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05:13<rick111>hello friends
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06:20<@linbot>New news from forums: iptables drop ACK/FIN as invalid in Linux Networking <>
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09:58<AdmiralBeotch>anyone else having mutt problems checking local root mail? I get "/var/spool/mail/root: no such file or directory (errno = 2)" on a clean install..
09:59<AdmiralBeotch>fedora 8 BTW...
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10:06<zeroday>what does ls show of /var/spool/mail?
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10:23<AdmiralBeotch>-rw-rw---- 1 root mail 0 2008-02-19 10:04 root
10:24<AdmiralBeotch>/var/spool/mail/root didnt exist, but i created it, and i no longer get the error... but i dont get any email either. I sent a test message to root and the only place i can see them is in the file ~root/sent
10:24<AdmiralBeotch>but it never shows up in mutt
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10:24<chesty>look in /etc/aliases, good distros send roots mail to the first user created
10:25<chesty>ie, don't run mutt as root, use /etc/aliases to send roots mail to a normal user
10:26<AdmiralBeotch>what should i be looking for in /etc/aliases? the first alias in there is "mailer-daemon: postmaster"
10:26<AdmiralBeotch>then "postmaster: root"
10:26<chesty>root: scott (scott as an example ordinary user)
10:27<chesty>you just add the root: scott line, if it's not already there
10:28<chesty>then run "newaliases"
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11:00<@caker>anyone have any experience with wildcard ssl certs?
11:00<@caker>rapidssl is telling me I need to "purchase" a wildcard cert for each webserver I'm going to be using it on
11:01<@caker>that's what I thought
11:04<AdmiralBeotch>I added root:user1 and ran newaliases... when i login as user1 and run mutt I get "/var/spool/mail/root: Permission denied (errno = 13)
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11:05<mwalling_>stop trying to access roots mbox?
11:09<AdmiralBeotch>i "chmod user1:mail" on /var/spool/mail/root and i dont get the error anymore, but still no mail...
11:11<mwalling_>look in *YOUR* mbox
11:13<AdmiralBeotch>as user1, i created an email to root and sent it... i quit mutt and re-run it, and there's nothing in the inbox... same thing if i create a email for user1... never shows up.
11:13<chesty>run mailq
11:13<AdmiralBeotch>mail queue is empty
11:14<guinea-pig>woo! i've got my own buildd running!
11:14*guinea-pig leaves for work
11:14<chesty>look in /var/log/mail*
11:14<guinea-pig>crap! it's an hour later than i thought it was. *drives double-fast*
11:15<AdmiralBeotch>ah, good call. interesting things in /var/log/maillog!
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11:15<AdmiralBeotch>looks like a domain suffix problem... thx
11:20<mwalling_>guinea-pig: careful or you'll get screwed like i did for 57/45
11:24<mwalling_>(speeding ticket last week when rushing to work late)
11:25<guinea-pig>oh, i already called in. no worries
11:25<guinea-pig>they know i'll be late
11:25<guinea-pig>so no speeding. i've passed that stress off to them :)
11:26<mwalling_>damn small city cops
11:26<chesty>did they force you to become the local doctor?
11:27<mwalling_>mailed in my not guilty plea next day, gave a friend (who also happens to be a state trooper) a copy of my ticket
11:27<chesty>then you've got nothing to complain about ;) you did the crime... ;)
11:27<mwalling_>12 over?
11:28<chesty>12 over is significant
11:28<@caker>chesty: nice reference
11:29<mwalling_>chesty: 12 over 50' from the 55mph sign
11:29<guinea-pig>before or after?
11:29<mwalling_>in the 45 zone
11:29<mwalling_>the 45 zone is only 200' long
11:30<guinea-pig>but where does the zone actually start? *at* the sign? at a reasonable distance before/after the sign?
11:30<@linbot>New news from forums: Strange CPU utilization in Xen Public Beta <>
11:31<mwalling_>guinea-pig: NY law says "at"
11:36<rick111>anyone here use their linode as a gaming host?
