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00:06<pchater>Hey tasaro I just replied to your ticket ^_^
00:17<amitz>pchater: depending on your need, I suggest using google apps. It makes me happy :-D
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00:24<amitz>pchater: unless no other option and you know what you're doing, don't jump betweens tutorials. My last installation of dovecot/postfix should "just works" if I just stuck on one tutorial and modify after it's been proven to work.
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00:47<marleo>Greetings. I have a signup/setup question about choosing which Linode data centre. Is this the right place?
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00:49<marleo>Thanks - but I meant how I make my choice when I sign up. I can't see any options for this. I'm after Fremont.
00:50<SelfishMan>You do it after you create the account. It's the first step after you log in to the new account.
00:50<marleo>Ah, thank you. And thanks for the quick response. Cheers,
00:50<amitz>marleo: there will be an option of which data center to use. You won't miss it. It's not something you have to choose before paying.
00:51<marleo>Cool. I'm about to hit the submit button, so I'll go click.
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00:52<amitz>I also had similar doubt. I thought I have to choose a data center before paying else it would be too late :-).
00:54<marleo>At least, I *think* I want Fremont... I'm trying the downloads.
00:56<marleo>Wow. Looks like I don't want Fremont.
00:57<supine>marleo: most AUians use fremont, closer to trans-pac links
00:57<amitz>marleo: note that the datacenter in atlanta (if I'm not mistaken) has some ports blocked.
00:57<supine>check the latency too
00:57<@pparadis>it blocks irc by default, but that's easily fixed by running on another port
00:58<supine>inbound IRC
00:58<supine>marleo: weigh up whether throughput or responsiveness are more important
00:59<marleo>I'm planning to use the server for backups. So I'm mainly looking for how big the hose is.
01:00<marleo>I'm in Melbourne, Aus. In order, best to worst, I'm getting Dallas, Newark, Atlanta, Fremont.
01:00<marleo>But it's a huge difference. Fremont - 482k/sec average.
01:00<marleo>Dallas - 3330k
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01:02<marleo>but of course Fremont pings faster.
01:04<Pryon>and smells better
01:05<marleo>Well, I've never been there, but this is a consideration.
01:05<Pryon>I can only speak for the linodes. I know nothing about Fremont proper.
01:05<marleo>Dallas is 2nd fastest ping and waaaay faster throughput.
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01:06<marleo>I'll only be rsync-ing, but still. Bigger is bigger. Figures: Texas.
01:06<checkers>I go with texas because I trust the planet more than HE
01:07<marleo>These are upstream providers?
01:07<marleo>(marleo is ignorant of these things)
01:07<checkers>they are the datacenter providers
01:07<purrdeta>pfft, dallas is scary!
01:07<purrdeta>I only say that because I live here though >.>
01:08<marleo>Yes, but I'm not going there. Just my packets.
01:08<purrdeta>the planet also employes stupid people
01:08<@pparadis>s/employes/employs/ ;)
01:08<marleo>Ah, now I see it. "Hurricane Electric". This fills me with confidence...
01:08<purrdeta>pfffft, spelling
01:09<marleo>Can I move a vm to another center if needed?
01:09<@pparadis>i couldn't resist on that one.
01:09<purrdeta>I still <3 you pparadis even if I fail at spelling :P
01:09<purrdeta>marleo: yes
01:09<@pparadis>purrdeta: i will always <3 you too.
01:09<@pparadis>as long as you pay your bill, that is.
01:09<@pparadis>'cause we are living in a material world...
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01:10<marleo>Please not Madonna.
01:10<@pparadis>how about some nice Cher?
01:10<cmelbye>...and I am a material <strike>girl</strike> boy
01:11<@pparadis>21st century digital boy.
01:11<marleo>Hm. This is tough. I think I'll take the Cher.
01:11<purrdeta>girls. lolol
01:11<marleo>Something about battleships...
01:11<@pparadis>or i could always go on about how my heart will go on.
01:11<purrdeta>Do you believe in life after love?
01:11<marleo>Yup. Dallas is way faster. Orders of mag.
01:11<@pparadis>i really don't think you're strong enough.
01:12<marleo>I must be in the wrong place. I expected techy nerdy talk... :-P
01:12<linbot>purrdeta: Yo momma's so ugly she couldn't get straterra to play with her! (737:2/0)
01:12<@pparadis>i can convert that to hex if it makes it easier.
01:12<marleo>No, is all good. You guys have fun. I'll be over here...
01:13<marleo>Okay, thanks for help. I'll go buy my plot in Dallas. Sigh. Now I have to get a big had.
01:13<marleo>And chilli.
01:13<@pparadis>for those times when you just have to use a BSD kernel:
01:15<checkers>I guess that's all the time now!
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01:16<checkers>big hat and chilli? but there's no cricket on today...
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01:34<samirnassar>hmm, I wonder what brought my CPU% up to 12 from 0000 to 2330. Went up, stayed up, went down
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02:01<linbot>New news from forums: Debian list of config files in General Discussion <>
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05:16<linbot>New news from forums: fastcgi throws 502 gateway errors on nginx after a few days in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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05:46<ahh>hey all
05:47<ahh>I've got an issue where mysql is caching 100MB each time I perform about 400 queries..
05:47<ahh>So my free memory goes from 234524k to 26288k in a matter of seconds... any advice?
05:48<@pparadis>or something
05:49<ahh>I've currently set it like this:
05:49<ahh>query_cache_limit = 2M
05:49<ahh>query_cache_size = 2M
05:49<ahh>And it still gobbles it all up in no time...
05:51<ahh>I'd like to have about 100MB of free RAM so I can run a third site on my 360MB RAM linode...
05:52<@pparadis>waht do you have key_buffer set to?
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05:53<ahh>key_buffer = 4M
05:54<@pparadis>query_cache_limit = 1M
05:54<@pparadis>query_cache_size = 8M
05:56<@pparadis>(if you're not using innodb for anything)
05:57<ahh>All my tables are innodb..
05:57<@pparadis>well that answers that i suppose
05:58<ahh>Still got the same issue... full RAM again
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06:02<@pparadis>are you running all three sites presently?
06:02<ahh>This is crazy..
06:03<ahh>pp: I took one down because it didn't have enough memory..
06:03<ahh>Now I jsut have 2 small sites running
06:03<ahh>Small.. but "Drupal" small.. which means they're a little hungry on resources.
06:03<@pparadis>seems like you're going to be hard-pressed to get 3 drupal sites into 360 MB; personally, i use WordPress and can handle a lot more sites than that ;)
06:03<ahh>But I can run one site on 64MB .. so it's weird.
06:04<ahh>How many WP sites can you get going on 360M?
06:04<@pparadis>i wonder how much of it is actually cached in memory; does performance actually suffer a lot with all three sites running?
06:04<@pparadis>^ more than 3 ;). probably 10.
06:05<ahh>2 sites run smoothly and the third gives me a white screen...
06:05<ahh>It's a shame I like Drupal so much ;)
06:05<@pparadis>it literally won't run? does it do an actual memory check or something?
06:05<ahh>And t he white screen is because of memory: when I disable one of the other sites, the third runs perfectly.
06:06<ahh>It tries to allocate resources and when it doesn't get them, it gives up (white screen)
06:06<@pparadis>can you convert the tables to myisam instead of innodb?
06:06<ahh>Not even when it's throttled.. just white screen.
06:06<@pparadis>i.e. are you really going to be doing a lot of inserts?
06:07<ahh>pp: In development, yes. When they're running, very few.
06:07<@pparadis>won't matter in production, then, and the slow-down won't be *that* terrible in dev probably.
06:07<ahh>What is the advantage of myisam?
06:07<@pparadis>lower memory consumption in your case, probably by about 10 MB per instance.
06:08<@pparadis>theoretically can do faster retrievals, although inserts require a table-level lock and thus slow things down.
06:08<ahh>My real focus right now is to limit my RAM being filled with mysql caches... I really don't want to keep 200MB of cache there.
06:09<ahh>As far as I know, InnoDB is recommended for Drupal - not sure of the specifics why....
06:10<@pparadis>don't believe it requires innodb, you should be able to use myisam. using that and disabling innodb should lower memory usage.
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06:11<@pparadis>they appear to be *defaulting* to innodb, but i can't see a statement rejecting myisam outright.
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06:11<ahh>With normal SELECTS, my free RAM remains about the same... it's when I perform the INSERTs that clogs it up with caches.
06:11<@pparadis>what version of drupal are you using?
06:12<@pparadis>you should be fine with myisam, i'd convert one of the sites' tables and see what happens as a test.
06:13<ahh>pp: But you think the issue is really with the InnoDB? From what I can see here in 'top', it's the caching...
06:13<@pparadis>i'm just looking at ways to reduce memory usage in any way possible.
06:13<ahh>I mean, when I reset apache2 I have 220MB of free memory... after a few hundred INSERTs, it's at 20MB.
06:14<ahh>pp: I'll give myisam a whirl...
06:14<ahh>... later ;)
06:14<@pparadis>i'd post a query in the forums about all this as well, i'm kinda out of ideas.
06:17<ahh>"n summary, many of the historical concerns and rumors of InnoDB slowness are simply false. In most cases, InnoDB is the correct choice for a Drupal site. "
06:18<ahh>.. but the article also gives a thumbs up to myISAM for certain Drupal sites.
06:18<ahh>It also agrees on the memory usage factor, like you said :)
06:19<@pparadis>innodb is great for when you need row-level locking, and isn't necessarily slow at all. i agree with that point. however, it does appear to carry a larger memory footprint.
06:19*pparadis goes for a smoke
06:20<ahh>In fact, looking at my DB, *most* of the tables are InnoDB but about 25% are MyISAM. It looks like the "searchable" tables are MyISAM ..
06:21<ahh>It looks like someone did all the thinking for me...
06:21<ahh>What a relief.
06:28<ahh>I think I'll roll one as well...
06:35<ahh>4MB of free memory when I perform INSERTs ... eep. And the CPU much be burning too.
06:35*pparadis must remind himself to steer away from drupal on low memory systems...
06:36<ahh>It's STILL inserting... been 4 minutes now..
06:37<@pparadis>all these INSERTs from loading up the database from a backup?
06:37<ahh>And has killed the other 2 sites in the process.. can't access them..
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06:37<ahh>No, I did a "Save Modules" ... so it INSERTs like a man man. Just to test the performance~
06:38<ahh>So it looks like I won't be able to develop one site while running other as prod :)
06:38<@pparadis>that's craziness.
06:40<ahh>"SAve Modules" is the heaviest INSERT I know.. I just wanted to test how is goes on 360MB with 2 other sites running...
06:40<ahh>Conclusion: No good.
06:41<@pparadis>to be fair to drupal, i suppose there aren't that many folks running multiple instances on low-memory systems these days.
06:41<ahh>Which brings me back to: It would be better if MySQL didn't cache 200MB ;)
06:41<@pparadis>probably worth more digging on mysql memory fine-tuning then.
06:42<ahh>True.. but there has been a lot of talk about it's performance in the forums..
06:42<@pparadis>as in "it has good/bad performance in general" ?
06:43<ahh>Looks like I just used 200% of the CPU ...
06:44<@pparadis>that's definitely some load.
06:44<ahh>Well, it really thrashes the DB, so developers know to give it 128MB+
06:46<ahh>I think my linode just froze..
06:47<@pparadis>better warm it up ;)
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06:48<ahh>I peaked at 240% CPU usage before it locked up on me ;)
06:49<@pparadis>probably straight up ram out of memory. you should (in theory) be able to chew up 400% CPU continuously without a "problem".
06:50<@pparadis>not that i recommend running a server that way, of course.
06:54<ahh>Before thr freeze, it said I had 4MB free..
06:54<@pparadis>last words of a man before the bullet hits him in the head...
06:55<@pparadis>"I'm fine!"
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07:35<ahh>pp: Do you own some of linode or work there?
07:35<@pparadis>"I just work here."
07:36<ahh>In the office or from home?
07:36<@pparadis>Office (Absecon, NJ)
07:36<@pparadis>relocated from GA
07:36<ahh>How many people work there?
07:37<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful community.
07:38<ahh>I've tried several recommended optimizations for running Drupal with MySQL .. and I think my conclusion is to get more memory ;)
07:39<ahh>OR ... not to use my linode as a development server while running live sites on there ;)
07:39<checkers>^ that
07:40<@pparadis>that's just a good idea in general.
07:40<ahh>Yeah, wishful thinking got me into this mess...
07:41<checkers>VMs are easy
07:41<checkers>run one at home for dev work
07:41<@pparadis>So what you're really saying is you're gonna buy another linode for dev purposes, so as to have a proper environment ;).
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07:41<checkers>use my referral code!
07:41<ahh>pp: Are you in sales or tech support? ;)
07:41<@pparadis>blood in the water...
07:42<@pparadis>Billy Mays here for linode, if you've got one you already know why you need 10!
07:42<ahh>If I buy a second linode, can I use myself as a referal?
07:42<@pparadis>buying a linode cures cancer, too.
07:43<@pparadis>^^ i believe caker probably has code that would detect that...
07:44<@pparadis>you just don't like checkers, you can't hide it.
07:44<ahh>In MySQL: key_buffer + (sort_buffer_size + read_buffer_size) * max_connections = total memory allocation - right?
07:45<@pparadis>see, you made checkers cry.
07:45<@pparadis>^^ looks like what i saw a couple of hours ago in the docs.
07:45<ahh>I already feel guilty... I ate a whole chicken last night
07:45<@pparadis>why does this induce guilt?
07:46<ahh>It was still alive
07:46<@pparadis>lemme kill the next one for you.
07:46<ahh>Back to mySQL question .. ^
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07:54<HoopyCat>i earn money selling LINODE in my spare time, to my friends and family!
07:54<@pparadis>is the first one always free?
07:54<HIghoS>Bechas you can only have one!
07:55<HoopyCat>pparadis: linode ain't a drug... it's better.
07:55<@pparadis>Where's William Gibson when I need him to make some witty comment?
07:55*pparadis shoves Neal Stephenson back under his desk.
07:56<@pparadis>wait, that could be taken the wrong way...
07:56*HIghoS whistles.
07:56<HoopyCat>or the entirely right way
07:56*pparadis goes for a convenient smoke.
07:57<HIghoS>pparadis: So you down in NJ all settled now? Are they all as crazy as we think?
07:57*HoopyCat writes Stephenson/Gibson slashfic for his livejournal
07:58<HoopyCat>actually, i think i might need to dreamwidth this one
07:58<HIghoS>pparadis: So you down in NJ all settled now? Are they all as crazy as we think?
07:58<HIghoS>(bad habits of up+enter from leaving 'screen -dx irc' .. ;p)
08:02<@pparadis>HIghoS: mostly settled in, and the rest of the guys are no crazier than me.
08:04<HoopyCat>i love it when normal people make typos like "teh"
08:04<HoopyCat>08:00 [@DrRus:27] On this day 1994 Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley secretly married in teh Dominican Republic. Presley filed for divorce 20 months later.
08:05<@pparadis>she's actually dead. he had her killed and replaced with a robot when she learned too much.
08:05-!-mario [~mario@] has joined #linode
08:05<HIghoS>pparadis: Nice, nice.
08:06<@pparadis>in related news, neverland ranch is actually a cover for a secret network of underground tunnels housing the shadow government that really runs things.
08:09<HoopyCat>then again, i see "nomination" and i immediately think of a cat eating canned cat food, so i'm inherently broken
08:09<@pparadis>nom nom nom
08:09<@pparadis>kittehs are like people, only better.
08:10<cmelbye>Ooh, a billy mayes commercial for Linode would just be great.
08:12<HoopyCat>speaking of rus, i think it's time to put a cache of GOOHF cards by the front door. my mormon sense is tingling
08:13<@pparadis>they want to save your soul. what's so bad about that? such nice people.
08:14<straterra>If Billy Mayes did a Linode commercial, I'd have to carbomb Linode :/
08:15<HoopyCat>so do i; that's why i have a stack of Get Out Of Hell Free cards
08:15<HoopyCat>straterra: i'm still waiting for america's test kitchen to do a VPS tasting
08:15<straterra>"That's not all! Call now and get an ADDITIONAL 64 megs of ram! That's right! Two giguplink, RAID 1, and now an additional 64 megs of ram! Call now!"
08:15<@pparadis>tastes... like... people!
08:15<straterra>Dying tickles
08:16<@pparadis>We're leading the industry in fat free low-carb VPS solutions.
08:16<HoopyCat>CHRIS: "This one's... wow... this is definitely very tart. I don't think I like this one. It's too... the texture is grainy. Let me guess, this is what the panel chose?" CHRIS smirks sarcastically. JACK looks somewhat exhasperated.
08:17<@pparadis>this is why i don't watch tv.
08:17<Yaakov>I'll take a 360 with extra butter and sour cream please.
08:17<straterra>I want my 1440 back
08:18<@pparadis>My heart bursts with limitless joy at the sight of Yaakov in this otherwise bleak IRC channel. How my soul sings!
08:18<HoopyCat>pparadis: this old house, ask this old house, america's test kitchen, and once in a great while, ST:TNG
08:19<@pparadis>I wanna see a MythBusters episode about linode.
08:19<HoopyCat>Law And Order: Virtual Private Servers Unit
08:19<@pparadis>I really want a Nova episode about us, but that's probably a stretch.
08:20<@pparadis>Homocide: kill -9 in the shell
08:21<straterra>I'd like a battlestar galactica episode about linode
08:21<straterra>like..a linode cluster is found in space..and the cylons try to steal it to virtualize their rebirth ships
08:22<HoopyCat>exclusive photo of newark build:
08:22<straterra>and it turns out that caker is the final cylon
08:22-!-J-Node [] has joined #linode
08:24<@pparadis>this cylon is easier on the eyes:
08:28<straterra>no no no
08:28<straterra>urmom is easier on the eyes :P
08:28<straterra>thats the linode way
08:29<@pparadis>if you think my mom looks better than her, you should just end it all now.
