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#linode IRC Logs for 2007-12-08

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00:25<hotgazpacho>rainkid: you still having troubles with your host?
00:25<hotgazpacho>Same here
00:26<hotgazpacho>SSH connections drop
00:26<hotgazpacho>HTTP requests time out
00:26<rainkid>http does work at all
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00:27<rainkid>i run my own game server. people are leaving in droves =(
00:27<hotgazpacho>I'm trying to migrate from a dedicated server
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00:29<hotgazpacho>Damnit this is frustrating!
00:30<Majes>what are you migrating? database or just html/php?
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00:30<hotgazpacho>right now, nothing
00:31<hotgazpacho>I can't even get an SSH session to stay open for more than a minute!
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00:34<Majes>I'm not having any probs with ssh but getting pakages are becomming near imposible
00:34<Majes>I ain't never seen no shit like this
00:34<hotgazpacho>Also dropping HTTP requests left and right!
00:35<hotgazpacho>Can't paste into the console without the connection dropping
00:36<hotgazpacho>Even the lish console drops!
00:36<Majes>thats odd
00:36<@caker>hotgazpacho: ... I can get to your IPs fine via http (just sayin')
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00:37<hotgazpacho>Maybe its my rr
00:37<hotgazpacho>road runner
00:37<Majes>any idea why all the mirrors would be timming out for both debian and fedora?
00:38<@caker>Majes: traceroute
00:38<hotgazpacho>Thing is, I have no problem staying connected to a 1 and 1 server
00:38<rainkid>i know personally rr and verizon people have problems with my srvices
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00:38<@caker>rainkid: I can also access your IPs via http fine
00:38<hotgazpacho>great. Those are the only options here
00:38<rainkid>i tried by ip
00:38<rainkid>no go
00:45<hotgazpacho>Connecting to all other hosts is fast as hell
00:48<Majes>Get:1 stable/main traceroute 1.4a12-21 [23.6kB]
00:48<Majes>4% [1 traceroute 1153/23.6kB 4
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00:51<hotgazpacho>And when editing files using nano, ocassionally random characters are inserted into the stream
00:52<zelak>ATL fscked again or just me?
00:53<Majes>it's not doing well for me atm zelak
00:54<hotgazpacho>nor for me
00:54<Majes>has there been probs recently?
00:54<zelak>Majes: yesterday
00:54<Majes>ah, ok I just signe up yesterday
00:54<zelak>Majes: some downtime, they were reconfiguring the main cisco router for that datacenter, iirc.
00:54<zelak>Majes: it's not typical :P
00:55<Majes>ok cool
00:55<Majes>I tested it out yesterday, seems ok
00:55<hotgazpacho>Yeah, it was awesome last weekend
00:55<Majes>but today I can't install packages, all mirrors time out
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00:55<zelak>something is up from me
00:56<zjr>anyone around for a pm re adding a node to an existing acct
00:56<zelak>from the moment i hit enter from ssh myuser@myhost to the moment i get a password prompt is close to a minute.
00:56<hotgazpacho>$ ssh root@hgo
00:56<hotgazpacho>Read from socket failed: Software caused connection abort
00:57<Majes>damn, I am using dialup and not having ssh probs
00:57<zelak>dialups still exist?
00:58<Majes>yes, and remember how it used t suck?
00:58<zelak>are you taking a break from playing LORD on your neighborhood BBS?
00:58<Majes>well, it still does
00:58<zelak>actually i jest
00:58<zelak>i used it extensively a couple of years ago
00:58<Majes>it's horriable
00:58<@mikegrb>mmm cake
00:58<zelak>i thought switching to dialup would help me wean myself off internet usage
00:59<zelak>but i used it just as much, with ten times as much frustration
00:59<Majes>I recently moved, so for now I am stuck
00:59<zelak>what country?
00:59<Majes>but DSL soon
00:59<Majes>sad aint it
01:00<zelak>not that surprising
01:00<zelak>public broadband infrastructure in the states isn't great
01:00<Majes>not at all
01:00<zjr>i'm too dumb for the add linode to existing acct page, it forces entry of acct then tells me it belongs to someone else
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01:02<tpope>you have to create a new account for each linode zjr
01:03<tpope>but they will be linked together
01:03<Majes>is there a switch to Dallas button?
