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00:00<jtaji>orudie: change your time zone in your "my profile"
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00:02<Eman>i really wonder why these damn spambots keep hammering my mailserver
00:03<Eman>the same one has been at it for 3 weeks
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00:03<exor674>mmmm, tasty
00:04*SelfishMan hides
00:04<Peng_>I assume that was someone trying to slander RapidXen, or some moron customer?
00:05<SelfishMan>I think they were trying to get RapidXen more businesss
00:05<jtsage>mm. good way to do it
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00:05<Peng_>It could be an attempt to make RapidXen look bad, so I don't want to get a bad impression over it...
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00:06<Peng_>Anyway...what was my point?
00:06<SelfishMan>Holy hell rapidxen is expensive
00:06<SelfishMan>The higher plans buy you more *swap space*!
00:08<exor674>can't you just use disk for that?
00:08<SelfishMan>Apparently not
00:08<SelfishMan>I'm sure you can but not in the swap they allocate. You can always use a swap file though
00:09<Eman>their prices have gone up recently too
00:09<SelfishMan>I've never heard of them before
00:10<Peng_>They ain't that expensive. Well, i mean, there $20 plan isn't bad. More disk space than Linode. IPv6 too, apparently.
00:10<Peng_>It's also nice that they have <=$10 plans.
00:10<exor674>Peng_: RAM RAM RAM RAM :P
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00:11<Eman>hey neno
00:11<checkers>yeah, and would you trust them after that? :P
00:11<nenolod>some script kiddie appears to be flooding this channel trying to start some hosting war
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00:12<Peng_>Those bastards! /me flings marshmallows at #rapidxen. Take that!
00:13<nenolod>Peng: it's not us doing it
00:13<nenolod>Peng: we unfortunately banned some GNAA moron
00:13<Peng_>mikegrb: I hope you don't copy and paste the akill message every time. :P
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00:13<@mikegrb>for en masse I have a perl script
00:14<Peng_>Oh, neat.
00:14<@mikegrb>copy and paste the joins/parts/whatever to it
00:14<@mikegrb>it spits out the lin
00:14<nenolod>the same GNAA moron keeps flooding us saying linode is going to ddos us etc
00:14<nenolod>so i figure if i watch here he will fuck up at some point
00:14<@mikegrb>spits out the lines to paste into irssi
00:14<pygi>nenolod, :)
00:14<nenolod>i just use /os klinechan #rapidxen on lame kiddie muppet
00:15<nenolod>it works great
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00:15*Peng_ looks at FloodServ and ChanServ.
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00:16*Peng_ lookes at mikegrb.
00:16<stitch>nenolod, if you can find me a street address
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00:16<stitch>i will go clip wires
00:16<SelfishMan> we know why this is happening
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00:16<Peng_>mikegrb: Could you...?
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00:16<stitch>on this ameritech address
00:16<nenolod>by the way, the loser is using clones-x
00:16<nenolod>if oftc-hybrid has regexp akill, you could probably whip up a regexp to whack him with a clue-by-four
00:16<Peng_>"BISH@@"? Did he call you a bishie? :D
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00:18<nenolod>14 year olds
00:18<nenolod>gotta love them :)
00:18<stitch>i knwo right :P
00:18<SelfishMan>nenolod: The fact that they keep mentioning you makes me think that you are right there with them
00:19<nenolod>SelfishMan: i'm the one who keeps banning them on the other network they are flooding :)
00:19<jkwood>You selfish, selfish man, you.
00:19<nenolod>let me know if you want to crossreference host lists
00:19<nenolod>as i said, he's flooding #rapidxen with "switch to linode or we will ddos you", etc
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00:20<Ygeme>I LUV YOO TOO NENO@@@ <3 BEST M8s FO LIFE --caker
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00:20<Tedmund>I LUV YOO TOO NENO@@@ <3 BEST M8s FO LIFE --caker
00:20<Ygeme>I LUV YOO TOO NENO@@@ <3 BEST M8s FO LIFE --caker
00:20<Ygeme>I LUV YOO TOO NENO@@@ <3 BEST M8s FO LIFE --caker
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00:20<Tedmund>I LUV YOO TOO NENO@@@ <3 BEST M8s FO LIFE --caker
00:20<Tedmund>I LUV YOO TOO NENO@@@ <3 BEST M8s FO LIFE --caker
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00:20<checkers>nenolod: so why does he hate you?
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00:20<stitch>long story short, a 14 year old kid named TheKiNG wanted to buy service from rapidxen, we wouldn't sell to the 14 year old kid, we k:lined him, and hes pissed now
00:21<nenolod>what he said ;)
00:21<Peng_>What's his interest in Linode?
00:21<nenolod>he just wants to start drama
00:21<nenolod>he tried this with slicehost too, afaik
00:21<@mikegrb>I'm guessing we wouldn't sell to him either
00:21<nenolod>i wouldn't recommend selling to him, yes.
00:21<stitch>he's under 18
00:22<stitch>that usually is a liability
00:22<Peng_>I'm under 18.
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00:22<nenolod>ok correction
00:22<@mikegrb>hush Peng_ we don't know that
00:22<nenolod>he's under 18 and an internets retard
00:22<DephNet[Paul]>im not 18
00:22*mikegrb sticks his fingers in his ears
00:22<jkwood>Peng_: This explains much.
00:22<nenolod>he's doing some very serious internetting right now, obviously
00:22*jkwood is a bot
00:22*linbot slaps jkwood
00:22<DephNet[Paul]>im 10 years away from 10
00:22<Peng_>jkwood: That explains much as well. :D
00:23<checkers>jkwood: 1 == 0
00:23*HedgeMage tried being 18 once, but it only stuck for about a year.
00:23<SelfishMan>18 is too young
00:23<nenolod>mikegrb: you might find useful
00:23<HedgeMage>SelfishMan: for what?
00:23<@mikegrb>careful jkwood
00:24<SelfishMan>HedgeMage: Everything
00:24<@mikegrb>I almost akilled you due to reflexes
00:24<HedgeMage>I mean, 18 is too old for thumb sucking, too young for retirement, and about right for some of the stuff in-between.
00:24<checkers>not much of a botnet
00:24<jkwood>I carefully calculated that.
00:25<SelfishMan>18 is too immature but still think you know everything, old enough to vote but maybe not the best age to be voting at, not old enough to drink
00:25<jkwood>checkers: I'm Turing-complete. You'll have to do better than that. :p
00:25<nenolod>checkers: it's clones-x, not a botnet
00:25<checkers>jkwood: cat /dev/urandom > /dev/null
00:25<nenolod>checkers: clones-x is an mIRC-based flood script that uses open proxy lists
00:25<SelfishMan>The bots can pass captchas with a higher success rate than actual humans
00:25<HedgeMage>I stopped thinking I knew everything at about age 13
00:25<jkwood>Story of my life.
00:25<checkers>oh, heh
00:26<nenolod>i've added those hosts to dronebl, though
00:26<nenolod>so i doubt they will be very useful to this guy now
00:27<jkwood>Well, time for some late-night data crunching. I have to be pseudo-random early in the morning.
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00:32<Peng_>nenolod: You offer IPv6? That's very cool. :)
00:33-!-mode/#linode [+l 251] by ChanServ
00:33<Peng_>What? It is. It's not a common feature.
00:34<checkers>it's a lot of swap, don't you end up with heav IO loads on the smaller plans?
00:34<nenolod>not really
00:34<nenolod>but i don't want to discuss my company here
00:34<nenolod>it feels wrong
00:35<nenolod>i just want to find the e-tard
00:37<checkers>ok, just one question then, why a weird IRC network rather than a large one? I have to connect to another network now :P
00:38<Peng_>Hmm, things seem to have calmed down.
00:39<nenolod>checkers: i operate that irc network.
00:39<nenolod>checkers: if i did not, we would be using freenode, most likely :P
00:40<checkers>oh yeah, /me remembers the oper lines now
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00:46<Peng_>So is the +l stuff new? Or did we just start using it?
00:47-!-mode/#linode [+l 248] by ChanServ
00:48<bd_>Peng_: it's because there was a bot attack recently
00:48<bd_>it's basically acting as a join ratelimit
00:48<res0>and instead of a responsible server-based flood control... :P
00:49<res0>we get spammed with mode changes
00:49<Peng_>res0: :D
00:49<Peng_>bd_: Sure, but why now? Was it just added to ChanServ?
00:49<Peng_>There have been bot attacks in the past. Was this one worsE?
00:50<bd_>Peng_: well, no, it's just usually turned on temporarily
00:50<bd_>and when things quiet down, turned bac off
00:50<Peng_>Oh, okay.
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01:03*mikegrb headed to bed please do open a support ticket to page me if the asshats return, particularly if it happens before another ircop happens to return
01:04<res0>can i show up at your bedroom window?
01:04<@mikegrb>that would be preferred actually
01:05<res0>well i'm already there, so it'll be a short trip
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01:15<praetorian>lol @ flood spam before
01:15<praetorian>thats hilarious
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01:25-!-exor674 is now known as exor|zzz
01:29<nenolod>praetorian: by hilarious, you mean, fail, right?
01:30<praetorian>of course
01:34-!-tiramaua [] has joined #linode
01:34-!-elhippo [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
01:36-!-dvgrhl` [] has joined #linode
01:37-!-dvgrhl [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
01:42-!-njones [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
01:42<CaptObviousman>nnrgh, I hate it when I leave my buffer not scrolled to the end
01:42-!-ph^ [~ph^@] has joined #linode
01:45-!-njones [] has joined #linode
01:55<TwistOfFate>if i use ssh as a socks proxy
01:55<TwistOfFate>how would it look on a firewall?
01:55<TwistOfFate>would it just appear as if i'm making outbound ssh traffic to port 22?
01:55<cryptw>just like SSH traffic
01:55<SelfishMan>Because you are
01:56<TwistOfFate>certainly a good way to mask what you're doing.
01:59-!-Locomorto [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
02:00-!-Peng [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
02:01-!-hpj [] has joined #linode
02:06-!-HedgeMage [] has quit [Quit: Bedtime!]
02:06*SelfishMan wonders what would cause an HTTP: 666 error
02:06-!-xin [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
02:07<SelfishMan> ass admin
02:11-!-tsp_ [] has joined #linode
02:15-!-kupesoft [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
02:15<Internat>blocked it outbound?
02:27-!-zerojinx [] has joined #linode
02:28-!-Locomorto [] has joined #linode
02:28<SelfishMan>Ha! 'helo={bot_hostname}'
02:34*checkers finally gets around to setting up some differential backups for his linodes
02:36-!-zerojinx [] has quit [Quit: zerojinx]
02:43-!-Tallo [] has joined #linode
02:44-!-Locomorto [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
03:07-!-ondrej [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
03:08-!-boscoslife [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
03:17-!-r3z` [] has joined #linode
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03:27-!-ph^ [~ph^@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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03:28-!-materdaddy [~Mat@] has joined #linode
03:28-!-Locomorto [] has joined #linode
03:28<Locomorto>sorry wrong window
03:29-!-materdaddy [~Mat@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
03:29-!-materdaddy [] has joined #linode
03:30-!-HoopyCat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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03:50-!-HoopyCat [] has joined #linode
04:00-!-agentbleubleu [] has joined #linode
04:09-!-johnny [] has joined #linode
04:10<johnny>can somebody please help refresh my dns/bind knowledge, so i can do a 4th level subdomain?
04:10<johnny>i'm kinda confused about what i've read..
04:11<cryptw>just keep adding dots
04:11<cryptw>nthnth.cntbncbth.tnbnthb IN A
04:12-!-cryptw [] has quit []
04:12-!-cryptw [] has joined #linode
04:13<johnny>oops.. i meant with a wildcard
04:13<johnny>on the 4th level
04:14<cryptw>*.snth.hdhnthb.thbtnhb IN CNAME snth.hdhnthb.thbtnhb
04:15-!-beekhof [] has joined #linode
04:15<beekhof>does anyone have any idea why my new linode would be coming up without the loopback address?
04:15<johnny>cryptw, then i was doing it right, but linode's dns manager doesn't like it
04:15<beekhof>i've never seen it happen before
04:16<cryptw>johnny: then you should try a different DNS provider
04:16<Internat>theres a mention of someone else having this problem on the forum
04:16<johnny>cryptw, or get this bug fixed :)
04:16-!-materdaddy [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
04:16<cryptw>johnny: I don't mind. I don't use Linode anymore
04:16<Internat>beekhof: theres a way to bring it up manually.. but i cant remember what that is
04:16-!-materdaddy [~Mat@] has joined #linode
04:17<Internat>trolling the forums might find it.
04:17-!-materdaddy [~Mat@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
04:17<beekhof>Internat: i tried: # ip link set lo up
04:17<beekhof>but got: # ip link set lo up
04:17<beekhof>RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument
04:17-!-materdaddy [] has joined #linode
04:17<johnny>is lo loaded?
04:17<cryptw>beekhof: what are you trying to do?
04:18<cryptw>beekhof: pastebin the output of ifconfig -a
04:18<Internat>crypt: his loop back addy isnt up
04:18<bob2>ip link
04:18<cryptw>try that ^^^
04:18<cryptw>pastebin the output of ifconfig -a
04:18<johnny>if something like that is not loaded, sounds like something is going on with your system
04:19<Internat>ur not playing arround with pvgrub or anything are you?
04:19<beekhof>not yet
04:19<beekhof>that will come later once i get this host working
04:19<cryptw>beekhof: that look's fine
04:19<beekhof>yeah, everythign looks fine - just wont come up :/
04:20<cryptw>paste ping
04:20-!-asuman_vahayet_cam [~AySe18@] has joined #linode
04:20-!-asuman_vahayet_cam [~AySe18@] has quit [autokilled: This host is believed to be a home to spammers. - Contact for help. (2009-01-13 09:20:33)]
04:20-!-loxs [~loxs@] has joined #linode
04:21<bob2>also 'ip a' and 'ip r'
04:22<bob2>oops, nvm
04:22<beekhof>nada - not surprising since lo has no addresses assigned
04:22<beekhof>i cant even bring it up manually
04:22<beekhof>ie. with ip link ...
04:23<beekhof>nothing in dmesg, nothing in /var/logs
04:23<beekhof>very odd
04:25*bob2 blames apparmor, vaguely
04:25<beekhof>its not installed by the template
04:25<beekhof>and its the first thing i ever uninstall
04:25<cryptw>beekhof: try ifconfig lo up?
04:25<beekhof>followed by %^$#^$ beagle
04:26<bob2>it installs beagle by default?
04:26<beekhof>that worked
04:26<bob2>I thought tracvkerd won
04:26<beekhof>why would that work an ip link not
04:26-!-xitology [] has joined #linode
04:27<beekhof>thanks for the tip though :)
04:30-!-meliha_masum [~Begumdd@] has joined #linode
04:30-!-meliha_masum [~Begumdd@] has quit [autokilled: This host is believed to be a home to spammers. - Contact for help. (2009-01-13 09:30:22)]
04:35-!-zerojinx [] has joined #linode
04:47<zerojinx>what's a reasonable disk io rate (for the email alerting) for a low-traffic postfix & apache vps ?
04:51-!-pk [] has joined #linode
04:51-!-Nipsting [] has joined #linode
04:52-!-HoopyCat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:53<Nipsting>heya everyone and, delayed happy newyear
04:57-!-HoopyCat [] has joined #linode
04:58<SelfishMan>What's a good web-based knowledge base package?
04:58<SelfishMan>Not a wiki
04:58<beekhof>stupid question, should i be letting dhcp assign my public addresses or make them fixed?
04:58<SelfishMan>beekhof: I prefer to not waste the RAM on a dhcp client that gets a static IP
04:59<SelfishMan>SpaceHobo: There are plenty out there but I'm hoping someone in here has experience with them
04:59-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
04:59-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has joined #linode
04:59<beekhof>SelfishMan: although it might simplify cloning guests
04:59<SelfishMan>I know, hoping to avoid one of them. Looking for something really lightweight and I hate wikis
05:00<SelfishMan>For me it's "BUILD MY OWN" apparently
05:01<SelfishMan>small, simple, not a wiki
05:01<beekhof>why not a wiki? dont wants others to edit or dont want a database?
05:02<SelfishMan>I don't want others to edit but mostly I just hate wikis
05:02<beekhof>fair enough :)
05:03<SelfishMan>Random support issues and solutions that can be searched
05:04<SelfishMan>Not interested in trac. Too wiki-like
05:04<SelfishMan>RT is too big of a package
05:04<SelfishMan>Don't need the ability to track tickets
05:05<SelfishMan>I'm thinking of something more like an oversized FAQ
05:06<SelfishMan>Q: Why does it hurt when I do this?
05:06<SelfishMan>A: Don't do that.
05:06<SelfishMan>That kind of thing
05:06<cryptw>SelfishMan: try a static HTML page
05:07<SelfishMan>cryptw: Not really a useful solution
05:08<cryptw>SelfishMan: then try XML and XSL
05:10-!-MrRx7 [] has joined #linode
05:12-!-pk [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
05:33-!-brenton [] has joined #linode
05:42-!-jimcooncat [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
05:42-!-Locomorto [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
05:43-!-brother [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:48-!-Deckert [] has joined #linode
05:50-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
05:54-!-seangrove [] has joined #linode
06:01-!-MrRx7 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
06:21-!-Isvara [] has joined #linode
06:22-!-brother [] has joined #linode
06:26-!-JustNicks [] has joined #linode
06:27-!-loxs[] [~loxs@] has joined #linode
06:27-!-loxs [~loxs@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:33-!-gnufied [] has joined #linode
06:33<seangrove>hey all, is there some documentation on how to setup google apps mail from within the linode dns manager?
06:34<seangrove>I'm getting an error about the hostname...
06:36-!-JustNicks [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:37-!-azaghal_ [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
06:37<Isvara>What error are you getting?
06:38-!-gnufied [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:38<seangrove>I put in "ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM." for the hostname, and get "# You have entered an invalid hostname or domain name."
06:39<Isvara>Leave off the dot at the end?
06:39<seangrove>well, mx records should have the trailing dot
06:40<cryptw>most DNS managers automatically add it
06:40<cryptw>seangrove: all FQDNs have the trailing dot
06:40<seangrove>ah, you
06:40<cryptw>web DNS managers treat everyone like a noob
06:40<cryptw>and adds the dots for them
06:41<seangrove>ah, that's right, heh
06:44-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:44<seangrove>is there a way to change the spf record from within the linode dns manager?
06:44<cryptw>SPF record is just a TXT record
06:44<cryptw>does linode support TXT records?
06:45<seangrove>I know next to nothing about this stuff :D
06:45<seangrove>just learning, so thank you very much for the help
06:54-!-golb [golb@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:55-!-melissa is now known as elkbuntu
06:59-!-loxs[] [~loxs@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:02-!-tiramaua [] has quit [Quit: quit]
07:28-!-MrRx7 [] has joined #linode
07:34<@irgeek>We support TXT records, but we haven't implemented the SPF RRs yet. I think it's in the dev queue though.
07:34-!-azaghal__ [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
07:36<Isvara>Maybe one day you'll support PTR records!
07:36*Isvara ducks
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07:42-!-praetorian [] has joined #linode
07:42-!-Lithrem [~Lithrem@] has joined #linode
07:43<cryptw>geez i still haven't been here for ages
07:44<cryptw>do you still have that bot that turns random strings into acronyms?
07:45-!-Sophira_ [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
07:46-!-Sophira [] has joined #linode
07:51-!-Lithrem [~Lithrem@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:57-!-Deckert_ [] has joined #linode
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08:01-!-azaghal_ [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
08:05-!-Caamora [] has joined #linode
08:05-!-Deckert_ [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
08:06<Caamora>Hi everyone, I'm looking at purchasing the Linode 540 and was wondering whats the connection speed on your VPS'
08:06-!-azaghal__ [~azaghal@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:07<mwalling>Caamora: to quote caker (the owner) "faster then you'll ever need"
08:07<mwalling>^^ links to pull a 90 meg video from each of the data centers
08:08<Caamora>mwalling: well for statistical reasons, i'd just like to know if thats possible. I can see the bandwith but i'd like to know the connection speed
08:09<Caamora>i think right now i'm paying for 100mbit but only getting 10mbit..
08:09<mwalling>gigE to the datacenter backbone
08:10<Caamora>thanks mwalling
08:10<Caamora>you'll be seeing me on here soon =)
08:10<Caamora>oh, how quick is the setup btw?
08:11<mwalling>if your signup information isnt flagged, minutes
08:11<cryptw>Caamora: give me a speedtest link and i can tell you what speed i can download it at
08:11<cryptw>Caamora: i can test from a location with 100mbps
08:11<mwalling>if it is flagged and during business hours, slightly more minutes
08:11<mwalling>(its business hours now)
08:12<mwalling>(and minutes is from clicking "sign up" to clicking "boot linode"
08:12<Caamora>cryptw: i dont need a speedtest, I'm just asking because I have users from everywhere so it doesnt matter but i'd like a connection speed of at least 100mbit
08:12-!-Deviation [] has joined #linode
08:13<Caamora>most of them are US, but some come from everywhere
08:13<Clorith>Caamora, your connection speed doens't help users in other locations if they have a crappy net :P
08:13<Caamora>yeah I understand that
08:13<Clorith>I'm in norway and I have perfect connecion to them though
08:13-!-Deckert_ [] has joined #linode
08:13<cryptw>Caamora: you said "i think right now i'm paying for 100mbit but only getting 10mbit.."
