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00:20<linbot>New news from forums: Download/Upload Speed in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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00:31<Peng_>I should Google it, but: is it just me or is the DenyHosts update server dead?
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00:44<purrdeta>Wow... a school distrect here is closing for over a week due to one case of swine flu.
00:48<@pparadis>that stuff *is* ridiculously contagious.
00:50<purrdeta>I think it is blown just a bit out of proportion though. We will see how things go though. Also, what makes them think this will be over in a week? Press release:
00:51<bd_>They're probably hoping it goes away in a week, so they can look like heroes for relatively little effort
00:55<purrdeta>Ill just stay in my house as usual.
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00:55<bob2>people die of the flu every day
00:55<bob2>swine or not
00:55<@pparadis>yeah, but...
00:56<@pparadis>healthy twenty-somethings typicall don't.
00:56<bd_>the normal flu has a lower chance of a cytokine storm, indeed
00:56*supine never thought he see the word cytokine used in context in #linode
00:57<@pparadis>wait till just hear us busting out auxins.
00:57<purrdeta>I jsut think it is interesting that ONE person out of ~80,000 students caused the FWISD to close.
00:57<purrdeta>for over a week!
00:57<@pparadis>more cases might emerge, flu can have a lengthy incubation period.
00:58<purrdeta>pparadis: you in NJ yet?
00:58<@pparadis>would be surprised, actually, if more don't show up in that district.
00:58<purrdeta>Ill keep you informed about that district if you want. After all, I live here so I will hear about it *all* the time
00:58<@pparadis>not in NJ just yet, finishing up things in ATL, should be up there in less than a week.
00:58<@pparadis>please do!
00:59<purrdeta>I think Fort Worth is the largest school district to have closed so far.
00:59<@pparadis>looking forward to getting up to absecon, it's really a pretty decent area, very close to the shore :)
00:59<purrdeta>Probably a lot more scenic than where I live (which if you havent figured it out yet is the DFW area) :P
00:59<@pparadis>there was a case reported in new york today, probably gonna be some more big closings in the NE.
01:00<HedgeMage>Oh the panic! Oh the stupid!
01:00<@pparadis>i'm quite familiar with dallas, used to fly there ~4 times per month on business years ago when CompUSA still existed.
01:00<@pparadis>(10 years ago, that is)
01:01<@pparadis>what, you sayin' i'm old ;) ?
01:01<purrdeta>no I am saying 4 times a month to Dallas is OMG :P
01:01<@pparadis>yeah, it sucked pretty hard.
01:02<@pparadis>spent a lot of time training people older than me to do their jobs, i.e. "this is the Start button. this is an order. this is how we process it. no, don't do that."
01:16<CompWizrd>we just had a couple people at work come back from working in mexico.. one of them sounds sick to me
01:21<dcrookston>you're all gonna die
01:23<CompWizrd>i even know who to haunt in the afterlife!
01:24<CompWizrd>my boss's boss!
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01:24<CompWizrd>but yeah, the mexican gov't is now calling for all businesses to shut down from the 1st to the 5th
01:25<iggy>its a good reason to call in
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01:28<CompWizrd>i can work from home better than at the office, too.. people actually figure things out on their own before they email me, as compared to just dropping by my office for the slightest thing going wrong
01:28<CompWizrd>at least they stopped calling me, i think the "hi, i'm deaf, but feel free to leave a message anyways" voicemail greeting helped
01:28<CompWizrd>telemarketers still leave messages though......
01:28*iggy remembers those days
01:29<HedgeMage>CompWizrd: LOL
01:29<HedgeMage>CompWizrd: So are you actually deaf, or is it a ploy?
01:30<CompWizrd> quite deaf, but i can lipread and hear enough to handle face to face.. phones are impossible though
01:30*HedgeMage nods
01:31<CompWizrd>i just pass stuff off to my brother.. he dislikes telemarketers.. especially SAP.
01:31<CompWizrd>they call every couple weeks trying to sell us something or another
01:31<@pparadis>SAP is a bad word.
01:31<CompWizrd>he's almost ready to file complaints with the CRTC against them for harassment
01:32<dcrookston>Who's SAP?
01:32<Peng_>pparadis: I've heard that the default outbound traffic brake has been raised from 35 to 50 Mbps. Is that true?
01:32<dcrookston>My number got on some list or other recently.
01:32<CompWizrd>dcrookston: they sell a bunch of software for business applications and the like
01:32<dcrookston>Pissed me off, I kept getting calls (some of them just recordings telling me to call an 800 number for more information)
01:33<@pparadis>"hey, build your buggy platform on top of our bugg platform! we'll only charge you $500 USD/hour to tell you what we think might be wrong!"
01:33<CompWizrd>i've had the people who do our ERP software call my brother trying to sell me the exact application we're using
01:33<CompWizrd>he told them to check their customer list, and don't try again
01:34<@pparadis>I'm convinved a miserably failed SAP implementation (it was epic) it what finally sent CompUseless into the crapper.
01:34<dcrookston>I'd like to hear that story sometime
01:34<@pparadis>it's *good* but i don't have time atm. some day...
01:34<CompWizrd>dcrookston: sure it wasn't firing their most productive sales reps to save money? :)
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01:36<@pparadis>oh no, that's why they "promoted" guys like me to regional positions after they layed off all their corp/edu/gov salespeople in the late 90s... cause we could *totally* handle all the load, train all the new folks in Dallas, smooth things over with state govs... what could possibly go wrong? ;)
01:36<dcrookston>That's why they're so succ... oh wait
01:36<@pparadis>indeed. back in a couple, gonna go burn a smoke.
01:37<CompWizrd>i do like compusa for one thing.. i got a 17" CRT for 179 instead of 379 because their price matching was so broken.. a local store had 17" .39dp monitors for that price.. and compusa had the .28.. they couldn't get through to the other store cause it kept ringing over there, so they handed me the phone and told them to wave the rep back over if i got an answer
01:37<CompWizrd>soon as the other store picked up, i hung up :)
01:37<CompWizrd>got my monitor
01:40<CompWizrd>they didn't get suspicious when i bought 3 of them, either :)
01:40<dcrookston>that's because they're idiots
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01:40<dcrookston>or uneducated
01:40<supine>a friend did the reverse here
01:40<CompWizrd>i missed out on the price error from about 10 years ago.. they had something like a 19" for somewhere around 200 bucks, instead of 600
01:40<dcrookston>I remember that one!
01:40<CompWizrd>i tried to buy whatever filling the entire back wall of my living room would have been.
01:41<CompWizrd>probably 30 or 40 of them, i maxed out the credit card
01:41<CompWizrd>alas, they cancelled the order, and then because i'm not american, i couldn't get in on the class action lawsuit that ended up happening
01:41<supine>in a store that had a pricing error but knew he would never get it out of the store before they would notice, so went somewhere else and got them to price match. person at the first store just checked the same sticker with the error and not on their computer.
01:41<CompWizrd>think it was egghead that had 20 packs of hard drives for the price of one drive.. i suspect the fact i ordered 140 drives was suspicious
01:43<dcrookston>that sucks about the class action suit CompWizrd
01:43<dcrookston>supine: clever
01:44<CompWizrd>i wanted to get in on the class action lawsuit over the 3.1L v6's in GM products blowing head/intake gaskets, but alas, got screwed on that one too.. seems you don't get much money if you put 200,000 miles on a car in 8years.. theywere offering 50 bucks towards the 1500 repair...
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01:46<purrdeta>t/w 25
01:46<purrdeta>I am sorrrrry
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02:05<dcrookston>This should maybe be disturbing, but I've lost track of how many friends I have because I initially tried to "scam" them in some way (scam is the wrong word but I can't think of the right one)
02:06<dcrookston>and then got to know them and they thought I was nice, based on my fake behavior
02:07<dcrookston>i.e. one girl, who is dumb as a POST - I got to know her initially because my friends and I made fun of her for the dumb things she said, so I thought I'll pretend to be friends with her, 'cause the more she talks to me the more opportunity I'll have to hear her say completely retarded things
02:07<dcrookston>then I realized she was actually really cool and fun and, yes, totally, completely thick-headed, but we ended up friends anyway
02:07<AlexMax>you are a horrible person and you will die alone
02:08<dcrookston>In summary, I am an asshole, but it's working out well for me.
02:08<dcrookston>Yeah I know huh!
02:08<AlexMax>just sayin
02:08<dcrookston>No, you're absolutely right.
