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01:21<JasonWoof>the wiki says something about watching io tokens and building bigger packages (gentoo) at off-peak times
01:22<JasonWoof>how do I find out when peak times are?
01:22<JasonWoof>and are "io tokens" something I should know about?
01:24<Newsome>JasonWoof: io_tokens prevent a single Linode from monopolizing disk requests
01:24<JasonWoof>ahh. it's a sort of rate limiting thing?
01:26<Newsome>Most of the time, it's not an issue, but if you do a _lot_ of disk accesses, it'll come into play
01:26<JasonWoof>it won't do anything bad though right? just slow down by disk access.
01:26<Newsome>usually, it just catches Linodes that are swapping heavily, or are otherwise struggling.
01:26<JasonWoof>ok good
01:26<JasonWoof>I'm not running any daemons yet (except ssh)
01:27<JasonWoof>so that's just fine.
01:27<JasonWoof>where can I find resource usage charts or something to find out when's a good time of day to compile and install lots of stuff?
01:27<Newsome>you can see how you're doing in /proc/io_status
01:28<JasonWoof>oh, what should I put "-pipe" in my cflags?
01:28<Newsome>hmm, not really sure about best times
01:28<Newsome>I don't run Gentoo, so I'm probably not the best person to ask on that :)
01:30<JasonWoof>io_count=731031 io_rate=33 io_tokens=399983 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
01:31<JasonWoof>so I'm guessing... first one is the total, then my average/current usage, then my current pool, then the speed at which my pool is refreshed
01:31<Newsome>io_rate is how fast you've been using tokens, and token_refill is how fast it's refilling
01:32<JasonWoof>cool stuff
01:32<JasonWoof>looks like a pretty big pool
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01:35<dopey>I'm having some problems signing up - I keep getting " no plan was found that could match your request. Please narrow your selection, and try again."
01:40<JasonWoof>dopey: I had that problem earlier today. Also I noticed that at it showed that there weren't any available
01:40<JasonWoof>I asked here when one would be available and someone said "right now" and sure enough, my order went through that time
01:40<dopey>that would explain the problem, i guess. When I started filling it out, there were 4 :(
01:41<dopey> Estimated Availability: 12/10/2005
01:45<JasonWoof>cool, screen is installed already
01:45<JasonWoof>yeah, I don't know why they don't fix that date
01:45<JasonWoof>it should say "more available any minute)
01:46<Battousai>or something more appropriate
01:46<Battousai>like mikegrb is a sexy man
01:46<JasonWoof>asside from that little delay, I'm very impressed and happy with the service
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02:03<dopey>Battousai: so you believe something will be opening soon?
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05:07<dddd44>excuse me what is ERP systems?? what is that use for??
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07:52<@mikegrb>dopey: what size were you interested in?
08:24<@mikegrb>try now
08:24<@mikegrb>not a problem
08:24<@mikegrb>cancellation overnight
08:24<@mikegrb>get lots of those near the end of the month ;)
08:25<darkbeholder>hey mike, im unable to boot my linode since migrating, Host Message Filesystem /linodes/darkbeholder/24036.fs not found. Boot aborted.
08:25<@mikegrb>gimme a minute to check things out
08:27<@mikegrb>36 is your swap
08:28<@mikegrb>I'm just going to delete it from the website and recreate it
08:29<@mikegrb>had it been data, would have retransfered it from the old host ;)
08:30<darkbeholder>well good thing it was swap then
08:30<darkbeholder>not that i had too much data so it wouldnt have taken long to transfere
08:31<dopey>mikegrb: considering the holidays and all, when is it likely the confirmation for a new signup would occur ?
08:31<@mikegrb>darkbeholder: gimme one more sec
08:32<darkbeholder>mike its ok, just let me know when ur done
08:32<@mikegrb>dopey: you are good to go
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08:32<@mikegrb>darkbeholder: after you migrated, you resized your data image, then created a new image, then deleted the new image?
08:32<dopey>mikegrb: whoah- well, thanks. (i thought there would be some verification done..)
08:34<@mikegrb>dopey: we do, we get a page with submitted info and a fraud check report
08:34<@mikegrb>dopey: so long as everything looks good, we click activate
08:34<@mikegrb>darkbeholder: I'm going to remigrate your data
08:35<darkbeholder>sounds kinda stupid doesnt it, i made the new image cause i was going to use it for something, then i remembered i had scrapped that idea
08:35<@mikegrb>not a problem, just making sure I read the queue history properly
08:36<@mikegrb>darkbeholder: your data is ext3, right?
