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05:50<canburak>hi, can someone advise me for apache configuration parameters like StartServers, MaxSpareServers etc. for linode
05:58<encode>there's a post in the linode forum with those details i think
06:07<fuzzie>yay for having heaps of legacy PHP scripts
06:07<fuzzie>yes :(
06:09<canburak>if someone pays me enough I can port dpupal to django
06:10<canburak>when you add django-tagging and/or django-comments.. may be :)
06:10<canburak>maybe. :)
06:11<fuzzie>i guess i have a lot of data in mediawiki too, which is a little inconvenient for moving away from PHP
06:12<Bdragon>hee hee, someone said Drupal in #linode.... Maybe I should say linode in #drupal....
06:13<Bdragon>The day we switch to Common Lisp.
06:16<canburak>Bdragon: it won't happen soon. may the there will be some heaven on earth when franz rolls out some cms solution
06:16[~]Bdragon can't imagine using raw php... yuck....
06:17<canburak>sorry SpaceHobo:
06:17<fuzzie>you say that *after* you gave us all a heart attack
06:18<canburak>yea you can push some amounts of elisp code (ping Bdragon) to generate htmls :)
06:19<Bdragon>And for full circle craziness:
06:19<canburak>it's pretty good for personal needs. any "client" needs to use emacs for that, so, just personal. :)
06:20<canburak>I don't care if a language syntactically look-like lisp. where is the fun if I can't use slime. ;)
06:22<Bdragon>hmm, dript + drush + someting else + a lot of elbow grease......
06:22<Bdragon>In any case, it's nearly 6:30 AM and I still haven't gone to sleep... No clue why...
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06:27|-|Bdragon changed nick to Bdragon|insomnia
06:28[~]Bdragon|insomnia fires up pokemon and attempts to acquire more bidoofs off of gts
06:31<Bdragon|insomnia>And for the record, you can't use slime on movitz either :P
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08:03<@caker>good morning
08:04<scott>the only good morning is a dead one!
08:12<frankg>hello vietnam
08:13<frankg>wondering if I can copy an exiting ubuntu 7.0 onto my virtual server?
08:14<@caker>sure, why not?
08:14<frankg>I have a local copy - I can copy up to the server - how would I
08:15<npmr>i'd use the rescue image
08:15<frankg>is that mondo?
08:16<npmr>never heard of it
08:16<@caker>boot into another distro, like finnix or a small debian image, with a blank disk image attached to your config file
08:16<npmr>it's finnix
08:16<frankg>caker, that' a bit over my head
08:17[~]caker gets some coffee, brb
08:17<frankg>i think I got it except the config file part
08:20<frankg>caker, I'm going to get coffee too but I will be back soon
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08:25<@caker>frankg: the config profile is in the Linode control panel. You'll also create the empty disk image there
08:26<frankg>caker, looking at the control panel now
08:26<@caker>frankg: config profiles tell your Linode which disk images to attach to which device nodes, once your Linode boots
08:26<@caker>among other things
08:26<frankg>so you can have diff distos boot up?
08:27<@caker>yes :)
08:27<frankg>so I just have to make a disk image and upload it or what?
08:27<@caker>essentially, yes
08:28<@caker>first step would be to get your data up there, into a disk image
08:28<@caker>you'd do that by booting another disk image to use its tools (scp, dd, whatever method you use to xfer the data)
08:29<frankg>so I boot up my ubuntu box with a tools image and backup the ubuntu image to disk
08:30<frankg>caker, right?
08:30<@caker>why the back up?
08:31<frankg>so just upload it?
08:31<@caker>booting from a CD is a decent idea -- that way nothing is in-use at the time you upload it
08:31<@caker>but there are other ways :)
08:32<frankg>what's the easiest way?
08:32<@caker>single user mode, then bringing up networking, for example
08:32<@caker>3) Profit!
08:33<@caker>scp, rsync, dd, etc...
08:33<frankg>I'm kinda new to the backup world but I need to learn asap
08:34<frankg>you can scp the whole disk?
08:34<@caker>cheap and easy: scp -pr / root@$linode'sip:/path/to/disk/image/mount/point/ <-- I think that's enough
08:34<@caker>you really just want the contents of the disk, not all the blocks
08:35<frankg>dd would make a huge image right?
08:35<@caker>depends on how large the source disk is
08:36<@caker>get it?
