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00:00<Dreamer3>despair is always hilarious
00:00<Dreamer3>a few years ago they were milking their patent on the frownie
00:00<Dreamer3>and how they were going to sell licenses for people to use them and sending out cease and desist e-mails
00:01[~]caker checks console+Lish off the xen to-do list
00:01<Dreamer3>and they quoted all the people that wrote them and phoned... upset... it was hilarious
00:01<internat>so whats left now on the xen todo list?
00:01<Dreamer3>caker: Xen almost ready?
00:01<Dreamer3>i wonder what fomrat the first video is
00:01<Dreamer3>i don't see it on my mac
00:02<@caker>LVM migration support, cpu/network beancounters need fixed, and a tool that Mike has going that helps in the migration from UML to Xen
00:02<@caker>Oh, I'll need to figure out/fix Finnix support, too ...
00:03<internat>err by beancounters i guess u mean counting traffic?
00:03<@caker>internat: yes
00:03<Dreamer3>caker: i hear it, but no vide... did you have video?
00:03<internat>so apart from the stuff that u have to do, is xen ready?
00:03<@caker>Dreamer3: yup
00:04<internat>or does it still have a few bugs
00:04<@caker>internat: ready for a beta, yeah .. I haven't found any issues with Xen as of yet
00:04<Dreamer3>caker: does io limiting work?
00:05<@caker>Dreamer3: there is none at this point
00:05<Dreamer3>i see
00:05<internat>is that a good thing or bad thing
00:06<@caker>I'd say bad. No way other than to hunt down and pause offending domains isn't a great solution
00:07<Dreamer3>caker: not so easy to add?
00:08<@caker>I just haven't bothered with it yet
00:09<@caker>a few theories developed, that's about it
00:09<Dreamer3>i wonder if there is any greylisting component for qmail that supports mysql
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00:16<@mikegrb>well, qmail is 7 years old and greylisting is much newer
00:16<@mikegrb>so any greylisting support wouldn't be from qmail but a nasty patch
00:22<Dreamer3>i should just suck it up and build a ruby on rails postgres admin tool
00:41<Newsome>wish I'd bought a couple 1-yen shares
00:43[~]tronix wishes he had bought that 1 sq inch plot of land in Wisconsin... some lucky buyer just got it :P
00:43<tronix>was sold for $1500 ish
00:43<tronix>an acre of land, at that price, would have had been over $10 billion
00:43<@mikegrb> <-- happened three years ago too
00:44<@mikegrb>tronix: except the land wasn't worth that much
00:44<Newsome>is 610,000 yen a magic number or something?
00:48<internat>interesting that level3 dont know the name of their router
00:48<internat> 5 ( 1.848 ms 1.385 ms 3.927 ms
00:48<internat>but by god im getting a crap connection to the node today
00:52<Dreamer3>googling for satire doesn't find anything i consider as funny as the despair stuff
01:12<@mikegrb> <-- caker's plane
01:15<@mikegrb>that'll teach him to try to pilot a jet in the snow
02:06<@caker>xen, anyone?
02:06<Newsome>mmmmm, xen
02:06<@caker>Newsome: you game?
02:07<Newsome>for testing?
02:07<@caker>yeah, even
02:08<Newsome>sure, I'll give it a try
02:12<fo0bar>caker: did you compile the xenU kernel yourself, or are you using the binary one?
02:12<@caker>fo0bar: custom
02:12<@caker>I don't think I paid much attention to the config this time around
02:13<linbot>New news from forums: Flash Media Server 2 - USER - Info and experience in Performance and Tuning <>
02:14<fo0bar>caker: as for finnix, you can apply the same unionfs/squashfs patches. they do work with 2.6.12
02:15<fo0bar>and the initrd will require some slight tweaking
02:16<@caker>Getting the Finnix setup working (on my end of things) isn't going to be as easy as under my UML config, I don't think
02:16<tierra>caker: got some xen 3.0 going?
02:16<fo0bar>caker: ok
02:16<@caker>tierra: yeah, just a first stab, nothing more yet
02:16<@caker>Xen does have support for loop-mounted images (as opposed to device/lvm), but last I tried it wasn't working
02:17<@caker>As long as that works, it should just be a conditional or two in host.lib
02:17<fo0bar>? it's worked perfectly for me
02:19<fo0bar>just specify ['file:/path/to/loopback/file,hdx,r']
02:19<fo0bar>or w
02:19<@caker>right, it used to fail, as recent as two weeks ago
02:20<@caker>I saw something about it being fixed in a changelog recently...
02:22<fo0bar>so are you planning on doing LVM for user disks?
