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---Logopened Wed Aug 24 00:00:13 2005
00:01<taupehat>I can't seem to get plugins to work with gaim
00:03<gpd>apt-get install gaim-encryption ?
00:03<thelsdj>yea that usually works
00:03[~]taupehat is on SuSE atm
00:03<taupehat>I suppose I could get ULB on here and start using apt
00:03<taupehat>probably should
00:03<gpd>w... t... f... ? I was going to say gentoo
00:03<taupehat>but am too busy
00:03<thelsdj>rum && rootbeer == good
00:03<taupehat>fuck gentoo
00:03<taupehat>with a chainsaw
00:03<JasonF>but you just met him
00:04[~]taupehat is of very low opinion of gentoo
00:04<thelsdj>i use gentoo but day in and day out i consider going back to debian
00:05<gpd>taupehat++ ;) but let's not get into that
00:05<taupehat>heh, fair 'nough
00:05<@mikegrb>gpd++ ;) but let's not get into that
00:06<gpd>mikegrb: you... da... man...
00:07[~]gpd resorts to salted ice water to chill beers
00:07<thelsdj>i thought beer was supposed to be warm?
00:08<thelsdj>isn't that what you britains drink? warm beer? lol
00:08<gpd>some British beers are supposed to be warmer than freezing
00:08<taupehat>I think many good beers are better when not totally chilled
00:08<gpd>US domestics are suppsed to be freaking cold as tehy taste like piss otherwise
00:08<thelsdj>don't they taste like piss anyways?
00:09<gpd>no... that is unkind.. they taste of nothing.. as designed
00:09<taupehat>gpd: that depends
00:10<taupehat>I don't drink Buttweiper, for example
00:10<gpd>that is also unkind... some are better than others
00:10[~]taupehat prefers microbrews, many of which are excellent
00:10<gpd>I didn't include those in my sweeping generalization
00:10<chris>You must include everything in a sweeping generalization
00:10<gpd>i was refering to 'we have all kinds of beers here: bud, bud light, coors, coors light, ... '
00:11<chris>(look, I made a sweeping generalization)
00:12<gpd>ironic that Budvar is probably one of the best largers imho
00:12<taupehat>ping mikegrb
00:13<SupaZubon>uh, the big factory beers aren't all there is to US Domestics
00:13<gpd>s/us domestics/us big factory filth/ << better?
00:13<SupaZubon>but yeah, the big-market american lager is all about cold and syraupy
00:13<gpd>it is about temptnig the young drinker
00:13<SupaZubon>But those are just wine coolers
00:14<gpd>same everywhere... make it tastless or sweet and they'll buy it
00:15<thelsdj>heh love this book for things like: 'So I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening preparing. I packed up everything I thought I might need, including all my hacking eequipment and a large length of rope -- one should always bring rope on any sort of adventure.'
00:17<gpd>what book?
00:18<@mikegrb>The Book.
00:18<@mikegrb>the book he is reading
00:18<gpd>The one true book?
00:18<@mikegrb>the one true book he is reading
00:19[~]taupehat is baffled
00:19<gpd>thelsdj: are you reading Dracula whilst listening to the Urban Soundtrack of Dracula?
00:19<thelsdj>no lol
00:21<thelsdj>gpd: its a mixture of sci-fi and magick and horror and erotica
00:21<thelsdj>but i love it for the AI character
00:21<gpd>!google sciechedelic
00:21<linbot>gpd: Search took 0.117377 seconds: The Magickal Review: <>; The Magickal Review: Book Reviews: <>; 2005-08-23 Swhack IRC Log: <>
00:21<gpd>not very popular - only 6 hits
00:21<thelsdj>that last hit
00:21<thelsdj>is me mentioning it yesterday
00:22<thelsdj>google updates that pretty quickly
00:22<gpd>too spooky for me
00:22<thelsdj>i have a think for female AI characters so i really like this book
00:22<gpd>I am a reductionist biochemist athiest burn in hell mofo
00:23<gpd>female ai reminds me of that bar chick flash thing
00:25<thelsdj>good novel i read the other day:
00:25<thelsdj>uploaded conciousness and singularity type stuff
00:27<gpd>i was curious to find that IRobot was actually quite good (takling of conciousness)
00:28<thelsdj>i need to read the foundation series again
00:28<@mikegrb>he Fingerprint for
00:28<@mikegrb>71843C7B CE20F0EB 4A0FF4B5 8D73B235 BA45B2CC
00:28<@mikegrb>Secure ID for this session:
00:28<@mikegrb>Incoming: 675915878e2b4b7277cc
00:28<gpd>me too... last time I read it I was 14...