11:49<JDLSpeedy>rick111: I did
11:50<JDLSpeedy>kept crashing, not enough ram
11:53<JDLSpeedy>rick111: what game u trynig to serve?
11:56<rick111>none, I was just interested
11:56<rick111>what game was you trying to serve?
11:57<JDLSpeedy>Team Fortress 2
11:57<rick111>ahhh, tfc rocks
11:57<rick111>tf2 not so much
11:57<rick111>what linode you using, the low spec one?
11:58<JDLSpeedy>if I can solve the ram issue, i would host tf2 again
12:00<rick111>just not had enough, or wasn't quick enough?
12:06<JDLSpeedy>just not enough, kept quiting because "Out Of Memory"
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12:09<JDLSpeedy>whats the ram requiments game server
12:09<JDLSpeedy>for a game server*
12:11<rick111>that link is useless
12:11<@caker>rick111: for what it's worth, I know of people who have done tf2 servers just fine on Linode
12:11<@caker>a Xen Linode may be a better option for that type of stuff, too
12:11<Bdragon>You may wish to try a xen linode
12:12<JDLSpeedy>caker: do you know about how much ram they had on there Linode for a TF2?
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12:13<rick111>which is the Xen one? I can't see it here
12:14<JDLSpeedy>its in the Xen Beta
12:14<rick111>omg i'm blind
12:14<JDLSpeedy>its not production
12:15<JDLSpeedy>any xen beta machines in dallas?
12:16<JDLSpeedy>i'll create a ticket :-D
12:17<JDLSpeedy>Dallas if all possible, since im already in Dallas ;)
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12:22<rick111>linode's awesome
12:22*JDLSpeedy awaiting a Xen migration ;-D
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12:22<evesun>Is there anyone from support available?
12:23<JDLSpeedy>caker is around somewhere
12:23<evesun>Could I please have some help?
12:24<evesun>My linode keeps locking up. All my database queries are getting locked.
12:25<@caker>is it locked up now?
12:25<evesun>I just restarted it
12:25<@caker>how often does it happen?
12:25<evesun>it's been happening for the last hour or so
12:25<evesun>just keeps happening
12:26<evesun>it's doing it again
12:26<@caker>next time it happens, please try this: time sleep 5
12:26<rick111>JDLSpeedy you played ?
12:27<evesun>real 0m5.044s
12:27<@caker>ok ...
12:27<evesun>user 0m0.000s
12:27<evesun>sys 0m0.000s
12:28<@caker>evesun: try setting your configuration profile to use "", save and reboot. Keep in mind this kernel has the vmsplice local linux crash problem, but at least we can determine if it was something that went into the kernel after .1 that's causing this -- cool?
12:28<evesun>I'm not really an advanced user
12:29<@caker>evesun: log into, click on your configuration profile
12:29<@caker>evesun: select from the Kernel: drop-down, save the profile, reboot
12:30<rick111>caker what's your position@linode?
12:30<@caker>rick111: God
12:30<@caker>(kidding) -- owner/founder
12:30<evesun>ok done, it's rebooting
12:30<rick111>nice :D
12:31<rick111>you good@linux or more of a management man?
12:32<evesun>it's back online now
12:32<@caker>well .. I created the LPM and ran the business by myself for a number of years .. so take that for what you will
12:33<@caker>evesun: please let me know if that solves it for ya
12:34<evesun>it looks like it's starting to lock again
12:34<evesun>are you able to take a look at the mysql service?
12:34<chesty>what ever happened to the mysql value add service?
12:34<@caker>evesun: if you provide me access, sure
12:34<@caker>evesun: otherwise, I can't really see what's going on inside your Linode
12:35<evesun>how can I do that?
12:35<@caker>evesun: submit a ticket firstly, and then provide me with a password (root's password, or otherwise)
12:36<evesun>I submitted ticket #37495 right before I came to chat
12:37<@caker>post a password in there so that I can inspect, please
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12:41<m0unds_>rick111: fortress forever is awesome
12:41<m0unds_>although since tf2 came out, i stopped playing it
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12:45<@caker>evesun: it looks like the website is working (I found one that's pointing to your Linode) ...
