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04:02<edlang>When will my RDNS be updated? I set it up some time ago, waited for the TTL to expire, yet nothing happened.
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06:53<Internat>sup guys and gals
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09:46<jaxn>has anyone ever migrated a linode acct?
09:46<jaxn>seems like it is taking a long time
09:49<npmr>i have migrated twice
09:49<npmr>how long has it taken so far?
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09:49<jaxn>1 hour
09:50<npmr>how big are your block devices?
09:50<jaxn>moving 3G
09:50<npmr>between datacenters or within the same datacenter?
09:50<jaxn>I am not sure
09:51<jaxn>from TP to host 40
09:51<npmr>within the same then...
09:51<npmr>that does seem a little long
09:52<jaxn>yeah, I modified the support ticket
09:53<jaxn>I hate being down for this long, but I have a backup mail spool so it is not the end of the world
09:54<npmr> <-- t/hee
09:54<npmr>that huge spike on friday/saturday was when (another linode) went down
09:55<npmr>i'm backup mx
10:09<jaxn>ok, it has been an hour and a half
10:10<jaxn>something definitely seems askew
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10:24<heidi>jaxn: mikegrb says please don't enter any jobs for a minute while he works on your linode
10:25<mikegrb>jaxn: I've backed out the migration
10:25<mikegrb>so you are on the same host you were on
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10:26<mikegrb>we don't have any slots any more, I'll leave your specs as a 128 and we will get you moved to a 128 host when a slot is availible
10:26<jaxn>ok, permanently or temporary?
10:26<jaxn>:( ok
10:28<jaxn>so I can boot now?
10:28<jaxn>so, I thought I had a slot reserved when the new server rolled out
10:29<mikegrb>well, the migration doesn't reserve a slot
10:29<mikegrb>it probably should
10:29<mikegrb>until you actually move, of course
10:30<tsi>heh. names their data center hostnames based on the closest airport
10:30<tsi>how convenient
10:30<jaxn>ok, I had emailed a week or two in advance, but we are where we are
10:32[~]shasderias is curious, is the linode's web interface unique to linode, or something else?
10:32<mikegrb>shasderias: unique
10:32<mikegrb>jaxn: there is a queue of who gets their migration setup firt
10:32<mikegrb>first rather
10:32<FireSlash>While were on the subject, what is it written in? I've never seen a cfm file before.
10:33<tsi>cfm = coldfusion
10:33<FireSlash>Ewww :)
10:33<shasderias>ah, thanks, its very nice, i should add, i can't imagine vps without something like that now
10:33<mikegrb>but once a migration is setup, that slot isn't held open from things like the website selling it
10:34<shasderias>and there is this website with a almost identical setup to linode..
10:34<jaxn>argh. too bad I didn't check over the weekend. So, am I back in the queue?
10:34<mikegrb>jaxn: but in your old spot at the top ;)
10:35<jaxn>cool, thanks
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11:06<ppdorapa2>linode crash, please help..
11:06<@caker>ppdorapa2: ?
11:10<@caker>ppdorapa2: more details, please
11:14<ppdorapa2>anyone can guide me ?
11:15<kvandivo>did you not see caker's reply?
11:15<ppdorapa2>i get this: sleep: relocation error: /lib/i686/ symbol __pthread_clock_settime, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file with link time reference
11:15<ppdorapa2>with all command.. ll, rpm, etc..
11:16<kvandivo>what have you been doing to your system lately?
11:16<ppdorapa2>i upgrade python2 to python2.3 then yum stop working.. so then i try to upgrade rpm.. and this now stop working
11:19<ppdorapa2>hello ?
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11:23<ppdorapa2>caker ?
11:25<mikegrb>ppdorapa2: do: mv /lib/tls /lib/tls.disabled
11:25<@caker>ppdorapa2: something is wrong with your glibc installation
11:26<@caker>ppdorapa2: it is likely the only way to fix it would be to mount the disk via another install and make repairs, since mv, ls, rpm, etc aren't working (correct?)
11:27<ppdorapa2>nothing its working .. (damn)
11:27<ppdorapa2>i did the mv /lib/tls /lib/tls.disabled
11:28<ppdorapa2>how do i repair it .. i think the problem its a glib instalation..
