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00:50<MTecknology>Is there anyone that would consider using a bot that would link the #linode channels on oftc and freenode? There's a built in plugin that could do it easily.
00:51<Battousai>oh god no
00:51<MTecknology>I would if authorized, but my only server is on a linode and the bandwidth would kill
00:51<MTecknology>Battousai: what's wrong w/ that?
00:51<SelfishMan>wait, there is a #linode on freenode?
00:52<MTecknology>SelfishMan: yup
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00:52<SelfishMan>let them stay there then
00:52<Pryon>I don't think the traffic in this channel is going to to anything to kill your bandwidth
00:52<Pryon>s/to to/to do/
00:53<Peng_>SelfishMan: It's pretty empty.
00:53<Battousai>i've never seen channel linking done well, and i believe there is no way to accomplish that
00:53<SelfishMan>I would rather not have the "content" from freenode dumped in here
00:53<MTecknology>Pryon: My primany network is freenode. I don't really want to setup another network in irssi for onew channel.
00:53<SelfishMan>MTecknology: Typing a couple commands one time is too much work but yet you are willing to configure a bot to do it?
00:53<@caker>it's _one_ command
00:53<MTecknology>SelfishMan: the channel in freenode is very low volume, next to no volume really
00:54<SelfishMan>MTecknology: It's still freenode
00:54<Peng_>MTecknology: This conversation is 10 times the effort.
00:55<MTecknology>Battousai: it's really easy to do. I used to do it for another channel. Project ended though
00:55*caker votes no on annoying relay bots
00:55<Battousai>doing it well is the hard (impossible?) part
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00:55<MTecknology>It was just and idea, I didn't think you guys would frak out :P
00:55<Peng_>Is that like rocking out?
00:55<Battousai>we're not frakking out, just not agreeing
00:55<MTecknology>nah, not really
00:56<Pryon>"Rock Out" is a short, but good song on Motorhead's latest album
00:57<MTecknology>I really don't understand why there is hate between networks, to me they feel pretty much the same except for a few tiny things that make me linek freenode better.
00:57<MTecknology>I thought it would be a channel thing rather than a network thing...
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00:58<MTecknology>caker: I figured that the relay part would be 99% on the freenode side since the iftc channel is the most active.
00:59<MTecknology>anyway, gotta pee
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01:08<MTecknology>caker: check out #supybot if you want to see how I've seen it done - which seemed very efficient
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01:16<SelfishMan>I always find it funny the things that get the staff to comment
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01:22<Eman>i know some people have been pushing freenode to join janus, which would allow direct sharing of channels
01:22<Eman> etc
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01:30*schmichael doesn't know why people care so much about 2 networks
01:30<schmichael>it'd be a little easier if there were only 1, but is it really that bad?
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01:38<checkers>it's bad
01:39<Randall>Stuff is going to be on different networks.
01:40<Randall>Asking 500 other people to merge with the network you're used to so you don't have to type an extra connect command is unclassy ...
01:40*Randall shrugs and goes to sleep
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02:08<linbot>New news from forums: Memory usage problem on centos 5.3 Apache/Mysql/Php in Performance and Tuning <>
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02:38<@jed>my new favorite program
02:38<@jed>pass it on.
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02:55<amitz>yay! Someone finally pay what they owe me :-))
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03:03<checkers>yeah, life without syslog-ng is annoying when you want centralised logging
03:11<@jed>while difficult to find documentation, its interface to pgsql is pretty sweet
03:11<@jed>and once rocking, select * is so gorgeous
03:11<@jed>god i'm so happy, what a productive day of work
03:13<amitz>jed: You just waste your supposedly productive day by IRC-ing :-p
03:16<checkers>get a job, hippie
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03:27<tofufish>is the command 'free' accurate?
03:27<tofufish>says i have 27mb free.
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03:31<amitz>tofufish: free means "unused even for buffering and stuff". So you don't want to have too much "free" if that's what you're asking.
03:33<tofufish>ahh i see
03:34<tofufish>so i should really be looking at '-/+ buffers/cache' to get the real reading?
03:34<tofufish>or does it mean i only have 27mb to work with?
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03:37<amitz>Basically the buffer can easily be converted to working memory,
03:38<amitz>buffer + free = the available unused working memory at that moment. If working memory requirement grows, the buffer + free will decrease to give it to working memory.
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03:43<tofufish>ahh awesome, heaps to work with them
03:43<amitz>and yeah, I'm in the market for IT job :-)
03:45<Popper>who isnt :/
03:45<Popper>dont come to phoenix :(
03:48*amitz is wishing for a telecommute. Seems almost impossible in current market.
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03:50<JoeK>does anybody know how to setup a private proxy on a ubuntu server?
03:54<encode>depends. do your clients have a static IP? is authentication sufficiently private?
03:54<JoeK>my ip can change if i wanted it to
03:54<JoeK>so dynamic to a certain range, and private authentication
03:54<encode>if it were me, i'd probably set up squid to only listen locally, and then use ssh tunelling from client to server
03:54<JoeK>i prefer to stay away from ssh tunneling
03:54<encode>private implies encryption, to me
03:55<encode>ssh tunelling is one of the easiest ways to get that
03:55<JoeK>i tried using arinat
03:55<JoeK>it crashes when i try to auth
03:57<Popper>,/3 iis
03:57<Popper></3 iis
03:57<Popper><3 Apache
03:57<JoeK>as much relevance as that is, i agree
03:57<praetorian>apache could be much better.
03:59<Popper>I wish iis was easier :/
03:59<JoeK>iis is what uses
04:00<JoeK>and it fails alot
04:00<Popper>you know
04:00<Popper>come to think of it
04:00<Popper>I have never, ever, ever seen Microsoft fail
04:00<JoeK>Windows Vista
04:00<Popper>and I dont think vista is a failure
04:00<Popper>I think teh people that dont undertand the differences between vista and xp are failurtes
04:01<encode>well clearly you're trolling now
04:01<SelfishMan>Really? You've never seen a MS failure?
04:01<SelfishMan>How about this for a failure
04:01<Popper>MS WEBSITE failure
04:01<encode>which earns you a place on my ignore list
04:01<Popper>my bad, we were talking about IIS, thought it was implied
04:01<encode>goodbye Popper
04:01<Oli``>Vista looks like it's going to become a raging success for what it is: a tool to sell Windows 7
04:01<SelfishMan>Windows *notepad* used to make calls directly to the kernel and could easily cause a system to blue screen if it didn't know how to display the character set
04:02<Popper>I was talkign about
04:02<SelfishMan>I've seen more than enough downtime there
04:02<Popper>hmm, I haven't. I remember back when I could be park of MSBN by adding the IE logo on the page
04:03<Popper>then it wasn't always up
04:03<Popper>anyoen remember microsoft site builder network?
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04:19<amitz>SpaceHobo: that's a conspiracy to accidentally...uh.. over cut any free software advocates.
04:21<Popper>whats wrong with that?
04:21<Popper>if I had 40bil to donate, that is what I would donate it for
04:21<Popper>remember, the rabii's only work for the tips
04:22<Popper>cut and paste it on the elss fortunate
04:22<Popper>or if paste can not handle it, paste special, lol
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04:36<woot>are you all linode users?
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04:38<Internat>most of us are
04:39<woot>ok cool :P
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04:41<Internat>thinking of joining?
04:41<woot>Already joined :)
04:41<checkers>dont join! they keep us in cages!
04:42<Internat>oh god, run while you still can
04:42<Internat>nah linode is awesome :)
04:42<Popper>they only give us bits and bytes of food
04:43<Popper>get it...
04:43<woot>agreed linode is great
04:43<woot>have a little trouble with diskspace, does anybody use amazon s3 or similar for their files?