12:45<@caker>evesun: loadavg is fairly high on your box, and you're doing a fair amount of disk IO
12:46<@caker>evesun: with mysql spinning at a constant 40% CPU or so
12:46<@caker>evesun: how would you like to participate in the Xen beta (it's stable, and much faster than UML)?
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12:47<@caker>evesun: it would require a few minutes of downtime while your Linode is transferred over to a Xen host. That's it
12:47<evesun>will the site be down for long?
12:47<@caker>2-3 minutes per GB of disk images
12:48<evesun>Can we do it this evening? this is one of our busiest times of day.
12:48<@caker>evesun: sure -- you can fire it off whenever you
12:48<@caker>.. you're ready
12:49<@caker>evesun: <-- hit that, please
12:49<@caker>evesun: we'll configure the migration for you, and then you can log in and execute it when you're ready
12:49<evesun>my traffic is about 4,200 visits/day and about 20,000 pageviews, should my resource usage be that high?
12:50<@caker>visits and pageviews are only parts of the overall performance equasion
12:50<evesun>ok, sent the xen beta request
12:50<@caker>it depends on usage patterns, application design, individual query performance, etc, etc, etc
12:50<evesun>our big thing is probably the PHPBB3 board
12:51<evesun>I think that's what I've been having trouble with
12:52<JDLSpeedy>caker: just wondering if you got my request for xen beta
12:52<@caker>JDLSpeedy: I haven't checked, but most likely. We'll get to it soonie
12:52<evesun>my "show processlist" command keeps listing a bunch of "copying to tmp table on disk" for the forum database
12:52<JDLSpeedy>caker: ok, thats cool
12:52<Bdragon>Searches perhaps?
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12:54<evesun>The queries are just pulling the topic information
12:54<evesun>it doesn't look like a search
12:56<tozz>as far as I know phpbb doesn't have any caching by default
12:56<tozz>which makes it slow(ish)
12:57<evesun>I'm pretty sure 3 does
12:57<tozz>well, my bad, any _good_ caching ;)
12:57<tozz>do they use memcahced?
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12:58<evesun>I'm not sure
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12:58<tozz>it doesn't, but someone is working on it
13:00<chesty>memcache might help
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13:18<@tasaro>JDLSpeedy: ticket updated
13:18<JDLSpeedy>thanks tasaro
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13:35<@linbot>New news from forums: Variability in Xenode parallelization test results in Performance and Tuning <>
13:39<JDLSpeedy>shouldn't the host job queue be refreshing through the migration?
13:42<@caker>JDLSpeedy: BANG
13:42<JDLSpeedy>thanks, was there an issue?
13:42<@caker>not really
13:43<@caker>I forgot to restart ma deamons after making a change
13:43<JDLSpeedy>ahh ;)
13:44<JDLSpeedy>was saying, 15 minutes and still waiting....
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14:02<agentbleubleu>I have just added a new parm to pico /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf
14:02<agentbleubleu>how would I restart that part for it to take effect
14:03<@caker>getsmart: access denied
14:03<mwalling_>agentbleubleu: you do what now?
14:03<getsmart>I know that
14:03<getsmart>sorry about that
14:04<chesty>getsmart: it works for me, ta
14:04*mwalling_ smacks agentbleubleu
14:05<mwalling_>i'm not helping you in PM
14:05<agentbleubleu>I had a problem with bind, and was told to add append domain-name-servers =;
14:05<mwalling_>someone had you changing configs for dhclient?
