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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-07-05

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---Daychanged Tue Jul 05 2005
00:00<@caker>without PAE, best case is roughly 4GB, but on the newer boxes that number goes down to around 3GB
00:00<internat>thats kinda painful
00:00<internat>so is there an eta on PAE support being done?
00:01<@caker>not that I'm aware of ... They say that 3.0 (the tree that will support it) will go into "testing" mode this month
00:01<internat>ah ok
00:01<@caker>It's been a few weeks since I've tested PAE... time to give it another go
00:02<@caker>just built a box for that purpose
00:02<@caker>and to find out why 2.6.12 died when I upgraded host45 last week
00:05<internat>ah kewl
00:06<warewolf>keep away from host46
00:06<warewolf>leave my baby alone
00:07<tizn>42's been nice :)
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00:07<warewolf>caker- ok, so how's xen work
00:07<@caker>warewolf: in what sense?
00:07<warewolf>caker- do you "boot" xen like you boot linux or what?
00:08<warewolf>I keep seeing stuff about dom0 and linux iproute stuff
00:08<warewolf>I'm reading
00:08<warewolf>could you give me a 30 second birds eye view of how xen works?
00:09<@caker>warewolf: xen, by definition, is the hypervisor. It boots your machine, but then boots a dom0 domain, which can be Linux, or NetBSD currently. That domain has access to hardware. From there, you manage the other domains, which don't have hardware access (they can, but won't in our case)
00:09<@caker>dom0 boots into your installed distro, just like a normal kernel would
00:10<warewolf>oh, so I don't have to blow away the currently installed distro to try out xen.
00:10<warewolf>all I need is a bit of disk space for a new xen instance
00:10<@caker>warewolf: the line starting with "Linux version 2.6.11-xen0" is where your dom0 kernel boots (usually without the panic :)
00:10<@caker>warewolf: yeah, it can use file-backed images, like UML ...
00:11<warewolf>"aiiieee cpu 0 is toast"
00:12[~]warewolf shrugs
00:12<warewolf>I guess I could use xen to try out different distros, oh wait, that's a problem because you can't just pop in an install CD and install a distro, you need a modified kernel
00:12<@caker>^-- *almost* there
00:13<Battousai>what's with the kiddie ascii art?
00:13<Battousai>they need something like body parts arranged to form letters
00:13<Battousai>now that's text
00:14<Battousai>i meant severed body parts
00:14<warewolf>you, my fiend, need help.
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00:19<internat>yah for looking at the big warning at the start
00:20<internat>yeah at the start of the boot log
00:20<Battousai>oh, how bout that
00:20<Battousai>there's a warning there
00:27<warewolf>god is it ever nice having a 50gb xfer limit :)
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00:34<npmr>linbot, roulette
00:34<@linbot>npmr: *click*
00:47<Battousai>linbot: roulette
00:47|-|Battousai kicked [#linode] linbot [BANG!]
00:47[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
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00:47<Battousai>awww yeah
00:51<internat>lol lilce
00:51<internat>linbot: roulette
00:51<@linbot>internat: *click*
00:51<internat>linbot: roulette
00:51<@linbot>internat: *click*
00:51<internat>linbot: roulette
00:51<@linbot>internat: *click*
00:52<internat>how hard is grub to use.. over say.. lilo?
00:52<Battousai>much less hassle
00:52<Battousai>config might require some reading
00:52<Battousai>if by some you mean very little
00:54<internat>cause ive only used lilo before, and i just installed kubuntu which uses grub so wannted to know what i was up against
01:06<gpd>grub is much easier...
01:15<warewolf>sleep is for the weak.
01:17<gpd>well my linux desktop revival day has been disappointing :(
01:17<thelsdj>damn i missed caker asking for people to test linode xen
01:19<gpd>xen has failed me today too... i thought it would rescue my amd64 blues but sadly not...
01:19<gpd>ubuntu refused to play dvd's without crashing
01:19<gpd>burning a cd proved almost impossible... even using commandline cdrecord hacking
01:20<gpd>win4lin didn't load windows
01:20<gpd>mp3's took far too long to get going
01:20<gpd>sound didn't work properly in chroot 32 bit under 64 bit...
01:20<gpd>grumble grumble grumble... long live OSX
01:21<@linbot>gpd: Your current monologue is at least 8 lines long.
01:22<@linbot>thelsdj: Your current monologue is at least 1 line long.
01:23<thelsdj>hrm it doesn't remember 'best' monologue? as i know i've gone on for about 15 lines in here before
01:24<@linbot>warewolf: Your current monologue is at least 1 line long.
01:25<gpd>!eightball Should I just dump linux desktop for another year?
01:25<@linbot>gpd: _I_ don't know.
01:26<gpd>!eightball or should i try the desktop distros?
01:26<@linbot>gpd: It is so.
01:26<gpd>!insult Mandriva
01:26<@linbot>Mandriva - You are nothing but a pox-marked pile of half-faced spit.
01:26<gpd>!insult Fedora
01:26<@linbot>Fedora - You are nothing but a reeky accumulation of hugger-muggered gizzards.
01:26<gpd>!insult SuSE
01:26<@linbot>SuSE - You are nothing but a knotty-pated plate of rank samples.