02:08<dcrookston>What's shocking though is that this has happened several times.
02:08<dcrookston>Just a little while ago, I started getting emails from some dating site - "We've got your new profile", "Your pics have been approved", that kind of thing. Not me.
02:09<dcrookston>So I did the "Email me my password" thing and logged in and it was some girl whose name is similar to mine.
02:09<dcrookston>I was annoyed at getting the emails so I changed the profile to be ridiculously bad, then looked her up on facebook and said "Hey, you mistyped your email address. I hope you don't mind the changes I made to your profile."
02:10<dcrookston>Turns out it wasn't her, it was her friends (hence the wrong email address), she thought the changes were hilarious, and we're friends now.
02:13<Peng_>THat one's different. You weren't misprepresenting yourself. (I mean, you were to the website, I guess, but not to her.)
02:13<dcrookston>Yeah but I was still being mean to her. Or I thought I was.
02:14<dcrookston>Anyway. It looks like it's happening again.
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02:16<Peng_>dcrookston: You need to be either more or less of a heartless bastard. If you're less, you won't do these things; if you're more, you'll be able to follow them through instead of getting to like the people.
02:16<Peng_>Although I guess your current level is making you the most friends...
02:17<dcrookston>Peng_, you win the prize for most accurate assessment in under one paragraph ever.
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02:26<Peng_>!newcalc 200 GB / 50 Mbps
02:26<linbot>Peng_: (200 gigabytes) / (50 Mbps) = 9.10222222 hours
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03:01<SelfishMan>What's this? Someone using !newcalc for legitimate uses? That is against the terms of service
03:01<SelfishMan>!newcalc tos
03:01<linbot>SelfishMan: -42
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03:02<SelfishMan>!newcalc tos
03:02<linbot>SelfishMan: -42
03:02<SelfishMan>google is having issues
03:04<phennessy>!newcalc sos
03:04<linbot>phennessy: -42
03:04<SelfishMan>!newcalc tos
03:04<linbot>SelfishMan: This script is to be used for pointless and obnoxious queries only. Use for productive reasons is *strictly* prohibited.
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03:11<@pparadis>!newcalc 5 joules * 60 mph
03:11<linbot>pparadis: (5 joules) * 60 mph = 134.11200 m^3 kg / s^3
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03:19<@pparadis>!newcalc 20 light years * 42 fluid ounces
03:19<linbot>pparadis: (20 light years) * 42 US fluid ounces = 2.35016222 * 10^14 m^4
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03:33<@pparadis>!newcalc 1.21 gigawatts / 88 mph
03:34<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot dallas133 in System and Network Status <>
03:34<linbot>pparadis: (1.21 gigawatts) / (88 mph) = 30 757 874 newtons
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03:44<cast>managed to freeze my linode by typing ss instead of su D:
03:44<cast>[is back up now though]
03:45<iggy>your linode doesn't like nazis? socket stats seems unlikely to lock up your linode
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03:47<cast>pasted this out of lish:
03:47<cast>ss works fine now though..weirdness.
03:48*iggy blames DM
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05:17<rbwilkinson>Hello all
05:17<rbwilkinson>Need help with mail server
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05:17<rbwilkinson>had an install of ispconfig go bad
05:18<rbwilkinson>i am using multiple hosting
05:18<rbwilkinson>I was able to send mail from the server and not receive. Now i can do neither.
05:19<rbwilkinson>i have a few left virtual* files left in postfix.
05:19<rbwilkinson>i am reading ubuntu docs in an attempt to fix
05:20<rbwilkinson>webmin shows lots of mail... but i am unbale to get to them from any mailbox
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05:27<encode>rbwilkinson: i suspect you're not going to get a great deal of assistance in here with that problem, simply because most here are unlikely to use something like ispconfig
05:28<encode>we prefer to configure by hand, that way we know exactly what's going on
05:28<encode>if you provide details like which smtpd you're using, maybe paste some logs in, you might get more of a response
05:29<rbwilkinson>i think i can clear most of its remnants left
05:30<rbwilkinson>webmin has a lot info..i had also tried to virtualamin and that failed
05:31<rbwilkinson>it is evident that I am receiving email from outside. they arent being moved to the mailboxes
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05:55<praetorian>virul rather/z 23
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07:23<cast>later all :)
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07:24<linodecustomer>any plans to register a domain name when creating a linode? That would be very handy.
07:25<purrdeta>I would imagine, probably not.
07:28<mgoetze>linodecustomer: linode doesn't do domain registration at all
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07:45<rbwilkinson>hello again gang
07:46<rbwilkinson>I am getting "Out of Memory" error messages on reboot...and its failing
07:46<rbwilkinson>what next?
07:46<rbwilkinson>Out of memory: Killed process 3178 (python).
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07:56<Peng_>rbwilkinson: You should check what's starting the process(es). Perhaps it's your web server?
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07:57<rbwilkinson>it is the server
07:58<rbwilkinson>web server
07:58<rbwilkinson>how do i fix if i have no access?
07:59<Peng_>What do you mean, "no access"? You're not the sysadmin, or because it's OOMing?
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07:59<Peng_>If it's the former, call your sysadmin. If it's the latter, I guess you could boot into single-user mode.
07:59<Peng_>rbwilkinson: Out Of Memory.
08:00<rbwilkinson>even lishell not working
08:00<Peng_>It's probably working, just...horribly slowly.
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08:02<rbwilkinson>so i can use commands to kill apache?
08:05<rbwilkinson>if I am able to get access ... I will be able to kill apache and other child procs?
08:06<Peng_>Sure, why not?
08:06<Peng_>The point of booting in single-user mode is that Apache wouldn't be started in the first place.
08:08<rbwilkinson>Peng_ How does one boot into single user mode into a linode server?
08:08<mwalling>edit your config profile
08:10<rbwilkinson>using the dashboard?
08:11<mwalling>no, i'd hire a team of lemmings, give them all sticks of tnt, and tell them to run in circles
08:12<rbwilkinson>thanks for the help
08:12<linbot>The rules: (#1) ignore aaronyy, (#2) ignore b4, (#3) SelfishMan is the resident arrogant prick, (#4) mwalling is the resident asshole
08:18<Clorith>you can be an asshoel to me any day *wink wink*
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09:08<Yaakov>New news from forums: dallas133 reboot caused by CDC confirmed Swine Flu in System and Network Status <>
09:08<Yaakov>Darn, messed that up.
09:10<G>Yaakov: in all honestly, irgeek sucks because he should have said that in the first place :P
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09:11<Karrde>CDC confirmed Swine Flu in System and Network Status
09:11<G>Karrde: now spreads human to server :)
09:12*G notes that would be freaky realy
09:12<Karrde>He should with some snarky title, wait for the bot to pick it up in here, then immediatly edit it
09:13<@irgeek>Heh. I got the pop-up with the message that highlighted me before I saw the rest of the conversation.
09:13<Yaakov>Well, we already have that with the memetic virus hoaxes.
09:14<@irgeek>The first thing through my mind was "WTF did *I* say to piss off G?"
09:14<Yaakov>irgeek: It's what you DIDN'T say.
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09:21<Yaakov>MarkJ: What's up?
09:26-!-vinoth [] has joined #linode
09:27<vinoth>hi all
09:27<vinoth>hi, sending mail through smtp (soceket connection to domain name ) is working , but php mail function not working, any suggesstion ?
09:30<rbwilkinson>i am in a lish console. want to boot as single user ... Does any one know the command?
09:30<vinoth>boot as single user
09:31<rbwilkinson>boot single ........ doesnt work
09:31<Pryon>Can't you set single user mode in you config profile?
09:32<vinoth>hi, sending mail through smtp (soceket connection to domain name ) is working , but php mail function not working, any suggesstion ?
09:32<vinoth>installed postfix, dovecot
09:32<vinoth>from postfix admin mail working
09:33<straterra>NOM NOM NOM
09:33<straterra>Work bought $200 worth of donuts
09:33<Pryon>rbwilkinson: There's a runlevel setting in the config profile editor.
