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00:08<JonR>okay, caker, I'm done.
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03:54<martindale>Hello, all.
03:54<martindale>I'm currently reconsidering my hosting arangements.
03:55<martindale>As far as I know, you have to specify at least two DNS Servers (primary and secondary) to the domain authorities...
03:55<martindale>Now, the primary can be run on my Linode, but where can I put the secondary?
03:55<martindale>Can Linode provide the secondary DNS service?
03:55<martindale>If so, for how much?
04:01<fuzzie>everyone tends to be asleep at this time of day, but linode's DNS Manager seems to let me add slave zones for free.
04:03<martindale>So I'd specify the IP of my linode as the primary and what Ip as the secondary? Where is that slave zone hosted?
04:07<fuzzie>oh, the forum has a 'slave zone is still a work in progress' note, so perhaps it's not working yet. :/
04:08<fuzzie>someone else ought to wake up eventually and have actual answers, i guess :)
04:08<martindale>Well, I can't sit around and do nothing all day.
04:08<martindale>Where are the support guys?
04:09<fuzzie>this isn't a support channel
04:09<fuzzie>if you have an account, you can open a trouble ticket (faster response), or email sales(?) otherwise.
04:10<martindale>... yeah.
04:10<martindale>I also just learned that Novell's Hula project died. This day is starting to suck...
04:11<fuzzie>if you just need a random secondary DNS, are a pretty darn reliable free service (one short DDoS downtime in years).
04:11<fuzzie>but the support guys are only in here during US daytime or so, when they're actively 'working' rather than just on-call for support
04:12<martindale>I'm actually considering buying a dns service outside of Linode and spouting stuff about "eggs" and "baskets" to management to justify the higher budget.
04:12<martindale>Hell, I'm not the one paying and they're the ones who moan when it breaks.
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05:59<Internat>martindale: if your willing to use linodes dns manager you can cut on that problem. they two dns servers ( and for you to use.
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07:21<linbot>New news from forums: Jeff Dike and Christopher Aker interviewed by VSM in Announcements <>
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07:26<Ciaran>(it's not actually a new news, but it's me doing a transcript of it)
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09:05<guinea-pig>caker: you're the president of linode?
09:05<guinea-pig>caker: i thought you owned it, too :P
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09:16<Sputnik7>not only is he president of hair club for men he is also a client!
09:16<Sputnik7>no wait that is somebody else
09:18<@caker>I say, "yeah, right" a lot..
09:18<@caker>haha "a great adventure" should be "a great venture"
09:18<@caker>Ciaran: thank you for doing that -- good job
09:19<guinea-pig>well, it made the RSS feed, and i saw it... thought it was new until i got to the end
09:19<guinea-pig>the bit about just deploying in atlanta
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09:37<Ciaran>caker: No probs. :) Thanks for doing it!
09:38<Ciaran>Sorry about the venture/adventure thing though. :D I'll change it.
09:38<iggy>This calls for more upgrades!
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12:03<rainkid>what is the 'official' bandwidth that we get going to atlanta?
12:03<rainkid>is it shared 100mb?
12:04<npmr>if it's like the other two datacenters, it's shared dual gigabit
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12:05<rainkid>thats shared among all the linodes, or is that shared among the whole datacenter
12:05<npmr>the linodes
12:06<rainkid>who owns the atlanta datacenter? savvis or theplanet?
12:06<npmr>theplanet is the datacenter in dallas
12:06<npmr>savvis is a tier 1 backbone network
12:06<rainkid>thanks for the info
12:08<npmr>is your linode at theplanet?
12:09<npmr> <-- rainkid
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16:36<linbot>New news from forums: DNS Uptime Guarantee in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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16:55<Eman>speaking of fail... /me points at
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16:56<jhgh>We getting dossed again?
16:57<jhgh>91% packet loss to my linode in HE.
16:57<Ciaran>Yeah, I'm having problems to host57.
16:57<Ciaran>The host I'm on right now is in the TP datacenter is fine, but my other Linode is inaccessible.
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16:58<Ciaran>Annnnd... in come the Fremont people. Hi there. :)
16:59<Ciaran>I'm guessing, anyway.
16:59<@caker> on it...
16:59<vmole>Yep, that's me. Another DDOS?
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16:59<fuzzie>Certainly something's broken.
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17:00<vmole>It's weird, because I can get a new ssh session, but the neither the new one or old one ever update.
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17:01<jhgh>Down to 48% loss.
17:01<jhgh>I'm back in.
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17:03<vmole>Now it looks good, all workie
17:04<Ciaran>Yep, everything's fine now.