01:29<gpd>!praise linbot for not showing any distro bias
01:32<gpd>!wtf is praise
01:32<gpd>!urbandict wtf
01:33<gpd>!tell gpd stfu
01:34<Newsome>gpd: stfu
01:48<thelsdj>linbot: botsnack
01:48<@linbot>thanks thelsdj :)
01:49<gpd>thelsdj: you shouldn't give linbot a botsnack... (s)he's got none of those plugins!
01:49[~]gpd ponders if linbot is male/female/it
01:50[~]gpd decides to end it all
01:50<@linbot>gpd: *click*
01:50|-|gpd kicked [#linode] linbot [BANG!]
01:50[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
01:50|-|thelsdj kicked [#linode] linbot [BANG!]
01:50[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
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02:03<fo0bar>linbot: you are broken
02:03<@linbot>But you are Bob, fo0bar.
02:03<fo0bar>linbot: no, you suck
02:03<fo0bar><linbot> Error: 'no,' is not a valid command.
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02:19<tronip>mmm bob's your uncle
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02:22<internat>soo any ubuntu users here?
02:22<SupaZubon>seems to be doing a good job there
02:22<SupaZubon>yes, I use ubuntu
02:22<SupaZubon>on my laptop
02:22<SupaZubon>I use debian for servers
02:22<internat>know how to configure the soundcards? cause mine wont work.. it just wont
02:22<internat>the module is there its loaded but i cannot get it to work
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02:23[~]SupaZubon shrugs
02:23<tronip>i've used ubuntu a little. looks nice. not much past that yet.
02:23<SupaZubon>I usually leave sound alone
02:23<tronip>does it have alsamixer? might have to unmute stuff
02:23<SupaZubon>no, I think it defaults to esd
02:24<@caker>Canonical (the Ubuntu people) and Linode have made an agreement -- They're going to use Linodes for many of their community sites
02:24<internat>wtf is esd?
02:25<SupaZubon>very cool
02:25<SupaZubon>internat: it's a sound daemon
02:25<SupaZubon>supposed to allow you to play more than one sound source at once
02:26<SupaZubon>for me it mostly just stutters and staggers when my system gets loaded
02:26<internat>oh well.. mind isnt friggen working and i dont know how to get it to S:
02:27<SupaZubon>well, like the man said
02:27<SupaZubon>you can always try the volume
02:27<internat>when i boot in, and kde starts i get a popup from something saying no sound hardware detected.. disabled etc
02:28<SupaZubon>oh, you're running kubuntu?
02:28<SupaZubon>no idea
02:28<internat>its the saame as ubuntu :P
02:28<internat>just with kde instead
02:28<fo0bar>caker: how many cherry pies do you get in the deal?
02:29<SupaZubon>yeah but it may use some funky k-sound-server thingummy
02:29<SupaZubon>so who knows
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05:53<zz2>hi there
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07:06<@linbot>tronip: *click*
07:06[~]tronip couldn't resist
07:06<@linbot>internat: *click*
07:06|-|internat kicked [#linode] linbot [BANG!]
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07:06[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
07:06<@linbot>internat: *click*
07:07<internat>anyone know how many chambers he has?
07:07<internat>anyone know how many chambers he has?
07:07<@linbot>internat: *click*
07:07<internat>thats 2
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07:07<tronip>apparently 3. ;)
07:07<@linbot>internat: *click*
07:07<@linbot>internat: *click*
07:07<@linbot>internat: *click*
07:07<internat>theres 3
07:07<tronip>random number of chambers?
07:07<@linbot>internat: *click*
07:08<@linbot>internat: *click*
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07:08[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
07:08<internat>im sure its just a random number :P
07:08<tronip>hahaha it's fun (in the virtual sense)
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09:51<linbot>New news from wiki: Multiple IPs <> || Multiple IPs <>
09:58<Pryon>Hmmm. Wiki claims that sarge must be an upgrade from woody. Pretty sure that's no longer true.
09:59<kvandivo>stop the presses!
10:00<Pryon>(if it ever was)
10:01<SupaZubon>It is a wiki!
10:01<SupaZubon>You can correct it!
10:02<kvandivo>where's the fun in that?
10:02<Pryon>Yeah, then I can't bitch about errors
10:08<linbot>New news from wiki: Main Page <>
10:18<linbot>New news from wiki: CentOS (RHEL Compatible) <>
10:23<linbot>New news from wiki: Apache Tips <> || Apache Tips <>
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10:45<linbot>New news from wiki: Debian Sarge <>
10:45<kvandivo>you go, linbot!
10:45<linbot>Pryon: *click*
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11:08|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
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11:14<ziaee>hello I need a crack tool for new linuxant hcf modem driver
11:14<ziaee>can anyone help me?
11:17<Pryon>just say no to crack
11:18<ziaee>linuxand and conexant are sucking
11:18<ziaee>they cant sale modem and driver separately
11:19<Redgore>ziaee: they are fully at rights to
11:20<Pryon>Vote with your money
11:20<ziaee>I cant pay online :(
11:20<ziaee>I have no mastercard
11:21<ziaee>but I need to have full speed on my sony vio laptop
11:21<Redgore>ziaee: how much are the drivers ?
