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01:01<rubyruy>hello there - i'm a failure at basic admining
01:01<rubyruy>i'm not sure what i'm missing about this but i must be doing it wrong ....
01:02<rubyruy>i'm trying to get my old domain name to point to my linode box
01:03<Hobbsee>-v ?
01:03<rubyruy>afaik, this entails entering ns(1..4) and, and at my domain registrar's domain admin control panel thingy
01:03<rubyruy>is that correct so far?
01:03<Hobbsee>er...why do you need to put those IPs in?
01:03<rubyruy>i dunno they ask for both IPs and dns server names
01:04<Hobbsee>can you pastebin what it's actually asking for? That seems rather strange.
01:04<Hobbsee>(also, those IPs aren't the current ones of ns(1...4)
01:05<rubyruy>i actually forget where i got those ips from...
01:05<rubyruy>i'm sure it made sense at the time
01:05<rubyruy>should i just try taking them out?
01:06<Hobbsee>i would
01:07<rubyruy>this is one of those "takes 24 hours or so to do anything" changes right?
01:07<Hobbsee>Each domain name requires at least two valid DNS addresses. You may list the DNS addresses as a name (i.e. NS1.NAMESERVER.COM, NS2.NAMESERVER.COM), or as a name and IP address.
01:07<Hobbsee>right, so the IP is definetly optional
01:07<rubyruy>well it let me do it
01:07<Hobbsee>depends - is there an existing, working DNS for your site?
01:08<rubyruy>it was pointing to my old host
01:08<rubyruy>just now
01:08<rubyruy>which is actually also kind of weird...
01:08<rubyruy>shouldn't it just not work? or
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01:08<Hobbsee>not sure. Screwed up dns can do a few strange things
01:09<Hobbsee>either way, it should take your TTL amount of time to update everywhere, but often it's quicker.
01:09<Hobbsee>what's the address of it?
01:10<rubyruy>those for a bot?
01:10<Hobbsee>linbot: help
01:10<linbot>Hobbsee: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
01:10<Hobbsee>linbot: dig
01:11<Hobbsee>linbot: host
01:11<Hobbsee>oh, duh :)
01:11<Hobbsee>i've forgotten how to use it, anyway :(
01:11<linbot>rubyruy: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
01:11<rubyruy>!help list plugins
01:11<rubyruy>oh whatever
01:11<rubyruy>!help plugin list
01:11<linbot>rubyruy: (plugin list takes no arguments) -- Returns a list of the currently loaded plugins.
01:11<rubyruy>!plugin list
01:11<linbot>rubyruy: AcronymFinder, Admin, Alias, Amazon, Anonymous, Babelfish, BadWords, Channel, Config, Currency, CyborgName, Debian, Dict, Dunno, Ebay, Factoids, Filter, Format, Games, Google, Herald, Insult, Internet, Lart, Later, LinodeAvail, Linux, Memo, Misc, News, Note, Owner, Plugin, Praise, Quote, RSS, Rhyme, RootWarner, Scheduler, Seen, Services, ShrinkUrl, Sourceforge, Status, Stock, String, Success, Time, URL, Unix, (1 more message)
01:12<rubyruy>well - no idea which of those it would be
01:13<Hobbsee>right, so it's still pointing at the old one
01:13<rubyruy>i'll give it some time
01:13<rubyruy>now since i'm at it
01:14<MotoHoss> <--inode ns's ;-)
01:14<Hobbsee>MotoHoss: how'd you get that output?
01:14<rubyruy>if i want to forward to (DynDNS) i'd just add a CNAME from home to --- that right?
01:15<rubyruy>or is there fancypantsery involved
01:15<Hobbsee>ono the linode DNS panel? Yeah, should be a cname.
01:16<rubyruy>yay :)
01:16<Hobbsee>would be so helpful if i could actually spell...
01:16<MotoHoss>Hobbsee: nslookup >linode-ns.txt && nslookup >>linode-ns.txt && nslookup >>linode-ns.txt && nslookup >>linode-ns.txt
01:16<Hobbsee>MotoHoss: ah, right
01:17<rubyruy>can i only alias to another domain or could i do a whole url?
01:17<rubyruy>so like acts like
01:18<Hobbsee>i presume you can cname to whatever you like
01:18<rubyruy>are those changes supposed to be instant? (once the base works properly)
01:18<rubyruy>or do they need to propagate
01:19<Hobbsee>um...not sure
01:19<MotoHoss>rubyruy: has linode been your ns provider all along?
01:19<Hobbsee>MotoHoss: no, he was with a previous hosting company
01:19<rubyruy>i was with planet aragon
01:19<rubyruy>until they shut down their shared plans :(
01:19<Hobbsee>i presume that when the base address works, the rest will be very quick
01:21<Hobbsee>hmmm. 17gb, for 15 more days. Oh dear.
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01:55<MotoHoss>rubyruy: whois for ca lists linode for your ns's
01:57<rubyruy>my own dns caches have to update as well though right?
01:58<rubyruy>doesn't seem to actaully work from my end yet
01:58<MotoHoss>you have your own dns?
01:59<rubyruy>just my isps if that's what you're asking
02:00<MotoHoss>the ttl is gonna take time...
