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00:18<fo0bar>caker: am I blind, or do I just simply not see the SOURCE for xen 3.0.0?
00:19<fo0bar>and also, what's the difference between the "demo cd image" and the "test cd image"?
00:20<fo0bar>"If you are experiencing problems with running the demo, please run the Test CD."
00:22<fo0bar> <-- hello 404
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00:32<@caker>fo0bar: I think they made the binaries only to "members" whatever that means
00:32<@caker>to reduce server load
00:33<@caker>lemme see if I can find a source tarball
00:34<@caker>fo0bar: you want the 3.0.0-testing tarball
00:34<@caker>it's 3.0.0 and then some
00:35<@caker>I should read more, eh?
00:36<@caker>unstable and testing haven't split yet, AFAIK
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00:50<staynalive>!weather 83201
00:50<@linbot>staynalive: The current temperature in Pocatello, ID is -5\xB0F. Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 82%. Wind: NNE at 9 mph (14 km/h).
00:53<SupaZubon>staynalive: ha! ha! ha! ha!
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00:55<fo0bar>caker: ok, downloading demo cd and concurrently building a domU with squashfs/unionfs patches
00:55<@caker>fo0bar: ever mess with PXEboot or diskless systems (root via NFS or the like)?
00:55<fo0bar>not on x86
00:55<@caker>fo0bar: was thinking about Finnix remote booting
00:57<fo0bar>I doubt it would would work... the startup scripts make certain assumptions... but I've been considering looking into it
00:59<@caker>I figured there'd be some modifications required ... anyhow, just a thought
01:09<darkbeholder>hey caker is there something up with host35? ive been having quite a bit of packet loss lately
01:09<@caker>darkbeholder: there were some network issues earlier today, having problems in the last two hours or so?
01:11<darkbeholder>i havent been home for the last two hours
01:11<darkbeholder>so im not sure
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01:14<darkbeholder>it seems ok now, but it went in and out for the last 24hrs so i wasnt sure if it was fixed or not
01:14<@caker>The only problem I was aware of was an DDoS attack that lasted for about 15 minutes or so
01:14<@caker>other than that, I'll need traceroutes/mtr output when it happens
01:15<darkbeholder>i did a trace when it was happening before i went out
01:15<darkbeholder>and ive got the mtr from my linode to my home ip
01:15<@caker>darkbeholder: cool. .. send it to be via pastebin, please?
01:19<@caker>darkbeholder: well, if that was about 2 hours or so ago, it was the DDoS
01:19<@caker>let me know if you have any more problems
01:21<@caker>li11-6:~# uname -a
01:21<@caker>Linux li11-6 #1 SMP Tue Dec 6 05:05:27 EST 2005 i686 GNU/Linux
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01:37<\documentstyle[48pt]{troll}>cmantito: r0r
01:37<@caker>kernel msg: ebtables bug: please report to author: Wrong nr. of counters requested
01:37<@caker>^-- can't believe that still happens
01:37<@caker>maybe they've fixed that since 2.6.12
01:37<@caker>(in vanilla, too)
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01:39<cmantito>what is with the netsplits tonight
01:40<fo0bar>Welcome to Finnix for Xen!
01:40<fo0bar>[*] Running Linux kernel on i686
01:40<fo0bar>[*] Processor 0: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3400+ 2393MHz, 512 KB cache
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01:51<@caker>linbot: ?
01:51[~]linbot breaks out the clue by four
02:04<fo0bar>contains a sample conf file, a patched kernel and an standard initrd
02:04<fo0bar>again, use your own initrd if you don't want to use the "xen" keyword
02:05<fo0bar>err wait, that hardcodes a few things to "uml", not "xen"
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02:14<fo0bar> <-- finnix running under the 3.0 demo cd
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03:01<@caker>fo0bar: sweet
03:04<fo0bar> <-- info updated
03:05<fo0bar>86.2 will auto-detect uml/xen so you don't have to use the flags or a hacked initrd.
03:05<fo0bar>though I'm not sure when that will be out
03:05<fo0bar>I'm definitely waiting for 2.6.15
03:05<@caker>also, you could move the name param into the conf file
03:06<fo0bar>yeah, that's what's done in the xen demo setup
03:06<fo0bar>kernel = '/root/linux-'
03:06<fo0bar>ramdisk = '/root/finnix-86.1-initrd.img'
03:06<fo0bar>disk = ['phy:/dev/hdd,hda1,r']
03:06<fo0bar>root = '/dev/hda1'
03:06<fo0bar>extra = 'xen'
03:06<fo0bar>memory = 64
03:09<fo0bar>caker: oh
03:09<fo0bar>I misinterpreted what you meant
03:09<fo0bar>"name=finnix" is specified because it's consistent with how the in-cd documentation tells you how to do it
03:10<fo0bar>and it would prevent you from launching multiple finnix installations :)
03:10<@caker>there's a blktap tool in the xen tree
03:11<@caker>allows you to hook in userspace apps into Xen's block drivers and to extra stuff (like an IO limiter, I suppose)
03:13<fo0bar>have you done any work to make an io limited patch for xen yet?
