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#linode IRC Logs for 2007-10-25

---Logopened Thu Oct 25 00:00:41 2007
00:06[~]praetorian most remember that url
00:07<encode>im stuck on level 6
00:07<encode>i haven't played the proper game though
00:07<warewolf>buy it. now.
00:08<warewolf>you will not regret it.
00:08<encode>but i dont want the rest of hte orange box
00:08<Bdragon>You can buy it seperately on steam...
00:08<Bdragon>Dunno about there being a physical box version
00:08<Jeremy>I have heard lots about portal but have never really played it heh
00:09<Bdragon>I've only watched a friend play, but I am so getting an orange box next time I go to Sioux Falls...
00:19<encode>is it possible to get portal by itself? i don't want an orange box
00:20<Bdragon>As I said, on steam...
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00:25<encode>Bdragon: never used steam before. please excuse my ignorance
00:26<Bdragon>Me neither ;)
00:26<Bdragon>It's one of those digital distribution thingies
00:30<Bdragon>I'm on my dialup backup link at the moment...
00:37<guinea-pig>i'm stuck on level 9
00:38<guinea-pig>oh, nevermind
00:39<encode>i cant work that level out
00:39<encode>but i really should do my work
00:40<guinea-pig>it's the gravity one all over again
00:40<guinea-pig>except you shoot the second portal while you're falling from the loop it mentions
00:43<encode>shoot the 2nd portal where??
00:44<encode>infinite loop is easy enough
00:47<guinea-pig>shoot whatever color your top portal is, in the ground as you're falling, so you fall back up through it
00:47<guinea-pig>next to the portal you're falling into
00:48<encode>that sounds tough
00:48<guinea-pig>nah. just leave the mouse where you want it, and type the letter to shoot it
00:48<guinea-pig>when the time is right
00:48<encode>got it
00:49<guinea-pig>11 hurts
00:52<encode>ok, finished 9
00:52<encode>really should ge tback to work
00:52<encode>thanks for the tip guinea-pig
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01:09[~]offby1 sniffs the air
01:10[~]encode farts
01:10<offby1>so ... how long does it generally take to get access to one's linode, once one has entered one's credit card info?
01:10[~]offby1 fans the air in front of his face
01:11<encode>offby1: depends on linode's fraud detector
01:11<offby1>wow, that much fraud, huh?
01:11<guinea-pig>offby1: this is the 21st century!
01:11<encode>if it detects your submission to be a possible fraud, it will take longer
01:12<encode>otherwise, assuming one of the admins is awake and not too busy, it can be 5 to 30 mins
01:12<offby1>presumably they'll email me SSH contact info
01:13<encode>you login to the web interface with the info you used in your submission
01:13[~]offby1 nods
01:13<encode>there you can setup your choice of distro, etc
01:13<offby1>oh yeah.
01:13<offby1>that would come first, wouldn't it :-)
01:13<offby1>any idea of the service quality I can expect -- uptime, e.g.?
01:14<offby1>didn't notice that on the FAQ page
01:14<encode>offhand i don't remember the guarantees that linode make
01:14<encode>but it is quite excellent really
01:14[~]encode has been using linode for 3 years, others here for longer than 5
01:14<Bdragon>I haven't had any problems with uptime...
01:14<Bdragon>root@overbeck:/usr/pkgsrc/devel/doxygen# uptime
01:14<Bdragon> 00:14:44 up 152 days, 5:17, 2 users, load average: 0.17, 0.10, 0.09
01:15<encode> 15:15:12 up 126 days, 6:26, 13 users, load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.00
01:15<encode>nor me
01:15<encode>last time i rebooted was for a free ram upgrade
01:15<Bdragon>Heh, I'm still a free ram upgrade behind
01:15<encode>me too
01:16<Bdragon>I'll get around to it eventually... Good stuff
01:17<Bdragon>Also, feel free to look at the status forum... (I *think* it's public access...)
01:18<guinea-pig>level 28... fun fun
01:18[~]guinea-pig curses encode
01:20<offby1>wow, those are good numbers.
01:21<encode>some of the linodes have uptimes greater than a year
01:23<encode>one of the linode customers developed that site, so people can keep track of IO usage
01:23<encode>one of the fields it includes is uptime ;)
01:25<offby1>just noticed that meself.
01:25<offby1>OK, I'm sold
01:25<guinea-pig>i hadn't looked at RML in ages
01:25<offby1>surely "PimpMyLinode" cannot be far behind
01:25<guinea-pig>forgot my node was still sending it
01:26[~]Eman puts spinners on host9
01:26<offby1>do they back up one's box?
01:27<offby1>i.e., is it protected against disk failure, fire, that sort of thing?
01:27<guinea-pig>you're responsible for your own data
01:27<Bdragon>no, you maintain your own backups
01:27<offby1>well, I don't plan on hosting any important data anyway
01:28<Eman>theres only been 1 total disk failure in any of the hosts afaik
01:28<offby1>now I'm impatient to get going :-)
01:28<offby1>like a kid at Christmas
01:34<guinea-pig>but yeah. just back-up to some off-site service. i use my home computer as an off-site location :P
01:34<offby1>I've been using S3
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01:58[~]caker is still awake, and activates offby1's account
01:59<@caker>offby1: welcome aboard, and thank you
01:59<Bdragon>Welcome to Linode
01:59[~]Bdragon falls asleep
02:10<encode>hooray for caker
02:10<tjfontaine>"hooray for boobies"
02:10<tjfontaine>I have to say that's one of the more funny album titles I've seen
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05:46<yesan>do you give root access to your customers
05:48<encode>each customer has root access to their own linode, yes
05:49<encode>that doesn't mean they can do anything to any other linode
05:49<encode>or access any information from another linode on the same host
05:49<yesan>well respect the privacy
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05:50<yesan>what are the packages avaialbe with
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05:52<yesan>encode, what are the packages avaialable with you
06:03<yesan>mean kernel?
06:04<yesan>what are the other features do we get?
06:04<yesan>such as email accounts/mailing list/ ftp/ssh access and so
06:05<yesan>everything on our part? is that? what about cpanel?
06:06<yesan>in a shared hosting, do we get root access?
06:07<yesan>sounds ok
06:07<yesan>what is the cost? for basic plan
06:08<yesan>is it $19.95montlhy
06:08<yesan>do you have a policy as such to give subsidy to non-profit organisations
06:09<encode>yesan: as far as I know, no discounts
06:09<yesan>sorry? i thought it was technical assistant from linode
06:09<encode>but again, im not on Linode staff
06:09<encode>yesan: I dont think you understand the whole IRC thing
06:10<encode>all but 3 people on this channel are mere customers
06:10<encode>we can advise you with our experiences
06:10<encode>but financial based questions - you should contact linode staff
06:10<yesan>thank for correcting my ignorance
06:11<encode>they're not usually around this time of day
06:11<encode>its quite early in the morning in their timezone
06:11<yesan>let me see if linode staff available?