09:33<Pryon>That's a lot of donuts
09:33<rbwilkinson>please tell me where i can find that
09:33<vinoth>beause it is connect socket to same domain - worked, but normal php mail function not working :(
09:33<Pryon>dashboard, click on profile name, 5th thing down
09:34<Pryon>you might also try 'init 1' in the console, but I don't know what that'll do on a linode
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09:35<rbwilkinson>thanks i will try
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09:37<Karlb06>hi can anyone help me out with guppys please
09:38-!-jtaji [] has joined #linode
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09:43<Karrde>brb doing someone else's job for them
09:43-!-bylzz_ [] has joined #linode
09:43<tzar>Hi, I was wondering if there is something I can do so that I don't have to add a new A record and wait for DNS to update every time I want to add a subdomain to my site
09:43-!-bylzz [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:45<tzar>in other words can I get to redirect to where anything can be.. anything
09:54<tzar>guess not then
09:54-!-tzar [] has left #linode []
09:54<straterra>Nice patience
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10:56<Yaakov>I have hand sanitizer.
10:58<Yaakov>This hand sanitizer is Aqua Regia.
10:58<straterra>SpaceHobo: Mm..cadburry egg..
10:59<fapestniegd>I once bet a guy he couldn't eat 12 Mm..cadbury creme eggs...
10:59<fapestniegd>when he wasn't looking, I replaced an empty wrapper with a 13th.
10:59<fapestniegd>he at them all in under 2 hours.
11:00<fapestniegd>I'm suprised he didn't have to go to the hospital...
11:00<straterra>SpaceHobo: I have a stockpile..thats how
11:00<BP{k}>fapestniegd: *ouch*
11:02<fapestniegd>He later did this: (actual video of him)
11:03<fapestniegd>He's the senior security architect at Asurion. Having worked there with him, I assume all of these attempts are just indirect suicide attempts...
11:05<fapestniegd>we later covered his desk with dozens of mini cadbury creme eggs, and he couldn't go near his desk without almost vomiting...
11:05<fapestniegd>good times.
11:06-!-xitology [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
11:09<bd_> Another 2^5 cracks in the foundation of SHA-1...
11:36-!-BP{k} [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
11:38-!-mikeshoup [] has joined #linode
11:38-!-edmund [~edmund@] has joined #linode
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11:49<linbot>New news from forums: Email setup recommendations for e-greeting card-like app? in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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12:07<mwalling>mikegrb: fail
12:09-!-hunter [] has joined #linode
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12:09-!-hunter [] has joined #linode
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12:27-!-xitology [] has joined #linode
12:45-!-materdaddy [] has joined #linode
12:48<materdaddy>how do i get reverse lookups to point to my DNS instead of a hostname?
12:49<laser`>There's an option in the members areas
12:51<materdaddy>oh, ok cool! i was hoping it was easy :D
12:51<mikeshoup>Yup, its under the Network tab
12:54<materdaddy>hmmm..... so my second nameserver doesn't resolve to the correct IP using that...
12:55<materdaddy>but 'dig' and 'host' work properly...
12:56<mikeshoup>I'm not exactly sure how it works, but it took about 24 hours after I created an A record the domain that the tool allowed me to use it.
12:56<mikeshoup>I even waited past the TTL of the record
12:57<materdaddy>hmmm.... i've had the A records set up for weeks
12:57<materdaddy>i just used "" to check everything and it complained that my rdns didn't match dns
12:57<materdaddy>not to mention bind was reporting the version... i can't figure out how to get it to NOT report a version, so i just forced it to reply with version "none" :D
13:00<materdaddy>also, on the note of checking all my dns stuff, is it OK to disable all axfr requests? i don't run other nameservers, only the one on my linode
13:00<materdaddy>i'm assuming i can disable it
13:06*iggy just uses linode's dns manager
13:06-!-paul__ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:07-!-paul__ [] has joined #linode
13:07-!-paul__ [] has quit []
13:07-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has joined #linode
13:14<mikeshoup>me uses linode's DNS manager too
13:14<mikeshoup>I hit the / button
13:17<linbot>New news from forums: HTTP-Retrievable Linode Stats (in XML) in Announcements <>
13:21-!-daMaestro [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:25<SelfishMan>!newcalc 12.7TB / 80Mbps
13:25<linbot>SelfishMan: (12.7 terabytes) / (80 Mbps) = 15.4130963 days
13:25<SelfishMan>!newcalc 12.7TB / 800Mbps
13:25<linbot>SelfishMan: (12.7 terabytes) / (800 Mbps) = 1.54130963 days
13:25*SelfishMan orders 10Gbit cards and fiber
13:25*phennessy thinks USPS is faster
13:26*phennessy wonders what SelfishMan is up to
13:27<iggy>backing up the human brain?
13:27<mwalling>!newcalc 1kb / 800Mbps
13:27<linbot>mwalling: (1 kilobit) / (800 Mbps) = 1.22070312 microseconds
13:27<SelfishMan>What's the total bandwidth of a station wagon full of DAT cartridges travelling down the highway?
13:27<mwalling>wow... easy to do my brain
13:28<straterra>!newcalc urmom + my penis
13:28<linbot>straterra: -42
13:28<Nivex>SelfishMan: (4.7 gigabytes) / (55 mph) = 205 252 594 s Bytes / m
13:28<SelfishMan>Nivex: I'm pretty sure I can put more than 4.7GB of DAT tapes in a station wagon
13:28<laser`>High latency, but massive packet size
13:29<Bdragon>The ultimate answer to the question of death, the singularity, and nothing?
13:29<mwalling>who goes 55 mph?
13:29<Nivex>I grabbed the value of a DVD off the top of my head
13:29<Nivex>and I figured 55mph as an average speed
13:29<Nivex>you know: construction, idiot drivers, piss breaks
13:29*Bdragon sings "I can't drive -- FIFTY-FIVE!!!"
13:29<laser`>When I visited the US I only ever went the speed limit :P
13:29<SelfishMan>Updated version of the question: How much bandwidth does Netflix carry across the USPS?
13:29<mikeshoup>Plus, a station wagon loaded down with DAT types might be kinda heavy
13:29<laser`>Was too scared of getting pulled over by American cops
13:30<SelfishMan>laser`: It's unsafe to drive the speed limit in the US
13:30<iggy>it really is
13:30<Battousai>the actual speed limit is 20mph higher (on average) than the posted speed limit
13:31<Battousai>or on area without posted speed limits, 120mph
13:31<Bdragon>(Except in the midwest!)
13:31<laser`>They should just take the French approach
13:31<laser`>85 mph on the autoroutes
13:31<SelfishMan>With the exception of Wyoming, the HP really aren't that bad. In Wyoming, however, they are known to pull over 20-30 cars at a time and then write them tickets one by one
13:31<laser`>Which my car has trouble cruising at when it's fully loaded
13:31<mikeshoup>85mph speed limit would nice
13:31<SelfishMan>Anyone remember when MT had the "basic rule"?
13:31<Battousai>my car can't even do 85
13:31<mikeshoup>It would make those trips from Denver to Miami take less than 32 hours
13:32<Bdragon>not really, todays cars have crappy drag characteristics
13:32<straterra>If the speed limit were 85, I wouldn't have to go to court Tuesday
13:32*straterra is serious
13:32<straterra>I have a court date for reckless driving for doing 82 in a 55 out in the country
13:32<straterra>no one around
13:32<laser`>What I found crazy was how fast your lorries go
13:32<Battousai>except cops apparently
13:32<straterra>one cop
13:33<Bdragon>two cars one cop?
13:33<SelfishMan>The "basic rule" was no speed limit as long as your driving was reasonable and prudent. I learned young that reasonable and prudent means under 90, not over 120
13:33<straterra>Me and the cop
13:33<straterra>thats it
13:33<laser`>I believe the speed limit on the Interstate in AZ was 75
13:33<laser`>And I was getting overtaken by trucks
13:33<laser`>Which is crazy. All trucks in the UK are speed limited to 56 mph because that's the peak fuel efficiency amount, for cheapness :P
13:34<Bdragon>Yeah, but time is money too ya know :P
13:34<mikeshoup>I drove a "lorry" for a brief moment. It was governed at 55mph
13:34<SelfishMan>laser`: Don't they loose that efficiency when being limited like that?
13:34<laser`>I'm not sure
13:34<mikeshoup>Gigantic 12 cylinder diesel engine. Could go much faster.
13:34<laser`>But they all are
13:35<laser`>I guess petrol is a hell of a lot cheaper Stateside too
13:35<Bdragon>Ha, that's an understatement
13:35<laser`>Well, diesel
13:35-!-Alan__ [~alan@] has joined #linode
13:35<SelfishMan>I mean, the design of a governor is to cut everything back when you hit a certain limit
13:35<mikeshoup>SelfishMan: In a diesel, all you have to is control fuel flow.