01:03<zjr>ok so 'existing customer record' is not an 'account'
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01:09<hotgazpacho>A reboot and a cable modem reset on my end have done no good :(
01:10<zjr>caker said there was a automatic 'clone node' feature, anyone familiar with it?
01:11<hotgazpacho>caker: any chance of moving my host out of the ATL? Something just isn't right with my connection to GNAX
01:12<Majes>has to be a DC prob hotgaz, took me ages just to get traceroute from
01:12<hotgazpacho>traceroute is fine, ping is fine
01:13<hotgazpacho>but as soon as I try to do anything with SSH or SCP, the connection DROPS
01:13<Majes>thats odd, have to tried adding an entry to your hosts file?
01:14<Internat3>u havnt got a borked firewall rule or something have u
01:14<hotgazpacho>No, I've had the same firewall rules in place since I started last week
01:15<hotgazpacho>and last weekend, I was connected for hours at a time
01:18<hotgazpacho>and I have no problem connecting to it, and staying connected, from my pc at the office
01:18<hotgazpacho>The route is different, though
01:18<hotgazpacho>at work, it goes through telia
01:18<hotgazpacho>here at home, it goes through pccwbtn
01:19<hotgazpacho>caker: what route do you take to get to my host?
01:20<hotgazpacho>rainkid: when you traceroute, do you go through telia or pccwbtn?
01:20<hotgazpacho>and how about you, Majes?
01:21<Majes>I just did one to our Dallas server, 9 hops
01:21<hotgazpacho>shoot... yum check-update is WICKED slow
01:22<Majes>yes, as is apt-get
01:22<Majes>apache took hours to get
01:23<Majes> 2 ( 71.904 ms 226.236 ms 0.701 ms
01:23<Majes> 3 ( 0.398 ms 0.461 ms 0.405 ms
01:23<Majes> 4 ( 0.577 ms 119.823 ms 46.496 ms
01:23<Majes> 5 ( 19.182 ms 19.172 ms
01:24<hotgazpacho>pccwbtn seems to be the common thread here
01:24<hotgazpacho>and now my 1 month odl is awake
01:24<hotgazpacho>I'll have to continue this later
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01:38<rolandx>mmmm i just check my linode and after a reboot the load average is OK, but now i lost the connection via ssh and sometimes the pages just dont load
01:39<hotgazpacho>What DC is your linode in?
01:39<rolandx>or load sometimes and take a lot of time
01:39<hotgazpacho>Atlanta, perhaps?
01:40<rolandx>there are any issue over there?
01:40<rainkid>join the party
01:40<hotgazpacho>when you do a traceroute to your host, does it go over a host?
01:42<rolandx>yes it does
01:42<hotgazpacho>that seems to be the common thread, at least for the worst of it
01:42<Majes>has to be an ATL prob
01:43<hotgazpacho>the problem still exists, but to a leseer degree, when traversing over Telia
01:43<Majes>dunno how I am staying conected SSH but not much else works
01:44<rolandx>when i was at work there was not problem but my friend told me that he was'nt able to load some pages of my server
01:44<hotgazpacho>you can say that again
01:44<rolandx>and now that im at home (different ISP) i know what he means
01:45<rolandx>and how much time does this issue has?
01:46<Majes>well, at least we know it's a DC prob, surely they will be sorting it ASAP
01:49<zjr>i have another provider in atlanta, has has major net problems for over 24hrs, wonder if thats more than coincidental
01:49<hotgazpacho>this one has been almost 24 hours now
01:50<zjr>now i just created a node in linode atl, tried to clone to it and that job is just hanging
01:50<rolandx>that explain the mails from my customers lol
01:52<rolandx>well i will use this time for make some updates to my installation, maybe reboot again for resize the partition
01:56<hotgazpacho>looks like the routers going out at GNAX (ATL DC) is not uncommon. Do a google search for: gnax outage
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01:58<hobbes006>help! been fiddling with this for hours and looking around on google but no luck.
01:58<hobbes006>gem update gives me this error
01:58<hobbes006>"Error fetching remote gem cache: timed out fetching"
01:59<hotgazpacho>is your linode in the Atlanta datacenter?
01:59<Majes>ATL DC prob
01:59<hobbes006>er. no sure.
01:59<hobbes006>not sure.
01:59<hobbes006>how do i know where it is physically located?
02:00<hotgazpacho>what's the host name?
02:00<hotgazpacho>the linode-provided one
02:00<hobbes006> ?
