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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-11-21

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00:24<Tzadik>hi there... got an apache question
00:24<Tzadik>don't worry... i've spent hours banging my head against it before resorting to asking
00:24<Ty>*drum roll*
00:25<Tzadik>i can't seem to get it to access anything in a subdirectory
00:25<Tzadik>of the doc. root
00:25<Tzadik>i keep getting "requested url ... was not found on this server"
00:26<Tzadik>i don't have that problem on my first linode
00:26<Tzadik>only on the latest one
00:26<Tzadik>do you have to do anything special in the httpd.conf to get it to go into subdirectories?
00:26<Tzadik>as a result, it's not picking up any images, since they are in /images
00:27<Tzadik>it's only seeing what's in the doc. root itself
00:27<Tzadik>in case it matters, i'm using virtual servers on this linode
00:27<Tzadik>whereas on the first, I'm not
00:28<Tzadik>ever heard of this problem?
00:29<Ty>I'd try asking when there's more people active, heh.
00:31<Tzadik>i wish i was not active right now
00:31<Tzadik>but i can't stand going to bed with a problem unsolved
00:31<Tzadik>bad habit
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00:39<Tzadik>npmr... got any ideas?
00:39<npmr>what's your DocumentRoot for the vhost you're trying to reach?
00:39<Tzadik>it's /var/linode/www
00:39<npmr>and that path exists?
00:40<Tzadik>yes... i can hit files in there fine
00:40<npmr>files but not directories?
00:40<Tzadik>it's just the subdirectories that don't show up
00:40<psykoyiko>so, um
00:40<Tzadik>by the way, the same thing is hapenning in /var/www
00:40<psykoyiko>what are the permissions on said subdirectories?
00:41<npmr>hi dave
00:41<Tzadik>right... it's working fine on another linode i have
00:41<npmr>Tzadik, anything in your error log?
00:41<Tzadik>except the one it's working on does not have virtual servers
00:41<Tzadik>good idea
00:43<Tzadik>the error log has errors like:
00:43<Tzadik>File does not exist: /usr/share/images/foo.gif
00:43<Tzadik>so it's somehow looking in the wrong dir!!
00:43<Tzadik>so i made 2 blunders in my troubleshooting
00:43<Tzadik>1- not thinking to check the error log
00:43<npmr>check for "Alias" directives
00:44<Tzadik>2- always trying the same subdir (images)
00:44<npmr>it'd be like:
00:44<npmr>Alias /images/ /usr/share/images/
00:44<npmr>i may have those backwards
00:45<npmr>nope, i had it the right way around
00:46<Tzadik>yes!!!! it's working!!!!
00:46<Tzadik>i commented out the alias
00:46<Tzadik>thanks so much!!!
00:46<npmr>good move
00:47<Tzadik>pretty newbie mistake to make... not looking in the logs
00:47[~]npmr shrugs
00:47<Tzadik>ok thanks
00:47<npmr>happens to the best of us
00:47<npmr>and you're welcome
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03:28<tekmav>caker or mikegrb: are we having some technical difficulties? i cannot login via the linode website, but i can with lish. i cannot restart my linode
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04:37<bbtux>Hi.. all, I have a problem setting up my new Linode disk.. trying to setup a minimal debian 3.1 but when I boot it fails
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04:38<bbtux>I tried with the 2.4.29-linode39 and kernels
04:38<bbtux>can some one please help
04:41<tekmav>are you getting any error messages when you are connected via lish?
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04:44<bbtux>tekmav: didnt try lish. I used the ssh client
04:44<bbtux>do i need to goto single user mode for that?
04:45<cast>alright, having mild issues logging into the site. under the forgotten password dialog is 'Invoice or Payment ID' the same as the 'Payment Number: #####' that one gets in the Payment Receipt emails?
04:46<tekmav>cast: glad to see i am not the only one having problems logging in
04:46<cast>tekmav: ahh, here i was thinking my [saved] password had magically changed :\
04:46<tekmav>bbtux: you should be able to ssh to the host with your username/password and watch the console as it boots
04:47<cast>i won't worry about this for today if someone else is having the same problem :>
04:47<tekmav>cast: yeah, i was trying to reboot my linode and it would not come back up. tried going into the website but could not login. i sent an e-mail in since i could not make a trouble ticket
04:52<tekmav>cast: are you able to hit lish with ssh?
04:52<cast>never used lish
04:52<cast>servers still running fine though
04:53<bbtux>Ok logged into list and i got the # prompt
04:53<bbtux>then i tried turning on the machine but it failed
04:53<tekmav>lish is working for me still with my password just cannot boot up and my pass will not work on the website
04:53<bbtux>lish] There is no screen to be resumed matching thinckuber.
04:53<bbtux>Your Linode isn't running, or another console session is already active.
04:54<tekmav>bbtux: at the prompt type boot then return to twice to connect to the console and see if you get anything
04:55<bbtux>[thinckuber@host55 lish]# boot
04:55<bbtux>[thinckuber@host55 lish]#
04:55<bbtux>[thinckuber@host55 lish] There is no screen to be resumed matching thinckuber.
04:55<bbtux>Your Linode isn't running, or another console session is already active.
04:56<bbtux>btw this is the first time i am doing this. I setup using the wizard a debian sarge minimum with the default hard disk images (2 - root and swap)
04:56<tekmav>what host are you on?
04:58<bbtux>The host message on the interface is..
04:58<bbtux>Host Message Account suspended. Job aborted
04:59<tekmav>i think they are having some technical difficulties. you may be suffering from the same problem i am having, although i am on hos45
05:05<bbtux>i am on host55
05:10<tekmav>again, i think it is a technical issue and not your setup. give it an hour or two then try again.
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05:24<@caker>I did a bad thing. I think it's fixed for mostly everyone now
05:26[~]tekmav grins evily at caker. "Did you mislabel plug the servers and the coffee pot in the same outlet again?"