08:38<@mikegrb>sshd on your old host needed restarting
08:38<@mikegrb>that is why the swap didn't transfer
08:38<@mikegrb>and your data seems messed up too, I think it didn't actually transfer
08:38<@mikegrb>and the first resize caused an empty file to get created
08:39<@mikegrb>second resize failed because it couldn't identify the fs type
08:41<@mikegrb>so data is transfering
08:41<@mikegrb>then I'll need to reset the size in the db to the actual size
08:41<@mikegrb>and then you will be properly migrated ;)
08:41<darkbeholder>i knew id stuff it up (perfect way to end the perfect day)
08:42<@mikegrb>nah, wasn't your fault
08:42<@mikegrb>[22:12] <darkbeholder> hmm i cant connect to lish on host35 (or my own ssh for that matter which is why i tried lish)
08:42<@mikegrb>I saw that this morning and was going to take care of it
08:43<@mikegrb>but wanted to handle tickets first
08:43<@mikegrb>guess I should have done it the other way around ;)
08:43<darkbeholder>yeah it was being nasty all day
08:45<@mikegrb>02:22 left
08:51<@mikegrb>darkbeholder: should be good to go, if you don't mind, could you try booting once just to make sure everything is ok before resizing
08:54<darkbeholder>i dont need to resize now anyway, figured id do it while the box was down ne way... worked that time, thanks mike
08:54<@mikegrb>no problem
08:55<@mikegrb>going to run an errand, open a ticket if you have any more problems, it will page me
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09:56[~]tsi opens ticket "plz bring gallon of milk, loaf of bread, kthx"
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10:44<@caker>!weather 37211
10:44<linbot>caker: The current temperature in Brentwood, TN is 40\xB0F. Conditions: Cloudy. Humidity: 79%. Wind: S at 10 mph (16 km/h).
10:59<Beirdo>!weather Toronto
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11:36<adamg>!weather london
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12:49<warewolf>some people are just plain idiotic
12:50<warewolf>^ girl (I think) thinks that she can just freely use someone's open wifi connection becuase the AP is "broadcasting it's SSID", it's unencrypted, and becuase it's accessable from her home.
12:55<mikegrb>that's not what that means?
12:55<mikegrb>could have fooled me
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13:00<Mark>Can anyone tell me how long it usually takes to resize a disk (from about 3GB to 4.5)?
13:00<mikegrb>a few minutes
13:01<mikegrb>how long has it taken so far?
13:01<Mark>18 min
13:01<mikegrb>that's a bit long
13:01[~]mikegrb takes a look
13:04<mikegrb>a couple of people thrashing swap
13:04<linbot>New news from forums: Getting random mysql errors intermitently and ideas? in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
13:05<Mark>guess I should have done it in the am'
13:06<mikegrb>should pick up speed now
13:06<Mark>last time I did it it took 4 min
13:08<mikegrb>not a problem
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14:19|-|mode/#linode [+oo mikegrb linbot] by caker
14:34<@caker>nice .. HE sent me a Kill-A-Watt
14:35<@caker>too bad I just ordered one two days ago :(
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14:39[~]caker cancels order :)
14:49<warewolf>what is a kill-a-watt?
14:50[~]warewolf googles
14:50<warewolf>oh, spiffy
14:52<warewolf>ok time for chpotle
14:53<@linbot>caker: The latest stable kernel is; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is 2.6.15-rc7-git4; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.15-rc5-mm3.
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15:52<JasonWoof>what the hell is this: Suddenly the Dungeon collapses!! - You die...
