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02:46<[|^__^|]> Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Macromedia's Flash Player, click here to get the latest flash player.
02:46<[|^__^|]>CLICK HERE
02:47<taupehat>have to have modern browser, so sorry
02:47<[|^__^|]>i do have a modern browser
02:47<taupehat>lynx does not count
02:47<[|^__^|]>all free software
02:47<[|^__^|]>I'm using Firefox
02:47<taupehat>tough tooties
02:47<[|^__^|]>that's what i was saying to you
02:48<taupehat>it's okay
02:48<taupehat>I'm about to go amd/64 on the desktop
02:48<taupehat>which means no flashplayer either
02:48[~]taupehat is not planning on booting that other OS\
02:49[~]mikegrb has no flash either
02:49<@mikegrb>it's against their eula for me to install it
02:49<[|^__^|]>it's all about freedom.
02:49<[|^__^|]>oh yeah that's right
02:49<@mikegrb>I don't even have the freedom to use their "free" player
02:49<taupehat>you better not get any bank accounts then
02:49<[|^__^|]>uh what?
02:49<taupehat>they've got something like a EULA there, too
02:50<taupehat>not trying to pick a fight, but you pick your battles
02:50<[|^__^|]>but that's all services
02:50<taupehat>macromedia's being dorks, c'est la vie
02:50<taupehat>oh wait
02:50<taupehat>adobe's being dorks
02:50<[|^__^|]>the issue is not licenses
02:50<[|^__^|]>the GPL is a license
02:50<taupehat>yes, and?
02:51<[|^__^|]>it's just that some licenses restrict our freedom to share and learn
02:51<@mikegrb>I'm not *alowed* to use flash
02:51<@mikegrb>macromedia said I can't
02:51<taupehat>mikegrb: splain
02:51<[|^__^|]>a bank account's terms and conditions are not the same as an NDA
02:51<@mikegrb>their license says it can't be used on a laptop
02:51<[|^__^|]>it specifically allows desktop computers only
02:51<@mikegrb>nor in many other places I would want to use it
02:52<[|^__^|]>also one per person, so you're SOL if you have two computers
02:52<[|^__^|]>two desktops, I should say
02:52<[|^__^|]>since the other computers can't run it anyway
02:52<[|^__^|]>okay, it's nearly 1am here
02:52<[|^__^|]>I should go to bed
02:52<taupehat>and same
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09:09<oberon>hrm. says on the website that i can get sales help here?
09:10<oberon>left a voice mail yesterday but noone has called me back.
09:10|-|oberon changed nick to Ximbiot
09:11<Ximbiot>how do i know you represent Linode and aren't just someone who joined the channel?
09:11<kvandivo>he's got the little @ next to his name. :)
09:11<Ximbiot>so, he joined first. :)
09:11<kvandivo>no.. caker did
09:11<@mikegrb>kvandivo: actually not ;)
09:12<@mikegrb>Ximbiot: if you would prefer, you may email
09:12<Ximbiot>I've been ircing for years. used to know lots of ways to steal ops too, netsplits and all. :)
09:12<@mikegrb>not useful with channel services
09:12<kvandivo>or, just ask here and get it over with
09:12<@mikegrb>unless of course they die
09:13<Ximbiot>my question is just that if I buy a small plan, what happens when I hit my bandwidth limit? Do I have an opportunity to upgrade for the month? is it automatic? does it just shut off?
09:14<kvandivo> might appease you slightly, Xim/ober.. but probably not
09:14<@mikegrb>if you go significantly over, or it is a common occurance, it is 50 cents per gig, same rate as buying it in advance
09:15<kvandivo>methinks you need to update the Estimated Availability dates on the page, mg
09:15[~]mikegrb updates the location of his foot realtive to kvandivo's posterior
09:15<Ximbiot>okay. is there some way i can keep an eye on usage and shut it off in times of trouble? say some server in asia decides to copy my site X times over...
09:15<@mikegrb>kvandivo: watch out, it is 6 inches closer!
09:16<@mikegrb>Ximbiot: yes, our member's page will give you the numbers and a percentage bar graph
09:16<@mikegrb>we also have graphs of transfer rate available there
09:16<@mikegrb>and there is an xml feed you can use to periodically check the value
09:18<Ximbiot>okay. sounds good. how long does it usually take to get set up once i order?
