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00:00<@caker>maybe 10/100 or so, actually
00:00<GN>caker: switch to solid state
00:01<@mikegrb>mmm cavier
00:01[~]fo0bar has bought about 100 seagate barracuda sata drives in the last year
00:01<fo0bar>1 failure so far
00:01<fo0bar>but it arrived defective
00:01<@mikegrb>is that you
00:01[~]mikegrb runs
00:02<GN>it IS me, wha?
00:02<@caker>01:01 < fo0bar> 1 failure so far
00:02<@caker>01:01 <@mikegrb> is that you
00:02<GN>it's late
00:03[~]fo0bar gasps
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00:18<@mikegrb>the db isn't all there yet
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13:39[~]Ty pokes mikegrb/caker
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13:54<@caker>Ty: pong
13:55<Ty>I just ordered, so whenever my account gets created I'm supposed to do what exactly to ensure it's in HE?
13:55<Ty>(Yeah, I know it sounds crazy WANTING something in HE, but I already have too much stuff in ThePlanet >_>)
13:56<@caker>Ty: ok, activated, but give me a few minutes to move it to HE
13:56<@caker>I'll let you know
14:00<@caker>Ty: all set. Just login and hit that migrate button
14:00<@caker>should only take a sec
14:00<Ty>alright, thanks
14:02<Ty>Status Success
14:22[~]taupehat repacks his FF extension
14:22<taupehat>so last night I updated it so it could be 1.5x compatable
14:22<taupehat>900 bloody downloads in like 12 hours
14:22<taupehat>and 10 comments
14:22[~]taupehat is flabbergasted
14:24<gpd>taupehat: what is your extension?
14:25<taupehat>there are a couple of healthy flames in there =]
14:26<taupehat>the original is listed under a separate thread simply as "Idiocy Level" under Humour
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14:27<gpd>hah... 'scared'... nice
14:27<taupehat>I'd forgotten all the threat levels until yesterday when I tore the extension apart for an update
14:28[~]taupehat thinks he might have been drunk when he wrote it
14:28<gpd>what other extensions do you use?
14:28<gpd>and how difficult are they to write?
14:28<taupehat>they're pretty easy to write
14:29<taupehat>I'm working on a new one...
14:29<taupehat> has some excellent tutorials
14:30<iggy>anybody know anything about random numbers on uml?
14:30<taupehat>the trick is getting xmlhttprequest to work and then parse the output
14:30<taupehat>iggy: am not knowing
14:30<taupehat>gpd: the meat of my extension is this single line
14:30<taupehat>"GET", "");
14:31<taupehat>where gXMLHttpRequest is previously defined as a new XMLHttpRequest()
14:31<gpd>taupehat: makes sense
14:31<taupehat>it's nice of them to create a web service to do that
14:32<taupehat>load that link in a browser
14:32<gpd>that isn't valid xml is it?
14:33<taupehat>it's marginal
14:33<gpd>but easily enought to parse!
14:33<taupehat>more important that the syntax is consistent
14:33<taupehat>now I'm thinking I could save myself the tricksy trickery of getting javascript to parse and grep and chomp and all that fun stuff
14:34<taupehat>and simply ask the good folks at the website I want data from to write a similar xml
14:35<taupehat>I'd write a parser and run it on my linode
14:35<taupehat>but good god
14:35<taupehat>78,000 downloads of the previous version
14:35<taupehat>I could just imagine the load on my machine with 20K clients updating info several times a day
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14:42<gpd>yeah - stick to javascript for sure
14:43<taupehat>the theory is that since the site is already hosting a web service, it wouldn't be too hard for them to add a second service that simply formats the output differently
14:43[~]taupehat will ask nicely
14:43<taupehat>I'm wanting to write an IBC counter
14:44<gpd>or a 'deaths from smoking'... like the billboard near me...
14:45<taupehat>not a bad idea
14:45<gpd>might stop me from smoking quite as much!
