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00:25<bd_>I must say, this is the first time I've seen a russian roulette bot in a corporate support channel.
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00:29<werdna>i wouldnt call it a corporate support channel
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00:30<werdna>its Linode Community Support
00:30<werdna>community, not corporate :P
00:32<werdna> !rr
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00:43<esoterik>haha some guy in #php just posted pics of his fiance, and i stepped back one directory in the URL to find non photoshopped pics of how ugly she is and a few topless ones
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00:52<werdna>care to give a url?
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01:37<scorche>rats...thought i could get 3 in
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01:41<werdna>lol this is why i love linode
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01:57<werdna>why cant i get 3 in a row!
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05:29<werdna>anyone alive?
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06:13<werdna>what xen does linode use?
06:13<werdna>citrix xen, or the open source xen
06:13<JDLSpeedy>i reckoned the open source xen
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06:16<werdna>ohh come on!
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06:22<JDLSpeedy>werdna: i think Xen is owned by citrix now, after looking on yahoo
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06:23<werdna>yes, but the citrix zen costs money
06:23<JDLSpeedy>---> <-- i think thats what linode uses
06:25<JDLSpeedy>that looks free unless im mistaken
06:35<row>xensource is free, but nothing is free to manage
06:36<row>the main bulk of linodes are uml, they are still beta testing xens
06:36<row>bah I should of scrolled up.
06:41<encode>Xen remains free. Citrix *sell* what they call XenServer, which is basically management interface wrapped around Xen
06:42<encode>and yes, Citrix bought rights to Xen
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06:48<@linbot>New news from forums: Eggdrop/Tcl help needed in General Discussion <>
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07:29<sakaal>caker, are you there? or anyone who can say why the nameservers are still not working.
07:34<sakaal>The following nameservers , , automatically appear in my /etc/resolv.conf, but they are not working. This nice person mwalling here put up a temporary nameserver that I'm currently using that works.
07:35<sakaal>I have also posted a support ticket yesterday, but didn't receive any reply to this issue yet. They only answered another question in that same ticket (that remains open).
07:37-!-getsmart [] has joined #linode
08:04<@caker>sakaal: hello -- I thought we took care of the dns problem yesterday... I'll update your ticket
08:06<@caker>sakaal: which of those three don't answer? ( dig @, dig @ , etc)
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08:22<sakaal>ah, no the problem was only temporarily solved as explained in the ticket
08:23<@caker>the problem was that .20 was an incorrect nameserver ... those other three should be working, if not, i need to know which one doesn't
08:24<sakaal>we removed the .20 entry, but that did not fix the prob. Now, which Debian package I need to apt-get install to get dig?
08:24<sakaal>some bind i guess
08:25<@caker>dnsutils ?
08:25<sakaal>ah yeah, bind seems to be the server
08:27<sakaal>.19 is ok...
08:27<sakaal>so is .198
08:28<sakaal>they all seem to be fine with dig and
08:28<sakaal>i try to reconfigure them in my resolv.conf... just a sec
08:30<sakaal>actually the ANSWER SECTION seems to be missing with .198
08:31<sakaal>and the IP seems to be missing with the others, it only returns the same domain name i am askin
08:32<@caker>is there an ANSWER SECTION with all of them?
08:32<sakaal>all but .198 does not have that section at all
08:33<sakaal>it has QUESTION, AUTHORITY and ADDITIONAL
08:33-!-linville [] has joined #linode
08:33<@caker>ok, I'll get that fixed this morning -- thanks :)
08:34<sakaal>k, it's afternoon here
08:35<mwalling_>sakaal: i'm far from a nice person :P
08:35<sakaal>btw, am I allowed to use software like ethereal or tcpdump here?
08:35<sakaal>hehe, ok, are you evil then?
08:36<sakaal>the other mwalling without the underscore postfix was ok
08:36<sakaal>or should i say suffix
08:36<mwalling_>and lol
08:36<guinea-pig>underscore = evil goatee
08:37<mwalling_>nah, i shaved this morning in the car
08:37<sakaal>yeah, that probably refers to underworld
08:37<sakaal>i sold my car
08:37<guinea-pig>mwalling_: that's just a disguise :P
08:37<sakaal>my daily trip to work is like 130 meters
08:37<mwalling_>my daily trip to work is 40 mi, one way
08:37<sakaal>(and even so, i mostly work from home :)
08:37<sakaal>well that's a good reason to shave in car
08:38<mwalling_>and eat in the car
08:38<sakaal>to live and die in the car
08:38<mwalling_>SpaceHobo: tried that once, tore up the sheet metal on the pass side
08:38<sakaal>sleeping or carpping in a bucket?
08:39<mwalling_>SpaceHobo: no, 100% serious
08:39<guinea-pig>mwalling_: so's mine
08:39<sakaal>although sleeping while driving can be exciting
08:39<mwalling_>sakaal: only when you wake up
08:39<sakaal>yeah, if you do
08:39<mwalling_>aye, true
08:40<sakaal>hmm... by arguing that you are NOT so nice person after all, I hope you weren't referring to any bill you are going to send :P
08:40<mwalling_>ha, no
08:40<sakaal>phew :)
08:41<mwalling_>i'm not *that* evil
08:41<sakaal>then you must be a liar, because so far you seem to be a nice person to me
08:41<mwalling_>so far being key word
08:41<sakaal>well, i remain alert
08:41<mwalling_>caker: can i have sakaal's billing information?
08:41*mwalling_ snickers
08:42<sakaal>i guess that is the oldest trick to first build trust over three years and then steal everything
08:42<guinea-pig>three years is too long
08:42<sakaal>women and many business men are good in that
08:42<sakaal>ok, 2 years?
08:42<sakaal>1 yr?
08:43<sakaal>you know, you shouldn't give advice at this point, considering your reputation
08:43<sakaal>or more accurately, what it may do to your rep
08:43<sakaal>...still joking. or at least trying to.
08:44*guinea-pig calls in his brothers to bite at your ankles
08:45<sakaal>well maybe i deserved that
08:47<sakaal>btw, earlier I asked about the legality of ethereal and tcpdump on linodes - and I was not sure if someone said "yeah" to that or something else we were chitchatting about
08:47<sakaal>so, are they allowed?