11:21<ziaee>I cant change my modem
11:21<SupaZubon>ziaee: this is the channel for
11:21<ziaee>about 20$
11:21<Pryon>not "sony sells crap hardware you deserve what you get if you use sony"
11:22<Redgore>ziaee: you can buy an external serial modem for that
11:22<Redgore>which requires no extra linux drivers
11:23<ziaee>but I have a laptop
11:23<ziaee>and I bought it to have an integrated system
11:23<Redgore>ziaee: then you should have informed yourself better about the options
11:24<ziaee>but all laptopr are using winmodems
11:26[~]gpd hasn't used dialup since 1998
11:26<kobs>!stock twx
11:26<@linbot>kobs: The current price of TWX is 16.48, as of 12:06pm EST. A change of -0.11 from the last business day.
11:27<kvandivo>!quote enwv
11:27<@linbot>kvandivo: The current price of ENWV is 49.90, as of 12:09pm EST. A change of +0.15 from the last business day.
11:27<kobs>!stock goog
11:27<@linbot>kobs: The current price of GOOG is 293.157, as of 12:12pm EST. A change of +1.907 from the last business day.
11:27<gpd>good $293... how long before that crashes...
11:27<kobs>i'm waiting to see that day :-D
11:27<kvandivo>2 months, 3 days, 23 hours and 11 minutes
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11:33<kvandivo>ignore that
11:35[~]Pryon commences ignoring
11:43<@linbot>New news from forums: Unlimited bandwidth! in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
11:46<bendy24> /ignore kvandivo
11:46<bendy24>stupid spaces
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13:28<@linbot>New news from forums: Forwarding host? in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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14:50<JasonF>caker: ping
14:51<@caker>JasonF: pong
14:51<JasonF>caker: any eta on a linode 192 becoming available?
14:51<JasonF>I might be upgrading
14:52<@caker>well, not a very good estimate
14:52<@caker>but, maybe in 2-3 weeks :/
14:53<@caker>going to finish out the cabinet at ThePlanet once they have more power available, and in the meantime, I've been dealing with TelX
14:53<JasonF>caker: could you get me one that would be effectively a linode 128 on my server until you put up a 192 server?
14:53<@caker>but that's going to take a while (build out the cage, I have to get routers and an AS number, IPs, etc)
14:54<JasonF>like with the extra ram, b/w, diskspace?
14:54<SupaZubon>mmmmm.... TelX....
14:54[~]caker checks hosts resources
14:54<JasonF>so I'd wait until you got telx to move over toa 192
14:54<@caker>what's the account username?
14:54<JasonF>don't upgrade me now
14:54<JasonF>I'm just feeling it out
14:55<@caker>yeah, the host has the resources, so we could do that
14:55<@caker>SupaZubon: mmmmmmmmm 1.21 gigawatts
14:56<@mikegrb>mmm cake
14:56<@mikegrb> <-- this firework has dillusions of being a flower
15:03<Pryon>Looks more like turbine blades blown out of a jet engine. LOOK OUT!!!1!!1!one!!1!
15:09<@linbot>and the rocket's red glare
15:09<@linbot>the grebs bursting in air
15:12<@mikegrb> <-- may use this as my desktop
15:13<Pryon>Decaf, man. Decaf.
15:15|-|C1RCA [] has joined #linode
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16:05<SupaZubon>All hail the new flehs
16:06<Pryon>(_8(|) Mmmmmmmmmm. Flehs.
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16:08<@caker>!weather 37211
16:08<@linbot>caker: The current temperature in Nashville, Tennessee (37211) is 86\xB0F (2:53 PM CDT on July 05, 2005). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 55%. Dew Point: 68\xB0F. Pressure: 30.03 in (1017 hPa). Visibility: 10.0 miles (16.1 kilometers). UV: 5 out of 16
16:08<@caker>damn, it's hot out
16:09<tuux1598g>Do you have to do that, I'm jealous now, its getting dark here lol :(
16:09<SupaZubon>!weather tokyo
16:09<@linbot>SupaZubon: The current temperature in Tokyo, Japan is 66\xB0F (6:09 AM JST on July 06, 2005). Humidity: 96%. Dew Point: 66\xB0F.
16:09<Pryon>!weather Alamogordo
16:09<@linbot>Pryon: The current temperature in Alamogordo, New Mexico (88310) is 99\xB0F (2:55 PM MDT on July 05, 2005). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 16%. Dew Point: 45\xB0F. Pressure: 30.05 in (1018 hPa). Visibility: 40.0 miles (64.4 kilometers). UV: 9 out of 16
16:10<Pryon>Relatively cool here :-)
16:10<@mikegrb>!weather 73106
16:10<@linbot>mikegrb: The current temperature in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (73106) is 82\xB0F (3:53 PM CDT on July 05, 2005). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 60%. Dew Point: 67\xB0F. Pressure: 30.03 in (1017 hPa). Visibility: 10.0 miles (16.1 kilometers). UV: 9 out of 16
16:10|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:10<@caker>yeah... damn humidity
16:10<kvandivo>!weather 92328
16:10<@linbot>kvandivo: The current temperature in Death Valley, California (92328) is 100\xB0F (1:56 PM PDT on July 05, 2005). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 5%. Dew Point: 19\xB0F. Pressure: 29.82 in (1010 hPa). UV: 12 out of 16
16:10<@mikegrb>SupaZubon has beautiful weather to look forward to
16:11<@mikegrb>heat index was 110 here yesterday\
16:11<SupaZubon>I have terrible weather to look forward to
16:11[~]kvandivo cries softly on everyone's shoulder that is feeling sorry for themselves.