06:11<encode>try again in a few hours, or sign up to the forums and ask there
06:11<encode>that way they can reply when they see the question
06:12<yesan>i must come back and find them
06:12<yesan>bye for now
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09:05<@tasaro>encode: quote sent
09:06<@caker>for the sex change
09:06<encode>will they throw in some liposuction?
09:07<@mikegrb>only one pound
09:07[~]encode is confused
09:08<@mikegrb>isn't that what the sex change is for?
09:08<encode>doesn't that make things worse?
09:08<@mikegrb>I thought it was supposed to make things better
09:08<@mikegrb>silly tasaro, right first name, wrong last name
09:09<@mikegrb>encode: tasaro sent some email to someone named nathan
09:09<@mikegrb>encode: you are always on his mind so he thought of you
09:09<@mikegrb>now that song is stuck in my head :<
09:10<@tasaro>internat: quote sent
09:10<@caker>yeah, took only about a millisecond for me to go straight there. thanks mikegrb.
09:10<@mikegrb>caker: <3
09:10<@tasaro>caker, the human jukebox from the 70s,80s, and today
09:11<encode>ahh cool
09:11<encode>as long as thats all sorted
09:11<@mikegrb>tasaro: and don't forget tomorrow
09:11<encode>now I can go to bed
09:11<encode>also, I played some of the real portal tonight
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09:11<encode>fantastic game
09:11[~]encode likes puzzles
09:37<linbot>New news from forums: For Sale: Retired Linode Host Servers in Announcements <>
09:38<@caker>how long. how long must we sing this song?
09:40<JasonF>caker: did you get my pm?
09:40<JasonF>(I haven't been by work if you've called)
09:41<@caker>JasonF: yes -- tasaro's gonna hit you back
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10:58<offby1>caker: thanks, booting it now.
11:08<offby1>running aptitude now! very cool. Very fast network too
11:15<JasonF>caker: what is EMT64?
11:16<@caker>I think it's intel's hack to address 64bits of memory, before they had a true x86_64 instruction set
11:18<JasonF>so most likely, the supermicro 6013P-i couldn't do more than 4GB of ram in linux without a weird kernel?
11:18<@caker>Hell no, we had more tha 4GB no problem -- PAE, baby
11:18<Bdragon>physical address extension
11:18<JasonF>what is that?
11:19[~]JasonF never needed >4gb of ram until after he had 64bit servers
11:19<Bdragon>36bit pagetables
11:19<@caker>32bit kernels that can do more than 4GB of ram (it's one setting in kernel menuconfig)
11:19<JasonF>is that the debian BIGMEM kernel?
11:19<@caker>most distros have a "bigmem" or something kernel, too
11:19<Bdragon>(something like that anyway.. bah, check wikipedia :P)
11:20<JasonF>that's pretty cool.
11:20<JasonF>i didn't know that!
11:20<@caker>real men use 640k of RAM
11:21<JasonF>on the build #2 (Supermicro 6013P-i, Dual Xeon 2.66 GHz, 4GB RAM) do they have open slots?
11:21<offby1>thanks folks; everything's working slick!
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11:24<JasonF>caker: ^
11:25<@tasaro>i'm pretty sure they each have two slots open
11:25<JasonF>oooh, that's tasty
11:25<heidi>caker: are you and tasaro wearing costumes to work next Wed
11:25<Bdragon>They take ECC ram, right?
11:25<JasonF>just toss a pair of 160GB hdds in them... then if we want more space, toss more ram in the suckers and two more disks
11:37<@caker>heidi: yeah, I'm coming as a PHB
11:37<@caker>oh wait.
11:39<heidi>but you will need a wig
11:39<@caker>indeed. No hair anymore :)
11:39<@mikegrb>I'm coming as a [redacted]
11:39<@mikegrb>it's a surprise!
11:39<heidi>i was just asking cause i think mikegrb plans on dressing up
11:39<@tasaro>i'm coming as the invisible, deaf, mute man
11:40<@tasaro>caker: don't worry -- i'm really in my office working
11:40<@mikegrb>tasaro: nice
11:40<@tasaro>mikegrb: i can't hear you
11:41<heidi>tasaro: what time are you guys taking the kids out
11:41<heidi>so i know what time to be there
11:41<@caker>heidi: please cook mikegrb's pork roll from now on
11:41<@caker>I'm scared
11:41<heidi>the package says fully cooked
11:41<heidi>if you look at it, it looks like sandwhich meat
11:41<@caker>I don't care if it says pre-cooked on the box
11:41<@caker>it's still scary
11:42<@tasaro>pre-sliced or pre-cooked?
11:42<@mikegrb>says both iirc
11:42<heidi>tasaro: pre-sliced and fully cooked
11:42<heidi>not pre-cooked
11:42<heidi>fully cooked
11:43<@caker>fully cooked then smothered in e coli
11:44[~]mikegrb infects caker
11:45|-|jtu [] has joined #linode
11:45<jtu>mikegrb: are you in?
11:47<jtu>mikegrb: cool, i have a question for you
11:47<jtu>i did a google search for a problem i'm been having and stumbled on an irc log
11:47<jtu>it seems you've run into a similar problem i have and i'm wondering if you figured out how to fix it
11:48<jtu>Here's the log:
11:48<@caker>question please
11:48<jtu>Here's the relevant quote: "so this sshfs stuff is odd: i mount the linode on a local machine (osx or linux) and can edit the files fine -- unless I use something like gnumeric - then it says permission denied when I try and overwrite the file"
11:49<@mikegrb>ahh that was gpd with that issue
11:49<jtu>i'm specifically interested in being able to save gnumeric files on a sshfs
11:49<@mikegrb>my issue was related to mtime and has been fixed
11:50<@mikegrb>gpd isn't around :<
11:50<jtu>you're right
11:50<@mikegrb>haven't seen him lately either :/
11:50|-|brupm [~bruno@] has joined #linode
11:50<jtu>i forget the command for finding out when someone was on last
11:51|-|Lendrick [] has joined #linode
11:51<@mikegrb>!last gpd
11:51<linbot>mikegrb: (last [--{from,in,on,with,without,regexp} <value>] [--nolimit]) -- Returns the last message matching the given criteria. --from requires a nick from whom the message came; --in requires a channel the message was sent to; --on requires a network the message was sent on; --with requires some string that had to be in the message; --regexp requires a regular expression the message must match; --nolimit returns (1 more message)
11:51<@tasaro>!seen gpd
11:51<@caker>!seen gpd
11:51<linbot>caker: gpd was last seen in #linode 20 weeks, 2 days, 0 hours, 22 minutes, and 16 seconds ago: <gpd>
11:51<linbot>tasaro: gpd was last seen in #linode 20 weeks, 2 days, 0 hours, 22 minutes, and 16 seconds ago: <gpd>
11:51<linbot>SpaceHobo: gpd was last seen in #linode 20 weeks, 2 days, 0 hours, 22 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: <gpd>
11:51<linbot>SpaceHobo: jtu was last seen in #linode 4 seconds ago: <jtu> thanks
11:51<@caker>SpaceHobo: omgz
11:52<linbot>SpaceHobo: SpaceHobo was last seen in #linode 5 seconds ago: <SpaceHobo> !seen jtu
11:52<Lendrick>I need a little DNS help...