08:13<cryptw>Caamora: I can test that for you
08:13<Isvara>SpaceHobo: "where it was appropriate/necessary" <-- I can't see either of those being true
08:14<mwalling>wow, linbot, Caamora, Clorith, and cryptw are all pink. FAIL
08:14<Caamora>cryptw it doesnt have a webserver setup
08:14<Caamora>its a gaming server
08:14<Caamora>but it has massive lag spikes every 5-10minutes
08:14<Clorith>but but but
08:14<Clorith>I like pink!
08:14<Isvara>mwalling: Lies! cryptw is blue!
08:14<mwalling>Isvara: actually, you're blue
08:14<cryptw>Caamora: bandwidth doesn't matter much for a gameserver, but latency is very important
08:15<cryptw>Caamora: the lag spikes could also be caused by non-network related issues
08:15<Isvara>mwalling: I know
08:15<Clorith>like background processes
08:15<Clorith>if it only happens every 5-10 minutes, maybe a cron runnign is taking up resoruces
08:15<Isvara>Or sunspots
08:16<cryptw> - 1.14 MB/s
08:16<Deviation>Or solar winds
08:16<cryptw> - 2.5 MB/s
08:17<cryptw> - 4.5 MB/s
08:17-!-r3z`` [] has joined #linode
08:17-!-r3z` [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:18<cryptw> - 7 MB/s
08:18<cryptw>tests done from 100mbps link in chicago
08:19<Clorith>did you guys hear abotu the quadro fx 4600 messup ? =o
08:19-!-loxs [~loxs@] has joined #linode
08:20<Caamora> - 4.8MB/s
08:20<Caamora>which is the location in dallas?
08:20<Clorith>theplanet ?
08:20<Clorith>dell screwed up
08:21<Clorith>put a £2000 gfx card up for £12
08:21<Isvara>Caamora: 2) (Dallas, served by a Linode)
08:21<Clorith>and 4chan got a sniff at it and ordered loads :P
08:21-!-golb [golb@] has joined #linode
08:21<Isvara>Clorith: That's a bit optimistic of them
08:22<Clorith>but they're ordered and paid for
08:22<Isvara>And I'm sure they'll get their money back.
08:22<Clorith>which -could- be dangerous
08:22-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
08:22<Clorith>4chan can be bad for you
08:22-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit []
08:22<Isvara>I did manage to get an extra 10% off at HP using a discount code that was supposed to have expired, so I was pleased about that.
08:23<Caamora> - 9.7MB/s
08:24-!-mendel [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
08:27<mwalling>2009-01-13 08:27:20 (67.2 MB/s) - `/dev/null' saved [95545644/95545644]
08:29<mwalling>Jan 13 13:27:36 you named[6940]: client query (cache) '' denied
08:29*mwalling rolls his eyes
08:30<Isvara>Meep meep!
08:31-!-brenton1 [~user@] has joined #linode
08:34-!-azaghal_ [~azaghal@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:34-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
08:35-!-Caamora [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:36-!-brenton [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:50-!-pygi [] has joined #linode
08:50<linbot>New news from forums: Module ip_tables not found in Linux Networking <>
08:50<Yaakov>#Linode++ # One of the best channels in the IRCverse.
08:52<Isvara>You think this is good? You clearly haven't been to #NoYaakovs!
08:53<Yaakov>Everytime I join that channel it disappears.
08:53<Yaakov>Also, yo are mean as a snake.
08:55<Yaakov>But seriously, I have been on IRC for about 15 years and I oper on three networks and op in several > 200 user channels, and I really believe that this is one of the best channels on any net.
08:55<Yaakov>Nice people, high technical competency, no drama...
08:56<@irgeek>And urmom
08:56<Isvara>I agree. There are some real tossers in some of the useful channels. It really only takes one to make it annoying to go there.
08:56<Yaakov>Minimal alpha-geek fighting.
08:56*Isvara can't be bothered with #python and #django any more
08:57<Yaakov>Like yesterday... I am ashamed that #perl on freenode didn't fix that trivial problem, but HoopyCat was right on it.
08:57<@irgeek>Yaakov: There's no alpha-geek fighting because we've all realized we should just stop trying and grovel at mikegrb's feet.
08:57<Yaakov>irgeek: You just do that because it turns you on.
08:58<@irgeek>Actually, it's because his slippers are fuzzy and soft.
08:58<Nipsting>heya Yaakov
08:58<Yaakov>Hello, Nipsting.
08:58<Nipsting>happy newyear :)
08:58<Yaakov>You too!
08:59<Nipsting>man its been hell here, got myself into what I thought would be a tiny bit of freelance work
08:59<Yaakov>Heh. "It's just a small contract..."
08:59<Nipsting>only just got back to fiddling with the server
09:00<Nipsting>lol.. had to do some 3d for a commercial.. "One shot" that ended up being 18 shots
09:00-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
09:00<Yaakov>Nipsting: Knowing it wasn't this might make you feel a little better:
09:00<Nipsting>then when I thought it was all done and rendered, they suddenly wanted it in a different file format
09:01<Nipsting>haha :D
09:01<Nipsting>good one
09:02<Yaakov>All my freelance work includes WRITTEN deliverables and cost for more work.
09:02<Nipsting>I got alot more than initially bargained for ofcourse ;)
09:02<Nipsting>but I wasnt counting on spending this much time on it, cause honestly I didnt really want to, it was boring as hell
09:02<Yaakov>When I am hiring or being hired, either way.
09:03<Yaakov>At least they paid up. Now you can buy a DSLR!
09:03<Nipsting>not here nope
09:03<Nipsting>that money has been put aside to go to Brazil
09:03*HoopyCat drools on mikegrb's slippers
09:03<Yaakov>Hoopy, HowdyCat!
09:03<Yaakov>Won't you need a camera for Brazil?
09:04<HoopyCat>Yaakov: of course not; the harvest moon rises after sunset
09:04<Nipsting>hehe got a nice one, but last time I was there I barely used it, since I wasnt really in the most secure area of Brazil
09:04<Nipsting>so most of my pictures were taken with my Phone.. crap quality, but better than nothing
09:07<Nipsting>btw Yaakov, you know Webmin pretty damn well.. when setting up filesystem backups, is it possible to create a script so I dont have to go through so much manual work with it ? ;) I do Monthly, weekly and daily backups stored in different files, but its kinda annoying to have to set up 3 different backups pr. site
09:08<Yaakov>Nipsting: I would suggest you use rdiff-backup.
09:08<Nipsting>to a remote site ?
09:08<Yaakov>Not the Webmin thing that uses dump.
09:08<Yaakov>You don't have to, but that's good.
09:09<Nipsting>I played around with rdiff-backup a bit already, not getting too far with it though
09:09<Yaakov>There are some web interfaces for it, I haven't really looked at them too hard.
09:09<Nipsting>rdiff-backup can create backups local as well I figure ?
09:10<HoopyCat>local backups aren't
09:10<Yaakov>There is a theory that caker is currently assembling a backup system for Linodes. His methods are secretive and involve the bones of small animals so little more is known.
09:10<Nipsting>if it uses the bones of small animals, thats what Ill be using then
09:10<Yaakov>HoopyCat: Well, that's not really correct. Local backups are one piece of a backup strategy.
09:11<HoopyCat>Yaakov: like the IPv6 Experiment, it's probably tied up due to licensing for the background music
09:11<Nipsting>basicly I got an image backup.. halfed the size of my image and duplicated it. But I just need a filesystem backup of /var/
09:11<Isvara>local backup to same device < local backup to different device < remote backup
09:11-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Quit: Bye-bye]
09:11-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
09:11<Nipsting>and I was looking at using rdiff-backup for that
09:11<Isvara>HoopyCat: Maybe that's what he's backing up
09:12-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:12-!-HedgeMage [] has joined #linode
09:12-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
09:12<Nipsting>oh btw.. any idea how safe it is to use the dotdeb source for apt-get
09:13<Yaakov>Local backup to the same device is a useful thing for many recovery requirements, to a different device locally covers more cases, remote covers others. I use geographic diversity and many copies, some of which are locally stored (on the same device) because their purpose is rollback and human error recovery not hardware failure recovery.
09:14<Nipsting>yes, that is exactly the point of it the local backup.. human error and rollback
09:14<Nipsting>I still need to find a place to store the data for remote backup
09:14-!-linville [] has joined #linode
09:14<Yaakov>Nipsting: Aside from the ordinary level of trust for large projects I cannot say anything about dotdeb. I suppose *I* would trust it.
09:14<HoopyCat>i do a similar thing, actually. i generally pg_dump my databases to dated files on the local system, which get expired after 1 week... this directory gets backed up by backuppc
09:15<metaperl>does linux have an rm command that moves things to /tmp
09:15<HoopyCat>metaperl: you could do an alias pretty easily
09:15<cdlu>metaperl, you could just use mv
09:15<metaperl>cdlu: yes, but ....
09:15<cdlu>/tmp != Desktop/Trash
09:16<Yaakov>metaperl: It is a commonly aliased thing.
09:17<HoopyCat>only type rm if you mean it. if you think you might need the file later on and just want to see what life is like without it, mv it somewhere else. a decent habit to get into, as, by default, rm will immediately and completely obliterate the file on any system
09:17<Yaakov>metaperl: You can also SETUP a cron job to nuklify the files after N days.
09:18<Nipsting>Yaakov well anyways it was way easier to use dotdeb than compiling php5.2.8 on my own
09:18<Isvara>HoopyCat: "completely obliterate"?
09:18<linbot>setup is not a verb. Please see
09:18<Yaakov>Isvara: Don't you notice the smoke?
09:18<Isvara>Yaakov: I can't see much from the bottom of this crater
09:19<HoopyCat>Isvara: i prefer to assume rm causes the laser in the cd burner to activate and, through a series of mirrors and light-tubes, physically vaporize the data at which the rm is targetted
09:19*Yaakov begins to garner insights into Isvara's personal zeitgeist.
09:19<Nipsting>thats what I could find.. oh well, probably wont have time to set it up today anyways
09:19<jkwood>metaperl: You might check out libtrash.
09:19-!-Mario_ [] has joined #linode
09:20<HoopyCat>Isvara: likewise, if i really want the file to be completely obliterated, i assume rm merely causes the contents of the file to be sent to all major television networks
09:20-!-pygi [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
09:20<HoopyCat>it's the obliterator-nonobliterator duality of rm
09:20<metaperl>jkwood: yes thanks -
09:28*Yaakov installs Windows 7...
09:28-!-HedgeMage [] has quit [Quit: brb]
09:28*jkwood chkdsks Yaakov
09:28<Isvara>Yaakov: I'm tempted to try it
09:29<Isvara>But I only just installed Vista
09:29-!-HedgeMage [] has joined #linode
09:29<Yaakov>Isvara: My son installed it last night. He didn't have a lot of time to play with it but his initial reaction was favorable.
09:29<Isvara>Will it upgrade from Vista?
09:29<Yaakov>I am installing in a VM, using Virtual PC on a Vista box.
09:29<Yaakov>Yes, it does.
09:29<Yaakov>That's what he did.
09:29<Isvara>Upgrades do give me the creeps, though.
09:30<Yaakov>Well, I don't have a lot of information but the upgrade didn't explode.
09:30<Yaakov>Virtual PC is a free download, you could do it that way.
09:30<Isvara>How do you get from beta to final when they release it? Is that an upgrade, or through Windows Update?
09:30<Yaakov>I don't know.
09:31<Isvara>My laptop only has 1GB, so Windows 7 on top of Vista might not run too well.
09:31<Yaakov>I haven't read a lot about the beta, so I am uninformed.
09:31<jkwood>Apparently, the update/upgrade process for the beta is actually simple and straightforward.
09:31<jkwood>I haven't heard of any problems at all with it.
09:32<Yaakov>Oddly, it runs mostly under Vista.
09:32<Yaakov>And there is a "rollback" boot option, I am told, though I don't know the scope of that.
09:32<Isvara>jkwood: They just weird me out, though. I can't help but imagine all those unused files left behind, and dangling references, and other weirdness.
09:32<Isvara>It's sort of an OCD thing.
09:33<jkwood>This is what CCleaner is good for.
09:33<Yaakov>Apparently it doesn't have a native mail client. I don't know of that's just the beta or a "new way".
09:34<Isvara>I'm all Googlified for mail anyway
09:34<Yaakov>If Windows 7 really is an improved Vista it will probably be pretty good.
09:34<Isvara>Well, that and published Outlook
09:35<straterra>It..IS vista, fwiw
09:35<Yaakov>I understand that, I was focusing on "improved".
09:36<Isvara>Whether or not it is Vista depends entirely on the context
09:36<Yaakov>My understanding is that it uses a lot of Vista's core.
09:37<Isvara>And a lot of XP's core, but you wouldn't say it's XP.
09:37<Isvara>It's just "the latest version of NT"
09:38<Yaakov>Well, I don't have enough information about it, but my comment still stands. If it is really Vista++ it will be very nice. However OS X still wins for me because of the UNIX.
09:38-!-jm [] has joined #linode
09:38<Isvara>OS X is like the perfect combination
09:38<Yaakov>My new MacBook Pro has just been ordered, according to purchasing. I expect it this week.
09:39<Yaakov>Isvara: That's how I feel, but since I acquired a neat new PC notebook, I have more interest in Windows than I've had for a long time.
09:39<Nipsting>Yaakov I never got around to playing with OS X, but I keep hearing good things about it
09:39<straterra>Yaakov: Win7 is to Vista as XP was to 2k
09:39<straterra>Basically the same..slightly different kernel
09:40<straterra>same driver model, same memory model
09:40<Yaakov>Nipsting: For *me*, OS X is the best thing on the desktop.
09:40<Yaakov>straterra: OK.
09:40<Isvara>2k, XP = NT 5. Vista, Windows 7 = NT 6.
09:40<straterra>For the most part, that is.. XP had a few more 'fixes' in it than 7 does over Vista
09:40<straterra>Like multiple applications have use of the sound card mic
09:41<jkwood>But then, 7 is still beta.
09:41<jkwood>A very fast-moving beta, but still beta.
09:41<Isvara>jkwood: Yeah, but it will be when it's released, too
09:41<Isvara>It's the MS way.
09:41<Hawson>Failure isn't an option.
09:41<Hawson>It's a feature
09:41<Yaakov>Isvara: Unfortunately, it is EVERYONE'S way now.
09:41<Hawson>.win 9
09:41<straterra>I rather like Vista
09:42<Yaakov>I like it too, but I am always pleased to be "home".
09:42<Isvara>Yaakov: I dunno. I sort of think of it as the converse of the Google way, where a product is /called/ beta for ages, but is actually release quality.
09:42<Yaakov>(On my MBP)
09:42<straterra>Win7 just seems like a waste of cash if you already have Vista
09:42<jkwood>Hawson: It's a BUNDLED feature.
09:43<Isvara>Vista is a UI design disaster, though.
09:43<straterra>It's not that bad
09:43<Yaakov>BBL, must do things!
09:43<straterra>It matches the new Office UI and such
09:43<Isvara>I mean, if you use a Mac a lot, you quickly come to appreciate that actual thought has gone into the wording of everything on the screen
09:44<Isvara>Vista has stupid things like a heading of "Common Tasks" with items under it like "Control Panel".
09:44-!-mendel [] has joined #linode
09:44<Isvara>For when you want to do some control panelling, presumably.
09:44<Isvara>Or when you want to control a panel, perhaps.
09:44<Nipsting>Yaakov I guess I would probably be using it if it wasnt for XSI not being available on OS X
09:44<Isvara>And most dialogue boxes are still 'OK' vs 'Cancel'.
09:44<Nipsting>and thats pretty much bread and butter for me
09:45<Isvara>Not verb phrases.
09:45<Nipsting>what I hate most is that sometimes ok/cancel gets switched around on windows, and you just mindlessly click cancel instead of ok, or the other way around
09:45<HoopyCat>Would you want to not reformat your filesystem at this time? OK/Cancel
09:46<Isvara>HoopyCat: "Do you want to cancel this operation?" OK/Cancel
09:46-!-jm [] has quit []
09:47*jkwood cancels urmom
09:47-!-brother [] has quit [Server closed connection]
09:47-!-brother [] has joined #linode
09:47-!-weechat_user is now known as alnr
09:47-!-Deckert_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection timed out]
09:48<Nipsting>thats like asking "which came first, the chicken or the egg"
09:48<HoopyCat>the chicken, baby. giggity
09:48-!-Deckert_ [] has joined #linode
09:49-!-meff [] has left #linode []
09:49-!-meff [] has joined #linode
09:51<claviola>Nipsting: which part of Brazil are you visiting?
09:51<straterra>The egg came first..
09:51<straterra>Man had to eat breakfast first
09:51<Isvara>The chicken should have made him breakfast afterwards
09:53<jkwood>Ah, the noble chicken. A wonder of nature.
09:53<jkwood>It's a food source which makes more of itself, feeding on trash.
09:54<jkwood>We can even eat them before they're born.
09:54<linbot>New news from forums: A few mySQL queries are wrecking my CPU in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
09:55<Isvara>God made chickens.
09:55<jkwood>And then it had sex with... Umm...
09:55<straterra>premordal ooze
09:55<jkwood>This explains much.
09:56<jkwood>No, premordal. That's before mording was common.
09:57<Nipsting>claviola sorry was just afk a bit. Will be Sergipe Aracaju
09:57<Isvara>Oh, okay.
09:57-!-agentbleubleu [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:57-!-agentbleubleu [] has joined #linode
09:57<claviola>Nipsting: sounds fun, never been there, just bahia
09:57-!-jas4711 [] has joined #linode
09:57<Nipsting>ah thats right next to it
09:58<Nipsting>went to Salvador last time I was there to catch a flight
09:58<Nipsting>not a big fan of Bahia tbh
10:01-!-fearoffish [] has joined #linode
10:07<Nipsting>is any script placed in /etc/init.d/ run automaticly on bootup ?
10:08<jkwood>You have to call it from other scripts.
10:08<jkwood>Or name it appropriately, depending on the distro.
10:08<Nipsting>hmm, havent fiddled around with this before :)
10:08<Isvara>Or symlink to it
10:09<Isvara>It's all horrible
10:09-!-jm [] has joined #linode
10:09<@irgeek>In Ubuntu, you put your script in /etc/init.d then run update-rc.d to have the links created to run it at startup, shutdown, etc.
10:09<Isvara>irgeek: If you have the special comments at the top of the script
10:10<@irgeek>I don't think you need magic comments. For a simple startup script I thought only it's existence was necessary.
10:11<Isvara>I must be thinking of Red Hat.
10:11<mwalling>i thought update-rc.d needed magic comments
10:12<Isvara> /etc/init.d/skeleton has them
10:12<Isvara>How do you start a line with / in IRC?
10:12<Karrde>apt-get install sysv-rc-conf; sysv-rc-conf
10:12<mwalling>Isvara: "/ /foo"
10:12<jkwood> /
10:12<mwalling>Isvara: at least in irssi
10:12<mwalling>Isvara: your client may vary
10:12<Isvara>/ /foo
10:13<Karrde>he;s using Purple IRC
10:13<Karrde>all bets are off
10:13<mwalling>oh, pidgin
10:13*Isvara gets weird CTCP messages from people
10:13<Nipsting>so anyways, a small guide to how to make a startup script in debian would be very appreciated
10:14<Nipsting>gotta run in 15 and have it running by then.. gah.. hate being under pressure
10:14<jkwood>You don't have updike?
10:14<Isvara>I have little idea what's going on ;-)
10:14<mwalling>10:14 [oftc] CTCP UPDIKE reply from SpaceHobo: 8=====D
10:14<Isvara>But all these tabs with CTCP VERSION are opening.
10:14<jkwood>09:14 [oftc] CTCP UPDIKE reply from mwalling: 8===D
10:14<mwalling>jkwood: i blame eth1
10:14<Isvara>Seems like the kind of thing my client should deal with without opening tabs.
10:14<Nipsting>ah, think I found a quick guide
10:14<mwalling>Nipsting: how complicated?
10:15<jkwood>mwalling: I'm probably not any better off.
10:15<jkwood>Wait... forgot to load it.
10:15<tjfontaine>get ont he failbus, enf nef
10:15<HoopyCat>6pm: afternoon or evening?
10:16-!-Dralspire [] has quit [Quit:]
10:16-!-daMaestro [] has joined #linode
10:16<mwalling>>=5 == evening
10:16<jkwood>09:16 [oftc] CTCP UPDIKE reply from jkwood: 8=D
10:16<jkwood>I blame lish + sshd freaking out.
10:17<Isvara>HoopyCat: 6pm is early evening. At least, 5:30 is, according to the news.