00:28<@mikegrb>Outgoing: 7075f854708bc20b7c42
00:28<@mikegrb>mmm off the record encryption
00:29<gpd>err over irc?
00:29<@mikegrb>OTR is interesting stuff
00:29<thelsdj>mikegrb: i use gaim encryption
00:29<@mikegrb>can authenticate remote side
00:29<@mikegrb>but only during the conversation
00:29<@mikegrb>after the conversation is ended, there is no signature or other proof of who actually said it
00:30<@mikegrb>and each session gets it's own key
00:30<@mikegrb>so if one session is compromised, past conversations between two people are fine
00:31[~]gpd ponders what he could say to someone that would need that level of security
00:31<@mikegrb>you could talk to a newspaper reporter
00:31<gpd>good point
00:31<gpd>blow a few whistles
00:32<@mikegrb>they know it is really you but know cryptographic signatures to incriminate you later
00:32<@mikegrb>s/but know/but no/
00:32[~]Newsome needs this stuff -
00:33<gpd>hah PLOS...
00:35<gpd>not as useful as this:
00:35<gpd>for world domination
00:37<thelsdj>i think i'll go finish reading starman
00:38<thelsdj>!google starman axis trilogy
00:38<linbot>thelsdj: Search took 0.128054 seconds: Books: Starman (Wayfarer Redemption): <>; Book Reviews - Axis Trilogy by Sara Douglass: <>; Book - Starman by Sara Douglass: <>; Starman (The Wayfarer Redemption Trilogy , Bk 3) -- book review: (2 more messages)
00:38<gpd>.stm = shtml + ssi ?
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02:25<NeonNero>gpd: yep, looks like another short for .shtml
02:32<thelsdj>deep man
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06:19<Ralki>does linode allow irc servers to be hosted?
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06:27<NeonNero>Ralki: yes
06:28<NeonNero>beware of bandwidth usage, though.. since there's a certain monthly transfer limit, i wouldn't use it to connect to a larger irc network (otherwise it would cost me in bandwidth overages)
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06:29<Ralki>alrite thats cool i was only planning a private irc network
06:30<Ralki>what sort of ddos protection is in place?>
06:36<NeonNero>none, really.. you'll be in charge of securing and filtering your own virtual server...
06:36<NeonNero>there's some information to be found on this issue in the forums, such as this post ->
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09:23|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
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09:46<dtrumb>If I want to vnc into a debian linode, do I need to install anything besides vncserver?
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09:47<@caker>dtrumb: some type of desktop environment
09:47<dtrumb>any ideas on good small desktop enivronment?
09:49<@caker>well, there's tinywm
09:50<@caker>I've never used it
09:53<kvandivo>close your mouth
09:53<iggy>I hope you're not on my host
09:54<dtrumb>Don't worry iggy, I won't take you down. :P
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10:30<dtrumb>Is debian's desktop-base a desktop? I can't the command to start it.
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10:44<brocktice>dtrumb: why do you want to VNC in?
10:45<kvandivo>because it's there
10:45<brocktice>dtrumb: if you just want GUI-esque administration, there's stuff like Webmin
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10:51<dtrumb>brocktice:To see if I can do it from work.
10:51<dtrumb>Then I can use instant message all day long with a gui. :)
11:02<brocktice>dtrumb: man that sounds like a lot of pain in the ass for not much gain, but it's your linode...
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11:24<dtrumb>brocktice: It's the challange and knowledge. Plus I try to bring Xen down. :)
11:26<brocktice>dtrumb: I didn't think Xen was up and running yet.
11:33<dtrumb>It's not. Beta test.