16:12<SupaZubon>Tokyo summers are notorious
16:12<SupaZubon>I hope to spend all my time in air conditioned areas
16:13<tuux1598g>caker: Don't suppose you've had chance to talk with HE yet?
16:16|-|sec39` [] has quit [Quit: ]
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16:34<tuux1598g>Got to go... early start at work tomorrow :(
16:35|-|eco|w [] has joined #linode
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17:08<Newsome>ummm, caker?
17:08|-|abock [~aaron@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:08<Newsome>something blowing chunks in HE?
17:12<@mikegrb>Newsome: which host?
17:12<Newsome>11, at least
17:12<@mikegrb>you can't ping it?
17:13<@mikegrb>can you try a traceroute?
17:13<Newsome>hmm, pinging now. Wasn't for a couple minutes.
17:13[~]kvandivo snickers softly to himself.
17:14<Newsome>traceroute still doesn't complete, though
17:14<@mikegrb>apt-get install mtr
17:14[~]mikegrb runs
17:15<@mikegrb>well yeah, that's what I've got
17:16<@mikegrb>my mac even has mtr
17:16<@mikegrb>but that was a pain
17:16<kvandivo>what? something on a mac was a pain?
17:16<@mikegrb>well worth it
17:16<@mikegrb>kvandivo: an unmaintained mac port was :<
17:18<Newsome>well, still getting some packet loss at
17:19<Newsome>Looks like it's going down, though
17:21<Newsome>mikegrb: Good job on whatever you didn't do. I'll recommend you for a promotion!
17:22<@mikegrb>Newsome: excellent ;)
17:22<JasonF>mikegrb: I'll promote you, you're now HEAD lackey!
17:24|-|abock [] has joined #linode
17:31<thelsdj>i've been having packet loss at HE also
17:44<JavaWoman>!weather Amsterdam, Netherlands
17:44<@linbot>JavaWoman: The current temperature in Amsterdam, Netherlands is 59\xB0F (12:25 AM CEST on July 06, 2005). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 52\xB0F. Pressure: 29.83 in (1010 hPa).
17:46|-|Newsome [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:47|-|jekil [] has quit [Quit: Ciao]
17:50<gpd> imapd-ssl: pmap_getmaps rpc problem: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection reset by peer <-- what's that all about... only one hit with google... ho... hum...
17:53|-|harshy|lap [] has joined #linode
17:54<tronip>may need to add entry for rpcbind in /etc/hosts.allow
17:54<tronip>for or something
17:54<tronip>or for portmap instead of the rpcbind name
17:55<tronip>interesting imapd daemon you're running if it's doing RPC queries ;)
17:56<SupaZubon>IMAP uses RPC??
17:56<SupaZubon>I don't think so, at least.
17:59|-|thoth39 [~hm@] has joined #linode
18:01<tronip>well... his paste mentioned imapd-ssl and rpc...
18:01<tronip>could be he's running some unusual imapd?
18:02<tronip>or some special flags / option / functionality is enabled?
18:02<gpd>just courier-imap-ssl
18:02<tronip>hmm. mine doesn't do RPC
18:02<gpd>not sure why it suddenly started doing that
18:03<gpd>grep -ri rpc in /etc/postfix and /etc/courier gives nothing...
18:10<tronip>strings the daemon binary and grep -i rpc
18:10<tronip>(is my suggestion)
18:13<gpd>as the one google hit says... it goes away when portsentry is stopped
18:14<tronip>mmm portsentry. i run that, too
18:19<@caker>yay .. my Opengear remote console eval unit shipped :)
18:19<@caker>slick stuff ...
18:24<iggy>which did you get?
18:24<@caker>the 48 port
18:24<iggy>how many servers are you planning on squeezing into the new racks?
18:25<@mikegrb>cross connects
18:25<@caker>yeah, if we do TelX, I was thinking about 60amps per cabinet, which would get us 30 servers/cabinet easy
18:25<@caker>maybe a few more
18:25<iggy>yeah, just wondering how many racks you can squeeze into one of those
18:25<@caker>that's still up in the air.
18:26<@caker>but like Mike said .. cross-connects :)
18:26<iggy>so, 2 kvm's for 3 racks roughly
18:26<@caker>or whatever you want to call them
18:26<@caker>I like how they call them KVMs when they tell you to run VNC
18:26<iggy>should make things a lot easier
18:26<@caker>yeah, the existing Baytech units are pretty limited
18:27<@caker>have to be connected to the port to capture console messages/panics
18:27<iggy>yeah, mike said the "scrollback" on them was abyssmal
18:27<@caker>do they even scrollback? ...