08:48<sakaal>for the purposes of intrusion detection and improved security
08:50<guinea-pig>why would they be illegal?
08:51<sakaal>i don't know, but some providers don't allow traffic monitoring
08:51<guinea-pig>"Be Good"
08:51<sakaal>well, maybe i have misunderstood something. yeah, "be good" that's why i'm asking.
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10:03<h00s>caker: We were talking last weekend about my problem with adding another linode (reason: payment declined from visa business electron.) I have contacted my bank today and they told me that the funds have been reserved (1 x 20$ for current linode and 1 x 40$ for new L720) but they were not taken by your bank? can you check what could be problem or tell me what to do next?
10:06<@caker>h00s: the $20 one went through, and then both of the ~$40 ones were declined. I don't have any more information provided to me than that, sorry
10:10<h00s>caker: :( i have been billed from my bank for 40$ and currently the money is nowhere then :/ should i try again adding new linode or do you have any other suggestion?
10:15<@caker>h00s: well, you could try adding another Linode but that may dig you in deeper.
10:16<@caker>h00s: as far as the $40 bucks stuck in the void, I think that's somthing you should contact your bank regarding -- From my end it's a declined transaction (both attempts), so we're out of the loop
10:17-!-TJF [] has joined #linode
10:19<h00s>yeah. but weird thing is the bank said that 20$ are also still in reserve and still not taken, but you said it went ok with that, hmm. man i hate visa electron but it's my only choice for my firm :/
10:20<@tasaro>Internet transactions can also be supported, at the issuer's discretion.
10:23<h00s>tasaro: so, the bank/issuer authorize payments, not me?
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10:28<slashtom>my boss is wanting some redundency for our servers... i'm thinking about running two parallel servers with identical configs and mirrored data, and using DNS to handle fallover... how difficult would it be to detect that a server has failed and update the DNS zone accordingly..... or any other ideas how i could implement some redundency
10:29<@caker>slashtom: you could do IP failover (which we now support) with two (or more) nodes within the same datacenter
10:29<slashtom>what about a different data centre?
10:30<@caker>slashtom: either way, check out
10:41<@linbot>New news from forums: Can't seem to wget nginx in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
10:43<@tasaro>h00s: I'm not sure :/ -- just seems like some kind of authorization need to be performed on your end (although you didn't have problems in the past)... *shrug*
10:55<zeroday>hmm...everytime I ssh in, it shows this in the log:
10:55<zeroday>"sshd[27789]: reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo for failed - POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT!
10:55<zeroday>but my isp supanet
10:55<zeroday>* is
10:56<h00s>tasaro: yep, i will contact my bank again tomorrow (here is 5pm and they are now closed for customers, eh). thank you and caker for help
10:57-!-scorche|w [] has joined #linode
11:08<slashtom>caker: you got any info on the IP fallover you provide?
11:12<@caker>slashtom: not much, but it's here:
11:13<slashtom>thanks, is there a simple way we could do the mirroring of redundent servers or would we have to manually maintain them?
11:21<anderiv>slashtom: for the initial setup, you can clone a disk image to the second linode, but from that point on, you'd need to figure out a way to handle data/db replication.
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12:49<tierra>so, I have a password on my SSL cert, which now requires that I enter it for Apache to start... anyone have suggestions on how I can fix this so I don't need to enter the password if the server is restarted itself, or if Apache dies and gets restarted?
12:49<tierra>was there an option I should have used so it didn't require me to add a password when I created the CSR?
12:50<@mikegrb>you can strip the password with the openssl command line tools
12:50<@mikegrb>you tell it to read the existing cert and write out a new one
12:51<@mikegrb>enter the password and it makes happyness for you
12:51<Funky_>cp server.key
12:51<Funky_>openssl rsa -in -out server.key
12:51<tierra>thanks mikegrb and Funky_
12:52<@mikegrb>well Funky_ was more helpful :D
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13:21<vsnine>i have a Xen question
13:23<vsnine>i'm setting up my own dom0 over the network right now, and i'm assuming that when i start xend that it's bringing my network down to handle the bridging that needs to take place? i dont have serial access right now
13:23<@caker>yeah, it's good like that.
13:23<@caker>I don't bother using *any* of the network config scripts that come with Xen
13:24<@caker>you can turn them off in /etc/xen/xend-config -- mine is: (network-script '/bin/false') :>
13:25<vsnine>so would that avoid the issue of it killing my network?
13:25<@caker>yup. Just pre-configure the bridge on your own / at boot
13:25<vsnine>will try, thanks
13:25<anderiv>caker: I assume the xen network config is quite similar to the bridging setup we use with UML?
13:25<@caker>I also use my own vif script to add the Xen virtual interfaces to the bridge, and configure ebtables, etc: (vif-script /vbin/
13:26<@caker>anderiv: it's the identical code, yes
13:26<anderiv>sweet - good to know in case I ever make the attempt to switch my work virtual servers over to xen.
13:27<anderiv>I'm just starting to get UML figured out, though, so that won't happen for a while :-) And my users are very happy with the performance, so I've no reason to switch.
13:27<vsnine>the losers?
13:27<Battousai>the yankees?
13:28<Schroeder>the cheating New England Traitors lost
13:29<vsnine>caker: what will happen if i start xend with (network-script '/bin/false') ? and can i configure the bridge afterward?
13:29<@caker>vsnine: yes
13:37<Rifkin>I gotta say, since you rebooted host57, its performance has been so much better
13:44-!-Athenon [] has joined #linode
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13:53<vsnine>caker: putting /bin/false as my network script did the trick, thx
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14:11<esoterik>when I boot up a newly installed debian setup with lighty+php+mysql, I have 7 lightys, 9 php5-cgis and 11 mysqlds in top. This should not be happening, correct?
14:12<@caker>heh .. supermicro's website is wacked: (click links)
14:12<@caker>ok, now it's down...