13:36<straterra>My car has a governor at 140
13:36<straterra>And I've hit it
13:36-!-jimmysparkle [] has joined #linode
13:36<mikeshoup>Its effectively the same as keeping the pedal at the proper spot for 55
13:36<straterra>it has a rpm limiter too, but that's easy to get around
13:36<jimmysparkle>if i get my linode app emailing my gmail account with exception details as and when they are thrown do you think gmail will block my ip?
13:36<jimmysparkle>potentially could be a fair few exceptions if the db goes down etc
13:36<laser`>All I know is that when you're on a dual carriageway, and there's a lorry travelling 55.9 mph being overtaken by one at 56.1 mph
13:36<SelfishMan>straterra: That's better than the 108 that most vehicles max out at
13:36<laser`>It's annoying >.<
13:37<straterra>SelfishMan: indeed
13:37<straterra>Japanese ftw :P
13:37<mikeshoup>Do you regularly hit that 140 governor?
13:37<laser`>jimmysparkle: I don't think so, as long as it's just to you and you don't click "Report Spam"
13:37<jimmysparkle>cheers laser` - i thought that too
13:38<jimmysparkle>i'll give it a go, if i start getting thousands per night ill review it lol
13:38<jimmysparkle>ill review my code too! ;-)
13:38*SelfishMan laffs at how a discussion of bandwidth turns to governors and speed limits
13:38<mikeshoup>So, what's the bandwidth of a fully loaded lorry carrying DAT tapes going 55mph down the interstate?
13:39<Bdragon>Big windows
13:39-!-seangrove [] has joined #linode
13:39<straterra>mikeshoup: No
13:40<straterra>I used to regularly hit 110-ish
13:40<straterra>before I got my court date
13:40<straterra>Now I'm being careful
13:40<Nivex>rather, what is the size threshold where it becomes faster to send the media by post vs. the puny upstream we have here in the states
13:40<SelfishMan>phennessy: To answer your question, I'm backuping
13:40<mikeshoup>lol, I bet that made you rethink that fast ;)
13:40-!-Alan_ [~alan@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:40<SelfishMan>Nivex: When you need to transfer more than 700MB/hour
13:40<Bdragon>Does it beep when you back up? :P
13:41<Nivex>SelfishMan: it only takes an hour for you to send a CD by post?
13:41<Bdragon>(beeep beeep beeep)
13:41<Nivex>what courier do you use?!
13:41<SelfishMan>!newcalc 700MB / 1 hour
13:41<linbot>SelfishMan: (700 megabytes) / (1 hour) = 199.111111 kBps
13:41<mikeshoup>Or better yet, how about Avian Carriers?
13:41-!-kenichi [~kenichi@] has joined #linode
13:42<SelfishMan>Nivex: Depends on what it is for. If it is for backup purposes then one could argue that as long as the media is in the mail it is "offsite"
13:42-!-seangrove [] has quit []
13:43<SelfishMan>I can walk a mile, burn an ISO of $LINUXDISTROTHATISNOTSLACKWARE and walk back faster than I can download it in most places around here
13:44<mikeshoup>You ever try to download an ISO over 56k? That was fun
13:45<SelfishMan>mikeshoup: I used to do the shotgun modem approach and if that wasn't available I would connect to multiple ISPs and have each fetch a part of the file
13:47<mikeshoup>I found it easier just to copy the CD from a friend in the local LUG
13:49-!-A-KO [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:50<Nivex>I used to drive around town to find an open wireless and leech updates from the car
13:50<Nivex>one of the apartment complexes I frequented for such a purpose had an SSID of "George"
13:51<Nivex>so whenever I'd finish updating, I'd say "Thanks, George!" and drive off :)
13:51<SelfishMan>I still see people at 3am standing outside in the rain hiding under something trying to leech from the coffee shops
13:51-!-A-KO [] has joined #linode
13:51<straterra>Where are you, a swamp?
13:51<linbot>Battousai: Yo momma's so fat they built her a special toilet!
13:52<SelfishMan>straterra: Sometimes I wonder
13:52<SelfishMan>!urmom slackware in french
13:52<linbot>SelfishMan: Yo Momma's so old, Slackware, elle fait ressembler la version bêta.
13:54-!-daMaestro [] has joined #linode
14:00-!-toyo|desk [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:00-!-saboteur_ [] has joined #linode
14:01-!-jamuraa [] has joined #linode
14:01-!-trey [] has joined #linode
14:02-!-saboteur [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:02<jamuraa>so I keep getting disk activity notices from Linode. the server seems to be doing okay so I'm not worried too much, but I'm wondering what they're measuring and if "tweak it so it doesn't email me" is the correct response
14:03<laser`>I'd just tweak it
14:03<laser`>I got them all the time, especially when my MySQL backup script kicked in
14:04<spicer>everytime I get it I am like "sweet I got slash dotted or something" then I look and realize it just has a low threshold :(.
14:06<A-KO>same laser`, heh.
14:10-!-LanceHaig [] has left #linode [Ex-Chat]
14:10-!-Bdragon [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:10-!-xyzer [] has joined #linode
14:17-!-Bdragon [] has joined #linode
14:17-!-reverseip [] has joined #linode
14:20<jamuraa>spicer: yes it seems to be set unnecessarily low to start with (was it 250?) I've bumped it twice so far because the emails are like auto-delete for me now
14:22-!-smkent [] has joined #linode
14:23<reverseip>how do i get a PTR record for a linode IP?
14:25<HoopyCat>reverseip: to change it? it's in the network tab of the dashboard
14:26<HoopyCat>reverseip: (note that there has to be an A record in place first, and it's probably best to wait a few whiles between adding the A record and trying to change the PTR to avoid a cache race)
14:27<reverseip>HoopyCat: thanks :-)
14:28-!-fire2k [~fire2k@] has joined #linode
14:28<fire2k>Hi, anyone is with sales in linode? who can I speak to I have some questions
14:29<HoopyCat>reverseip: np :-)
14:29-!-edmund [~edmund@] has quit [Quit: edmund]
14:30<HoopyCat>fire2k: the ops are linode employees; however, we can probably answer some general questions too
14:31<fire2k>oh ok
14:32<bd_>Everyone else is a very bored customer :
14:32<bd_>(Or an even more bored non-customer)
14:36-!-Peng_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:39<linbot>New news from forums: Outage: dallas153 in System and Network Status <>
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14:40-!-xitology [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
14:40-!-hfb [] has joined #linode
14:42<tonyyarusso>linbot lies - Linode doesn't have outages!
14:44-!-guorbatschow [] has joined #linode
14:44<mikeshoup>Lie or not, the team did a good work, Only took 4 minutes from the time irgeek posted it, to the time mikegrb posted its fixed.
14:45<@mikegrb>took some extra time because we had to call the DC Monkies to lay on their hands
14:45<bd_>mikegrb: remote power switch not working or something...?
14:46<@mikegrb>nah it went into bios instead of booting up
14:47<@mikegrb>and by DC monkey I mean tasaro
14:47<HoopyCat>keyboard plug fell out, eh?
14:47<bd_>and by hands you mean serial console?
14:47<@mikegrb>nah he happends to be in the dc
14:48<@mikegrb>he had just replaced the console server the host was on though
14:48<@mikegrb>so I didn't see it was in bios :/
14:49-!-guorbatschow [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:53-!-_mattd [] has joined #linode
14:53<_mattd>hey all
14:57<linbot>New news from forums: E-mail with MySQL backend in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
15:08-!-trey [] has quit [Quit: trey]
15:14<linbot>New news from forums: Firewall method (fail2ban, DenyHosts, iptables-only, other?) in Linux Networking <>
15:14<_mattd>running (only) nginx 0.6.32 w/ mod_wsgi, uploads to my website seem to stall indefinitely if the size is larger than around 1 megabyte. my max request post body size is 80mb, and things have worked successfully before. is there anything that im missing? should i be looking at the upload module?
15:17-!-geeps [] has quit [Quit: geeps]
15:24<materdaddy>can somebody help me with my bind configuration? preferably in a dcc chat, or at least not the main channel? maybe irgeek, since you're the one who responded to my trouble ticket! :D
15:25<mwalling>why not in channel?
15:25<mwalling>the collective is smarter then the induhvidual
15:25<mikey_p>Hi, I need some help configuring sendmail w/ php, it works, but takes about 2 minutes or so for a message to send
15:25<@mikegrb>especially when the individual doesn't even no how to speel
15:25<mwalling>mikey_p: dont use sendmail? </troll>
15:26<mikey_p>mwalling: I've never set up mail before, more of a web app guy
15:26<materdaddy>well... ok... basically i have A records for ns1 and ns2 setup
15:26-!-A-KO [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:26<materdaddy>yet asking GTLD, i get the same IP
15:26<mikey_p>mwalling: what is an alternative?
