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00:05<jeremiah9>anybody woth problems on host52?
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07:54<Sorvin>are some linodes down? i can't ping mine...
08:01<LokiLV>Sorvin: a couple of people have complained about host52
08:01<LokiLV>but i am not staff so i have no clue
08:01<Sorvin>k, thanks :)
08:02<heidi>Sorvin, networking went down on some yesterday, restarting the networking or rebooting the linodes seemed to work
08:03<Sorvin>hmm, i see.
08:03<Sorvin>will try. thanks as well!
08:05<LokiLV>howdy heidi how are you?
08:07<heidi>I am ok
08:07<heidi>just a little fuzzy headed since I just got up
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08:13<LokiLV>ah :)
08:13<LokiLV>how is hunter?
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08:21<kvandivo>heidi: mousse or a curling iron will probably take care of the fuzzy headedness
08:27<heidi>LokiLV: he is good
08:27<heidi>kvandivo: thanks for the advice
08:28<LokiLV>heidi: that is great to hear!
08:29<heidi>he is a big boy now
08:30<heidi>or getting there at least
08:30<heidi>walking and learning new things every day
08:30<heidi>except the talking
08:30<heidi>I don't know when that will start
08:31<npmr>have you asked him if he knows any words?
08:31<LokiLV>my brother did not star talking till he was about 3
08:31<heidi>LokiLV: well if they don't start by 2 they look into speech therapy
08:31<heidi>npmr: heh
08:31<heidi>tried that
08:31<LokiLV>heidi: he is about 7 now
08:31<LokiLV>he has speaking problems
08:31<LokiLV>and he is in speech
08:31<heidi>he knows some words, he chooses not to use them
08:32<npmr>some kids will just avoid talking even if they know the words
08:32<heidi>npmr: but he jabbers constantly
08:32<heidi>he loves to talk
08:32<LokiLV>i had to have speech therapy also.
08:32<heidi>I don't know why he doesn't want to use the words he knows
08:32<kvandivo>me too.. but it was because i had ear problems and couldn't hear well
08:32<LokiLV>but with budget cuts the area i needed was cut
08:32<LokiLV>and so was phonics
08:32<heidi>his favorite word is wee wee wee
08:33<heidi>I think he must take after his daddy
08:33<heidi>oh and me me me
08:33<kvandivo>i had 'swimmer's ear' when i was very young and it has negatively affected my hearing ever since
08:33<heidi>well hunter doesn't have any hearing problems
08:33[~]kvandivo turns up the volume on his headphones to listen to 'Come Sail Away', because it deserves to be heard loud.
08:34<heidi>so it is just a matter of him slowing down on his other skills long enough to focus on the speech
08:34<heidi>everything else he is ahead and doing great in
08:34<kvandivo>if he's saying wee wee wee a lot maybe he's trying to be french
08:35<heidi>his newest thing is "oh baby"
08:35<LokiLV>heidi: well make sure he has phonics :)
08:35<LokiLV>lol that is mike's word isn't it?
08:35<heidi>he says it like "oh I can't believe I did that" sort of way
08:35<heidi>he says it when he thinks he is being silly
08:35<LokiLV>Oh lol
08:35[~]LokiLV kicks mikegrb
08:35<LokiLV>heidi: well alot of my typographical errors are from lack of phonics
08:36<kvandivo>i just blame canada
08:36<heidi>I know that most schools use phonics to learn
08:36<LokiLV>heidi: they cut that here
08:36<LokiLV>along with speech
08:36<heidi>i had a friend going to school to teach, she hated phonics
08:36<LokiLV>when i was in the 1st grade
08:37<heidi>she didn't hate if because it wasn't a good way for the kids to learn, there was just so much more she had to learn because of it
08:37<heidi>so that she could teach others
08:38<LokiLV>yea :/
08:38<LokiLV>my typos are from me not having the phonics to sound out the words
08:38<npmr>you should teach him to say "lol"
08:39<LokiLV>npmr: i punch anyone i hear say lol irl
08:40<LokiLV>kvandivo: i am american not candain
08:40<kvandivo>and new here, as well
08:40<npmr>hee hee
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08:41<npmr> could not be found. Please check the name and try again.
