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05:11<SpaceHobo>oh boy oh boy this week I get my upgrades
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06:46<caker>push the lil daisies and make em come up
06:51<SpaceHobo>caker: are you killing TP monkeys again?
06:51<caker>I will be by 3:00 PM, if 0 pingy pings by then
06:52<encode>can we watch?
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07:12[~]SpaceHobo pings encode
07:12[~]tasaro sticks a pin into his TP vodoo doll.
07:12<SpaceHobo>stick it into the get-shit-done chakra or whatever
07:12<SpaceHobo>they need some extra giveashit, sounds like
07:14<caker>no more candy in the server boxes that we ship to ThePlanet
07:22<tehdan>it will be off by the time they get round to actually opening the boxes anyway....
07:24<SpaceHobo>you know, I knew someone who worked quality control at M&M-Mars once
07:24<SpaceHobo>when there was a complaint about salt levels in some candy bar she had to go in and join the tasting sample teams
07:24<SpaceHobo>and the one thing she said astonished her was how sickly-sweet the stuff on the conveyor belts really is, because they add 4 times as much sugar to allow it to go stale by the time it hits the quicky-mart shelf
07:25<SpaceHobo>so no wonder it's so fattening
07:25<SpaceHobo>it's got all these calories you can't even *taste*
07:25<SpaceHobo>also, sugar and salt are preservatives
07:25<SpaceHobo>but don't count as artificial preservatives
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08:11<kccobra>anyone on?
08:11<kccobra>I have a issue with a server
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08:19<jvaughan>i'm on, but not an admin
08:20<jvaughan>dont know if that's any use to you
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08:24<kccobra>nope, but thanks
08:24<kccobra>was there any servers down this weekend?
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08:29<jvaughan>host9 was rebooted
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08:30<linbot>New news from forums: Second Linode cloned from the first in Sales Questions and Answers <> || How to copy a bootable disk image from one Linode to another in Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials <>
08:32<kccobraa>dont know what one I was on, but it was my primary dns server
08:32<kccobraa>and now all my emails are stacking up
08:32<kccobraa>what time does the admins normally get on?
08:39<kccobraa>any admins here?
08:39<kccobraa>I am down
08:41<tehdan>kccobraa: can't you boot from the members pages?
08:42<tehdan>what happens?
08:42<kccobraa>it wont let me log in
08:42<@mikegrb>kccobraa: check your console, it is waiting for input
08:42<tehdan>you can't log on to ?
08:43<tehdan>ah good, an expert... I'll shut up.
08:43<kccobraa>hee, thanks though
08:44<kccobraa>is there a way I can call tech support?
08:44<@mikegrb>not currently
08:45<kccobraa>who handles the accounts?
08:46<kccobraa>when I try to login, it just says wrong user or pass
08:48<@mikegrb>what username are you using?
08:49<kccobraa>I just spoke with chris
08:50<kccobraa>and he said it was a issue with billing more than likely
08:50<kccobraa>so I just need to speak with tacaro
08:51<kccobraa>can you help with billing mike? or resetting an account
08:52<kccobraa>that would help
08:54<kccobraa>thanks for you help mike
09:04<heidi>08:43:11 @ mikegrb | kccobraa:
09:05<@tasaro>Hey, I sound like the a new Taco Bell special... the tacaro
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09:06<kccobraa>yeah taco bell tasaro with beef
09:07<kccobraa>Its not a billing issue, so that is good
09:07<kccobraa>I am rebooting it now
09:08<kccobraa>it is dead though. Someone killed my dns server :(
09:23<kccobraa>Just so happens I am on host9 and my box toasted yesterday
09:28<jvaughan>what's acually wrong with your linode?
09:29<@tasaro>kccobraa: also, (get off host9)
09:31<SpaceHobo>caker: what time's stabbin?
09:34<kccobraa>I had to run a fsck
09:35<SpaceHobo>caker: I want to make a stabtime countdown clock
09:35<kccobraa>I am migrating now so I dont have to worry about it again
09:35<kccobraa>I hope this doesnt take to long
09:40<@tasaro>kccobraa: < 10 minutes
09:48<SpaceHobo>^-- now you can count down to the point where caker starts The Stabbin' at TP
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11:01<kccobraaaaaaa>I just migrated and now we can use no other termtype except vt100 – the old server we were on could handle wyse60/wy60, and ibm3151,
11:02<kccobraaaaaaa>any info on this?
11:03<Bdragon|zzz>Install better termcap and terminfo files?
11:07<kccobraaaaaaa>simplely migrating fron one server to the next would change my terminfo?
11:07<Bdragon|zzz>Are you using lish to get in or something?
11:08<kccobraaaaaaa>logging in same way I have for ever
11:09<kccobraaaaaaa>migrated the server today
11:09<kccobraaaaaaa>now it appears not to be reading the terminfo, I will firgure it out, but I didnt know if migrating would somehow change this
11:09<kccobraaaaaaa>logically I would say it wouldnt, but something changed
11:09<Bdragon|zzz>I can imagine lish having different termcap/terminfo, but not your own ssh....
11:10<kccobraaaaaaa>oh well, I do appreciate the info
11:10<kccobraaaaaaa>I will figure it out
11:12<kvandivo>make sure that package updates didn't mess up the files somehow at some point in the past
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11:42<rainkid>i am creating a new account for a client. can i request a certain datacenter?
11:43<@tasaro>rainkid: Yes .. and no :) --- Which datacenter would you like?
11:43<@tasaro>and which plan?
11:44<rainkid>i find my atlanta account ot be much more responsinve than my dallas account
11:44<rainkid>perhaps its that particular linode that was the issue...
11:44<jvaughan>newer hosts are better
11:45<rainkid>yes, hence my preference
11:45<@tasaro>rainkid: Yes, 512 @ Atlanta is possible -- and you will probably be automatically assigned there upon signup
11:45<rainkid>if not, i can put in a ticket for a migration right?
11:45<@tasaro>If not, submit a support ticket and we'll move you (before you deploy image(s))
11:45<rainkid>thank you!