03:13<@caker>Nope. I've poked around the code a bunch
03:13<@caker>my limited kernel-hacking skills have me wondering how to perfom delays in kernelspace without blocking the entire thing
03:13<@caker>the rest should be fairly "easy" :)
03:14<@caker>I still have NFI what xenconsoled does
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03:56<fo0bar>interesting, somehow the xen demo cd is doing sparse files on an iso9660 filesystem
03:56<fo0bar>I didn't think that was possible
03:58<fo0bar>hmm, appearantly the rockridge extensions supports it, but I'm having trouble actually finding information
04:02<fo0bar>mkisofs makes no mention of it, and when you try to use it to make a rockridge iso, it creates the entire file size
04:09<@caker>real 3m17.256s
04:09<fo0bar>ahh, it's not actually a sparse file, it's using the rrip zisofs extension
04:09<@caker>user 8m59.610s
04:09<@caker>sys 1m16.970s
04:09<@caker>^-- make -j4 on my xenode
04:09<fo0bar>how'd you get compiled for xen?
04:10<@caker>just using that tree to time makes
04:10<@caker>my hotplug scripts are working again :)
04:10<@caker>we'll see for how long
04:11<@caker>I think only thing that's left is to fix Lish/console access, implement migrations w/ LVM, and fix up the network and CPU beancounters
04:11<fo0bar>so, the thought crossed my mind that I could use zisofs for finnix, but it's not nearly as compressed as squashfs
04:11<fo0bar>300M FINNIX
04:11<fo0bar>147M foo
04:11<fo0bar>92M ../master/FINNIX/FINNIX
04:11<@caker>z as in gzip?
04:11<fo0bar>original tree, zisofs-compressed tree, and squashfs image, respectively
04:12<@caker>amazing difference
04:12<@caker>what does squash do to get that result, I wonder
04:13<fo0bar>well, I imagine I'd get similar compression rates if I did "find dir -type f | xargs gzip"
04:14<fo0bar>whereas squashfs compresses EVERYTHING... files, inodes, directory entries, etc
04:14<@caker>neat stuff
04:14[~]caker executes "time make -j" on the xenode
04:14<fo0bar>oh, hmm, I didn't specify gzip9 compression with mkzftree
04:14<fo0bar>I wonder how much that will save
04:14<@caker>yeah, was just going to ask what level it uses
04:16<fo0bar> <-- I posted this recently, and then got to thinking about how to do Finnix for Xen without any special patches
04:16<@caker>nice, the OOM killer kicked in, as expected
04:16<@caker>it's thrashing like hell, and the host is fine
04:16<fo0bar>COW can be done with LVM instead of unionfs (as is done for the other images on the xen demo cd)
04:17<tierra>ugh... this Gentoo GCC update sucks...
04:17<fo0bar>and I should just be able to make an ext3 image with the finnix contents in it, then mkzftree it
04:17<tierra>if anyone comes in with questions, I would say it's good advice to just tell them to mask >=gcc-3.4
04:17<fo0bar>300M FINNIX
04:17<fo0bar>147M foo
04:17<fo0bar>92M ../master/FINNIX/FINNIX
04:17<fo0bar>well that sucked
04:18<tierra>heh, big difference
04:20<fo0bar>so, even though I just found out that it's not practical to do zisofs on the main Finnix distribution, it's still possible to plop a modified finnix image on the xen cd and run it with an unmodified kernel
04:20<fo0bar>I would have to rewrite much of the finnix initrd though
04:20<fo0bar>maybe if I have some time I'll try this
04:21<tierra>caker: you'll probably want to update the Gentoo image with updated GCC 3.4 since it's now been marked as stable, and unless people are smart enough to just mask and forget it, there's more work there than it's worth on a Linode
04:21<@caker>where's all the autodetecting majick in Finnix, on the initrd>?
04:21<@caker>tierra: gotcha
04:22<fo0bar>caker: are you talking about uml/xen autodetection?
04:23<@caker>fo0bar: All of it .. disks/nics, etc
04:24<@caker>fo0bar: cool post
04:24<fo0bar>well, in the finnix cd distro, the initrd does enough autodetection to find the CDROM drive, mount it, set up unionfs, and pivot_root into the squashfs/unionfs magic... the uml/xen initrd just mounts the iso where it's told it is (as specified by the root=), then does squashfs/unionfs/pivot_root
04:25<fo0bar>everything else is done in the main finnix init
04:25<@caker>Where/what is lisabof?
04:25<fo0bar>caker: yeah, appearantly they talked about linode for a bit in LISA
04:25<fo0bar>caker: San Diego
04:26<fo0bar>BOF is "Birds of a Feather", kinda freeform discussions rather than presentations
04:26<@caker>I think some of the Xen guys are speaking soon in SF
04:26<fo0bar>but LISA has tons of presentations as well
04:26<@caker>I thought the LUG has LISA in it somewhere
04:26<fo0bar>well, LISA is just the name of the conference organized by usenix
04:26<@caker>yeah, the archives for lisabof consists of your post :)
04:27<fo0bar>caker: heh, well, Mark's BOF was this evening, so I wouldn't expect a ton of discussion yet
04:27<fo0bar>from what I understand, the lists are more "ok, you're home from the conference, let's continue the discussion"
04:28<fo0bar>and the conference is still going for 2 more days
04:28<@caker>Is there a URL?