02:01<rubyruy>i figured
02:01<rubyruy>well i'm in no rush
02:01<rubyruy>it will be a sweet long time until i get around setting up lighty
02:01<MotoHoss>is your old ip?
02:02<rubyruy>i would assume so
02:02<MotoHoss>planetargon your old host provider?
02:02<Hobbsee>oh, duh. I managed to use the completely wrong suffix, too.
02:07<MotoHoss>rubyruy: did you setup your dns infor with _your_ new ip at linode?
02:08<rubyruy>you mean in linode's dns control panel?
02:08<rubyruy>ohhhh heeeeey
02:09<rubyruy>it's pointing at the old one
02:09<MotoHoss>uh huh :(
02:09<MotoHoss>sure is.
02:09<rubyruy>well let's fix that
02:09<rubyruy>small question - what is the point of the additional A/AAA records?
02:09<rubyruy>"mail" and "ns"
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02:14<MotoHoss>rubyruy: in that .png you pastebin'd it said you have to send an email to modify your records at the registry... i presume that has been done. ;-)
02:15<rubyruy>what seriously??
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02:15<MotoHoss>well if you are going to run your own dns ... you need those. since linode is doing you dns for you.. it's zok.
02:16<MotoHoss>you going to run your own dns server on you new setup at linode? and your own mail server?
02:18<rubyruy>own dns server? no
02:19<rubyruy>own mail server... not if i can avoid it
02:19<rubyruy>don't really need email on that domain anyway
02:20<rubyruy>i'm fine?
02:21<booja>what the hell is zok?
02:21<MotoHoss>in the dns setup linode will allow a zone transfer.
02:22<rubyruy>i think thats how i ended up with the old ip
02:23<MotoHoss>did you clone? or transfer?
02:23<rubyruy>i think xfer
02:24<MotoHoss>ok. welp then planetargon needs to drop your zone. their dns thinks you are still with them.
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02:25<rubyruy>will it do it on it's own if i just give it some time?
02:26<MotoHoss>I'd ask planetargon to help with that.
02:29<MotoHoss>domains at cost has it right as well. you are in good shape.
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03:02<linbot>New news from wiki: FAQ <> || Arch Linux <> || Template:Notice <> || Debian <> || IO Tokens <> || Template:Warning <> || Template:Notice <
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05:51<death>it seems like that i can only buy one extra ip per vps?
05:51<death>is that correct?
05:53<death>nm, saw the FAQ now
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10:10<dactor>hello all, anyone aware where if it is possible to have SMS notification on postfix?
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10:51<Guta>hey all! I'm having some problems with postfix, can anyone help me?
10:52<Guta>the issue is that all incoming mails are redirected to the first user i configured using ISPConfig
10:53<Guta>even though there are 6 users (and 6 domains) all incoming mails, no atter who they are addressed to are seen by postfix as being to user 1
10:54<Guta>anyone can help???
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10:55<path->using virtual stuff?
10:55<path->maybe you have the same uid configured for all the users
10:56<Guta>i'm using virtual_maps
10:56<path->it's been a long time since i've looked at that stuff
10:56<Guta>they are configured by ISPConfig on a file calle virtusertable
10:56<Guta>everything seems fine over there
10:56<path->i have no idea what ispconfig is
10:57<Guta>ispconfig is like cpanel but simpler and free
10:57<Guta>how do I check if all users have the same uid?
10:57<path->look in the file
10:58<Guta>postfix is assuming that all emails are dor uid 10001
10:58<Guta>ok gona check it now
10:59<path->that has info, there are probably some good guides out there if you search google
10:59<Guta>i've been searching for 2 days now.... haven't found the problem yet
11:00<Guta>which is the file with all users and uid? (sorry I'm nkind of new to linux)
11:00<path-> /etc/passwd
11:02<Guta>well they don't have the same uid...
11:02<Nivex>getent is a good habit to be in if you ever work with LDAP enabled systems
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11:03<Guta>doesn't it have something to do with /etc/aliases ? should it have all my configured emails on it?
11:04<path-> /etc/aliases will forward emails from one alias to a real mailbox
11:04<path->if you have all your email addresses listed there, that could cause a problem
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11:06<Guta>ok, i don't have it there, so that's not the problem ;)
11:06<Guta>could i show you my postfix file so you can check if there's something unusual?
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11:08<Guta># Uncomment the next line to generate "delayed mail" warnings #delay_warning_time = 4h readme_directory = no # TLS parameters smtpd_tls_cert_file = /etc/postfix/ssl/smtpd.crt smtpd_tls_key_file = /etc/postfix/ssl/smtpd.key smtpd_use_tls = yes smtpd_tls_session_cache_database = btree:${data_directory}/smtpd_scache smtp_tls_session_cache_database = btree:${data_directory}/smtp_scache # See /usr/share/doc/postfix/TLS_README.gz in the postfix-doc package
11:08<Guta>oops sorry
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11:09<Guta>well, i think the problem comes from the virtual_maps and mydestination parameters
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11:19<agentbleubleu>Question about ssl and Options -Indexes in htaccess file, for some reason this does not work on https! anyone have a clue why this could be?
11:19<@caker>where is the Options directive?
