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04:13<attest>is getting ddosd a random act that occurs often?
04:14<attest>cause my node has been getting ddosd every evening
04:15<attest>i had to shut down my virtual server
04:20<Toba>that is worrisome
04:21<Toba>does anyone know when the cpu/network graphs start to exist?
04:21<Toba>my linode is only 2 days old
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05:34<attest>i'm getting ddosd by and but i'm not able to resolve their ips, to drop on my iptable?
05:41<encode>how can you know the names but not the ips?
05:41<encode>whatever you're using to work out the names, turn off name resolution
05:41<encode>maybe try netstat
05:47<attest>ohh -n
05:48<attest>sorry i'm such a newb
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06:22<SystemFAILURE>Hi to all :) I've a problem with TCL compilation
06:22<SystemFAILURE>The file is okay
06:23<SystemFAILURE>But i cannot find the tcl.h file .. I tryed with find|grep , locate (after updatedb) and whereis , it's not on the server
06:23<SystemFAILURE>The tcl version is 8.4
06:23<SystemFAILURE>What can i do ?
06:49<Ciaran>You may need to install a -dv package.
06:49<SystemFAILURE>Ciaran: trying
06:50<SystemFAILURE>Downloading and installing tcl8.4-dev
06:50<SystemFAILURE>782kb in 0s :P
06:50<SystemFAILURE>Installed .. and tcl.h found .. I'm a poor idiot , sometimes :) Thankyou
06:53<Ciaran>Eh, not an idiot. :D
06:53<Ciaran>It's an easy mistake.
06:53<SystemFAILURE>I was getting crazy
06:54<SystemFAILURE>Ciaran: can i ask u where r u from ?
06:54<Ciaran>I'm in England.
06:54<SystemFAILURE>Ciaran: :) me in Italy
06:55<Ciaran>Cool. :)
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07:43<stiod>hi, when the bandwidth counter is reseted?
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08:26<attest>what's the connection specs for the dallas facility
08:32<@tasaro>If you're looking to perform transfer or latency tests:
08:33<@tasaro>otherwise, all of our equipment is using GigE
08:34<attest>thank you tasaro
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09:37<iggy>stiod: when you are billed
09:38<scott>1st of the month?
09:55<stiod>iggy, lol, I don't know, is in the same day?
09:55<iggy>stiod: you don't know when you get billed?
09:56<stiod>I don't remember
09:56<stiod>wait, let me see
09:56<iggy>it's the first
09:56<@caker>the graphs and counters reset at midnight on the 1st, eastern
09:57<TJF>daylight or standard?
09:57<@caker>TJF: yourmom
09:57<opello>probably depends on the month
09:58<stiod>iggy, dec 6
09:58[~]linbot dispenses coffee
09:58<@mikegrb>mmm cake
09:58<iggy>stiod: cake answered you question up there
09:59<iggy>my r must be broken or something
09:59<stiod>uh, sorry I don't see
09:59<stiod>thx :)
09:59<iggy>that or I used them all up on talk like a pirate day
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12:00<mwalling_>the website acting up for anyone else?
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12:03<mwalling_>i think thats my answer
12:03[~]mikegrb nods
12:12<nessenj>hmm. the site is no longer responding for me
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12:13<nessenj>Safari could not open the page “” because the server stopped responding.
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12:19<linbot>New news from wiki: Backups with s3sync <> || Backups with s3sync <> || Backups with s3sync <> || Main Page <>
12:20<linbot>New news from forums: Parallel computing on Xenodes in Performance and Tuning <> || One biggy or multiple smallies in General Discussion <> || "Domain of sender address does not exist" (it does in Email/SMTP Related Forum <> || Unreal Tournament 99 server issues in General Discussion <
12:22<tierra>wow... you are running some really old software for the wiki caker
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12:25<tierra>though I also have problems with the MediaWiki RSS feed repeating items with 1.6.10
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12:26<tierra>haven't tried newer versions, but I've been waiting on to upgrade their webservers already... then again, you're running older stuff than they are
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12:35<tag>okay caker, you need a referal program
12:35<tag>like, give me some free service for refering :-)
12:37<mwalling_>so that was the logging machine that went down?
