General Discussion <>
10:26square mikegrb?
10:26square or caker?
10:27@mikegrb hello
10:27square hey!
10:27square sec
10:27square i bet that last linode has already gone
10:28square aw
10:28square it has!
10:28square :(
10:28@mikegrb square: quick
10:28@mikegrb look now
10:28square heh
10:29square i needed to talk to you about it first
10:29square you only accept visa/mc is there ANY other quick way i could pay?
10:29square i only have access to a switch/maestro card
10:29@mikegrb paypal does a virtual credit card thing but only in america
10:30square yeah, im in uk
10:30Redgore square: I use my Electron card
10:30Redgore its seen as Visa everywhere else
10:30square i dont have an electron card
10:30square switch card :(
10:30Redgore easy enough to get
10:30Redgore open a bank account at barclays, transfer money every month to that account for your linode bills
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10:31square heh
10:31square i aint opening another bank account just to pay for somthing
10:31pretsel square: doesn't maestro work the same mastercard?
10:31square there has to be another way
10:31square pretsel, i dunno
10:32Redgore it might work as a mastercard
10:32Redgore its the same company
10:32@mikegrb give it a shot
10:34Redgore hmm reading maestro's site it prolly wont, seems they need "enabling" to be used on the net
10:34kvandivo na.. i don't think that counts
10:35Redgore I know some electron cards cant be used on the net at all, not even in the US as a visa
10:35kvandivo supposedly 285,000 ATMs in the US support Maestro.. and i've never heard of it, so i'm guessing it's just seen as a mastercard here
10:36square it wont work
10:36square they're not the same company
10:36kvandivo Use Maestro at more than 1,945,248 point-of-sale terminals and 305,693 ATMs throughout North America.
10:36@mikegrb hah
10:36@mikegrb kvandivo: I'd say accepted as mastercard for sure with numbers like that
10:36kvandivo me too
10:36Redgore f your bank has not already contacted you about activating your Maestro-enabled card for web usage, you will first need to contact your bank to make sure they are currently participating in Maestro e-commerce. Next, you will need to register with your bank, so they can activate your card for online use.
10:37kvandivo that all depends on how the company processes the credit card purchases ('company' being linode, in this case)
10:37@mikegrb square: maestro is owned by master card
10:37* mikegrb wanders off in search of breakfast
10:37square yeah, but they're not technically same company
10:37square like visa/visa electron
10:38Redgore its worth giving it a shot
10:38square its not my card heh, and the guy doesnt think it'll work, so i got no choice
10:39square id ont think it'll work eithe
10:39square r
10:39Redgore I still say walk into barclays with about \xA310 and open an account
10:40kvandivo MAESTRO/CIRRUS\xAE
10:40kvandivo Ownership: MasterCard International
10:40kvandivo ATM locations: 890,000 worldwide 352,000 domestic
10:40kvandivo POS locations: 5,433,795 worldwide 1,945,248 domestic
10:40kvandivo Cardholder base: 1 Billion worldwide 500 Million in U.S.
10:41Redgore online checking comes in as POS IIRC
10:42Redgore square: mind if I ask how old you are ?
10:43square 22
10:43square i cant get a cc or a decent bank account with a debit card
10:43square other wise i wouldnt have this problem
10:43Redgore currently working ?
10:43kvandivo you could get one of those stored value cards
10:44square from monday yeah
10:44kvandivo (like a phone card, except for visa)
10:44Redgore square: the cc companies will be at your throat getting you to apply for cards
10:44square kvandivo, hmm?
10:44Redgore as for the bank account, wait for your first pay and open one
10:44kvandivo back when i was in college i got, on average, 1 to 2 cc requests every single day in the mail
10:45square Redgore, capitalone said yeah, but they want a \xA3200 deposit for a \xA3200 limit.. wtf is the use? :P
10:45Redgore well where is your pay gonna be put ?
10:45square i have an account
10:46square but it doesnt come with a debit card
10:46square kist a crappy cash card
10:46Redgore which bank ?
10:47* Redgore awaits for the answer HSBC :P
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10:47square heh
10:47square nationwide
10:48gpd I thought nationwide was a building society not a bank
10:48Redgore it is
10:48square yeah
10:48square they offer a bank account too
10:49square jeez
10:49square come on
10:49square i aint stupid
10:49square i've tried
10:49gpd sorry late to the party... ;-)
10:49square if i cant get a debit card
10:49gpd why won't they give you one?