11:19<@caker>is it inside the <virtualhost> block for the ssl site?
11:20<agentbleubleu>in htaccess
11:20<@caker>oh, you said that, didn't you ...
11:20<agentbleubleu>should it be in<virtualhost>
11:20<@caker>is the htaccess file working at all?
11:20<agentbleubleu>redirects fine
11:21<@caker>no ideas..
11:21<agentbleubleu>strange one, i could not find anything on the net about it
11:21<agentbleubleu>can i set it in <virtualhost>
11:22<@caker>I think so
11:22<agentbleubleu>ok i will look into that
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11:36<mikeage>does anyone have any advice for keeping frequent MySQL DB backups without having it negatively affect my DB performance?
11:37<mikeage>I'm running mysqldump --all-databases --opt --quick once per day, and it seems to be causing some slow queries (as well as a huge burst of IO which totally messes up my munin graphs, due to the scale) while it runs
11:38<path->i just run that during a slow time
11:39<mikeage>well, I am (actually, most times are slow; it's a personal site)... but it still causes rather ugly logs
11:39<@caker>it sucks, but you could dump tables at a time
11:39<@caker>but I guess the whole consistency thing may be an issue
11:40*caker has no suggestion
11:40<mikeage>yeah, consistency seems like it might be important...
11:40<mikeage>does mysqldump use queries that will fill my cache with one time queries?
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11:41<mikeage>alternatively, is there any way to make backups on the file system level (via the MYI/MYD and innodb (I forgot what they're called) files directly)?
11:43<@caker>mikeage: not if you expect them to be undamaged
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11:43<@caker>mikeage: think about a copy starting, meanwhile data is written to bits of the src that you've already copied, and parts you haven't yet
11:44<@caker>mikeage: another suggestion -- set up a slave on another Linode/whatever
11:44<@caker>and perform backups there (plus it's a live-backup)
11:45<mikeage>yeah, but can't a file be locked for writing? furthermore, doesn't posix (or maybe it's a linux thing) allow me to overwrite an a file that's in use and keep the old file around for as long as the process in memory might need it?
11:45<mikeage>ah, a solution that involves buying something else; I should have known.... :)
11:45<HoopyCat>the sql server already has your database files locked for writing; otherwise, all hell would break loose if someone typoed and started another mysqld
11:45<@caker>I don't follow your locking logic
11:46<mikeage>actually that was two things at once
11:47<mikeage>but in general, isn't that how (in Linux) one can upgrade applications that are running, without getting the "sharing violation" errors that windows gives? when the process is restarted, it will take the new executable, but until then, the old one is available to the old process
11:47<mikeage>or maybe I'm mixing up multiple things
11:47<@caker>if a file is in use, you can move it out of the way and then place a new file there
11:47<@caker>but how does that help taking backups of a file that's active?
11:48<HoopyCat>mikeage: the executable is only read once (at start)... i don't believe ext3 supports what you're thinking of yet
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11:48<mikeage>hoopycat: for an application, the entire file is always cached in memory at startup?
11:48<mikeage>caker: I'm not 100% sure; kind of thinking while I'm typing
11:49<@caker>answer: it does not :)
11:49<path->stop mysql, lvm snapshot, start mysql, backup snapshot, delete snapshot
11:49<path->still io intensive though
11:49<HoopyCat>mikeage: i'm not 100% sure about this, but i do believe the entire program is loaded into memory before execution (and stays there)
11:50<@caker>HoopyCat: let's try it!
11:50<mikeage>interesting idea path-; I don't mind the I/o that much; I'm trying to track my mysql traffic; disk I/o I know how a good handle on
11:50<HoopyCat>at the very least, it behaves like that's what happens :-)
11:50<path->plus the program is loaded using the old file descriptor, you can delete the directory listing of the file descriptor, but the data will stay on disk until nothing is attached to it anymore
11:50*HoopyCat just eats it and does a nice -n 19 pg_dump | bzip2 every day
11:51<path->i think back in the day you could make changes to a batch file while it was running and it would screw up cmd.exe in nt4
11:51<path->cause it used a pointer to what place in the file it was at
11:51<path->or something lame
11:52<HoopyCat>note: i also don't use mysql for anything larger than my home PBX and blog :-)
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11:53<@caker>(not that I expected anything else)
11:53<HoopyCat>in other news, search suggestion == 2.5 megatons of win
11:54<path->after deleting sash-copy, lsof should still show an open file to the old descriptor though
11:54<path->even though it's been remove from the directory index
11:54<mikeage>this page: , implies that it might be possible to not load the entire program into memory
11:55<@caker>ok, so I guess I should mount it someplace, run it, unmount it ..
11:55<path->but i don't see how that helps backups..
11:55<path->need file level lvm stuff :)
11:56<agentbleubleu>caker: found it , incorrect override setting in<virtualhost>
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11:57<mikeage>well, I guess my best bet will just be to add a nice to it (and the move it out of cron.daily and into cron.d (not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to do the backup at the same time as every other daily operation); thanks guys!
11:58<HoopyCat>if a page says "set the accumulator, eax, to 42" and then, a few pages down, declares that they're getting into "wizardry", odds are good mysqld doesn't do that ;-)
11:58<HoopyCat>mikeage: i believe the cron.daily stuff executes serially
11:59<mikeage>hoopycat: it does, but even so, why would I want to do everything in one big burst?
