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00:01<iggy>I didn't think it would work, but it does: find . -type d -empty -exec rm -rf "{}" \;
00:01<path->oh nice
00:01<iggy>I never knew -empty worked on dirs
00:01*path- adds that to the things he should remember even though he is drinking list
00:02<path->me either
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00:17*path- note
00:18<path->tomato is cool
00:19<mende1>and tasty on a burger or in a salad
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00:19<path->or just fine sliced with some mayo on top
00:19<path->why did i wait so long to load this?
00:20<mendel>linksys firmware?
00:21<mendel>aha, yep, it's awesome :)
00:21<path->i really like that fact that it kept all my settings too
00:21<path->it's more than awesome
00:21<path->it's like a linode or something
00:22<path->oh, it didn't keep my timezone
00:23<path->so do you do ipv6 with this thing?
00:23*path- is curious about the tunnel
00:26<path->this is nice
00:27<@linbot>New news from forums: Kernel memory leak? in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
00:31<bd_>path-: for ipv6
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01:18<Cobi>Why would a VPS have 60+% system cpu usage, and 20+% user cpu usage, but, when looking as ps, one wouldn't expect there to be more than 5-10% user/0% system?
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05:22<bd_>anyone getting latency in fremont?
05:23<bd_>pasting a mtr
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05:24<chesty>fine for me
05:25<encode>seems fine for me, from australia
05:25<booja>no, workes here from sydney
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05:30<bd_>kind of intermittent
05:30<bd_> <-- time domain
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07:42<@linbot>New news from forums: Help setting up IMAP mail host on Ubuntu in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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08:18<badana>hi guys
08:18<badana>i created a partition at linode web panel. how i can mount this in debian?
08:19<Nigel>badana: edit the configuration profile
08:19<badana>thanks i m going see about
08:23<badana>yes i found about partition
08:24<badana>now here i see it says : helper options: xenify distro -> in which case i need this?
08:25<Nigel>you don't have to use it, but it makes sure your config files are in order
08:25<Nigel>(for xen use)
08:25<Nigel>i.e. it tells the OS where the console is in /dev etc
08:26<badana>i use xen, so i d better use it if it makes my system better. does it run only at startup?
08:26<Nigel>yeah, every time it boots
08:26<Nigel>it's like the updatedb helper ensures that it's disabled every boot
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08:29<badana>xenify is better to be enable or disabled? if it not chosen here, how i can run it manually? if i choose to run it manually then i have to run after every new program install for example?
08:29<Nigel>technically, I believe you could run it once and then disable & forget
08:30<Nigel>personally I have it disabled because it stuffs up with the new dev kernels atm
08:30<badana>ok manually then. i just run xenify?
08:31<badana>i had uml before and i was migrated to xen. is it possible that i had problems with mysql configuration, because i did not run xenify?
08:31<Nigel>unless your using dev kernels, best to keep it enabled
08:32<badana>how i run xenify inside debian?
08:34<Nigel>xenify is something that applied to the filesystem directly before boot
08:35<Nigel>all it really edits is /etc/inittab & /etc/fstab
08:36<badana>yes but i cant understand how to set it up inside debian. so maybe i can just make the linode configuration once to run it and then disable it?
08:37<Nigel>it edits the files on the filesystem to make sure they are correct, so it doesn't hurt to keep it enabled - honestly
08:39<badana>ok thanks
08:46<Nigel>"There is a "filesystem helper" that runs on boot time on the xen hosts that makes sure your /etc/inittab and /etc/fstab have the correct entries in there for Xen, and will modify those files if they need converting. This is completely automated and no work should be required on your end.
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09:24<badana> thanks
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09:59<badana>i want to install debian new disk image
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10:01<badana>i dont know with which kernel to boot and why 8?,, ?
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10:02<badana>root device to be readonly or readwrite?
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10:12<JDLSpeedy>badana: i think readonly, its going to remount it readwrite later on in the boot
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10:19<mwalling>JDLSpeedy: guess he didnt like your answer
10:19<JDLSpeedy>guess not
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11:14<wulfman>anybody know how to get the fqdn to equal the host name in /etc/hosts ?
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11:29<wulfman>for your information
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11:44<freelikegnu>is anyone else having memory leak issues?
11:46<freelikegnu>slab just grows until the server grinds to a halt
12:07<iggy>you only have ssh running on your linode?
12:08<iggy>oh, nvm
12:08<iggy>only looked at the first ps
12:08<iggy>I'd blame teamspeak or named
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12:13<freelikegnu>I dont think I'm using that
12:16<iggy>oh, that was the other persons ps listing
12:16<iggy>are you running anything out of the ordinary?
