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09:46<efudd>caker, search for "tbe firefox" in google. install it from the japanese site after killing your 'session saver' thingy.
09:47<efudd>it's a better tabbing interface to firefox with session saving and such. you can save multiple sesions blahblah
09:49[~]mikegrb saves efudd
09:50<@mikegrb>take that
09:50[~]efudd self deletes
09:51<@mikegrb>operation not permitted
09:53<kvandivo>apparently the jp site recommends tab mix, which then recommends tab mix plus
09:54<efudd>i think he's recommending that so he'll stop geting emails about it
09:58<efudd>regardless, tbe hasn't ever caused *ME* problems anyway.
10:00<@mikegrb>I use tab mix plus
10:00<@mikegrb>it supports the mac
10:00<Ximbiot>i personally like tab mix plus. :)
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10:06<@mikegrb>For Sale: Apple iPod, 15 GB model, lightly used, 167 songs loaded.
10:06<@mikegrb>The RIAA says it's worth about $25 million.
10:06<@mikegrb>I'll let it go for $5 million, plus shipping.
10:08<tsi>what a deal!!!
10:08<tsi>do you take personal check?
10:10<kvandivo>sure. the ipod will be mailed once the check clears
10:13<@mikegrb>tsi: you may deal with my business associate kvandivo
10:13<tsi>I had a boss once who wanted an addon to the software package he was using (bbs software)
10:13<@mikegrb>he gets 50%
10:13<tsi>he was friends with the president of the company that devfeloped it
10:14<tsi>he talked to that guy about getting it developed, and the pres said, "Sure, if you front the cash for development"
10:14<tsi>so my boss wrote a check, and in really small letters wrote "VOID" in the corner
10:14<tsi>turns out the pres of the software company had previously worked at several banks
10:14<tsi>so he generated a fake overdraft notice
10:14<tsi>my boss wigged out. it was great.
10:15<tsi>(he got the notice framed and kept it for years)
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10:20<@mikegrb> bvujvjibojobuj vjv
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11:09<bendy24>mikegrb: iuiuid?
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11:38<Battousai>that was hunter
11:38[~]Battousai swish
11:39<rafx>any word on when then new 2.6 kernel (with FUSE!) will be ready for us to kick around? :)
11:42<npmr>reminds me of when my neice used to scream "buttons!" and go poke at any computer keyboard she saw
11:43<@mikegrb>he loves keyboards
11:43<@mikegrb>becuase mommy and daddy use vthem
11:43<npmr>of course!
11:43<@mikegrb>every once and a while, properly
11:46<npmr> <-- go go gadget charlize
11:48<tsi>new desktop wallpaper
11:51<npmr>ubuntu for goth ninjas!
11:52<gpd>you must have a very small desktop
11:52<gpd>do you have a nokia 770? :)
11:53[~]tsi sets to tile and expand across all monitors
11:54<gpd>all the better to ... with >:!
11:54[~]gpd ponders how X11 over 50K up cable can be sooo slooowww
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12:54<cri111>ok, who kicked out the power plug again?
12:55<[|^__^|]>blah, once again network overwhelms disk
12:55[~][|^__^|] reboots
12:57<[|^__^|]>caker: is host40 wedged?
12:59<[|^__^|]>ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out
12:59<[|^__^|]>I hope this wasn't my fault...
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13:03<cri111>yeah, our host is down too
13:05<cri111> Your Linode is currently
13:05<[|^__^|]>back up I guess
13:05<cri111>Powered Off
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13:07<[|^__^|]>huh, rebooted again
13:07<cri111>host40 down
13:07<[|^__^|]>I hope I'm not bootlooping
13:09<cri111>Of course, this had to happen when we were scheduled to get a doc via email
13:09<[|^__^|]>host40 is up for me
13:09<cri111>I've put a curse on the former admin for choosing linode
13:10<[|^__^|]>but apache is taking forever to start
13:10<cri111>we've got our own servers ordered and will be moving svc asap
13:11<anderiv>cri111: and we care why?
13:11<[|^__^|]>yep, bootlooping
13:12<[|^__^|]>or not
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13:12<[|^__^|]>slow as hell, though
13:14<futhin>hush little babies, don't you cry
13:14<cri111>obviously, you are new users
13:15<cri111>this happens about once a month
13:15<anderiv>cri111: I've been w/ linode for 1.5 yrs or so...
13:15<[|^__^|]>no it doe snot
13:15<cri111>if it's not hurricane electric pulling the plug, it's a kernel panic or a routing mishap
13:15<futhin>some hosts are more unlucky than others
13:16<anderiv>cri111: you've had bad luck.