08:29<straterra>!urmom straterra
08:29<linbot>straterra: Yo momma's so ugly she couldn't get straterra to play with her! (737:2/0)
08:29<@pparadis>!urmom pparadis
08:29<straterra>!urmom Mix
08:29<linbot>pparadis: Yo momma doesn't like people named pparadis
08:29<linbot>straterra: No.
08:29<@pparadis>that's right.
08:29<ahh>What can I do about this? "bash: let: expression expected"
08:29<straterra>!urmom sir
08:29<linbot>straterra: No.
08:29<Yaakov>Hello, P.
08:30<@pparadis>Hello Yaakov!
08:30<straterra>!urmom running
08:30<linbot>straterra: Yo momma doesn't like people named straterra
08:30<praetorian>true that
08:30<praetorian>mine was just noting that the other day!
08:30<Yaakov>Myth: A Linode 360 once hosted all of sourceforge for a month during a server upgrade.
08:31<straterra>a 360 hosted slashdot once
08:31<@pparadis>Fact: SourceForge is actually owned by Linode.
08:31<@pparadis>or not.
08:31<praetorian>Fact: Sourceforge runs as fast as if it was on a linode at times.
08:31<straterra>I feel like this is a scrubbing bubbles commercial
08:31<straterra>or pinesol or w/e
08:32<ahh>bash: let: expression expected - anyone?
08:32<@pparadis>praetorian: we can make your linode run *really* fast if you want.
08:32<praetorian>pparadis: i meant to say '360' :-)
08:32<Yaakov>pparadis looks *exactly* like Mr. Clean.
08:32<@pparadis>funny that, i did do an awful lot of cleaning in the navy.
08:33<praetorian>"Scrubin' the poop deck"?
08:33<Yaakov>pparadis: What was your naval job?
08:33<@pparadis>praetorian: i was a submariner. radio has a locking door, you know.
08:33<Yaakov>pparadis: Oh, one of THOSE.
08:34<Yaakov>pparadis: You and mikegrb.
08:34<praetorian>he listened for the beeps and the creeps and the swibbles
08:34<@pparadis>double yep
08:34<@pparadis>we're taking over linode.
08:34<Yaakov>pparadis: The psychological testing they doing *isn't* to make sure you are *sane*. Sane people can't do submarines.
08:34<@pparadis>this is quite true.
08:35<@pparadis>nobody i knew was "right", and my senior chief was pretty freakin' far from okay. but a great guy.
08:35<Yaakov>Two of my students went to nuke school and were posted as officers on super secret boats.
08:35<@pparadis>boat named after a president by any chance?
08:36<Yaakov> They couldn't tell me at the time. I don't know if they could now.
08:36<Yaakov>I know they went deep under water for a long time, though.
08:36<@pparadis>got buddies on boats like that. i was on this one:
08:37<Yaakov>One of them is teaching Electronics at the Academy now.
08:37<@pparadis>That's a *great* deal. i want to teach someday.
08:37<Yaakov>That things half sunk!
08:37<Yaakov>Bail bail!
08:37<@pparadis>more like 2/3
08:37<@pparadis>it's huge.
08:38<Yaakov>He has a MSEE and he is working on a PhD. He came back for a summer of research last summer.
08:38<Yaakov>He might be back again, I will see if he can tell me his assignment.
08:38<@pparadis>I'd be interested to hear. I keep in touch with a few guys in the fleet with fun jobs.
08:38<Yaakov>Which boat was mikegrb on?
08:39<@pparadis>you'll have to ask him.
08:39<checkers>wow, linode staff are ex-mil? how do you deal with all the clueless questions?!
08:39*Yaakov considers...
08:39-!-girishr [~girish@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:39<Yaakov>checkers: Death from below.
08:39<@pparadis>checkers: professionalism, my friend.
08:39<Yaakov>Same thing.
08:40<Yaakov>Are you on deck in that photo? :)
08:41<Yaakov>I thought you were the one in the white hat.
08:41<@pparadis>submarines are badass.
08:43<Yaakov>I have a submarine technology that uses the earth's magnetic lines of force to silently move the sub at up to 200 knots.
08:43<Yaakov>But no one will listen.
08:43<Yaakov>I don't understand it.
08:44<Yaakov>All it takes is a special capacitor and two large magnets.
08:44<Yaakov>OK, I am lying.
08:44<Yaakov>BRB, knock on the door.
08:44<@pparadis>it's me.
08:45<checkers>Yaakov: you're being pushed down because you won't sell your tech to the big american industro-mili-commer complex!
08:45*Yaakov disconnected [Official Business, Connection Terminated pursusant to Executive Order 2343-K3]
08:46<@pparadis>nobody saw anything, move along.
08:46<Yaakov>Hrm. I have to go make something "work".
08:46<checkers>use the rubber hammer!
08:47-!-sdc [] has joined #linode
08:49<sdc>I'm thinking of purchasing LiteSpeed. Will my Linode take advantage of multiple CPU's/cores or does it make more sense to get a VPS single CPU license?
08:50<mwalling>your linode has 4 cores
08:51-!-straterra [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:51-!-HoopyCat [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:52<sdc>some VPS's serialize the access to the CPU's/Cores so you can only use one at a time.. does Linode?
08:52<mwalling>your linode has 4 cores
08:53-!-TheJoe|ZzZz is now known as TheJoe
08:58<@pparadis>sdc: you can use all four cores simultaneously.
09:01<sdc>excellent! thank you!
09:01<@pparadis>you're welcome :)
09:06-!-sdc [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:07-!-ZamaN [~Kelebek@] has joined #linode
09:08-!-linville [~linville@] has joined #linode
09:09-!-hpppwp [~jfwells@] has joined #linode
09:10<JshWright|out>I find it ironic the day I close on a house, the car decides it's time for a coil spring to break...
09:10-!-JshWright|out is now known as JshWright
09:10<JshWright>well, maybe ironic isn't the right word
09:10<JshWright>"annoying" would do, I guess
09:10<hpppwp>Hello can someone help me with my linode?
09:11<claviola>in a channel called #linode? I don't know man, gonna be tough
09:12<hpppwp>Yeah let's try anyway ;-) Incredibly slow access, almost impossible to access via SSH to my linode
09:12<hpppwp>wonder if there is a problem at theplanet
09:12<hpppwp> also seems to be having issues
09:13<linbot>mtr combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one easy to use tool, and the output can be useful for determining where the source of a problem is. It can be downloaded from (Link: or (Link: for Windows.
09:13<mwalling>prove it
09:13<claviola>have you tried accessing it through lish?
09:13<@pparadis>hpppwp: have you checked your cpu usage recently?
09:13<mwalling>its free and clear from newark to dallas
09:13<Karrde>free and clear from Boston to Dallas
09:14<hpppwp>I can't access my Linode control panel as I'm on a dynamic IP. I get an "Unverified IP address error", and get asked to check e-mail. Trouble is, e-mail is on that box too !!
09:14<claviola>it's fast enough for me from a very fascist corporate firewall in rio de janeiro, brazil to dallas
09:15<@pparadis>hpppwp: your io is quite high as well.
09:15<hpppwp>I am looking at a VERY slow 'top' now. It updates probably every 30 seconds. Nothing sems to be taking 100% CPU. See a few apache process occasionally
09:16<hpppwp>I typed /etc/init.d/apache2 restart about 20 minutes ago, so hopefully it will work soon ^^
09:16<hpppwp>ping looks OK, traceroute shows nothing special.
09:16<@pparadis>sent you a private message.
09:17<mwalling>sounds like you're swapping to death
09:17<Dianoga>dallas is working fine for me
09:17-!-ZamaN [~Kelebek@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:19-!-mdcollins [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:25<Yaakov>*sigh* ENGAGE WORKAROUND #23,497,084,234,930,923
09:30-!-mendel [] has joined #linode
09:32-!-Redgore [] has joined #linode
09:39-!-linville [~linville@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:41-!-apeiron_ [] has joined #linode
09:45-!-J-Node [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:47-!-apeiron [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:48-!-apeiron_ is now known as apeiron
09:54-!-JeffS [] has joined #linode
09:56-!-hpppwp [~jfwells@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
10:08-!-Harry_Mudd [] has joined #linode
10:12-!-CWii [] has joined #linode
10:16-!-girishr [~girish@] has joined #linode
10:20-!-oruwork [] has joined #linode
10:23-!-Twayne [] has joined #linode
10:28-!-jimmy [] has joined #linode
10:28<jimmy>hey guys the CPU history graph
10:28<jimmy>is that the percentage of my allowance of the hosts CPU?
10:29<jimmy>so if im using 10% of the cpu, thats not 10% of the whole hosts cpu?
10:29<@pparadis>each linode gets a fair share of CPU time.
10:29<@pparadis>if the host is idle, for example, you'd have almost exclusive access to 4 cores.
10:30<jimmy>yeah, so is that reflected in the cpu graph?
10:30<@pparadis>that's your linode's usage.
10:30<checkers>I think the question is: "is 100% in the linode cpu graph 100% of one core, or the entire 8 cores?"
10:30<@pparadis>100% = 1 core. graphs can go up to 400%
10:30<jimmy>so when i hit 10% i'm using 10% of one actual core
10:31<checkers>pparadis: has linode ever done benchmarking on the typical slowdown of virtualisation vs. not on hardware?
10:32<@pparadis>i don't have info on any such benchmarks.
10:32<@pparadis>i can say that xen is pretty good stuff, quite close to native performance in many cases.
10:33<praetorian>way to bag those of us still on UMLs :P
10:34-!-HoopyCat [] has joined #linode
10:34<@pparadis>you could always migrate... ;)
10:35<praetorian>yeah, lazy
10:37<HIghoS>checkers: I remenber reading articles years ago say that at most, it was a %10 slowdown.
10:37-!-straterra [] has joined #linode
10:37<HIghoS>This was years upon years ago though
10:37<checkers>me too, but I've never seen tests from properly imprtial people
10:37<checkers>although I guess linode isn't impartial either ;)
10:38<@pparadis>xen's in the kernel now, which is a big step.
10:39<TheJoe>Someone buy me a Linode kthxbai
10:39<TheJoe>Unless this "yeah2008" code I found still works :o
10:41<HIghoS>Well linode has already switched from UML to Xen. I think it's been proven that they will switch to superior technology if it's available :)
10:41<checkers>$20/mo! just don't get haircuts anymore!
10:41<HIghoS>So I wouldn't call them too biased.
10:41<checkers>you'll be using linux after all, so it will be appropriate
10:41<mwalling>you spend $20/mo for hair cuts?
10:41<mwalling>what are you, a girl?
10:41<@pparadis>i bought a pair of clippers years ago, and haven't paid for a haircut since.
10:41<checkers>mwalling: australian
10:41<@pparadis>but i wear mine kinda short.
10:42<HIghoS>(I mean, they have to be one of the largest active installs of Xen out there, so I guess they are biased, but at the same time, shrug..)
10:42<mwalling>i get my hair cut quarterly
10:42<HIghoS>Someone create a poll on the forums.
10:42<TheJoe>I get my hair cut when it's long
10:42<HIghoS>Q: Do you spend more on your linodes then your haircut?
10:42<@pparadis>i don't like having long hair because it can get caught in things.
10:42<@pparadis>like someone else's fist.
10:43<checkers>I think you'd eed pretty long hair for that to happen
10:43<tjfontaine>I've caught my hair on the soldering iron before
10:44<@pparadis>a few inches is enough to get a decent hold on (say, on a drunk college boy who doesn't know when to quit).
10:44<checkers>wait, what do you do, bounce for extra money?
10:44-!-TheJoe is now known as TheJoe|ZzZz
10:45<@pparadis>funny, was about to start helping a buddy out at a club in atlanta part time before i moved up here.
10:46<checkers>I spent a week bouncing at an upmarket club a few years ago.. I'm a lot nicer to bouncers who don't let me in now :P
10:46<@pparadis>sooner or later, everyone who bounces gets knocked a good one. just a matter of time.
10:47<@pparadis>you've seen the kind of stuff they have to put up with ;)
10:47-!-ph^ [~ph^@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:47<checkers>yeah, and I got out :P I'm too weeny for tat sort of work
10:48<@pparadis>i've found a big part of it involves *not* warning the offender when their chances are up, just getting a good grip on a joint and levering em out the door.
10:48<checkers>heh, so $work got a new server comissioned at the planet. the remote console doesn't work, so I open a ticket. "here's a temporary work around until we fix the problem, does it help?" "yep, it does" "we're closing this ticket now" ...
10:48-!-filler [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:50-!-hfb [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:52-!-daMaestro [] has joined #linode
10:53-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
10:57-!-jcn [] has joined #linode
10:57<checkers>left hand doesn't know what the right is doing....
10:58<mwalling>mikegrb: what was the tty gateway you used?
10:59*mwalling cant find where in the dmv phone tree you go to change your address
10:59<HoopyCat>mwalling: i *think* you can do it online.... tryin' to remember...
10:59<mwalling>HoopyCat: yeah, mikegrb had one once
11:00<mwalling>but i deleted those logs
11:00<HoopyCat>mwalling: no, i mean change your NYS DMV address
11:00<mwalling>no, you cant change the address online
11:00<mwalling>only by mail, person, or phone
11:00<mwalling># You must report the change of address at a DMV office, by phone, or by mail. You cannot report a change of address by e-mail.
11:00<HoopyCat>mwalling: i probably either did it by mail or in person then
11:02<HoopyCat>mwalling: the DMV phone situation has improved, i take it
11:02<mwalling>yeah, if you can navigate the [explicative] phone tree
11:02*mwalling prints out mv 232 and walks to the dmv during lunch
11:03<mwalling>or maybe thats a bad idea...
11:04<HoopyCat>mwalling: i've usually found it quicker to go there instead of spending a couple days hitting the redial button and then spending a couple hours on hold once you finally get a trunk
11:05<HoopyCat>mwalling: (back in those days, towards the beginning, end, or middle of the month, mailing was faster than the phone...)
11:05-!-lakin [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:06-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
11:08<@pparadis>mwalling: soon mikegrb's fridge will twitter, surpassing your twittering dehumidifier.
11:08<mwalling>f that.
11:08-!-girishr [~girish@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:11<HoopyCat>note to self: yelling "godwin's law!" when reading your WWII history textbook truly is a bad habit
11:11*pparadis just shakes his head
11:12<checkers>oops... I keep running out of ram
11:12<@pparadis>"In the beginning, there was the command line." Shortly after HoopyCat invented it, that is.
11:14<HoopyCat>as the first paragraph of a WWII text approaches its end, the probability of a comparison of a WWII-era austrian-born german chancellor to adolf hitler approaches 1
11:20<HoopyCat>completely unrelatedly, a week of suspense has finally cleared and i now have my last grade of the spring term
11:20<tjfontaine>dun dun dun
11:20<HoopyCat>if you recall, last tuesday, i bombed the final a little harder than i had otherwise hoped
11:20-!-Sindacious [] has joined #linode
11:21-!-JeffS [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:21<@pparadis>the suspense is killing me.
11:22<HoopyCat>this has led to a week of pondering how badly that would impact things... there was, i believed, a non-zero chance i might even be in the retake-the-course range
11:23<HoopyCat>turns out: A
11:24<HoopyCat>thanks ;-)
11:25<tjfontaine>wtg kitteh
11:26<@pparadis>HoopyCat: this fella might help you with your studies next term:
11:27<HoopyCat>pparadis: already have one, thanks:
11:31-!-lakin_ [] has joined #linode
11:32<HoopyCat>final exam score was an 87%
11:32-!-hfb [] has joined #linode
11:32<@pparadis>quite respectable.
11:33<@mikegrb>HoopyCat is a steaming pile of fail.
11:33<@mikegrb>anything less than 99
11:33<@mikegrb>% is unacceptable
11:33<@pparadis>i'll go slap him for you...
11:33<HoopyCat>oh my god
11:33<HoopyCat>i finally realized it
11:33<jimmy>if needed can you upgrade your linode's plan?
11:33*HoopyCat has Fight Club moment
11:33*pparadis doesn't even know what to do with that.
11:33<jimmy>im on 720, could i upgrade it to a 1080 if required?
11:33*mikegrb kisses HoopyCat from inside
11:33<HoopyCat>jimmy: yup! open a ticket and a migration will be set up; it's pro-rated
11:34<@pparadis>jimmy: sure.
11:34<HoopyCat>jimmy: (you can also downgrade, same policies apply)
11:34<jimmy>ah okay cool, and i could keep the existing disc images?
11:34<@pparadis>and ips as long as you don't change datacenters.
11:34<jimmy>would i be on the same host? or would they move me to a host full of 1080's?
11:34-!-Talman [~andrew.wi@] has quit []
11:34<@pparadis>different host.
11:34<HoopyCat>jimmy: you click "Migrate", your linode shuts down for a few minutes, then comes up stronger and better than ever
11:34<jimmy>ah i see
11:35<jimmy>keeps my ip address' though?
11:35<@pparadis>you just get more POWER!
11:35<jimmy>great, thanks guys =)
11:35<jimmy>yeah good to know it's available
11:35<jimmy>my stats for my site is going through the roof at the mo :S
11:35<@pparadis>that's probably a good thing.
11:36<jimmy>anyone here created a distributed network of linodes?
11:36<jimmy>load balancers etc ?
11:36<@pparadis>probably a few folks, what did you have in mind?
11:37<jimmy>maybe in a couple of months, getting 6 linodes, 1 db, 2 load balancers & 3 web servers
11:37<jimmy>all in the same data center
11:37<@pparadis>sure. you could use private ips on all the backend stuff.
11:37<ahh>I just learnt the difference between "rm /*/*" and "rm */*"
11:37<@pparadis>oh my.