10:49square they aint gonna give me a cc :P
10:49square bad credit history
10:49square or maybe lack of history
10:49gpd damn them!
10:49square yeh
10:50Redgore square: there is one way to get a instant history, bounce a cheque
10:50Redgore :P
10:50square heh
10:50gpd did you get your equifax credit history
10:50gpd costs 10 quid
10:51square its \xA32
10:51square and yeah, :P
10:51gpd 11:49 square> they aint gonna give me a cc :P
10:53square As with secured credit cards there are no banking institutions in the UK who offer prepaid
10:53square credit cards.
10:53square In fact there are relatively few places for anyone in the UK and Europe to go for prepaid
10:53square credit cards.
10:53square -
10:53square Click on actual card image for details of the ONLY guaranteed
10:53square UK Visa credit card issued by a UK credit card provider.
10:53square thats with capital one
10:53Redgore the easiest way would be to change bank
10:53square who want a \xA3200 deposit for a \xA3200 limit
10:54square which i am getting but i cant afford deposit till i start work
10:54gpd well you'll just have to suck it up...
10:54Redgore how long have you been unemployed square ?
10:54square a while
10:54square i was a student before
10:54Redgore when your actually in work, apply again and I bet you they will prolly say yes with no catches
10:54Redgore as long as it isnt agency work
10:55square no, its a full time perm job :D
10:56gpd after i graduated from uk university i had extended overdraft of 1000 for 2 years for free
10:56gpd they also had 'graduate package' which gave you v. cheap loans
10:56gpd that was barclays
10:58Redgore barclays wont leave me alone about credit cards and loans
10:58gpd obvious but annoying question: if you have no money - why do you want a linode ;-)
10:58square i havfe money but no way to spend it
10:58square but not as much as \xA3200 for the deposit for a cc just yet
10:59@mikegrb lolz
10:59gpd know anyone you can pimp? lol
11:00Redgore later all
11:03gpd does anyone know why I might get radom load spikes... peaking at about 3 with 99% idle... nothing happening on the logs... memory fine and io_status ok...???
11:05kvandivo I don't know.. but if radom is anything like radon, you don't want to be around when it happens
11:05gpd io_rate=0 !
11:06gpd kvandivo: you're right there radom is nasty stuff :-)
11:06gpd anything else to look for? I monitor /var/log/ /proc/io_status and top
11:07gpd load average doesn't reflect system load - just linode load... so i am very confused...
11:23gpd OSX splits used memory into Wired, Active, Inactive - can you do a similar thing with linux?
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11:25gpd cat /proc/meminfo
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11:44gpd gpd: you should look at /proc/stat and read this:
11:44kvandivo is that one of those 'note to self' things?
11:45gpd might as well talk to myself... i'll use the 'people looking at the logs will be informed' as my excuse
11:45gpd it is the first sign of insanity after all
11:45gpd wibble
11:45@mikegrb lolz
11:45superbeef lol.. hey i'm reading the article now, so the effort wasn't in vain
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12:11rko did host45 crash today about 3h ago?
12:14npmr something like that, yes
12:22square i need a bloody card. kthx
12:23square if only you would accept paypal for the first 2 months :(
12:24gpd you need to save your money for beer and food :-)
12:24square i dont need beer or food :P
12:25gpd a true geek speaks
12:25gpd welcome to our fold
12:26square heh
12:28square why dont paypal offer the credit card thing like in usa
12:28square bah!
12:34heidi rko, it was taken care of this morning when it happened
12:35rko heidi, yes... thanks. I was just wondering what is going on. This is 2nd time within few days host45 crashes. Today it was down 1h20min.
12:36heidi 09:30:09 @ caker | superbeef: typically, when two different paths of code run in an order that's not expected, and causes variables to
12:36heidi have funky values, which results in a panic/crash
12:37heidi 09:30:39 @ caker | superbeef: can happen if someone doesn't take care to properly lock/unlock (so that can't happen) before changing
12:37@linbot New news from forums: Open port 443 in IpTables in General Discussion <>
12:37heidi values
12:37heidi 09:32
12:37@caker rko: just replied to your ticket
12:40square caker, remember me? :P
12:41rko thanks caker :-) I knew you'd do your best
12:42@caker square: I believe so :)
12:42square caker, heh really?
