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00:05<Vm>hello ?
00:05<Vm>hi tasaro
00:05<taupehat>caker: having fun with TZ?
00:05<@caker>taupehat: about to :)
00:05<Vm>hi caker
00:05<taupehat>does that mean reboots of hosts?
00:05<@caker>taupehat: no?
00:05<@caker>Vm: hello
00:07<Vm>caker : can i have a reversed dns instead of * ?
00:07<@caker>Vm: yes -- there's a link to the Reverse DNS Manager off the Dashboard page (scroll down, to the right side)
00:08<Vm>sorry, let me see ;)
00:09<Vm>caker : i saw only add new domain zone
00:09<@caker>Vm: not the DNS Manager tab
00:10<@caker>Vm: click on Dashboard (or My Account)
00:10<@caker>there's a list of links on the right side... :)
00:10[~]Vm saw it
00:12<Vm>how log can i know the reversed work?
00:14<@caker>should work within 24 hrs
00:14<Vm>thank u ;)
00:15<Vm>OK later guys.. thank ;)
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01:30<linbot>New news from forums: Postfix not playing nice in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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01:44<F2>question: can we have reverse lookup set ?
01:44<F2>me yawns
01:44<F2>warewolf: hit me with the clue stick please
01:45<warewolf>01:07 < Vm> caker : can i have a reversed dns instead of * ?
01:45<warewolf>01:07 <@caker> Vm: yes -- there's a link to the Reverse DNS Manager off the Dashboard page (scroll down, to the right side)
01:45<warewolf>01:09 <@caker> Vm: not the DNS Manager tab
01:45<warewolf>01:09 <@caker> Vm: click on Dashboard (or My Account)
01:45<warewolf>01:09 <@caker> Vm: click on Dashboard (or My Account)
01:45<warewolf>oops, sorry for the double paste.
01:45<warewolf>01:10 <@caker> there's a list of links on the right side... :)
01:45[~]F2 is blind
01:45[~]F2 looks again
01:46<F2>warewolf: ty sir. Proof positive I should be in bed already :)
01:46<warewolf>thank caker, and someone who asked the exact same question 1hr ago :)
01:47<warewolf>linbot: rdns is
01:47<linbot>New news from forums: Download File Speed Test in Performance and Tuning <>
01:47<linbot>no infobot for you!
01:48<@caker>!alias add rdns echo
01:48<linbot>caker: The operation succeeded.
01:48<warewolf>danke caker
01:49<warewolf>son of a !@#$
01:49<warewolf>netsol STILL has my /24 blacklisted.
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01:49<warewolf>caker- is there anything you can do to get netsol to remove their whois blacklisting of my /24?
01:49<@caker>complain to TP, I guess
01:49<warewolf>caker- I've sent them 3+ emails with zero response out of them.
01:50<@caker>I'll open a ticket with TP in the morning...
01:50[~]caker distributes a new /etc/localtime to the hosts (doubt it'll even make a difference with ntp)
01:50<warewolf>caker- it will make a difference
01:51<warewolf>caker- each check of the clock inspects that file
01:51<warewolf>so like, every time you run date(1), it looks at /etc/localtime
01:53<warewolf>caker- not that it maters, but's SSL cert is expired. It also gave me flashbacks to 1997.
01:53<@caker>sysadmin duties completed, for now.
01:54<@caker>warewolf: har. Yeah, thanks -- is defunct, so I really don't mind that it's expired
01:54<warewolf>so I presume that is nolonger selling hosting services? *grin*
01:54<@caker>warewolf: interested? I also have a nice bridge to sell you
01:55<warewolf>hey, on Intel Hardware, for $19.95/mo absolutely!
01:55<@caker>heh .. interestingly enough, a Linode 512 is like 3x the power what I started hosting on
01:56<warewolf>you've done well, chris. I hope you retire happily :)
01:59[~]caker waits for the countdown
03:00<npmr>ooh ahh
03:00<npmr>so then,
03:00<npmr>what time is it supposed to be right now?
03:01<warewolf>not entirely sure, I don't remember which machines of mine I patched, and I have two that are disagreeing.
03:02<warewolf>I think it's supposed to be 4am eastern.
03:02<npmr>well the oven says its 2:00 (central) and my laptop says it's 4 (eastern) so i think my laptop is probably right
03:02<warewolf><-- linode disagrees, workstation I'm VPN'd into at work says 4am, and my desktop at home says 4am.