14:06<agentbleubleu>then when i turned bind back on it said it is missing the IP;
14:06<mwalling_>smack them
14:06<agentbleubleu>the tech guys at virtualmin
14:06<agentbleubleu>i think they think i know what im doing
14:07<agentbleubleu>so their explanations are a bit iffy
14:07<mwalling_>... why would you be using dhclient on a server? (asside from the fact that linode provides it for rapid startup)
14:08<agentbleubleu>i dont know
14:08<agentbleubleu>there an option to keep it off, bind that is
14:08<agentbleubleu>then its ok no errors,
14:08<agentbleubleu>I guess i should leave it at that
14:09<agentbleubleu>its for if you want to control the dns of your domains i think
14:09*mwalling_ recommends agentbleubleu use the dns manager until he gets his chops
14:09<agentbleubleu>ok where is that pls
14:10<@caker> <-- but I think DA wants to own everything, so that may not work out as well as running your own bind
14:11<@caker>domain-name-servers = in your dhclient's configuration will, in effect, append "nameserver" in your /etc/resolv.conf, in addition to the nameservers my dhcp server provides your Linode
14:11<@caker>another option would be to switch to a static network config (google $distro network config) and in that way your resolv.conf would be left alone
14:12<@caker>to complicate matters, you really shouldn't mix authoritative and resolving name servers (unless you ACL recursive lookups to localhost only, or something)
14:12*mwalling_ does
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14:29<IntuitiveNipple>Evening all. Quick Question: Dashboard says my linode has 720MB RAM Max, but the guest reports 587MB (601172KB). Am I missing something?
14:30<Bdragon>Rebooted since the last ram upgrade?
14:30<@caker>you didn't reboot after the last upgrade?
14:30<IntuitiveNipple>define "last" ?
14:30*IntuitiveNipple slaps Battousai with caker's cat5
14:31<IntuitiveNipple>Thanks Chris!
14:31<Battousai>merry xmas
14:31<IntuitiveNipple>Okay, so I blame you for making these damn systems so stable I never need to reboot :p
14:31<IntuitiveNipple> uptime
14:31<IntuitiveNipple> 19:33:48 up 64 days, 23:52, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.05, 0.02
14:31<IntuitiveNipple>That'd do it
14:31<@caker>zomg uptime1
14:32-!-m0unds_ is now known as m0unds
14:32<IntuitiveNipple>Chris, I gotta say, I'm *so* impressed, it's been such a fantastic change since getting away from Virpus! Excellent. All creds to you
14:33<@caker>me and company -- but thanks :)
14:33<IntuitiveNipple>I've got plans for several more Linodes to form a cluster end of Spring when one of my new projects launches, and I think Linode is actually preferrably to dedicated CoLo since it removes the hardware management headache
14:33<mwalling_>plus you get slackware!
14:34<IntuitiveNipple>Don't be so modest - the boss always sets the tone
14:34*IntuitiveNipple isn't slack!
14:34<IntuitiveNipple>Okay, so now I have a dilemma! Do I reboot just to see higher numbers or keep the uptime? :p
14:35<Battousai>reboot for the kernel security update
14:35<IntuitiveNipple>Good point! I'd totally forgotten about that :)
14:35<IntuitiveNipple>and off she goes :)
14:37<IntuitiveNipple>Does a shell "shutdown -r now" do it, or do I have to use dashboard?
14:37<Battousai>shutting down inside the linode works now
14:37<Battousai>thanks to lassie
14:37<Battousai>of course, you can't halt
14:38<IntuitiveNipple>Yeah, just after I'd asked I saw the dashboard status show powered off etc
14:38<Battousai>but oh well
14:38<IntuitiveNipple>cool - VPN back up
14:41<IntuitiveNipple>strange. webmin still reports 587MB but free reports 737480
14:42<IntuitiveNipple>stranger still. Webmin now reports 720MB :)
14:46<@linbot>New news from forums: Sticky: How to setup your Linode with CentOS in Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials <>
14:47*caker moans "set up", not "setup"
14:48*caker is setuping stuff
14:51<IntuitiveNipple>I've been waiting all day for the darned .it registry to approve a domain registration! I can't believe they vet them manually
14:51<@linbot>New news from forums: Plan Updates - 20% Additional RAM in Announcements <>
14:52<mwalling_>god damn... people need to stop bumping those
14:52<IntuitiveNipple>I didn't bump, I complimented!
14:52<mwalling_>IntuitiveNipple: ...