04:28<fo0bar>I didn't go, all the info I got is from a friend who's there now
04:29<@caker>ok, lisa05 returned goodness
04:29<fo0bar>it's super expensive
04:30<fo0bar>there's no way I could get my work to pay for something like that, but my friend works for the university of california :)
04:31<fo0bar>my work does pay for linuxworld though
04:31<fo0bar>but not defcon
04:31<@caker>that is pretty expensive
04:31<fo0bar>which sucks, because I usually end up learning more useful stuff at defcon than linuxworld
04:31<@caker>it adds up quick .. $250/day for tech sessions or $625/day for "training"
04:32<fo0bar>but, you know, to the layman, defcon is a drunk orgy of hackers
04:32<@caker>I imagine linuxworld as being a swagfest
04:32<fo0bar>(well, ok, it's that too, but they also have kickass talks)
04:32<@caker>F. 6 Days of Training Save $600! $3150
04:32<@caker>that better be a kick ass 6 days
04:33<fo0bar>the expo part of linuxworld is free, and is mostly swag and small demos... they have paid talks too, but they suck
04:33<@caker>$5k will get you a really, really nice vacation ($3k + room + food)
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04:33<fo0bar>I skipped linuxworld last year, but went the previous 4 years (one year I was living in the bay area, the rest were paid by work)
04:34<fo0bar>the expo changes very little from year to year
04:34<fo0bar>but my friend says his experience at lisa has really been worth it so far
04:34<fo0bar>I haven't asked if it would be worth it if it were on his dime, though :)
04:35<@caker>Mark == pdx6
04:37<fo0bar>ugh, somebody is joe job-ing me
04:38<fo0bar>and it's in some asian language, so I can't even read what they're spamming using my email :P
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04:40<fo0bar>ok, sleep time
04:40[~]fo0bar &
04:41<@mikegrb>fo0bar: I should get my boss to pay for defcon and/or linux world
04:41[~]mikegrb runs
04:44<tierra>I've got Defcon & Blackhat covered, unfortunately not any others which is funny since my job not really security oriented much
04:49<@mikegrb>Please take my ip off your list or i will take whatever action is necessary legally to prevent you bringing my business down to its knees
04:49<@mikegrb>^-- sent to sorbs
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05:35<jekil>host21, load is 10
05:35<jekil>every day at this time i get a dos
05:45<@mikegrb>what is your username?
05:47<@mikegrb>your linode is doing quite a bit of io, not enough to be throttled but enough to cause it to get backed up in the queue
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07:02<cortez>buenos dias, seƱores
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08:24<tsi>linville, do you know wwoods?
08:25<linville>tsi: not AFAIK...what makes you ask?
08:26<linville>ahh...Login: wwoods Name: Willard Woods
08:27<linville>but, I don't know him
08:27<tsi>that'd be the one
08:27<tsi>oh well so much for my master plan
08:27<linville>need to get a message through?
08:27<tsi>no, he's in another irc channel with me
08:28<tsi>it's always fun going out of band though
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08:28<linville>tsi: I'm a dumb-ass...
08:29<linville>willard == will
08:29<linville>he sits in the next cube!
08:30<linville>not there right now, tho
08:30<tsi>wow, that's creepy
08:31<tsi>there are two rh people I know offline, and I've conversed with two on OFTCnet... one sits next to a guy i know irl, the other carpools with a guy i know irl.
08:32<linville>it's a small world after all... :-)
08:33<linville>so, do you play w/ 9x9 rubik's cubes like will? what a freak... :-)
08:36<tsi>no, that's just him
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09:51<npmr>caker, mikegrb: for future reference: mtr-tiny is the text-only debian package
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10:32<npmr> <-- \documentstyle[48pt]{troll}
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11:19<linbot>New news from forums: Hurricane Electric ( opinions? in General Discussion <>
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12:11<brocktice>anyone here on host53?
12:12<brocktice>!seen mikegrb
12:12<linbot>brocktice: mikegrb was last seen here 6 hours, 25 minutes, and 9 seconds ago saying: <mikegrb> your linode is doing quite a bit of io, not enough to be throttled but enough to cause it to get backed up in the queue
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13:19<@caker>in reference to this:
13:20<efudd>egrep -ic WizardsOf /var/log/apache2/access_log
13:34|-|q7joey [] has joined #linode
13:35<q7joey>i don't see any forum postings about routing issues to theplanet. we have been seeing this for a few days now.
13:41<@caker>q7joey: I'm not seeing any issues at the moment
13:41<@caker>q7joey: can you provide a traceroute to your IP address and paste it into, please?
13:43<q7joey>i just posted some mtr data. i'm seeing it from multiple locations.
13:43<@caker>ok, what's the URL?
13:44<@caker>yeah, that looks upstream but still within ThePlanet
13:44<q7joey>i guess i shouldn't say routing issues, but packet loss issues.
13:44<@caker>I'll let them know
13:44<q7joey>it was going on yesterday and maybe tuesday as well.
13:45<@caker>looks like it's the link between and TP
13:46<q7joey>i was seeing it via sprint->theplanet but maybe the return path is over glbx.
13:48<tronix>i'll let the noc know... i've got them in another irc window :) one sec
13:49<fo0bar>wow, global crossing is still around?
13:49<fo0bar>I thought they got bought by someone
13:49<kvandivo>if you happen to have Ahmadinejad in another irc window, let him know that he might want to be careful what he says
13:49<tronix>fo0bar: singapore telecom bought ownership stake, but yup, company still around.
