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00:00<wpa>I searched the bulletin board, couldn't find anything
00:00<SelfishMan>Wow, I touch this over here and that broke over there
00:00<SelfishMan>Not sure how you pulled that off but sweet!
00:00<wpa>thank you thank you.. I willl be here all the week
00:01<SelfishMan>I recommend using LISH and figure out how you managed to make your DNS server change your SSH or network config
00:02<wpa>you kow, I used the panel to add the second zone file
00:02<@caker>adding a zone file and your linode's ssh stopping to respond aren't tied to one another in any way
00:03<path->maybe he messed up his ip address in his zone file
00:03<path->just a thought..
00:03<path->sorta out there, but you never know
00:03<@caker>wpa: fwiw, your Linode responds to ssh for me
00:04<wpa>no shit
00:04<@caker>that is, if I have the correct Linode -- on host83 ?
00:04<@caker>ww :)
00:05<wpa>thats the one
00:05<wpa>doesnt work for me
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00:44<chesty>wpa: do you have fail2ban or something?
00:44<wpa>whats fail2ban?
00:45<chesty>i guess that's a no
00:46<wpa>that's a log util?
00:47<wpa>bans ips from logging into your server or something, right?
00:48<bob2>blocks IP address who repeatedly fail to login via ssh
00:48<bob2>or send invalid emails or whatever
00:48<wpa>no, I'm not running that
00:48<bob2>login via lish, tail -f /var/log/auth.log, try to login via ssh
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00:51<wpa>bob2: no it's like a network thing, I don't even get to my server
00:52<chesty>are you using a name or ip address?
00:52<chesty>can you ping?
00:52<wpa>ip addr, can't ping it in lish
00:53<wpa>my network has become unreachable
00:54<wpa>How do you know if your /etc/network/interfaces are set up correctly?
00:55<bob2>it is correct by default
00:55<wpa>I tried to make my second ip "static"
00:56<wpa>auto eth0:1
00:56<bob2>pastebin it
01:01<path->maybe you have the wrong ip
01:01<path->caker was able to ssh to it
01:01<wpa>I always think "typo"
01:01<wpa>I checked that
01:01<wpa>sshd is running
01:01<wpa>lighty is running
01:02<wpa>I must have narfed a config file somewhere
01:08<wpa>I paste bin-ed my /etc/network/interfaces file.. paste bin is cool.
01:14<bob2>you don't need a broadcast for either of them
01:16<wpa>could that kill my network connectivity?
01:17<bob2>well, if they are incorrect
01:18<wpa>I'll comment them out and reboot my server
01:19<bob2>no need to reboot
01:21<wpa>na same issues
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01:59<ijustam>whoa, missed the network event of the evening
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03:59<nicha>hello, My Ubuntu 8.04 LTS cannot use ufw. any idea?
04:00<nicha>I mean I cannot run ufw command
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04:06<jnraptor>The graphs of cpu, network and disk IO aren't showing in linode manager
04:06<jnraptor>is there anything wrong?
04:08<spasmface>is there anyway to backup all the user data i have on my node?
04:08<spasmface>so i can download it
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06:03<row>Anyone know what make SAS hdds dell use?
06:03<row>I nkow their sata seem to be WD
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10:10<zeroday>hmm, yum update is prompting me to update openssh files, is this the fix for the compromised files?
10:10<CaptObviousman>perhaps it IS the compromised files
10:11<zeroday>i would have thought they'd have removed them by now
10:17*path- stops and goes to look for coffee
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11:58<cj>jdub: *poke*
11:58<cj>jdub: is thre a HOWTO for pushing a new release to
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12:27<tony>I just placed an order and made a payment. But I don't receive my account information.
12:27<tony>Any sales people here?
12:28<fuzzie>activation is manual, and takes a few hours.
12:29<tony>can you expedite the activation? Because I want to work on it on Sunday. Thanks
12:29<fuzzie>everyone with ops (@) is linode staff.
12:30<fuzzie>they usually get to it pretty quickly.