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17:26<thelsdj>hrm anyone know how to low level format drive in linux? getting read errors on an ide drive and connections all seem good so wondering if it just isn't mapping out its bad blocks
17:26<taupehat>shred it
17:27<taupehat>if you're getting read errors
17:27<taupehat>it's probably an internal hardware problem and you're better off just scrapping it
17:28<thelsdj>yea well i'd like to try doing low level format to see
17:28<taupehat>shred -n 1 /dev/hdX
17:28<taupehat>that's just a single-pass overwrite
17:29<taupehat>which should be sufficient to clear any bogus bad-sector data
17:29<taupehat>but I really doubt that'll work
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17:29<taupehat>commonly some slack develops in the armature somewhere
17:29<taupehat>which is doom for the drive - recover data from it and scrap
17:30<thelsdj>my boss said he's had problems with newer drives not mapping out bad areas and after low level format they've worked fine for 8+ months
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17:31<taupehat>reminds me of the old volvo that came in for an oil change back when I was a teenager working at a garage. It had a coolant leak down the block, coming out of the headgasket. We showed the guy, he said "what do I do?" and we told him to save his pennies for when it quit. Which happened - six months later!
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17:40<@caker>thelsdj: man mkfs.ext3 (methinks -c -c).. also: man badblocks
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17:47<@mikegrb>badblocks is good
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18:16<thelsdj>i decided i'd throw the maxtor powermax utility at it
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18:49<brocktice>!seen caker
18:49<@linbot>brocktice: caker was last seen here 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 28 seconds ago saying: <caker> thelsdj: man mkfs.ext3 (methinks -c -c).. also: man badblocks
18:49<@caker>brocktice: boo
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18:50<brocktice>Hi caker, just realized I couldn't find my visa -- new one's on the way. When does the billing stuff actually hit the credit cards?
18:51<@caker>brocktice: on the 1st
18:51<brocktice>okay, I should have the new number in the system by then. Thanks.
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20:34<taupehat>a link to teh intarwebsnet
20:34<brocktice>taupehat: mehthinks someone didn't like him
20:34<brocktice>taupehat: no kidding, thanks for the clarification
20:34<taupehat>brocktice: methinks someone who knows him is racist
20:35<brocktice>well, yeah, that's what I meant
20:35<brocktice>or both
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20:35<taupehat>that's kind of a syllogism
20:35<taupehat>person A is racist against a certain population. person B is a member of that population. --> Person A doesn't like Person B
20:35<brocktice>They could be racist without having a specific agenda aginst him
20:36<brocktice>but then, maybe they particularly don't like him, and apply their racist attitude toward showing it
20:36<taupehat>and chase manhattan ends up with major egg on it's face
20:36<brocktice>regardless, it's pretty crass
20:36<brocktice>I'm not a big fan of chase -- unfortunately they bought my bank :(
20:36<brocktice>so now chase = my bank
20:37[~]taupehat likes his dinky little credit union
20:37<brocktice>I want a bank of america account
20:37<brocktice>the only bank that I know of that doesn't sell your info by default
20:37<brocktice>but there aren't any ATMs around here
20:37[~]taupehat STILL likes his dinky little credit union
20:37<taupehat>thing is
20:38<taupehat>credit unions don't have the profit motive: no stockholders to leech money to worry about
20:38<taupehat>so they don't tend to sell your details to anyone asking
20:38<brocktice>It's a good idea, I agree.
20:38<brocktice>Is that through your employer or something?
20:38<taupehat>I just went down to one and signed up.
20:39<brocktice>Hmm, I wonder if we have any 'round here.
20:39<brocktice>I'll have to look into that.
20:39<taupehat>free checking, too (at least in my case) and online banking that isn't BS like BofA tried to pawn off on me
20:39<taupehat>I had an account with them
20:39<taupehat>and their version of "online banking" was a 16-bit windows application that required the use of a telephone line to connect to their bespoke dialup
20:40<brocktice>BankOne had and still has a nice online banking site
20:40<taupehat>I got that thing in the mail and called them up straightaway
20:40<taupehat>"You _have_ to be kidding."