02:00<hobbes006>whichever makes sense. :)
02:01<hotgazpacho>I would say that you're in the dallas data center then
02:01<Majes>apt-get is doing fine from ATL atm too
02:01<hobbes006>so is this a known issue in that data center because of firewall ?
02:02<Majes>perhaps it switched DCs
02:02<rolandx>im "emerging" some packages without problems now
02:02<hobbes006>is there a workaround somehow?
02:04<hotgazpacho>out of curiosity, what version of rubygems do you have installed?
02:05<hotgazpacho>Check out this gem about AtlantaNAP:
02:05<hotgazpacho>"Redundant Cisco BGP routing and switching infrastructure with cold spares - allows for equipment failure with no interruption of service and timely replacement of the failed item."
02:05<hotgazpacho>allows, perhaps. Guarantees, well...
02:06<rolandx>99.9 % uptime
02:06<rolandx>so.. this is the 0.1% :)
02:06<hotgazpacho>this is past 0.1%
02:06<Majes>but it isn't down
02:06<rolandx>damm my ssh session just died
02:06<Majes>just not always reachable
02:07<hotgazpacho>Thats down enough for all intents and purposes
02:07<hotgazpacho>8 hrs/year is 0.1%
02:09<rolandx>hahahah ermmm better laugh a bit besides cry
02:10<hotgazpacho>screw it, I'm going to bed (its 2 am here)
02:11<hotgazpacho>goodnight all
02:11<rolandx>2:10 am here
02:11<rolandx>ohh bed
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02:11<rolandx>tomorrow i have an exam lolç
02:11<rolandx>i have to go to
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02:23<zjr>hmm 1.5g image copy from dallas to atl stuck at 12% for an hour now.
02:24<zjr>i guess buying an atl node wasnt too auspicious a move right now
02:24<@mikegrb>mmm cake
02:25<zjr>having fun? :)
02:25<taupehat>you know the funniest part? I actually do LOL when I type LOL into the internets
02:25<taupehat>and yet, mikegrb has his silly thing because "people never lol when they say lol"
02:25[~]scorche usually cant bring himself to actually type "lol"
02:26<taupehat>my licence tags read "LOL"
02:26<taupehat>for reals
02:26<zjr>i bought this atl node to replace my crap unicalshell atl node thats down, hehe
02:28<zjr>i think their dcs are a few blocks away from linode last time i looked
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04:16<@linbot>New news from forums: IPv6 in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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05:07<zjr>hm my node clone finish but i get a kernel panic on start and the startup job says "helper_main(zjruser, /dev/vg1/zjruser-49877, 1, , 1): mount failed: File exists" where zjruser is my account name
05:08<zjr> caker/migegrb/tasaro whenever
05:09<zjr>yes i didnt shut it down before clone :)
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08:43<wang960>is there an option to back up our virtual machine and restore later?
08:53<tehdan>not automatically, you'd have to do it yourself...
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09:00<wang960>thanks, i have used the duplicate image but don't know what option to use to restore it
09:01<tehdan>oh wait, you can do that can't you... sorry :)
09:01<tehdan>you can just make a new boot profile that uses the second image
09:01<wang960>oic, that's good, thanks
09:01<tehdan>or modify your existing one...
09:04<wang960>that's good, btw is the alanta network problem fixed, seems my speed is ok now
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09:36<Mikey>erm, somebody remind me where I can pay pls
09:36<Mikey>don't see it on site
09:36<Mikey>i must be blind! lol
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09:52<superbnerb>just wondering if there is a tutorial on getting started with dns migration from a webhost to your new linode?
09:53<superbnerb>the wife wants her site to have a blog, but it's hosted with a spaced named host, at the moment :-)
09:58<Mikey>superbnerb: do you know the page where I can pay for this month?
09:58<Mikey>i can't find it anywyere :P
10:00<superbnerb>? do you have a linode already? isn't it automagic
10:00<superbnerb>these pricks charged me 39.95 on dec 1st 12 midnight... :-) kidding, you know who loves ya baby
10:01<tolecnal>superbnerb: a day or two before you migrate DNS, lower the TTL times for all zones. Then set up the zones on the new host, making sure they records are right using dig @local.dns.server AXFR <zone>
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10:02<tolecnal>look at the AXFR, if it's right you are now ready to migrate your DNS
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10:02<tolecnal>do the appropriate changes in the registrar records and off you go
10:12<Mikey>it needs to be paid within days
10:12<Mikey>somebody please link me
10:12<Mikey>caker: ?