15:27<mwalling>mikey_p: personally, i think postfix is nice and easy, well documented, the (real) sample file is more comments then directives, and many here use it
15:27<@irgeek>materdaddy: Log into your registrar and change them. That's how they get into the root servers.
15:27<mikeshoup>mikey_p, what does the sendmail logs say?
15:27<materdaddy>but if i ask my host itself, it resolves to two different IPs
15:28<mikey_p>mwalling: is it s drop in replacement for sendmail? i.e. can I configure anything that uses sendmail to use postfix?
15:28-!-A-KO [] has joined #linode
15:28<materdaddy>irgeek: doesn't the registrar just get the "name", not the IP...
15:28<materdaddy>a whois shows ns1 and ns2...
15:28<@irgeek>They're glue records.
15:28<mikeshoup>+1 on postfix
15:28<@irgeek>You need to fix it with your registrar.
15:28<materdaddy>ohhhhh.... that explains everything then... jeez, i've been pulling my hair out thinking bind was foobar...
15:29<mwalling>mikey_p: for the most part, SMTP is SMTP
15:29<materdaddy>i only setup the second IP and BIND configuration a couple weeks ago... ns1 and ns2 used to point to the same IP...
15:29<materdaddy>irgeek: thanks!
15:30-!-esparkman [~esparkman@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:31<materdaddy>irgeek: so how long does it take gtld to get the update? i know propagation elsewhere will take a while, but at least when using dig to gtld, how long should it take?
15:31<mikey_p>mwalling: I don't even know where sendmail's logs are
15:31<@irgeek>It think they update pretty often. The last time I made a change it showed up within minutes.
15:32<mwalling>mikey_p: usually /var/log/mail something
15:32<materdaddy>ok, well, i'm not sure how to update that with godaddy... they don't have any fields for IP address... i'm hoping that when i submit changes they do a lookup at that time? or am i looking in the wrong place?
15:34<HoopyCat>materdaddy: lemme log into their infernalness and see what's in there...
15:34<materdaddy>HoopyCat: i found it... it looks like i'll have to do it per-domain...
15:35<materdaddy>there's a "host summary" per domain where i can set the hostname and IP
15:35<mikey_p>mwalling: huh, i just installed postfix and things are better
15:35<materdaddy>HoopyCat: i was trying to just update nameservers across the board... i was all confused...
15:35<materdaddy>HoopyCat: irgeek: i think i have it figured out
15:35<mikey_p>mwalling: no configuration at all....uhh go ubuntu i guess
15:36<HoopyCat>materdaddy: there's two processes: one to update the glue records ( IN A, another to update the NS records ( IN NS
15:37-!-fire2k [~fire2k@] has quit [Quit: fire2k]
15:37<HoopyCat>every time they change their website, i transfer a domain away
15:38<materdaddy>HoopyCat: yeah, i'm figuring that out, thanks... i updated my glue records (NS records using godaddy, and i can do that on ALL domains in one step)... then i updated the "hosts" for the domain that i use as the nameserver, which I presume is the A glue records...
15:38<materdaddy>and gtld is already updated! it worked, thanks for the help HoopyCat/irgeek!!!
15:39<HoopyCat>materdaddy: yes! that's what they call it. now i remember.
15:39<materdaddy>now i just have to wait for the rest of the propagation
15:41*Yaakov glues HoopyCat to a propagating TXT record.
15:43<HoopyCat>that did remind me to check on glue support at my new registrar of choice; looks like they do it manually, and there's no immediate indication of ipv6 support. godaddy does, however, support ipv6 glue. perhaps i'll keep a domain there. :-)
15:45<materdaddy>yeah, i did see they do ipv6... that's kinda neat
15:47<HoopyCat>hmm... if i have >= 2 NS records pointing to hosts with just A records and >= 2 NS records pointing to just AAAA records, will the world asplode? (i don't want to use my IPv6 servers to serve IPv4 requests, in other words)
15:48<Yaakov>Go Daddy is scum.
15:48<Yaakov>I mean, I use them, but they are scum.
15:52-!-reverseip [] has quit [Quit: reverseip]
15:54<linbot>New news from forums: Dallas NTP servers? in General Discussion <>
15:54-!-acton [] has joined #linode
16:06-!-esparkman [~esparkman@] has joined #linode
16:08-!-dcrookston [] has left #linode []
16:13<@irgeek>HoopyCat: I think the recommendation is that all DNS servers should have IPv4 but some can have IPv6 - I'm having trouble finding where I read that though, so take it with a grain of salt.
16:17<HoopyCat>irgeek: (look at the ns records, not at whois -- 'twas a custom job) has that, actually
16:21<HoopyCat>irgeek: that said, as you can tell from the whois vs. ns difference, it was a bit of a custom job
16:23<@irgeek>What am I supposed to be seeing in the ns records? Besides the fact that doesn't seem to resolve to any IP.
16:23<HoopyCat>irgeek: there are no A records for
16:24<HoopyCat>irgeek: and there are no AAAA records for :-)
16:25<HoopyCat>math test, bbiab. pray for omarion.
16:31-!-_mattd [] has quit [Quit: _mattd]
16:36<bd_>HoopyCat: The problem with doing something like that is an ipv4 dns server may try to query against the v6 servers - it'll have to wait for an D lookup on the v6-only one to timeout
16:36<bd_>er, fail, not necessarily timeout
16:38<fuzzie_>let us mock these ipv4 dns servers, stuck in the depths of the past
16:39-!-fuzzie_ is now known as fuzzie
16:39-!-osvaldo [~osvaldo@] has joined #linode
16:40-!-linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:41-!-acton [] has left #linode []
16:41<bd_>let us mock these UML users, stuck in the depths of the past. On an unrelated note, hi fuzzie.
16:42<fuzzie>I join you in your mocking of UML users and would like to also mock Xen users, stuck with technology that is not only outdated but also broken.
16:42<fuzzie>Long live kvm!
16:43-!-mikeshoup [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:56-!-jimcooncat [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
16:57<fapestniegd>esx, yo.
16:57<fapestniegd>(disclaimer: it's all crap)
17:01-!-jimd [] has joined #linode
17:01<bd_>Let's just go back to batch processing on punch cards
17:03<fapestniegd>bd_: abacuses
17:04<fapestniegd>bd_: abaci?
17:04<HoopyCat>bd_: the time to get a nxdomain for a A query from the gtld-servers should, in theory, be minimal
17:04<bd_>HoopyCat: Assuming the recursive resolver doesn't flip out at the prospect of a nameserver with no A entry
17:05<HoopyCat>bd_: if it's that brittle, i pray that it explodes if that happens
17:05<bd_>HoopyCat: Unfortunately, lots of people are behind broken implementations of DNS :P
17:06<HoopyCat>there's probably more than a few scenarios where a NS might point to something that lacks an A record, 'tho usually it's probably accidentally
17:07-!-Krynnotaur [] has quit [Quit: Fear profits man nothing.]
17:08-!-esparkman [~esparkman@] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
17:08<HoopyCat>huh, the new wing on building 9 has won a somethingorother award for thingamagical greenness
17:09<HoopyCat>had no idea it was a green building... all i know is that one of the fancypants energy-saving automatic doors has been propped open for months because it's broken
17:09*HoopyCat dies a little inside
17:09<phennessy>do lights turn on and off as you walk by?
17:10-!-Krynnotaur [] has joined #linode
17:10<phennessy>we've got that in one hallway and it freaks me out when i'm working in the building and no one is here
17:11-!-osvaldo [~osvaldo@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
17:11-!-Trunet [~Trunet@] has joined #linode
17:11<HoopyCat>most things that've seen renovations within the past few years have the auto-lights things, but they're usually on by the time i get to them
17:12<SelfishMan>!newcalc 25.4TB / (680Mbps * 4)
17:12<linbot>SelfishMan: (25.4 TB) / (680 Mbps * 4) = 21.7596654 hours
17:13<HoopyCat>the lights in 9-185 turn off automagically if the room is empty for more than an hour; given that we leave for lunch at 11:58am and arrive back at 1pm, we know someone'll be around to unlock the lab again shortly after the lights turn off
17:13<HoopyCat>the corridor my locker is in has auto-lights, too, which i occasionally arrive early enough to personally activate
17:14<HoopyCat>(worth noting about 9-185 is that we'd probably turn the lights off on the way out if there weren't an automatic thing to do it)
17:15*SelfishMan suggests mounting a small candle on a pendulum-type apparatus to keep the lights from turning off
17:18<HoopyCat>(note that the green-building part of 9 is a new wing, of which 9-185 isn't within; just to clarify. building 9 is actually two buildings. i think they were too cheap to buy new signs.)