08:42<kvandivo>i think you should buy it and try to get /. to pay you lots of money
08:42<LokiLV>i am not new kvandivo
08:45<npmr>you're both new here
08:45<LokiLV>i am not new :/
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08:46<inkblot>like i was saying.... you're both new here
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08:46<NetWolf>i am not new :/
08:46<NetWolf>i know who you are :P
08:46<NetWolf>i have been on here off and on for about 1.5 years
08:46<npmr><-- 2
08:47[~]kvandivo watches the testosterone squirt about the room.
08:47<NetWolf>kvandivo: just proveing a point :)
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11:58[~]Battousai is new here
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13:40<tux_rulez>I have a linode running Gentoo. When I type hostname I only get localhost. Should I fix it so that it gives me the same thing as when I typo "host" ?
13:54<javafueled>tux_rulez: I think that depends a bit on preference. I don't think it's required to change the name as long as your services can resolve to that name. but I defer to a senior voice on networking.
13:54<javafueled>e.g., Apache ServerName directives for instance.
13:54<tux_rulez>I think some of the mail stuff is having problems
13:54<javafueled>what are you running?
13:55<tux_rulez>cyrus-imapd and apache2
13:57<javafueled>apache2 I'm familiar with. cyrus I'm not. mail is a weak area; dishearten after trying to get sendmail to work a couple of years ago, and havent revisited.
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13:58<tux_rulez>I was wondering why it did not get set during boot up from dhcp client
13:58<javafueled>your host name?
13:59<tux_rulez>Yes, when I was using FC2 hostname was set automaticaly.
14:02<javafueled>ahhh...yes. maybe I should defer to the gentoo users on channel. :) i'm on FC2 now. actually, my hostname is not through DHCP as I have disabled that. I think i'm getting it right now through RDNS.
14:04<tux_rulez>How to you set it so that hostname automaticaly comes from rdns?
14:06<tjfontaine>read, follow, obey teh mr npmr
14:09<javafueled>good read. thanks tjf.
14:09<tjfontaine>thanks to teh npmr
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14:12<tjfontaine>I had to haxor the gibson on that one, not seeing a direct link on the homepage
14:12<bendy24>yeah right
14:12<bendy24>i want proof
14:13<tjfontaine>I guessed!
14:14<javafueled>"haxor the gibson" i got that...okay, some synapses were exercised, and it took a sec. but I got that. :)
14:14<npmr>linbot, spandex?
14:14<linbot>Wish I knew!
14:15<npmr>linbot, spandex is a priviledge, not a right
14:15<linbot>Got it.
14:15<[|^__^|]>javafueled: now you can jack your own feed into the infocluster
14:15<javafueled>i'm already doing that.
14:16<[|^__^|]> <-- javafueled
14:17[~]taupehat was thrashing earlier. Sorry about that.
14:18<[|^__^|]>taupehat: no, that was my fault. next time I'll tighten your straps another notch
14:18<taupehat>well, that too
14:18[~]javafueled roflz
14:18<taupehat>which is why I didn't notice that snort was thrashing my linode
14:18<taupehat>had better things to do
14:19[~]javafueled adds Hackers to Netflix queue.
14:19[~]taupehat hax's teh gibson
14:19[~]Redgore passes javafueled a sense of taste
14:20<Redgore>although that reminds me, must send my DVDs back to blockbuster
14:22<[|^__^|]>Hackers was a great mix of ludicrous raver nonsense, actual hacker research, cheesy sci-fi plot, and, well... Angelina Jolie in dirtbike leathers
14:22<tjfontaine>pre-cosmetic surgeries as well
14:22[~]javafueled begins spray-painting his keyboard in a leopard stripe pattern of yellow and black.
14:22<[|^__^|]>she dated sick boy for a long time before finding billybob
14:23<taupehat>actually, you get to see angelina's bumpers sans chrome!