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12:31<tony>I wonder if anyone uses lighttpd with webmin/virtualmin or without a control panel on their VPS
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12:32<tony>Linode staff, I need your help pls
12:32<straterra>Take a deep breath
12:33<COTK>tony, I got mine yesterday, it took them about a hour. Be patient, they are quick.
12:36<tony>well, it has been more than an hour since I placed the order. :(
12:37<tony>I wonder if anyone here uses lighttpd on their VPS?
12:37<straterra>It's sunday morning..
12:38<straterra>Give them a few
12:38<straterra>Yes, people use lighthttpd
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12:54<tony>I wonder if there's a way to use lighttpd with Webmin/Virtualmin.
12:54<straterra>webmin runs its own server..
12:55<tony>its own server? you mean apache?
12:58<straterra>It has its OWN http server
12:59*Nivex cringes at the mention of webmin
13:00*tozz googles webmin
13:02<tony>I would like to use lighttpd on Webmin though.
13:03<straterra>Webmin has its own server..its small, its light
13:03<Nivex>do you mean you want webmin to manage lighttpd?
13:04<tony>yes, I want to use webmin to manage lighttpd
13:06<straterra>There isn't a lighttpd module for webmin
13:07<tony>so there's no way to use lighttpd on webmin?
13:08<straterra>Unless you want to write your own module
13:08<tony>Is it possible to use lighttpd without any control panel? Just modify the configuration file (.conf) for adding websites?
13:08<straterra>I..don't see why not.
13:08<Nivex>tony: yes. absolutely. that's how you're supposed to do it.
13:08<tozz>that is how you configure it
13:09<straterra>I personally slaughter a few goats and bathe in their blood to configure my HTTP servers..
13:09<tozz>control panels are evil, much more fun using the command line :)
13:09<Nivex>tozz: amen
13:09<tozz>and you learn a lot by forcing yourself to figure stuff out
13:09<tozz>that alone makes it worth it (most of the time)
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13:12<tony>ok, will play around my box with lighttpd. thanks
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13:52<Karrde>just had a Linode "freeze" on me -- everything running was responsive, but new logins failed, Lish console unresponsive and that and syslog uninformative. But I wanted to say thanks for the "sysrq" command in Lish, it worked. at least, mysql didn't complain about improperly closed tables :)
13:53<COTK>checking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
13:53<COTK>What does that error mean? I did a apt-get install gcc
13:54<fuzzie>do 'apt-get install build-essential'
13:55<fuzzie>or install libc6-dev yourself, which is probably what you're missing?
13:59<COTK>Thanks. That seemed to work. Now I just need to get the openssl lib and bins.
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14:25<quanin>i'm late to the party, but oh well. webmin has its moments. like when i can't ssh in from work and stuff goes sideways.
14:26<Pryon>ajax console ftw
14:28<quanin>eh. in the end i really don't care a whole lot anyway. hell where possible i do all my configfile editing locally in the first place.
14:30<quanin>speaking of configfiles though, are lighttpd's any less frustrating to get around than apache2?
14:35<Karrde>well they're a different sort of brain damage..
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15:24<Karrde>is there a way for a shell script to tell what name it was invoked with? like argv[0] in C
15:25<@caker>$0 in bash, methinks
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15:26<Karrde>so it is, thx
15:43<shifuimam>any of y'all know anything about punBB?
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17:52<shawnhood>howdy. does linode make their kernel source trees available, such as for
17:52<shawnhood>i'd like to build a distribution from scratch using their kernel source (to ensure dom0 compatibility)
17:53<encode>im fairly sure they do
17:53<encode>or at least the patches they apply to the vanilla source
17:54<encode>try searching the linode forums
17:54<encode>oh, even easier
17:54<fuzzie>but linode doesn't let you use your own domU kernel, you realise?
17:56<shawnhood>fuzzie: That's exactly why I need the source--so I can build the rest of the system against it and still have it work. :)
17:57<fuzzie>oke :)
17:57<shawnhood>thanks much for the link
17:58-!-shawnhood is now known as qbert
17:58<encode>i wonder if...