11:59<HoopyCat>mikeage: i'm kinda popping into the middle of this, so perhaps i'm missing what you're trying to do here...
12:00<agentbleubleu>HoopyCat: what dont you like about mysql and what do you use instead
12:00<path->i think he doesn't want his graphs to have one gigantic peak
12:00<agentbleubleu>mikeage: how much data do you have in the tables
12:00<mikeage>that makes me sound so petty! but yeah...
12:01<mikeage>about 85MB in MyISAM, and 130 in InnoDB tables
12:01<agentbleubleu>mikeage: that should take 0 time to backup
12:01<HoopyCat>agentbleubleu: i use postgresql, and in reality, the reason i don't use mysql in my big application is because the "reference implementation" of it uses postgresql, so it'll, in theory, work better
12:01<path->if you didn't have so much data, then the charts wouldn't peak
12:02<HoopyCat>this did, however, remind me to randomize my start times in /etc/crontab a bit
12:02<agentbleubleu>85MB seems like nothing and i cannot imagine a linode struggling to handles this,
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12:03<agentbleubleu>HoopyCat: what do you mean by "reference implementation"
12:04-!-Twayne2 [] has quit []
12:04<HoopyCat>agentbleubleu: the lead programmer's installation of the application uses postgresql
12:05<HoopyCat> <3
12:07<agentbleubleu>wtf was that link?
12:07<HoopyCat>bah, broke it
12:07<path->it wants me to download a python file
12:07<agentbleubleu>im the silly sod who opened it
12:07<HoopyCat>ok, fixed again :-)
12:07<agentbleubleu>Exit status: 0
12:07<agentbleubleu>[Process completed]
12:08<@caker>HoopyCat: you sure?
12:08<HoopyCat>99% sure it's fixed. should return an application/json of 164 bytes?
12:10<@caker>Content-Type: application/json ... guess my browser is just dumb
12:10<HoopyCat>your browser will default to dumb
12:11<HoopyCat>you could go to, tell your browser to add rocwiki as a search engine, then start typing "beer" in the search box
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12:11<HoopyCat>... but i figured just spewing the url and my love for it would result in less problems, questions, and weird browser behaviors. i was wrong ;-)
12:11<agentbleubleu>got ant tenents
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12:12<agentbleubleu>its a stong beer for pissheads
12:13<HoopyCat>no, but Beers of the World might
12:13<agentbleubleu>does PostgreSQL have stopwords as default
12:13<agentbleubleu>on fulltext searches
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12:16<Humpaah>hello hello
12:16<agentbleubleu>i been having trouble disabling stopwords in mysql
12:16<Humpaah>i just notived the pv-grub options for boot. is that ready for most people or still just a sort of test?
12:17<@caker>Humpaah: it's ready for you to test it :)
12:17<Humpaah>caker: but does it handle menu.lst now? :p
12:17<@caker>it looks for (hd0)/boot/grub/menu.lst
12:18<Humpaah>wonderful then
12:18<@caker>otherwise dumps you to a grub prompt
12:20-!-fearoffish [~fearoffis@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:21-!-dactor [~something@] has joined #linode
12:22<dactor>hello all, anyone recommends a good domain registration site.....only domain registration no hosting? thanks...
12:22<HoopyCat>agentbleubleu: dunno... i've not run into any problems doing what i need to do with either. (python's db libraries seem pretty smart)
12:22<HoopyCat>dactor: i use godaddy, but i've heard good things about
12:23<HoopyCat>haven't used 'em yet
12:23<dactor>HoopyCat: thanks alot...will check them and report back....brb
12:23<agentbleubleu>dactor: i prefer omnis
12:25-!-Huru [] has quit []
12:25<mikeage>agentbleubleu: the graph in question is at ; this is what I meant by skewed
12:25<agentbleubleu>lol you wana see mine :)
12:25<mikeage>hey! this is a family friendly channel!
12:26<mikeage>I know it's quite low; I'm trying to plan ahead in case one day I actually need the data
12:26<mikeage>FWIW, my linode is quite lightly loaded
12:26-!-binel_ [] has joined #linode
12:27-!-Humpaah [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:28<agentbleubleu>i got an app with a few 3G of data and a fair load of traffic. I just had to spend last week rebuilding it as the server was grinding to a halt, but now with lots more optimization it is working like a dream. load average mostly under a second.
12:28-!-eht [~the@] has joined #linode
12:28<mikeage>although I also have no idea how to properly balance the needs of my myisam tables vs. my innodb tables, so I feel more comfortable with a nice safety margin :)
12:29<mikeage>in a previous life I worked on 20-50GB datasets; now I do my programming with a n 8KB stack (embedded C and assembly)
12:29<agentbleubleu>actually it's a wonderful feeling seeing the graphs start to settle down
12:29-!-mikeage [] has left #linode [Leaving.]
12:29-!-mikeage [] has joined #linode
12:30<agentbleubleu>mikeage: im just a retard who's working it out 1 step at a time. hehe
12:30<eht>HELLO ALLZ!!!
12:32<agentbleubleu>on minute while I get the gun.