18:28|-|womble [] has joined #linode
18:30<@mikegrb> <-- crazy
18:31<@mikegrb>synopsys: buy a cheapish dvd player and replace resisoters/capcitors/etc with tighter tollerance replacements for better preformance
18:31<@linbot>New news from forums: Gentoo people, please help me - log files are gone! in General Discussion <>
18:32<iggy>better performance?
18:35<iggy>caker: are those actually kvm's? or console servers?
18:35<@caker>iggy: console servers, really
18:36<@caker>I think they have some special functionality to route VNC through them, encrypted like
18:36<@caker>otherwise, it's just a serial connection
18:37<iggy>it'd be cool if they really were kvm's, I'd have my boss convinced we need one of those 16 port jobs in no time
18:37<iggy>especially after all the trouble we had here this weekend
18:37<@mikegrb>I thought they had two versions, but it may be software only, like connecting via ssh vice vnc
18:38<@caker>time for another pinout deciphering session (
18:38<@caker>so I can use standard cat5 cables, instead of rollover/crossover ones
18:38<@caker>iggy: what happened over the weekend?
18:39<@mikegrb>caker: he went out of town so everything went tits up
18:39<@caker>... I know the feeling :)
18:39<iggy>pretty much
18:39<iggy>power surges
18:40<iggy>everything went away and came back
18:40<@caker>this at a datacenter, or your work's machines, or ?
18:40<iggy>then a few more took away one of the UPS' with all the switches on it
18:40<iggy>it's a long story
18:41<iggy>it's ours and our biggest client (who we share a floor of a building with)
18:41<iggy>and who also bitch a _LOT_ when things are down
18:41<iggy>not as much as linode customers though
18:42<iggy>of course not exactly on the same scale, so....
18:43<@caker>mikegrb: who did you end up seeing this weekend that hangs here?
18:44<@mikegrb>also saw brw
18:44<@caker>who did I read on planet.linode that got a new car?
18:44<@caker>which car iggy ?
18:44<@mikegrb>it can accelerate
18:44<iggy>2005 Toyota Matrix XRS
18:45<@caker>Ahh -- nice
18:45<@caker>my sister and mom have one
18:45<@caker>I like em
18:45<@caker>I think theirs have a power plug in the dash (110)
18:45<@mikegrb>mmm burgers are ready
18:45<iggy>mikegrb: you saw nothing, I never got to get it above 6000rpm when you guys were in the car
18:45<@caker>XRS is the sporty model, then?>
18:45<@mikegrb>iggy's too, but no ground pin slot!
18:45<iggy>caker: yes, 110 in the dash
18:45<@caker>iggy: that rocks
18:46<@caker>iggy: congrats
18:46<iggy>yeah, the XRS has the engine/tranny from a celica GTS
18:46<iggy>really comes alive when the VVTL-i kicks in at 6600rpm
18:46<iggy>all the way to 8300
18:46<iggy>waiting for my paycheck to show up to order the CAI and exhaust
18:47<@caker>iggy: is taht like VTEC on Hondas?
18:49<@caker>mmm .. 6 speed manual
18:50<@caker><-- motorhead
18:50<@caker>XRS is 2WD only, eh?
18:50<@caker>2800 lbs, 170 HP .. not bad
18:51<iggy>the 2003 were rated at 180, and the dyno charts above 6600 rpm are identical for the 2 years
18:51<@caker>what does the XRS do 0-60 in?
18:52<@caker>high redline, like my Prelude
18:52<iggy>in any case, I've seen dyno's with the CAI and exhaust that show 175WHP and 128tq
18:52<tronip>reprogram the EEC timings and cut out the 2nd gear rev limiter's conservative settings, and beef up the transmission ;)
18:52<@caker>7.3 seconds (via google)
18:53<@caker>iggy: very cool -- congrats again .. what were you driving previously
18:54<iggy>1999 Chevy Cavalier (with busted ass AC)
18:54|-|internat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:54<@caker>nice upgrade
18:55<tronip>sounds nice. :)
18:55<iggy>yeah the cavalier I bought a month after my 18th birthday, and it had nothing on it, as base as you can get
18:55<iggy>I was a poor boy
18:55<tronip>loved the Volvo S80 I drove in Europe a while back (rental car) -- killer engineering
18:55<@caker>it was new?
18:55<tronip>friend's VW Jetta was pretty good too
18:56<iggy>this car has pretty much every feature they could cram in it to overcharge me for
18:56<tronip>hadn't tried anything Toyota lately. Matrix XRS sounds nice.
18:56<iggy>even some I didn't want (like the fscking luggage rack)
18:56<@caker>tronip: at my last job, about 8 people went out got bought Jettas within a year or two .. every single one of them had (multiple) issues with their cars
18:56<tronip>caker: ack! wow
18:56<iggy>I really like this car
18:57<iggy>it's eerily spacious
18:57<@caker>tronip: mostly electronic, some with leaky windows, etc
18:57<iggy>it's different
18:57<tronip>heh buddy's Jetta *did* get in an accident so he had to sell it but that one was driver's fault I think
18:57<iggy>it goes when I want it to
18:57<iggy>gets good gas mileage when I need it to
18:57<tronip>ahhh ick (leaky stuff and whatnot)
18:57<@caker>iggy: yeah, they sit up high -- I end up driving Mom's car around when I visit .. I liked it a lot
18:58<@caker>TRIVIA: Who is the largest Japanese automobile manufacturer?
