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08:41<sonorous>anyone from linode awake?
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10:08<Darxus>linode doesn't have an ubuntu mirror / caching proxy?
10:11<SpaceHobo>linode has plenty big network pipe
10:11<SpaceHobo>an ubuntu archive is something like 170G
10:11<SpaceHobo>are you planning on hosting the archive on your linode?
10:12<@caker>She works hard for the money ... so hard for it honey .. she works hard for the money so you better treat her right
10:12<@caker>^-- this mornings brainsong
10:15<SpaceHobo>caker: according to Huey Lewis and the News, the hear of rock&roll is the beatings
10:15<SpaceHobo>caker: and from what I've heard, I believe it.
10:15<SpaceHobo>heart, rather
10:15<SpaceHobo>if you remove the beatings, you kill rock&roll
10:16<@caker>nice one!
10:16<Darxus>SpaceHobo: ah, I just assumed for something like linode the disk space for an ubuntu cache would be cheaper than the bandwidth used to hit the main archive
10:17<SpaceHobo>Darxus: the installations are done from local images, and a full upgrade for one host would be what, 500MB? Hardly a ping against your monthly network limits, no?
10:17<@tasaro>heh. my kids (2 & 4) were rocking out to Sledghammer the other day at TGIF
10:18<@caker>SpaceHobo: also, we built this city on rock and roll
10:18<Darxus>SpaceHobo: could be, I'm used to hosting in a friend's rack in a colo where my billing is based on an assumption I'll use basically no bandwidth
10:18<SpaceHobo>caker: sounds seismically unstable!
10:18<Darxus>but that hardware is dieing, so I finally got around to getting a linode, and I'm very excited about it
10:19<SpaceHobo>Darxus: yeah, the smallest plan gets 50 GiB/mo
10:19<Darxus>yeah I got the $30/mo plan, yearly... same amount I'd been paying with a little more disk space and no hardware responsibility
10:19<SpaceHobo>I rarely use more than about 15% of my monthly transfer
10:19<Darxus>and easier reboots :)
10:20<@caker>and Lish!
10:20<linbot>caker: "lish" could be allows you to perform certain actions without having to log into the LPM. Lish's primary function is to allow you access to your server's console, even if networking is disabled.
10:20<SpaceHobo>oh yeah baby
10:20[~]SpaceHobo licks lish
10:20<Darxus>caker: nice
10:20<Darxus>caker: hi, it's cool to see you here and active since you seem to be such a major part of linode
10:21<@caker>Darxus: it's what I do. Welcome to Linode, and thanks for your business
10:22<Darxus>I'm now trying very hard not to watch my 7.3gb rsync up from my rack server (well, a local copy of its contents)
10:29<tronix>hmm... how long should it take for lish's screen session for a boot to come up?
10:29<tronix>no errors from logview
10:29<tronix>yet it's been a few mins since it started boot
10:29<tronix>which is strange.
10:30<Darxus>is doing a "shutdown -rf now" supposed to require me to go back to the web interface and tell it to boot my image? that was annoying
10:30<tronix>it's a limitation of the setup
10:30<tronix>if you do it via lish shell
10:30<tronix>it'll work as you wanted it
10:31<Darxus>lame :P
10:31<@caker>Darxus: you can alias shutdown or reboot to ssh user@hostxx shutdown
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10:31<@caker>even set up ssh keys to avoid the password prompt
10:32<SpaceHobo>can you command-limit keys for lish?
10:32<@caker>SpaceHobo: I'd have to see what I'm stripping out of the submitted auth key
10:33<Darxus>oh, wow, lish's interface is ssh, nice :P
10:34<tronix>to see lish commands, hit '?'
10:35<tronix>they don't take any parameters, btw
10:35<@caker>or "help"
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10:43<reiny>hi, anyone know if alsa or oss is accessible in linode? I am trying to set up a skype/sip gateway
10:44<tronix>not sure... read somewhere that UML had no ALSA support and had limited OSS support
10:45<reiny>hmm. what's UML?
10:45<tronix>UserMode Linux. the technology that makes Linode possible
10:48<reiny>ahh. Tx. uml website says: Sound - Thanks to the warped mind of Steve Schmidtke, UML has sound support. The UML sound driver relays the UML's /dev/sound/dsp and /dev/sound/mixer out to the host's /dev/sound/dsp and /dev/sound/mixer. The UML needs appropriate permissions to access these devices on the host.
10:48<@caker>which there won't be, btw
10:49<reiny>yeah, just guessed that
10:49<@caker>plus, pretty sure that patch is way old -- not even sure if it's in mainline
10:49<reiny>not looking good then
10:49<@caker># /vbin/kernel/2.6.19-linode26 --showconfig | grep AUDIO
10:49<@caker># CONFIG_HOSTAUDIO is not set
10:49<@caker>I don't think that's what you want, anyway
10:50<@caker>but, to be honest, I'm not completely sure what you'd need audio support for a gateway
10:50<reiny>It's because skype is a closed protocol
10:50<@caker>wouldn't this be just a relay/gateway of network packets or the like (sorry, I've never done skype/sip)
10:50<reiny>so the solutions that ar around use virtual audio cables
10:51<@caker>that makes sense
10:51<reiny>they literally take the sound output from skype and plug it into a sip application
10:51<reiny>but for that sound needs to work
10:51<reiny>not physically at the host machine
10:51<reiny>but I guess access to a soundcard is necessary
10:52<reiny>Seems like my only option is building my own machine where I have physical access to the HW and colocating it
10:52<@caker>hmm, I wonder if there's a userspace audio device for Linux
10:53<reiny>that's an idea
10:53<@caker>like a software sound card
10:53<reiny>would have to look into this
10:53<reiny>yes, that's really what I need
10:53<reiny>as I do not need to produce any actual sound
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10:54<Darxus>fyi, a big reason I picked linode is because the first similar provider I looked at didn't even allow running irc clients
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10:58<Darxus>ugh, looks like installing mrtg caused x11-common to be installed
10:59<reiny>nas might be a solution for me... looking into it now
11:08<tronix>finnix rules :)
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12:38<linbot>New news from forums: postfix non open relay setting in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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13:26<quietstormeagle>Hey Mike or tasaro? Anyone around?
13:26<efudd> <- "Pachelbel's rant" ... great stuff if you'd not seen it.
13:34<@caker>quietstormeagle: got it -- all set
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19:51<Darxus>this is kind of disturbing, aptitude on ubuntu seems to have suddenly decided I'm missing a bunch of packages I already have instealled... not sure if it's an ubuntu thing or could it be something odd going on with UML?
19:51<Darxus>I was trying to install a php package, then suddenly "aptitude install" wants to install 405 packages... I had done a clean dist-upgrade before
19:51<Darxus>hours ago
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19:52<Darxus>The following packages are BROKEN:
19:52<Darxus> acpi-support apt apt-utils aptitude aspell bogofilter bug-buddy
19:52<Darxus> contact-lookup-applet cpp cupsys cupsys-bsd cupsys-client dbus-1-utils
20:05<tronix>Darxus: I'm no Ubuntu whiz (despite running it) but it sounds like maybe a broken apt pkg db or something
20:06<Darxus>yeah but it seems bizarre that aptitude would mangle whatever it stores state in just because I hit ctrl-c while doing a package install
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20:31<Darxus>the mysql stuff was a pain
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20:31<Darxus>er, wrong channel
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23:17<quietstormeagle>What no RH 9.0 Large Install anymore?
23:38<@mikegrb>mmm cake
23:39<quietstormeagle>humm.... Did I miss something here? Hahah
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