08:36<frankg>I never thought you could copy an OS while it was in use
08:36<@caker>single user mode generally means your filesystem is never mounted read/write
08:36<@caker>so you'd be find there
08:36<@caker>know how to do that?
08:36<frankg>init 1
08:37<@caker>hehe, yes...
08:37<frankg>I've never done it - sounds exciting
08:37<frankg>lol :)
08:38<frankg>I'll try it now
08:38<@caker>is this the system you're ircing from?
08:38<frankg>I'm on a VM Fedora core 6
08:38<frankg>I will be working on another VM ubuntu 7.0.4
08:39<frankg>here goes - don't go away
08:45<frankg>caker I'm in init level 1 - how can I tell I'm at that level?
08:45<npmr>caker, any chance of implementing a literal image upload feature in the LPM?
08:46<@caker>npmr: yeah, it's on the todo... it'll be sneaky, too :)
08:46<@caker>frankg: runlevel
08:47<frankg>okay - started networking
08:47<frankg>now for the scp
08:48<frankg>what's linod'sip ?
08:48<@caker>"Linode's IP"
08:48<@caker>never used scp before?
08:48<frankg>i have
08:49<@caker>ok .. should be obvious enough for you to continue on your own then
08:49<@caker>one more thing...
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08:49<frankg>okay - thx
08:51<frankg>caker, that page is empty
08:52<@caker>works for me
08:52<npmr>empty for me, too
08:52<npmr>oh, now it's not
08:53<frankg>ok - url was cut off
08:56<@caker>!quote SUNW
08:57<linbot>caker: The current price of SUNW is 4.95, as of 9:41am EST. A change of +0.02 from the last business day.
08:57<@caker>!quote JAVA
08:57<@caker>^-- they're switching symbols...
08:57<@caker>!quote GOOG
08:57<linbot>caker: The current price of GOOG is 509.83, as of 9:42am EST. A change of -2.36 from the last business day.
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08:57<frankg>!quote EMC
08:57<linbot>frankg: The current price of EMC is 19.50, as of 9:37am EST. A change of +0.05 from the last business day.
08:58<npmr>!quote LNOD
08:58<@caker>!quote NODE
08:58<@mikegrb>mmm cake
08:58<npmr>!quote CAKE
08:58<@mikegrb>mmm cake
08:58<linbot>npmr: The current price of CAKE is 25.38, as of 9:43am EST. A change of +0.07 from the last business day.
08:59<@mikegrb>mmm cake
08:59<npmr>mmmmm cake!
08:59<@mikegrb>mmm cake
08:59<npmr>what's CAKE?
08:59<@mikegrb>mmm cake
08:59<@caker>mikegrb had the brilliant idea of naming all our office machines after various kinds of cake
08:59<npmr>ah, cheesecake factory
08:59<@caker>I approved.
08:59<npmr>ha ha
08:59<@caker><-- redvelvet
09:03<frankg>caker I have to shutdown my linode host first right?
09:06<@caker>think about it
09:06<@caker>if it's shut down, how would you copy something to it?
09:07<frankg>shut down to stop the existing fedora so I can boot with a small linux
09:07<frankg>and overwrite that
09:07<@caker>frankg: trust yourself :) .. you've got this nailed
09:08<frankg>caker, I'll try - thx for the vote of confidence
09:17<guinea-pig>!quote SPLS
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09:32<frankg>okay I suck - I need help
09:33<frankg>booted finnix kerel - but cannot login
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09:45<@tasaro>frankg: use LISH
09:45<frankg>using that - almost in
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10:09<@caker>Where do the children play?
10:09<frankg>okay - I'm in Finnix
10:10<frankg>now I'm lost
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10:14<@caker>frankg: mount your blank disk image somewhere
10:14<frankg>working on that
10:14<@caker>frankg: then scp from your source machine, targeting your Linode's IP and the place you mounted the empty disk image
10:14<@caker>I think Finnix wants you to bring up networking manually (vai init scripts)
10:15<frankg>uhn - the "Create an empty Disk Image" page isn't letting me create a disk image
10:16<frankg>it's telling me to please provide a value between 0 and 0
10:16<@caker>you have to free up some disk image space
10:17<@caker>delete or resize your existing disk images to make the room for the new stuff
10:17<frankg>I thought there was a ton of space
10:18<frankg>only 12 GB of space?
10:19<frankg>storage summary: # Used: 12288 Megabytes
10:19<frankg>that's all the space right?
10:19<@caker>I have no clue... what's your username?