17:04[~]caker didn't do anything but will take the credit anyway
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17:16<msmiffy>Any Fremont glitches in the last hour or is it just my client? Things have looked fine since I've been on.
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17:16<vmole>Yeah, some sort of network issue -- lots of dropped packets.
17:17<@caker>for a few minutes, but it cleared
17:17<vmole>Yeah, caker fixed it!
17:18[~]caker flexes
17:20<msmiffy>Cleanup on Fremont aisle! Someone re-stack all those dropped packets ;-)
17:22<msmiffy>Seriously, is it just bad luck that we've had three Fremont drop-outs in the last month? Or should I say two, as we can't really count last week's DDOS attack.
17:22[~]msmiffy has a client who always tries to access her admin system when there's an outage :(
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17:35<Sputnik7>msmiffy its like she plans it
17:36<msmiffy>Yeah - does seem like that! Actually, it just seems that these all occur at roughly the same time of the morning (or whatever if not in Aussie TZ). Hopefully just a fluke and won't see another for a year or two ;-)
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17:41<Sputnik7>knock on wood i have had no issues with my linode that i didn't cause by myself
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18:06<koen>Hi there, anyone knows how to mount a new disk image into a running linode?
18:06<Eman>iirc its unpossible and requires a reboot
18:08<koen>you mean: enter it in fstab and reboot?
18:08<Eman>i think you need to use the linode control panel
18:08<@caker>add it to your config profile on the website first
18:08<@caker>then reboot
18:10<koen>ok, trying that...
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18:24<koen>I must have done something wrong the first time: 1) create disk, 2) reflect disk in linode profile, 3) reboot, 4) mount the thing.
18:25<koen>thanks for your responses and enjoy your lack of sleep if you're in Europe... :)
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19:00<Internat>out of corisoty, how do people normally set up a round robin dns server mapping type thing?
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20:21<npmr>Internat, create multiple A records for the same name
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20:23<Internat>the dns servers just automaticly do round robin then?
20:23<npmr>the clients do
20:24<npmr>most dns servers will also vary the order in which records are reported
20:24<npmr>schemes for doing so vary
20:24<npmr>many client resolvers will simply pick the first entry in the response from the serer
20:24<npmr>some will pick randomly
20:25<npmr>at any rate, the net result is that the requests are spread out fairly evenly between the different resources
20:27<npmr>where's your dns hosted?
20:31<Internat>linode :) at the moment anyway.. might run bind myself or someting simular at some point
20:32<npmr>bind does the right thing
20:32<npmr>linode uses bind
20:32<npmr>all you need to do is create multiple A records
20:32<Internat>the right thing meaning that it rotates through?
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21:29<@caker>sweet... so many emails in my Thunderbird junk folder that it overflowed the MessageID
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21:30<@caker>MessageID -2045150971
21:30<ryanj247>hello, is there anyone here who can answer a couple of presales questions?
21:31<@caker>ryanj247: hello -- fire away
21:31<ryanj247>just considering something like the "linode 256"
21:31<ryanj247>question: where would the server be located?
21:32<@caker>our system choose the least loaded server for the plan you select, so it would be one of our three locations (Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX, Fremont, CA). Post-signup you can request to be moved, if you have a preference
21:33<ryanj247>great, all 3 of those locations would be fine by me
21:33<@caker>it's seamless, one-button to migrate between datacenters, and instantaneous if you hven't deployed any data
21:33<@caker>ok, you're easy :)
21:34<ryanj247>nope, no preference, really. question #2: i'm pretty much a linux n00b. i'm a windows power-user, and i've messed around with linux in the past, but...yeah. so...
21:34<ryanj247>i need to use this service for one reason only
21:34<@caker>which is?
21:34<ryanj247>to install openvpn and route my internet traffic through a vpn connection
21:35<ryanj247>is this something you guys can help me to get accomplished?
21:35<@caker>Linode is an unmanaged service, but the communal resources will help you there (web forum, this chatroom)
21:36<@caker>I'm sure there are some how-tos you could follow
21:36<ryanj247>from my limited understanding, it's a requirement that the "TUN" (??) be enabled on your end
21:36<@caker>my advice: deploy ubuntu or Debian, and run: apt-get update && apt-get install openvpn. Then go from there
21:37<@caker>TUNTAP is enabled in our kernels. You'll also need to tunctl, which .. I can't remember which package that's in
21:37<ryanj247>i've been linked to this guide:
21:38<ryanj247>you think something similar to that will be doable on the linode acct?
