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00:01<imMute>TheStupidOne: you have full root access to your linode, you can add and remove modules as much as you like
00:03<Kaisa>how long does it take to "disk create from distrobution
00:03<Kaisa>nvm it just went lol it was sitting at in progress for a while
00:05<bob2>you can add and remove modules as much as you like /on xen/
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00:36<Kaisa>dumb question: how do i get my second ip working
00:39<Kaisa>aha ty
00:39*Kaisa really feels dumb lol
00:39<SelfishMan>No worries
00:42<hads>ip would be the new way
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00:46<DerrickG27>Any word on when Linode plans to upgrade their plans (e.g. more RAM for the same price)?
00:47<bob2>I don't think upgrades have ever been preannounced
00:47<scorche|sh>there never is word...the plans are just fine how they are anyway...
00:47<mendel>But if you're a current customer you get the upgrade too. The last one was a couple extra GB of disk, IIRC
00:48<mendel>Yeah, from 10 to 12GB in the 360.
00:48*mendel looks at the timestamp, goes :O, goes to bed
00:49<hads>I believe the plans are pretty generous now.
00:50<DerrickG27>scorche|sh - so are you saying that you wouldn't take a free upgrade if given one?
00:51<scorche|sh> just think that asking for info on the next one is stupid
00:51<DerrickG27>Maybe Linode will start using Intel new 6-core proc when released this month
00:51<scorche|sh>that would only be a few new hosts anyway...wouldnt be near the entire fleet
00:52<DerrickG27>Upgrading the CPU would always be nice
00:52<DerrickG27>why is this web based IRC so slooooooow on posting my messages?
00:52<scorche|sh>because that is how it is..
00:52<bob2>because "web based"
00:52<scorche|sh>cgi:irc is known for such lag
00:53<DerrickG27>how does Linode service compare to Slicehost?
00:53<bob2>it seems a tad cheaper
00:54<Kaisa>Failed to bring up eth0.
00:54<Kaisa>SIOCSIFFLAGS: Cannot assign requested address
00:54<Kaisa>theres 2 more lines but i didnt want to get kicked for flooding
00:54<DerrickG27>the slowness of this web based IRC makes me wonder if it's a reflection of the performance of Linode VPS'
00:54<SelfishMan>Kaisa: Did you follow that howto?
00:54<bob2>Kaisa: pastebin full error + whatever you ran to do that (e.g. /etc/network/interfaces)
00:55<bob2>DerrickG27: no
00:55<SelfishMan>Did you assign eth0:0 and eth0:1 or something else?
00:55<hads>heh, yes the web based IRC is what you should go by.
00:55<bob2>this is 2008, use 'ip' to add another ip to the one interface
00:55<scorche|sh>DerrickG27: as i said, that is just the typical CGI:IRC slowness...
00:55<SelfishMan>The web-based IRC is java isn't it? If so then there is your reason for crappy performance
00:56<DerrickG27>any word on a backup system for your Linode? I heard rumors a few weeks back that it was nearing completion
00:56<scorche|sh>SelfishMan: no...perl cgi
00:56<bob2>DerrickG27: hasn't been announced yet
00:56<bob2>in the meantime, s3 is excellent value
00:56<SelfishMan>DerrickG27: No backup system in the works that we know of. A NAS solution is but that isn't a backup solution but can be used for backups
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00:59<bob2>Kaisa: wow, you got assigned a consecutive IP?
00:59<LGM>hi everyone
01:00<Kaisa>in the linode panel it says
01:00<LGM>can you IRC from a Linode hosted VM? not that I would most of the time, just wondering
01:00<Kaisa> ( ) ( )
01:00<bob2>Kaisa: get rid of the second gateway line
01:00<bob2>LGM: sure
01:00<hads>If you're using Debian then you can add a 'ip addr add' line to your /etc/network/interfaces
01:00<tozz>LGM: indeed
01:01<tozz>running my bnc on a linode right now too ;)
01:01<bob2>LGM: note that the atlanta dc blocks some common irc ports
01:01<bob2>LGM: so pick another dc or make sure your irc network has other ports accessible
01:01<DerrickG27>SelfishMan why NAS then? to allow greater storage per plan then?
01:01<Kaisa>bob2 i get the same thing after deleting second gateway line
01:01<LGM>bob2: neato, thanks
01:02<booja>LGM: I'm ircing right now :)
01:02<bob2>if you're thinking of a "bouncer", you might want to have a look at irssi's proxy module, too
01:03<bob2>hads: it's just an "ip-up ip addr add ..." line in the eth0 block, right?
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01:03<hads>bob2: yah, "up ip addr add dev eth0"
01:03<LGM>which I'm not using right now) .. so it would only be rare occasions I would use it
01:03<LGM>anyway, thanks and bye
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01:05*Kaisa is confused what do i do with that line you just gave me hads
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01:07<Kaisa>hads still get
01:07<Kaisa>Reconfiguring network interfaces...SIOCADDRT: File exists
01:07<Kaisa>Failed to bring up eth0.
01:07<Kaisa>after doing that
01:08<bob2>pastebin the output of 'ip r' and 'ip a'
01:09<hads>Beer o'clock
01:09<Kaisa>ok lol so far its pretty useless output lol
01:09<Kaisa>even i know thats pretty useless output lol
01:09<bob2>SpaceHobo: lame
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01:10<bob2>Kaisa: /sbin/ip, maybe
01:10<Kaisa>no such file or directory
01:10<hads>`aptitude install iproute` though I don't know why it wouldn't be installed.
01:10*hads heads out
01:11<Kaisa> <--useful ip a and ip r
01:12<Kaisa>at least i hope its useful
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01:15<Kaisa>im the only moron i know who cant follow a tutorial where u copy and paste and edit 1 line out of 4
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01:17<hojuruku>i'm trying to make a sabayon installer for linode ;) it it would be easy if the admins just made an installer that didn't use an initrd and a nfs mount
01:17<hojuruku>please read that, it's from daniel, the guy that started gentoo. He's sick of it's release cycle and the core developers too.
01:18<hojuruku>if you read that caker, should consider the feature request and allow server only version of sabayon to work ;)
01:20<Kaisa>bob2 or hads?
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01:24<Battousai>hojuruku: i hope you realize that post is from last year and drobbins has since gone back to spending time in the gentoo community
01:25<hojuruku>yeah, but gentoo still shits me ;)
01:26<hojuruku>yeah but they way gentoo is going still shit's me.
01:26<hojuruku>oh sorry lag.
01:26<Battousai>that's all well and good, but you don't have to FUD about it
01:26<hojuruku>ah what's wrong with gentoo with binary package management
01:26<hojuruku>think of the less utilization on linode CPUs ;)
01:26<hojuruku>less downtime during emerge's.
01:27<hojuruku>oh less people buying dev linodes and doing it only in production ;P
01:27<Battousai>this is silly
01:27<Battousai>anyway, the demand for sabayon on linodes is probably too small to warant a prebuilt image
01:27<hojuruku>sabayon is going mainstream. Can linode offer it? Equo is doing almost more than pacman now
01:28<Battousai>sabayon is far from mainstream...
01:28<hojuruku>guys install a mirror server in the datacentre with rsync and NFS :P if i get it running myself for sabayon installs, i'll send you the logs and ask the bw off my bill :) is that ok?
01:28<bob2>Kaisa: can you connect via lish?
01:28<Battousai>note that the only people here who are staff are the ones with ops
01:29<Kaisa>bob2 whats lish im using ssh
01:29<hojuruku>i understand that, i was just being a little cheeky ;P
01:29<bob2>Kaisa: ssh'ing to lish (ie if we try something it breaks access via your public ips, can you fix it)
01:31<Kaisa>im still confused lol
01:31<Kaisa>sorry im a little slow....
01:34<bob2>Kaisa: you can find your host on the dashboard page of the linode web manager thing
01:34<Kaisa>ok i connected through that
01:34<Kaisa>it put me at my servers login screen ...
01:34<bob2>Kaisa: great
01:34<bob2>Kaisa: login
01:35<bob2>Kaisa: type 'sudo invoke-rc.d networking stop', then '/sbin/ip a ; /sbin/ip r' and pastebin it again
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01:39<bob2>Kaisa: ip route del dev eth0 ; ip route del dev eth0
01:39<Kaisa>server:~# ip route del dev eth0
01:39<Kaisa>RTNETLINK answers: No such process
01:42<bob2>Kaisa: ip a del dev eth0 ; ip a del dev eth0
01:42<bob2>and 'ip r #
01:42<bob2>bah, 'ip r del dev eth0 ' if that fail
01:43<Kaisa>um the second ip a del command with 114 said at the end
01:43<Kaisa>RTNETLINK answers: Cannot assign requested address
01:44<Kaisa>and a bunch of other stuff i didnt read just pointin out its same error from before
01:44<Kaisa>server:~# ip r del dev eth0
01:44<Kaisa>RTNETLINK answers: No such process
01:44<bob2>pastebin 'ip a ; ip r' again
01:46<bob2>'invoke-rc.d networking start'
01:46<Kaisa>k did that
01:46<bob2>no error?
01:46<Kaisa>no errors
01:47<bob2>great, you should be done
01:47<Kaisa>isnt the second ip supposed toshow up in ifconfig
01:47<Kaisa>or thats usually where il ook to get ips and its not listed there
01:48<bob2>ifconfig -a
01:49<Kaisa>ty bob2
01:49<Kaisa>your help is VERY appreciated
01:49<Kaisa>btw if you have time could you tell me what i did wrong in the first place
01:49<hads>It won't show up, you'll need ip a
01:50<bob2>hm, I have a th0:0 when I try ip aliasing
01:50<bob2>Kaisa: the IP address got assigned to the interface already, so adding it failed
01:50<Kaisa>oh so i didnt need to add it in the first place
01:51<chesty>if you add a abel to the ip command, it will show in ifconfig
01:51<bob2>hm, I thought Kaisa was adding it with ifupdown, which does give it a label
01:51<Kaisa>ty bob2 and hads
01:52<hads>np, as chesty said if you did "ip addr add dev eth0 label eth0:1" then it would show up in ifconfig
01:53<chesty>hads it got cut off in your first message, i didn't see that
01:54<hads>chesty: No you're right, I didn't add that in my last message :)
01:54<hads>(I don't bother myself)
01:54<chesty>sorry, I'm having trouble comprehending today :(
01:55<hads>I just went out to get beers, I won't be comprehending later :)
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02:01<Kaisa_>YAY my internet dropped
02:05<booja>god, it's the lol parade
02:05<Kaisa_>whats with those 3 bots
02:05<booja>why is EVERYONE responding to lol
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02:05<row>As I said, yesterday taht script makes me want to kill people. :)
02:05<booja>heh, :D
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02:07<hads>People that say lol?
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02:08<Peng_>What the hell is wrong with you people?
02:08*Peng_ hugs FloodServ.
02:09<Peng_>Hmm. I thought mikegrb's script did better rate-limiting.
02:10<bob2>SpaceHobo: hah
02:10<booja>well mike didn't get killed
02:10<booja>so I guess he's the lol king
02:10<Peng_>Wait, so SpaceHobo has a script now?
02:10<@mikegrb>mmm cake
02:10<bob2>shorter than cake, tho
02:17<Peng_>Bah, I fail at irssi ignore rules. I'll stop spamming now.
