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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-09-07

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01:19<HostingGeek>I am not falling for that
01:19<HostingGeek>its probbably redirects to or is a mirror
01:19<taupehat>it's not a site that does weird stuff
01:20<taupehat>it's straight up description of a skype prank
01:20<taupehat>with links to download
01:20<taupehat>nothing fishy
01:20<HostingGeek>I not going to follow any links from IRC that I don't about already
01:20<HostingGeek>I learned my lesson last time
01:20<makaze>its not bad actually.. i just loaded it
01:20<taupehat>go to the register
01:20<makaze>its just some guy who pranks people on skyle
01:20<makaze>er skype
01:20<taupehat>and look
01:21<makaze>just a bunch of chat logs
01:21<HostingGeek>makaze: like I am going to beleive you
01:21<taupehat>HostingGeek: do you know The Register?
01:22<bob2>didn't HostingGeek get k-lined yet?
01:22<taupehat>apparently not
01:22[~]taupehat could instigate...
01:22<HostingGeek>bob2: I am not going to be
01:22<taupehat>apache > *!
01:22<bob2>that's a shame
01:23<bob2>no, no, everyone should use lighttpd
01:23<bob2>because HostingGeek says so
01:23<taupehat>it's to tiny
01:23<taupehat>doesn't do anything
01:23<taupehat>lacks mod_security
01:23<HostingGeek>taupehat: don't start again, (its got more features than apache in some areas)
01:24<HostingGeek>taupehat: its accully something for the 1.4.x branch in their todo list
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01:27<@mikegrb>I pounce like a sloth
01:27<taupehat>I honestly thought he'd see right through that
01:27<taupehat>and say "I'm not taking the bait, you!" and talk about something else
01:27<taupehat>what little do I know anyhow
01:28<bob2>one day, when I meet a deity, they'll give me 3 questions
01:28<bob2>or let me ask 3
01:28<bob2>and one of them will be "Is hostinggeek a troll, or a really fucking annoying 12 year old?"
01:29<@mikegrb>Testing addr "X.X.X.X" port "1080" proto "socks4" ... connected
01:29<@mikegrb>>>> binary message: 4 1 0 25 67 18 92 220 0
01:29<@mikegrb><<< binary message: 0 90 5 110 69 93 127 44
01:29<@mikegrb>socks reply code = 90 (request granted)
01:29<@mikegrb><<< 220 ESMTP Exim 4.52 Wed, 07 Sep 2005 01:28:09 -0500\r\n
01:29<@mikegrb>*** ALERT - open proxy detected
01:29<@mikegrb>Test complete - identified open proxy X.X.X.X:1080/socks4
01:29<@mikegrb>sucks to be them
01:29<@mikegrb>they've got an hour or so to fix it
01:29<@mikegrb>then the ebtables rules start flying
01:30<bob2>mikegrb: have you seen "sauce"?
01:30<bob2>it sounds right up your alley
01:30[~]mikegrb investigates
01:30<warewolf>grb- oh, is this a linode?
01:31<bob2>you can see it in action on
01:31<encode>what is it?
01:31<bob2>be careful if you want to send legit mail later, tho
01:31<bob2>encode: it's an smtp proxy
01:31<encode>ooh ok
01:31<bob2>that gets increasinly more annoyed as you screw around
01:31<bob2>until it tells you to fuck off entirely
01:32<encode>im not sure if i understand waht mikegrb pasted before - is checking for open relays?
01:33<warewolf>encode- no, it looks like he used some utility to connect to onion
01:33<@mikegrb>encode: was running a script from my linode, attempts to connect back to the local smtp server
01:33<warewolf>encode: thereby prooving that there is an active socks proxy server
01:34<taupehat>I remember what ebtables is!
01:34[~]taupehat used to run nifty stuff with brutils
01:35<taupehat>that was driving me nuts but I was too lazy to google
01:35<warewolf>etherbridge tables :)
01:35<taupehat>iptables for bridges
01:37<bob2>does ebtables require the bridge to have a routable IP, or does it just not support the equivalent of REJECT?
01:38<warewolf>bridges don't usually have ip addresses at all
01:38<warewolf>they're lower-level than that.
