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00:04<Husam>New error ^^
00:16<guinea-sleep>erm, it tells you what the problem is
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04:07[~]khedron is very happy with his 'node migration
04:07<khedron>Thanks caker & co.!
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04:56<@linbot>internat: (help [<plugin>] <command>) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
04:57<encode>!help sex
04:57<internat>anyone remember what the command is
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05:34<internat>anyone know much about tvtime
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06:15<Karnaugh_>must be a different womble.. nm
06:15<Karnaugh_>what the hell connection are the linodes at HE on?
06:15<Karnaugh_>I occasionaly get 50MBps downloads o_O
06:16<Redgore>Karnaugh_: there is a page on the site with info about the network
06:19<Karnaugh_>Redgore: doesn't say what connection the nodes have though at HE
06:20<internat>sure it does
06:21<internat>oh wait.. right
06:21<internat>umm i believe its a standard thing.. 100mb
06:21<internat>We offer plans that range from rack space for a single 1U server to the ability to get gigabit (1000 megabits/second) Ethernet connectivity and enough cabinet space to house several thousand, or more, servers.
06:21<internat>Within our facilities, Hurricane Electric's network can provide you with a connection to the Internet via a 10 Mbps (megabits/second) Ethernet, 100 Mbps fast Ethernet, or 1000 Mbps gigabit Ethernet connection.
06:22<internat>if ur gettting 50, obvously its faster then 100mbs so..
06:22<internat>i would be guessing gigabit
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06:47<womble>Karnaugh_: Which womble were you looking for? <grin>
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09:28<MattyD>Ah,hmmm. Time to settle in for the " We will be contacting you soon to validate your membership" anxiety.
09:33<@mikegrb>MattyD: I think you are good to go
09:45<FireSlash>Its really sad when I can't find enough things to keep my linode busy :B
09:54<MattyD>Ooh, cool.
09:54<MattyD>Wow, that was fast.
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10:06<MattyD>Do linode run update mirrors? Like for apt-get and such?
10:11<@mikegrb>not currently
10:11<@mikegrb>may at some time in the future
10:11<MattyD>It's all good
10:15<MattyD>Hmmm, if I bought extras to make the 64 plan the same as the 96. Another 32meg ram + 1gig of hdd = 20 + 10 + 5, 35 bucks, which is 5 bucks more thant the 96 plan for less cpu and slightly less HDD?
10:17<@mikegrb>you can upgrade
10:18<MattyD>Ah, as the faq says by lodging a support ticket.
10:18<MattyD>But upgrade will cost another setup fee presumeably?
10:18<MattyD>Hmm, sweet.
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10:33<Astinus>caker: How's your Xen testing going? We're about to deploy it and wouldn't mind hearing your experiences :)
10:34<Battousai>there's another 3.0 test release coming soon, but no client pxe yet from what i've gathered
10:34<Astinus>hey Battousai, didn't notice you for a moment ;)
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13:45<nybble>hey all,
13:45<nybble>anyone have experience with a Cisco 2516 router?
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13:56<womble>Wow, someone's rendering fractals on host46... load average is 60+ in my linode with nothing doing anything...
13:58<Battousai>it's not me
13:59<Battousai>must be cosmic rays
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15:11<Battousai>caker: you see this XenSE nonsense?
15:12<Battousai>and by nonsense i mean sexable awesomeness
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19:20<@caker>Battousai: the secure hypervisor?
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19:23<Battousai>caker: xen + mac, similar to selinux:,aid,121624,00.asp
19:23<Battousai>that article is a little...basic
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19:31<MattyD>Hmm damn debian doesn't seem to have caudium-php4 package for some reason
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20:31<FireSlash>How often does apache update its log?
20:39<@caker>FireSlash: instantaneous, as long as there's something to log
20:45<Newsome>at the end of the request, though
20:55<@caker>long download, nothing in the log until it's finished
21:18<FireSlash>My problem was that I was trying to restart apache with "apache restart" not "./apache restart"
21:57<FireSlash>I think apache just died.
21:57<FireSlash>Nope. Just the domain flaked out.
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22:00<FireSlash>wtf....... I think my old host just changed the domain nameservers back to them.
22:22<FireSlash>And now it magically works
22:22<FireSlash>yay? :B
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23:18<FireSlash>I just typed 'ls' in cmd
23:19<FireSlash>More disturbingly: It worked.
23:19<Battousai>by design
23:25<FireSlash>Wow. Thats the 4th time I've typed in IRC instead of SSH.
23:25<FireSlash>Bad window focus, bad!
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