11:29<ppdorapa2>i dont have space to have another disk caker..
11:30<ppdorapa2>ok.. so i resize.. and then i reinstall the WHOLE system ? :|
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11:31<@caker>ppdorapa2: that's not what I said (although ultimately might be most useful) -- deploy another distro, mount your old root fs under it, make repairs
11:31<@caker>cu29: hello
11:31<cu29>ive got some questions regarding linode
11:32<npmr>ppdorapa2, those relocation errors and especially the one about "GLIBC_PRIVATE" indicate that you've got mismatched library versions in /lib
11:32<ppdorapa2>yes... i just need to install the glib version that deploys with fedora core 1
11:33<npmr>ppdorapa2, i've only ever seen those errors while building glibc from source and then trying to build other software against it without installed
11:33<ppdorapa2>but right now i cannot do nothing..
11:33<ppdorapa2>but right now i cannot do nothing..
11:33<@caker>cu29: go for it
11:34<ppdorapa2>caker.. last 2 questions :P 1- how do i mount this on the new install
11:34<cu29>on linode it says you can install as many things as you like but only 1 programe running what does this mean does it mean 1 programme as in a client software
11:34<@caker>ppdorapa2: add the disk to your new config profile (ubdc, likely), boot into the new config, mount /dev/ubdc /mnt
11:35<ppdorapa2>2- answer my tiket remember :D
11:35<@caker>cu29: where do you see that? You can run whatever you want, just like a normal system
11:35<cu29>because i would like cpanel and mysql/php installed
11:35<@caker>ppdorapa2: yup
11:35<cu29>and if only 1 programme runs then that sucks then i cant have mysql
11:36<cu29>but if its programme meaning client software then thats good
11:36<@caker>cu29: you got the wrong impression from something -- where did you read that?
11:37<cu29>i read it yesterday
11:38<tronip>cu29: where did you read that?
11:39<cu29>im looking now
11:39<tronip>ok. sounds odd. :)
11:39<cu29>tronip i was in the other day
11:39<cu29>talking to you
11:39<SupaZubon>cu29: only one program can run at a time, but the Linux kernel makes each one run a piece at a time so that it feels like there are dozens of programs running at once
11:40<@caker>cu29: yeah, what SupaZubon said -- that's how a _REAL_ single-cpu system works, too
11:40<cu29>well can i run
11:40<@caker>cu29: yes
11:40<cu29>at 1 time?
11:40<tronip>run whatever you like. :)
11:40<@caker>cu29: yes
11:40<cu29>but i couldnt run 2 ircxpro example?
11:41<cu29>with all that running
11:41<tronip>hmm caker, he might be talking about bots?
11:41<SupaZubon>cu29: On my linode I have a couple dozen users, and often I'll have about a dozen people on, maybe half running irc programs
11:41<SupaZubon>of course, I have a 256
11:41<@caker># ps auxh | wc -l
11:41<@caker> 158
11:41<@caker>^-- my Linode
11:41<tronip>on my linode, I have 86 processes running
11:42<tronip>for 5 major applications
11:42<cu29>so you have the 12gig 1?
11:42<SupaZubon>^-- my linode
11:42<SupaZubon>cu29: 18, since I bought a year at once
11:42<cu29>sounds what im after
11:42<cu29>i want to run my own messenger and chat socket server
11:43<cu29>.exe files
11:43<SupaZubon>well, .exe is windows-only
11:43<tronip>i hope that's Linux based. :)
11:43<tronip>there are messenger and chat servers for Linux
11:43<tronip>quite a few.
11:45<cu29>well the messenger is linux based
11:45<cu29>the chat isnt at the moment
11:45<cu29>does linode have telnet access?
11:45<SupaZubon>well, Linode is just Linux
11:45<SupaZubon>cu29: you don't want to use telnet. you want ssh
11:46<SupaZubon>ssh is like an encrypted telnet, and it's used for just about everything on your linode
11:46<cu29>A Web Server (any platform). Unix/Linux/*nix servers must support Java 1.x - 1.4, and PHP or Perl. Windows servers must have MSJVM installed.