01:38<bob2>yeah, I know
01:38<warewolf>bridges work at the mac address level rather than the IP level
01:38<bob2>I'm just imagining using it to block traffic; all you can do without an IP is drpo it on the floor
01:39<warewolf>man ebtables, see what it can do
01:39<warewolf>I've used it like, once or twice, and forgot all what it can do
01:40<@mikegrb>it can do ip stuff too
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01:40<@mikegrb>among other things, it makes sure your linode doesn't reply to arp who has requests for IPs it isn't supposed to have
01:41<taupehat>mikegrb: heh, I saw that reply to my "Stupid me" thread
01:42<@mikegrb>occasionaly have a problem with someone who wants to get rid of an extra IP and doesn't reboot afterwords
01:42<@mikegrb>then the IP gets reassigned
01:42<@mikegrb>but billing helps with that
01:42<bob2>do you deliever swift spankings or just reboots?
01:42<@mikegrb>remove the IP and and tell them to reboot and we will stop billing them for it
01:43<@mikegrb>if it becomes a problem, we reboot
01:43<@mikegrb>unless it was just a freaky occurance and the IP got reassigned right after
01:43<taupehat>mikegrb: what's the threshhold that you need to reach to go in and twiddle a setting on someone's linode?
01:44<warewolf>ifconfig eth0:0 up
01:44<warewolf>route add default gw
01:46<@mikegrb>taupehat: ?
01:47<taupehat>mikegrb: like
01:47<taupehat>in the case of that open relay
01:47<taupehat>you will only go so far as to halt the traffic
01:48<@mikegrb>just depends on the customer's reactions
01:48<taupehat>I had a friend ask about that the other day, and I said I didn't think you'd go digging around someone's linode without a really good reason
01:49<warewolf>mikegrb: what's the name of your son again?
01:50<warewolf>mikegrb- would you go rooting around on my linode to remove ?
01:50[~]warewolf should 'shop the linode logo there
01:51<taupehat>bad very bad mans, warewolf
01:51<warewolf>taupehat: well you see
01:51<warewolf>taupehat: 'grb 'shopped either the Tux or the Linode logo there (and didn't do very well on anti-aliasing the logo from the rest of the skin on his son's leg there)
01:51[~]taupehat does not see
01:52<warewolf>so I decided to one-up him
01:52<warewolf>and do the absoloute best I could do shopping
01:52[~]taupehat looks, finally, and gets it
01:52<warewolf>taupehat: look almost realistic? :)
01:53<taupehat>not too shabby
01:53<warewolf>now watch
01:53<warewolf>host 47 is going to go down for unscheduled maintenance
01:54<warewolf>and that .jpg will be gone
01:54<@mikegrb>um, I didn't do any anti-aliasing
01:54<bob2>or another "TP outage"
01:54<@mikegrb>just said the layer mode to blend
01:54<@mikegrb>bob2: that one maybe
01:54<@mikegrb>they don't seem to speak english
01:55<warewolf>grb- yeah, I actually added transparency to the outermost pixels to make them blend better
01:55<@mikegrb>warewolf: so why compare the quality of something that took 2 seconds and 2 clicks to something that took longer?
01:55<@mikegrb>taupehat: just usual problems with them
01:55<taupehat>oh, "them" being the open proxy
01:56<taupehat>good luck with that
01:56<taupehat>what's the accent?
01:56<@mikegrb>they opened a ticket for "possible malicious botnet activity"
01:56<warewolf>grb- I felt like being funny ;)
01:56<warewolf>grb- and it actually did take quite some time :/
01:56<@mikegrb>when the problem they were complaining about was an irc server with 5 people on it trading illegal files
01:56<@mikegrb>oh and no logs or anything
01:57<@mikegrb>"possible malicious botnet activity on ip $x please rectify this IMEDIATLY"
01:57<@mikegrb>and then updated the ticket 5 minutes later wanting to know why we hadn't responded
01:57<@mikegrb>so I complained, like every time
01:57<@mikegrb>though mentioned that I was taking care of it
01:58[~]taupehat kind of thinks of the tickets as a reminder for those who are on irc all the time and get distracted
01:58<@mikegrb>well this IRC server clearly had no other purpose
01:58<@mikegrb>I asked to be escelated to a supervisor as this is an ongoing problem
01:58<@mikegrb>supervisor replies with same text
01:59<warewolf>grb- did caker light a fire under TP's ass re: ORA blocking mail from linodes?
01:59<@mikegrb>"we need you to look into this and take care of it"
01:59<@mikegrb>he opened a ticket
01:59<taupehat>warewolf: ORA?