17:58<encode>nope, that doesn't work
17:58<fuzzie> is short enough to type :)
17:58<@linbot>encode: My source is at
17:58<encode>haha, wrong source
17:59<encode>oh well
17:59<encode>fuzzie: thats true
18:11<qbert>Is the linode ajax console an open source tool, or based on an open source project?
18:15<@linbot>New news from wiki: OpenVPN <> || Main Page <> || Update your Hostname <> || Fstab <> || Update your Hostname <> || What Do You Use Linode For? <>
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18:18*qbert wonders how long this gcc bootstrap compile is going to take, gah
18:18<mib_tt3fv2>is it possible to install NetBSD on a Linode domain?
18:18<straterra>Not..sure what you mean domain
18:19<straterra>but..Linode runs Linux.
18:19<straterra>Hence the name
18:19<mib_tt3fv2>I have NetBSD on Xen working fine here, but wanted to know about linode
18:19<fuzzie>You can't run your own DomU kernel.
18:19<fuzzie>So I guess no.
18:19<mib_tt3fv2>fuzzie: thats a pity
18:19<straterra>Not really o.O
18:19<fuzzie>I imagine it'd be a support nightmare. :/
18:20<qbert>does linode's domUs host VMs themselves? (VM-within-a-VM)
18:20<qbert>do linode's*
18:21<qbert>can linode's*
18:21<qbert>geez. :)
18:22<mib_tt3fv2>qbert: well, you could run qemu, bochs or another emulator there
18:22<mib_tt3fv2>qbert: but it would be a tad slow ;)
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18:23<qbert>mib_tt3fv2: i'd imagine. i just thought maybe that fellow could scratch his netbsd itch like that.
18:23<mib_tt3fv2>qbert: I am the netbsd guy :)
18:24<mib_tt3fv2>qbert: I've been running NetBSD/xen in production for like 4 years now. thats why I asked
18:24<qbert><-- pays more attention
18:25<mib_tt3fv2>anyways, I just ordered a linode account to try the service. I know other VPS providers that do offer NetBSD option but I dont know their reputation. I run NetBSD/Xen on my dedicated servers at one of Savvis' datacenters :)
18:26<mib_tt3fv2>heh. linode asks me to scan my credit card and send it unencrypted via email, or via international fax. not really nice :(
18:26<straterra>I've..never had to do that
18:27<mib_tt3fv2>straterra: you are american, right?
18:27-!-jm [] has joined #linode
18:27<mib_tt3fv2>I am not *g*
18:28<mib_tt3fv2>I am "american", but not American :)
18:29<mib_tt3fv2>south america is also america, but not America :P
18:30<Levia>I'm from the Netherlands, I didn't have to do that
18:32<mib_tt3fv2>well, you dont imagine how much credit card scam people get from southern hemisphere countries
18:32<Pryon>darn Australians
18:33<mib_tt3fv2>pryon: heh
18:33<Levia>Pryon: haha
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18:33<Deathader>Hey guys
18:34<Deathader>>.> Anyone here
18:34<mib_tt3fv2>just strings :)
18:35<Deathader>What kind of download speeds do you guys get from linode? And what servers are you getting them from?
18:35<Deathader>Like, if you uploaded a 25mb test file, how many kb/s do yuo get downloading from it?
18:36<Deathader>thanks a ton guys :D
18:37<jcn>that should do ya
18:37<Deathader>Perfect. Just what I was looking for :D
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18:42<mib_tt3fv2>so, how long do they take to look at my scanned documents? :)
18:52<booja>12 hours
18:52<booja>+-11 hours
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19:05<exor674>oops haha
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19:16<HoopyCat>Server: Trapeze-Srv/6.0
19:17<ijustam>is there any documentation on the linode api?
19:17<HoopyCat>rule of thumb #12981: if an existing HTTP server doesn't do what you need it to do, chances are good your problem is wrong.