10:20<frankg>okay - moving on
10:20<@caker>You've got an FC6 image there -- what are you doing with that?
10:21<frankg>shrinking it to 6GB
10:21<@caker>If I were you, I'd delete that, and create an empty one. Then, click on "frank's ubuntu", and add your newly created empty ext3 disk image to /deb/ubdb. Save the config, and reboot
10:21<@caker>that works too
10:22<frankg>keeping it in case I need it
10:22<@caker>then, log in via Lish and: mount /dev/ubdb ... Finnix will mount it on /mnt/ubdb, I think
10:22<frankg>ok - I think I got it
10:22<@caker>then, frm your source machine: scp -pr /
10:44<frankg>caker, I issue the cmd "scp -pr /"
10:44<frankg>trying fullpath to scp - one sec
10:45<iggy>-C might help as well depending what you are copying
10:46<frankg>iggy, copying the whole OS
10:46<frankg>it's coming back with "unknown command scp -p -r -t /mnt/ubdb'
10:47<frankg>it's coming back with "unknown command scp -r -p -t /mnt/ubdb'
10:47<iggy>what does "which scp" say?
10:48<frankg>I tried using the full path
10:49<frankg>I'm doingthis from ububtu 7.0.4 in single user mode
10:49<frankg>err ubuntu
10:50<iggy>you have the network started? you are missing a source and your destination looks funny
10:50<frankg>netwrk started yes
10:50<frankg> /usr/bin/scp -pr /
10:51<frankg>source is /
10:51<frankg>dest is /mnt/ubdb
10:51<iggy>okay, I was looking at your error
10:53<frankg>i was able to login to the lonode box
10:53<frankg>so net works
10:54<frankg>maybe I need a trailing /
10:56<frankg>let me try making a file on the at /mnt/ubdb
10:57<frankg>no problem there
10:58<iggy>what happens if you run "scp --help"?
10:59<frankg>one sec
11:00<frankg>I get scp usage msg
11:01<iggy>and when you run the command above you get an error that says "unknown command" + cmdline?
11:02<frankg>it says unkown command 'scp -r -p -t /mntt/ubdb'
11:03<npmr>install it
11:03<npmr>you don't have it installed
11:03<frankg>I will try to copy a single file
11:03<frankg>one sec
11:03<iggy>sounds like it's not on the linode or something
11:04<npmr>attempting to copy a file using a program that you don't have installed is not going to work any better than anything you've already tried
11:04<npmr>you need to install scp
11:05<iggy>it's installed on his local system
11:05<npmr>sure, but is it installed on the server, too?
11:05<iggy>that's what I said
11:05<panthar>server = remote
11:07<frankg>ok - so install scp on the linode server - right?
11:07[~]panthar does not know that distro :/
11:08<frankg>which scp = /usr/bin/scp
11:08<npmr>frankg, whatever system it is that you're running on your linode *right now*
11:08<frankg>it seems to have it already
11:09<frankg>I'll try to send a file from linode to my system
11:09<npmr>ok, and the command line you're trying to run, are you still mistakenly trying to scp to your host, and not to your linode?
11:09<panthar>I just saw that
11:09<npmr> is your host
11:10[~]panthar should read the scrollback
11:10<frankg>okay - that must be it
11:10<npmr>your linode is something like
11:10<frankg>ok- checking
11:10<npmr>run 'ifconfig eth0'
11:10<npmr>it'll tell you your linode's ip address
11:11<npmr>run it on your linode, obviously
11:11<frankg>got the ip
11:11<npmr>right now try scp
11:13<frankg>getting ssh <ip> port 22 connection refused
11:13<npmr>start sshd
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11:15<frankg>I successfully scp from linod box to my local box - diff box
11:15<frankg>and I do want to scp to
11:15<npmr>no you don't
11:15<npmr>that's your host, which is not where you want to scp to
11:15<frankg>because that's where my /mnt/ubdb is
11:15<npmr>no it's not
11:16<npmr>/mnt/ubdb is not on your host, it's not your linode
11:16<npmr>your linode is a different ip address
11:16<npmr>on your linode, run 'ifconfig eth0'
11:16<frankg>inet addr:
11:16<npmr>that will tell you your linode's ip address, and i assure you it is not
11:17<frankg>I will try to scp to linode IP address using a diff box
11:18<frankg>one sec
11:18<npmr>make sure sshd is running on your linode
11:20<frankg>it's not - how do i start it?