05:27<tekmav>er scratch the mislabel. was trying to two wisecracks at once
05:27<@caker>Try not highlighting ALL of the query I ran earlier (I missed the freaking WHERE clause) ....
05:28<tekmav>that would do it. WHERE? Not here? Maybe over there? Did you check under that rock?
05:28<bbtux>yeah its working now
05:28<tekmav>i've done that a few times too, no worries
05:28<@caker>I have daily backups, but was able to run some fancy queries to fix my goof ...
05:29<tekmav>well it all seems groovy now
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05:30<tekmav>you can just ignore the virus i e-mailed you now
05:34<cast>sweet, working.
05:35<tekmav>too bad it did not magickally fix my qmail issue
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06:13<bbtux>hi.. just wondering if Linode provides dns servers...primary or secondary?
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06:24<bbtu1>hi.. just wondering if Linode provides dns servers...primary or secondary?
06:24<tekmav>bbtu1> i recommend using
06:24<tekmav>its free and works great for me
06:26<bbtu1>thanks for te tip
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07:02<tronix>Dear Host28 CPU Pig, please quit hogging things!
07:02<tronix>0700 then 0800...
07:03<tronix>5-10 mins to wait for shell to return. let's see if it happens again at 0900 ;)
07:03<tronix>(io_status shows 0 tokens used, and uptime shows load at 15+ by time I get a prompt again)
07:04<tronix>with none of my tools hogging the CPU, so pretty sure it's a hog in another Linode on same host.
07:04<cast>then why is your load up?
07:04<tronix>load average shows what's on host.
07:04<tronix>another linode chewing through CPU
07:05<tronix>it's a shared resource.
07:05<cast>where are you getting this load average from? :\
07:05[~]cast is missing something in this plot
07:05<cast>from your own linode?
07:05<tronix>when I get a shell back :)
07:06<cast>i was under the impression load averages for a linode were for that linode, rather then he whole host
07:07<tronix>could be someone is swap-thrashing.
07:07<tronix>which likely explains the huge disk i/o hit
07:07<tronix>(one of my files being written, 2K file, from 10 mins ago hasn't finished yet)
07:08<tronix>swap thrashing also has a side effect of resulting in high load too
07:08<cast>so when my uptime says 08:07:55 up 50 days, 6:19, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
07:09<cast>that means the entire host is hardly being used?
07:09<tronix>that's my impression. I could be wrong, though.
07:10<tronix>average Linode probably isn't cpu hungry. couple idle cycles listening
07:10<tronix>on various ports
07:10<tronix>I've seen loads of 7-10+ in past, even when none of my processes
07:10<tronix>were eating much CPU (from ps -efl output)
07:11<tronix>ditto swap usage or io_status tokens
07:14<tronix>heh, still out to lunch, 15 mins later. naughty swap thrasher, whomever it is. ;)
07:14<tronix>sent in a ticket.
07:14<cast>my brief search just then shows that the Host load going from low to medium did not change my load avg's of 0.00
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07:16<tronix>hmm. all can say is that ps -efl didn't show CPU hogs on my linode
07:16<tronix>not just % of CPU but also total accumulated time
07:17<tronix>had it been hogging CPU, latter would also have run up impressively
07:17<cast>hmmm :/
07:17<tronix>most likely mem shortage on another linode
07:17<tronix>doesn't really hog cpu *per se*
07:17<tronix>mostly slams I/O
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07:24<jlinos>anybody knows what is happening with
07:25<jlinos>i have a linode there that just doesn't reboot any more
07:25<tronix>same problem here...
07:25<tronix>think another linode is swap-thrashing
07:25<tronix>not much can be done (if that's case) until caker or mikegrb looks
07:26<tronix>and i/o-limits the thrasher
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07:27<jlinos>hmm, that is too bad, i assume it is night there in america where caker resides, it can be 4-5 hours untill he gets up
07:27<tronix>it's morning now.
07:28<tronix>about 8:29am Eastern time
07:28<tronix>might be up soon.
07:28<jlinos>aa, perfect
07:28<jlinos>do you happen to know what he checks first ? an email, this channel, the forums ?
07:29<tronix>not sure. but do have a support ticket already submitted
07:29<tronix>so they'll probably see it here or in support tickets
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07:49<cinnamon>Morning - any known probs with host 28 at all, cos I can't SSH to it, and it seems to be taking an age to reset my pass/reboot etc?
07:51<tronix>think it's a swap thrasher, possibly
07:51<tronix>can't do much til caker/mikegrb looks.
07:51<cinnamon>Ahh, buggery :/ Cheers
07:51<tronix>aye :) sorry. :(
07:51<@mikegrb>on ticket update
07:51<tronix>i'm in same boat if it helps, cinnamon
07:51<cinnamon>Will park up here for a while then
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07:52[~]cinnamon passes out the biscuits - chocolate anyone?
07:52<tronix>hahaha :)
07:52[~]tronix nibbles on tasty chocolate biscuits
07:54<jlinos>i am still here tronix, wondering if i can do anything to raise up my linode, looked into lish, they say it is as if you have a keyboard and a screen in front of your linode, maybe i see some message errors
07:54<jlinos>unfortunately that lish thing doesn't work either
07:55<tronix>the Linode folks do a fine job on the whole.
07:55<tronix>this is just...
07:55<tronix>one of the achilles heels.
07:55<tronix>they do partition out CPU and I/O usage
07:55<tronix>but it's not 100% a 'complete brick wall'
07:55<tronix>between each Linode
07:56<tronix>so there's a small window where 'malcontents' can cause problems.
07:56<jlinos>yeap, i know, i had very few problems with them since i started
07:56<tronix>(same here)
07:56<tronix>so I don't mind too much for rare problems.