11:37<ahh>oh yes..
11:37<mwalling>hopefully you werent root?
11:38-!-HalJordan [] has joined #linode
11:38<ahh>no comment
11:38<mwalling>also, whos got a good savings account right now?
11:38<@pparadis>is it biggity-backup time?
11:38-!-ph [~ph^] has joined #linode
11:38<mwalling>where and what you getting?
11:38<@pparadis>navy federal credit union, you can check their site.
11:39<mwalling>am i eligable? (no service)
11:39<ahh>Luckily I'm just playing with my linode until I find the perfect setup..
11:39<mwalling>(i'm only a usaa member by birth)
11:39<@pparadis>mwalling: i think prior service can refer friends as well as family.
11:40<mwalling>i'm getting .76% in my usaa savings
11:40<@pparadis>i was looking more at the share cert rates ;)
11:40<mwalling>etrade is offering .95%
11:40<ahh>I'm running out of memory on my linode. Would APC be a good or a bad idea?
11:40<tjfontaine>what all do you run on your node?
11:40<ahh>3 sites..
11:41<tjfontaine>no software wise
11:41<ahh>Ubuntu 9.04 (32 bit), Apache, MySQL, PHP.
11:41<ahh>good guess
11:41<tjfontaine>you're probably better off trimming apache and mysql
11:42<tjfontaine>considering you're using prefork
11:42-!-TheJoe|ZzZz is now known as TheJoe
11:42<tjfontaine>lowering your min and spare servers is a great start
11:42<HoopyCat>mwalling: i'm with ING Direct and am getting better than those. (i also get a referral bonus)
11:42<amitz>oh right! A good use of linode! I can create a trading system that depends on news by crawling the web. Even if the result is not good enough, the exercise should be instructive :-)
11:43<ahh>MinSpareServers 5, for example?
11:43<TheJoe>So I just put £15 into the bank - question is - do I get my Linode now or next week...
11:43<@pparadis>you won't be able to wait till next week.
11:44*amitz usage of linode is way too light.
11:44<HoopyCat>TheJoe: if you do it now, you'll get charged from now through June 30, which will be >1 month. however, if you do it later, you'll kick yourself for having not seized the opportunity sooner
11:44<HoopyCat>mwalling: Current Annual Percentage Yield: 1.50%
11:44<TheJoe>HoopyCat: Eh?
11:45<@pparadis>HoopyCat: that's a nice yield.
11:45<mwalling>according to mint, HSBC has an account for 1.55%
11:45<HoopyCat>TheJoe: if you're relying on the amount billed to be precisely, say, $20, you might want to hold off until the first of the month
11:46<mwalling>!newercalc (1+26/31) * 19.95
11:46<linbot>mwalling: 36.6823
11:46<mwalling>TheJoe: ^^ aproximate price
11:47<TheJoe>Paying in sterling
11:47<tjfontaine>!newercalc 37 dollars in sterling
11:47<linbot>tjfontaine: sterling 23.22 (British pounds) (current quoted value)
11:47<HoopyCat>my credit union issued a 2.02% APY quarterly dividend for Q1
11:47*mwalling checks what sunmark is getting
11:47<HoopyCat>mwalling: the other way...
11:48<HoopyCat>!newercalc (1+(31-26)/31)*19.95
11:48<linbot>HoopyCat: 3.21774
11:48<HoopyCat>oh hell
11:48<TheJoe>Aahhh maths hurts my creative thinking brain
11:48<HoopyCat>$23.17 according to my TI-30
11:48<tjfontaine>PEMDA kills
11:49<HoopyCat>!newcalc $23.17 in GBP
11:49<linbot>HoopyCat: You broke teh goog!
11:49<mwalling>!newercalc ((1+(31-26)/31) * $19.95) USD in sterling
11:49<linbot>mwalling: 1.268 sterling^2 (British pounds squared) (current quoted value)
11:49<TheJoe>I can get the Linode tomorrow actually
11:49<mwalling>!newercalc ((1+(31-26)/31) * 19.95) USD in sterling
11:49<linbot>mwalling: sterling 2.02 (British pounds) (current quoted value)
11:50<mwalling>!newercalc ((31-26)/31 * 19.95 + 19.95) USD in sterling
11:50<linbot>mwalling: sterling 14.54 (British pounds) (current quoted value)
11:50<HoopyCat>TheJoe: tomorrow it will be $22.52
11:51<HoopyCat>!newercalc 1+(31-27)/31
11:51<linbot>HoopyCat: 4/31
11:51-!-kethry_ [~kethry@] has joined #linode
11:51<HoopyCat>!newercalc 1+((31-27)/31)
11:51<linbot>HoopyCat: 4/31
11:52<HoopyCat>whole thing crap out
11:52<mwalling>website is correct
11:52<mwalling>11:51 [*] kethry_ [~kethry@] has joined #linode
11:52<HoopyCat>!newercalc 1+2
11:52<linbot>HoopyCat: 2
11:52<HoopyCat>i suspect the + may be causing issues...
11:52<tjfontaine>it's a urlencode issue
11:52-!-Sindacious [] has quit [Quit: d[-_-]b]
11:52<HoopyCat>!newercalc 1%2B(31-27)/31
11:52<linbot>HoopyCat: 35/31
11:53<tjfontaine>tricky mctrickerson
11:53-!-kethry [~kethry@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:53<TheJoe>So many numbers O.O
11:53<HoopyCat>mwalling: if you want a reefer to ing direct, lemme know. it's profitable for all involved
11:55<tjfontaine>ahh: alls well then?
11:57<mwalling>HoopyCat: sure
11:57<mwalling>1.5 is pretty damned good
11:58<HoopyCat>mwalling: there's probably better rates out there, but these guys are orange
11:58<mwalling>HoopyCat: i havent found any from a bank i want to do business with yet
11:58-!-daMaestro [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:59-!-elhippo [] has joined #linode
11:59<TheJoe>I'm doing it
11:59<TheJoe>I'm going to give Linode my cash
12:00*tjfontaine intercepts
12:00-!-jimmy [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
12:02*phennessy likes ING as well
12:02<phennessy>their rates are normally much higher.. pesky economy
12:03-!-Bass10 [] has joined #linode
12:04<TheJoe>!newercalc 19.95 dollars in sterling
12:04<linbot>TheJoe: sterling 12.51 (British pounds) (current quoted value)
12:05*TheJoe hopes there isn't some dodgy extra exchange rate from the bank
12:05<HoopyCat>that reminds me, i should check on that class action lawsuit about dodgy extra exchange rates
12:06<TheJoe>DO IT
12:07<HoopyCat>(turns out amex added ~2% to each foreign transaction to cover their costs, and... well, kinda failed to sufficiently disclose it. i was hoodwinked out of dozens of dollars over a multi-year period)
12:08<TheJoe>Question - this form is a little different. In "Billing Name" should I be putting the name on the card or just my fulll name?
12:11<mwalling>name on the bill for the card
12:11<mwalling>the billing name
12:12<mwalling>make sure you get middle initials, etc... otherwise it might get dinged
12:12<MaliutaLap>Billing name and name on card should be two seperate concepts
12:12<mwalling>MaliutaLap: no
12:12<MaliutaLap>one is the person being billed, the other is the person paying
12:12<MaliutaLap>having written ISP billing solutions in the past ...
12:12-!-Dianoga [~bsteere@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
12:13<mwalling>MaliutaLap: this is on the screen where you put in your card number. your name in your profile is on a different screen.
12:13*MaliutaLap points out he said "should be"
12:13<ahh>I'm looking at swapping apache for lighttpd .. what's your experience with it?
12:14<MaliutaLap>I did some stuff for a guy using lighthttpd, some of it impressed ... mostly the config was a PITA
12:14<TheJoe>Ok hang on
12:14<mwalling>ahh: works fine for me, very happy with not having apache anymore
12:14<TheJoe>wtf is up with this form
12:15<iggy>different doesn't always mean pita... I thought it was more logical for the most part
12:15<MaliutaLap>I love apache
12:15<ahh>I read a lot of blogs from around 2007 talking a lot about memory leaks.. what's it like now?
12:15<HoopyCat>lighttpd is awesome... the config is much easier, especially for virtual hosting, and i kinda like doing php fastcgi-style instead of mod-style
12:15<MaliutaLap>I didn't find it like that at all, it's almost as stupid as qmail conf :)
12:15<oruwork>what is older, pentium R or pentium 4 ?
12:15<torn_>ahh, lighttpd is nice, but not as powerful as apache. IMHO, it's good if you have a server with a stable configuration, some sites and that's it. If you need some more advanced stuff, keep apache
12:15<HoopyCat>ahh: www-data 14510 0.0 0.5 5280 2108 ? S May24 0:02 /usr/sbin/lighttpd -f /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf
12:16<MaliutaLap>ahh: you know this is like asking for a preference in editors ... right?
12:16<HoopyCat>ahh: (that's not a very long run yet)
12:16<ahh>Nothing advanced from me.. just a bunch of simple sites.
12:16<torn_>ahh, with lighty you have no .htaccess, no (a so powerful) mod_rewrite, php only via (fast)cgi
12:16<MaliutaLap>ahh: even though we all know that vi is the way to go
12:17-!-megatron27 [~megatron2@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:17<MaliutaLap>torn_: the specific stuff I did with it was rewrite based
12:17<@mikegrb>HoopyCat: my nginx is using half that ram :p
12:17<HoopyCat>mikegrb: indeed, it probably is. :-)
12:17<MaliutaLap>torn_: the rewrite gear for light was clumsy
12:17<@mikegrb>HoopyCat: I still love you^wme
12:17<ahh>Only one for nginx?
12:18<torn_>MaliutaLap, I agree, and some things are just missing, unless you use mod_magnet and LUA, but that's an even a more painful PITA
12:18<MaliutaLap>apache is my bitch, I keep it chained in the closet
12:18<TheJoe>Total Due: $23.82
12:18<HoopyCat>i find rewrites in lighttpd to be no worse than apache... regexps, done
12:18<HoopyCat>mikegrb: <3
12:18<iggy>TheJoe: at the end of the month, you get the rest of this month, and next month
12:19<iggy>because it's all prorated
12:19<TheJoe>There's 2 Linode 360s on this form though
12:19<HoopyCat>TheJoe: one's a Linode 360 from now until May 31, the other is a Linode 360 from June 1 until June 30
12:19*iggy has nothing
12:19<MaliutaLap>HoopyCat: having done complex things with rewrite in the past I found some things missing from the light implimentation
12:19<iggy>I signed up long before 2 linodes with 1 account was possible
12:19<MaliutaLap>HoopyCat: the ability to set and use variables as part of it
12:20<TheJoe> Confused
12:20<HoopyCat>MaliutaLap: that's one of the many tradeoffs in having a bass boat instead of a yacht :-)
12:20<HoopyCat>TheJoe: look at the dates
12:21<HoopyCat>TheJoe: scruitize in detail the second and third columns, perhaps even with a calendar by your side
12:21<TheJoe>Right right... Costing me more than I hoped though "/
12:21<MaliutaLap>next on #linode - The editor Jihad contiues
12:22<MaliutaLap>late - Distro Jihad
12:22<tjfontaine>looks pretty close to what we aproximated
12:22<TheJoe>!newercalc $23.82 in sterling
12:22<linbot>TheJoe: sterling 14.95 (British pounds) (current quoted value)
12:22<TheJoe>So it's another few days until I get my David Byrne ticket :<
12:23<HoopyCat>TheJoe: 31-26 is 5, but there's 6 days in 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31. fencepost error, my bad.
12:23<TheJoe>Ok.... well here goes
12:24<TheJoe>I has me a Linode
12:24<MaliutaLap>HoopyCat: what? you want a spanking?
12:25<HoopyCat>TheJoe: we estimated $23.17 from (1+(31-26)/31)*19.95 which was a wrong formula. turns out it should be (1+(31-26+1)/31)*19.95, which yields $23.81
12:25<HoopyCat>actually, i blame mwalling
12:26<TheJoe>Cost £16.69
12:26<tjfontaine>all exchange rates are approximated
12:27<TheJoe>I guess it could have been tax...
12:27<TheJoe>Oooook choice of servers - how could I go about checking latency?
12:27<HoopyCat>MaliutaLap: as a professional, i should have noticed that obvious fencepost error more soonly
12:28<MaliutaLap>HoopyCat: still, a spanking could be in order :P
12:28<Yaakov> Conversions are done internally to 10**-32 of a cent and rounded to the nearest dollar.
12:29<TheJoe>Ok checking
12:29<TheJoe>Atlanta's looking good
12:29<TheJoe>But newark gets it :>
12:29<Yaakov> Up, thsat is.
12:31<HoopyCat>MaliutaLap: i don't take such offers lightly, you know. :-)
12:31-!-mario [~mario@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:31<MaliutaLap>HoopyCat: I don't deliver them lightly
12:31*MaliutaLap goes for the nice paddle
12:32<Yaakov>HoopyCat uses a stick welder to get dressed.
12:33<MaliutaLap>In that case I should get the tens unit out
12:33<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: is OFTC working right? it says i'm in #linode but i could swear this is #bdsm
12:34-!-A-KO [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:34<MaliutaLap>HoopyCat: pfft, I'm in the room - it's a risk you run :P
12:34<tjfontaine>HoopyCat: or, did I tell you we enabled forwards, they're now one in the same
12:35<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: <3
12:35<HoopyCat>MaliutaLap: <3
12:35<TheJoe>Would you recommend a 64bit distro or a 32bit?
12:35<tjfontaine>TheJoe: 32bit
12:35<tjfontaine>TheJoe: since you asked
12:36<TheJoe>Smaller disk usage anyway :>
12:36<HoopyCat>TheJoe: smaller memory usage too
12:36<TheJoe>Even better
12:36*TheJoe clix Debian 5
12:36<HoopyCat>TheJoe: 64-bit is mostly around to trick the unsuspecting masses into using moar RAM and thus paying moar money. you've Passed the Test
12:36<Yaakov>HoopyCat is a suspicious mass.
12:36<TheJoe>hehe :P
12:37<HoopyCat>just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean they're out to get you
12:37<TheJoe>For the disk image should I let that fill my 16GB or make it slightly smaller?
12:37<amitz>will that mean we're better off with 16 bit? :-)
12:37<TheJoe>amitz: Dangerous teritory there
12:37<HoopyCat>TheJoe: images are resizable, so in the end it's a matter of personal preference
12:38<TheJoe>HoopyCat: Ok - I'll say 15GB to be on the safe side :>
12:38<Yaakov>It's safer to use a smaller image so you can stand up a different distro if you want.
12:38<amitz>TheJoe: nah, that question will only add another 30 lines of debate, at most.
12:38<Yaakov>I have two 6GB images, which is convenient.
12:39<HoopyCat>i personally stay on the small side, aiming for 50% to 80% usage of each image, with different / and /home images... splitting /home off was really handy when i did the move/rebuilt last month
12:39<Yaakov>That is also a viable strategy.
12:40<TheJoe>!newercalc 15GB in megabytes
12:40<linbot>TheJoe: 15 000 MB (megabytes)
12:41<HoopyCat>!newcalc 15GB in megabytes
12:41<linbot>HoopyCat: 15 gigabytes = 15 360 megabytes
12:41<HoopyCat>GEEK WAR
12:41<Yaakov>!newercalc 15 GiB in MiB
12:41<linbot>Yaakov: 15 360 MiB (mebibytes)
12:42<TheJoe>DO I trust Google? Or Wolfram
12:42<Yaakov>Wolfram is more specific.
12:42<HoopyCat>they're both right
12:42<Yaakov>It takes giga and mega at face value.
12:43<TheJoe>!newercalc 16GiB in MiB
12:43<linbot>TheJoe: 16 384 MiB (mebibytes)
12:43<TheJoe>!newercalc 16384-15360
12:43<linbot>TheJoe: 1024
12:44<HoopyCat>!newcalc log(1024)/log(2)
12:44<linbot>HoopyCat: log(1 024) / log(2) = 10
12:44<HoopyCat>dun dun dunnnnn
12:44<TheJoe>Another decision time - do I cancel this shell now and move irssi to the VPS dun dun dunnn
12:44<HoopyCat>mikegrb: o, why does my firefox sound break?
12:45<@mikegrb>HoopyCat: it hates you
12:45<@mikegrb>HoopyCat: if you weren't such a failure maybe it would <3 you more
12:45<HoopyCat>mikegrb: ;-(
12:46<TheJoe>Hold up
12:47<HoopyCat>TheJoe: what use does a linode user have with a shell account? :-)
12:47<Yaakov>mikegrb: HoopyCat is a suspicious mass.
12:47<TheJoe>HoopyCat: I bought one earlier hoping I could do some stuff with it :P
12:47<TheJoe>Got bored quickly
12:47<TheJoe>I need to host some websites for local Scout groups so I thought - a VPS would be good for that
12:48-!-laser` [] has joined #linode
12:48-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
12:51<TheJoe>Ok I'm running Debian 5.0 here - is that already loaded with packages or is it the minimal install?
12:52<@mikegrb>well, minimal + openssh-server
12:52<HoopyCat>an org we're associated with hosts with the local community internet provider up in modestsizedtown, canada... alas, the quota is like 20MB or something. my wife handles their website, and once in awhile keeps grumbling about how storing ~10 years of newsletters online is getting to be a little tenacious
12:52<@mikegrb>tenacious d ftw
12:53<TheJoe>David Byrne FTW \o/
12:55<Yaakov>You mean it requires tenacity?
12:55<HoopyCat>it's all sticky
12:59<TheJoe>:o no ext4?
13:01<TheJoe>Ok - few things I need to figure out here... Little bit nooby on the total command line side
13:02<TheJoe>Are we able to download disk images as backups?