15:55<@mikegrb>that's an error message from screen
15:56<JasonWoof>my what helpful diagnostic info ;-|
15:58<Battousai>mikegrb: the bot is broken
16:02<@mikegrb>JasonWoof: it comes from the attach.c file, probably something bad and unexpected happened when trying to reattach a screen session
16:02<@mikegrb>or just something unexpected
16:03<JasonWoof>it happened while I was away from my desk
16:03<@caker>that's what you get when the master screen process dies -- the one your screen "client" is attached to
16:03<JasonWoof>was just compiling vim under screen
16:04<@caker>JasonWoof: OOM kill off something? (dmesg)
16:05<@caker>out of memory killer
16:05<@caker>dmesg would show you if it kicked in
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16:16<@caker>the garmin one
16:17<@caker>the wireless helmet receiver thing is pretty slick
16:17<@caker>I just got a valentine1 radar detector .. pretty cool :)
16:18<@mikegrb>you need the motorcycle heads up display that attaches to helmet for shifting and speed display
16:19<@mikegrb>"I got her a mood ring, thing worked pretty good, when she was in a good mood, thing was blue, when she was in a bad mood... it made a red mark upside my head"
16:19<@caker>don't really need it for speed or shifting, but I guess like the rear-view helmet thing -- it's good for riders who can't turn their heads
16:20<@mikegrb>they seemed to market it for dirtbike riders
16:20<@mikegrb>since you could ride standing up
16:20<@mikegrb>that and stop and go traffic seemed the be their emphasis
16:22<@mikegrb> <-- that a sexy... hard drive
16:34<AndyHat>Any idea why host27 is seeming really slow?
16:35[~]mikegrb looks
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16:36<@mikegrb>/dev/ubdb partition 197624 197600 -1
16:36<@mikegrb>you are using all your swap and being limited by the io limiter
16:37<AndyHat>That would do it.
16:38<AndyHat>Now the next question is why we're swapping, but I guess we'll have to figure that out ourselves :)
16:40<@mikegrb>top can sort by memory usage
16:41<@mikegrb>big things are apache and mysql
16:41<AndyHat>Our big ones are spamassassin and dispatch.fcgi
16:41<@mikegrb>ahh spamassassin
16:41<@mikegrb>if you use spamd, you can limit the nummber of concurrent processes to one or two
16:42<@mikegrb>if not, you can limit it where you are calling it, ie a lockfile
16:42<@mikegrb>Battousai: well depends on the amount of ram available
16:42<Battousai>quiet you
16:42[~]Battousai licks mikegrb
16:42<AndyHat>I think the spamassassin processes are normally shortlived enough that they're not a big deal, but with the swapping from the dispatch.fcgi, it's causing problems.
16:43<AndyHat>Which appears to be some sort of Ruby on Rails component.
16:43<Battousai>are you using apache?
16:44<Battousai>high traffic rails system?
16:44<AndyHat>Haven't had problems before today, and I don't believe anyone's installed anything new.
16:44<AndyHat>Shouldn't be anything high traffic, but I'm investigating.
16:45<JasonWoof>ah hah! figured out why my linode was grinding to a halt
16:45<JasonWoof>looks like I goofed editing /etc/make.conf and set makeopts to -j instead of -j1
16:45<JasonWoof>so it was trying to compile about 20 .c files at once
16:45<@caker>JasonWoof: yeah .. that's unlimited number of gcc threads ..
16:46<warewolf>you ate up all your io tokens AND THEN SOME
16:46<JasonWoof>hit ^Z to check the process tree
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16:46<JasonWoof>yeah, I checked /proc/io_stats and it was used up
16:46<JasonWoof>my swap was just about used up too
16:47<JasonWoof>and to add a little irony... I'm trying to install vim, which will make it so I can edit files better
17:09<AndyHat>Ah, all better. Seems the fastcgi stuff from Ruby on Rails was leaving ghosts that were consuming all our memory.
17:09<AndyHat>I shall make sure the user responsible is suitable scolded :)
17:14<AndyHat>Thanks for the pointer, mikegrb!
17:15<@mikegrb>no problem
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17:42<Narada>mikegrb: any progress on a linode 160 becoming available on host11?
17:45<Narada>in fact, what do you have available on host11 out of curiosity 160 onwards?
17:46<@mikegrb>host11 is just linode 120s
17:46<@mikegrb>what you want is a host in your datacenter with a free slot
17:47<Narada>mikegrb: i'm getting really desperate; my linode's really struggling; what are my options; do i *have* to change ip?
17:47<@mikegrb>no slots there now
17:47<@mikegrb>to migrate to the other datacenter requires an ip change
17:48<Narada>weren't you guys trying to buy some or something
17:48<@mikegrb>we have at least one of everything except for 80 at the other datacenter
17:48<@mikegrb>more servers will go in to help with the migration to xen
17:48<Narada>as far as reliability and power distribution goes other datacentre is fine?