07:56<jlinos>1 year and 3 months, and only 2 issued untill now, this is the third
07:57<tronix>aye, about same amount for me, too.
07:57<tronix>most of the issues has been related to silly ThePlanet data center/centre techs :-)
07:58<jlinos>yeah, remember the day when there was a power outage thing, even didn't work
07:58<tronix>heh, memorable.
07:58<tronix>never seen IRC so active. ;)
07:58[~]tekmav screams into the morning. damn qmail.
07:58<jlinos>yeah, me too :)
07:58<tekmav>anyone here using qmail, vpopmail on gentoo?
07:58<jlinos>i think there were 1000 users on this channel that day
07:59<tronix>tekmav: I use gentoo, but not either tool. I used both once on Gentoo (non-Linode)
07:59<tronix>for a friend I was helping out with
07:59<tronix>was a while ago.
08:00<tronix>only thing I remember is I found a small bug relating to
08:00<tronix>how ebuild was built for vpopmail and user passwords
08:00<tronix>so had to redo with a custom ebuild for a changed option and redo user passwords
08:01<tekmav>everything is working grand except for damn smtp
08:01<tronix>hmm. how so?
08:02<@mikegrb>that fact that qmail is 8 years old with no changes doesn't help
08:03<tronix>it's usually the colorful personality of its author
08:03<tronix>that most people seems to take umbrage at ;)
08:03<tekmav>either i am getting an issue stating that my server is not in rcpthost file or when i attempt authenticate i just a nada just connection failed
08:03<@mikegrb>that doesn't help either, but no need to poke fun at him when the software is so easy to
08:04<tronix>tekmav: hmm, are all of names for your server listed in rcpthost?
08:04<tekmav>tronix: yep.
08:04<tronix>might have to strace a connecting qmail session or something
08:05<tronix>to see if it's checking that file
08:05<tronix>strace -f -p <pid> or some such
08:05<tronix>or up debug log level (if possible)
08:05<tronix>I'm just rusty with qmail because I normally use postfix (or sendmail at work)
08:05<@mikegrb>linodes comming back up now
08:07<tekmav>i argued with myself about postfix or qmail. it just seemed the documentation for gentoo forums for qmail was a little more par.
08:08<jlinos>tronix, i found on forums that on newer servers there was a pathced kernel that as this post says , i quote: The newer hosts have CFQ on the host kernels, which from what caker has said, has a good effect
08:08<tronix>tekmav: that's true.
08:08<jlinos>out host28 linode has this newer and better kernel ?
08:09<tronix>I've only had to set up postfix with trimmings once and forgot about it, so good deal for me.
08:09<tronix>tekmav: I did ok with following general postfix config tips; most of it isn't Gentoo specific. mostly have to edit, and pretty much it.
08:10<tronix>but did ok with qmail too the one time I used it for a friend's debugging
08:10<tronix>jlinos: ah! forgot about CFQ. that's a good question (host28); mikegrb would probably know.
08:11<jlinos>he is online, maybe he can tell us live here
08:12<jlinos>mikegrb: does host28 has CFQ, and if not is there an upgrade planned ?
08:12<tronix>yay, my linode's up on 28 :)
08:12[~]tronix goes to finish that email, which hung at the final :wq! earlier
08:13<bendy24>mikegrb: host 0 is having trouble?
08:16<jlinos>actually host28 is an old one, i think the distributions installed there have all the crontab problem, starting all at the same hour updatedb and every day that is
08:17<jlinos>i should put a post on the forums for the host 28 members
08:19<cinnamon>Aye, please do, but please put it in English for the not so tech-knowledgable (ie me) among us :)
08:20<jlinos>my linode is still down :(
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08:20<jlinos>now it is up :)
08:21<@mikegrb>jlinos: updaedb shouldn't be a problem
08:26<jlinos>then what happened ? what caused this service interruption ?
08:27<@mikegrb>syslogd + cron
08:27<@mikegrb>what it looked like
08:27<jlinos>anything we can do , so it won't hapen in the future ?
08:27<@mikegrb>not really
08:28<@mikegrb>updatedb problems might be better
08:28<@mikegrb>we put in a helper script that disabled updatedb unless turned off, don't know if host28 had been rebooted since then
08:46<tekmav>tronix: four score and nine cigarettes later. i figured out the issue for smtp. it was thunderbird wanting to authenticate one way and not the other.
08:48<tekmav>bye every1
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09:02<@mikegrb>efudd: From: Borked Pseudo Mailed <> <-- you should complain to his news service
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09:04<@mikegrb>broked vs borked
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10:26<cristi>For theLinode 120 account are database limitations?
10:27<chris>You can install pretty much whatever you want
10:30<cristi>Can you set up a CPanel or Plesk aplication for non-experienced Linux users to manage the server?
10:35<bendy24>you can use webmin
10:36<@mikegrb>or plesk or cpanel, you can install anything you want
10:38<cristi>Webmin comes by default?
10:39<cristi>sorry if I ask too many questions..I want to set up an account and I am new
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10:48<bendy24>mikegrb: i want to use you
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11:13<[|^__^|]>Wow, we haven't swapped yet
11:13<[|^__^|]>Mem: 316616k total, 275896k used, 40720k free, 5404k buffers
11:13<[|^__^|]>Swap: 263160k total, 0k used, 263160k free, 46336k cached
11:13<[|^__^|]>laptop mode is actually working
11:20<Ximbiot>laptop mode?
11:21<[|^__^|]>tells it not to swap until it absolutely has to
11:21<Ximbiot>what's it do? (googling)
11:22<[|^__^|]>09:21 <[|^__^|]> tells it not to swap until it absolutely has to
11:22<[|^__^|]>in /etc/sysctl.conf
11:22<Ximbiot>why is that called laptop mode?