14:21-!-sakaal [] has joined #linode
14:21<sakaal>caker: I updated the ticket with more info. The nameservers are working randomly. :(
14:22-!-jimflip [] has joined #linode
14:25<@caker>sakaal: for now, just remove (I removed it from dhcp) -- the datacenter techs there are clueless
14:25<sakaal>how weird, but all the servers are equally random, so I'm not sure if that's going to really solve the prob
14:26*caker looks at the ticket
14:26<sakaal>so I only pasted you with 6 queries, I did dozens, and got probs with every ns
14:27<sakaal>would it help if one of you guys had access to my linode? there's nothing private configured there yet
14:28<@caker>sakaal: I'm just going to set up our own resolvers in Atlanta... thanks for your patience on this
14:28-!-arooni [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:28<@caker>give me 20 min or so, and I'll have you test -- cool?
14:29<sakaal>no worries, yet, and I appreciate your attention on this matter, but of course I have to change provider if it's not resolved soon. That would be a shame because I really have liked what I've seen so far, except for this ns matter... :(
14:30<sakaal>but you're saying you're "just now" setting up new resolvers, so can I expect they can help on this within the couple days or even today?
14:31<iggy>I'd guess as soon as they have them installed and configured
14:31<sakaal>i figured that much out, but was basically asking, if that's going to be 1 day or more
14:31<@caker>sakaal: 20 minutes :)
14:32<sakaal>great, thanks caker!
14:32<GatorKram>I wa about to say, he said 20 mins ;)
14:32<sakaal>ah sorry, you're right, i completely missed that one, my bad :)
14:32-!-sungo [] has joined #linode
14:32<sakaal>I have a too big screen and too small font...
14:32<mwalling_>mikegrb: its american lafrance that just filed chapt 11, right?
14:33<warewolf>HI SUNGO!
14:33<sungo>is it possible for an existing member to pick up an old school linode-64 or some such?
14:33<sungo>warewolf: I RULE YOU
14:33<iggy>just buy a 384 and limit it to 64M of mem usage
14:33<warewolf>iggy: I think he wants it /hella/ cheap.
14:33<iggy>or I meant 360
14:33<sungo>I need a very small very cheap system.
14:34<iggy>cheaper than $20 a month? yeesh
14:34<GatorKram>i think someone told me once, those old ones were free, if you were a member long enough ;)
14:34<sungo>I can get what I want elsewhere for about 7$/mth. But I really don't want to go elswhere.
14:34<GatorKram>sungo, you can get a vps for $7?
14:35<sungo>GatorKram: yes. 64M RAM, 2.5G disk. other very limited stats :)
14:35<sakaal>I chose this linode, because it has the best bang for price afaik, only rimuhosting and eapps came close
14:35<sungo>I need to put an svn server and small www site on it.
14:35<GatorKram>you might have better luck finding someone to "rent" you what you need off their linode hehe
14:36<iggy>sungo: I think they are busy working on something else atm, might want to give them a few to respond
14:36<sungo>iggy: yup. I never expect immediate responses in IRC :)
14:36<sakaal>those are not very resource-hungry, but you should also consider how are you going to backup your svn
14:36<sungo>iggy: I've been around this track a few times :)
14:36<sungo>sakaal: I have that under control :)
14:36<GatorKram>btw, if $20 isnt cheap, you have other money issues you should be worried about ;)
14:37<sungo>GatorKram: it's too much for what I want to do.
14:37<sakaal>maybe they are working on an article "How to host a free Java EE app server"
14:37<sakaal>or get it hosted, anywayz
14:37<warewolf>GatorKram: what he's saying is the smallest currently available linode is *waaaay* overkill for what he needs. That, and he's already got a powerful enough linode. He's looking for separation/segregation.
14:37<GatorKram>warewolf: yeah
14:38<GatorKram>but my point is still valid
14:38<warewolf>so is his :)
14:38<GatorKram>not really
14:38<warewolf>to each his own.
14:38<sungo>GatorKram: then give me 20$*12 right now.
14:38<sungo>GatorKram: I accept paypa
14:39<GatorKram>granted, it might not have value to him, at $20 for what he wants to do, but thats the smallest package they list
14:39<sakaal>hehe, sure you can expect it as long as you don't demand it :)
14:39<GatorKram>just speaking in general, if there was money to be had, selling smaller linodes, logic says they already would be
14:40<sakaal>maybe there will be
14:40<sungo>see, this is why I'm looking for the staff's input, not yours :)
14:41<GatorKram>so if i was saying yeah man, they should so set you up a custom linode for $7 youd want to hear more of what I want to say
14:41*GatorKram smirks
14:41<sungo>no, not really. If mikegrb said that, I'd care :)
14:41<sungo>you all having my back or whatever is great if I need a morale boost. I don't :)
14:42<sakaal>so what you are saying is that you are highly independent individual
14:43<sungo>Yes. who can be a complete asshole when people annoy him :)
14:43<GatorKram>what would be cool, is if you could take your one linode, and boot more than one profile from it ;)
14:43*sakaal puts on his Dr. Phil hat
14:43<warewolf>sungo: might be a good idea to get out of the s/n here, and post a support ticket to get an official response outta linode
14:43<sungo>and let me tell you, having to dig through 100+ goddamn php resumes today, I came pre-annoyed :)
14:43<sakaal>interesting, why do you need this urge to emphasis that self image?
14:43<GatorKram>I should say, boot more than one at a time
14:43<warewolf>HI DR PHIL
14:44<sakaal>*have (sry, dr. phil would not have typed it incorrectly)
14:44<sakaal>I'm busted.
14:44*GatorKram sticks to the original topic
14:44<sakaal>...and he doesn't wear a hat
14:44<sakaal>...not even hair actually
14:44<GatorKram>someone validate my idea, damn it
14:44<sakaal>did we have a topic?
14:45<sungo>warewolf: see, I still secretly am hoping that someone like mikegrb over there will suddenly say "no, you asshole, we can't do that" or vice versa :)
14:45<GatorKram>sungo: in my idea, you could have as many as you had space for, heh
14:45<sungo>or caker!
14:46*sakaal immediately digs in that ns.
14:46<GatorKram>that was fast
14:46<@caker>sakaal: it's not up yet
14:46<sakaal>hehe ok :)
14:46<sakaal>ok what we got was a teaser trailer
14:46<sungo>mikegrb: appears to be stuck in a lolz loop though.