02:22<@caker>Yes, that's how I've been doing it
02:24<linbot>New news from forums: Flash Media Server 2 - USER - Info and experience in Performance and Tuning <>
02:24<@caker>linbot: chill
02:25<fo0bar>I think you need to do this instead:
02:25<fo0bar>00:25 <linbot> Error: 'chill' is not a valid command.
02:25[~]fo0bar files a bug report
02:25<@caker>actually, he was correct .. the guy double posted
02:25<@caker>linbot: botsnack
02:25<linbot>thanks caker :)
02:27<fo0bar>woo, hopefully tomorrow I will get to pull the plug on another red hat 7.x machine
02:28<fo0bar>that there will be... 9 left
02:29<linbot>New news from forums: Flash Media Server 2 - USER - Info and experience in Performance and Tuning <>
02:30<@caker>why does this guy keep submitting the same post?
02:30<fo0bar>of which 6 are customer boxes (that we are still managing, and hence we are threatening to pull the plug if they don't leave or migrate), 1 is a company fileserver scheduled to be migrated (but depends on another project to be finished), 1 is an app server that will be obsoleted soon
02:31<fo0bar>which leaves a RealMedia server which sadly can't be killed or upgraded
02:31<@caker>]# uname -a && cat /etc/redhat-release
02:31<@caker>Linux 2.2.16-22 #1 Tue Aug 22 16:49:06 EDT 2000 i686 unknown
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02:31<@caker>Red Hat Linux release 7.0 (Guinness)
02:31<@caker>It was 6.2 .. now it's somewhere between 6.2 and 7.0
02:32<tronix>first saw RH around 2.0 or so and went 'wow!'... got sick of it by 7.1 :)
02:32<Newsome>caker: you nuking those other 2 posts, or did the phishin guy kill his own posts?
02:32<fo0bar>so I'm looking into whether it can be run on kernel 2.6... if it will, I'll make a debian system and run the realmedia service in a chrooted rhl7.3 environment
02:32<@caker>Newsome: I'
02:32<@caker>Newsome: I've been nuking them, users can't delete posts
02:32<tronix>fo0bar: alternative option: centos?
02:33<Newsome>okay. just checking
02:33<tronix>centos = modernified RH, I understand it
02:33<fo0bar>Linux 2.2.16-3smp #2 SMP Thu Feb 8 16:57:41 PST 2001 i686 unknown
02:33<tronix>not sure how centos and um, Fedora Core compares.
02:33<fo0bar>Penguin Computing (RH 6.2)
02:33<fo0bar>Kernel 2.2.16-3smp on a 2-processor i686
02:34<fo0bar>caker: I'm guessing some customized installation of RHL6.2 that came with the penguin computing box
02:35<linbot>New news from forums: MRTG graphs in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
02:35<fo0bar>tronix: we have over 100 debian machines, and have standardized on it. Plus, I'm more worried about a different glibc messing up the old realmedia server process
02:36<fo0bar>tronix: and yeah, centos is nearly identical to RHEL, but with different art (and each package is recompiled, but otherwise identical)
02:37<tronix>gotta love hard-to-migrate legacy apps. :)
02:37<tronix>(btdt, got t-shirt)
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09:20<X-tr3m3>mikegrb you around ?
09:21<X-tr3m3>can you check my suport reply plz
09:21<X-tr3m3>user Surfer
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09:26<X-tr3m3>damn i didnt see that last 5 hours sorry
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09:47<lyoung>Hi, anyone home? I would like to know if iptables filtering is available for a linode.
09:47<Redgore>yep, just install the iptables package for your distribution and add the rules
09:48<lyoung>Cool! Thanks.
09:49<kvandivo>all answers like that should be prefaced with: you understand that you are essentially getting your own linux box and can install anything you want on it, right?
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11:11<linbot>New news from forums: Host40 Kernel Panic in System and Network Status <>
11:18<npmr> <-- good one
11:19<@mikegrb>it's caker's fault
11:19<@mikegrb>but don't tell anyway, shhhhhhh
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11:59<X-tr3m3>mikegrb can you respond to my ticket plz user = Surfer
12:03<\documentstyle[48pt]{troll}>did host40 die again?
12:04<rharman>... not afaik
12:04<rharman>I'm on host 47
12:05<rharman>it's up and responds to ping ..
12:05<\documentstyle[48pt]{troll}>Yes NOW
12:06<\documentstyle[48pt]{troll}>but I've been rebooted
12:06<phishin4dmb>Quick question for you guys. I am relativeley new to linux but have some basic experience. In any case if I connect with SSH and start a YUM update then log-off I assume the server continues to updates it's self?
12:07<rharman>phishin4dmb- interesting nick. If you start YUM under screen, or nohup it yes.