12:43square i want to be a customer again, i said i'd be back :p
12:43* kvandivo is reminded of the little engine that could.
12:43adamg ok silly question time how did you pay for your account ebfore
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12:50@caker hmm
12:50@caker PlayStation 3 runs Linux natively ? interesting
12:50square adamg, i had a debit card last time
12:53square heh
12:53square i just greped all the irc logs
12:54square adamg was there :o
12:54square 10:50 < square> oh well, i've heard loads of good things about, and caker, i'll check back soon, cant wait :)
12:54square 10:50 < square> thanks adamg
12:54square 10:50 < square> and all :)
12:54square not sure what im talking about
12:54square i needa get the file that was in
13:02gpd cacker: do you have PS2 linux?
13:02kvandivo ya, cacker.. do you?
13:02Battousai ps2 sucks
13:02Battousai such shoddy hardware
13:02@caker gpd: no .. read on /. comments that it didn't work well?
13:02Battousai i've had two die in the past six months
13:03gpd no it doesn't have enough RAM
13:03gpd pain in the arse to run X
13:03Battousai didnt have enough not dying cd laser either
13:03* Battousai is bitter
13:05gpd my old boss ordered the kit when it was announced and wouldn't shut up about the damn thing... two days after it arrived he was bored with it... muppet...
13:05kvandivo "In the British Isles and Australia the word muppet has come to be used as a mild term of abuse, meaning a stupid, incompetent, or possibly geeky person, or the obvious interpretation of someone who is inanimated or somehow not there."
13:06gpd that is about right
13:06gpd 'you complete muppet'
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13:19gpd now I understand...
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14:46square anyone a programmer?
14:53@linbot New news from forums: Error updating Debian 'packages have been kept back' in General Discussion <>
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15:04pretsel square: heh. yep. I would imagine there are more than a few in here
15:05square i want to build an application that has a few text inputs and then inserts those values into the registry along with the other registry bits that are needed
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15:14Ciaran Hi.
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15:25Narada Hi guys.
15:25Narada I was wondering how I can get the total space my distro is using. Would `du -hs /` do the trick?
15:26Narada Not only my distro - I mean everything.
15:26Narada I only have one distro on there.
15:26pretsel yep. df -h is going to be much faster
15:26pretsel though
15:26Narada Oh right.
15:26Narada As root right?
15:27pretsel you will need to be root for du but you can run df as a normal user
15:32Narada Ah cool cheers.
15:32Narada Mmmm pretzels. Dammit I hate it when people name themselves after food.
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16:08wirehead Wow. I just did an incredibly boneheaded thing.
16:09Moffixx yeah. You stuck a wire in your head!!
16:09wirehead :P
16:09wirehead I inadvertantly triggered a debian upgrade.
16:10adamg and
16:10wirehead There's not much backup.
16:23gpd real men don't use backups
16:24gpd well somebody had to say it
16:24wirehead True. :)
16:24gpd how did it go?
16:25gpd presume you mean oldstabe to sarge...
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16:25wirehead Yeah.
16:26wirehead So far, there was a config issue with spamassassin
16:26wirehead I've got it running with mail temporarily turned off because spamassassin's sucking up too much CPU.
16:27wirehead It's not entirely done upgrading yet.
16:27wirehead And cygwin terminal bindings are weird in top.
16:28wirehead And tonight, I'm going to Fry's to pick up the drive that was supposed to be the new master-backup-of-everything that was supposed to be working before I did the upgrade.
16:28gpd dum de dum...
16:28wirehead (the boneheaded reason was I figured I'd get things ready at lunch for said upgrade)
16:29gpd stable in sources.list?
16:29wirehead Yeah.
16:29wirehead Didn't realize that until it was already partway through, figured... "meh... I have this evening to rebuild it if necessary"
16:29gpd you in .ca?
16:29gpd Fry's gives it away
16:29gpd which one...
16:30gpd SF area or LA?
16:30gpd the really big one in silicon valley?
16:30gpd with the coffee bar?
16:30gpd what theme do they have?
16:30wirehead Greek.
16:30wirehead Sunnyvale.
16:30wirehead Because I like it much more than Palo Alto.
16:30wirehead Which has the western theme and looks like crap.
