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00:12<cmantito>any comcast users around having problems with google the last few days?
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00:13<@caker>not I
00:13[~]cmantito grumbles
00:13<cmantito>seems to be just my area.
00:13<cmantito>looks like I'll have to proxy through my linode =/
00:15<taupehat>there you go
00:15<taupehat>setup socks, make sure it's with auth =]
00:16<cmantito>of course. :)
00:16<cmantito>I could with no adverse affect on my network usage---I barely touch my quota each month.
00:43<fo0bar>that's it, you're all going on my list
00:50<cmantito>list of?
00:53<cmantito>I could realistically solve this without a proxy by setting up a vhost for with a php script that calls with all the same POST/GET arguements & filenames and then returns the output, and then making a hosts file entry to point at my linode....
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01:13<cmantito>When IRC bot authors trick-or-treat...
01:39<fo0bar>cmantito: I'm on charter and have been having occasional problems
01:40<fo0bar>it'll just hang before the content is served
01:40<cmantito>that happens once in a while; but sometimes I can't even connect.
01:40<fo0bar>trying again immediately will almost always work
01:41<fo0bar>but I don't see it at work
01:41<cmantito>although at the moment I can't seem to load a certain page with google ads on it.
01:42<cmantito>I don't see it on anyone else except you, and comcast users in my area
01:42<fo0bar>yeah, it's annoying when it hangs at hangs as well
01:42<fo0bar>your area == ?
01:42<cmantito>South Jeresey
01:43<fo0bar>I first started noticing it around friday
02:04<bob2>cmantito: dovecot> yes
02:04<cmantito>bob2: thanks anyway, got it figured out in the end though
02:20<fo0bar>Google Accounts
02:20<fo0bar>Sorry, there seems to be a problem. The service you're looking for is temporarily unavailable. We're working hard to restore your access as soon as possible. Please try again in a few hours. Thanks for your patience.
02:20<fo0bar>that's new
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06:30<@mikegrb>cmantito: I've had problems here, but they were dns related in my case
06:30<@mikegrb>then again, cox's dns servers suck
06:31<@mikegrb>setting up cacheing dns server took care of it for me
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08:36[~]bendy24 caches mikegrb
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11:08<kvandivo>will! entertain us
11:08<linbot>New news from forums: Switching to mod_perl in Performance and Tuning <>
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11:40<optikal>mikegrb, caker: you around?
11:51<optikal>Im tryin to setup a new linode for my company, and I selected Linode 160 (with annual payment for 3gb free disk space)
11:52<optikal>And after following the confirmation email link, on the billing page, it says its going to bill me for a month.
11:53<@mikegrb>bills you for remainder of current month
11:53<@mikegrb>on the first it will bill you for one year
11:53<optikal>hmm ok
11:54<optikal>So on 12/1 It will bill the $479.40?
11:54<optikal>Just need to clarify for the boss. :)
11:54<optikal>The billing name is like.. Shore something isnt it?
11:54<optikal>I forget =/
11:55<@mikegrb>Shore Network Technologies
11:55<optikal>Okay thanks.
11:59[~]optikal waits patiently for membership validation.
12:00<optikal>so how goes things? been awhile since I shot the shit in here, been too busy =/
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12:22<bendy24>its been awhile sice i had a shit too
12:22<bendy24>i wonder whats wrong
12:25<Beirdo>shooting shit would get messy pretty fast
12:25<bendy24>imagine with a bfg 3000!
12:26<bendy24>Beirdo: you have something on your shirt...
12:26[~]Beirdo looks... nope, no bean burrito parts on my shirt
12:27<Beirdo>my coworkers will rue the day they made me fix that server. :)
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13:37<tux_rulez>I guess I'm going to become a ricer.
13:37<Beirdo>new gentoo user?
13:43<tux_rulez>Redhat 7.0/9.0 user --> gentoo in progress
13:44<bendy24>poor guy
13:45<tux_rulez>It seames that Fedora Core is not progressing the way I want
13:49<Beirdo>and you just noticed now? :)
13:50<Beirdo>I kinda like seeing my old distro swirling around the bowl.