11:22<Ximbiot>ah. battery life.
11:22<[|^__^|]>because laptops use it to save battery power
11:22<Ximbiot>good for linide too.
11:22<Ximbiot>er, linode. :)
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11:36<fredy_>Running 'reboot' from the shell seemed to hang my linode.
11:37<fredy_>Must reboot be done from the web UI?
11:37<@mikegrb>doesn't hang it, just shuts it down
11:37<@mikegrb>from the web or from lish
11:38<fredy_>Right. So why does 'reboot' have the same effect as 'halt'?
11:38<@mikegrb>the host has to do things between boots
11:39<fo0bar>fredy_: it's a limitation of UML, unfortunately
11:40<@mikegrb>fo0bar: no, not a limitation of uml, just our implementation
11:40<fredy_>Thanks for the URL mike. I wondered what 'lish' was.
11:41<@mikegrb>fredy_: you can add an ssh key for lish access from the website
11:41<@mikegrb>then alias reboot= ssh reboot
11:41<@mikegrb>then typing reboot from your linode will preform a reboot
11:44<fo0bar>mikegrb: buh? "reboot" on any uml client I've tried has just exited the kernel
11:44<@mikegrb>fo0bar: where those kernels from caker?
11:44<fredy_>Is it normal for /var/log/dmesg to have a bunch of "Can't open "<NULL>": errno = 14" lines?
11:44<@mikegrb>fo0bar: he has them patched
11:45<@mikegrb>fredy_: most likely, what's the line before?
11:45<fo0bar>mikegrb: no, regular -um kernels
11:45<fredy_>ubd7: Can't open "<NULL>": errno = 14
11:45<@mikegrb>fo0bar: as far as I know that's not the case, hasn't been for other people anyway
11:45[~]fo0bar checks
11:46<fredy_>I get 16 of those for each of ubd3 through ubd7.
11:46<@mikegrb>the kernel is trying to probe those devices but they don't exist
11:46<fredy_>OK. Just checking that I didn't hose things up.
11:50<fo0bar>mikegrb: well I'll be damned. I guess I'm just used to typing "halt" no matter what when I'm in UML
11:50<@mikegrb>you are warped
11:50<fo0bar>os/2 warped
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11:56<cinnamon>Hiya - host28 having probs again?
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12:10<jlinos>my linode on host28 is down, anyone has an explanation ?
12:10<cinnamon>hey jlinos
12:10<cinnamon>Mine's down too
12:10<@caker>we're working on it
12:11<cinnamon>Cool - anyone for tea while we wait?
12:11<jlinos>see also that it won't happen again, it was down 3-4 hours ago too
12:19<linbot>New news from forums: Google Releases Web Analytics in General Discussion <>
12:25<linbot>New news from forums: Host28 Problem in System and Network Status <>
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12:48<fredy_>If I boot single-user, how do I access the console?
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12:52<@caker>fredy_: via Lish
12:53<fredy_>Where do I find my hostXX name?
12:53<@caker>on the Overview page or cat /proc/cpuinfo
12:54<fredy_>got it . thanks.
12:54<FireSlash>Something may be wrong with me....
12:55<FireSlash>Instead of using EditPlus's built in FTP file editor magic thingy, I'm being "lazy" and editing my files in vi.
13:03<fredy_>Ah, crap. I should have saved some space for a backup-root disk image.
13:06<FireSlash>You can always resize your primary or swap partitions later if you need .
13:07<fredy_>I used all remaining space for an LVM partition. I don't think I can resize that without rebuilding all the LVs.
13:08<fredy_>I suppose I could use the swap device as a temporary backup root.
13:10|-|cinnamon [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:11|-|cinnamon [] has joined #linode
13:12<adamg>most people do
13:17<linbot>New news from forums: Host28 Disk Failure / Migration Information in System and Network Status <>
13:18<anderiv>is it possible to have more than one linode associated w/ a username?
13:18<@caker>anderiv: not at this time
13:19<anderiv>caker: mmmkay. I'm outgrowing my 80 and would like to upgrade to a 120 on the annual payment plan...what's the best way to do this?
13:19<@caker>anderiv: submit a support ticket and we'll set up a migration for you
13:21|-|Z-Ice [] has joined #linode
13:21<anderiv>caker: great! thanks. Will I still be able to get in on the extra disk space if I pay annually? Or is that for new customers only?
13:21|-|Z-Ice [] has quit [Quit: ]
13:22<@caker>anderiv: absolutely
13:22<@caker>(you can get it)
13:22<anderiv>caker: right
13:23<anderiv>caker: and I assume the IP and disk images transfer over as well? Or will I need to re-build the machine.
13:23<@caker>anderiv: everything moves over, then you'll resize to occupy the new space, and boot up ...
13:23<anderiv>caker: great - thanks for the quick response. I'll submit a ticket shortly.
13:23<@caker>anderiv: also, you can migrate when you're ready ... it's just a new button that appears in the LPM (The Magic Migrate button)
13:31<anderiv>caker: that was quick...thanks!
13:31<@caker>anderiv: np
13:32<anderiv>caker: when will that get billed?
13:32<@caker>anderiv: on the 1st
13:32<anderiv>okay - thanks
13:33<anderiv>I assume the migrate does something like: 1) shutdown 2) copy images and configuration to new host 3) boot?
13:34<@caker>Well, you need to issue the boot, but yeah
13:34<anderiv>okay - so it would be best to wait and do the migrate late evening.
13:34<@caker>that's up to you
13:34[~]anderiv is just talking to himself :-)
13:34|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:36<dilcher>anyone know where the config file is that iptables loads when a Gentoo system boots?
13:36<@caker> ?
13:38|-|fredy_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:43<dilcher>ok, looks like /etc/conf.d has a file that contains a pointer to /var/lib/iptables/rules-save.