01:59<warewolf>did he update it every 5 minutes?
01:59<warewolf>taupehat: Oreilly & Associates
01:59<taupehat>I moved to HEnet because of U of O
01:59<taupehat>was blocking TP space
02:00<@mikegrb>I'm suprised it isn't the other way around
02:00<@mikegrb>based on how the two handle issues
02:00<@mikegrb>though I much prefer HE treating us like big boys
02:00<@mikegrb>TP seems to think we are an individual with one server in colo with them
02:01<@mikegrb>cigarette time
02:01<taupehat>mikegrb: see?!
02:01<taupehat>" However, we're rather ticked at all the junk that's been coming out of IP space."
02:01<@mikegrb>taupehat: yes but it's their fault
02:01<taupehat>theplanet's fault?
02:01<@mikegrb>they mention someone in the same netblock preforming ssh scans yet never reported it
02:01<taupehat>go smoke your cig and then we can argue about that =]
02:02[~]mikegrb doesn't feel like watching every outbound SSH connection
02:02<@mikegrb>and TP shouldn't have to either
02:03<taupehat>warewolf: interesting reply. What was your take on the whole thing?
02:03<warewolf>I'm happy
02:04<taupehat>he poked a hole in the block for you
02:04<warewolf>they unblocked me, and now caker has fodder to scream a TP about.
02:04<taupehat>and was amazingly frank about why they did what they did
02:05[~]warewolf nods
02:05<warewolf>my original message (sent via gmail) was when I was /super/ ticked off.
02:05<taupehat>it shouldn't be that much of a surprise that one of the premeir IT publishing houses has IT staff that know their stuff
02:06<taupehat>I've got a 3-year-old
02:06<taupehat>who I just had to tell today in fact, to not say "god dammit!"
02:07<taupehat>she knows how to use her words
02:07<taupehat>she was correct in the context of that usage
02:07<taupehat>and even more correct when she dropped a giant, loud f-bomb in the quadrangle of our apartment block]
02:07<taupehat>chasing the birdies, the birdies flew away, she balled up her fists, stamped her feet, and bellowed (as only a 3-year-old can bellow), "FUCK!"
02:08<taupehat>I about died.
02:08<taupehat>mikegrb: this is what you have to look forward to. Just so you know.
02:08<taupehat>so anyhow, I wasn't like the stupid mom from A Christmas Story, and knew exactly where she got that language from.
02:08<encode>l ol taupehat
02:09<taupehat>and now I actually say "frell!" out loud
02:09<@mikegrb>I worked at a science museum
02:09<taupehat>so you've heard it all
02:09<@mikegrb>there was a section called "Kidspace(TM)"
02:09<@mikegrb>one of the main features is a giant water table
02:09<@mikegrb>it's about 40 ft
02:09<@mikegrb>with running water
02:10<@mikegrb>at one end there is a 6ft tall plexi glass box
02:10<@mikegrb>with a waterfall out one side feeding the table
02:10<@mikegrb>inside are water canons that go through the sides
02:10<@mikegrb>um, aimed from outside
02:10<@mikegrb>inside there are targets to shoot and they spin when hit
02:11<@mikegrb>there is a stand pipe at the base
02:11<@mikegrb>at closing time, the stand pipe is removed so that the three feet or so of water can drain out
02:11<@mikegrb>fresh water every day
02:11<@mikegrb>one of the panels is hinged and unlocks at the top for doing this
02:11<@mikegrb>this panel has a water canon on it like the others
02:12<warewolf>the suspense is killing me grb
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02:13<@mikegrb>was looking for a pic on their website
02:13<@mikegrb>under this compartment is a locked box with two switches
02:13<@mikegrb>one switch is labeled water
02:14<@mikegrb>and activates a system that keeps the water at the proper level
02:14<@mikegrb>the other is pumps
02:14<@mikegrb>which of course powers the pumps for the guns and waterfall
02:14<@mikegrb>new guy was doing it for the first time
02:14<@mikegrb>our boss asked him if he remembered to cycle the pumps
02:14<@mikegrb>he said "huh?"
02:15<taupehat>oh no
02:15<@mikegrb>he said, you know, turn the pumps on for 30 seconds after you've turned them and the water off
02:15[~]taupehat thinks he sees where this is going
02:15<@mikegrb>he said "oh, but wont it spray me through this open panel?
