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08:58<linbot>New news from forums: modprobe missing? in General Discussion <>
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10:42<greggggg>he = teh suck :(
10:42<greggggg>why, if i can't get to my aim client running on my linode, i might have to start *working* on a *weekday*
10:42<greggggg>oh no fix it fix it fix it :)
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10:47<timber>would someone check host 60?
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10:48<devside_net>Can anyone ping, I can't reach it.
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10:48<darxus_>I've had 93-94% packet loss to my linode since ~11:47 (7 minutes ago)
10:48<timber>I'm getting no response
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10:48<darxus_>something weird happened in
10:48<darxus_>looks like it has stabalized but nothing's getting to my linode
10:48<darxus_>last hop I'm getting to is the one right before my linode,
10:49<devside_net>Can't reach my VPS via IP, or Console access.
10:49<darxus_>timber/devside_net: you guys hosted at the hurricane electric colo?
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10:50<timber>I don't know
10:50<greggggg>i'd say probably :)
10:50<timber>how would I tell?
10:50<greggggg>traceroute and see if it ends at that
10:50<devside_net>I have no idea where the actual servers are for my account.
10:50<greggggg>that's actually in the building with our linodes i think
10:50<greggggg>it's past
10:51<Darxus>think it's worth opening a ticket, or does anybody have reason to believe the appropriate people know, or a ticket has been opened?
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10:51<Darxus>oh that's fun
10:51<Darxus>I just tried logging in on and got "The requested URL /members/1 was not found on this server."
10:52<Darxus>although it looked like it worked
10:52<greggggg>haha i bet the web server nfs mounts something on
10:52<alvin>is there anything wrong with the routing out there.. can't connect to host20 nor can I to my linode
10:52<Undisclosedpower>he dead again?
10:52<timber>I am not ending on
10:52<devside_net>mine is ending at
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10:53<iggy>I'm getting about 80% packet loss to host71
10:53<alvin>is where I end
10:54<sweh>I'm seeing loss to host21 and host22 as well
10:54<greggggg> is HE also
10:54<timber>I'm able to ping now
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10:54<sweh>95 packets transmitted, 8 packets received, 91.6% packet loss
10:54<alvin>yea I see that..
10:54<timber>but getting an 87% packet loss
10:55<@mikegrb>looks like a DOS
10:55<greggggg>targetted at a linode?
10:55<iggy>mikegrb: I thought they ran lunix
10:55<Undisclosedpower>hmm, host11 just popped back up
10:55<sweh>And just this second it's now back to normal
10:55<sweh>9 packets transmitted, 9 received, 0% packet loss, time 8006ms
10:55<sweh>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 87.825/90.029/93.444/1.978 ms, pipe 2
10:55<alvin>looks like 33 is as far as I get.. from East coast
10:56<Darxus>I just reconnected to my linode
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10:56<devside_net>Back up
10:56<Darxus>it looks like the problem was entirely within, it kept changing paths
10:56<alvin>yup its up
10:57<devside_net>Its moments like this that make you wish you did that backup you have been telling yourself to do.
10:57<Undisclosedpower>my route doesnt go through telia though?
10:57<iggy>devside_net: I thought the same thing when it started
10:57<Undisclosedpower>never has...
10:58<sweh>It wasn't a telia issue; that's just a red herring.
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10:58<Darxus_>well that was fun
10:58<Darxus>~15 minutes total
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10:58<greggggg>darxus yeah thatmakes sense, i bet the reverse route from back through telia is where the packets were being garbled
10:59<timber>15 minutes is a long time when you're not breathing
11:00<Darxus_>particularly hop 11 was bouncing around a lot
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11:03<Darxus>now everybody do your damn backups :)
11:03<Undisclosedpower>way ahaed of you
11:04<Darxus>oh yeah? I've got full daily backups since a few days after I got my account :P
11:04<Darxus>I really should burn the latest to dvd
11:05<devside_net>I like to live dangerously.
11:05<Undisclosedpower>ok, you win
11:06<Darxus>rsync --link-dest=/home/darxus/bak/panic-`date -d yesterday +\%F` ftw
11:06<devside_net>I backup from Google cache and the WayBackMachine.
11:06<sweh>I only keep a couple of weeks of backups around; I rsync them to my home machine just in case.
11:06<Darxus>sweh: I've only had it for a couple weeks
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11:07<Darxus>I'm extreemly happy with --link-dest in combination with `date -d yesterday +%F`
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16:13<@caker>Darxus: fixed the login bug, thanks
16:14<Darxus>caker: you're welcome, sorry I forgot to make sure you got that info in the excitement
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21:41<Smitty>is caker around?
21:43<Smitty>how long would it take to set up a new linode?
21:43<Smitty>i already signed up
21:43<@caker>We activate accounts as soon as we see them come in, if all looks good. Otherwise you'll receive an email with further instructions for account verification
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21:44<Smitty>i have services on another network i need to migratre to yours
21:45<Smitty>I have had a linode in the past
21:45<@caker>yes, I think remember you. Welcome back :)
21:45<Smitty>i need network reliability for these services
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