11:52<linbot>SpaceHobo: SpaceHobo was last seen in #linode 2 seconds ago: <SpaceHobo> !seen SpaceHobo
11:52<linbot>SpaceHobo: SpaceHobo was last seen in #linode 1 second ago: <SpaceHobo> Lol mikegrb
11:52<@mikegrb>mmm cake
11:52<brupm>Hi guys, at my old host I had a cgi-bin folder with a script in it configured to email me results from a form I submitted against it. How would I go about setting this up on my new linode VPS?
11:52<@caker>Lendrick: ok -- go for it
11:52<jtu>2 weeks. it has been awhile
11:52<Lendrick>I've already got my domain name set up and pointing at my linode
11:52<@tasaro>20 weeks
11:52<jtu>oh, make that 20 weeks
11:53<Lendrick>but there's another server I have the IP address of that I'd like to point a cname to
11:53<Lendrick>is that possible?
11:53<@caker>Lendrick: yes
11:53<Lendrick>I added a cname record yesterday
11:54<Lendrick>entered the cname and then the IP address it's supposed to alias to
11:54<Lendrick>but it doesn't seem to be working
11:54<Lendrick>I'm wondering if I missed a step
11:55<Lendrick>do I need to add a new A/AAAA record for it too?
11:56<@mikegrb>you want just an A record (no cname) if you just want to go from name -> ip
11:56<@mikegrb>cname is for name -> name
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11:58<Lendrick>so it's not going to mess me up having multiple A records?
11:58<Lendrick> can point to one IP address, and can point to another?
11:59<Lendrick>well, I did it. I'll hope for the best.
11:59<Lendrick>thanks for the help :)
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12:01<@caker>brupm: configure apache make a directory a cgi-bin, then install your script
12:01<brupm>I am using nginx :-(
12:02<@caker>"Because Nginx cannot directly execute external programs (CGI), a malicious person can't trick your system into uploading and executing an arbitrary script."
12:04<warewolf>brupm: don't use, if you don't want to be a spammer and have someone abuse whatever you have.
12:05<brupm>I see
12:05<warewolf>brupm: can and will be used by spammers to send a *lot* of email.
12:05<JasonF>caker: was ... what was it? host52? a build #2
12:05<warewolf>brupm: the replacements for Matt's Script Archive on that site I just linked are more secure versions.
12:05<JasonF>(the server I was on that kept crashing)
12:06<brupm>warewolf: will that work with nginx?
12:06<@caker>JasonF: a BIOS updatae will fix that
12:06<brupm>i dont think so
12:06<warewolf>I have no idea what nginx is, but I'm almost certian that it will work.
12:06<brupm>it's a cgi script as well
12:06<JasonF>caker: I was more joking than anything else ;)
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12:18|-|jtu [] has joined #linode
12:19<jtu>mikegrb: i found the solution to gpd's problem
12:20<jtu>it is a problem with sshfs
12:20<jtu>you can use "-o workaround=rename" to fix it
12:20<jtu>I found the answer here:
12:21<jtu>just in case you get any more people asking about "Operation not permitted" errors with sshfs
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12:25[~]caker works on Lassie
12:26|-|schmichael|away changed nick to schmichael
12:27<@caker>Lassie, The Linode Autonomous System Shutdown Intelligent rEbooter
12:27<@caker>(shutdown watchdog) :)
12:31<emag>what is it, girl? timmy fell down a well AGAIN?!
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12:32<@caker>bark bark - what is it girl? I need to check my drive geometry?
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12:37<opello>very nice name
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12:56<@mikegrb>any arch users in the room?
13:01[~]scott raises his hand
13:15|-|marcel [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:38<@caker>text-based alternatives configuration editor?
13:41<@caker>update-alternatives --set editor /usr/bin/vim ... thank you dear lord
13:41[~]caker gives nano the boot
13:42<anderiv_>hah - agreed.
13:42|-|anderiv_ changed nick to anderiv
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13:47<JasonF>nano as the default in etch makes me cry
13:47|-|nimaj [~urbs@120-222-pool1.P-POOL.MARIST.EDU] has joined #linode
13:48<johnf>it's always been the default
13:48<johnf>it always makes my cry
13:48<johnf>hmm, really?
13:48<johnf>I always got nano
13:48<johnf>I don't even know ae (wait, does it look like nano)
13:48<johnf>woody I think
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14:16<JasonF>Woo! I just got my company to buy 4 of the retired linode servers. Our developers are getting a dev environment upgrade.
14:16<JasonF>4*Build#2 + 8*160GB Sata Disk == $1500
14:16<JasonF>that's like, OMG cheap
14:16<JasonF>Now, I wouldn't want them in production
14:16[~]JasonF pets his shiny new dells
14:16<JasonF>but for development... heck yeah
14:16<Bdragon>Quit a bit of oomph for the price, that's for sure
14:17<JasonF>That's for certain :)
14:17<JasonF>caker: I have a present for you, too :) Check your PMs
14:19<@caker>JasonF: I'll think about it, thanks for the offer
14:20<JasonF>np, if you want it, just signup for the trial and poke me and I'll extend the expire date and give you the full sublimit
14:20<Bdragon>So I got up early this morning to help deploy an update to A pretty cool new feature was added:
14:25<@tasaro>ATDT 9780028,1170
14:26<@caker>CONNECT 300
14:26<@tasaro>Welcome to the GrapeVine BBS!
14:27<scott>tasaro: do they have tradewars 2001?!
