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04:00<@linbot>New news from forums: Kernel: in Announcements <>
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05:12<@linbot>New news from forums: Time several hours out on host119 about 1 request in 3 in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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10:04<Cobranet>hi all
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10:30<FireSlash>[fireslash@host46 lish] Linode Shell (lish) Console starting...
10:30<FireSlash>[fireslash@host46 lish] There is no screen to be resumed matching fireslash.
10:30<FireSlash>Your Linode isn't running, or another console session is already active.
10:30<FireSlash>I killed them
10:31<FireSlash>re logged and got the same thing
10:31<FireSlash>status is Running
10:32<@tasaro>FireSlash: try host122 ;)
10:32<FireSlash>oh well. reboot time
10:33<FireSlash>tasaro, ?
10:33<SpaceHobo>migration ftw
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10:33<SpaceHobo>it'd be handy if we had like
10:33<SpaceHobo>as cnames to the
10:33<FireSlash>That explains why I have more space to burn too
10:33<SpaceHobo>would probably be less spammy on the namespace
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11:19<efudd>that is so cool
11:28<@caker>!cnn 37211
11:28<@linbot>caker: The current temperature in Weather Forecasts and Maps at is 79°F. Conditions: Sunny. Humidity: 50%. Wind: SSE at 4 mph (6 km/h).
11:33<kvandivo>where exactly _is_ Weather Forecasts and Maps at ?
11:34<kvandivo>I feel like I know a lot about it.. nice temps.. sunny.. low humidity.. not much wind....
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12:08<fo0bar>caker: I was going to ask if you were attenting the red hat summit again this year, but it looks like the location changes yearly
12:08<@caker>fo0bar: yeah .. san diego this year I think.. Not going :)
12:09<fo0bar>I really liked the talks
12:09<fo0bar>bit too expensive to be worth it though
12:10<@caker>I'm back in nashville for the next few weeks to pack and wrap up stuff here (life), then moving back to NJ
12:10<fo0bar>oh, I heard you were moving back, but I didn't think it was happening that quickly
12:11<@caker>yeah, I'll be out of nashville by July
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13:46<blithe>Hey guys, I was curious why outbound ports 6667 are blocked on linode?
13:47<@caker>blithe: hello -- the atlanta datacenter blocks it upstream :( 6668 is open, however, but if that's not good enough submit a ticket and we'll migrate your Linode to another one of our facilities
13:47<blithe>Ah, gotcha.
13:47<blithe>Is it that big of a deal to move datacenters?
13:47<blithe>I don't want to be a pain.
13:48<@caker>Not at all, it's all automated on our end
13:48<blithe>Neato. Does IP change?
13:48<@caker>(grr, switched keyboards)
13:48<@caker>You'll get a new IP, and then a button appears in the LPM to perform the move when you're ready
13:49<@caker>I suggest resizing your disk image smaller to make the transfer go more quickly
13:49<blithe>Well, my partition size is maxed out, but I'm using very little of the space.
13:49<@caker>right, you can resize it by clicking on the image and entering a new size (need to shutdown first)
13:50<@caker>so, figure your used space and add about 10% or so
13:50<blithe>Will do, thanks man.
13:50<blithe>Much appreciated.
13:50<@caker>not a problem :)
13:51<blithe>It also seems Atlanta blocks 6667 inbound.
13:51<@caker>they do... :/
13:51<blithe>But that's not really a big deal to me.
13:51<@caker>what network are you trying to reach?
13:52<blithe>Well, I'm currently on freenode and oftc on alternate ports.
13:52<@caker>OFTC has got 6668 open, and then other popular networks can do irc-ssl, which is like port 6690 or something
13:52<blithe>But, there's a few private networks that only open 6667.
13:52<blithe>Even though I've asked for alternate ports.
13:53<blithe>Aight, shutting down. Thanks again.
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14:23<@mikegrb>oftc does ssl too!
14:23<@mikegrb>unless tj broke it too
14:23<@mikegrb>scott: ^
14:23[~]mikegrb runs
14:25<iggy>mikegrb: ^5
14:28<scott>hah ^5
14:38<h00s_>caker: about new kernel, load average is now ok (load average: 0.00, 0.03, 0.00), with 2.6.20-linode28 it was ~0.6
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14:39<@caker>cool, thanks ... time to make Latest 2.6 point to it, methinks
14:39<h00s>yeah, i think so too. i have encountered no other problems, seems all ok
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15:02<h00s>caker: oh, just one more thing, on front page distribution list update centos 4.0 to 5.0 :)
15:02<@caker>got it, thanks
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15:09<Sputnik7>so Linode is not technically a web host, its more of server hosting and I can run what I want on them?? I just have some domains that the company i registered them with is going out of business and i need to move them over to some place else, can Linode do that or do i have to move them to a registrar then host on Linode?
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15:09<anderiv>Sputnik7: that's correct.