04:44<woot>ok :P
04:46<checkers>you don't want to use s3 for live production files really, it's too slow
04:47<woot>ok, thanks for the tip.
04:47<woot>Also Amazon S3 doesn't seem to have a maximum billing amount I am wishing to pay - so they may be a bit of a trap if you use too much diskspace and don't check your account reguarly.
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04:53<SelfishMan>It isn't disk space usage that kills people, it's the transfer charges
04:53<checkers>how many gigs of content and transfer do you need?
04:55<woot>lol, you don't want too know
04:55<woot>probably "too much"
04:55<SelfishMan>up your linode
04:55<SelfishMan>it's cheaper
04:56<woot>Yeah at the moment I have been upgrading it by purchsing extra GB of storage every now and then
04:57<woot>at the moment it is cheaper if I upgrade the linode account :P
04:57<SelfishMan>It is always cheaper to upgrade the Linode itself
04:57<woot>Good point :)
04:59<SelfishMan>what type of data is it and how often does it change?
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05:00<woot>video, doesn't change often
05:00<SelfishMan>if you have that much video then I'm betting bandwidth is even more of an issue
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05:04<woot>most of the data is computed and manipulated, only a small amount is streamed
05:05<woot>but bandwidth is then used rather quickly
05:05<woot>so you are right :)
05:06<checkers>almost sounds like time to upgrade to a real dedicated server you can stick a bunch of drives in
05:06<woot>nah Linode for the win!
05:06<SelfishMan>there would still be bandwidth limits but they are typically higher for dedicated servers
05:06<woot>true :)
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05:07<checkers>well, if you need a few hundred gigs of storage linode simply can't provide that, unless you started asking about the unlisted plans I suppose
05:08<woot>but as a hobby project dedicated servers are too expensive
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05:08<woot>Linode has very good prices
05:08<woot>unlisted plans?
05:09<linbot>SelfishMan: Yo momma's so fat, she doesn't handle more than 2 gigs! (778:5/5) [orumm]
05:09<checkers>ask SelfishMan about those
05:10<SelfishMan>I know nothing
05:10<linbot>SelfishMan: Availability (360): Atlanta - 13; Dallas - 58; Fremont - 0; Newark - 49; (4.33059) urmom says hi
05:11<SelfishMan>meh...need fremont
05:11<G>SelfishMan: need ones i the moon :)
05:12<G>*on the moon
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05:16<woot>ok, lol
05:16<woot>anyway nice talking to you guys
05:16<woot>thanks for your help
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05:44<amitz>SelfishMan: oh, I never really look into dedicated server but I thought most don't have bandwidth quota? Do you mean dedicated servers managed/installed/bought by some provider?
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05:44<SelfishMan>There are always bandwidth quotas
05:45<Talman>wtf is a "warrant canary?"
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05:45<SelfishMan>They may be a byte cap or they may be a fixed port speed
05:46<ella> A warrant canary is a method used by a web hosting service to inform their customers that the provider has not been served with a secret government subpoena
05:47<ella>tal it's a cute way of saying "we're not telling you we got a warrant on 1 April, bt we cn tel you we didn't get one on 1 April
05:47<ella>Talman where did you see the term used?
05:47<amitz>oh.. it's pretty good then in my place. There is no bandwidth quota (at least for local backbone). They basically say we have this local backbone, you're connected to it, and use it as you like. But you can buy package where you're guaranteed a bandwidth size.
05:47<Talman>wow, that's an Speedy Delete nom.
05:47<Talman>Someone suggested them on linode in the forums.
05:47<ella>Hey anyone got a grasp on SpamAssassion?
05:48<ella>Talman yup I'd love to see Warrant Canary's published by Linode :)
05:48<Talman>Someone else suggested that "rsync has the balls to stand up and break the secrecy order.'
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05:48*Talman wagers they do not, because doing so would result in federal pound me in the ass prison.
05:48<ella>Talman what publish wrrant ccanry's or use Rsync :)
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05:50<ella>Hey anyone got a grasp on SpamAssassion?
05:50<Talman>Break a federal secrecy order or national security order.
05:50<SelfishMan>ella: drop the o
05:50<ella>But techcially you are't breaking one if you say tht you haven't received any warrants
05:51<SelfishMan>yes you are
05:51<ella>The law only provides an offence for saying you have!
05:51<Talman>And the day you do get one?
05:51<ella>I've had subpoenas and warrants, I've not published their xistance, however I have published otherwise, and it stood up in court
05:52<Talman>You also spelled offence with a c.
05:52<ella>Sorry my typography in chat isn't always perfect :)
05:52<Talman>No, it indicates you're in a commonwealth nation.
05:52<Yaakov>Offence is correct in British spelling.
05:52<Talman>i.e. UK or a former UK dominion.
05:53<ella>Oh I use either spelling, afterall I try and adpt to the majority :) Like color instead of colour :)
05:53<Yaakov>C is a letter we should drop.
05:53<Talman>Yes, Yaakov, it is. Also demonstrates that ella most likely hasn't come up against the words "US Patriot Act."
05:53<ella>Talman, no I haven't, yet :)
05:54<Yaakov>ella IS the Patriot Act. It was so complex it became sentient.
05:54<ella>Well I've read a bit of it, but not experienced it's act
05:54<ella>I'm not evil!
05:54*Talman was on a server where the FBI executed a search warrant and imaged the drives.
05:54<Talman>They didn't even turn the server off. They just imaged the drives.
05:54<ella>Talman and how wrong is that!
05:54<Talman>The data center could not advise the hosting company till after the FBI was done.
05:54<Yaakov>Talman is on a server. I conclude Talman is an AI.
05:55<ella>There coudl be data on those drives not related to the ivestigation, and this has lead to evidence being rejected by a court in both the USA and the UK
05:55<ella>Talman well that's wrong for a start, unless the hosting company itself was subject to the investigation, sich as the recent SPAM and PORN cases
05:55<amitz>Talman: But US Patriot act may subpoena a US based company doing business in other country. Or subpoena a non-US based company doing business in US. Or arrogantly subpoena a non-US based company doing business in other country but unfortunately the company happen to have a subsidiary in US. :-)
05:55<Yaakov>What did the FBI do with your clone?
05:56<ella>In which case SPAM, BOTNET and PORN takedowns are totally supported by me :)
05:56<Talman>Investigated a paypal phishing case from a user account.
05:56<ella>But then I'd never host ay such thing
05:56<ella>Talman is that the recent BIG case that's been reported?
05:57<Talman>They had automatic hosting setup through whm/cpanel, without fraud detection.
05:57<Talman>No, this was around 2005.
05:57<ella>And what about the crime ring that wrote some music, sent it to an online distributor who sold it thorugh itunes nd amazone, and the crme ring used stolen credit cards to buy copies!
05:57*ella caan't remember 2005 that quick!
05:58<Yaakov>Silly people, they already HAD the music.
05:58<ella>Yaakov hehehe, but they laundered the credit cards to get the cash :)
05:58<ella>Also made a couple of the tracks "hits"
05:59<Yaakov>I accidentally left some bills in my pocket when I washed my pants. Now I lay awake nights worrying that they will find out and prosecute me for money lanudering.
05:59<Yaakov>laundering, too.
05:59*ella laughs
05:59<ella>That woul dbe Bill Laundering :)
05:59<Yaakov>Although the lanudering charge is worse.
05:59<ella>Probably more a congressional offense
06:00<ella>Hey does "the washing machine ate the bills so I couldn't pay them" work?
06:00<Yaakov>In US vernacular "bills" are paper money.
06:00<Yaakov>I don't know if the Brits use it.