14:27<@caker>no, but Land of Spur
14:28[~]scott steals SpaceHobo's planets
14:30<@mikegrb>!weather 08087
14:30<linbot>mikegrb: Temperature: 58.6°F / 14.8°C | Humidity: 88% | Pressure: 30.21in / 1022.9hPa | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: SE | Wind Speed: 16.0mph / 25.7km/h ; Rest of Today - Cloudy with a chance of rain this afternoon. Temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. Northeast winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.; Tonight - Cloudy. A chance of rain in the evening...then rain likely after midnight. Lows in the (1 more message)
14:31<JasonF>I want more rain :(*
14:31<JasonF>They've started measuring our water supply in days.
14:31<JasonF>Which always scares me.
14:31<@caker>!tell mikegrb !more
14:32<JasonF>"73 days of water left"
14:32<linbot>mikegrb: lower 50s. Northeast winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.; Friday - Rain...heavy at times. Highs in the lower 60s. East winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 90 percent.;
14:32<JasonF>!weather 27713
14:32<linbot>JasonF: Temperature: 59.5°F / 15.3°C | Humidity: 89% | Pressure: 30.05in / 1017.5hPa | Conditions: Light Rain | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; This Afternoon - Widespread showers with isolated thunderstorms. Cooler. Temperatures steady 58 to 62. Northeast winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain near 100 percent.; Tonight - Widespread rain. Lows in the upper 50s. Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of (1 more message)
14:32<@mikegrb>[14:31:49] <linbot> caker wants me to tell you: !more
14:32<linbot>JasonF: rain 80 percent.; Friday - Widespread rain with a chance of thunderstorms. Highs in the upper 60s. East winds around 5 mph. Chance of rain 90 percent.;
14:32<@caker>!tell mikegrb [more]
14:32<JasonF>!tell mikegrb I like other bots
14:32<scott>JasonF: are you allowed to take showers and baths?
14:32<JasonF>but no car washing
14:32<JasonF>or lawn watering
14:33<scott>where was that again?
14:33<JasonF>Durham, NC
14:33<JasonF>luckily today is the second day of rain in a row
14:33<JasonF>which is nice
14:33<scott>so you guys simpl had no rainthis summer?
14:33<JasonF>not really
14:36<brtb>!weather 32779
14:36<linbot>brtb: Temperature: 71.3°F / 21.8°C | Humidity: 68% | Pressure: 29.87in / 1011.4hPa | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 3.5mph / 5.6km/h ; Today - Considerable cloudiness. A chance of showers. Highs in the upper 70s. Northwest winds around 5 mph shifting to the north in the afternoon. Chance of rain 30 percent.; Tonight - Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers. Lows in the upper 60s. East winds (1 more message)
14:37<brtb>71.3... nice, for florida =]
14:37<heidi>i miss florida
14:37<heidi>!weather 08087
14:37<linbot>heidi: Temperature: 58.8°F / 14.9°C | Humidity: 85% | Pressure: 30.21in / 1022.9hPa | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: East | Wind Speed: 7.0mph / 11.3km/h ; Rest of Today - Cloudy with a chance of rain this afternoon. Temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. Northeast winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.; Tonight - Cloudy. A chance of rain in the evening...then rain likely after midnight. Lows in the (1 more message)
14:37<heidi>that is here
14:39|-|jams [] has joined #linode
14:39<warewolf>anyone else in TP suddenly lose connectivity for ~15 sec just now?
14:40<@caker>I'm still here
14:40<heidi>i was having trouble with my irc for a few seconds
14:40<heidi>like a hickup in connection
14:40<brtb>only watching irc, so i didn't really notice anything
14:40<scott>ethernet cable fell out
14:41<jams>like somebody unplugging a cable and moving it to a differnt port.
14:41<JasonF>I'm still here, and I didn't see a hiccup
14:41<scott>are you using screen+irssi?
14:41<heidi>i only saw it because my client is a little buggy so i restarted iterm and when i reconnected it took a long time to ssh in
14:41<JasonF>scott: yep
14:42<heidi>i was thinking it was my internet connection for a minute
14:42<heidi>but my email and stuff was fine
14:42<scott>yeah, i was typing in a shell and boom
14:42<opello>heh i dind't :)
14:42<opello>but i'm not ircing from TP
14:43<scott>thanks opello :)
14:43<opello>np scott, i'm here to serve
14:43<scott>cool. in what way?
14:44<opello>not in that way, baby :p
14:44<heidi>geeks are such pervs
14:44<heidi>guys are such pervs
14:44<opello>it's all scott heidi, and by extension, mikegrb :)
14:45<heidi>yeah, he corrupted mikegrb
14:45<heidi>i didn't have problems before
14:45<JasonF>Sometimes it makes me sad that the girl I'm going to marry isn't going to be in an irc chat with me :/
14:45<scott>JasonF: no, its a good thing
14:45<scott>JasonF: this way you can talk smack about her
14:45<heidi>mikegrb insisted that i join
14:46<scott>silly mikegrb
14:46<scott>i think he knows better now
14:46<JasonF>I actually like the fact that she's not as geeky as me. She's technically competent, but not geeky.
14:46<heidi>then he should tell me to quit
14:46<heidi>when i try he gets mad at me
14:46<opello>that's almost a letdown though
14:46<JasonF>She picks out my clothes now. My wardrobe contains significantly less ratty tshirts with clever sayings and more button up shirts that "bring out my eyes"
14:47<heidi>good for her
14:47<scott>oh my
14:47<heidi>i have to pick out mikes clothes too
14:47<heidi>he has me set out his outfit the night before for work
14:47<scott>JasonF: i just bought one tha says "Cougar Bait"
14:48<JasonF>Some guys find it "controlling" for their woman to do that. I find it makes sense :)
14:48<JasonF>she fixes my fashion sense, I fix her computers
14:48<heidi>JasonF: he insists on it
14:48<JasonF>As will I, when we're married
14:50<JasonF> <--- that's me and her
14:51<linbot>New news from forums: [ Poll ] My first modem was a .... in /dev/random <>
14:53|-|schmichael changed nick to schmichael|away
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15:41|-|afv [~afv@] has joined #linode
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16:09<JasonF>tasaro: I just sent a reply email in -- I need you to get me an invoice so I can get a check issued to you guys.
16:12|-|harshy [] has joined #linode
16:13|-|afv [~afv@] has quit [Quit: The conversation has been moved to the Trash.]
16:22|-|Kurt [] has joined #linode
16:44<@caker>Lassie lives!
16:56<warewolf>caker: ping
16:57<JasonF>it's a TRAP! Full moon tonight!