15:10<Sputnik7>can Linode be the registrar for my domains or do i need to move them to like godaddy and then host with linode?
15:10<kvandivo>if you already have domains, you shouldn't need to 'move' them
15:10<anderiv>Sputnik7: they're not a registrar (at this point anyway).
15:11<kvandivo>oh wait.. nevermind.. let me read everything next time before talking
15:11<Sputnik7>i registered my domains and the company i registered them with is going out of business, so if i don't move them i believe they go out to public after 60 days or something
15:12<opello>you need to transfer them to another registrar, and then using that registrar you would point the nameserver entries to linode's dns
15:12<Sputnik7>gotcha thats what i was thinking
15:12<opello>assuming you registered with a company that registered your domains, gave you webspace, etc
15:12<Sputnik7>thank you for the information everybody
15:12<Sputnik7>yes opello exactly i regsiterd with my old webhost cheaper than godaddy, i know why now though since they going out of business :D
15:13<Bdragon>Sputnik7: Your old webhost is probabaly not the actual registrar then... What's the domain?
15:13<opello>but they would probably have to issue the transfer, or at least permit transfers on the domain
15:14<Sputnik7>yeah the owner told me to make an account on like but they want 200$ just to make an account if i'm reading it correctly
15:14<Bdragon>The registrar is ENOM, INC.
15:14<opello>i use godaddy, but just for a registrar, not hosting, otherwise there's a bunch of them - probably hasn't screwed anyone over :)
15:15<Sputnik7>alright i guess i coul go back to godaddy but their tech support was mad slow the first time i had to transfer
15:15<opello>yeah, they also don't seem to notify the .org whois people about changes
15:16<Bdragon>I use dyndns for dns services. They recently got their accreditation, so they are my registrar too now. :)
15:17<opello> isn't bad either, for dynamic dns stuff
15:17<Bdragon>The funny thing is
15:17<Bdragon>I don't use dyndns for any dynamic services
15:17<opello>can't run your own dns?
15:18<opello>or not worth it...
15:18<blithe>It usually makes more sense to have it hosted.
15:18<Bdragon>Transfer of administrative overhead to third party ;)
15:18<blithe>Plus a service like is free DNS.
15:18<opello>yeah, i use zoneedit
15:18<Bdragon>I use zoneedit on a couple of zones too
15:20<Bdragon>See, I'd rather have "really reliable" than "free" for some of my zones, ya know?
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15:21<Sputnik7> says i dont have an account there anymore, but they still spam my email every 2 weeks
15:21<opello>how thoughtful of them
15:21<opello>you might have to request your account id
15:21<Sputnik7>oh im on that screen, requesting says i don't hav ean account there
15:21<Bdragon>BTW, whatever happened to Alice's Registry? No site updates for a long time now...
15:21<Sputnik7>but my spam folder says otherwise
15:22<Sputnik7>no idea dragon first i've seen it
15:23<Sputnik7>if i registered at to become a registrar and i give htem the 200$, do i have to keep paying 10$ a year afterwords for my domain or is that mine to keep forever?
15:23<@linbot>New news from forums: Kernel: (Latest 2.6) in Announcements <>
15:24<blithe>Sputnik7: I think is for domain resalers?
15:24<blithe>Register wholesalers.
15:24<blithe>You shouldn't have to pay $200 to register.
15:25<Sputnik7>i couldn't find a place for just to make a free account
15:25<Sputnik7>they wanted me to buy like 200$ in credits or some shit
15:25<iggy>they aren't for registering domains, they are for reselling registry services
15:25<Sputnik7>i was just wondering cause im not totally grokking wtf does and why the owner of past place wants me to use it for transfer of domain
15:26<Bdragon>How do you ask them to release the transfer codes?
15:26<Sputnik7>if you talking to me bdragon ima tell him on IRC to do it lol
15:27<opello>Sputnik7: probably for easiness on his part, transferring to the same registrar
15:27<Bdragon>Anyway, you have to find a target registrar, unlock the domain at the source registrar, and authorize the transfer...
15:28<opello>and $OtherGuy will probably have to unlock then accept the transfer
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15:28<opello>or after a week it goes or some time period
15:28<Sputnik7>my domains should be unlocked
15:28<Sputnik7>soon as i found out they closing down i think i did that
15:28<Bdragon>Then you just need the transfer codes. (what are those damn things called again?)
15:28<Sputnik7>unlocking was where godaddy jerked me around years ago when i had them
15:29<Bdragon>Yeah, registrars used to be able to screw the registrant over with register-lock, but not anymore
15:31<Sputnik7>okay thank you all for the help, it's cool if I just lurk here right?
15:31<Bdragon>Think it's just called "authcode"
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17:11<blithe>caker: Thanks for your help with the migration, However I can't seem to ssh into my linode anymore.
17:11<blithe>Even at the new IP.