06:01<ella>Geez, I was going for Bills as in Congress!
06:01<ella>Most Westminster parliaments use Bills
06:01<ella>They send them to the public daily
06:01<Yaakov>You would, you are a sentient bill, as mentioned before.
06:01<ella>and demand the slaves work longer hours for more payment (Taxes)
06:01-!-Eudoxus [] has joined #linode
06:02<Yaakov>I always carry around a few bills of marque and reprisal, just in case.
06:02<ella>Ok I need to eat and then go and meet a girl friend for lunch :)
06:02<Yaakov>Hello, Eudoxus.
06:02<ella>I know that sounds weird
06:02<ella>but we're going shoe shopping :) And food just gets in the way
06:02<Yaakov>Any particular creetings, or is this s a generic thing?
06:03<Yaakov>I don't know what creetings are.
06:03<ella>So no one here presetly with a Spam Assassin vast knnowledge?
06:03<Yaakov>Are there two n's in the British spelling?
06:03<ella>Yaakov well then define it and use it a lot nd it will end up in the dictionary
06:04<Yaakov>I use greylisting and a dnsbl and don't need Spam Assassin.
06:05<Eudoxus>Yaakov: just the generic
06:05<SelfishMan>ella: Are you familiar with the !ask trigger?
06:07<ella>I hae grey listing and rbls but still get a ton of spam, SA cuts it back a lot, and TMD holds around 600 a week to my min accout
06:09<ella>SelfishMan ok !ask away :) Spam Assassin. I have collated "years" of SPAM nd trojan emails (which areon the increase of late) and have no understanding of how to process these in SA with regards to "SPAM" and "HAM"
06:09<SelfishMan>training messages that are "years" old will poison the bayes
06:09<SelfishMan>actually, I'm not a big fan of SA Bayes to begin with
06:09<ella>Sure ok, well I can use the 3000 from the last 2 months :)
06:10-!-krmdrms [~krmdrms@] has joined #linode
06:10<Yaakov>I <3 SelfishHobo and SpaceMan!
06:11<Yaakov>No, really.
06:11<ella>I hve to admit, I get far less junk mail in my street letterbox now than proportioally to SPAM, as related to 10 years go!
06:11<ella>But then I use to live across the road from a shopping center - bad thing to do
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06:14<ella>You get numbers in your mailbox?
06:14<SelfishMan>yep. I call them "bills"
06:14<SelfishMan>BAD YAAKOV!
06:15<ella>I don't get sounds :(
06:15<Yaakov>Am not.
06:15-!-girishr [~girish@] has joined #linode
06:15<Yaakov>Oh, sorry mwalling.
06:16<Yaakov>And by sorry, I mean "hahahahahaha".
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06:19<Yaakov>Hey, SelfishMan, can you display UTF-8?
06:21<Yaakov>OK, time to get ready for work.
06:21<tofufish>whats the best ircbouncer to use? easy to setup/use and low ram/cpu usage?
06:22-!-bob2_ is now known as bob2
06:22<Yaakov>Irssi proxy is pretty stinky.
06:22<Yaakov>But Irssi + screen is the explosive device.
06:24<Yaakov>I also use an automagical reconnect script dealie.
06:24<Yaakov>Which works like a charm.
06:25<Yaakov>SpaceHobo: Get your affairs in order, society is on the verge of collapse.
06:26<Yaakov>OK, off to the shower, &c.
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06:53*SelfishMan smells burning toast again
06:55*mig5 smells urmom
06:56<linbot>purrdeta: Yo momma's so clumsy, she tore her POSIX ACL! (750:0/1) [momru]
06:56<purrdeta>!urmom vote down 750
06:56<linbot>purrdeta: Voted 750 down [mourm]
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06:57<linbot>SelfishMan: Yo momma's still in beta, she's been drinking too much WINE! (766:0/3) [mmuor]
06:57<SelfishMan>!urmom vote down 766
06:57<linbot>SelfishMan: Voted 766 down [mmoru]
06:59<purrdeta>!urmom vote down 766
06:59<linbot>purrdeta: Voted 766 down [murmo]
06:59<SelfishMan>!urmom purrdata
06:59<linbot>SelfishMan: Yo momma's so fat, when she turns around, people give her a welcome back party! (808:0/0) [mrumo]
06:59<purrdeta>SelfishMan: what does the last few seemingly random characters mean? :P
06:59<purrdeta>just randomly put together "urmom"?
06:59<SelfishMan>purrdeta: It's "urmom" jumbled to defeat urmom
07:00<SelfishMan>Nah, floodserv is pissy but easily defeated
07:00<SelfishMan>I guess it isn't really defeating floodserv if the person that wrote it told you to do it
07:01<purrdeta>yeah but kinda :P
07:02-!-hpj [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:03-!-Eudoxus_ [] has joined #linode
07:08-!-fearoffish [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:09-!-Eudoxus [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:11-!-tiny [~ivob@] has joined #linode
07:17-!-beawesomeinstead [] has joined #linode
07:17-!-r3d [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:19-!-Eudoxus_ is now known as Eudoxus
07:22<Yaakov>Qrpbqr guvf!
07:22<Eudoxus>encode: agreed.
07:23<Yaakov>It is rude to type messages that only some people can read.
07:23<encode>!urmom german
07:23<linbot>encode: Yo momma's so insecure, she gets exploited more than Roundcube! (744:10/0) [mrmuo]
07:24<encode>!urmom in german
07:24<linbot>encode: Ihre Mutter ist so fett, sie muss mit - fatroll-Schleifen! (746:2 / 0) [mruom]
07:24<encode>thats better
07:24-!-fearoffish [] has joined #linode
07:25<Nivex>Yaakov: ¡snoıxouqo ʎllɐǝɹ ǝq 'ʇı op oʇ ƃuıoƃ ǝɹ,noʎ ɟı ʇnq
07:25<Yaakov>Nivex: You have that all upside down.
07:27*beawesomeinstead reads unicode
07:28<beawesomeinstead>немного русского текста
07:28-!-FooMunki [] has joined #linode
07:34-!-vimalg2 [~v@] has joined #linode
07:34<mig5>!urmom in french
07:34<linbot>mig5: ta mère est tellement outta ce monde elle est trop yo papa. (769:0 / 0) [mmuor]
07:34-!-vimalg2 is now known as iranactivist
07:35<iranactivist>hey guys, is it legit to setup a Open Proxy to let Iran IP subnets access FB, twitter and youtube? Is there a TOS clause that might affect me?
07:36<SelfishMan>!f tos
07:36<linbot>SelfishMan: What can I do with my Linode? It's probably easier to tell you what you cannot do: Nothing illegal and nothing that interferes with other customers and services. Our Terms of Service document is located here:
07:37<iranactivist>Great, thanks. I expected nothing else.
07:39<iranactivist>Will giving out over 100-150 shell accounts to political hacktivists, affect IO quotas severely? They are intended to be used as SOCKS5 tunnelled over SSH proxies.
07:39-!-jtaji [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:40<mwalling>io isnt quotaed, its scheduled (if i understand xen)
07:41<tofufish>dumb question, but in my ssh i have it set at 'mail /:'
07:41<tofufish>where / is the directory and mail is the name
07:41<praetorian>your PS1 prompt
07:41<tofufish>yeah, whats the command to change mail to something a bit better
07:41<tofufish>i dont think its the hostname
07:42<iranactivist>ah, but will a large number of shell accounts using just the SOCKS5 proxy feaure, use a lot of I/O?
07:42<tofufish>export PS1='\[\033[0;35m\]\h\[\033[0;33m\] \w\[\033[00m\]: '
07:42<tofufish>thats my ps1 code
07:42<praetorian>well \h is hostname
07:42<praetorian>hostname -f ?