10:17<HoopyCat>current weather advisory is until 6pm this afternoon, which is why i ask; 6pm sounds rather eveningish this time of year
10:17<Isvara>This time of year 6pm is the middle of the night
10:18<Isvara>All the ghouls are out
10:18<Nipsting>great.. got it working
10:18<Nipsting>have a nice one guys.. Im off
10:18-!-Nipsting [] has quit [Quit: RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN.. sigh]
10:24-!-andrew00david [~andrew00d@] has joined #linode
10:24<@irgeek>Isvara: I just tested it, and no special comments are required. At least not on Ubuntu.
10:24-!-Deviation [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:25-!-ph [~ph^] has joined #linode
10:27-!-andrew00david [~andrew00d@] has quit []
10:27-!-andrew00david [~andrew00d@] has joined #linode
10:29<Isvara>irgeek: Perhaps the comments are just to save you having to specify runlevels and sequence number on the command line
10:32-!-exor|zzz is now known as exor674
10:38-!-elhippo [] has joined #linode
10:38-!-Hopkins [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:40-!-wastrel [] has joined #linode
10:40<J-Node>irgeek, a belated welcome. As you like vitamin G, you are automatically my friend.
10:41<@irgeek>I am automatically everyone's friend. :)
10:41<Isvara>He's the Tom of #linode
10:42<wastrel>i am back on oftc so you get the pleasure of my company again
10:42-!-N1JER [~N1JER@] has joined #linode
10:42<J-Node>Anyone know how phpMyAdmin determines the server version?
10:43<@caker>SHOW VARIABLES; ?
10:43<Isvara>SELECT version()
10:43<@irgeek>Isvara: tasaro is the Tom of Linode...
10:44<J-Node>Just curious. Just went from 5.1.24 to 5.1.30, cli shows the correct version, PMA does not. This is on a 'doze box, have verified no conflicting dll's.
10:45<J-Node>Not really a linode issue.
10:45<Isvara>It would be an odd thing for PMA to cache.
10:45<mwalling>trust the cli
10:45<Isvara>Are you sure you're connecting to the right database?
10:45<J-Node>Ah, hadn't thought about caching. Have restarted the service.
10:46<J-Node>Oh yes. I always upgrade from the zip, just stop the service, copy everything over (except for the mysql data tables themselves) & restart. Has worked fine for quite a while.
10:47<J-Node>No worries, it's just a curiosity, not a problem.
10:48<J-Node>It seems to be upgrade day. I decided to plunge into Python. Again. Never really used v2 so loaded v3.
10:49<jkwood>Yes, that sucks.
10:49<jkwood>Whoops... wrong window.
10:49<mwalling>failbus is comming to town
10:49<jkwood>STOP YELLING AT ME
10:50<Isvara>jkwood is the driver
10:50<@irgeek>J-Node: import antigravity
10:50<straterra>I might upgrade joomla today :O
10:50<Isvara>mwalling is sitting on the back seat licking the window
10:50<jkwood>I'm not just the president... I'm also a client.
10:50<straterra>your MOM is a client!
10:50*straterra ducks
10:51<J-Node>Doh! Reloading the browser. Go FireBloat!
10:51<jkwood>Of the failbus? Why yes, yes she is.
10:52<J-Node>;) That would be the v2 cartoon. Changelog indicates parens around print now.
10:53<J-Node>Was planning on watching the inaguration. Now have to go install a couple of routers @ 10:30.
10:54-!-andrew00david [~andrew00d@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:59-!-laser` [] has joined #linode
11:07-!-azaghal_ [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
11:11-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:12<r3z``>In vim how do I search for mutiple things on one line i.e. line has 'open blah blah test bleh 123' I wanna search for open and test
11:12<r3z``>I cant remember how to do it :(
11:12-!-r3z`` is now known as r3z
11:13<r3z>! ;)
11:13-!-jm [] has quit []
11:14<r3z>Digging through frickin straces.
11:15-!-aLeyna01 [~ceren_mas@] has joined #linode
11:15-!-aLeyna01 [~ceren_mas@] has quit [autokilled: This host is believed to be a source of spam. - Contact for help. (2009-01-13 16:15:03)]
11:15-!-Ceyda-Ceyda [~aySu-burs@] has joined #linode
11:15-!-Ceyda-Ceyda [~aySu-burs@] has quit [autokilled: This host is believed to be a home to spammers. - Contact for help. (2009-01-13 16:15:04)]
11:15-!-buse31 [~ASLi_@] has joined #linode
11:15-!-buse31 [~ASLi_@] has quit [autokilled: This host is believed to be a home to spammers. - Contact for help. (2009-01-13 16:15:06)]
11:15-!-AySe911 [~rabia@] has joined #linode
11:15-!-nazer [~narinim@] has joined #linode
11:15-!-Babygirl_kamera [~pakkize@] has joined #linode
11:15-!-AySe911 [~rabia@] has quit [autokilled: spammers. - Contact for help. (2009-01-13 16:15:13)]
11:15-!-nazer [~narinim@] has quit [autokilled: This host is believed to be a home to spammers. - Contact for help. (2009-01-13 16:15:13)]
11:15-!-Babygirl_kamera [~pakkize@] has quit [autokilled: This host is believed to be a home to spammers. - Contact for help. (2009-01-13 16:15:13)]
11:15-!-ahugul [~AYca_DiLa@] has joined #linode
11:15-!-ahugul [~AYca_DiLa@] has quit [autokilled: This host is believed to be a home to spammers. - Contact for help. (2009-01-13 16:15:13)]
11:15-!-gulsah [~RumeySa@] has joined #linode
11:15-!-gulsah [~RumeySa@] has quit [autokilled: This host is believed to be a home to spammers. - Contact for help. (2009-01-13 16:15:29)]
11:16<J-Node>roboslop quit (autokilled: This host is believed to be a home to spammers. - Contact /dev/null for help.
11:16-!-xitology [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
11:17<Isvara>Rain. Shouldn't have walked to work :-(
11:17<r3z>Snow. Shouldn't have walked to work :-(
11:17<r3z>Err wait I didnt walk to work :)
11:17<Isvara>Snow would be great!
11:17<r3z>Where you at Isvara ?
11:17<Isvara>r3z: I'm behind you!
11:17*r3z looks back
11:18<Isvara>Just kidding
11:18<r3z>Hrm unless your eal name is Brett and you know nothing about Linux I doubt it.
11:18<Isvara>Well, my name is not Brett ;-)
11:18<mwalling>that turkey akills or more of our rapidxen friends?
11:18<r3z>Actually he can get his away around in Linux heh but he is no admin\developer.
11:18<Isvara>Backslash. Nasty.
11:20<jkwood>Well, mwalling, there was no swearing or yelling involved.
11:20<J-Node>Gravity. Shouldn't have flown to work.
11:22<Isvara>"Anticipated purchase price: $194,000". I'll rush out and order one now!
11:23<r3z>Buy me one!
11:23<Yaakov>Two, they're small.
11:24<J-Node>Hopefully they won't really get popular until ATC switches from radar to GPS.
11:25<Isvara>Military-resolution GPS?
11:26<bd_>ATC would probably use assisted GPS I guess
11:26<J-Node>Naw, just regular end-user. Think OOPS started beta testing it last year. Helluva lot faster than radar, that's for sure.
11:26<Isvara>bd_: Why would that be necessary?
11:26<bd_>WAAS rather
11:26<J-Node>Downside is then they'll think things can be closer together. Not sure I'm down with that.
11:27<bd_> <-- it provides a correction to GPS signals derived from measurements fixed ground stations
11:27<Isvara>Especially when any goon with $194,000 is in the air
11:27<bd_>at fixed*
11:28<J-Node>Did a router refresh at a cell town last year, part of the 911 system. They said replace the coax while you're out there. Good thing, the cable came off the antenna without the connector.
11:28<bd_>see also
11:29<Yaakov>Goons with $194,000 can already get in the air quite easily.
11:29<J-Node>I don't fly. I have my people fly for me. ;)
11:30<J-Node>I'll bet John Revolting buys a couple.
11:30<J-Node>Then again, he's got a Gulfstream. Perhaps this new toy is too small.
11:31<r3z>Isvara, you still have to have a pilots license
11:31<r3z>You can buy cheap planes and\or rent them
11:36<tjfontaine>are 3ware raid drives portable between different cards?
11:37-!-Northwood [] has quit [Quit: Northwood]
11:38<Isvara>J-Node: Doesn't he have a 707?
11:47-!-loxs [~loxs@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:48<Isvara>I'm not sure I understand multi-processor load average. A load average of 3 on a 4-CPU machine should still mean that it's overloaded, shouldn't it?
11:49<Isvara>Unless it's the *sum* of the length of the run queues. Is it? I assumed it was the average of the four averages.
11:50<HoopyCat>Isvara: i believe it to be the sum
11:50-!-loxs [~loxs@] has joined #linode
11:51-!-prae [] has joined #linode
11:51<HoopyCat>Isvara: i have from my screenshot collection as evidence of somethingorother
11:53-!-ondrej [] has joined #linode
11:53<linbot>New news from forums: Monitoring my IP for inclusion on SPAM Blacklists in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
11:54<reillyeon>Load average should be <= to the number of CPUs.
11:54<reillyeon>It's measuring the number of processes contending for CPU time.
11:56-!-jm [] has joined #linode
11:56-!-praetorian [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:56-!-prae is now known as praetorian
12:03<Isvara>I just had a discussion about it here, and the problem is that there's an alternative, incorrect definition, that happens to work for single-CPU, but fails for multi-CPU.
12:05<linbot>New news from forums: [ Poll ] rm -rf / in /dev/random <>
12:11-!-loxs [~loxs@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:19<Karrde>as I understood it, load average is the average number of processers waiting for CPU. If you are over 1 _per core_, your system may be doing too much.
12:19<Karrde>big difference there..
12:22<@irgeek>I would think per-core wouldn't matter. One process waiting for CPU time is still waiting whether there's one core or 16.
12:23<@irgeek>Having more cores would mean it's just more likely to get CPU time sooner.
12:24-!-loxs [~loxs@] has joined #linode
12:26-!-caviwipes [~caviwipes@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:27-!-caviwipes [] has joined #linode
12:40-!-doug [~doug@] has joined #linode
12:41<Isvara>irgeek: The point is that I was mistakenly thinking of the load average as (number of processes that were runnable but didn't get to run - 1), which would mean that >1 was bad on /any/ number of CPUs.
12:42<Isvara>Oh, +1, not -1.
12:42-!-MrRx7 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
12:48-!-chmac [~chmac@] has joined #linode
12:49-!-Circa [] has joined #linode
12:51-!-kupesoft [] has joined #linode
12:53<Yaakov>SHUT UP MIKEGRB
12:53<r3z>Anyone seen this kind of behavior?
12:53<r3z>2 NICs on different physical networks – Unplug eth0 or 1 and the unplugged NIC reports “Destination Unreachable” while the one still connected ping stops updating. It doesn’t error out it just stops responding with no ping errors.
12:53<r3z>2 NICs on the same network and subnet – Unplug eth1 and the unplugged NIC cease to return pings for about 70 seconds then resumes returning pings, even though eth1 is still unplugged.
12:53<r3z>2 NICs on the same network and subnet – Unplug eth0 and both NICs report “Destination Unreachable”.
12:53<r3z>So far this is the way SUSE 10.2, 11, RHEL5, CentOS5, CENTOS4 all behave in my tests.
12:53-!-Levia [~Levia@] has joined #linode
12:54<Circa>i think someone logged into my linode and changed my root pw/restarted my server, is there anyway someone couldve gotten my linode manager password?
12:54<Levia>I've had a migration before and I'm wondering if some processes are on that shouldn't be on..I have dd running, which I never turned on myself, and I can still see like [migration/0] in my process there something wrong with my linode?
12:56<HoopyCat>Levia: nope, those are kernel threads completely unrelated to the linode environment
12:56<Levia>HoopyCat: isn't dd low level copying of files?
12:56<Yaakov>HoopyCat! So nice to see you.
12:56<HoopyCat>Levia: ah, missed the dd part. what's the command line that it's running?
12:57<Levia>HoopyCat: /bin/dd bs 1 if /proc/kmsg of /var/run/klogd/kmsg
12:57<HoopyCat>Circa: might be worth opening a ticket to see if someone did log into the manager. however, all of those things can be done without access to the manager...
12:57<mwalling>Levia: migration is a kernel thread, nothing to do with linode migration (which infact uses dd to copy your disks to your new home)
12:57<HoopyCat>Levia: that's copying stuff from /proc/kmsg to /var/run/klogd/kmsg ... i bet that's being started by one of your init scripts somewhere
12:58<Levia>should it still be on?
12:58<HoopyCat>Levia: if your system is starting it at boot, i'd assume it has a decent reason for doing so
12:58<Levia>HoopyCat: it's been 3 days now, but I havent seen it before
12:58<HoopyCat>in fact, i have one too :-)
12:58<HoopyCat>root 4601 0.0 0.0 1940 200 ? S 2008 0:02 /bin/dd bs 1 if /proc/kmsg of /var/run/klogd/kmsg
12:58<HoopyCat>Levia: running ubuntu by chance?
12:59<Levia>Yes :)
12:59<Levia>okay then thanks :)
12:59<HoopyCat>Levia: poke around in /etc/init.d and see if you can find what's starting it, if you're curious enough
12:59<mwalling>isnt that a syslog hack that debuntu does?
12:59<HoopyCat>mwalling: sounds like it's along that line, yes
12:59<Yaakov>dd++ # one of those insanely useful things
12:59<HoopyCat>and yep, i have a migration thread on this box too
12:59<jkwood>Silly debuntu.
13:00<Levia>also, the amount of processes running went up by 30 (atleast that's what virtualmin shows me) since the migration..any ideas as to why?
13:00<jkwood>Slackware just runs nmap * at boot.
13:00<HoopyCat>Levia: where were you migrated from?
13:00<Levia>well, same datacenter, just to another server - dallas
13:00<HoopyCat>Levia: what kernel were you running before?
13:01<Levia>the same as I was :D hold on ill chec kit out
13:01-!-zerojinx [] has quit [Quit: zerojinx]
13:01<Levia>I switched from a 360 to a 520
13:01<zxvf>HoopyCat: find someone to rent my apartment in west henrietta
13:01<zxvf>i need someone to pay my rent desperately :/
13:02<zxvf>paying rent 2 places sucks :( :(
13:02<Yaakov>HoopyCat: Get on the air yet?!
13:03<HoopyCat>Levia: i have roughly 31 kernelish processes on my nearest available box, which is a single-processor box running ubuntu's 2.6.27, so i'd expect there to probably be a few more on a kernel running on a linode
13:03<Isvara>r3z: You don't even say what you're pinging
13:03<jkwood>zxvf: Put it on rocwiki =p
13:03<@irgeek>Circa: Open a ticket so we can see if anyone has accessed your account.
13:04<Circa>ok i will
13:04<HoopyCat>Levia: and indeed, i have 59 over on my nearest available ubuntu linode
13:04<HoopyCat>Levia: i'm wondering if you might have previously been on UML...
13:04<Eman>i have 85 running on a centos linode
13:04<Eman>and its uml
13:05<@irgeek>On a Xen Linode there should be 4 migration kernel processes--though I'm not sure what they do.
13:05-!-Peng [] has joined #linode
13:05<HoopyCat>irgeek: i thought they might be related to migrating herds of processes between CPUs, but i have one on my single-processor box, and that'd be the stupidest place ever for that kind of task
13:05*HoopyCat has no idea wtf the karnel does anymoar
13:05<mwalling>HoopyCat: but is your single proc box running a SMP kernel?
13:06<HoopyCat>Yaakov: nope
13:06<HoopyCat>zxvf: wtf would someone want to live in west henrietta?
13:06<Isvara>"The concept is the following: there arenew per-CPU system threads (so-called migration threads) that handle a per-runqueue 'migration queue'. set_cpus_allowed() registers tasks in the target CPU's migration queue, kicks the migrating thread and wakes up the migration thread. The migrating thread unschedules on its source CPU, at which point the migration thread picks the task up and puts it into the local runqueue."
13:06<zxvf>it is a nice apartment ;(
13:06<HoopyCat>mwalling: yes it is, which explains why it's bothering
13:07<HoopyCat>so i was right about one thing! yay
13:07<Isvara>HoopyCat: Do you need someone to improve your karnel knowledge, then?
13:07<HoopyCat>Isvara: only looking for unlawful kernel coders at this time
13:07-!-laser [] has joined #linode
13:07<@irgeek>Isvara: Are you volunteering to teach him?
13:07<Isvara>irgeek: Not personally
13:08<Isvara>HoopyCat: No offence, like
13:08<HoopyCat>zxvf: stop paying rent on it. :-)
13:09<zxvf>i'm on hte lease
13:10<Levia>HoopyCat: kernel processes are the one with brakcets around em right?
13:10-!-N1JER_ [~N1JER@] has joined #linode
13:10<Levia>HoopyCat: I have 59
13:11<HoopyCat>zxvf: so basically, you were reassigned to a faraway place and you told the landlord "look, i gotta move, can i break the lease", and he said "nein"
13:11<HoopyCat>Levia: that's the assumption i run under, yes. :-)
13:11<Isvara>Levia: Yes. (Although they're kernel threads.)
13:11<Levia>but I wonder why the increase
13:11<HoopyCat>unrelatedly, most awesome lawyer name of the day: STEVE BUTCHER, SR.
13:12<HoopyCat>Levia: if you moved from UML to Xen, there'll be some increase due to the increase in processors; if you didn't, dunno, they should have been there all along
13:13<Levia>Oh, I don't know if I was on UML. ..I know I was on a linode before the Xen switch
13:13<Levia>that was my 360.
13:13<zxvf>HoopyCat: the lease is in a friend's name, as I lived in a 3 bedroom apartment with 2 other people, and i'm not going to be a dick and tell my friend he has to pay extra because I decided to break the lease
13:13<phennessy>if you reply to a tweet, does the facebook app throw that into your status?
13:13<HoopyCat>Levia: ok, then you were probably on UML, and thus only had one visible processor (which'd be closer to my 31-thread single-processor box)
13:14<HoopyCat>phennessy: generally, it should; the default twitter badges do
13:14<phennessy>you don't have facebook, do you?
13:14<Levia>HoopyCat: okay, thanks - I know enough
13:14<HoopyCat>phennessy: of course not
13:14<HoopyCat>Levia: rejoice! your kernel now has twice as much crap to worry about ;-)
13:14<phennessy>just making sure, i didn't think i saw you there
13:14<Levia>HoopyCat: apparently. :D but Xen is better right ;)
13:15<Isvara>All hail Xen
13:15-!-laser` [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:15<HoopyCat>zxvf: ah. if he were to be murdered or killed in an unfortunate accident, i think state law would let you break the lease
13:15<HoopyCat>i don't specialize in landlord/tenant law, however
13:16-!-Hopkins [] has joined #linode
13:16-!-N1JER [~N1JER@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:17<HoopyCat>i deal with solutions here, folks, not problems. if you're not willing to commit grand larceny or first-degree murder to solve a problem, then come back when you're serious. ;-)
13:17-!-r3z [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:18-!-r3z [] has joined #linode
13:18-!-axod [] has joined #linode
13:18-!-Pelin911 [~meliha_ma@] has joined #linode
13:18<zxvf>HoopyCat: i'd be open to those suggestions if they weren't indexed by google
13:18-!-manolya [~oznil@] has joined #linode
13:18-!-manolya [~oznil@] has quit [autokilled: This host is believed to be a source of spam. - Contact for help. (2009-01-13 18:18:40)]
13:18<HoopyCat>zxvf: noone can link your name to your nick, don't worry
13:19<HoopyCat>axod: mibbit is UTF8-happy!
13:19-!-Pelin911 [~meliha_ma@] has quit [autokilled: Take your spambots elsewhere. - Contact for help. (2009-01-13 18:19:09)]
13:19<axod>HoopyCat: mibbit was designed with utf8 in mind...
13:19<axod>now we just need to get mirc to do utf8 properly ;)
13:20<axod>or should I say ☺
13:20<zxvf>no, because mirc is a shitty client >:(
13:20<HoopyCat>axod: mirc is still being actively developed?!?!
13:20<zxvf>and no one should use it, ever. there is no excuse for it
13:20-!-Dreamer3 [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
13:21<HoopyCat>zxvf: partypoker, sure. whacky malware-infested screensaver, no problem. but mirc? if i see mirc installed on a machine i'm responsible for, as god is my witness, you're getting a troutslap
13:21-!-yhan818 [] has joined #linode
13:21<axod>it's a ridiculously bad one
13:21<axod>it's like the myspace of irc clients
13:21<zxvf>irssi! irssi!
13:22<HoopyCat>except it predates myspace
13:22<HoopyCat>i'd say myspace is the mirc of free web hosts
13:22<yhan818>who do you go with Domain registration? I have a bad (really bad) experience with Yahoo hosting. They never took your call.
13:22<zxvf>HoopyCat predates preteens.