14:46<gpd>!weather 90024
14:46<linbot>gpd: The current temperature in Beverly Hills, CA is 84\xB0F. Conditions: Sunny. Humidity: 10%. Wind: ESE at 3 mph (5 km/h).
14:46<gpd>too hot to be in here...
14:47<Ty>!weather 83709
14:47<linbot>Ty: The current temperature in Boise, ID is 45\xB0F. Conditions: Sunny. Humidity: 60%. Wind: NW at 5 mph (8 km/h).
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14:47<taupehat>!weather 97520
14:47<linbot>taupehat: The current temperature in Ashland, OR is 34\xB0F. Conditions: Mostly Sunny. Humidity: 94%. Wind: WSW at 0 mph (0 km/h).
14:48<taupehat>Ty: quitchrbitchn
14:48<Ty>It's not even sunny here
14:49<taupehat>yeah well
14:49<taupehat>that cloud cover is keeping you warm
14:59<Ty>It's choking old ladies too
14:59<taupehat>ahh, the inversion layer
14:59<Ty>Winter here = perma inversion
14:59[~]taupehat lived in the mountains above Boulder and used to watch the Brown Cloud kill people
15:02[~]Ty kicks gcc in the ribs
15:03<taupehat>Ty: you're not using gentoo, are you?
15:03<Ty>No, heh
15:03<taupehat>ok, good
15:03[~]taupehat will allow Ty to live
15:07<gpd>tempted by a nokia 770?
15:08<gpd>already got a oqo?
15:08<gpd>or never leave the house?
15:08<gpd>^ my problem...
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15:09<Ty>Sunday is the only day I get to not leave the house, and I looove it.
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17:36<fake>was this last night's?
18:25<taupehat>caker: that owns
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18:32<vaxen>is there a plugin for firefox, to get "continue from last session" like opera
18:34<GN>isn't it called sessionSaver?
18:35<taupehat>be careful though
18:35<taupehat>I had a page that was crashing firefox, and sessionsaver would reopen that page
18:35<taupehat>opera has the same problem with that
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18:42<vaxen>opera gives you option to open blank or continue from last session
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19:02<fo0bar>vaxen: see, I prefer just never closing firefox
19:02<fo0bar>irk, he's gone
19:02<@caker>sessionSaver (or whatever it's called) is very useful
19:02<@caker>me like
19:04<fo0bar>the only extension I always install is flashblock
19:04<fo0bar>then I may install live http headers, user agent switcher, etc
19:20<npmr>for several weeks now, whenever i go to use google maps, it is initially zoomed in on dodgeville, wisconsin
19:20<linbot>New news from forums: Host2 Disk Failure / Migration Information in System and Network Status <>
19:20<npmr>i am totally perplexed why that it
19:21<@caker>I get freaked out when I log into adwords, then start doing searches and it's all like "Hello caker@theshore..., where should we track you today?"
19:22<@caker>not that they aren't tracking me already ...
19:22<Ty>Google adsense can die
19:22<GN>are you using analytics?
19:22<@caker>GN: I just started a few days ago .. not much ifno there yet
19:23<GN>I thought it was pretty sweet, just hate having to include the js code :(
19:23<npmr>no, i don't think it's anything like that
19:23<npmr>i mean, seriously....
19:23<npmr>dodgeville, wi?
19:23<@caker>GN: yup. I had to IF it out for SSL pages (obviously)
19:23<npmr>i've been there once, about ten years ago
19:23<npmr>other than that.... no connection
19:30<GN>npmr did you set some default location in either google maps or google earth?
19:30<fo0bar>npmr: didn't get that for me. and I was born in wisconsin :)
19:38<@caker>hmm, started at Charleston, WV for me
19:39<npmr>GN, i don't remember doing that, and if i had.... why dodgeville, wi?