07:42<amitz>iranactivist: not sure but you can make the shell to only allow tunneling only.
07:42<tofufish>odd, my hostname is
07:42<tofufish>how come its only showing mail?
07:43<mig5>tofufish: is your fully qualified domain name
07:43<mig5>fqdn for short
07:43<amitz>iranactivist: maybe you want to delete swap. And if you somehow piss linode admin, they will tell you.
07:43<mig5>tofufish: -f parameter shows the fqdn
07:43<mwalling>if you're pissing on linode, get out of new jersey
07:44<praetorian>you can change it in a couple of ways
07:44<iranactivist>amitz: Thats good to know, I'd like a little warning before i get blown out of the water. No malice intended. heh
07:44<tofufish>mig5, so if is it possible to change it to a random word? rather then my hostname?
07:44<tofufish>id change my hostname, but im not sur eif its going to mess something up :x
07:44<amitz>As for me, I can't possibly piss on linode. I don't excrete that much to make it significant:-p
07:45<praetorian>Yaakov: even britney singing and not lipsyncing?
07:45<amitz>iranactivist: well, to be safe you should ask admin yourself.
07:45<mwalling>patch the kernel to create skynet to blast her with lasers
07:45<mwalling>problem solved
07:45<Yaakov>Sure. IF your beard is long enough and your suspenders are rainbow colored.
07:46<praetorian>tofufish: what distro are you using?
07:46<beawesomeinstead>since when Iran is blocked on FB, twitter, youtube?
07:46<beawesomeinstead>iranactivist: ^^
07:47-!-megatron27 [~megatron2@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
07:47<tofufish>praetorian, ubuntu
07:47<Peng_>Oy, what the crap happened 2 hours ago? My 'node (nearly?) lost all of its IRC connections.
07:47<straterra>The ERP system at work died this morning
07:47<praetorian>and you may need to edit /etc/hosts too possibly
07:48<Eudoxus>iranactivist: are you not getting yourself into trouble?
07:48<Yaakov>Peng_: Oh, sorry about taht.
07:48<tofufish>praetorian, thanks, i know how to change it
07:48<Eudoxus>your pres will not like this
07:48<Peng_>The good news is, this totally tested my ident firewall rule! :D
07:48<praetorian>tofufish: oh .. so whats the problem then? :P
07:48<tofufish>Not sure if by changing it ill mess something up :x
07:48<mig5>but thats half the fun! ;)
07:48<Peng_>DNS issues as well.
07:48<praetorian>it shouldnt .. maybe syslog?
07:48<phennessy>people still use ident?
07:49<straterra>Not people
07:49<praetorian>it's why they keep failing the turing test
07:49<mig5>what about the ghosts in the machines
07:49<praetorian>nc host 113
07:49<phennessy>!f boobs
07:49<tofufish>praetorian, would it affect my mailserver by changing it?
07:49*phennessy runs
07:49<praetorian>tofufish: you probably want to consult the config if it references the hostname mail.whatever
07:50<Yaakov>straterra: I saw an old guy driving an Eclipse yesterday. He tried to beat me on the left at a light. Ha.
07:50<praetorian>tbh ive never changed then ame of mine after setting them up :)
07:50<mig5>tofufish: whats your mailserver setup like (postfix? virtual domains? etc)
07:50<straterra>Yaakov: You know the GT will run with a Mustang GT, right?
07:50<tofufish>mig5, postfix with virtual domains
07:50<praetorian>default postfix setup should be tolerant to a hostname change
07:50<Yaakov>All I know is that this one was pretty fast, but Inger was faster.
07:51<Yaakov>He certainly did expect that.
07:51<straterra>Yaakov: This is an exciting time for the 4G Eclipse
07:51<straterra>The ECU has been cracked finally
07:51<Yaakov>There aren't even any 4G networks up!
07:51<straterra>More turbos are showing
07:51<Yaakov>OK, enough girl-car talk.
07:51<iranactivist>Eudoxus: I live in India. Thought i'd lend a hand. I suspect things are going to get bad over here too.
07:51<straterra>There are a couple of turbo kits out now
07:51<straterra>For the GS anyway
07:52<Yaakov>Time for COMMUTE.
07:52<straterra>There is a supercharger kit for the GT
07:52<Eudoxus>iranactivist: ah ok
07:52<iranactivist>Our stupid govt bureaucrats have a new idea
07:52<tofufish>praetorian, main reason im looking to changing it is once i setup irssi, wont it show as my hostname?
07:52<mig5>if your reverse DNS resolves to that, yes
07:52<mwalling>tofufish: no.
07:52<mwalling>well, what mig5 said
07:53<iranactivist>ta ta, folks
07:53-!-iranactivist [~v@] has quit [Quit: iranactivist]
07:53<tofufish>i wish i wrote some documentation when i set all this up :(
07:53<tofufish>i cant remember what i set alot of this stuff to
07:53<straterra>There is a switch in irrsi to set your host
07:53<mwalling>straterra: that just sets the interface it binds to
07:53<mig5>tofufish: you can set up your PTR record in the linode management interface, provided the hostname you enter resolves to the same IP as your linode
07:53<straterra>mwalling: which fixes the issue :P
07:54<mwalling>straterra: aslong as rdns for that interface's ip address is what you want
07:54<tofufish>hrmm, according to random reverse dns tool it resolves to mail.domain
07:55<tofufish>im pretty sure when i was setting up postfix it said i should set it to that
07:55<tofufish>sound normal?
07:56<phennessy>for work/professional stuff i might use mail.domain, for personal.. who cares?
07:56<tofufish>so it wont actually change the founctionality of the mail server by changing it?
07:56<mig5>my server resolves to but my postfix isn't too concerned
07:56<tofufish>or would i have to go through the config and change everything to something else
07:56<phennessy>no, it's like vanity irc rdns
07:57<tofufish>hrmm, vanity irc?
07:57<mig5>and it accepts mail for other domains as well as that
07:57<tofufish>as in custom vhosts?
07:57<phennessy>you probably want the mailname thing in postfix to match
07:57-!-ph^ [~ph^@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:57<phennessy>tofufish: /whois b4
07:58<mwalling>tofufish: /whois mwalling
07:58<phennessy>he set some silly rdns name probably to appeal to linode to unquiet him
07:59<scorche|sh>heh...he got quieted?
07:59<mwalling>tofufish: except i have postfix answering on that. mail doesnt need to be anywhere in your rdns, but your FCrDNS, HELO, and maybe your MXs should all agree
07:59<mwalling>scorche|sh: while ago
08:00<tofufish>mwalling, so you own and your rdns is pointing to
08:00<tofufish>ignore first question, thats kinda dumb
08:01-!-esparkman [~esparkman@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:01<tofufish>would you say b4's rdns is set to
08:02<linbot>mwalling: Host not found.
08:02<linbot>mwalling: [dig] status: NXDOMAIN | ;; ANSWER SECTION: | ;; AUTHORITY SECTION 300 IN SOA 1245031212 10800 3600 604800 3600
08:02<mwalling>!dig AAAA
08:02<linbot>mwalling: [dig] status: NXDOMAIN | ;; ANSWER SECTION: | ;; AUTHORITY SECTION 300 IN SOA 1245031212 10800 3600 604800 3600
08:03<tofufish> sorry for all the dumb questions, just trying to get my head around all of this
08:03<tofufish>i kinda blindly went through some tutorials and got everything working
08:04<mwalling>i think he cheated
08:05<mwalling>there, a better example
08:06-!-tychoish [] has joined #linode
08:07-!-TofuMatt [] has quit [Quit: TofuMatt]
08:07-!-TofuMatt [] has joined #linode
08:08-!-dueyfinster [~dueyfinst@] has joined #linode
08:16-!-Sputnik2 [~Sputnik7@] has quit [Quit: -=SysReset 2.53=-]
08:19-!-Sputnik7 [~Sputnik7@] has joined #linode
08:21-!-girishr [~girish@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:27-!-tychoish [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:39-!-Deckert [] has quit [Quit: That's all folks!]