18:59<iggy>define largest.
18:59<tronip>number of sales, number of employees, income?
18:59<iggy>if we are talking total company revenue, I'd guess mitsubishi
18:59<@caker>most cars
19:00<iggy>no clue
19:00<@caker>Toyota ..
19:00<tronip>ahh nice.
19:00<@caker>I was surprised that it wasn't Honda
19:00<@caker>Toyota makes > 5 mil cars/year
19:00<iggy>honda's aren't very popular outside the US
19:01<iggy>where outside the US = places where they get decent cars from other manufacturers
19:03<@caker>579,040 vehicles ... just for May
19:05<tronip>can't imagine the pressure on the factory line.
19:06<@caker>15,000 caaa, you makea me raff
19:13<SupaZubon>is that Pressure Cooker or whatever that bad Michael Keaton fillum was?
19:13<@caker>Gung Ho :)
19:14<SupaZubon>oh no, really? It as called GUNG-HO?
19:14<SupaZubon>and it was about JAPANESE auto manufacturers?
19:15<SupaZubon>dear hollywood,
19:15<SupaZubon> You are a place with many Asian-Americans
19:15<SupaZubon> Please stop confusing Japan with China.
19:15<SupaZubon> SupaZubon
19:15<@caker>Gung || Ho != Japanese?
19:19<SupaZubon>I'm pretty sure that "gung-ho" is an expression that the US picked up from working with the Chinese in WWII
19:19<SupaZubon>hmmm, I guess it is japanese
19:19<SupaZubon>oh, no
19:19<SupaZubon>it si CHinese
19:20<SupaZubon>The original Mandarin phrase is gōnghé (工合), a standard abbreviation for gōngyè hézuòshè (工業合作社), meaning industrial worker's cooperative.
19:20<SupaZubon>dammit, where's my UTF8
19:23|-|nybble [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:26<tronip>mmm Gung Ho. wow, haven't seen that since '86
19:27<tronip>interesting (Mandarin)
19:34|-|harshy|lap [] has quit [Quit: I quit for now]
19:42<kobs>!stock yhoo
19:42<@linbot>kobs: The current price of YHOO is 34.60, as of 4:00pm EST. A change of +0.16 from the last business day.
19:45|-|SupaZubon [] has quit [Quit: back in a mo']
19:45<@mikegrb>!stock woo
19:46|-|SupaZubon [] has joined #linode
19:52<Battousai>hi mikegrb
19:52<Battousai>i have a 96 now :)
19:55|-|internat [] has joined #linode
19:57<@mikegrb>Battousai: oh?
19:57<@mikegrb>I'm golfing 120
19:57<@mikegrb>I'm almost caught up to you
19:57<Battousai>me happy customer, make you love me long time
20:03[~]SupaZubon has a 255556
20:03<SupaZubon>it is gigantor
20:05<internat>anyone using kubuntu?
20:07|-|superbeef [] has joined #linode
20:10|-|harshy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:11<gpd>internat: did you get your sound working?
20:11<gpd>what card?
20:11<internat>it just wont friggen work
20:11<Battousai>audio is overrated anyway
20:11<internat>createive live 5.1
20:12<internat>the module is detected
20:12<gpd>does it work in gnome?
20:12<gpd>or don't you have gnome?
20:12<internat>dont know, dont have gnome
20:12<Battousai>youre using alsa right?
20:12<internat>havve kde, cause im using kubuntu :P
20:12<gpd>kde uses arts
20:12<internat>arts is saying its not working, i try running alsamixer and it says no device found
20:12<internat>but the module is loaded
20:12<gpd>apt-get install gnome-desktop and you would have gnome ;)
20:12<internat>nd_emu10k1x 18084 0
20:12<internat>snd_rawmidi 22944 1 snd_emu10k1x
20:12<internat>snd_seq_device 8332 1 snd_rawmidi
20:12<internat>snd_ac97_codec 64608 1 snd_emu10k1x
20:12<internat>snd_pcm_oss 47652 0
20:13<internat>snd_mixer_oss 16768 1 snd_pcm_oss
20:13<internat>snd_pcm 84872 4 snd_bt87x,snd_emu10k1x,snd_ac97_codec,snd_pcm_oss
20:13<internat>snd_timer 23300 1 snd_pcm
20:13<internat>snd 50276 9 snd_bt87x,snd_emu10k1x,snd_rawmidi,snd_seq_device,snd_ac97_codec,snd_pcm_oss,snd_mixer_oss,snd_pcm,snd_timer
20:13<internat>soundcore 9824 1 snd
20:13<internat>snd_page_alloc 9604 3 snd_bt87x,snd_emu10k1x,snd_pcm
20:13<gpd>does it say anything about /dev/dsp in the logs?
20:14|-|superbeef [] has quit [Quit: going to see sin city]
20:14<gpd>alsaconf ?