13:22<axod>HoopyCat: I think the guy still works on mirc,
13:22<axod>though I'm sure most copies are probably hacked copies
13:23<axod>wonder if he makes a good living off it
13:23<zxvf>irc creates some terrible habits
13:23<HoopyCat>yhan818: i use godaddy, but they can be sometimes unpopular. haven't had a reason to stop using them yet.
13:23<zxvf>thanks to mirc, i have a friend who calls all executable files "scripts" because of mirc
13:23*HoopyCat slaps zxvf around a bit with a large trout
13:23<jkwood>! people still use trout?!?!
13:23*caker waves to yhan818 (we just spoke on the phone)
13:23<axod>lol @ scripts
13:24<axod>I was outraged when someone came and asked me "how I wrote this mibbit script"
13:24<axod>It's not a script ffs
13:24-!-kupesoft [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:24<zxvf>he used an mirc variatn called "the script" and apparently, variants of mirc are known as "scripts" among gamers on irc
13:24<yhan818>how is your experience with godaddy? I want to find a reliable good company who has a history of good customer service.
13:25-!-Mario_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:25-!-jas4711 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:25-!-Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
13:25-!-Dreamer3 [] has quit []
13:25<HoopyCat>yhan818: i haven't needed godaddy's customer service, which is kinda my deciding factor when doing domain registration... if i need to get a human involved, they've failed.
13:25-!-jas4711 [] has joined #linode
13:28-!-azaghal_ [~azaghal@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:34-!-yyyy818 [] has joined #linode
13:35-!-Alan_ [~alan@] has joined #linode
13:35-!-Isvara [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
13:36-!-yhan818 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:37-!-brother [] has quit [Quit: reboot]
13:39-!-tiramaua [] has joined #linode
13:41-!-Levia [~Levia@] has quit [Quit: I'm not very good at making up quit messages.]
13:41-!-daMaestro [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:44<Nivex>axod: what is mibbit written in? mod_python? RoR?
13:44-!-yyyy818 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:44<mwalling>Nivex: i think its java
13:46<axod>Nivex: it's java
13:46-!-johnny [] has left #linode []
13:46<jkwood>The web interface isn't Java, though.
13:46<axod>if it were ror I dread to think how many servers I'd need
13:46<Nivex>mmmm, tomcat
13:46<axod>yuck @ tomcat
13:46<jkwood>I loved mibbit when I didn't have any other way to irc.
13:46<jkwood>JavaIRC is fine, if you're not running 64-bit firefox.
13:47<axod>glad it was useful :)
13:47<r3z>If 2 nics are on the same physical network\subnet and you pull eth1 does the kernel arp out and tell everything to flow into eth0 now?
13:48-!-neale [] has joined #linode
13:48<@mikegrb>both nics have their own mac address
13:48<Nivex>oh, sorry, I forgot my sarcasm tags.
13:49<Nivex>I'm not a fan of Java on the whole
13:49<jkwood>I use it occasionally when the connection to my Linode is being iffy, too.
13:49<axod>Nivex: java the language is cool IMHO
13:49<@mikegrb>the only reason the kernel would respond to arp queries for the $ip with the new interface unless you changed it
13:49<axod>some of the idiots that wrap it all in xml and idiotically complex "app servers" aren't cool
13:49<Nivex>so if it's not Tomcat, what is it?
13:50<@caker>idiotically complex<tm>
13:50<axod>Nivex: I wrote my own
13:50<r3z>mikegrb, just trying to figure out this weird behavior
13:50*axod hands caker a ™
13:51<r3z>eth1 pull the cable and in 60-80 seconds or so it starts responding again.
13:51<Nivex>I couldn't find the difraph
13:51<Nivex>digraph even
13:51<J-Node>yhan818: I've been using namecheap for a bit now, fairly happy. Was with 1&1 before. Have about 50 names between the two.
13:51<jkwood>axod: So does mibbit run on a Linode then? I forget.
13:51<@mikegrb>through some words in that last statement it doesn't parse
13:51<axod>the widget backend does,
13:51<axod>currently doing 800 http requests a second :/
13:51-!-JustNick [] has joined #linode
13:52<JustNick>Good Morning :-)
13:52<axod>at the moment the other backend is on a slice
13:52<JustNick>a 720 node will get more cpu time allocated then a 360 node right?
13:52<jkwood>Ah, I see.
13:52<r3z>mikegrb, any ideas?
13:52<jkwood>JustNick: Theoretically, yes.
13:52<jkwood>You're sharing with less people.
13:52<r3z>So far this is the way SUSE 10.2, 11, RHEL5, CentOS5, CENTOS4 all behave.
13:53<jkwood>Although, I'm not entirely certain how full the hosts are anyway.
13:55<Yaakov>I like to share!
13:55<Yaakov>Hello, mikegrb.
13:57<Yaakov>Yay, email confirms my MacBook Pro order has been made. Soon... soon...
13:58<Yaakov>No, that's too big for me.
13:58<Yaakov>I prefer the 15.
13:58<zxvf>i am on efnet and somebody asl'd me
13:58<@mikegrb>k, I have the 15"
13:58<@mikegrb>I'm jealous of the battery in the 17"
13:59<Yaakov>Well, I didn't want to haul that monster around.
13:59<Yaakov>I am used to carrying the 15", this is just an upgrade.
13:59<@mikegrb>mine generally stays at home
13:59<Yaakov>I went 15" PowerBook --> 15" MBP and now, again.
13:59<Yaakov>Ah, mine goes with me.
14:00-!-tiramaua [] has quit [Quit: quit]
14:00<@mikegrb>I'm beta testing bringing mine to work with me
14:00<@mikegrb>we shall see how it goes
14:00<faceman>does anyone know where i can find a munin RPM release for centOS
14:00<faceman>the rpm-forge link i keep finding is dry
14:00-!-N1JER [~N1JER@] has joined #linode
14:01<tjfontaine>the only way i can make sure I use my laptop is to make it my only machine
14:01<@mikegrb>well it's my only machine at home
14:01<@mikegrb>but I've been leaving it at home and ssh or vpn+vnc in when needed
14:02<HoopyCat>faceman: hmm, mine comes in via rpmforge
14:02<faceman>i found
14:02<faceman>but it errors out
14:02<faceman>when i try to add it
14:03-!-meff [] has left #linode []
14:03<HoopyCat>faceman: and are the specific packages i'm running
14:03-!-brother [] has joined #linode
14:04<faceman>ah thanks
14:04<melz>a random question: anyone know which linux distro does linode run xen on? my company does some hosting for our clients and we recently got a new 1U and contemplating running xen on it. but i guess we haven't decided on which distro to install ..
14:04<faceman>now i just have to resolve dependencies it seems
14:06-!-N1JER_ [~N1JER@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:06<HoopyCat>melz: i believe the dom0 are running ubuntu
14:06<Yaakov>And here I though it was Debian.
14:06*dmb would recommend debian :P
14:06<Yaakov>Shows what I know.
14:07<linbot>I'd like to tell you about Debian, but we have to put it to a vote first.
14:07<HoopyCat>faceman: yeah, might be worthwhile bugging the rpmforge folks to see if there's a way to get the actual stuff going... it's been so long for me
14:07*Pryon puts jkwood to a vote
14:07<HoopyCat>Yaakov: if you squint your eyes hard enough, ubuntu is the debian of the now
14:07<jkwood>I can't see this going anyway.
14:07<melz>HoopyCat: thanks. interesting too because i noticed all the docs on the xen site are mostly for ubuntu
14:07<faceman>ah hoopycat ;_; so much effort
14:08<zxvf>14:00 < zxvf> Yaakov:
14:08<zxvf>14:05 <@Yaakov> asl?
14:08<zxvf>this is not the same yaakov
14:08<HoopyCat>melz: at the end of the day, it doesn't matter one way or another, so go with whichever is easiest :-)
14:08<zxvf>in #discourse on efnet
14:08<faceman>well rrd tool worked fine it seems
14:08<melz>HoopyCat: true that. but i like to be able to throw a name or two when we come to making the decisions. i get in trouble when things fail to work ~_~
14:08<HoopyCat>faceman: i know they were refrobulating everything a few months back with rpmforge
14:09<Yaakov>HoopyCat: Stop with the fancy talk. We all know you are smart!
14:09<faceman>well i really dont know what to look for, I was just using a tutorial with a dried up link =S
14:09<HoopyCat>melz: xen works fine out of the box all the time! never seen it not fail to work, not at all ;-)
14:09<faceman>which ruins the entire thing
14:09<melz>even "all the time" fails sometime!
14:10<HoopyCat>faceman: something like ?
14:11<faceman>oh no lol not that, but one from 2007
14:12<HoopyCat>faceman: 2009 is the age of the now!
14:12<Yaakov>I am in the time of the here.
14:12<HoopyCat>oh great, now i'm going to put "of the now!" after everything
14:12<jkwood>HoopyCat: After everything of the now?
14:13<faceman>well the best tutorials seem to come from not the age of now
14:13<JustNick>I don't think it is quite yet the year...
14:13<JustNick>and, Ubuntu is but isn't quite the debian of the now
14:14<HoopyCat>what the hell am i looking at? when does this happen in the movie?
14:14<JustNick>near the end typically
14:14<JustNick>called a `twist`
14:14<zxvf>i am supposed to be DOING WORK
14:14<zxvf>but now i am WAITING FOR STUFF
14:17<JustNick>to truye
14:19-!-zerojinx [] has joined #linode
14:24<HoopyCat>anyone have an mp3 of the HBO Starship theme from roughly 1983 handy?
14:24<jkwood>Right here in my back pocket.
14:25<r3z>HoopyCat, this?
14:25<r3z>if so use one of the youtube to mp3 sites and grab it ;)
14:25<faceman>much thanks
14:25<HoopyCat>r3z: yep; available in full from of course
14:25<HoopyCat>faceman: np :-)
14:25<faceman>due to that rpmforge link, munin is available to me
14:26<HoopyCat>r3z: yeah, that's probably what i'll do. just wanted to avoid wasting the finite computing resources of our internet.
14:27<Bartman007>HoopyCat: then strip the audio out on your local machine, oneliner w/ ffmpeg
14:27<SelfishMan>VLC can directly convert it
14:27<r3z>HoopyCat, you want the full or shortened one?
14:28<HoopyCat>r3z: full, of course
14:28<HoopyCat>i'm a-workin' it, don't sweat it
14:28<Bartman007>that's some impressive 1983 animation, wonder how much they paid for it.
14:29<SelfishMan>About as much as was paid for the intro to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
14:29<HoopyCat>Bartman007: hint: it's not animation
14:30<HoopyCat>well, not very much animation
14:31<Bartman007>HoopyCat: I know the city isn't. I was talking about the "starship" itself
14:31-!-agentbleubleu [] has quit [Quit: agentbleubleu]
14:31<Bartman007>but yeah, I just saw the physical model...
14:32<r3z>HoopyCat, tell me when you have it so I can delete them mp3 ;)
14:32<HoopyCat>r3z: i just converted it locally, but thanks! :-)
14:32-!-pygi [Mario@] has joined #linode
14:32<HoopyCat>r3z: i was hoping mikegrb or someone might have it in his collection
14:34<HoopyCat>you know... on friday afternoon, put it in the 8-track of the grebvan, crank the volume up, roll down the windows, and burn out of the linode underground parking garage, timing it so the van goes airborne at just the right moment
14:34<mwalling>r3z: leave it, i want it for MoH!
14:34<HoopyCat>fsck, mwalling figured out my plan
14:34<mwalling>HoopyCat: *++
14:34<mwalling>r3z: put it back :(
14:35<r3z>Hang tight
14:35<mwalling>wow... i've got 8 screens open
14:35*axod needs to get a new linode for the bandwidth, but what to put on the server :/
14:36<mwalling>axod: cant negotiate a deal?
14:36<axod>possible I suppose,
14:36<axod>it's a bit funny how getting a server is cheaper than bandwidth overage,
14:36<r3z>Gone again ;)
14:37<zxvf>axod: give me the server?
14:37<jkwood>I didn't think you could pool bandwidth.
14:37<axod>a server without bandwidth don't forget though
14:37<zxvf>axod: get caker to give me the extra linode but allocate only my bandwidth to it, and give you the extra bandwidth
14:37<axod>jkwood: sure you can
14:37<mwalling>jkwood: you can
14:38<axod>heh... I think I'll just plan for more scaling... or I guess I could just upgrade an existing linode
14:39<nenolod>Bartman007: if only HBO still had that intro today. :(
14:41-!-tanto [] has joined #linode
14:43<faceman>hoopycats if the graphs havent updated in 10 minutes can i assume something went wrong?
14:43<faceman>after doing the ndoe
14:44<HoopyCat>faceman: there should be a cron job triggering the stats-gatherer every 5 minutes
14:44<faceman>the tutorial i was reading said to change the directory to /var/www/munin but i use /var/www/html so i left the original config alone
14:45<faceman>could that have messed it up?
14:45<faceman>*and moved the /var/www/munin to /var/www/html/munin
14:45<HoopyCat>it'll put the output HTML whereever you tell it to; if your webserver isn't expecting it there, that could cause you to not get what it's puttin' out
14:46<faceman>well the directory its outputting to does exist
14:46<HoopyCat>all munin does is connect to a set of remote hosts, collect all the stats they have, then put them in pretty graphs for your web server. :-)
14:46<HoopyCat>faceman: is there a cron job set to start munin every five minutes?
14:47<HoopyCat>i don't run munin itself on a centos box, so i'm not sure where it puts stuff or what it sets up by default over there
14:48<faceman>and as it is when you are trying to do something fast, i forgot how to check the cronjob for munin xD
14:49<HoopyCat>if it creates a user to run as, crontab -l -u thatuser might do it... you might also have an /etc/cron.d directory where something'll be
14:50<faceman>found a munin cronjob
14:50<faceman>runs munin-cron
14:50<faceman>ever 5 mins yep
14:51<HoopyCat>cool... and you have an /etc/munin/munin.conf which has the host you're interested in configured? (probably locahost)
14:52-!-materdaddy [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:52<faceman>as far as i can tell
14:52<HoopyCat>i think it will be named /etc/munin/munin.conf on centos, as i have a munin-node.conf there on my centos box
14:52-!-pygi [Mario@] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
14:52<HoopyCat>faceman: i typo'd; when i do such, i tend to use regexp notation to fix it :-)
14:52<faceman>but yeah i know where my munin.conf is
14:53<HoopyCat>faceman: cool... in there, there'll be a logdir directive. that'll point you towards a good directory to look at
14:53-!-xitology [~xi@] has joined #linode
14:53<HoopyCat>probably /var/log/munin
14:54<faceman>reading the node/html logs
14:54<faceman>it seems to be running quite normally
14:55<HoopyCat>hmm, sure it's not updating then?
14:55<faceman>im going to pm you something real quick
14:56<faceman>i dont think its going to the right directory, -still-
14:57<HoopyCat>if you telnet localhost 4949, does it say "# munin node at localhost" or something else?
14:57<HoopyCat>if it says something else, change the [localhost] in munin.conf to say that something else
14:57<faceman>it does
14:58<HoopyCat>and if you type "list", it gives you some crap, right?
14:58-!-zerojinx [] has quit [Quit: zerojinx]
15:00<faceman>and the "updated at:" was 30 mins ago
15:00<HoopyCat>on a hunch, try changing the [localhost] in munin.conf to your hostname, and put the same thing for the host_name in munin-node.conf (then restart munin-node)... that will at least create a new set of files
15:01<HoopyCat>and it'll say something more useful than "localhost" :-)
15:01*JustNick thinks mikegrb is to busy in the chat channel instead of doing his node migration ticket :)
15:01-!-axod [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
15:02<HoopyCat>JustNick: he's been idle for an hour; he's probably overclocking the coffee pot or something :-)
15:04<HoopyCat>so why would you put "This page intentionally left blank" on one blank page, but not the other one?
15:05<jkwood>The other was unintentionally left blank.
15:06<faceman>hoopycats no apparent change
15:06<HoopyCat>faceman: hmm... and there's no grungy errors in the munin-update.log?
15:07<faceman>Jan 13 15:05:05 [20038] - ERROR: Could not rename file: No such file or directory
15:07<HoopyCat>that's a grungy error
15:09<faceman>well, what is it referring to heh
15:09-!-jtaji [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:09<HoopyCat>bugger all, i dunno :-)
15:09<faceman>night above it was Changing type of net -> domain -> nfs_client -> readdir to derive
15:09<faceman>lol idk
15:10<HoopyCat>you're *sure* all the paths in /etc/munin/munin.conf exist and are writable to the user munin-cron is running as? :-)
15:10<HoopyCat>faceman: that's a good sign; that means it's talking to the munin-node at least
15:10<mwalling>having a printer in the office that speaks ipp <3
15:11<HoopyCat><3 combo ipv6 router/print server/backupsing box that speaks ipp
15:11<zxvf>do i want to go home and make lunch, or go get a burrito?
15:12<HoopyCat>zxvf: if you have more time than money, the former. if you have more money than time, burritos are delicious and wholesome, esp. considering you're temporarily in a burrito-rich environment
15:12<zxvf>yes, yes I am.
15:12-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
15:13<faceman>well i did some chowning
15:13*HoopyCat chowns j00
15:15<faceman>munin-update.log has no errors anymore
15:17<faceman>the only error in all the logs is now a cryptic, interesting one
15:17<faceman>find: WARNING: Hard link count is wrong for /proc: this may be a bug in your filesystem driver. Automatically turning on find's -noleaf option. Earlier results may have failed to include directo$...
15:17<faceman><3 me
15:17<faceman>I have to get my pre-work shower
15:18<JustNick>they taking a while to do the support tickets today eh
15:19<HoopyCat>faceman: is it updating? i suspect that error was in munin-node, and it was probably because it's going a little deep
15:19<faceman>Jan 13 15:15:05 [20941] - Munin-update finished (3.40 sec)
15:20<HoopyCat>you people and your fast computers
15:20<HoopyCat>Jan 13 15:16:17 [19657] - Munin-update finished (68.29 sec)
15:20*Yaakov repartitions HoopyCat.
15:20<faceman>this is on my linode actually
15:20<faceman>hence why im asking here xD
15:21<faceman>its like the html just isn't updating
15:21<faceman>yet munin-html.log seems fine
15:22<HoopyCat>faceman: weird. any aliases in your web server configs that might be pointing it elsewhere?
15:23<HoopyCat>faceman: and actually, if you look where it's writing the html files out, is it updating there?
15:23<faceman>the web server configs are mostly stock heh
15:24<faceman>i always mess up vhosts so i never touch them
15:24<HoopyCat>faceman: you mentioned you changed the html dir in munin.conf... i'm wondering if the RPM dropped a config hunk in apache to tell it to look in the location that was in there before
15:25<faceman>well technically i didn't change the html dir
15:25<faceman>munin installs with the pointing to the wrong dir
15:25<faceman>which happens to be the right dir for me
15:25<faceman>but still
15:25<faceman>good point
15:26<HoopyCat>it's gotta be putting the HTML somewhere, you know
15:27<faceman>a munin.conf in my httpd
15:28<faceman>something so simple
15:28<faceman>the cgi was pointing to the old dir in the httpd conf
15:28<HoopyCat>an update from yesterday... remember that guy who parachuted out of his plane over alabama then went all missing? On Tuesday, Schrenker was charged in Hamilton County (Indiana) Superior Court with two Class C felonies: unlawful acts by a compensated adviser and unlawful transaction by an investment adviser.
15:29<faceman>thx much HoopyCat
15:29*HoopyCat is shocked -- SHOCKED!
15:29<HoopyCat>faceman: wooot. np :-)
15:29<faceman>so many grapgs
15:29<HoopyCat>faceman: looks good from here now!
15:29<faceman>yeah, sorry for the pm i know some ppl dont like it
15:29<faceman>but some things are better explained when shown
15:30<faceman>hah everything is by day/week
15:30<HoopyCat>faceman: no problem. i prefer working stuff out on-channel, but for things like URLs and whatnot, if folks wanna keep it on the dl, that's cool
15:30<faceman>well i don't want to get the advertising b& hmr etc
15:30<jkwood>On the download?
15:31-!-laser` [] has joined #linode
15:31<HoopyCat>jkwood: the down-low. you know... ;-)
15:31<jkwood>Oh, I know.
15:32<HoopyCat>jkwood: the low of the down
15:33<faceman>bbl work
15:34<jkwood>Is that like the up of the high?
15:35<HoopyCat>which reminds me
15:35<Karrde>drugs are for tools
15:36<HoopyCat>if drugs are for tools, then i'm a leatheman, wooooo
15:37-!-laser [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:40-!-Frools [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:40-!-Frools [] has joined #linode
15:45-!-libervisco [] has joined #linode
15:45*JustNick wonders if support is ignoring him
15:46<jkwood>mikegrb: WAKE UP
15:48<Karrde>yes. they hate you.
15:50<JustNick>everyone does
15:51<jkwood>If your name wasn't Nick Burns, you'd be fine.
15:53<seangrove>hey all, should I add a subdomain through the linode dns manager?
15:53<jkwood>If you'd like.
