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00:08<womble>Has host46 just thrown a leg out of bed?
00:09<FireSlash>maybe yes
00:09<FireSlash>since my SSH session isn't doing much :X
00:10<FireSlash>But most people on 46 are probably watching xchat in their SSH window do nothing and haven't noticed yet
00:12<SupaXubon>ha ha xchat
00:12<Battousai>haha SupaXubon
00:13<Battousai>mikegrb: so when do you get powar back?
00:14<SupaXubon>21:50 <emad> "Authorities asked those remaining along the Gulf Coast high-risk areas this weekend to write their names on their bodies in waterproof ink for identification."
00:14<@mikegrb>Battousai: three weeks?
00:14<SupaXubon>mikegrb: you should write "<-- emad"
00:14<@mikegrb><-- emad
00:14<Battousai>mikegrb: ah, so they agree with peco power policies
00:15<Battousai>you wouldnt believe how long some of the people around here went dark after ivan
00:15<Battousai>and it wasnt even that bad when it hit us
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00:16<@mikegrb>linodes on host46 starting up now
00:16<crutcmc>IS there anything going on with Host46?
00:16<crutcmc>talk about timing
00:16<FireSlash>mikegrb> Any idea what caused 46 to die?
00:17<Battousai>cracked up midgets
00:17<Battousai>one of em tripped over that little voltage switch on the power supply and set it to 230 volts
00:17<FireSlash>So what, the hamster died and had to be replaced?
00:17<Battousai>damn near fried the motherboard
00:18<@mikegrb>likely a kernel panic
00:18<@mikegrb>mmm cake
00:18<SupaXubon>hairline fracture in the supporting layers of delicious cake
00:18<@mikegrb>mmm cake
00:18<Battousai>another one!
00:20<@linbot>New news from forums: Host46 Reboot in System and Network Status <>
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00:25<FireSlash>Hmm. linode says my linode is running, but I'm getting timeouts. Should I reboot it, or are they being rebooted one by one automagically?
00:25<womble>FireSlash: Are you on host46?
00:25<FireSlash>Wait, nevermind. Looks like it was already put on queue
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03:05<q_Darth_Vader_q>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<b_Darth_Vader_b>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<m_Darth_Vader_m>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<t_Darth_Vader_t>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<x_Darth_Vader_x>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<g_Darth_Vader_g>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<xx_Darth_Vader_xx>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<a_Darth_Vader_a>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<vv_Darth_Vader_vv>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<z_Darth_Vader_z>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<y_Darth_Vader_y>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<n_Darth_Vader_n>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<yy_Darth_Vader_yy>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<jj_Darth_Vader_jj>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<rr_Darth_Vader_rr>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<ii_Darth_Vader_ii>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<kk_Darth_Vader_kk>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<c_Darth_Vader_c>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<k_Darth_Vader_k>So whats everyone up too?
03:05<ff_Darth_Vader_ff>So whats everyone up too?
03:08<internat>not kewl
03:09<JasonF>caker: mikegrb: spammage
03:09<JasonF>linbot: darth vader must die
03:09<internat>linbot what is darth vader
03:09<@linbot>No idea!
03:09<internat>linboth darth vader must die
03:09<internat>linboth darth vader is he must die
03:09<internat>linbot what is darth vader
03:09<@linbot>Wish I knew.
03:10<internat>linbot what is darthvader
03:10<@linbot>Wish I knew.
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03:10<internat>linboth darthvader is he must die
03:10<g_Darth_Vader_g>Dont be cruel!
03:10<a_Darth_Vader_a>Dont be cruel!
03:10<x_Darth_Vader_x>Dont be cruel!
03:10<q_Darth_Vader_q>Dont be cruel!
03:10<c_Darth_Vader_c>Dont be cruel!
03:10<vv_Darth_Vader_vv>Dont be cruel!
03:10<b_Darth_Vader_b>Dont be cruel!
03:10<m_Darth_Vader_m>Dont be cruel!
03:10<t_Darth_Vader_t>Dont be cruel!
03:10<n_Darth_Vader_n>Dont be cruel!
03:10<y_Darth_Vader_y>Dont be cruel!
03:10<z_Darth_Vader_z>Dont be cruel!
03:10<xx_Darth_Vader_xx>Dont be cruel!
03:10<jj_Darth_Vader_jj>Dont be cruel!
03:10<rr_Darth_Vader_rr>Dont be cruel!
03:10<kk_Darth_Vader_kk>Dont be cruel!
03:10<yy_Darth_Vader_yy>Dont be cruel!
03:10<ii_Darth_Vader_ii>Dont be cruel!
03:10<k_Darth_Vader_k>Dont be cruel!
03:10<internat>linbot darthvader is he must die
03:10<ff_Darth_Vader_ff>Dont be cruel!
03:10<internat>linbot what is darthvader
03:10<@linbot>Okay, internat.
03:10<@linbot>hmm... darthvader is he must die, internat
03:10<internat>dude lose the fucking clones its fucking annoying
03:10<internat>woot i have postfix accepting secure smtpd
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03:14<q_Darth_Vader_q>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<b_Darth_Vader_b>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<m_Darth_Vader_m>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<t_Darth_Vader_t>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<g_Darth_Vader_g>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<x_Darth_Vader_x>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<vv_Darth_Vader_vv>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<a_Darth_Vader_a>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<n_Darth_Vader_n>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<z_Darth_Vader_z>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<y_Darth_Vader_y>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<xx_Darth_Vader_xx>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<yy_Darth_Vader_yy>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<rr_Darth_Vader_rr>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<ii_Darth_Vader_ii>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<kk_Darth_Vader_kk>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<jj_Darth_Vader_jj>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<c_Darth_Vader_c>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<k_Darth_Vader_k>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
03:14<ff_Darth_Vader_ff>Fine I just wanted to test the cloner :p
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03:14<encode>quite a clone collection he has there
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03:17<great> Is there anybody who is family with linux kernel scheduler?
03:18<great>I want to know how to measure the performance of the scheduler
03:18<great> or,how to compare the performance between 2.6 and 2.4
03:18<great>can somebody help me ?
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06:41<@linbot>New news from wiki: GentooSetup <> || GentooSetup <>
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07:11<MattD>Hmmm, earlier today my linode went down fnar and now I'm getting this sort of deal
07:11<MattD>Unable to change tty /dev/tty0: Read-only file system
07:11<MattD>Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (none) tty0
07:11<MattD>(none) login:
07:12<Karnaugh>MattD: maybe the node is stuck in a FSCK
07:12<MattD>For 6 hours?
07:15<internat>u break somethign matt?
07:15<internat>u coudl easily get stuck in fsck for 6hrs, if uve run outa io tokens
07:16<MattD>Don't belive so. The server went down when I wasn't even logged into it.
07:16<internat>ur server or the entire node?
07:16<internat>u tried lish?
07:16<MattD>yeah I'm on lish atm
07:17<internat>u using debian right? did u upgrade to a new kernel today?
07:17<internat>cause moving from 2.4 to 2.6 is nasty
07:17<MattD>the config is stock
07:18<internat>u musta broken something well
07:18<MattD>I haven't used anything but apt-get
07:18<internat>doesnt mean u cant break anything
07:18<MattD>You'd be pretty magic if you broke your filesystem with apt-get
07:19<MattD>Is there apt-get fuck-up-your-root-filesystem?
07:19<MattD>Whilst your not even logged into your server?
07:19<MattD>Presumeably not
07:19<internat>u never know
07:19<internat>can u log in
07:20<MattD>I'll draw your attention to my post from 5 minutes ago.
07:20<MattD>MattD Hmmm, earlier today my linode went down fnar and now I'm getting this sort of deal
07:20<MattD>MattD Unable to change tty /dev/tty0: Read-only file system
07:20<MattD>MattD Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (none) tty0
07:20<MattD>MattD (none) login:
07:20<internat>yeah i saw that
07:20<MattD>So the answer is, no.
07:20<internat>that doesnts ay that u cant login, that just says ur sitting at a login screen
07:21<MattD>If I login, that's what I get.