08:39-!-Deckert [] has joined #linode
08:42-!-Guspaz [] has joined #linode
08:46-!-xitology [~xi@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:47<tofufish>eeek, i setup spamhaus with postfix a couple hours ago, but it seems its not eltting any emails through
08:47-!-linville [] has joined #linode
08:48<HoopyCat>tofufish: what's a representative line from the maillog?
08:48<tofufish>representative line?
08:49<mwalling>tofufish: logs or it didnt happen
08:49-!-Bass10 [] has joined #linode
08:50<HoopyCat>tofufish: Arson - 23XX E. RIDGE ROAD, Rochester, NY Someone set fire to two portable toilet units at Eastridge High School?s football field.
08:50<HoopyCat>uhh... dear mouse: wtf
08:50<tofufish>Im so confused right now.
08:50<HoopyCat>tofufish: Jun 16 08:46:15 framboise postfix/smtpd[16535]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[]: 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using;; from=<> to=<> proto=ESMTP helo=<GYVGUKALZ>
08:51<HoopyCat>tofufish: copy and paste a single line, like that one, for an e-mail that should have gone through :-)
08:51<tofufish>Ahh i see, one sec, just locating the log files
08:51*mwalling lols
08:52<mwalling>!f whois mwalling ?
08:52<linbot>mwalling: mwalling is the resident asshole (40.825%)
08:52<@pparadis>mwalling is really just a big teddy bear
08:53<JoeK>mikegrb did it.
08:53<@pparadis>while (Yaakov) { print "MY HEART IS FULL"; }
08:53<HoopyCat>urmom did it
08:53<JoeK>how good is
08:53<JoeK>for a bopm bot?
08:54<JoeK>how effective is it?*
08:54<HoopyCat>JoeK: tofufish apparently hasn't received a single spam since using it ;-)
08:54<Yaakov>pparadis: I found a pad for you in the city!
08:54<JoeK>i might use it
08:54<JoeK>i want to make sure it dosent block innocent users
08:54<tofufish>HoopyCat, Another retarded question, where is the log located? is it /var/log/?
08:54<JoeK>some bls tent to do that
08:54<Yaakov>I am using it, it works quite well.
08:54<HoopyCat>JoeK: i use it to take the heat off of my forwarder
08:54<mwalling>JoeK: i just use zen
08:54<HoopyCat>tofufish: /var/log/mail.log on mine
08:54<JoeK>what is zen?
08:54<tofufish>its empty :|
08:55<@pparadis>Yaakov: I WILL RENT IT IMMEDIATELY
08:55<Yaakov>tofufish: Which distro?
08:55<tofufish>ubuntu 8.10
08:55<Yaakov>Oh. No help here.
08:55<HoopyCat>tofufish: do you have anything in /var/log/messages ?
08:56<tofufish>also empty
08:56<tofufish>(im opening them in nano to check)
08:56<@pparadis>JoeK: Xen is zen.
08:56<mwalling>tofufish: har, you probably broke postfix when you tried to add the rbl
08:56<HoopyCat>tofufish: i'd use "less" instead of nano, since they're locked for writing by syslog...
08:57<tofufish>using less is showing results!
08:57<HoopyCat>tofufish: nano == change files, less == read files. :-)
08:57<tofufish>is there an easy way to get to the bottom of the file using less?
08:57<HoopyCat>it'd be like using notepad on a windows machine to read a file...
08:57<HoopyCat>tofufish: capital G
08:58<@pparadis>HoopyCat: you mean like using "type" on windows...
08:58<@pparadis>or is that still in windows (i know it was in DOS)
08:59<tofufish>ruh roh, seems like alot of errors have been occuring
09:00<HoopyCat>postfix is a bit of a whiney bitch sometimes... pastebin somma dat log
09:00<tofufish>is there an easy way to copy and paste a larger section then what im viewing?
09:00<mwalling>pparadis: its there
09:01<linbot>mwalling: [mtr] 10 hops, no loss, last hop average RTT was 25.3ms
09:02<HoopyCat>tofufish: make your window bigger ;-)
09:04<tofufish>HoopyCat, Hope you dont mind, i PM'd the links to the logs to you
09:04<HoopyCat>tofufish: got 'em and replied
09:07<tofufish>smtpd_recipient_restrictions = reject_rbl_client, reject_rbl_client
09:07<tofufish>smtpd_recipient_restrictions = permit_mynetworks, permit_sasl_authenticated, reject_unauth_destination
09:07<linbot>Paste your bulk content into the text box on; after submitting, copy and paste the URL to which you were redirected (e.g. into the channel. The password is right there in the popup login dialog.
09:07<tofufish>do i need to combine the two, or does the spamhaus one basically overide the old one?
09:08<HoopyCat>tofufish: you'll need to combine them... also, my rbl stuff is on smtpd_client_restrictions instead, which might impact things
09:09<HoopyCat> <--- my relevant section
09:11<tofufish>hrmm, would using your client_restriction lines in my config work do you think?
09:12<HoopyCat>i believe my config to be the One True Path, yes
09:13-!-gowtham [] has joined #linode
09:13<gowtham>good morning
09:13<@pparadis>One path to rule them all?
09:15<gowtham>I run a few websites on my account with moderate traffic [less than 2000 page views per day combined] & some cron jobs [to back up MySQL and data] - my linode seems to be running at 200+ % CPU usage more often than not, hanging up httpd and ssh access
09:15<gowtham>can some one help me understand what i should be doing better to prevent this ?
09:17<mwalling>gowtham: probably OOM
09:18<SelfishMan>gowtham: could be a bunch of things. really need a lot more info
09:18<gowtham>please let me know - and i will dig in the info you need to help me with this
09:19<SelfishMan>pastebin the output of `free; ps -aux`
09:19<gowtham>[sgowtham@li59-66 ~]$ free total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 368856 360064 8792 0 3044 48400 -/+ buffers/cache: 308620 60236 Swap: 2097144 141428 1955716
09:19<tofufish>HoopyCat, I THINK its all working now :D
09:19<linbot>Paste your bulk content into the text box on; after submitting, copy and paste the URL to which you were redirected (e.g. into the channel. The password is right there in the popup login dialog.
09:19<gowtham>oh sorry
09:19<linbot>Please post the output of `free; ps aux` to and then post the pastebin address here
09:20<SelfishMan>I knew I had a trigger for that somewhere
09:20<tofufish>HoopyCat, Sent a test email, and i received it. Thanks for all the help!
09:21-!-esparkman [~esparkman@] has joined #linode
09:21<gowtham>that's the free command
09:23<gowtham> - that's ps aux
09:23-!-spearson [] has joined #linode
09:23-!-xitology [~xi@] has joined #linode
09:23-!-oruwork [] has joined #linode
09:24<linbot>spearson: [mtr] 15 hops, no loss, last hop average RTT was 60.0ms
09:24<SelfishMan>gowtham: Turn the keepalive timeout in apache to 2 seconds and tweak your mpm settings
09:25<SelfishMan>For very little traffic you have a lot of active apache threads
09:25<gowtham>SelfishMan: you mean in the httpd.conf ?