11:20<frankg>just sshd
11:20<npmr>there is a script
11:20<npmr>look in /etc/init.d
11:21<npmr>it's probably called "ssh" or "sshd" or maybe "openssh'
11:21<npmr>find it, and run it with "start" as an argument
11:22<frankg>now we're talking
11:22<frankg>the other problem was I was using my linode username
11:22<frankg>don't I need to use root
11:23<frankg>here goes
11:24<frankg>it's sailing -- slow but sure
11:24<frankg>npmr -- thanks - great learning experience for me
11:24<npmr>no problem
11:27<frankg>this is gonna take days -- I can finally get some other things dome - like eat, go to the bank - thx again
11:28[~]npmr nods
11:46<frankg>npmr, went to take a peek and getting a bunch of permission denied messages
11:47<frankg> //sys/block/hdc......
11:47<frankg> Broken pipe
11:48<npmr>that's a problem on your end
11:49<frankg>meaning the local end?
11:51<frankg>npmr, seems like a synlink circular reference //sys/block/hdc/subsystem/hdc/subsystem/hdc/subsystem/hdc/subsystem/hdc/subsystem/... etc. etc.
11:52<frankg>err symlink
11:52<npmr>ok, try this
11:52<npmr>instead of scp:
11:52<npmr>rsync -e ssh -azxvW / root@your.linode.ip:/mnt/ubdb
11:53<npmr>it's / you're trying to copy, right?
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11:53<npmr>ok, just checking
11:53<frankg>here goes
11:57<frankg>failed to exec - no such file or directory ...
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11:58<npmr>install rsync
11:58<frankg>on the linode box?
11:58<npmr>on your end
11:58<frankg>it's there
11:59<npmr>finnix should already have rsync included
11:59<frankg>do I have to start a service?
11:59<npmr>no, '-e ssh' tells it to use ssh as a transport
11:59<frankg>ah - typo on my part -- trying again
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12:00<npmr>ok, well, you're on your own if you can't even transcribe a command
12:00<frankg>sailing again
12:01<frankg>seems like it's faster - disk is crunching
12:01<lyoung>anyone know how to install rails on the Linode's Ubuntu 7.04 distro?? I have been trying without any success.
12:02<frankg>lyoung, loaded question
12:02<lyoung>there are instructions out on the web for installing on Feisty Fawn, but they don't work at all on the Feisty Fawn on linode for some reason.
12:02<frankg>install locally then upload image to linode - that's what I'm doing now
12:02<iggy>there's nothing special about Linode's install of ubuntu
12:03<lyoung>Its a server install, right? I assume X interface is not available??
12:03<iggy>you can install it if you want, but it's not on there by default no
12:05<lyoung>I see. ok, thanks. I guess I should be heading over to the ubuntu support then, because the problems I'm having relate to the packaging. I just can't find the packages and get them installed (and I did uncomment the universe in sources.list)
12:07<iggy>what packages?
12:12<lyoung>irb1.8, for example.
12:13<lyoung>That is not strictly needed for rails, but is a very standard part of the ruby
12:13<npmr>perhaps it's not separate from the ruby package, then
12:13[~]npmr is not specifically familiar with how ruby is packaged for any linux distribution
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12:15<lyoung2>iggy: my window froze -- irb1.8 for example. Right now I don't even have IRB in my ruby install, and the directions I've sseen for installing ruby include apt-get install irb1.8
12:15<lyoung2>If I do apt-cache search irb, the response is that it is included in ruby1.8
12:16<lyoung2>but I have ruby1.8 installed and there is no irb on my system, and find / \*irb\* doesn't find anything either.
12:17<lyoung2>oops, that was find / -name \*irb\*
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13:37<rance>I didnt see it posted on the web site, so does linode have an "acceptable use policy" about the type of public information that is allowed to be on a hosted server.
13:37<iggy>generally, they say "if it's legal"
13:38<iggy>keeping in mind that laws from Tennessee, New Jersey, California, Texas, and Georgia may apply
13:38<rance>I have clients worried about an ISP that does not regulate content and therfore would harbor pornography, warez, etc, so I've been looking for a vps provider that at least has an official statement
13:38<iggy>so your clients want a "clean" isp?
13:38<opello>iggy: and linodes may be known to cause cancer, but only in the state of california
13:39<iggy>opello: I wondered where that lump in my breast came from
13:39<rance>some of my clients are churches, what do you expect
13:39<opello>if they don't see it, what does it matter?