12:32-!-binel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:33-!-agentbleubleu [] has quit [Quit: agentbleubleu]
12:33-!-Blind [] has joined #linode
12:38-!-eht [~the@] has quit [autokilled: Spamming. Contact for further information and assistance. (2008-11-15 17:38:45)]
12:40-!-loxs [~loxs@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:40-!-MrRx7 [~MrRx7@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:49-!-dactor [~something@] has quit []
12:54-!-fearoffish [~fearoffis@] has joined #linode
12:54-!-TheKing [] has joined #linode
12:55-!-Humpaah [] has joined #linode
12:55-!-Kassah [~kassah@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
12:56-!-Pici [] has quit [Quit: python -c 'import this']
12:58-!-fearoffish [~fearoffis@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:59-!-Humpaah [] has left #linode []
13:03-!-Kassah [~kassah@] has joined #linode
13:05-!-fearoffish [~fearoffis@] has joined #linode
13:13-!-J-Node [] has quit [Quit: HydraIRC -> <- *I* use it, so it must be good!]
13:32-!-TheKing is now known as TheKiNG`AFK
13:33-!-mikeage [] has left #linode [Leaving.]
13:40-!-Blind [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:42-!-andy_ [] has joined #linode
13:42-!-nelson13 [] has joined #linode
13:42<nelson13>in case i am using debian and i dont want it is it possible to rebuild other os here
13:43<HoopyCat>anyone know of a way to create a search box like opensearch w/ auto-suggest (e.g. within a web page? i wanna replace the search box on with one that provides auto-suggestion, now that i have the danged json generator working
13:43<HoopyCat>nelson13: yes indeedity. same way you installed debian originally (deploy a new image), but choose something else :-)
13:44<nelson13>ok thanks :)
13:50-!-Erik [] has joined #linode
13:51-!-Erik is now known as Guest3413
13:51-!-elhippo [] has joined #linode
13:51-!-andy_ [] has quit [Quit: andy_]
13:52<path->isn't that just javascript?
13:52-!-Guest3413 [] has quit []
13:52<path->i guess it needs to be ajaxy though huh?
13:53<HoopyCat>nelson13: btw, you can resize your debian installation to a smaller size, creating room for your new installation without deleting it, in case you need to keep data around. you can then mount the old image from the new image and copy stuff over.
13:54<HoopyCat>path-: yeah, i figure. i'm hoping there's a copypastable snippet out there somewhere so i don't have to learn anything.
14:01-!-fearoffish [~fearoffis@] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
14:01<MotoHoss> HoopyCat what wiki you using?
14:09<HoopyCat>MotoHoss: sycamore
14:10-!-mrd [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:10-!-mrd [] has joined #linode
14:16-!-TheKiNG`AFK is now known as TheKing
14:18-!-mikeage [] has joined #linode
14:26-!-mrd [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:26-!-mrd [] has joined #linode
14:34<HoopyCat> :-)
14:35-!-Blind [] has joined #linode
14:39-!-dvgrhl [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:41-!-mrd [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:41-!-mrd [] has joined #linode
14:43-!-mikeage [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
14:44<MotoHoss> ;-)
14:48<path->you know, i think that's a feature in the newer versions of mediawiki ;)
14:48-!-bducharme [] has joined #linode
14:50<MotoHoss>I was looking at that and the auto-suggest is added into the db... I just skimmed it.
14:50<MotoHoss>err s/skimmed/scanned.
14:52-!-bducharme [] has left #linode []
14:52-!-mrd [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:53-!-mrd [] has joined #linode
14:56-!-TheFirst [] has joined #linode
15:03-!-vcgomes[away] is now known as vcgomes
15:11-!-daMaestro [] has joined #linode
15:12-!-pepelucho [~gin0@] has joined #linode
15:12<pepelucho>sex un live ... are you need sex?? , pic and videos p0rn click here :
15:13<pepelucho>sex un live ... are you need sex?? , pic and videos p0rn click here :
15:13<pepelucho>sex un live ... are you need sex?? , pic and videos p0rn click here :
15:13<pepelucho>sex un live ... are you need sex?? , pic and videos p0rn click here :
15:13-!-pepelucho [~gin0@] has left #linode []
15:13-!-Blind [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:13-!-path- [] has quit [autokilled: This host violated network policy. If you feel an error has been made, please contact, thanks. (2008-11-15 20:13:47)]
15:14<tjfontaine>um mike you got the wrong one :)
15:16<chuck>like clockwork
15:19<@caker>poor path
15:21<@mikegrb>tjfontaine taught me well <3
15:21<tjfontaine>cruel :)
15:21-!-RiverRat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:21<@mikegrb>kisses <3
15:22-!-LanceHaig [] has joined #linode
15:25<HoopyCat>woohah, it works
15:26<tjfontaine>you work?