07:21<internat>whats the cnosole log say?
07:21<MattD>How do I drop from a tty back to the console?
07:22<internat>umm 1 sec
07:22<MattD>I'm currently sitting at the lish tty0 login screen
07:23<internat>ctrl+a, ctrl+d
07:23<internat>then u should get back to lish
07:23<internat>then type logview to view the console log
07:24<MattD>here comes some spam
07:24<MattD>Checking for the skas3 patch in the host...found
07:24<MattD>Checking for /proc/mm...found
07:24<MattD>Checking PROT_EXEC mmap in /tmp...OK
07:24<MattD>Checking for /dev/anon on the host...Not available (open failed with errno 6)
07:24<MattD>Linux version 2.4.29-linode39-1um ( (gcc version 3.3.3 20040412 (Red Hat Linux 3.3.3-7)) #1 Wed Jan 19 12:22:14 EST 2005
07:24<MattD>On node 0 totalpages: 16384
07:24<MattD>zone(0): 16384 pages.
07:24<MattD>zone(1): 0 pages.
07:24<MattD>zone(2): 0 pages.
07:24<MattD>Kernel command line: mem=64M fake_ide fakehd con=null con0=fd:0,fd:1 devfs=nomount root=/dev/ubda ubda=/linodes/turrin/22156.fs ubdb=/linodes/turrin/22152.fs eth0=tuntap,turrin_0,fe:fd:40:3e:e7:98 token_max=400000 token_refill=512
07:24<MattD>fakehd : Changing ubd_gendisk.major_name to "hd".
07:24<MattD>Calibrating delay loop... 2405.17 BogoMIPS
07:24<MattD>Memory: 59356k available
07:24<MattD>Dentry cache hash table entries: 8192 (order: 4, 65536 bytes)
07:24<MattD>Inode cache hash table entries: 4096 (order: 3, 32768 bytes)
07:24<MattD>Mount cache hash table entries: 512 (order: 0, 4096 bytes)
07:24<MattD>Buffer cache hash table entries: 1024 (order: 0, 4096 bytes)
07:24<MattD>Page-cache hash table entries: 16384 (order: 4, 65536 bytes)
07:25<MattD>Checking for host processor cmov support...Yes
07:25<MattD>Checking for host processor xmm support...No
07:25<internat>wanna use pastebin?
07:25<MattD>Checking that ptrace can change system call numbers...OK
07:25<MattD>Checking syscall emulation patch for ptrace...missing
07:25<MattD>Checking that host ptys support output SIGIO...Yes
07:25<MattD>Checking that host ptys support SIGIO on close...No, enabling workaround
07:25<MattD>POSIX conformance testing by UNIFIX
07:25<MattD>Linux NET4.0 for Linux 2.4
07:25<MattD>Based upon Swansea University Computer Society NET3.039
07:25<MattD>Initializing RT netlink socket
07:25<MattD>Starting kswapd
07:25<MattD>VFS: Disk quotas vdquot_6.5.1
07:25<MattD>Journalled Block Device driver loaded
07:25<MattD>Coda Kernel/Venus communications, v5.3.18,
07:25<MattD>devfs: v1.12c (20020818) Richard Gooch (
07:25<MattD>devfs: boot_options: 0x0
07:25<MattD>Installing knfsd (copyright (C) 1996
07:25<MattD>SGI XFS with no debug enabled
07:25<MattD>SGI XFS Quota Management subsystem
07:25<internat>dude pastebin!
07:25<MattD>pty: 256 Unix98 ptys configured
07:25<MattD>SLIP: version 0.8.4-NET3.019-NEWTTY (dynamic channels, max=256).
07:25<MattD>CSLIP: code copyright 1989 Regents of the Un
07:25<MattD>SGI XFS with no debug enabled
07:26<MattD>SGI XFS Quota Management subsystem
07:26<MattD>pty: 256 Unix98 ptys configured
07:26<MattD>SLIP: version 0.8.4-NET3.019-NEWTTY (dynamic channels, max=256).
07:26<MattD>CSLIP: code copyright 1989 Regents of the University of California.
07:26<MattD>RAMDISK driver initialized: 16 RAM disks of 4096K size 1024 blocksize
07:26<MattD>loop: loaded (max 8 devices)
07:26<MattD>PPP generic driver version 2.4.2
07:26<MattD>PPP Deflate Compression module registered
07:26<MattD>PPP BSD Compression module registered
07:26<MattD>Universal TUN/TAP device driver 1.5 (C)1999-2002 Maxim Krasnyansky
07:26<MattD>md: linear personality registered as nr 1
07:26<MattD>md: raid0 personality registered as nr 2
07:26<MattD>md: raid1 personality registered as nr 3
07:26<MattD>md: raid5 personality registered as nr 4
07:26<MattD>raid5: measuring checksumming speed
07:26<MattD> 8regs : 2930.400 MB/sec
07:26<MattD> 32regs : 1218.400 MB/sec
07:26<MattD>raid5: using function: 8regs (2930.400 MB/sec)
07:26<MattD>md: multipath personality registered as nr 7
07:26<MattD>md: md driver 0.90.0 MAX_MD_DEVS=256, MD_SB_DISKS=27
07:26<MattD>md: Autodetecting RAID arrays.
07:26<MattD>md: autorun ...
07:27<MattD>md: ... autorun DONE.
07:27<MattD>LVM version 1.0.8(17/11/2003)
07:27<MattD>Initializing Cryptographic API
07:27<MattD>Initializing software serial port version 1
07:27<MattD>mconsole (version 2) initialized on /linodes/turrin/.uml/turrin/mconsole
07:27<MattD>Partition check:
07:27<MattD> hda: unknown partition table
07:27<MattD> hdb: unknown partition table
07:27<MattD>Initializing stdio console driver
07:27<MattD>Netdevice 0 (fe:fd:40:3e:e7:98) : TUN/TAP backend -
07:27<MattD>IPv6 v0.8 for NET4.0
07:27<MattD>IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling driver
07:27<MattD>NET4: Linux TCP/IP 1.0 for NET4.0
07:27<MattD>IP Protocols: ICMP, UDP, TCP, IGMP
07:27<MattD>IP: routing cache hash table of 512 buckets, 4Kbytes
07:27<MattD>TCP: Hash tables configured (established 4096 bind 8192)
07:27<MattD>IPv4 over IPv4 tunneling driver
07:27<MattD>GRE over IPv4 tunneling driver
07:27<MattD>Linux IP multicast router 0.06 plus PIM-SM
07:27<MattD>ip_conntrack version 2.1 (463 buckets, 3704 max) - 288 bytes per conntrack
07:27<MattD>ip_tables: (C) 2000-2002 Netfilter core team
07:27<MattD>ipt_recent v0.3.1: Stephen Frost <>.
07:27<MattD>arp_tables: (C) 2002 David S. Miller
07:28<MattD>NET4: Unix domain sockets 1.0/SMP for Linux NET4.0.
07:28<MattD>ip6_tables: (C) 2000-2002 Netfilter core team
07:28<MattD>NET4: Ethernet Bridge 008 for
07:28<MattD>802.1Q VLAN Support v1.8 Ben Greear <>
07:28<MattD>All bugs added by David S. Miller <>
07:28<MattD>kjournald starting. Commit interval 5 seconds
07:28<MattD>EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode.
07:28<MattD>VFS: Mounted root (ext3 filesystem) readonly.
07:28<MattD>INIT: version 2.86 booting
07:28<MattD>INIT: Entering runlevel: 2
07:28<MattD>Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (none) tty0
07:28<MattD>(none) login: matty
07:28<MattD>And that's all
07:28<internat>nothings broken there..
07:28<internat>next time use pastebin plz
07:29<internat>anywho what happens about logging in at root?
07:29<MattD>Same as the matty user
07:30<internat>umm.. well.. u can change through the memebers section the boot thing and boot up in single user mode
07:31<MattD>I'm pretty confident some sort of hardware or UML bug occured.