11:45<@tasaro>You got it
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11:49[~]tasaro stokes the fire.
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12:52<rainkid>its been a while since i ordered a new linode... so maybe i am forgetting something
12:53<rainkid>i placed an order, received confirmation. said account is activated
12:53<rainkid>i didnt choose a username/password yet
12:53<rainkid>does that come later?
13:00<afv-13>wansn't it in the order form?
13:00<iggy>did you add another one to an existing account?
13:02<rainkid>i am pretty sure it wasnt in the order form
13:02<rainkid>unless i missed a step?
13:04<iggy>I see it on the very first page after you click on customize yours now
13:04<rainkid>i think the client filled that out but put in my email for confirmation
13:04<rainkid>that would explain it
13:05<TJF>evil clients
13:06<rainkid>yup, got the iinfo. thanks =)
13:06<rainkid>evil clients.
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13:12<iggy>soon, we'll be able to have multiple linodes under an account, and no more worrying about these things
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13:36<SpaceHobo> <-- Stab minus four hours and change
13:38<afv-13>stab for who?
13:38[~]tasaro sharpens his knife.
13:38<SpaceHobo>afv-13: The Planet
13:38<SpaceHobo>afv-13: I figured 5pm dallas time...
13:38<Bdragon|zzz>tinyurl that bugger
13:38<afv-13>sounds fair
13:39<SpaceHobo>stabbin' time clock
13:41<afv-13>i don't see a fast forward button
13:41<afv-13>*feature request*
13:42<SpaceHobo>you could always goof out for an hour
13:42<SpaceHobo>or hit yourself in the head so you pass out and wake up in the Stabbin' Time
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13:59<afv-13>4 hours and counting!
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14:04<Battousai>ooh monty is here
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14:19<pgeorge>"Stabbin' Time"?
14:19<afv-13>pgeorge: 40 minutes
14:32<pgeorge>uhm, but what is it?
14:32<afv-13>it's a countdown to stabbin' time
14:33<pgeorge>what is "stabbin' time"?
14:33<afv-13>around 3 hours and 26 minutes
14:33<pgeorge>define "stab" in the appropriate context perhaps?
14:33<afv-13>you have more patience than most
14:34<afv-13>TP gta
14:36<Bdragon|zzz>[06:45] <caker> push the lil daisies and make em come up
14:36<Bdragon|zzz>[06:49] <SpaceHobo> caker: are you killing TP monkeys again?
14:36<Bdragon|zzz>[06:50] <caker> I will be by 3:00 PM, if 0 pingy pings by then
14:37<afv-13>even though it's 21
14:37<afv-13>*21:38 here
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15:01<npmr>caker, stabbin' time?
15:05<opello>caker is now known as Roberto?
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15:25[~]caker moshes around with the entire room
15:27<afv-13>does that mean i dug a hole for nothing?
15:29<encode>is there pingage?
15:30<@caker>pingage :)
15:30<npmr>can i upgrade?
15:31<Bdragon|zzz>Hmm, have I really been sleeping for 3 days?
15:31<npmr>This host does not have any migration options at this time.
15:31|-|Bdragon|zzz changed nick to ripvanwinkle
15:31|-|ripvanwinkle changed nick to Bdragon
15:31<npmr>Bdragon, yeah, man, there was a whole weekend
15:32<@tasaro>more like 3 months
15:38<encode>hooray for pingage
15:38<afv-13>who here is going to hit the queue asap?
15:38<npmr>i am
15:39[~]Bdragon is gonna take a leisurely stroll through the queue after the mad rush ;)
15:40<npmr>the migration queue is there to prevent a rush
15:40<npmr>i just don't see the advantage of waiting
15:40<andrew_j_w>I'm off to bed in a minute
15:40<npmr>also, i'm on host3, which i'll eventually have to migrate off of, anyway
15:40<andrew_j_w>my upgrade will have to wait until the morning
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15:41<npmr>so it's not like i can just wait for everyone else to leave and keep this old host for myself
15:41<npmr>heh "this old host"
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15:41<npmr>starring chris aker!
15:41<@caker>nice :)
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16:24<afv-13>that's my time limit reached, till the morrow then
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17:03<linbot>New news from forums: WinSCP in General Discussion <>
17:06<Xel>Any Linode staff around?
17:07<@caker>Xel: yes?
17:07<Xel>caker, is host62's NIC at/near capacity?
17:08<Xel>I'm having slowish transfers to my linode on there and I assume that all linodes are going through the same physical NIC
17:08<Xel>Or same few
17:08<@caker>I'll look...
17:09<Xel>Hehe thanks. Don't mean to be too big of a pain in the ass.
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17:10<@caker>Xel: about 200kbit combined -- 13Mbit total dc traf
17:10<@caker>so, no.
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17:11<Xel>Wow ok.
17:11<Xel>Must be my route.
17:11<Xel>Thanks bruvva
17:13<SpaceHobo>man, rngd is what kills my CPU stats
17:13[~]SpaceHobo shuts off rngd
17:25<@caker>It's the FINAL. COUNT. DOWN!
17:27<ajmitch>caker: to world domination?
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17:44[~]tasaro puts his TP voodoo doll away... until next time.
17:45<efudd>So... am I going to be forced to migrate soon off host29?
17:48<@tasaro>efudd: within a month, I would say
17:48<efudd> 18:48:09 up 100 days, 4:24, 6 users, load average: 0.43, 0.54, 0.55
17:48<efudd>fine the.
17:53[~]tierra has got efudd beat by 4 days on host43
17:53<tierra> 16:52:52 up 104 days, 1:53, 8 users, load average: 0.44, 0.31, 0.29
17:53<Bdragon>17:53:38 up 91 days, 21:33, 3 users, load average: 0.36, 0.33, 0.36
17:54<tierra>lemme guess, your last reboot was for upgrades? :)
17:54<Bdragon>But of course!