17:18<HoopyCat>(actually, it's 3 buildings, if you could building 9A)
17:19<SelfishMan>I could building 9A but I would rather not
17:20<HoopyCat>yeah, i can't be arsed to building 9A this time of day
17:21<@mikegrb>HoopyCat: did you see my new children?
17:22<HoopyCat>mikegrb: mmm?
17:22-!-jtaji [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:22-!-LanceHaig [] has joined #linode
17:23<HoopyCat>mikegrb: woah! tiny!
17:25-!-eld101 [] has joined #linode
17:25<SelfishMan>mikegrb: What are you fabricating this time?
17:27-!-ph^ [~ph^] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:30-!-jimmysparkle [] has left #linode []
17:36-!-Trunet [~Trunet@] has quit [Quit: Trunet]
17:36<Yaakov>He is instrumenting his fridge.
17:38<@irgeek>Just as long as he's not inseminating his fridge.
17:46<rsdehart>wasnt that last week's project?
17:48-!-kronos003 [] has joined #linode
17:49-!-MarkJ [~mark@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
17:54-!-kronos003 [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
17:59<phennessy>and he's using a mac!
17:59<@irgeek>Yaakov: That's a Mac on his desk. :)
17:59<Yaakov>Yes, they use all Macs.
18:00<Yaakov>Smart folks.
18:00-!-Redgore [] has quit [Quit: Peace and Protection 4.22.2]
18:00<Yaakov>I am seeing more and more in academia.
18:01<phennessy>we only have it in graphic arts areas
18:02<phennessy>and some stealthy purchases in my dept
18:03<@irgeek>I've seen Macs popping up in the sciences a lot over the last few years. Having Unix stuffs available but nice pretty GUI apps that Just Work (tm) seems to be drawing in a lot of people.
18:03<Yaakov>Well, my faculty are now at 90% OS X, and the CS department has about 50%.
18:03<phennessy>we take part in some grants with a couple other universites and they use SGI's and some high end windows machines for their stuff
18:03<phennessy>bio informatics
18:04<phennessy>some unix
18:04-!-daMaestro|isBack [] has joined #linode
18:04<Yaakov>We are EE.
18:04<phennessy>there were some macs floating around as part of the grant for streaming media... but they went to another school
18:05<Yaakov>Ooo... floating Macs.
18:05-!-mikeshoup [] has joined #linode
18:05<phennessy>i just do sysadmin support in the community college.. but in order for to get a grant from the NSF, they had to include every other major school in the grant
18:06<@irgeek>I used to work with an astrophysics group that had a moderately large Linux compute cluster and Linux on all the desks. They still have the Linux compute cluster, but the desktops are all Macs now.
18:06<phennessy>so we do training classes on the software they use in their "biotech institute" so when they get time in the big labs, they aren't wasting it
18:07-!-Turl [] has joined #linode
18:08-!-mendel [] has quit [Quit: mendel]
18:09-!-daMaestro [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
18:10<Internat>yeah macs are taking over in fields where unix/linux is prominent..
18:10<Internat>add the fact that you can dual boot into windows now, or run parrallels and it becomes more appealing.
18:14<phennessy>speaking of udel.. i just heard that they have four confirmed cases of swine flu
18:15<phennessy>i think some kids went to mexico for spring break
18:16<mikeshoup>That's what the philadelphia inquirer says...
18:18<mikeshoup>Fortunately, we have antivirals that can treat it
18:20<mikeshoup>What's weak sauce is that we call it swine flu, when this current strain has yet to be found in any swine ;)
18:23<phennessy>they should have called it the mexican flu
18:26<mikeshoup>They should call it by its classification, H1N1
18:26<mikeshoup>Calling it the mexican flu would just make everyone afraid of mexicans
18:27-!-moon_unit [] has joined #linode
18:32-!-binel_ [] has joined #linode
18:33<@irgeek>If you go to certain parts of the country, everyone already *is* afraid of mexicans.
18:35-!-kenichi [~kenichi@] has quit [Quit: kenichi]
18:35<bd_> <-- this is even more weaksauce :|
18:39-!-binel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:39<mikeshoup>That is epic weaksauce :|
18:43-!-Turl [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
18:43-!-Turl1 [] has joined #linode
18:46<@irgeek>"They basically recycle pretty much all the material." - That's complete crap. I spent a year in Egypt. Most of the trash is burned.
18:47-!-Turl [] has joined #linode
18:51-!-Turl1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:51-!-mikeshoup [] has quit [Quit: ircII EPIC4-2.6 -- Are we there yet?]
18:52<@mikegrb>I burned urmom
18:53-!-mikey_p [] has left #linode []
18:54-!-MrSteveman1 [] has joined #linode
18:57-!-Kassah [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
19:00-!-laser [] has joined #linode
19:06-!-Kassah [] has joined #linode
19:07-!-laser` [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:08-!-Peng_ [] has joined #linode
19:12-!-|-_-| [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:12<bd_>( ´_ゝ`)
19:13-!-fearoffish [] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
19:13-!-ianneub [] has joined #linode
19:13<Peng_>"Outage: dallas153" That never happened when I was on UML. And dallas153 is only like 5 days old!
19:13<brtb>dallas153? great, just when i get a linode on there. lol
19:13<HoopyCat>utoh, there went faceman ⍨
19:14<ianneub>doh! i just was coming to ask questions about dallas153
19:14<bd_>Peng_: For what it's worth, I never had an outage on newark9 (Xen) :3
19:14<Yaakov>Unfotrunately, the Dallas DC has a Swine Flu outbreak.
19:14<HoopyCat>Peng_: heehee
19:14<Peng_>brtb: It was hours ago, though.
19:15*brtb quarantines dallas70
19:15<Yaakov>From what I understand, it was Peng_ that caused the reboot.
19:15<brtb>... which would be why i can login just fine now. ok =]
19:15<ianneub>brtb: have you noticed your VM becoming unresponsive for a few seconds on dallas?
19:15<ianneub>brtb: dallas153
19:15<brtb>the one on 153 is a temp image, only had it for 2 days, working on an OS upgrade
19:16<brtb>so... no
19:16<brtb>nothing unusual in those 2 days though
19:20-!-storrgie [~storrgie@] has joined #linode
19:21<storrgie>this might sound like a loaded question, I dont intend it to be. Looking for a lead on linux dedicated hosting for bittorent. I dont wish to do this on a linode
19:22<laser>Depends on what you're tracking/seeding, I guess
19:23<laser>I assume most would be fine with it providing you're not doing anything with RIAA, etc, won't be happy about
19:23<brtb>don't think i've seen dedicated bittorrent hosting before
19:23-!-MarkJ [] has joined #linode
19:24<storrgie>its known as seedboxing, but its primarily managed.
19:25-!-hfb [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:25-!-saboteur_ is now known as saboteur
19:27*CaptObviousman concurs with laser
19:27<CaptObviousman>it depends on the torrents you're hosting
19:27<CaptObviousman>linode's a smallish operation and does not take kindly to customers opening them up to potential lawsuits
19:28<storrgie>I was curious about leads
19:28<storrgie>I use linode for development, application and web hosting
19:28<CaptObviousman>well, what competitor do we not like?
19:28<storrgie>I like linode, I think they are good people and I dont wish to cause issues
19:29<HoopyCat>try sliceazonple!
19:31-!-lakin_ [] has joined #linode
19:32<storrgie>so noone?
19:33<MarkJ>what are we talking about, hosting large torrents?
19:33<brtb>i would think that as long as the torrents are for legal content there wouldn't be issues with using linode or otherwise
19:33<bd_>Watch out for IO if you're planning to do this on a VPS. Not much RAM + completely random access pattern = argh seeks argh
19:33*HoopyCat seeks urmom
19:33<Peng_>bd_: VPS hosts always have a completely random access pattern.