07:31<MattD>The thing was hosting fine and died by itself
07:31<internat>logged a ticket?
07:31<internat>log it
07:33<MattD>I'll give single user mode a whirl first
07:35<internat>ive never had that problem at all
07:35<internat>mauybe soemthing fucked up in ur config and it got mounted read only
07:35<internat>like from the members section config
07:36<MattD>Hmmmm haven't used it since I first installed the server 3 days ago
07:36<internat>not saying u have.. maybe something fucke dup?
07:37<MattD>Hmmm I dunno. I would have though it'd give a reason as to why the file system is mounted read only
07:37<MattD>If you mess up fstab you normally get an informative message
07:37<MattD>And it's not saying the file system is broken
07:39<MattD>This is really odd
07:39<MattD>Give root password for maintenance
07:39<MattD>(or type Control-D to continue):
07:39<MattD>INIT: Entering runlevel: 2
07:39<MattD>Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (none) tty0
07:39<MattD>(none) login: matty
07:39<MattD>Booted in single user mode and it went to a regular login after entering a password for maintenance
07:39<MattD>Damn, totally messed up
07:44<MattD>wait wait
07:44<MattD>what is this about;
07:44<MattD>Partition check:
07:44<MattD> hda: unknown partition table
07:44<MattD> hdb: unknown partition table
07:45<internat>1 sec
07:45<internat>/dev/ubd/disc0: unknown partition table
07:45<internat> /dev/ubd/disc1: unknown partition table
07:45<internat>i have that..
07:46<MattD>Dunno I'm all out of ideas, it's mysteriously fucked with a logfile that looks just fine
07:47<MattD>Guess I'll lodge a ticket
07:54<MattD>Is this IO too much?
07:54<MattD>OK io_count=1669 io_rate=0 io_tokens=315867 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
08:04|-|e_Darth_Vader_e [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
08:09<MattD>Hmm I think it's problem might be the /dev/ file system is coming up readonly
08:09<MattD>So it can't mount a new tty on there for a login
08:15<internat>ur outa tokens
08:16<internat>that statement says uve used 1669.. ur currently using 0, u have 315867 tokens free
08:16<internat>u get 512 every tick or whatever and ur max
08:19|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
08:20<MattD>It's not doing a file system check then
08:20<MattD>The bone bones
08:20<MattD>Do not ask for whom the bone bones, the bone bones for my linode
08:22<MattD>I think it got cursed because I was thinking about backing up all my /etc/
08:22<MattD>Anytime you think of backing up it causes things to die first
08:24<internat>yeah that would probably do it
08:24<MattD>Any professional suggestions, mike?
08:27<MattD>Or even half assed stabs in the dark
08:28<MattD>Beggars can't be choosers
08:28<MattD>No, I'm sure all of Mike's suggestions are fantasticly professional
08:29<MattD>He probably has a unix beard with more power than stallman's
08:29|-|vaxen_ [~vaxen@] has joined #linode
08:30<internat>mike isnt here
08:31<internat>umm..interestingly enuff.. im corious to know why u have hda and hdab
08:31<MattD>Yeah I was wondering that a bit as well
08:31<internat>/dev/ubda on / type ext3 (rw)
08:31<internat>all mine are ubda
08:32<MattD>Maybe I should try booting it with a different kernel
08:32|-|Newsome [] has left #linode [Leaving]
08:32|-|vaxen__ [~vaxen@] has joined #linode
08:32<internat>yer give it a go.. got nothing to lose
08:32<MattD>Do you think if we all typed lol at once mike would get kicked for flooding?
08:32|-|Shrapnal [] has joined #linode
08:34<internat>nope cause there isnt any flood kicks
08:34<internat>otherwise u would ahve been booted before for the crappy paste
08:34<MattD>Nah, xchat limits posts to 1 a sec or whatever
08:34<MattD>I was more thinking of overlimit kicks by the ircd
08:36|-|vaxen [~vaxen@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:39|-|vaxen_ [~vaxen@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:40<MattD>arrrgh now the lish terminal won't show the tty at all
08:40<MattD>It did get worse
08:40|-|vaxen__ [~vaxen@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:41<MattD>Cannot exec '/vbin/kernel/2.4.29-rc1-linode38': No such file or directory
08:41<MattD>Hmm, fair enough
08:41<MattD>Obviously that was a bad kernel to pick
08:46|-|vox [] has joined #linode
08:47<vox>herrow :)
08:47<MattD>Check this out if I try to boot a 2.6 kernel
08:47<MattD>F_SETLK failed, file already locked by pid 29691
08:47<MattD>Failed to lock '/linodes/turrin/22156.fs', err = 11
08:47<MattD>Failed to open '/linodes/turrin/22156.fs', errno = 11
08:47<MattD> /dev/ubd/disc1: unknown partition table
08:47<MattD>devfs_mk_dev: could not append to parent for md/0
08:47<MattD>md: Autodetecting RAID arrays.
08:47<MattD>md: autorun ...
08:47<MattD>md: ... autorun DONE.
08:47<MattD>VFS: Cannot open root device "ubda" or unknown-block(0,0)
08:47<MattD>Please append a correct "root=" boot option
08:47<MattD>Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)
08:48<MattD>Sounds like some other program has my root file system open maybe?
08:48<MattD>(Probably reading all my porn)
08:49|-|sec39` [] has joined #linode
08:58|-|splee [] has joined #linode
08:59<splee>hi, i'm having problems creating a linode account, can anyone here help me?
09:01|-|ant [] has joined #linode
09:03|-|splee [] has left #linode [Leaving]
09:09|-|Redgore [redgore@] has joined #linode
09:14<ant>anyone had data corruption and bust programs ( eg mysql ) after a partition resize?
09:16|-|splee [] has joined #linode
09:24|-|Shrapnal [] has quit [Quit: (I was using ) Version:(2.04) Wasted:(52 Minutes and 2 Seconds Online)]
09:28|-|Rafa0 [] has joined #linode
09:32<Rafa0>anybody out there?
09:32<Rafa0>hi matt
09:32<Rafa0>you think you can help me with my recently installed debian?
09:33<MattD>hmmmm if it's really quick, I was about to go to bed
09:33<Rafa0>ok..lets give it a shot..actually
09:33<Rafa0>i just installed tomcat
09:33<Rafa0>and its runnind and all
09:33<Rafa0>but when i test http:address:8080 i get a connection refused
09:34<Rafa0>have no idea how to troubleshoot
09:34|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
09:34<MattD>the netstat command will tell you what stuff is listening on what port
09:34<vox>hmmm gentoo emerging gcc *yawn*
09:35<MattD>you might want to do a tail -f /var/log/messages and tail -f /var/log/syslog
09:35<MattD>And see what happens when you restart apache
09:36<Rafa0>actually..i dont have apache installed
09:36<Rafa0>i just need tomcat to run another application
09:37<MattD>or whatever service
09:37<kvandivo>Rafa0: check your tomcat logs
09:38<Rafa0>ok..let me see all that hold on
09:38<MattD>bed time
09:38|-|MattD [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:38<Rafa0>ok matt
09:43<Rafa0>does anyone know if by defualt ports 10000 and 8080 are closed on debian? and how do i open them?
09:43|-|ravhly [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:43<splee>Rafa0: they're not closed by default afaik
09:44<splee>Rafa0: have you got a firewall running?
09:44|-|VS_ChanLog [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:44|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
09:44<Rafa0>thats what i mean..i not that i know (im newbee)..i just installed debian small
09:44<splee>Rafa0: well, if you don't have iptables running then the answer is no.
09:45<Rafa0>how do i check?
09:45|-|abock [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:45<kvandivo>what did catalina.out tell you from the tomcat log files?
09:45<splee>Rafa0: did you try running netstat?
09:45<Rafa0>dont understand the result
09:45|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
09:45|-|abock [] has joined #linode
09:46|-|ant [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:47<Rafa0>all it says is five instances of UNIX protocols..DGRAM tyoe...inode 209, 4272, 3679,
09:47<splee>Rafa0: ok, go to and paste the results there. Set it so it's not using any syntax highlighting. :)
09:48<splee>then paste the url it gives here and i'll take a look.