17:54<tierra>as mine was
17:54<efudd>my last reboot was for the last TWO upgrades. :)
17:54<Bdragon>Yeah, me too
17:58[~]tierra becomes first in the migration queue :P
17:58[~]tierra will be going offline now
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18:05<encode>my last reboot was because of host unresponsiveness :(
18:08<@caker>ok -- who's ready?
18:08[~]tierra-cgi already went
18:08[~]efudd hides
18:08[~]Deckert raises a hand
18:08<@caker>tierra-cgi: hah!
18:08<@caker>Deckert: go for it --
18:09<encode>i should do it
18:09<efudd>caker, are you now mixing nodes on hosts?
18:09[~]Deckert goes
18:09<@tasaro>no mixing
18:09<@caker>efudd: no
18:09<efudd>If X starts up vs. locking up my computer this time, when I type 'startx', I'll migrate.
18:09<efudd>If it does lock up, I'll be last.
18:10<kvandivo>are hosts 107 and up all the newer CPUs?
18:10<efudd>(note, it's locked up the last ~40 times save for the last 3. I'm slowly re-enabling things.)
18:10<@caker>kvandivo: yes
18:10[~]Deckert waves host2 goodbye
18:10<kvandivo>i'll make the jump tomorrow morning if you want more testing. can't do it before then, though
18:10<Deckert>She's been a good ship
18:10<efudd>guess i'm migrating.
18:10<@tasaro>kvandivo: host62 and up
18:11<encode>are host 109 and 116 the same?
18:11<encode>Dallas, TX is the planet right?
18:11<@tasaro>and yes
18:12<encode>ta muchly
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18:12<efudd>oh, no 1024 nodes yet?
18:13<@tasaro>efudd: There should be.. are you coming up empty?
18:14<efudd>yah. shows 768s.
18:15<Deckert>caker: will the dashboard reflect which new host I'll be on?
18:15<@caker>Deckert: yes, after the mqueue picks up your migration
18:16<Deckert>caker: thanks - seems the migration is already in progress
18:16<@caker>adding a way to see your position in the queue now
18:16<@caker>Deckert: then it should have already changed in the Dashboard
18:16<Deckert>aha - see it, host111
18:16<@caker>efudd: oh, I see -- yes, the 768s and 1024s are mixed (there are so few of you biggies)
18:17<tierra-cgi>you know, for gigabit speeds, my 3GB partition is taking it's sweet time... and I still have another 8GB partition too :(
18:17<@caker>tierra-cgi: it's coming across from a 100mbit network (old hosts)
18:17<efudd>Oh. so it just says 768 and migration will do what it's suppsoed to do?
18:18|-|efuddalso [] has joined #linode
18:18[~]ajmitch wouldn't mind having a linode 1024
18:19<efudd>ah, looks like migration time is a surprise. :)
18:20<SpaceHobo>caker: is it likely that people will move off my host soon enough to make room for those staying behind?
18:21<@caker>SpaceHobo: no, all the old hosts are being replaced
18:21<SpaceHobo>oh, so migration is mandatory?
18:21<@caker>within the next 30 days, yes
18:21<SpaceHobo>I thought I could avoid it by staying in TP
18:21<SpaceHobo>oh well
18:21<@caker>You can stay at TP / no IP change, but you need to switch hosts (it's worth it)
18:21<@tasaro>You are staying in TP wth the same IP.. just a new host
18:21<Bdragon>No, but NOW you can at least stay in TP, but on a new machine
18:22<Bdragon>And double the goodness
18:22<efuddalso>i think my node has been migrated half a dozen times over the years
18:22<SpaceHobo>so I enter a queue with a random migration start time and a random migration duration time...
18:23<Bdragon>Does it only shut down when you're at the front of the queue?
18:23<@caker>SpaceHobo: I can configure one of the old-school migrations for you still, if you prefer
18:23<efudd>(god I love being on the complaining side of things sometimes. It's so much easier than being on the fixing side.)
18:23<@caker>Bdragon: yes .. it does it in a batch
18:23<SpaceHobo>well, I'm fine with it, I just need to figure out what's going to happen
18:23<SpaceHobo>since I'll need to shut down *again* to resize the filesystem...
18:24<Bdragon>ah hell, you only live once...
18:24[~]Bdragon crosses his fingers and jumps in
18:24[~]Deckert deftly watches the Migration Queue
18:25<efudd>deckert; it's like watching Snow on the TV.
18:25<@tasaro>have a beer
18:25<Deckert>"They're here"
18:25<efudd>mm beeer.
18:26[~]Deckert goes to get some chip'n'dips
18:26|-|encode [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
18:26<Deckert>tasaro: bit late for beer down here
18:26[~]tasaro watches the migration queue grow. . .
18:27|-|encode [] has joined #linode
18:27<Deckert>tasaro: how many?
18:27<efudd>I'll sell my migration spot for $50 bucks.
18:27<efudd>worth a shot....
18:27[~]SpaceHobo just throws in and does it
18:27<@tasaro>Deckert: only 7 have jumped in so far
18:28<encode>hmm, how do i know when my migration will start?
18:28<Deckert>tasaro: but they only happen one-by-one, right?
18:28<encode>or how many people are ahead of me?
18:28<@caker>give me a few and that page will tell you
18:28<@tasaro>Deckert: two at a time for now
18:29<Deckert>tasaro: okay - no worries
18:31<Deckert>tasaro: and if I counted right there are six new hosts (for 256's) - so does that mean each host got one new tennant?
18:31|-|efuddalso [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
18:32[~]tierra-cgi is happy he was able to sneak into the "instant migration" slot :)
18:32[~]tierra-cgi waits for tasaro for pause his migration and let everyone else go before his finishes...
18:33<encode>tierra-cgi: grr
18:33<encode>i hesitated, and my spot was lost
18:33<encode>heh, i didnt even notice that mistake
18:33<encode>time for more coffee methinks
18:35<tierra-cgi>you guys are in for a long wait... my 3GB partition still hasn't finished and I've still got that 8GB partition too
18:35[~]encode refreshes
18:36<encode>ouch, im 4 out of 5
18:36<encode>its going to be hours isnt it
18:36<efudd>I'll sell my spot for $120 + $20 service fee to caker.