15:27<HoopyCat>the search box on, while not 100% aligned to my liking, auto-suggests
15:28<tjfontaine>HoopyCat ftw
15:31-!-RiverRat [] has joined #linode
15:36-!-TheFirst [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:40-!-atourino [~Antonio@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
15:41-!-agentbleubleu [] has joined #linode
15:41-!-HedgeMage [] has joined #linode
15:47<linbot>New news from forums: How to load balance larger sites with linnodes? in Performance and Tuning <>
15:48-!-agentbleubleu [] has quit [Quit: agentbleubleu]
15:49<ae5ir>linnodes, eh
16:01-!-Mojo1978 [] has joined #linode
16:03-!-path- [] has joined #linode
16:04<path->i was wondering why the channel was quiet for so long :/
16:06<HoopyCat>ah crap, path- figured out how to evade the akill
16:07<path->yea, reconnect. only took me an hour to figure out how to do that. my cold must be invading my brain.
16:10<HoopyCat>uhh, woah, sun is going down.
16:10<HoopyCat>holy shit, i blew the entire day working on this thing. niiice.
16:11<path->now what will you do all night?
16:13-!-TheFirst [] has joined #linode
16:15<HoopyCat>oh, i dunno. probably IRC.
16:28-!-jimcooncat [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:29-!-LanceHaig [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:29-!-jimcooncat [] has joined #linode
16:36-!-TheFirst [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:36-!-mrd [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:37-!-mrd [] has joined #linode
16:40<path->"500 - Internal Server Error" from rocwiki
16:41<path->i clicked a link in search results and got that
16:41<path->now its fine
16:45<path->HoopyCat: is there supposd to be python traceback stuff on the bottom of your page?
16:53-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:55<tjfontaine>path-: did mikegrb apologize to you?
16:55-!-abock [] has joined #linode
16:55<path->no :(
16:55<tjfontaine>path-: he should
16:56<path->heh, i'll survive
16:56<path->i'm not naming any of my kids mikegrb though
16:56-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
16:59<HoopyCat>path-: you happened to try it right when i blew shit up
16:59<HoopyCat>i am, all things considered, the king of leaving off the all-important )
16:59<@caker>developing on the production site++
17:00<tjfontaine>what is this lisp?
17:00<HoopyCat>caker: how else is it supposed to be accurately tested? :-)
17:00<@caker>HoopyCat: I'm right there with ya
17:00<path->HoopyCat: caker wants you to buy another linode for development :)
17:00<@caker>someone suggest to me a good beer
17:01<HoopyCat>it's not like it's a nuclear power plant or a life support machine or something
17:01*caker is thinking some Fat Tire
17:03<path->HoopyCat is the efficienato here i think
17:03<HoopyCat>path-: on the second run through, my page ate it because i was mucking around with the twitter macro to add memcached goodness
17:03<@caker>or some Magic Hat
17:03<path->i like the local stuff from victory or dogfish head
17:04<tjfontaine>mmm magic hat
17:04<path->but i have guiness in the fridge atm
17:04<@caker>I'm fairly certain there are no breweries in south jersey :(
17:04<tjfontaine>rogue dead guy ale
17:04<path->victory is in pa.. downingtown.. my local places carry their stuff
17:05<@caker>second go at my homemade salsa today... even better than last time -- and easier ($10 food processor took preptime from 1 hour to ~5 min)
17:05<@caker>it makes me want beeeeeeeer
17:07<@caker>path-: where are you?
17:07<path->wilmington, de
17:07<tjfontaine>hmm I do believe snafo hit the 100% issue again
17:07<@caker>tjfontaine: kernel?
17:08<tjfontaine>says .26-l13 was last booted
17:08*tjfontaine changes config and forces reboote
17:08<@caker>check console first, too
17:08<@caker>you never know...
17:08<tjfontaine>only shorewall notices
17:09<@caker>that seems to be the common recipe -- if it wasn't OOM related, everyone has lotsa iptable rules
17:10<HoopyCat>this'd be a bottle of full moon winter ale right here
17:10<@caker>DCC me some, yo
17:10<tjfontaine>I meant to have some christmas ale last night I forgot
17:10<@caker>huh ... by Coors
17:11*path- drinking super C
17:11*linbot dispenses a sixpack
17:11-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:11<tjfontaine>there are all kinds of christmas/winter ales :)
17:11<tjfontaine>mine would be from great lakes
17:12-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
17:12<HoopyCat>caker: yep... coors brews blue moon. i usually aim for the more esoteric stuff, but my wife bought it for me, and it's perfectly tasty.
17:12-!-r3z [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:12-!-r3z [] has joined #linode
17:13<tjfontaine>HoopyCat: do you have an orange?
17:13-!-ph^ [~ph^] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:14-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:16-!-Mojo1978 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:18<@mikegrb>path-: did tj apologize to you for setting a bad example for me?
17:18*mikegrb runs
17:19<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: this isn't an orange-type blue moon
17:19<@mikegrb>path-: imma try better not to akill yiou next time
17:19<tjfontaine>HoopyCat: hmm
17:20<tjfontaine>HoopyCat: yes it is :)
17:20<path->i thought all blue boon was deserving of oranges?
17:21*tjfontaine too
17:21<HoopyCat>this is a belgian-style winter ale, which is totally different
17:21<tjfontaine>deep auburn/copper
17:23<tjfontaine>hmm I guess only the white is supposed to have the orange
17:23<tjfontaine>the spring gets lime
17:23<tjfontaine>I've never seen their winter ales
17:25-!-avongauss [] has left #linode []
17:30<Eman>[2008/11/15 - 5:28:18PM] <@Koptor> there's an estate agents near where i live, called 'chown'
17:33-!-dvgrhl [] has joined #linode
17:44<jstn>whenever i touch a file i get: touch: setting times of `somefile': Function not implemented
17:44<jstn>i have read this is a kernel related problem?