12:07<rharman>phishin4dmb- but YUM is a memory hog, so I would suggest using apt if at all possible. is where you can download a preconfigured apt for various redhat-esque distros.
12:08<phishin4dmb>Well I just got this account today
12:08<phishin4dmb>nothing on it, so my MEM ussage isent a big deal
12:08<rharman>um, actually it is quite a big deal.
12:08<phishin4dmb>I will check out the link though
12:09<rharman>if your linode starts trying to use more memory than it has, it will start swapping
12:09<@mikegrb>apt4rpm should already be installed
12:09<phishin4dmb>Well this is a test for me so I plan to crash and burn a few time.
12:09<rharman>and if it swaps really bad (begins thrashing) it will cause problems for other people on your host
12:09<rharman>usually linode staff become aware of this and limit you if you're causing an issue
12:09<rharman>most people don't cause issues
12:10<npmr>\documentstyle[48pt]{troll}, it did
12:10<npmr>\documentstyle[48pt]{troll}, also:
12:10<phishin4dmb>Well it is updating 150 megs...
12:10<phishin4dmb>Tell you the truth I dont know how I would stop :)
12:10<rharman>hit control-c
12:10<phishin4dmb>first time using ssh and the shell for the most part
12:10<rharman>npmr- an AIRPLANE blocking a street?
12:11<rharman>npmr- what was this, an emergency landing or something?
12:11<npmr>rharman, there was an accident last night at midway international airport
12:11<phishin4dmb>Ahh control-c ... will that also cancel any other app i start using SSH
12:11<npmr>rharman, plane skidded off the runway through the fence and into the intersection
12:11<phishin4dmb>sweet will do :)
12:12<npmr>the cta alert is amazingly nonchalant about it
12:13<@mikegrb>didn't seem like to big of a deal other then it hitting a car with people in it
12:13<npmr>mikegrb, a boy in one of the cars died
12:13<@mikegrb>I know :<
12:19<kvandivo>oh my goodness! that's so funny! i can't stop laughing!
12:21<@mikegrb>kvandivo: hush, you
12:37<rharman>mikegrb- are you in any sort of office with caker such that you can prod him awake for me?
12:37<rharman>I thought as much. :/
12:37<@mikegrb>and I imagine he is literally sleeping
12:37<@mikegrb>he went to bed around 5 or 6 am
12:38<rharman>at 1pm?
12:38<rharman>oh damn.
12:38[~]mikegrb hasn't been to bed yet
12:38<rharman>alright I'll shoot him an email.
12:38[~]rharman has a suprise for all linode owners :)
12:38<rharman>Just In Time For Christmas!
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12:57<@caker>rharman: boo
12:57<rharman>the man himself
13:06<tsi>he's not a man, he's an eeeeeeeevil robot
13:07<@caker>Destroy all humans.
13:11<tsi>"hey, baby, wanna kill all humans?"
13:11<tsi>bender crack corn and he is great
13:11<tsi>leela crack corn and bender's great
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13:24<\documentstyle[48pt]{troll}>caker: do you have any information on host40's chronic problems?
13:26<@caker>\documentstyle[48pt]{troll}: not off hand.
13:26<@caker>pissed yet?
13:27<@caker>I am
13:27<@caker>I swear, Xen better not have this problem on those hosts
13:27<@caker>if so, they're goin on ebay
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13:28<\documentstyle[48pt]{troll}>heh yeah
13:29<rafx>how do we obtain the cpu's HZ value in the linode? i don't see it in /proc/cpuinfo
13:30<@caker>rafx: which host?
13:30<@caker>rafx: dual 3.0Ghz
13:31<@caker>if you're asking about the timer interrupt frequency, vmstat should tell you easy enough
13:31<rafx>so the value is 3000 HZ? i need to use it for LONG_MAX/HZ calculation
13:31<npmr>how much is known about the panic?
13:32<@caker>npmr: other than Jeff and BB saying it's possibly a cpu bug, not much
13:32<@caker>lemme find the thread
13:34<rafx>thanks for info caker, i'm hoping the value i need is interrupt freq because i like 165 better than 3000 :)
13:34<@caker>rafx: should be 100
13:34<rafx>i see 165 in vmstat on host41
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13:35<@caker>right, 100 (timer interrupts) + other interrupts
13:35<@caker>usually it'll be either 100, 250 or 1000
13:35<rafx>i see, much thanks
13:35<@caker>so vmstat being 165 is a dead giveaway for 100 HZ value
13:35<rharman>rafx- what're you setting up?
13:36<rharman>rafx- asterisk or something?
13:36<rafx>i'm tweaking a script to workaround the ipt_recent problem dealing with jiffies > LONG_MAX and crapping out every LONG_MAX/HZ
13:36<tsi>what would be the advantage of asterisk on a linode if you can't get your phone line there?