18:36[~]ajmitch doesn't get to migrate today
18:36<Bdragon>"Your queue location is 3 out of 5 migrations in your datacenter. "
18:36[~]Bdragon waves to encode behind him
18:36<efudd>bdragon, for you, the price is $80+$20 service fee.
18:36<Bdragon>Who's 5/5?
18:37<encode>caker: it'd be real nice to see how much data (in GB) there remains to transfer before your spot in the migration queue
18:37<efudd>and I want a partridge in an apple tree.
18:37[~]ajmitch ended up migrating from TP a couple of months ago, iirc
18:37<@caker>yeah -- I'd like to gather statistics on the migrations before <yours> and figure out the length of the queue, etc
18:37<@caker>but that's for another time
18:37[~]tierra-cgi is headed out from work...
18:38<tierra-cgi>hopefully my node is migrated when I get home :)
18:38<tierra-cgi>thanks again caker!
18:38[~]caker thinks about just doing the "GB before you can migrate" thing
18:38<encode>that way we can make a rough estimate based on the approx figure of 5min/GB
18:38<efudd>hot damn. X running with 3d acceleration.
18:39<encode>of course, ive no idea how much effort that entails
18:39<Deckert>caker: where's that status page? ?
18:40<@caker>Deckert: your node is already migrating, right? .. so that page won't do you any good
18:40<Deckert>yup - already busy
18:40<Deckert>okay - makes sense!
18:40[~]Deckert is blocking the queue - host2's an old one ;-)
18:43[~]Bdragon suddenly remembers his irc bot on freenode and goes on a mad opping spree
18:43[~]mikegrb laffs at efudd
18:43[~]mikegrb stays on host29
18:43<efudd>STAB STAB STAB
18:43|-|tierra-cgi [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
18:43<Bdragon>That's gonna be your new desktop, ain't it?
18:43<encode>shouldnt there be two queues, given there were two hosts?
18:43|-|angrygoat [~taylorb@] has joined #linode
18:43|-|besonen_ [] has quit [Server closed connection]
18:43<efudd>unmigrate me damnit! :P
18:43|-|besonen_ [] has joined #linode
18:44<angrygoat>Hi folks! Just a quick question regarding multiple IPs on linode accounts.
18:44<angrygoat>Is it possible to get more than just one?
18:44[~]Bdragon has 2
18:44<@caker>Yes, unlike some hosts :)
18:44<angrygoat>Very good.
18:44<encode>angrygoat: you can get 2
18:44<efudd>damnit :)
18:44<encode>angrygoat: no more usually
18:44[~]efudd really should have waited ><
18:44<angrygoat>That will do for now.
18:44<angrygoat>I will eventually only need 2 total IPs, right now I need 3.
18:45<angrygoat>Actually, I could likely use 3 forever in some ways.
18:45<Bdragon>Justify your case on a support ticket and it's a possibility I believe
18:45<angrygoat>It's just for hosting multiple SSL Apache hosts.
18:46<angrygoat>'k, looks like I am about to sign up.
18:46<encode>efudd: ahahah - maybe you should've been more patient
18:46<Bdragon>efudd in second place?
18:48<encode>while we're suggesting features to caker
18:48<efudd>hrm. ok. finally. it's AGPFastWrites that is causing my machine lockups.
18:48<encode>maybe there could be a "Oh gn0es cancel my upgrade now pls kthx" link
18:48<efudd>but now I've picked up this high pitched sound when I use the gfx card hard. Sigh. :)
18:49<Bdragon>lol, a chicken switch
18:54<@caker>ok, migrations should haul ass again (misconfig)
18:54<Bdragon>Ahh, was starting to wonder
18:54<ajmitch>what were they hauling before? :)
18:54<Deckert>hauling poort host2 ;-)
18:54<Deckert>poor even
19:00|-|SpaceHobo [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:03<@tasaro>and Deckert rounds the last corner...
19:04<Deckert>just my 768MB little backup partition left
19:06<Deckert>all done
19:06<Deckert>next please
19:08|-|npmr [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:10<Bdragon>efudd: how goes it
19:11<Bdragon>Or were you one more down?
19:12<Bdragon>hee hee, is the queue 0 based or 1 based?
19:12<@caker>he's in the pole position
19:13<Deckert>caker and team: thanks - migration went flawlessly, new resources are available.
19:13<@caker>Deckert: awesome
19:14<Deckert>caker: also, the issues I had with kernel-2.6.20 on host2 are gone on the new host. I can run the 2.6 kernel without issues now.
19:14|-|pony [] has joined #linode
19:15<@tasaro>pony: Hello
19:15<pony>tasaro: hello
19:15<@caker>Deckert: hmm ,sorry - which issue?
19:15<pony>I shall soon be a linoder
19:16<encode>hmm 3 or 4
19:16<efudd>Your position is 1 out of 4 queued migrations in your datacenter.
19:16<Deckert>a while back I tries the 2.6 kernel on my Slackware installation - the load in my node was very high, even while idle (0.6 and up).
19:16<efudd>$250 + $30 service fee to caker for my spot in migration queue.
19:16<Bdragon>So it is 0 based
19:16<efudd>act fast.
19:16<Bdragon>Is that a trigger too?
19:16<fo0bar>is the xen host going to be decommed as well? (not that's it's really an issue, I can't remember a reboot in ages)
19:16<@mikegrb>mmm cake
19:17<@tasaro>pony: Great - let us know if you need anything
19:17<Deckert>caker: but no load issues this time 'round
19:17<pony>tasaro: ty
19:17<@caker>fo0bar: I'll have to look. If it will be, it'll be a ways off
19:17<@caker>IOW, the last round of host replacements in Fremont
19:18<Deckert>caker: hrmf... but maybe I spake too soon
19:18<fo0bar>caker: just curious... I come on this window occasionally and see all this talk about migrations and feel left out :(
19:18<Bdragon>How much, ballpark, are you gonna sell the old machines for? Considering saving up for one...