12:16<iggy>I might mention that in the thread
12:16<iggy>try to find some commonality
12:29<@linbot>New news from forums: Migrating Xen domU image from sda device names to xvda in General Discussion <>
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12:42<freelikegnu>I'm not running anything but lighttpd (which has its own problems), php-cgi, prftpd, screen and irssi
12:42<freelikegnu>oh and postfix
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12:51<zeroday>restarting apache lowers ram usage by 50MB lol
12:52<guinea-pig>yeah, until more requests roll in
12:53<zeroday>I was using a script that generates images, but doesnt clean up the memory >.<
12:54<guinea-pig>eh, 50MB isn't much
12:54<guinea-pig>unless you're on a linode64
12:55<zeroday>but my memory usage was at 311/360
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13:21<n00bish>caker around?
13:21<n00bish>my linode is crashing hard :\
13:23<n00bish>BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 74155352
13:23<n00bish>printing eip:
13:24<n00bish><insert trace>
13:24<Toba_>that's bad.
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13:43<chesty>n00bish: happened to me too
13:43<n00bish>ok, so it wasn't just me
13:43<n00bish>that's reassuring to some degree
13:43<chesty>a week ago
13:44<n00bish>well, that's ok
13:44<n00bish>i should set up e-mail downtime alerts
13:44<chesty>i would put in a ticket and paste the first oops you got
13:45<n00bish>i did
13:45<chesty>then reboot ;)
13:45<n00bish>i'm just watching it right now to see if it's going down again
13:45<n00bish>oh, i already did twice
13:45<n00bish>it crashed once again after the initial
13:45<n00bish>that's the "oops" i got
13:48<iggy>try a different kernel?
13:48<n00bish>it's working now
13:49<iggy>well, try a different kernel the next time it dies?
13:49<n00bish>yeah probably
13:50<n00bish>i didn't think of that
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17:43<Nigel>caker: hey, so where is the 64-bit images? :P
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17:51<linbot>iggy: *click*
17:51-!-mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
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18:08<@linbot>paulcager_: *click*
18:09<Schroeder>OBJECTIVE FACT: Total free-market capitalism is the ONLY moral system!
18:12<iggy>OBJECTIVE FACT: Schroeder is a douchebag
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19:08<vsniner>hello all
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19:11<vsniner>caker: how difficult is it to get the SKAS patches to play nice with the Xen patches? i saw your thread from a few years ago on xen-devel, but not much in follow-up on it
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19:57<cruxeternus>The Xen hosts are 64-bit? O_o
19:58<iggy>wouldn't they have to be
19:58<iggy>they've all got 24+ Gigs of ram
19:58<booja>24 jigglybits
19:59<cruxeternus>Oh, good point.
20:00<cruxeternus>uname tells me it's an i686 kernel though :P
20:00<cruxeternus>Guess that's just the domU kernel... dom0 is 64-bits
20:00<cruxeternus>24 gigs of SHEEP
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20:05<cruxeternus>Oh, they could be using CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G and PAE extensions?
20:06<iggy>I'd guess none of the dom kernels use that much memory
20:06<iggy>it'd be xen itself that would be 64bit
20:10<@caker>vsniner: that was a long time ago. Since then, someone munged SKAS and Xen together, but it's really old:
20:10<@caker>fwiw, Xen is 64bit, dom0 is PAE, and domU is PAE (for now)
20:11<vsniner>caker: should i even bother trying to use SKAS then?
20:13<vsniner>ty sir
20:13<cruxeternus>Ah, thanks for the info. :)
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20:26<Nigel>caker: what about the 64bit kernel I can choose? Where are the 64bit images? :P
20:28<m0unds_>gah, being at work at 1800 on a sunday night is weird
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20:34<@caker>Nigel: tbd
20:38<booja>oooh full screen putty
20:38<booja>nice :D
20:44<jadoba>i used putty full-screen once
20:45<jadoba>it looked puttifull
20:45<jkwood>So caker, any plans to allow control of a Linode by Morse Code?
20:47<encode>you can already
20:47<jkwood>O rly?
20:48<booja>yeah, you send a telegram and a western union guy goes to the office and hands it to caker
20:48<jkwood>I see.
20:48<bd_>Tsk, tsk, western union shut down that business recently.
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20:51<jkwood>For the most part, the only people using morse code anymore are ham radio ops.
20:53<booja>I used to know how to morse "fuck off"
20:53<Nigel>I sure that went down nicely
20:53<bd_> <-- WU stopped on jan 27, 2006
20:54<iggy>oh, just telegrams
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21:57<booja>weird, my vhost has stopped logging to its error file
22:00<guinea-pig>well, if there are no errors, that's a good thing
22:00<mendel>booja: disk space?
22:00<guinea-pig>is syslog running?
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22:03<booja>yeah only 20% used
22:03<booja>syslogd is running
22:03<m0unds_>break something and see if it logs it
22:03<booja>it doesn't
22:04<booja>tried that already
22:04<booja>going to try turning off the custom error file and see if apache loggs errors to the default instead
22:05<m0unds_>what do you use for custom logging for apache?