17:49<@mikegrb>some of the newer servers with a certain rev of cpu have had some kernel panics, otherwise yes
17:50<Narada>out of curiosity how will the migration to xen take place exactly; will you offer both linodes and xennodes? or move linodes to xennodes?
17:51<@mikegrb>new accounts will be xennodes
17:51<Narada>and will you have the same specifications for xennodes?
17:51<@mikegrb>existings accounts will have the option to migrate to xen
17:51<@mikegrb>those that choose to remain on uml will be condensed onto common hosts
17:51<@mikegrb>allowing some of the uml servers to be converted to xen
17:51<@mikegrb>I'm not sure about specs
17:52<@mikegrb>I imagine they will be the same, at least initially
17:52<Narada>you mean some of the uml servers as in the ones that have had their uml vps's migrated to common hosts?
17:52<Narada>i see
17:52<Narada>well sounds great
17:52<Narada>you said q1 2006 right?
17:53<Narada>btw can you recommend any good people to have a colocated/dedicated server with? slightly offtopic i know
17:53<@mikegrb>I don't have any experience with others
17:54<Narada>as in affordable for the individual but also dependable
17:54<@mikegrb>others in here may be able to make recommendations
17:54<Narada>okay np
17:54<@mikegrb>I looked at colo for a time, most places that seemed decent seemed quite expensive
17:54<@mikegrb>dedicated is likely to be cheaper
17:54<@mikegrb>I ended up going with Linode
17:55<Narada>so in the long term would it offer better opportunities if i move to the other datacentre do you think apart from the immediate gain of an upgrade?
17:55<@mikegrb>hard to say
17:55<@mikegrb>there are more servers at the other datacenter
17:55<@mikegrb>but that is just right now
17:55<Narada>i know i went with linode too but i'm reaching the limits of my linode; i'm having to wait all the time; restart services etc despite having optimised them
17:56<@mikegrb>you are on a 120, right?
17:56<Narada>it has driven me to utter frustration; compared to dedicated machines in the uk it is hopelessly slower
17:57<Narada>without xen and without an upgrade i'm really not sure what choice i have other than to shell out an arm for a dedicated
17:57<@mikegrb>what was your username?
17:57<@mikegrb>(or ticket number)
17:58<Narada>and tbh i'm not so sure an upgrade will make any difference
17:58<@mikegrb>we could do an upgrade in place if you wanted to, you would have the same contention and such but the extra ram, hd, and bandwidth
17:59<@mikegrb>then when a slot become available, move you to a 160 host
18:00<Narada>yeah i saw the individual upgrades on the admin suite; doesn't that work out to be more expensive?
18:00<@mikegrb>right, that way does, I can set it as a normal linode 160 on this end
18:01<Narada>ah ... in that case that does sound like a great temporary relief solution actually
18:01<@mikegrb>ok, give me a minute and I will set it up and update the ticket
18:02<Narada>assuming it wasn't the contention that was killing me (which I don't think it was)
18:02<JasonWoof>the wiki won't let me create an account
18:02<JasonWoof>I fill out the form and it pops up the http auth dialog
18:02<womble>You da man, mikegrb
18:02<womble>No other hosting provider is this helpful
18:02<Narada>if you don't need me for it i will just check up on everything tommorrow? it's pretty late and i'd better get some shut eye
18:03<Narada>mikegrb: truly appreciate the gracious gesture as womble too recognises
18:04<Dreamr3>mikegrb: i wonder if i should upgrade
18:04<Narada>heh he'll get flooded with requests now
18:04<Dreamr3>*goes to look at the plans*
18:04<Dreamr3>i'm on a 160, but memory is always too tight
18:05<@mikegrb>JasonWoof: read the http auth dialog ;)
18:05<@mikegrb>JasonWoof: http auth is required for HTTP POST
18:05<tierra>JasonWoof: any post form pops up that dialog where you need to use the username "edit" and password "wiki" to continue (it's just spam protection)...
18:05<@mikegrb>the username and password are in the box
18:05<@mikegrb>Narada: you are all set, a reboot will give you 160 mb of ram
18:06<Dreamr3>mikegrb: is it a big deal to get a new linode then cancel an old one?
18:06<Battousai>migrations are easy
18:06<Battousai>one click
18:06<JasonWoof>have you guys had a lot of problems with spam bots?
18:07<tierra>did at one point
18:07<@mikegrb>JasonWoof: until the http auth
18:07<@mikegrb>Dreamr3: not a big deal, if they are that same datacenter, we can even change the ip if desired
18:09<Narada>mikegrb: thank you do you want me to have a ticket filed to remind about the 160 total migration?
