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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-11-17

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10:00<tjfontaine>of for a few tokens
10:00<tjfontaine>er phew
10:02<bendy24>awww shuddup
10:26<npmr>hello snow!
10:27<bendy24>yep winter is here
10:27<bendy24>and there
10:27<bendy24>haha oHIo
10:28<tjfontaine>ha ha canadianite
10:28<npmr> does not exist, try again
10:28<npmr>damn right it doesn't
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11:41<tjfontaine>12:41:29 (1.16 MB/s) - `linux-' saved [39184746/39184746]
11:43<kvandivo>!karma linode
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13:03<bendy24>adamg: wb!
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14:17[~]Ximbiot raises NeonNero's hand.
14:18<Ximbiot>prove it didn't happen!
14:19<bendy24>tjfontaine: this is why we should stop using drugs
14:21[~]Beirdo passes the bong made from a hard drive to bendy24
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15:52<Ximbiot>what happens when I reach 100% "of one host CPU for this month"?
15:52<fo0bar>Ximbiot: you get a prize
15:53<fo0bar>but seriously, nothing. it's one of those "huh, neat" statistics
15:53<fo0bar>it's also possible to go above 100%
15:53<Ximbiot>ok. thanks.
15:53<encode>probably the other people on your host track you down and beat you up
15:53<Beirdo>yeah, I was at 2500% for a bit last week
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15:54<ascott>Hey gang, is caker around?
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16:01<taupehat>Beirdo: how the hell did you do that?
16:02<Beirdo>because the stats generation ain't quite accurate, apparently
16:02<taupehat>what were you running?
16:02<Beirdo>nothing much
16:02<Beirdo>it's just the way it is
16:03<taupehat>aye, I mean
16:03[~]taupehat is wearing a cast on his left arm and types funny as a result
16:03<taupehat>eh mikegrb or caker, any notion on an ETA for my upgrade req?
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17:36<efudd>ha ha.
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19:13<Ximbiot>anyone knows if RH 9 comes with a simple firewall config script/tool?
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20:37<pknetworks>ACK!!! Server will not boot, it is stuck in the host for rebooting. Can someone help? :)
20:38<pknetworks>qse2005 on host.....
20:43<pknetworks>Thank you! :)
20:43<@mikegrb>no problem
20:44<pknetworks>You guys have been the greatest thing since... since........ ATARI!! HAHAHAH Just kidding.
20:44<pknetworks>About the atari that is. ;) YOu guys are great, keep up the good work
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22:17<rharman>host 47 appears to have gone AWOL
22:18<rharman>or not
22:19<rharman>hmm, I think I'm swap thrashing. *fixes*
22:19<@mikegrb>looks fine here
22:19<rharman>my load was 25
22:19<rharman>now 16
22:19<@mikegrb>you are 262 mb into swap
22:20<rharman>yeah, it's spamassassin
22:23<rharman>*takes spamassassin out of the mix*
22:23<rharman>this is going to suck, I think.
22:23<rharman>oh well
22:23<rharman>g'night folks
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22:27<bendy24>mikegrb: swap this!
22:27[~]bendy24 goes to bed
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