19:42<@caker>Starting at charleston, WV - Clear <--- link
19:42<GN>npmr, dunno maybe set it by accident
19:43<@caker>npmr: have a similar link?
19:43<@caker>right above Example Searches
19:45<npmr>caker, actually, not on this computer.... probably on my work computer
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20:47<vaxen>do you guys change your /etc/localtime to the time where you are or do you just leave it as eastern?
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21:19<fo0bar>damnit, the one time I could really use my scanner, and it's gone tits up
21:20<efudd>20:24 <@efudd>
21:22<efudd>keep watching. :)
21:23<fo0bar>that you?
21:24<efudd>im' too lazy for that.
21:24<@caker>I've always wanted to install xmas lights on a roof somewhere, 640x480 .. individually controlled ... you get the idea
21:24<@caker>three to a group
21:25[~]efudd nod
21:25<fo0bar>efudd: heh, cause I was wondering if that song was from trans-siberian orchestra
21:25<efudd>ah, no clue. :/
21:26<Newsome>sucks for the neighbors
21:26<vaxen>that owns
21:26<efudd>funny as shite if the music actually blasts out of 2Kwatt
21:26<vaxen>gonna do it for christmas
21:26<efudd>some planning involved in that for sure.
21:28<vaxen>great finale!
21:28[~]efudd nods enthusiastically
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21:48<[|^__^|]>migration time's a-comin'
21:48<[|^__^|]>Broadcast message from root (pts/5) (Sun Nov 20 19:48:31 2005):
21:48<[|^__^|]>Migrating to more stable Linode host
21:48<[|^__^|]>The system is going DOWN for system halt in 3 minutes!
21:50<@caker>Nov 20 22:48:29 host40 sshd[29587]: Failed none for illegal user zork
21:50<@caker>^-- it wont be there until you migrate :)
21:50<[|^__^|]>haha I know
21:50<[|^__^|]>I was just testing to see
21:50<[|^__^|]>also, priming known_hosts
21:50<[|^__^|]>The system is going DOWN for system halt in 1 minute!
21:50<[|^__^|]>those damn users got their 24 hours
21:51<[|^__^|]>INIT: Switching to runlevel: 0
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21:52[~]willdye just signed up for a Linode account for the first time, is awaiting a callback or whatever-it-is they requwire, and wonders why the company requires callbacks and non-free e-mail addy's for confirmation
21:53<@caker>willdye: I sent your activation notice about 10 minutes ago ... (I think that was you)
21:53<@caker>anyhow, fraud is rampant on the internets
21:53<[|^__^|]>haha, figured I'd try again, given the "initial configuration" job had completed
21:54<[|^__^|]>willdye: you'd be amazed at the brazen attempts at carding that go on in this channel alone
21:54<willdye>"Carding"? You mean giving people a fake or stolen card number?
21:55<@caker>[|^__^|]: 1G copied thus far
21:55<willdye>caker Ah, I just got it. Thanks!
21:55<@caker>willdye: thank you! :)
21:56<[|^__^|]>willdye: yes, as in the C in h/p/c/a
21:57<@caker>[|^__^|]: 2G....
21:57<[|^__^|]>am i the last one out of the boat here?
21:58<@caker>About half went yesterday
21:58<@caker>most of them at the same time :(
21:58<[|^__^|]>1G every two minutes, on a what, 18G partition?
21:58[~][|^__^|] forgets how big the partition is
21:58<npmr>(xen) (xen)?
21:58<Ty>Is it just me
21:58<Ty>or am I seeing talking faces
21:59<[|^__^|]>npmr: no, just getting away from host37's disks so they can be repaired
21:59[~][|^__^|] talks to Ty
21:59[~]Ty dies
21:59<@caker>gotta change the oil
21:59<@caker>fix0r the alternator
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22:00[~]willdye *finally* remembers the password he picked out when signing up, and starts using the Distro Wizard...
22:02<npmr>caker, how are the other hosts' disks?