14:52<bd_>tsk, and I was all excited too
14:53<m0unds>i need to get off my ass and move my other stuff to linode
14:53<m0unds>but i'm too lazy
14:53<bd_>with another 20% ram, I could run another distcc process for $hueg_c++_project :|
14:53<IntuitiveNipple>My only trouble with Linode is, I'm always looking for what has gone wrong, but there never is anything :)
14:53<m0unds>wish i could say the same for vpslink
14:54<m0unds>i like my linode a lot, but i don't want to have to migrate all my services until i feel like doing it or i might screw something up
14:54<mwalling_>IntuitiveNipple: you forgot to compliment lish
14:54<IntuitiveNipple>speechless again?
14:55<mwalling_>LiSH, the linode shell?
14:55<IntuitiveNipple>I don't think I've ever used it
14:55<@caker>IntuitiveNipple: ssh
14:55<IntuitiveNipple>Yeah... why? when my server is purrrfect? :D
14:56<mwalling_>it comes in handy
14:56<IntuitiveNipple>Not for us professionals :p
14:56<IntuitiveNipple>the only time I get network downtime is when the route is borked locally here
14:56<@caker>mikegrb: <-- needs update :)
14:56<tierra>that's exactly who it's useful for
14:57<IntuitiveNipple>tierra: Nah, if someone's able to bork the network side so as to need lish, they're not what I'd call professional!
14:57<@linbot>New news from forums: Using linode to send mail from dynamic IP hosts in Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials <>
14:57<tierra>IntuitiveNipple: no need to run an SSH server on your linode to shell in
14:57<tierra>that's very handy from time to time
14:57<bd_>tierra: it's much nicer to run a real sshd though :)
14:58<@mikegrb>caker: looks fine to me
14:58*mikegrb runs
14:58<bd_>scp/rsync for starters
14:58<@caker>mikegrb: good job
14:58<IntuitiveNipple>tierra: I always need SSH for remote mounts, but all my remote is done through the VPN, no public access to SSH or similar
14:58<tierra>right, I'm not saying I don't use it, I'm just saying that regardless of having an SSH server running, LiSH is still very handy
14:59<@mikegrb>(lish has easter eggs)
14:59<IntuitiveNipple>I use Webmin/Virtualmin for the big domain stuff, and SSH for tinkering around with 'user' files mostly
14:59<tierra>I wouldn't doubt there are Linode users that take advantage of it that don't need SSH
14:59<tierra>anyway, lish offers much more than just shell access
15:00<IntuitiveNipple>Sounds like it has its own cheerleading team, for one :S
15:00<@linbot>New news from wiki: Main Page <> || Arch Linux <> || Arch Linux <> || Main Page <> || Multiple IPs <> || How to setup your Linode <> || User:Kangaby <http://www.lin
15:00<JDLSpeedy>mikegrb: was that the one I found? heh
15:01<bd_>'xyzzy' doesn't work? Tsk.
15:02<@mikegrb>mmm cake
15:02<@tasaro>mmm, cake
15:02<@mikegrb>mmm cake
15:02<bd_>The cake is a lie.
15:12<scorche|w>mmm tofu
15:12<@mikegrb>mmm cake
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15:40<@caker> <-- click on "Browser Based Access to Lish"
15:40<@caker>it redirects you to an Ajaxterm server in that Linode's datacenter
15:41<JDLSpeedy>ahh, nice caker
15:42<TJF>cert error
15:43<JDLSpeedy>the cert might be self made without a CA
15:46-!-kernst [] has joined #linode
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15:52<@caker>yeah, you'll get a cert error until I feel it
15:53<@caker>.. it's worth it enough to buy real ones
15:53<TJF>oh i don't mind, it's still encrypted
15:53<Bdragon>Or you can use cacert...
15:53<TJF>just IE has puppies when you go there
15:55-!-getsmart [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
15:56-!-Cnl_Delta [Cnl_Delta@] has quit []
16:09<kernst>So I've a quick question for you folks... if I may?
16:09<gdlt>everyone else does :)
16:12<zeroday>go ahead
16:12<kernst>Right. So I'm totally depressed that the UML project I joined in, like, 2003 seems to be drying up.
16:13<kernst>Linodes *are* UMLs, right?
16:13<@caker>the vast majority are uml, yes
16:13<zeroday>and also Xen beta
16:13<@caker>kernst: which project?