13:53|-|cinnamon [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:53|-|jlinos [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:54<@caker> slow to respond, or is it just me?
13:55<anderiv>caker: I was just going to mention something about that.
13:56<anderiv>seems a bit better now...
13:56|-|Ximbiot [] has quit [Quit: Bye!]
13:59<linbot>New news from forums: Host28 Disk Failure / Migration Information in System and Network Status <> || Host28 Problem in System and Network Status <> || Google Releases Web Analytics in General Discussion <> || Practical CFLAGS considerations: -Os, -O2, and -O3 in Performance and Tuning <http://www.linode.
14:08<tronix>dilcher: it gets created when you run /etc/init.d/iptables save
14:09<tronix>caker: seems like a rash of recent drive failures. hope you've got a pallet of new drives. ;)
14:09<@caker>tronix: just one new one .. the rest were less recent
14:09<@caker>and I do :)
14:09<tronix>hahaha cool
14:10<fo0bar>caker: you may want to install one of those tinyurl programs and feed it to linbot
14:10<linbot>No idea.
14:11<fo0bar>linbot: you are not part of this conversation
14:11<linbot>But you are Bob, fo0bar.
14:11<fo0bar> Google Analytics has experienced extremely strong demand, and as a result, we have temporarily limited the number of new signups as we increase capacity. In the meantime, please submit your name and email address and we will notify you as soon as we are ready to add new accounts. Thank you for your patience.
14:12<@caker>fo0bar: to what end?
14:12<@caker>oh, like fcol or whatnot?
14:13<@caker>dunno .. that was one what sighup used
14:13<fo0bar>I just mean for long forum announcements like the one above, it got cut off
14:14<tronix>just curious... how long does it normally take to migrate about 6 gigs worth of diskspace?
14:14<@caker>tronix: the last migration took 11 minutes
14:14|-|fredy_ [] has joined #linode
14:15<tronix>not bad. I'll hang tight then and wait for host to accept the job
14:15|-|cinnamon [] has joined #linode
14:15<tronix>probably competiting with others for migration services at moment
14:16<@caker>tronix: where are you migrating to (or username) and I'll tell you the status
14:19<dilcher>I'm using Ksirc for an irc client. wouldn't mind if anyone has a better irc client they could recommend.
14:19<dilcher>been about 3 years since I used IRC
14:20<dilcher>looking for something Linux compatible of course
14:20<fredy_>Chatzilla (Firefox extension) is good enough IRC client for me.
14:20[~]tronix highly recommends irssi for text mode stuff, else x-chat is great (gui)
14:20<@caker>irssi + screen
14:21<dilcher>cool. Thanks. I'm familiar with screen, but haven't used it in conjunction with irc
14:21<tronix>both supports ssl and UTF-8 (great for internationalization stuff)
14:21<tronix>screen too :)
14:21<tronix>no ssl support with screen but does UTF-8
14:22<@caker>no ssl support with screen?
14:22[~]caker ponders
14:23[~]bendy24 sees smoke
14:23[~]caker fumes
14:23<[|^__^|]>caker: I hear that vi doesn't have SSL support either!
14:23[~]tronix orders fire extinguishers via fedex first overnight ;)
14:23<[|^__^|]>bendy24: do you have a copy of ls that has ssl support?
14:24[~][|^__^|] works on sslrm
14:24<[|^__^|]>it's the ssl-enabled rm utility
14:24<bendy24>[|^__^|]: yes! i eve have a torrent available of it
14:24<[|^__^|]>bendy24: <3
14:24[~]tronix prefers 3des-enabled rm, though ;)
14:24<bendy24>thats just overkill
14:25<fo0bar>tronix: go UPS instead, they have same-day delivery for only about $200/lb :)
14:25<dilcher>when you guys talk about irc / screen, your just running a text based irc in a second window in screen?
14:25<tronix>fo0bar: hahaha nice! didn't realize that. that could come in handy for company sometimes. *makes mental note*
14:26<tronix>dilcher: that's exactly what I'm doing at moment, btw. makes life very easy as I hop around on different machines all day long
14:27<[|^__^|]>dilcher: yeah, and irssi has ssl support, so I don't know what tronix was talking about
14:27<[|^__^|]>dilcher: the bonus is that screen persists across disconnects
14:27<[|^__^|]>dilcher: so you can detach and log off and go somewhere else to reattach, and your sessoin will still be there
14:27<tronix>was mentioning both xchat and irssi had ssl and utf-8 support
14:27<[|^__^|]>dilcher: also there's screen support in irssi to automatically set you away when you detach. i use it.
14:28<[|^__^|]>I just only have public_autoaway set for one channel
14:28<dilcher>cool, time to 'emerge irssi' then...
14:28<[|^__^|]>be sure to get all the extra scripts as well
14:28<[|^__^|]>they're useful
14:28<tronix>dilcher: if you use utf-8 support, need to use ~x86 for irssi
14:28<tronix>otherwise, irssi (x86) is fine
14:28<bendy24>make sure to load the updike script
14:28<fo0bar>tronix: you're basically paying UPS to have some guy pick up your stuff and get on the next outbound plane with it
14:28<bendy24>its a must
14:28<dilcher>utf-8 I am guessing is some kind of internationalization support?
14:28<[|^__^|]>wait, are you trying to say that irssi can't do utf8 on a PPC or amd64>
14:29<tronix>dilcher: it is
14:29<tronix>lets me read cyrillic, french, greek, etc. along with ascii
14:29<tronix>it's pretty slick
14:29<@caker>[|^__^|]: that's some gentooism
14:29<tronix>(I've got a co-worker who used to live in Moscow and still does cyrillic copy-n-pastes)
14:29<tronix>[|^__^|]: oh, didn't mean to imply that. my bad
14:30<tronix>it's in the ~ stuff, probably ~ppc and ~amd64 too
14:30<[|^__^|]>also 日本語
14:30<tronix>haven't reviewed arch flags for irssi
14:30<tronix>know it's in ~x86 for sure
14:30<@caker>must. get. food.