13:03<TheJoe>If so it might be worth my while to make a /home disk image
13:03-!-Internat [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:04<linbot>Finnix --
13:04-!-Internat [] has joined #linode
13:04<mwalling>^^ using that, you can dd | gzip | ssh
13:05-!-oruwork [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:06<TheJoe>mwalling: Thanks - I'll keep it in mind
13:09<TheJoe>Friend is now asking for an account for a seedbox :< No way.
13:11-!-Internat [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:11-!-Internat [] has joined #linode
13:17-!-torn_ [~torn@] has quit [Quit: antani]
13:21<@mikegrb>HoopyCat: you use wierd toothpaste
13:22-!-loxs [~loxs@] has joined #linode
13:24-!-Dianoga [] has joined #linode
13:25<mwalling>mikegrb: my dehumidifier is better then your fridge
13:25-!-Dianoga [] has quit []
13:25-!-Dianoga [] has joined #linode
13:30<ahh>I've got no services running on my fresh LAMP and the memory looks like this:
13:30<ahh>Mem: 368856k total, 331044k used, 37812k free, 17048k buffers
13:31<ahh>I stopped MySQL and Lighttpd (ok, not really a LAMP)
13:31<ahh>But when I use 'htop' it says I am only using 38 MB of RAM
13:32-!-kenichi [~kenichi@] has joined #linode
13:32<TheJoe>Adduser was nice not letting me set a custom /home/ :<
13:32<ahh>I'm all confused..
13:33-!-JamesCollins [~jimmycoll@] has joined #linode
13:33-!-lakin_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:39<ahh>Looks to me like htop doesn't agree with top ..
13:40<ahh>But the results from htop seem to be more what I expected..
13:41<laser`>Is there not a "cached" line in there?
13:41-!-Turl [] has joined #linode
13:41<laser`>The real free memory is free + buffers + cached or something, iirc
13:42<ahh>Mem: 368856k total, 344768k used, 24088k free, 17084k buffers
13:42<ahh>Swap: 262136k total, 28k used, 262108k free, 274788k cached
13:44-!-A-KO [] has joined #linode
13:49-!-Turl1 [] has joined #linode
13:53<TheJoe>Why does my Debian VPS have an Ubuntu MOTD
13:54<TheJoe>Oh no wait - that'a the LISH motd... I think
13:55-!-twstdroot [] has joined #linode
13:56-!-Turl [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:57-!-twstdroot [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:57-!-daMaestro [] has joined #linode
13:58-!-jspiros [] has joined #linode
14:02<TheJoe>So I can't change what port I login to SSH from :<
14:02<TheJoe>Changed /etc/ssh/sshd_config but it still wants port 22
14:02-!-paul [] has joined #linode
14:02<TheJoe>/etc/init.d/ssh restart
14:02<TheJoe>Irssi right click :<
14:02<mwalling>TheJoe: are you sshing to your host or your linode?
14:03-!-paul is now known as Guest206
14:03<TheJoe>mwalling: To the Linode...
14:03<TheJoe>I see
14:05<TheJoe>So I should be SSHing to ? Yes?
14:06<straterra>You should SSH to your IP
14:06<TheJoe>I'm assuming when I add a domain or two I can SSH through them?
14:07<straterra>It's just like a physical server
14:08<TheJoe>Well this is really my first time using my own server of any kind really
14:08<TheJoe>Getting used to it
14:09-!-kethry_ [~kethry@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:11<TheJoe>Wondering if I can change the hostname? joe@li65-159 is a li'l ugly :>
14:11<TheJoe>Do tell
14:11<mwalling>!google change hostname debian
14:11<straterra>It's just like a normal Linux install
14:11<linbot>mwalling: Search took 0.16 seconds: Change hostname or Server name of a Linux Machine -- Debian Admin: <>; Oracle in World: How to change the hostname in Linux: <>; Debian -User: Changing hostname: < (3 more messages)
14:11<straterra>you do things like you do with your distro any where else
14:12<TheJoe>Well - never bothered with something like that before so...
14:12<mwalling>you'll probably want to change your rnds to match
14:12<mwalling>but in order to change your rdns you need to have a working forward dns
14:13<TheJoe>Is changing the rdns a requirement or a preference?
14:13<mwalling>you should
14:14-!-kethry [~kethry@] has joined #linode
14:14<TheJoe>Well no DNS is actually setup yet - don't add a domain until tonight (someone else's domain, my site)
14:22<Yaakov> TheJoe for under 10 bucks you can have your very own domain!
14:22<TheJoe>Yaakov: I know I know
14:22<Yaakov>YOUR VERY OWN
14:22<TheJoe>I have my eyes set on some
14:23<TheJoe>But I need to get that David Byrne ticket
14:25<TheJoe>Wait so - if I change the hostname is changing rdns a definite requirement or a recommmendation?
14:25<TheJoe>-1 m
14:26<mwalling>its a good thing if the inside of your linode sees the same thing that the outside does
14:26<TheJoe>I guess I should wait then
14:27*TheJoe goes back to sorting out lighty
14:29<mwalling>YELLO HAAKOV
14:29*Yaakov is away: electrical fire in my hair
14:29*Yaakov is back CO2++
14:40*soul9 ++
14:40-!-beawesomeinstead [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:40-!-unixfool [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
14:47-!-somnambulant [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:47<TheJoe>Ok - so do I need a new config profile to set up Finnix?
14:47-!-Guest206 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:50<TheJoe>Just a profile? Or will I need a disk image too/
14:51<phennessy>what are you going to do with finnix?
14:51<amitz>what do you use to generate static webpage?
14:51-!-paul_ [] has joined #linode
14:51<TheJoe>phennessy: Just want to keep it there ready in case I actually need it
14:52<amitz>mwalling: something less hardcore? :-)
14:52<phennessy>if you need it, what will you do with it?
14:52-!-paul_ is now known as oruwork
14:52<TheJoe>Well I intend to backup my disk images from there - I think someone told me that was possible
14:52<BP{k}>amitz: kwrite?
14:52<amitz>mwalling: hmm... it seems you're serious :-)
14:52<phennessy>it would seem pretty useless unless you configure the finnix profile to use your normal volumes. that's all.
14:52<BP{k}>although I am really with mwalling on the vim thing.
14:53<JshWright>vim... hardcore...?
14:53<TheJoe>What I do want is to keep /home on a seperate image, too...
14:53<linbot>How to deploy a custom distro to your Linode:
14:53<amitz>BP{k}: oh, never know kwrite has such feature.
14:53<phennessy>like that example?
14:53-!-n00bi3-d00 [] has joined #linode
14:53<n00bi3-d00>hey everyone
14:53<Yaakov>Is there a hownotto?
14:54<TheJoe>I was answering phennessy
14:54<Yaakov>Oh, so you won't talk to *me*.
14:54<Yaakov>I see how it is.
14:54<mwalling>Yaakov: the old testiment?
14:54<Yaakov>mwalling: "Testament", moran.
14:54<TheJoe>I'm afraid to click that
14:54<mwalling>TheJoe: its sfw
14:55<TheJoe>Oh hah ha
14:55<phennessy>what are you backupping to?
14:56<TheJoe> /home should really go on another disk
14:56<n00bi3-d00>just need some quick help - i need to secure copy my key to my server and i am having no joy. Ive tryed the name of the lish and of a user account i set up. hope u guys can help
14:56<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log into the LPM. Lish's primary function is to allow you access to your server's console, even if networking is disabled.
14:57<phennessy>you probably want the ip from the networking tab, not the console
14:57<Yaakov>lish isn't your server.
14:57<n00bi3-d00>i was wondering if it was
14:58<n00bi3-d00>ill try that a second
14:59<SelfishMan>HoopyCat: You are correct. The '+' does cause issues if not surrounded by spaces. This is because supybot doesn't escape anything so severe hacks were required to make it all work
15:00<SelfishMan>!newercalc 1 + ((31 -27)/31)
15:00<linbot>SelfishMan: 35/31
15:00<mwalling>thats win
15:01-!-bnry [~abnry@] has quit [Quit: Connection reset by peer]
15:02<n00bi3-d00>scp ~/.ssh/ home/ is what i had originally im now trying with scp ~/.ssh/ adminuser@xx.xx.xx.xx:/home/
15:02<TheJoe>Ok I'm gonna be running multiple sites on my Linode
15:02<Yaakov>You can't do that! It is subversive! It is unprecendented! It is OK, fine.
15:02<n00bi3-d00>remote host id had changed
15:02<TheJoe>Yeah just not sure how to go about it
15:02<mwalling>n00bi3-d00: right, lish isnt actually ssh, it just happens to use ssh to work
15:03-!-somnambulant [] has joined #linode
15:03<mwalling>also, why arent you using ssh-copy-id?
15:03<TheJoe>I'm guessing each site needs it's own user?
15:03<Nivex>lish is ssh + screen + caker's secret sauce
15:03<mwalling>TheJoe: no
15:03<straterra>heh..I'm 240 megs in to swap
15:03<TheJoe>mwalling: Hm?
15:03<straterra>and I still have like 500 megs free
15:03<mwalling>TheJoe: no
15:03<TheJoe>mwalling: Yeah I got that.
15:04<mwalling>system users have nothign to do with most common httpd softwares
15:04<n00bi3-d00>i saw somewhere someone usin scp
15:04<n00bi3-d00>so thats what im trying (monkeysee-monkeydoo)
15:04<Yaakov>TheJoe: The sites will be name virtual hosts.
15:05<n00bi3-d00>is something wrong with scp
15:05<n00bi3-d00>is ssh-copy-id better
15:05<Yaakov>TheJoe: They just have to resolve to the server's IP, then when the request comes in from the browser with a certain hostname, the httpd directs the request to a directory you've configured.
15:05-!-bnry [~abnry@] has joined #linode
15:05*SelfishMan shoots the monkey
15:05<mwalling>there is a tool thats intended to copy your id. it makes sure everything is correct.
15:05<TheJoe>Yaakov: Oh ok
15:05<mwalling>its like trying to use tar to install slackware packages instead of installpkg
15:05<Yaakov>The monkey screams and runs around holding its butt.
15:06<mwalling>sure, you *CAN* do it, but its not the right way
15:06<Yaakov>What... tar isn't the name of the slackware package manager?
15:06*Yaakov pokes mikegrb.
15:06<SelfishMan>mwalling: We all know that slackware doesn't support packages
15:06<@pparadis>i stare at debs until they install themselves out of fear.
15:07<Yaakov>I just tell them they are not allowed to be installed.
15:07<@mikegrb>! people still use slackware?!?!
15:07<SelfishMan>I can't believe *anyone* still runs Slackware
15:07<SelfishMan>I know mikegrb, I know
15:07<@mikegrb>mmm cake
15:07<Yaakov>Ook! Oook!
15:07<SelfishMan>Yaakov: /i.*?slackware/i
15:07<TheJoe>Slackware is SubGenius :<
15:08<mwalling>is slackware?
15:08<@mikegrb>! people still use slackware?!?!
15:08<Yaakov>is NOT slackware!
15:08<mwalling>oh, i dont think i can say slackware
15:08<Yaakov>You just did!
15:08<mwalling>i can trigger slackware then
15:09<SelfishMan>there is a randomness element in there too
15:09<@mikegrb>! people still use slackware?!?!
15:09<Yaakov>I think you are wrong about triggering slackware.
15:09<n00bi3-d00>can i be a moderator ill ask all the questions that the other noobs are scared to ask - like whats wrong with slackware
15:09<n00bi3-d00>only for 2min
15:10<Yaakov>Some call it "random", those who know call it, "typical behavior for code written by mikegrb".
15:10<Yaakov>KILL HIM
15:10<SelfishMan>Yaakov: So it's not a bug, it's a feature?
15:10<Yaakov>SelfishMan: Bug and feature blend into a singular entity here.
15:10<Yaakov>caker will say, "put some good bugs into that Mike."
15:11<n00bi3-d00>you guys wrote this irc app
15:11<Yaakov>Mike says, "I wrote some awesome bugs the other day. I think. My head hurts and there are two of you."
15:12<Yaakov>n00bi3-d00: Most active folks in this channel have probably written more than one thing that listens and talks to IRC.
15:12<SelfishMan>!urmom Yaakov
15:12<linbot>SelfishMan: Yo momma's so old she's almost as old as Yaakov! (795:1/1)
15:12<SelfishMan>!urmom vote up 795
15:12<linbot>SelfishMan: Voted 795 up
15:12<Yaakov>So clever.
15:13<Yaakov>So very clever.
15:13<SelfishMan>that was mikegrb, not me
15:13<@pparadis>!urmom vote up 795
15:13<mwalling>15:08 < mwalling> i can trigger slackware then
15:13<linbot>pparadis: Yo momma doesn't like people named pparadis
15:13<mwalling>er, yes, linode invented the internet
15:13<mwalling>and irc
15:13<mwalling>and that irc applet
15:13<@pparadis>i built the tubes by hand.
15:13<mwalling>i drive the truck
15:14<Yaakov>I reamed the tubes thoroughly.
15:14<@pparadis>who rounds up the stray packets?
15:14<Yaakov>I laid the asphalt.
15:14<SelfishMan>I just run the urmombot
15:14<Yaakov>Together we made so much noise that no one got any sleep!
15:14<@pparadis>the internet doesn't sleep, it waits.
15:15<mwalling>like urmom
15:15<linbot>SelfishMan: Yo momma's so slow, she got beat by both the Hare and the Turtle (802:0/0)
15:15-!-nacht [] has joined #linode
15:16<SelfishMan>!urmom vote down 802
15:16<linbot>SelfishMan: Voted 802 down
15:16<@pparadis>!urmom vote down 802
15:16<linbot>pparadis: Voted 802 down
15:16<@pparadis>that one sucks
15:17<linbot>SelfishMan: Yo momma's so old she's almost as old as Yaakov! (795:2/1)
15:17<nacht>so you guys all use linode?
15:17<@pparadis>linode uses me.
15:17<Yaakov>We use it hard and put it away wet.
15:17<TheJoe>Damn domain
15:17<nacht>i see
15:18<TheJoe>He won't let me use it for the VPS yet :<
15:18<Yaakov>Linode is the best.
15:18<nacht>it seems good
15:18-!-kethry [~kethry@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:18<SelfishMan> !urmom is run on a linode
15:18<nacht>except the ubuntu it installed seems... lacking
15:18<@pparadis>it's minimalistic, you've got root.
15:18<SelfishMan>lacking what?
15:18<mwalling>nacht: whats it missing that you cant install?
15:18<nacht>man pages
15:19<@pparadis>apt-get install man
15:19<nacht>for one
15:19<mwalling>maybe i dont want man pages in my image?
15:19<nacht>it cant find most packages
15:19<Yaakov>nacht: The purpose of those images is to make the server run, accept ssh connections, and have a package manager.
15:19<Yaakov>That's all.
15:19<nacht>i just found it strange
15:19<mwalling>run apt-get update
15:19<@pparadis>nacht: how exactly do you mean "it can't find most packages" ?
15:19<SelfishMan>apt-get install man-db
15:20<mwalling>pparadis: the image has its package cache cleaned out
15:20<nacht>none of those work
15:20<Yaakov>apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
15:20<Yaakov>Do that now.
15:20<nacht>also i cant install apache
15:20<Yaakov>THEN configure.
15:20<mwalling>pparadis: deply it on abascon1337 :P
15:20<SelfishMan>you have to run apt-get update before you can find *any* packages
15:20<@pparadis>what version of ubuntu?
15:20<TheJoe>Don't use Ubuntu as a server :<
15:20<@pparadis>did you update/upgrade?
15:21<nacht>meh im used to it
15:21<nacht>i did upgrade before
15:21<mwalling>TheJoe: uh, you want to back up that troll?
15:21-!-nidankempo [~nidankemp@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:21<nacht>now im doing update
15:21<mwalling>nacht: did you up*DATE* though?
15:21-!-Matt- [] has joined #linode
15:21<Yaakov>apt-get update && apt-get upgrade <---
15:21<@pparadis>does "apt-get install apache2" not work?
15:21<nacht>i guess i didnt
15:21<nacht>apte-get install apache2 doesnt not work
15:21<nacht>maybe it will no
15:21<mwalling>update pulls the package lists, upgrade upgrades packages from the updated list.
15:21<nacht>yeah that was it
15:21<nacht>haha i thought i did update
15:22<TheJoe>mwalling: Debian.
15:22<@pparadis>or until the next release that is
15:22<mwalling>TheJoe: thats not backing anything up.
15:22<nacht>it got me on the chat
15:22<nacht>i always love a good chat
15:22<mwalling>nacht: just remember the rules
15:22<Matt->What does it mean when i try to log in and it says "Login Incorrect or Session Timed Out"
15:22<Matt->I know my login is correct
15:22<tjfontaine>they will probably do another ahalf release
15:22<Matt->so how could it have timed out
15:23<tjfontaine>just like sarge had
15:23<tjfontaine>hi Yaakov
15:23<@pparadis>Matt- close your browser and try again.
15:23<Matt->i did
15:23<Matt->several times
15:23<Matt->and everything hosted by the vps is offline
15:23<nacht>do which rules do you refer mwalling
15:23<linbot>The rules: (#1) ignore aaronyy, (#2) ignore b4, (#3) SelfishMan is the resident arrogant prick, (#4) mwalling is the resident asshole
15:23-!-beawesomeinstead [] has joined #linode
15:23<Matt->It's correct though.
15:24<nacht>i can handle that
15:24<SelfishMan>rule 2 can probably be replaced though
15:24<nacht>none of those are what i usually am
15:24-!-kethry [~kethry@] has joined #linode
15:25<nacht>now how did it install mysql before
15:25<nacht>thats the only thing that worked
15:25<SelfishMan>I mean, there is no reason to ignore b4 since he has been muted for an indeterminable amount of time
15:38-!-nacht [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:39-!-nacht [] has joined #linode
15:39<linbot>The rules: (#1) ignore aaronyy, (#2) ignore b4, (#3) SelfishMan is the resident arrogant prick, (#4) mwalling is the resident asshole
15:39<oruwork>so I was right !