22:02<@caker>[|^__^|]: 4G
22:02<@caker>npmr: TP is now clean, HE's got two hosts with a downed drive, taking care of that this week
22:02<[|^__^|]>when is the forced migration?
22:03<npmr>caker, and xen? on hold or moving forward?
22:03<efudd>how frequently are you losing drives now caker? and what brands?
22:03<@caker>[|^__^|]: for host37 it's Thursday
22:03<@caker>npmr: I'm waiting for stability. I got a little frustrated with its current state, so I'm holding off for now. We're up to date, however
22:04<@caker>efudd: hmm, maxtors are the ones that have died .. about 10/100, roughly .. switched to WD caviar drives, so far so good
22:05<cout_>caker: what kind of stability problems does it exhibit?
22:05<[|^__^|]>what's the xen instability?
22:05[~]efudd ponders
22:05<@caker>Networking/hotplugging scripts don't fire off, they break stuff as they fix other things, etc
22:05<@caker>that's life in an on-going development project
22:05<npmr>sounds like your basic alpha software issues
22:06<@caker>I'm not too fond of xend, and haven't been. Hopefully it'll stable up
22:06<efudd>worse case the concept/technology behind Xen *will mature* and kickass.
22:06<@caker>yeah, when it works it is kickass ...
22:06<efudd>OS-As-An-Application. Rar.
22:07<@caker>also, no limiter functionality, which is something I'll need to deal with
22:08<willdye>Hmm. The "description of the different distributions" window doesn't provide much of a description. Time to do some searching. That window could at least provide links to the distro home pages.
22:08<efudd>it's more fun when you have to google.
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22:09<@caker>willdye: <-- should give you an idea of the current distribution, um .. . distribution
22:10<efudd>debian is pretty popular eh.. fedora's positioning makes me happy.
22:11<@caker>[|^__^|]: 8G
22:14<[|^__^|]>so roughly halfway
22:14<[|^__^|]>efudd: yeah, but, uh... gentoo...
22:15<efudd>do not slam gentoo lest you fear future wrath!
22:15<[|^__^|]>because in the future gentoo will actually be fast enough to use
22:15<[|^__^|]>ha ha slackware
22:17<@caker>[|^__^|]: 11G
22:17<[|^__^|]>20:14 <@[|^__^|]> 20:11 <@caker> [|^__^|]: 8G
22:17<[|^__^|]>20:14 <emad> man this guy just keeps raising the price!
22:17<[|^__^|]>20:14 <emad> has he no heart!?
22:20<willdye>caker Thanks for that image. I think I'll try Ubuntu, simply because says it got a $10 million donation, so it's probably going to be around for a while.
22:20<[|^__^|]>well, it's run by a gazillionaire
22:20<[|^__^|]>and it's a regular branch off of Debian
22:21<[|^__^|]>but it's a good system
22:21<[|^__^|]>I use it on all my desktops
22:21<[|^__^|]>and many of my debian servers end up manipulated to be more ubuntu-like (namely sudo)
22:21<[|^__^|]>I have to try ubuntu server some time
22:22[~]efudd still waiting on ubuntu to ship him media
22:22<[|^__^|]>heh, yeah, they're super backlogged on shipping free discs
22:22<efudd>sounds like they aren't as money-ful as they would want one to believe then!
22:23<[|^__^|]>well certain folks get priority
22:23<[|^__^|]>like people in third-world countries
22:23<[|^__^|]>and nonprofit orgs
22:23[~]efudd nod.
22:23<[|^__^|]>people who set up display boxes
22:23<[|^__^|]>etc etc
22:23<efudd>so tonight going to dinner i made the comment "fucking rednecks and their nextel's!" to someone woh was chirping their nextel whilst i was standing in line....
22:24<efudd>few minutes later the wife and I are seated....
22:24<efudd>who is seated next to us a few minutes later?
22:24<[|^__^|]>what is a nextel?