09:48<Rafa0>ok thanks
09:49<Rafa0> do i copy from shell?
09:49<splee>Rafa0: what OS are you using to access the shell?
09:49<splee>Rafa0: windows+PuTTY?
09:50<Rafa0>yes windows
09:50<splee>ok, just scroll to the top of the output and simply select it.
09:51<splee>pastebin url?
09:51<splee>found it in the list :)
09:52<splee>Rafa0: ok, you don't have any active services running according to that.
09:53<splee>Rafa0: can you pastebin the results of a "ps aux" for me please?
09:55<splee>Rafa0: ok, cool. your tomcat server isn't running.
09:55<splee>how did you install it?
09:55<splee>via apt-get?
09:56<splee>actually, if you'd used apt-get it shuold be running.
09:56<splee>do you know the command to start the tomcat server?
09:56<Rafa0>i used apt get
09:56<Rafa0>and i started it with...
09:57|-|vox [] has quit [Quit: ]
09:57<Rafa0>sudo /etc/init.d/tomcat4 start
09:58<Rafa0> said starting, but i dont know if it started
09:58<splee>have you got a tomcat directory in /var/log/ ?
09:58<splee>or tomcat4
09:59<Rafa0>lets see
09:59<splee>Rafa0: it may have tried to start it and failed. sometimes the scripts aren't very helpful when a service fails to start properly.
09:59<Rafa0>got it
09:59<splee>cd to that dir and see what's in there.
09:59<splee>have a look in the error log if there is one.
10:01<Rafa0>no error log..just catalinda in and out
10:01<splee>try running /etc/init.d/tomcat4 start again (as root of course, either sudo or su)
10:02<splee>see what it does...
10:03<Rafa0>mp error message..just says its running
10:03<Rafa0>no..just says it is starting
10:03<splee>Rafa0: wierd...
10:03<splee>Rafa0: try dpkg-reconfigure tomcat4
10:03<splee>Rafa0: see if there's anything there to reconfigure to get it working.
10:05<Rafa0>Stopping Tomcat 4.1 servlet engine: (not running).
10:05<Rafa0>Starting Tomcat 4.1 servlet engine using Java from /usr/lib/kaffe: tomcat4.
10:07<splee>Rafa0: i'm afraid i can't be of much more help... I've never tried getting tomcat working on debian
10:08<splee>Rafa0: have you tried googling for some details?
10:16<Rafa0>sorry i stepped out a sec
10:16<Rafa0>i did..
10:16<Rafa0>ill keep looking
10:16<Rafa0>thanks alot splee..
10:16<splee>Rafa0: np, if i have a brainwave in the meantime i'll shout.
10:19|-|Rafa0 [] has quit [Quit: Rafa0]
10:22|-|vaxen [~vaxen@] has joined #linode
10:23|-|besonen [] has joined #linode
10:26|-|vaxen_ [~vaxen@] has joined #linode
10:28<@linbot>New news from forums: ifupdown (Debian Sarge) woes in Linux Networking <>
10:34|-|vaxen [~vaxen@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:43<splee>wow, that setup was *quick*
10:43<@mikegrb>splee: ;)
10:43<splee>now to transfer all my data...
10:43<@mikegrb>mmm data
10:44<splee>heh, it's not so nice when my other server won't allow me access via ssh.
10:44<splee>ssh is broken, so i've gotta try and do it all via ftp and php scripts (backup of mysql too...)
10:44<splee>it's gonna be tough
10:49<kvandivo>you're the best man for the job, though
11:11|-|internat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:16|-|SupaXubon changed nick to SupaZubon
11:26|-|zerocool [~zero@] has joined #linode
11:28|-|zerocool [~zero@] has quit [Quit: ]
11:45|-|spr [] has joined #linode
11:47|-|DigitalM [] has joined #linode
11:51<@linbot>New news from forums: UML lcall in General Discussion <>
11:51|-|DigitalM [] has quit [Quit: ]
11:54|-|nybble [] has joined #linode
11:54<nybble>hey all
11:54<nybble>anyone know how to figure out what registrar your using?
11:55<SupaZubon>use whois
11:55<nybble>it tells me the "sponsoring registrar"
11:56<kvandivo>what's the domain?
11:56<npmr>mikegrb, there should be some idle on this graph shouldn't there:
11:57<SupaZubon>npmr: ha ha
11:57<SupaZubon>UML makes everything IRQ!
11:58<nybble>so any ideas?
11:58<nybble>should i phone the sponsoring registrar
11:58<SupaZubon>percivale is on a UML linode? Not a normal server or Xenode?
11:58<SupaZubon>nybble: they likely have a web site, and yu can have your password mailed to you
11:58<npmr>[nriffe@percivale:~]$ cat /proc/cpuinfo
11:58<npmr>processor : 0
11:58<npmr>vendor_id : User Mode Linux
11:58<npmr>model name : UML
11:58<npmr>mode : skas
11:58<npmr>host : Linux 2.6.11-2-bigmem64 #3 SMP Sat Mar 12 15:06:46 EST 2005 i686
11:59<kvandivo>SupaZubon: what? a registrar with a website? what's this insanity you speak of?
11:59<kvandivo>nybble: you don't recognize iholdings or dotregistrar?
11:59<nybble>they are not who i registered with
11:59<SupaZubon>npmr: and what does top say about CPU on percivale?
11:59<npmr>same as munin
11:59<nybble>kvandivo, i regged it with a smaller place, but i lost my bookmark
12:00<@mikegrb>npmr: 2.6 issue
12:00<@mikegrb>npmr: related to the 1.0 loadavg
12:00<@mikegrb>older 2.6 okay, just mroe recent
12:00<SupaZubon>yeah, that's what I figured
12:00<npmr>i'll buy that for a dollar
12:00<@mikegrb>send money
12:00<npmr>no, this works the other way
12:00<kvandivo>nybble: they probably sold it to these guys or something.. or these guys might have affiliates (which is what your smaller company might have been)
12:00<nybble>i hope not,
12:01<kvandivo>nybble: any old email from the smaller place?
12:01<nybble>kvandivo: i'll double check
12:04<nybble>thank you gmail!
12:04<splee>bah, spoil sport
12:05<splee>has anyone here tried running hula on a linode?
12:06<splee>more to the point, has anyone actually *heard* of hula?
12:06<psykoyiko>(heard of it)
12:06<psykoyiko>it's the next Great Thing (tm)
12:07<SupaZubon>It's the best, beats the rest
12:07<SupaZubon>cellular, modular, interactive-audular...
12:07<splee>hmm... might try it.
12:07<splee>i've got hula running ok on my home machine, so i might trust it with my personal mail.
12:08<psykoyiko>apparently there's going to be SOOPER WEB MAIL INNURFACE THAT RIVALS GMAIL
12:08|-|Sh8d0w [] has joined #linode
12:09<splee>psykoyiko: i've seen some of the concept screens for the calendaring and it looks sexay
12:09<psykoyiko>it will have to be successful, as it's using ajax, and nat is behind it
12:09<psykoyiko>How can it lose!
12:09<SupaZubon>splee: "calendar" is a noun
12:10<SupaZubon>splee: I believe you meant "scheduling"
12:10<splee>SupaZubon: meh, picky. :P You knew what I meant. ;)
12:10<SupaZubon>Yes, and I just told you
12:11<SupaZubon>so that you don't make this mistake again and sound like a total pinstripe dorkwad
12:11[~]splee makes a note to call it "scheduling" from now on.
12:11<npmr>"flow" is a noun, possibly my boss's most annoying new verbal trick is using it as a verb
12:11<splee>or maybe just "calendar interface"
12:11<splee>that would work.
12:12<splee>anyway, i've gotta head out. it's home time.
12:12|-|splee [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:12<SupaZubon>Garrett LeSage!
12:14<SupaZubon>he's the guy who did all the mockups
12:14<psykoyiko>he's a gnomer.