13:50<tronix>kvandivo: sure, soon as I find Ahmadinejad. :-)
13:50<kvandivo>i'm sure there are plenty of people that, if they found him, he wouldn't be saying anything
13:52<tronix>ok i let the noc know
13:53<tronix>(it's not official unless TP opens a ticket with them, but if someone is bored, they might look at my passed along message)
13:53<@caker>tronix: thanks
13:53<@caker>I've opened a ticket with TP, so we'll see what happens
13:54<tronix>i'll keep an eye out for any chatter on that too
13:54[~]kvandivo watches it percolate up.
13:54<kvandivo>caker... why only the member pages for the cool logo?
13:54<q7joey>thanks. since i use my linode for offsite monitoring, i'm getting tired of bogus monitoring triggers :-).
13:54<kvandivo>ahh.. wait.. nevermind..
13:54<@caker>kvandivo: :)
13:54<kvandivo>the browser must have had the old version cached
13:54<kvandivo>a shift-reload fixed it
13:57|-|q7joey [] has quit [Quit: q7joey]
14:06<tronix>just heard from a NOC guy ( -- he said he's going to look at it in a sec
14:31<tronix>noc dude looked just now... TP has two gig-e links to GC, both showing ~50% used right now
14:31<tronix>so it's possible it's some kind of intermittent DoS or something
14:31|-|besonen [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:32|-|besonen [] has joined #linode
14:32<tronix>there's a traffic engineering dept at GC, whom keeps very close eye on link utilization
14:32<tronix>to make sure things aren't really out of balance
14:42<tronix>he's still looking
14:42<tronix>think TP escalated to a different dept... he's walking over to that dept now to find more details
14:50<kvandivo>!seen adamg
14:50<linbot>kvandivo: adamg was last seen here 24 weeks, 1 day, 2 hours, 31 minutes, and 15 seconds ago saying: <adamg> ick apache1.3
14:52<adamg>lying heap of junk, was talking in here more recent than that
14:52<tronix>a bot with selective memory, apparently. :-)
14:53<kvandivo>!seen wap
14:53<linbot>kvandivo: I have not seen wap.
14:53[~]tronix plays RR with linbot
14:54<linbot>New news from forums: did uncle xen skip town? in Xen Testing <>
15:03<tronix>ok, just heard back... apparently there's a defective component on the switch
15:03<tronix>(that's all the details I have)
15:03<tronix>maint tonight to swap it out
15:04<Beirdo>!seen naked chicks
15:04<linbot>Beirdo: I have not seen naked chicks.
15:04<tronix>maint scheduled for 0630 UTC
15:04<tronix>9.5h from now
15:04<@mikegrb>tronix: yup
15:04[~]Beirdo gives linbot a pr0n mag
15:06<tronix>I can just hear the squeals of 'Ohm! Ohm!' coming from the bot :-)
15:06[~]tronix puts bad jokes away
15:07|-|irvined [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:07<tronix>and for reference (re: GC network issue), the internal trouble ticket #'s are 928555, 20051207002
15:09<kvandivo>!seen nees ton evah I :ovidnavk
15:09<linbot>kvandivo: I have not seen nees ton evah I :ovidnavk.
15:50|-|nickfox [] has joined #linode
15:50<nickfox>hey gents.
15:50<nickfox>hey mikegrb.. did you just answer my ticket?
15:54<nickfox>hey man
15:54<nickfox>i just changed them the way you said.
15:54<nickfox>and well i'm still getting "error" in connection
15:54<nickfox>i'm kinda lost why it won't work
15:54<nickfox>since my confi is fine
16:00<@mikegrb>dns changes take a while
16:01<@mikegrb>rabbit:~ michael$ host -t any
16:01<@mikegrb> has address
16:01<@mikegrb>^ new box
16:01<@mikegrb>[michael@orion:acl] host -t any
16:01<@mikegrb>Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
16:01<@mikegrb>^ one I tried it on earlier, results get cached so you have to wait until the cache times out
16:13|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
16:13<nickfox>mikegrb i see
16:13<nickfox>so as long as they look in correct format
16:13<nickfox>they might work in a later period
16:14|-|linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:14<nickfox>ok well
16:14<nickfox>they look ok i think
16:14<@mikegrb>anyone who hasn't tried yet, should get the propper results
16:14<nickfox>let me just write one out
16:14<nickfox>for an example
16:14<nickfox>and u tell me if it looks ok
16:14<nickfox> TTL 14440 IN CNAME
16:15<nickfox>as an exmaple.
16:15<nickfox>hopefully shit will just iron out with time then
16:15<nickfox>i gotta... redo my server soon and get BIND on my own server
16:15<nickfox>because this back and forth from one server to another is bs
16:21|-|emcnabb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:25|-|nickfox [] has quit [Quit: ( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )]
16:57|-|jgoebel [] has joined #linode
16:57<jgoebel>can i get a new linode 80 in Cali?
16:57<jgoebel>or they're all in Dallas now?
16:59<@mikegrb>lemme look
17:00<@mikegrb>looks like the slots available are all in dallas
17:12|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has quit [Quit: A geek without purpose - | SMDC-Network IRC -]
17:13<jgoebel>mikegrb: are there to be any new CA servers?