14:31<bendy24>caker: since you are up...
14:31[~]tronix boots Linode on host27... looks sharp.
14:32<@caker>bendy24: you guys still need that netfilter extention, and do you know if it's finally in vanilla?
14:32<linbot>New news from forums: Sendmail: how do you send mail from localhost only ? in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
14:33<bendy24>caker: no, not anymore. unless there are others that need it
14:33<@caker>ok .. makes my life easier
14:33<[|^__^|]>Mem: 316616k total, 298212k used, 18404k free, 10928k buffers
14:33<[|^__^|]>Swap: 263160k total, 0k used, 263160k free, 64952k cached
14:34<[|^__^|]>^-- I like it like that.
14:36|-|thelsdj [] has joined #linode
14:38<npmr>[|^__^|], u rote ur killer app and made $$$e6 yet?
14:38|-|Clapper [] has joined #linode
14:39<@caker>bad, root .. bad
14:39|-|Clapper [] has quit [Quit: ]
14:39|-|Clapper [] has joined #linode
14:40|-|dilcher [] has left #linode []
14:40<Clapper>looks like I figured out how to get on via irssi
14:41<bendy24>yep, just type irssi
14:41<AndyHat>Er, I'm about to migrate off host28, and did a "/sbin/shutdown -h 0" from the command line, which appears to have shut me down, but the web interface thinks I'm still running.
14:41<Clapper>should be fun figuring out what all this client does/can do
14:41<AndyHat>And now I can't see to shutdown or restart from the web interface (unless it's just being really slow).
14:41<@caker>AndyHat: yeah, I'm looking at host28 right now
14:42<@caker>more drive issues, it seems
14:42<AndyHat>Ah, so I shut down at a good time :)
14:44|-|fredy_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:50<anderiv>Clapper: irssi is's all I've used since discovering it 3 years ago or so.
14:52<anderiv>Clapper: let me know if you have any questions about it.
14:52<bendy24>screen with ssl rocks
14:53<anderiv>bendy24: screen w/ ssl?
14:53<anderiv>bendy24: I'm a heavy screen user, but I've never heard how/why one would use it w/ ssl.
14:54<bendy24>anderiv: read up
14:55<anderiv>bendy24: sorry - not getting it.
14:55<anderiv>bendy24: mmmkay
14:57|-|cinnamon [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:01|-|cinnamon [] has joined #linode
15:04<tronix>anderiv: they were kidding me about me saying a bad statement when I was lazy for a moment :)
15:05<tronix>you're right, screen doesn't haev ssl support and doesn't have a need for it.
15:05<linbot>New news from forums: LASIK surgery in /dev/random <>
15:05<anderiv>tronix: that's what I thought...
15:07|-|besonen [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:09|-|jlinos [] has joined #linode
15:27<@caker>cmon theplanet, get off your butt
15:28<anderiv>caker: something w/ host28?
15:32|-|cinnamon [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:38|-|Ty\AFK changed nick to Ty
15:44<Ty>What'd ThePlanet do now? heh
15:54<jlinos>Hi, i am having problems with my linode on host 28, i did step 1, logged in , but instead of shutdown i did a reboot and after that a shutdown, but nothing happens just the page keeps refreshing, what can i do to cancel them all and do a clean shutdown
15:57<tronix>Ty: caker's waiting on TP tech to move host28 to a remote power unit port
15:57<@caker>that's been done .. working on the system now
15:58|-|besonen [] has joined #linode
16:01|-|linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:04|-|predius [] has joined #linode
16:05|-|predius [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:05|-|predius [predius@] has joined #linode
16:06<predius>is IRC allowed on all VPS accounts?
16:08<anderiv>predius: through linode? or are you asking about other vendors as well?
16:08<anderiv>AFAIK, yes.
16:08|-|jlinos [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:08<predius>i just found something which could mean it does.
16:08<anderiv>predius: long as you stay below your monthly transfer limit.
16:10<predius>is it me or is linode's web server not responding?
16:10<predius>it just stopped working
16:10<predius>pings all right.
16:11<anderiv>predius: it's been flaky on and off today...
16:11<predius>ah, ok.
16:11<predius>i'll check back later.
16:12|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has quit [Quit: A geek without purpose - | SMDC-Network IRC -]
16:12|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has joined #linode
16:14|-|jlinos [] has joined #linode
16:16<linbot>New news from forums: Host28 Disk Failure / Migration Information in System and Network Status <> || LASIK surgery in /dev/random <> || Practical CFLAGS considerations: -Os, -O2, and -O3 in Performance and Tuning <> || Sendmail: how do you send mail from localhost only ? in Email/SMTP Related Forum <http
16:17<anderiv>predius: it's back up now.
16:17[~]caker sighs .. it's going to be a long day
16:18<efudd>so i just called walmart supercenterthingy here to ask about their xbox 360s....
16:18<efudd>she saidt they have 14
16:18<anderiv>sorry man...
16:18<efudd>and there is already 14 people waiting
16:18<anderiv>*** directed to caker
16:18<fo0bar>efudd: what about the other 16 walmarts in your city?
16:18<fo0bar>(I'm assuming every city has the standard complement of 17, right?)
16:18<efudd>i called the only one that'd have any appreciable quantity
16:19<@caker>I was able to get Halo 2 back when it came out at a walmart in a shit part of town ... might be worth a call
16:19<@caker>different circumstances, I know .. but still
16:19<fo0bar>efudd: where do you live?
16:19<efudd>i did too..
16:19<efudd>foobar, NC.
16:20<AndyHat>Personally I can't see the point in getting a launch 360. None of the games out yet are worth the effort.