13:39<iggy>I wasn't saying anything bad about it
13:39<iggy>just curious
13:40<opello>their users going to resolve it to the ip, and start browsing incrementally up and down the subnet?
13:40<iggy>rance: you'd probably want to talk to caker about that
13:40<iggy>he's the man
13:40<rance>I know, its just that in the vps world technically it doesnt matter
13:41<rance>but the church doesnt want to appear to support port, etc by purchasing services from a company that doesnt limit content
13:41<rance>its the financial base I guess
13:41<opello>what about the data center it's hosted in? i mean, how far do you have to go?
13:41<iggy>fwiw, I believe there are porn sites hosted on linodes
13:42<opello>the backbones that provide the content also carry the bits that make up more nefarious things :p
13:42<iggy>you'd definitely want to talk to caker though
13:42<iggy>we're just a bunch of idiots bored at work on Friday
13:42<rance>yes, I understand all that, and its not like the internet in general is evil
13:42<opello>it just seems like a really big demand to place on a hosting company
13:42<opello>or data center even
13:43<rance>there are a great deal of regular hosting companies that do have such policies, but since they are not VPS then the host server can have a much tighter reign on accounts
13:43<iggy>I know there are ISPs that have strict rules on that type of stuff, so you should be able to find what you need out there
13:43<rance>having such a policy, and trying to monitor it on a vps based backbone is likely impossible
13:44<iggy>yeah, requiring a VPS does throw a wrench in the works doesn't it
13:44<rance>yes, it does
13:46<iggy>I'm sure caker will be around in a bit, you could always send an email though.
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14:42<scott>hi fozze1
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15:26<linbot>New news from forums: Problems using Slackware 12.0 distro in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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16:15<frankg>npmr -- rsync -e ssh -azxvW / root@your.linode.ip:/mnt/ubdb # Getting stuck when it runs into a video driver file
16:15<frankg>is that normal?
16:16<frankg>keeps stopping at the file 4 x in a row
16:16<afv>add a --progress to that
16:16<frankg>should I let it be -- no cpu or disk or network grind
16:16<frankg>how do I add a progress?
16:17<afv>possibly even a --partial
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16:51<npmr>frankg, try changing the W to a P
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17:08<MatrixM>is the linode platform manager inside the actual vps, or is it run from outside the vps and thus doesn't use any of the actual storage/processor power of the vps itself directly?
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18:37<anajilly>hi, I'm having a little problem. google helped me find what seems to be a duplicate in this log:
18:37<anajilly>that's why I'm here
18:37<anajilly>I don't really know a whole lot about Xen... just enough to make it work.
18:38<anajilly>I stared with debian. downloaded some latest Xen stuff. and eventually was able to run a couple dom-u winxp virtual machines
18:38<anajilly>most things work fine
18:38<anajilly>I cannot mount a second hard drive though.
18:39<anajilly>I get nothing in dmesg or /var/log/*
18:40<anajilly>When I try: mount -t ext3 /dev/sdb1 /mnt -oro
18:40<anajilly>I get: mount: /dev/sdb1 already mounted or /mnt busy
18:40<anajilly>grep sdb /proc/mounts ... returns nothing
18:41<anajilly>lsof | grep mnt ... returns nothing
18:41<anajilly>well, let me check to make sure my problem is still current... I haven't looked into this for maybe a month now...
18:43|-|FireSlash [~FireSlash@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:43<anajilly>yes... it's still the same
18:44<anajilly>sfdisk -l /dev/sdb ... shows the disk is readable and everything appears to be in order... at least where the partition table is concerned
18:44<anajilly>but I cannot mount anything on the drive
18:45<anajilly>in that log, it was recommended that evms be disabled.
18:45<anajilly>I don't even know what evms is.
18:45<anajilly>is it safe to disable?
18:45<anajilly>how do I disable it?
18:48<@mikegrb>anajilly: you probably want #xen
18:48<anajilly>oh, ok
18:48<anajilly>sorry, ... I'm an irc idiot
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22:37<frankg>that damn rsync isn't working
22:37<frankg>npmr -- rsync -e ssh -azxvW / root@your.linode.ip:/mnt/ubdb # Getting stuck when it runs into a video driver file
22:37<frankg>Tried -P
22:38<frankg>keeps getting stuck on that same file
22:39[~]frankg goes to get some food - check for messages when I get back
22:47|-|NeonNero [] has joined #linode
22:47<Internat>hmms i use rdiff backup for most of my stuff
22:49<frankg>I'm trying to upload my local ubuntu to a linode image
22:50<frankg>so booted to runlevel 1 and tried scp an rsync -- nothing working yet
22:50<frankg>yes, I activated networking
22:51<frankg>actually I stopped scp because of error messages due to circular references make with symlinks
22:51<frankg>I may go back to that method as the error seems to time out
22:54<encode>frankg: you can exclude files with rsync
22:54<encode>i cant remember the syntax
22:54<encode>but files/folders can be excluded
22:54<frankg>encode, I might try that next
22:55<encode>i would exclude /proc /dev at least
22:55<@mikegrb>why not just dd?