03:03<@caker>!exec date
03:03<linbot>caker: 03:03 AM, March 11, 2007
03:03<warewolf>Sun Mar 11 03:03:09 EST 2007
03:03<warewolf>caker- I thikn running processes have local timezone info cached, which makes my irssi, and linbot wrong.
03:03<warewolf>er wait.
03:04<warewolf>okay I didn't patch this my linode.
03:04[~]warewolf fines tzdata to update
03:04<@caker>Sun Mar 11 04:04:26 EDT 2007
03:04<warewolf>yaay for RML DoSing my box.
03:05<Nigel>weird americans :P
03:06<warewolf>Sun Mar 11 04:06:39 EDT 2007
03:06<warewolf>my irssi still thinks it's 3am though.
03:07<warewolf>btw, the way to manaully patch *nix boxes is to do the following
03:07<warewolf>download tzdata from that ftp site
03:07<warewolf>mkdir tzdata
03:07<warewolf>mv tzdata*.tar.gz tzdata
03:07<warewolf>cd tzdata
03:07<warewolf>tar -zxvf *.gz
03:07<warewolf>for foo in *; do zic $foo;done
03:07<Nigel>doesn't affect me :P
03:08<warewolf>Nigel: yeah, but .au went through the same thing last year.
03:08<npmr>with much less grace
03:09<npmr>this one at least had a year and a half to ferment
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03:10<warewolf>ths irc client has been up and running for 1w straight!
03:10[~]warewolf refuses to lose irc client uptime
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03:10[~]warewolf tries something spiffy
03:12<warewolf>Sun Mar 11 04:12:23 EDT 2007
03:12<warewolf>so /upgarde worked in irssi, except that it blew away my windows.
03:15<@caker>warewolf: thanks for the tip
03:16<warewolf>which, tzdata or /upgrade?
03:17<@caker> /upgrade
03:17<warewolf>I have to figure out how to get my windows back
03:19<Nigel>warewolf: AU DLS laws don't affect me either
03:20<npmr>my irssi figured it out without my help
03:21<warewolf>that just means your timezone data was upgraded before you started your irssi process.
03:24<Nigel>We have the Time Act of 1974
03:26<Nigel>"Any period prescribed in any Order in Council made under subsection (1) of this section shall commence at 2 am New Zealand standard time on the day, being a Sunday, specified in the Order in Council, and shall cease at 2 am New Zealand standard time on the day, being a Sunday, specified in the Order in Council or in any subsequent Order in Council." (The Governor-General sets the times that it is DLS, and they basically have a
03:43<warewolf>got my single-channel-per-window back.
03:43<warewolf> /window item move <window number>
03:53<Nigel>caker: I doubt this isn't on purpose, i tried to shutdown my 'node, my LPM session timed out, and I actually got redirected to queue.cfm etc upon doing login
03:53<Nigel>shows the old menu options too
04:00<taupehat>someone linked me to this nice pic out of an ebay auction
04:00<taupehat>link is 100% work-safe
04:01<linbot>New news from forums: Problems running TightVNC on Ubuntu in General Discussion <>
04:03<Nigel>taupehat: lmfao, what a total idiot
04:03<Nigel>so stupid that I love it
04:03<taupehat>it is a thing of beauty
04:03<Nigel>pity it's OEM
04:03<taupehat>here's the actual auction
04:04<taupehat>I want the shuriken if I'm gonna bid
04:04<taupehat>besides, a d600 isn't worth crap without shuriken!
04:04<Nigel>hmmm, i might be running out of IO tokens...
04:05<Nigel>"After Christmas Sale", thats nutty too
04:05[~]taupehat pats his xennode happily, and then does something annoyingly disk-intensive just because he can (until caker reboots his node just because HE can)
04:05<taupehat>Nigel: don't you love the winky santa?
04:06<Nigel>he even put the serial number in the auction?
04:06[~]Nigel reports it stolen
04:06<taupehat>Nigel: yeah, runs a pawn shop
04:06<taupehat>go figure
04:06<Nigel>taupehat: it hasn't loaded yet
04:06<taupehat>oh man
04:06<taupehat>be glad for that
04:07<Nigel>hmmm, okay, maybe those files were just 'big'
04:07<Nigel>got 300k tokens left
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10:41<SNy>So, that is it.
10:42<SNy>How many small linodes are currently available in the new Atlanta DC?
10:42<SNy>I am now finally about to get rid of this crap vserver here.
