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03:38<dibblego>if I cancel my account, what happens about the fact that I have just paid for a full month a couple of days ago?
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05:24<Ws>i have a problem with vnc server any one can help ?
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06:26<thotypous>would linode be capable of blocking UDP traffic to a machine so it can avoid udp-flood?
06:32<thotypous>yes, blocking all UDP traffic.. to a server that uses only TCP
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07:30<brc>use iptables for that
07:30<brc>iptabels -I INPUT -p udp -j DROP
07:30<brc>something like that..
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10:47<Darxus>caker: could you add a feature to disconnect networking to a linode so that it can only be accessed via lish? possibly via Configuration Profiles?
10:48<Darxus>I'm interested in setting up a small partition with tripwire or aide, which will never need access to the internet and the extra security would be... fun
10:48<@mikegrb>/etc/init.d/networking stop
10:48<Darxus>yeah, but I'd have to boot it to do that :P
10:54<npmr>rm /etc/rc*.d/S??networking
10:54<npmr>although probably you'll still want lo
10:54<npmr>best to just remove your eth0 config entirely from /etc/network/interfaces
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10:57<Darxus>npmr: right, but both options require either booting the image with network access or booting my primary image with write access to the new image
10:59<npmr>i thought you were talking about having a separate boot profile with this small partition as / just for running tripwire
10:59<npmr>ok, so what's the matter with mucking with networking in that root image's files?
11:00<npmr>just that there would be network access for a couple of minutes as you set it up?
11:00<Darxus>mounting it writable while booting to my primary image would provide an extra opportunity for it to be compromized :P
11:00<Darxus>..same with booting it with network access
11:01<npmr>momentarily, i suppose
11:02<npmr>for that matter, the hosts are networked, and have write access to *all* of your images
11:03<Darxus>yes :/
11:04<Darxus>hmm, I wonder about doing it from my workstation at home
11:05<npmr>use nbd or somesuch?
11:07<Darxus>I was just thinking of something sshing in and running md5
11:09<Darxus>it should also be possible to boot with devices read only at the hardware level.. although I realize I'm getting into less.. demanded features
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12:36<Zeb>is it possible to pay for service in advance... say, in 3 or 6 month increments?
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12:50<bhale>you can pay for one year
12:51<bhale>and you get double disk space
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13:05<tierra>not double, but 50% more
13:06<tierra>though Zeb left anyway....
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15:33<wferrel>linbot seen caker
15:33<linbot>wferrel: caker was last seen in #linode 18 hours, 3 minutes, and 49 seconds ago: <caker> encode: what's the issue?
15:34<wferrel>anyone seen any of the admins about lately?
15:40[~]wferrel Listens to the crickets
15:48<npmr>not since late last night
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16:57<Eman>and now im totally confused
16:57<Eman>Your Linode has averaged
16:57<Eman>of one Host CPU for this month
16:57<SpaceHobo>gotta love those 13-core CPUs
16:59<Eman>the only thing i can think of that would do that was yum taking 4 hours to resolve dependancies :/
17:03<SpaceHobo>sounds like quality software
17:20<encode>apt ftw
17:29<encode>is there a maximum number of ip addresses one can alias to a single nic in linux?
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17:42<@caker>encode: 0-255, AFAIK
17:43<encode>caker: ok thanks
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18:49<djsmith>Sorry if this has been asked. Is host62 down? I can't ping it.
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18:50<gregggy>he = :(
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18:51<Administrator>is anyone else unable to ssh into the console of their linode?
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18:52<djsmith>I can't.
18:52<Administrator>i wonder what happened
18:53<djsmith>Lots of them aren't pinging, just tried host9 - 17, and none of them ping.
18:53<gregggy>,, oh how i love the
18:53<trip_>Trouble in HE dc?
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18:54<djsmit1>Anyone know anything about it?
18:55<trip_>All we know is there seems to be trouble at HE
18:55<gregggy>maybe there's a hurricane!! har har!!
18:55<trip_>I'm sure we'll be notified when they figure out what's going on
18:56<djsmit1>Does HE have a network status page somewhere on
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18:56<trip_>Well their IRC server is still up
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18:57<djsmit1>Server and room?
18:57<tronix>looks like improving at moment... only about 100ms instead of 450-500ms
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18:57<djsmit1>I'm back now.
18:57<djsmit1>(my linode tha tis)
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18:57<trip_>much better
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18:58<Darxus>..wha happened?
18:58<Darxus>routing problem?
18:59<Darxus>I couldn't get to host63
18:59<gregggy>poop and fan met
18:59<gregggy>didn't get along, separated
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19:04<Darxus_>I see
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19:19<mmj>so am i right in thinking that there is something wrong at linode, and thats why i can't get to my server?
19:19<tjfontaine>some routes to HE may still be in limbo
19:20<Administrator>mmj: it looks like there was a networking problem
19:20<Administrator>as my linode was still running
19:20<Administrator>it is back now
19:20<@tasaro>Response from HE: We had a router reboot and experienced about 10min of downtime.