14:46<GatorKram>oh, well, then got a move on there caker, lol
14:46<@mikegrb>mmm cake
14:46<GatorKram>i agree
14:46<@mikegrb>mmm cake
14:46<sungo>the cake, as always, is a lie
14:47<GatorKram>now I cant tell whos a boy
14:47<GatorKram>hush up over there mikegrb ;)
14:47<@mikegrb>mmm cake
14:47<sakaal>what? are they serving cake at the grand opening of the new ns?
14:47<warewolf>mikegrb has scripted responses to l0l, r0flmao, and c@ke.
14:47<GatorKram>i need to curtail my overuse of the term laughing out loud
14:48<GatorKram>no comment, it is self evedent
14:48<GatorKram>ill go back to abusing "heh"
14:48<sakaal>hehe has a rhyme too
14:48<sakaal>does the urban dictionary have a synonyum lookup
14:49<sakaal>hmmm... it says, and i quote, lolz = Laughing out loud, zebras.
14:50<sakaal>and it also has, apparently correct, psychoanalysis for your choice of "heh" = half laugh, semi-cynical connotation, used on IRC by those too cool to say lol or roflmao
14:51<GatorKram>so true
14:52<GatorKram>im way to cool to say l@l
14:52<sungo>or to use punctuation
14:52<GatorKram>ive been out of school for enough years not to care about grammer anymore
14:52<GatorKram>or spelling
14:52<GatorKram>or anything else
14:52<sungo>so you dropped out last week?
14:53<GatorKram>im 40
14:53<GatorKram>i cant remember last week
14:53<GatorKram>but maybe
14:53<sungo>Did you suffer a brain injury or something?
14:53<GatorKram>it doesnt seem logical, but then who knows what I meant by school
14:53<GatorKram>surely not grade school anyway
14:54<sakaal>oh the mystery
14:54<GatorKram>sungo: why, are you a doctor?
14:54<sakaal>of medicine
14:54<sakaal>he's not. Otherwise his nick would be Dr.sungo or sungoPhD
14:54<GatorKram>I mean
14:55<GatorKram>that would depend on how long hes had said title
14:55<GatorKram>at some point down the line, you drop it again
14:55<sakaal>like before or after he last typed /nick
14:55<GatorKram>people still type /nick ?
14:56<sakaal>while it might be true that those who just got it probably wear it more
14:56<GatorKram>yeah, that was my point I guess
14:56<sakaal>well i have been few years out of irc so i dont know it has changed, except now of course im using the web client
14:56<GatorKram>i was trying to be funny with the /nick comment
14:56<sakaal>it might happen that those grades are getting more oldfashioned
14:57<sakaal>so was i :)
14:57<sakaal>sorry, my english does it that sometimes i cant carry through all the good humour and erudite wisdom i carry deep inside mithoughts
14:57<GatorKram>i guess neither one of us were funny
14:57<sakaal>we must be boring. otherwise we would not be here trying to fix it.
14:58<GatorKram>i am just hopping you arent a bot
14:58<sakaal>me too...
14:58<GatorKram>me or you
14:58<sakaal>that is a proof
14:58<sakaal>that you are
14:58<GatorKram>lies, all lies
14:58<sakaal>you wouldn't have suspected me otherwise
14:59<sakaal>a Turing test with two bots
14:59<sakaal>can they figure out they are both bots
14:59<GatorKram>i guess one could just ask the other
14:59<GatorKram>do bots lie
14:59<sakaal>prove that :)
14:59<sakaal>oh ok it was a question
15:00<sakaal>and not a statement
15:00<@mikegrb>mmm cake
15:00<sakaal>is this another trailer or the real thing now cake?
15:00<GatorKram>go dns man go
15:00<@caker>sakaal: ok, give and a try now, please
15:00<sakaal>ty, i will...
15:01<GatorKram>dns, when it works right, is wonderful, when it breaks, it sucks the worst
15:01<sakaal>both ok with dig
15:01<@caker>the ones that were broken we didn't control.. if you want something done right...
15:01<sakaal>now i put them in my resolv.conf
15:01<GatorKram>caker: no doubt about that one
15:01<@caker>sakaal: yeah along with .50 (offsite, one that I control, as well)
15:01<sakaal>caker: you're absolutely right on that one
15:02*GatorKram pokes sakaal for being mr obvious
15:03<GatorKram>i cant stand what some isps are doing with dns redirections now
15:03<@caker>,, <-- correct list
15:03<GatorKram>my dsl isp is doing it now
15:03<sakaal>yep, alles in ordnung
15:03<GatorKram>typo redirection on any and all records, heh
15:03<GatorKram>and some people have the nerve to tell me I shouldnt be angry about it
15:03<sakaal>do i really need the third one caker, is it fixed now, or a new one?
15:04<@caker> always worked, right (in fact I think it was the only one that was working for your IP range)
15:05<sakaal>ah ok, i thought i got errors with them all but maybe i missed that one
15:05<GatorKram>the real question is what on earth are they doing to them, for them to be broken
15:06<@caker>GatorKram: it's a new IP range, and they didn't add the range(s) to their nameservers' ACL
15:06<@caker>so ..
15:06<sakaal>yep, i know, but i don't care, because that's not my problem anymore :)
15:06<@caker>I asked gnax to look at the ACLs for their nameservers, to make sure, this was their response: (classic)
15:06<sakaal>ahh ok
15:06<@caker>The ACL looks correct. If you are still having problems, please give a domain to test with in each /24.
15:06<sakaal>still good to have the explanation :)
15:06<@caker> /quote
15:06<Battousai>good ol' gnax
15:07<GatorKram>are they so worried about millions of other people using their dns servers, that they put limits on them
15:07<@caker>GatorKram: yes, I do on all of my resolvers, as well. It's just good practice
15:08<GatorKram>i dont think ive ever found a caching server that didnt let me query it nicely
15:09<sakaal>mwalling: Thanks for the temporary DNS, you can now shut it.