15:54<seangrove>do I edit the dns entry for the main domain, and add some sort of record under that?
15:55-!-cruxeternus [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
15:58<jkwood>You'll want to add an A record.
16:01<seangrove>ah, I see - www and mail are already listed
16:03<seangrove>how long should it take to propagate?
16:03<linbot>seangrove: Host not found.
16:04<HoopyCat>seangrove: zone regeneration starts every 15 minutes
16:05<seangrove>so just leave it be for a bit then?
16:05<HoopyCat>you can't make it propagate any faster, but you can make it go more slowly ;-)
16:08-!-pygi [] has joined #linode
16:09-!-jtaji [] has joined #linode
16:15-!-zerojinx [] has joined #linode
16:17-!-Deckert_ [] has quit [Quit: That's all folks!]
16:20-!-Tallo [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
16:20-!-Deckert [] has joined #linode
16:22-!-irgeek [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
16:22<malphas>Anyone else lose connection to dallas?
16:23-!-CJ_ [] has joined #linode
16:23<CJ_>dallas issues?
16:23-!-jdlspeedy_ [] has joined #linode
16:23-!-tierra [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
16:23<CJ_>whenever my linode doesnt work, i always check here first......i figure if anybody else is getting it, then its not my fault
16:23<jdlspeedy_>im seeing issues in dallas, is this true?
16:24-!-jcap [~jcap@] has joined #linode
16:24-!-justintime [] has joined #linode
16:24*Deckert sees the samest
16:24<jcap>anyone else seeing packet loss at the planet?
16:24-!-fearoffish [] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
16:24-!-michiel-_ is now known as michiel-
16:24<jcap>I'm getting about 40% packet loss
16:24<b4>dallass has issuess?
16:24<Deckert>jcap: yep
16:24<guinea-pig>depends on your route...
16:25<Deckert>aah ... there's my linode back now
16:25<b4>I have spelling issues
16:25<CJ_>mine just came back too
16:25<guinea-pig>oh maybe not. if it's back now
16:25<jcap>yeah this host is in dallas, coming in via Lvl3
16:25-!-irgeek [] has joined #linode
16:25-!-mode/#linode [+o irgeek] by ChanServ
16:25<guinea-pig>i may have started my mtr too late
16:25<Deckert>I think it was a transient outage
16:25-!-Synapse_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:25-!-Synapse [] has joined #linode
16:25-!-tierra [] has joined #linode
16:26-!-pygi [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:26-!-blithe [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:26<CJ_>yeah, linode is rarely down for more than a few mins
16:26-!-blithe [] has joined #linode
16:26-!-emag [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:26-!-HoopyCat [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:26-!-HoopyCat_ [] has joined #linode
16:26-!-emag [] has joined #linode
16:26<Majes>ba boom ba
16:26<CJ_>and by rarely i mean...ive been with them for like a year or two and it's happened once
16:26<scott>dallas being hit?
16:26<scott>lag lag lag
16:27<guinea-pig>yeah, bush wanted to nuke something before he left offfice
16:27-!-libervisco [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:27<tjfontaine>zomg nukes
16:27<jcap>0% loss now
16:27-!-libervisco [] has joined #linode
16:27<Deckert>jcap: agreed
16:27<Deckert>jcap: was a very short outage
16:27<mwalling>scott: good its not just me
16:28<tjfontaine>mwalling: it's always your fault
16:28<mwalling>and here i thought i had screwed up my routing table
16:28<Internat>evertyings mwalling's fault.
16:28<tjfontaine>mwalling: you did
16:28<@tasaro>mikegrb: i thought it was only going to affect mwalling?
16:28-!-BP{k} [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:28<HoopyCat_>mwalling screwed up my routing table
16:28<mwalling>also, whats the winnt version of /etc/resolv.conf?
16:28<HoopyCat_>oh hell, i've got acute pengism
16:28-!-HoopyCat_ is now known as HoopyCat
16:28-!-hachi [] has joined #linode
16:29<HoopyCat>mwalling: right click on the network icon thinger, go to properties, and then advanced... i think. somewhere in there.
16:29-!-BP{k} [] has joined #linode
16:29<mwalling>i want to add my router's to the dns servers, since the work servers only answer work related queries
16:29-!-justintime [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:29<Deckert>mwalling: <click>, <double-click>, <click>, <click> type type type <click>
16:30<mwalling>irgeek: the ajax console supports C-a commands just fine btw, its alt commands it barfs on
16:30<HoopyCat> <--- woohoo, paperwork's gone through
16:31<@irgeek>mwalling: mikegrb told me the same thing, but I can't get it to work from my machine. *shrug*
16:31-!-linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:32<Internat>probably not the best link to paste publcily
16:32<Internat>since it has your fullname and address ;)
16:32<guinea-pig>in a logged channel...
16:32<HoopyCat>Internat: whois
16:33<Internat>well this is true as well.
16:33<mwalling>irgeek: stop using macs?
16:33<guinea-pig>life is full of truths
16:33<mwalling>truths like macs suck
16:33<HoopyCat>i don't care that much, and mapping callsign -> address is trivial
16:33*tjfontaine hearts his mac
16:34-!-daMaestro [] has joined #linode
16:34-!-chmac [~chmac@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:34<Internat>do you chose your callsign or do they assign one?
16:34-!-kauwgom [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:34<N1JER>Assign it
16:34<N1JER>where are you located?
16:35-!-pygi [Mario@] has joined #linode
16:35-!-azaghal_ [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
16:35<HoopyCat>Internat: back in the day, they were sequentially assigned out of a pool, but there are a few more options for creativity these days (at least in FCC-land)
16:35<HoopyCat>Internat: varies by country, o'course
16:37-!-seangrove [] has quit [Quit: seangrove]
16:39-!-jdlspeedy_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:41<laser`>Ofcom also let you choose
16:42-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:42-!-kauwgom [] has joined #linode
16:43-!-pygi [Mario@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:46-!-pygi [Mario@] has joined #linode
16:55-!-straterra [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:57-!-doug is now known as Guest339
16:58<mwalling>my mom is nuts... I had an incoming connection from before i had even closed my connection to
16:58<mwalling>either that or my syslog was laggy
16:59-!-loxs [~loxs@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:00-!-brother| [] has joined #linode
17:01-!-straterra [] has joined #linode
17:01<zxvf>i don't think i want to be on linode irc anymore
17:01<zxvf>i enjoy linode but i don't like google indexing :/
17:02-!-brother [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:02<mwalling>god forbid
17:03<tjfontaine>zomg you might be popular
17:03-!-zxvf [] has left #linode [GONE 4 GOOGAL]
17:03<tjfontaine>defeating your whole art for arts sake
17:03-!-xitology [~xi@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
17:04<mwalling>that was too easy
17:04-!-ianneub [] has joined #linode
17:04-!-HoopyCat_ [] has joined #linode
17:04-!-jcap [~jcap@] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
17:05<mwalling>amavis *FAIL*
17:05<mwalling>Jan 13 22:03:36 you amavis[4308]: (04308-01) Passed CLEAN, [] [] <> -> <>, Message-ID: <>, mail_id: ECtrpxV7azBl, Hits: 3.937, size: 2716, queued_as: 24A1DB957, 1278 ms
17:05*mwalling turns up the filters
17:06-!-cryptw [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:06-!-HoopyCat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:06-!-pygi [Mario@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:06-!-avongauss [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:12-!-HoopyCat [] has joined #linode
17:12-!-cryptw [] has joined #linode
17:13-!-avongauss [] has joined #linode
17:13-!-HoopyCat_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:14<cryptw>what just went down?
17:15-!-daMaestro|isBack [] has joined #linode
17:15<HoopyCat>cryptw: i suspect an OFTC server in sweden got a little gamey there
17:16<cryptw>HoopyCat: hmm, im connecting via
17:16<mwalling>cryptw, HoopyCat, avongauss, and pygi all pinged out
17:16<HoopyCat>cryptw: you're probably connecting via
17:16<mwalling>at the same time
17:17<SelfishMan>Yay! The idiots that tried to break into the library the other night rolled over on a bunch of others and now there are a dozen arrests tied to many felonies
17:17<SelfishMan>That's what you get for trying to break into *my* library
17:17<Pryon>Is it the Justice League library or something?
17:17<Pryon>I'd tell Wonder Woman anything
17:18<SelfishMan>Pryon: Nope, just *my* library but close enough
17:18<HoopyCat>SelfishMan: wooo felony
17:18*HoopyCat troubleshoots with
17:18-!-straterra [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:19<SelfishMan>The best part is that they admitted to breaking in to one of the cities water tanks on the hill thinking that it was a building. Now they are being charged with attempting to poison a cities water supply
17:19-!-daMaestro [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:20<HoopyCat>SelfishMan: hahahaha
17:21<SelfishMan>That same night they also broke into the radio shack for all the local emergency services and officially the building is owned and operated by the DHS.
17:21-!-avongauss [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:21<SelfishMan>I figure at best after negotiating down to lesser charges they still end up being bruno's bitch
17:21<HoopyCat>SelfishMan: quick! rendit them extraordinarily before next tuesday!
17:21-!-azaghal__ [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
17:22-!-avongauss [] has joined #linode
17:22<Pryon>A trifecta of stupid
17:22<Pryon>You've won an all-expenses-paid trip to Cuba!
17:22<HoopyCat>i totally just checked to see if that's the bruno you meant
17:23<HoopyCat><3 NYS politics
17:24-!-mendel [] has quit [Quit: mendel]
17:24-!-ianneub [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
17:27<SelfishMan>Pryon: Did I mention they also stole a Humvee from the local national guard armory? They are beyond screwed even after bargaining
17:28-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
17:28-!-azaghal_ [~azaghal@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:28<Pryon>I'm glad they're off the streets. Not because they're evil, but that kind of stupidity can be genuinely dangerous.
17:29<Pryon>They don't seem the type to be attracted to libraries. Must've thought it was a bank or something.
17:29-!-loxs [~loxs@] has joined #linode
17:32-!-raphael [] has joined #linode
17:32<jtsage>oh cool. linked-in spam. thats a new one for me.
17:34-!-azaghal__ [~azaghal@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:35<raphael>who is the linode bot and how can I ask im in private the number of linode available in Newark ?
17:35<linbot>mwalling: "avail-all" could be
17:35<linbot>cryptw: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
17:36<raphael>mwalling: thanks I know the page but I want to speak with the bot ;)
17:36<mwalling>then speak with it
17:36<mwalling>but i'm pretty sure !avail-* are aliases to "say #linode [foo]"
17:37<raphael>mwalling: avail give the total number of linode but no by DC :-(
17:38<raphael>mwalling: and avail-* isn't valid
17:38<linbot>mwalling: Newark360 - 0, Newark540 - 1, Newark720 - 1, Newark1080 - 0, Newark1440 - 0, Newark2880 - 0
17:38<mwalling>i was globbing.
17:38<raphael>mwalling: thanks :)
17:38-!-raphael [] has quit [Quit: raphael]
17:38<jtsage>hey, quick question regarding private ip's within a datacenter - are they available to any other linode there? i.e., both I and a friend are using each other's linode for simple web data backup - if we were in the same datacenter, could a private ip be used for this?
17:40<jtsage>cool. thanks :)
17:40*mwalling uses the backend to talk to his work linode
17:41<HoopyCat>doing /msg linbot avail-nj does work... privately
17:41*HoopyCat also uses the backend to talk to mwalling's work linode
17:42<HoopyCat>./zomgsuperspl0it &
17:42<SelfishMan>Pryon: Sorry, stepped away for a minute. They were after the laptops and the whole $5 in coins we keep
17:43<SelfishMan>After all the problems and petty theft it's nice to have some resolution for once
17:46-!-jtaji [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:47-!-N1JER [~N1JER@] has quit [Quit: N1JER]
17:50<Pryon>HoopyCat: stop farting on mwalling's linode
17:51<phennessy>firefox is using 873M virt and 341M res
17:51<phennessy>is that bad?
17:51<SelfishMan>phennessy: Yes
17:52<SelfishMan>Wait, Windows or Linux?
17:52<res0>firefox accidentally 873M virt
17:52<SelfishMan>That is bad for Linux but SOP for Windows
17:52<phennessy>i've seen it high on my Windows machine, but already closed it out
17:53<phennessy>after restart, it's using 508M virt and 66064 res
17:53<phennessy>i guess that's K
17:55*phennessy kills them all and goes home
17:58-!-silvertab [] has joined #linode
17:58<silvertab>hi there...! I need some help with my mailserver (postfix) configuration... I thought it was all setup properly but I noticed something odd when I checked one of my emails' header
17:59<cryptw>let's see it
17:59<silvertab>well, I realized that mails sent from PHP were sent by
18:00<silvertab>instead of
18:00<cryptw>they're always sent from
18:00<silvertab>(now I gotta admit.. I really suck at this postfix thing... I followed a tutorial and thought everythign was working but obviously this is much more complex than I expected hehe)
18:01<cryptw>you can't change that
18:01-!-straterra [] has joined #linode
18:01<cryptw>unless you get your PHP script to pass the right option to sendmail
18:01<cryptw>or use SMTP directly
18:01<silvertab>so basically if they are sent from php they will always show up as "ww-data"... ? (unless I do one of the 2 things you just mentioned??)
18:02<HoopyCat>is it the From: line that has it, or some other part of the header?
18:02<cryptw>it's the Return-Path
18:02<silvertab>the From: line is correct
18:02<silvertab>it's the return-path indeed
18:03<HoopyCat>ah... yeah, return-path would, indeed, be www-data, as that's the user that sent the mail
18:03<silvertab>does it matter? assuming the reply-to and from: are correct?
18:04<HoopyCat>silvertab: i *believe* bounce messages will be sent to that address
18:04<HoopyCat>silvertab: however, mail clients won't use it for display or reply purposes
18:04<silvertab>problem is... hotmail and other webmails are not receiving mails I send, so I started looking into SPF records etc.. (I think I set them up correctly now) I just want to make sure this will not interefer with anything....
18:05<HoopyCat>silvertab: sending mail to hotmail is a pain in the ass... has some tips that might help
18:06<silvertab>i.e. I setup a TXT record to @ TXT "v=spf1 a mx ip4:myip -all" but never shows up in the return-path
18:06<silvertab>so I was worried this might be a prob
18:08<silvertab>anyway...I'll wait fro the DNS to propagate before I panic hehe
18:08<SelfishMan>MSN wants valid SPF and SenderID with a good, clean forward and reverse dns
18:08<silvertab>I think I have it all covered now... only thing I couldn't quite figure out is HELO
18:08<HoopyCat>generally, the SPF checks are done by checking to ensure the sending MTA's IP address is permitted by the SPF entries returned by looking for TXT records associated with the domain in the From: header
18:08<SelfishMan>myhostname in postfix
18:09<silvertab>mmm I have it set to:
18:09<silvertab>which is what is showing up now in the return-path
18:10<HoopyCat>yep, that'd be normal
18:10<silvertab>ok well... we'll see how it goes hehe... thanks for the tips guys!
18:10<Yaakov>*rumor* HoopyCat is Bill Cosby's secret identity.
18:10<SelfishMan>Don't forget to add a SenderID TXT record
18:11<res0>Yaakov: *confirmed*!
18:11<silvertab>SelfishMan: I thought this was basically SPF?? I ran the SenderID wizard and it gave me the line I just pasted above (the TXT)
18:11<HoopyCat>despite reports to the contrary, i am not banned from the china buffet due to excessive jello consumption
18:11<SelfishMan>silvertab: It is *basically* SPF but not
18:12<mwalling>its microsoft. they have their own way for everything
18:12<silvertab>yeah..nothing new here... :P
18:12<mwalling>instead of supporting qrcode, they made
18:12<SelfishMan>create a new record exactly the same as the SPF record but change the 'v-spf1' part to 'spf2.0/pra'
18:12<cryptw>SelfishMan: that's valid SPF
18:12<cryptw>SelfishMan: it's just an old version
18:12<SelfishMan>cryptw: That is SenderID
18:13<silvertab>do TXT record take a while to propagate?
18:13<SelfishMan>silvertab: do a 'dig +short -t txt' to see an example
18:14-!-Dralspire [] has joined #linode
18:15-!-pygi [Mario@] has joined #linode
18:16*SelfishMan mumbles about all things MS
18:16<SelfishMan>I really hate Martha Stewart
18:17<mwalling>its a very good thing
18:18<SelfishMan>There is nothing good about anything MS
18:19<HoopyCat> <--- if the sender of the mail doesn't have this tattooed on them, the message gets rejected before RCPT
18:19-!-peleg [] has joined #linode
18:21-!-Juzna_ [] has joined #linode
18:21<HoopyCat>Jan 13 18:13:03 bluemoon postfix/smtpd[28747]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[]: 554 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked due to no-zack-from-sbtb; see for info
18:22-!-Juzna [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:23<zeroday>HoopyCat: rofl
18:23<mwalling>how long does it usually take for a email to show up in your photostream?
18:24<mwalling>i'm a moron
18:24<mwalling>when sending a picture, ATTACH THE DAMN PICTURE
18:24*mwalling finds a sutable wall to slam his head into
18:25<chuck>tasaro: I'm still getting illegal connection attempt emails :<
18:25-!-supine [] has joined #linode
18:28-!-nknight [] has quit [Quit: ircII EPIC4-2.4 -- Are we there yet?]
18:30<Yaakov>IT'S THE JAZZ
18:31-!-brenton [~user@] has joined #linode
18:31<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:31<Yaakov>mikegrb's MacBook is made of cake and bacon.
18:32-!-SelfishMan [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:32-!-neale [] has quit [Quit: neale]
18:34<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:35<cryptw>mmm caker
18:35<mwalling>my wife is nuts
18:36<phennessy>is that all black?
18:36<phennessy> ^ cat
18:36-!-brenton1 [~user@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:37<phennessy>err insert more spaces
18:37-!-azaghal_ [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
18:37<phennessy>spray paint it green?
18:37<Yaakov>mwalling: What size is that cat?
18:37-!-neale [] has joined #linode
18:37<Yaakov>Hello, heidi.
18:37<mwalling>Yaakov: about 4 lbs right now
18:38<mwalling>he's tail-less
18:38<Yaakov>I mean, 360, 540?
18:38<mwalling>i think, full grown, he'll be a 720
18:38*mwalling leaves for firehouse
18:38<Yaakov>Is there a fire?
18:38<mwalling>its tuesday
18:39<Yaakov>Oh, of course.
18:39<straterra>There are no fires on tuesday
18:39<tierra>heh, didn't think heidi still hung out in here, it's starting to get a little cramped in here
18:40<tierra>still keeping a close eye on mike huh?
18:40<heidi>tierra: i come and go
18:40<heidi>naw, i am in other channels with him
18:40<heidi>tierra: sometimes i come here so that if he is napping or something and i am up i can let him know if there is a problem
18:41<tierra>nice, teamwork
18:41<heidi>yeah, i try
18:41<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:41<Yaakov>heidi: There is a problem. Not enough cake.
18:43-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:46-!-GotPho28 [] has joined #linode
18:46<GotPho28>sup guys
18:46-!-mib_sgiudqxi [] has joined #linode
18:46-!-mib_sgiudqxi [] has quit []
18:46<GotPho28>anyone currently on?
18:47<jkwood>Nope, nobody here but us chickens.
18:47<jkwood>And bots.
18:47<jtsage>and lurkers.
18:49<GotPho28>i just got my free ps3 today woot woot
18:49<tjfontaine>don't abuse the lolz
18:49<cryptw>he removed that
18:49<cryptw>i think he used to react to beer
18:49<cryptw>or something like that
18:50<jkwood>cryptw: You must be way behind times.
18:50<jkwood>GotPho28: Free PS3, eh?
18:50<cryptw>jkwood: i am, i haven't been here for at least 3 years
18:50<GotPho28>it came in the mail today
18:50<cryptw>jkwood: back when they were still using UML and Xen betas just started
18:51<GotPho28>i was pretty stoked
18:51<GotPho28>lol im going to show my friends, cause they didnt believe me hahaha
18:51<jkwood>GotPho28: What did you do to merit a free ps3?
18:52<Internat>whats the easiest way to make a program run and then email you when it finishes.. && ? or is it an OR thing rather then AND
18:52<GotPho28>they gonna cry lol cause i live in a poor area and i got one :)
18:53<GotPho28>lol even i cant afford one
18:54<tjfontaine>please stop.
18:54<jkwood>Internat: You'll be wanting &&.
18:55<jkwood>That way, it only emails you if it finishes.
18:55<tjfontaine>&& is only if it's non zero exit, ; is regardless of exit
18:55<Internat>probably want ; then
18:56<malphas>There goes dallas?
18:56<tjfontaine>and then there's ||^Wmaude
18:56-!-daMaestro|isBack [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:56<Yaakov>Howdy, tjfontaine.
18:56-!-zerojinx [] has quit [Quit: zerojinx]
18:56<brcc>Dallas network problems ?
18:56-!-jcn [] has quit [Quit: ircII EPIC4-2.6 -- Are we there yet?]
18:56<brcc>man this is happening a lot
18:56<Internat>yeah i only want email IF it exits.