20:14<internat>not found
20:14<gpd>sudo alsaconf
20:14<internat>im root
20:14<internat>root@ndf:/home/nf # alsaconf
20:14<internat>bash: alsaconf: command not found
20:14<gpd>that doesn't sound good
20:15<gpd>apt-get install xmms ?
20:15<gpd>xmms allows you to switch plugins
20:15<gpd>oss / alsa / etc
20:15<internat>im not at the box atm, im at my gfs place, but yeah.. i ont know why, the alsa-base package is installed which is meant to provide alsaconf
20:16<gpd>so it never had sound or it stopped?
20:16<internat>never had sound
20:16<internat>Package: alsa-utils
20:16<internat>Priority: optional
20:16<internat>Section: sound
20:16<internat>Installed-Size: 444
20:16<internat>Maintainer: Debian ALSA Maintainers <>
20:16<internat>Architecture: i386
20:16<internat>Version: 1.0.8-1ubuntu1
20:16<internat>Replaces: alsautils, alsaconf
20:16<internat>Provides: audio-mixer, alsautils, alsaconf
20:16<gpd>and knoppix has sound?
20:16<gpd>ever tried knoppix?
20:16<internat>not sure actually.. didnt try it.. i have it, but never thought ot try it
20:17<gpd>locate alsaconf?
20:17<internat>not found
20:17<internat>already thought of that
20:17<tierra>I've gotten that same card working in numberous distros using alsa... never had a problem with it
20:17<gpd>dpkg -l |grep alsa ?
20:17<internat>ii alsa-base 1.0.8-4ubuntu4 ALSA driver configuration files
20:17<internat>ii alsa-utils 1.0.8-1ubuntu1 ALSA utilities
20:18<internat>see its just fubar
20:19<tierra>internat, you have integrated sound as well? you might need to disable the card in BIOS...
20:19<internat>already disabled
20:21<gpd>alsamixer -c1 might help...
20:21<Battousai>gpd: don't disturb my friend. he's dead tired.
20:21[~]Battousai is watching commando
20:22<internat>that brought up my umm tvcablure card
20:22<gpd>squeel like a pig Battousai
20:22<Battousai>what kinda card?
20:22<internat>ard: Brooktree Bt878 x
20:22<internat>x Chip: Bt87x x
20:22<internat>x View: Playback x
20:22<internat>x Item: Capture Boost [Off]
20:22<internat>yeah.. leadtek tv pro card thingi
20:24<gpd>in summary... i have no idea... :)
20:24<gpd>mine worked out of the box
20:25<Battousai>brag, brag
20:25<gpd>had some problems with chrooted 32 bit sound... so i feel your pain
20:25<gpd>I would try knoppix when you get home and see if that works
20:25<gpd>then poach the settings...
20:26<internat>ok assumingg it works in knoppix, what settings should i steal?
20:26<gpd>or you could try freenode #ubuntu... there are lots of people there
20:27<Battousai>you'd want asound.conf or whatever
20:27<Battousai>and a copy of lsmod
20:27<Battousai>to make sure you have the right alsa module going
20:27<internat>im in there
20:27<internat>already asked, no one knwos, theyve refered me over to kubuntu and no one there knows either
20:28<Battousai>zeppelin rules!
20:31<internat>seems im in a bit of trouble with all of this.. damm thing
20:31<Battousai>is it just a regular sblive 5.1?
20:32<gpd>seems very strange to me...
20:32<gpd>that is the most generic card you could imagine...
20:32<gpd>your tv card is probably the cause
20:32<internat>yeah its a standard card
20:32<gpd>or some other weird stuff
20:32<internat>i need my tv card! its my life
20:32<tierra>internat, play with MythTV much?
20:33<internat>nope.. only installed linux on the box a day ago..
20:33<internat>otherwise it was a windows machine
20:33<tierra>are you planning on making it a MythTV box?
20:33<gpd>how many more hours before you just use windows ;)
20:33<internat>so, maybe i should remove the tv card (cause i know what modules it uese) reinstall and see if it detects the sound card, then try re-installing it
20:34<internat>well.. i want some sort of thing fixed by tontie, cause i wanna watch "house" but.. yeah i dunno
20:34<internat>i dont wanna revert back to windblows.. that would just suck balls
20:34<Battousai>you're a jukebox hero
20:34<Battousai>you've got stars in your eyes
20:34<gpd>and this is the absense of ball sucking it seems... <-- (herasy!)
20:35<tierra>by tonight... probably means back to windows... hehe...
20:35<internat>possibly.. i shalal ffind out soonish
20:36<gpd>does the tv card have sound out?