09:18<@mikegrb>generally fairly quickly
09:18<Ximbiot>what's quick? 1 day? 1 week?
09:18<@mikegrb>(about 10 minutes)
09:18<kvandivo> <- "member's page giving you the numbers"
09:18<@mikegrb>sometimes a couple of hours
09:19<Ximbiot>oh, cool. :) time to order.
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09:20<Ximbiot>one more. if i decide to upgrade ram or whatever after i already have service, how hard is it?
09:21<kvandivo>easy, but quickly not worth it.. if you decide to 'upgrade' just move to a higher plan (which is also pretty easy)
09:21<npmr>usually the most cost effective way to add ram to your linode is to upgrade to a larger plan
09:21<kvandivo>(assuming nodes are available at the higher plan)
09:21<@mikegrb>what he said
09:22<Ximbiot>sometimes they aren't available?
09:22<kvandivo>well, if they are all sold out, you might have to wait a bit for some to show up
09:22<Ximbiot>how often does that happen?
09:22<npmr>but assuming availability, the process of upgrading is very simple
09:23<kvandivo>well, take right now, for instance.. on the webpage, only the 160s are available.. linode is a very popular service.. they sell out quickly..
09:24<kvandivo>but, if you ask nice and can be patient for a little while, they can usually deal with you appropriately
09:24<Ximbiot>80's are showing on the sales page.
09:24<Ximbiot>how long is ahile?
09:25<kvandivo>well, nothing is set in stone... but usually within days or so.. let me put it this way.. that's not one of the things i'd worry about
09:25<Ximbiot>what happens if i order an 80 right now? it might be days?
09:25<kvandivo>mikegrb seemed to indicate that you could be going in minutes.. but he'd have to answer that on specifics
09:26<@mikegrb>oh, assuming availability
09:26<@mikegrb>it won't let you place an order if there are no slots available
09:26<Ximbiot>i didn't tell him my plan size. and the page just told me it wasn't available. so i can't even order it now?
09:33<Ximbiot>when are more 80's likely to be available?
09:33[~]kvandivo pokes mikegrb.
09:35<Ximbiot>kvandivi, you mentioned an estimated availablity page. i assume it is out of date anyhow?
09:35<Ximbiot>based on what you said?
09:36<kvandivo>it just says yesterday... (speaking as just an average citizen.. which means that they can probably do some cleaning and find one for you, given a little time..)
09:37[~]Ximbiot pokes mikegrb.
09:37<kvandivo>each month some previous linode owners die, are kidnapped at gunpoint, or just don't pay... and their linodes become available for others..
09:40<Ximbiot>is the dying and the kidnapping generally related to their posession of a node, or are these just coincidences??
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09:41[~]Ximbiot pokes mikegrb again.
09:42[~]mikegrb can't help you there
09:42<@mikegrb>poke caker
09:43<Ximbiot>hrm. if/when i upgrade later, does my node just grow or do i need to set everything up again on a new node?
09:43<Ximbiot>mikegrb: re availablity?
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09:43<@mikegrb>it grows
09:43<Ximbiot>mikegrb: poke caker re availability?
09:43<Ximbiot>or kidnapping?
09:43[~]Ximbiot grins.
09:44<Lukine>I've got a basement we could hide him away in
09:44<Lukine>no one ever goes there
09:44[~]Ximbiot pokes caker.
09:45[~]Ximbiot impatiently pokes caker again.
09:45[~]Lukine pokes cakers eyes.
09:45<Ximbiot>hey! he might need to see to set up my node!
09:45<Lukine>exactly :D
09:45[~]Ximbiot stands between Lukine and caker.
09:45<Lukine>I like watching you poke him
09:45|-|Lukine changed nick to Griswald
09:46<Griswald>usually takes up to 6 hours for activation
09:46<Griswald>or it did for me about two years ago
09:46<Ximbiot>i want to know about availability of 80s. status page estimates they will be available yesterday, but order form says they're not.
09:47<heidi>there are none
09:47<Griswald>they fell behind deadline? *shrug*
09:47<Ximbiot>what's "lolz"?
09:47<Griswald>lolz = n00b form of lol
09:47<heidi>they haven't updated because they don't know yet
09:47<Griswald>mikegrb = n00b
09:47<Ximbiot>yeah, but what's the new deadline?