15:39<mwalling>oruwork: for you, rule 4 reads "mwalling is the resident stalker"
15:39-!-daMaestro [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:39<TheJoe>Urgh I need a domain. I have no extra money
15:39<nacht>i lost the connection apparently
15:40<nacht>oh no im usually the stalker
15:40<nacht>im the most noncreepy stalker you'll ever hear of
15:40<tjfontaine>that's what they all say
15:40<oruwork>who writes these rules ?
15:41<Nivex>im the most creepy nonstalker you'll ever hear of
15:41-!-beawesomeinstead [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:41<Nivex>"Ah, but you *have* heard of me!"
15:41<nacht>is that a quote of the 13 clocks?
15:41<Nivex>no, Pirates of the Carribbean
15:41<nacht>oh yeah
15:41<nacht>well i think the golux also says it in the 13 clocks
15:42<nacht>anyways, is apache easy to use? ive never used it before
15:42<straterra>Pretty easy
15:43<mwalling>oruwork: the all knowing one
15:43-!-mario [~mario@] has joined #linode
15:43<oruwork>what a boring day today
15:43<oruwork>cant wait to get out and go home
15:44<nacht>i am also at work
15:45<nacht>it's actually my "boss"'s linode
15:47-!-Matt- [] has quit [Quit: Bye bye.]
15:48-!-blithe [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
15:48-!-blithe [] has joined #linode
15:48<Yaakov>Few people have heard of me.
15:50-!-nachtkriecher [] has joined #linode
15:51<@pparadis>Yaakov is famous the world over.
15:51<Yaakov>But which world?
15:51<@pparadis>you have entered another dimension.
15:52<Yaakov>You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension - a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.
15:52<Yaakov><cue music>
15:52-!-nacht [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:52-!-beawesomeinstead [] has joined #linode
15:52<@pparadis>oh god my brain is backwards
15:53<Karrde>god ho*
15:53<Karrde>dog too
15:53<nachtkriecher>and i have a new name
15:53<Karrde>now I have slydexia.
15:53<nachtkriecher>cuz apaprently my browser sucks, or irc-cgi sucks
15:53<@pparadis>sounds like an STD
15:53<Yaakov>No brain yours backwards is not. Confused brain yours is. Forth go write some.
15:53<nachtkriecher>my connection rather than my browser*
15:53<Yaakov>nachtkriecher: Get Irssi.
15:54<@pparadis>run in screen so you can set it and forget it.
15:54<purrdeta>sounds like that infomercial
15:55<@pparadis>ron stole that from me.
15:55<Yaakov>I am running Irssi in screen and have a MAAAGICAL shell script that reconnects me everytime this MacBook gets a connection.
15:55<@mikegrb>Yaakov: sounds seksi
15:55<Yaakov>It's cooler than hot snot, baby.
15:56<@pparadis>when does your MacBook not have a connection?
15:56<Yaakov>When it is ajar.
15:56<@pparadis>"I only take off my Internet for two things..."
15:56<Yaakov>No, no, when it is not ajar.
15:56<nachtkriecher>when there's a storm in santa barbara
15:56<Yaakov>You know, like when I close it and put it in my backpack?
15:56<HoopyCat>while true; do ssh screen -RAD; sleep 10; done
15:56<Yaakov>HoopyCat: Not quite.
15:56<@pparadis>that's me:
15:57<Yaakov>For one thing, I use -x
15:58<Yaakov>I use this:
15:58<Yaakov>It's close to HoopyCat's blarf.
15:59-!-jed [] has joined #linode
15:59<@mikegrb>I need to edit my page it has two methods, the second is better, need to drop the first to make the document mo simple
15:59<purrdeta>apparently you can use screen as your login shell... kinda cool if you ask me
16:00*jackc does
16:00<Yaakov>mikegrb: Mine's simpler. What's your's doing that I need?
16:00<@mikegrb>nothing :<
16:00<jed>purrdeta: i used to have a putty session that wouldn't start a shell, and would instead run "screen -r"
16:00<@mikegrb>mine runs on wake from sleep
16:01<nachtkriecher>mine runs on gasoline
16:01<Yaakov>Mine runs all the time, so it reconnects, and connects if a wireless or wired connection appears.
16:01<@mikegrb>I just ran 'mate .' in ~
16:01*mikegrb nods
16:01<@pparadis>!urmom diesel
16:01<Yaakov>It uses named sessions.
16:01<linbot>pparadis: Yo momma's so stupid, she thought Conflicker was real! (771:0/0)
16:02<@mikegrb>the implementation for mine is spread all over the place
16:02<HoopyCat>Yaakov: it's like a shabbat elevator for irc!
16:02<HoopyCat>mikegrb: like urmom
16:02<Yaakov>I have a complementary script that starts up the Irssi session.
16:02<Yaakov>HoopyCat: You are very odd. I like it.
16:03<@mikegrb>a named iterm session that autoconnects, sleepwatcher to run ~/.wake on wake a bash script there that has some embedded apple script that it runs to kill the old stale session and start a new session after waiting for connectivity
16:03<@pparadis>Yaakov: i have a complimentary breakfast.
16:03<Yaakov>pparadis: I typo'd.
16:04<@pparadis>no you're not.
16:04<@pparadis>you never are.
16:04<Yaakov>No I didn't.
16:04<Yaakov>I spelled it right1
16:04-!-morficus [] has quit [Quit: peace out niggaz...]
16:04<Yaakov>I am no mikegrb here.
16:04<@pparadis>now that's funny.
16:04-!-hfb_ [] has joined #linode
16:04<Yaakov>I though I spelled it wrong.
16:04<jed>you ever put sage in the breakfast sausage you're cooking, then look at the package and realize that your wife bought pre-saged sausage instead of the regular she *always* does?
16:04<nachtkriecher>mikegrb sounds like bcgruber
16:04<Yaakov>BUT I DIDN"T.
16:05<jed>and then get to sit through a heavy dose of sageification?
16:05<@pparadis>compliment != complement
16:05<tjfontaine>mikegrb: you complete me
16:05<@pparadis>but not bad spelling ;)
16:05<jed>this _sucks_
16:05<@pparadis>tjfontaine: were you missing something to begin with?
16:05<HoopyCat>jed: always check the label. <--- sage advice
16:05<tjfontaine>pparadis: the rest of my 180 degrees
16:06<jed>it tastes like i'm eating a sage plant
16:06-!-hfb_ [] has quit []
16:06-!-daMaestro [] has joined #linode
16:07<@pparadis>this is me at karaoke:
16:07<Yaakov>The startup script:
16:07<Yaakov>You have better legs than your wife.
16:07<tjfontaine>but not urmom
16:08<@pparadis>if Yaakov knew i had legs like that, he wouldn't be sneaking around with my wife and my mom.
16:08<Yaakov>That presupposes you have a network set up named as you invoke it.
16:08<Yaakov>Legs are just one aspect of the complete wo(man).
16:09<@pparadis>mine is a pretty awesome complete woman :)
16:09<@pparadis>she puts up with me, too.
16:09-!-hfb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:09<Yaakov>Well, my wife beats that, she puts up with ME.
16:10<Yaakov>mikegrb: Your script is very neat, I wish I though I should use it.
16:11<Yaakov>OK, home time.
16:12-!-metaperl [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:16-!-metaperl [] has joined #linode
16:17<TheJoe>Forget it
16:20<HoopyCat>forget what?
16:21<v0lksman>anyone tried the LUK yet?
16:21<TheJoe>Meh - well I need to put myself into a multi site scenario - a friend of mine has made a subdomain with one of his domains and pointed it to my VPS's IP, I bascially need that to go to it's own site on the VPS rather than just /var/www
16:22<TheJoe>I'd buy a domain but I really don't want to spend anymore
16:22<TheJoe>Like say - /var/www/site2
16:23<laser`>That's fairly easy
16:23<laser`>Using Apache?
16:24<TheJoe>Less load
16:24<laser`>Oh, not so sure, but I'm still fairly sure it's easy
16:24<@pparadis>moar bits
16:24<HoopyCat>TheJoe: look at simple-vhost
16:24<laser`>First result on Google is:
16:25<@irgeek> - Straight from the horses mouth
16:25<@pparadis>get that horse out of here.
16:26-!-daMaestro [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:27<TheJoe>Also - php5 keeps insisting on installing apache :<
16:28<TheJoe>Really do not need apache
16:28<HoopyCat>try php5-cgi
16:28<TheJoe>That seems to have done it
16:28<TheJoe>Eh? Is the server under load?
16:29<HoopyCat>dunno, which server are you getting stuff from?
16:30<TheJoe>The Linode is on newark
16:30<HoopyCat>there's quite a variety of geography in
16:31<HoopyCat>go make a sandwich while apt does its thing :-)
16:31<jed>i get 4-5 MB/s off of easynews, consistently
16:31<TheJoe>Done now
16:33<cmelbye>jed: I find that EasyNews is often out of date
16:33<TheJoe> wat :<
16:33<HoopyCat>jed: i'm a little hesitant to use a "not-in-the-round-robin" mirror for security stuff
16:33<jed>oh, for security, no
16:36<TheJoe>Is there any reason why phpinfo(); would be 403
16:36<cmelbye>TheJoe: That would be your webserver, not the phpinfo();
16:36<TheJoe>I can get to / fine "/ Werid
16:36<TheJoe>* weird
16:37<laser`>What're the permissions on the file?
16:37<laser`>Hmm, for FastCGI does it need to be 0755, maybe?
16:38<Karrde>yes, give it execute
16:38*laser` is just guessing
16:38<TheJoe>0755 and... 403
16:38<TheJoe>0777 was 403 too
16:38<laser`>What do the logs say?
16:38<Karrde>tail /var/log/lighttpd/error.log
16:39<TheJoe>Just server started "/
16:39<Karrde>is "/ a smily face?
16:39<TheJoe>:\ better?
16:39<Karrde>kids these days
16:40<Karrde>making up smilies B^U
16:41<TheJoe>laser`: ah?
16:41<laser`>I meant as to what the "/ meant
16:41<laser`>I assumed it was / (as in server root) with unbalanced quotation marks
16:42<nachtkriecher>the grinch
16:43-!-Turl1 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
16:43<TheJoe>So my friend entered the wrong IP on the subdomain
16:43<TheJoe>And he's gone off somewhere
16:44<TheJoe>Back to the 403
16:44<TheJoe>wtf is going on
16:44<Karrde>gremlins in your internode
16:46<TheJoe>aaagh >.<
16:46<nachtkriecher>so is there always someone on here?
16:47<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful community.
16:48<nachtkriecher>in ten minuts i go home
16:48<nachtkriecher>can linbot do anything special?
16:48<TheJoe>PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php5/20060613+lfs/' - /usr/lib/php5/20060613+lfs/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0
16:48<linbot>nachtkriecher: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
16:49<TheJoe>Does that perhaps mean anything?
16:49<linbot>TheJoe: The current (running) version of this Supybot is 0.83.3. The newest version available online is
16:49<@irgeek>nachtkriecher: If you want to play with linbot you can do it in PM.
16:50<TheJoe>I could really do with some help on this 403
16:51<nachtkriecher>did you just install apache?
16:51<TheJoe>I'm using lighty
16:51<@pparadis>file perms?
16:51-!-descender [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:51<@irgeek>It looks like you're missing the MySQL library for PHP.
16:53<TheJoe>There is still a damn 403
16:54<TheJoe>pparadis: 0755 but not even 0777 works
16:54<@irgeek>Did you restart PHP after installing the library?
16:54<TheJoe>I don't see it in init.d
16:54<tjfontaine>the php cgi
16:55<tjfontaine>restart lighty
16:55<tjfontaine>or stop lighty and killall php
16:55<TheJoe>wtf I don't have killall :<
16:55<tjfontaine>psmisc or something
16:56<TheJoe>Is killall in a package or something - because I really should have it, but I don't O.o
16:57<tjfontaine>[05-26] 16:54 < tjfontaine> psmisc or something
16:57<nachtkriecher>why when i do ps -e are they like 7 apache2 processes running
16:57<TheJoe>psmisc is also not there
16:57<tjfontaine>nachtkriecher: you're using apache2-mpm-prefork
16:57<tjfontaine>TheJoe: the name of the package
16:57<tjfontaine>TheJoe: apt-get install pscmisc
16:57<TheJoe>PHP isn't even running
16:58<tjfontaine>20060613+lfs scares me
16:59-!-daMaestro [] has joined #linode
17:01<nachtkriecher>nice to meet you all
17:06-!-nachtkriecher [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:10-!-fearoffish [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:12-!-Jono [~whiteshee@] has joined #linode
17:12<Jono>hello, how do i request an ip change
17:12<mwalling>open a ticket
17:12<Jono>so its possible?
17:12-!-xitology [~xi@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
17:13<Peng_>Jono: Probably.
17:13<Peng_>Or, heck, maybe mwalling knows for a fact that it is. Shrug.
17:14<mwalling>you wont know unless you open a ticket
17:19<TofuMatt>why would you want one? Is your IP blacklisted somewhere or something? :S
17:21-!-morficus [] has joined #linode
17:25*TheJoe stabs PHP
17:33<jed>Jono: just open a ticket and request a migration to a new datacenter
17:33<jed>you'll get a new IP as a result
17:33*TheJoe kills PHP
17:33<Jono>thank you jed
17:34*TheJoe hurts PHP
17:34<Jono>TofuMatt : yes i made a bnc, and the ip which im using has been blacklisted by quakenet for some reason ?
17:34<TofuMatt>huh, weird
17:34*TheJoe molests PHP
17:34<laser`>What's the g-line reason?
17:35-!-Redgore [] has quit [Quit: Peace and Protection 4.22.2]
17:35<laser`>some BNCs don't show it
17:35<laser`>You're not running more than 5 connections from the one IP, right?
17:35<Jono>it says, somthing about proxy
17:35<Jono>no laser`
17:35<mwalling>17:35 [*] 8 - #linode: ban *!*verheesj@* [by mikegrb!, 4338072 secs ago]
17:35<mwalling>aren't you banned?
17:35<phennessy>rule #4!
17:35<mwalling>uh huh.
17:35<Jono>that was yonks ago
17:35*phennessy ducks
17:36<laser`>tbh, P's pretty accurate
17:36<laser`>Are you sure you're not running an open proxy?
17:36-!-loxs [~loxs@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:36<laser`>It'll give you an ID, and I think there's a web-based proxy checker that tells you exactly which test you failed
17:36<Jono>no, all i did was install sBNC
17:36<jed>quakenet only g-lines for good reasons
17:36<Jono>and connected to quakenet
17:36<bliblok>Jono: You probably set it up in a way that makes it get detected as a proxy.
17:36<jed>what is the message quakenet gives you?
17:36<Jono>and it said, This ip is blacklisted (OpenProxy or somthin like that)
17:37<jed>copy and paste the message, please
17:37<Jono>i cant, cos it doesnt show me anymore, it just says Cannot Connect
17:37<Jono>to server
17:37*TheJoe eats PHP
17:37<jed>Jono: ...what do you mean, Cannot Connect?
17:37<TheJoe>22:36 < jed> quakenet only g-lines for good reasons <-- hahahahahaahahahahaahahahaha
17:38<Jono>i dunno lmao
17:38<phennessy>i think you should evade the #linode channel ban so you can find a way to evade the g-line
17:38<Jono>im not advanced at irc
17:38<@irgeek>TheJoe: Maybe you should try to love PHP - you might get better results.
17:38<jed>apparently, you're running nnscript in mIRC
17:38<Jono>im not evading the ban
17:38<jed>Jono, attempt to connect via irssi from your linode to quakenet
17:38<TheJoe>irgeek: But it's giving me a 403 :<
17:38<TheJoe>It deserves nothing but hate
17:38<Jono>look i have a ticket which an op said im banned for a month
17:38<Jono>how do i do that
17:38<jed>...use irssi to connect to quakenet?
17:39<Jono>can u unban me? i have a ticket which says i would be unbanned
17:39<Jono>like yonks ago
17:39<phennessy>!newcalc 1 yonk
17:39<linbot>phennessy: You broke teh goog!
17:39<Jono>67844 << irgeek <<
17:39<TheJoe>!newercalc 1 yonk
17:39<phennessy>!newercalc 1 yonk
17:39<linbot>TheJoe: What did you do?!? Oh dear god, we're all going to die!
17:39<linbot>phennessy: What did you do?!? Oh dear god, we're all going to die!
17:39<TheJoe>!newercalc 1 jiffy
17:39<linbot>TheJoe: What did you do?!? Oh dear god, we're all going to die!
17:39<TheJoe>A jiffy is real!
17:40<phennessy>so is urmom
17:40<TheJoe>A jiffy is an incredibly short amount of time
17:40<TheJoe>It's almost immeasurable :O
17:40<jed>one system timer tick is immeasurable?
17:41<praetorian>!newercalc 1 jiffy to seconds
17:41<linbot>praetorian: 0.01 seconds
17:41<praetorian>!newercalc 1 yonk to seconds
17:41<linbot>praetorian: What did you do?!? Oh dear god, we're all going to die!
17:41<@irgeek>Jono: You've been unbanned and rebanned several times. You apparently can't take a hint.
17:41<jed>that's flawed, it depends on the platform
17:41<jed>jiffies on linodes are what, 4 ms?
17:41<Jono>irgeek nooo
17:41<Jono>this was like 2 months ago
17:41<TheJoe>Is giving me hell
17:42<Jono>plz dont ban me :( i wont swear!!
17:42<TheJoe>" plz "
17:42<jed>i think i'll come back when the IQ trend is positive again
17:42<@pparadis>i can haz banburgerz?
17:42<TheJoe>Yeah but anyway
17:42<TheJoe>PHP is being a whore
17:42<@pparadis>PHP has always been a whore.