14:23<bendy24>i'd still bang her
14:23<[|^__^|]>javafueled: that is the only way to prepare your deck for the intrusionary counterattacks of the gibson
14:23<tjfontaine>bendy24: lest we not bang anything with tits and still breathes
14:24<tjfontaine>assisted or otherwise
14:24<taupehat>ahh, the linode virtual server hangout
14:24<bendy24>tjfontaine: im not too picky
14:25<[|^__^|]>The current situation where message to the list and to other recipients not
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14:39<OvrLrd-Q>Kernel panic - not syncing: Kernel mode fault at addr 0x63413d, ip 0x0
14:39<OvrLrd-Q>suppose that's classified as 'Not Good'
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14:41<linbot>New news from forums: Kernel Panic in General Discussion <>
14:55<tjfontaine>no news is good gnus from gary gnu
14:55<linbot>... but news is bias its a fact, fox is rehtoric propaganda bs, tjfontaine ...
14:55<tjfontaine>oh, sorry I'll try and keep up
15:16<OvrLrd-Q>say I want to copy a folder and all it's subfolders, but it's a subversion repository so it's got a metric buttload of .svn subfolders
15:16<OvrLrd-Q>is there anyway to copy everything *but* the .svn folders? or do I need to copy it all then recurse through everything and delete the .svn folders?
15:18<tjfontaine>rsync -x
15:19<@mikegrb>tjfontaine -xxx
15:19<bendy24>tjfontaine -gigi
15:19<@mikegrb>tjfontaine: free .net online classes
15:20<tjfontaine>mikegrb: I teach them ;)
15:20<OvrLrd-Q>erm whatsit?
15:20<bendy24>mikegrb: i'll go
15:20<tjfontaine>OvrLrd-Q: man rsync
15:22<OvrLrd-Q>hum that's cheap
15:22<OvrLrd-Q>it has a -C as shorthand to ignore cvs files ;|
15:22<bendy24>google works well
15:23<OvrLrd-Q>oooh, it does also cover .svn/
15:23<OvrLrd-Q>how trixy
15:23<tjfontaine>RTFM is far from cheap, you should know that on your own
15:24<bendy24>tjfontaine: you are cheap in general
15:24<tjfontaine>bendy24: quite so
15:24<tjfontaine>bendy24: doesn't mean that RTFM/STFW shouldn't be done before my irc bw is used :)
15:24<bendy24>quite treu
15:25<OvrLrd-Q>blblblb oh noes blbllblb internet bandwidth thief!!! ahahahahha 1 bit oh noes there's another few bytes!
15:25<@mikegrb>bendy24: tj's time is worth less then his bandwidth!
15:25[~]mikegrb runs
15:26<OvrLrd-Q> is a very spammy netblock :(
15:29<tjfontaine>mikegrb: /me chases
15:35<@mikegrb>any incredibly large provider will have lots of spam
15:37<npmr>except linode
15:38<@mikegrb>we do
15:39<@mikegrb>we generally get one or two complaints a day
15:39<@mikegrb>I'm sure lots goes unreported
15:39<@mikegrb>multiply that by a few thousand times for a gianormous provider and that is a lot of spam
15:51<efudd>Okay, I realize you're Israeli, but do you think you could chill out a
15:51<efudd>little on comparing Don's mailing list configuration with the Holocaust?
15:51[~]efudd falls over and dies
15:53<npmr>ha ha
15:53<npmr>which Don?
15:53<[|^__^|]>Don Marti
15:53<[|^__^|]>that was me replying to Shlomi Fish
15:54<[|^__^|]>on linux-elitists
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15:57<@mikegrb>every post from slomi is an abudance of hilarity
15:57<@mikegrb>shlomi even
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16:03<[|^__^|]>I know.
16:03<[|^__^|]>have you seen his humor pages?
16:04<[|^__^|]>google him up sometime. they're hilarious in their lack of humor
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16:10<@mikegrb>that's what makes them funny!
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19:59<id10t>'lo all
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20:02<id10t>i'm getting a ton of hits on the fw on my linode from - is that another linode or someone else in linodes datahostplacethingie?
20:07<OvrLrd-Q>somebody else in the planet
20:08<id10t>hrm. darn bad neighbors
20:12<id10t>looking at my traffic graph its been going on a long while too
20:12<id10t>oh well. thanks for th einfo
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21:19<thelsdj>well it was fun people but i think i'm gonna need to cancel my linode account :( (and just when xen was nearing!)
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21:22<tizen>caker or mike you here?
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