09:47<heidi>they don't know yet
09:47<Griswald>not set yet, apparently
09:47<Griswald>servers take time
09:47<Ximbiot>heidi: how do you know until you ask?
09:47<Griswald>someone did ask
09:47<Griswald>just last night
09:47<heidi>Ximbiot: I am married to mikegrb
09:47<Ximbiot>good answer.
09:48<heidi>he is in the same house as me
09:48<Griswald>really? Go slap upside the back of the head
09:48<Griswald>cuz it'd be funny.
09:48<Griswald>aww :(
09:48<heidi>he might hit back if I did that
09:48<heidi>then there would be no fun
09:48<Griswald>great, bring him a pie, and start saying pie repeatedly
09:49[~]Ximbiot sighs.
09:49[~]Ximbiot just wanted an 80.
09:49[~]Griswald wants a pie :(
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09:49[~]Ximbiot ponders the carrot cake in the fridge.
09:50<@mikegrb>mmm cake
09:50<Griswald>bah to cake
09:50<@mikegrb>mmm cake
09:50<Griswald>pie > cake
09:50<Ximbiot>mikegrb: I'll mail you a piece if you get me an 80. :)
09:51<Ximbiot>not sure how the cream cheese frosting will do out of the fridge, tho.
09:51<Ximbiot>okay, anyhow, i need to go. i'll check back later, i guess.
09:51<Ximbiot>thanks for your help.
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10:34<eagle>hey any admins here?
10:36<eagle>just had a couple of questions on a new signup
10:37<kvandivo>mikey was around earlier
10:37<kvandivo>!seen mikegrb
10:37<@mikegrb>mmm cake
10:37<linbot>kvandivo: mikegrb was last seen here 47 minutes and 4 seconds ago saying: <mikegrb> mmm cake
10:37<eagle>lol hey mike
10:37<heidi>eagle: that is a script
10:37<heidi>he isn't really around
10:37<heidi>he is snoring right now
10:37<eagle>oh lol
10:37<heidi>he was up literally all night long
10:37<eagle>that's hillarious lol
10:37<kvandivo>heidi: wake him up! a potential customer has questions!
10:37<fo0bar>heidi: when he wakes up, tell him he's lazy
10:38<kvandivo>eagle: what did you need? maybe others can help
10:38<eagle>no I am a customer :P
10:38<linbot>... but I is just about to reply with that or at HE or full of ions or with baby or on the margin of being underweight or not babysitting today like planned or looking at but I read horror stories about their support and linode has always been awesome to with support, eagle ...
10:38<heidi>kvandivo: if I wake him up he might leave me
10:38<kvandivo>eagle: oh, in that case.. never mind
10:38<eagle>but I just signed up the company I'm working for
10:38<kvandivo>heidi: i doubt that.. he knows how good he has it
10:38<heidi>then he shouldn't threaten to so much
10:39<eagle>oh well just hoping I could get the new account processed soon, I'll be back in a fewe
10:40<eagle>username: eagle btw
10:40<kvandivo>what a strange name.. i didn't even realize you could have spaces in your username
10:43<eagle>username: eagle
10:43<eagle>btw= by the way XD
10:48<kvandivo>i'd have expected that to be btwx, or btwxd
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10:58<Ximbiot>Any news on those 80s yet?
10:58<Ximbiot>darn. :)
11:00<kvandivo>have you sent email?
11:00<Ximbiot>no. you think i should?
11:00<kvandivo>couldn't hurt
11:00<Ximbiot>what was the address?
11:01<kvandivo> just say you want to give them money and you are wondering when they can take it
11:01[~]kvandivo grins evily.
11:01<Ximbiot>okay. thx.
11:04<Ximbiot>Subject: Linode 80 availability.
11:05<Ximbiot>I notice yor status page estimates that 80s will be available yesterday.
11:05<Ximbiot> Can you give me a new assessment of when these may be ready? I have
11:05<Ximbiot>money and I was wondering when you would be ready to take it.
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11:25<Ximbiot>think it will work?
11:35<kvandivo>yes. they just have to wake up to the point of responding. linode is virtually world famous for user support
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11:50<Griswald>needs more cowbell.