22:24<efudd>the nextel redneck+wife.
22:24<efudd>it has a push-to-talk function that's used heavily here
22:24<efudd>think walky-talky
22:24<[|^__^|]>oh, those
22:24<efudd>well-known "chirp" sound and a very loud speaker go with it.
22:25<gn>it's a fancy CB radio
22:25<[|^__^|]>man, linuxcare used those
22:25<efudd>turns out i knew the guy i called a 'fucking redneck' :/
22:25<[|^__^|]>can you believe I managed to avoid getting a cell phone while at linuxcare?
22:25<efudd>stupid hibachi steakhouse.....
22:25<efudd>heh. linuxcare.
22:25<efudd>"bad idea, invest money!"
22:25<[|^__^|]>also, some of my coworkers would say "over" before releasin the button
22:25<[|^__^|]>sometimes they'd forget, so they'd squeeze again to say it
22:25<[|^__^|]>chiirup, chirrup
22:25<efudd>hence "fucking rednecks!"
22:26<[|^__^|]>not rednecks
22:26<[|^__^|]>dunderheads, but not rednecks
22:27<@caker>[|^__^|]: ~16G
22:28<[|^__^|]>nearly there!
22:28|-|tekmav [] has joined #linode
22:28<@caker>[|^__^|]: submit a boot, too
22:28<[|^__^|]>oh, can I safely do that now?
22:28<@caker>oh yeah
22:28<gn>i did mine like 5 seconds after the migration started
22:29<gn>worked like a charm
22:29<[|^__^|]>yeah, I thought so
22:29<[|^__^|]>okay, that's good
22:34<[|^__^|]>but I can't get into host40...
22:34|-|SupaZubon [] has joined #linode
22:34<SupaZubon>Hi, asl.
22:36<[|^__^|]>caker: will my keys take a while to make it to host40?
22:36<[|^__^|]>ah, there they go
22:36<@caker>[|^__^|]: I moved them for you
22:36<@caker>it's on the to-do
22:36<[|^__^|]>okay, thanks
22:38<[|^__^|]>20:37 <emad> wow
22:38<[|^__^|]>20:37 <emad> feels faster
22:39<[|^__^|]>^-- unscientific, since we still have half our RAM unallocated
22:39<willdye>Well yee and haw. I just booted up. Ya'll can just call me "Linode80". :)
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22:49<willdye>Grr. 'vncserver' not found. "locate" just tells me there's no locatedb, but "updatedb" just returns immediately with no error message (and 'locate' still doesn't work). Well, Linux has never been trival for me. Time to snoop around a little...
22:49<@caker>willdye: updatedb is evil, at least when ran every night from cron
22:50<@caker>willdye: anyhow .. apt-get is your friend
22:51<npmr>also, apt-cache
22:53<@caker>willdye: if you need help, just ask
22:53<willdye>I use Red Hat 9 at work, so I'll have to read up on apt-get. I've heard good things about it, so I was interested in it anyway.
22:54<@caker>willdye: apt-get install gcc <-- example. Or: apt-cache search vnc
22:55<willdye>caker Thanks again. 'Reading up on it now.
22:55<fo0bar>caker: are the hosts still based on RH9?
22:56<@caker>fo0bar: yes, but moving off that when we transition to Xen
22:57<fo0bar> <-- in case anybody here has money to burn
22:57<npmr>is there a command to change the pam_unix password specifically when pam_unix is not the main (and therefore default) password database on a system?
22:58<fo0bar>though it was fun making a distro designed 6 years ago work on the same CD as one that was released... umm, 48 hours from now :)
22:58<fo0bar>and the pritable CDs are damn pretty
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22:59<@caker>fo0bar: very nice :)
22:59[~]efudd decides to not buy
22:59<efudd>gotta get some cocaine instead
22:59<fo0bar>photos do not do it justice... AND WHY THE HELL IS MY SCANNER NOT WORKING
23:00<fo0bar> <-- check out the "i?86"
23:03<@caker> <-- wtf?