13:17<cri111>we happen to get moved right into the path of the bus
13:17<SupaZubon>ah, there we go
13:17<cri111>next we'll be hearing about host40 disk issues
13:17<cri111>or perhaps theplanet will puke
13:18<anderiv>cri111: linode has a ton of very happy customers. I'm afraid you won't have much luck turning customers away if that's your aim.
13:18<cri111>nope, just letting caker know why we're quitting asap
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13:19<heidi>well since that did first blamed his trouble on hurricane electri and then the planet, seems he doesn't even know who is hosting the linode
13:19<heidi>not a credible source of info
13:19<anderiv>heidi: yep - noticed that.
13:20<heidi>was hoping someone would
13:20<anderiv>classic disgruntled luser
13:21<[|^__^|]>anyway, who knows what's up with host40?
13:21<anderiv>!ping caker
13:23<anderiv>|^_^|: your nick is way too hard to type.
13:23<anderiv>...and irssi's auto-complete doesn't like it either.
13:23[~]anderiv will henceforth call |^_^| by the name, "Hey You".
13:24<[|^__^|]>anderiv: just hit [ and tab-complete
13:24<[|^__^|]>[|^__^|]: [|^__^|] [|^__^|] [|^__^|] [|^__^|] [|^__^|] [|^__^|] [|^__^|]
13:25<anderiv>frick...for whatever reason I missed the square bracket.
13:25<npmr>anderiv, try tab completion
13:25<anderiv>npmr: I figured it out...nevermind.
13:31<anderiv>[|^__^|]: is host40 still rebooting?
13:34<heidi>which is probably why it was slow
13:35<heidi>it tkes a while to get all the nodes booted
13:35<[|^__^|]>anderiv: no.
13:37<@mikegrb>there are still linodes booting
13:45<[|^__^|]>mikegrb: now my laptop is thrashing i hold you personally responsible we will be moving away from linode in 17 minutes!!!%!^^!^!^!^^!!!@@@@
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13:47<xinu>did host 40 crash recently?
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13:47<anderiv>xinu: yes
13:47<anderiv>xinu: ....or the equivalent of crash.
13:48<xinu>thanks anderiv
13:48<anderiv>xinu: sure.
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13:58<gpd> <-- sproing for OSX!
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14:34<cortez>buenas tardes, estoy procurando el mikegrb
15:05<psykoyiko>cortez: habla espanol?
15:14|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
15:21<cortez>psykoyiko: si senor
15:21<cortez>¿donde estas el mikegrb?
15:22<[|^__^|]>cortez: ITYM "señor"
15:22<cortez>[|^__^|]: que ser `ITYM'?
15:23<[|^__^|]>cortez: I'll explain it when you're older.
15:24|-|[|^__^|] changed nick to Fonzie
15:24[~]Fonzie whacks the jukebox
15:51<cortez>Fonzie is the byproduct of a capitalist mindset.
15:52<cortez>I get so angry when I think about you neo-liberals that I just need to settle down with a nice, cold Coke® and Philip-Morris® Marlboro® Light cigarette.
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16:15<ravsi>is anyone else's system laggin today?
16:21<cortez>ravsi: si
16:21<ravsi>cortez: what node are you on?
16:35<Fonzie>ravsi: host40 had some troubles earlier
16:35<ravsi>I am on 50
16:35<ravsi>just very confused
16:36<ravsi>cuz there is no cpu usage or out of normal memory usage
16:36<ravsi>and its just dog slow
16:36<ravsi>just the ssh though
16:36<@mikegrb>ravsi: a traceroute to your ip shows packet loss on your end
16:36<heidi>ravsi: are you with cox
16:36<heidi>we are having major issues
16:36<ravsi>next best thing
16:41<ravsi>if i ping my node its about 50ms
16:41<ravsi> no lost
16:41<ravsi>but packet loss is the only thing that would account for laggy ssh right?
16:48<heidi>ravsi: the loss is probably coming from your provider
16:49<heidi>our provider is right now refusing to take credit for our packet loss and it is four or five hops into the network
16:49<heidi>he keeps restarting our modem
16:49<ravsi>my provider IS incredibly lame ........
16:49<heidi>he is stupid
16:50<ravsi>it seems that alot of internet companys have been lame lately
16:50<heidi>we used to have problems with comcast as well
16:51<heidi>mikegrb told you that the tracroute he did shows the packet loss from your ip
16:51<ravsi>an other hosting company I am working with randomly killed error output in php, no way to turn it on
16:52<ravsi>weird thought cuz I am pinging away with my local Obsd box to the linode and not 1 loss yet
16:54<ravsi>I can't wait until I can just buy fibre to my house
17:06<kvandivo>i'm sure you could do that now
17:07<ravsi>not for less than a bajillion dollars
17:07<ravsi>that Fion looks pretty goof
17:07<ravsi>or Lion or whatever
17:08<ravsi>like 50$ amonth for 30 down and 10 up
17:08<ravsi>i would pay 200 for that
17:13<Fonzie> [I have Been to Hell, said] Inkblot [it's ruled by a Woman.]