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12:16<[|^__^|]>blah, lots of hidden lag
12:16<[|^__^|]>caker: is someone thrashing on host37?
12:33<Ximbiot>dang. still no answer from voice mail, email, or irc. There must be someone around who wants to take my money.
12:34<kvandivo>well, caker and mikegrb are the two employees.. and mikegrb said that caker would have to be the one to check into the availability thing..
12:34<@mikegrb>mmm cake
12:34<kvandivo>so, you're basically waiting for the cake
12:35<kvandivo>it's so easy to push mikey's buttons. lol
12:36[~]Ximbiot hums... ell...oh...ell...ay... l-o-l-a.
12:37[~]Ximbiot pokes caker.
12:38[~]Ximbiot rubs two dollar bills together.
12:38[~]Ximbiot subtly jingles the change in his pocket.
12:38<[|^__^|]>you can expect responses to queries within one business day
12:39<Ximbiot>I left voice mail yesterday around 11am EST, i think. That's about 26.5 hours ago, now.
12:43<[|^__^|]>voice mail, eh?
12:44<fo0bar>Ximbiot: those "estimated on" are based on the average churn rate of customers... it's quite possible there aren't any linodes available to give out
12:46<[|^__^|]>People just love their linodes too much to leave
12:52<Ximbiot>fo0bar, why don't they add some servers/nodes if they are so popular?
12:53<[|^__^|]>Ximbiot: they are, but that takes time
12:53[~]Ximbiot sighs.
12:53<[|^__^|]>also, they're working on upgrading existing services
12:53<[|^__^|]>there's an upper limit to the number of customers that two employees can support
12:53<[|^__^|]>they want to keep that quick reaction time when responding to customer tickets
12:54<Ximbiot>sounds like it's time to hire. :)
12:54<[|^__^|]>that also takes time and planning
12:54<[|^__^|]>and there's an upper limit to the number of employees you can manage while also managing the business
12:54[~]Ximbiot sighs.
12:54<[|^__^|]>and so on
12:54<[|^__^|]>there is a great deal of complexity in growing a business
12:55<[|^__^|]>and I have respect for caker taking care of his existing customers rather than pulling a dot-com swell-and-burst
12:55<eagle>yeah definately sounds like it's time to make the transition from small to medium size business :D
12:55<[|^__^|]>but have heart, Ximbiot
12:55<Ximbiot>i can respect that, but it still leaves me short a needed node.
12:55<[|^__^|]>many of the Linode-80 customers are folks who sign up for a few months to see what this Linux server thing is all about
12:55<eagle>there is no = to
12:56<[|^__^|]>and they learn what they feel they need to, and cancel when the realize that they don't need a server for whatever reason
12:56<[|^__^|]>some find themselves out of their depths, for example
12:57<eagle>I took the last 160 btw :D
12:59<Ximbiot>those are apparently expected to be available yesterday too.
12:59<Ximbiot>that they were used up today.
13:07<eagle>lolx yeah I saw that
13:09<eagle>it's not working now ><
13:09<eagle>that one does
13:10<@mikegrb>mmm cake
13:10<eagle>mmm cake
13:10<@mikegrb>mmm cake
13:10<eagle>mmm cake
13:10<@mikegrb>mmm cake
13:10<eagle>mmm cake
13:11<@mikegrb>mmm cake
13:12<[|^__^|]>rofl lol cake
13:12<[|^__^|]>lol rofl cake
13:13<eagle>I would have done 41t3rn4t3 5p311ings
13:20|-|lhurgoyf [~can@] has joined #linode
13:23<tjfontaine>because what you meant was ambiguous in the first place
13:28|-|eagle-optics [] has joined #linode
13:29<eagle>there ima leave the web client
13:29|-|eagle [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:29<eagle-optics>although the cgi app is pretty cool :D
13:30<eagle-optics>I like the contants ob_flush(), pretty neat :)
13:30|-|eagle-optics changed nick to eagle
13:32|-|test [] has joined #linode
13:32|-|eagle changed nick to caker2
13:32<@mikegrb>mmm cake
13:33<@mikegrb>mmm cake
13:33|-|caker2 changed nick to eagle
13:33|-|spr [] has joined #linode
13:37<lhurgoyf>is it practically impossible to have a 1 MB ext3 filesystem?