15:09<GatorKram>its so simple to setup your own, why would someone abuse someone elses, lol
15:10<sakaal>yeah, it's much easier to abuse your own ns
15:18<GatorKram>i wish our linodes got that much xfer a month
15:19*GatorKram ponders how linode is tied to theshore
15:19<Battousai>fishing line mostly
15:20<mwalling_>sakaal: np
15:20<sakaal>they don't mention the amount of RAM and any app servers would probably not work, and no root access i guess
15:21<GatorKram>i just happened to look up the ptrs on my /etc/resolv.conf and came up with heh
15:22<GatorKram>so then I went and looked
15:22<GatorKram>so I was like, hey, I want 2g a month on my 540 ;)
15:23<GatorKram>never mind
15:23<@tasaro> was/is caker's old shared hosting company
15:23<@tasaro>and why would you want 2GB over 300GB ?
15:23<GatorKram>I was thinking T not G
15:23<GatorKram>yeah yeah
15:23<GatorKram>sometimes I even amaze myself
15:23<scorche|w>i was about to say the same thing..
15:23<GatorKram>when I see small numbers in the xfer limit, I auto think T
15:24<sakaal>use the new GiB and MiB notation to avoid confusion
15:24<sakaal>or to cause even more
15:24*GatorKram hangs his head in shame
15:24<GatorKram>you guys were all just sitting there, laughing, admit it
15:24<Battousai>Do you offer dial-up internet access? We are currently investigating providing nation wide dialup internet access. Stay tuned!
15:24<Battousai>wonder if that ever took off ;)
15:25<sakaal>sounds like a plan... a pretty old one too
15:25<GatorKram>most of those things never pan out, you need to pay like $15 a month per account, and you have to provide the tech support
15:25<GatorKram>so you get $20 a month, and try to live off the $5
15:25<zeroday>is this valid for running a cron every 1 and 4th day of the week: 59 23 * * 0,3
15:25<zeroday>* 3rd
15:25<sakaal>what do you do, if you are left locked in a supermarket after the closing hour
15:26-!-Bdragon [] has joined #linode
15:26*GatorKram doesnt speak cron
15:26<anderiv>zeroday: 0,2 would be the first and third day...
15:26<zeroday>so it should be 0,4?
15:27<anderiv>no - that would be the first and fifth. 59 23 * * 0,2 is what you want.
15:30-!-vsnine [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
15:30<mwalling_>argh... how the hell do you identify to a supybot?
15:31<Bdragon>I believe it's identify username password in a pm
15:31<@caker>after register user pass
15:34*mwalling_ is having a hella time on their website
15:38*sakaal is having a fever
15:41<sungo>caker: I left a strange support ticket for JOO AND FRIENDS :P
15:41<row>supybot rules
15:41<row>well mostly anyway
15:43<GatorKram>sungo: you ARE a strange support ticket ;)
15:43<GatorKram>but then so am I
15:54-!-zodttd [] has joined #linode
15:56<Schroeder>w00t! Hot blonde chick just won on Jeopardy! again!
15:56<sakaal>is this the best way to disable network login from root? -:root:ALL EXCEPT LOCAL (and does it work with Lish?)
15:58<sakaal>nah... maybe i create another account and try it with that
16:06<sungo>give root a 400 character randomly generated password.
16:06<sungo>if they crack that, they deserve the shell.
16:06<sungo>also, there's an sshd config option to disallow root logins
16:08-!-Schroeder [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:10<sakaal>ahh thanks
16:11<lucca>or you can just remove root's password
16:11<lucca>so that you can only ssh into root using a key
16:12<sungo>I'd rather pull root's ssh ability all toegether.
16:12<sungo>use sudo or die
16:14<lucca>it is useful for certain backup mechanisms
16:14<lucca>but really, as long as the console login works
16:14<lucca>you can just enter through the lish
16:14<sakaal>lucca, did that. than misconfigured networking
16:14<sakaal>so i wont do it again'
16:15<sakaal>removing root pw disables console login as well
16:16<lucca>that depends on what you have listening on your console
16:16<sakaal>this -:account:ALL EXCEPT LOCAL does not seem to work with ssh
16:16-!-Deckert [] has joined #linode
16:16<sakaal>i can still log on with that account even when that line is in access.conf
16:16<sakaal>(via ssh)
16:18-!-rob [] has joined #linode
16:18-!-rob is now known as Guest408
16:20<sakaal>actually the current sshd_config seems to disable PAM auth for privilege separation compatibility...
16:29<sakaal>well, it's enough for me if i just disable the ssh root login from the sshd_config
16:36-!-arooni [] has joined #linode
16:38-!-sakaal [] has left #linode []
16:46-!-linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:00<sungo>man. weird support tickets take a while to get looked at :)
17:02<Internat>just disable ssh and use lish if ur that worried
17:11-!-atourino [~Antonio@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
17:22-!-schmichael [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
17:25-!-werdna [] has joined #linode
17:25<@linbot>werdna: *click*
17:26-!-Antitribu [] has joined #linode
17:26-!-Antitribu [] has left #linode []
17:36-!-paulcager_ is now known as paulcager
17:38-!-andrew_j_w [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:41<werdna>anyone heard of these guys: ?
17:43<fo0bar>werdna: yeah, I've been a colo customer of their other side (netactuate) for a few years now
17:44<fo0bar>I don't know anything about their vds offering though
17:45<werdna>meh, ill give em a go
17:46<jams>caker mikegrb tasaro what info do you need in the support ticket to convert my account to annual payment?
17:47<fo0bar>their network is well connected. 1.9ms to :)
17:48<fo0bar>ok, I guess linode/HE is about that too :)
17:48<scorche|w>i get that from theplanet too
17:48<@caker>jams: just that - "please convert me to annual and give me free stuff"
17:48<jams>cool i can do that
17:48<esoterik>zomg what kind of free stuff
17:49<scorche|w>disk space
17:49<@caker>+50% disk space free
17:49<fo0bar>scorche|w: really? I would think dallas to san jose would be >1.9ms just for, you know, physics
17:49<jams>prefer 50% more ram..but oh well
17:50<scorche|w>fo0bar: errr...i read MB not ms :)
17:50<werdna>caker: ever considering adding url forwarding to the dns service?