10:12<Mikey>tasaro: ?
10:13<Mikey>pm me so I can pay ya pls! lol
10:15<IntuitiveNipple>Mikey: How about the "Update Credit Card" option?
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10:38<Mikey>lol, i just want a linlk
10:38<Mikey>I have looked everywhere and don't see it
10:38<Mikey>looked all over the linode user dashboard
10:39<Mikey>and hello IntuitiveNipple ... how are ya m8?
10:40<IntuitiveNipple>I don't think there is a stand-alone pay-now type thing, it's all on recurring billing
10:41<Mikey>lol, i did it that way last time
10:41<IntuitiveNipple>okay... did you follow a link from an email?
10:42<superbnerb>are you against recurring billing?
10:43<zeroday>will changing my reverse dns effect anything else?
10:43<superbnerb>i love it, don't have to think about shit, it just happens.
10:46<IntuitiveNipple>One payment should last forever :p
10:46<IntuitiveNipple>zeroday: You're here too! You're confusing me
10:47<zeroday>why would I confuse you?
10:47<IntuitiveNipple>lol oh no my eyes are going warped
10:47<IntuitiveNipple>I'm helping someone nicknames zeroflag on freenode!
10:47<zeroday>mikegrb is the 'lolz' bot
10:47<IntuitiveNipple>Flicking between here and there, getting confused as to which channel I'm in
10:50<Mikey>heh, recurring billing is fine ... but am not very wealthy at the mo :P
10:50<Mikey>starting to get donations from members though
10:50<Mikey>is there a way to pay via paypal?
10:51<Mikey>I may have to switch in the new few months in that case
10:51<superbnerb>if there was, i bet it'd be recurring too
10:51<Mikey>not sure ytou can pmake paypal recurring
10:51<Mikey>but I wanna pay out of the funds of the website
10:51<Mikey>i run a tracker :)
10:51<Mikey>you guys are welcome to join if ya like
10:51<superbnerb>what the hell is a tracker.
10:52<Mikey>gonna change the dns soon though
10:52<Mikey>it's where ya can share files
10:52<Mikey>like movies, tv eps, etc
10:52<superbnerb>all legal of course.
10:52<Mikey>the site is legal yes ;)
10:52<Mikey>i checked before I signed up that the owners of linode was ok with it
10:53<superbnerb>no thanks dude. but good luck.
10:53<Mikey>thanks :)
10:53<superbnerb>i love the lol bot.
10:53<superbnerb>why is there such a hate on for l o l
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11:39<hotgazpacho>So, anyone know what was finally fixed with the ATL DC this morning?
11:39[~]caker peaks in from around the corner
11:39<hotgazpacho>caker: no worries, I don't hold you responsible
11:40<hotgazpacho>I'm sure your asbestos suit got a workout in the last 24 hours
11:40[~]zjr spots caker and wants to refer him to his question up above
11:42<@caker>zjr: the clone failed because of the network troubles
11:44<zjr>ok i wasnt sure if it was the image was bad or if there was a duplicate name kind of issue, which the host message seedm to suggest
11:46<zjr>i'll retry it
11:46<silverblade>how is the health of the network today
11:49|-|hotgazpacho [] has left #linode []
11:51<@caker>silverblade: no one is complaining, so .. good :)
11:51<@caker>huh . .CompUSA is shutting down all stores
11:51<guinea-pig>yeah, huh
11:51<guinea-pig>but then, i hadn't seen one of them in a while, anyway
11:51<@caker>we had two in Nashville
11:59<mwalling_>they are?
12:00<tolecnal>Network stability seems to be back to its usual standards today, thank god :)
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12:00<silverblade>caker did you get my reply to the support ticket reply?
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12:01<zjr>oops clone doesnt overwrite existing target of same name?
12:07<zjr>now i got a nice little deadlock, clone has no room, disk delete job is queued
12:12<zjr>something just hit me, i was having atl troubles (flaky mail servers, on non-linode) for days, maybe atl meltdown was not sudden but a deterioration
12:12<zjr>and now those troubles are gone
12:30<@caker>zjr: get it sorted?
12:32<zjr>yes the node booted so i guess the had just enough space
12:33<zjr>i dont need tht mem i added to the 1st node, i never rebooted. but to take it off it looks like i have to reboot :(
12:33<@caker>silverblade: which ticket?