09:27<gowtham>it was set to 15 before, set it to 2 now
09:27<gowtham>restarted the apache
09:28<gowtham>KeepAlive Off ; MaxKeepAliveRequests 100 ; KeepAliveTimeout 2
09:28<gowtham>those are the current KeepAlive-related directives
09:31<gowtham>should I be changing the other two to some other values ?
09:34-!-mmlj4 [] has left #linode []
09:38-!-ondrej [~ondrej@] has joined #linode
09:45<HoopyCat>tofufish: good to know :-) enjoy! btw, you can use "tail -f /var/log/mail.log" to follow that (or most any other) log file
09:48<gowtham>Thank you SelfishMan [and mwalling] - for your time and help
09:48<scott>someone should put that in the topic
09:48<scott>must be a first
09:49<HoopyCat>we've had some idea this day would come... after all, the new satanmobile does have a ski rack, although it's probably just because that's pretty standard these days
09:53-!-gowtham [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:13<Karrde>why does bash's ./configrue check for emacs? or is that in all ./configures and I just haven't had one break so early (4th line) before?
10:14<tjfontaine>probably because the autoconf told it too
10:18<HoopyCat>m #emacscabal oh crap, someone figured out the bash conspiracy
10:18-!-hejog [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
10:19<Yaakov>Isn't there some kind of emacs-related bash completion thingy?
10:19<tjfontaine>there are tons of bash completion thingies, what do you mean by emacs related?
10:20<Yaakov>I mean, couldn't it be looking to support emacs.
10:21-!-Redgore [] has joined #linode
10:21-!-q[rGeoffrey] [~chatzilla@] has joined #linode
10:27<mwalling>line modes i thought
10:27<mwalling>like set -o or something
10:27<mwalling>set -o emacs: use an emacs-style line editing interface
10:28<straterra>silly emacs
10:32<Yaakov>I know someone that uses vi bindings in his shell.
10:33<mwalling>i did on AIX
10:33<Yaakov>That would drive me crazy.
10:33<Pryon>I do on solaris
10:34-!-Alan_ [~alan@] has joined #linode
10:34-!-Alan [~alan@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:36-!-derek [] has joined #linode
10:39-!-Artifex [~ncain@] has joined #linode
10:39-!-jcn [] has quit [Quit: ircII EPIC4-2.6 -- Are we there yet?]
10:42-!-dzjepp [] has joined #linode
10:43<Peng_>HoopyCat & jed & jtsage: Mind if I use iburst against your NTP servers? It's no big deal -- just a few extra packets occasionally -- but I dunno, I wanted to ask.
10:44<jtsage>peng - go for it. you @ dallas by any chance? if so, I can give you the priv IP if you wanna hit it on the internal NIC
10:45<HoopyCat>Peng_: please feel free
10:46-!-binel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:47-!-J-Node [] has joined #linode
10:47-!-J-Node [] has quit []
10:47<Peng_>jtsage: Yes, I am. That sounds neat. I'll probably wind up sticking with the public IP so I can exercise IPv6, even though it wouldn't be as accurate...
10:47<Peng_>HoopyCat & jtsage: Thanks! :)
10:47<@pparadis>heh, anyone else seen this yet?
10:48<Peng_>jtsage: Got a DNS record for your private IP? I'd prefer that.
10:49<Peng_>Peng_ irssi fail :)
10:49<dueyfinster>pparadis: There's probably a Firefox extension for that; wouldn't surprise me!
10:50<Peng_>How many requests per second can Opera handle? :D
10:50<jtsage>ooh. yeah, give me just a second. but, lets do and (adding em, TTL on the zone is less than an hour, authoritative @
10:50-!-binel [] has joined #linode
10:50<Peng_>Does it have mod_rewrite? FastCGI support? :D
10:50<cout__>pparadis: why would I want to run a web server inside my web browser instead of just running a web server?
10:50-!-cout__ is now known as cout_
10:50<Peng_>cout_: Well, some say the web browser is the new operating system...
10:51<dueyfinster>Peng_: Nothing surer if Google have their way
10:52<cout_>duey: s/Google/Palm/
10:52<jtsage>peng - records added. and by authoritative @ ns., i meant authoritative @ ns1. & ns2
10:53<Peng_>jtsage: BTW, I have a private IP too,
10:53*Peng_ loves excessively complicated hostnames!
10:53<dueyfinster>cout: I think they have a better chance than anyone, really. Maybe trying to do too much at once, but hey if you have the money...
10:55-!-linville_ [] has joined #linode
10:55<jtsage>cool. next time those servers get reset, i'll drop that hostname in instead
10:55<linbot>The rules: (#1) ignore aaronyy, (#2) ignore b4, (#3) SelfishMan is the resident arrogant prick, (#4) mwalling is the resident asshole
10:55<mwalling>Peng_: ^^
10:55-!-linville [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:55<Peng_>mwalling: Heh.
10:56<Artifex>webserver-in-webbrowser is an ooooooold concept
10:56<Artifex> is the "original art" afaik
10:56<Peng_>Oh, that's right. I forgot that I prefer using public IPs so that "ntpq -p" is more useful.
10:59<@pparadis>not saying it's a new idea or anything, but i'll be interested to see if it can get opera beyond 1% market share.
10:59<@pparadis>of course, it may bring a whole new meaning to the term "browser exploit"
11:00<Peng_>Does it support PHP?
11:00<@pparadis>i'm starting a global PHP riddance campaign.
11:01<Artifex>pparadis: it cannot
11:01<Artifex>and i will join and spearhead your php riddance campaign
11:01<Artifex>@ (10:59:35 AM) pparadis: not saying it's a new idea or anything, but i'll be interested to see if it can get opera beyond 1% market share.
11:01-!-linville [] has joined #linode
11:02<HIghoS>I seriously doubt it, given Opera doesn't even have that large % of the desktop market.
11:03<HIghoS>(different story when you start talking Embedded/Mobile devices...)
11:03<Artifex>opera is losing ground in the embedded space now too
11:03<Artifex>since the iphone, palm pre, etc all use webkit
11:03-!-linville_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:04-!-spearson [] has quit []
11:04<HIghoS>That's true, but then even considering that their market share is crazy.
11:04<HIghoS>When you consider non-smartphones.
11:05<@irgeek>Opera's market-share in the non-smartphone space is only because there's nothing else.
11:05<HIghoS>That's the kind of market I'd want in on ;p
11:05<Eudoxus>One "drawback" (in some sense) of using Linode is one is responsible for one's own security because one is not a security wizard, right? As opposed to shared hosting where security experts have done their part already.
11:06<Eudoxus>How much does it cost to hire security wizards to try to hack up one's node?
11:06<@irgeek>Meh. Everyone I know that played with Opera and decided they wanted a browser on their phone tossed the throw-away phone and got an iPhone.
11:07<@irgeek>Eudoxus: Never assume most shared hosting companies have a wizard.
11:07<Artifex>Eudoxus: you're making the assumption that shared hosting providers staff security experts.... :-)
11:07<Artifex>in my experience, that's not the best assumption
11:07<HoopyCat>Eudoxus: you're always responsible for your own security :-)
11:08<scott>Eudoxus: there are a few consultants out there who will do penetration testing
11:08<Eudoxus>can you recommend some?
11:08<scott>call one up and see :)
11:08<scott>yes i can
11:08<scott>one sec...
11:08<@irgeek>Insult someone on 4chan--that should take care of it.
11:09*HIghoS chuckles.
11:09<Artifex>cute new error that our system here at work just spat out for the first time: "System.Exception: Server does not return message to the message "
11:09<@irgeek>Yo dawg, I heard you like messages...