11:47<kvandivo>cu29: might i suggest you get a good intro to linux book and read through it
11:47<SupaZubon>yeah, I think it would help you out a lot
11:47<cu29>i have linux
11:47<cu29>on my home pc
11:48<cu29>partition with win xp
11:48<SupaZubon>that's pretty different from running a server
11:48<cu29>yeah i no
11:48<cu29>but you was making out ive never seen linux
11:48<SupaZubon>a book would still help you out
11:48<cu29>like whats a linux
11:49<kvandivo>basically, though, if you can do something under linux on your home machine, you can do it on a linode. there are a few exceptions, such as kernel modules, but basically anything goes
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11:49<kvandivo>up to the constraints of what you've paid for (RAM, in particular)
11:49<cu29>wer do i get stats for this server?
11:50<cu29>like every bit detail would help
11:50<SupaZubon>what do you need to know?
11:51<cu29>what dnt i need to no
11:51[~]kvandivo yawns.
11:51<SupaZubon>well, I have no real idea what you're asking, so...
11:52<cu29>just wanting to no
11:52<cu29>what linode has for me
11:52<SupaZubon>it's a virtual server.
11:52<SupaZubon>the stats are on the site
11:55<cu29>how many people per server?
11:55<SupaZubon>look at the contention rate
11:55<SupaZubon>that's how many virtual servers per real server
11:55<cu29>i think i might get the $20/month for now
11:56<ppdorapa2>cu29 .. linode rocks ;)
11:56<cu29>till i can get to grips using it
11:56<cu29>i only use 1gig space and 150mb mysql usage
11:57<cu29>so it should do
11:57<cu29>would linode install php and mysql?
11:58<SupaZubon>you can install these things easily, if you use a debian-based distro
11:58<Redgore>cu2: any distributions marked as large will have mysql and apache sorted already
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11:58<Redgore>any labelled small will need them installed using the distro's packaging tools
11:59<cu29>Debian 3.1 (Small) 95
11:59<cu29>u mean that?
11:59<SupaZubon>yeah, but if Redgore is right, you may prefer a larger distro
11:59<Redgore>yep, that would need you to install the web server and mysql yourself
11:59<SupaZubon>I dunno
11:59<Redgore>The distros labeled "Large" contain pretty much a full-install - development tools, internet/database servers, and GUI/X windows pre-installed.
12:00<cu29>i think i might purchase it now :)
12:00<Redgore>some labelled small might have basic web services installed already, I cant remember for sure
12:00<cu29>or later this week
12:01<Redgore>ive been wityh linode since march 04, on the same install
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12:02<cu29>whats the uptime?
12:03<Redgore>relatively low, it needed rebooting not so long ago
12:03<cu29>average my host is around 96%-99% every month
12:03<Redgore>due to a glibc update
12:03<tronip>that's about right for Linode hosts too
12:03<Newsome>My linode's uptime: 11:03:44 up 114 days, 8:48, 1 user, load average: 1.32, 1.27, 1.19
12:03<Redgore>Ive only expericned a few downtimes that havent been due to me
12:04<cu29>well when my site goes down i contact by phone
12:04<tronip>you'd probably want to set up off-site monitoring to send message to your phone or pager
12:04<tronip>I do that with Nagios
12:05<Redgore>like when the power cord was tripped over by the HE tech :P
12:05<cu29>someone tripped over a powercord in the datacenter?
12:05<cu29>that dont sound very promising lol
12:06<Redgore>that was a fair while back
12:06<ppdorapa2>im trying to mount a partition.. too /mnt
12:06<cu29>oh my god so its true
12:06<ppdorapa2>but i cannot mount
12:06<ppdorapa2>i have udbc the first partition
12:06<ppdorapa2>and udba the second
12:06<Redgore>ppdorapa2: you probably already have stuff occupying /mnt
12:06<cu29>by going what your saying thoughi have full root access i could install windows
12:06<Redgore>which means it wouldnt be able to be used, do a `ls /mnt` and see if you have any directories in there
12:07<cu29>dont know why i would want to though lol
12:07<Redgore>cu29: not likely
12:07<ppdorapa2>no.. but when i mount it.. i mount the same partition that i boot
12:07<ppdorapa2>not the other partition
12:08<ppdorapa2>mount /dev/ubdc /mnt
12:08<ppdorapa2>mount: /dev/ubdc is not a valid block device
12:08<tronip>wonder if you need to reboot to make it visible
12:08<ppdorapa2>i reboot it..