22:06<booja>I just point the vhost config to log the error file elsewhere
22:06<booja>it's not really "custom"
22:06<guinea-pig>oh, apache error logfile
22:06<guinea-pig>that's nothing to do with syslog, then
22:07<booja>it's weird though, nothing has changed permissions wise or with apache
22:07<booja>just ... stopped
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22:12<kidbluz>Anyone good with regex?
22:13-!-_freelikegnu is now known as freelikegnu
22:13<booja>I'm good if I take a couple hours to work it out
22:14<kidbluz>I've already spent a couple of hours for something that seems simple
22:14<kidbluz>I'm trying to match any number of digits @
22:15<kidbluz>I tried \ and it doesn't match
22:15<guinea-pig>try [0-9]
22:15<guinea-pig>depending on *where* you use it, you need to escape different things
22:16-!-chesty [] has joined #linode
22:16<booja>I've found to be helpful
22:16<n00bish>any number of digits?
22:17<kidbluz>That's a step in the right direction. Thanks. Do you use postfix? This is for a header check
22:17<guinea-pig>grep "[0-9]\"
22:17<guinea-pig>works fine
22:17<n00bish>this should work: \d.*?
22:17<n00bish>minus the double @
22:17*booja stabs his user that has done _something_ to break the apache logs
22:18<guinea-pig>thing is, *regular* expressions.. aren't. they vary by implementation
22:19<guinea-pig>postfix appears to use libpcre's implementation
22:19<booja>a lot of things use pcre
22:19<booja>which is nice
22:19<guinea-pig>bash doesn't
22:19<booja>except for that $#@$@% one that doesn't, right when you're trying to use it
22:20<guinea-pig>grep doesn't
22:20<kidbluz>pcre is only used if it is specified, I believe, and in my case it is not
22:20<guinea-pig>if you're not using pcre, then what form of regular expressions *are* you using?
22:21<guinea-pig>might be why \d doesn't work for you
22:21<kidbluz>regexp is what header_checks = regexp:/etc/postfix/header_checks
22:22<guinea-pig>i know nothing about postfix. that line is meaningless to me
22:22<guinea-pig>i'm tired also. i just filed my taxes
22:22<kidbluz>copy and paste casualty, should have just been: header_checks = regexp:/etc/postfix/header_checks
22:22<iggy>i don't even have my w2
22:22<Schroeder>the four greatest words in the English language: MANNING TO HARRISON...TOUCHDOWN!
22:22<kidbluz>Is \d perl-style?
22:23<guinea-pig>i believe so. doesn't work in grep
22:23<n00bish>wait, you're grep-ing?
22:23<n00bish>egrep should do it
22:23<n00bish>or, grep -E
22:23<n00bish>i'm not sure if it does \d though
22:23<guinea-pig>no, I was grepping
22:24<guinea-pig>for my example
22:24<n00bish>so [0-9] would be better
22:24<guinea-pig>but [0-9] would work in pcre, as well, wouldn't it?
22:24<n00bish>probably.. [0-9] is pretty standard
22:25<guinea-pig>[] is pretty standard
22:25<guinea-pig>that's why i remember [0-9] and not \d
22:26<guinea-pig>although i do also remember [:digit:]
22:26<guinea-pig>but always forget where it can be used :P
22:26<kidbluz>I think I got it
22:27<kidbluz>This: /^To:\s*[0-9]
22:28<kidbluz>Thanks for the help
22:28<kidbluz>That seems to match only digits
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22:43-!-freelikegnu is now known as _freelikegnu
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23:16<moochm>hello, i just got a linode 360 plan, and I am wondering if they RAM is dedicated to my VM or shared
23:17<moochm>damn, that is good news
23:17<moochm>thanks chesty
23:17-!-chesty [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:18<moochm>are you from linode staff?
23:18<moochm>oh he left
23:18-!-chesty [] has joined #linode
23:19<path->moochm: no he's not.. only people with @'s are linodeans
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23:31<CyZooNiC>can I get more than 46GB of disk space on my linode?
23:31<iggy>if it's available
23:33<bd_>with yearly billing + linode 1440 you get 60G
23:33<CyZooNiC>but I can order a new linode with more than 46 without creating a support ticket?
23:33<bd_>+ 6G from extras
23:33<bd_>any more than that and you'll need to put in a ticket and see if you can get a custom plan
23:33<CyZooNiC>I didnt see that
23:34<CyZooNiC>thats all I would need. thanks
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23:36<path->it might be cheaper to use one of their plans than to add disk to a lower plan
23:36<path->plus you'll get less contention and more ram out of it
23:37<path->i supposed you'd need to do the math yourself
23:38<bd_>Or use multiple linodes and the private network
23:38<bd_>(if your applications can handle it)
23:38<bd_>can handle splitting up your data that is
23:39<path->mount over the private net
23:39<chesty>or use s3
23:39<bd_>it all depends on what you're using it for really
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