16:20<efudd>i wanted one to resell
16:20<fo0bar>yeah, I'll probably wait until the first price drop to get one
16:21<taupehat>does anyone know how to force gtk to re-order widgets back the way THE ENTIRE BLOODY WORLD EXPECTS THEM TO BE?
16:21[~]taupehat h-bombs the gnome foundation for that and many other mortal sins
16:22<fo0bar>reno metro area: ~450k people. 8 walmarts within a 30 minute driving distance, and I've heard rumors they they're each getting 25. if I wanted to, I could probably get one
16:22<efudd>i'd have to card it anyway
16:22<efudd>no reason to get it
16:23|-|fredy_ [] has joined #linode
16:23|-|fredy_ [] has quit [Quit: ]
16:23<AndyHat>I have no idea how many Wal-Marts are around here, other than the 2 close ones. But then, I don't shop at Walmart.
16:24<AndyHat>Something about the Walmart ambiance completely creeps me out whenever I go into one.
16:25<fo0bar>AndyHat: walmart is intollerable before 10PM, but I usually do my shopping at about 2AM, so it works :)
16:25<fo0bar>they don't play music though, which is creepy
16:27<taupehat>fo0bar: it's fun to go into walmart with a tvbgone =]
16:27|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has quit [Quit: A geek without purpose - | SMDC-Network IRC -]
16:28<fo0bar>taupehat: bah, they don't have a large selection. go to circuit city instead if you have a tvbgone :)
16:28<taupehat>done that =]
16:28<AndyHat>Of course, there's also the fact that Walmart randomly carries censored versions of games.
16:28<taupehat>what's fun about it is turning off the TV sets that blare rubbish to all who try to ignore it
16:29<AndyHat>I hate that.
16:29<taupehat>you know, the ones hanging from the ceiling
16:29<taupehat>tvbgone was MADE for those friggin things
16:30<fo0bar>AndyHat: I've never seen a sensored version of a PC game there... with the exception of pulling san andreas after the hot coffee incident, that is
16:31<AndyHat>They don't mark them as censored (unlike music).
16:31<AndyHat>But many games have "Walmart versions".
16:32<AndyHat>(GTA's a good example; Rockstar refused to do a censored version so Walmart didn't carry it initially, but then when it was a bestseller, they decided to ignore their own standards)
16:33<jlinos>caker, i am one with a linode on (ex)host28, i do not see any migration button on the overview page. will they appear later, or... I am in the dark now, should i just wait a little longer - very eager to log in into my box again, you know....
16:33<fo0bar> <-- interesting
16:33<@caker>jlinos: yes, I'm working on it
16:33<AndyHat>If you want some examples.
16:33<@caker>jlinos: your node is next to be migrated
16:33<jlinos>ok, i am here waiting for a sign, thanks man
16:34[~]taupehat is hopeful that his upgrade will come =]
16:34[~]AndyHat is eagerly waiting, too :)
16:35|-|Ty changed nick to Ty\AFK
16:35<fo0bar>damnit, I forgot about pbf... looks like the rss feed hasn't updated in forever
16:36<fo0bar>scorpy was the last one I saw
16:40<@caker>Is there a "don't autostart raid devices" kernel arg?
16:41<@caker>or is it called "change partition type" :)
16:41|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
16:41<@caker>jlinos: your migration's going
16:43<fo0bar>caker: there used to be a way to get a list of command-line arguments accepted on a linux kernel, but I think it was removed
16:45<@caker>raid=noautodetect :)
16:45<@caker>thank you Documentation/md.txt
16:45<fo0bar>wow, the Documentation directory has a up-to-date file? amazing!
16:46[~]caker smirks
16:46<jlinos>caker: aaa perfect, should i do anything ?click on a button or something ?
16:46<@caker>jlinos: nope, your node will boot once it's done
16:47<jlinos>ok :)
16:57<@caker>Anyone else here on host28 that hasn't been migrated yet?
17:00<AndyHat>I don't think we have been.
17:00<@caker>AndyHat: username?
17:01<@caker>ok, you're next
17:01<jlinos>i am up, thank you caker, keep up the goow job
17:01<jlinos>by all
17:02|-|jlinos [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:31<@caker>AndyHat: your node is up (has been for a while)
17:32<AndyHat>The new node only gets 128MB instead of 160?
17:33<AndyHat>Oh, wait, I was looking at the wrong box.
17:34<AndyHat>So used to being logged in as soon as I switch to that screen session that I forgot it wasn't connected this time :)
17:44<gpd>How do I set the default file creation permissions? ie. 664 not 644?
17:45<gpd>in /etc/profile?
17:47<@caker>dunno .. grep -r umask /etc/
17:48<gpd>yup - /etc/profile umask 022.... changed to 002 ;) thanks for the memory jog...
17:56<gpd>Top Music Tip: if you like Evanescence - try 'The Gathering'
18:21|-|Ximbiot [] has joined #linode
18:36|-|ronpoz [] has joined #linode
18:40|-|[|^__^|] [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:54<vaxen>respawning too fast messages in my console
18:54<vaxen>caker i thought you already fixed that in the image?
18:59<@caker>vaxen: or, you accepted changes that you shouldn't have
19:00<vaxen>maybe i did
19:01<vaxen>nptl is not working right?
19:01<@caker>all tne gettys should be commented out except tty0 (or vc/0 )
19:12|-|ronpoz [] has left #linode []
19:13<vaxen>is the "fortran" USE flag for gcc necessary to run a gentoo server?
19:19<vaxen>apparently not
19:20<@caker>only two more nodes to migrate off host28 .........
19:20<@caker>then food.
19:21|-|emcnabb [] has quit [Quit: IRC: Where men are men, women are men, and little girls are FBI agents]
19:26|-|thoth39 [~hm@] has joined #linode
19:38|-|Xtec [~ZiRC@] has joined #linode
19:40<Xtec>Where I can find anyway xploit ?