18:57-!-Synapse [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:57<brcc>i haev 100% network lost here
18:57<malphas>And still no ideas as to why it's occuring
18:57-!-orudie [] has joined #linode
18:57<Internat> <== 50% packet loss there for me.
18:57<chuck>tasaro: ping
18:58-!-blethers [] has joined #linode
18:58<Deckert>anything up with dallas?
18:58<blethers>106 down here, Deckert
18:58<chuck>tasaro: Regarding that new email you just got from that french sysadmin, I'm pretty sure that's a leftover from the previous attack from my server, it looks as if his email was sent from a cronjob, as both emails were sent a few seconds after 5:00
18:58<Internat>dont think its down
18:58<Internat>just unreachable.
18:58<Deckert>blethers: the host?!
18:59<orudie>is it possible to rename currentely active screen sessions ?
18:59-!-tierra-cgi [] has joined #linode
18:59<CJ_>dallas isues....again???
18:59<tierra-cgi>heidi: ok, now there is a problem, heh
18:59-!-ReferralBot [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:59<Internat>that said it appears im getting packet loss in two locations.
19:00<Internat>one the way from australia to dallas.. and inside of dallas
19:00<blethers>Deckert: Yes, it would seem so from my end
19:00<Deckert>blethers: not maybe an entire outage in Dallas?
19:00<brcc>Tracert stops here:
19:00<brcc> 8 ( 43.781 ms 43.620 ms 43.826 ms
19:00<malphas>I'm able to get as far as 12.
19:00-!-Eli [] has joined #linode
19:00<Yaakov>I have no loss and 40 ms from Newark to Dallas.
19:00-!-carljm [] has joined #linode
19:00<Eli>Is it down?
19:00<abysed>i was just able to connect to my ircd but thats as far as i got, connections dead again
19:01<Deckert>Eli: looks like it
19:01-!-tjfontaine [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:01<Eli>Fuck, why does this always happen when I have big changes to commit?
19:01-!-bk_ [] has joined #linode
19:01<Yaakov>There is a routing problem.
19:01<Yaakov>I have perfect connectivity to Dallas.
19:01<Eli>You're lucky
19:01<bk_>i can't get to anything on dallas
19:01-!-silvertab [] has left #linode []
19:01-!-tres [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:02<Yaakov>40 ms and no dropped packets.
19:02<bk_>i can connect to lish but my session within screen is frozen
19:02<carljm>I've got no connection to Dallas either
19:02<Eli>I'm located in the northeast of the USA, where are you?
19:02-!-avongauss [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:02<Nevyn>I have no problem to dallas. 25ms, no loss
19:02-!-libervisco [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
19:02-!-jkwood [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:02<Deckert>hmmm ... is up and reachable ... and it's in Dallas as well
19:02<tierra-cgi>occasional packet loss here, it's come and go
19:02<tierra-cgi>(on both my linodes in Dallas)
19:02<carljm>and I'm in East Texas :(
19:02-!-psk [~chatzilla@] has joined #linode
19:02<brcc> was up on all last dallas's issues
19:02<brcc>So i belive it is on a separate network
19:02-!-HoopyCat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:02-!-brother| [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:02-!-bob2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:02-!-zeroday [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:02<psk>hi.. is dallas down?
19:02-!-blithe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:02-!-DeepInTheFire [~pyromance@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:02-!-zeroday [] has joined #linode
19:02<bk_>but there are some routing issues going on
19:02-!-faceman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:02<cryptw>think so
19:02-!-irgeek [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:02<psk>ahh.. ok.
19:03<zeroday>did something happen at dallas?
19:03<Eli>I'm getting 100% packet loss to Dallas
19:03<zeroday>same here
19:03-!-mwalling [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:03-!-BP{k} [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:03<psk>so dallas70 being unavailable is to be expected for now then?
19:03-!-emag [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:03<brcc>Sure it is
19:03<Eli>and I couldn't ssh into dallas73
19:03-!-tierra [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:03<Yaakov>The ping outs would indicate there are routing problems.
19:03-!-Dave [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:03-!-tres [] has joined #linode
19:03<GotPho28>just checked inside the box
19:03<brcc>Dalals is 100% down
19:03-!-pleia2 [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
19:03<GotPho28>it came with lbp!
19:03<brcc>Tried from different places
19:03<psk>fun fun fun.
19:04<GotPho28>i heard lbp is fun
19:04-!-PAtrik [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:04<Yaakov>mtr from Newark to Dallas is 40 ms with 0 loss in 245 packets.
19:04<GotPho28>anyone play it?
19:04-!-ph [~ph^] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:04<zeroday>well, hope it gets fixed quick
19:04-!-zeroday [] has left #linode []
19:04-!-Peng_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:04<bk_>there's some restored connectivity
19:04-!-aa [] has joined #linode
19:04<brcc>yang: Can you access any Dallas IP? Would you try to access my server ?
19:05-!-scott [] has quit [Ping timeout: 600 seconds]
19:05-!-ph [~ph^] has joined #linode
19:05*Peng looks at OFTC.
19:05-!-jimd [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:05*Peng looks at Dallas.
19:05*Peng looks at Peng_.
19:05<jtsage>brcc - host? just checked a buddy's dallas box, looks fine from here...
19:05-!-alnr [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:06<Deckert> not reachable from where I am
19:06<@tasaro>looking into network issue in Dallas...
19:06*Peng high-fives SSH for not dying.
19:06*bk_ pets tasaro
19:06<brcc>not reached from anywhere
19:06<Peng>Heh, I think I killed it by switching windows in screen.
19:06<Peng>Or not.
19:06<Peng>Anyway, Peng will shut up now.
19:06<Yaakov>I think that rack might be down.
19:07<carljm>from Livingston, TX, tracepath gets me as far as (
19:07<Deckert>brcc: agreed - not reachable from Newark either
19:07-!-blethers [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:07<Yaakov>It's back.
19:07<abysed>and gone again
19:07<carljm>not back here
19:07<abysed>maybe :-o
19:07<carljm>I still have 100% packet loss
19:07<aa>Is anyone having an issue with Dallas 106?
19:07-!-ph [~ph^] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:07<psk>lish isn't allowing me in to dallas70 also.
19:07<Yaakov>I can get to the DC, and some Linodes, and not others.
19:08-!-Mike` [] has joined #linode
19:08-!-mariorz_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:08<Deckert>ugh ... very lossy still
19:08<Deckert>--- ping statistics ---
19:08<Deckert>46 packets transmitted, 12 received, 73% packet loss, time 45060ms
19:08<bk_>yes, there are issues at dallas; yes, they're working on it.
19:08-!-tres [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:09-!-petec [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:09-!-rjbs [] has joined #linode
19:09-!-GotPho28 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:09-!-tres [] has joined #linode
19:09<rjbs>Any issues with Dallas?
19:10<rjbs>Thanks. :)
19:10<abysed>oh why not, yes :-P
19:10-!-scorche|sh [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:10<Yaakov>rjbs: You betcha, big buy.
19:10<rjbs>how about /topic :)
19:10-!-Jag [] has joined #linode
19:10<rjbs>Yaakov: big buy? what am I, an hdtv?
19:10-!-Zotnix [] has joined #linode
19:10<rjbs>why is my terminal all messed up? argh.
19:11<Yaakov>rjbs: No... you are just settling into marriage and working towards middle age.
19:11<phennessy>YesThereAreIssuesAtDallas: is that a bathrub?
19:11<brcc>i am getting 100% packet loss
19:11<YesThereAreIssuesAtDallas>i rub ur bat
19:11<rjbs>protecting you from bot pregnancy
19:12-!-Mr_Person [] has joined #linode
19:12<Jag>is linode down right now ?
19:12<phennessy>someone screwed the bot up
19:12<YesThereAreIssuesAtDallas>Jag: um
19:12<@tasaro>no need to issue reboots -- linodes are still running
19:12<YesThereAreIssuesAtDallas>phennessy: no I'm just not under a registered nick
19:12<phennessy>it use to work without that stuff
19:12<rjbs>/topic Yes, Dallas Has PRoblems | Linode Community Support | | Custom kernels with pv-grub -
19:12<rjbs>wow, this terminfo issue is making irssi unusable.
19:13<Eli>I knew we couldn't trust the Texans with the internet. Now they screwed it all up!
19:13<rjbs>at least they screwed it up BIG
19:13-!-HockeyInJune [] has quit [Quit: #!]
19:13<Peng>rjbs: Yeah, they never change the topic for network issues.
19:13-!-jcr [] has joined #linode
19:13<rjbs>is there or something?
19:13<Peng>It's getting better.
19:13-!-libervisco [] has joined #linode
19:13<rjbs>seems annoying to have to show up and ask, and then have everyone else do the same
19:13<Deckert>Eli: it's all the drilling for the last bit of black stuff
19:13-!-alnr [] has joined #linode
19:14-!-aquarion [] has joined #linode
19:14-!-seangrove [] has joined #linode
19:14-!-mariorz [] has joined #linode
19:14<rjbs>phennessy: thanks
19:14<Peng>res0: Does respond to pings?
19:14-!-HoopyCat [] has joined #linode
19:14<Peng>Aww, I think I lost SSH access.
19:14<rjbs>too bad I follow twitter via twirc on my linode :/
19:15-!-HoopyCat is now known as taCypooH
19:15<Peng>Nope, SSH's still going.
19:15<bk_>Peng: some pings
19:15-!-scorche|sh [] has joined #linode
19:15<bk_>intermittent packet loss
19:15<Peng>I'm trying to ping it from my affected Dallas Linode for fun, but none get through.
19:15<Peng>Oh, here they go.
19:15<phennessy>taCypooH: i think your mtr cron died
19:15-!-JustNick [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:15<bk_>aha, it just resynched with vortex
19:16<Peng>RTT is 20-35 ms. Shouldn't it more be 0.1?
19:16<rjbs>well, this terminal sucks. hanks for the update.
19:16-!-rjbs [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
19:16<Peng>DDoSes are fun.
19:16-!-tierra-cgi [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:16<taCypooH>phennessy: i hope you can feel it, i'm pinging you as hard as i can :-)
19:16-!-voidvoid [] has joined #linode
19:16<Peng>77 packets transmitted, 8 received, 89% packet loss, time 97634ms :D
19:16<bk_>that's about par for me too
19:16<Yaakov>I am getting 75% loss over 450 packets.
19:17<bk_>i still can't reach it from home
19:17<voidvoid>Just joined, based on seeing those two messages, I'm guessing that others are having packet loss problems?
19:17-!-tres_ [] has joined #linode
19:17<straterra>to dallas
19:17<taCypooH>losing a couple packets here and there to dallas, yes
19:17-!-torrentt [] has joined #linode
19:17-!-tres [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:18<torrentt>is there a problem with the vps in dallas?
19:18<@tasaro>target acquired.. waiting for null route
19:18-!-Dave_ [] has joined #linode
19:18<voidvoid>i'm getting 52% sustained. Okay, no need to open this ticket then...
19:18<Internat>oh.. its a ddos again?
19:18-!-Eli [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:18<taCypooH>my cat is trying to eat a roll of quarters
19:18<Internat>plz tell me it wasnt me.
19:18<straterra>it was you
19:18-!-jcr [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:18<taCypooH>Internat: you're, right?
19:18<CJ_>linode still down? oi!
19:18<nenolod>taCypooH: sweet
19:18-!-tierra-cgi [] has joined #linode
19:19<Internat>tac: dammit! yep. thats me.
19:19<taCypooH>CJ_: just dallas
19:19-!-mariorz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:19-!-alnr [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:19<straterra>I'm 2001:0f01:af1:b00b:b00b:b00b:b00b:b00b
19:20<torrentt>so dallas linodes are having problems?
19:20<brcc>Isn't it possible to have some kind of "auto null route" for ocasions like this ?
19:20-!-scorche|sh [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:20-!-scorche|sh [] has joined #linode
19:20-!-tres_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:20<straterra>i believe the upstream dc providers must do it
19:20<taCypooH>brcc: this is waiting for the auto null route :-)
19:20<Peng>torrentt: No, some Dallas node is getting (D)DoSed. It's being mitigated now.
19:20<torrentt>ahh ok
19:20<brcc>We wwork with some DC's that have auto-nullroute
19:21<bk_>i think it might be me :<
19:21<brcc>so it wont affect the whole network
19:21<brcc>It is probrably a good idea to implement it on linode
19:21<Zotnix>taCypooH: Oh yeah? Cool.
19:21-!-TheFirst [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:21<Deckert>is it actually a Linode that is being DDoSd?
19:21<torrentt>cuz my site and irc were down, and i saw that my linode wasnt spiking..
19:21<Zotnix>I never had a cat try and eat a roll of quarters.
19:21<Peng>Deckert: Apparently.
19:21<taCypooH>Deckert: looks like it
19:21<Zotnix>Wow lag
19:21<tierra-cgi>who said it was a DDoS?
19:21-!-TheFirst [] has joined #linode
19:21<taCypooH>Zotnix: she's been known to try to eat boxes, too
19:22<tierra-cgi>^ I said that 5 minutes ago
19:22-!-mariorz [] has joined #linode
19:22<taCypooH>tierra-cgi: tasaro, up there a few lines
19:22-!-scott [] has joined #linode
19:22-!-Dave_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:22-!-zeroday [] has joined #linode
19:22-!-Dave__ [] has joined #linode
19:22-!-blithe [] has joined #linode
19:22-!-brother [] has joined #linode
19:22-!-jkwood [] has joined #linode
19:22-!-kenichi [] has joined #linode
19:22-!-avongauss [] has joined #linode
19:22<Deckert>heh .. nice
19:22-!-HoopyCat [] has joined #linode
19:22-!-BP{k} [] has joined #linode
19:22-!-emag [] has joined #linode
19:22<taCypooH>oh good, there's me
19:22-!-mwalling [] has joined #linode
19:22-!-res0 [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
19:22-!-res0 [] has joined #linode
19:22-!-alnr [] has joined #linode
19:22<Internat>and here come the rest of the dallas connections back.
19:22<lakin>Thanks guys
19:22*res0 sighs
19:22<Deckert>now lets all flood the place with icmp packets, why do't ya! ;-)
19:23-!-tres [] has joined #linode
19:23<taCypooH>brb, stirring pasta sauce while openvpn refrobulates
19:23-!-petec [] has joined #linode
19:23-!-bob2 [] has joined #linode
19:23-!-pleia2 [] has joined #linode
19:23-!-DeepInTheFire [] has joined #linode
19:23-!-aquarion [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
19:23<Peng>The question is, is my irssi planning to reconnect to OFTC?
19:24<Zotnix>taCypooH: I notice that you talk to Ceiling Cat now :p
19:24-!-HockeyInJune [] has joined #linode
19:24-!-Peng_ [] has joined #linode
19:24<taCypooH>Zotnix: the cat who was trying to eat quarters is a follower of ceiling cat, too :-)
19:24*Peng_ kicks irssi.
19:24-!-aa [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:25-!-dnuser [] has joined #linode
19:25-!-taCypooH [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
19:25-!-bk_ [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
19:25*Peng_ kicks irssi again for not reconnecting to another network either.
19:26-!-Zotnix [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:26-!-torrentt [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:27-!-tierra-cgi [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:27-!-tierra [] has joined #linode
19:27-!-atourino [~antonio@] has joined #linode
19:27-!-jkweb [] has joined #linode
19:27-!-irgeek [] has joined #linode
19:27-!-mode/#linode [+o irgeek] by ChanServ
19:27-!-voidvoid [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:27<jkweb>Double You Tee Eff
19:27<Peng_>My home connection was down for like 11 hours today too for upgrades.
19:28*Peng_ wonders what's going to happen to his other web hosts
19:28<emag>Peng_: you HAD to ask
19:28*res0 hangs his head
19:28<HoopyCat>it's been a bad internet day for me too... when you wake up and the internet is missing, you know it's gonna be a monday
19:28<HoopyCat>even though it's technically tuesday
19:28<jkweb>I was seeing 85% packet loss to my Linode for the past ten minutes.
19:28-!-CJ__ [] has joined #linode
19:28<atourino>hmm... had internet problems for 2.5 hours here as well...
19:28<jkweb>Oh, good, it's back.
19:28<atourino>that is really odd
19:28<HoopyCat>jkweb: dallas?
19:29*jkwood reads backlog
19:29<jkwood>Yep. Dallas 63.
19:29*atourino backlogs his reads
19:29<jkwood>Looked like everything was getting lost in TP.
19:29<HoopyCat>jkwood: looked like a DDoS
19:29<res0>it was a DDoS
19:29<emag>why is it always dallas?
19:30<Peng_>res0: Never mind about my ping question. :)
19:30*atourino sells maps to lost packets... oddly, I dont make money... :(
19:30<phennessy>lack of ddos mitigation hardware?
19:30<res0>Peng_: slashnet was the target :<
19:30<Peng_>res0: Oh, seriously?
19:30-!-Zotnix_ [] has joined #linode
19:30<Peng_>res0: What got null-routed? Mindjail is still up, isn't it?
19:30<JDLSpeedy>whats slashnet
19:30-!-Zotnix_ is now known as Zotnix
19:30<Peng_>JDLSpeedy: IRC network.
19:30<Peng_>res0: What'd ya do? :D
19:30<res0>i don't know :<
19:30<phennessy>those irc users.. ruining the internet
19:30<res0>i haven't banned anyone in ages
19:32<tierra>was it just mindjail targetted or others?
19:32<res0>i don't know
19:32<Peng_>But mindjail didn't get null-routed.
19:32<tierra>are you sure slashnet was the target?
19:33<res0>that IP only serves slashnet stuff
19:33<tierra>it may have gone down, but so did most everyone else's stuff here... doesn't mean it was the target though
19:33<res0>no, it's pretty obvious it was the target
19:34*Peng_ sues res0
19:34-!-andrew00david [~andrew00d@] has joined #linode
19:34-!-q4wtwert [] has joined #linode
19:35<q4wtwert>was there a root cause to the dallas networking issue?
19:35-!-CJ_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:35<tierra>it's been mitigated
19:36<alnr>guess that answers ~my~ question (what happened in dallas)
19:36<jkwood>It'd take too long to explain.
19:36-!-mendel [] has joined #linode
19:37<jkwood>I mean, the show lasted what, six years?
19:37<alnr>somebody shot somebody?
19:37<atourino>they had networks back then?
19:37<Deckert>jkweb: and what happens in dallas stays in dallas ... or ... no wait ...
19:37-!-andrew00david [~andrew00d@] has quit []
19:38-!-andrew00david [~andrew00d@] has joined #linode
19:38<jkwood>jkweb should be gone by now.
19:38<jkwood>jkweb: Go away!
19:38-!-dnuser [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:38-!-jkweb [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
19:39<jkwood>Good AJAX-using bot.
19:39<Peng_>ReferralBot isn't back, heh
19:39-!-rghf [] has joined #linode
19:39<phennessy>it might be more manual
19:39-!-PAtrik [] has joined #linode
19:40-!-rghf is now known as rusfoster
19:41-!-SelfishMan [] has joined #linode
19:41<SelfishMan>Barrington Bear on Safari
19:42<SelfishMan>Wow, this is not the right window
19:43<jtsage>haha. just did the same thing with a term. sudo ls with a ++fail. wonder if the box owner actualy will notice...
19:43-!-spinlock [] has joined #linode
19:43<spinlock>Hey, it works!
19:43<Peng_>spinlock: What works?
19:43<spinlock>I used to have a broken copy of irssi.
19:43<SelfishMan>urmom but that's ok cuz she's cheap
19:44<Peng_>We need a urmomz bot.
19:44<SelfishMan>That needs to be something better
19:44-!-spinlock [] has quit []
19:44-!-psk [~chatzilla@] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122]]
19:44<Peng_>How about hitting jkwood, like !no-avail?
19:44<Peng_>Just for fun.
19:45*Peng_ hides from jkwood
19:45-!-pygi [Mario@] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
19:45*linbot slaps jkwood
19:45<SelfishMan>I wonder if there is a command to make it scrape from a website
19:46<atourino>i need to register with linbot? man... all these signups
19:46*SelfishMan says the same about atourino's mom
19:46<jkwood>There's also a 50 dollar signup fee. Payable to me.
19:46<atourino>yeah... she's in private beta
19:47<jkwood>Did you just talk about your mom's privates?
19:47<BP{k}>atourino: kinda like gmail at some point ;)
19:47<jkwood>And by privates, I'm of course referring to her non-public variables.
19:48<atourino>or her pubic variables
19:48<atourino>either or
19:48-!-Mr_Person [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:48<atourino>this is so wrong
19:48-!-q4wtwert [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:48<Peng_>Yeah, DDoSes are very wrong.
19:48<atourino>ok... im getting some dinner... you pervs
19:50-!-NiX [] has joined #linode
19:53-!-netjackal [] has joined #linode
19:58-!-down_again [] has joined #linode
19:59<down_again>everything ok in linode-land?
19:59<tierra>is now
19:59<down_again>another DoS?
20:00<tierra>yep, in dallas
20:00<down_again>do you host dubya's personal site or something?