16:14<kernst>, which David Coulson sort of spearheaded, I guess.
16:14<kernst>He was this big UML guy back in aught-three.
16:14<@caker>where is David these days? I haven't heard from him in years
16:14<kernst>Now no one replies to emails.
16:15<zeroday>the domain is now just an ad page
16:15<kernst>Dunno. I assumed that at the time he was somewhere geographically close to Ohio, because that's where the UML co-op was hosted. But who knows.
16:15<@caker>and is down, too, it seems
16:15<kernst>Yeah, like I said, depressing.
16:15<kernst>I'm about to break 1000 days of uptime on my UML, but I can't SSH in.
16:16<kernst>And no one is listening to the mailing list anymore, so I can't get help fixing it.
16:16<kernst>What do you suppose the uptime record is around these parts, out of curiosity?
16:16<@caker>around there
16:17<@caker>I used to joke with Jeff about having the longest running UML
16:17<@caker>but we've replaced all our hardware in the last 356 days, so...
16:18<kernst>Yeah, the last reboot was, well *years* ago, and that was for a kernel/hardware upgrade. There were about 15 of us to start, and we beat the CRAP out of our UMLs.
16:18<@caker>modern UML beats the pants off the old stuff, in terms of performance
16:18<@caker>so it'd be worth upgrading your rig
16:19<kernst>The FAQ/etc. were short on details--I guess a lot's changed since 2.4.x days?
16:19<@caker>yes ... skas0 took tt mode out of business, and skas3 (requires host patch) is much faster
16:19<kernst>(the Linode FAQ, I mean)
16:19<@caker>and -- Jeff just introduced skas4 which is 85% native performance on a kernel build
16:19<@caker>which is really really impressive :)
16:20<@caker>skas4 also requires a host patch (but one that may eventually make its way into main)
16:21<kernst>What release are the host kernels now? (If I'm allowed to know...)
16:22<@caker>it varies
16:22<@caker>all 2.6 based
16:22<JDLSpeedy>would the linux kernel ever be bug proof?
16:23<Bdragon>Bug proof? Ha, it moves WAY too fast for that.
16:23<JDLSpeedy>i mean, like the vmslice for example
16:23<kernst>Man, I've been wanting to switch over to something like Linode for almost a year now, ever since everyone started getting the long faces and talking about puttin' down, Old Yeller-style.
16:24<m0unds>poor yeller.
16:25-!-pfein-away is now known as pfein_
16:25<kernst>Anyone here have experience with other UML/hosting services, like bad ones that ended you up here?
16:25-!-cmarcelo [~cmarcelo@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:26<kernst>I'm almost decided on Linode based on just reputation, and the quality of the community. But I'd like to believe I'm making the best choice.
16:26<@caker>are there any other UML providers? :)
16:26<kernst>Yeah, I've noticed that, too. :<
16:26<@caker>(that are still relevant, anyway)
16:27<kernst>Okay, that makes me feel better. Knowing that I'm not just being lazy and there really *aren't* any other options.
16:27<sveiss>bytemark are still UML, I think... never used them, but I know people who do
16:30<kernst>Linode's definitely licked the old problem of not having console access to your UML when it gets wedged.
16:30-!-scipio_ [~scipio@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:31<kernst>We used to have to bug this one guy (David) to get our UMLs rebooted, which probably got real old for him real quick.
16:32-!-scipio [~scipio@] has joined #linode
16:33<m0unds>linode automagically processes billing, right?
16:33<Battousai>well, not magically really
16:34<Battousai>just regular automatically
16:34<chesty>mmm, and if your credit card expires and you forget to update it in linode, you get a nasty email telling you to lift your game
16:35<m0unds>anyone have a dallas-based linode that i could check my latency to?
16:36<iggy>but luckily they don't just cut you off
16:36<iggy>m0unds: there's a forum post that gives addresses for all DCs
16:36<m0unds>oh, right on
16:36<m0unds>i'll go look for it
16:36<chesty>post it here when you find it ;)
16:39<m0unds>thanks, i'll keep looking for it
16:41<iggy>m0unds: chesty: ^^^
16:41<chesty>iggy: ty
16:42<m0unds>that works. thanks.
