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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-07-28

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00:00[~]warewolf tweaks /etc/sysctl.conf to enable ip_forwarding on boot
00:00<warewolf>there, openvpn all sexy beautiful.
00:00<@caker>warewolf: what game was that for?
00:00<warewolf>caker- btw, one of your nameservers appears to be broken
00:00<@caker>warewolf: hmm, know which?
00:00<warewolf>1 sec
00:01<warewolf>; generated by /sbin/dhclient-script
00:01<warewolf>the first two
00:02<warewolf>just the 64. one
00:02<warewolf>eiter that or I have it firewalled out for some reason
00:02[~]warewolf checks iptables
00:02<@caker>I'm getting a timeout
00:03<warewolf>newp, appears to be broken
00:03<warewolf>and when that one is *first* in /etc/resolv.conf *all* dns lookups take an extra 3-5 seconds :(
00:03<warewolf>I just worked around the problem by setting up my own little caching nameserver
00:04<warewolf>bounced named?
00:04<@caker>yeah, for starters
00:04<@caker>tweaking nice settings now
00:04<warewolf>caker- the openvpn wasn't actually for a game, it was for privacy here at work
00:04<@caker>but it was using about 350M
00:05<warewolf>caker- in the future, when a named is taking up that much memory, next time have it dump it's internal named cache to disk -- you might have been getting pummled with dns poisioning attacks
00:05[~]warewolf rtfms for what signal to send named to do that
00:06<warewolf>rndc dumpdb
00:06<warewolf>that's what doe sit
00:06<warewolf>next time run rndc dumpdb then inspect named.dump
00:07<warewolf>caker- does that named do a lot of dynamic dns?
00:08<@caker>warewolf: primarily a resolver for TP nodes, also slave for
00:08<@caker>typically, the resolvers are VERY busy
00:08<@caker>might need to move it off this machine
00:09<warewolf>I was going to say, if it's doing dyndns that the way named works w/ updating zones is it creates a "journal" file -- which can grow over time (and cause named to suck up memory) if the server isn't bounced every once in a blue moon.
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03:12[~]adminace hangs around at a colo at 1am
03:12|-|adminace changed nick to thelsdj
03:12<thelsdj>doing xen installations on all our linux systems hehe
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04:13<@linbot>New news from forums: Host33 reboot in System and Network Status <>
04:23<shas>linbot, roulette
04:23<@linbot>shas: *click*
04:30<encode>linbot, roulette
04:30|-|encode kicked [#linode] linbot [BANG!]
04:30[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
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04:30[~]caker yawns
04:32[~]caker curses kernel bugs and goes back to bed
04:37<@linbot>New news from forums: Linode Two Year Anniversary and Status Update in Announcements <>
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09:35<vk>anybody there!
09:36<vk>is there a live sales chat for linode?
09:40<heidi>no, if you have questions just ask in here or email
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09:48<vk>ok, i'm finding a good linux host to host some of my customers, i want to confirm how linode is stable, and the speed of responce for a trouble.
09:49<vk>and guys, who are the people behind linode, 'caker' 'linbot' 'mikegrb'?
09:51<jams>vk when the problem is somthing that linode has control over the response time is extremely quick
09:54<shas>caker is the owner of the operation, mikegrb is another person at linode, linbot is a bot :P
09:55<shas>or should i say, a employee at linode
09:55<jams>linbot does all the work
09:55<shas>the amazing magical linbot
09:55<shas>linbot, roulette
09:56<@linbot>shas: *click*
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10:16<tsi>linbot linbot
10:16<tsi>oh i thought it was an infobot
10:17<Redgore>linbot ?
10:17[~]linbot breaks out the clue by four
10:19<Redgore>linbot: linbot ?
10:19<@linbot>It has been said that linbot is so much fun, Redgore
10:24[~]shas pets linbot
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11:29<@linbot>New news from forums: HE seems to be having an outage in General Discussion <>
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13:06<tsi>man i wish the default fedora kernel had skas
13:09<npmr>likewise, debian
13:31<gpd>anyone know how to crop a jpeg from the command line to specified boundaries... I'm sure imagemagick or netpbm can do it...
13:32<@mikegrb>yeah imagemagick
13:38<gpd> mogrify -crop 591x440+0+0 gpd101.jpg <-- seems to work... not sure why you need those +0+0 bits?
13:38<gpd>actually, you don't need them...
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14:26<tsi>that's only if you're cropping it relative to top left
14:26<tsi>you need them if you want to crop some other part
14:26<tsi>but you solved your problem so nm
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14:28<sqhub>Just getting started on setting up my machine.. great web control interface! One question, "reboot" on machine seems to put it on powered down state requiring a boot from web panel. How can I reboot from cli?
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14:29<@mikegrb>in the exmaples section there is a command you can use to reboot
14:29<@mikegrb>you can add that to an alias
14:30<@mikegrb>then if you setup ssh keys for lish access it is pretty transparent
14:31<sqhub>great, thanks mike.
14:31<@mikegrb>no problem
14:34<sqhub>Also, trying to setup rdns. I have an A record for "" that appears to have propogated thru my 2 DNS servers, but the rdns setup page is saying no match found. Is it known to be working at the moment? (or just wait longer for any dns propogation..)