16:31gpd I found I liked better than any of them! :-)
16:31wirehead One of my cow-orkers claims that Sunnyvale has no theme at all.
16:31wirehead Well.... yeah. However, this was $69 for 200 gigs.
16:31gpd screw those guys and their - 'no sorry we don't sell that'
16:31gpd oh yes you do MOFO it is right over here!
16:31gpd I know more about their inventory than they do and I've been there 6 times...
16:32wirehead Welll.... umm.... yeah, Fry's help is defined as useless.
16:32wirehead In the dictionary.
16:32gpd useless is defined as Fry's help...
16:32wirehead Indeed.
16:32gpd just having a little rant there...
16:32gpd and calm
16:32gpd breath
16:32wirehead Pretty much, I only go there if I need something *imediately* or if they've got a great sale.
16:33wirehead Jameco is better for parts.
16:33wirehead But they are closed on the weekend.
16:33wirehead newegg is better for components.
16:33wirehead But they ship.
16:33gpd tigerdirect is also good if you don't want to pay tax
16:33gpd cough
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16:43quietstormeag| hey caker...
16:43quietstormeag| is associated with linodes?
16:44adamg seems just to be a tp ip
16:44gpd they have cPanel... mmm... cPanel
16:44quietstormeag| Yea, but needed to know if it is a customer of yours or somoneone elses.
16:46tizen Up to the class B it matches me
16:46@mikegrb quietstormeagle: not a linode customer
16:46@mikegrb lolz
16:46tizen lol
16:47quietstormeag| Thank you.
16:49--- <--- quietstormeagle [] has left #linode ()
16:50gpd he came... he got what he wanted... he left... not too quiet, fairly stormy but a true eagle
16:51gpd gpd: wtf?
16:53gpd can you run cPanel on a Linode64? What is the min spec? Their website is a bit coy about sys reqs
16:54gpd gpd: At least a Pentium 3 500 MHz processor
16:54gpd At least a 10 GB hard drive
16:54gpd At least 256 MB of RAM
16:54gpd screw those guys
17:04gpd !unixshell
17:04gpd !
17:09--- ---> jekil [~alessandr@] has joined #linode
17:18--- <--- Newsome [] has left #linode (Leaving)
17:37wirehead Hrmmm...
17:37wirehead Well we'll see momentarily how well the upgrade went.
17:40gpd that took a loooong time... how many packages?
17:40--- <<-- jekil [~alessandr@] has quit (Quit: Ciao)
17:40gpd or no DMA ;-)
17:41wirehead Several hundred
17:42wirehead Looks like the big problem is that the database is h0z3d.
17:42gpd apt database?
17:42wirehead naw, postgresql
17:43gpd pink slip for wirehead?
17:43wirehead naw, fun stuff.
17:43gpd postgres changed from woody to sarge... 7.4 now isn't it?
17:44@mikegrb everything changed from woody to sarge ;)
17:44--- ---> CryptWizard [] has joined #linode
17:44gpd the world changed!
17:44CryptWizard how?
17:44wirehead Yeah.
17:44gpd the pope changed... etc... bla bla... insert appropriate world developemnt
17:44CryptWizard !seen caker
17:44@linbot CryptWizard: caker was last seen here 4 hours, 41 minutes, and 58 seconds ago saying: <caker> gpd: no .. read on /. comments that it didn't work well?
17:45CryptWizard atgh
17:45CryptWizard *argh
17:45gpd These are some of the things that happened between Debian releases:
17:45gpd a) The Olympic games returned to Greece.
17:45gpd b) The Pope died.
17:45gpd c) A German Pope got elected in a conclave.
17:45gpd d) Apple switched to Intel.
17:45gpd e) Watergate's Deep Throat identity was revealed.
17:45gpd f) The French rejected the European Constitution
17:45gpd g) Boston won the World Series.
17:46CryptWizard Apple switched to Intel?
17:49wirehead Cool.
17:49wirehead So the only thing that got b0rk3d was Jabber.
17:51gpd this ain't no linode then?
17:52wirehead naw, this is a linode.
17:57gpd you run X on it?
18:02Moffixx whoa
18:02Moffixx gpd: why does jabber imply X?
18:04--- ---> harshy [] has joined #linode
18:04--- <<-- spr [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
18:06gpd you mean he was talking about jabberd - or I am evil for thinking someone might use a non-console application / client ? :-)
18:06Moffixx there are lots of non-X jabber programs. they are in the majority.