12:37[~]mwalling_ notices a nice big hole in his graphs :)
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13:18<@caker>mmm, beer
13:18<scott>pint me
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13:55<brupm>I will be running two linode instances and I am looking for a solution to replicate the data. I was thinking mysql master/slave
13:55<brupm>what do you guys think?
13:56<@caker>where the replication server is read-only, or for backups only, right?
13:57<@caker>in that case, go for it
13:58[~]tierra has heard horror stories with MySQL replication setups
14:16<fo0bar>FYI, if anyone missed out on linode's server sale, this seems to be a great deal:
14:16<fo0bar>that's almost exactly the same configuration as the last generation we used to build at my company
14:16<fo0bar>even down to the aftermarket 3ware card
14:20<@caker>fo0bar: does Finnix have an included Xen kernel, or just support for running under Xen?
14:20<fo0bar>caker: theoretical support, no kernel. it was too much of a pain building xen kernels for me
14:20<fo0bar>IE, if it detects it's running under xenU, it'll set up a single console on tty1
14:21<fo0bar>xen0 should boot like normal
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14:21<@caker>how about paravirt_ops xen?
14:21<@caker>tty1 is now hvc0, and sd* is now xvd
14:22<@caker>feel the burn!
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14:22<fo0bar>well, finnix is fully automatic block-device wise, so it should find that
14:23<fo0bar>but the console would be a problem
14:23<fo0bar>I believe it looks under /sys/block
14:24<fo0bar>but my finnix dev machines are powered off at home right now, as a power outage hit just as I was leaving for work
14:24<fo0bar>so I just shut everything down
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14:51<taupehat>mikegrb: thanks for the terminfo thing
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15:43<kvandivo>when i click on 'Remove' in the DNS manager for a particular record, the resulting page should tell me what I'm deleting and not just 'Are you sure you want to delete this A|MX|etc record'
15:48<Toba>the forum is a separate login?
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16:03<Toba>when I nmap my linode from here, it shows port 1720 as open/filtered. I am not running a service on that port. Anyone know what that is?
16:04<Bdragon>Which dc are you in?
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16:07<Bdragon>1720/udp is a port used for H.323 call setup...
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16:11<Toba>I sort of got that
16:11<Toba>1720/tcp filtered H.323/Q.931
16:12<Bdragon>Teleconferencing stuff in other words...
16:13<Bdragon>What's your ISP?
16:13<lucca>which ports does asterisk use, and how well does it work on a linode? (and will it work from fremont?)
16:28<Toba>I guess it might be me
16:33<Bdragon>Yeah, was thinking it could be some transparent proxy hanky panky on your isp's part...
16:33<Bdragon>What does netstat say?
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16:35<exor674>I'm on Qwest and nmapping my Dallas Linode gives the same result for 1720
16:36<Bdragon>Could be dallas port filtering stuff then...
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16:41<tpope>nmapping my dallas linode show that port as closed, not filtered
16:44<Toba>netstat on the machine shows nothing on that port
16:44<Toba>from what I gather in here some isps do some rude things to our traffic
16:44<Toba>tpope: what isp are you on
16:45<Toba>it looks to me that it's my isp. I'll try from a different remote box
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16:46<Toba>yeah, it shows nothing from sago networks in florida
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16:48<tpope>I've tried from uverse, speakeasy, whatever work uses, and 3 offsite locations
16:48<Toba>it looks like it's just qwest and verizon, yes
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16:52<Rashomon>Hi all, I'm looking to get myself a new hosting service. You name came up in the TextMate channel on freenode. I'd like to get a link to a speed-test binary and also I noticed you have 3 datacenters and I'd be very happy if you could provide me with three IP's (on from each) so that I could check the ping from here (Sweden) to you.
16:54<Toba>my server is in the dallas datacenter
16:54<Toba>feel free to ping at
16:54<Rashomon>is the usually slow?
16:54<Toba>don't know about the speed test.
16:54<Rashomon>(as found in the forum above)
16:54<Rashomon>31 kb/s
16:55<Toba>I'm pulling 880 kB/s off that
16:55<Rashomon>I have a 100 mbit fiber line at home
16:55<Toba>from another fast box
16:55<anderiv>Rashomon: I'm currently showing 850 on that file.