17:11<@caker>blithe: are you on a 2.4 or 2.6 kernel?
17:12<InterMedio> - All About Linux Debian
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17:12<Battousai>yay spam
17:12<@caker>blithe: one moment...
17:12<blithe>Much thanks.
17:18<@caker>blithe: ok, reboot once more -- we had an IP mislabeled with the wrong DatacenterID.
17:19<@caker>blithe: so, you're actually on a different IP (check the Remote Access subtab)
17:21<blithe>caker: Rebooting.
17:22<blithe>Beautiful, much thanks.
17:23<blithe>Works great.
17:23[~]blithe switches to his linode
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17:53<Xel>caker: I love my linode. Thought I'd randomly give you that.
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17:59<lucca>Xel: heh
18:01<Xel>Sup lucca?
18:03<lucca>heh, same old
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19:09<raman>hi, anyone around?
19:13<jvaughan>I am
19:13<Pryon>I'm not
19:13<Pryon>!seen anyone
19:13<@linbot>Pryon: I have not seen anyone.
19:13<Pryon>apparently not.
19:14<raman>I'm looking to migrate my fedora core linode to centos 5
19:14<raman>What I really want to do is setup my centos5 offline (while my fedora linode stays running), then just upload it and activate it
19:15<raman>Any relevant experiences?
19:16<raman>So basically once I upload it, I would run this script to create the devices right?
19:17<@caker>then edit fstab, start a getty on tty0 in inittab...
19:17<@caker>that's about it
19:18<raman>if I want to base it on your existing centos 5 distro...
19:19<raman>then I create that first, download it to my machine, and then I guess I would need something that runs your script in reverse?
19:20<raman>or is it just easier to build it from scratch
19:20<@caker>All the script does is just make a few /dev/ nodes
19:20<@caker>and there'd be no need to remove them on a physical box
19:20<raman>Ok, so if I download the prebuilt centos5 linode, I should be able to run it no problem on my own uml install
19:21<@caker>If you know what you're doing with UML, yes :)
19:21<raman>hmm, well, I don't :-(
19:21<@caker>Network setup can be a little tricky
19:21<@caker>Then install CentOS on your Real Box into a partition, and then lob it off up into your Linode once you're done
19:22<raman>thx caker, sounds like a plan
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19:33<raman>caker: do the linode UMLs support x86_64?
19:49<@caker>raman: no
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20:03<encode> ahahaa
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20:35<@caker>[Equipment Table] lovely
20:41<encode>took me a while to spot it
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21:15<Battousai>haha awesome
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21:32<elliottf>anyone here? im struggling to get uml to boot
21:33<@caker>elliottf: a Linode?
21:34<elliottf>i dont think so
21:34<@caker>perhaps you want #uml then, not #linode
21:34<elliottf>i saw alot of logs about people discussing uml here
21:35<Smark>caker, you know of any backup alternatives to rdiff-backup that are resumable? atleast at the file-list level
21:35<elliottf>im not fimilar with the irc plugin how can i get there from here?
21:35<Smark>/join #uml
21:35<Smark>if its supported
21:36<elliottf>not workin
21:36<elliottf>thats what would work for the non plugin i thought
21:36<Battousai>you'll have to use your own irc client
21:36<Smark>go to in your browser, they might have a cgi-irc client there
21:37<Battousai>they have browser links, but not a cgi client
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22:01<elliottf>does anyone here know anything about uml hanging at 'VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.' while booting? sorry if its its off topic no ones responding in $uml
22:01<warewolf>elliottf: change kernel to 2.6 latest
22:01<warewolf>elliottf: and look on the forums next time :)
22:01<elliottf>im using
22:01<elliottf>my host is 2.6.
22:02<warewolf>are you talking about a linode?
22:02<elliottf>no, thats why i said it might be off topic
22:02<warewolf>no idea then, sorry.
22:02<elliottf>its just on this machine running fc6
22:02<warewolf>good luck
22:03<warewolf>(that wasn't sarcasm, I was honestly wishing you well on fixing your problem. I have nothing against fedora)
22:03<elliottf>i saw something somewhere about certain host kernels not being able to boot guest os's? do you know abouthting about it
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22:40<BlakerX>hi, does anybody know how linbot keeps logs? how does it store them on the site instantly?
22:40<Battousai>VS_ChanLog does it
22:40|-|Nigel [] has joined #linode
22:40<Battousai>and yes, it does go instantly or very nearly
22:41<BlakerX>what's the script?
22:41<BlakerX>i mean, is it an eggdrop with a php script or what?
22:41<Battousai>irssi from the looks of it
22:41<BlakerX>ahhh, thanks.
22:42<BlakerX>i can't find a site for that, just an ubuntu package.
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22:42<Battousai>well you can download the source from ubuntu then
22:43<BlakerX>this is true... alright thanks.
22:43<BlakerX>that's exactly what i needed.
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