02:15<@mikegrb>"No, you have the water off so no water will come out, just the pumps will run to purge them"
02:15<@mikegrb>so he does it
02:16<@mikegrb>and prompty becomes very soaked
02:16<@mikegrb>and yells, very loudly "FUCK!"
02:16<@mikegrb>now, there are still lots of people around
02:16<@mikegrb>it's 10 minutes to closing
02:16<@mikegrb>he imidiatly realizes this
02:16<@mikegrb>yells "Timeout for me!"
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02:16<warewolf>and says fuck again
02:16<@mikegrb>and goes and stands in the corner
02:17<@mikegrb>parents were all laughing
02:17<taupehat>did that save his job?
02:17<@mikegrb>no complaints made
02:17<taupehat>very nice save
02:17<taupehat>I found a level 20 amulet
02:18[~]taupehat is idlerpging
02:19<warewolf>awesome (albit long to tell) story mike
02:19<taupehat>tough one
02:20[~]warewolf asked his bot how to spell it
02:20<warewolf>where's linbot?
02:20<@mikegrb> Flickr is down :<
02:20<@mikegrb>it would have pictures
02:21<taupehat>hang on
02:22<taupehat>it's not down
02:22<taupehat>it's just having a massage
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02:23<taupehat>so mikegrb any luck with the socks scene?
02:24<@mikegrb>not yet
02:24<taupehat>read the chronicles of george if you require calming
02:25<@mikegrb>alas, I've read them all
02:25<taupehat>the forums have tens of thousands of posts
02:25<taupehat>those are probably healthy
02:25<taupehat>amazingly, that site continues to have a very very active forum
02:26<taupehat>even years after it was completed
02:26<taupehat>I found a level 19 charm!
02:26<taupehat>00:26 -bot( You found a level 19 charm!
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04:57<zoot>hi there - anyone else get SYN floods every now and then? every month or so, some twit floods my linode without provocation.. wondering if others are targeted too?
04:58<zoot>always on port 80
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09:00<genxweb>Quick question can we run a squid proxy on a linode
09:01<fuzzie>yes, but obviously it'll be shut down for abuse quickly if you don't secure it adequately.
09:01<fuzzie>thanks to the general behaviour of the internet.
09:02<genxweb>right that should not be a issue. I jsut need a cheap test lab and I use to have al inode but now run dedicated servers, jsut it costs more to reformat a ded box then to reboot the linode
09:02<genxweb>thanks well back to work piece
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11:49<FireSlash>My linode has gone on the fritz and I need to get a SQL backup before I wipe it (Though repairing it would be nice, if possible :/
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11:49<FireSlash>Any ideas? I can't get it to boot properly.
11:50<FireSlash>I keeps spamming grep and egrep copyright notices during boot, and lots of things fail. :/
11:51<FireSlash>RK_Init: idt=0xc04a9000, FUCK: Can't find sys_call_table[]
11:52<FireSlash>Is there any way to boot these images into a different run level?
11:52<npmr>single user mode
11:53<npmr>it's an option in the lpm
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11:53<npmr>sounds like a corrupt filesystem to me
11:53<fuzzie>it's a rootkit.
11:53<fuzzie>you've been cracked.
11:53<fuzzie>boot using init=/bin/bash, pull networking up manually, scp the mysql data files somewhere, reinstal.
11:54<fuzzie>if you can't boot using that, then delete your swap partition, install Debian into the space, boot it, mount the other filesystem, scp the files elsewhere.
11:55<fuzzie>next time, try to keep your box secure. :P
11:55<FireSlash>Ouch. Ok. Any way to prevent this in the future? I'm not sure where I fecked up :X
11:56<FireSlash>I was running a minimalistic debian profile with really nothing running barring pureftpd and apache2, both configured with security in mid.
11:57<fuzzie>if you haven't been running insecure scripts under that apache and you've been keeping up with debian security
11:57<fuzzie>then i have no idea.
11:57<FireSlash>I wasn't running anything on top of apache barring SVN, and I had that secured as well.
11:58<FireSlash>Wow. I think I might have to create a second image.
11:58<FireSlash>root@(none):/# cd /
11:58<FireSlash>root@(none):/# ls
11:58<FireSlash>Segmentation fault
12:00<fuzzie>not surprising, the rootkit probably won't be liking running under a non-modular kernel
12:01<FireSlash>Could it possibly have happened due to a kernel update? I noticed that the kernel is "Latest 2.4 series" which implies its updated regularly by linode.