11:10-!-jcn [] has joined #linode
11:11<HoopyCat>pparadis: 11:10 [@manax2:3] Slashdot headline: Opera 10.0 Released, With Integrated Web Browser Functionality (At least, that's what I first read :) )
11:12-!-FireSlash`Work [] has joined #linode
11:12<FireSlash`Work>I love you guys <3
11:12*pparadis goes to write an auto-insult script for 4chan.
11:13<HoopyCat>FireSlash`Work: it's a little early to be that drunk on a tuesday!
11:13<FireSlash`Work>HoopyCat, Haha
11:14<FireSlash`Work>I just thought I'd pop in and say it. I was in an unrelated discussion in #php on freenode and it reminded me how awesome linode is compared to other vps providers
11:17<HoopyCat>FireSlash`Work: linode is like a cross between the guy you know with extra space in his rack at the colo and actual production-grade facilities and minions
11:18<FireSlash`Work>It's a nice blend :)
11:18<HoopyCat>pparadis: just got this in via the twitter: ... have enough boxes left over to ship them the world's smallest violin? ;-)
11:18<@irgeek>Yaakov: You are correct. I am.
11:19<FireSlash`Work>All the right toys for doing my shit the way I want, while retaining that personal touch of "Oh hey, caker can you please fix my retardeness" without calling, putting in a ticket, and waiting 5 years for a response.
11:19<@pparadis>HoopyCat: nice
11:22-!-tofufish [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:24<Yaakov>Opera looks pretty nice. The email client and chat clients aren't bad at all.
11:27-!-mattikus [] has joined #linode
11:28<Artifex>does anyone know of a good, git-friendly issue/bug tacking and/or sw "lifecycle management" tool?
11:29*mwalling ducks
11:29<Artifex>let me append that with "that is free/oss"?
11:30-!-tiny [~ivob@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:30<Artifex>tjfontaine: will trac talk to git now?
11:31<tjfontaine>there are a couple ways to do it
11:31<Artifex>ok, i'll add that to my eval list
11:31<Yaakov>tjfontaine: Which way will you do it for me?
11:31<Artifex>know of anything that does decentralized operation like git itself?
11:31<Yaakov>I need to get that set up.
11:31<tjfontaine>Artifex: perhaps what you really want is git-svn
11:32<Artifex>and that isn't fledgling like bugseverywhere
11:32<tjfontaine>there are way too many options for dvcs
11:32<Yaakov>I AM USING GIT
11:32<Yaakov>SO SHUT UP
11:32<Artifex>i considered git-svn, but... dunno
11:33<tjfontaine>I think the 3 that have traction are: git/arch/mercurial
11:33<Artifex>would rather not have to maintain a "sideband" repo
11:33<Artifex>and bzr
11:33<Artifex>don't forget bzr
11:33<tjfontaine>that's arch no?
11:33<Yaakov>I forgot bzr.
11:33<tjfontaine>Artifex: how important is it to have a 'blessed' official repository?
11:33<Artifex>arch was originally branched from bzr, but the two are now rather unrelated
11:34<tjfontaine>well I knew they were related at least
11:34<tjfontaine>when I said I meant bzr that comes from canonical
11:34<tjfontaine>in the form of launchpad
11:34<Eudoxus>I hate "why are you using x/don't use x" answers for "how do I do y with x" questions.
11:34<Artifex>tjfontaine: very, the goal is to run separate codelines for a production site (i'm sure you know the one...)
11:35<tjfontaine>Yaakov: thanks
11:35<Yaakov>tjfontaine: Surely.
11:35<erikh>Artifex: redmine integrates well with git.
11:35<erikh>really well.
11:35<tjfontaine>Artifex: well, I like having a traditional vcs for the branching tagging operations
11:35<erikh>much better than the trac plugin the last time I evaluated it.
11:35<tjfontaine>Artifex: and git for the work on my own tracking
11:35<Yaakov>Redmine is Ruby and so drops off the list.
11:35<erikh>ah, language fanboy
11:36<Artifex>eh, pushing ruby here is not going to go over well
11:36<Artifex>there's 1 ruby script in the whole operation, and everyone hates it
11:36<tjfontaine>Artifex: but, as far as integration is concerned the ank svn stuff is too good to overlook
11:36<Yaakov>erikh: No, sysadmin with production systems and limited resources.
11:36<Yaakov>erikh: I cannot afford YAP.
11:36<cout_>what's wrong with ruby?
11:36<tjfontaine>Artifex: having to do vcs outside of a nice ide is painful
11:36<Yaakov>Nothing in particular.
11:37<Artifex>cout: it might as well be smalltalk?
11:37-!-dajhorn [~chatzilla@] has joined #linode
11:37<Artifex>i have yet to see any ruby code that didn't make me say "that would be so much cleaner in smalltalk" :-D
11:37<cout_>artifex: unfortunately ruby is not smalltalk :(
11:37-!-Edgeman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:37<Artifex>tjfontaine: we are actually trying to get the hell *away* from cvs/svn :-)
11:37<Artifex>all around
11:38<tjfontaine>Artifex: but are you trying to get away from vs?
11:38-!-TM [] has joined #linode
11:38<mwalling>cout_: Yaakov doesnt have a RoR stack, and doesnt want to maintain one for 1 app
11:38<tjfontaine>Artifex: do you still have msdn?
11:38<mwalling>cout_: (your question has been asked before)
11:38<Artifex>right now we have git-extensions earmarked for vs integration
11:38<cout_>smalltalk might have caught on if it didn't enforce everything to live in its silly little microcosm of the world
11:38-!-daMaestro [] has joined #linode
11:38<tjfontaine>Artifex: I started a full fledged git-in-vs plugin, but I lost my help on the project
11:39<Artifex>tjfontaine: git-extensions seems sufficient
11:39<TM>I just signed up with linode. after trying to login for like 15 times, having to drink copious amounts of coffee and almost pulling out the little hair i have left - i went to the "forgot password" page and turns out it truncated my username when I signed up. Might wanna put a little notice up on there :)
11:39<Artifex>but that is not the part of the problem we are trying to solve atm :-)
11:39<Artifex>bug/issue/defect tracking is the last open item now
11:39<@caker>TM: as far as I can see, the input box only accepts so many characters on the signup page
11:40<tjfontaine>Artifex: TFS?
11:40<TM>no it definitely had my whole signin name - i saw it with my own two eyes, and have not had alcohol yet tonight.
11:40<TM>unless my browser wasnt behaving.
11:40<HoopyCat>well there's your problem right there
11:40<Artifex>tjfontaine: don't even get me started. That was our original plan... we installed a test TFS server and started an evaluation...
11:40<@caker><input name="username" id="username" type="text" maxlength="13
11:40<@caker>does it not care?
11:41<Artifex>tjfontaine: given the $$$$ involved, the ridiculousness that TFS adopted (seemingly) from VSS, and the fact that the entire stack kept falling over...
11:41<Artifex>we opted out
11:41<tjfontaine>Artifex: sad, I thought it had promise
11:41<Artifex>we did too
11:41<Artifex>it's an incredibly system for everything *but* source control... assuming you can keep it running
11:42<Artifex>but we can't afford to bring on a 3 man team to dedicated to TFS 24/7
11:42<Eudoxus>How great is your capability of being in front of a computer without going out? Do you start to feel dizzy sometimes?
11:42-!-Edgeman [] has joined #linode
11:42-!-mgc [] has joined #linode
11:42<tjfontaine>Artifex: there's always bugzilla :D
11:43<tjfontaine>Artifex: but redmine or trac are probably your best bet
11:43<mgc>can anyone help with a virtual host/apach question: I'm unable to start apache due to the following error: (98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address
11:43<TM>quick Q, i assume all linodes support 64-bit OSs?