13:37|-|test [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:39<eagle>you could have a 1MiB partition
13:39<[|^__^|]>lhurgoyf: it should be possible. allow me to test
13:40<lhurgoyf>Filesystem too small for a journal
13:41<[|^__^|]>Filesystem too small for a journal
13:41<[|^__^|]>Writing superblocks and filesystem accounting information: done
13:41<[|^__^|]>makes sense
13:41<eagle>well yeah actually it would be a 1 block FS
13:41<[|^__^|]>[nick@xyzzy(~)] dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/tiny-fs bs=1024 count=1024
13:41<[|^__^|]>1024+0 records in
13:41<[|^__^|]>1024+0 records out
13:41<[|^__^|]>1048576 bytes transferred in 0.011471 seconds (91410561 bytes/sec)
13:41<[|^__^|]>[nick@xyzzy(~)] mkfs.ext3 /tmp/tiny-fs
13:41<[|^__^|]>mke2fs 1.38 (30-Jun-2005)
13:41<[|^__^|]>/tmp/tiny-fs is not a block special device.
13:41<[|^__^|]>Proceed anyway? (y,n) y
13:41<[|^__^|]>^-- how to test stuff like that
13:41<eagle>bs=<block size>?
13:42<eagle>try 1000
13:42<lhurgoyf>dd if=/dev/zero of=hmm bs=1M count=1
13:42[~][|^__^|] shrugs
13:42<[|^__^|]>that works too
13:42<[|^__^|]>that's probably better
13:42<[|^__^|]>but this isn't exactly a high-performance exturprize application here
13:42<[|^__^|]>it ran so quickly I would never have noticed a performance improvement
13:42<eagle>damn it not again
13:43<[|^__^|]>eagle: if you make the drooling noise, he teases you
13:43<[|^__^|]>eagle: just wipe your chin and try to avoid it
13:43<lhurgoyf>it's a headache to merge all partitions of a linode :)
13:44|-|eagle changed nick to [|x__X|]
13:45|-|[|x__X|] changed nick to eagle
13:46<lhurgoyf>rsync --bwlimit=256 -a /var/ /varnew/ &
13:47<eagle>never seen that flag b4
13:47<[|^__^|]>to keep I/O down
13:48<eagle>rsync -h | grep bw...nothin
13:48<lhurgoyf>rsync can limit the I/O rate. this makes /proc/io_stat happy
13:48<eagle>is that an optional compile in?
13:48<lhurgoyf>eagle: man rsync has it
13:49<eagle>well that's bloody useful
13:49<eagle>for continuous rsync neway
13:50<lhurgoyf>i suggest going once through the manual for easc software you use
13:50<lhurgoyf>easc = each. you catch good points. guaranteed.
13:50<Ximbiot>heh. RTFM. :)
13:52<lhurgoyf>I am sure that most people are using ssh without reading man page ssh_config
13:54<eagle>question: what logical purpose does Smarty serve?
13:55<eagle>besides being another layer of interpretation and even more complex than simply using a <? using php code
13:56<eagle>cause like... everyone is talking about smarty and how amazingly wonderful it is but wth is it for?!
13:57<eagle>I should go in #php and ask :D
13:57<eagle>prolly start a riot
13:58<kvandivo>are they french?
13:58<tjfontaine>silly english kinnigits
13:59<Ximbiot>woohoo! got an 80! :)
13:59[~]kvandivo pats Ximbiot on the head.
13:59<Ximbiot>thanks somebody. :)
14:00[~]Beirdo throws a pie at Ximbiot
14:01<Beirdo>they are doing a pie-in-the-face as a fundraiser
14:01<Beirdo>at work that is
14:01<kvandivo>Beirdo! we had snow today! I'll bet you know somewhere that doesn't get snow
14:02<Beirdo>snow. :)
14:02<Beirdo>yeah, our new house will likely never see snow. ever
14:02[~]Ximbiot throws a snowball at kvandivo.
14:02<kvandivo>i took that picture with my phone on the way to the library
14:03<Beirdo>not as nice as your good camera, but a lot more portable
14:03<kvandivo>yes.. and it's really slick that i can snap a picture and 2 minutes later it is in my gallery
14:04<Beirdo>be careful at the shopping malls and beaches
14:04<kvandivo>well, i don't go to the mall, and the nearest beach is a few hundred miles away.. so hopefully i'm safe
14:05<tjfontaine>and hooters
14:05<kvandivo>and i've never been there
14:05<tjfontaine>it's ok kirby, we're all friends here
14:05<tjfontaine>you can tell us the truth
14:05<kvandivo>:) i had heard that they were starting to target their advertising towards families
14:06<tjfontaine>well apparently they sell food there.