12:34<@caker>nm, found it
12:39<zeroday>caker, any chance of setting up an alternative payment method? e.g. paypal or world pay or something?
12:40<zeroday>and the staff can close ticket 32935 btw.
12:47<@caker>zeroday: short answer: not any time soon
12:48<zeroday>it would be conveniant for a lot of people like myself who only have a solo :)
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12:49<silverblade>caker - sorry got busy with something.
12:49<Redgore>zeroday: thats why electron is better :P Electron is accepted as Visa in the states (dependant on issuing bank)
12:50<zeroday>im in the UK, visa is only with credit cards
12:50<Redgore>zeroday: im in the UK too
12:50<Redgore>I pay from my Visa Electron
12:50<zeroday>I paid using my dads lol
12:50<zeroday>mikegrb, do you ever say anything other then lolz :s
12:51<Redgore>he only go'es lolz if you say lol
12:51<@mikegrb>mmm cake
12:51<Redgore>also be carefulk when you mention cake
12:52<mwalling_>i thought he was just being annoying :P
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12:56<wepy>is it possible to run and install iptables?
12:56<wepy>i tried to install on gentoo, and the ebuild script has problems verifying kernel version.. is there a version of the "latest 2.6" kernel i could put into my portage tree?
12:57<wepy>or perhaps some install instructions for gentoo?
12:57<wepy>i think the build script grabs the running kernel name, then checks for that in /usr/src/linux (which of course doesn't match up)
12:57<@caker>you need to edit the build script or something ..
12:58<wepy>but doesn't iptables need to be compiled against the source of the running kernel?
12:58<@caker>the thing you want is just a userspace app
12:59<@caker>no, it doesn't need to be compiled against kernel source
12:59<wepy>ah.. so maybe the gentoo script is just trying to verify support for iptables, but it's not needed really?
13:00<@caker>btw, I googled for: linode gentoo iptables
13:02<guinea-pig>that's too easy, caker!
13:03<wepy>why can't linode users build their own kernels?
13:03<@caker>because you could build a kernel that gave access to the host, which, would be bad for everyone else
13:03<wepy>weird :)
13:03<tolecnal>btw, where are the modules for the debian image? :)
13:03<wepy>how come you guys use UML instead of xen or something?
13:04<tolecnal>wepy: not weird, just sane
13:04<guinea-pig>wepy: not weird. "secure"
13:04<guinea-pig>tolecnal: there are no modules. see caker's reason for not letting people compile custom kernels
13:04<@caker>wepy: because Xen didn't exist when I started the business. See the forums for our progress on Xen
13:04<@caker>ya .. modprobe gimmieHostShell.ko
13:04<guinea-pig>speaking of that progress... anyone else been hitting that IO bug?
13:05<tolecnal>guinea-pig: that rules out openvpn for vpn then :/
13:05<tolecnal>but yeah, come to think of it.. no custom kernels also means no modules
13:05<@caker>openvpn needs kernel mods?
13:05<tolecnal>my head's a bit pre-occupied with a football match atm
13:05<wepy>you started the business? heh!
13:05<guinea-pig>modules would let you plug your own code into the running kernel
13:05<tolecnal>caker: the 'tun' module
13:05<@caker>guinea-pig: yeah, one other reported it yesterday
13:05<wepy>afaik openvpn needs tun/tap
13:05<@caker>tolecnal: it's in there already
13:06<guinea-pig>caker: ... um, cool? 'cept not
13:06<tolecnal>caker: ah
13:06<@caker>tolecnal: :>
13:06<wepy>i am going to install openvpn today also.. do i need to choose a different kernel in my linode dashboard?
13:06<guinea-pig>tolecnal: the linode kernels are definitely not what i'd consider lightweight or stripped down
13:07<guinea-pig>there's a lot of functionality compiled in
13:07<wepy>at least they're not modular :)
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13:08<guinea-pig>take a look at /proc/filesystems and /proc/net/protocols
13:08|-|dc0e [] has joined #linode
13:08<guinea-pig>not lightweight at all
13:08<@caker>I like my kernels like I like my women
13:09<guinea-pig>bloated and uncrackable?
13:09<IntuitiveNipple>I've just about transferred in now... before I kill the old VPS, any ideas what config files or directories I might have forgotten to move over?