12:02<fuzzie>the usual infection vector for this stuff is apache
12:02<FireSlash>Hmm. :/
12:02<fuzzie>there have definitely been no remote kernel exploits for a long long time.
12:03<fuzzie>ah, there was a proftpd exploit, fixed on 2nd september.
12:03<FireSlash>I used pureftpd
12:03<fuzzie>oh, okay. nothing recent, then
12:03<FireSlash>Anyway. Annoying bit is that it was working fine until I restarted it.
12:04<FireSlash>Well, mostly fine.
12:04<FireSlash>Hence why i restarted it :P
12:04<FireSlash>Apache was running, SQL was fine, but I couldn't get an SSH connection.
12:05<FireSlash>I just doubt SSH was the infection point. And I didn't use any kind of obvious password
12:10<FireSlash>And of course, last fun point: Nobody gives a crap about my website anyway, why haxx0r it :(
12:11<fuzzie>it'll have been an automated attack, i should expect
12:11<fuzzie>nice high-bandwidth irc bot
12:11<FireSlash>Probably :/
12:15<FireSlash>What the....
12:15<FireSlash>I just created a fresh debian image in the swap space, leaving a little left for swap still...
12:15<FireSlash>The new image does the SAME THING
12:15<FireSlash>Wait, I lied.
12:16<FireSlash>Somehow, the profile switched back. :Stick:
12:20<fo0bar>mikegrb, can you help me find a competitor?
12:20[~]fo0bar needs a UK-based VDS :)
12:23<fuzzie>they're considerably worse than linode price-wise, but it's a pretty similar setup
12:26<fuzzie>they have a beefy machine you can use for distcc, which is nice :)
12:30<SupaZubon>never mind that the actual compilation part isn't the real bottleneck for gentooers
12:30<SupaZubon>you still have to slog through all the code with the preprocessor
12:30<SupaZubon>and that generates an I/O storm
12:30<SupaZubon>caker: any idea if linode will be supporting the ionice extension soon?
12:32<heidi>SupaZubon: caker is in mexico until sometime this weekend
12:34<SupaZubon>oh aye
12:34[~]taupehat has kicked SupaZubon in the shins!
12:34<taupehat>here, sir, have a clue =p
12:34<SupaZubon>taupehat: I've still gotta say, your nick > *
12:35<@mikegrb>mmm cake
12:35<SupaZubon>maybe I'll go bake a cake
12:35<SupaZubon>mikegrb: exactly
12:35<@mikegrb>mmm cake
12:35<SupaZubon>I have a recipe for a fresh apple cake that looks good
12:35<SupaZubon>mikegrb: precisely!
12:36<SupaZubon>I'll just need to pop down the road and get a bottle of vanilla extract and some apples.
12:37<fuzzie>i have apple crumble in the oven.
12:37<fuzzie>it shall be mmm.
12:38<SupaZubon>I just remembered that I am busy until friday. I'll make it then
12:39<FireSlash>Lookie what I just found!
12:39<FireSlash>Looks like it created a folder in my /var/www folder called off, and it has all the workings of your grade A spam mailer :/
12:40<FireSlash>Not only do they hack my server, they do it to spam people. Someone will burn for this.
12:42<FireSlash>Lets see if they were smart cookies and cleared the apache logs before they were done ^^
12:43<FireSlash>Bah. :(
12:43<SupaZubon>welcome to the wonderful world of botnets
12:45<FireSlash>Oh well. Everything important was recovered to a new debian image. Now I just have to reload everything :/
12:50|-|claviola [] has joined #linode
12:50<claviola>Good afternoon.
12:52|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
12:52<taupehat>eh fuzzie
12:52<taupehat>have you had the chance to play with the skype prank yet?
12:53<fuzzie>skype prank?
12:53<taupehat>it pairs off people who randomly skype people
12:54<taupehat>that link is mainly worksafe
12:55<fuzzie>heh, neat
12:55<fuzzie>i set all IM/voice type stuff to ignore anyone who isn't on my contact list
12:55<taupehat>I've been entertaining myself for hours with it
12:55<fuzzie>only way i get any peace
12:55<taupehat>yeah the point is to create a profile that's sufficiently alluring
12:55<taupehat>and then hit "skype me"
12:55<taupehat>I just put up a new one
12:56<taupehat>and had somoene trying to call within about 2 minutes
12:56[~]taupehat just googled for a random girl's name under images, found one that was about 20 or so, and created a profile around that
12:56|-|tierra [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:57<taupehat>the trick is to find one that's clearly a home picture and not something from a talent agency
13:06<taupehat>I've been online with this profile for 10 minutes or so
13:06<taupehat>I've had 3 guys try to call me
13:06<taupehat>and 2 chat sessions (4 guys) going
13:06<taupehat>4 calls now...