14:34[~]mikegrb checks
14:36<@mikegrb>$ host
14:36<@mikegrb>Host not found.
14:36<@mikegrb>me investimigates
14:37<sqhub>.. shows both my master & slave with correct results
14:38<@mikegrb>sqhub: try now
14:38<sqhub>woo hoo. Worked. Thanks. Appreciate the quick support!
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15:27<TIBS04>thats me
15:27|-|TIBS04 changed nick to TIBS01
15:32[~]gpd waves
16:06[~]gpd stops waving due to tired arm
16:07[~]mikegrb waves at gpd
16:08<gpd>I was waving at TIBS01 as he pointed out his webcam... (in case you thought I was being uberweird)...
16:10<@mikegrb>nah, I already knew you were ├╝ber weird
16:10[~]mikegrb runs
16:11[~]gpd runs after mikegrb brandishing a small basket of kippers
16:14<@mikegrb>mmm kippers
16:14<@mikegrb> <-- el-hilarity
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16:28<SupaZubon>mikegrb: coast guard bish
16:30<@linbot>New news from forums: reverse domain lookup shows in mail header shows linode adr? in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
16:31<SupaZubon> <-- squinky
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16:50[~]gpd wonders what # are you in when ceramic dildos are the topic of conversatibon...
16:51<Redgore>gpd: the wrong one :P
16:51<gpd>I do like the word squinky though... xlnt :)
16:52<Redgore>that or you stumbled onto sexnet
16:52<gpd>not me, SupaZubon...
16:52<SupaZubon>squinky is a user in slashnet #tron
16:54<gpd>pah... squinky is my new word of the week.... doesn't even need a definition...
16:54<gpd> <-- not convinced by those
16:57<gpd>somebody is having a laugh... squinky is defined as hyphy... hyphy is defined as the SF bay area version of crunk... crunk has nothing to do with crump'd... but it a mixture of crazy and drunk... WTF!
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17:11<gpd>anybody used plone? I am tempted to try it again but I can't find very many skins atm - slightly worrying
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17:45<@caker>!quote goog
17:45<@linbot>caker: The current price of GOOG is 293.50, as of 4:00pm EST. A change of -3.43 from the last business day.
17:45<@caker>!quote hstm
17:45<@linbot>caker: The current price of HSTM is 3.76, as of 3:59pm EST. A change of -0.04 from the last business day.
17:45<@caker>!quote aapl
17:45<@linbot>caker: The current price of AAPL is 43.80, as of 4:00pm EST. A change of -0.19 from the last business day.
17:45<@caker>!quote sunw
17:46<@linbot>caker: The current price of SUNW is 3.85, as of 4:00pm EST. A change of -0.02 from the last business day.
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18:05<@caker>!weather 37216
18:05<@linbot>caker: The current temperature in Nashville, Tennessee (37216) is 82\xB0F (4:53 PM CDT on July 28, 2005). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 66\xB0F. Wind: NNE at 6 mph (9 km/h). Pressure: 30.05 in (1018 hPa). Visibility: 10.0 miles (16.1 kilometers). UV: 3 out of 16
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19:34<avid>!weather 90278
19:34<@linbot>avid: The current temperature in Redondo Beach, California (90278) is 74\xB0F (4:53 PM PDT on July 28, 2005). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 60\xB0F. Pressure: 29.86 in (1011 hPa). Visibility: 7.0 miles (11.3 kilometers). UV: 5 out of 16
19:35<avid>!surfconditions 90278
19:36<civlet>sure... rub it in
19:36<avid>It's not like I'm outside though :)
19:37<civlet>actually theres a tropical storm off shore now... probably have better than average waves today
19:37<civlet>average being puny
19:38<avid>Looks like it's 1-2ft ankle to knee high with poor+ conditions
19:38<avid>high tide
19:38[~]civlet makes the sign of the worlds smallest violin
19:39<civlet>forget your waves, we've come for your wimmenz
19:39<@linbot>I've never heard of your waves, we've come for your wimmenz, civlet!
19:39[~]civlet blinks
19:39[~]civlet edges away from the bot
19:40<shas>go linbot!
19:40<civlet>linbot is a braver man than i
19:40<@linbot>I have no idea!
19:41<civlet>be afraid
19:41<shas>is linbot a she or a he? :P
19:41<civlet>be very afraid
19:41<avid>it's the cavalier attitude that does it
19:41<avid>linbot knows
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19:41<civlet>careful... the christians will come and take the bot away
19:42[~]JasonF glares at civlet
19:43<civlet>its so hard to tell HOW someone takes offense to any given statement about christians these days :D
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19:50[~]linbot hangs 10
19:53<taupehat>surf's up
19:58<gpd>not that again... make sure JavaWoman isn't around ;)
19:59<maher>wait another 10^400 years and something useful will come out of slashdot...
19:59<gpd>with all the anti /. sentiment these days... what are we reading instead? /.?
19:59<gpd> ;)
20:00<gpd>Harry Potter?
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20:33<@mikegrb>I am now eating funnel cake.
20:33<@mikegrb>THAT IS ALL
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21:43<sec39>49 take a poop?
21:43[~]mikegrb looks
21:44<sec39>no wait
21:44<sec39>ahh, there we go
21:44<@mikegrb>yeah ;)
21:44<@mikegrb>looks great
21:44<sec39>not sure what happened there
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