13:09<guinea-pig>IntuitiveNipple: well, you'd have to tell us all the ones you *did* move over :P
13:10<@caker>your custom ~/.bash_* stuff
13:10<IntuitiveNipple>lol I know... assume the obvious stuff is moved
13:10<guinea-pig>IntuitiveNipple: obvious... to whom?
13:10<IntuitiveNipple>I've moved all of /home /var/qmail /var/lib/mysql /root /var/www
13:11<IntuitiveNipple>I've picked through /etc/ for anything changed
13:11<IntuitiveNipple>I've grabbed the Plesk admin password from /etc/psa/.psa.shadow
13:11<@caker>FLIP THE SWITCH
13:11<guinea-pig>i just put the whole old image somewhere into /mnt, and then cherrypick from it as needed
13:11<IntuitiveNipple>oh, got all of /var/named/run-root/var (the zone files)
13:12<IntuitiveNipple>it's on a Virpus VPS ... contract ends at midnight
13:12<IntuitiveNipple>I could only get 2Mbps transferring the bzip2-ed files over, took a while
13:12<wepy>can you run a tor server on linode?
13:13<guinea-pig>wepy: why wouldn't you be able to?
13:13<wepy>because pedophiles use stuff like that
13:13<guinea-pig>pedophiles also use digital cameras. should they be illegal?
13:13<IntuitiveNipple>pedophiles buy food too I guess, shall we make that illegal?
13:13<IntuitiveNipple>lol snap!
13:13<wepy>if you run a tor server, you run the risk of being the endpoint for some bad traffic.. i read the AUP and TOS, but i still wasn't sure
13:14<IntuitiveNipple>Well, make it a restricted one then :)
13:14<IntuitiveNipple>Why do you want to provide an anonymising service?
13:14<wepy>i wouldn't know how to block kiddie porn
13:14<guinea-pig>i think the wiccans had it right: An Ye Harm None, Do As Ye Will
13:14<wepy>well i'd like to use tor myself
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14:17<Tofu>Some specialist here? I have a problem with imap
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15:00<iggy>did I miss the 20/20 episode where they said tor was for pedophiles or something? I've seen that come up a lot lately.
15:17<unixfool>iggy: i believe wepy may be talking from a service provider perspective
15:17<unixfool>he'd be able to clarify, if he's still around
15:18<unixfool>i see he left :/
15:19<unixfool>when i see tor at work (we sniff traffic as a managed security service), it's usually something that is frowned upon by the client and they definitely want us to report it
15:30<iggy>I just mean in general
15:30<iggy>seems like everytime someone mentions tor in the past month or two, someone always pulls the kiddie porn flag
15:31<unixfool>sensationalism, i guess
15:33<tpope>I think the first time I heard about tor linked with kiddie porn was about eight seconds after I first heard about tor
15:35<unixfool>to be honest, i hear (and see) alot of things about tor. i don't worry about it so much because i know most of what I see and hear is general. every tool can be abused, but that doesn't mean the tool itself it bad...
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15:56<zeroday>if I want to host a domain on my linode, what should my name servers be?
15:56<zeroday>for the domain
15:58<@mikegrb>if you use the linode dns manager, ns1/
15:59<zeroday>once I do that, how would I go around settings up A records?
16:01<@caker>you click on the DNS Manager subtab, and then click on the zone, and then edit the records...
16:02<zeroday>oohh... ok lol
16:02<zeroday>I didnt realize it would be that simple
16:06|-|christz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:29<jams> caker mikegrb host120.dallas doesn't show any available diskspace upgrades. If i moved to an annual plan would it also involve a host switch for the extra disk space that comes along with the annual plan?
16:30<@caker>jams: most likely, no. We limit the amount of resources that are available via the extras stuff, but there will still be some free on the host
16:30<jams>makes sense
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17:21<zeroday>how do I find my SOA email?
17:23|-|FireSlash [~FireSlash@] has joined #linode
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17:40<@caker>zeroday: it's just your email address
17:45|-|avongauss [] has left #linode []
17:45<zeroday>one other question, in the dns manager, where do I add sub domains?
17:45[~]zeroday feels like a right noob
17:46<@caker>A or CNAME records
17:46<@caker> -> IP
17:46<@caker> -> IP
17:46<@caker> -> foo (CNAME)
17:53|-|afv [~afv@] has joined #linode
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17:56<zeroday>I added the A record with the ip of my linode, that should be ok right?