19:34<storrgie>dont want to use linode
19:34<storrgie>need 250-500gb space
19:34<bd_>Peng_: Yes, but this is more of it :|
19:35<CaptObviousman>storrgie: if you need that much, you should be getting something bigger than slice hosting
19:35<HoopyCat>storrgie: might want to consider buying a used rackmount chassis, flupping it full of disks, and coloing it somewhere
19:35<CaptObviousman>or, set up a vpn to home and prepare for the slow
19:35<storrgie>how much is co-locing usually
19:35<HoopyCat>storrgie: depends on where
19:35*CaptObviousman doesn't know, but would be interested to find out himself
19:36<brtb>when i was looking for local (orlando area) colo i was getting quotes of 100/mo for 1u and a decent size pipe
19:36-!-seangrove [] has joined #linode
19:38-!-ianneub [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
19:39<brtb>linode won
19:49<orudie>sorry. wrong chan
19:49<A-KO>there are benefits of each :P
19:50-!-mendel [] has joined #linode
19:54-!-Krynnotaur [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:00<CaptObviousman>hmm, TP does not rent out space for single servers
20:00*CaptObviousman wonders if this is common
20:00<brtb>well for my uses - standard linux web/mail/dev/testing/etc box with the occasional game server - linode does it all, 1/3 the price, and i don't have to buy my own box to do it with
20:00<CaptObviousman>because I don't really want to rent hardware from them. Part of this hypothetical project in my head is building the hardware myself
20:01<brtb>yeah it is, usually you have to find a reseller who rents a whole cage or at least multiple racks in a big DC and sub-rent from them
20:01-!-spiv [] has joined #linode
20:01<CaptObviousman>how does one find a reseller such as this?
20:02<brtb>go search for colo hosting? lol
20:02-!-Krynnotaur [] has joined #linode
20:02<HoopyCat>CaptObviousman: go on a tour of the datacenter and look for the cages/racks that are full of heterogenous crapboxes, then figure out how to contact them :-)
20:02<brtb>i wanted local colo so i looked for local ISPs who already had space in the DCs downtown
20:03<brtb>or that works too =]
20:05<HoopyCat>bob2 <3
20:06-!-Edgeman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:06<HoopyCat>i always forget panix is still around. their beard is decades long.
20:09<HoopyCat>"telnet" makes me feel 14 again
20:09-!-brtb [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:09-!-brtb [] has joined #linode
20:09-!-brtb is now known as Guest189
20:10-!-Eman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:10-!-Guest189 is now known as brtb
20:10<spiv>Is there a known issue with IO being slow on fremont35?
20:10-!-Edgeman [] has joined #linode
20:11<HoopyCat>storrgie: well, you'll probably have to buy an account to have a login :-) but look at the IP address, the OS, the... well, it's goddamned *telnet*
20:11<brtb>somebody still uses telnet?
20:11<HoopyCat>storrgie: it brings back memories, like the smell of old leather with the faint aroma of bacon grease and wasp spray
20:12<brtb>for something other then checking if ports are open or talking to smtp/pop3/http servers manually?
20:12<HoopyCat>spiv: haven't heard anything; might wanna open a ticket for someone to take a look at it
20:12<spiv>Our (xen, 360) linode is relly crawling at the moment, not in swap and reboot hasn't helped.
20:12<spiv>(and even the reboot took ages)
20:12<spiv>HoopyCat: ok, will do
20:13<HoopyCat>brtb: i don't know if anyone actually uses it, but it's there
20:13-!-Eman [] has joined #linode
20:19-!-LadyNikon [] has joined #linode
20:20<LadyNikon>hello :)
20:21<LadyNikon>is there anything going on with the atlanta connection?
20:23<caker>LadyNikon: looks fine from here
20:24<LadyNikon>my connection dropped
20:24<LadyNikon>but i still had a net connection to my lapotp
20:25<LadyNikon>i cycled on all of my irc networks
20:25<LadyNikon>at 20:16 EST
20:26<bd_>caker: What happened to your @? :)
20:27-!-mode/#linode [+o caker] by ChanServ
20:28<HoopyCat>wow, 'twas just a few days ago pparadis got hired... now they went and hired this caker guy too
20:29<@caker>guess what?
20:29<@caker>tasaro and I are IN our cage at ThePlanet :)
20:29<@caker>it is loud.
20:29-!-supine [] has joined #linode
20:30<brtb>nice =]
20:30<brtb>and yeah that many servers usually is
20:30<Battousai>who's watching over mikegrb?
20:30-!-Eman [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:30*mikegrb nods
20:30<HoopyCat>ssh bluemoon eject /dev/cdrom
20:30<HoopyCat>oops, wrong window
20:30<bd_>caker: what's the special occasion? :)
20:31<Battousai>HoopyCat: just get up and press the damn button
20:31-!-Edgeman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:31<@mikegrb>bd_: urmom
20:32<HoopyCat>Battousai: there are two people within close physical proximity of bluemoon, and they are not me :-)
20:33<HoopyCat>back at $oldjob, we had a few older IBM servers that had hinged doors covering the entire front of their 4U sveltnesses
20:33<brtb>so what prompted the trip to the DC? don't the TP techs usually handle everything onsite?
20:33<HoopyCat>turns out the cdrom drive's position and force was sufficient to open said door on an eject command
20:34-!-Edgeman [] has joined #linode
20:34<HoopyCat>this, combined with network-accessible security cameras, was OH MY GOD HILARIOUS
20:34<bd_>The doors didn't have a latch or something?
20:34<brtb>haha... bunch of servers open themselves on cue... nice
20:37<HoopyCat>bd_: they had keyed locks (which we left unlocked) and a little bit of minor latch action to keep them from opening on their own (e.g. if server was held face down, the doors didn't open), but the cd-rom drive was more than sufficient
20:42-!-Edgeman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:42<HoopyCat>brtb: well, it only takes one
20:43<HoopyCat>esp. if they're working in the rack right next to it, so it just kinda swings open and taps them on the back...
20:43<HoopyCat>the hard part is keeping a straight face afterwards when they come back into the NOC
20:44-!-Edgeman [] has joined #linode
20:44<mwalling>thats what remote control helicoptors with nerf dart launchers are for
20:46<HoopyCat>well, this was back in the old days
20:47-!-rashmranjan [] has joined #linode
20:56-!-laser [] has quit [Quit: DMDirc exiting]
20:59<bhale>WOW A BOB2
21:00-!-smkent [] has quit [Quit: Quit]
21:08<Peng_>OK, now that it's May, you can't break dallas153 anymore, because I only ever reboot during April.
21:13-!-mdcollins [] has joined #linode
21:27<Yaakov>dallas153 has swine flu.
21:27<@pparadis>Peng_: it's still April here ;)
21:28<supine>it's always April somewhere in the... no, wait. disregard
21:30-!-hoz [] has joined #linode
21:31<hoz>Hello All, Does linode support pv-grub?
21:31<HoopyCat>you bet your bippy
21:32<hoz>So my own minimal kernel is no problem?
21:32<HoopyCat>hoz: if it's xen-aware, it should work fine
21:32<hoz>(having wasted a couple of hours at slicehost...)
21:33<HoopyCat>i think the factoids got eaten by weasels... hang on
21:33<supine>i give up. anyone?
21:33<HoopyCat>supine: "pvgrub" could be
21:34-!-mary [] has joined #linode
21:34<supine>how's that for manual "automation"!
21:35<hoz>thanks HoopyCat.
21:36<hoz>another Q. In their base gentoo provisioning, is /proc/config.gz there?
21:36<mwalling>thats a function of the kernel, not the distro
21:37<hoz>absolutely, but if they didn't bother to enable in their kernel build...
21:37<HoopyCat>... they'd be silly
21:37<hoz>.(see slicehost)
21:38<mwalling>we dont need to... we already know linode kicks ass
21:40<bob2>pvgrub is unsupported, though
21:40<mwalling>pvgrub is supported to getting a grub boot menu
21:40<mwalling>(i said it was unsupported and got shot down)
21:41<hoz>ace thanks
21:42<hoz>that members only page is the config?
21:43<bob2>but srsly setup the forward record first
21:43<bob2>and let it hit all your nameservers
21:43-!-bnry [~abnry@] has quit [Quit: Connection reset by peer]
21:43<supine>because it checs
21:44-!-Jerr [] has joined #linode
21:44<hoz>looks worth a try
21:44<Jerr>when does billing occur?
21:44<Jerr>I'm about to cancel my subscription
21:44<mwalling>Jerr: tomorrow
21:44<Jerr>don't want to get charged for May
21:44<Jerr>who's tomorrow?