19:18<fo0bar>( :) )
19:18<@caker>Deckert: the suspense is killing me -- what's up?
19:19<@caker>Bdragon: depends on machine, but .. on the cheap.
19:19<Deckert>caker: <scratches head> - load up again ... steady at around 0.47 to 0.60
19:19<Deckert>the node is doing nothing
19:19<Deckert>guess it's back to the 2.4 kernel until I can figure out what's causing this
19:19<@caker>Deckert: I don't believe you :) -- can I have a shell account so I can poke around top and whatnnot?
19:20<Deckert>pse do
19:22<encode>if only shipping was cheap to .au ... i'd buy an ex host
19:22<wabz>the same thing happens on my linode, loads are always >.5, I just ignore it
19:23<wabz>not sure that it actually affects anything
19:24[~]Bdragon idles at 0.00 - 0.01
19:24<Bdragon>root@overbeck:~# uname -a
19:24<Bdragon>Linux overbeck 2.6.19-linode26 #1 Thu Dec 7 17:38:04 EST 2006 i686 prescott i386 GNU/Linux
19:24<Deckert>wabz: I've done a bit of testing and it affects some responsiveness
19:24<Deckert>wabz: does it with any 2.6.x kernel
19:24<wabz>load average: 0.74, 0.66, 0.62 Cpu(s): 0.4%us, 0.0%sy, 0.0%ni, 99.6%id, 0.0%wa, 0.0%hi, 0.0%si, 0.0%st
19:24<Deckert>the 2.4 kernels are fine though
19:25<@caker>Deckert: indeed .. it's hovering around .34 with 100% idle ..
19:25<@caker>I'll ask Jeff about it
19:25<@caker>I seriously doubt it affects anything except your mind
19:25<Deckert>caker: thanks - yeah, but I have a sensitive mind :)
19:26<Deckert>it also affects my monitoring
19:26<@caker>I figured. Rest easy with 2.4, since it's working for ya
19:26<Deckert>could it be something with nptl?
19:26|-|pony [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
19:26<efudd>caker, now imagine a fortune 100 customer complaining that their CPU went up post upgrade but changed nothing else.
19:26<efudd>then repeat that x 100 customers.
19:27<efudd>each that wants to withhold millions in purchases over sompn as innocuous as that
19:27<efudd>then you get to basically begin to understand my job :P
19:27<Deckert>(see my earlier comments regarding 2.6 vs 2.4)
19:27<@caker>Perhaps. Odd that Bdragon doesn't see it -- the kernel he's running has NPTL as well
19:27<@caker>Deckert: distro?
19:27<@caker>Bdragon: distro?
19:27<Deckert>Slackware 10
19:27<Bdragon>Yeah, and I run weird-ass lisp and stuff ;)
19:27<Bdragon>Slackware 10 + pkgsrc
19:28<Bdragon>Actually, the base is Slackware 11
19:28<Bdragon>I hand-upgraded the core pkgs
19:28<Bdragon>and otherwise run everything from pkgsrc
19:28<Bdragon>let me check my versions...
19:28[~]Deckert left slack10 alone - only updated critical exposed services (apache and ssh)
19:29<@caker>efudd: ugh
19:29<Bdragon>I run lighttpd from pkgsrc as a webserver...
19:29<Bdragon>root@overbeck:~# ls /var/log/packages/ | grep libc
19:29[~]caker can see efudd patching /proc/stat output
19:29<Deckert>root@tetra:~# ls /var/log/packages/ | grep libc
19:30<efudd>caker, I've seriously pondered trying to push through having certain statistics removed within Data ONTAP from public consumption to make my job easier.
19:31<Bdragon>Quite possibly a glibc thing...
19:31[~]Deckert reboots back into 2.4 and 0.00 cleanliness
19:31<Bdragon>Wonder if there were any accounting fixes or something between 2.3.2 and 2.3.6
19:33<wabz>(I'm using debian etch (glibc 2.3.6) and I get that high load thing)
19:33|-|pgeorge [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:34<Bdragon>Hmm, how about procps
19:34<Deckert>wabz: every tried a 2.4 kernel?
19:35<Deckert>(just to see of it's related)
19:35<Bdragon>root@overbeck:~# ls /var/log/packages/ | grep procps
19:36|-|tierra-cgi [] has joined #linode
19:37<Bdragon>Deckert: what's your procps version?
19:37<Deckert>root@tetra:~# ls /var/log/packages/ | grep procps
19:38<wabz>isn't procps just an interface to /proc?
19:38<wabz>Deckert: no, I've only ever used 2.6
19:38<Bdragon>top: fix %CPU max on 2..9 CPU SMP -- thanks Ga*tan LEURENT rh110555
19:39<Bdragon>meh, here's the changelog
19:39<wabz>fwiw, etch provides 3.2.7
19:39<Deckert>wabz: and you still have the load issue?
19:39<Bdragon>3.2.7: top: show CPU time stolen from a virtual machine
19:40<Bdragon>Hmm, it's prolly not that either then...
19:44<tierra-cgi>heh, I may have been first in line for migrations, but definately not first to finish...
19:44<@tasaro>tierra-cgi: There was a config error - yours was started over
19:45<Deckert>well, it's been swell - thanks again for the smooth migration guys
19:45<efudd>mine will take a while as it's a 16GB image. :/
19:45[~]Deckert 's off to catch some shut-eye
19:45<tierra-cgi>I see my 3.5GB partition finished in 18 minutes
19:45<@tasaro>Deckert: you're welcome
19:45<efudd>so, like 1.5hrs or more for my migration. Grumble.
19:46<tierra-cgi>and it started my 8GB partition about 35 minutes ago, and it's still going
19:46<tierra-cgi>I think it's going about 3MB/s
19:46<efudd>caker, you -really- need NetApp filers. You could have Snapmirror'd my LUN which would have been in my own customer qtree over to the new filer, unmapped/remapped with the host offlined, sync'd the changes in a few seconds, and do migrations in a few seconds.