19:20<mmj>i still can't get to mine, i guess ill give it a bit more time.. they still working on it?
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20:06<mmj>is anyone around?
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20:06<tjfontaine>i'm kinda oblong more so than round, what's up?
20:07<mmj>just wondering if im the only one having trouble connecting to their linodes or is there something more drastic wrong..
20:07<tjfontaine>is your linode in HE?
20:07<mmj>basedon the traceroute it looks like
20:08<mmj> 7 ( 183.750 ms 183.576 ms 182.681 ms
20:08<mmj>then stops on the next hop
20:08<mmj>by HE i assume you mean
20:08<tjfontaine>HE had a router reboot, so some routes may take a bit to recover
20:08<mmj>there is a problem with linode's connection to HE is there?
20:09<tjfontaine>what's the destination IP?
20:09<mmj> is the ip of my vm
20:09<Darxus>somebody should probably post something to the system/network status forum
20:09<mmj>i'd log in to reboot my server but in my infinite wisdom the only record of my linode password is stored on the vm.. great move
20:10<tjfontaine>do you know your host number?
20:11<mmj>no i'm affraid not
20:15<Darxus>I recommend not rebooting
20:15<Darxus>I couldn't get to my linode for a bit and then when I could get to it again it hadn't gone down, routing was just screwed up
20:15<mmj>ok i guess i wait to see if it resolves
20:16<Darxus>..unless you really think rebooting might helpr with routing
20:16<mmj>no i do not
20:16<Darxus>have you tried lish?
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20:16<mmj>lish? whats lish?
20:16<tjfontaine>he has to know the host number for that
20:16<tjfontaine>and to find that out he needs his password
20:16<Darxus>lish is ssh access to the console of your linode via ssh
20:17<tjfontaine>which he stored on his linode which is unreachable
20:17<mmj>yeah im in a great position...
20:17<Darxus>heh, goof
20:18<mmj>of course i tried an email password recovery, but that too is going to the unreachable vm...
20:18<mmj>arent computers meant to make our lives EASIER?
20:18<tjfontaine>only if the operator knows how to have fail safes :)
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20:22<Darxus>mmj: I agree computers suck, but I must say that in this case, you've failed :P
20:23<Darxus>I recommend runing pwgen, and trying to find something on the screen of random passwords it generates that you might be able to remember, works great for me
20:23<mmj>darxus: i concur
20:24<mmj>in my defence though, the dude that usually deals with this server is away and im trying to work off his "notes" which are all in my email which are all on that server
20:24<mmj>ok that just made me sound even dumber
20:25<mmj>i can see the email header in my mail just cant open it.. so close, yet so far
20:25<Darxus>well, hopefully it will serve as a useful lesson :)
20:25<Darxus>backups are good
20:25<mmj>yeah true
20:25<mmj>i have learned
20:25<Darxus>backups in multiple physical locations are better
20:26<Darxus>in fact, if you had offiste backups of that machine, you could get your password there
20:26<mmj>don't remind me
20:27<Darxus>my cron job, which I'm very happy with: 0 3 * * * source /root/sshvars;rsync -R -z --stats --del --link-dest=/home/darxus/bak/panic-`date -d yesterday +\%F` --exclude '/var/log/apache/' --exclude '/var/dxcaptcha/queue/' --exclude '/var/lib/apt/lists/' --exclude '/var/cache/apt/' --exclude '/proc/' --exclude '/dev/' --exclude '/tmp/' -vae ssh /`date +\%F`/
20:27<Darxus>authentication via ssh-agent
20:27<mmj>very impressive
20:28<Darxus>thank you
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22:07<encode>linux curses based mail client with the ability to forward mail based on rules - any ideas?
22:13<@mikegrb>well you are likely to find better results if you seperate the two functions
22:13<@mikegrb>ie maildrop or procmail
22:13<@mikegrb>and then mutt or somesuch
22:13<@mikegrb>see to get you started
22:15<encode>ok thanks
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22:25<encode>am i doing something wrong?
22:29<@mikegrb>this is different then it used to be
22:30<@mikegrb> <-- what you really want
22:30<@mikegrb> <-- procmail (it is hiding under 'other')
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22:51<@mikegrb>new and improved
22:52<@mikegrb>look good?
22:56<mmj>except for me making a fool of myself it looks great
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22:58<encode>ooh, its nice and up to date
22:58<encode>except the times are all wrong :P
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22:58<@mikegrb>don't lie
22:59<@mikegrb>the times are targets too
23:00<@mikegrb>mmj: you may find that useful ;)
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23:03<Mel>ne1 seen the news about an exploit coming from
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23:21<Mel>I'm running kernel 2.4 and iptables on FC2. I tried to boot 2.6 and lost all connectivity. Returning to 2.4 resolved the problem.... what am I missing in trying to go to 2.6?
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23:32<taupehat_>caker: what the heck is going on with host56 and/or HEnet networking?
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