21:39<@caker> <-- the first few I looked at look reasonable enough, as well
21:40<npmr>i use openvpn on mine
21:41<npmr>the kernels supplied by linode have the required options enabled
21:41<npmr>have you set up openvpn before?
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21:41<ryanj247>as i said, it's been about 10 years since i've even looked at a linix distribution
21:41<npmr>so is that a yes or a no?
21:42<ryanj247>i'm a bit concerned that i'm going to miss some step that's important for getting it configured correctly/securely
21:43<ryanj247>not to mention i'm not really thrilled about spending a day trying to figure it out...
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21:44<npmr>when you say you want to "route your internet traffic through a vpn connection", what exactly do you mean?
21:44<ryanj247>that's the service i use right now
21:44<ryanj247>they are running a pptp vpn server
21:44<ryanj247>i configure a simple vpn connection in windows
21:44<npmr>i don't speak danish or dutch or whatever that is
21:45<ryanj247>when i connect, it now appears to the world that i have an ip address in sweden
21:45<npmr>i see
21:45<ryanj247>there's a dropdown at the top to switch it to english
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21:45<npmr>that's a different topology than i run
21:46<npmr>point-to-point is what you're looking for
21:46<ryanj247>the problem is, it's slow. and i can't find a similar service in the US. so i have to try to run my own vpn server i guess
21:46<@caker>feel more relakksed :)
21:46<npmr>well, there's going to be more to this than just setting up openvpn
21:46<npmr>you'll also need to set up a NAT firewall on the linode end
21:47<npmr>other than that, i can't think of anything specific that you'll need to do
21:47<npmr>there's also the problem of client-side routing
21:47<npmr>you'll want everything to go through the vpn interface, except for the vpn itself, which you'll need to route normally
21:48<npmr>openvpn has an option that makes that happen, but i've never tried it
21:48<ryanj247>right now, when i connect to relakks via vpn, everything just goes through the vpn
21:48<npmr>i have no idea how it works, or how well
21:48<npmr>yeah, well, they probably have a canned configuration that just does it all for you
21:49<npmr>what you're talking about doing is setting that all up by hand
21:49<ryanj247>ugh. this is a headache lol
21:49<npmr>obviously, once you've got the client configuration sorted out, you won't have to do it again
21:49<npmr>but getting it right in the first place isn't exactly a small task
21:51<npmr>i guess the other thing to consider is whether or not you'll really get what you want from this
21:51<npmr>the goal is anonimity, right?
21:51<npmr>if all your traffic looks like it's coming from some IP in sweden, along with a bunch of other people's traffic, that's one thing
21:52<ryanj247>after i set up an account with relakks, the only thing i did on my system was to create a vpn connection in the standard windows wizard. i entered the server name (, my user name, & pw, and that was it. i hit "connect", and immediately all internet traffic went through that connection
21:52<npmr>if all your traffic is coming from a linode that *you* lease, on the other hand, aren't you just trading one traceable IP for another
21:52<ryanj247>actually, the goal is not anonymity
21:53<npmr>ok, so what is it?
21:53<ryanj247>the reason i have to do this is that an application i use detects the location of my ip address. they do not allow connections from certain states
21:53<ryanj247>as long as it appears to them that my connection is in an allowed state, i can run the app
21:53<npmr>i see
21:53<npmr>some felony conviction or something, i hear ya
21:54<npmr>well in that case, sure
21:54<npmr>openvpn through a system leased from linode would do it for you
21:55<ryanj247>so once i have openvpn up and running... re: this client side routing. will i be able to just use the standard windows wizard to create a VPN connection, just like i did for relakks? or am i going to have to use a different software and mess around with all kinds of settings on my local PC?
21:56<npmr>windows does not natively support openvpn, so no
21:56<npmr>you can't set it up through the wizard
21:56<ryanj247>ah, so "pptp" is a windows-specific protocol?
21:56<npmr>however, there is an openvpn driver for windows that you can configure using notepad, or whatever text editor you use
21:57<npmr>pptp is a microsoft invention and openvpn is a different protocol
21:57<ryanj247>i see
21:57<npmr>i believe there is a pptp server that you could install on a linode system, but i don't really know much about it
21:57<npmr>you'd still have to set up the NAT firewall on the linode
21:58<npmr>most vpn products are completely incompatible with each, btw
21:58<npmr>those that use IPsec are the exception, although they can be finicky about it
21:58<ryanj247>well, maybe installing a pptp server would be easier than installing openvpn if it means that on the client side all i would have to do is use the windows wizard...
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21:59<XeF4>ryanj247: google pptpd
22:01<ryanj247>looks like that might be an option
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