22:55<@mikegrb>boot locally with finnix, boot your linode with finnix
22:55<frankg>linode is finnix
22:55<frankg>local is runlevel 1 ubuntu
22:56<frankg>I don't have a finnix iso
22:56<encode>its not that big
22:56<encode>download it
22:56<@caker>frankg: what's the problem with scp?
22:56<@mikegrb>dd if=/dev/hda1 | ssh -C root@yourip dd of=/dev/ubda
22:56<frankg>caker, I saw a bumch of error messages flash on the creen
22:56<@mikegrb>caker: issues with special files
22:56<@caker>mikegrb: he wants to copy the files rather than the entire disk
22:57<@mikegrb>well yes but it works ;)
22:57[~]encode dd's mikegrb instead
22:57<@caker>what special files?
22:57<@caker>crap in /proc and /dev?
22:57<@mikegrb>he said it was coming from a vm locally anyway so probably not a 60 gb hdd
22:57<@mikegrb>sounded like elsewhere
22:58<frankg>so what should I try now?
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22:59<@caker>frankg: how big is your source ubuntu disk?
23:00<frankg>my local image is 8GB not full - my linode image is 6GB
23:00<@caker>if you can get the two to match, you could use dd, as mikegrb suggested
23:01<frankg>I can try that
23:01<@caker>how full is it?
23:01<@caker>and does tar do symlinks properly?
23:01<frankg>is there a command to check?
23:01<@caker>a tarball may be an option, if so
23:01<@caker>df -h
23:02<frankg>3 GB used
23:02<frankg>7 GB -- 3GB used 4.x free
23:03<frankg>I will resize and try dd
23:03<frankg>suprised I thought rsync was old reliable
23:04<frankg>err surprised even
23:07<frankg>caker, can I used dd from ubuntu runlevel 1?
23:12<Internat>can u dd if source is smaller then dest and then just resize at the other end?
23:12<Internat>when i rebuild my linode thats what i plan on doing.. well i hope anyway..
23:21<fo0bar>caker: what was the deal with "VFS: Mounted root (ext3 filesystem) readonly." and then hanging? I'm encountering it on another (non-linode) UML setup)
23:21<@caker>fo0bar: uml kernel version?
23:22<fo0bar>caker: 2.6.18 and change; it's the user-mode-linux package in debian etch
23:22<frankg>dd in progress -- no output just internet lights flashing - clean
23:23<@caker>fo0bar: been a while... I *think* there's a fix that Jeff found/patched for that. But there's more to it
23:24<@caker>fo0bar: it still will happen for some users, and we've been unable to fix it for them without doing weird things that make no sense (like duplicating their filesystem, then, bang, it'll work). That's one of the reasons Jeff made the dump-core patches for UML
23:24<fo0bar>caker: what's odd is I roll my own UML kernels, using the same debian 2.6.18 patchset as a base, plus a few of my own patches, and your 2.6.18 config. and yet I've never come aross this with my kernels
23:25<@caker>fo0bar: and my foray into /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern options (check recent kernel docs -- you can PIPE core dumps to an application!!)
23:25<fo0bar>I don't care too much since the user-mode-linux package is next to useless (it's modular, so the host and the guest would have to have the same version of the same user-mode-linux package installed)
23:25<@caker>fo0bar: so we're waiting for it to happen again so I can grab a core for him
23:26<fo0bar>caker: ok, thanks for the info. I'll just do what I planned on doing in the first place: uninstalling the package and forgetting about it :)
23:26<@caker>fo0bar: skas3, btw?
23:26<fo0bar>but if it ever happens with my own packages, I'll look into it
23:26<fo0bar>caker: yes, 8.2
23:26<@caker>same here
23:36|-|shooter [] has joined #linode
23:36<shooter>hi all
23:36<shooter>Who worked in mandriva?
23:37|-|shooter [] has left #linode []
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