16:57<JasonF>(actually, it probably isn't, I'm just being funny)
16:57|-|Kurt [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:57<warewolf>linbot: help
16:57<linbot>warewolf: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
16:57|-|Kurt [] has joined #linode
16:58<Kurt>my arrangement of "O Holy Night" for my winter brass ensemble is complete!
16:58<Kurt>2 down, 2 to go
16:58<warewolf>you arrange music?
16:58<@caker>warewolf: pong
17:02<warewolf>kurt- that's awesome
17:02<warewolf>kurt- what composer were you arranging?
17:03<Kurt>it's "O Holy Night"
17:03<Kurt>it was composed by Adolphe Adam
17:04<warewolf>oh, I'm an idiot.
17:04<warewolf>apparently my concept of arranger/composer were totally wrong.
17:05<warewolf>kurt- if I didn't mention it before, I played trombone, baratone, and tuba in school; so I'm somewhat familiar with music
17:05[~]Kurt is a semi-professional trombonist and trombone teacher, and is also competent on eupho, tuba, and trumpet
17:06<warewolf>I havn't touched my trombone in years; I learned how to play the _totally wrong_ way.
17:06[~]TJF played the recorder and has no music skills
17:07<Kurt>how would that be?
17:07<warewolf>trombone was the first instrument I ever played, and I cheated and wrote the slide positions on the music -- so I never really learned note -> slide position
17:07<Kurt>well, people need to forget about slide positions altogether
17:07<Kurt>because they're different in every harmonic series
17:07<warewolf>tuba I look at the sheet music and my fingers know what valves to press automatically
17:07<Kurt>slide positions are just a guide to know the general area
17:07<Kurt>the slide is actually placed wherever the note is in tune
17:08[~]warewolf loved playing the tubas with the 4th valve
17:08<warewolf>man that made playing so much easier
17:09<Kurt>well, its proper purpose is to make lower notes more in tune
17:09<Kurt>not just to make playing "easier"
17:09<warewolf>sure, one tuning slide in use for those notes versus two
17:10[~]anderiv thinks they should make tubas w/ the third valve slide ala trumpets.
17:10<warewolf>kurt- you're bringing back memories of me having to pull the tuning slides out and dump the spit out of them, heh.
17:10<warewolf>from 3hrs of playing
17:11<Kurt>warewolf: well, that's not really it
17:11<warewolf>that's just what happens when you've got a sousaphone on your back and you're marching around the football field
17:11<Kurt>no, I'm talking about how it makes lower notes more in tune
17:11<Kurt>when you play lower notes, you really need more tubing
17:12<Kurt>so the basic 3 valves don't provide enough tubing to increase it by the proper amount
17:12<Kurt>what the fourth valve does is essentially make it a tuba in F instead of Bb, which is more conducive to lower notes
17:12<Kurt>so it takes care of that discrepancy
17:12<warewolf>neat, I never thought of it that way.
17:12<Kurt>anyway, I remember in drum corps pouring the spit out of my eupho and it becoming noticeably lighter
17:13<warewolf>side note: it's simply not right when you roll your instrument clockwise/counter clockwise and a river pours out of the bell :(
17:14<warewolf>left handed tubas are simply a FREAK OF NATURE THAT SHOULD BE AVOIDED
17:14|-|Sputnik7 [] has joined #linode
17:14<warewolf>I miss playing tuba. In high school I played the Aladdin soundtrack, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, and a bunch more I can't recall.
17:15[~]Kurt puts on some MADISON SCOUTS
17:15<warewolf>and jesus I hated that 'circle of fifths' crap on the music tests
17:15<Kurt>"On the field, from Madison, Wisconsin, performing their 1995 program, 'A Drum Corps Fan's Dream: A Day in the Life of a Bullfighter', Drum Corps International is proud to present...THE MADISON SCOUTS!"
17:16<warewolf>I never got it right, nor did I ever understand it. Mr. Wampler (my instructor back then) would take the red sharpie and make my test blood red all over.
17:16<Kurt>"Drum major Tony Rother, is your corps ready? (THEY'RE ALWAYS READY!) Madison Scouts, you may take the field for competition."
17:16<warewolf>marching band competitions were FUN.
17:17<Kurt>marching band is stock
17:17<Kurt>drum corps is where it's at
17:17<warewolf>although, something's wrong with your percussionist who has no sense of pitch
17:17<warewolf>(she only played the drums)
17:17<warewolf>like, I'd mash a key on a piano, and say "Hum or whistle that" and she's fail trying.
17:17<JasonF>tasaro: check your email. I just sold you two more servers.
17:20<encode>can we sell servers to linode now?
17:21<JasonF>I meant it more as in I sold two for him :)
17:21[~]encode sells some servers from work
17:21<JasonF>the last of the build 2's are being picked up by a sister company of iContact
17:21|-|schmichael|away changed nick to schmichael
17:21<encode>JasonF: yeah i figured that was what you meant
17:38<internat85>thanks tasaro, reply sent
17:42|-|Sputnik7 [] has quit [Quit: -=SysReset 2.53=-]
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18:10|-|spratt [] has joined #linode
18:11<spratt>I have a couple of Linode there someone who can answer them for me?
18:11<internat85>i can try, but im not a linode staffer or anything
18:11|-|internat85 changed nick to Internat
18:12<Internat>stupid nickname
18:12<spratt>Do you know if I can increase my Linode and keep my exact configuration?
18:13<opello>you could dd your disk iamge off and put it back up on the new node
18:13<opello>but if you get a larger node, it'll be on a different host
18:13<spratt>Yea, I'm just wondering if that is a service that Linode provides. Upgrade while maintaining your current config.
18:14<Internat>u can migrate to a bigger/different server with ur same stuff
18:14<Internat>u just have some downtime
18:14<Internat>and if you have to change datacentres to get to a different host, you have to change ips
18:14<spratt>What happens to all the libraries I have installed, my apache configuration, etc
18:15<Internat>ur hdd image goes with you
18:15<Internat>and you just increase/resize it when you end up on ur new host
18:15<spratt>Cool. That's what I needed to know.
18:15<warewolf>spratt: you can buy more ram/disk space and just apply it
18:15<warewolf>spratt: eg, say you start out with a linode 200 (or whatever the bottom of the line linode is today) and you need another 50mb.
18:15<warewolf>you can buy those 50mb of ram and "apply" it after a reboot, nothing needs to change on your filesystem.
18:16<spratt>What if I want to buy a second linode and have it configured exactly the same as my first?