19:51[~]Bdragon thinks "No thanks, I'll take the $39.95 a month instead"
19:51<tierra-cgi>yay! my migration just finished
19:51<tierra-cgi>someone else should be started :)
19:52<warewolf>efudd: so give him a filer.
19:52<warewolf>efudd: or quitcherbitchin :P
19:52<tierra-cgi>39 minutes for 8GB btw
19:52<efudd>Yeah. I figured on ~80. holding true at least.
19:52|-|npmr [] has joined #linode
19:53<efudd>starting. :)
19:53|-|efudd [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
19:53|-|tierra [] has joined #linode
19:53|-|efuddalso [] has joined #linode
19:54<tierra>wow, this host is really responsive... at least for right now :)
19:55<efuddalso>sshhh too.
19:55<Bdragon>"Quick! compile something while you still have the cpu to yourself!"
19:55<Smark>there any way to see what kind of hardware the machine is running on? i'd be interested to see what host 16 is
19:56<Smark>actually, im
19:57|-|tierra-cgi [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
19:57<efuddalso># Total: 32768 Megabytes# Used: 16384 Megabytes
19:58<efuddalso>host116.dallas? heh.
19:59<efuddalso>at least do sompn like so it's more geek. :>)
19:59<warewolf>octal. must be octal.
20:01<efuddalso>Why is it almost impossible to avoid installing kde or gnome libraries.....
20:01|-|Deckert [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:01|-|Deckert [] has joined #linode
20:01<warewolf>gnome or glib?
20:01<warewolf>or gtk?
20:02<efuddalso>anything that includes gnome-base/* so gnome libraries and support shite.
20:02[~]efuddalso tries to figure out what the fuck is including it
20:03<efuddalso>ah; much better. packages default to having gnome on the USE.
20:04|-|tierra [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
20:04<efuddalso>cant' get away with leaving gnome out of the system USE= line; have to -gnome ><
20:06|-|tierra-cgi [] has joined #linode
20:07|-|tag [] has quit [Server closed connection]
20:07|-|tag [] has joined #linode
20:10<Smark>how would i give the user "smark" rights to /proc/cpuinfo ?
20:12<tierra-cgi>caker / tasaro: has Finnix been tested on these new hosts? I'm not able to get it booted...
20:12<tierra-cgi>also, I now have 2 shutdown and 2 boot jobs in queue now... ugh
20:13<tierra-cgi>it's hanging on "VFS: Mounted root (squashfs filesystem) readonly."
20:13<Bdragon>"Try a 2.6 kernel" iirc
20:13<tierra-cgi>it's up now
20:14<Smark>does linode use intel or AMD?
20:14<tierra-cgi>Bdragon: there's just one Finnix kernel ;)
20:14<@caker>tierra-cgi: it takes a few tries, and it'll get past that. It needs to be updated
20:14<Bdragon>oh, right. I was just pattern matching ;)
20:18<fo0bar>(disclaimer: not Finnix's fault ;)
20:18<fo0bar>jeez, unionfs is still stuck at 2.6.18 for a stable version
20:18<tierra-cgi>thanks btw fo0bar, I've found that image helpful on more than one occasion
20:19<fo0bar>tierra-cgi: thanks
20:19<@caker>Smark: majority are Intel (all new, most of the old).. a handful are AMD (being replaced)
20:20<Smark>mainly im having an issue starting a source dedicated server
20:20<Smark>i saw a post on the forums about it
20:21<Smark>i seem to be getting a missing file, which i know is there
20:21|-|tierra [] has joined #linode
20:21|-|angrygoat [~taylorb@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:22<@caker>fo0bar: for now I can just fix the old Finnix kernel build tree and backport Jeff's VSDO patch
20:23<Smark>we're using User Mode Linux correct?
20:23<Smark>=/ which is why this isnt going to run
20:23<@caker>Smark: why wouldn't it?
20:23<Smark>Not sure if u saw my earlier email but if your running on
20:23<Smark>a linux node aka user mode linux, then just forget it the
20:23<Smark>servers not gonna run.
20:24|-|tierra-cgi [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
20:24<Smark>say it wont run
20:25<@caker>nice engrish
20:25<Bdragon>What's with the shitty grammar?
20:25<@caker>anyway -- you could copy /proc/cpuinfo from another <really> host, and bind mount it on top of your /proc/cpuinfo
20:25<@caker>may get you further
20:25<Bdragon>hee hee
20:26<Smark>anyone have a cpuinfo i can have?
20:27<Smark>ok now how do i mount this ontop of /proc/cpuinfo?
20:27<efuddalso>anyone have some mp3 handy? i need to download sompn to test out sound on this laptop i'm working on... would grab from my lindoe, but it it's down. :)
20:27<Bdragon>Here's a sucky one:
20:27<efuddalso>mount -t bind yourinfo /proc/cpuinfo
20:27<Bdragon>(my ppp dialer box)
20:27<Smark>whats "yourinfo" a filename with that stuff in it?
20:29<Smark>mount: unknown filesystem type 'bind'
20:29<Smark>running ubuntu
20:29<Bdragon>(lol, it has the f00f bug)
20:30<efuddalso> -o bind
20:30<@caker>I think it's mount --bind
20:30<efuddalso>no -t.
20:30<efuddalso>mount -o bind /dev /mnt/gentoo/dev
20:30<Smark>thanks, now i'll give it a try
20:32<Smark>appears to be working
20:32<Smark>lemme see if its actually up
20:32[~]Bdragon laughs at the dashboard...
20:32<Bdragon>"This page will refresh every 10 seconds"
20:32<Bdragon>I'm on dialup. I can't even LOAD it in 10 seconds
20:32<efuddalso>dialup. heh.
20:33<efuddalso>well, my sound card works mostly; butnow i'm traumatized by decade old punk.