19:17*HoopyCat waits for bus-o-route
19:18<ijustam>how obvious
19:18<HoopyCat>actually, i had to use google 'cuz i forgot :-)
19:18<ijustam>is that page linked to from any other page?
19:20-!-COTK is now known as Guest3378
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19:20<HoopyCat>ijustam: dunno; perhaps a forum post somewhere, at a very minimum
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19:29*CaptObviousman wants his HTTP server to make him scrambled eggs every morning for breakfast
19:30<HoopyCat>CaptObviousman: actually, you can get one on a chip for $45... attach power, an 802.11b/g antenna, and a relay, and there you go
19:35<HoopyCat>i still want SNMP-enabled laundry room equipment, though
19:37<ijustam>thatd be so fantastic
19:37<ijustam>ping every 5 minutes to check if the clothes are done
19:37<HoopyCat>underPants.gasDryer.timeRemainingEstimatedMinutes = 13
19:37<ijustam>why it isnt done yet is beyond me
19:37<Nivex>send an snmp trap on cycle completion
19:37<HoopyCat>screw ping, i say use SNMP traps
19:37<ijustam>gasDryer.Explosion = True;
19:37<Nivex>HoopyCat: MINDTAKER!
19:37-!-Shaun [] has quit [Quit: Shaun]
19:38<ijustam>i wonder if some industrial laundry machines have that capability
19:38<HoopyCat>Nivex: you, my friend, have a sick mind. like mine.
19:38<ijustam>you could open a laundromat and give customers those buzzing resutrant things
19:38<ijustam>that go off when a load is done :D
19:39<HoopyCat>your mom has a buzzing, etc, etc.
19:39<HoopyCat>ijustam: considering the cost of embeddable IP-aware wireless-friendly electronics these days, it shouldn't be that tough
19:39<ijustam>so occasionally in my http log
19:40<ijustam>it shows the external addy
19:40<HoopyCat>i think that'll be one of my winter projects
19:40<ijustam>and the addy it's requesting
19:40<ijustam>some.. aren't even requesting my site
19:40<ijustam>but they show up anyway.
19:40<StevenK>HoopyCat: But both washers and dryers are electronically noisy as hell ...
19:40<HoopyCat>StevenK: eh, not really.
19:40<Nivex>yeah, you might as well run cat5 to them, since they have to have power anyway
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19:41<HoopyCat>RF-wise, my laundry gear is pretty inert, at least compared to the most unexpectedly RF-noisy appliance i own
19:41<HoopyCat>and even that's down in the HF (below 30MHz) range
19:44<HoopyCat>if worse comes to worse, i'll just strap a TNC and a 5-watt VHF transceiver on it and use APRS to transmit laundry status :-)
19:59<Nivex>the whole county doesn't need to know your laundry's done :)
20:02<StevenK>That could be amusing if someone picks up the signal. Discerning a pattern could be problematic. :-P
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21:34<@linbot>New news from forums: high cpu usage - linode unavailable in General Discussion <>
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22:23*CaptObviousman high5s HoopyCat for the SNMP laundry idea
22:23<CaptObviousman>it's really a wonder we haven't done that yet
22:28-!-ijustam [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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22:30<CaptObviousman>of course, it'd be helpful for me to own a washer and dryer first
22:31<CaptObviousman>but when I do, maybe I should slip a 386 with a NIC into each one, tap into the buzzer line on them, then send a signal out on the network
22:31<SelfishMan>Well I caught the punchline it looks like but missed the joke
22:31<CaptObviousman>you shouldn't have left
22:32<SelfishMan>My network cable said "screw you" and didn't give me much of a choice
22:33<encode>thats odd. my network cable is incapable of talking
22:33<SelfishMan>I have the expensive solid gold cables
22:33<CaptObviousman>encode: man you gotta upgrade to the latest cat-6v
22:33<CaptObviousman>v = verbal
22:33<CaptObviousman>mine called me a pathetic nerd the other day, I nearly died laughing
22:33<StevenK>I've heard about VoIP, but that's just ridiculous
22:34<SelfishMan>This is VoE
22:34<SelfishMan>VoIP is so ten years ago
22:35<COTK>I wired my house, and ever since they came out with VoE I could never look at the bathroom scale the same ever again.