12:37<SupaZubon>npmr: um...
12:37<SupaZubon> Flow \Flow\, v. t.
12:37<SupaZubon> 1. To cover with water or other liquid; to overflow; to
12:37<SupaZubon> inundate; to flood.
12:37<SupaZubon> [1913 Webster]
12:37<SupaZubon> 2. To cover with varnish.
12:37<SupaZubon> [1913 Webster]
12:38<psykoyiko>you are quite the dictionary and/or grammar troll today.
12:38<SupaZubon>I know.
12:39<SupaZubon>I'm just trying to figure out what use of "flow" as a verb could be that bad
12:39<SupaZubon>I personally don't like things like "to reflow the page layout"
12:39<SupaZubon>but it's not as bad as all that
12:39|-|jtickle [] has joined #linode
12:39<npmr>yeah, that's the usage
12:39<npmr>he'll also use it as an imperative
12:45|-|eco|w [] has joined #linode
13:06<npmr>flynn :<
13:07<kvandivo>are you in like flynn?
13:09<kvandivo>those are some vicious pings
13:10|-|tierra [] has joined #linode
13:10<npmr>and then there were none
13:10<kvandivo>i blame canada
13:11<tronip>munin more lightweight than MRTG?
13:11<tronip>MRTG was bit of a dog on my Linode so i disabled it
13:11<npmr>mrtg with snmp?
13:11<npmr>i ditched snmp and mrtg worked like a champ
13:12<npmr>munin is more useful, though
13:12<tronip>how so? looks similar
13:12<npmr>i didn't have to configure any of that crap, just tell it which graphs i wanted
13:13<npmr>munin's all "ok, here's your graph"
13:13<tronip>ahh nice.
13:22|-|adamg [] has joined #linode
13:31|-|vaxen__ [~vaxen@] has joined #linode
13:38|-|FireSlash [Liger@] has joined #linode
13:39|-|vaxen_ [~vaxen@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:39|-|vaxen__ [~vaxen@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:55<gpd>why would I still be getting email to my linode for a domain that I moved away weeks ago?
13:56<gpd>dig reports the domain to be elsewhere... must be cached dns from spammers
14:02|-|splee [] has joined #linode
14:03<npmr>what domain?
14:06<splee>i've got a quick question: i've got 128mb available on my linode and over 100mb of ram is already being used, but it's basically a blank system.
14:06<splee>is there any reason for this? i'm running top and there's nothing eating the memory...
14:06<splee>and i can't quite work it out.
14:07<thelsdj>how are you measuring how much is being used?
14:08<splee>from top and from cat /proc/meminfo
14:08<thelsdj>paste 'free -tom'
14:08<splee>it says i have 18708k free.
14:08<splee>oh, one sec
14:09<thelsdj>take 102 and subtract 81 from cache
14:09<thelsdj>you're only using 21 megs currently
14:09<splee>ah, ok.
14:10<splee>sorry, on my last vds there wasn't cached memory
14:10<splee>thanks. :)
14:10<thelsdj>no prob
14:10<splee>21 megs makes a *lot* more sense.
14:11<npmr>gpd, what is the correct mx for that domain?
14:13<npmr>assuming the answers i'm getting from dns are correct, i would guess that your spammer's list assumption is probably correct
14:22<tronip>gpd: some large isps caches stuff for weeks :( was a slashdot story on it recently
14:22<tronip>i believe it because my friend saw same thing firsthand a while ago, too
14:23|-|splee_ [] has joined #linode
14:24<FireSlash>wow, 46 is lagging o.O
14:25<@caker>looks fine here
14:31|-|splee [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:34|-|splee_ changed nick to splee
14:34<splee>wierd... apt-get install gcc-3.4 didn't create a gcc symlink in /usr/bin
14:35<kvandivo>stop the presses!
14:35|-|splee [] has left #linode [Leaving]
14:36<@caker>Any BGP/datacenter weenies suggest the mimimum router model (cisco?) for doing BGP4?
14:37<@caker>I'm read that >= 256M memory is required
14:38<FireSlash>Nice :B
14:38<FireSlash>li-253:/etc/apt# cat /proc/version
14:38<FireSlash>Linux version 2.4.29-linode39-1um ( (gcc version 3.3.3 20040412 (Red Hat Linux 3.3.3-7)) #1 Wed Jan 19 12:22:14 EST 2005
14:38<FireSlash>It pulls the linode's OS, not the currently running os
14:39<FireSlash>Unless my debian install magically turned itself redhat when I wasn't looking
14:39<@caker>FireSlash: that's the GCC version the kernel was compiled on
14:39<@caker>FireSlash: does the same under real Linux, as well
14:39<FireSlash>Oh. :B
14:39<FireSlash>I'm just trying to figure out what version of debian they put on
14:39<@caker>FireSlash: cat /etc/debian-version, methinks
14:40<@caker>or debian-release
14:41<FireSlash>debian_version :P
14:41<FireSlash>Which still doesn't tell me what I'm looking for :B
14:41<FireSlash>But I can use it to find out;
14:42<FireSlash>ok. 3.1 is indeed sarge.
14:51<npmr>caker, are you getting an allocation from arin or something?
14:52<@mikegrb>in da future
14:52<@caker>npmr: I will be, yeah
14:53<@caker>yeah, this is all for the telx setup. We're still negotiating, but it all looks doable
14:53<@mikegrb> I think
14:53<@mikegrb>good people
14:53<@mikegrb>carrier hotel goodness
14:53<@caker>When I was interested in doing an Equinix deployment, I remember researching all this router stuff .. some of it is coming back to me now
14:54<@caker>Cisco 7000 series routers, 256MB ram, various interface cards == $$$$
14:55<@caker>"No more compromises" -- Caker (wrt colocation companies)
14:57<kobs>you can always deploy an x86.. with quagga
14:57<kobs>how much throughput?
14:57<@caker>kobs: yeah, I purchased some equipment do to that, one of which is still here with me, the other was sent up and runs the Linode that is ran out of ..
14:57<@caker>still researching the other options, however
14:58<@caker>kobs: few hundred MB, four to eight uplinks to start off with
15:00<FireSlash>The more I try to fix this apache2/php5 install, the more screwy it gets :/
15:01|-|LinodeJavaUser [] has joined #linode
15:02|-|LinodeJavaUser [] has quit [Quit: ]
15:09<@linbot>New news from forums: Upgrading from Fedora Core 2 to Fedora Core 3 in Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials <>
15:15<SupaZubon>npmr: okay, so my biggest most hated noun-that-died-and-became-a-verb is "leverage". I mean, using "lever" as a verb has been in use for a while, but "leverage" is distinctly a noun form!
15:27<SupaZubon>never mind that there exist plenty of great words like "exploit" or "use" that fit just fine
15:27<SupaZubon>I also cna't stand people who say "utilization" when they could jus say "use" (soft 's')
15:28<npmr>or even just utilize
15:28<npmr>instead of the other "ues"
15:29<SupaZubon>now, to be fair, that's a saxon/normal vocabulary split there
15:29<SupaZubon>er, norman
15:29<SupaZubon>damn lag
15:31<npmr>spamassassin used to tag mail from my boss more frequently than my other correspondence
15:31<npmr>he's totally a salesman, and everything he writes comes out sounding like it
15:32|-|vaxen [~vaxen@] has joined #linode
15:41<SupaZubon>"harness" is another good stand-in for "leverage"
15:41<SupaZubon>has some classical engineer feel to it
15:41<SupaZubon>like some edison who grew up playing with the family buggy
15:56|-|sec39` [] has quit [Quit: ]
16:00|-|MattD [] has joined #linode
16:04|-|vaxen_ [~vaxen@] has joined #linode
16:06|-|vaxen__ [~vaxen@] has joined #linode
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16:10|-|vaxen__ [~vaxen@] has joined #linode
16:11|-|vaxen [~vaxen@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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16:22|-|jtickle [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:22|-|fake [] has joined #linode
16:26|-|Sh8d0w [] has quit [Quit: Trillian (]
16:37|-|FireSlash [Liger@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:38|-|fake [] has quit [Quit: Changing server]
16:38|-|harshy [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:42|-|Redgore [redgore@] has quit [Quit: SMDC-Network IRC |]
16:54|-|harshy [] has joined #linode
16:59[~]MattD yawns, too early in the morning to be debugging server issues
16:59|-|anderiv [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
17:00|-|vaxen_ [~vaxen@] has joined #linode
17:00|-|anderiv [] has joined #linode
17:03<npmr> Your Linode is currently
17:03<npmr>Brand New
17:03|-|vaxen__ [~vaxen@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:05|-|thoth39 [] has joined #linode
17:08<MattD>Mike never fails to join in on a joke
17:08<MattD>Wait...wait, this is in bad taste, but I am going to go for it
17:08<MattD>Mike, what do you think of all the recent acts of terrorism, it's a riot yeah? lol
17:08<MattD>I thought so
17:08<MattD>I just slit my own wrists, lol
17:10<MattD>Or maybe. If you agree that npmr is smelly, say lol now.