02:18<booja>mwalling knows
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02:22<Peng_>OK, *now* I give up.
02:23<Peng_>Or *now*.
02:26<booja>what about NOW
02:27<Peng_>I actually gave up last time.
02:29<SNy>Hm. I wonder why you are complaining about the response when it is really the originating 3-letter-sequence being is the problem.
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02:34<Peng_>SNy: The response makes it worse.
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02:35<SNy>FWIW, I think it is *supposed* to.
02:36<Peng_>SNy: That doesn't make it less annoying.
02:36<booja>I made it work
02:36<booja>unless I just made everyone else ignoreg too
02:36<booja>somebody say something
02:36<Peng_>booja: What'd you do?
02:37<SelfishMan>ur mom
02:37<Peng_>Maybe he did ignore everybody else too.
02:37<SelfishMan>Did you guys get fo0bar and SpaceHobo +q'd again?
02:38<Peng_>Wait, so who all has auto-responses, and who was triggering it? I'm getting confused.
02:38<booja>aww crap
02:38<SelfishMan>That's about the fourth time today that I know of
02:39<Peng_>booja: Heh
02:39<bd_>Everyone who was +q'd above or says lolz next has the auto-responses, lol
02:39<SelfishMan>Peng_: SpaceHobo and fo0bar are lolz bots and keep getting killed all day
02:39<SelfishMan>Except they don't have the rate limiting mikebot does
02:39<Peng_>SelfishMan: That's awesome.
02:39<SelfishMan>Isn't it?
02:39<Peng_>So...Now when someone says "lol", *three* people respond?
02:40<SelfishMan>I had fun with that earlier and got yelled at. charlie seems to enjoy doing it too
02:40<Peng_>That's horrible. Do either of them live in Florida? If so, I'm going to kill them.
02:40<SelfishMan>Not that I know of
02:40<Peng_>Too bad
02:41-!-SelfishMan was kicked from #linode by linbot [BANG!]
02:41*linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
02:41-!-SelfishMan [] has joined #linode
02:41<Peng_>I really was pretty mad about it.. Now I just think it's funny though.
02:42<Peng_>Damn. OK, *now* I give up.
02:43<Peng_>SelfishMan: On attempting to ignore it.
02:43*Peng_ really gives up *this* time.
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02:44<Peng_>Hmm. I tried to ignore the pattern "^lolz$". Maybe there's usually whitespace on the ends?
02:45<Peng_>What would be funny is if the auto-responses triggered *each other*, and they all caused a flood and got killed.
02:45<SelfishMan>I think it ignores lolz completely
02:46<Peng_>Yeah. Hmm, does that apply to the other one?
02:46<@mikegrb>mmm cake
02:46<Peng_>mmm cake
02:46<Peng_>Guess not.
02:50<booja>I keep ignoring all from #linode
02:50<booja>whoops :D
02:53<booja>ok, Peng_ say something will ya
02:55<row>Ignore is not exactly hard.
02:55<Peng_>row: It is for me!
02:55<row>Dear me
02:55<row>What client are you using?
02:55<Peng_>row: We're both using irssi.
02:55*row attaches his irssi screen to check cmd
02:56<booja>I got it working
02:56<Peng_>booja: Ooh, how?
02:56<booja>this seems to work for me /IGNORE -regexp -pattern "(lolz|roflz)" #linode
02:56<booja>I see the original but not the reply
02:56<booja>which is just fine
02:56<row>You might want to restrict that
02:56<row>so only ignores lines with just that in
02:57<SelfishMan>It ignores this too lolz
02:57<row>otheriwse anyone puts that in a line and you wont see it
02:57<booja>oh row, why complicate things :D
02:57<Peng_>Yeah, exactly. I keep trying ^lolz$ and it doesn't seem to work. But I also use -network and -channel, so it might be them.
02:57<row>/IGNORE -regexp -pattern "^(lolz|roflz)$" #linode
02:57<row>should work
02:57<row>if it is a normal regexp
02:58<Peng_>...That worked. Why did that work?
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02:58<Peng_>Aww, now it didn't.
02:59<Peng_>(I mean, I changed it.)
02:59<row>lets see what you changed it to
02:59<Peng_>Yeah, now it works perfectly.
02:59<row>ah k
02:59*row goes back to work
02:59<Peng_>row: I tried to make it non-capturing (adding "?:"). That didn't work.
02:59<Peng_>I assume that works in Perl or PCRE or whatever irssi uses..
03:00*Peng pokes Peng_
03:00<row>does it really matter if it uses capturing?
03:00<row>and is ?: not a forward lookup or whatever?
03:00<row>I forget.
03:00<row>I never remember complex regexp stuff, always have to double check syntax.
03:01<Peng_>row: I assume turning off capturing saves a couple bytes of RAM.
03:01<row>If you are doing overly complex regexp (not that that was) you are most likely doing something wrong imo :P
03:01<row>I am sure it gets dumped instantly if irssi does not apply some flag to turn it off anyway
03:01<Peng_>Yeah, ?: should work. Huh.
03:02<Peng_>You're right, though.
03:02<row>take a look at "man 7 regex"
03:03<Peng_>row: Oh, you're right. I always mentally ignore (pun intended) that line in the help.
03:04<row>Ah in that case, you want to do my work?
03:04<row>I hate defining form rules, worst part of web development.
03:04<row>I need a lacky
03:05<Peng_>I've never done that.
03:05-!-mode/#linode [-q *!*] by FloodServ
03:05<Peng_>row: Thanks for the help. I don't know how you made it work when what I did didn't.
03:05-!-mode/#linode [-q *!*] by FloodServ
03:05<row>map form vars to validation rules basically, just plain old boring.
03:05<Peng_>Ooh, there they go.
03:05<row>Requires zero skill.
03:05<SelfishMan>They have voice again
03:06<SelfishMan>I'm so evil
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03:06<Peng>God, that's annoying. Thanks for testing my shiny new ignore rule though.
03:06<SelfishMan>should I? I think I will
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03:06-!-mode/#linode [+q *!*] by FloodServ
03:06*SelfishMan ducks
03:07<@mikegrb>mmm cake
03:07<Peng_>SelfishMan: Next time try it with "mmm cake" to see if they get into an infinite loop.
03:07<SelfishMan>They don't do the cake thing, only lol
03:07<Peng>Oh, too bad
03:08<Peng_>So...why did the two of them add those scripts?
03:08<row>Because they wanted to be "cool"?
03:08<Peng_>I don't think they know what "cool" means.
03:09<SelfishMan>Well that's obvious
03:10<Peng_>When did they do this? How far back in my scrollback should I go to read about it?
03:10<SelfishMan>Last 24 hours or so
03:10<row>Do you really care that much?
03:12<SelfishMan>Looks like it started about 23 hours ago
03:13<Peng_>row: Yes.
03:13-!-getsmart [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
03:15<Peng_>Yeah, I don't see any interesting backlog.
03:15<Peng_>There's a Fremont 540 available!
03:16<SelfishMan>[04:33] SpaceHobo: sveiss: it is our assertion that "lol" and "rofl" have become three times as annoying, and require a triple-response
03:17<Hobbsee>SelfishMan: quick! go!
03:17-!-ryan8403_laptop [] has joined #linode
03:17<Peng_>SelfishMan: Oh, thanks.
03:17<Peng_>SelfishMan: Fremont 540
03:17<@linbot>SelfishMan: Fremont360 - 0, Fremont540 - 1, Fremont720 - 0, Fremont1080 - 0, Fremont1440 - 0, Fremont2880 - 0
03:18<SelfishMan>wow. too bad I don't want a 540
03:18<Peng_>Sell it on eBay. :)
03:18<Peng_>SelfishMan: What do you want?
03:21<StevenK>Heh. Well, that will exist for all of five minutes
03:21-!-ryan8403_laptop [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
03:21<@linbot>Peng_: Fremont360 - 0, Fremont540 - 1, Fremont720 - 0, Fremont1080 - 0, Fremont1440 - 0, Fremont2880 - 0
03:21<Peng_>Nobody's snapped it up yet?
03:26<booja>I already have one
03:27*StevenK is happy with his Fremont360
03:37<checkers>I'd sign up right now but I can't guarantee I'd get it
03:37*checkers pokes caker
03:39<@linbot>StevenK: Fremont360 - 0, Fremont540 - 1, Fremont720 - 0, Fremont1080 - 0, Fremont1440 - 0, Fremont2880 - 0
03:39<StevenK>It's still there. Gasp!
03:39<StevenK>I would have thought SelfishMan would have been all over it.
03:40<G>wait... I fremont540?
03:40*G grabs it and investsn it :P
03:41<SelfishMan>Why? I already have equipment in HE
03:41<StevenK>SelfishMan: Ah. What's the DC you're missing to collect the set, then?
03:42<SelfishMan>I don't have a Linode at HE but I have real hardware there.
03:42<SelfishMan>If a 360 pops up I will take it for some development and testing
03:45<checkers>which DC are the fremont VMs hosting in btw?
03:45<checkers>don't they have two in fremont?
03:46<checkers>oh, heh
03:48<SelfishMan>I wonder if Linode has talked to Evocative about additional capacity in CA
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03:51-!-Majes [] has joined #linode
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04:09<xorl>how do I expand my filesystem on my linode without tanking a bunch of data
04:09<SelfishMan>Shut down the node, use the Linode manager to resize the disk and then power it back on
04:10<xorl>ok cool
04:11<xorl>simple enough,
04:11<xorl>upgraded my linode from a 720 to a 1080 :D
04:19-!-getsmart [] has joined #linode
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04:38-!-binel [] has joined #linode
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04:53<xorl>that was the eaisest upgrade ever
05:01<booja>if only life were that easy eh
05:02<Internat>upgrade gf 4.0 to wife 1.0.. :P
05:03<SelfishMan>Internat: I'm sorry. And it really sucks that you can't downgrade after realizing the mistake!
05:03<Internat>you can.. but its a lot painful
05:04<SelfishMan>Well, I guess you can always run both versions but you have to hide the partitions from each other
05:05<xorl>SelfishMan: That's what encryptions for man...
05:05<xorl>ah love the lul bots.
05:05<SelfishMan>damn lol botz
05:06<SelfishMan>Seriously? What the hell
05:06<SelfishMan>I'm evil
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05:06-!-mode/#linode [+q *!*] by FloodServ
05:07<SelfishMan>Woohoo! Got mikebot too!
05:07<SelfishMan>He is op'd though
05:07<SelfishMan>Honestly, this never gets old
05:07<xorl>Yeah, it never really does, does it.
05:08<SelfishMan>I figure they brought it on themselves
05:12<sneakums>srsly lol
05:17<booja>all I see now is SelfishMan raying rofly a lot
05:18-!-miquel [] has quit [Quit: miquel]
05:18<SelfishMan>Yep. I rofl'd three people to a +q
05:29<SelfishMan>Hmm...Linode is still allowing global AXFR
05:43<checkers>what for their customer's DNS records?
05:50-!-getsmart [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
05:53-!-Relentless [] has joined #linode
05:54<Peng_>checkers: Yes
05:54<Peng_>SelfishMan: If you keep abusing mikebot and he keeps talking while +q, he'll get killed. :D
05:54<SelfishMan>He's op'd
05:55<Peng_>Honestly, while I want to disembowel fo0bar and SpaceHobo for this, they may have the right idea. I wonder how much this will cut down on "lol" usage?