17:23<@mikegrb>there may very well be
17:23<@mikegrb>there are always cancellations/upgrades etc as well
17:24<@mikegrb>you could sign up and put in a ticket to be moved once a slot becomes available, I know there is at lest one 80 slot there that is waiting for an upgrade, so if the larger plan became available, their 80 slot would then be available
17:25<kvandivo>unless I get it first!
17:25[~]kvandivo laughs maniacally.
17:27|-|brocktice [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:31<jgoebel>mikegrb: good idea
17:31<jgoebel>mikegrb: trying to figure out if i want to keep managing root or switch to another host for stuff
17:31<jgoebel>(like shared hosting)
17:32<@mikegrb>really depends on what you need/want
17:34<@mikegrb>root access is great if you want stuff not typically available in a shared hosting enviroment, ie specific scripting langauges available, a webserver other then apache, specific server side handling of email for spam or other purposes, etc
17:34<@mikegrb>if the norm provided by shared hosting meets your needs, it may be the best bet
17:45<linbot>New news from forums: Linode 80 LAMP Capacity Formula Question in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
17:49<jgoebel>mikegrb: i just hate setting up mail servers
17:49<jgoebel>mikegrb: everything else i got a grip on
17:50|-|internat [] has joined #linode
17:50<internat>are the nodes being packeted or something?
17:50<@caker>internat: looks fine here. traceroute?
17:51<jgoebel>what do most of your use for mail? and spam protection?
17:51<jgoebel>spam is terrible
17:53<@mikegrb>greylisting is amazingly effective and very light on resources
17:53|-|brocktice [] has joined #linode
17:53<@mikegrb>spamassasin is popular but quite resource hungry
17:54<brocktice>mikegrb: is host53 having issues?
17:54<jgoebel>it's the actual server setup i don't care for... always seems so complicated to go something with a nice web admin and pop/imap
17:54<@caker>brocktice: I've seen you ask that before, and each time I look and the host is fine
17:55<brocktice>caker: I haven't even been able to access half the time for the last hour
17:55<internat>hmmm.. that was interesting..
17:55<@caker>brocktice: traceroute?
17:55<internat>my connections time out 10times, then it worked
17:55<brocktice>let me see
17:55<brocktice>it's looking better now
17:56<brocktice>next time it goes funny I'll traceroute it
17:56<brocktice>sorry, I'm not in the most rational mood today
17:56<jgoebel>maybe i should look at qmail again
17:56<brocktice>I'm a grad student at tulane and they just gutted my school (engineering) today
17:57<internat>why did thhey gut ur school?
17:57<@caker>brocktice: ouch .. to rebuild/fix, eh?
17:57<brocktice>caker: I'm losing 50% or more of packets from multiple, geographically distant locations when pinging
17:57<brocktice>caker: yeah funding blah blah
17:58<brocktice>luckly my department was one of two that was spared
17:58|-|q7joey [] has joined #linode
17:59<q7joey>i had to go to trade show for a while. any status update for the tp glbx issue?
17:59<brocktice>looks like it's maybe something inside ThePlanet
17:59<brocktice>but I called them eariler and they said there were no known issues
18:00<brocktice>I just don't get it
18:00<brocktice>my load is less than 1, I have pretty much full IO tickets
18:00<brocktice>but things are slower than molasses in the winter, and half the time I can't even ssh into lish on host53
18:00<brocktice>but like I said at the moment it's working
18:01<brocktice>the only thing is I have some weird "ioctl TIOCLINUX called" crap in dmesg
18:01<brocktice>which I'm googling jujst now
18:02<brocktice>and all I'm finding is IRC logs with you talking.... haha
18:02<brocktice>but is loading so slowly that I can't read them
18:04<@caker>16:03 < tronix> ok, just heard back... apparently there's a defective component on the switch
18:04<@caker>16:03 < tronix> (that's all the details I have)
18:04<@caker>16:03 < tronix> maint tonight to swap it out
18:04<brocktice>tracerouting gives this:
18:04<@caker>16:07 < tronix> and for reference (re: GC network issue), the internal trouble ticket #'s are 928555, 20051207002
18:04<brocktice>I think perhaps that is my issue
18:04<brocktice>I'm hanging up on gblx
18:05|-|emcnabb [] has joined #linode
18:05<q7joey>caker: thanks for the update.
18:06<brocktice>caker: what's behind that switch?
18:07<jgoebel>*wants more cali linodes*
18:07<@caker>brocktice: ?
18:07<@caker>a wall?
18:08<@caker>anyway, both ThePlanet and globalxing are aware of the issue .. looks like it'll be fixed tonight
18:08<brocktice>caker: sorry... when I traceroute, it hangs up on, could this problem with the switch be related to my access issues with host53 and my linode on it?
18:08<@caker>not much TP can do about it
18:08<brocktice>caker: I'm just trying to figure out what's going on, since everything seems okay on my linode
18:09<@caker>brocktice: yes, and it's a globalcrossing problem, not TP AFAIK
18:09<q7joey>the glbx issue seems to have cleared up now. it may be fading in and out. i had assumed some kind of ddos issue.
18:09<brocktice>globalcrossing... I thought they went out of business?
18:09<brocktice>caker: ahh, thanks. I feel much more sane now.