17:11<MattD>Only noobs say lol ?
17:12<MattD>I did Mike's mother, lol
17:12<MattD>Heeheee, Mike is easy to please.
17:17<MattD>I'm not the one running a lame auto-response on 'lol'
17:18<MattD>I'm sure you can imagine what it'd be like if we all had that urge, Mr mpmr, sir.
17:18<npmr>i don't want to hear about your urges
17:23<MattD>mike, lol
17:24<MattD>Thanks, Mike.
17:24[~]taupehat likes cake
17:24<@mikegrb>mmm cake
17:24<@mikegrb>mmm cake
17:24<MattD>lol cake
17:24<MattD>cake lol
17:25<MattD>lol is more important than cake
17:25<Battousai>damn you
17:25<Battousai>stop wasting the bandwidth on mikegrb's linode, rofl
17:25<MattD>rofl lol cake
17:25<MattD>rofl lol
17:25<MattD>I wonder what'd happen if we all posted lol at once
17:27<MattD>Anyone else notice the main page says $1/gig but you can get data for 50c/gig?
17:27<npmr>MattD, it's awefully early in the morning whereever it is you are
17:27<npmr>MattD, you should go back to bed
17:27<@caker>MattD: where do you see that?
17:28<MattD>What, the 50c or the $1?
17:28<@caker>ahh, on the matrix
17:28<MattD>It's like christmas!
17:28<Battousai>a buck a gig?
17:28<Battousai>what is this, a charity?
17:29<MattD>But if you buy data, it costs $10 for 20 gigs
17:29<npmr>you really should get some more sleep
17:29<MattD>They must be trying to lure customers in by artificially inflating their advertisement prices
17:30<MattD>Wait, wait. I've got something for you npmr.
17:30<MattD>Let me see....I put it somewhere here.
17:30<MattD>Yes, here it is. A nice steaming bowl of shut the fuck up.
17:31<MattD>Hey, it says 50c now, magic.
17:31[~]caker adds an "init=/bin/bash" option for config profiles
17:32<encode>can i add a /bin/bash option to MattD for saying lol too often
17:32<MattD>But I can't get enough of Mike's awesome auto-respond script
17:33<MattD>I love it!
17:33<MattD>It's nice when people laugh with you.
17:34<encode>it might be, but its not nice when you do it to trigger mikegrb's script
17:35<MattD>It's not a script *Cries* mike laughs at my jokes.
17:36<MattD>Oh okay, I guess there might be limits
17:36<MattD>Wait, one more time
17:36<gpd>!insult woot
17:36<@linbot>woot - You are nothing but a swag-bellied gob of cockered cat.
17:37<gpd>linbot: not harsh enough...
17:37<gpd>!insult woot
17:37<@linbot>woot - You are nothing but a sheep-biting ooze of evil squirrel.
17:37<gpd>linbot: botsnack
17:37<@linbot>thanks gpd :)
17:38<encode>!insult him
17:38<@linbot>him - You are nothing but a warped stack of impertinent urine.
17:38<encode>and dont u forget it either
17:38<encode>i'll be quiet noe
17:39<@mikegrb>MattD: it's not laughing with you
17:40<MattD>Nooo my self image
17:40<MattD>I think I'll just rebuild from scratch
17:41<MattD>There isn't a massive amount of configuration
17:41<MattD>Hmm wait, this should go elsewhere
17:44<@caker>MattD: any idea what hosed your initscripts?
17:44<Battousai>methinks rm -rf
17:45<MattD>Well it crashed whilst serving a web request, wasn't even logged on.
17:45<MattD>Rebooted and it was boned.
17:46<MattD>Haven't issued any commands more complex than apt-get
17:47<gpd>apt-get remove --purge --force --yesplease initscripts
17:47<MattD>Heh, don't think so.
17:47<MattD>I dunno what state they are in
17:47<MattD>I dunno maybe I hosed em without noticing
17:47<gpd>look in /var/log/auth.log
17:48<MattD>can't, no login, don't worry 'bout it.
17:48<gpd>mount it from debian'd swap
17:49|-|jekil [] has quit [Quit: Ciao]
17:49<MattD>yeh, There's no real important data on there
17:49[~]gpd punches gpd for using debian as a verb
17:49<MattD>I think in cost per time it'd be cheaper for me to wipe it
17:50<gpd>might be an idea to find out why it happened
17:50<gpd>otherwise it might happen again...
17:50<Battousai>turn off keyboard-interactive!!
17:50<MattD>Yeah that did cross my mind, gpd.
17:50<MattD>But nobody else is having weird problems.
17:51<gpd>nobody else is you
17:51<MattD>So I figure I either boned it by accident, or some file system corruption fairy came down and broke it.
17:51<Battousai>or you got haxxed
17:52|-|Newsome [] has left #linode [Leaving]
17:52<gpd>can chkrootkit be done in chroot ?
17:52<MattD>Hmm that didn't really cross my mind. I don't have any other users or public notice
17:52<Battousai>gpd: most likely
17:52<Battousai>if it's in the chroot that is
17:52<MattD>It would have to have been a radnom scan, seems unlikely.
17:53<gpd>i seem to be getting ssh bruteforce attempts 5-10 times a day
17:53<npmr>gpd, are you having difficulty running it in a chroot?
17:53<Battousai>that's why i keep keyboard-interactive turned off :)
17:53<gpd>no, just for MattD's problem... if he booted from swap...
17:54<npmr>i rate limit SYNs to port 22 on a per-ip basis
17:54<gpd>I use mikegrb's ssh-bruteforce script from the forums...
17:55<gpd>but it seems to be tempremental with firehol
17:55<MattD>I need to go to my real job now anyhow
17:59<Battousai>gpd: mikegrb is sexy
18:09|-|internat [] has joined #linode
18:12<MattD>Work time
18:12|-|MattD [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:13|-|Astinus [ast-xeon@] has joined #linode
18:19[~]Battousai heart Astinus
18:19[~]Astinus wedgies Battousai
18:22|-|vaxen_ [~vaxen@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:22|-|vaxen_ [~vaxen@] has joined #linode
18:38<gpd>someone is asking me about imap versus pop...
18:38<internat>what aobut ti?
18:38<gpd>they only have a small server but want to keep messages...
18:38<internat>welll they could do pop and leave on the server
18:39<gpd>is there a way to easily backup the server locally
18:39<gpd>but multiple machines = read / unread nightmare
18:39<internat>actualy no
18:39<internat>thats wrong
18:40<internat>if i download the msgs on my laptop and have leave on server, they show up as unread, when i get home if i check it on my desktop, the same msgs show up as unread again
18:40<gpd>what about if you read it at work... then go home... does it appear as read?
18:41<internat>nope.. i dont belibe so cause the server cant determin if its read or not
18:41<gpd>therein lies the problem then...
18:41|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:41<internat>if u want that, so that if u read it at work when u go home its read, u want imap
18:42<gpd>yeah, but then you are limited by the size of your imap server... in this case 50meg...