17:50*scorche|w curses mondays and how they affect work =/
17:50<fo0bar>14:50:54 (11.18 MB/s) - `linux-2.6.24.tar.bz2' saved [46737783/46737783]
17:51<fo0bar>damn 100mbps network card limiting me :)
17:51<@caker>werdna: url forwarding isn't a service of dns hosting, as far as I understand how things work
17:51<scorche|w>not bad..
17:51<werdna>yeh i understand that
17:52<scorche|w>that actually might make me want to move on over to HE =P
17:52<@caker>werdna: I've never used one of them -- how do services like that typically work? .. "" redirects to some URL, I presume?
17:52<werdna>and theres also masking, which puts the redirect url in a frame
17:53<jams>ticket submitted.
17:53<werdna>but this is not done in the dns server (bind), but you'd need a webserver
17:53<fo0bar>and yeah, it looks like the speed of light = 186.282397 miles per millisecond (thank you google), so dallas to san jose would be at least 12ms, assuming all networking gear between them was perfect
17:53<werdna>I think more important with the dns, would be templates
17:54<@caker>zone templates?
17:54<@caker>what about being able to clone a zone into another one (set it up once, clone it many times)
17:54<@caker>that's in my dev queue
17:55-!-clanehin [] has joined #linode
17:55<werdna>yeh pretty much the same thing
18:03-!-TJF [] has quit [Quit: I quit!]
18:06-!-Eman [] has quit [Quit: lol, reboot]
18:13<tierra>caker: has it always been required that you need to "Render" zones in the DNS Manager before they work?
18:14<tierra>I didn't remember needing to, but some new zones I added wouldn't work until I hit render
18:17<tierra>also, zone cloning ++
18:21<tierra>also weird: it seems like the default A records get inserted in random order (there's only 3, but they come up in different positions sometimes when I create a new zone)
18:21<tierra>not that it matters, but it just seemed weird
18:34<esoterik>ive tried tzselect and it doesnt seem to do anything, how do i change the timezone off UTC for ubuntu?
18:35<werdna>A more simple way to change time zone would be to:
18:35<werdna>Login as root using SSH than issue this commands:
18:35<werdna> Code: tzselect Check the last line after tzselect is completed, should look like:
18:35<werdna>Now let's update the localtime:
18:35<werdna> Code: ln -s -f /usr/share/zoneinfo/Continent/Town /etc/localtime
18:35<werdna>To check that it is set corect:
18:35<werdna> Code: date
18:35<werdna>To restart any service that may need it:
18:35<werdna> Code: service httpd restart
18:36<esoterik>thank you
18:37-!-spratt [] has joined #linode
18:38<spratt>Is there someone that can help me with a Linux problem?
18:38<werdna>what sort of problem?
18:40-!-zodttd [] has quit []
18:40<werdna>care to elaborate on what the problem is?
18:40<spratt>I think my Linode has been compromised and someone may be launching attacks from it.
18:41<gdlt> what are you seeing?
18:42<spratt>From snort and base I see this:
18:42-!-Athenon_ [] has joined #linode
18:43<spratt>ATTACK-RESPONSES 403 Forbidden 2008-02-04 14:54:05
18:43-!-Infinito [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
18:43<spratt>about 300 times in the last 60 minutes (from my linode to different ip addresses)
18:44-!-Standardista [] has joined #linode
18:44<spratt>Also my apache access.log file is getting pounded with people trying to access non-existent web pages...I'm talking several hits per second
18:46-!-paulcager is now known as paulcager_
18:46<spratt>I guess I need to figure out how to track down the script(s) on my computer if they are there. How do I know they are there? And if they are how do I track them down?
18:46<spratt>delete them
18:47-!-Standardista [] has quit []
18:48<gdlt>they should show up in ps if you aren't rootkitted
18:49-!-Athenon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:50-!-TheFirst [] has joined #linode
18:54<spratt>Being new to the whole LAMP thing, I was wondering: is it normal to have your apache access.log file pounded by invalid requests? I'm getting several per second.
18:55<anderiv>spratt: sometimes, yes.
18:55<spratt>My server is grinding to a halt because of it
18:55<anderiv>spratt: you could run chkrootkit and rkhunter. Those will check for will-known rootkits.
18:55<anderiv>spratt: but just becuase you're getting invalid http requests doesn't mean that you're compromised.
18:56<spratt>Awesome. Thanks.
18:56<anderiv>it could very well just be a mis-configured web spider.
18:56<anderiv>are they all coming from the same IP?
18:56<spratt>No. They are coming from IP's all over the world.
18:56<spratt>China, Russia, South America, etc, etc -- several per second.
18:57<spratt>thousands of different IP addresses
18:57<GatorKram>you might wanna shut down your httpd, traffic isnt free
18:57<anderiv>for the time being, I'd either shut down apache and/or firewall off the ingress ports you're using.
18:57<spratt>I wrote a Perl script to add the IP addresses to my firewall. It worked for about an hour then the IP's all changed.
18:57<anderiv>that'll take care of the server load issue and then you can do some more investigating.
18:58<GatorKram>its prob a random ddos attack
18:58<anderiv>spratt: what's the nature of the website you're hosting? Something that might draw DDoS attacks?
18:58<spratt>No. A single small site of no conseqence.
18:58<GatorKram>or if your linode is new, someone who had your ip b4
18:58<spratt>Completely static content
18:59<spratt>My Linode is new, but for the first few months everything was great
18:59<GatorKram>a few months to me isnt new, but ok hehe
18:59<spratt>Gently used :)
18:59<GatorKram>yeah, I hear you
19:00<GatorKram>there isnt much you can really do
19:00<GatorKram>ddos attacks, can be a real pain to deal with
19:00<GatorKram>at least if you shut down your node for awhile, it wont be hitting anything, or at least kill apache
19:01<spratt>Well thanks anyway for your suggestions. I'm pulling my hair out. Apache has been completely unusable for 3 or 4 days now. So much traffic that I can't access my own site.
19:01<GatorKram>you might want to open a ticket, asking for advice, I doubt its anything related to your linode being hacked
19:01<anderiv>spratt: as a last-ditch idea, you could request an IP change from caker.