20:00*down_again ducks
20:01<jkwood>You're not even a very good troll.
20:01<down_again>jkwood: I agree... :-\
20:01<down_again>jkwood: I'm not really even a good customer
20:02<jkwood>Well, there it is.
20:02<down_again>jkwood: do you have servers in the dallas pop?
20:03<jkwood>I have a node on Dallas63.
20:03<down_again>any other of their pops?
20:04<down_again>ah, ok
20:04-!-chopp [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
20:05<down_again>jkwood: I was mainly wondering if any of the other ones got DoSed wouldn't really bother me much if I didn't run nagios on the vm
20:06-!-maverick [] has joined #linode
20:06-!-chopp [] has joined #linode
20:06-!-NiX [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:06<jkwood>I really can't remember the last time one of the others got DoSed.
20:09-!-atula [] has joined #linode
20:10<jkwood>Shouldn't be.
20:10<jkwood>You can monitor these things with mtr. If the loss at your node starts dropping and keeps dropping, then it's back up. =)
20:12-!-azaghal_ [~azaghal@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:13<maverick>I still can't access my node on dallas63
20:14<jkwood>I'm talking to you from dallas63.
20:14<down_again>jkwood: I guesss I really can't complain...according to the redundant nagios box, this one has only been down for ~16.25 hours over the last year
20:14<chopp>Is there anything special I need to change in DNS after setting up ipv6/tunnelbroker?
20:16<Nat_BSD>Add a AAAA record
20:16-!-down_again is now known as back_up
20:17<Peng_>The others do get DDoSed occasionally, but not nearly as much as Dallas.
20:17<Peng_>OTOH, I'm only in Dallas, so I wouldn't notice if another DC got DDoSed unless I was in here at the same time.
20:19-!-tjfontaine [] has joined #linode
20:19<HoopyCat>Peng_: even atlanta gets the occasional ddos
20:20<chopp>Nat_BSD: ok thanks.
20:20-!-Sputnik7 [] has quit [Quit: -=SysReset 2.53=-]
20:20<malphas>Was this what happened the other day as well?
20:20<Peng_>Something happened the other day?
20:20<malphas>Yeah, dallas dropped for about 5 minutes
20:20<res0>i doubt it
20:21<Peng_>4205 packets transmitted, 3822 received, 9% packet loss, time 4204929ms <-- Whoops, forgot I was running ping.
20:21<HoopyCat>i had solid IRC connectivity from last wednesday (when i rebooted) until today, and most of today's flamminess has been transoceanic IPv6 flatulence
20:21-!-Sputnik7 [] has joined #linode
20:22-!-chopp [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
20:23-!-chopp [] has joined #linode
20:24-!-eld101 [] has joined #linode
20:27-!-maverick [] has quit [Quit: maverick]
20:29-!-laser` [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:29-!-hpj [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:30<eld101><-- wishes his car could get traction in 5th gear on the highway
20:31<straterra><-- wishes his car had a fifth gear
20:31<eld101>Ive got one with 5, and one with 6 :)
20:31<eld101>but seriously....with practically slicks...I cant get any traction :(
20:31<straterra>If I had went with the manual transmition, I'd have 5
20:32<straterra>I want the new 370z
20:32<straterra>7 speed automatic sexness
20:32<tjfontaine>eld101: my brothers on his way down to cbus right now, what's it like there currently?
20:32<eld101>I raced one of them a few weeks ago
20:32<eld101>light snow
20:32<impl>why would you get a sports car with an automatic transmission?
20:32<tjfontaine>oh better than here, 4"
20:32<eld101>roads were fine...I hear another 1-3 coming over night
20:32<straterra>impl: to appease the woman
20:33<impl>oh. gotcha.
20:33<jkwood>HoopyCat: You around?
20:33-!-Alan_ [~alan@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:33<HoopyCat>jkwood: sup?
20:33<chopp>anyone see anything wrong with this for ipv6?
20:33<jkwood>Do you have rdns going on your ipv6?
20:33<straterra>I do
20:34<jkwood>For your Linode, straterra?
20:34<impl>chopp: netstat -rn
20:34<straterra>dig aaaa
20:34<HoopyCat>jkwood: yessir
20:34<straterra>then dig the ip :D
20:34<eld101> :)
20:35<straterra>Is that the 370?
20:35<impl>Yeah, your DNS is set up fine.
20:35<straterra>gti? Nice. I have a 4g eclipse
20:35<impl>Make sure your routing table has a default gateway for IPv6
20:35<jkwood>How the heck do I set it up? I'm flubbergasted.
20:36<straterra>eld101: N/A ?
20:36<straterra>jkwood: are you running bind?
20:36<jkwood>Not to my knowledge.
20:36<jkwood>I let Linode do my DNS.
20:36<straterra>I can't really hear your bov
20:36-!-kenichi [] has quit [Quit: kenichi]
20:37<straterra>What'd you dyno at?
20:37<HoopyCat>jkwood: i've got my own BIND server here just for ipv6 reverse dns; linode's nameservers slave off of it
20:37<eld101>435hp, 442 torqu
20:37-!-faultybrew [] has joined #linode
20:37-!-loxs [~loxs@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:37<straterra>not too bad at all
20:37<eld101>winter 12psi....summer 25psi
20:38<straterra>I swear that ramp looks like i-465 going in to i-69
20:38<straterra>eld101: Have you seen the youtube video on the 1000 hp eclipse? 51psi
20:39<eld101>Its sawmill onto I-270
20:39<straterra>No idea where that is :P
20:39<straterra>I have a couple of videos of my eclipse..
20:39<chopp>impl: I think now I'm just missing an entry for sit1 in rc.inet1.conf
20:39<straterra>but the videos are of it stock..and its just..bleh
20:40<eld101><-- is planning to make some more videos as soon as its nice out.
20:40*straterra nods
20:40<straterra>eld101: My stepbrother has a 600hp 03 cobra
20:40-!-andrew0david [~andrew00d@] has joined #linode
20:40<straterra> thats my stock Eclipse and my cousin's cobalt
20:41<eld101>straterra: I can make well over 550.....just cant stick it
20:41<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: fremont56 in System and Network Status <>
20:41<straterra> and for the cobra
20:41<abysed>same cobalt i got
20:42-!-N1JER [] has joined #linode
20:42*jkwood waits patiently for his dns change to go through.
20:43<eld101>I think I would take the cobra....if its above 70 degrees lol
20:43<straterra>eld101: he was running it conservatively in those vids
20:44<eld101>most those vids I posted were on 10-12psi
20:44-!-faultybrew [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:44*straterra nods
20:44<eld101>and not the sticky rubber
20:44<eld101>as soon as its warm ill get some new ones up
20:44<straterra>my stepbrother likes to fuck with this kid in noblesville
20:44<straterra>has like 13 grand under the hood of his grand prix gtp
20:45<straterra>keeps beating him..and making the kid very upset
20:45<eld101>the gti looks like sleeper minus the 3" exhuast all the way back and the intercooler in the bront
20:45<straterra>oh yeah
20:45<straterra>i noticed that
20:45<eld101>I plan to keep it that way
20:45<straterra>If I saw it..I'd prolly snicker :P
20:45<eld101>I get them all the time
20:45<eld101>people pass me....see the FMIC in their rear view...then slow down for another look
20:46-!-andrew00david [~andrew00d@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
20:46-!-powerrock [] has joined #linode
20:48<powerrock>i am new to vps and was considering linode
20:48<powerrock>is there some special coupon available for linode?
20:48<phennessy>there are lots of people using linode in here if you have questions
20:48<phennessy>there are referral codes, but they don't help you any
20:49<powerrock>thanks pheneessy
20:49<phennessy>but feel free to use mine!
20:49<powerrock>i mean phennessy
20:49-!-laser` [] has joined #linode
20:49<phennessy>i've seen codes on a long time ago
20:49<powerrock>if i use your referral code would you be able to help me with some setup questions that I might have ? ;-)
20:50<phennessy>but i haven't heard of active codes in ages
20:50<phennessy>there are lots of people here with answers.. some of them might be right
20:50<phennessy>the best way to learn about using a vps is to get one
20:50<HoopyCat><--- wrong
20:50<phennessy>you can get your money back within 7 days with Linode
20:51<encode>if i have a bunch of processes that are "./wssh" like this:
20:51<encode>www-data 20725 0.0 0.0 4784 36 ? R 09:29 0:05 ./wssh
20:51<encode>do you think i've been hacked?
20:51<phennessy>i'd look for wssh and read it or see what's its doing
20:51<HoopyCat>encode: that'd be my first guess, yes
20:52<phennessy>do as much as you can to figure out what it's connecting to with netstat
20:52<phennessy>then turn off the network and figure out whats in the files
20:52<encode>i already ran a killall :S
20:52<phennessy> is the suck
20:52<straterra>its also information
20:53<supine> not here it's not. all i see is GIVE US $$$
20:53<jkwood>Scroll down.
20:53<encode>i cant read the naswer in that experts exchange link
20:53<HoopyCat>supine: scroll down
20:53<HoopyCat>encode: scroll down
20:54-!-eld101 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:54<encode>i did
20:54<jkwood>Oops... never mind.
20:54<HoopyCat>encode: but in general, i'd guess something running on your web server got successfully convinced to download and execute a piece of software. what kind of stuff do you have installed?
20:54<phennessy>20:51 < phennessy> is the suck
20:54<HoopyCat>encode: roundcube is a pretty hot target these days
20:54<encode>oh bummer
20:54<supine>HoopyCat: "Start your 7-day free trial to view this Author Comment or ask the Experts your question."
20:54<encode>i have roundcube installed
20:54<straterra>supine: scroll down
20:54<HoopyCat>encode: have you upgraded it within the last month?
20:55<supine>straterra: scroll you!
20:55<jkwood>supine: Search it with google, then hit "cache".
20:55<jkwood>That'll let you read it.
20:55<encode>its not in cache
20:55*jkwood grumbles about expertsexchange cheating at google
20:56<straterra>I can read it FINE now
20:56-!-back_up [] has quit [Quit: back_up]
20:56<straterra>I'm just not up to my neck in FAIL
20:56<jkwood>Click on "cached"
20:57<jkwood>That, or just click on the link. I think they open the answers to anyone who comes from Google.
20:57<Nevyn>just scroll past all the answers that look like they're blocked
20:58-!-chopp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:58<powerrock>phennessy : can u send me your referral code?
20:58<HoopyCat>encode: check and for all things mentioning roundcube... i saw four
20:58<encode>so i've stopped apache, there is a wssh executable in /tmp
20:58<jkwood>ReferralBot went away.
20:59*jkwood pokes mwalling
20:59<phennessy>powerrock: have you used linux before?
20:59<phennessy>cool :)
21:00<powerrock>I have used red hat and run a mac
21:01<phennessy>linode has centos which is sorta like rhel
21:01<HoopyCat>there's also fedora core
21:01<encode>bah, i don't have the time to reinstall my mail server now
21:02<phennessy>ubuntu > centos > fedora
21:02<encode>hopefully with no apache running and and no wssh processes things will be ok
21:02-!-supine [] has left #linode []
21:03-!-supine [] has joined #linode
21:03<HoopyCat>encode: should be fine... the processes were running as the apache user, and i'm guessing wssh has something to do with ssh scanning, which can be done without root
21:03<powerrock>so phennessy you recommend i install ubuntu on linode?
21:03<phennessy>well, i like ubuntu.. but if you are more familiar with redhat.. then you should try centos or fedora
21:04<phennessy>i think ubuntu has a nice help site too for people
21:07-!-carljm [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:08-!-neale` [] has joined #linode
21:08<encode>juding from cpu grapph, its only happend around 12 hours ago
21:08<encode>still annoying
21:08-!-neale` [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:09<HoopyCat>encode: yeah, exploit flavor of the week. be glad you're not on windows, running it as administrator
21:09<HoopyCat>woah. i meant to type "admonistrator" and it came out typed correctly instead
21:10<encode>ok, well thanks for your help guys
21:10*encode afk
21:10<HoopyCat>used to admin a slew of windows machines, so i think "adminstrator" just got hard-coded somewhere... yeah, i type it way too fast... administrator. i can even be off the home row and... administrator
21:10<HoopyCat>stewardesses. stewardesses. stewardesses. antidisestablishmentarianism. a man a plan a canal panama.
21:11*HoopyCat repeatedly pushes "self test" button
21:12-!-netjackal [] has left #linode []
21:12<powerrock>i just signed up for linode and logged in to my account
21:12*Yaakov runs a Level 3 diagnostic on HippyCat.
21:12<phennessy>yay, congrats!
21:13<powerrock>which data center should I use?
21:13<guinea-pig>where are you?
21:13<powerrock>i am in seattle
21:13<neale>powerrock: atlanta is pretty this time of year
21:13<neale>powerrock: use san francisco
21:13<jkwood>phennessy: Identify!
21:14<phennessy>there is a datacenter in CA
21:14<phennessy>i'm not registering with the bot
21:14<Yaakov>I am fond of Newark but it is all the way on the other side of the world from you.
21:14*phennessy is annoyed by unnecessary registration all over the place on the intertubes
21:15<neale>you and rms baby
21:15<linbot>guinea-pig: Fremont360 - 1, Fremont540 - 15, Fremont720 - 16, Fremont1080 - 2, Fremont1440 - 2, Fremont2880 - 1
21:15<phennessy>there is one 360 left in HE
21:15<Yaakov>phennessy: But the bot has a compact privacy policy!
21:16<phennessy>FREE THE TUBES!
21:17-!-brenton [~user@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
21:19<Yaakov>I got your free tubes right here.
21:19<wastrel>i have a linode
21:21<HoopyCat>wastrel: so do we :-) what's up?
21:21<Yaakov>HoopyCat: You need to have your plasma conduit realigned, otherwise you passed.
21:24-!-Dralspire [] has quit [Quit:]
21:25<linbot>cryptw: Linode360 - 69, Linode540 - 69, Linode720 - 85, Linode1080 - 15, Linode1440 - 11, Linode2880 - 7
21:25<HoopyCat>LinodePowerball - 42
21:26<wastrel>my linode is up as usual i guess
21:26<b4>mine crashed yesterday
21:27<b4>apparently a while loop on sudo uptime caused a forkbomb
21:28<b4>i'm still not sure what happened
21:28-!-faceman [] has joined #linode
21:28<jkwood>I think my updike is bigger than yours, then.
21:28<jkwood>Not by much.
21:29<powerrock>what is the difference between various ubuntu distribution? Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
21:29<powerrock> Ubuntu 8.04 LTS 64bit 350 MB
21:29<powerrock> Ubuntu 8.10 220 MB
21:29<powerrock> Ubuntu 8.10 64bit
21:29<b4>or something failed and spawned 500 processes
21:29<tjfontaine>powerrock: the last one you don't need, the first is supported for 6 years by canonical, the 8.10 is not
21:29<wastrel>heh ubuntu eh
21:29<tjfontaine>powerrock: but the 8.10 has newer software
21:30-!-eld101 [] has joined #linode
21:30<wastrel>i am on debian i don't think you guys had ubutnu images when i started
21:31<guinea-pig>ubuntu wasn't around when i started
21:31-!-laser` [] has quit [Quit: DMDirc exiting]
21:31<b4>there are 50000000000000 possibles ways I can manage to fail my linode.
21:31<eld101>whats up fellaw
21:31<powerrock>thank tjfontaine. why do you say that I don't need 8.10 64 bit?
21:31-!-jtaji [] has joined #linode
21:31<tjfontaine>powerrock: because you don't know what it is :)
21:31<guinea-pig>b4: i thought the number were much much higher...
21:31<b4>I never tuned mysql and apache, I don't protect from process limits, I run stuff thhat has memory leaks.
21:32<b4>something spawned over 500 processes
21:32<phennessy>powerrock: 64bit operating systems consume more ram, and a vps is limited in terms of memory
21:32*b4 blames epic failure
21:32<phennessy>powerrock: but it can do some operations faster.. but for general stuff, 32bit is the way to go
21:33<powerrock>ok I will go with 8.04 then
21:33<HoopyCat>particle physics simulations!
21:33<jkwood>One of these days, I will run 64-bit on my Linode.
21:33<jkwood>Just because I can.
21:33<b4>HoopyCat, THAT CRASHED my linode?
21:33-!-tslor [] has joined #linode
21:33<b4>particle physics simulations?
21:33<HoopyCat>b4: im in ur linode 360, predictin teh higgs bozon
21:34<b4>its a 20
21:34<SelfishMan>higgs-boson is a myth
21:34<HoopyCat>im in ur linode 720, predictin 2 higgs bozons
21:34<powerrock>is there any reason why i wouldn't want to use the entire disk space available for the disk image?
21:34<jkwood>Can anyone with ipv6 get to
21:34<SelfishMan>Everyone knows it will create a micro singularity
21:35<SelfishMan>that will swallow the entire earth
21:35<HoopyCat>jkwood: 3 packets transmitted, 3 received, 0% packet loss, time 2015ms
21:35-!-tslor_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:35<SelfishMan>powerrock: lots of them
21:35<jkwood>Well, that's good.
21:35<HoopyCat>ok, tired. g'nite all!
21:35<HoopyCat>jkwood: has boobies
21:35<jkwood>I saw that. =)
21:36<phennessy>powerrock: i'd use the entire thing for / and then 256M for swap
21:36<SelfishMan>bad address
21:36<phennessy>as long as you use ext3 and not raw, you can always resize later
21:36<phennessy>but resizing does require some downtime
21:37<phennessy>measured in minutes, not hours
21:37<SelfishMan>I tend to leave over 50% unallocated so I can snapshot my nodes before major nasty upgrades
21:37<r3z>HoopyCat, I see no boobies!
21:37<SelfishMan>Or at least have one node *somewhere* that has enough unallocated space to hold an image
21:38<SelfishMan>r3z: It's a picture of jkwood without a shirt
21:38<jkwood>Oh baby
21:38<r3z>I mean leh
21:38<phennessy>i did that as well.. shrunk my root down and cloned the disk image during a major change
21:38-!-Dralspire [] has joined #linode
21:39<wastrel>sounds liek you actually do stuff with your nodes
21:39<r3z>Dude its coled enough outside to shrink my root.
21:39<r3z>err cold
21:40-!-pCustomer101 [] has joined #linode
21:40<r3z>wastrel, you dont do anything with yours?
21:40<wastrel>i'm ircing from it currently.
21:40<SelfishMan>I NEED MOAR SPAM!
21:40<wastrel>i moved my email to google apps
21:40<wastrel>i have some web content there that nobody looks at
21:41<wastrel>handles my dns hosting
21:41<phennessy>how do i generate spam?
21:41<SelfishMan>I know of one person in here that is moving their mail *away* from GA after getting fatal errors about receiving too much mail for no reason
21:41<phennessy>i have a catchall on an unused domain
21:41<wastrel>you could post it to usenet and popular web forums
21:42<b4>seangrove, mwalling >?
21:42<SelfishMan>phennessy: Step One: Generate a subject such as "${RANDWORD} enlarge your (satisfaction|male body part synonym)"
21:42<SelfishMan>Step two: generate random to: and from: headers
21:42<SelfishMan>step three: send it to me!
21:42<linbot>It's cold enough to test your frosticles outside!
21:42<SelfishMan>Oh, and don't forget to set your helo to '{botnet name}' (literal)
21:43*linbot slaps jkwood
21:44*linbot slaps jkwood
21:44-!-eld101 [] has quit [Quit: eld101]
21:44<phennessy>i don't want to generate spam out, i want to generate spam in
21:44<linbot>SelfishMan: *click*
21:44-!-eld101 [] has joined #linode
21:44<SelfishMan>phennessy: Well that is another beast
21:44<b4>!alias add fail <action>pokes b4
21:44<linbot>b4: The operation succeeded.
21:45<guinea-pig>b4: fail
21:45<b4>!alias del fail <action>pokes b4
21:45-!-pCustomer101 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:45<SelfishMan>b4: you are no longer allowed to edit aliases after the !download fiasco
21:45<b4>seangrove, :
21:45<phennessy>is that his fault?!?!
21:45<b4>i aliased download to downlaod
21:45<SelfishMan>phennessy: Half hour of playing with your logs and I could have some really nice blacklists
21:46<wastrel>SelfishMan likes to play with phennessy's log
21:46<straterra>i feel left out
21:46<tjfontaine>ooh phennessy has a friend
21:46<linbot>/me slaps b4
21:46<linbot>b4: <> || New Datacenter: Newark, NJ <>
21:46<jkwood>Here, let me do it.
21:47<linbot>/me slaps b4
21:47*linbot points at b4 and laffs
21:47*linbot points at b4 and laffs
21:47-!-seangrove [] has quit [Quit: seangrove]
21:48*linbot slaps b4
21:48-!-seangrove [] has joined #linode
21:48<@mikegrb>mmm cake
21:48<b4>!alias add cake do #linode gives mikegrb a cake
21:48<linbot>b4: The operation succeeded.