17:57|-|FireSlash [~FireSlash@] has joined #linode
17:58<JDLSpeedy>zeroday: should be fine, u can create records to any IP, its ur domain name
17:58<zeroday>good, because I wanna use that subdomain as my vhost
18:00<JDLSpeedy>i have a subdomain pointed cname to a dyndns host
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18:52<minerale>jdlspeedy: I do the same for myself, points to the dyndns of my laptop
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20:19<tolecnal>hmmm, now what was the command to monitor your IO usage again... *scratches his head*
20:20<@caker>cat /proc/io_status
20:20<tolecnal>watch -n 1 cat /proc/io_status
20:21|-|silverblade [~silverbla@] has joined #linode
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21:02|-|prae changed nick to praetorian
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21:49<superbnerb>these guys in django irc are being losers.... can someone answer my stupid question please. django doesn't handle static files (whatever the F@ck that means) so django docs say that the webserver handles that sh12t.
21:50<superbnerb>now, what does that mean in english?
21:50<superbnerb>static files are like css and images.
21:50<silverblade>static files = standard html without any php or other funky stuff, i guess
21:50<superbnerb>i get that.
21:50<mshiltonj>you have to set up apache rewrite and/or proxy rules for it.
21:51<mshiltonj>I haven't messed w/ django much,
21:51<superbnerb>so in my django, how do i tell it where to go? i know you don't know, but this is frustrating... stupid docs.
21:51<superbnerb>or stupid user
21:51<superbnerb>but still
21:52<mshiltonj>it's not in django, you'd set that up in the apache conf.
21:52<superbnerb>i hate when documentation doesn't spell shit out in plain english. If you want to add css to your django app : do this.
21:52<superbnerb>mshiltonj, cool. but is that normal?
21:52<mshiltonj>iirc, the development mode of django *does* serve static files.
21:52<superbnerb>i'm new to apache, fwiw
21:52<superbnerb>right mshiltonj it does, and i put the path in my settings for media
21:52<mshiltonj>since, in development most, you are usually not going thru apache, but with its supplied httpd server
21:53<superbnerb>but how do i link to it so i can use it?
21:53<mshiltonj>link? in the generated content?
21:53<superbnerb>sorry, i mean use it... like a normal html file?
21:53<mshiltonj>that part, I think, would be unchanged.
21:53<superbnerb>don't i have to give the template a path to where it should find the file?
21:54<mshiltonj>are your reading the flat files in you django code?
21:54<superbnerb><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
21:54<superbnerb>href="mystyle.css" />
21:55<superbnerb>the base.html template you mean?
21:55<superbnerb>if so, yes.
21:55<mshiltonj>k. and you are wondering how to get mystyle.css to serve correctly on your production site?
21:55<superbnerb>well i will wonder that eventually, but i'm still wondering how to get it to work in dev
21:56<superbnerb>i just put that code in the base.html, right?
21:56<superbnerb>in between the head
21:56<mshiltonj>well, first thing: I'd segregate *all* static content with some url string(s) for simplicity
21:57<mshiltonj> /static/styles/mystyle.css for example
21:58<mshiltonj>then, in django (is that the name of the file?) or the apache httpd.conf file, you specify the 'static' urls w/ a simple global regex:
21:58<mshiltonj> ^/static/.*
21:58<CDMoyer>is... django like rails for python? or along those lines?
21:58<mshiltonj>CDMoyer: yah
21:59<mshiltonj>I started a project in django, then switch to rails about halfway through.
21:59<superbnerb>mshiltonj, cool, that's what i thought
21:59<mshiltonj>so I don't know much about a django.
21:59<superbnerb>mshiltonj, i am the other way around.
21:59<superbnerb>ahh mikegrb always good for a laugh out loud
21:59<superbnerb>mshiltonj, you helped a man off a ledge. appreciate it.
22:00<tpope>sometimes this channel is like a little slice of aol
22:01<mshiltonj>superbnerb: np
22:02<mshiltonj>that project that switched to rails, btw, hasn't launched yet.
22:03<mshiltonj>I got a linode node just this wee to set it up.
22:03<mshiltonj>looking forward to the launch
22:10<superbnerb>keep us informed.
22:10<superbnerb>or me, i dont' want to speak for these other jokers :-)
22:19<Internat3>anyone know a good place to get wildcard ssl certs cheap?
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