19:02<spratt>Yea, I'm going to shutdown apache. However, I'm worried that attacks are being launched from my server. I'd like to stop that. However, I'm not sure it's really even happening. I'm new to this whole thing. Snort shows a lot of outband traffic from my server.
19:02<GatorKram>they could get the ips blocked at the border router or whatever
19:02<anderiv>spratt: a simple tcpdump would verify that...
19:02<GatorKram>the outbound traffic would prob be the 403 replies
19:02<anderiv>GatorKram: they won't do that for thousands of IPs, though...
19:03<GatorKram>the traffic will still be INbound though
19:03<spratt>Ah, you're probably right. It is the 403 replies.
19:03<GatorKram>at some point they will just null route it I guess, heh
19:03<gdlt>are they all trying to access the same non-existant page?
19:03<GatorKram>but id kill httpd at the very least
19:04<GatorKram>shut down my node, and open a ticket at best
19:04<spratt>The IP's change as they are blocked. It is a game of cat and mouse. I don't think blocking them least not as a long-term solution.
19:04<gdlt>also, to the reqs come in with the host name, or ip?
19:05<spratt> - - [04/Feb/2008:16:49:11 -0700] "GET HTTP/1.1" 403 295 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)"
19:05<spratt>An entry from my access.log
19:06<spratt> is not hosted on my Linode
19:06<anderiv>that means someone's DNS server is messed up.
19:06<spratt>There are thousands of different IP's and domains that are coming in
19:06<spratt>So do you think requesting a different IP will fix it?
19:07-!-scipio [~scipio@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:07<anderiv>spratt: 99% sure it would.
19:07<anderiv>...especially after seeing that the requests are coming in w/ invalid HTTP request headers.
19:07<spratt>Awesome. Thank you so much for taking some time to talk me through this. Very kind.
19:07<GatorKram>someone prob mistyped the target on their ddos bot network lol
19:08<anderiv>no prob - I hope the torrent lets up soon.
19:08-!-gdlt is now known as greco
19:08<GatorKram>I wouldnt wait 4 days next time ;)
19:09<spratt>How could you tell the request has invalid headers?
19:09<@caker>tierra: "render domain" doesn't do anything other than spit out the rendered domain -- not tied into the db or anything like that
19:10-!-spratt [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:10-!-spratt [] has joined #linode
19:10<anderiv>well - that access_log excerpt you sent. that client is requesting the domain "". You said this isn't hosted on your server - so that either means is a crappy DDoS or some DNS server is messed up.
19:11<anderiv>with legit requests (quite obviously), the HTTP request should only come in with domains that are actually hosted on your server.
19:11<@caker>(unless there was an open proxy enabled at some point)
19:11<@caker>sorry, joining the convo late (didn't read scrollback)
19:11<anderiv>caker: this is true...didn't think of that.
19:11<anderiv>spratt: you weren't running a web proxy at any time, were you?
19:12<spratt>I had mod-proxy, mod-proxy-balancer, mod-proxy-http, and mod-proxy-html enabled until this morning
19:12<spratt>I disabled this morning.
19:12<anderiv>spratt: hrm. did you have mod_proxy locked down? Or was it wide open?
19:12-!-vs9|craptop [] has joined #linode
19:12<@caker>yeah -- you're just going to have to wait it out, or filter those clients that are still hitting your now non-proxying webserver
19:12<spratt>I was proxying requests from apache to mongrel all locally on my server
19:13<Bdragon>Err, so people were using you as a public proxy then?
19:13<spratt>Probably. But the requests are still coming in even though I disabled it.
19:14<spratt>I guess. I don't really know what that means.
19:14<@caker>spratt: it means they were using your webserver to proxy request to other places
19:15<@caker>spratt: or better yet, google your Linode's IP address :)
19:16<@caker>(basically just comes back with a bunch of proxy lists, which it is on)
19:16<spratt>So the lesson is: 1 change my ip address. 2 don't proxy unless I REALLY know what I am doing
19:16<anderiv>doh - that's what I was trying to do. Forgot that the first field in the access_log is the requstor IP.
19:17<Bdragon>People were using you to shadow their own ip and browse anonymously...
19:17<anderiv>spratt: you should be able to lock down mod_proxy with the ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse directives.
19:17<anderiv> far as I can remember.
19:17<anderiv>It's been a while.
19:17<Bdragon>The traffic will taper off after a bit after people give up on using your address as a proxy ;)
19:18<@caker>yeah, what Bdragon said .. it may take a while (week+, I'd guess)
19:18<greco>can apache be configured to not 403 hosts which it is not serving and just drop them, or something?
19:19<Bdragon>(Or how about just shutting down http totally for a week ;)
19:19<spratt>I had ProxyPass / http://localhost:3000/ and proxy pass reverse both set in my virtual host.
19:19<Bdragon>How long have you had the linode?
19:20<spratt>2 or 3 months.
19:20-!-vs9|craptop [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:20<@caker>spratt: ProxyRequests On <- I think is the Bad Thing
19:20<spratt>But the problem for only 3 or 4 days
19:20<anderiv>caker: that's it.
19:21<anderiv>I just looked at the config of my server I have mod_proxy running on and ProxyRequests is set to Off in all isntances.
19:21<@caker>one assumes that must be set to On for ProxyPass to work, but alas, it does not
19:21<spratt>Here is what I had: ProxyPass / http://localhost:3000/ ;;;;; ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:3000/ ;;;; ProxyPreserveHost on
19:21<anderiv>spratt: yah - throw that ProxyRequests off in there and you should be god.
19:21<anderiv>err good.
19:22<anderiv>...not that doing so will stop the traffic, though.
19:22-!-jimflip [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:23<spratt>Thanks again, anderiv. I was losing sleep over this.
19:24<anderiv>spratt: no prob. Give some props to caker, though - he's the one that found the problem/solution.
19:24<spratt>Sorry caker. Thanks to you too!!!!
19:25-!-spratt [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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20:02-!-Eman [] has joined #linode
20:05<@linbot>werdna: *click*
20:05<@linbot>werdna: *click*
20:05-!-werdna was kicked from #linode by linbot [BANG!]
20:05*linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
20:06<vs9|craptop>caker: what source did you use to develop your net scripts for xen?