05:56<SelfishMan>Peng_: If anything it has increased lol usage
05:56<Peng_>SelfishMan: Only when you and charlie spam it.
05:56<SelfishMan>Hey, I'm not the only one and several others have played with it
05:57-!-jimbob28 [~james@] has joined #linode
05:57<Peng_>encode: Hey, you made me lose. :(
05:57<SelfishMan>Lose what?
05:57<encode>SelfishMan: the game
05:57<encode>see the wikipedia link
05:57<SelfishMan>What game?
05:57<encode>but, by thinking about it, you have lost
05:58<SelfishMan>Thinking about what?
05:58<Peng_>SelfishMan: The Game.
05:58<jimbob28>hey all... is there packet loss to atlanta? mtr shows badness to my vm host ip
05:58<SelfishMan>I don't get it
05:58<Peng_>SelfishMan: There's a Wikipedia article about it. You should read it. ;)
05:58<encode>read that link
05:58<encode>and weep
05:58<encode>for you have lost already
05:59<SelfishMan>Lost what?
05:59-!-mdcollins [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:00<encode>SelfishMan: you can't ignore it. we all know you thought about The Game, even though you may pretend otherwise
06:01<SelfishMan>Yeah, totally not getting it still
06:01<encode>did you even read the link
06:01<SelfishMan>No. I'm lazy and it's late/early
06:03-!-Relentless [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:04<Peng_>SelfishMan: It's a stupid, pointless mental game. Rule 1: You're playing it. Right now. Rule 2: Whenever you think about the game, you lose. Rule 3: When you lose, you have to announce it. That's all. There's nothing else to it.
06:04<SelfishMan>Fremont node is no longer available
06:05<SelfishMan>I can't believe I got you to actually explain the rules of The Game
06:05-!-jimbob28 [~james@] has left #linode []
06:06-!-mode/#linode [-q *!*] by FloodServ
06:06-!-mode/#linode [-q *!*] by FloodServ
06:06-!-mode/#linode [-q *!*] by FloodServ
06:07*SelfishMan has evil thoughts
06:07<sneakums>i know what they are lol
06:07<SelfishMan>You started it lol
06:07<Peng_>I see what you did there.
06:07-!-mdcollins [] has joined #linode
06:08<SelfishMan>Just a few more
06:08<Peng_>fo0bar & SpaceHobo: Thanks for encouraging me to finally set up a "lolz" ignore rule (not that I was able to figure it out on my own)
06:09<SelfishMan>so tempting!
06:09<SelfishMan>!8ball Should I do it?
06:09<@linbot>SelfishMan: Of course.
06:10<SelfishMan>can't argue with that
06:10<Peng_>SpaceHobo: Oh, good morning.
06:10<encode>yes, clearly it should be lawl, as that's how it is pronounced
06:11<SelfishMan>I started doing it to mock others but then it became part of my vocab
06:12<sneakums>it can't be part of your vocabulary, since vocabularies are composed of words, and "lol" is not a word.
06:12<Peng_>sneakums: Yes it is.
06:12<SelfishMan>lol is in the dictionary
06:12<Peng_>It is?
06:12<SelfishMan>Yep. So is woot
06:13<sneakums>which dictionary? fuckwit and blitherson's dictionary for nitwits?
06:13<SelfishMan>Honestly though, is flooding the room with three lolz after every lol any better?
06:13<bob2>surely that depends on whether it works or not!
06:13<SelfishMan>Merriam-Webster accepted it
06:14<sneakums>so i was right
06:14<encode>the room should kick people that use that expression, rather than just printing out vast quanties of useless messages
06:14<sneakums>that would be unkind
06:14<encode>in fact, I might submit a ticket about it
06:14-!-MattC [] has joined #linode
06:15<SelfishMan>I doubt that would happen as too many people use lol when asking for support
06:15<sneakums>maybe they should stop.
06:15<Peng_>SelfishMan: Is it in the dictionary as "lol" or "LOL"?
06:15<Peng_>Like, a word or an acronym?
06:15<Peng_>I always capitalize it like a word. It's nice to be validated. :)
06:15<SelfishMan>I'm pretty sure it was accepted as a word and not an acronym. I could be wrong on that though.
06:16-!-mdcollins [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:16<fuzzie>The online OED gives me 'tol de rol lol' when I type 'lol' in o.O
06:16<Peng_>See? You jerks have killed mdcollins.
06:16<fuzzie>"A combination of syllables used as the refrain of a song, and hence as an exclamation of jollity, or the like."
06:16<SelfishMan>what is 'tol de rol lol'
06:16<sneakums>fuzzie: same here.
06:16<sneakums>SelfishMan: an extended form of "tol de rol"
06:16<SelfishMan>mdcollins has been in and out for hours
06:16<Peng_>SelfishMan: You've been spamming lol for hours.
06:16<Peng_>Dun dun dunnn.
06:16<SelfishMan>Uh...what is 'tol de rol'
06:17<MattC>stupid cable connection i guess has been crapping out all night
06:17<sneakums>"A combination of syllables used as the refrain of a song, and hence as an exclamation of jollity, or the like."
06:17<bob2>MattC: and you missed so much quality discussion!
06:17<MattC>its me
06:17<@mikegrb>! people still use slackware?!?!
06:17<sneakums>beats talking about slackware for the billionth time
06:17<MattC>im trying to wait for my old connection to time out >_<
06:17<SelfishMan>I'm doing it to rebel against the three botz
06:17<SelfishMan>Oh, I forgot the lol
06:18-!-MattC is now known as mdcollins
06:18<sneakums>yes, you're quite the rebel
06:18<mdcollins>bah, i need to yell at comcast
06:19<mdcollins>anyways, im going to sleep
06:19<sneakums>surely one anyway at a time is enough
06:19<SelfishMan>Oops. Woot isn't in the dictionary but w00t is
06:20-!-mdcollins [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
06:23<sneakums>anyway, getting back to my original question, can I run BeOS on linode?
06:23<SelfishMan>You can under virtualization but not natively under a linode
06:24<sneakums>i guess it would cost too much to ship the CDs to California anyway
06:24<sneakums>and i'd have to pay someone to swap them
06:24-!-Isvara [] has joined #linode
06:25<bob2>you could run Haiku under qemu under linode
06:25<SelfishMan>Ship the CDs to CA for what?
06:25<bob2>that might be close enough
06:25<sneakums>SelfishMan: to install it
06:26<sneakums>bob2: running haiku instead of beos would be like running red hat instead of solaris
06:27<SelfishMan>Linode provides the kernel and boot parameters. Unless BeOS is now able to use a Linux kernel it can't be done natively
06:27<sneakums>xfce is a lot like beos, i suppose i could just use slackware
06:28<Peng_>You want to run xfce on a Linode?
06:28<SelfishMan>I really don't get why people run a GUI on a server let alone a headless VPS
06:28<sneakums>well, it's a FILE server, and how else can i manage my files?
06:28<SelfishMan>sneakums: ls, rm, mv, cp
06:29<sneakums>sorry, i don't speak lojban
06:29<sneakums>anyway, dos is so 80s
06:29-!-hojuruku [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:29<SelfishMan>Let's waste half our RAM on a GUI so that we can manage files on a freakin' server
06:30<bob2>yhbt, hth, hand
06:30<sneakums>anyway, i'm pretty sure i'd need to rewire my null mode cable to telnet my mouse to it
06:48-!-icofei [] has joined #linode
06:48<icofei>hello, im interested in buying a Lindoe but would like to know what payment types do you accept?
06:49<fuzzie>Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
06:49<icofei>thank you.
06:50<icofei>hmm, does Linode accept Paypal?
06:51<icofei>will they consider adding that to their list of payment options?
06:52<icofei>why, what has happened? :o
06:53<fuzzie>Linode is quite an attractive target for people who've stolen credit cards/paypal accounts/etc.
06:53<bob2>also paypal is fairly expensive compared to a reasonable volume cc merchant thing
06:54-!-cafuego [] has joined #linode
06:54<icofei>hummm, oh well.
06:55<cafuego>Have there been any recent problems with atlanta?
06:55<sneakums>someone mentioned packet loss earlier
06:55<sneakums>about an hour ago
06:56<fuzzie>There are other VPS providers like vpslink who offer payment via paypal; my experience is that they're pretty much all awful, but it's something.
06:56<sneakums>so, uh, maybe?
06:56<cafuego>One of my linodes stopped accepting ssh connections - rebooted it and it's ok now.
06:56<checkers>vpslink is fine for anything that isn't running a website
06:56<sneakums>hmm, that sounds like something else
06:57<cafuego>No, sounds more like maybe an OOM oops or somesuch
06:57<cafuego>except ssh shouldn't be getting killed
06:58<checkers>you never know really >_>
06:58<cafuego>Yes, you can tell the kernel what to kill and what to leave well enough alone <heh>
06:58<sneakums>were you able to get in on lish?
06:59<cafuego>Didn't try actually.
06:59<sneakums>good old oom_adj
06:59<bob2>did the oops make it to syslog?
06:59<cafuego>Used the wbe console to shut it down - did a pending disk resize and booted it back up.
06:59<cafuego>SpaceHobo: guilty :-)
07:00<sneakums>oh yeah, that nick did seem familiar
07:00*cafuego is like the Highlander - there can be only one!
07:00<cafuego>judging from your nick you've moved up in the world <heh>
07:00<sneakums>he can grow a beard now
07:01<encode>so today I got my first bill after getting my iPhone. The bill is 23 pages long, and details every single time i made a data connection
07:01<cafuego>Nothing in syslog.0, which ends at the 6:25 cron run. syslog starts with the new boot 6 mins ago.
07:02<cafuego>Oh well.
07:02<Dave>neoark: ask for paperless bills?
07:02*cafuego blames fail2ban and - by association - python
07:03<cafuego>I'll look at nagios tomorrow
07:03<sneakums>i'm using some fanct iptables magic fo0bar did for fail2bannery now
07:03*cafuego uses ipt_recent for ssh
07:03<cafuego>fail2ban iss for other services
07:03<sneakums>yeah, that's the thing, recent
07:07<G>Zabbix is a not bad Nagios alternative :)
07:08<sneakums>so's eating broken glass
07:09-!-binel_ [] has joined #linode
07:14-!-binel__ [] has joined #linode
07:15-!-binel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:18-!-binel_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:33-!-TheFirst [] has joined #linode
07:36-!-spasmface [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:48-!-elky [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:48-!-elky [] has joined #linode
07:51-!-atourino [~Antonio@] has joined #linode
07:53<Peng_>What the? The channel +q list is long. Did I do it wrong?
07:58-!-PAtrik [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:03-!-PAtrik [] has joined #linode
08:04-!-TheFirst [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:10<Dave>Peng_: no, its quite long
08:12-!-Isvara [] has left #linode []
08:12<SNy>Now you scared him, Dave.
08:12-!-miquel [] has joined #linode
08:20<sneakums>that is quite the list
08:23-!-linville [] has joined #linode
08:25<Peng_>When did all those people get muted?
08:26<checkers>a while ago, going by the timestamps
08:26<sneakums>they all have the same stamp, august 6
08:26<sneakums>so probably even earlier
08:26<sneakums>they were probably restored by a server after a split
08:26<checkers>yes, exactly
08:26<Peng_>Oh, thanks for checking what date the timestamp referred to.