20:40<brocktice>but the poicies are already changing to shit now that Chase owns them
20:40<taupehat>they weren't kidding, so I went with someone else
20:40<iggy>BofA's online banking is top notch
20:41<@mikegrb>it so is
20:41<taupehat>iggy: not in the beautiful state of oregon
20:41<iggy>even works with firefox and conqueror
20:41<taupehat>at least not as of about a year and half ago
20:41<@mikegrb>and camino
20:41<iggy>taupehat: when did you try, they ditched that dial-up shit a long time ago
20:41<taupehat>"System Requirements: Windows 3.0 or Later"
20:41<@mikegrb>and the site key stuff is spiffy
20:41<iggy>maybe it's oregon, not bofa
20:41<taupehat>iggy: put it this way: When I tried with them, I had 5 megabit cable for 30 bucks a month.
20:42<taupehat>it's bofa oregon
20:42<taupehat>they're like a fscked-up little island
20:42<iggy>suuuuure, whatever you say
20:42<iggy>nono, we believe you... don't we guys
20:42[~]taupehat has kicked iggy in the shins!
20:42<brocktice>oregon: the only state where teh average person didn't get fatter this year
20:42<brocktice>it's the wine, I swear
20:42<iggy>I didn't get fatter
20:43<iggy>I lost weight
20:43<taupehat>on average, that means I must have lost weight
20:43[~]taupehat cooks a pizza in celebration
20:43<taupehat>ULB site keeps timing me out after downloading 90 percent of openoffice on an apt-update
20:44<brocktice>well, my uni has a credit union, but the website looks like it hasn't been touched since Mosaic was the leading browser
20:45[~]taupehat is just waiting for mikegrb to implement the "hehz" autoreply
20:46<@mikegrb>most people that say heh mean it
20:46<@mikegrb>most people who say LOL aren't laughing out loud
20:46<@linbot>brocktice: Admin, Alias, Amazon, Anonymous, Babelfish, Channel, Config, Currency, Debian, Ebay, Filter, Fun, Google, Http, Infobot, Insult, Internet, Misc, Nickometer, Owner, RSS, Seen, Status, Time, URL, Unix, User, Utilities, and Weather
20:47<@caker>linbot: cyborg mikegrb
20:47<@linbot>caker: M.I.K.E.G.R.B.: Machine Intended for Killing, Efficient Gratification and Rational Battle
20:47<brocktice>mikegrb is Machine Intended for Killing, Efficient Gratification and Rational Battle
20:47<iggy>caker: did you know: I got the devs to add cyborg to supybot... that's right, me!
20:47<brocktice>hmm the infobot plugin is not listening
20:47<@mikegrb>iggy is da man
20:47[~]caker worships iggy
20:47<taupehat>actually, mikegrb, I tend to say things like "lol irl"
20:48<taupehat>!weather 97520
20:48<@linbot>taupehat: The current temperature in Ashland, Oregon (97520) is 83\xB0F (6:45 PM PDT on August 24, 2005). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 22%. Dew Point: 43\xB0F. UV: 2 out of 16
20:48<taupehat>it finally cooled down
20:48<encode>hehe i say lol in real life sometimes too
20:48<taupehat>!insult caker
20:48<@linbot>caker - You are nothing but a low-quality half-mouthful of culturally-unsound chicken.
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21:35<adapter>I'm trying to add a reverse dns entry but it's not totally working out anyone think they can help? I have the A Record set, but when I try to set the PTR record it won't work
21:38<iggy>where are you setting the PTR record?
21:39<adapter>I'm setting it to
21:39<adapter>I want to resolve to that
21:42<adapter>I'm using zone edit if that helps
21:43<iggy>reverse dns is set in the linode control panel, not on your name server
21:43<@mikegrb>is it a new domain?
21:44<adapter>regged it an hour or so ago
21:45<iggy>you expect pretty quick turn around
21:45<adapter>yeah I guess heh
21:46<iggy>there are no authoritative name servers for it yet
21:46<iggy>did you setup an entry for the name servers with your registrar?
21:47<iggy>even if you did, it can take 4-24 hours after it hits your registrar's server before it hits all the root servers
21:47<adapter>yeah I changed the name servers
21:47<adapter>and that was it
21:47<adapter>but yeah I should be more patient
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22:33<thelsdj>well that service was nice now, my server has been down for 5 hours along with their website and dns so can't email them
22:34<thelsdj>er 'was nice until now'
22:47<@linbot>tuppa: *click*
22:49<@linbot>brocktice: *click*
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