18:09<Narada>mikegrb: thank you for setting that up; much appreciated
18:09<@mikegrb>Narada: I'll just leave that ticket open
18:09<Dreamr3>mikegrb: do you guys take any special steps to make sure the disks don't get fragmented?
18:09<Narada>mikegrb: k
18:10<@mikegrb>ext fs is pretty self defragmenting
18:11<Dreamr3>*goes to see where all that memory on his 160mb goes
18:11<@linbot>New news from wiki: AppInfo: screen <>
18:11<JasonWoof>mikegrb: the http auth thing isn't so bad. although it should be reworded. I had to read it 3 times before I got it.
18:11<Dreamr3>spamd and mysql
18:12<JasonWoof>I'm mostly pissed that I have to have cookies and create a login
18:12<@mikegrb>is a login required?
18:12<@mikegrb>oh, guess so
18:12<womble>Dreamr3: The usual suspects, then
18:12<@mikegrb>I think that was turned on first
18:12<Dreamr3>JasonWoof: get over it... real apps require cookies
18:12<JasonWoof>I clicked edit and it told me I had to log in, ang took me to the login page
18:12<@mikegrb>then the spambots started registering accounts
18:12<@mikegrb>then the http auth came
18:12<JasonWoof>after creating an account it told me I could go to the main page
18:13<JasonWoof>could at least remember what page I told it I wanted to edit
18:13<Dreamr3>terrible what people will do for spam
18:13<JasonWoof>Dreamr3: that's a load of BS
18:13<Dreamr3>JasonWoof: *shrugs*
18:13<Dreamr3>JasonWoof: you're in a small, tiny, shrinking majority of the ultra-paranoid :-)
18:13<JasonWoof>Dreamr3: while there are a few good uses for cookies, they are mostly just used by programmers who are too lazy to put the info they need in forms and such
18:14<Dreamr3>JasonWoof: cookies are most useful for sessions, if an app has a login, it should have sessions, etc... hence cookies :-)
18:14<JasonWoof>Dreamr3: who said anything about being paranoid?
18:14<Dreamr3>it's a non-issue for me
18:14<Dreamr3>every app i build requires cookies
18:14<JasonWoof>you don't have to use cookies to pass a session id around
18:15<Dreamr3>JasonWoof: yeah, there are other suckier ways I admit :-)
18:15<JasonWoof>I've built tons of web stuff and never used cookies
18:15<JasonWoof>cookies are significantly less secure
18:15<Dreamr3>Ruby on Rails doesn't do session parameters, so I really don't care
18:15<JasonWoof>I've worked for companies that wouldn't have anything to do with cookies for security reasons
18:15<Dreamr3>cookie paranoia is over-rated...
18:16<Dreamr3>(when used for a session key)
18:16<tierra>I agree with Dreamr3 on that
18:16<Dreamr3>or for login by token system...
18:16<Dreamr3>no other way to do that :-)
18:16<JasonWoof>what about other people that have access to the computer you just used?
18:17<Dreamr3>JasonWoof: if you close the browser any session only cookies go with it
18:17<tierra>why do you think cookies are still enabled on almost all major browsers by default still? they aren't a serious security issue
18:17<Dreamr3>tierra: and most sites require them to function
18:17<tierra>JasonWoof: that's why you make sure you logout on any public computer
18:17<Narada>hmm you have to logout and login again to see the upgrades
18:18<Narada>on the web i mean
18:18<tierra>every system I know deletes the cookies, or they timeout shortly
18:18<Dreamr3>tierra: session cookies die when you close the browser
18:18<Dreamr3>tierra: i think most browsers don't evne store them on disk
18:18<Dreamr3>tierra: those are what are most commonly used for server-side sessions
18:19<Dreamr3>one ruby process is using 15% of my memory
18:19<Dreamr3>anyone know the mysql command to show processes?