18:06Moffixx and also, yes, the daemon is in there
18:08* gpd goes home in shame
18:08--- User: *** gpd is now known as gpd_away
18:14CryptWizard !seen caker
18:14@linbot CryptWizard: caker was last seen here 5 hours, 11 minutes, and 23 seconds ago saying: <caker> gpd: no .. read on /. comments that it didn't work well?
18:15wirehead I have the dameon, no client.
18:17wirehead I go now.
18:18--- <<-- CryptWizard [] has quit (Quit: CryptWizard)
18:18--- <<-- wirehead [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:18--- ---> CryptWizard [] has joined #linode
18:22@mikegrb CryptWizard: ?
18:58--- User: *** guinea-sleep is now known as guinea-pig
19:12--- ---> eco|w [] has joined #linode
19:35CryptWizard hi
20:13--- <<-- alnr [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:29@caker CryptWizard: pong
20:32iggy is there some other system emulator that will run in user space and doesn't require any kernel patching other than UML?
20:33--- ---> spr [] has joined #linode
20:34@caker iggy: UML doesn't *require* a host patch
20:35iggy well, I'm having that problem with uml, and I'm too lazy to patch+rebuild my kernel
20:35@caker hmm, which problem?
20:35@caker oh yeah, the skas version problem
20:35iggy the sysemu check one
20:36iggy yeah, that one
20:36@caker Did you see my message about the boot kernel argument? nosysemu ?
20:36--- ---> Newsome [] has joined #linode
20:36iggy caker: yeah, it didn't do anything
20:37@caker iggy: hmm .. how about "mode=tt" ?
20:38iggy different panic, but the same "check_sysemu : expected SIGTRAP, got status = 256"
20:38@caker iggy: try that on both kernels you have -- not sure if TT mode works on the last one you got from me
20:38@caker bummer
20:39iggy yeah
20:44--- <<-- phlaegel [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
20:46bob2 caker: do you guys do secondary dns for customers at all?
20:47@mikegrb bob2: no but some customers do it for each other, this is a good place to look
20:47--- Channel: mode/#linode [-o mikegrb] by mikegrb
20:47bob2 ahhh
20:47--- Acknowledged: You're now known as happy_customer
20:47happy_custome| bob2: hey, wassup
20:47@caker iggy: 2.4.29-linode39-1um.bz2 (1.9M), just tested, works in TT mode
20:48happy_custome| bob2: need the secondary ns goodness?
20:48@caker iggy:
20:48--- Acknowledged: You're now known as mikegrb
20:49--- Channel: mode/#linode [+o mikegrb] by ChanServ
20:50iggy caker: it still panic's in check_ptrace
20:50@caker iggy: oh, you grabbed that kernel, eh? Ok. An older kernel should work, if you have any
20:50iggy I'll just break down and redo my kernel
20:50@caker iggy: if you still have the source tree for your existing host kernel, the fix for sysemu was a one-liner
20:51bob2 mikegrb: hehe
20:51iggy I've been avoiding it because my raid array kept breaking in a newer kernel I tried, but I think it was actually due to some acpi/apic stuff
20:51bob2 mikegrb: I forgot about zoneedit and granitecanyon
20:51iggy seems to be fixed now sort of
20:52gpd_away which is better? zoneedit or granitecanyon?
20:52--- User: *** gpd_away is now known as gpd
20:53Newsome gpd: I've used granitecanyon for a long time, but I haven't been very happy recently. I added to compensate, and that's worked pretty well for me.
20:54Newsome gb convert
20:54@mikegrb I've used zoneedit with happiness
20:55Newsome argh
20:55@mikegrb last I used granitcanyon was in 95
20:55gpd I have 8 domains on my linode... each with about 10 CNAMEs... so far I have just winged it with both DNS on the same linode - shock!
20:55@mikegrb so I couldn't speak about them
20:55iggy gpd: me too ;)
20:55Newsome I do my own primary, and use others for secondary.
20:56gpd all smiles until the house of cards comes crashing down - but I try not to think about it...