14:07<Ximbiot>why when I try to log into members page at it pops up a second dialog asking for "the master password for the Software Security Device"?
14:07<lhurgoyf>Ximbiot: it's firefox's password
14:08<Ximbiot>oh. hrm. thx.
14:08<Ximbiot>still not able to login like the emails said - do i need to wait until my account is confirmed via email/phone?
14:09<kvandivo>if you got email saying that your account was set up, you should be set up
14:13<Ximbiot>i got an email saying i had successfully signed-up. I used that to confirm my email and continue registering. Then i continued registering and got a web page which said i now needed to be validated via phone/email. Then i got some email bills which directed me to login at the members page for more info.
14:13<Ximbiot>but the login pages aren't working for me.
14:13<cmantito>does linode have a resellers program?
14:14<kvandivo>cmantito: not to resell linodes..
14:14<cmantito>they should have an afilliate program of some sort.
14:15<cmantito>or referral program at least :)
14:15<kvandivo>ya.. you're about the 56th person to comment on that
14:15<kvandivo>i can only surmise that they don't feel the need at the current time..
14:15<kvandivo>they have trouble keeping free nodes in stock as it is
14:16<tjfontaine>I know a lot of the fun tricks^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hmethods to use to get a worthwhile referall program up and running
14:17<eagle>yey I'm activated :)
14:17<eagle>thx linode
14:17<eagle>err caker
14:17<Ximbiot>woohoo! I'm activated too. thx caker. :)
14:17<@caker>I'm shipping another host today, along with replacement drives for machines that we've had offline.
14:18<@caker>I can now fdisk blind
14:19<cmantito>if I could do that, it would scare me.
14:19|-|adamg [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:19<kvandivo>what is it i heard last night in minority report.. a one-eyed man is king among the blind.. or something like that
14:20<kvandivo>"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. " according to imdb
14:21<Ximbiot>I'm forced to use alphanumeric in my root pw?
14:22<@caker>Ximbiot: just at first, can always change it later
14:22<Ximbiot>thx. cool. setup is easy and fast.
14:23<kvandivo>once you got the account
14:23[~]kvandivo pokes Ximbiot.
14:24<Ximbiot>true. :)
14:24<Ximbiot>wow. it boots in 2 seconds? what are these things, quantum computers?
14:25<kvandivo>obviously not.
14:25<eagle>oh caker, you still there?
14:26<@caker>that's the time it took the host to instantiate the VM
14:26<eagle>I didn't see the special down at the bottom of the linodes page
14:26[~]kvandivo sees a chance to edit something.
14:26<kvandivo>bah.. nevermind
14:26<eagle>would it be possible to change my billing to annual for eagle and get the extra disk space and setup fee?
14:26<@caker>eagle: want to switch?
14:26<eagle>if I could
14:26<@caker>sure, give me a few
14:28<@caker>eagle: all set. Might need to logout then back in
14:28<@caker>eagle: it'll bill you for the year Dec 1st
14:29<eagle>great thank you very much!
14:30<@caker>thank you
15:25|-|cow [] has joined #linode
15:25<lhurgoyf>I hate io limit!
15:29<tjfontaine>if I'm on the same host as you, I love it!
15:29<kvandivo>tj made a funny! and it was pretty good.
15:30<lhurgoyf> /kill-all-users-at-host44
15:30<tjfontaine>thanks for qaulifying that kirby :)
15:30<lhurgoyf>ok. now I'm alone. raise the limits & fill rate ;)
15:30<tjfontaine>I often try for funnies, often fall short.
15:31<lhurgoyf>io limit has nearly the same properties as my bandwidth buckets :)
15:38|-|linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:58<JasonF>caker: mikegrb: ping
15:58|-|Shaun [] has joined #linode
16:00<@caker>JasonF: pong
16:00<JasonF>caker: no ip for odf acct
16:00<JasonF>caker: that'd qualify as weirdness, wouldn't it? hehe
16:00<@caker>JasonF: yup .. told ya
16:01<@caker>JasonF: one sec
16:02<@caker>JasonF: try now (after rebooting)
16:06<lhurgoyf>someone mentioned about an xml file where can I see my used bandwidth. I was using ifconfig output but it resets after reboot.