18:42<gpd>so there needs to be a way to offload messages to a chosen machine for storage
18:42<gpd>i suppose you could do this by hand... but that is not optimal
18:42<internat>u can download stuff from an imap server locally
18:43<gpd>yes, but it is synchronized... so if you then delete it.. it is gone
18:43<gpd>unless you move it to a
18:43<gpd>local folder
18:43<gpd>but that is non-trivial for joe muppet
18:43<internat>well ur sol then are u :P
18:44<gpd>ur sol?
18:44<internat>shit outa luck
18:45<internat>nah i dont know that one
18:45<gpd>ahh, nice acronym, thanks. (facaecous)
18:48<gpd>*facetious man, I really can't spell
18:49<internat>on that note however, i have to go put some fuel in my car and go fix my grandparents computer
18:57|-|internat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:00<gpd>re earlier point... chkrootkit -r /mnt (-r use dir as root directory)... ie. no need to chroot
19:04|-|harshy [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:10|-|tizen [] has joined #linode
19:15|-|vaxen__ [~vaxen@] has joined #linode
19:17<gpd>how do you check that an entry in /etc/cron.d/foo is working? paste the command and run it?
19:18<tronip>one way is to see if cron logs something about running it
19:19<gpd>also, is there an easy way to get awstats to go back through old logs...
19:19<gpd>only way i can see atm is to use for loops -logfile, gunzip and other filth
19:20<gpd>seems amazingly crap that there isn't an easy way to go back and fill in missing log files...
19:22|-|vaxen_ [~vaxen@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:28|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
19:39|-|abock [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:57|-|thoth39 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:23<taupehat>how many linodes run per server?
20:23<taupehat>on a server with 64s
20:24<Astinus>taupehat: Probably close to 32
20:24<taupehat>Astinus: thx
20:24[~]Astinus isn't caker though :P
20:24<Astinus>You'd have to ask the man in charge for a precise figure
20:25<taupehat>it's okay - I needed a general idea
20:25<Astinus>taupehat: Depending on hardware configuration you could probably get 40 on a box without too much trouble
20:26<gpd>doesn't 'contention ratio' ~= number per box
20:27<gpd>Contention Ratio - how many Linodes sharing a hypothetical 2.2 GHz Machine
20:27<Astinus>gpd: Erm, yeah, but .. most of the boxes caker has now - at least the high end ones, are Dual 2.8Ghz with 3 or 4Gb RAM :P
20:28<gpd>iz... Xen will also change this I imagine...
20:28<Astinus>RAM / 64 would be the theoretical maximum while keeping everything within physical RAM, any more and you'd start swapping. Which is a bad thing <TM>
20:28<Astinus>Xen rocks
20:29<Astinus>Heh, Dual 2.8Ghz with 4Gb of RAM will hold a -lot- more customers than a UML host
20:29[~]gpd does a little Xen dance for no apparent reason
20:30[~]Astinus huggles Xen
20:30[~]taupehat thinks you guys need to get girlfriends
20:31[~]gpd hopes his doesn't google for gpd+irc+linode ;)
20:31<gpd>damn that mikegrb and his online irc logs
20:32<gpd>what is with that... !
20:33<gpd>!google gpd linode irc
20:33<@linbot>gpd: Search took 0.24818 seconds: Statistics for # linode by linode .com: <>; Day changed --- Log opened Sat Feb 19 23:59:02 2005 00:21 < Shaun ...: <>; Pensacola Linux User's Group :: View topic - Outstanding Review Books: <>
20:33<Astinus>taupehat: Heh, I have a girlfriend, but she doesn't bring in as much money as a paying job - so the job has to come first when I'm in debt :P
20:34<gpd>hit number 3 is some filthy webcam page with bits of our linode logs pasted into a text box to increase google hits...
20:34<gpd>just because i happened to mention the word webcam several weeks ago!
20:40<gpd> /
20:40<gpd>ascii sword fight?
20:42<Astinus> \
20:42<gpd> { shielded
20:42<Astinus>astinus --gpd->
20:42[~]Astinus watches gpd bleed
20:50<@linbot>New news from forums: Archlinux 0.6 in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
20:50<tierra>40 linodes per 64 box I believe btw... 20 per 128, 10 per 256...
20:51<tierra>at least 4gb ram per box, and I believe 6gb ram on the newer hosts
21:07|-|spr [] has joined #linode
21:11<Astinus>tierra: That's not what the site indicates, but sites are often outdated :P
21:12<tierra>what site says otherwise?
21:12<Astinus>To quote, the newest hosts are this spec:
21:12<Astinus> * SuperMicro SuperServer 6014H-i
21:12<Astinus> o Motherboard: Super X6DHR-iG
21:12<Astinus> o Processor: Dual 2.8 GHz Intel Xeon Processor, 800MHz Front Side Bus
21:12<Astinus> o RAM: 4 GB interleaved DDR PC2700 RAM
21:12<Astinus> o Storage: (x2) Maxtor 200 GB 7200RPM SATA-150 8MB cache in a RAID 1 array
21:12<Astinus> o Network: Dual Intel e1000 Gigabit Ethernet
21:12[~]Astinus shrugs
21:15<tierra>wow... well, some of the old hosts might still be running a couple of those profiles... but all the new hosts (at least the last 10 installed) have dual 3.0Ghz processors, and I'm pretty positive about 6GB ram (as previously mentioned by caker in here before)
21:15<Astinus>Site needs an update then
21:15<tierra>yeah, definately
21:16<tierra>well, if there are still old hosts with that hardware, there's a chance a customer could be put on one, and would of course want to complain about the hardware as advertised
21:17<tierra>however, nobody is going to complain that they thought they were going to get put on a host with dual 2.2Ghz processors when in fact they ended up on a dual 3.0Ghz host
21:17|-|FireSlash [Liger@] has joined #linode
21:17<Astinus>There's a lot of hardware specs listed, generally I imagine hosts don't get scrapped unless they're actually faulty, you just put less customers on the
21:18<FireSlash>Wee. I managed to screw up a debian distro in under 3 days.
21:18<Astinus>I wrote off some hardware the other day, and erm, looking back I could maybe have reused it :-/
21:18<Astinus>Expensive mistake :P
21:18<FireSlash>Note to future generations: Do not try to apt-get php5. Just don't. Even if you find a repository that has it, it won't work right.
21:19<Astinus>PHP5 is b0rk3d on a lot of distros
21:19<Astinus>f00k me
21:19<Astinus>I have 49 tabs open :o
21:19[~]Astinus is a tab bandit
21:20|-|abock [] has joined #linode
21:20|-|abock [] has quit [Quit: ]
21:22<FireSlash>Oh well. I probably could have fixed PHP by recompiling PHP4 from source, but I'm far too lazy, and I messed up a few other installs already. :B
21:24[~]Astinus smiles
21:24<Astinus>I used to compile Apache2 and PHP from source when I used Debian .. no need now, but I don't use Debian much anymore
21:25<@mikegrb>yeah that is a bit dated
21:25<@mikegrb>they are 3ghz and 8gig now
21:25<Astinus>cool :)
21:26<Astinus>I assume RAM is more of a contraint than CPU?
21:26<FireSlash>And on the bright side, the setup will go much quicker this time :B
21:26<@mikegrb>well and disk space
21:27<Astinus>Bah, disks are cheap
21:27<Astinus>6 * 250Gb SATA-II on a RAID-5 controller
21:27<Astinus>sorted :P
21:28<@mikegrb>6 disks don't fit in 1u ;0
21:28<@mikegrb>;) even
21:30<FireSlash>Hmm. Whats the "correct" way to allow ftp access to /var/www?
21:31<Astinus>mikegrb: No, but you can usually get four disks in 1U
21:32<Astinus>mikegrb: If you're really desperate for space, 4 * 400Gb SATA isn't too expensive, in RAID-5 you still get 1200Gb storage
21:32<Astinus>I don't usually prefer RAID-1 .. either RAID-5 or RAID-6 depending on the chassis
21:33<Astinus>If I can get eight disks in there, RAID-6 is nice. RAID-5 with a hotspare isn't bad either
21:34<FireSlash>Eh. You can easily fit 20 or so hard drives in a standard ATX case, assuming you have enough room for all the controllers.