18:09<@mikegrb>didn't everybody
18:09<brocktice>it has been intermittent
18:09[~]mikegrb runs
18:09<brocktice>I read gilder's Telecosm and I thought it would be good to buy some globalcrossing stock
18:09<@caker>brocktice: send me a traceroute and I'll poke TP with it
18:10|-|Shaun2222 [] has joined #linode
18:10<brocktice>good thing I didn't, because then their stock took a dive
18:10<@mikegrb>caker: but tp isn't completely without blame, if they were worth their weight, they'd quit advertising their address space to gblx
18:10<brocktice>caker: like the traceroute output?
18:10<@caker>mikegrb: yup
18:10<npmr>the time to buy apple stock was when they put jobs back in charge
18:10<npmr>in retrospect, that should have been obvious
18:10<@caker>brocktice: yeah, send it to
18:10<npmr>but such is retrospect
18:11<brocktice>caker: it's looking better for now
18:11<@caker>npmr: I agree. Every week "Apple's gonna die", stock was around $10 bucks or so
18:11<brocktice>my site isn't mission-critical, but the on-again-off-again thing has been puzzling me all day
18:11<brocktice>you know?
18:12<heidi>no I don't know
18:12<brocktice>heidi: it's frustrating when you think something could be wrong with your server, but everything looks okay, and then when you go to track down the problem it looks okay
18:13<heidi>brocktice: kidding
18:13<brocktice>heidi: I'm perfectly happy to know what the problem is, even if it's not going to be fixed immediately
18:13<npmr>caker, that's 1000%
18:13<brocktice>caker: I guess it's here (never used pastebin before) but it's looking relatively okay right now
18:13<@caker>damn they've done well the past many many months
18:14<jgoebel>when is the 37s book?
18:15<@caker>"Our network engineers have been working with the provider to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem. The provider will be performing a maintenance after midnight this evening (CST) and should be complete by 6:00am CST.
18:15<@caker>If you are still experiencing these problems after that timeframe, please let us know.
18:15<@caker>Good that you gave me that trace .. I sent it along
18:15<@mikegrb>that's a long ass time
18:16<@mikegrb>must be a 1k port switch that needs replacing
18:16<brocktice>caker: thanks... and my apologies again if I've been a bit annoying. I started hitting the booze when i heard about the tulane engineering school
18:16<@mikegrb>with 800 screws holding it to the rack
18:16[~]mikegrb runs
18:16<@caker>brocktice: no worries
18:17|-|Shaun [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:17|-|Shaun2222 changed nick to Shaun
18:19|-|q7joey [] has quit [Quit: q7joey]
18:32|-|spr [] has joined #linode
18:45<internat>lol yeah 6hrs to change a switch is pretty impressive
18:45<internat>i mean most mere mortals can only do it in like 15minutes.. so..
18:47|-|Ximbiot [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:51|-|jekil [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:56<fo0bar>Linux v2.6.15-rc5
18:56<fo0bar>Hey, for no other reason than the fact that I'll be off-line for a
18:56<fo0bar>Of course, I could force everybody to just use git (and when I'm emperor
18:56<fo0bar>of the world, don't think I won't!), but it seems some people want to
18:56<fo0bar>just test official releases. Even if they are just -rc's.
18:56<fo0bar>By the time I'm back, Andrew will have fixed all my bugs, and I'll
18:56<fo0bar>release it as 2.6.15 and take all the credit.
18:56<fo0bar>ha ha linus
19:06<internat>ok then, u do that
19:22|-|ronpoz [] has joined #linode
19:22|-|emcnabb [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:31|-|pApArOaCh [~pApArOaCh@] has joined #linode
19:32|-|vaxen [] has joined #linode
19:32<vaxen>anybody can paste me a udev rule to create a /dev/ipod for my ipod?
19:42|-|adamg [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:43<@caker>cool .. Gerd Knorr just submitted a patch to Xen that creates a kernel thread for each domU, thereby allowing the CFQ scheduler to work... good stuff
19:43<internat>we can use ipods on our linodes? awsome!
19:43<internat>thats a good thing right? one more step to having xen moved into production?
19:49<@caker>efudd: well known in the motorcycle community that the Valentine detectors rock
19:50[~]efudd has owned one for years
19:50<efudd>i just like finding honorable sounding stories of em
19:52<vaxen>udev is pretty usefull
20:02|-|vaxen [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:05<efudd> - uber reading.
20:08<efudd> insane
20:11|-|PhorceP [] has joined #linode
20:17|-|PhorceP [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:30<Shaun>caker: so when you porting your token patch to xen ;)
20:30<jgoebel>Shaun: is that gonna get ported?
20:32<Shaun>jgoebel: i dont know, it's a great patch when you dont trust your guests :) dunno how difficult it would be to port over.
20:33<jgoebel>Shaun: i don't know that it's so much about trust as practicality
20:33<jgoebel>i thrashed the other day without meaning to :-)
20:37|-|Lukine [] has joined #linode
20:38<Lukine>I LIKE PIE. =D
20:38|-|Netsplit <-> quits: tronix
20:39<Lukine>somethin up with host13?
