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00:01<evil_hitman>i guess
00:01<purrdeta>the one I have now is the best I have ever had.
00:01<purrdeta>all the other ones turned out to be kids in their garage which is cool and all... but they dont last
00:01<evil_hitman>what are people using now for server based spam filtering
00:03<purrdeta>I would use SPam Assasin
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09:05<@linbot>New news from forums: API for the DNS interface in DNS Manager Beta <>
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12:09<rolandx>hello, i just found this and after test i want to ask if linode is compatible with this:
12:09<rolandx>Linux kernel AIO (Asynchronous I/O)
12:09<rolandx>i finally move all my websites to lighttpd :)
12:24<afv>looks interesting
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17:51<minerale>I just noticed dhclient3 running on my debian system, is it set there by default or am I making some errors?
18:19<purrdeta>I think it is there by defauly.
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19:03<purrdeta>heh my dad doesnt really wanna get a linode because "no one looks at my website." Well, Dad besides the fact that the logs and stats show that they do... Why would anyone wanna look at your incredibly slow website?
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19:21<evil_hitman>morning all
19:22<evil_hitman>what are people using to manage their email accounts
19:23<evil_hitman>i've up to date been using a cgi script to access mysql to do adds and changes but would like to go to something a bit more developed
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19:41<Internat>im writing my own interface :D
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21:36<purrdeta>well that pretty much answered my question about my dad getting a VPS
21:38<afv>good to know
21:38<purrdeta>heh thanks for caring :)
21:39<afv>erm, only the regulars may sarcasm :|
21:40<purrdeta>I dont think you can tell me what I can and cannot do in here either.
21:41<opello>did you ever ask a real question?
21:42<afv>i just did, so you can scratch the "can" off the list
21:42<purrdeta>I wasnt here to ask a question.
21:42<afv>whether i may or not is another question
21:42<purrdeta>arent you clever :)
21:42<afv>he was complaining that his father doesn't get any hits
21:43<purrdeta>actually. not complaining. HE was complaining
21:44<opello>and you echoed it here, where it came from originally, you put it here
21:45<purrdeta>well it really doesnt matter.
21:46<opello>well i imagine if you aren't interested in getting a linode, and don't want to know more about them, you're just trolling :)
21:47<purrdeta>where did you gather I am not interested in getting one?
21:47<purrdeta>He might not be interested but last time I checked my father isnt me
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