22:38-!-kso3 [] has joined #linode
22:44<CaptObviousman>hmm, anyone played with mdadm a bunch?
22:45<StevenK>CaptObviousman: A bit
22:45<CaptObviousman>I made a test array earlier, then simulated a disk failure and readded the same disk back in
22:45<CaptObviousman>now, when I go to make a new array, it's leaving a gap in the numbering of the disks
22:45<CaptObviousman>0, 1, 2, and 4
22:46<StevenK>It's syncing?
22:47<CaptObviousman>it's working just fine. I just don't know why it is skipping 3
22:47<CaptObviousman>I don't want it to
22:49<StevenK>What does /proc/mdstat show?
22:50<@mikegrb>StevenK: ur mom
22:50<CaptObviousman>md0 : active raid5 sdd[4] sdc[2] sdb[1] sda[0]
22:51<CaptObviousman>I can just leave it be, and it'll function fine, but demmit I should be able to zero the drives and have it work
22:52*CaptObviousman tried overwriting the first gig and last gig of the drive with /dev/zero
22:58-!-nicha [] has joined #linode
23:02<nicha>I just setup mysql-server, but i forget the password. How can i reset mysql password? any help?
23:04<bob2>on what OS?
23:04<nicha>fedora 9
23:04<COTK>nicha, you can login to mysql from the root and change it from there.
23:06-!-jstad|away [] has quit [Quit: jstad|away]
23:08<nicha>I can't cuz of access denied
23:08<nicha>any idea?
23:09<COTK>So, you are logged into root.
23:09<COTK>And you type mysql -u root
23:09<COTK>and USE mysql;
23:09<COTK>and you change the root password
23:09<COTK>and it gives you a access denied?
23:10<nicha>when i type mysql -u root -p
23:10<nicha>oh not password
23:11<nicha>and then it said access denied
23:12<COTK>try without -p
23:12<nicha>access denied too
23:12<COTK>I just reached the limit of my newbish experience, there.
23:12<nicha>will i lost all my data?
23:13<COTK>Most likely.
23:13<COTK>I would wait and see if anyone else knows.
23:13<nicha>m waiting
23:16<SelfishMan>man mysqladmin
23:16<nicha>anybody know how to reset mysql root password
23:16<nicha>SelffishMan: what do u mean?
23:16<SelfishMan>type 'man mysqladmin'
23:18<CaptObviousman>there's a crapton of examples on how to do it
23:18<CaptObviousman>all over the web
23:19*CaptObviousman holds no hands ... unless you are a hot single woman
23:19<SelfishMan>is single a requirement?
23:20<Nivex>Girls gone Geek 4tw :)
23:20<CaptObviousman>not if you like to play
23:21<Nivex>no likey gamer chicks?
23:22-!-COTK [] has quit [Ping timeout: 481 seconds]
23:29<minerale>how long does it take to transfer data from the atlanta datacenter to another?
23:29<minerale>what's the speed between them
23:29<SelfishMan>Varies. Plan for about a half hour
23:31<minerale>what's the speed between them
23:31<SelfishMan>Again, it varies
23:31<minerale>is there one that is really fast when transfering from/to atlanta?
23:31<SelfishMan>What's the rush?
23:32<minerale>I'd like to move to another data center but not loose the 8mb/s transfer speeds between it
23:32*minerale is in atlanta as well
23:32<SelfishMan>between what?
23:33<minerale>ie, downloading files from my own linode will consistenly get 3mb/s
23:33<bd_>^^^ test there?
23:33<SelfishMan>They all run quite fast
23:33<bd_>really what matters is latency to your location - I doubt any of the DCs are hitting bandwidth limits, unless they get hit by a big DDoS
23:34<bd_>and by adjusting TCP window sizes, the effect of latency can be reduced, too
23:34-!-nicha [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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