12:08<Redgore>it just needs to be added to your boot profile
12:08<tronip>ahhh, right.
12:08<ppdorapa2>hold on.. i will try to reboot it again..
12:09<tronip>add to boot profile then reboot
12:09<ppdorapa2>add what tronip ?
12:09<Redgore>members > configuration profuiles > (cliock on config's name) > edit Drive Setup
12:10<ppdorapa2>i have this:
12:10<Redgore>well im off, ppdorapa2 others will be able to help you
12:10<ppdorapa2>1 partition /dev/ubdc
12:10<cu29>yeah same here
12:10<ppdorapa2>2 partition /dev/ubda
12:10<cu29>bye folks thanks for the help
12:10<ppdorapa2>im booting the second...
12:10<ppdorapa2>and im trying to mount the first into the second..
12:11<tronip>bye cu29 :)
12:11<ppdorapa2>because the first crash it..
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12:11<tronip>ppdorapa2: you might need to fsck the device
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12:12<tronip>since it might have block/bitmap errors
12:12<tronip>that prevents mounting
12:12<tronip>fsck may clean it up enough to allow it to be mounted.
12:15<@caker>ppdorapa2: check /proc/cmdline and see if there are three drives assigned to the running node
12:15<@caker>dead giveaway
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12:18<ppdorapa2>sorry boss :(
12:18<ppdorapa2>mem=64M fake_ide fakehd con=null con0=fd:0,fd:1 devfs=nomount root=/dev/ubda ubda=/linodes/ppdorapa2/22400.fs ubdb=/linodes/ppdorapa2/425.fs eth0=tuntap,ppdorapa2_0,fe:fd:40:05:35:70 token_max=400000 token_refill=512
12:19<@caker>ppdorapa2: how many drives to you see?
12:19<ppdorapa2>in linode panel i have 2 drives..
12:19<@caker>ppdorapa2: how many drives do you think you need?
12:19<ppdorapa2>plus swap
12:19[~]caker applauds
12:20<@caker>ppdorapa2: so, what now?
12:20<ppdorapa2>hey.. dont treat me like an animal.. im the first ones on linode :'(
12:20<ppdorapa2>this is my first mess on linode :(
12:20<@caker>ppdorapa2: I'm not -- guiding you through it :)
12:20<@caker>ppdorapa2: ok, I took a look at your profiles
12:21<ppdorapa2>i deploy the new fedora 1.. and i cannot mount the old partition
12:21<@caker>ppdorapa2: here's what you did wrong. Firstly, now you have two disks with the same label. Let's fix that
12:21<ppdorapa2>i dont know if the profiles are well doned
12:21<@caker>ppdorapa2: click on Disk Images, then re-label the larger FC1 disk image to something like "Real FC1 Image"
12:21<npmr>i want to see cu29 try to install windows on a linode :<
12:22<@caker>ppdorapa2: tell me when that's done
12:22<ppdorapa2>ready boss
12:22<@caker>ppdorapa2: disk images, not config profiles
12:23<ppdorapa2>ready chris :)
12:23<@caker>ppdorapa2: ok good. Now, go back into your first config profile, and put FC1 Real disk image back into the ubda position
12:23<@caker>ppdorapa2: we won't be messing with that profile after this
12:24<@caker>ppdorapa2: after that, edit the NEW FC1 profile, place the NEW FC1 disk image on ubda, swap on ubdc, and "Fedora Core 1 Real
12:24<@caker>" disk image onto ubdc
12:24<@caker>ppdorapa2: Label that profile "FC1 rescue" or something
12:24<@caker>ppdorapa2: also, boot it into Latest 2.4
12:25<ppdorapa2>ok.. i use 2.6 because postfix 2 need it.. (in the old one)
12:25<@caker>ppdorapa2: right, but for the rescue, stick with 2.4 to avoid /lib/tls
12:25<ppdorapa2>damn.. now i get how to deploy it :)
12:25<@caker>:) <---
12:26[~]linbot licks ppdorapa2
12:26<SupaZubon>10:23 <@emad> CrackMonkey: you should demand the chance to reinvest frotz's io tokens at a fixed percentage gain
12:26<SupaZubon>10:24 <@CrackMonkey> emad: I was thinking of io token bond issues, backed by frotz
12:26<SupaZubon>10:25 <@emad> CrackMonkey: its a market that is always in demand
12:26<SupaZubon>10:25 <@emad> everyone needs to write files on a linode
12:27<ppdorapa2>rebooting ..