16:55<Toba>it may be that the international routing is not optimal
16:55<exor674>I'm averaging 75-102
16:55<Toba>it's very good within the US, I havne't tested external
16:55<Toba>exor674: is that limited by your home line?
16:56<exor674>I can get 125kB/s on a good day
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16:56<Rashomon>aaah the dallas one is better
16:56<anderiv>I'm getting 330 on that from one of my servers in Budapest.
16:56<exor674>and I'm watching a streaming video too so
16:56<Rashomon>1.5 MB/s
16:56<Rashomon>1.8 even
16:56<Toba>yeah there are good pipes
16:56<Toba>but it varies because you are sharing the network with other vpses
16:57<Rashomon>yeah of course
16:57<Rashomon>atlanta gave me 550 kb/s
16:58<Toba>I skipped the atlanta datacenter because it blocks irc
16:58<scorche|w>i usually get around 2MB/s from (in dallas)
16:58<Bdragon>Could have a poor path at the moment I suppose
16:58<Toba> is a linode?!
16:58<Toba>I doubt it...
16:58<Bdragon>no, it's at the same datacenter though
16:58<Toba>oh cool.
16:58<Rashomon>so dallas should be the place to be then. could it differ amongst those three (in the forums) what kinda server theyre on? I'm looking at the student priced Linode 300.
16:59<Toba>I'm on a linode 300, myself
16:59<scorche|w>Bdragon: oh?...that explains it
16:59<Toba>I rsynced a few gigs off my old server quite quickly to it
16:59<Rashomon>Toba: ping to Dallas is 140 ms, which is to be excpected overseas
16:59<@caker>Rashomon: all the servers are more or les the same, and less than a year old
17:00<mwalling_>scorche|w: well, i get really good numbers from dallas to stuff outside the dc, so you're still right :)
17:00<scorche|w>either way, it is great when update time comes :)
17:01<mwalling_>from aquilla's www server i was pulling 1.75-2MB/s
17:01<Rashomon>caker: it seems though that the pipes overseas are better on the Dallas front, is that your opinion too (you are an ch-op herte so I take it you work for Linode)?
17:01<TJF>caker pwns linode
17:02<@caker>IMO, they're all just as good
17:02<@tasaro>All three locations are usually ...
17:02<@tasaro>what caker said
17:02<Bdragon>All three are great locations, yeah
17:02<Rashomon>okay, so ther's some speed problem at the other two at the moment then I take it
17:02<Rashomon>(overseas atleast)
17:04<TJF>Rashomon: is there a big difference on your tests?
17:04<Toba>he caker, can you ask the forum software to resent my cofirm mail for username eastein?
17:04<Bdragon>Overseas routing seems to be especially turbulent the last several months...
17:04<Toba>I sort of broke my smtp server before signing up... just fixed it
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17:05<Rashomon>TJF: A lot! Dallas gave me around 1.7 MB/s, Atlanta 550 kb/s and Fremont gave me 31 kb/s
17:05<@caker>Toba: user activated
17:05<brupm>can I clone one linode image to another in a different datacenter?
17:05<@caker>brupm: yes
17:05<@caker>it'll take a while, but it works.
17:05<brupm>are there 300 available in Texas?
17:06<Rashomon>Is it possible to set up a test vps?
17:06<scorche|w>Rashomon: isnt that what the 300 is? ;)
17:06<brupm>I want to have 2 one in each datacenter for redundancy
17:06<Rashomon>Your server configuration options and installation options are pretty compelling
17:06<iggy>if you buy 1 now you only pay for the last 10 days in the month
17:07<brupm>thinking about setting mysql master on a 1200 and slave on a 300
17:07<@caker>Rashomon: yes, using the 7 day money back guarantee
17:07<Rashomon>scorche|w: well, I am a student so I'll have to take what I can afford
17:08<Rashomon>caker: are there nodes left in dallas for a 300?
17:08<@caker>Rashomon: yup
17:12<brupm>caker do you know if that would work? mysql master/slave on 2 diff nodes?
17:12<@caker>brupm: there's no reason why it wouldn't
17:14<Toba>when I initially signed up I was just doing it as a trial
17:14<Toba>but now I'm hooked
17:14<Rashomon>Toba: How long have you been with Linode?