17:43<Jono>how long does it take for a linode changover to a different DC?
17:43<@pparadis>Jono: a few minutes.
17:43<jed>TheJoe: as bad as PHP is, i'm having doubts it's just choosing to 403 you because it doesn't like you
17:43<Jono>i sent in a ticket
17:43<TheJoe>jed: It's giving me a 403 because it HATES me
17:43<@irgeek>Jono: You get banned all over the Internet frequently, and now you're asking for a new IP because you got that one banned too.
17:43<Jono>or can i do it myself through the pannel
17:43<jed>irgeek: sorry, I gave him that idea
17:43<jed>i didn't realize why he was asking
17:43<Jono>i didnt get banned irgeek
17:43<jed>Jono: yes, you did
17:44<Jono>no i didnt
17:44<Jono>from quakenet?
17:44<Jono>no i didnt
17:44<jed>if your linode is in the same netrange as mine, and I find a blacklist somewhere due to you, I'm going to be incensed
17:44<praetorian>10 to 1 after he changes dc's, he gets banned again
17:44*pparadis throws in
17:44*TheJoe rips his hair out and kills PHP
17:45<Jono>why is everyone so horrible ? :(
17:45<@irgeek>15:36 < Jono> and it said, This ip is blacklisted (OpenProxy or somthin like that)
17:45<@irgeek>15:43 < Jono> i didnt get banned irgeek
17:45<@irgeek>Which one is the lie?
17:45<jed>duh duh DUM
17:45<Jono>it wasnt my fault its blacklisted
17:45<jed>who has root to the IP?
17:45<jed>you and _____?
17:45<@irgeek>Those are contradictory statements. One is a lie.
17:45<Jono>jed me and toby
17:46<jed>did you give toby root?
17:46<praetorian>3 people now?!
17:46<bd_>irgeek: Well, it could be blacklisted before he got the IP, theoretically...
17:46<jed>it's your fault.
17:46<@pparadis>back up the schoolbus, it's time for a lesson.
17:46<Jono>why is it my fault
17:46<jed>you are directly responsible for everyone that has root on your IP
17:46<jed>your IP got banned, it's your IP, you got it banned
17:46<Jono>i will contact qnet and try and get it lifted
17:46<jed>that's how the Internet Works
17:46<phennessy>work is done on the Internet?
17:47<jed>phennessy: lolcats take work to caption in a humorous manner
17:47<jed>hey, that's cool
17:47<jed>if you search via, the Cached button uses IPv6 too
17:48<phennessy>are any of the sites in the search results on ipv6?
17:48<praetorian>i think its the normal sites + ipv6 results
17:48<praetorian>so most of the results would just be ipv4 :)
17:48<jed>yeah, most are IPv4
17:50-!-HedgeMage [] has joined #linode
17:53<@pparadis>i run ipv9 on my workstation.
17:53<@pparadis>my 12 guage also has 13 guages.
17:54<emag>pparadis: i know you're lying, because ip versions only ever seem to approve the even-numbered ones!
17:55<@pparadis>i'm beta testing it for microsoft.
17:55<@pparadis>they're leaders in innovation, you know.
17:55<Jono>what does this mean?
17:55<Jono>Delete failed. Perhaps this volume is in use?
17:55<phennessy>i think it means the delete failed.
17:56<Jono>oh i will turn it off
17:56-!-JamesColins [~jimmycoll@] has joined #linode
17:58-!-JamesCollins [~jimmycoll@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:58<Jono>how long do tickets take to get responded to?
17:58<emag>HoopyCat: my response to you about tiger balm got a bot following me :-/
17:59<phennessy>probably depends on the request.
17:59<Jono>i wanna move dc if possible
17:59<Peng_>Jono: Very friendly of you to leave the old IP banned for the nextu ser.
17:59<Peng_>next user*
17:59<Jono>its not like that
17:59<Jono>i want to move to california dc
18:00<linbot>bd_: Fremont360 - 0, Fremont540 - 25, Fremont720 - 0, Fremont1080 - 2, Fremont1440 - 2, Fremont2880 - 1
18:00<Peng_>Jono: That doesn't change the end result.
18:00<Peng_>Jono: You're still giving another user a banned IP instead of spending a little time to resolve the problem first.
18:00<Jono>no i didnt do anythin
18:00<Jono> is banned not the ip
18:01*phennessy sighs
18:01<Peng_>I thought the QuakeNet message said "IP".
18:01<Jono>yeua i spoke to #help and they said cos someone was spammin on qnet with
18:02<Jono>so thats why
18:02<Jono>i think
18:02<Jono>ban expires a week
18:03<HoopyCat>emag: you think that's awkward, try the people who followed me after i mentioned ben-gay
18:03<Peng_>Oh, okay.
18:03<Jono>sorry for the confusion
18:03<Peng_>Sorry, then.
18:03<Peng_>You know who the spammer was? That's kind of bad.
18:03<Jono>im not givin him access anymore
18:03<Peng_>Sounds like an upstanding citizen. :D
18:03<Jono>cos it blacklisted me
18:04<@pparadis>HoopyCat: we'll always have Narnia.
18:04<Jono>pparadis: can i pay more to get my ticket priority?
18:04<Jono>whats the average response times?
18:04<phennessy>i will bid $5 to lower his ticket priority
18:05<@pparadis>depends on multiple varying factors involving the complexity of the request, causal considerations, the weather, and the phase of the moon.
18:05<@pparadis>and phennessy's bid.
18:05<phennessy>and availability or lack thereof
18:06<linbot>pparadis: Linode360 - 95, Linode540 - 96, Linode720 - 47, Linode1080 - 29, Linode1440 - 21, Linode2880 - 14
18:06<@pparadis>there's your avail ;)
18:06<linbot>Peng_: Fremont360 - 0, Fremont540 - 25, Fremont720 - 0, Fremont1080 - 2, Fremont1440 - 2, Fremont2880 - 1
18:06<@pparadis>do i hear $5.50 ?
18:06<mwalling>and i'll cover merchant fees
18:06<Jono>nooo plz
18:06<@irgeek>Also depends on whether or not your ticket is a request to change your IP to get around a ban somewhere else.
18:06<Jono>plz dont do this
18:06<mwalling>pparadis: 5.50
18:06<@pparadis>5.17 and running, 5.17, now we have 5.50
18:06<Jono>irgeek its not plz man
18:06<@irgeek>Yes, it is.
18:06<@pparadis>5.50 and going, i hear a 5.50, gimme a bid say 5.75
18:06<Jono>no it isnt
18:07<@irgeek>We've established that.
18:07*mwalling thinks this is going to get expensive
18:07<Jono>come on im a good customer, i referred two customers to you guys
18:07<phennessy>damnit, you're going to break me man
18:07<laser`>Why don't you buy another IP?
18:07<Jono>i will buy another ip
18:07<laser`>Or, if it's on the domain name, remove your RDNS?
18:07<phennessy>buy another domain
18:07<Jono>but i want to move california plz
18:07<phennessy>they're cheap
18:07<Jono>i have,
18:07<HoopyCat>Jono: is it a 360 or 720?
18:07<Jono>but its not about that
18:07<mwalling>pparadis: ...
18:08<@pparadis>my bid-voice is broken, gotta write a bot to do it for me.
18:08<mwalling>jsut say sold?
18:08<phennessy>mikebot needs a bidding module
18:08<Jono>no plz dont do this
18:08<HoopyCat>Jono: it'll be a little while for california
18:08<mwalling>now bill phennessy's account
18:08<mwalling>pparadis: he told me you could
18:08<phennessy>just stick it to your employer!
18:08<Jono>plz dont do this pparadis
18:09*pparadis goes to smoke
18:09<mwalling>18:06 <@phennessy> I'll cover your bid
18:09<mwalling>told ya!
18:09<mwalling>although why anyone would bid against themself...
18:09<Jono>im going to buy another linode
18:09<Jono>cos u guis are bullies
18:10<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful community.
18:10-!-unixfool [] has joined #linode
18:10<Jono>ur not helpful, bullies :(
18:10<rsdehart>But we can spell!
18:10<Peng_>So bullying people sells more Linodes?
18:10<mwalling>rsdehart: i cant
18:10<HoopyCat>sarcasm is just one of the many wonderful services we provide to you, the valued fellow customer, every day.
18:10<Jono>i pay for this monthly, been with u guis for like 6 months and referred two customers :(
18:10<mwalling>rsdehart: caker convinced me moron was spelled moran for about 3 weeks
18:10<Pryon>get a brain, moran
18:10<phennessy>you should do yearly and save %10
18:11<rsdehart>mwalling: Touché
18:11<Jono>im going to order another linode
18:11<Pryon>put it in a bucket with your other linode and watch them fight
18:11<Jono>who wants a referall?
18:12<phennessy>you don't need to open a new account to get a 2nd linode
18:12<Pryon>But you could and refer yourself
18:12<linbot>Why would you steal money from Linode when you didn't refer this person? ;_;
18:13<Jono>its not stealin
18:13<HoopyCat>bbl, making guacamole... don't start the failbus without me
18:13<phennessy>just use another domain name and change your rdns
18:13<Jono>i deleted my other linode
18:13<mwalling>Jono: fuck off, dont query me.
18:13-!-lakin [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:13-!-ph [~ph^] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:13<phennessy>i don't think you are going to find much sympathy here from anyone regarding evading bans or spamming
18:14-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
18:14<Jono>why cant i click california
18:14<linbot>Pryon: Fremont360 - 0, Fremont540 - 25, Fremont720 - 0, Fremont1080 - 2, Fremont1440 - 2, Fremont2880 - 1
18:14<phennessy>because none are availalbe
18:15*mwalling snickers
18:15*Nivex milky ways
18:16*Pryon zagnuts
18:19*mwalling crunchbars
18:19-!-Harry_Mudd [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:20-!-Jono [~whiteshee@] has left #linode []
18:22-!-jcn [] has quit [Quit: ircII EPIC4-2.6 -- Are we there yet?]
18:22-!-mendel [] has quit [Quit: mendel]
18:25<jed>Jono: don't even think about coming to my datacenter
18:25*jed bristles
18:26*pparadis looks to see what rack jed is in.
18:26<jed>i love fmt1 so much
18:27<jed>best datacenter in the country
18:27<Peng_>jed: Aside from the lack of power and cooling.
18:27<jed>bah, minor problems
18:28<@pparadis>linodes run on hope and rainbows.
18:28<Nivex>and ponies
18:28<Nivex>you can't forget the ponies
18:28<@pparadis>they're cooled by the whispers of angels.
18:28<@pparadis>riding ponies.
18:29-!-supine [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
18:29<jed>haha, 1&1 is compromised
18:29<@pparadis>supine can't handle the ponies.
18:29<jed>Received: from ( [])
18:29<jed><FONT face="Verdana">We recently have determined that different computers have logged onto your Online Banking account, and multiple password failures were present before the logons.</FONT><BR>
18:30<jed>good 'ole 1&1
18:30<mario>a quick question
18:30<mario>when will you finally update your api?
18:30<@pparadis>when caker has the time :)
18:31<mario>sadly not an acceptable answer :P
18:31<jed>why is that unacceptable? what's broken?
18:31<jed>slash what is missing?
18:32<mario>jed: well, there's only a dns api atm xD
18:32<jed>and what API do you need?
18:32<mario>adding nodes, removing them, etc, etc?
18:32<Pryon>the stab-over-the-internet API
18:32<jed>ah, I see
18:32<jed>not going after you, just curious
18:34<Nivex>Pryon: whoever invents that will be very very rich... or at least very popular
18:34<Pryon>or possibly very dead
18:35<Nivex>I suppose all three are possible, albeit not necessarily simultaneously.
18:37<jed>pparadis: speaking of HE, does linode have any presence in fmt2?
18:37<jed>i hear fmt2 is pretty sexy
18:39<Nivex>!google fmt2
18:39<linbot>Nivex: Search took 0.14 seconds: Panduit Opticom Tray - Accessories - Panduit FMT2: <>; FmtTwo: <>; fmt2 <>; Arrondi FMT2 - WordReference Forums: <>; Index of /eceware/primetime/snps_tcl/man/ fmt2: (2 more messages)
18:39<Nivex>well, that didn't help
18:39<cmelbye>that might
18:40<ahh>I never knew how good life could be without apache...
18:40<cmelbye>ahh: Thin ftw
18:40-!-bnry [~abnry@] has quit [Quit: Connection reset by peer]
18:40<cmelbye>that rhymed!
18:41<cmelbye>"Thin for the win"
18:41<TheJoe>Installed the wrong MySQL package
18:42<TheJoe>It's installing GNOME :<
18:43<TheJoe>I _think_ I'm removing them all...
18:47<TheJoe>How can I find out how much my Linode is for renewel next month?
18:48<bob2>have you bought anything extra this month?
18:48<TheJoe>No - just I believe I was told what I paid was just for setting up
18:49<Peng_>There are no set-up fees.
18:50-!-cgreco [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:50<cmelbye>TheJoe: Linode has no setup fees, what you paid was a pro-rated monthly fee (you only pay for what you actually use, which is only part of the month)
18:50<cmelbye>Just look at and find the plan at the table at the bottom that you have and it says the price.
18:50<TheJoe>Well my invoice says $23 for some reason
18:51<Peng_>TheJoe: If you sign up after the ~21st of the month, you pay for the rest of the current month + all of the next month.
18:51<bd_>which, if you look closely, should've been on the invoice...
18:51<tjfontaine>this is like the third time we've explained this
18:52<tjfontaine>(to you)
18:52<Peng_>It is? Heh.
18:52<linbot>New news from forums: Major problems getting mail working on Ubuntu 9.04 in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
18:52<TheJoe>I really didn't get it first time :>
18:52<tjfontaine>first two times
18:52<HoopyCat>seventh, including two detailed analyses of the invoice
18:52*HoopyCat offers guacamole to the channel
18:53<HoopyCat>vidalia onions ftw
18:53<cmelbye>Do you have any chips?
18:54<HoopyCat>no :-/ that's why i have to give it away on IRC
18:54<HoopyCat>the aethereal ponies upon which the whispering angels of refrigeration were riding ate them all, but they didn't like avocado
18:57<TheJoe>Oook I set rdns \o/
18:58<TheJoe>So - changing the hostname... Did you mean it should be the same as my rdns..?
19:02-!-mario [~mario@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:04<Nivex>that is...
19:04<Nivex>I don't really have a word for what that is
19:07-!-mario [~mario@] has joined #linode
19:07-!-daMaestro [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:11-!-atourino [~atourino@] has joined #linode
19:12-!-MarkJ [] has joined #linode
19:12<atourino>hello all
19:13<TheJoe>!newercalc 270736KiB in MiB
19:13<linbot>TheJoe: 264.4 MiB (mebibytes)
19:13<TheJoe>I have like 100MiB RAM left "/
19:13<jed>!newercalc 1 exabyte in bytes
19:14<linbot>jed: 1x10^18 bytes
19:14<jed>weak sauce
19:15<purrdeta>TheJoe: what kind of linode do you have?
19:16-!-neoark [] has quit [Quit: ciao.]
19:16-!-atourino [~atourino@] has quit [Quit: atourino]
19:16-!-repnop [] has joined #linode
19:17-!-neoark [] has joined #linode
19:20<Yaakov>TheJoe: What does the second line of free -m say?
19:20<TheJoe>Mem: 360 270 89 0 9 208
19:20<Peng_>TheJoe: The second line with numbers.
19:20<TheJoe>There it is
19:20<HoopyCat>TheJoe: i usually like to have the hostname match the reverse DNS, but you don't have to. in fact, RFC 2100 specifies that a host must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES.
19:20<Yaakov>The second one, cache
19:20<laser`>Okay, the third line
19:21<TheJoe>Yeah sorry
19:21<TheJoe>-/+ buffers/cache: 52 307
19:21<laser`>So you have 307 MB free
19:21<TheJoe>HoopyCat: Right
19:21<TheJoe>Even better
19:21<Yaakov>307 is the RAM if you dump the caches.
19:22<TheJoe>I always looked at the first line :>
19:22<Peng_>Although, if you *wanted* to unnecessarily upgrade to a 540, I'm sure caker wouldn't mind. ;D
19:22<tjfontaine>it's necessary for the profit margins
19:23<TheJoe>Maybe some day when I have money
19:23<TheJoe>I forgot
19:23<TheJoe>I had a promo code >.<
19:23<TheJoe>Dunno if it expired though "/
19:23<TheJoe>Apparently it was for 6 months free - which is probably too good to be true
19:23<HoopyCat>zomg why doesn't linode have anything bigger than a 2880 i only have 40MB of ram free all im doin is serving static pages via lighttpd why is linux such a pig im goin back to windows
19:23<tjfontaine>6mo free linode?
19:24<@mikegrb>mmm cake
19:24<HoopyCat>TheJoe: if the word "CAKE" appears in the promo code, it's a lie
19:27<TheJoe>The code " yeah2008 " dunno if it's even real
19:28<HoopyCat>well, it's 2009, which may indicate it's expired
19:28<HoopyCat>additionally, linode is still in business, which is a sign it's probably not real
19:28<TheJoe>That is a good point
19:29<TheJoe>Hm CMS complains of a timezone error. I _think_ I remember how to fix this one
19:29-!-purrdeta [] has quit [Quit: brb]
19:30-!-purrdeta [] has joined #linode
19:30<HoopyCat>Another reminder of the old classic cliche... if it's too good to be true, it probably is. Dick Richards, live from city hall, Action 7 News.
19:31*HoopyCat removes fake mustache, takes swig from microphone flask
19:31<Yaakov>"If it's to good to be true, it's Linode!"
19:31<tjfontaine>microphone flask?!