18:19<tierra>ps aux | grep mysql ? ;)
18:19<Dreamr3>no, the SQL
18:19<womble>mysqladmin processlist from memory
18:19<tierra>mysqladmin status
18:20<Dreamr3>1.3million queries
18:20<Dreamr3>pretty good
18:20<womble>I like yours better, tierr
18:20<Dreamr3>only 3 slow queries
18:21<Narada>mikegrb: one last question; what is the charge for the new setup
18:23<Battousai>plus tax
18:23<Narada>yeah very likely
18:24<Narada>btw how much swap have you all set out of curiosity
18:24<Battousai>whatever the defautl is
18:24<Battousai>screw it
18:24<Narada>256 then
18:26<Narada>hmm this disk resize is taking quite some time; i don't think i'll stick around and wait for it
18:27<tierra>how big is the partition? shouldn't take long
18:28<Narada>going from 4096 to 5632
18:28<tierra>(and on my 160, I've stayed with a 256mb swap (mostly from when it used to be a 128)
18:28<tierra>maybe 10-15 minutes would be my guess
18:28<Narada>i set mine to 512 and also ran out of disk space a few days ago heh
18:29<Narada>hmm things are normally so quick with the admin suite 15 minutes seems like two hours
18:29<Narada>heh better not get used to it i guess
18:29<tierra>depends on how bad the load is on the host
18:30<Narada>just over medium
18:30<Narada>60% approx.
18:31<Narada>what would be cool is if you were able to set multiple resizing parameters and then start it all at once
18:31<Narada>bit like partition magic although we won't talk about that
18:32<tierra>for multiple disk images?
18:33<Narada>screw this; i need sleep; i'll just suffer a night of downtime; i'll bring it all back up in the morning
18:33<Narada>yes multiple disk images like swap and main
18:33<tierra>I had a really bad experience with partition magic 5 or 6 years ago... never touched it since
18:34<Narada>oh ... it's been good to me; although i've not used it for several years now
18:34<Narada>these days it's fdisk all the way
18:34<tierra>cfdisk for me
18:34<Narada>oh look it's finished woohoo
18:35<tierra>I really need to learn LVM in and out sometime
18:35<Narada>i used to prefer cfdisk because it was less cryptic; then gentoo began recommending fdisk over cfdisk distro-wide including installation docs so i switched thinking something really bad was happening with cfdisk
18:36<tierra>haha, I've been curious why they changed for a long time now myself
18:36<Narada>yeah either way it was good getting familiar with fdisk and doing things the computer would at a lower level
18:37<tierra>I typically like to setup my boot and swap partitions at the end of the disk first, then fill the rest, and it's really hard to do that in fdisk
18:37<tierra>you have to go do some math on a calculator first
18:38<Narada>boot at the end?
18:38<Narada>i can understand swap
18:39<tierra>faster seek and bootup... initial drive seek probably isn't good, but it makes up for it I think
18:39<Narada>well if you are doing dual boot then windows will complain about boot at end but otherwise it might be okay
18:39<@mikegrb>Narada: just the normal monthly fee for the 160 starting next month
18:39<@mikegrb>so you get a day and a half free
18:39<tierra>well, I wouldn't know about windows... haven't run it in a few years
18:40<Narada>mikegrb: that's fine by me; although i was curious about whether there would be a concession for the unchanged contention but tbh i'm just glad at having got the upgrades so not too fussed
18:41<womble>Narada: Don't send that gift horse to the dentist
18:42<Narada>womble: i didn't get that expression unfortunately :(
18:42<womble>"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth"
18:42<@mikegrb>Narada: has your resize finsihed? I can issue a boot for you if you'd like
18:42[~]mikegrb finishes reading scrollback
18:42<Narada>mikegrb: no it is still going
18:43<Narada>i will boot it once finished don't worry
18:44<@mikegrb>some bioses (older) won't boot with boot at the end
18:44<tierra>mikegrb: my linode managed to get a touch over the bw limit... a small portion of that has been to the xenode in the same DC... will I still get charged for that?
18:44<@mikegrb>this stellar lug couldn't figure out why linux wouldn't boot on this persons computer and they all said "I guess Linux just can't run on your hardware"
18:44[~]mikegrb saved the day
18:45<@mikegrb>tierra: I imagine you have nothing to worry about, but I haven't looked
18:45<@mikegrb>nothing to worry about ;)
18:45<tierra>101gb on a 100gb/mo limit... heh
18:46<Narada>hmm impressive what you doing on there anyway
18:47<@mikegrb>ASN (0): 4294967295 - CIDR: 0/0
18:47<tierra>on that note, I still have more I need to transfer (and a disk image to copy over), should I wait off until the 1st to do that, or can I safely do that now?