17:14<brupm>I am on my 3rd node, going into 4th
17:14<Toba>2 days :p
17:14<brupm>I am addicted
17:14<Bdragon>I have two and manage two others
17:15<brupm>caker I am trying to register for a 300, do I need another username and password?
17:15<TJF>I can get 10Mb/sec from Atlanta (which is my bandwidth cap)
17:16<Bdragon>Yeah, each linode has its own username / password so you have a lish login for each one, etc
17:16<@tasaro>brupm: yes, for lish
17:16<@caker>brupm: yeah, for Lish access -- you just append 2 or something
17:16<@caker>*just can
17:16<TJF>Most I've ever seen from Atlanta was 50 Mb/sec
17:16<Bdragon>Heh, nice path
17:16<brupm>can you make sure this one goes to texas?
17:16<brupm>username will be uis2
17:17<iggy>I think you pick when you go through the wizard
17:17<@tasaro>you should get to choose
17:17<Bdragon>You'll get the option to choose if you do land in one you don't like
17:17<TJF>brupm: this chat room is logged and googled fyi
17:18<brupm>username is now: dskahdlKJDHLuhdlWXE
17:18<iggy>they don't know what host it'll be on
17:19<TJF>[16:16] brupm: can you make sure this one goes to texas?
17:19<TJF>i guess that still wouldn't say exactly which one tho
17:19<Bdragon>You get assigned at random, but get a choice to move if you didn't like where it landed
17:19<Bdragon>Assuming there are slots of that type available in other dcs
17:20<Bdragon>Heh, the channel is not only logged, it's logged LIVE :P
17:20<chargrill>*tao* *tap* *tap* is this thing on?
17:21<TJF>and the feds are here too
17:21<exor674>mmmm feds
17:21<chargrill>tasty feeds.
17:22<chargrill>oh feds.
17:22<chargrill>my bad.
17:22<brupm>fedex sux
17:22<brupm>left with my package
17:22<TJF>isn't that their job?
17:22<brupm>they were supposed to ring the doorbekk
17:22<brupm>and deliver the damn thing
17:22<TJF>oh, hate that
17:23<TJF>at least they made it to your door, i always have to go get mine from the HQ
17:23<chargrill>*dinj* *donj*
17:25<exor674>why can't they just invent Package over IP?
17:26|-|brupm [~bruno@] has quit [Quit: Get off the computer!]
17:26<exor674>that'd make things so much easier
17:33<Toba>what you DON'T want for christmas?
17:33<Toba>what a great idea
17:41<TJF>isn't that neat?
17:41<TJF>IE6 is #1
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17:51<zeroday>any ideas why amavisd-new rpm wouldnt find installed perl modules?
17:54|-|digitaljhelms [] has joined #linode
17:55<digitaljhelms>is it possible to add more storage space than what is listed under Extras on the member site?
17:59<Rashomon>allright. I'm on the track now ;)
17:59<Rashomon>Just waiting to get my application through
17:59<Bdragon>There's always the option of using a fuse mount or similar for stuff you don't *need* locally but still want available in your filesystem..
17:59<scorche|w>digitaljhelms: wow...that is a lot of money...i take it you already have a 1200?
18:00<digitaljhelms>no, but i don't see an option for upgrading plans through the member area of the site and i'm not scrapping this linode to rebuild a new one
18:01<Bdragon>That's what tickets are for ;)
18:01<digitaljhelms>wow, awesome answer...
18:02<Bdragon>But yeah, the usual way to upgrade plans is via a ticket
18:03<digitaljhelms>correct, but i'm not necessarily needing to upgrade plans, just storage space and only for a limited time
18:03<digitaljhelms>figured caker or mike might be able to give me a quick, dry answer
18:04<Bdragon>Then ask, if it's for a few days it's not impossible you can get loaned a chunk ;)
18:07<Rashomon>Is the user name and pssword I entered on the sign up page supposed to work as soon as payment has gone through?