08:28<Peng_>tasaro: Hmm, Tor users are still banned in this channel, from that crazy troll. Is that intentional?
08:30<sneakums>what about people in repressive anti-linode regimes
08:30<sneakums>surely they deserve support too
08:32-!-jm [] has joined #linode
08:34<Haegin>hmm, I have started getting this error when adding items to the db in the admin interface but I am not sure what is causing it. Can anyone help please?
08:35<Haegin>oops, wrong channel, sorry
08:36-!-mendel [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
08:39-!-Kaisa_ is now known as Kaisa
08:39<@linbot>New news from forums: SFTP root user access in General Discussion <>
08:44<Dave>ugh :(
08:45<Dave>why not copy over as regular user, then log in as root via ssh to put the files in the correct place
08:45<A-KO>extra work and time
08:45<A-KO>for no reason
08:45<A-KO>If you have adequate protections in place you can properly secure down a root access account for remote.
08:46<bob2>also that person isn't actually using sftp, they're using ftp-ssl
08:47<A-KO>I do almost everything on my linux machines as root--but production services don't get "run" as root, but I run them as root to get everything started. Most stuff installed via portage on my linode creates its users as necessary, and for services that do not, I ensure to lock it down by hand and use start-stop-daemon and execute as a user with no shell.
08:47<A-KO>There's nothing inherently wrong with running as root
08:47<A-KO>It's there for a reason
08:50<checkers>the issue is mostly with having a root account that you can login to
08:51<A-KO>there's a problem with that?
08:51<checkers>if you can't even think of the issues with it, I don't want to explain them to you
08:52<A-KO>set proper failed login attempts, ensure a strong password or use SSH key authentication.
08:52<A-KO>And you're golden
08:52<checkers>there is a difference between knowing the risks and deciding they are acceptable, and pretending there are no problems with your approach
08:53<A-KO>I fail to see the problem with it.
08:53<checkers>there is no issue with root logins being enabled, if handled 'properly'. the problem comes when people misinterpret 'properly'
08:53<checkers>or simply ignore that requirement entirely...
08:53<A-KO>I'm in favor of teaching people how the systems work and where vulnerabilities lie than telling a person 'don't enable root'.
08:54-!-r3z` [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:54<A-KO>Most people are told "don't do things as root" without ever truly understanding what the implications are. And when they ask, they're told of these crazy wild out possibilities.
08:54<A-KO>Now, I agree, don't run services as root.
08:54<A-KO>But for system management, root is a valuable tool.
08:54-!-r3z` [] has joined #linode
08:55<checkers>you are portraying this issue in black and white
08:55<checkers>sudo lovers are evil religious nuts who never explain everything, while root-users are caring unix geeks who are all knowledgeable and responsible
08:56<checkers>the reality is that there is a spectrum, and that directives sometimes have to be given before we can explain why they were given
08:57<sveiss>where do the cult of pfexec fall in that spectrum? *grin*
08:57<A-KO>I think they should be explained, so people have a better understanding of what their system is doing.
08:57<checkers>I favour sudo, because it makes people aware of a separation between root and non-root. When newbies have access to a root shell, I more often than not see them use that shell for *everything*
08:58<A-KO>I use my root shell for everything. I haven't found a reason not to.
08:58<A-KO>But, I guess that what you mean by "everything". I login as root to have complete access to the system to do administrative tasks.
08:58-!-arooni [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:59<A-KO>whether it be checking configuration files, log files, managing users/groups/permissions/services.
09:00<A-KO>Either way, I was only responding to Dave's point earlier that he thinks the guy should upload files as another user, then SSH in and sudo. While this is a very conservative method of management, it's not entirely as doom and gloom as proponents of this would have you believe.
09:02<A-KO>I use SSH keys for authentication, have failed password attempts set to 1 before it disconnects, and use denyhosts for successive failed SSH logins.
09:02<A-KO>More than enough IMO
09:02<A-KO>In fact, most would regard that as overkill
09:02<A-KO>If it was feasible I'd even go as far as port knocking.
09:10-!-arooni [] has joined #linode
09:11-!-jcn [] has joined #linode
09:18-!-TJF_ [] has joined #linode
09:23-!-Mojo1978 [] has joined #linode
09:24-!-Kaisa [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:24-!-Kaisa [] has joined #linode
09:32<DarkWarrior>hmm, when i /dns my ip, it points to a address, do they allow reverse dns here so i can change that to my domain name?
09:32<@caker>DarkWarrior: network sub sub tab
09:32<DarkWarrior>ahh k
09:36<Peng_>caker: Tor users are currently banned in this channel, due to a recent troll coming from there. Do you intend to keep it that way forever?
09:36<Peng_>/mode -b *!* :)
09:36<A-KO>if you want to IRC anonymously in here just IRC from your linode
09:36<@caker>Peng_: he's still messing with other channels
09:36<@caker>as recently as yesterday
09:37<Peng_>caker: OK
09:38<Peng_>tasaro: Never mind about my Tor question.
09:40<DarkWarrior>where can i find all the specs of the server my vps is on, like network card, processor/speed, etc
09:41-!-mendel [] has joined #linode
09:41<Peng_>DarkWarrior: Ask in here. :)
09:41<@caker>DarkWarrior: cat /proc/cpuinfo for cpu stuffs
09:41<DarkWarrior>ahh k
09:43<DarkWarrior>caker, is that supposed to show the network card? i've tried that before, don't think i seen the network card
09:43<Dave>well its a file called cpuinfo
09:43<@caker>no, you won't be able to see the details about other hardware
09:44<bob2>dmesg will show you the lies xen sees
09:45<DarkWarrior>then what network info do the servers all use?
09:45-!-Mojo1978 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:52-!-Bdragon [] has joined #linode
09:53<A-KO>DarkWarrior: what do you mean?
09:53<A-KO>What's the point of the info?
09:53<DarkWarrior>for a idea of its connection abilities?
09:54<A-KO>I generally receive at least 1MByte/sec download from it
09:54<A-KO>and I max my upload, which is around 2Mbit/sec
09:55<A-KO>I don't think they have any guarantee on a bit rate
09:55<A-KO>but they are hosted in datacenters with a few multi gigabit pipes
09:55<@caker>more bacon than the pan can handle
09:55<A-KO>lol caker
09:55<DarkWarrior>plus am also asked for all those specs by customers lol
09:56<@caker>DarkWarrior: everything from up uplinks down is gige
09:56<DarkWarrior>k ty
10:05-!-middayc [] has joined #linode
10:07<jetlag>man RAM is cheap
10:08<tozz>love the new X58 chipset
10:08<tozz>gonna get 4gb*6
10:08<A-KO>I'm on P35 :/
10:08<A-KO>max I can do is 4x2G
10:09<A-KO>which still isn't bad but, lol
10:09<tozz>I was about to get the x48.. but then i7 was announced so..
10:09<jetlag>$30 for 2 jibbibytes in so-dimm
10:09<A-KO>I dunno if I liek the triple channel idea, it sounds like all will have to be populated to work properly
10:10<middayc>hi.. I am new at linode... is there a way to see how much RAM the whole system or various apps are taking... I don't see RAM usage at graphs
10:10<tozz>but dual channel should work too
10:11<A-KO>middayc: top
10:11<jetlag>log in, use 'top'
10:11<middayc>via ssh?
10:12<middayc>oh thanks
10:12<tozz>free is a good "tool" too
10:14<jetlag>'free -m' will quickly show how much is used
10:15<jetlag>and 'ps' will show you a list of processes
10:15<middayc>top showed me overall usage nicely ... I have just 20MB left .. I will try top and read docs to see if I can see how much one app takes
10:16-!-skule [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:16<bob2>you will always have most of your ram "used"
10:16<middayc>I noticed I can put pid into top to probably get info for that
10:16-!-skule [] has joined #linode
10:16<bob2>since the kernel consumes otherwise unused memory for disk cache etc
10:16<bob2>it will free it up if an application needs it
10:17<middayc>but I have some java server and if I write ps -A I get like 20 java processes.. so I would somehow have to see them all probably..
10:17<bob2>the buffers/cache line in the output of 'free -m' is more useful to start with
10:17<middayc>bob2: aha, thanks I didn't know
10:18-!-middayc [] has quit [Quit: middayc]
10:18-!-middayc [] has joined #linode
10:18<middayc>bob2: that why then there probably isn't any memory usage graph?
10:19-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
10:19<middayc>because systems takes it all anyway .. I mean graph at linode web-admin .. like disk usage, cpu usage
10:22<bob2>I don't get your question, sorry
10:22<middayc>forget it, no problem
10:23<@caker>we can see inside your Xen Linode .. so it's not possible for us to provide memory usage graphs
10:23<bd_>middayc: The host allocates a block of memory to your linode; after that, the host doesn't know how you're using it
10:23<middayc>aha, thanks for explaining
10:23<bd_>free memory looks just like memory in use to the host :3
10:24<bd_>I suppose in theory the host could prod sysrq m periodically, but that'd leave a lot of spam in your syslog :)
10:25<middayc>I have a lot to learn about linux still
10:26<pointer>so the "disk io rate" alerts... are those in IOPS or what?
10:26<pointer>kb/s or KB/s
10:27<@caker>pointer: under UML it's io ops, under Xen it's blocks
10:31<@caker>er ... <@caker> we can see inside <-- was supposed to be "we can't see inside your Xen Linode"
10:32<xorl>caker: should write a little perl daemon, and have a little notive "If you want memory usage graphs, you can run our daemon here" it'd just be a daemonized script (doesn't need to be perl) that monitored memory
10:33<@jadoba>xorl: i typically point people to munin
10:33<xorl>that's the rrdtool thing yeah?
10:34<@jadoba>example: project page:
10:34<Nivex>collectd is nice
10:34-!-commmmodo_ [~commmmodo@] has joined #linode
10:35<StevenK>I'd use munin if it could do what mailgraph does
10:40-!-commmmodo [~commmmodo@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:41-!-[BiG^BrotheR] [Dr-DreaM@] has joined #linode
10:44-!-middayc [] has quit [Quit: middayc]
10:44-!-middayc [] has joined #linode
10:46<middayc>thanks for setting me the right direction, a did a little more reading on free -m and ps ant top and I see I have enoght memmory for now
10:48-!-[BiG^BrotheR] [Dr-DreaM@] has quit [Quit: ][DreaM-ScripT][]
10:50-!-daMaestro [] has joined #linode
10:51-!-bliblok [] has joined #linode
10:59-!-webPragmatist [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
11:00-!-webPragmatist [] has joined #linode
11:13<middayc>the graph.. "My CPU Usage" says CPU% and the upper limit of my current scale is "500 m". What does 500 m represent?
11:14<DarkWarrior>500 mb maybe?
11:14<DarkWarrior>500 mhz
11:16<middayc>mb probably not:) .. hmm, maybe MHz.. but why does it then say % .. and m is mili not Mega :) .. 500 miliHetz
11:16<DarkWarrior>where do you see this at
11:17<middayc>first graph
11:18<DarkWarrior>mine has nothing that says "m" or "500 m" on it anywhere.. lol
11:18<middayc>aha ... I saw now below Max 0.47%
11:18<DarkWarrior>perhaps minimum or max maybe
11:19<middayc>this means it's m% :) 0.001 of % so 500 m is 0.5% CPU usage
11:19<middayc>but this seems a little low
11:20<middayc>what does your Max say
11:20<middayc>then you probably don't have 500 m on scale but more like 50 (without m)
11:21<DarkWarrior>yea, 50 without m
11:21<DarkWarrior>why is yours different?