18:16<Internat>that you have to take care of
18:16<warewolf>spratt: say you need to buy another 2gb of disk space. You buy it, and then shut down your linode. You then extend your filesystem through the web panel, and after that's completed, you boot it up and you've got extra free space.
18:16<lucca->spratt: you can even upgrade between datacenters, though you have to wait for it to transfer and likely you'd need to change ip's.
18:16<Internat>your root on your linode.. you install what you want, and deal with the configs
18:16<Internat>so if you get a second box its up to you to build it up again
18:17<warewolf>spratt: linode isn't ensim/cpanel/webmin
18:17<Internat>theres plenty of ways of duplicating it if you really want an exact copy else where, but most people would say just build a new one from scratch
18:17<warewolf>at the core you get a virtual linux box that you have full control over. You decide how to run the system -totally-.
18:17<warewolf>and it's cheap as hell.
18:18<spratt>I want to have a dev box and a prod box. I hope I don't have to build to identical boxes from scratch. What would you recommend?
18:18<warewolf>that's why lots of people love it so much. It's really flexable, and you're not limited very much. Afterall, you've got -root- on your own box.
18:18<Internat>spratt: use something like debina
18:18<Internat>then you can dump out what you have installed from dpkg
18:18<Internat>and then install that on the othre one
18:18<warewolf>spratt: you'll have to do something close to building from scratch, or use some system that synchronises changes across two boxes.
18:18<warewolf>spratt: there's also nothing stopping you from having one linode box be both your development and production system.
18:19<spratt>Good idea. However, I have compiled some tools from scratch in order to get the latest and greatest.
18:19<Internat>so build one box up
18:19<Internat>and then DD the hdd to the other linode
18:19<warewolf>spratt: there is a rescue bootable cdrom image you can boot instead of booting your linode's hard drive
18:20<warewolf>spratt: you could then do some nifty tricks copying a disk image over the network
18:20<spratt>Thanks for all the good suggestions. Another question: are the linodes backed up somewhere?
18:20<warewolf>that's all on you.
18:20<warewolf>most people use rdiff-backup
18:21<spratt>Ok. I think I got it. My own Linode, my own responsibility.
18:21<warewolf>pretty much, yes.
18:21<warewolf>(and that's why it's so cheap)
18:26<spratt>Thanks for the help guys!!!!
18:26<Internat>the most from backup/reduncay u get is that your hdd is on a raid1
18:26<Internat>and that if your physical host dies compopletely that you'll get moved to a new one somewhere
18:28<spratt>Cool. Are there any other tools that I should be aware of when working with Linodes? dpkg and rdiff-backup were both good suggestions.
18:43<Internat>i woudl say stick with something like debian/ubuntu..
18:43<Internat>but thats just preferenc realy
18:43<Internat>trying to us a distro that you have to compile everything on, could be painful and would probably kill ur io_tokens pretty quikcly
18:50|-|andrew_j_w [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
19:05<spratt>Is the Ubuntu 6.06 Linode version, the Ubuntu 6.06 server version or the 6.06 desktop version?
19:07<Eman>id assume server
19:14|-|Bdragon28 [] has joined #linode
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19:14|-|Bdragon28 changed nick to Bdragon
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21:10<Internat>thanks tom1
21:17|-|Kurt [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:23<@caker>any reason Lassie shouldn't default to on for everybody?
21:27<JasonF>it may allow someone to not realize their box is crashing
21:27<JasonF>you should have it email the acct owner when activated
21:27<guinea-pig>and by Lassie, you mean?
21:28<@caker>LASSIE - Linode Autonomous System Shutdown Intelligent rEbooter
21:28<@caker>a shutdown watchdog
21:28<JasonF>a creepy collie with an unhealthy attachment to a young boy
21:28<guinea-pig>well that's great
21:28<guinea-pig>but i get all my email *on* my linode
21:28<@caker>to avoid looping, it will give up after 5 attempts in 15 minutes
21:31|-|Kurt [] has joined #linode
21:31<guinea-pig>but that's only if it's powered off, not if it's panicked or stuck booting up, waiting for fsck <y>?
21:32<@caker>panic will make it go powered off
21:32<@caker>waiting for fsck will not. It'll sit there
21:32<@caker>.. waiting ..
21:32<guinea-pig>oh. i thought a panic would just lockup
21:33<@caker>nah, UML exits
21:33<guinea-pig>i see
21:33<guinea-pig>don't think i've ever had a UML panic
21:33<@caker>launch it without any params and without a root_fs in current dir
21:33<ajmitch>it'll go boom?
21:33<@caker>it'll panic for not finding a root
21:33<@caker>just like daddy
21:33[~]ajmitch should probably schedule a reboot soon
21:33<guinea-pig>aha! That's where i've seen that name before
21:34<ajmitch>disgusting, having an uptime of > 6 months
21:34<Bdragon>Enjoy the free upgrades...
21:34<ajmitch>it means only 768MB of RAM is available at the moment :)
21:35<ajmitch>when was the 497 day uptime counter changed?
21:35<@caker>a while back
21:36<@caker>like late 2.4, I believe
21:36[~]caker has hit it
21:36[~]ajmitch wonders if the server at work will have it rollover in the next few days
21:37<Internat>you should make lassie be able to specify an address to email
21:37<Internat>cause likewise i have my email on my linode.. id send an email to email sms gateway
21:38<Internat>thats NOT on my node
21:39<@caker>we do have a field in the contact info section for an alternate email address
21:39<guinea-pig>all my alternate emails forward to my linode, for convenience :P
21:39<Internat>which email will lassie use?
21:39<@caker>it would send it out to your main one and the alt
21:40<Internat>meh i can deal with that
21:40[~]caker wonders what's involved in shooting emails out from the host themselves
21:40<Internat>looks up what his sms pager address is again
21:40<Internat>i think ud be the only person with the answer to that question :P
21:41<Internat>hmms tickets get sent to the alt address.. that could be annoying.. maybe.. *ponders some*
21:41<Kurt>who wants to hear something REALLY AWESOME?
21:47|-|sprouse [] has joined #linode
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22:10|-|chiefinnovator [] has joined #linode
22:10<chiefinnovator>How do I set up limits.conf in Ubuntu?
22:11<@caker>by editing the file?
22:11<@caker>not sure what you're asking
22:12<guinea-pig>the default /etc/security/limits.conf has some decent information
22:12<guinea-pig>and man 5 limits.conf also might be of help
22:12<chiefinnovator>Let me take another look at it, I didn't see what to do the first time
22:13<guinea-pig>fwiw.. i'm going to sleep
22:15<chiefinnovator>so what's the difference between hard and soft limits?