13:17|-|broen changed nick to avid
13:30|-|tierra [] has joined #linode
13:33<avid>can anyone tell me if your mail server has to be set up to accept domain literals in order to successfully test it with microsoft outlook?
13:34<avid>for some reason, I can't test email accounts set up with outlook anymore (the configuration in outlook didn't change), and the only thing I can think of is dnsreport telling me I don't accept names in domain literal format.
13:44<[|^__^|]>Maybe your AOL window is in front of your Outlook window
13:45[~]gpd ducks
13:45<avid>probably not :)
13:45<[|^__^|]>avid: in that case, I'd wager that it's a problem with your drive geometry!
13:45<avid>it's pythagorean
13:46<SupaZubon> <-- me
13:47<avid>I heard that the only real application for that technology was child pornography. How did you hear about it?
13:48<FireSlash>Wow. only took 3.5 hours to recover data off the old image and get the new one in a working state. Damn, I'm getting good at disaster recovery.
13:48<FireSlash>Too bad I can't get good at avoiding the initial disaster :/
13:49<taupehat>FireSlash: rm -rf / eh?
13:50<FireSlash>OMFG Y R MY FILEZ GONE?!11 OH NOE!!
13:50<taupehat>I only say that because I did that to my /usr once
13:50<FireSlash>Wow. :X
13:50<taupehat>thought I was still in a chroot
13:50<taupehat>but wasn't
13:51<taupehat>figured it out when the command prompt was blocked for I/O
14:01|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:52|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
15:26|-|Newsome [] has left #linode [Leaving]
16:07[~]gpd realizes he has no clue what is going on with gaming... discovers Second Life
16:15[~]gpd decides it looks a bit weird... procrastinates joining
16:16<fuzzie>Go buy World of Warcraft.
16:17<gpd>yeah, that is a bit intimidating... never been into DnD...
16:17<gpd>bloke in our lab played it every wakeing hour when not at work :S
16:20|-|linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:21<taupehat>gpd: get one of the FPS games
16:21<taupehat>they'll blow your mind
16:22<fuzzie>I've spent about half today playing WoW. Admittedly with friends, but I think I'm descending firmly into 'sad' category.
16:22|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:24[~]taupehat wastes too much time on battlefield2 and hl2
16:24<fuzzie>I got bored of hl2 after completing it.
16:24<taupehat>hl2 deathmatch is fun
16:24|-|womble [] has quit [Quit: What's behind the round window...]
16:25<fuzzie>And that's about the only game I've played much of recently.
16:26|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has quit [Quit: A without purpose - | SMDC-Network IRC -]
16:27<gpd>yeah, hl2 was superb. :)
16:27<gpd>but the best thing about it imho was the playground at the beginning :)
16:27<gpd>which is why this second life thing might be quite entertaining
16:28<gpd>and why GTA3 was soooo good... you can just wander about aimlessly...
16:31<gpd>or not
16:34<fuzzie>It got boring.
16:40<npmr>if you get too bored with games, head to the nearest large rock formation or climbing gym
16:40<npmr>start with the routes rated 5.7, work your way up
16:48|-|sec39` [commando@] has quit [Quit: ]
16:55|-|Chang [] has joined #linode
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16:57|-|Chang [] has joined #linode
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17:04|-|Chang [] has quit [Quit: Chang]
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17:37|-|jekil [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
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18:53|-|womble [] has joined #linode
19:06|-|emcnabb [] has joined #linode
19:18|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
19:49<gpd>are you back from holidays?
19:49<@caker>yup :)
19:49<gpd>shouldn't that be :(
19:52<encode>wb caker
19:52<encode>how was teh mexico?
19:53<@caker>it was good, except I got a nasty cold (chest/cough, not the runs) yesterday ... stuck in bed since then
19:54<encode>mmmm ipod nano looks pretty sweet
19:55[~]caker downloads 6500 emails
19:56<encode>yeah, just announced by apple
19:56<gpd>and iTunes 5.0 is quite nice too... (new look on OSX)
19:56<@caker>ahh, and the ROKR phone, too
19:57[~]gpd plugs vein into /. feed
19:58<encode>i wonder if i should upgrade from 4.8 to 5.0
19:58<@caker>it's purty
19:58<encode>it meaning itunes 5.0 or ipod nano?