11:22<middayc>because I am used only 0.5% max I have this smaller scale... (but 0.5% max is funny low)
11:22<DarkWarrior>yea it is
11:22<middayc>well that doesn't bother me.. I was afraid if I am reaching the limit already with spikes
11:26<middayc>well that is 5 min average, so because all operations I did took much shorter time it is possible that it averaged to 0.5% in 5minutes
11:27<middayc>I don't have any traffic on.. just installing and testing stuff
11:30-!-Isvara [] has joined #linode
11:30<Isvara>I see on Reddit. Isn't that someone here?
11:31<@caker>godaddy ip
11:40-!-girishtryambake [] has joined #linode
11:45-!-girishtryambake [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:54-!-icofei [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:56<webPragmatist>any of you guys using debian know how to fix "Fatal Error: New quoting requirements!" in rdiff-backup?
11:57<webPragmatist>i googled it and tried adding the chars to chars_to_quote
12:01<m0>not recommended to put Folding@home on a linode eh?
12:01*caker starts charging a CPU tax
12:01<webPragmatist>well it's dumping to a NAS... i'm sure the thing doesn't have the same filetype requirements (like lowercase vs. uppercase
12:02<bob2>m0: your host-mates recommend against it
12:02<bliblok>m0: That's not good sharing practice.
12:02<m0>I know :) I am just kidding
12:02<cruxeternus>m0: Buy all the nodes on a single host, then feel free :)
12:02<m0>That was a great response though
12:03<webPragmatist>or buy a dedicated box it will be cheaper :)
12:03<@linbot>m0: Atlanta360 - 0, Atlanta540 - 0, Atlanta720 - 0, Atlanta1080 - 0, Atlanta1440 - 0, Atlanta2880 - 0
12:03<@caker>or don't bother at all.
12:03<SelfishMan>You can't run Folding@Home on a Linode yet you allow Gentoo? WTF man!
12:03<m0>Team Linode1
12:04<m0>Any time we will have more nodes available ?
12:04<webPragmatist>SpaceHobo: yes
12:05<checkers>< SpaceHobo> This is the bane of my office backup system <-- ours too
12:08<checkers>it's not so bad that every single version is only compatible with itself. the annoying part is that every system will get the updated package at varying times over the next few months
12:09<checkers>which means we either spend time making rdiff-backup special, or just not update and hope a really big security hole doesn't come around while we wait
12:09<webPragmatist>woh weird
12:10<webPragmatist>is rushrushrush a term?
12:10<checkers>that's a good thing??
12:10<checkers>I think our prod environment is still on 0.x, our internal office network is using 1.0.5
12:11-!-Dreamr_3 [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
12:11<checkers>SpaceHobo: oh dear, whose idea was that?
12:12<Peng_>Hmm, the last instances of "lol" were at -- and now you just used it.
12:12<checkers>oh, heh
12:12<Peng_>But they were at 15:18 and 16:01 (and it's 16:12 now).
12:12<webPragmatist>but its so fun
12:12<checkers>the one office I won't feel it's a bad idea :P
12:13<checkers>finally got around to stabbing xubuntu into shape on this lappy
12:13<checkers>unsupported wifi chip is unsupported, but ndis works
12:13<webPragmatist>checkers: make sure you resharpen your knife
12:14-!-SelfishMan [] has quit [Quit: SelfishMan]
12:14<checkers>I'll have to, vista is going on next
12:15<Peng_>That's right...Vista's installer is pretty friendly to other OSes already installed on the system, isn't it?
12:19<CaptObviousman>is someone around to migrate my linode to Xen?
12:19<CaptObviousman>yeah, onesec
12:20<CaptObviousman>hmm, I should switch irssi to another machine first
12:20-!-CaptObviousman [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
12:20<checkers>Peng_: doesn't matter here, it's going into a VM
12:20-!-CaptObviousman [] has joined #linode
12:20<Peng_>checkers: Ah
12:21<checkers>virtualbox seamless mode is about as close to a usable system as I can find these days
12:22-!-SelfishMan [~SelfishMa@] has joined #linode
12:22-!-elhippo [] has joined #linode
12:22<CaptObviousman>caker: will the IPs change?
12:23<CaptObviousman>ticket submitted btw
12:24-!-bliblok_ [] has joined #linode
12:25<SelfishMan>If I combine two nodes into one large one can I keep all four IPs?
12:26<@jadoba>CaptObviousman: 3 minutes... faster than it takes SelfishMan to buy a pickle
12:26<Peng_>CaptObviousman: If you stay in the same data center, your IPs won't change.
12:26<CaptObviousman>you guys rock more than I can possibly describe
12:27<SelfishMan>Yeah, the worst part was the sandwich sucked.
12:27<atourino>too much picle
12:27<atourino>pickle even
12:27<atourino>Im a pineapple and potatochip hotdog myself
12:28<SelfishMan>"Please record your gender (Select only ONE answer)"
12:28<atourino>but then the sky would be a lighter shade of green
12:28-!-middayc [] has left #linode []
12:28-!-lakin [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:29<atourino>I guess thats life at the dog kennel
12:29<SelfishMan>Any idea about the four IPs?
12:29-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
12:32-!-nikosapi [] has joined #linode
12:34<webPragmatist>SpaceHobo: how would you only include like /var/www and /var/backups.... I tried --include /var/www --include /var/backups --exclude '**'
12:35<webPragmatist>wait nm i think that worked i'm just dumb
12:36<webPragmatist>globbing ftw !
12:39<SelfishMan>jadoba: I know you're hiding in here somewhere. Any idea about the IPs?
12:41<SelfishMan>If I buy a larger node to replace two I currently have, can I keep all four IPs?
12:43<@mikegrb>yes, provided you have justification for the four
12:43-!-lakin [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
12:43<@jadoba>what mikegrb said
12:44<SelfishMan>Changing IPs with the TLDs I download their root zones from would take a month at least. Is that enough justification?
12:44<@jadoba>why would you need four IPs?
12:44<@mikegrb>it's a lot more valid than wanting sexy rdns
12:45<SelfishMan>I'm not that vain
12:45<@mikegrb>would probably be okay provided you were willing to eventually migrate
12:46-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
12:48-!-CaptObviousman [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
12:49-!-CaptObviousman [] has joined #linode
12:50-!-hfb [~hfb@] has joined #linode
12:53<SelfishMan>Yeah, two of the IPs I can move from but that's an issue of time
12:55*SelfishMan runs the numbers
12:56-!-bliblok [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:57-!-commmmodo_ [~commmmodo@] has quit [Quit: commmmodo_]
12:58*CaptObviousman is all moved in on Xen
12:58<CaptObviousman>now I get to customize my kernel and such yes?
12:59<SelfishMan>If by customize you mean you get to select one of the several Linode provides then yes
12:59*CaptObviousman investigates
12:59<SelfishMan>Although the kernel sources are available so I assume you can build custom modules
13:00<SelfishMan>I don't know if you can use those modules but nothing should stop you from *building* them
13:00-!-xitology [~xi@] has joined #linode
13:00*SelfishMan nudges people at HE an AN to switch from UML
13:01<avongauss>you can also load the module with Xen.
13:02<SelfishMan>I am so tempted to put VMWare on a node to run windows
13:03-!-bliblok_ [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
13:03<fuzzie>can you run vmware under xen?
13:03<SelfishMan>I don't see why not...technically
13:04<fuzzie>well, a lot of kernel modules depend on all kinds of functionality which isn't present in the xen domu kernels
13:04<fuzzie>vmware certainly used to be one of those, a few years ago
13:07-!-PAtrik [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:07-!-bliblok [] has joined #linode
13:08-!-bliblok [] has quit []
13:09-!-bliblok [] has joined #linode
13:09-!-bliblok_ [] has joined #linode
13:09-!-bliblok_ [] has quit []
13:15-!-PAtrik [] has joined #linode
13:15<Isvara>I don't know about VMware, but you could run QEMU under Xen.
13:23-!-Isvara [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
13:30-!-dc0e [] has joined #linode
13:32-!-dc0e [] has quit []
13:35-!-lakin [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
13:37-!-pmw [] has joined #linode
13:39-!-kupesoft [] has joined #linode
13:41<webPragmatist>anyone have a minute to look at an rdiff-backup error...
13:44<Kaisa>i can look at it but seeing as i dont know what the command is supposed to do lokoing wouldnt do much
13:51-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
13:54-!-r3z`` [] has joined #linode
13:54-!-r3z` [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:02-!-thinkmassive [~thinkmass@] has joined #linode
14:21-!-lakin [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
14:21<webPragmatist>Kaisa: watcha mean?
14:22<webPragmatist>it's not supposed to error out heh
14:25<DarkWarrior>anyone know much about dns related stuff? how can i make a subdomain of mine point to a port as well, not just an ip? (example: -> ip:7000 using /server without specifying a port would connect me to port 7000 instead of the default 6667)?
14:27<webPragmatist>SpaceHobo: you around?
14:27-!-ondrej [] has joined #linode
14:27<webPragmatist>any idea why rdiff is spitting this error
14:27<sveiss>DarkWarrior: you can only do that for clients which look in DNS for port information; very few do
14:28<sveiss>Modern Jabber clients will, so will modern Kerberos libraries... I don't think much else does. The term to google on is 'srv records'
14:29<DarkWarrior>ahh ok
14:30<webPragmatist>the fs probably doesn't support symlinks
14:30<webPragmatist>gosh this is lametastic
14:37<SelfishMan>Meh...Nobody uses SRV records
14:37<SelfishMan>Of course, that is part of the problem.
14:43<cruxeternus>Stevie Ray Vaughn records?
14:43<sveiss>SelfishMan: I do
14:45<SelfishMan>I should but since nobody uses them and nothing supports them I say why bother?
14:46<SelfishMan>Kinda like IPv6. I'm one of the nobodys using it
14:50-!-collination [] has joined #linode
14:50<sveiss>it works well enough for Jabber, at least with recent clients
14:51<sveiss>and I have it set up for my toy kerberos install
14:51<collination>any plans for green hosting?
14:52<SelfishMan>I would love to have SRV records attached to everything. I would also love to see IPv6 actually in use. With that said, I'm certainly not in a position to change those practices.
14:52<SelfishMan>collination: Haven't you seen the pics? All the hosts are green. Bright, glowy green!
14:52<collination>hahahah, got me thee
14:53<collination>i have a client looking for eco friendly hosting
14:54<SelfishMan>Well, a VPS is more efficient compared to using physical hardware. A single 360 host has 40 nodes? That makes it 40 times more efficient
14:56<bd_>SelfishMan: not 40 times - a physical host with a 360's specs would have lower power draw. Not 40x lower, though.
14:57<bd_>based on the newark pics they have ~8 hosts per circuit, which makes 2.5 amperes
14:58<bd_>or ... 300 watts, I guess?
14:58<@caker>2.2A @ 110v, on our latest secret-sauce hardware config
14:58*tasaro loves when bd_ (attempts to) reverse engineer Linode
14:58<bd_>I was close :3
14:58<SelfishMan>You get the idea though
14:58<@caker>we've had configs as high as 3A, so we're getting better!