20:33<Bdragon>Apr 23 17:17:05 dialer chat[16844]: CONNECT 28800/ARQ/V34/LAPM/V42BIS^M
20:34<efuddalso>hey, at least it's a decent modem.
20:34<efuddalso>mm V42BIS.
20:34<Bdragon>Yeah, it's an external
20:35<tierra>A++++ WOULD BUY AGAIN!!!!111
20:35<Bdragon>because all internal modems SUCK.
20:35<efuddalso>Ok, i give up. I forget Hayes specificaiton. :)
20:35<efuddalso>ATDP5551212; was more fun btw.
20:35<efuddalso>dial, no hang up; annoy others from modem.
20:35[~]Bdragon looks up his string...
20:35<efuddalso>they'd call back, get modem.
20:35<efuddalso>boggle slightly.
20:36[~]caker flips your dip switches
20:36<efuddalso>I always just loaded defaults; mostly.
20:36<Bdragon>Oh, after ATZ4ing it
20:36<efuddalso>ATIx was always entertaining.
20:36<efuddalso>built in help!
20:36<Bdragon>I need all the tweaking I can get, what with my shitty phone line
20:37<efuddalso>ati5 is where the real nf0z is at.
20:37[~]efuddalso has an unopened external sportster in the garage :)
20:37<@caker>tasaro: mightymo!
20:38<Bdragon>Actually, 28.8 is pretty good for me.. I usually get 26.4
20:38<efuddalso>Hslink was where it was at modem days.
20:38<efuddalso>play tetris and chat with the sysop whilst downloading warez.
20:38<Bdragon>Oh, and the ISP kills the connection every 4 hours for no reason
20:39<Bdragon>They don't even do LCP termination
20:39<Bdragon>They just *click*
20:39<efuddalso>dude, where are you at? :)
20:39<Bdragon>Rural. Very Rural.
20:39<Bdragon>7 miles out of a small town
20:39<efuddalso>It seems to have made you smarter than most.
20:39<efuddalso>LCP isn't a TLA I expect to hear these days.
20:39<Bdragon>"Resourceful" ;)
20:39<efuddalso>nor is someone with a clue about AT command set.
20:40<ajmitch>kids these days.. :)
20:40<efuddalso>rural made me "resourceful" also.
20:40<efuddalso>but not now. F that. :)
20:40<Smark>how do i see all listening ports on my machine?
20:40<efuddalso>netstat -na | grep LISTEN
20:40<efuddalso>don't thank me until you see the bill.
20:41<Bdragon>It's kind of weird to be running a network with two internal dns servers behind a dialup connection ;)
20:41<efuddalso>not really.
20:42[~]Bdragon has a lot of scrounged equipment :)
20:42<tierra>-l just grabs listening ports
20:42<efuddalso>esoteric knowledge like that is what made me, years ago, significantly marketable in the real world.
20:42<efuddalso>tierra; damn you gnukids!
20:42<Bdragon>-l is not portable
20:42[~]tierra notes that we're all on linux here
20:43<efuddalso>doesn't matter. =]
20:43<efuddalso>I still prefer: find . -print | cpio -pdmuv /dest
20:43<efuddalso>to anything you come up with.
20:43<@caker>Smark: any luck?
20:44<Smark>it appears to start fine, and is listening on 27015 (counter-strike source port) but when i try to connect nothing happens
20:44<Smark>like its not there
20:44<Bdragon>/$ SHOW NETWORK/FULL
20:44<Bdragon>The following network service is available at this time:
20:44<Bdragon>Product: TCP/IP Manufacturer: Compaq Computer Corporation
20:44<Bdragon>Node: Address(es):
20:44<Bdragon>Network Type: TCP/IP Interface(s):
20:44<Bdragon> Compaq TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS VAX Version V5.1
20:44<efuddalso>oh, that's cause i'm IN UR NODE STEALIN UR BITZ
20:44<Bdragon> on a VAXserver 3900 Series running OpenVMS V7.3
20:44<Bdragon> Port Remote
20:44<Bdragon>Device_socket Type Local Remote Service Host
20:44<Bdragon> bg7 STREAM 21 0 FTP *
20:44<Bdragon> bg10 STREAM 23 0 TELNET *
20:44<efuddalso>Bdragon; Ugh. :)
20:44<efuddalso>No, really. Ugh.
20:44<efuddalso>I think the one time I used a VAX it was to do MAIL /COMPRESS or somesuch.
20:44<Bdragon>It's simulated. :P
20:45<efuddalso>pdp11 sim?
20:45<fo0bar>caker: correction, looks like unionfs 2.0 is available for stock 2.6.20. I haven't tried it though, it may or may not work with finnix :)
20:45<efuddalso>I'm stabbing my brain.
20:45<efuddalso>I call it right, then wrong. bleh.
20:45<Bdragon>"Maybe not THAT esoteric?"
20:46<efuddalso>chattr +i Bdragon
20:46<@caker>efuddalso: migration done?
20:46<efuddalso>oh, apparently.
20:46<Bdragon>oooh, i'm up too
20:46<Smark>any idea why its not working caker? there blocked ports or something?
20:46|-|Dreamr_3 [] has joined #linode
20:47<efuddalso>caker, care to validate the RSA key of host116?
20:47|-|Dreamr_3 [] has quit []
20:47[~]efuddalso clicks through LPM to see if it's already displayed somewhere
20:48<@caker>it's not posted. Be afraid.
20:48<@caker>Smark: no clue.
20:48<efuddalso>smark, your firewall blocking it?
20:49<Smark>anything look wrong with the output?
20:49<Smark>no, not MY firewall
20:49<efuddalso>must be my firewall then.
20:49[~]efuddalso stabs self in eye
20:49|-|efudd [] has joined #linode
20:49<Smark>tcp 0 0* LISTEN
20:50<@caker>Smark: try telnetting into that port remotely...