16:42<m0unds>i might as well get a 540 linode set up and move all my crap to it before the 5th of march
16:44-!-cmarcelo [~cmarcelo@] has joined #linode
16:45<chesty>hmmm, fremont is better for me, what state is that?
16:45<@linbot>tasaro: Fremont360 - 0, Fremont540 - 0, Fremont720 - 0, Fremont1080 - 0, Fremont1440 - 0
16:46<JDLSpeedy>well then
16:46<Bdragon>zeros across the board? Oh, just fremont, heh
16:47<JDLSpeedy>Bdragon: the other ones are close, but not far behind to be 0 too
16:47<@linbot>Bdragon: Dallas360 - 23, Dallas540 - 14, Dallas720 - 0, Dallas1080 - 0, Dallas1440 - 0
16:47<iggy>linbot: pingtest
16:47<@linbot>iggy: "pingtest" could be
16:47<@linbot>Bdragon: Atlanta360 - 39, Atlanta540 - 9, Atlanta720 - 0, Atlanta1080 - 0, Atlanta1440 - 0
16:47<@linbot>JDLSpeedy: Linode360 - 62, Linode540 - 23, Linode720 - 0, Linode1080 - 0, Linode1440 - 0
16:48<m0unds>is that maintained in realtime?
16:49<chesty>buy one and find out?
16:49<m0unds>i'm apprehensive because i don't want to move all my crap again :)
16:50<Bdragon>I think it's cached for a minute or two minutes...
16:53<@linbot>m0unds: Dallas360 - 23, Dallas540 - 13, Dallas720 - 0, Dallas1080 - 0, Dallas1440 - 0
16:53<m0unds>hah, yup.
16:54-!-atourino [~Antonio@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
16:58<@tasaro>m0unds: ping
16:58-!-pfein_ is now known as pfein-away
17:18-!-andrew_j_w [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:24-!-atourino [~Antonio@] has joined #linode
17:24-!-Sunflash [] has joined #linode
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17:39-!-filmprog [] has joined #linode
17:52-!-kernst [] has quit [Quit: User disconnected]
18:03<@linbot>Battousai: *click*
18:17-!-sveiss [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:18-!-chesty was kicked from #linode by linbot [BANG!]
18:18*linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
18:18-!-chesty [] has joined #linode
18:19<chesty>that's rude, kicked on first shot
18:19<@linbot>JDLSpeedy: *click*
18:19<@linbot>JDLSpeedy: *click*
18:19<@linbot>chesty: *click*
18:20-!-JDLSpeedy was kicked from #linode by linbot [BANG!]
18:20-!-JDLSpeedy [] has joined #linode
18:20*linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
18:21*linbot takes aim
18:22<m0unds>wonder who he's aiming at..
18:22<@linbot>please put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.
18:22<@linbot>JDLSpeedy: *click*
18:23<Bdragon>I think that was someone puppeting
18:23<JDLSpeedy>caker is ;)
18:23<JDLSpeedy>..i thiink.....
18:24*m0unds hopes so
18:25<JDLSpeedy>its the ghost in the machine
18:25<m0unds>ruh roh
18:25<m0unds>my eggdrop megahal bot is an idiot
18:25<TJF>!google ED-209
18:25<@linbot>TJF: Search took 0.25 seconds: ED-209 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; RoboCop Terminator movie: <>; RoboCop Terminator movie: <>; Ed 209 from Robocop: <>; YouTube - ED-209: <>; YouTube - Ed 209: (2 more messages)
18:25<Bdragon>My eggdrop megahal is downright creepy most of the time.
18:26<m0unds>haha, how so?
18:26<JDLSpeedy>it talks back?
18:26<m0unds>yeah, the megahal module does really basic ai stuff
18:27<Bdragon>Heh, brn size comparison!
18:27<m0unds>16:26 m0unds: pedr0, wtf?
18:27<m0unds>16:26 pedr0: m0unds: Lol holy wtf.
