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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-11-24

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00:17<Grog>hey any admins about?
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00:33<@caker>Grog: yup .. what's up?
00:48<tronix>fo0bar, thanks for finix -- much appreciated. not used yet,
00:48<tronix>but sounds *perfect*
00:48<tronix>for the once-in-a-blue-moon need and stuff. :)
00:48<tronix>now I can go use the last 900mb of my space for something else. ;)
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04:18<linbot>New news from forums: Linode on Host 45 has gone RO in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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07:40<ppdorapa>hello people
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11:57<bendy24>where do the debian packages go before they get to all the mirrors
12:05<@mikegrb>Unstable 2.4.6-1
12:06<@mikegrb>give it another 12 - 24 hours
12:06<taupehat>shouldn't you all be afk for turkey day?
12:06<taupehat>on also mikegrb
12:06<taupehat>traffic alert
12:06<bendy24>taupehat: not in Canada
12:07<taupehat>bendy24: nor most places
12:07<bendy24>we're ahead of the yanks here
12:07<taupehat>but IIRC it is in texas
12:07<taupehat>bendy24: bah, go get some free healthcare, you commie! =P
12:08<bendy24>mikegrb: make it go through faster!
12:09<bendy24>GIVE IT TO ME NOW!
12:09<@mikegrb>bendy24: you could get it from incomming if you really wanted it
12:10<bendy24>wheres that?
12:10<@mikegrb>now what do you say?
12:11<bendy24>how about i give you some sexual favors?
12:12<taupehat>restored my old website
12:12<taupehat>let's see how long it lasts
12:13<taupehat>iirc I took it down back when I was still running on a 64
12:14<taupehat>mikegrb: did you get that email? What do you think?
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12:17<@mikegrb>yes, I got it
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12:47<taupehat>how many times do I have to get "vim: command not found" before apg-get install vim?
12:48<taupehat>apparently I've reached my limit
12:49<tsi>everybody to the limit everybody to the limit
12:49<tsi>everybody fqwhgads
12:49<bendy24>apparently vim is not in your path
12:49<taupehat>bendy24: it was not installed
12:52[~]taupehat puts mod_msff back on his server
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14:24<or[B]>Hi guys, does anyone know what datacenter the newest nodes available are at?
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14:36<fo0bar>or[B]: theplanet
14:36<or[B]>thanks. Any idea what the latencies to Virginia/east coast would be?
14:37<bendy24>you could try and ping their servers
14:37<bendy24>if you are from there
14:37<or[B]>(i lucked out and got CA for my first node)
14:37<or[B]>haha! i'm in Australia
14:37<fo0bar>err, new hosts go in there. if some slots just opened up, I think there's a chance you could get a HE linode
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14:38<or[B]>Yeah i got hosted at HE, 90ms to Virginia which is not ideal
14:41<or[B]>Does anyone have a box at theplanet open they could do a 'tcptraceroute 80' on? would be much appreciated
14:41<or[B]>(they're firewalled against ICMP traffic)
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16:47<fo0bar>'tis the season to burn your house down
16:48<taupehat>ho ho HO
16:48<taupehat>ho ho HOMGWTFBBQ1!!
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20:01<W|GG-Laptop>anyone running the slackware 9.0 iso on their linode?
20:03<W|GG-Laptop>if so, i've got a prob and am looking for others running the slackware 9.0 iso to confirm this output:
20:03<W|GG-Laptop>root@starchild:/etc# ls -l /sbin/lsmod
20:03<W|GG-Laptop>lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 6 May 23 2003 /sbin/lsmod -> insmod*
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20:34<linbot>New news from forums: Slackware 9.0 and 'lsmod' in General Discussion <>
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20:56<W|GG-Laptop>nice feature!
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21:13<W|GG-Laptop>disregard my question, i guess
21:16<linbot>New news from forums: Slackware 9.0 and 'lsmod' in General Discussion <>
21:18<W|GG-Laptop>whoa...i only posted once, like 15 min ago
21:19<W|GG-Laptop>dunno why it shows again
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21:22<linbot>New news from forums: Double-posted. Sorry in General Discussion <>
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