20:51<@caker>I can get to it, so it's not firewalled
20:51[~]efudd wishes he could type reliably
20:51<Smark>done, no error, but nothing showing in console
20:51<@caker>KIBBLZ 'N BITZ
20:53<Smark>im running an update on the install, see if maybe im using an outdated version
20:54<Smark>its up to date
20:54|-|efuddalso [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
20:55|-|plamarao [~pedro.lam@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:01<efudd>well, everything seems to be alive post migration.
21:03<Bdragon>I came up just fine too
21:12<efudd>... and now my laptop is back to locking up under X. strangest lockups too. USB mouse continues to work in X; but nothing else does; the standard "hit caps lock key to see if LED blinks" won't even work and bios level powermanagement seems to be disabled cause if i hit the power button, it shuts down immediately vs. required hold of 5 seconds...
21:14<Bdragon>hardware cursor
21:15<efudd>but USB not dying...
21:15<efudd>I guess once the channel is open..
21:15[~]efudd ponders
21:15<efudd>Yeah, I could see that being a complete hardware function.
21:15<Bdragon>My ps/2 bus crashes on one of my machines
21:15<efudd>I can't even get sysrq to tell me anything about this crash tho.
21:16<Bdragon>I think my pci video card starves the bus of interrupts and the ring buffer overflows
21:16<efudd>enabling some more debugging in the kernel now to hopefully get -some- hint.
21:16<Bdragon>rather, spends so much time handling interrupts that the other hardware doesn't get control for an extended period
21:17<efudd>I think the hints are (1) high pitched whine when I do something like glxgears that isn't coming from audio card, (2) linux suddenly seeing 1 CPU vs. the 2nd HT "cpu", (3) the same high pitched whine sound during parts of POST...
21:17<efudd>IOW, I think my laptop might be dying.
21:17<efudd>or I'm just looking hard for an excuse to buy a new one.
21:18|-|dowilliamson [] has joined #linode
21:40[~]efudd ponders why pyopengl fails to emerge.
21:40<efudd>oh. ebuild tries to force include tk.
21:46|-|memset0x90 [] has joined #linode
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21:48|-|jams [] has joined #linode
22:03|-|encode_ [] has joined #linode
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22:09<encode>yay, upgrade all done
22:10<encode>(i was at lunch when it finished)
22:10<@caker>me: You guys just installed our equipment into our new cage. All the machines are working, with the exception of Can you please make sure you powered it on?
22:10<@caker>tp: This appears to be online and functioning. There is no information in orbit regarding It's IP Address or login information so I cannot confirm it's remote access status besides that it is online and running.
22:11<@caker>Why the F would you need the IP address?
22:11<@caker>(still not pinging, no console access, link up on switch, btw)
22:11|-|warewolf [] has quit [Server closed connection]
22:11<@caker>is it not obvious to everyone here that is a hostname?
22:11|-|warewolf [] has joined #linode
22:12<efudd>Toldja you should have used hex and 'dfw'.
22:12<efudd>(do remember, you are likely speaking with folk who just finished mopping the floor...)
22:12|-|encode [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
22:12<efudd>(... in the room with the raised floors...)
22:12|-|encode_ changed nick to encode
22:12<@caker>"Hey mom -- can you cover for me at TP tech support tonight?"
22:13<encode>wait, i'll get my cousins 2 month old son to do it
22:13<ajmitch>caker: sounds like you have a lot of fun with TP
22:15<@caker>it's just like efudd said a few years ago (talking about Linode) -- the bigger a company gets, the more shitty/uncontrollable quality becomes
22:16[~]ajmitch is guessing that linode doesn't quite have thousands of employees yet :)
22:17<efudd>I'm unsure if caker views me as a significanlty negative person, or a realist.
22:17<@caker>it's obvious :)
22:17<efudd>you have to have people who give a shit for things to not go to shit.
22:17<efudd>And then those that give a shit burn out trying to burn those shits.
22:18<ajmitch>what a load of shit
22:18<@caker>efudd: want more 80s pseudo punk? I've got the perfect song for you (Life is shit - Dead Milkmen)
22:18<efudd>I'll try it. :)
22:18[~]caker finds
22:18<efudd>it's a compile day; home laptop setup (until X locks up again) and updating linode. need muzak.
22:21<efudd>(twm isn't bad..)
22:22|-|angrygoat [~taylorb@] has joined #linode
22:22<efudd>ooh; I should go find my presidents of the united states. could use some peaches.
22:22<@caker>that's good stuff, too
22:22<efudd>Yah; dunno why pres got my attention years ago; but I love it.
22:23<efudd>o/~ the world is shit...
22:25<efudd>yeah. not a bad track.
22:26<@caker>efudd: methodist coloring book is worth finding, as well (one of my favs)
22:26<efudd>that is sad. :/
22:27<efudd>a gt3 is such a nice driver. relaly wish i'd never test drove one.
22:29<@caker>we drove up to Long Island, NY today -- by dad bought a 2000 Miata SE w/ 30k miles (he had a 2000 [non-se] but sold it a few years ago).
22:30<@caker>it is _lots_ of fun
22:30<@caker>to turn in, at least...
22:31<efudd>Yah, those are kinda gokart.
22:31<efudd>i wish i hadn't ugpraded out of my 04 z06 to a _regular_ 07 vette.
22:31<efudd>It's way too easy to "out drive" the regular vette.
22:33<encode>efudd: that car crash is really sad
22:33<encode>such destruction of beautiful cars
22:33<efudd>significantly. makes me want to never drive my friends gt3 again.
22:42<Smark>caker, when it says i have used 1% of my Host CPU this month does that mean 1% of my own share of the entire box?
22:43|-|angrygoat [~taylorb@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:43<encode>Smark: im pretty sure of the entire box
22:44<Smark>Your Linode has averaged
22:44<Smark>of one Host CPU for this month
22:49<@caker>it's 1% of potential total CPU time/month
22:52<efudd>well hrm. I seem to have direct rendering enabled, but now that I've started xfce4, graphics updates are horrifically slow.
22:54|-|treebright [] has joined #linode
22:58[~]Bdragon returns
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23:04<efudd>grr.. was having Composite on..
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