22:22|-|TheFirst [] has joined #linode
22:23<@caker>crazy caker's promotion code -- good for ONE FREE MONTH (after first month's purchase), for either new sign-ups, or "add a linode" for existing customers -- use the following code: CAKEISGOOD
22:23<@caker>pass it on.
22:24<Battousai>what about existing linodes?
22:24<Bdragon>Are you fra serious?
22:24[~]Battousai snickers
22:24<@mikegrb>mmm cake
22:24<Eman>the cake is a lie
22:24<@caker>bad Battousai, bad.
22:24<@caker>no lie -- DO IT
22:26<fake_>free month?
22:27<fake_>for existing? :)
22:27<@caker>one for adding a new linode to your account, or creating a new account
22:28<fake_>wish i needed a new linode
22:28<@caker>limited uses! Act now!
22:28<fo0bar>caker: yeah, I've seen that pic. that has got to be the UGLIEST middle door I have ever seen
22:29<Bdragon>[21:26] #drupal@freenode: * Senpai rushes out to add another linode
22:29<fo0bar>it first cropped up as a low-res cellphone pic, and everyone (myself included) thought it was a bad photoshop job
22:30<fo0bar>caker: make the code THECAKEISREAL and attract the half-life crowd too :)
22:32<fake_>hmm i just agreed to babysit a 4 week old kitten
22:32<fake_>hope my landlord doesn't drop by
22:33[~]fo0bar goes back to his marathon Heroes HD-DVD session
22:33<fo0bar>well, a marathon spread out over a week or so
22:34<fo0bar>caker: you know what would go GREAT with those new holiday signups?
22:35<fo0bar>finnix 90.0 for linode
22:35[~]ajmitch wonders what the holiday is
22:35<@caker>all part of my master plan, fo0bar -- please see (in progress)
22:36<fo0bar>ajmitch: hey, I'm thinking like wal-mart. it's october: just in time for christmas shopping!
22:37[~]ajmitch is from far-off foreign lands, without walmart :)
22:38<guinea-pig>caker: lish comment
22:38<Internat>Copy a disk image to another Linode <== OMG WE LOVE YOU
22:38<guinea-pig>kill's description says "kill stuck screen sessions"...
22:38<guinea-pig>would that be another way of saying "forcefully shut down linode" ? or does the not not actually run within screen?
22:39<@caker>it doesn't kill the Linode, nor the screen that it runs under. Just screen clients
22:39[~]guinea-pig hasn't... and doesn't want to.. try it
22:39<@caker>I needed that early on, most likely because of a bug in RH9's screen
22:39<fake_>linode runs within screen? what?
22:39<Internat>makes sense
22:39<Eman> is 404'ing
22:39<Internat>means caker can get to our console if required
22:39<@caker>fake_: yes, the UML runs inside a screen. That's how Lish is able to attach/detatch to your console
22:40<fake_>you just blew my mind
22:40<@caker>Eman: from where?
22:40<guinea-pig>eman: there's a main.cfm?
22:40<ajmitch>all a lot of deep magic (I used a very similar setup at universoty)
22:40<Eman>the dashboard link
22:40<guinea-pig>ohh heh
22:40<fake_>i didn't know screen was stable enough
22:40<ajmitch>though there'd be a class of 20 students each with 3 or 4 active UML 'machines'
22:41<ajmitch>screen is really quite good
22:41<fake_>i've only ever used it to save irc sessions so i have no clue
22:41<@caker>screen is so useful
22:41<guinea-pig>it's so useful that...
22:42<@caker>one time, at band camp...
22:42<guinea-pig>even if i forget my towel, i always have my screen
22:42<Bdragon>Wuff! Wuff!
22:45<Eman>screen is nice because you can have two people connect to the same session
22:45<@caker>Suddenly the Dungeon collapses!! - You die...
22:45<Bdragon>No kicking the stairs!
22:45<Bdragon>I don't care how much it trains str
22:45<chiefinnovator>limits.conf doesn't seem to do anything
22:45<@caker>chiefinnovator: changes on next log in
22:46<chiefinnovator>But I'm setting the limit for a different user, does that matter?
22:46<@caker>also, I didn't have luck using the wildcards, at least for root.
22:46<@caker>had to explicitly assign root's limits
22:46<@caker>well, log in as them and see if the limits took
22:46<guinea-pig>okay, wtf
22:46<chiefinnovator>well, it's only a user I'm using for running a daemon, it would never be logged in
22:47<guinea-pig>lost connectivity to host80 for a few minutes
22:47<chiefinnovator>Here's the line I added: jailtest hard nproc 1
22:47<chiefinnovator>Is there any log for limits.conf?
22:47<guinea-pig>somewhere in or near the telia/gnax junction
22:48<chiefinnovator>would I have better luck with ulimit?
22:51<chiefinnovator>I guess I could restart
22:51<ajmitch>chiefinnovator: I trust that you've enabled the pam module?
22:51<chiefinnovator>how do I enable it?
22:51<ajmitch>I believe it's in /etc/pam.d/common-session
22:52<Battousai>that's distro-specific
22:52<ajmitch>15:10 < chiefinnovator> How do I set up limits.conf in Ubuntu?
22:52<chiefinnovator>I found that file, here are the contents:
22:52<Internat>i can never work out how to have multiple people connected to a screen session
22:52<chiefinnovator>session required
22:52<chiefinnovator>session optional
22:52<ajmitch>the question was for ubuntu, and that's where ubuntu has it :)
22:53<Battousai>since this is for a daemon user that will likely never log in, there's no point using limits.conf
22:54[~]ajmitch probably missed that part about the daemon
22:54<ajmitch>I've found packages like squid to explicitly set ulimit in the initscript
22:56<@tasaro>looks like the first batch of retired hosts find their new homes tomorrow :)
22:57<Bdragon>Mine has estimated delivery Oct 27
22:57<Eman>tom, has my check arrived?
22:58<chiefinnovator>so limits.conf doesn't apply to daemon users?
22:58<@tasaro>no, didn't come today
22:58<guinea-pig>it's a login thing
22:58<Battousai>it only applies to users authenticated against pam
22:58<chiefinnovator>why doesn't the man file tell me that :-!
22:58<chiefinnovator>I mean :-~
22:59<chiefinnovator>So do I have any other alternatives?
22:59<@tasaro>Bdragon: yeah.. the residential deliveries will actually deliver on saturday -- i was surprised
22:59<chiefinnovator>I'm not seeing this squid
22:59<opello>Bdragon: mine says 27th too
23:00<opello>tasaro: awesome
23:00<Bdragon>Yeah, is rather suprising
23:01<chiefinnovator>So there's no way to limit the number of processes a daemon can have?