20:40[~]mikegrb looks
20:40<Lukine>LSH is laggy as hell :X
20:41<@mikegrb>seeing some packet loss at the last hop
20:42|-|Netsplit over, joins: tronix
20:44|-|taupehat [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:45|-|dryan [] has quit [Quit: changing servers]
20:45|-|taupehat [] has joined #linode
20:46|-|dryan [] has joined #linode
20:46|-|guinea-home [] has joined #linode
20:46<guinea-home>yup, that worked
20:47|-|guinea-home [] has quit [Quit: ]
20:47|-|guinea-pig [] has joined #linode
20:48<Lukine>host 13 is working again
20:48<guinea-pig>anytime i'm having network issues, as soon as i launch a client from homw and pop in's fine again
20:48<Lukine>host13 problems for you too, eh?
20:49<@mikegrb>Lukine: looks like it was HE wide
20:49<guinea-pig>he problems, i'd say
21:04|-|Ximbiot [] has joined #linode
21:14|-|dddd44 [dhb55@] has joined #linode
21:15|-|hiddentiger [] has joined #linode
21:16<hiddentiger>hi dilly hoe
21:17<hiddentiger>whats the contention on ur servers???
21:17<hiddentiger>do i have to share it with 43573485734857349857345 other cpu hogging faggits?
21:17<@caker>give me a break
21:18|-|hiddentiger4 [] has joined #linode
21:18|-|hiddentiger4 [] has quit [Quit: ]
21:18[~]mikegrb breaks caker in half
21:18<hiddentiger>hmm dont tell me the contention tho
21:19<@mikegrb>yes it does
21:19<@mikegrb>"Contention Ratio"
21:19<hiddentiger>got it
21:21<hiddentiger>lol 40:1 on a dual 3.2ghz zeon
21:21<hiddentiger>i could have one app chew up a dual 3.2ghz zeon :/
21:21<hiddentiger>and it would probly still want more :/
21:22<hiddentiger>some apps are just to greeeeeeedy
21:22<Lukine>if an app needs that much power, it shouldn't be ran :P
21:23<hiddentiger>i think i will need a colo solution
21:23<hiddentiger>cs:s dedicated server running 32 players
21:23|-|Lukine changed nick to Griswald
21:23<@mikegrb>you shouldn't use zeons then, the counterfeiters rip you off, get the real things, xeons preform much better
21:23<hiddentiger>on anything less than something like that
21:23<hiddentiger>blows penis
21:23<@mikegrb>we have customers running counter strike servers, they seem happy
21:23<hiddentiger>i know that
21:24<hiddentiger>i aint totaly stupid :/
21:24<hiddentiger>just half
21:24<Griswald>well, at 50gb/mo allowance in bandwidth,
21:24<Griswald>you couldn't run a CS:S dedicated on that
21:24<Griswald>for long
21:24<Griswald>especially with 32 players
21:24<Griswald>and FYI, I run a CS:S server on an 800 mhz just fine.
21:24<Griswald>16 player server though
21:25<Griswald>196 MB Ram
21:25<Griswald>pentium 2
21:25<hiddentiger>nice i run one on a dual pIII 500
21:25<hiddentiger>12 players
21:25<hiddentiger>runs ok
21:25<hiddentiger>not as well as the 1.5 does on the same server tho
21:25<Griswald>well, CS:S blows anyway
21:25<hiddentiger>but thats again because it loves its cpu chewing
21:25<hiddentiger>1.5 > *
21:26<Griswald>1.5 is worse
21:26<hiddentiger>1.3 was good 1.4 mashed
21:26<hiddentiger>1.5 was good
21:26<hiddentiger>cs:z queer
21:26<Griswald>cs in general is queer :D
21:26<hiddentiger>i guess
21:27<Griswald>but, to use a linode to run a CS:S server wouldn't be a good idea
21:27<hiddentiger>anyways i spend more time plying AA than i docs now
21:27<Griswald>due to bandwidth limitations
21:27<Griswald>unless you feel like buying more bandwidth from them, which I'm sure they don't mind :)
21:27<hiddentiger>tbh i dont think i will use linnode for anything but eggdrop or posibly ircd shells
21:28<hiddentiger>and even then at a push
21:28<hiddentiger>no offence
21:28<@caker>none taken, because haven't got a clue )
21:28<@caker>*you ...
21:28<hiddentiger>sure i dont
21:28<hiddentiger>u treat all ur posible customers
21:28<hiddentiger>like idiots???
21:28<@caker>Just the ignorant ones
21:29<@mikegrb>just the ones that talk like them
21:29<Griswald>no offense, but you DID come in here and fire off an instant insult
21:29<hiddentiger>no ur wrong
21:29<hiddentiger>first thing i did
21:29<@mikegrb>hiddentiger: do you speak to all bussinesses like that?
21:29<hiddentiger>was ask a very simple question
21:29<Griswald>I've been doing business with linode for a long time
21:30<Griswald>never had a problem
21:30<Griswald>still don't
21:30<hiddentiger>i came here because i know someone who has 2 shells with u lot
21:30<hiddentiger>and im loking a a bmp
21:30<hiddentiger>of ur bw
21:30<hiddentiger>nd it totaly
21:30<@mikegrb>[21:17] <hiddentiger> whats the contention on ur servers???
21:30<@mikegrb>[21:17] <hiddentiger> do i have to share it with 43573485734857349857345 other cpu hogging faggits?
21:30<hiddentiger>droppping alot of clients
21:30<hiddentiger>the first line
21:30<hiddentiger>is a question
21:30<hiddentiger>wht kinda service is tht???