18:09<Bdragon>Rashomon: I think one of the staff has to OK your account, usually only takes a few minutes for people who bother to show up in #linode first ;)
18:09<Rashomon>I just got it actiavated :)
18:10<Bdragon>Hee hee
18:10<Rashomon>What linux dist would you guys recommend for a 300? I need as much resources as I can have and I'm used to CentOS and Gentoo
18:12<JDLSpeedy>I use Gentoo myself Rashomon
18:13<Rashomon>JDLSpeedy: from what I saw on the linode page it took quite some HD-space though, why's that? I've always seen Gentoo as one of the Linux dists that use little resources
18:15<tpope>probably because you need a build environment installed
18:16<Bdragon>(not to mention compiling is a cpu / ram intensive process)
18:16<Rashomon>I think I'll go with CentOS 5
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18:22<digitaljhelms>is the process of increasing the size of an ext3 disk image non-destructive or does it erase and resize?
18:23|-|hfb [] has joined #linode
18:24<Bdragon>nondestructive, but keep backups, there's always the possibility of something going horribly wrong
18:27[~]Bdragon has used the image resizer 3 times with no issues...
18:31<digitaljhelms>is there a way to cancel a job
18:32<Bdragon>What's the crap for?
18:32<digitaljhelms>i resized to 9984 and put 984
18:33<digitaljhelms>nm, it failed
18:33<Bdragon>I think it should catch that and abort
18:33<digitaljhelms>heh, whew
18:33[~]digitaljhelms had his degree deodorant kicking in overtime for a second
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18:49<Brinson>Does anyone know how much RAM webmin or usermin uses? I am not sure if it is worth the trouble. I am only running 1 website with mysql db. Never done this before...can anyone reccomend some good tutorials?
18:57<scorche|w>Brinson: what would you want out of something like webmin?
18:59[~]scorche|w heads home anyway
18:59|-|scorche|w [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
18:59<Brinson>I don't really know. I am trying to find a good tutorial for ubuntu 7.10 on setting up a lamp server. Someone once told me it was easier if you installed a cp, but don't really know.
19:00<warewolf>caker: btw, like the new look of
19:00<@caker>digitaljhelms: get your q answered?
19:01<digitaljhelms>sort of.. i have a support ticket in for now, but that's not what i wanted to do... i actually called you earlier, i needed to speak with you about a few other things still lingering
19:01<@caker>"you have one missed call"
19:01<@caker>give me another ring -- here now (obviously)
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19:07<Rashomon>what type of boxes are these machines? X86_32 or 64?
19:09|-|Brinson [] has joined #linode
19:09<Brinson>bleh, got disconnected. Did anyone have any advice on tutorials for setting up lamp on ubuntu 7.10?
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19:11<Rashomon>Toba: that's of course one way of doing it :)
19:11<Toba>I was bored
19:14<@caker>yeah .. 32 bit (for now -- muhahaaa)
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19:43<@linbot>New news from forums: Linode transactions Froze my Credit Card!!!! in Sales Questions and Answers <>
19:46<Bdragon>"Yes, it's what's called a PER-I-O-DIC SER-V-I-CE"
19:46<Bdragon></finger quotes>
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19:50<Bdragon>GE Money Bank has a neat system, if something registers as a "possible fraud", it calls your home phone automatically and leaves a message if it gets an answering machine
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19:53<Bdragon>and you can call the system back, identify yourself, and okay the transaction using a touch tone phone... It's pretty slick
19:54<Bdragon>(also, lol @ "So my suggestion is that pe")
19:54<@tasaro>Bdragon: You can add disk space for a few days and remove it yourself now (and get a pro-rated refund for the unused portion)
19:55<Bdragon>tasaro: The person in question was saying they needed more than they could find in extras
19:55<@tasaro>digitaljhelms left, but looked like you were unaware as well
19:55<Bdragon>I know about self service removal of extras, yeah
19:55<@tasaro>ah.. must have missed that, ok
19:57<Bdragon>[16:55] <digitaljhelms> is it possible to add more storage space than what is listed under Extras on the member site?
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21:07<Brinson>can someone reccomend a good resource for how to setup a lamp server on a linode running Ubuntu 7.10?
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21:31<@linbot>New news from forums: HowTo: Apache2, SuExec, PHP5 and FastCGI for Virtual Domains in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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23:31<Brinson>I setup webmind then apache and mysql, installed php...I am trying to install a phpbb install but it says I don't have mysql installed...but I did install it, and in webmin I can create there something I have to do for it to recognize that I have it installed?
23:32<Bdragon>You most likely have to enable the php mysql extension
23:35<Brinson>thanks, it works now. :D
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