18:27<m0unds>51884043 Feb 19 16:00 megahal.brn
18:28<Bdragon>-rw-r--r-- 1 bdragon users 97859833 2008-02-19 17:00 megahal.brn
18:28<m0unds>had a disk failure in the box that runs the bot so i had to revert to a 6 month old backup :/
18:28<m0unds>day before thanksgiving..sucked
18:28<Bdragon>I had a brn corruption a while back, was able to restore from the backup file though
18:29<m0unds>i've been doing brain backups once a week since i had the disk failure..don't wanna lose all the retarded stuff he's gotten now
18:29<TJF>at 5:30 p.m. megahal becomes self-aware
18:29-!-TJF [] has quit [Quit: I quit!]
18:30-!-mbbx6spp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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18:55<@linbot>New news from forums: Apache Virtual Hosts Trouble (Resolved) in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
19:02<@linbot>New news from forums: Apache Virtual Hosts Trouble in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
19:08<m0unds>tasaro: thanks for the migration flag
19:09-!-hfb [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:11<JDLSpeedy>m0unds: you migrating
19:11<m0unds>me gusta xen
19:12<JDLSpeedy>me also
19:12<m0unds>we'll be e-neighbors
19:13<JDLSpeedy>oo, no....
19:13*JDLSpeedy sends a un-migration support ticket
19:14<m0unds>you jerk
19:14<JDLSpeedy>why me jerk? what did I do/
19:15<m0unds>17:13 * JDLSpeedy sends a un-migration support ticket
19:15<JDLSpeedy>lol, im not
19:15<m0unds>i know
19:15<m0unds>just teasing
19:25-!-filmprog [] has quit [Quit: filmprog]
19:28<@tasaro>for future reference (if you plan on adding more Linodes) we can migrate you before you deploy disk images
19:29<@tasaro>then you don't need to wait
19:30<m0unds>right on-- i just wasn't thinking when i started syncing everything up between that node and my old provider
19:37-!-lucca [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:39-!-lucca [] has joined #linode
19:54-!-thoth39 [~thoth39@] has joined #linode
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20:57-!-pfein-away is now known as pfein_
21:02<derrick>oh boy installing postfix
21:02<derrick>never set up a mail server before how bad can i screw this up
21:04<mwalling_>21:01 < knoba> mwalling_: "basic" : : a good starting place for Postfix beginners, many common questions are answered here.
21:04<mwalling_>derrick: ^^
21:17<@linbot>New news from forums: Lish borked? in Xen Public Beta <>
21:32-!-Infinito [] has joined #linode
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21:43*sveiss_ curses the braindead DSL router
21:43-!-sveiss_ is now known as sveiss
21:53<guinea-pig>caker: still haven't fixed up image_create.cfm to show available space? :P
21:58-!-guinea-pig [] has quit [Quit: bye...]
21:59-!-guinea-pig [] has joined #linode
21:59<@caker>You have 5000 MiB of unallocate disk space. <-- guinea-pig
22:01*sveiss hands caker a spare 'd'
22:04<guinea-pig>caker: lies
22:06<encode>guinea-pig: i have your 5000 MiB of disk space. If you want it back unharmed, send me $5000 cash by close of business today
22:14-!-chumbee [] has joined #linode
22:18-!-chumbee [] has quit []
22:25-!-Sunflash [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:28<@linbot>New news from forums: Open request for testing help. in Performance and Tuning <>
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22:37-!-sveiss [] has joined #linode
22:44<TofuMatt>derrick: how's it coming? What dist. are you running?
22:44*TofuMatt just setup his Linode about a week ago, so some of it is still fresh in his mind.
22:45-!-tolecnal [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:50-!-pfein_ is now known as pfein-away
22:51-!-Schroeder [] has joined #linode
22:52-!-tolecnal [] has joined #linode
23:01<guinea-pig>caker: you could make it a little more visible? :P like, on the same line as Size, but to the right in the emptiness
23:01<guinea-pig>just a suggestion
23:02-!-mwalling_ [~mwalling@] has quit [Quit: what andarius said.....]
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