20:06*caker makes his own source
20:06<vs9|craptop>like website
20:07<vs9|craptop>infos, etc
20:07<@caker>it's my own design
20:14<tierra>anyone know a good way to setup a MTA (doesn't matter which at this point) so it can be used for local relay only, and doesn't do local delivery?
20:14<mwalling>you just want a smarthost?
20:15<tierra>for example, I'm just trying to get PHP's mail() function working, without trying local delivery to the domain the box is hosting (and is it's hostname), but email is actually hosted elsewhere
20:15<tierra>I read a bit about smarthost trying to get Exim working (as that's what was installed by default with Deb 4.0)
20:15<tierra>but didn't quite understand how that works
20:15<tierra>is that probably what I want?
20:16*mwalling think so
20:17<tierra>ok, yeah, that looks like what I want
20:25<Internat>really all u want is ssmtp
20:25<Internat>its a smtp server that runs locally on the box that passes it to an upstream server
20:25-!-testemp [~testemp@] has joined #linode
20:26<testemp>any linode employees around?
20:28<guinea-pig>caker was around 20 minutes ago
20:29<testemp>i wanted to see if linode will host a site of mine before i signup and transfer everything over
20:30<scorche|w>is the site dubious of any sort?....not sure why you would ask that
20:30<guinea-pig>what would they host it on if you hadn't signed up for anything?
20:30<scorche|w>s/dubious/dubious of good intent..
20:30<guinea-pig>oh. i read thatbackwards
20:30<guinea-pig>indeed. what gives you a reason to ask?
20:30<testemp>its, its one of the sites i host, thought i should check it before signing up
20:31<guinea-pig>are the feds coming after you? :P
20:31<testemp>hahaha nah, its not really illegal or nething
20:32<scorche|w>should be fine as long as you arent violating US laws....such as selling weed on the site, etc
20:32<testemp>but it is a questionable topic
20:32<guinea-pig>topic schmopic. stay legal and there's nothing to worry about
20:33<@caker>testemp: that's fine
20:33<guinea-pig>^ official word
20:34<@caker>will host for chronic
20:35<scorche|w>^ off the record
20:36-!-scorche|w [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
20:41<mwalling>caker: linbot question: did you have a SOAP API key from before they stopped giving them out, or is that a different google plugin?
20:43<@caker>for the built in google plugin?
20:43<@caker>I recall it just erroring out if you didn't have one, and provided a URL somewhere on google to get one...
20:44<@caker>which I used to generate mine
20:44<mwalling>yeah the url redirects to, and i couldnt find where to get a soap key, only ajax keys
20:44*mwalling keeps looking
20:46<@caker>mwalling: :(
20:47<mwalling>heh, make sure you back linbot's key up :)
20:49<@caker>supybot's bitrotting, I'm afraid
20:49<@caker>despite their #1 claim on 1) Supybot is actively developed.
20:49<guinea-pig>supybot, huh? what ever happened to infobot?
20:50-!-testemp [~testemp@] has quit [Quit: testemp]
20:52<mwalling>not that dead:
20:55<@linbot>caker: The current (running) version of this Supybot is 0.83.1. The newest version available online is 0.83.3.
20:55*tasaro stabs comcast
20:56<@caker>tasaro: what excuse now?
20:56*mwalling offers tasaro his HN7000s
20:56<@mikegrb>"oh you wanted cable cards?"
20:56<mwalling>you can have my support contract to...
20:56<guinea-pig>mister stabby!
20:56<@mikegrb>"we thought you meant those little papers with the cable channels on them"
20:56<@caker>"we're here to install your cable cars"
20:56<@tasaro>these aren't going to work, but let's try them anyway
20:57<@caker>tasaro: did they come today with more cards?
20:57<guinea-pig>tasaro: you should know better than to buy anything from comcast. haven't you been reading slashdot for the past ... several years?
20:57<mwalling>... from what i've heard of comcast... they're infinitly smarter then hughes
20:57<@tasaro>no.. today they did not return my calls
20:59<sungo>still no answer ot my strange support ticket
20:59<sungo>ya'll are slacking!
20:59<@caker>geez, the comcast cablecard thread on is 168 *pages* long
20:59<@tasaro>sungo: no
21:00<sungo>tasaro: is that my answer? :)
21:01<@tasaro>well.. you can have one, but it will still be $19.95/mo ;)
21:01<sungo>all righty
21:02<@tasaro>imagine 200 Linode 64s hammering the disk io
21:02*caker can - he lived it
21:02<sungo>just for me! just wanted one for me!
21:04<JDLSpeedy>how about Linode128 for $8 ;)
21:04<sungo>yeah, or that? :)
21:05<JDLSpeedy>makes it great for just an email server or backup server
21:06<sungo>that's pretty much what I'm doing. small www server and svn server that I want to be isolated.
21:06-!-W|GGL|T [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:07<JDLSpeedy>hello? ;)
21:09<JDLSpeedy>sungo: i guess there not listing to me neither
21:09<sungo>how would one list to you?
21:09<sungo>see, they just know I'm going to pick up another 360 anyway :)
21:09<sungo>there's nothing in it for them to give me what I want :)
21:10<JDLSpeedy>LinodeCustom :-D
21:10<sungo>for the admins at least :)
21:11<@mikegrb>mmm cake
21:11<JDLSpeedy>admins love cake ;)
21:13<avongauss>there are reasons for why that thread is 168 pages on cable cards... no good reasons though...
21:14-!-Bdragon [] has quit [Quit: HydraIRC -> <-]
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21:35<@linbot>New news from forums: Having a problem with CIFS on Centos 5 in Linux Networking <>
21:43-!-Guest408 [] has left #linode []
21:45-!-DIS [] has joined #linode
21:46<DIS>Hello there, is there a staff or owner of Linode here
21:46<@caker>what's up?
21:47<DIS>can I send you a private chat request
21:50-!-Bdragon [] has joined #linode
22:05-!-DIS [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:13-!-esoterik [] has joined #linode
22:35<@linbot>mwalling: Host not found.
22:36*mwalling scratches his head and goes and flushes the caches on his upstream servers
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