19:31<jed>having worked in television
19:31<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: oh fu---.... err, there's no such thing as a microphone flask, not at all, nope
19:31<jed>and been right there behind the camera
19:31<jed>i can personally vouch for the microphone flask
19:31<HoopyCat>msg jed shut up, don't break the fifth wall
19:32<jed>o shi-
19:32-!-purrdeta [] has quit []
19:32-!-purrdeta [] has joined #linode
19:32<TheJoe>Ok who's familliar with this error/
19:32<TheJoe>Notice: Date::change_timezone() invalid timezone identifier of "System/Localtime" in /var/www/application/libraries/Date.php on line 85
19:33-!-purrdeta [] has quit []
19:33<TheJoe>Unless its to do with the CMS
19:33<jed>although really, if you work at a sufficiently back-woods station, it is quite common to see liquor (and possibly funny-smelling herbs) stashed in drawers in the news wagon
19:33<TheJoe>In which case, noone of you will
19:33<TheJoe>Since it's a still emering CMS
19:35<HoopyCat>TheJoe: i'd say /var/www/application/libraries/Date.php line 85 might be a good place the investigation
19:35-!-rogi [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:35<TheJoe>HoopyCat: Nevermind just asked a CMS dev
19:35<jed>i'd say change System/Localtime to, say, another timezone
19:35<HoopyCat>i'll.... go back to reading about WWII
19:35-!-purrdeta [] has joined #linode
19:35<TheJoe>It's something to do with php.ini
19:36<jed>it is?
19:36<Peng_>I was at a news desk once, but all I saw were the blazers and ties.
19:36<Peng_>I guess they wouldn't show me the drug stash, since I was like 10. :P
19:36<HoopyCat> <--- last time i looked in php.ini, i saw one of these. got the hell out of there
19:36<HoopyCat>Peng_: they keep it in their pants, which are conveniently stored in the green room
19:36-!-Tom [] has joined #linode
19:37<HoopyCat>good evening, Tom!
19:37<Yaakov>Hello, Tom. Welcome to $channel_name
19:38<Tom>Hi there
19:38<Peng_>Ahh, $channel_name is my favorite place to be! Well, except for $some_jerk. I hate him!
19:38<Peng_>Worse, I accidentally wrote "I ate him".
19:38<Tom>I'm currently a slicehost user and just noticed your site from a forum I visit
19:38<Tom>seems very similar
19:38<Tom>what are the major differences?
19:38<Peng_>Tom: From what I've heard, they're quire similar, only Linode is better. :D
19:38<Yaakov>Tom: The difference is there is much more awesome here.
19:38<jed>a) we allow 32-bit servers, which can be a memory saver
19:39<jed>b) as others have astutely pointed out, the support and overall experience is better
19:39<HoopyCat>jed: s/we/they/ ;-)
19:39<Peng_>Linode lets you pick from multiple, geographically distributed data centers and gives you more for the money.
19:39<jed>HoopyCat: it's pride in a company, when I accidentally say 'we'
19:39<HoopyCat>the plans generally have more stuff per unit money
19:39<Tom>yea, I notice that
19:40<Tom>which seems to be better bang for the buck
19:40<Yaakov>Linode's owner, and its staff, are exactly the kind of people who would do this anyway, for fun. If they weren't staff, they'd be customers (some were), and they'd do what the crazy customers here do, give out free tech support on IRC.
19:40<Tom>but I'm more interested in reliability
19:40<Yaakov>In the meantime, they still do that, they just get paid.
19:40<Tom>and quality of service
19:40<Tom>and dedicated ram is what I'm most interested in
19:41<Yaakov>You'll need to hang some definitions on "reliability" and "quality of service">
19:41<Tom>are there customizable nodes hwere I can use less bandwidth
19:41<A-KO> < lol
19:41<Tom>but get more ram?
19:41<Yaakov>There is only dedicated RAM round these parts.
19:41<tjfontaine>no overselling here
19:41<HoopyCat>Tom: reliability and quality are what i would expect (but probably wouldn't get...) from a dedicated server. in other words, pretty danged good
19:41-!-draginx [] has joined #linode
19:41<Yaakov>You get what you pay for, and generally, the pricing is such that you probably want a standard plan.
19:42<Yaakov>But you *can* add RAM, if you want.
19:42<Tom>I see
19:42<Yaakov>Also, there is a seven day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.
19:42<Yaakov>So the only way you can lose is not trying.
19:42<draginx>Would someone be oh so kind to helping me out and solving the problem as to why my server might be slow :)
19:43<linbot>Don't ask to ask; just ASK
19:43<tjfontaine>every cancellation is "no questions asked"
19:43<draginx>I have good reason to believe that MySQL is the problem :)
19:43<tjfontaine>after 7days it's prorated though
19:43<Yaakov>draginx: You are not using slicehost are you?
19:43<draginx>Yaakov, lawls no using linode
19:43-!-lakin_ [] has joined #linode
19:43<draginx>why use slicehost? thatd be ridiculous on my part they over charge shit by ten fold
19:43<Yaakov>Yes, there is no contract, though a long term commitment gets you a discount.
19:43<tjfontaine>draginx: define:slow
19:43<HoopyCat>Tom: <--- where host reboots/outages end up
19:43<draginx>tjfontaine, sftp..saving a file is very slow
19:44<draginx>GOingon webpages, is slow
19:44<tjfontaine>draginx: in top, what does iowait say?
19:44<HoopyCat>Yaakov: not so much a commitment... pro-rated refund policy still applies
19:44<Yaakov>Yes, but if you pay up front, you get the discount. You can always cancel and get refunded, and you can even buy more RAM for a DAY, if you want to try it.
19:45<Yaakov>Buy what you need when you need it.
19:45<draginx>tjfontaine, i dont even see "iowait" =/
19:45-!-descender [] has joined #linode
19:45<tjfontaine>%wa :)
19:45<HoopyCat>and sell it back at another port for a profit; repeat until you have a lot of credits, then build a planet and... err, n/m
19:46<Yaakov>Tom: Basically, try it and see. You have seven days for a full refund, and you will only pay, after that, for what you use--quit any time.
19:46<draginx>tjfontaine, 1.4%
19:46<Yaakov>Tom: MOST folks hang around, a few leave.
19:46<Tom>Thank you Yaakov
19:46<draginx>tjfontaine, now 0
19:47<Tom>what do you mean by purcashing more ram
19:47<Tom>I ddin't see it in the package
19:47<tjfontaine>draginx: hit a webpage and watch that value
19:47<Tom>so if I were to get the 360
19:47<Yaakov>Once you set up, you can add RAM on the fly.
19:47<tjfontaine>(requires reboot to see though?)
19:47<draginx>tjfontaine, just went to 0.3
19:47<Yaakov>If you don't need it, you remove it, and get refunded, pro rata.
19:47<HoopyCat>mikegrb: that's totally becoming our hold music
19:47<draginx>the page isloading slow but that could be on my side as i am downloading things
19:47<linbot>Available Add-ons: Disk: $ 2 per 1GB/month. RAM: $ 5 per 90MB/month. Transfer: $ 10 per 100GB/month. IP: $ 1 per IP/month
19:47<Yaakov>tjfontaine: Yes, as far as I know, you do need to reboot.
19:47<HoopyCat>Tom: ^^^ the pricing for extras
19:48<Tom>oh wow
19:48<Tom>just answered my question
19:48-!-purrdeta [] has quit [Quit: brb]
19:48<TheJoe>Methinks the clock is buggered
19:48<tjfontaine>draginx: url for me to hit?
19:48<Yaakov>Tom: Usually, the plans are the best deal.
19:48<HoopyCat>Tom: (usually, upgrading to the next plan is the same price)
19:48<Tom>right, I see it. I just don't need the extra server space
19:49<Yaakov>Tom: You can buy one extra IP, and then others require justification.
19:49<Tom>or the bandwidth
19:49<HoopyCat>but if you want an extra 10GB of disk space to clone your image before you dist-upgrade and plan to give it back once you ensure the world didn't catch on fire, it's handy :-)
19:49-!-unixfool [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
19:49<Peng_>Eh, that's gone?
19:49-!-Tom [] has left #linode []
19:49-!-purrdeta [] has joined #linode
19:50<tjfontaine>draginx: seems relatively decent
19:50-!-Tom [] has joined #linode
19:50<draginx>tjfontaine, hmm sftp is slow though =/ not only for me but for someoneelse
19:50<draginx>who's internet is running fine
19:50<Tom>Sorry, got logged off
19:50<linbot>mtr combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one easy to use tool, and the output can be useful for determining where the source of a problem is. It can be downloaded from (Link: or (Link: for Windows.
19:50<Yaakov>Tom: It is along for the ride, though. BUT, if you have a very special need, you could *try* talking to caker or tasaro and see if there is anything they can do. They do it for really big configurations, I don't know.
19:50<draginx>tjfontaine, if you would mate, here, do those records look bad?
19:50<Yaakov>Tom: I would sign up first, then submit a ticket asking about it.
19:50<HoopyCat>draginx: what's ?
19:51<Tom>Ok, thank you Yaakov
19:51<Tom>you've been more than helpful
19:51<Yaakov>We try. We really like Linode.
19:52<Tom>are you an admin?
19:52<@caker>hey guys
19:52<Yaakov>Nope, just a friend.
19:52<TheJoe>My clock is ticking too fast :<
19:52<Yaakov>Hello, caker!
19:52<HoopyCat>draginx: i'm seeing a lot of slowness loading stuff from and
19:52<draginx>HoopyCat, is like :)
19:52<Yaakov>Tom: caker is the owner of Linode.
19:52<draginx>games.gameosome should be fast, it's a CDN for christ's sake =/
19:52<Yaakov>Tom: Ever talk to the owner of slicehost on IRC?
19:52<TheJoe>Yaakov: But in Soviet Russia.... LINODE OWNS CAKER!!
19:53<draginx>caker, when's me DBCloud server coming in arrggghh ;x
19:53<tjfontaine>caker: hey
19:53<Yaakov>In Soviet Russia, Linode uses vacuum tubes.
19:53<tjfontaine>draginx: there is some oddness in some of your graphs not loading
19:53<HoopyCat>draginx: i'm playing and it's fine and dandy, 'cept all the images on games.* aren't loading...
19:54<tjfontaine>whic makes me feel there is a bit of oddness floating around
19:54<draginx>tjfontaine, really? all images loading fine for me O_o
19:54<Yaakov>tjfontaine: Funny, *you* give me the same feeling.
19:54<tjfontaine>well it seems intermittent
19:54<tjfontaine>Yaakov: :)
19:54<draginx>HoopyCat, ok thanks, may be I'll just cut the CDN for now they could be having some network problems
19:54<Tom>Nope, I never spoke to them
19:54<Tom>who's Caker?
19:54<Tom>i don't see him
19:54<draginx>tjfontaine, which images arent loading for you? (what are they under?)
19:54*caker raises hand
19:54<Yaakov>Tom: He owns Linode.
19:55<Yaakov>And, he is a fellow geek.
19:55<tjfontaine>draginx: the disk dailys in the beginning
19:55<Yaakov>And, there he is!
19:55<Tom>that's caker?
19:55<Yaakov>No! caker is!
19:55*TheJoe high fives caker 's raised hand
19:55<draginx>why would I be caker?
19:55<tjfontaine>draginx: otherwise the graphs look good actually
19:55<@caker><-- caker
19:55<Tom>you typed *caker raises hand
19:55<draginx>tjfontaine, oh...weird =/
19:55<Yaakov>Tom: caker did that.
19:55<tjfontaine>draginx: a wee bit high on the mysql queries per cron run it looks
19:55<draginx>hmm oh geeze SimpleCDN is probably having trouble meh
19:55*Yaakov does this...
19:55<draginx>tjfontaine, yeah I have an aggressive cron that runs
19:56<@caker>Tom: hello
19:56<TheJoe>Just installed the most awesome program ever on my Linode \o/
19:56<Yaakov>The display might be confusing.
19:56<Tom>oh, yea
19:56<draginx>but i *need* that hmm I even use PREPARE for mysql queries to reduce overhead. I'll look into it more :)
19:56<MarkJ>really TheJoe, there's a urmom package now?
19:56<TheJoe>MarkJ: Eh?
19:56<TheJoe>E: Couldn't find package urmom
19:56<MarkJ>what's the most awesom package?
19:57<MarkJ>And if you don't understand urmom you're a noob in this channel:p
19:57<@caker>Tom: is there something I can answer for you?
19:57<TheJoe>MarkJ: Oh I know I'm a noob
19:57<HoopyCat>draginx: i'd say your CDN isn't Ding ur C to my N
19:58<Tom>the biggest question is
19:58<Tom>if I were to transfer from sicehost
19:58<Tom>how would I do it?
19:58<Tom>right now everything is all setup
19:58<draginx>HoopyCat, i know whats wrong
19:58<HoopyCat>>sho ip bgp
19:58<HoopyCat>% Network not in table
19:58<draginx>they switched systems over and i was to lazy ;) thanks
19:58<@caker>Tom: one method would be to clone the entire filesystem over into a Linode.
19:58<@caker>Tom: then adjust any config files for the new IP, and then throw the big DNS switch
19:58<HoopyCat>draginx: oh! fix that, i'll be happier. can i save this, btw? i have her dressed up really pretty
19:59<Tom>I've never done it before
19:59<@caker>Tom: however, if you want to move back to 32 bits (saves memory) then you'll need to re-install stuff and cherrypick config files and data
19:59<Tom>no, i'm running 64 bit Hardy
19:59<draginx>HoopyCat, idk mate I dont make the games lol
19:59<Tom>so I think we're fine in that place
19:59<Yaakov>Tom: Considering your desire for RAM, 32-bit makes more sense.
20:00<Yaakov>Tom: You will reduce your memory footprint with a 32-bit OS.
20:00<Tom>one of the things I really liked abou tslicehost are the articles they write
20:00<tjfontaine>do we have a factoid for that?
20:00<Tom>I'm a noob in the unix world so it really helped me set everything up
20:00<Yaakov>You get that, plus US.
20:00<jed>Tom: for comparison i'm running nginx, postfix, dovecot, a busy ntpd, nsd, and a few other things and it all fits in 25 MB of RAM
20:01<@caker>Tom: Linux articles apply anywhere you're running Linux :)
20:01<tjfontaine>jed: time abuse! I'm reporting you to the ministry of magic
20:01<draginx>jed, replace nginx with cherokee and you'll be able to run more :P
20:01<Tom>yea, I know
20:01<jed>tjfontaine: no!!!!
20:01<Yaakov>Tom: The level of direct help in this channel is sometimes unreasonably high. Several very competent sysadmins donate help in here regularly.
20:02<Tom>but your admin console just seems soo overwhelming
20:02<Yaakov>Tom: The dahboard is GREAT, you'll love it.
20:02*tjfontaine votes again for 7day trial
20:02-!-mdcollins [] has joined #linode
20:02<jed>i have to touch's knobs i'd say once a month
20:02<Tom>there's so much pardon my language, crap in there that it'll drive my crazy
20:02<Yaakov>jed: Your "needs" are TMI.
20:02<jed>there are a lot of knobs, but you only need maybe 3 or 4 of them
20:03<jed>and all of them, of course, go to 11
20:03<tjfontaine>the defaults are generally acceptable
20:03<@mikegrb>tjfontaine: slicehost doesn't have config profiles, disk images, etc
20:03<Yaakov>Tom: If you try this for the seven days and still think so, I will be very surprised.
20:03<iggy>if you don't know what it is, don't touch it
20:03<tjfontaine>mikegrb: oh
20:03<@mikegrb>tjfontaine: way fewer clicky things to click on
20:03<iggy>also... if it ain't broke don't fix it
20:03<TheJoe>I need an IRC vhost on this Linode o'mine
20:03<Tom>how safe is it?
20:03<@caker>how safe is what?
20:03<Yaakov>Tom: You will touch the profiles *once*, unless you choose to do something.
20:03<iggy>those 2 "rules of thumb" should get you through the control panel
20:03<tjfontaine>TheJoe: no, really, you don't
20:03<TheJoe>tjfontaine: Yes, yes I do :>
20:04<Tom>the nodes
20:04<tjfontaine>Tom: define: safe
20:04<@caker>they bite
20:04<Tom>people snooping around
20:04<Tom>looking into your data
20:04<jed>mikegrb: TheJoe: do what I did. set up a hurricane electric IPv6 tunnel, delegate reverse for your /64 to your Linode, and run an instance of nsd on your Linode that answers for reverse requests for your home IP
20:04<jed>ignore mikegrb:, not sure how that snuck in there
20:04<iggy>they reserve the right to copy any porn you may have, other than that, you're safe
20:04<TheJoe>jed: Ok so how are you?
20:04<Yaakov>I alwauys ignore mikegrb.
20:04<jed>TheJoe: /whois jed
20:04<tjfontaine>Tom: no different than any other VPS, your neighbors don't see your data
20:05<jed> is my home PC
20:05<Tom>but the sys admins can I assume
20:05<tjfontaine>depending on how you setup your disk images
20:05<purrdeta>They could, but they dont
20:05<Yaakov>Tom: There is a privacy policy, and the Linode crew is the salt fo the earth.
20:05<Yaakov>They may be insane but they aren't crazy!
20:06<Tom>how many people work at Linode exactly?
20:07<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful community.
20:07<jed>Tom: i'm waiting on caker to hire me, and once he does, I account for 30 people
20:07<jed>so I'll sizably increase the linode staff
20:07<@caker>Tom: at the moment there are six of us. More very soon :) ->
20:08<Yaakov>Tom: If it made sense, I would take a job at Linode in a heartbeat.
20:08<Yaakov>Tom: That's a BIG endorsement from me.