10:44<@tasaro>SNy: Plenty available in Atlanta -- crap vserver?
10:44<npmr>are you aware of the blocked ports in atlanta?
10:44<npmr>it's a more extensive list than the dallas or fremont datacenters
10:44<SNy>Yeah, it just crashed, apparently.
10:44<SNy>Uptime of now 10 minutes.
10:45<SNy>The worst thing is, I just recognized that I don't know the root PW anymore.
10:45<SNy>Used to have a screen open with a shell.
10:45<SNy>That has died now.
10:46<npmr>no sudo?
10:46<@tasaro>referring to another linode?
10:46<SNy>Doh. Got it.
10:47<SNy>No, no linode.
10:47<SNy>A linux-vserver-style box.
10:47<SNy>I don't actually need any open ports.
10:47<SNy>I don't host stuff other than a website and ssh.
10:48<SNy>It mainly IRC related, anyway, isn't it?
10:48<npmr>well, the one people are taking issue with is generally port 6667, yes
10:49<npmr>but besides that, it is a rather long list
10:49<SNy>Uh, that would mean you cannot host anything on that port there, right?
10:49<@tasaro>There are a bunch, but I think those are the ports most are referring to
10:49<npmr>incoming and outgoing are blocked
10:50<npmr>so yes, anyone trying to connect to an ircd running on the conventional port on a server in the atlanta dc would not be able to connect
10:50<SNy>Oh, outgoing as well.
10:50<SNy>Hm, doh.
10:50<npmr>me too
10:50<npmr>otherwise i'd be very tempted to take it
10:51<SNy>That is really a drawback.
10:51<SNy>I use to run screen/irssi here.
10:51[~]npmr continues to wait for the upgrades in dallas
10:53<SNy>Thing is, Dallas is on the other side and as such even further away.
10:53<@tasaro>I believe some are using 6668 as a workaround...
10:54<npmr>are you guys going to try to negotiate on that filter or just let it be?
10:57<@mikegrb>well, they don't allow irc per their policy
10:57<@mikegrb>but the level of their enforcement of that policy is simply blocking the port
11:01<afv-13>is it true that there are NO blocked ports in HE?
11:14<iggy>seems odd that you guys would sign an agreement with a provider that didn't allow irc with your use of it and knowing how much your clients use it as well
11:43<linbot>New news from forums: [RFC] New Member's User Interface - Dashboard in Announcements <>
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13:31<Nigel>yeah, HE is nice, esp without any blocked ports
13:34<afv-13>i prefer TP's links though
14:01[~]Deckert agrees with afv-13
14:01<afv-13>do you also agree that white ninja is the greatest comic ever?
14:01<Deckert>TP's DC links are RG
14:02<Deckert>afv-13, of course I don't
14:02<afv-13>:( that's just ignorant
14:02<Deckert>afv-13, you're 100% right - I have no idea what a white ninja comic is :-)
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16:57<Narada>hi guys; for a (java) server platform what do you reckon? debian or ubuntu? what do you use?
16:58<afv-13>java on a server is crazy talk
17:00<Narada>anyway ignore the java part in the question :)
17:00[~]Deckert also wants to know
17:00<afv-13>Narada: whichever you feel more comfortable with
17:00<Deckert>ubuntu's a newer (more bleeding edge) Debian
17:01<Narada>i like the fact that ubuntu is newer but at the same time i don't want to be hacked because it is unstable or osmething
17:01<Narada>i just don't know ubuntu's security record in comparison to debian
17:01<Deckert>if you're gonna run java, the platform really doesn't matter too much
17:02<Deckert>Narada, you'd still have to update both and keep 'em updated
17:03<Narada>yeah it's true that with java it doens't matter either way
17:03<Narada>however i still need to be swayed one way of anothe
17:03<Deckert>which one have you worked with more?
17:04<Narada>umm both but more with ubuntu
17:04<Deckert>then use Ubuntu
17:05<Deckert>bet'cha didn't know I was gonna say that! ;-)
17:06<Narada>woah, check it out:
17:06<arrummzen>How do I detach my lish (logout?)