13:50<bendy24>yeah, its seems to be right behind solaris
13:51[~]Beirdo slaps bendy24
13:52<Beirdo>if only Fedora were that stable
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14:23<tux_rulez>Beirdo: notice that I said Redhat 7.0/9.0 user, not Fedora Core user
14:23<Beirdo>FC1 wasn't too bad, it was basically RH10
14:24<Beirdo>but after that, they started seriously swirling the bowl and trying to clog the drain
14:28<tux_rulez>Now I'm just woindering what the KRUD guy is going to do to make a living. KRUD was a monthly upgraded redhat distro
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14:42<javafueled>anybody else seeing an issue with yum updating ( down)?
14:51<tux_rulez><Beirdo> FC1 wasn't too bad, it was basically RH10
14:51<tux_rulez><Beirdo> but after that, they started seriously swirling the bowl and trying to clog the drain
14:56<javafueled>tux_rulez: and your distro?
14:56<javafueled>Beirdo: your distro?
14:56<tux_rulez> (Redhat 7.0/9.0 --> gentoo) user in progress.
14:56<javafueled>just curious. full disclosure.
14:56<tux_rulez>Actuelly I have not 100% commited to gentoo
14:58<javafueled>see i'm a FC[1-4] guy myself. now, seeing your comments above, i'll even stipulate some of your feelings are valid.
15:00<tux_rulez>Well, I thought About going to FC, But trying to use FC2 on linode and working with it has soured my luke warm fealings twards FC
15:01<@caker>FC5 won't evne have LinuxThreads
15:01<@caker>meaning UML won't be able to run it
15:01<Battousai>gentoo is for ricers
15:01<javafueled>i think this is a side effect of running in a UML, yes?
15:01<tux_rulez>The FC2 (3?4?) version of DB4 is not compatable with UML
15:01<@caker>right, they're starting to have all the libs expect NPTL
15:01<javafueled>if you had FC[0-9] on a physical box would you feel the same?
15:02<javafueled>i'm not trying to spread any love for this distro or that distro.
15:02<@caker>Jeff has TLS/NPTL implemented for UML, but it makes stuff segfault occasionally -- they haven't figured that one out yet
15:02<tux_rulez>I tried to compile DB4 from SRPM and the FC build process totaly trashed the vinilla (read sleapycat) build process.
15:02<@caker>tux_rulez: debian seems like an obvious choice
15:03<tux_rulez>DB4 is a base package to FC2, many things depend on it.
15:03<javafueled>I just think one has to stick with what one knows. I've been on RHL since 6. I don't like a lot of Legacy crap in FC for one.
15:03<@caker>tux_rulez: there's a pre-made rebuild of that somewhere
15:04<tux_rulez>I looked into Mandrive and Debian.
15:04<tux_rulez>caker: I looked on the net and did not find it.
15:05<@caker>Debian 3.1 (Small) 48.78% <-- % of deploy distributions at Linode
15:05<javafueled>I thought there was a lot of Debian, base on the entries in the forums. :)
15:05<javafueled>what's the others, caker?
15:05<tux_rulez>I'm looking into getting a used 1Ghz box if I go nuts compiling gentoo. I'll reexamin Mandrive and Debian
15:05<@caker>Gentoo Linux 2005.0 (2005-03-30) 13.43
15:06<@caker>various RH distros add up to about 14-15%
15:06<@caker>Ubuntu 4.10 5.22 , fairly new
15:06<@caker>slack's about 4%
15:06<@caker>mandrake around 1%
15:07<javafueled>i see how linode would be a great platform to play with another distro.
15:07<javafueled>but you have to be dedicated to love Gentoo. :)
15:09<tux_rulez>From the Gentoo pages - gentoo supports "Plain kernels: vanilla-sources" which FC does not.
15:09<bendy24>are you sure?
15:10<bendy24>i see no reason why you cannot compile your own vanilla for fc
15:10<@caker>FC works under a vanilla UML kernel no problem
15:11<tux_rulez>but NPTL bit my A**
15:13<@caker>vanilla kernels do NPTL, UML doesn't
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15:26<javafueled>caker: Xen going to do NPTL?
15:26<tux_rulez>I'm a bit confused about this NPTL, LinuxThreads thing still and it's
15:26<tux_rulez>relationship to threads. I concider myself a *nix system level programer (not a kernel hacker).
15:26<tux_rulez>I have a c-lang project that uses "#include <pthreads.h>" and makes calls like pthread_mutex_unlock(). Will this be a problem on a UML system? It will not be running on Linode
15:28<tux_rulez>From what I've heard that since 1999 no one programs in Linux threads, because they don't work on other *nix system.