12:27<@caker>ppdorapa2: I noticed you placed your real rootfs on ubdb, make sure you try to mount the correct device
12:27<@caker>ppdorapa2: doing that will cause mounting swap to fail, cause all our distros' /etc/fstab expect ubdb to be swap
12:28<ppdorapa2>ok.. i will change it
12:28<ppdorapa2>to udbc
12:30<ppdorapa2>no crash
12:31<ppdorapa2>but dont mount neither
12:31<ppdorapa2>mount /dev/ubdc /mnt
12:31<npmr>some dude (or chick) keeps trying to speak smtp with my server with their hostname set to localhost
12:31<ppdorapa2>but in /mnt there is nothing :S
12:31<npmr>columbus, oh.... any takers?
12:31<ppdorapa2>this is cmdline
12:31<ppdorapa2>mem=64M fake_ide fakehd con=null con0=fd:0,fd:1 devfs=nomount root=/dev/ubda ubda=/linodes/ppdorapa2/22400.fs ubdb=/linodes/ppdorapa2/425.fs ubdc=/linodes/ppdorapa2/8405.fs eth0=tuntap,ppdorapa2_0,fe:fd:40:05:35:70 token_max=400000 token_refill=512
12:31<ppdorapa2>i see udbc
12:31<@caker>ppdorapa2: one sec
12:31<ppdorapa2>ok boss :D
12:32<@caker>ppdorapa2: 8405.fs is Fedora Core 1 REAL
12:32<@caker>ppdorapa2: so that should be working
12:32<ppdorapa2>but its not :'(
12:32<@caker>ppdorapa2: were you IN /mnt when you mounted it?
12:32<scott>npmr: sorry, i was using you as an nice relay... thanks for letting me know about changing my hostname
12:33<ppdorapa2>i was not.. but then i go.. and dont see nothing.. now i go off /mnt.. and reenter.. and wow .. its ok ! :D
12:33<@caker>ppdorapa2: hah
12:33<npmr>scott, yeah, ok... it's ip address
12:33<npmr>scott, HTH. HAND.
12:34<ppdorapa2>caker.. last quesiton... do i have to copy glib to fix that t?
12:34<@caker>ppdorapa2: rpm has an option to deploy into a directory other than root
12:35<@caker>ppdorapa2: so, download the correct glibc RPM(s), and then rpm (other options) --root /mnt
12:35<@caker>rpm (other options) --root /mnt *.rpm
12:35<@caker>or whatever
12:35<ppdorapa2>the correct rpm is the one is there on the new fedora..
12:35<@caker>easier, IMO, to just use the method above
12:36<@caker>but if you want to copy individual files, go ahead
12:36<ppdorapa2>nono.. i just want to fix rpm on the old on
12:36<ppdorapa2>old one
12:36<ppdorapa2>but i dont know if glib is the problem or rpm
12:36<ppdorapa2>i think glib
12:37<ppdorapa2>can be fix via yum ? for example yum /mnt update rpm ? :P
12:37<npmr>ppdorapa2, he's explaining to you how to use rpm on the rescue system to fix glibc on the other system
12:38<ppdorapa2>ok.. so i will check with version of glib i have on the new one... to install it on the old one..
12:38<ppdorapa2>i hope this fix the system.. because reinstalling it again its a pain in the ass..
12:38<kvandivo>na.. the reinstalling is easy.. the customization is hard
12:39<ppdorapa2>i have to reinstall lots of thing .. really
12:39<ppdorapa2>and i have accounts.. on postfix 2.... and jabber.. and lots of things.. that it tooks me lot of time :(
12:40<kvandivo>luckily you have backups
12:40<ppdorapa2>i dont..
12:40<kvandivo>tsk tsk
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12:41<kvandivo>there are two types of people in the world.. those who have learned to have backups, and those who haven't... yet
12:44<ppdorapa2>i dont make back up because i was thinking on deploying another server.. so then i migrate from one to another.. right now im stuck
12:56<ppdorapa2>linode people..