20:08<Tom>Caker must like it then
20:08<purrdeta>I would take a job from linode if I was qualified :P
20:08<iggy>I can tell you they don't hire people with drug problems if that makes you feel better
20:09<MarkJ>yes, it would be good to work for linode :)
20:09<jed>Tom: i've been a customer with linode about 2 months now, and I'm so pleased with my service that I'm prepared to relocate to new jersey to work for caker
20:09<Tom>lots of fans here it seems
20:09<tjfontaine>I've been a customer for 5 or so years now
20:09<jed>my wife is onboard, as well, and she hates jersey -- so that's truly saying something about the level of service you get here
20:09<iggy>yeah, since they closed down #linode-fanbois
20:09<Yaakov>Linode engenders love.
20:09<laser`>I've been a customer for 5 months
20:09<MarkJ>Still haven't heard when they're hiring Australian "community rep's" for ticketing support when you're all asleep.... ;-)
20:09<laser`>Flawless service
20:09<Tom>you guys just linger around here for FUN?!
20:10<praetorian>I need a new job
20:10<tjfontaine>we loves irc
20:10<praetorian>hire me!
20:10<@mikegrb>mmm cake
20:10<repnop>for the cake
20:10-!-kenichi [~kenichi@] has quit [Quit: kenichi]
20:10<laser`>I idle in many IRC channels :P
20:10<Yaakov>Tom: Friendship, fun, IRC-ness.
20:10<laser`>tbh, I just like helping
20:10<tjfontaine>and urmom okes
20:10<laser`>And it's also handy to get advice from
20:10<iggy>we also like to harass people every now and again
20:10<purrdeta>I dunno why this place makes me happy. Been a customer on and off for a while now LOL
20:10<Tom>big chat room it seems
20:10<jed>it's a give-take thing, on occasion I need to ask a question, and I answer questions in return
20:10<Yaakov>Abusing mikegrb.
20:10<tjfontaine>iggy: a bit more than that
20:10*linbot dispenses Tastykakes
20:10<purrdeta>mikebot is hawt
20:10<MarkJ>Tom for fun, and for the community :)
20:11<draginx>HoopyCat, try now? :D
20:11<draginx>does the images load good for u?
20:11<Yaakov>Tom: The regulars here are friends.
20:11<jed>speaking of getting hired
20:11<jed>caker: i'm assuming i don't qualify?
20:11<Yaakov>Tom: We have Linode to thank for bringing us together by chance, but we are friends now.
20:11<Tom>any of you guys ruby on rails fans?
20:11<@caker>jed: you assumed wrong. I've been out of the office for a couple days. Expect to hear from me soon
20:11<MarkJ>Of course hopefully you don't get confused with the other Tom (tasaro), another employee
20:12<praetorian>caker: i'm still surprised people use cold fusion these days
20:12<jed>caker: you can tell i assume the worst. i'm pleasantly surprised. thanks again
20:12<rsdehart>MarkJ: the beauty of nicks. they're unique by definition
20:12<tjfontaine>ha cfm jokes
20:12<draginx>cfm is shit :P
20:12<Yaakov>Tom: I am a perl guy.
20:12<tjfontaine>I like ruby, but use python more
20:13<Yaakov>Tom: There are Python guys about, there must be some Ruby dudes somewhere.
20:13<purrdeta>I suck at all things scripting and programming
20:13<Battousai>michael ikegrb is a big perl guy
20:13<MarkJ>rsdehart: that's for sure, but we refer to tasaro as Tom too
20:13-!-neoark [] has quit [Quit: ciao.]
20:13<tjfontaine>linode hosts some rails competition
20:13<Yaakov>mikegrb is a big guy, full stop.
20:13-!-neoark [] has joined #linode
20:13<Battousai>rails rumble or something
20:14<draginx>web2py ftw :P
20:14<Tom>OK, well, thanks a bunch guys
20:14<Tom>I'll think about it a bit more
20:14<Tom>right on the transferring of multiple slices just bothers me
20:14<Yaakov>Tom: Try one, you'll get help.
20:14<Tom>took a while to get it all running
20:14<Tom>and this goes against the "if it ain't broke, dont' fix it"
20:15<Yaakov>If it is too much trouble, drop it.
20:15<Yaakov>There is something to be said for that.
20:15<Yaakov>You can still hang out here. :)
20:15<Tom>the pricing is what entices me
20:15<Tom>I pay over 200/month at slicehost
20:15<MarkJ>that must be some slice
20:15<Yaakov>That's a lot of money.
20:15<Tom>i cuold probably get the same here and maybe more for less
20:15-!-unixfool [] has joined #linode
20:16<iggy>you can get a decent dedi for that much
20:16<draginx>iggy, why get a dedi if u can get a big node? :P
20:16<iggy>I wouldn't... I'm just saying
20:16<MarkJ>who wants to have to worry about hardware, and dedicated at that cost may not have mirrored drives either
20:17<laser`>I have 3 colocated servers and 2 Linodes
20:17<MarkJ>I'm happy just having to manage the operating system and services
20:17<laser`>Linodes are definitely a hell of a lot less to worry about
20:17<Tom>and now I see your have backups
20:17<Tom>which is good
20:17<MarkJ>in New Jersey anyhow
20:18<purrdeta>caker: can I PM you plz?
20:18<tjfontaine>you should still do your own backups
20:18-!-lakin_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:18-!-lakin_ [] has joined #linode
20:18<@mikegrb>MarkJ: we don't sleep, we wait... for ur mom
20:19<Tom>well, thanks a bunch guys, I'll know where to ask if I need help now
20:19<@caker>purrdeta: sure
20:19<MarkJ>and answer forum posts
20:19<Yaakov>mikegrb: Did you decorate my office?
20:19<draginx>tjfontaine, thanks mate :)
20:19<tjfontaine>draginx: no problem
20:19<@mikegrb>Yaakov: it's just waiting for you
20:19<MarkJ>I didn't think you were the one putting up HEllo Kitty posters Yaakov
20:20<Yaakov>mikegrb is handling decor.
20:24-!-Tom [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:26<jed>am i looking at the right place
20:44<HoopyCat>jed: no:
20:47-!-erikh [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:50-!-Turl [] has joined #linode
20:51-!-Turl [] has quit []
20:52<TheJoe>Ok so I have one site running here but I would like or any other domain I get to another site...
20:52<TheJoe>Got no idea how ;-;
20:53<TheJoe>Once I figure out multisite I think I can finally go to bed (2am)
20:54-!-ondrej [] has joined #linode
20:54<bob2>it is called "http name-based virtual hosting"
20:54<bob2>if you're using a sensible distribution, it is very easy to do
20:55<TheJoe>Debian has always struck me as sensible
20:56<bob2>cp /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default /etc/apache2/sites-available/
20:56<laser`>He's using Lighttpd afaik
20:56<bob2>oh man
20:56<TheJoe>I am
20:57<TheJoe>Hey - it's a Linode 360 and Lighty is... well.... light
20:57<HoopyCat>TheJoe: if you're using simple-vhost, approximately mkdir /var/www/ && echo "i am a fish" > /var/www/
20:58<HoopyCat>TheJoe: if you're not using simple-vhost, it's more complex
20:58<TheJoe>I don't know what I'm "using" right now
20:58<TheJoe>Whatever's default really - haven't messed around with it too much
20:58<HoopyCat>TheJoe: there's... not much in the way of default, really... does /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled/ have a simple-vhost somethingorother in there?
20:59<TheJoe>It's empty by the looks of it :<
20:59<HoopyCat>TheJoe: lighty-enable-mod simple-vhost
21:00<TheJoe>and now it's not empty
21:00<HoopyCat>TheJoe: then look at the resultant file in /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled/ to see where it wants you to put stuff (your situation may vary)
21:01<TheJoe>HoopyCat: Seems /var/www/X will do
21:01<Yaakov>Is there a HoopyCat.conf?
21:01<HoopyCat>make it so, TheJoe
21:01<HoopyCat>... wow, that rhymed.
21:01<bob2>Yaakov: it just loads mod-urmom
21:02<TheJoe>Restart lighty
21:02<straterra>mwalling: ping
21:03<TheJoe>HoopyCat: Well
21:03<TheJoe>simple-vhost.server-root = "/var/www"
21:03<TheJoe>simple-vhost.document-root = "/html/"
21:03<HoopyCat>TheJoe: ah, is therefore /var/www/
21:04<HoopyCat>using a completely random example domain
21:04<TheJoe> \o/
21:05<HoopyCat>TheJoe: :-)
21:05<HoopyCat>TheJoe: i think simple-vhost is my favorite lighttpd feature...
21:06<TheJoe>Oh yes it seems lovely :>
21:07<TheJoe>Well I can rest easy now - safe in the knowledge I've done what I needed to
21:07<TheJoe>Off to bed - feckin 2am
21:08-!-TheJoe is now known as TheJoe|ZzZz
21:08<Yaakov>HoopyCat: Apache has dynamic vhosts.
21:10<HoopyCat>Yaakov: yeah, but they must have THREE DIFFERENT MEGABYTESOFRAM
21:10<HoopyCat>or are those cats?
21:10<Yaakov>I have lots of mibibytes on my hostage.
21:10-!-supine [~marty@] has joined #linode
21:16-!-borris [] has quit [Quit: 73]
21:18<HoopyCat>did somebody say... hostage?
21:18*HoopyCat grabs Yaakov and holds an ear of corn to his throat
21:18<HoopyCat>nobody sticking move, this is a fsckup
21:18<HoopyCat>aww hell, so much for paying the mortgage this month
21:19<draginx>i think cherokee can handle "dynamic" vhost as well woo :D
21:20-!-Srini [] has joined #linode
21:20<Yaakov>HoopyCat: I don't have any money for you, sorry.
21:20<Srini>I am looking for some good article to install litespeed+PHP+MYSQL on Centos...
21:22<HoopyCat>the bicycle brand?
21:22<MaliutaLap>HoopyCat - the town bike
21:23<bob2>what is a "litespeed"?
21:23<Yaakov>I think.
21:23<HoopyCat>oh! the commercial web server
21:24<bob2>surely you get supportz for your moneyz?
21:24-!-unixfool [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
21:26<Srini>yep...litespeed has a commercial version and a standard free version
21:30-!-techsupport [] has joined #linode
21:32<Srini>I hear that linode offers a choice of server rooms...what are the options available??
21:32<Nivex>NJ GA TX CA
21:32<HoopyCat>^--- a standardized file from all four
21:32<HoopyCat>Nivex: bless you
21:32-!-lakin_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:33-!-lakin [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:33<straterra>mwalling needs to hurry back
21:33-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
21:33<straterra>i want to tell him i bought another chick car
21:33-!-lakin_ [] has joined #linode
21:34<Yaakov>straterra: You are effeminate.
21:34<straterra>i loves my new car
21:35<Srini>Is there an option to check which server room offers best response time to me and accordingly choose that??
21:35<Yaakov>A 1995 RX-7?
21:35<bob2>Srini: read that
21:35<straterra>i wish
21:35<Yaakov>A pink chevette?
21:35<HoopyCat>straterra: jpeg or it didn't happen
21:35<straterra>i traded in my 07 eclipse for a loaded, new 08
21:35<HoopyCat>Srini: where do you live?
21:35<straterra>im taking pics was dark when i left the dealership
21:35<Srini>I am in India
21:36-!-orudie [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:36<Yaakov>straterra: More girly wheels.
21:36<HoopyCat>Srini: hmmm... probably fremont
21:36<Srini>all linode servers are in US?? anything in Asia/Europe?
21:37<supine>Srini: probably newark if you see the USA via Europe
21:37<supine>Srini: only US at the moment
21:37<Srini>Is there any means of testing response time and choosing a server room?
21:37<supine>have a read of that thread
21:37*iggy wonders if they will miss it yet again
21:37<Srini>Is there an option to change a serverroom ?
21:38<bob2>"data centre", btw
21:38<HoopyCat>Srini: your IP address will change if you change datacenters, but everything else will stay the same
21:38<supine>Yaakov: we speak the queens english down under
21:38<Srini>that is a concern as my DNS settings would change then
21:39<supine>Yaakov: not that horrible abomination you yanks have made up
21:39<Yaakov>supine: We speak English here where the data centERs are located. Mate.
21:39<MaliutaLap>supine: well the queens do. Are you a queen? ;P
21:39<MaliutaLap>Yaakov: nobody in the US speaks "English" ;P
21:39-!-samirnassar [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:39<laser`>Hi. I'm from England. My server is in the Newark data centre.
21:39<supine>throw another prawn on the barbie!
21:39<HoopyCat>Srini: that's why there's test files in each location that you can download to test relative performance
21:40<Yaakov>That's silly. Of course we speak English.
21:40<MaliutaLap>supine: my sister took her barbies when she left home ;P
21:40<HoopyCat>laser`: i'm taking a WWII history course right now; you selfish idiots are on thin ice
21:40*HoopyCat sprays petrol around
21:40<MaliutaLap>Yaakov: no, you people don't know what colour is, nor aluminium :P
21:40*Yaakov steal HoopyCat's pants.
21:41<Yaakov>But leaves his trousers.
21:41<supine>you have fun y'all. ;-)
21:41<laser`>Pfft, the English know that the US provided much needed re-inforcements after our troops were exhausted after years that gave us the final push to win the war :P
21:41-!-supine [~marty@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
21:42<MaliutaLap>laser`: they do have a habit of coming in late, don't they
21:42<Yaakov>MaliutaLap: Eh. We speak American English. There is also British English. There is also Canadian English, though just barely. There is also Australian English.
21:42<Pryon>All is forgiven for Elizabeth Hurley
21:42<iggy>don't forget engrish
21:48<Peng_>There are many varieties of Engrish.
21:48-!-Toba [] has quit [Quit: I know all sorts of things that I don't believe.]
21:49-!-Srini [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:52-!-megatron27 [~megatron2@] has joined #linode
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22:00-!-samirnassar [] has joined #linode
22:00<samirnassar>wow. First time this happened. OOM.
22:01<samirnassar>I guess I need to tame Apache more. 720 MB RAm should have been enough for MySQL, Apache and BIND
22:02<iggy>maybe not bind
22:02-!-ondrej [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:02<HoopyCat>Linode adds 3 to the Fremont VPS collection: All to be given away free for 7 days -- All 34 Fremont VPSes in never-circulated condition given away free for 7 days with every $1290 Fremont Linode framed display gallery ordered
22:03<HoopyCat>samirnassar: what else is running? :-)
22:03<samirnassar>HoopyCat: Apache, MySQL, BIND.
22:04-!-Toba [] has joined #linode
22:04<samirnassar>Oh, Postfix, but it is just sitting there looking stunning
22:04<HoopyCat>samirnassar: strange... if you're using 100% static content, why are you running mysql? ;-)
22:04<MaliutaLap>apache can use heaps of ram if you have poorly written scripts doing your site ... bad php is the norm
22:05<samirnassar>ok, you got me to confess, PHP
22:05<HoopyCat>dun dun dunnnn
22:05<samirnassar>HoopyCat: but this content was usually happy to live on Half the RAM
22:05<samirnassar>had not had a OOM episode
22:05<HoopyCat>samirnassar: what's your MaxClients set to? i wonder if it's crazy high and you're getting heavier traffic than usual
22:07<MaliutaLap>maxclients can only do so much, your usage per script will impact what a sane masclients is
22:09<HoopyCat>"Hartmann’s Old World Sausage has closed its retail operation on North Clinton Avenue after 36 years of operation in that spot."
22:09<samirnassar>HoopyCat: Hmm, I hadn't set it yet
22:09<HoopyCat>aww man
22:09<samirnassar>HoopyCat: but IfMOdule mpm_itk_module was not set in previous config either
22:11<HoopyCat>samirnassar: i don't run apache currently so i don't have a set of configs to look at... just going through the emergency checklist in my mind
22:11<samirnassar>MaliutaLap: What gets me is that OLDVPS1 had Apache, PHP, MySQL and OLDVPS2 had BIND. Now VPS (twice as large as either OLDVPSs OOMed on the combination
22:12<samirnassar>the only difference is running a 64bit Ubuntu vs a 32bit Ubuntu
22:14<HoopyCat>the 32-bit stuff should be more compact, too. what's free -m look like?
22:15<samirnassar>HoopyCat: Now it says it has 480MB free
22:15<samirnassar>Should be sitting pretty
22:15<samirnassar>out of 710
22:15<HoopyCat>samirnassar: are you running munin? might be interesting to see if there's a creeping leak or if it's sudden...
22:16<samirnassar>HoopyCat: I am not. Now I am going to learn running Munin, I guess.
22:16<HoopyCat>but now is the time of the bed
22:17<samirnassar>nighty SleepyCat
22:17-!-laser` [] has quit [Quit: DMDirc exiting]
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22:17-!-CWii [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:20*samirnassar surses the sky and wishes for mpm-peruser ubuntu packages
22:38-!-Eman [] has quit [Quit: ...]
22:47-!-supine [] has joined #linode
22:49-!-ambackstrom [] has joined #linode
23:06<mwalling>straterra: pong
23:06-!-apeiron_ [] has joined #linode
23:06<straterra>mwalling: I got another girl car :P
23:07<straterra>I traded my 07 for a new 08
23:09-!-genehack [] has joined #linode
23:12-!-apeiron [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:31-!-jed [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:42<amitz>mwalling: say again, what's the link you gave me? I want to create a personal page.
23:48-!-BP{k} [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
23:48<linbot>New news from wiki: CentOS <> || CentOS <> || CentOS <> || Linode DNS <> || IPv6 <>
23:48-!-girishr [~girish@] has joined #linode
23:50-!-BP{k} [] has joined #linode
23:54<amitz>mwalling: sorry, I wasn't specific since this channel is publicly log. In essence I want to create a homepage about myself, with resume and stuff. But my sense of design and style is poor so I need to see some examples :-).
23:54<mwalling>i gave you a link?
23:56<amitz>you did. But if you forget, don't bother yourself. I'll search my browser's history.
23:57-!-Eman [] has joined #linode
23:57<mwalling>to my site?
23:59-!-VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
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