23:04<@caker>fo0bar: doing some cafepressing, eh?
23:04<linbot>New news from forums: Which backup solution do you use? in General Discussion <>
23:04<fo0bar> <-- caker
23:04<fo0bar>caker: I originally planned on selling cds via cafepress, but the turnaround time is too long (took about 2 weeks to send a CD to them, and they don't accept ISOs)
23:05<@caker>why on earth not?
23:06<efudd> is disturbing
23:06<fo0bar>the only reason I can think of is to have the seller have some sort of level of commitment... uploading an ISO would be too *easy*, or something
23:06<fo0bar>efudd: seriously, that's what the average myspace profile looks like
23:06<efudd>heh; i'm glad i missed that.
23:07<npmr>i can't recall having ever seen an actual myspace profile
23:07<fo0bar>caker: <-- the vinyl stickers are rather nice quality though
23:11<willdye>caker : My disk space usage was at 100%, so I removed the distro entirely, thinking I'd done something wrong and maxed it out somehow. But the disk space usage is still listed at 3,072 MB -- with 0 available. Am I simply misinterpreting the disk usage report?
23:13<fo0bar>willdye: removing the distro does not remove the disk images
23:13<fo0bar>go to Disk Images and delete them there
23:14<linbot>New news from forums: Practical CFLAGS considerations: -Os, -O2, and -O3 in Performance and Tuning <>
23:15<[|^__^|]>are you sure your disk *usage* was at 100%?
23:15<[|^__^|]>or just the space allocated to partitions?
23:15<willdye>fo0bar: Thanks. I was confused at first because deleting the image didn't affect the disk usage report, but I guess it just takes a few seconds for the job to 'kick in'. It's at 0% now.
23:16<[|^__^|]>willdye: the disk usage you see is really just an indicator of how much of your disk is partitioned
23:16<[|^__^|]>it doesn't mean that those partitions are full of meaningful data
23:16<fo0bar>hah, my "custom" disk image icons are still there
23:16[~]fo0bar stares at mikegrb and caker
23:17<willdye>[|^__^|] : I'm not at all sure what I was doing. I mostly just panicked because I was messing around with commands, and was afraid that I'd maxed out the disk (and would get an extra charge for it). Looking again, myabe the "100%" was about space allocations, not chargable disk usage.
23:18<[|^__^|]>disk isn't like network
23:18<willdye>I'm starting again, this time with the more familiar Red Hat 9. 'Not my favorite distro, but the nice part about this Linode stuff is that I can quickly try out several distros, nuke 'em, and try again.
23:18<[|^__^|]>if you go over your network quota, you'll be charged overages
23:19<[|^__^|]>but if you go over disk allocation, you'll just get errors
23:19<willdye>Good to know. Thanks.
23:27|-|tekmav [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:27<[|^__^|]>fo0bar: how did you do those custom disk image icons?
23:27<[|^__^|]>fo0bar: css haq?
23:28[~]willdye gets a stern warning from ssh that the :remote host identification has changed", and "it is possible that someone is doing something nasty". Maybe that should be noted in the docs. Whenever someone reinstalls, they can get that message.
23:29<[|^__^|]>it seems obvious
23:30<fo0bar>[|^__^|]: I didn't, caker/mikegrb did
23:30<[|^__^|]>fo0bar: haha, why?
23:30<fo0bar>lord knows
23:30<[|^__^|]>and who is that?
23:30<willdye>Removing .ssh/known_hosts fixed it. Starting up VNC now...
23:30<fo0bar>that would be me
23:33<willdye>Nifty. 'Got it installed, and VNC is working fine. Time to go to bed. Thanks for the help, Linoders.
23:33|-|willdye [] has left #linode []
23:46<@caker>fo0bar: :)
23:47<@caker>sekrit feature
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