12:56<ppdorapa2>linode people..
12:56<ppdorapa2>i have a question
12:56<ppdorapa2>i have on my old /lib/i686 this files
12:57<ppdorapa2>-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 43468 Nov 11 2003
12:57<ppdorapa2>in my new fedora i have
12:57<ppdorapa2>-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1563144 Nov 11 2003
12:57<ppdorapa2> ->
12:57<ppdorapa2>and other more..
13:10<JasonF>... ?
13:11<scott>rm -fr /*?
13:14<tsi>i was split between jasonf's response and scott's... mine was more along the lines of rm -rf /lib
13:14<tsi>i say dust off and nuke the site from orbit. it's the only way to be sure.
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13:21<scott>tsi: ;)
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13:31<npmr>linbot, roulette
13:31<linbot>npmr: *click*
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13:46<tronip>linbot, roulette
13:46<linbot>tronip: *click*
13:46<tronip>ha! :)
14:01<shasderias>linbot, roulette
14:01<linbot>shasderias: *click*
14:02<jtickle>linbot, roulette
14:02<linbot>*BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
14:02[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
14:03<SupaZubon>a blank can kill at point blank range
14:03|-|jtickle [~jtickle@] has quit [Quit: played russian roulette and lost]
14:04|-|jtickle [~jtickle@] has joined #linode
14:04[~]jtickle got resurrected somehow
14:11[~]ppdorapa2 is reinstalling with FC2 :)
14:31|-|jekil [] has quit [Quit: Ciao]
14:35|-|eco|w [] has joined #linode
14:40|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
14:55<ppdorapa2>anyone using fedora core 2 ? i install mysql via yum.. and get crash..
14:57|-|harshy|lap [] has joined #linode
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15:42|-|clouddeck [~clouddeck@] has joined #linode
15:58|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
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16:02|-|FireSlash [Liger@] has joined #linode
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16:05<@caker> <ppdorapa2> caker.. is it possible to have fedora core 3 or 4 ?
16:05<@caker>ppdorapa2: yes
16:06<@caker>however, don't bother with FC4 yet -- there's some unresolved problems with NPTL and its libc
16:06<@caker>and UML
16:08<@caker>!weather 37216
16:08<@linbot>caker: The current temperature in Nashville, Tennessee (37216) is 91\xB0F (3:53 PM CDT on July 18, 2005). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 50%. Dew Point: 70\xB0F. Wind: WSW at 12 mph (18 km/h). Pressure: 30.01 in (1016 hPa). Visibility: 10.0 miles (16.1 kilometers). UV: 6 out of 16
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16:23<ppdorapa2>do you know when ?
16:33|-|Redgore [redgore@] has quit [Quit: SMDC-Network IRC |]
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17:15<ppdorapa2>centos rules !
17:15<SupaZubon>ha ha
17:19|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
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18:19<@linbot>New news from forums: Firehol in Linux Networking <>
18:27<ppdorapa2>does anyone has problem with their linodes?
18:28<ppdorapa2>i restart my new centos and now i dont have the eth0 ready
18:28|-|jekil [] has quit [Quit: Ciao]
18:37<ppdorapa2>anyone ?
18:37<ppdorapa2>i cannot make go up my eth0
18:38<@caker>ppdorapa2: reboot, it should come back
18:38<@caker>ppdorapa2: odd bug that happens every now and then
18:41<ppdorapa2>i reboot twice..
18:41<ppdorapa2>that bug is because im using centos ?
18:41<ppdorapa2>that now i have a new love.. (centos)
18:41<ppdorapa2>ok :)
18:41<@caker>it's on our end
18:42<ppdorapa2>i really love centos.. its more stable that the fedora core 2 on linode
18:42<ppdorapa2>and really more quickly on updates via yum :=)
18:44<@caker>and has a longer than 6 month life
18:53<ppdorapa2>its the best one i use on linode :=)
18:53<ppdorapa2>just a question (if you can)
18:53<ppdorapa2>i get named[2100]: lame server resolving
18:54<ppdorapa2>after i start named
18:54<ppdorapa2>i copy my named files from the old one
18:54<ppdorapa2>im on it
18:55|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
19:04<ppdorapa2>thanks caker
19:05|-|ppdorapa3 [] has joined #linode
19:05|-|Battousai [] has joined #linode
19:09<ppdorapa3>by linode people, thanks for all
19:09<Battousai>youre welcome
19:09<Battousai>person i dont know
19:09<ppdorapa3>one of the oldest on linode :P
19:10<ppdorapa3>no lies
19:11<ppdorapa3>June 28, 2003 my first payment..