20:57gpd it is _next_ on my list of things to do... ;-)
20:57--- User: *** gpd is now known as gpd_bbq
20:59--- ---> phlaegel [] has joined #linode
21:00* caker wants food
21:00@mikegrb I saw some over there ----------->
21:02* caker orders Chinese
21:02@mikegrb mmm chinese people
21:02@mikegrb er food
21:09@caker I'm so glad there's two gas stations, McDonalds, a bunch of restaurants, and a few other places I frequent about half a block from my apt
21:09--- <<-- harshy [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:09--- ---> harshy [] has joined #linode
21:09Moffixx it must be handy to be able to walk over to get gas. Having to drive to the gas station just seems superfluous!
21:09@caker They just tore down a bank a built a Wendy's that's now open all in about 3 weeks
21:10@caker Moffixx: well, I will say this: 2-liters and motorcycles don't mix very well
21:11Moffixx Okay, I'm sorry. I don't drive, so you'll have to explain to me what a 2-liter is
21:14--- ---> harshy|lap [] has joined #linode
21:14--- <<-- harshy [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:14@mikegrb Moffixx: the cola
21:14--- <<-- harshy|lap [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:14@mikegrb Moffixx: since you don't drink and drive you wouldn't understand
21:14* mikegrb runs
21:16--- ---> harshy [] has joined #linode
21:18--- ---> Husam [] has joined #linode
21:18--- <<-- harshy [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:19Husam mikegrb
21:19Husam I updated my ticket, hope you take a look at it ASAP and respond
21:19--- ---> harshy [] has joined #linode
21:21@mikegrb Husam: excellent thanks
21:21Husam Sorry again about the inconvenice
21:21@mikegrb that's okay
21:22Husam Am i fine now?
21:22@mikegrb yes
21:22Husam k thanks
21:25--- <<-- Husam [] has quit (Quit: )
21:38--- ---> harshy|lap [] has joined #linode
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22:59--- ---> VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:09--- ---> Vetroverse [] has joined #linode
23:10Vetroverse afternoon all
23:10@caker Vetroverse: evening :)
23:10Vetroverse *tips hat*
23:10Vetroverse hey caker
23:11taupehat word
23:12Vetroverse caker, I havn't been on the site for a while, what is the status of xen now?
23:12@caker Vetroverse: still waiting on PAE (> 4GB memory) support
23:12Vetroverse ah ok
23:12@caker Vetroverse: been helping debug with the developers
23:12Vetroverse is there an ETA?
23:13@caker other than that, it works -- Xen support in the LPM has been in for a while
23:13@caker no ETA
23:13taupehat "when it's done"
23:13taupehat =]
23:13Vetroverse ok, keep up the good work
23:14@caker worst case is when they release Xen 3.0 in 3rd quarter of this year
23:14@caker but I suspect PAE will be ready a decent amount of time before then
23:14taupehat caker: briefly, what're the primary differences between xen and uml, and what can we expect to gain from a switch to xen?
23:14@caker The next major release of Xen will be 3.0, scheduled for July 2005.
23:14@caker ^-- wow
23:15@caker hmm, PAE isn't listed on the 3.0 roadmap
23:15@caker taupehat: primary difference is UML runs in userspace; Xen runs a hypervisor. Major difference is one-word: performance
23:15@caker !xen-bench?
23:15@linbot Kernel Build Times -- Host(noXen): 5m5.993s, dom0: 5m19.758s, domU(Xenode): 5m49.133s, UML(Linode): 15m24.464s
23:16taupehat sheesh
23:16@caker also, Xen-3.0 has the ability for SMP guests
23:16Vetroverse and caker will the prices be changing to reflect this?
23:16@caker Vetroverse: prices won't go up
23:16Vetroverse :o
23:16Vetroverse nice
23:25* caker discovers the Internet Crime Complaint Center
23:26--- ---> eurozip [~zip@] has joined #linode
23:26eurozip caker, you here?
23:27Vetroverse *visits link and reads about psychopathic Windows chasing and maiming poor innocent Penguins
23:27@caker eurozip: yes
23:27@caker eurozip: btw, your email address is bouncing emails
23:27@caker eurozip: tried to contact you earlier
23:37--- <<-- eurozip [~zip@] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
23:46Vetroverse *idles*
23:52* taupehat is busy: actively hating scons
23:54--- ---> sec39 [] has joined #linode
23:55Vetroverse cdscd
---Logclosed Sat Jun 11 00:00:05 2005