20:36<internat>and that plugs into the soundcards line in
20:36<tierra>I've got a mythtv box running Gentoo with a sblive 5.1 (same drivers as your setting up)... I've heard the bt878 works great in Gentoo... but that would leave you with another few days without the box learning how to get it setup in gentoo while waiting on ebuilds to compile as well
20:37<gpd>s/few days/few weeks/
20:37<internat>fuck ebuild.. the whole idea off that just shits me
20:37<internat>the whole idea of having to compile EVERYTHING just drives me nuts
20:37<Battousai>yeah, use what youre comfortable with
20:37<Battousai>it doesnt matter which distro, you'll get it working at some point
20:37<tierra>I just did a clean install a couple days ago actually... took me about 2 days to finish setting it up, but I've been using Gentoo for 2 1/2 - 3 years now, and have setup mythtv before
20:38<gpd>well i have to confess that i tried ubuntu desktop over the weekend for dvd, difficult stuff and i didn't get very far
20:38<Battousai>i like it
20:38<gpd>i am going to try Fedora 4 and SuSE 9.3 to see how they compare
20:38<Battousai>i still prefer gentoo for all the building (not ebuild-related) that i do
20:38<internat>yeah.. i dont like gnome hence using kubuntu :P
20:39<gpd>and I am under orders from someone to try Mandriva... shudder
20:39<internat>no dont touchh it.. for thelove of god no1
20:39<tierra>internat, we'll see how long that lasts when you find out all your problems are because of kde ;)
20:39<Battousai>rpms are evil
20:39<Battousai>unless they're the radial kind of rpms, then the more the merrier
20:39<gpd>i burnt a mini-iso of 2005LE and it didn't boot! ;) lucky escape
20:39<Battousai>but not the gay kind of merry, the happy kind of merry
20:39<Battousai>not to say that being gay is bad
20:39<internat>they probably are causes of kde, but we shall c,
20:40<internat>ill head home after andn pull the tv card out and do another install and see what happens
20:40<tierra>good luck
20:40<gpd>don't install... just reboot
20:40<internat>u recon?
20:40<tierra>well, try a reboot first at least
20:40<gpd>yeah... reinstall is for windows...
20:40[~]Battousai scopes the perimeter
20:41<gpd>there must be a dpkg-reconfigure alsaxxx ?
20:41<gpd>that is as good as reinstall anyway
20:41<internat>tried that
20:41<internat>it didnt do much
20:41<gpd>something must setup the sound... gpd checks...
20:45<internat>what aobut it?
20:46<Battousai>well if you have the modules loaded, that's all you need to "setup" the sound
20:46<gpd>cat /proc/asound/cards
20:49<internat>root@ndf:/home/nf # cat /proc/asound/cards
20:49<internat>1 [Bt878 ]: Bt87x - Brooktree Bt878
20:49<internat> Brooktree Bt878 at 0xe7000000, irq 10
20:49<internat>kmix wont let me select anything
20:50<gpd>that is the tv card...
20:50<gpd>where is the sound blaster...?
20:51<internat>and /proc/asound/modules only has the snd_bt87x
20:51<internat>i dont know.. u tell me where it is :P
20:51<internat>its just not there..
20:52<Battousai>modprobe snd_emu10k1?
20:52<@mikegrb>yeah, your sound won't come from the tv card, it will come from your soundcard
20:52<gpd>did you modprobe anything or are the snd_emu10k1 there after boot
20:52<@mikegrb>you will need to plugin a cable from the tv card to line in on the sound card
20:53<gpd>yeah, but the sound card is not showing up in /proc/asound/cards...
20:53[~]mikegrb runs
20:53<internat>alread modprobed, it loads
20:54<internat>mikegrb dont make me slap u :P
20:54<gpd>that means nothing... if you manually loaded it then you may be screwed
20:54<internat>but it doesnt work
20:54<Battousai>you shall not threaten the mikegrb
20:54<internat>i checked, before i modprobled it had lalready loaded the o dule
20:54|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
20:55<gpd>i suspect it is an oss and alsa compatibility issue
20:55<internat>linbot: roulette mikegrb
20:55<@linbot>internat: (roulette [spin]) -- Fires the revolver. If the bullet was in the chamber, you're dead. Tell me to spin the chambers and I will.
20:55<gpd>you should read that fourm post above
20:55<internat>i did read the above post, it didntn really help.. id done all of that before
20:55<Battousai>we dont need no education
20:56<internat>seems a bit fubar to me,
20:56<gpd>try suse 9.3
20:59<internat>ok so what am i meant to do with that post.. ive checked that no other modules are loaded
20:59<internat>it only has the snd_emu10k1x module loaded so i dont think thats hte problem..
20:59<gpd>no mention of bt87x?
20:59<internat>kinda.. but not relally
21:00<gpd>it is in that paste above...
21:00<gpd>the post demonstrates that there are issues with running both cards in the same machine...
21:00<gpd>which we suspected
21:00<Battousai>no, only you
21:00<internat>0000:00:09.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs [SB Live! Value] EMU10k1X
21:01<internat>that post actually is talking about havving both oss and alsa modules loaded at the same time
21:01<Battousai>oh thats one of the new sblives
21:03[~]Battousai has the old regular emu10k1
21:06<gpd>is that a Dell machine
21:06<Battousai>billy rosewood, ddo jsioc
21:10<gpd>so what does alsamixer -c0 give you then... the sblive?
21:10<internat>not found
21:10<internat>root@ndf:/proc/asound # alsamixer -c0
21:10<internat>alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for hw:0: No such device
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21:14<tompuppy>!seen caker
21:14<@linbot>tompuppy: caker was last seen here 1 hour, 58 minutes, and 13 seconds ago saying: <caker> Gung || Ho != Japanese?
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