17:46-!-TheFirst [] has joined #linode
17:46-!-SelfishMan [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:48<HoopyCat>jstn: whew, haven't seen that one before. what's "ls -l ." and that filesystem's entry in "mount" look like?
17:50<jstn>HoopyCat: i only have one fs, /
17:51<jstn>it's: /dev/xvda on / type ext3 (rw)
17:52<HoopyCat>that's a good sign at least
17:52<jstn>HoopyCat: okies, so where do i start?
17:53<HoopyCat>jstn: the directory you're doing that in is writable and executable by you, right?
17:54<jstn>HoopyCat: afaik, yes, i'll double checl
17:54<jstn>HoopyCat: i can do: touch blahblahlah in ~ and i get that error :|
17:56*HoopyCat guesses wildly
17:56<HoopyCat>is /proc mounted?
17:57<jstn>HoopyCat: mount says none on /proc :x
17:57<HoopyCat>jstn: that's good... weird. what distro?
17:58<jstn>i wonder if i should reboot
17:58-!-SelfishMan [] has joined #linode
17:59<HoopyCat>jstn: which kernel are you running? some have reported that arch is broken with the -linode10 kernel ("Latest 2.6") but works with -linode14... i'm not sure exactly what "broken" means, but you might be experiencing it ;-)
18:00<gram>yeah, the 2.6.18 kernel doesn't implement thouse functions
18:00<gram>upgrading the kernel would be the easy solution
18:00<gram>the new *at system calls are what's missing in 2.6.18 i believe
18:00*jstn stumbles, trips, falls, runs to file a ticket
18:01<HoopyCat>ah-ha, that would do it.
18:01<gram>no need to file a ticket though, you can change the kernel yourself
18:01<jstn>oh, i didn't think i had control over that
18:02<HoopyCat>-linode14 also includes support for flying cars and laser-powered dirigibles, which is why the CIA is forcing linode to keep -linode10 as the default
18:02<jstn>is there some docs i can read on changing my kernel?
18:02<jstn>what great english
18:02<HoopyCat>jstn: go into the dashboard, click on your config profile, pick the kernel in the drop down box, save, reboot, enjoy
18:03<jstn>HoopyCat: \o/
18:05<jstn>k, brb
18:07-!-avongauss [] has joined #linode
18:08-!-jstn [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:10-!-jstn [] has joined #linode
18:10<jstn>HoopyCat: works, thanks! :)
18:10-!-Jeremy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:12<jstn>now i can try and get back to fixing trac and mod_python :D
18:14<jstn>thanks a lot
18:16*HoopyCat updates wiki
18:20-!-arooni_____ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:25-!-dvgrhl [] has quit []
18:25-!-arooni [] has joined #linode
18:27-!-Mojo1978 [] has joined #linode
18:37-!-atourino [~Antonio@] has joined #linode
18:44-!-nelson13 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:45-!-Jeremy [] has joined #linode
18:56<HoopyCat>"The shuttle carries two new sleeping compartments and a water recycling system so station crew members can purify urine and other wastewater for drinking."
18:56<HoopyCat>... *other* wastewater? other than urine?
18:56<@mikegrb>water from vomit
18:56<path->dirty dish water?
18:56<@mikegrb>and feces
18:56<bliblok>Maybe they use water for cleaning.
18:56*HoopyCat 's brain, after many less savory options, finally comes up with "condensate"
18:57<bliblok>And they probably also recycle air humidity from their breath.
18:57<bliblok>And other evaporation from the body.
18:57<path->you mean sweat?
18:58<HoopyCat>previously, they vacuum-dried poo, so perhaps they're mechanically separating it now
18:58<HoopyCat>like potted meat
18:58-!-TheKiNG`Ghost [] has joined #linode
18:59-!-daMaestro [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:59<HoopyCat>(as it turns out, there's a decent quantity of vacuum in space, so vacuum-drying poo is remarkably feasible)
19:01<HoopyCat>speaking of mechanically separated consumables, i think it's just about roast chicken dinner time. bbl.
19:04-!-TheKing [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:23<Internat>what are the damm things called that you give away at a wedding.. like the present from the bridge&groom to the attenddies? Bon Berries or something ?
19:24<path->that must be a downunder thing
19:24<path->i don't think they have any special name here
19:25-!-xitology [~xi@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
19:26<path->yea, i've heard "wedding favors" here
19:26<path->notice the correct spelling :)
19:31-!-reillyeon [] has joined #linode
19:35*HIghoS grumbles something about american spelling.
19:37-!-daniel [] has joined #linode
19:37<daniel>Is linode on 100mbit networks?
19:38-!-TheKiNG`Ghost [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:41<daniel>Ah OK, you think I would be able to host a small video section on one o fmy websites?
19:41<@mikegrb>don't see why not
19:42-!-jm [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:02-!-Mojo1978 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:07-!-aidan [] has joined #linode
20:08<aidan>Just a quick question, Is there a timeframe in which CA 360 servers will be available?