14:59<@tasaro>collination: we utilize components that use low(er) power requirements where we can (procs, ram)
14:59<SelfishMan>Green DCs are hard to get into last I check (few months ago) as they have limited capacity and/or are expensive
14:59<collination>thanks very good to kow
14:59<path->no 220?
14:59<collination>2.2A @ 110V is pretty sweet
14:59<@caker>we also power the servers using only the finest fossil fuels. The more non-renewable energy sources we use, the less there will be for the other guys
15:00*path- wonder if DC datacenters are more efficient
15:00<@tasaro>i've never seen a host use 3A @ 110v in production, but we've been able to push them that hard when burning them in
15:00<@caker>path-: 208v, actually
15:00<@caker>but I recalculated :)
15:00<path->oh, sorry :)
15:01<SelfishMan>I'm betting though that if you spec out a single host with comparable specs to what a single node can do you will be about 1.8 amps
15:01<bd_>TJF_: amps * volts = watts, do the math :)
15:01<@caker>TJF_: I can ride my bike with no handlebars
15:01<TJF_>caker: ^5
15:02<Kaisa>caker :( shame on you for not using renewable energy
15:02<TJF_>they re-released the old x-com games on steam
15:02<TJF_>for $5
15:03<TJF_>and that is awesome-sauce
15:03<@caker><insert your mom for $5 joke here>
15:03*caker -> actual_work()
15:04-!-collination [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:05<TJF_>error: function not defined
15:07<SelfishMan>It's Friday. Leave early. If anyone comes in wanting support we will happily tell them the staff is too drunk.
15:07-!-thinkmassive [~thinkmass@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:09-!-SelfishMan [~SelfishMa@] has quit [Quit: Screw]
15:30-!-gginer [] has joined #linode
15:31<gginer>i need some help with dns
15:32<gginer>can somebody help me?
15:32<@caker>care to be more specific?
15:32<gginer>i have some domains and i want to use it in my VPS, pero i don't understand how to configure dns
15:32<gginer>i've been reading but there are to many options
15:32<gginer>i'm becoming crazy
15:33<@caker>one solution: add the zones to the Linode DNS manager (by default it creates the most-used records automagically). Then, at your registrar set the nameservers of your domains to ns1, ns2, ns3,
15:34<scott>just like that?
15:34<gginer>i have created a domain zone
15:34-!-Kaisa [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:34<gginer>do i have to create one per domain?
15:35<gginer>so that's what i have done with my domain
15:35<gginer>but when i enter
15:35<gginer>i see blank page
15:35<gginer>nothing appears
15:35<tierra>when you change the name servers, it takes time to update
15:36<gginer>another question
15:36<gginer>yea that's my ip
15:36<@caker> has something listening on port 80, but it never returns a response
15:36<gginer>what does that mean?
15:36<@caker>so, you've got something funky with your webserver stack
15:37<fuzzie>someone was in here yesterday with that issue, turned out they were proxying to Ruby on Rails and that was broken
15:38<gginer>i have just bought the vps and followed a guide about how to make a server on centos
15:38<gginer>what can i do to solve this problem?
15:39-!-SelfishMan [] has joined #linode
15:39<@caker>gginer: hard to say without knowing more about your setup
15:39<@caker>what webserver?
15:40<@caker>firewall rules, maybe?
15:42<gginer>i have followed this guide:
15:43<gginer>but a smaller version i found on linodes forum
15:43<gginer>i installed webmin and virtualmin
15:43<SelfishMan>Ugh...Any howto with the word "perfect" in the title scares me
15:43<gginer>when you know nothing about vps you follow the first guide you find
15:43<@caker>gginer: run this as root: iptables -F
15:44<nikosapi>Are certain data centers better than others? I've got to choose between NJ and TX :)
15:44<@mikegrb>SelfishMan: any howto with the work 'centos' in the title scare me
15:44*mikegrb runs
15:44<gginer>nothing appeas
15:44<@caker>that's fine .. ok .. still no response on port 80, so it wasn't your firewall
15:45<@caker>I have no idea.
15:45<gginer>could it be a bad configuration of the dns manager?
15:45<gginer>i have no idea how to manage them
15:45<@caker>gginer: this has nothing to do with DNS
15:46<gginer>so centos is not a good distro?
15:46<@caker>personally, I would have gone with Ubuntu or Debian
15:46<SelfishMan>wait, what?
15:47<atourino>any distro is a good distro if you are still starting out i think
15:47<atourino>maybe down the road you will like a particular one
15:47<SelfishMan>Just to make sure I'm getting this right, you are trying to figure out why is not showing any page at all?
15:47<atourino>but right now i dont think it would make that much of a difference
15:47-!-webPragmatist [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
15:47<SelfishMan>Have you run 'netstat -anp | grep 80' yet?
15:48<atourino>yes... i can connect via telent 80
15:48<gginer>what's tht
15:48<atourino>but thats about it
15:48<SelfishMan>run that command and post the output to
15:48<@caker>SelfishMan: 15:36 <@caker> has something listening on port 80, but it never returns a response
15:48-!-webPragmatist [] has joined #linode
15:49<SelfishMan>caker: Yeah, I saw that earlier. I want to know what is listening on port 80 and if it is even supposed to return a response
15:49*SelfishMan tosses mikegrb a beer for keeping realtime IRC logs
15:49<pmw>caker: Does Linode have job openings?
15:50<@caker>pmw: always
15:50<gginer>ok i have posted it in
15:50<SelfishMan>OK. Linky?
15:50<@caker>I think you wanted "netstat -pln | grep 80"
15:50<SelfishMan>Um...Why is udevd binding toport 80
15:50<pmw>caker: Where can I learn more?
15:51<SelfishMan>Wait...ignore that
15:51<SelfishMan>I'm on crack or something
15:51<gginer>if it's to hard to resolve i can start again with another distro...
15:52<SelfishMan>gginer: So, what have you done to your apache config?
15:52<gginer>what do i have to do?
15:52<SelfishMan>Well, a default install will show a page of some sort. But yours isn't so I want to know what has changed in the config.
15:53<SelfishMan>Of course, have to ask, have you restarted apache yet?
15:53<gginer>i saw a page which told me apache was succesfuo installed
15:53<gginer>i installed then webmin
15:53<gginer>and i couldn't see that page anymore
15:53<SelfishMan>What port did you configure webmin to run on?
15:53<path->webmin? lol
15:54<@caker>tcp 0 0 :::80 :::* LISTEN 3126/httpd
15:54<SelfishMan>10000 it looks like
15:54<SelfishMan>I don't remember webmin using apache in any way. Has that changed? Anyone know?
15:54<gginer>no idea
15:55<gginer>i have virtualmin too
15:55<gginer>well i think i'm gonna start again from the beginning
15:56<gginer>i just want php + mysql to run drupal and another php custom site
15:56<gginer>and i think 'm getting too deep
15:56<SelfishMan>Honestly, I think you are trying to hard. You don't need webmin and virtualmin to do that.
15:57<gginer>i thought with webmin and virtualmin it would be easyer
15:57<scorche|sh>you dont need webmin or virtualmin full stop... ;)
15:58<gginer>it's easyer for me graphicaly than with console
15:58<gginer>that's why i installed webmin
15:58<SelfishMan>My advice is to undo what you did. Nuke your distro, slap on Ubuntu 7.10, 'sudo apt-get install apache2-mpm-worker mysql5', drop on drupal and call it good
15:59<gginer>sudo apt-get install apache2-mpm-worker mysql5 is enough?
15:59<gginer>and to have webmail?
15:59<SelfishMan>sudo apt-get install roundcube?
15:59<Peng_>SelfishMan: You mean Ubuntu 8.04?
15:59<Nivex>ooh, never seen this "roundcube"
15:59<SelfishMan>I could be wrong on the package names but you get the idea
16:00<gginer>ok i'm gonna try that
16:00<Nivex>it's beta, that could be why :)
16:00*Nivex uses Squirrelmail
16:00<SelfishMan>Working install I run for people to access any IMAP server
16:00<gginer>it's better ubuntu or debian?
16:00<cruxeternus>Yeah, just give SelfishMan your passwords :P
16:01<gginer>i've read ubuntu is more often updated
16:01<SelfishMan>Ubuntu is a more "current" version of debian basically
16:01<SelfishMan>cruxeternus: I do no logging
16:01<gginer>so i'm gonna try with that
16:01<cruxeternus>Sure you don't! :)
16:01<gginer>thanks to everybody
16:01<SelfishMan>Besides, do you really think I have the time or even care about your email?
16:01<cruxeternus>SelfishMan: No SSL? :(
16:01<SelfishMan>I get enough porn spam myself
16:01<SelfishMan>cruxeternus: Why should I bother with SSL? The IMAP connection isn't encrypted.
16:02<cruxeternus>No IMAPS? :)
16:02<SelfishMan>Nah, roundcube has issues with that
16:02<cruxeternus>RoundCube has issues with everything, iirc
16:02<SelfishMan>Yes it does. I've patched this install so it actually works assuming the remote server is actually responsive.
16:03<SelfishMan>My users like pretty and squirrelmail was described by them as "ghetto"
16:03<cruxeternus>hastymail2 ftw
16:03<Nivex>well, my previous colo was described as "ghetto", so I guess it fits
16:04*SelfishMan sorts through passwords logged by people using
16:04<gginer>hey, one more question
16:04<gginer>do i install ubuntu or ubuntu 64?
16:04<SelfishMan>gginer: Have you considered having someone do the setup for you?
16:05<SelfishMan>Either will work but for compatibilty sake use Ubuntu (not 64)
16:07<gginer>yea i have considered it
16:07<gginer>but i don't know where to find somevody
16:07<SelfishMan>There are several in this room
16:07*SelfishMan waves hands
16:08<gginer>for how much?
16:08-!-xitology [~xi@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
16:08<SelfishMan>Give it a try with what I gave you earlier. If it still gives you trouble then I'm sure there is someone in here available to do it for you
16:09-!-elhippo [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:09<SelfishMan>Anyone know the option off the top of their head to make mysql commit to disk less frequent?
16:09<gginer>that's what i'm trying
16:09-!-elhippo [] has joined #linode
16:13<cruxeternus>SelfishMan: yum install postgresql? :P
16:13<SelfishMan>Nah, postgresql runs too slow for this database. Already tried it
16:17<gginer>i have to correct host key to access
16:17<gginer>where can i get the correct one?
16:30<@linbot>New news from forums: [ Poll ] European Datacenter Poll in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
16:30-!-polyonymous [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:32*SelfishMan stabs the European Datacenter Thread
16:32<SelfishMan>Die thread die!
16:34<gginer>i ahve installed ubuntu
16:34<gginer>and the packages you told me
16:34<gginer>Setting up apache2-mpm-worker (2.2.8-1ubuntu0.3) ...
16:34<gginer>last message i received
16:34<gginer> Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName
16:34<SelfishMan>That's fine for now
16:35<SelfishMan> returns "It works!"
16:35<gginer>when i visit my ip address on explorer bar i see nothing
16:35<SelfishMan>You may have a cached copy of the bad page
16:35<SelfishMan>It works for me
16:36<gginer>what age are you visiting?
