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02:43<monica>hi al
02:44<monica>all even
02:44<monica>anyone here at this ungodly hour?
02:45<monica>of course this is when I normally work on sysadmin stuff.
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02:46<monica>Anyone know... if there is an approved way to get an apache running unde linode.. or am I just supposed to go download it?
02:54<Sputnik7>apt-get install apache2
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02:54<Sputnik7>u ARE using a civilized distro right?
02:54<Sputnik7>stfu admin! just kidding don't ban me
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04:50<jvaughan>anyone seen these in dmesg on their linode?: line_write_room: tty0: no room left in buffer
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05:16<drh>Hello, I'm unable to boot my linode on host135. Is this a known problem?
05:16<drh>I know it's early. Anybody home?
05:18<_bs>drh: im not going to shutdown mine to test that tbh ;)
05:20<drh>I have to run some errands. I've asked Dan Kennedy to come in and look at the problem. (He knows the password) Any help is appreciated.
05:20<drh>The linode in question runs, fwiw...
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05:51<guinea-pig> appears to be up...
05:52<Sputnik7>it is now i clicked it maybe 15 minutes ago i dont think it responded
05:54<guinea-pig>*sigh*'s really gone downhill
05:54<@mikegrb>piggy: they opened a ticket, i made it all better
05:54<guinea-pig>you kissed the booboo
05:55<@mikegrb>well I do it 30 times a day already, what's once more?
05:55<guinea-pig>just because you do something 30 times a day doesn't make it right!
05:55<Sputnik7>31 times
05:55<guinea-pig>31st straw that broke the camel's back
05:58<@mikegrb>alright mr emad
05:58<guinea-pig>i don't know whether that's a compliment or an insult
05:59<@mikegrb>you wouldn't
05:59<guinea-pig>i've been detached too long
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06:50<SpaceHobo>DCC SEND C:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
06:52<Sputnik7>dcc accept c:\
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07:15<Internat>anyone know of a apache log analysing utility like awstats, that stores its information in a proper database like mysql
07:18<SpaceHobo>Internat: are you running a web hosting service?
07:18<SpaceHobo>you must have a zillion web sites to need something like that
07:19<Internat>yeah hosting service
07:19<Internat>need to come up with some way of tracking
07:19[~]encode has a million zillion web sites
07:19<Internat>awstats is nice.. it shows users what they have used on what etc.. and provides nice statistics.. but... its a bit painful
07:19<Internat>its a flat file db, which makes it hard to use for accounting etc
07:21<Sputnik7>whatever the linode guys use themselves must be able to withstand a plethora of websites
07:24<Internat>linodes would be easy
07:24<Internat>cause they can record based on ur ip
07:24<Internat>casuse eveyrone has a unique ip
07:24<Internat>but with virtual hosting, u cant do that cause all ur sites have the same ip
07:25<Sputnik7>yeah that makes sense i guess
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07:26<SpaceHobo>Ur? As in the ancient Babylonian city-state?
07:27<Internat>yeah.. ur asin im lazy :)
07:28<SpaceHobo>wait what?
07:28<SpaceHobo>what the hell does "asin" mean?
08:05<SpaceHobo>Asin Thottumkal?
08:05<SpaceHobo>AKA അസിന് തോട്ടുങ്കല്)
08:06<SpaceHobo>or is that supposed to be some sort of trigonometric reference that I don't get?
08:28<@mikegrb>emag: hi
08:29[~]opello pongs scott
08:31<emag>mikegrb: howdy
08:32<@mikegrb>emag: your ticket is done baking
08:32<emag>mikegrb: w00t!
08:35<@mikegrb>we have convection ovens which minimize baking time for the cakes
08:35<@mikegrb>mmm cake
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09:58<emag>why do xfers always seem 10x slower when watched? :-)
10:02<Sputnik7>the act of measuring slows it down
10:02<Sputnik7>isn't that somebodybergs uncertainity principle
10:07<purrdeta>It sounds more like time dilation :P
10:08<purrdeta>but not really.
10:08<opello>heisenberg's uncertianty?
10:09[~]purrdeta looks it up
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11:21<Lendrick>quick question for a brand new user...
11:22<Lendrick>I set up fedora core 6 and just ran yum update
11:22<Lendrick>will updating my kernel mess things up? I'm not sure exactly how the virtual server works.
11:23<jvaughan>updating it within fedora will have no effect
11:23<jvaughan>the kernel used is the one specified on the linode management pages
11:24<Lendrick>just wanted to make sure it was safe
11:24<Lendrick>is it typically necessary to reboot after a yum update?
11:24<Lendrick>I figured I'd set up a nightly cron job to keep my packages current.
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11:57<jvaughan>i dont know fedora well
11:58<jvaughan>it should restart any daemons that are updated
11:58<jvaughan>dont know if it does though
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12:01<drh>Good afternoon. I was seeing anomolous behavior on host135. Everything is fine now. But I wonder if this deserves investigation?
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12:23<Deckert>evenin' afv
12:24<afv>hi Deckert
12:25[~]Deckert surveys his linode
12:25<Deckert>purring along, as usual
12:28<Battousai>slap it with a newspaper, just to keep it in line
12:28<Deckert>Battousai: been so absolutely stable since the upgrades... it's just amazing
12:28[~]Deckert touches some wood
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18:14<TheFirst>anyone happen to have any experience with esmtp?
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22:14|-| [spam flood redacted ]
22:16<encode>what the heck
22:16<ajmitch>just your everyday trolling spammer
22:16<ajmitch>no doubt it was some trojan that would kill your system if you visited that url & were silly
22:17<encode>thats going to make for interesting google indexing for the channel logs
22:17<ajmitch>subseven is old
22:17<Bdragon>I was thinking that too
22:17<Bdragon>netbus, subseven, back orifice
22:17<Bdragon>old old old
22:17<encode>mikegrb: maybe you could clean that from the logs?
22:18<@mikegrb>that would break the gpg signatures!
22:18<ajmitch>eurasia was always at war with oceania
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22:21<Sputnik7>we've always been at war with terrorasia!
22:21<Sputnik7>at least in 1984 everybody excercised
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23:41<@mikegrb>A girl's feet were cut off Thursday when a free-fall thrill ride malfunctioned at the Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Amusement Park in Louisville, Kentucky, police said.
23:41<@mikegrb>A cord wrapped around the 16-year-old's feet and severed them at her ankles while she was on the "Superman Tower of Power," a police dispatcher said. The girl was taken to a local hospital.
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