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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-10-30

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00:52<cmantito>What happens if your CC gets declined when Linode tries to bill it? Will it try again shortly after?
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01:09<bob2>so, on the "forgotten username" page, I should be able to just enter the email address that I get bills to, right?
01:10<@mikegrb>or I could look it up for you ;)
01:11<bob2>oh, gah
01:11<@mikegrb>bob2: first initial, last name
01:11<bob2>I bet I forgot to rerequest billing for it
01:12<bob2>r weir.
01:14<bob2>was it deleted?
01:14<@mikegrb>up and running
01:15<@mikegrb>was it telling you there was nothing matching the email addy?
01:15<bob2>I have two under my name
01:15<@mikegrb>you have
01:16<@mikegrb>bet you forgot the +linode
01:16<bob2>and another that is just
01:16<bob2>(because I suck and forgot)
01:17<cmantito>mikegrb: thanks for answering earlier. I ask because I'm due for billing on Tuesday and I'm going to the bank monday, it might not process by Tuesday =/
01:18<@mikegrb>that shouldn't be a problem
01:18<@mikegrb>it will try again wednesday
01:18<cmantito>great. how long before it shuts off my linode? :P
01:18<@mikegrb>and in the mean time you just get a nasty message when you login ;)
01:19<@mikegrb>couple days after we email you to tell you to pay up sucka
01:20<@mikegrb>but if it looks like there will be a problem, just open a ticket
01:20<cmantito>shouldn't be, as long as I get out of work before 3 pm tomorrow.
01:20<bob2>mikegrb: so, the other host had bills going to and it seems I forgot to pay that one, is it gone?
01:21[~]mikegrb looks
01:22<@mikegrb>that one is showing as cancelled
01:23<@mikegrb>but the file system and such is still around
01:23<@mikegrb>can reactivate it
01:23<bob2>how do I pay the bill for it?
01:23<bob2>the webinterface won't let me login
01:23<@mikegrb>lemme mark it as active, then you can login
01:24<bob2>ah, thank you
01:24<@mikegrb>since the account was closed, the ip may be already reassigned, if not can give same ip, else, new ip
01:25<@mikegrb>know what the previous ip was?
01:25<bob2>it was
01:25<bob2>and it has been reassigned
01:26<[|^__^|]_> <-- npmr
01:27<bob2>(I noticed I'd forgotten to pay because ssh whinged about the host key not matching anymore;)
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01:29<@mikegrb>bob2: should be able to login now
01:30<@mikegrb>new ip should be super easy to remember
01:33<cmantito>ThePlanet is in Dallas, TX right?
01:33<cmantito>nice :)
01:36<[|^__^|]>huk huk huk
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12:15<dngrmouse>when I add an IP address, do I need to reboot or can I restart the network services?
12:17<efudd>limitation of the rulesets used to generate networking for each linode.
12:27<dngrmouse>okay... not what I was expecting... this is what I have via the "Network Settings/Information" on
12:27<dngrmouse>eth0: ( )
12:27<dngrmouse>eth0: ( )
12:28<dngrmouse>my new IP address is not an alias to my original?
12:28<dngrmouse>in fact it seems that my linode is no long answering on the first (
12:29<thelsdj>dngrmouse: what distro and how did you add the new one?
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12:29<efudd>you gotta setup the routes/etc correctly. open a support ticket.
12:29<dngrmouse>ahh... thanks.
12:30<dngrmouse>something about your previous message made me assume that the linode would do that for you (routes, et al.)
12:31<thelsdj>no, linode will only give you the first ip automatically
12:31<thelsdj>you have to manually configure your distro for any others
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12:45<dngrmouse>I should RTFM. :) it's all on
12:46<dngrmouse>one item though... How to "Make sure you disable the DHCP clienet."
13:03<gloin>this kernel update is nic3e
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13:56<[|^__^|]>Oct 29 23:17:40 frotz sshd[31663]: reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo for failed - POSSIBLE BREAKIN ATTEMPT!
13:57<[|^__^|]>I woke up to 100 of those today
13:57<[|^__^|]>thousands, rather
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13:57<[|^__^|]>is that a linode?
13:57<[|^__^|]>I can't ping it
13:58<[|^__^|]>[nick@beaujolais(~)] host
13:58<[|^__^|]>Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
13:59<Battousai>you dun gettin haxxed
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14:01<[|^__^|]>oh well
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14:02<[|^__^|]>-> 4 ND+ Oct 30 Son Pagan [11.9] Crackmonkey addlebrained alephs
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14:12<dngrmouse>It appears that linode follows the network gateway (x.x.x.1), network (x.x.x.0) and broadcast (x.x.x.255) conventions. Am I correct?
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15:17<rafx>when caker rolls out kernel 2.6.14, will we have FUSE support enabled? it looks like FUSE was requested by others in the forums too
15:17<gloin>would be utterly bitchin to have =]
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16:59<dngrmouse>i'm looking for a "config review" ... two IPs, two routes, FC2. Anybody game? I think I'm expecting one thing and getting something else, but it could my experienced noob, to infant intermediacy with linux networking that is making me doubt myself. plus I lack experience with testing the configuration.
17:03<kvandivo>women like a confident man
17:04<dngrmouse>LOL :)
17:09<dngrmouse>then let me ask can I configure a second IP as a virtual device? or must it be an alias on eth0?
17:13<kvandivo>have you checked the forums and the wiki?
17:14<dngrmouse>i didn't try the wiki. it was down at somepoint and I didn't know it was back up. thanks.
17:14<kvandivo>it was down a while back due to spam bots.. been back for a while, though
17:19<dngrmouse>i got that far actually. the entry assumes that both IPs are on the same gateway. but I got a new IP on separate gw.
17:24<@mikegrb>mmm cake
17:24<bob2>cake is good
17:38<kvandivo>bob2: i fixed myself some "Chex Muddy Buddies" last night.. the recipe was on the side of a box of chex.. it is pretty tasty as well
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17:51<@mikegrb>kvandivo: yes, they are the good
17:51<@mikegrb>heidi has made that goodness
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