23:01<Bdragon>chiefinnovator: I think there's a djb tool....
23:01<@tasaro>don't cut your t-shirt up when you open the box ;)
23:02<chiefinnovator>what's djb?
23:02<Bdragon>A famous programmer who people either love or hate
23:03<chiefinnovator>cool, this looks like it might work
23:06<Bdragon>If you have issues compiling it and consider me trustworthy enough to use something I compiled, I just dropped a binary in my dropbox...
23:06[~]Bdragon runs the whole daemontools shebang, it's quite nice...
23:07<Bdragon>If you're interested in learning about daemontools in general, is a nice guide.... ;)
23:11<Bdragon>It's kind of hard to find binary packages for djb software because of his stance on licenses causes some problems for packagers.. A lot of his software is license-free (as in it is implicitly copyrighted, but no specifications on usage rights are provided).... long story...
23:12<chiefinnovator>Wait, so you're djb?
23:13<ajmitch>no, he's far too polite for that
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23:14|-|Bdragon28 changed nick to Bdragon
23:15<chiefinnovator>who's polite?
23:15<Bdragon>[22:14] <ajmitch> no, he's far too polite for that
23:15<chiefinnovator>I mean djb
23:15<Bdragon>djb is not very polite
23:18<Bdragon>He is a VERY disciplined programmer though.
23:28<chiefinnovator>thanks for the help
23:28<chiefinnovator>I'll try it out tomorrow
23:30<chiefinnovator>hmm, how do I run your softlimit executable?
23:30<chiefinnovator>oh I got it, it needed permission
23:31<Bdragon>Forgot to +x?
23:31<Bdragon>ldd it first, I'm pretty sure it is a pretty portable binary, it didn't seem to be dynamically linked to anything special...
23:32<Bdragon>softlimit -p 3 thedaemon
23:32<Bdragon>or similar
23:32<chiefinnovator>wow it works!
23:33<chiefinnovator>which option limits RAM?
23:33<chiefinnovator>I might as well do that too
23:33<Bdragon>(which has better descriptions)
23:34<chiefinnovator>I'm looking at those
23:34<Bdragon>-m I think
23:34<chiefinnovator>I'm confused which one is RAM though
23:34<Bdragon>Well, there's different subcategories
23:34<Bdragon>Like you may want to limit stack space
23:34<Bdragon>in any case
23:34<Bdragon>-m limits everything together
23:35<Bdragon>-r limits RSS
23:35<chiefinnovator>I guess I want everything together
23:35<Bdragon>(which means that you it can allocate more, but it keeps some in swapspace)
23:36<Bdragon>The manual page for ulimit might be helpful
23:36<Bdragon>You most likely want either -r or -m
23:41<chiefinnovator>so will softlimit interfere with a chroot call?
23:41<chiefinnovator>Here's what I currently call
23:41<chiefinnovator>jk_chrootlaunch -u jailtest -g jailtest -j /srv/jail_for_python/ -x /srv/jail_for_python/usr/bin/python2.4
23:41<chiefinnovator>and I'm thinking I'd just add the softlimit -p 1 -m 2000000 in front of it
23:41<Bdragon>between -x and /srv.... I think
23:42<Bdragon>oh, right
23:42<Bdragon>in front
23:42<chiefinnovator>how do you decide? :-)
23:42<chiefinnovator>well it's not in the jail
23:42<chiefinnovator>so that's an argument for in front
23:43<Bdragon>you might have to add 1 to account for the launching process
23:43<Bdragon>(to the max processes)
23:43<Bdragon>if you do it in front
23:43<chiefinnovator>I guess I don't have to do it in front, right?
23:43<chiefinnovator>I could place the exe in the jai
23:43<Bdragon>In any case, if that doesn't work, might as well just drop a copy in the jail
23:43<Bdragon>it's a piddling small binary
23:44<chiefinnovator>Ok, I'll try that
23:48<chiefinnovator>jk_chrootlaunch: invalid option -- m
23:48<chiefinnovator>for sudo jk_chrootlaunch -u jailtest -g jailtest -j /srv/jail_for_python/ -x softlimit -p 1 -m 2000000 /srv/jail_for_python/usr/bin/python2.4
23:48<Bdragon>-x /srv/jail_for_python/usr/bin/softlimit
23:49<Bdragon>It is not liking the command string...
23:49<Bdragon>You might need a -- in there somewhere
23:49<Bdragon>like between the -x and softlimit
23:49<Bdragon>or after the softlimit
23:49<Bdragon>that might help
23:50<chiefinnovator>what does that do?
23:50<Bdragon>Stops parsing the command line...
23:51<Bdragon>softlimit -- -p ...
23:51<Bdragon>That might help....
23:51<Bdragon>or maybe before softlimit
23:51<chiefinnovator>softlimit -- -p made it do nothing
23:51<Bdragon>And -- softlimit?
23:52<chiefinnovator>same message
23:52<chiefinnovator>jk_chrootlaunch: invalid option -- m
23:53<Bdragon>sudo jk_chrootlaunch -u jailtest -g jailtest -j /srv/jail_for_python/ --exec softlimit -- -p 1 -m 2000000 /srv/jail_for_python/usr/bin/python2.4
23:54<chiefinnovator>I think I did that
23:54<chiefinnovator>no error, but didn't launch anything
23:54<Bdragon>sudo jk_chrootlaunch -u jailtest -g jailtest -j /srv/jail_for_python/ --exec /srv/jail_for_python/usr/bin/softlimit -- -p 1 -m 2000000 /srv/jail_for_python/usr/bin/python2.4
23:55<chiefinnovator>oh use exec?
23:55<Bdragon>Well, -x or --exec
23:55<chiefinnovator>I did -x
23:55<Bdragon>oh wait
23:56<Bdragon>sudo jk_chrootlaunch -u jailtest -g jailtest -j /srv/jail_for_python/ --exec /srv/jail_for_python/usr/bin/softlimit -- -p 1 -m 2000000 /usr/bin/python2.4
23:56<Bdragon>Since softlimit is inside the chroot
23:56<Bdragon>it sees /srv/jail_for_python/ as /
23:57<chiefinnovator>yeah tried that too
23:57<chiefinnovator>same results
23:58<chiefinnovator>maybe softlimit -- is telling softlimit too to ignore the commands?
23:58<Bdragon>it shouldn't
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23:59<Bdragon>That -- gets eaten by jk_chrootlaunch
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