16:36<gginer>not age
16:37<SelfishMan> and
16:37<fuzzie>mhm, that seems to work fine
16:37<SelfishMan>Both return the default apache "It works!" page
16:37<gginer>now i see it
16:37<SelfishMan>Which is more than they were doing before
16:38<gginer>but where is the file where it works is located?
16:38<SelfishMan>Drop your files into /var/www/ and they will show up
16:38<SelfishMan>You may need to install and enable php first
16:39<gginer>ok but i want to install more domains and i will like to have each in a diferent directory in /home/
16:39<gginer>is it easy or possible?
16:39<SelfishMan>sure. Enable UserDir
16:43-!-polyonymous [] has joined #linode
16:45<gginer>sudo ln -s /etc/apache2/mods-available/userdir* /etc/apache2/mods-enabled ?
16:45<atourino>gginer: This page will guide you to setup basic virtual hosts in your apache web server:
16:45<gginer>im gonna read that
16:45<atourino>it's for an earlier version of ubuntu but it works just as well
16:46<SelfishMan>Sorry, on a nasty phone call right now
16:52<jkwood>Thanks for sharing.
16:58<SelfishMan>You're just jealous
16:59-!-gginer [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:59*tasaro pushes the DND button on phone
17:02-!-kupesoft_ [] has joined #linode
17:16*CDMoyer gets out his d20s
17:17<CDMoyer>I assume that's what that button is for.
17:20-!-TJF_ [] has quit [Quit: I quit!]
17:24-!-r3z`` is now known as r3z
17:27<schmichael>You enter the dungeon. Ahead of you is a Dire Gentoo that is hungry for your IO.
17:30-!-commmmodo [~commmmodo@] has joined #linode
17:30-!-xamX [] has joined #linode
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17:31-!-Paul [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:37<SelfishMan>Well that can't be good. Firefox just informed me that a page was looping with no chance of ever completing so they stopped attempting the load.
17:37<pmw>Messed up RewriteRules?
17:38<SelfishMan>I don't know. It was a page at Google
17:41<metaperl>You havent swtiched to Chrome yet?
17:41<metaperl>Chrome ownz
17:42<exor674>I'm tempted to make a page that does like 90-deep redirs then lets you at the page haha <_<
17:46<SelfishMan>Chrome won't last
17:46<metaperl>would you like to place a bet on that?
17:46<DephNet[Paul]>metaperl, except that Chrome is not available on CentOS ;)
17:47<metaperl>I like how they cant even run Google spreadsheets with it :)
17:47<DephNet[Paul]>or any *nix distro actually
17:47<metaperl>does it run on LInux at all?? oh wow... not at all
17:47<metaperl>what a shame
17:47<metaperl>it is SUPER FAST
17:47<metaperl>it's great
17:47<DephNet[Paul]>so is Firefox
17:47<SelfishMan>I'm betting it pre-caches everything like Firefox 2 did
17:47<metaperl>DephNet[Paul]: not in my experience
17:48<DephNet[Paul]>Google are becomming too big
17:48<DephNet[Paul]>they should stick to what they are good at
17:48<DephNet[Paul]>and thats search
17:48<metaperl>DephNet[Paul]: they certainly have some b0rked products...
17:48<metaperl>but CHROME 0wnzzzz
17:48<metaperl>google answers was a flop
17:48<metaperl>froogle was a flop
17:48<metaperl>we could go on for dayzzzz
17:48<metaperl>but chr0me ownZZZ
17:49-!-kupesoft_ [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
17:49<DephNet[Paul]>pretty much everything from Google, other than the search, sucks
17:49<metaperl>DephNet[Paul]: I use google spreadsheets heavily
17:49<DephNet[Paul]>only other things that i use daily is Google Maps and Google Mail
17:49<metaperl>DephNet[Paul]: and google groups is great too
17:49<metaperl>google maps is awesome
17:50<DephNet[Paul]>Google Groups? isnt that just a web based News Groups
17:50<metaperl>well... it allows access to usenet... but also you can create mailing lists like yahoo groups
17:50<SelfishMan>I know it does some DNS pre-caching that is really strange.
17:50<DephNet[Paul]>see they dont even come up with origional ideas any more
17:51<DephNet[Paul]>not that searching is origional
17:51<metaperl>they improved on yahoo groups... you just have a grudge against Google
17:51<DephNet[Paul]>no i dont
17:51<DephNet[Paul]>if i had a grudge i wouldnt use any of their "products"
17:51<metaperl>did ORacle drop Unbreakable Linux?
18:01<Clorith>so who wants to laugh at the ISP taht told me to ban their entire range because they don't, and i quote "have that many users using yoru servers so it doens't matter to us"
18:04<nikosapi>I'm trying to set the reverse dns entry on my linode and I keep getting: No match was found for "sub.domain.tld". Reverse DNS must have a matching forward entry for one of your IPs. But the dns entry is correct, it points to my server and I've given it 2 hours to propagate (the ttl is set to 7200). Any ideas?
18:04<bd_>Clorith: why'd they say that?
18:05<Clorith>I emailed their abuse depertment concerning a user using their dynamic IPs to evade network bans repeatedly, and the ytold me they have no way of seeing what users haev used what IPs and such so they coudl do nothing, but I was free to ban their entire range since they didn't haev that many customers using our servers
18:06<Clorith>so I'm half tempted to do so including the ISP's abuse contact information and such to the end users so they can deal with their shitty ISP
18:08<bd_>leave a linode referral url too, in case they need to bounce off something to connect :)
18:08<Clorith>horrible customer support and abuse handeling in my opinion
18:08<bd_>well, you're not their customer
18:08<bd_>so you didn't see their customer support
18:08<bd_>just their abuse desk
18:08<bd_>which may or may not be the same thing
18:08<Clorith>I was thinking more about the abuse rep telling me to ban their entire range because the ydidn't care for the legit users
18:08<fuzzie>banning whole ISPs can be remarkably effective in getting abuse departments to fucking deal with their customers
18:09<bd_>Clorith: Do you get lots of users from them? :)
18:09<Clorith>not really
18:09<Clorith>there's like 6 legit users form them right now
18:10<Clorith>right now i'm jsut inconveniencing the abusive user by shunning him :P
18:10<atourino>but if one is very vocal about it and if the isp is small enough maybe they will learn
18:10<Clorith>they do seem liek a small ISP
18:10<Clorith>I've never heard of them till now
18:10-!-mendel [] has quit [Quit: mendel]
18:11-!-SelfishMan [] has quit [Quit: "Time]
18:18-!-linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:19<metaperl>it's worse than I thought - they didnt even do an os x version of chrome -
18:20<bd_>metaperl: they're actively working on it
18:20<jkwood>Welcome to the present.
18:20<jkwood>Ah, following the Adobe model then. "We'll release all three versions together... sometime in the future. Yes. That's it."
18:21<HoopyCat>"We'll let all the Windows people work out the bugs because OS X and Linux already have reasonable default browsers."
18:24<jkwood>HoopyCat: I miss you when you're not here.
18:25<HoopyCat>jkwood: yeah, my time management got kicked square in the nuts this week
18:25-!-Ttech [] has joined #linode
18:25-!-arooni-mobile [] has joined #linode
18:26*jkwood downloads the Adobe Air SDK alpha
18:26<HoopyCat>wake up at 0630, check e-mail/breakfast/shower, leave here at 0730, get home around 1730, do homework until 2200, check e-mail, sleep
18:26<jcn>hoopycat: you're an asterisk guy, right?
18:28<HoopyCat>this weekend, i'm implementing a plan to use the whitespace between classes to do homework without having to transport 75 pounds of books every day, so things should get better soon.
18:28<HoopyCat>jcn: been around the block with her a few times, indeed
18:28<jcn>any tricks on installing asterisk on my linode?
18:29<jkwood>HoopyCat: Good call. I've made the suggestion multiple times to our ACM president that she should stash her books somewhere between classes. The ACM office, for example.
18:29<fuzzie>jcn: don't bother with the kernel module.
18:29<HoopyCat>jcn: ./configure, make, make install? :-) if you *really* *need* zaptel (like, seriously), there's a couple edits and a bit of a large mallet you can use to load it. however, unless you're setting up a conference bridge, i wouldn't bother.
18:30<fuzzie>ya, what HoopyCat said :-)
18:30<jcn>nah, i don't need that.
18:30*jkwood conference bridges HoopyCat
18:30<HoopyCat>jkwood: i scored a locker across the hallway from one of the labs i frequent. $16/semester.
18:31<jkwood>Not bad. I have lots of whitespace, so I just walk back to my apartment.
18:32<bd_>nanosleep()'s not good enough for them? :(
18:33<hads>Or use FreeSWITCH which doen't require kernel modules etc. for timing.
18:33<jcn>i installed it from apt last night, the old version.
18:33<HoopyCat>jcn: works pretty well. i've used both Latest 2.6 and the later pvops kernels without any issues. the wife approves of the quality.
18:33<jcn>but i really have no idea how to set up a really basic config.
18:34<HoopyCat>jcn: i use freepbx. asterisk configs are... err... crunchy.
18:35<HoopyCat>jkwood: it's a 1.5 mile walk to the 20-minute bus ride from here to there
18:35<jcn>hoopycat: i'm mostly planning on installing asterisk to use with adhearsion.
18:35<jcn>i don't want to use it for phone service, i want to mess around with voip->my rails app
18:36<jkwood>That would tend to cause difficulties with implementing my plan, then.
18:37<HoopyCat>jcn: ah. well, have fun! :-)
18:37<jcn>hoopycat: useless. you're useless to me.
18:38<HoopyCat>yeah, pretty much
18:38<jcn>by default it runs on 5060 right?
18:38<HoopyCat>SIP uses 5060/udp, yes
18:39<HoopyCat>asterisk speaks many protocols, but most people use SIP because most hardware uses SIP
18:39<hads>SIP uses UDP or TCP, Asterisk SIP uses UDP only.
18:40<HoopyCat>most people use UDP because asterisk uses UDP ;-)
18:40-!-cafuego [] has quit [Quit: cafuego]
18:41<HoopyCat>(plus, given the stateless nature of the ideal proxy, TCP's a bit of a bummer)
18:41<hads>That's assuming most people use Asterisk.
18:41<hads>They don't.
18:42<HoopyCat>that's my story and i'm stickin' to it
18:42<jcn>at this point i'm just trying to fire up asterisk and having my softphone connect to it.
18:42<jcn>but that's going poorly.
18:43<HoopyCat>jcn: you'll probably need to tell adhearsion about your softphone; there's authentication involved and whatnot
18:43<jcn>well, one step at a time. right now i'm just starting asterisk with 2 extensions and i want to see if i can get 2 soft phones to talk to each other.
18:44<HoopyCat>what's your sip.conf look like, and are the softphones indicating successful registration?
18:45<jcn>i think right now i can't even connect to my server. i just installed a firewall, but even shutting that down didn't help.
18:46<HoopyCat>my BAC and energy level are insufficient for asterisk troubleshooting at this moment, i fear
18:47<jkwood>Apparently, your A doesn't have vitamins.
18:47<jcn>my brain got turned off about a week ago.
18:48<HoopyCat>i'm waiting for the government check to come through so i can go down to the brain company office and have my brain turned back on
18:48<jcn>yeah. good luck with THAT.
18:48<jkwood>HoopyCat: You too? Hmm... well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't get stimulated.