15:29<tux_rulez>There were never any O'REILLY books on Lthreads.
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15:41<[Erik]>HE just take a dump?
15:50<tux_rulez>He who?
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16:05<taupehat>I'm on henet and (obviously) am fine
16:05<taupehat>I did take a dump a little while ago, but that had nothing to do with computers.
16:08<tux_rulez>I thought it might be He as in God.
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16:08<taupehat>Hurracaine Electric
16:08<taupehat>hosting farm
16:24<linbot>New news from forums: Feature Request: FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) support in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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16:38<Battousai>mine kinda got disconnected
16:39<Battousai>from a rather unstable network, so it's kinda hard to gauge what happened
16:39<Battousai>for now, i'll blame it on 3rd part
16:42<kvandivo>i blame canada
16:44<[Erik]>i got disconnected from two different linodes at HE, both are on different hosts
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16:45<neale>can anybody tell me how linode shows up on the credit card bill? I need name, address, and phone number.
16:45<[Erik]>Shore Network Technologies i think
16:45<kvandivo>i knew a guy named Erik Shores once upon a time
16:46<tux_rulez>That sounds faimilure.
16:46<neale>right, it is shore network technologies
16:46<neale>we're going to buy a linode at work
16:46<neale>but I forgot who's on the bill
16:46<neale>okay, the rest appears to be in whois
16:47<neale>which I really should have checked in the first place
16:47<neale>thanks [Erik]
16:47<tierra>check footer of or
16:56<neale>oh duh
16:56<neale>okay thanks :)
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17:53<id10t>'lo all
17:54<id10t>anyone around for some pre-purchase questions?
17:55<@caker>hello .. sure
17:55<id10t>wondering why you need more cc info than most places require... issuing bank, phone,
17:56<neale>so that Vladmir doesn't register a linode with a stolen credit card and then try to hack the NSA.
17:56<@caker>We've had issues with fraud, and those details help verify valid signups
17:57<id10t>ok... can you slap my name on one of the 80s? id like to prepay for 3 months
17:57<@caker>id10t:, please
17:57[~]id10t celebrates that his wife is letting him spend a little money
17:57<id10t>i'm there now... just noticed 2 were left tho :)
18:00<id10t>you've got mail :)
18:01<@caker>id10t: all set -- thanks, and welcome :)
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18:01<kvandivo>id10t: was that fast enough for you?
18:01<id10t>yup :)
18:04<id10t>funny thing is that i started the process a while back, and now i get to use the "forgot your login" script :)
18:04<id10t>ah... i was actually semi-professional and didn't use id10t
18:05<kvandivo>so you weren't an idiot
18:05<id10t>well, i'm not normally...
18:05<id10t>just never bothered applying myself, so i have friends that got phds at mit, and i took 9 years to get an AS at a cc...
18:06<id10t>funny thing is, my job in edu tech. supposedly requires a masters degree
18:07<[Erik]>my linode is still a 64... i haevnt rebooted it for more ram yet... lol
18:07<kvandivo>was it really that funny, mikegrb?
18:07<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:11<tux_rulez>I know a guy with a MS in CS that knew less about programming them people that had engenering degrees in things other than computers
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18:16<id10t>well thanks for the signup, love quick service :) off to play with the new toy
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18:43<efudd>bad sony.
18:43<efudd>It isn't unusual.
18:44<thelsdj_>efudd: i like the news that you can defeat world of warcrafts spy program with sony's rootkit
18:44<taupehat>so dumb
18:44<taupehat>thelsdj_: the problem is, it'll be used to defeat things like punkbuster that aren't phone-homers
18:45<thelsdj_>yea i know, but i don't play many games that i worry about cheating
18:45<thelsdj_>i just love the irony
19:16<fo0bar>fo0barf: irssi v0.8.9 - running on Microsoft Xbox
19:16<fo0bar>fo0bar: irssi v0.8.9 - running on Commodore 64
19:17<fo0bar>taupehat [] requested unknown CTCP SLAP from fo0bar:
19:20<linbot>your mom's got a nice xbox
19:21<fo0bar>linbot: you mom like my big endian
19:22<fo0bar>err "your mom likes my big endian"
19:22<fo0bar>how did I mess up that so bad?
19:45<taupehat>mikegrb: you got me back for the ctcp, didn't you
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