18:47<tierra>to/from the xenode
18:48<Battousai>those are top-secret
18:48<@mikegrb>I don't forsee it being a problem
18:48<@mikegrb>how much data are we talking?
18:48<tierra>well, I'd ask that elsewhere, but it mostly concerns my Linode
18:48<Narada>yeah move to #top-secret-channel
18:48<@mikegrb>see, we get charged for in dc transfer, which is the suck
18:48<@mikegrb>should be fine
18:49<tierra>over your own switch? that sucks
18:49<@mikegrb>well, in the same subnet we don't
18:49<@mikegrb>as that is on our switch
18:49<@mikegrb>if it is across subnets, it goes through the DC's router
18:49<tierra>(which is is on a different subnet)
18:54<Narada>okay finally booted; disk usage goes from about 95% to 65% which is nice; and i've got some ram free for a change; let's hope it lasts
18:55<Battousai>it'll be gone in 5 minutes
18:55<Narada>yeah i know but i thought it'd be nice to dwell positively for about 5 seconds
18:55<Narada>okay that's me done being positive
18:56<Narada>i should have said now i've got 40 megs fresh on a fresh boot instead of 20; but i've just started hula so i've probably lost it all by now anyway
18:57<Battousai>youre using gentoo on it right?
18:57<@mikegrb>Narada: "echo 1 > /pros/sys/vm/laptop_mode"
18:58<Battousai>well then, you dont have to worry about it filling up your ram
18:58<Battousai>since it wont be up long enough
18:58[~]Battousai ducks
18:58<@mikegrb>since Battousai breaks everyting
18:58<Battousai>i only break X-related stuff
18:58<Narada>Battousai: are you still a dev?
18:59<Battousai>depends on your definition of dev
18:59<Battousai>officially yes, functionally no
18:59<Battousai>right now i'm just waiting to see how long before they figure it out
19:01<Narada>your betrayal of confidence; defection to ubuntu and your indifference to it all shocks me
19:02<Battousai>you'll feel better about it in the morning
19:03<Narada>just teasing
19:03<Narada>but still i'd have expected you to be more supportive of gentoo
19:04<Battousai>i'm a realist
19:05<Narada>fair enough heh; i tried debian long back and it wasn't my thing; maybe it's made strides in the last few years
19:05<taupehat>ubuntu is slick, kubuntu just makes it that much better
19:05[~]taupehat runs debian servers
19:05<tierra>I've never honestly had the chance to play in Gentoo Hardened...
19:06<@mikegrb>me is having dinner with a bunch of old coworkers
19:06[~]mikegrb will be bringing christmas gifts
19:06[~]taupehat is kind of a fan of apparmour
19:06<@mikegrb>ubuntu cds
19:06<Battousai>you is having bad grammer
19:06<taupehat>I is having a bad grammars too
19:06<@mikegrb>Battousai: me is having a broken / key, or finger, either or, just saying
19:07[~]taupehat is waiting for the power to shut off
19:34|-|sprouse [] has joined #linode
19:37|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
19:52<JasonWoof>I think the majority of my beef with cookies is that some of the browsers I've liked have not supported cookies
19:52|-|errorlevel [errorlevel@] has joined #linode
19:58|-|irgeek [~irgeek@] has joined #linode
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19:58|-|irgeek [~irgeek@] has joined #linode
19:59<errorlevel>Does anybody know when more of the Linode 80 plan will be available? It says "Estimated Availability: 12/10/2005" on the website. Obviously that is wrong. =)
20:00[~]taupehat is enqueued for a 120 in HEnet
20:00<taupehat>when I get that, there will be an 80, although it may well be spoken for
20:01<JasonWoof>errorlevel: a very weird message indeed. they seem to come and go in minutes (not days)
20:02<taupehat>for Linode, this is probably for the most part a Very Good Thing(r)
20:03<errorlevel>I don't understand.
20:03<JasonWoof>errorlevel: try again every 20 minutes
20:04<errorlevel>How can a (albeit virtual) system just come and go in minutes?
20:04<errorlevel>Is there just a lot of turnover?
20:04<JasonWoof>beats me. I got my first account here yesterday
20:06<taupehat>I think they're just full on the lower end... not from any particular knowing or anything - just an observation
20:06[~]taupehat has been around for almost a year and very happy overall
20:29[~]errorlevel wishes he would have signed up quite a while back when he saw the $15/month special.
20:30<errorlevel>Or maybe I'm confusing this with something else.