19:40<Xtec>web pag ?
19:40<@mikegrb> has a lot
19:41<@mikegrb>click the contact us link
19:45|-|Xtec [~ZiRC@] has left #linode []
20:07|-|emcnabb [] has joined #linode
20:11|-|Ty\AFK changed nick to Ty
20:12|-|id10t [] has joined #linode
20:12<id10t>'lo all
20:21|-|thoth39 [~hm@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:21|-|id10t [] has left #linode [Leaving]
20:35<tronix>vaxen: confirming that fortran flag isn't needed for the typical setup.
20:48|-|emcnabb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:58|-|emcnabb [] has joined #linode
21:16|-|emcnabb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:21<efudd> <- HA
21:26|-|emcnabb [] has joined #linode
21:29<predius>efudd: came out yesterday, right?
21:30[~]efudd hrm?
21:30<efudd>oh. 1.5hrs
21:36<tjfontaine>mmm 360
21:37|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
22:01<@caker>$500 for xBox 360 on ebay .. how much new?
22:02<@caker>like $299 base, $399 with HD and wireless controller or something?
22:03<fo0bar>I think so
22:05<fo0bar>caker: <-- final version, fyi
22:05<tjfontaine>well, you can buy packages in excess of $700 at retail locations
22:05<@caker> <-- haha
22:06<@caker>fo0bar: awesome
22:07<fo0bar>haha, nice swd
22:09<fo0bar>anybody using realvnc vncviewer 4 in X?
22:09[~]mikegrb looks to see what he has installed
22:09<@caker>I use tightvnc
22:10<fo0bar>I had problems with tightvnc a long time ago, for reasons I can no longer remember
22:11<fo0bar>mikegrb: X11, not OSX
22:11<fo0bar>anyways, version 4 pops up a windows asking for the remote password, which is nice, but focus isn't given to the input field
22:11<fo0bar>it's annoying
22:12<@mikegrb>silly me
22:20|-|Guest43 [] has joined #linode
22:20|-|adamg [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:25<efudd>yeah. saw that.
22:30|-|nick324838 [] has joined #linode
22:30|-|nick324838 [] has quit [Quit: ]
22:35|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:46<anderiv>caker: the migration went flawlessly - thanks!
22:48<efudd>"Higly recommented. Fast Payment. A++++++"
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:02<@caker>anderiv: excellllent
23:11<@caker> <-- check that out (doesn't load in IE) (requires flash)
23:12<predius>ew, flash.
23:12<predius>you should know better :)
23:13<@caker>What's wrong with flash?
23:13<predius>it's allright for funny videos which last 2 minutes.
23:13<predius>wait, what is it?
23:13<@caker>ok, thanks for sharing :)
23:14<predius>yeah, it's a video.
23:14<predius>i thought that the site needed flash.
23:14<@caker>just the demo
23:14<gpd>any thoughts on why cpuinfo would show my amd64 3200+ as 1000Mhz :(
23:14<predius>which sucks, because sites made in glash are the wordst
23:15<predius>eh, it's kinda late.
23:15<predius>night guys-
23:16|-|Clapper [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
23:19<fo0bar>caker: that's a cool demo. I'm even more interested in what was used to create that demo :)
23:20<@caker>I used to know of one tool
23:20<@caker>thought about using it for a LPM demo
23:20<fo0bar>Macromedia Captivate, it looks like
23:20[~]caker thinks
23:20<@mikegrb>fo0bar: yes
23:20<fo0bar>but their store be broken, says I
23:21<fo0bar>so I have no idea how much it costs
23:21<fo0bar>eek, about $500
23:23<@caker> <-- that was one
23:24<@mikegrb>only $300!
23:25<@caker> <-- another (free)
23:25<fo0bar>don't think about using google video to distribute vmware movies
23:26<fo0bar> <-- this is the result
23:26<fo0bar>and it only took 2 weeks for them to publish that!
23:26<@caker> :)
23:27<predius>you could easily use vnc2swf, too.
23:27<@caker>that was another!
23:28<fo0bar> <-- my high school video project
23:28<@caker>fo0bar: age?
23:29<fo0bar>of me or the video? :)
23:29<@caker>graduate in 98?
23:30<@caker>is that you in the first talking scene?
23:31<@caker>nice :)
23:31<@mikegrb>the cat won't stop hissing and growling
23:31<@mikegrb>I'm running out of stuff to throw at her
23:31<@caker>mikegrb: it wants your love
23:31<@mikegrb>it thinks it is big and bad and owns the house
23:31<@mikegrb>the neighbors kittens (2) got shut out for the night
23:32<predius>perhaps it's hissing and growling because you're throwing things at her?
23:32<@mikegrb>when I went out to smoke they followed me around util I came in and then ran inside with me
23:32<@mikegrb>so they can stay until morning
23:33|-|Ty changed nick to Ty\AFK
23:35<taupehat>My answer to all the nerds who make "OMG, headsh0t!" videos
23:38<taupehat>oh also
23:38<taupehat>this is _really_ amusing
23:41<taupehat>caker: the gmane thread
23:41<taupehat>did you read it?
23:42<@caker>the patch?
23:42<@caker>that's a framed website .. are we viewing the same content?
23:42<predius>the whole thread, you mean?
23:42<taupehat>there's a kernel patch in it
23:43<taupehat>and then greg kh explains the patch
23:43<@caker>too much work
23:43<taupehat>and it's quite funny
23:43<taupehat>actually, just look briefly at what the patch does.
23:43<taupehat>first ten lines tells the whole story =]
23:45<taupehat>imagine how nvidia or ati would react to the whole damn pci bus being gpl
---Logclosed Tue Nov 22 00:00:25 2005