21:44<bob2>it is prorataed
21:44<supine>Jerr: lodge the ticket now
21:44<bob2>and you can get it refunded
21:44<supine>they'll sort it out
21:45<HoopyCat>the tomorrow that's in a few hours
21:45<HoopyCat>delete the linode now and life shoooould be good
21:45<Jerr>ok, as long as it's America/New_York it's good
21:45<mwalling>also, you can just delete the linode...
21:45<Jerr>HoopyCat: waiting for DNS to propagate away first
21:45<HoopyCat>Jerr: you'll probably pay for may, then :-)
21:45<Jerr>nah, it takes about a couple hours
21:45<mwalling>and then get a prorated refund when you cancel
21:46<mwalling>woohoo, you'll pay an extra $PLANSIZE * (1/31)
21:46<Jerr>refund to card or to account?
21:46<mwalling>account, then open a ticket to get it refunded to card when you close the account
21:46<HoopyCat>planning ahead: it's not just for weddings and retirement any more
21:47<Jerr>yeah, I'm changing to an non-VPS, but didn't expect them to be like 24 hours to create an account
21:48<HoopyCat>(disclaimer: i'm up one extra linode going into billing day too, but that's simply because i haven't yet been arsed to move asterisk and mailman. this weekend for sure)
21:49<Jerr>I might one day go back to Linode in the distant future
21:51<Jerr>but dealing with a $20/month plan for a couple clients and having to worry about everything is too much for me
21:54<HoopyCat>ditching the customers == less worry ;-)
21:56-!-storrgie [~storrgie@] has left #linode []
21:56<Jerr>well none of my customers have paid yet
21:57<mwalling>someone needs a new business model
22:00<spiv>Hmm, no reply to my support ticket, and IO still sucking massively :(
22:01<mwalling>whats vmstat look like?
22:01<mwalling>are you thrashing swap?
22:01<mwalling>whats the host load on the dashboard?
22:01<spiv>No, no swap thrashing in vmstat.
22:01<mwalling>what about bi/bo?
22:02<spiv>I just get a dribble of IO in bi/bo (sometimes 5 seconds at a time with *zero* bi/bo, despite procs under b).
22:02<mary>A reasonably representative sample of spiv's vmstat is at
22:03<spiv>Well, that's after killing processes that actually try to do anything.
22:03<mwalling>22:01 < mwalling> whats the host load on the dashboard?
22:03<spiv> is from a more active system.
22:04<spiv>mwalling: "idle"
22:04<mwalling>time dd if=/dev/zero of=/some/file bs=1k count=100 ?
22:05<spiv>191 MB/s, weirdly.
22:06-!-Eman [] has joined #linode
22:06<spiv>Oh, tmpfs..
22:06<mwalling>yeah, spinning disk helps :)
22:07<mwalling>i was moving on to laggy ssh connection :)
22:07<spiv>Oh, right.
22:07<spiv>No, it's definitely *not* the network.
22:08<spiv>I think it may be due to read IO, not write IO.l
22:08<mary>It had a load average of about 40 before we started shutting down apache/mysql/cron, that's not a laggy ssh problem.
22:08<spiv>I get much worse performance reading from an actual file.
22:08<spiv>I just got 196kB/s reading
22:08<spiv>(and writing at the same time)
22:09<mwalling>but laggy ssh exhibits similar symptoms to the unknowing, so its not outlandish to suspect.
22:09<spiv>mwalling: sure :)
22:10<mwalling>spiv: it is nighttime in linodeville... although its billing night, so they might see it
22:11<spiv>Yeah, reading random files from my home dir on that system gives me < 200kB/s, and those are single files. I get the feeling that seeks to multiple files makes it even worse.
22:11<Peng_>spiv: You're a Linode customer?
22:11<spiv>Peng_: yep, have been for ages
22:11<mary>Yeah, I am trying to do an ls in *my* home directory (which has IIRC about 20 files in it), and so far it's been 20 seconds of clock time with nothing.
22:12<Peng_>spiv: Oh, cool. :)
22:12<spiv>mary: and now vmstat 5 is giving me lines like
22:12<spiv> 0 3 110308 9332 11268 174144 0 0 1 29 78 54 0 0 75 25
22:12<@caker>spiv: you're the biggest io consumer on that host
22:12<@caker>spiv: you also have a fair amount in swap...
22:12<spiv>caker: weird.
22:12<mary>caker: Right now, or overall?
22:13<spiv>it was heavily into swap a while ago because the processes just keep backing up and up
22:13<spiv>I've killed cron and kill -9'd apache2 and it finally went back down.
22:13<mary>caker, spiv: Overall "biggest IO consumer" would be my nightly rdiff-backup processes if anything, which I am not sure what to do about.
22:14<mary>I mean clearly if it's too much IO overall it's too much, but I am not clear what the alternative is, given the "keep backups! keep backups!" advice.
22:14-!-daMon [] has joined #linode
22:14<spiv>caker: so is this just normal throttling? I don't know how to find out what the state of throttling is in a xen instance.
22:15<HoopyCat>spiv: what do your IO graphs look like on the dashboard?
22:15<@caker>there isn't IO throttling in xen, just a fair queuing scheduler
22:15<spiv>Ok, then I'm still baffled about what's going on :)
22:15*mwalling fairly queues urmom
22:17<spiv>HoopyCat: a daily spike up to about 0.6k, occasionally as high as 1.0k, but most of the time under 0.1k.
22:18<spiv>HoopyCat: a little while ago during a swapstorm due to lack of IO causing processes to accumulate it spiked to 3.4k
22:18<spiv>but the graph is now back to < 0.1
22:18<spiv>Oh, slight scale misread: spiked to 3.8k, now back to < 0.2.
22:19*HoopyCat takes a look at one of his
22:19<HoopyCat>Max: 34226.31 Avg: 523.28 Last: 259.29
22:20<HoopyCat>yeah, ya'int too bad
22:20<spiv>HoopyCat: right, my numbers are 3592.11/330.96/146.19... and today is a bad day, obviously!
22:21-!-daMaestro|isBack [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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22:23<HoopyCat>(for the curious, the 5am pg_dump | pbzip2 ritual)
22:24*CaptObviousman takes a dump on HoopyCat
22:24<HoopyCat>speaking of 5am and its temporal proximity, off to bed. g'nite all!
22:26-!-mary [] has left #linode [Leaving.]
22:28<spiv>Other than IO tokens, the last time I remember seeing IO performance this poor/strange was when the host's underlying raid array had degraded due to a bad disk... I think that was before we switched to linode.
22:31-!-cyt [] has joined #linode
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23:11<linbot>New news from forums: Bastille Linux for Debian 5.0 (lenny)? in General Discussion <>
23:13<Jerr>damn this slow DNS propagation
23:17<bob2>< 15 minutes if you HoopyCat ahead
23:18-!-MarkJ [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
23:22<Jerr>well I canceled my account now
23:25<Jerr>bye everyone
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23:31-!-MarkJ [] has joined #linode
23:32<spiv>Wow, just got a 20s period of no IO at all despite 5-6 processes waiting for IO.
23:33<MarkJ>that's odd
23:34<MarkJ>I also just had a timeoout to server :-0
23:34-!-lakin_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:34<SelfishMan>spiv: What host are you on?
23:38-!-cyt_ [] has joined #linode
23:41<checkers>it's not uncommon to have your IO totally suck for periods of time on the smaller plans, if my experiences are anything to go by
23:45<bd_> Gentoo! \o/
23:45<bd_>Totally the kind of thing you put over an announce list, right?
23:48<Peng_>I've never noticed I/O issues, but... I don't do much I/O.
23:49<checkers>what do you expect? he's a gentoo developer
23:49<linbot>--zomg-funroll-loops --ricer-cflags --flail-wildly --moar-disk-thrashing
23:51<checkers> <-- away for one month apparently warranted that email too
23:52<checkers>also, who eats the same bread for two weeks?
23:52<MarkJ>and how big a loaf is it?
23:54*Peng_ uses all four CPUs at once. \o/
23:55<spiv>SelfishMan: fremont25
23:55<spiv>SelfishMan: fremont35, rather
23:55<spiv>clumsy fingers today :(
23:55<Peng_>bd_: That, um, is a strange announcement.
23:55<Peng_>bd_: I guess it's good, though?
23:56<spiv>checkers: it's been sucking hard for several hours, when normally it's fine, and the workload hasn't changed afaict.
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