21:31<@mikegrb>the kind of service you asked for?
21:31<Griswald>well, in a sense, you called all of linode's customers "faggits"
21:31<Griswald>though, I'm sure it should be "Faggots"
21:31<hiddentiger>stop trying to correct me
21:31<Griswald>stop trying to insult us
21:32<hiddentiger>i didnt ask for a shit load of people to fall off of one of ur box's
21:32<hiddentiger>dedicted > *
21:33<hiddentiger>whut ever fagboat
21:33|-|hiddentiger [] has quit [Quit: hiddentiger]
21:33|-|hiddentiger [] has joined #linode
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21:33<Griswald>idiots. gotta hate 'em.
21:33<Griswald>I didn't even understand half the crap he said
21:33<Griswald><hiddentiger> and im loking a a bmp
21:33<@caker>ho hum...
21:33<guinea-pig>god, what a faggot
21:34<Griswald>I mean... WTF was he trying to say?
21:34|-|adamg [] has joined #linode
21:34<@caker>guinea-pig: .... :)
21:34<@caker>no u r
21:34<Griswald>y'see... chris and mike can't speak like that, but me? I can. :D
21:34[~]caker gets to work on the Linode Entrance Exam
21:34<Griswald>I fail that already
21:35<Griswald>can I get the special ed copy?
21:35<guinea-pig>Griswald: grandfather clause!
21:35<fo0bar>caker: YOUR GAY
21:35<Griswald>define "grandfather clause"
21:35<Griswald>never heard that term before :P
21:35<@caker>fo0bar: my gay?
21:35<guinea-pig>errr... grandfathered in
21:35<fo0bar>I'm l33t because I play CS!
21:36<guinea-pig>i play ffxi! so :P
21:36<Griswald>thats the last thing linode needs... CS whores :X
21:36<Griswald>I play World of Warcraft
21:36<Griswald>and own a WoW private server running on my laptop :o
21:36<jgoebel>he was kinda rude
21:37<Griswald>hmm.... public logging.
21:37<jgoebel>but i notice the question of the HUGE bandwidth drop conclusively proved by his BMP from a friend of a friend went uncommented... *strokes his chin wondering*
21:37<Griswald>I do not own or endorse the running of WoW Private servers.
21:37<Griswald>There, I think I'm safe now. =D
21:37<fo0bar>I steal equipment from my employer.
21:37<guinea-pig>BMP as in bitmap?
21:37<fo0bar>(I do not endorse stealing.)
21:38<Griswald>who's your employer?
21:38<Griswald>and whats your name?
21:38<Griswald>hmm... and home address would be useful too.
21:38<fo0bar>Griswald: whoever's house I happen to be next to when the urge for a paycheck comes :)
21:43<@mikegrb>[21:42] [66] 6 #warez-4-us ->
21:45<Griswald>I forgot I still had that there
21:45<Griswald> <-- reminded me
21:45<Griswald>wow.... I didn't realize I've been with linode for THAT long...
21:48<@mikegrb>Remote OS guesses: MultiTech MultiVOIP Version 2.01A Firmware, MultiTech standalone firewall box, version 3, MultiTech CommPlete (modem server) RAScard, Xerox 8830 Plotter, Xerox DocuPrint N24/N32/N40 Network Laser Printer, Xerox DocuPrint N40
21:48<@mikegrb>IRC from a plotter!
21:48[~]mikegrb runs off to the computer salvage yard
21:48<Griswald>I have too many dead pc's :X
21:48<Griswald>one of 'em just loves to randomly cut itself off
21:48<Griswald>and I have no idea WHY
21:49<Griswald>checked hd, memory, etc
22:11|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
22:15<Shaun>caker: you played with sataII yet?
22:16<@mikegrb>he played with your mom
22:16[~]mikegrb runs
22:17[~]Shaun looks for mikegrb in home room ;)
22:20<Shaun>Griswald: did you check the power supply?
22:20<Shaun>Griswald: i had a system just randomly rebooting, turned out it was the PS
22:34|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
22:47<Griswald>it dosen't reboot
22:47<Griswald>it just shuts off
22:47<Griswald>and the motherboard distress light stays on :P
22:47<Griswald>until I unplug for 5 seconds and replug in and turn on
22:47<@caker>Griswald: MB battery?
22:48<Griswald>if it was the CMOS battery, why would it just randomly shut off?
22:49<Griswald>I figured that if the CMOS battery was bad, then it won't save the bios settings and thats it
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23:20<Griswald>just took a can of compressed air to the PSU and all components (Fans, heatsink, etc)
23:20<Griswald>gonna see how it works out now =/
23:20<Griswald>god I love cans of compressed air... becomes ice cold after use :)
23:21|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:30<jgoebel>stop it
23:30<jgoebel>you'r going to have me go get a can just to play with it
23:30|-|jgoebel changed nick to Dreamer3
23:52<@caker>"We're not satisfied until you're not satisfied" :)
23:55<Dreamer3>did you read the faq on their privacy policy?
23:55<Dreamer3>that i linked to
23:55<Dreamer3>and the next question?
23:59<@caker> <-- classic
23:59<Dreamer3>i downloaded the 2nd one, is the first one worth it?
23:59<Dreamer3>i don't have high speed
23:59<@caker>yeah, only watched the first
---Logclosed Fri Dec 09 00:00:12 2005