21:37<FireSlash>Probably closer to 25 or 30, really.
21:37<Astinus>FireSlash: Hah, wishful thinking. I have a few systems in Coolermaster Stacker cases .. can get 12 drives into the case with no space/heat issues, two controllers in PCI-X
21:37<Astinus>After that you get serious space/cable/airflow and heat issues
21:37<FireSlash>Astinus> You're doing it wrong.
21:38<FireSlash>Use SATA drives, a second PSU, and duct tape.
21:38<Astinus>FireSlash: erm, ? really ? :p
21:38<FireSlash>If you have heat issues, you can always mount hard drives on the outside of the case.
21:38<Astinus>I use SATA drives, I have dual PSUs fitted to each box, and I do have cable tidies fitted
21:38<Astinus>the outside of the box? :p
21:39<FireSlash>Sure, why not.
21:39<Astinus>I want a movable case, not a science project
21:39<FireSlash>Place the drives into static bags, and duct tape the bags onto the case.
21:39<Astinus>stackers have rollers fitted to the bottom, I can just wheel it around my location
21:39<FireSlash>Make sure to mount them vertically so they don't slide out.
21:39<Astinus>... they're quiet too .. 4 * 120mm fans and 2 * 80mm
21:40<Astinus>Heh, I don't see why the obsession with external drive mounting ;) 12 * 250Gb in RAID-5, two arrays = 2.5Tb
21:40<Astinus>If you really need the space, it's feasible to fit 12 * 400Gb or even 500Gb drives - but then the price kinda skyrockets
21:41<FireSlash>Another option is to use laptop hard drives.
21:41<Astinus>Again, very expensive and .. they're useless
21:41<FireSlash>You can fit a ton of those suckers in an ATX case. They're low power and heat too.
21:41<Astinus>totally crap access times, small capacity
21:42<FireSlash>What are you using your hard drives for?
21:42<Astinus>A variety of things
21:42<FireSlash>if you say "server", then take "access times" off the list.
21:42<Astinus>One of the systems does database work, but that's not SATA :/
21:42<FireSlash>I need to get SATA :(
21:43<Astinus>Most of the systems with SATA are high-volume and high-throughput file servers
21:43<FireSlash>I've not upgraded this box in over a year now.
21:43<FireSlash>XP2000+, ATI radeon 9800 pro 128, 512mb PC3200..
21:44<Astinus>Heh, this desktop is a AMD64 3500+, 1Gb PC3200, GF6800 GT
21:44<Astinus>Server under the desk is Dual 3Ghz Xeons, 2Gb DDR2-400, some shit graphics card
21:44[~]Astinus doesn't use X :/
21:44<FireSlash>I work part time and I'm a college student. Can't afford that kind of hardware :(
21:44<Astinus>Heh, I'm a college student
21:45<Astinus>Between studies and extra-work, I must do 55 or 60 hour weeks - but I do get nice hardware to play with
21:57<FireSlash>Sooooooooo....... Yeah. This is different.
21:57|-|vaxen_ [~vaxen@] has joined #linode
21:57<FireSlash>http://ip/index.php asks me to download the file.
21:57<FireSlash>http://ip/index.php/ works fine?!
21:57<FireSlash>Yay debian, I wub you!
21:58<thelsdj>you have add handler or whatever for .php?
21:59<FireSlash>yes yes.
21:59<FireSlash> AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .phtml .php3
21:59<FireSlash> AddType application/x-httpd-php-source .phps
22:00<npmr>reloaded apache?
22:02<FireSlash>Works fine now... I did apt-get on phpmyadmin
22:03<FireSlash>Installed some packaged that were probably important :P
22:03<FireSlash>like libapache2-mod-php4
22:03<FireSlash>Which is aparrently a apache2 specific module. I guess it can't use the one installed by default. :B
22:03<FireSlash>THANKS, APT.
22:03|-|vaxen__ [~vaxen@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:07|-|eco|w [] has quit [Quit: This quit message intentionally left humorless]
22:23|-|tierra [] has quit [Quit: Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite.]
22:30|-|FesterCouples [] has joined #linode
22:31|-|vaxen__ [~vaxen@] has joined #linode
22:38|-|vaxen_ [~vaxen@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:49|-|tierra [] has joined #linode
22:57|-|FesterCouples [] has left #linode []
22:58|-|linbot [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:03<@caker>linbot ?
23:04<tierra>he quit
23:04<tierra>didn't like the hours you were working him
23:05<Astinus>caker: You need to feed the rat which powers him some more lettuce.
23:05|-|linbot [] has joined #linode
23:05<@caker>linbot: botsnack
23:05<linbot>thanks caker :)
23:06|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
23:31<FireSlash>linbot: roulette
23:31<@linbot>FireSlash: *click*
23:32<FireSlash>Seems like supybot should have some sort of automagic reconnect system in it
23:32<Astinus>linbot: roulette
23:32<@linbot>Astinus: *click*
23:32<Astinus>Yay :D
23:32<FireSlash>linbot: roulette
23:32|-|FireSlash kicked [#linode] linbot [BANG!]
23:32[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
23:32|-|FireSlash [Liger@] has joined #linode
23:33<Astinus>linbot: roulette
23:33<@linbot>Astinus: *click*
23:33[~]Astinus is a lucky sonova
23:33<FireSlash>linbot: roulette
23:33<@linbot>FireSlash: *click*
23:33<encode>!insult FireSlash
23:33<@linbot>FireSlash - You are nothing but a tottering tongueful of beslubbering number-9.
23:33[~]FireSlash should never try this game in real life, as he would loooooose every time
23:35<FireSlash>No entry found for beslubbering.
23:35<Astinus>linbot: roulette
23:35<@linbot>Astinus: *click*
23:35[~]Astinus grins
23:35<Astinus>FireSlash: your turn
23:35[~]FireSlash whimbers
23:36[~]FireSlash whimpers
23:36<FireSlash>linbot: roulette
23:36<@linbot>FireSlash: *click*
23:36<Astinus>linbot: roulette
23:36|-|Astinus kicked [#linode] linbot [BANG!]
23:36[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
23:36|-|Astinus [ast-xeon@] has joined #linode
23:36[~]Astinus mutters
23:36<Astinus>linbot: botsnack
23:36<@linbot>thanks Astinus :)
23:37[~]Astinus linbot: roulette
23:37[~]Astinus grins
23:37<Astinus>awww, it's not that stupid
23:38|-|emcnabb [] has quit [Quit: IRC: Where men are men, women are men, and little girls are FBI agents]
23:39|-|abock [] has joined #linode
23:39|-|abock [] has quit [Quit: ]
23:39[~]warewolf eeks
23:39<warewolf>everything I do is being recorded!
23:39<Astinus>hah, indeed
23:39[~]Astinus wedgies warewolf
23:40<warewolf>that's not very in-character of the record keeper of all-of-time, now.
23:40[~]Astinus picks up a heavy book and smacks warewolf about the head with it.
23:40<Astinus>Better? :p
23:40[~]Astinus grins evilly
23:41<warewolf>don't make me sic Raist on you.
23:41<Astinus>Hah, I'm Raist resistant :P
23:41[~]warewolf needs to read more of the dragonlance books he has
23:42<warewolf>Astinus: this is most probally a dumb question, but what's your favorite chracter from the series?
23:42<warewolf>I'm torn between tasslehoff and raist
23:42<warewolf>or any of the gullydwarves.
23:43<Astinus>warewolf: Tough question, don't really have one to be honest. Just enjoyed the series
23:43<warewolf>I wish the original authors of the series would write more books, instead of writing forwards for other people's books
23:44<warewolf>the latter books in the series lose touch with the writing style :/
23:44<warewolf>(I own a significant portion of the *entire* series :)
23:58|-|phlaegel [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
---Logclosed Wed Jul 13 00:00:31 2005