19:11<ppdorapa3>why do i have to lie ?
19:11<mikegrb>LinodeID 50
19:12<Battousai>mikegrb: when did i sign up last time?
19:12<ppdorapa3>i dont know wich is my linodeID
19:13<Internat>so out of courisoty, how many people have linodes now?
19:13<mikegrb>ppdorapa3: you are 50
19:13<mikegrb>Internat: more then people on the planet
19:13<ppdorapa3>well.. im one of the first ones.. i didnt say the first one :)
19:13<mikegrb>^ Battousai
19:14<mikegrb>ppdorapa3: I was agreeing with you
19:15<mikegrb>2003-10-16 <-- me
19:16<Battousai>mikegrb: i like you
19:16<ppdorapa3>wich linodeID are you
19:20<ppdorapa3>bye guys
19:21<edlang>How long do RDNS take to propagate?
19:43|-|FesterCouples [] has joined #linode
19:44<dryan>6 hours i think
19:49|-|itamarjp [] has joined #linode
19:49|-|shas [~UPP@] has joined #linode
20:17|-|harshy|lap [] has joined #linode
20:17|-|shas [~UPP@] has quit [Quit: ]
20:27|-|maher [] has joined #linode
20:36|-|FesterCouples [] has left #linode []
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21:07|-|kepe [] has joined #linode
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21:45<Battousai>haha, bytes_desired_to_be_sent
21:45<Battousai>i probably shouldn't have left that in there
21:48<mikegrb>you so should
21:49<Battousai>ok thats odd
21:49<mikegrb>I prefer even
21:49<Battousai>bytes_sent works earlier in the handler
21:49<Battousai>but not after a certain point
21:49<kepe>mikegrb: dude, where ya been?
21:49<mikegrb>kepe: right here!
21:50<kepe>did you get my /msg ?
21:50<mikegrb>I'm not sure
21:50<mikegrb>I don't remember it
21:50<mikegrb>lemme check logs
21:50<mikegrb>I did
22:20|-|FireSlash [Liger@] has joined #linode
22:40|-|bunzope [bunzope@] has joined #linode
22:41[~]linbot licks Battousai
22:42[~]mikegrb points at Battousai and laughs
22:42<Battousai>what's funny?
22:42<chris>You fell for the bot's trap
22:42<Battousai>and a very rewarding trap
22:42<chris>Sometimes he gives backrubs
22:42<mikegrb>what you don't know is...
22:43<mikegrb>linbot's saliva is acid!
22:47<dacoffey>of the dimethylamide variety?
22:47|-|FireSlash [Liger@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:50<Battousai>or is it...the deoxyribonucleic kind?
22:50|-|linbot [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:53<dacoffey>bah i gots tons of that
22:54<warewolf>dacoffey- how about some H2SO4?
22:54|-|harshy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:55|-|linbot [] has joined #linode
22:56|-|tierra [] has quit [Quit: Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite.]
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23:09|-|eco|w [] has quit [Quit: This quit message intentionally left humorless]
23:10<tronip>i could go for that illegal substance, dihydrogen monoxide!
23:11<tronip>heh... a few places banned it, since it sounded dangerous
23:11<tronip>then city hall staffers later found out what this now-illegal
23:11<tronip>substance was. ;)
23:11<tronip>red faces all around.
23:12<tronip>(for the unaware: di = two. mono=one. so... dihydrogen monoxide = H2O. water.)
23:16<SupaZubon>Yes, well-known troll.
23:19|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
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23:59|-|[] changed the topic of #linode: The Linode Virtual Server hang out | | | | | This is a public channel which is logged; don't submit information you don't want to see in search engines (email addresses, etc)
23:59<kobs>is it me, or do the oftc services restart daily?
23:59<warewolf>shouldn't, atleast afaik.
23:59<warewolf>interesting timing of the split tho
23:59<kobs>i figured it does, because i never identify
23:59<kobs>and i always see the notices
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