17:13<Fonzie> #129,780 Saturday 05Oct15 14:36:21 PM
17:13<Fonzie> Octobot
17:13<Fonzie> #129,773 Saturday 05Oct15 05:47:27 AM
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18:35<Fonzie>more host40 nonsense?
18:36<Fonzie>or is this just the internet breaking?
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18:38<Fonzie>I can't reach host40
18:38|-|Fonzie changed nick to [|^__^|]
18:38<[|^__^|]>mikegrb: do you know what's up?
18:42<[|^__^|]>caker: has host40 gone totally spare?
18:42<[|^__^|]>I can connect but not log in
18:42<[|^__^|]>debug1: Connecting to [] port 22.
18:42<[|^__^|]>debug1: Connection established.
18:42<[|^__^|]>then it finds my keys and halts
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19:00<hyurp>wtf is down with host 40
19:00<hyurp>this is the 2nd crash today
19:01<hyurp>no notice on the system and netowrk status forum
19:01<tierra>you're the second to report host40, I'd toss in a ticket
19:02<tierra>err, no, actually, third
19:02<hyurp>I did at 2 pm today EST, when it crashed the 1st time
19:02<tierra>well, 3rd report in the last 30 minutes
19:03<hyurp>we used to be on the ill fated host 22
19:03<hyurp>i.e. "the hindenburg"
19:03<hyurp>perhaps cursed or soemone doesn't like us
19:04<Redgore>host17 has been good to me
19:05|-|roadmr [] has joined #linode
19:05<roadmr>was host40 just rebooted?
19:05<tierra>roadmr wins for 4th report
19:06<roadmr>just wanted to confirm that's what happened, seemed weird when the linode stopped responding :)
19:06|-|[|^__^|] [] has joined #linode
19:06<[|^__^|]>what the hell is going on with host40?
19:07<tierra>^ see ;)
19:07[~][|^__^|] looks at the topic
19:07[~][|^__^|] checks
19:07<tierra>oh, sorry, didn't mean that
19:07<hyurp>that's exactly what I said
19:07<roadmr>feels good to know i'm not the only one who noticed :) specially since it's back online already :)
19:07<tierra>oh, heh
19:08<hyurp>Host initiated restart
19:08<hyurp>12/02/2005 02:06:19 PM
19:08<hyurp>Host initiated restart
19:08<hyurp>12/02/2005 08:00:54 PM
19:09<hyurp>I was hoping to achieve 6 hours uptime
19:09<[|^__^|]>INIT: version 2.86 booting
19:09<[|^__^|]>this is slllooowwwwww
19:09<[|^__^|]>Setting kernel variables ...
19:09<[|^__^|]>vm.laptop_mode = 1
19:09<[|^__^|]>... done.
19:10<tierra>booting 10+ linodes at the same time can't be all that fun
19:10<hyurp>host 22 was "the hindenburg".. I think host 40 should be "twa 800"
19:10<hyurp>mechanical failure
19:10<tierra>was host22 just drive failure?
19:10<hyurp>I would assume they'd serialize boot processes for each UML instance?
19:12<roadmr>wasn't host40 brought into service just about 2 weeks ago?
19:12<[|^__^|]>and I was migrated to it from the unfortunate host37
19:13<[|^__^|]>I suspect that caker and mikegrb have their heads down right now on this, and our thrashings in channel are largely just raising blood pressure
19:13<roadmr>plus i've noticed my linode spits some ext3 errors.. been meaning to fsck the disk to see if it clears the problem, haven't had the time to bring it offline to do the check
19:13[~]roadmr is another host37 immigrant
19:13<hyurp>smiley: I was on host37 too
19:13<[|^__^|]>yeah, I think host40 was the landing pad for most of us
19:14<hyurp>22 -> 37 -> 40
19:14<hyurp>all cursed
19:14<[|^__^|]>you've got history, bro
19:14<[|^__^|]>maybe you're the jinx
19:14<roadmr>it ain't me whos jinxed, i was never on 22!
19:14<tierra>I blame maxtor drives...
19:15<tierra>(as I wouldn't doubt was the reason for all 3 moves)
19:15<hyurp>some dork on irc got our host DDoSd a few years ago
19:15<hyurp>I think he was running bots
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19:15<[|^__^|]>well that's my server side session
19:15<[|^__^|]>starting from cron
19:15<[|^__^|]>all hail @reboot
19:16<hyurp>ok bye.. here's hoping we stay up
19:16|-|hyurp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:17<roadmr>well i guess i'll be off too, got some folks i have to tell the server's back up. Thanks a bunch!
19:17|-|roadmr [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC 0.5.6 (2005/02/09)]
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