18:49<Clorith>I think my ipv6 just died =(
18:51<HoopyCat>i should switch back to the basic brain; i really don't use the digital brain tier that much, although Mesencephalon does have good rugby coverage
18:52-!-pmw [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
18:56<HoopyCat>Clorith: IPv6 seems to work fine from here, hmm.
18:57<jkwood>HoopyCat: Didn't you have a ipv6-sensitive website or something?
18:57<Clorith>HoopyCat, I think it might just be mine
18:57<Clorith>I just tried ping6'ing and having 100% losses =(
18:58<Clorith>something's been acting fishy all day though,. once an hour my IO rate has spiked to's just been allover weird today
18:58<HoopyCat>u bin hax'd
18:58<jkwood>HoopyCat: Thanks much. It's working. :)
18:59<Clorith>ya rly
18:59<jkwood>I can now use my Linode as an IPv6 proxy... <mrburns>Excellent...</mrburns>
18:59<HoopyCat>im in ur router, ravishing ur filesystems and randomly breaking a nonessential half of your internet connectivity for no discernable reason
19:00<HoopyCat>jesus, what'd i miss.
19:00<@mikegrb>mmm cake
19:00<HoopyCat>... cake?
19:00<jcn>well at least i think i'm not even hitting my asterisk server. so that's... good?
19:00<jkwood>Apparently, fo0bar and the SpaceHobo now have
19:00<HoopyCat>jcn: "sip debug" in the CLI is handy, btw
19:03<Peng_>jkwood: No, they have an inferior version with no rate-limiting, so other people have fun getting them FloodServed.
19:03<jkwood>Wow. That... is awesome.
19:03<jkwood>Hmm... must... resist... temptation....
19:04<encode>lol lol
19:05<Battousai>that's no turtle
19:05<Battousai>it's a fabled brown koopa
19:06<jkwood>Battousai: lol
19:06<pygmalion>question. is there a practical way to install and run multiple shells on one server?
19:07<Battousai>shells are set to a per-user default
19:07<Battousai>one user can use /bin/ksh while another can use /bin/bash (by default)
19:07<Battousai>and they can have their choice to use whichever, whenever
19:07<pygmalion>sorry i misspoke. that i know. what i meant is can i be running multiple shells as the same user at the same time (in two sessions)? i am assuming yes
19:08<Battousai>after you log in, just execute the shell you want
19:08<Peng_>Hmm, "screen" can be used as a login shell?
19:08<Peng_>I've never thought of doing that.
19:09<jkwood>Sheer brilliance, that.
19:09<pygmalion>Battousai: thanks
19:09<pygmalion>Peng_: never knew that one. interesting idea.
19:09<Peng_>pygmalion: Well, it's listed in /etc/shells, and it makes sense that you can "ssh foo@bar screen" or something.
19:10<Battousai>how does it decide which shell to run after that?
19:10*Peng_ shrugs.
19:11<Clorith>that was random
19:11<Clorith>my ipv6 works again now
19:12<pygmalion>Battousai: what do you mean? within screen?
19:12<sneakums>Peng_: you can 'ssh foo@bar foo' anyway, it doesn't have to be in /etc/shells
19:12<sneakums>er, anything
19:12<Battousai>pygmalion: yeah
19:12<Battousai>for example, if it's used as a user's default shell
19:12<pygmalion>Battousai: i think screen has a default shell.
19:12<pygmalion>Peng_: just tried it. "Must be connected to a terminal."
19:12<Peng_>pygmalion: Oh, too bad.
19:13<sneakums>pygmalion: ssh -t foo@bar screen
19:13<pygmalion>Battousai: looks like i lied
19:13<pygmalion>sneakums: oh nice, that's a winner. thanks.
19:13<Peng_>sneakums: Oh
19:13<pygmalion>Battousai: never mind, i was right, it opened in the default
19:15<pygmalion>sneakums: does that command just fake tty?
19:15<Battousai>By default, screen uses the value of the environment variable $SHELL , or `/bin/sh' if it is not defined.
19:15<Battousai>there we go
19:16<sneakums>pygmalion: it starts the program with a pty, like how it starts the by default shell when you just sso foo@bar
19:16<sneakums>pygmalion: like how it starts the shell by default when you do ssh foo@bar
19:16<pygmalion>gotcha. thanks.
19:17<pygmalion>has anyone tried /bin/fish?
19:19-!-kupesoft [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
19:23<jkwood>pygmalion: I imagine that SOMEONE has tried /bin/fish. Else, it wouldn't exist.
19:23<pygmalion>jkwood: i sure hope so
19:30<HoopyCat>Clorith: <--- test site o matic
19:31<jkwood>A bit risque, though.
19:31<Peng_>D'oh, no IPv6 here.
19:33-!-atourino [~Antonio@] has left #linode [Leaving.]
19:46-!-syntaxman [] has joined #linode
19:49<det>When the linode Host summary says I have used X% CPU for this month, does it mean % total of _my_ slice of CPU or total of the machine?
19:49-!-SelfishMan [] has joined #linode
19:50*SelfishMan plays with Amazon's Video on Demand service
19:51<HoopyCat>det: it's X% of one core on the typically-octocore machines
19:52<det>So, if I have used 4%, that means I am utulizing about 0.5% CPU of the host machine ?
19:53<HoopyCat>det: CPU-wise, yes. that doesn't take I/O, network, or qi into account
19:53<det>qi ?
19:54<det>Clearly I'm just getting my fair share! I'm gonna go install Seti@Home!...
19:54<det>just kidding :-)
19:54<SelfishMan>QI? The Stephen Fry show?
19:54<HoopyCat>det: the life energy in traditional chinese culture. :-)
19:56-!-arooni-mobile [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:56<det>Btw, I'd just like to say that Linode was a big step up from Slicehost.
19:56<SelfishMan>What is this "Linode" thing and how do i get one?
19:56<det>the Timeline on my Trac just to take 10-30 seconds and sometimes timeout
19:56<det>Now it is 1-2 seconds
19:57<Peng_>det: Wow. Impressive.
19:58<HoopyCat>i'm generally into the alternative sysadmining theories... started with animal sacrifice for SCSI and eventually migrated into USB geomancy...
19:58-!-daMaestro [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:58<SelfishMan>det: That's why I moved to Linode from Tektonic. A simple anti-spam system dealing with about 1000 messages per day would take several minutes to spit out the spam quarantine page if it did at all. Moved to Linode and it took less than a second every time. I've sinced increased the load drastically and it hasn't slowed down at all.
20:00<HoopyCat>i generally treat the system as a holistic being, consisting of the hardware, the software, and the -- for lack of a better term -- qi. i consider hardware maintenance, software patching, and qi cultivation (aka qigong) to be equally important in ensuring proper operations.
20:00<HoopyCat>... wait, where was i? oh yes, laundry.
20:02-!-jjcc [] has joined #linode
20:02<jkwood>HoopyCat: So qi == bs?
20:05-!-commmmodo [~commmmodo@] has quit [Quit: commmmodo]
20:11<HoopyCat>jkwood: you'll be skeptical until it's 3am and you finally realize your filer's yang organs are out of balance and that's why it keeps panicking
20:12-!-Paul [] has joined #linode
20:12*SelfishMan yang organs HoopyCat's mom
20:12<jkwood>SelfishMan: ^5
20:13<jkwood>^ = High
20:16*HoopyCat stimulates hennepin's spleen meridian to counteract a mouse calibration issue
20:16-!-jjcc [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:17<jkwood>Think of the children!
20:25-!-cout [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:25-!-purrdeta [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:26-!-purrdeta [] has joined #linode
20:32-!-Juzna [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:32-!-Juzna [] has joined #linode
20:34-!-cout [] has joined #linode
20:36-!-hfb [~hfb@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:49<HoopyCat>"I don't know if people know, there are certain individuals at Central Office that counted their worth by the number of ceiling tiles they had in their cubicle," says Brizard. "We found that fascinating. So we've moved people, we are going to redo all the cubicles to make sure they are uniform."
20:50<Pryon>The number of tiles actually in the cubicle or the number contained within the projection of the cubicle on the ceiling?
20:50<Pryon>Because that sounds really weird.
20:50<HoopyCat>i do hope, during this reorganization, the school district remembers to comply with the No Motivational Poster Left Behind
20:52<HoopyCat>Pryon: 'tis a quote from the city school superintendent, who cut a lot of central office jobs over the summer. alas, this'll probably cause a lot of problems with additional processing time required on pencil requisition forms, but oh well
20:55*bob2 would just keep boxes of ceiling tiles under the desk
20:55<jkwood>Hmm... time to bug out. Have a great weekend, everyone!
20:57-!-ryan8403 [] has joined #linode
21:02-!-commmmodo [~commmmodo@] has joined #linode
21:03-!-commmmodo [~commmmodo@] has quit []
21:06<path->at my work, they have standard size cubicles and offices
21:07<path->for teachers, dept coordinators, dept chairs, counselors
21:08<path->i don't know the sizes off hand, but i know counting ceiling tiles is a quick way to measure a room
21:08-!-ryan8403 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
21:08-!-commmmodo [~commmmodo@] has joined #linode
21:09<@tasaro>so this problem could be solved by placing appropriately sized tiles in each office/cubicle so the total always = 42
21:10<path->reducing the size of ceiling tiles? :)
21:10<path->there are two different sizes in our buildings
21:10-!-ryan8403 [] has joined #linode
21:11<path->they've been knocking down walls and installs cube walls to ensure they are all the same
21:11<path->it's like some multistage project, cause they are also replacing the 20 year old drop ceilings with modern ones
21:13<path->i just got the 42 thing
21:13*path- tired
21:21-!-commmmodo [~commmmodo@] has quit [Quit: commmmodo]
21:22<encode>just cover up the ceiling tiles so they can't be counted
21:22<encode>and pretend like you've made them all the same
21:23<bob2>a 42x1 cubicle would be cosey
21:25<HoopyCat>bob2: the galley workstation
21:26<HoopyCat>i can't say i haven't spent hours of my life counting ceiling tiles, so i'm not going to be throwing too many stones around here
21:33<path->go through a lot of pencils?
21:33<HoopyCat>i'm too OCD about my pencil leads
21:38<DarkWarrior>hmmm... i installed postgresql and after making a change to the conf, i need to restart it, but its not wanting to listen..
21:38<DarkWarrior>waiting for server to shut down............................................................... failed
21:38<DarkWarrior>pg_ctl: server does not shut down
21:40<DarkWarrior>any ideas?
21:40-!-jm [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:40<@caker>kill dash nine, no more cpu time
21:40<DarkWarrior>k lol
21:40<DarkWarrior>i was afraid of that one :p
21:44<DarkWarrior>nice song
21:47<HoopyCat> <--- use space bar to deploy insects and watch the spider eat your favorite european nations
21:47<DarkWarrior>loving this kill dash nine song haha
21:58-!-Dreamr_3 [] has joined #linode
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22:09<Nivex>for teh lulz?
22:11-!-spasmface [] has joined #linode
22:16<encode>have you guys got nothing better do do?
22:20<Kassah>ussually... no
22:23-!-Ttech [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
22:23-!-jm [] has joined #linode
22:24<SelfishMan>I had nothing to do with it this time. I wasn't even around!
22:25*cruxeternus waits for tjfontaine to join.
22:29-!-ondrej [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:34-!-TheFirst [] has joined #linode
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23:38-!-bob2 [] has joined #linode
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