21:48<@mikegrb>mmm cake
21:48*linbot gives mikegrb a cake
21:49*SelfishMan smells the danger of an infinite loop
21:49<b4>SelfishMan, do it
21:49*linbot smells SelfishMan
21:49<SelfishMan>One of these days caker is going to just reset linbot to defaults
21:50<b4>SelfishMan, do the infinite loop!
21:50<@mikegrb>mmm cake
21:50*linbot gives mikegrb a cake
21:50<jkwood>This does not bode well.
21:50*linbot points at b4 and laffs
21:50<b4>SelfishMan, how could i be infinite?
21:50<b4>show me!
21:51-!-atourino [~antonio@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:51<faceman>hoopycat hah, all that work and munin stops working by the time i get home from work
21:51<linbot>/me prefers to have a voice
21:52<SelfishMan>b4: I'm not the one to direct theology questions at
21:52<b4>SelfishMan, tell me how the loop could be created
21:52<b4>ill do it april first
21:53*linbot points at b4 and laffs
21:54-!-atourino [~antonio@] has joined #linode
21:55-!-ReferralBot [] has joined #linode
21:56-!-alnr1 [] has joined #linode
21:57-!-Eman [] has quit [Quit: ...]
21:57<alnr1>any staff around for pm?
21:57<b4>ReferralBot, getcode
21:57<b4>is that mine?
21:57-!-pygi [Mario@] has joined #linode
21:57<SelfishMan>not likely
21:57<SelfishMan>it's a random code
21:57<SelfishMan>ReferralBot: getcode
21:57<SelfishMan>ReferralBot: getcode
21:57-!-seangrove [] has quit [Quit: seangrove]
21:57<mwalling>alnr1: if you need the staff urgently, opening a ticket will page them
21:57<tjfontaine>20second limits
21:57*row wonders if newark is done
21:57<SelfishMan>apparently the random algorithm sucks too
21:58-!-Eman [] has joined #linode
21:58<mwalling>SelfishMan: random.choice()
21:58<phennessy>moar enteropey
21:58<SelfishMan>mwalling: so, why did it pick the same code twice?
21:58<jkwood>Because that's how .random() works sometimes.
21:59<SelfishMan>yay pseudo-random
21:59<faceman>Jan 13 21:55:01 [26807] - Munin-update finished (0.00 sec)
21:59*row can't connect to his newark linode :(
21:59<faceman>that doesn't seem right
21:59<jkwood>We had the same problem in a music player I'm helping with. I had to change the code not to do the same song twice in a row.
21:59<tjfontaine>what music player mister jkwood
21:59<jkwood>The problem is, it truly IS random.
21:59<mwalling>jkwood: you're still working on yanihmp?
21:59<wastrel>you have to unrandomify it because of users
21:59<SelfishMan>Looking at the stats it seems to really have issues
22:00<row>I just got trace output on lish
22:00<powerrock>where do I find my RSA / DSA key to add so that lish doesn't ask for password when accessing my account?
22:00<jkwood>It's called Jerboa now.
22:00<jkwood>mwalling: A little bit. Here and there.
22:00<mwalling>yanihp for ever
22:00<SelfishMan>powerrock: You have to generate one or provide the public key you already use for SSH (if you use one)
22:00<jkwood>powerrock: Under Linux? .ssh/
22:01<tjfontaine>oh qt4, /me walks away
22:01<b4>apple }{ forever\\\\\\
22:01-!-chopp [~chopp@] has joined #linode
22:01<mwalling>SelfishMan: i should add "total chances" where that column is incremented each time a code is gotten, so you can see the %'s
22:01<mwalling>SelfishMan: tjfontaine has row #2 in the database
22:01<tjfontaine>pffft, dont' spill my secret
22:02<tjfontaine>can't you also randomize the mysql select?
22:02<row> what is all that about?
22:02<row>linode is dead also
22:02<phennessy>ReferralBot: getcode
22:02<mwalling>tjfontaine: i dont select before returning
22:02<row>this happened during a aptitude dist-upgrade (lenny)
22:02<tjfontaine>mwalling: huh?
22:02<mwalling>i keep all the codes in a list
22:03<jkwood>Random doesn't keep the same code from coming up twice or three times or 500 times in a row.
22:03<tjfontaine>oh getcode doesn't select(), it only looks at the internal cache?
22:03<tjfontaine>jkwood: indeed, but let's keep adding more randomness :)
22:03<mwalling>then calls self.msg(), then goes back and UPDATEs
22:03<jkwood>You can code some of the random out of it, and force it to do something else.
22:03<jkwood>But that requires knowing what the last code was.
22:03<tjfontaine>if *I* were storing in mysql anyway, I would make getcode select and the rand as well
22:03<jkwood>Which is not a big deal, it just means more code.
22:04<phennessy>don't you use postgresel?
22:04<tjfontaine>jkwood: like in a music player picking !same-album || !same-artist || !same-genre
22:04<tjfontaine>phennessy: I do, mwalling doesn't
22:04<tjfontaine>phennessy: btw, postgresql :)
22:04<phennessy>mysql is SO much easier to spell
22:05<tjfontaine>done :)
22:05<jkwood>tjfontaine: Yeah, exactly.
22:05<mwalling>phennessy: want to, but already had a slightly vested interest in mysql... also, i dont want to run 2 db daemons on one box
22:05<jkwood>Guided randomization.
22:05<tjfontaine>(what itunes sucked at before genius)
22:06<phennessy>select ... from table order by rand() limit 1;
22:06<jkwood>For Jerboa, I guided the randomization just slightly. We have the capability to do a "randomly play everything in the playlist once", but I haven't coded it yet.
22:06<tjfontaine>is it dynamic or single playlist generation and queue.pop()?
22:07<jkwood>Dynamic, at least last time I checked.
22:07<row>everytime I stop mysqld I get a kernel panic
22:07<row>how ace....
22:07<SelfishMan>row: Then don't stop mysqld
22:07<tjfontaine>row: which kernel?
22:08<jkwood>He may have changed it, though.
22:08*linbot points at b4 and laffs
22:08<tjfontaine>row: go back down to 2.6.27
22:08<row>I will, known issues?
22:08<linbot>/me points at phennessy and laffs
22:08<jkwood>tjfontaine: Oh please don't tell me that.
22:08<tjfontaine>row: yes, semi
22:08<tjfontaine>jkwood: I hit it once myself
22:08<jkwood>Oh, ffs... it's do, not say /me.
22:08<tjfontaine>does it look like
22:09<row>yep that is the panic I get
22:09<SelfishMan>linode14 has been very solid for me
22:10<jkwood>I just moved to linode15. =/
22:10<row>dito a few days ago
22:10<row>as I upgraded kernel so I could do ip6tables
22:10<row>as I was on .18 or something
22:10<jkwood>Okay, just a couple more days, and I can back up my crap, and put Slamd64 on my 'node.
22:10<SelfishMan>nobody uses ipv6
22:10<tjfontaine>2.6.27 works well
22:10<b4>i use linode42
22:11*linbot points at b4 and laffs
22:11<row>SelfishMan: er that is not true and they should :P
22:11<tjfontaine>jkwood: the sooner the better
22:12*SelfishMan hides his IPv6 infrastructure
22:12<jkwood>tjfontaine: How long did it take you?
22:12*jtsage just finished setting up his ip6 firewall.
22:13<tjfontaine>jkwood: a week or so, but row seems to have it fairly reproducable
22:14-!-netjackal [] has joined #linode
22:14<jkwood>Say... are the x86_64 kernels compiled with ia32 support, or are they 64-bit only?
22:15<row>tjfontaine: thanks for that, back to normall and up and running now.
22:15<tjfontaine>row: no problem
22:15<@caker>jkwood: ia32 support is in there
22:15<jkwood>caker: Thanks. =)
22:15<tjfontaine>there's a way to compile x86_64 without ia32 support?
22:15<row>Any major performance gains for using amd64 on linode?
22:15<@caker>tjfontaine: yup
22:15<jkwood>Sure. It becomes a "pure 64" kernel.
22:15<@caker>row: no
22:16*row wont bother then :P
22:16<SelfishMan>row: not likely
22:16*row wonders off to supermarket
22:16<SelfishMan>wow, I'm slow
22:16<tjfontaine>Slow Children At Play
22:16<guinea-pig>not slow, special
22:16-!-netjackal [] has left #linode []
22:16<phennessy>slow children need to play too
22:17<tjfontaine>street signs need punctuation
22:17-!-paul_ [] has joined #linode
22:18<exor674>is there a reason to leave out ia32 support?
22:18<exor674>besides kernel size... speed?
22:19-!-dmb [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:19<tjfontaine>no 32bit ld searching at the least ;)
22:19<res0>caker: i'm not in a particularly pleasant mood with you guys at the moment :<
22:20<tjfontaine>res0: ?
22:20<res0>not that you are in a particularly pleasant mood regarding what happened to me earlier
22:20<jkwood>I believe that the deb distros have pure 64-bit.
22:20-!-eld101 [] has quit [Quit: eld101]
22:20-!-N1JER [] has quit [Quit: N1JER]
22:20<tjfontaine>you were the target of todays ddos?
22:21<jkwood>He's a witch!
22:21<tjfontaine>burn him!
22:21<res0>and i don't have a damn clue who it could have been
22:21<res0>we haven't banned anyone for over a week :P
22:21<res0>the IP was
22:21<TheFirst>there you go
22:21<res0>which hosts slashnet's website, services, and an ircd.
22:21<straterra>it was me!
22:21<tanto>why don't you get ec2? then you don't have to worry about ddos
22:22<jkwood>I wonder if it's the same butthats that keep cropping up here.
22:22<tjfontaine>notify slashnet, and move to newark or freemont (if it were me)
22:22<erikh>warewolf: don't reveal the secret!
22:22<tjfontaine>jkwood: no, more related to doomers sadly
22:22<res0>tjfontaine: i pretty much am slashnet :P
22:22<mwalling>tanto: dont have to worry about ddos?
22:22<tanto>your wallet will eat the ddos, that's it :)
22:22<tjfontaine>res0: oh, we share one server you know :)
22:22<res0>yeah, i know
22:23-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:23<SelfishMan>what host was that?
22:23<res0>again, i'm sorry it took everyone out
22:23<res0>but i really don't know what prompted it
22:23-!-paul_ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:23<phennessy>not me, i'm at newark \o/
22:23-!-alnr [] has left #linode [WeeChat 0.2.6]
22:23-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has joined #linode
22:23<b4>im on newark42 i think
22:23<SelfishMan>dallas104 was bothered by that too you insensitive jerk
22:24<mwalling>SelfishMan: s/104//
22:24<SelfishMan>All of dallas? Really?
22:24<mwalling>well, knocked me out
22:24<jkwood>I was getting packet loss in the whole DC.
22:24<supine>when is linode going to replace their mundane host naming scheme?
22:24<res0>tjfontaine: what's different about newark or fremont?
22:24<SelfishMan>sad. I have other system in the same DC that were fine so it was definitely linode specific
22:25<SelfishMan>res0: You aren't there?!?!
22:25<res0>erm, what?
22:25<tjfontaine>res0: they seem to be a bit more resilient to ddos, at least for oftcs purposes
22:25<SelfishMan>fremont seems to be mostly non-ddos target nodes
22:25-!-powerrock [] has quit [Quit: powerrock]
22:25-!-Mario_ [Mario@] has joined #linode
22:25<SelfishMan>newark has had it's share of attacks
22:25<res0>we already have a server in fremont :/
22:25<phennessy>newark hasn't gone completely down from an attack
22:26<mwalling>supine: what, you want linode to start naming hosts "grumpy" "sneeze" etc?
22:26<phennessy>not that i've seen anyhow
22:26<SelfishMan>Are there 300 dwarfs?
22:26<supine>mwalling: something better than 1, 2, 3 ...
22:26<phennessy>or more?
22:26<b4>watch fremont get ddos'd now
22:26-!-pygi [Mario@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:26<b4>when we say it won't
22:26<b4>it will
22:26<b4>not by me.
22:26<jkwood>We were going to name one of our twin servers Teletran-1, but we couldn't come up with a decent counterpart.
22:26<b4>idk how to ddos
22:27<SelfishMan>jkwood: Teletran-2?
22:27<mwalling>supine: better? if you dont like it, you could always CNAME in a zone you control or something
22:27<b4>i have no naming scheme
22:27<mwalling>supine: i'd rather they keep creativity towards development then comming up with stupid names
22:27<jkwood>SelfishMan: I don't believe you got the reference.
22:27<b4>Tranquility, Starfire, Ruby, Quartz, Illusion, starfire2, Danielle, Victoria
22:28<b4>can you fin d a relation?
22:28<b4>aadd sapphire to that list
22:28<jkwood>Actually, it should be Teletraan-1.
22:29<supine>mwalling: or at least come up with a fn() to generate the next # and spice things up
22:29<b4>can anyone find a relation between my hostnames?
22:29<mwalling>b4: no one cares
22:30<b4>mwalling, i know!
22:30<b4>caker has everyones referral codes and when they register he gets an extra $20!
22:31<b4>or he puts all codes in a hat, picks one, and gives himself credit for that code
22:32-!-Lithrem [~Lithrem@] has joined #linode
22:43-!-jtsage [] has quit [Quit: Caught sigterm, terminating...]
22:59-!-dvgrhl` [] has quit []
23:01-!-Dralspire [] has quit [Quit:]
23:01-!-N1JER [] has joined #linode
23:03-!-chopp [~chopp@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
23:04-!-fearoffish [] has joined #linode
23:07-!-dvgrhl [] has joined #linode
23:07<tjfontaine>atourino: hi
23:08<tjfontaine>mwalling: :)
23:08<mwalling>res0: you've been shunned.
23:08<phennessy>don't worry, be happy
23:08<mwalling>res0: go sit in the corner
23:08<res0>i give up on IRC. this is too much damn effort for not getting paid. :/
23:09-!-ReferralBot [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:09<phennessy>move to newark or he
23:09-!-ReferralBot [] has joined #linode
23:09<atourino>tjfontaine, you dont happen to be an opper at freenode as well do you? :)
23:09<tjfontaine>atourino: once upon a time, not currently though
23:10<mwalling>atourino: i think he'd kill himself first
23:10<res0>plus he'd have this nervous habit of randomly rerouting all the servers
23:10<scorche>dont forget the periodic akill *
23:10<jkwood>Or akilling the entire net...
23:10<atourino>forgot my nick password at freenode and no ops around
23:10<res0>and they don't have a way to recover via email?
23:11<Peng_>ReferralBot: botsnack
23:11<Peng_>Oh, ReferralBot works?
23:11<atourino>i was told the ops send out a key to your email, which you can use to change your password
23:12<Peng_>tjfontaine: You were an oper on Freenode?
23:12<res0>you should be able to do that on your own in most services implementations
23:12<tjfontaine>Peng_: for a time, during the merge talks
23:12*atourino merges with your mom
23:17<mwalling>ReferralBot: getcode
23:17<phennessy>ReferralBot: getcode
23:17*phennessy flips ReferralBot the bird
23:17<mwalling>one mississippi, two mississippi...
23:18-!-chopp [~chopp@] has joined #linode
23:18<mwalling>ReferralBot: getcode
23:18<phennessy>ReferralBot: getcode
23:19-!-jtsage [] has joined #linode
23:19<mwalling>see? it is fair
23:19<phennessy>i know hoopycays code!
23:19<Peng_>How do you add a code? O:)
23:19<phennessy>but you aren't listed, so how do we know its really fair?
23:19<mwalling>phennessy: i pulled mine
23:19<mwalling>Peng_: /msg ReferralBot add $YOURCODE
23:20<tjfontaine>mwalling: you should put instructions on that site too
23:20<tjfontaine>ReferralBot: help
23:20<tjfontaine>and make that work :)
23:20<mwalling>its in git
23:20<mwalling>you do it
23:20<Peng_>You pulled yours?
23:20<tjfontaine>maybe tomorrow
23:20<tjfontaine>night all
23:21*phennessy goes too
23:21<Peng_>Good night.
23:21<atourino>night path
23:21-!-chopp [~chopp@] has quit []
23:22<mwalling> is now updated to give percents of chances available... each getcode() updates all rows by 1. if you add your code later, your chances avail is less then everyone else... so if tj has 5 hits, out of 20, and HoopyCat has 2 hits out of 8... it shows their the same
23:22<wastrel>i am installing cricket
23:27<linbot>New news from forums: Windows Server? (newbie question!) in General Discussion <>
23:29-!-chopp [~chopp@] has joined #linode
23:33<wastrel>windows is bad
23:33<linbot>New news from forums: How to: Complete Ubuntu server (Lighttpd, MySQL, PHP5, mail) in Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials <>
23:33-!-Mario_ [Mario@] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
23:34<SelfishMan>ReferralBot: getcode
23:34*SelfishMan skews the stats
23:35-!-Mike` [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:36<Peng_>You could watch the statistics to figure out peoples' codes. Is that a bad thing?
23:37<SelfishMan>Might as well just figure out the method of generating the code
23:37<jkwood>It's not like it's terribly useful.
23:37<jkwood>What are you going to do, give them a referral?
23:37<SelfishMan>It falls under the "because I can" category
23:38<jkwood>Egads, man, they'll save $20?
23:38-!-atourino [~antonio@] has quit [Quit: atourino]
23:38-!-kupesoft [] has joined #linode
23:38*SelfishMan gives jkwood a referral
23:38<SelfishMan>Ha! Take that!
23:38<bss>referral fight!
23:38<wastrel>what's the code for?
23:38-!-atourino [~antonio@] has joined #linode
23:39<SelfishMan>First person to figure out the code gets a night with urmom
23:39<SelfishMan>that needs to be fixed
23:42<jkwood>Fixed to what?
23:42<SelfishMan>something better
23:44<Peng_>!web title
23:44<linbot>Peng_: Urban Dictionary: urmom
23:45-!-andrew0david [~andrew00d@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:46<atourino>hmmm colloquy doesn't support client certificates... :(
23:47-!-atula [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:47-!-Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
23:48<jkwood>tjfontaine: Can I add multiple hostmask identifiers to my account?
23:50-!-ryan8403 [~ryan8403@] has joined #linode
23:51-!-daniel [~daniel@] has joined #linode
23:51<daniel>OK, so there's this coffee shop that now charges you to have internet access...Ive been a long term customer and always buy coffee there, but they wouldnt cut me a deal. So, how can I bypass this?
23:51<daniel>Install VPN software on my linode?
23:52<Internat>pretty sure if there not letting you connect, your gonna have issues.
23:52<atourino>go to a different coffeshop?
23:52<SelfishMan>daniel: VPNs work sometimes, ICMP tunnels work but are slow, UDP tunnels tend to work most times
23:52<daniel>atourino, out of the question, no other coffee shops serve granitas
23:52<atourino>then pay for the internet access...
23:53<daniel>I seriously doubt its anything special of security, I believe what they do is when u buy a coffee u get 2 hours of internet access using a key code.
23:53<daniel>Then Im sure you enter in on some internet thing when u open your browser.
23:53<erikh>what they probably want is the people sucking off their internet to go away
23:53<daniel>Well I like to stay there longer than 2 hours with internet, I do my school work there :P
23:53<erikh>just hang around for a few weeks and they might relax the rules
23:53<SelfishMan>daniel: buy more coffee?
23:54<SelfishMan>1 cup == 2 hours
23:54<erikh>2 hours is more than enough time to enjoy a single cup of coffee.
23:54<SelfishMan>so X cups == 2X hours
23:54-!-pygi [Mario@] has joined #linode
23:54<SelfishMan>therefore, ur mom is easy
23:54<erikh>she's also old
23:54*atourino prefers D cups
23:54<erikh>like, granny old
23:55-!-CWii [] has joined #linode
23:55<daniel>SelfishMan, thanks for the UDP, and ICMP trick :) but yer buying more cups of coffee isnt the solution >.>
23:55*CWii looks around
23:55<SelfishMan>daniel: More coffee is *always* the solution
23:55<erikh>oh god no
23:55<erikh>we wouldn't want them to make money or anything
23:56<erikh>MOAR INTERNETS
23:56*res0 gives tasaro a hug
23:57<daniel>erikh, they make enough money on me as is
23:57<erikh>daniel: alternatively, you could get a cable connection at home and a $20 coffee machine
23:57<erikh>it'd be cheaper.
23:57<daniel>cause its a ben and jerrys shop PLUS a coffee shop so I attack both ><
23:57<daniel>erikh, granita maker machines cost more I believe
23:57<daniel>to make aproper granita
23:57<daniel>none of this bullshit stick in the freezer for 20 minutes
23:58<erikh>you should get the peanuts snow cone machine.
23:58<erikh>those made awesome snow cones in seconds.
23:58<SelfishMan>I so had one of those as a kid
23:58<erikh>just make coffee in an ice cube tray.
23:58<SelfishMan>yeah, countless seconds of grinding up the ice
23:58-!-chopp [~chopp@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
23:59-!-VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
23:59-!-VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:59<jkwood>tjfontaine: Never mind, just read the docs, I'm goods.
23:59<jkwood>And with that, it's past my bedtime.
---Logclosed Wed Jan 14 00:00:06 2009