16:07<tjfontaine>lhurgoyf: see forums or wiki
16:07<@caker>please don't poll that script
16:08<lhurgoyf>I think once a day is fair enough?
16:08<@caker>absolutely, I just don't want people hooking that into mrtg or the like
16:10<lhurgoyf>that xml is great. thanks!
16:15|-|adamg [] has joined #linode
16:47|-|cout_ [] has joined #linode
16:47<anderiv>question: what datacenter is host32 in?
16:47|-|emcnabb [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
16:47|-|emcnabb_ [] has joined #linode
16:48|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has quit [Quit: A geek without purpose - | SMDC-Network IRC -]
16:49<anderiv>kvandivo: thanks!
16:49<kvandivo>caker: there's a broken graphic on that page, btw
16:49<kvandivo>i blame canada
16:49<anderiv>kvandivo: that graphic is a hotlink to a pic on's server...
16:49<kvandivo>yes, it is
16:51|-|lhurgoyf [~can@] has quit [Quit:]
16:52<@caker>fixed, thanks
16:55<kvandivo>not a problem. you should receive my bill in a week to 10 days
16:56<Griswald>you should just request credit on next couple of bills or somethin
16:56[~]Griswald slaps mikegrb around a bit with a pie.
16:57|-|zmorris [] has joined #linode
16:57<zmorris>hey everyone, I have a question about sendmail and bind for calling mail() in php
16:58<zmorris>I am able to send mail from within vhcs2 webmail, which calls sendmail directly as an executable
16:59<zmorris>and I receive that email at (humor me...)
16:59<zmorris>the problem is, calling mail() in php returns true but I never get the email
16:59<Griswald>did you setup the mail server, etc? :P
16:59<Griswald>sendmail requires configging even on linode before it works properly
16:59<Griswald>as does domains and the like
17:00|-|spr [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:00<zmorris>that's what I was thinking
17:00<zmorris>I tried adding a sendmail_from entry in php.ini but that didn't do anything
17:01<@caker>zmorris: logs?
17:01<zmorris>I am using for my free dns, and it points to my box's ip, so I prolly have no MX entry in bind?
17:01<zmorris>oh good idea
17:01<zmorris>where is sendmail's log?
17:01<@caker>/var/log/mail.log or the like
17:02<zmorris>I don't believe I have config'd sendmail, although vhcs2's webmail does "just work" so I was wondering if they did some setting up
17:08|-|eagle [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:09<zmorris>it bounced at my real domain I am testing with
17:09|-|BB [] has left #linode []
17:09<zmorris>in that case
17:12|-|jsimons [] has joined #linode
17:12|-|jsimons [] has quit [Quit: ]
17:13<zmorris>I am also unable to receive at a test email I created called
17:14<zmorris>I need to set up sendmail to work at and any other domain I host on the box
17:15<zmorris>since I am unable to receive, do you think bind is set up wrong?
17:15|-|vectorman [] has joined #linode
17:15|-|vectorman [] has quit [Quit: ]
17:16<zmorris>oh I got this in the log too:
17:16<zmorris>warning: dict_nis_init: NIS domain name not set - NIS lookups disabled
17:44|-|D[a]rkbeholder [] has joined #linode
17:44|-|darkbeholder [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:46|-|D[a]rkbeholder changed nick to darkbeholder
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19:25|-|dddd44 [dhb55@] has joined #linode
19:29<zmorris>has anyone here used
19:29<zmorris>for the life of me, i can't get the master and zoneedit's to work
19:32<zmorris>if you type in and choose an A record, about a third of the way down the page you will see:
19:32<zmorris>Response is:
19:32<zmorris> ( with nameserver loop detected
19:32<zmorris>I don't understand where this loop comes from
19:35<bob2>ns3 isn't even in your ns records
19:40<bob2>did you only just touch your ns records?
19:58[~]mikegrb tuch bob2
20:51|-|nyx [] has joined #linode
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21:20|-|emcnabb [] has joined #linode
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