19:58<encode>i bet it'll be ages before it comes out in .au :(
19:58<encode>we only got the psp last week
19:58|-|avid [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:58<gpd>my boss got a Mightly Mouse today... quite nice also
19:59<encode> <- hehe
20:00<gpd>apple's use of the rather geeky term 'nano' is curious
20:01<gpd>I suppose nano has entered public consiousness due to nanotech
20:01<@caker>encode: the ipod nano is pretty
20:02<@caker>haven't looked at the new itunes interface yet
20:02<gpd>pico- femto- atto- zepto- and yocto- will be a while yet i suspect
20:02<encode>gpd: yeah hehe
20:02<encode>i havent looked at new itunes either
20:02<encode>but i wonder if theres any point upgrading
20:03<gpd>i have been running it for about 4 hours without problems
20:03<gpd>looks a lot like the Tiger
20:03<gpd>but with slightly different top bar... they seem to have 4 different types of brushed metalish interfaces now
20:03<encode> <-- very pretty
20:03<encode>gpd: unfortunately im a windoze user
20:04<encode>on my desktop anyway
20:04<gpd>well the addition of podcasting to versions above 4.?? was nice...
20:04<gpd>5.0 also has 'parental control' filth
20:04<encode>meh @ podcasting
20:04<encode>tho i can see how ppl would like it
20:05<gpd>yeah... not found one worth listening to yet
20:05<npmr>meh @ iwhatever
20:05<gpd>but the bbc streams are ok
20:05[~]gpd awaits bbc comedy streams :)
20:08[~]encode twiddles his thumbs as he pretends to work
20:09<gpd>I know that feeling...
20:09<gpd>The point where you can't face doing anything except stare into space...
20:10<encode>or the feeling where everyone else is doing work, leaving none for me
20:10<encode>im sure i could find some if i looked hard enough
20:11<gpd>you have a list of things to do... but none can be done in the next 10 mins... and need careful planning... which will be done tomorrow... :)
20:11<encode>i have things i need to work on next week
20:12<gpd>next week is the best time to start most projects
20:12<encode>and other thigns im waiting for stuff to happen before i can do
20:12<encode>yeah, except this project needs to be done in 2 days next week
20:12<encode>and cant be started till then :S
20:12<gpd>what field are you in? IT?
20:13<encode>well, if windows support can be considered IT
20:13<encode>its more like black magic
20:14<encode>i'd hate to be doing desktop support and dealing with mindless end users
20:15<gpd>I have plans to extricate myself from science into high tech / IT consulting...
20:16<gpd>out of the frying pan...
20:16<encode>i have plans to extricate myself from windows to programming / *nix / network / almost anything else
20:17<gpd>having both skillz is apparently quite rare
20:17<gpd>met my neighbor this w/e who did both... said he was sought after
20:17<gpd>having said that he is now a Personal Trainer! pff
21:00|-|libervisco [] has joined #linode
21:01<gpd>hey libervisco
21:01<libervisco>Hi :)
21:02<gpd>linode collective... pressure libervisco to buy linode :)
21:02<libervisco>A croatian guy here :)
21:02<gpd>yeah I think you need a cc to sign up :(
21:02<gpd>no paypal correct caker ?
21:03<libervisco>no paypal for croats unfortunately
21:03|-|JavaWoman [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:03|-|JavaWoman [] has joined #linode
21:05<gpd>We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.
21:05<encode>whats this we stuff
21:05<encode>you mean linode accepts ...
21:05<libervisco>I have neither :\
21:06<gpd>copy paste doesn't do pronoun translation
21:06<libervisco>I have moneybookers account only
21:06<gpd>mmm moneybookers - ideal for money laundering :)
21:07<libervisco>well, it's not like I love it, I just don't have much choice
21:08<libervisco>but it doesn't neccesserily have to be bad or subjected to money laundering and whatever
21:15|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
21:15|-|JavaWoman [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:15|-|JavaWoman [] has joined #linode
21:34|-|ronpoz [] has joined #linode
21:58|-|tierra [] has quit [Quit: Don't let people drive you crazy when you know it's in walking distance.]
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