20:10<path->i'm not sure cause i don't work there, but you can always get a 360 at another datacenter and then get on the list to move it once something opens up
20:11<aidan>Ahh true, I might do that. Its just the difference in latency with a CA node compared to one of the others is 100+
20:12<path->if you move, then the ip address will change
20:12<path->but you might be able to get everything set up in the meantime
20:13<aidan>Thanks, Ill take a look at that :)
20:14-!-tiny [] has joined #linode
20:29-!-abock [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:54-!-abock [] has joined #linode
20:54-!-aidan [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:03-!-TheKing [] has joined #linode
21:15-!-tiny [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:37-!-Tallo [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
21:43-!-michiel- [~michiel@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:43-!-kethry [~kethry@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:45<path->it's really crazy that presidents can't use cell phones or email
21:48<path->they should be able to record all emails in and out.. and use signing to verify the sender
21:51-!-kethry [~kethry@] has joined #linode
21:53-!-abock [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:55-!-HedgeMag1 [] has joined #linode
21:56-!-HedgeMage is now known as Guest3480
21:56-!-HedgeMag1 is now known as hedgemage
21:56-!-abock [] has joined #linode
22:02-!-Guest3480 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:05-!-dvgrhl [] has joined #linode
22:13-!-r3z` [] has joined #linode
22:13-!-r3z [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:13-!-abock [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:18<CaptObviousman>any admins around?
22:18*CaptObviousman is trying unsuccessfully to connect to lish
22:19-!-TheKing [] has quit [Quit: ( :: NoNameScript 4.22 :: )]
22:19<CaptObviousman>it uses the same name/pass as what you use to access the web console, yes?
22:20<path->go to the remote tab
22:20<path->it's the name of your linode.. you could have multiple linodes per account
22:21<CaptObviousman>in my case, my account name and linode are identical
22:22<daniel>Hmm which language is more profitable to learn? C++ or Java? or C? :P
22:22<CaptObviousman>ahh, there's the problem
22:22*CaptObviousman never set a lish password
22:23-!-abock [] has joined #linode
22:30-!-TheFirst [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:31-!-chl [~chl@] has joined #linode
22:32-!-Sputnik7 [] has joined #linode
22:32-!-chl [~chl@] has quit []
22:34-!-_grepper [~chatzilla@] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.4/2008102920]]
22:39-!-Pryon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:51-!-abock [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:52<path->MIGHTY MENDIT
22:55-!-abock [] has joined #linode
23:00-!-sono [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:00-!-sono [] has joined #linode
23:02-!-TheFirst [] has joined #linode
23:10-!-rGeoffrey [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:23-!-mikeage [] has joined #linode
23:38-!-Qharos [] has joined #linode
23:38<Qharos>Does Linode offer domain names, or does that have to be done through another business?
23:39<chuck>Qharos, Linode does not offer domain names.
23:39<chuck>They do offer DNS hosting, though.
23:39<Qharos>What is the difference, exactly? I'm not exactly an expert in this area.
23:42<reillyeon>A domain registrar (who offers domains) acts as a middleman between you and a company (like Verisign) who actually manages a TLD.
23:42<reillyeon>DNS hosting offers you a server where your DNS records are stored, managed, and served out to those looking for your site.
23:43<Qharos>So a middleman, like Godaddy, basically takes care of all the records and such for free, you just point it where to look? Whereas you could get the domain name directly through Verisign (for example), and set up your own records?
23:44<reillyeon>You have to go through GoDaddy to get the domain registered.
23:44<reillyeon>You can then use GoDaddy to host the records, or you can use someone else (like Linode).
23:44<Qharos>Ahhh. Does one have an advantage over the other?
23:45<reillyeon>Well, the question is who runs more reliable DNS servers.
23:45<reillyeon>(And offers a better management interface.)
23:45<path->or terms of service
23:45<path->some people don't like godaddy's TOS
23:46<Qharos>If I set up with someone like Godaddy, would I be able to change and set them up on Linode at a later date?
23:46<Peng_>Qharos: Yeah, no problem.
23:47<Peng_>I mean, it's easy to change where your DNS hosting is. Transferring the registration of a domain is a bit more difficult, but still totally do-able.
23:47<Qharos>Good, good. I'll worry about setting up records later. Is Godaddy one of the better ones in the industry, or there a "better" alternative?
23:48<Peng_>GoDaddy is definitely one of the cheapest and most popular registrars. People disagree about whether they're "better" or not.
23:48<reillyeon>GoDaddy is cheap, and if you're not using their DNS hosting all you need to worry about is them stealing your domain.
23:49<Qharos>Is that something to be very concerned about?
23:49<reillyeon>Who knows, I sure hope not.
23:50<reillyeon>(I use GoDaddy.)
23:50<Qharos>If you're using their DNS hosting, what more should you be concerned about?
23:57<Qharos>Hm. So, my domain was hosted under another company, and it expired. Under Godaddy, I see the place to transfer the name. Do I need to do anything on the other end?
23:57<Peng_>Your domain expired?
23:58<Qharos>It did. It shows up as available for transfer.
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23:59<path->sigh.. maintenance people at my work suck
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