20:30<taupehat>iirc, it was 14... =]
20:32|-|Dreamr3 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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20:53<@caker>errorlevel: one sec
20:54[~]Battousai <3 linode
20:56<@caker>two L80s open now
20:57<errorlevel>Cool. =)
20:58<Battousai>2 of everything
20:58<taupehat>any 120s at HEnet?
20:59<@caker>taupehat: nope .. you'll be the first to know
21:01<Battousai>h lies
21:01[~]Battousai crossword
21:07<errorlevel>caker: "No free email provider addresses"? The only addresses I have are my address and my address which will soon be getting moved to the L80.
21:07<@caker>errorlevel: that's fine. non-free email addresses keep our internal fraud-score low
21:08<@caker>which helps in speedy activation. But, if everything else looks right, it should require any extra steps and I'll activate it right away
21:09<[|^__^|]>^-- ha ha esr
21:09<@caker>yeah, shouldn't ....
21:09<fo0bar>/msg caker I know that guy, he's a fraud
21:10<taupehat>seems like I registered for my linode using the old P2 dual-xeon server that I had running off a DSL line in the hall closet.
21:13|-|flatronf700B [~flatronf7@] has joined #linode
21:19<errorlevel>How often do the IPs change on the L80s?
21:20<taupehat>aka: they don't
21:20<errorlevel>I know it says Dedicated IPs, but I'm not understanding 11.a. in the Terms of Service.
21:21<Battousai>which part?
21:21<Battousai>the part where you need a good reason to have more than 2 ip's?
21:21<errorlevel>Ahh, okay. That's what that means.....
21:21<Battousai>blame ARIN
21:22<errorlevel>I thought that it meant that I needed a good reason to have one IP.
21:22<Battousai>dedicated server is a good reason for that
21:22<errorlevel>That's what I was thinking. =)
21:25<errorlevel>Alright. There we go. =)
21:28<fo0bar>Battousai: well, with linode's lish, you don't NEED one IP
21:28|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
21:29<Battousai>technically he could nat all the boxes, but that'd be ugly :)
21:29<Battousai>and by boxes i mean fake boxes
21:31|-|sprouse_ [] has joined #linode
21:32<errorlevel>And by ugly, you mean unappealing to potential customers. =)
21:34<sprouse_>any Xen beta testers here?
21:35<Battousai>why do you ask?
21:36<sprouse_>I'm told there is currently a private beta of xen at linode and curious as to how its going
21:37<Battousai>oh it's going
21:38<Battousai>a good number of the kinks have been worked out
21:38<[|^__^|]>but it's still not quite ready
21:39<fo0bar>also, it occasionally eats babies
21:39<errorlevel>fo0bar: Who doesn't?
21:40<fo0bar>caker: I now believe I have as much inappropriate sarcasm as mikegrb. Can I have a job?
21:41[~]taupehat prefers to eat full-grown adults
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21:50<[|^__^|]> <-- still hilarious
21:53<@caker>errorlevel: all set -- thanks
21:54<errorlevel>Thanks caker. =)
21:57<[|^__^|]> <-- "The reDiscovery Institute fosters integration of science education with traditional Judeo-Christian principles of free market, limited government, property, faith, and corporal punishment."
21:58<[|^__^|]>What science needs is more SPANKING
21:58<@caker>site needs www. methinks?
21:58<[|^__^|]>does it?
21:58<[|^__^|]>it redirects for me
21:59<@caker>Non-authoritative answer:
21:59<@caker>*** Can't find No answer
21:59[~]caker shrugs
22:01<[|^__^|]> <-- hilarity
22:01<Battousai>"Solar System -Just a theory"
22:03|-|dddd44 [dhb55@] has joined #linode
22:03<[|^__^|]>ironic use of strikeouts on that site are particularly artful
22:04<[|^__^|]>it's all like "God did it ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hsome intelligent designer must surely be responsible"
22:13[~]errorlevel starts working on a migration plan....
22:15|-|emcnabb [] has joined #linode
22:23[~]mikegrb eats coconut shrump
22:23<@mikegrb>and then some coconut shrimp
22:25<@caker>mikegrb: bubba shrump?
22:27<@mikegrb>there is a bubba gump shrimp places in charleston
22:27<@mikegrb>they have about 80 varieties of shrimp on the menu
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23:06[~]errorlevel <3 debian
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