13:37<rharman>tsi- ask mikegrb :)
13:37[~]npmr runs asterisk on a linode
13:37<rafx>the only thing i cannot fix via my script is empty slots causing problems with jiffies > LONG_MAX because empty slots for ipt_recent cannot be obtain via /proc/... files
13:37<npmr>tsi, no phone lines, just SIP devices and wholesale IAX origination/termination
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13:49[~]tsi ponders, considers using this information for world domination, goes back to playing solitaire
14:06<cow>nmpr: who do u use for your wholesale providers?
14:22<npmr>cow, i have been using and, but i am consolidating with now
14:27<fo0bar>The airport, surrounded by homes and businesses, has shorter runways than most major airports, because it was originally built to handle smaller propeller planes. The larger ones land at O'Hare International.
14:28<npmr>midway may very well be the smallest class a airspace airport in the u.s.
14:28<fo0bar>I was wondering that myself... I haven't been to chicago in years, but when I lived in green bay, I'd always take puddle jumpers through midway... and never really noticed 737 planes
14:29<npmr>i've always been through midway in jets
14:29<npmr>737s and 757s mostly
14:29<npmr>probably did some dc-9s and -10s back in the day
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14:29<npmr>it's a bit of a crunch
14:37<kvandivo>location, location, location
14:39<kevinl>on the debian (small) distro what would be the apt command to install whatever the stable mysql daemon is
14:39<kevinl>apt-get install mysql isnt it
14:39<npmr>apt-get install mysql
14:40<kevinl>Package mysql is not available, but is referred to by another package.
14:40<kevinl>This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
14:40<kevinl>is only available from another source
14:40<npmr>ok, how about mysql-server?
14:40<kevinl>:) ya
14:41[~]kevinl smacks himself
14:41<kevinl>quick question .. if you ever accidentally forget to pay for you linode, how quick does it get shut off, and how long after that is it recoverable
14:42<kvandivo>files are usually gone by 12:01
14:42<npmr>,-87.761986&spn=0.003511,0.007277&t=k&hl=en <-- that damn intersection
14:43<npmr>kevinl, i had an account delinquent for five days and still running, then i noticed and paid
14:43<npmr>no interruption at all
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15:02<kevinl>is there a config file for mysql which is like a hosts.deny/allow for mysql connections?
15:03<kevinl>i can connect locally but not from my work machine
15:04<kvandivo>not a file. set in the mysql database via permissions
15:12<npmr>it's in the grants table
15:13<fo0bar>npmr: wow, that map really puts things in perspective
15:14<npmr>zoom out, and note the scale of the airport
15:14<npmr>1 mile by 1 mile
15:14<cow>kevinl: mysql usernames/passwords are also dependent upon a hostname
15:15<npmr>,-87.701797&spn=0.056162,0.116438&hl=en <-- hee hee
15:15<cow>nmpr: any planes ever not stop in time?
15:15<npmr>cow, last night
15:16<npmr>cow, a plane skidded off the runway, through the fence, and into the intersection of 55th and central during last night's snow storm
15:16<cow>i wonder how much house insurance is around the airport...
15:17<cow>any of you guys familiar with LaTeX?
15:17<npmr>cow, i bet \documentstyle[48pt]{troll} is
15:17<cow>lol thats what inquired me to ask
15:18<cow>I want to make a catalog of products, and i thought generating latex code would be easier than muddling with all the problems of publisher
15:32<linbot>New news from forums: MRTG graphs in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
15:41<@caker>kevinl: I email people to remind them on the 3rd or 4th, suspend the accounts by the 10th, delete them if we're short on space close to the end of the month, otherwise not long after that they're gone
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16:05<cow>pay by credit card... you only have to worry about one bill a month to pay
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17:20<cinix>oop gotta run.
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18:51<linbot>fo0bar: The latest stable kernel is; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is 2.6.15-rc5-git1; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.15-rc5-mm1.
18:53<@caker>fo0bar: !!
18:53<@caker>fo0bar: thanks for the Christmas gift :) :) :)
18:54<@caker>fo0bar: next kernel relase, turn on that SATA_MV driver, too -- it'll come in handy for me
18:57<fo0bar>did it arrive ok?
18:57<@caker>it's beautiful :)
18:58<fo0bar>I got the envelopes and immediately thought "these aren't too rigid"
18:58<@caker>I had the same thought
18:58<@caker>but it looked fine, at least .. I haven't booted it yet
18:59<fo0bar>and yes, 86.2 will have 2.6.15 when it is final, and I've got a wishlist of a few new things to turn on, marvell included
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