17:07<Narada>ctrl a-d
17:07<Narada>the curve for ubuntu on that graph is way higher and on the rise compared to debian
17:08<ajmitch>Narada: as long as you don't plan to use packages from ubuntu's universe repository, security updates should be fine
17:08<Deckert>Narada, it's 'cause the distro is more desktop friendly
17:09<Deckert>so it's seeing a higher addoption rate than Debian
17:10<Narada>i wonder when linode will adopt 6.10 ubuntu (although i know i can upgrade)
17:10<ajmitch>depends if you want to run a distro called 'edgy' on a server
17:10<Deckert>Narada, not sure - they don't seem to be too fond of quick upgrades to older versions
17:11<Deckert>Fedora is going from release 2 to release 6
17:11<Narada>yeah; gentoo upgrade took ages
17:11<Deckert>Slackware still at 10(.0)
17:11<Narada>damn how do you detach a screen within a screen without detaching a parent one
17:11[~]ajmitch would upgrade to edgy if that's what's needed
17:11<ajmitch>c-a a d
17:11<Deckert>but ctrl-a-a-d
17:12<Deckert>ajmitch types faster than deckert
17:12<Narada>wow that's a nice tip thanks
17:12<ajmitch>if you're nesting screens, it can help to bind a different key than c-a
17:13<Narada>alright bbiab
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17:21<@mikegrb>Deckert: the lag in fedora upgrades was due to lack of uml support in fedora (yes, no special support is necessary, it takes work to make it not supported)
17:21<@mikegrb>that is taken care of now though
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17:23<Deckert>please note that I'm not knocking the update frequemcy (too much) - I realize a lot of work goes into preparing the different installs
17:25<Deckert>I run the slackware 10 distro, and I have no intention of upgrading untill Pat releases a 2.6.x-based version with NPTL support
17:25<Deckert>and then I'll wait (hope!) for it to appear on Linode :-)
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17:27<Deckert>although I will hold thums that Slackware remains supported on Linode ...
17:27<Deckert>it's in the "scrawny" section of the distro-graph :-|
17:31<@caker>what I'd love to do, is figure out a way for people to submit distributions
17:31<@caker>and some kind of feedback system (tied to the user who submitted it)
17:32<@caker>I'd be a little worried about people submitting distros with backdoors, hence the feedback system, but .. that's as far as I've thought about that problem
17:32[~]ajmitch just wants debian & ubuntu :)
17:32<@caker>my other thought was that you didn't submit a distro, but a script that took a base system we supplied, and brought it up to your config...
17:32<@caker>that way, we could audit the changes
17:43[~]Deckert thinks about that for a while
17:50<ajmitch>caker: do you really have many requests for weird & wonderful distros?
17:55<@caker>ajmitch: no, but I figure get us out of the loop, and maybe some rewards or incentive for people to submit popular/often requested distros and/or setups
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17:58<ajmitch>fair enough
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20:08<guinea-pig>oooh, i like rewards
20:08[~]scott gives the guinea-pig some celery
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21:46<guinea-pig>i would sure love to login via lish instead of running sshd, but then i'd be stuck with nested screen sessions, and that's not much fun
21:53<troy>would not running sshd really free up that many resources? sshd seems to use a very minimal amount of memory on my linode compaired to all the other processes i run..
21:54<iggy>yeah, turn off apache and mysql first
22:03<guinea-pig>it's not a resource thing
22:03<guinea-pig>don't question my motives!
22:04<guinea-pig>oh man
22:04<guinea-pig>harold & kumar is on right now and i've totally got the cravings
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22:33|-|scott_ changed nick to tag-
22:34<tag->anyway, I've got an ubuntu (breezy) image I can't seem to run apt on, it's segfaulting (strace says on stat64()) and I have no clue why.
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23:20<troy>tag-: tried clearning your apt cache? - "rm /var/cache/apt/*.bin"
23:20<guinea-pig>tag-: are you still running a 2.4 kernel or an older 2.6 kernel?
23:22<tag->troy: oh wow that totally worked.
23:23<tag->guinea-pig: 2.6.19
23:28<troy>tag-: great!
23:39<linbot>New news from forums: Upgrade: 100% Resource Increase! in Announcements <>
23:39<troy>linbot: weather Perth, Australia
23:39<linbot>troy: Temperature: 82°F / 28°C | Humidity: 26% | Pressure: 29.92in / 1013hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 14mph / 22km/h | Updated: 1:00 PM WST; Clear. High:86 ° F. / 30 ° C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:66 ° F. / 19 ° C.; Scattered Clouds. High:87 ° F. / 31 ° C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:68 ° F. / 20 ° C.; Scattered Clouds. High:91 ° F. / 33 ° C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:66 ° F. / 19 ° C.;
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