11:44<tjfontaine>mgc: something is already using port 80
11:44<TM>bots. when we're all running from them while they shooting at us i'll comment again. Thx tjfontaine ;)
11:44<mgc>but netstat reports port 80 as unused
11:44-!-litwol|mac [~litwol|] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:44<tjfontaine>mgc: are you starting apache as root?
11:44<mgc>tjfontaine: yes
11:45<tjfontaine>TM: while you can run 64bit I'd suggest you didn't
11:45<TM>is apache on the right interface?
11:45<tjfontaine>TM: unless you plan on purchasing a rather large linode
11:45<TM>tjfontaine: yeah just saw it there and thought oooh. dont have one of them yet.
11:45-!-anilm [] has joined #linode
11:45<@irgeek>mgc: Do you have 'Listen 80' defined in two places?
11:45<TM>tjfontaine: but since its a websever i need, 32-bit will be fine.
11:45<tjfontaine>the oof factor would fade when you saw the memory usage
11:46<mgc>No, I only have Listen x.x.x.x:80 in my virtual host
11:47<mgc>go on...
11:47<@irgeek>mgc: cat /etc/apache2/ports.conf
11:47<mgc>irgeek: well done, sir
11:47<@irgeek>I know.
11:47<@irgeek>Listen directives don't go in virtual host configs.
11:48<mgc>what about when specifying irregular ports?
11:48<mgc>like 81, 8005 or something similar
11:49<TM>for a mainstream website you're gonna have a problem with clients not finding it.
11:49<TM>apart from fw configs etc etc
11:49<tjfontaine>!newercalc 89 gbp in usd
11:49<linbot>tjfontaine: $ 146.62 (US dollars) (current quoted value)
11:50<mwalling>http needs SRV!
11:51<mgc>TM: thanks
11:52<TM>mgc: perhaps you mean you need additional ports for additional virtual hosts? not sure but if u are asking answer is no - since the virtual hosts are mapped by name, not port. port stay at 80.
11:53<mgc>TM: ok, that makes sense. it turns out the real root of the problem was my boss had two instances of apache installed
11:53<mgc>needless to say that caused a lot of confusion and headaches
11:54<nessenj>was there a brief outage in fremont earlier this morning - around 2:30a pacific?
11:56<mwalling>so unite isnt really an httpd
11:56<mwalling>they're proxying
11:57-!-mgc [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:58<@irgeek>nessenj: Nothing we saw. What makes you think there was?
12:02<nessenj>irgeek: sorry, after reading my email not on my iPhone, it looks like it was my dallas linode freaking out
12:02<nessenj>need coffee!
12:03<nessenj>seems there was alot of packet loss between 2:15am and 2:50am - over 50%
12:03<TM>(about the coffee, not the iphone. mine was stolen last month. )
12:04-!-morficus [] has joined #linode
12:10<linbot>New news from forums: Hardware specs for Linode servers? in Sales Questions and Answers <>
12:15<Yaakov>All Linode servers feature processors made on pure silicon subrstate with startegic use of precious metals like gold (Au) and platinum (Pt), with structural use of glass, epoxy, aluminum and steel. Linode servers also use sopisticated gallium arsenide phosphide (GaAsP) photon emitters for visual telemetry.
12:17<mwalling>ha, friend's unite is down
12:18<@pparadis>our server's also have photon torpedoes to repel DDoS attacks.
12:18<@pparadis>errant use of apostophe, oops
12:19-!-litwol|mac [~litwol|ma@] has joined #linode
12:20<@irgeek>Um, I thing most people's desktops are larger than 400x300 these days.
12:20<@irgeek>Also, that's not made out of Lego and is therefore not awesome.
12:21<Yaakov>The Linode mothership is in geosync orbit over Absecon, NJ.
12:21<Yaakov>It can do this because it uses zero-point energy propulsion.
12:22<@irgeek>s/zero-point energy/mikegrb gas/
12:23<@pparadis>i've just been reminded why i don't read K5 anymore.
12:24<@irgeek>I'll look at it when they get to energy two point oh.
12:25<Peng_>Oh, by the way, did you see any network issues in Dallas at around 09:30 UTC? (Uhh, 05:30 Linode time, I think.)
12:26<@irgeek>Linode looks too much like London.
12:26<Peng_>I just read more backlog, and nessenj's data concurs with mine, then.
12:26<Peng_>I lost 5 points in the NTP pool! I'm leaving for DreamHost!
12:27<Peng_>SpaceHobo: The zero-point energy in The Incredibles was cool. :D
12:27-!-megatron27 [~megatron2@] has joined #linode
12:27<@irgeek>Peng_: Dallas != Fremont :p
12:27<mwalling>irgeek: he said dallas.
12:27<nessenj>i came back and said dallas
12:27<nessenj>after i re-read my alerts
12:27<Peng_>nessenj: <3
12:28<@irgeek>I'm still right. Dallas and Fremont are not equivalent.
12:29<Peng_>SpaceHobo: The magic blue zappy thing that traps people.
12:31<mwalling>fred: haha
12:31<megatron27>I dont' recall who but someone here once told me that he/she stops brute force attacks by limiting the number of logins to one every two minutes
12:32<fred>I hope that's per-ip
12:32<fred>otherwise easy DOS time
12:32<megatron27>yeah, I did by setting MaxStartups to 1
12:32<megatron27>did it*
12:32<megatron27>and I wasn't able to login a few times
12:33*Peng_ likes logging in several times a minute.
12:33<fred>I also hope that's failed-loggins per ip
12:33<fred>maxstartups=1 == easy DOS
12:34<megatron27>is there anyway to stop brute force attacks other than changing the SSH port number
12:34<fred>so, all I have to do to stop you logging into your box is to open a connection once every LoginGraceTime ?
12:34<fred>that doesn't stop bruce force attackcs
12:34<megatron27>I know but at least it makes it less noticeable
12:34<fred>a bruce force attack will only be done by someone targetting you
12:34<megatron27>I mean the presence of SSH running less noticeable
12:34<fred>better approach: fail2ban
12:35<fred>that lets you do "if there's 2 failed logins from the same IP within 5 minutes, block it for 30" kind of thing
12:35<megatron27>that sounds good, thanks
12:35<fred>denyhosts is simpler if you just want that kidn of thing for ssh
12:35<megatron27>I got rid of these crackers after I changed the SSH port to an unusual number but now I'm working at a place where they block all uncommon ports
12:35<Peng_>DenyHosts also has a central blocklist.
12:38<megatron27>I might just move everyone to public key authentication and disable password authentication
12:38<Yaakov>caker: PING
12:39<@pparadis>megatron27: then you have to worry about people maintaining control over their keys.
12:39<megatron27> fantastic, fail2ban is available on centos
12:40<megatron27>nice, fail2ban even works with Apache
12:40<@pparadis>that sucks works with a lot stuff :)
12:40<fred>pparadis: with a bit of luck, they don't make them passphraseless
12:40<@pparadis>fred: i wouldn't make that bet ;)
12:41<megatron27>fred, thanks man
12:41*fred has one passwordless ssh key
12:41<fred>used only for mounting my ipod touch :)
12:41<fred>megatron27: np
12:42<@irgeek>pparadis: Which is worse: Someone who gets their laptop stolen and thereby discloses their private key or someone who uses a weak-ass password that gets compromised fifteen minutes after they set it?
12:43<@pparadis>no argument there, just pointing out the concerns people don't frequently think of.
12:43<fred>how's that worse than them just using a weak-ass password for ssh ?
12:44<@pparadis>you can enforce password complexity
12:46<fred>true :)
12:46<Yaakov>pparadis: Did you see that URL?
12:48<SelfishMan>Dear Firefox: I would like my 5.3GB of RAM back kthx
12:48-!-det [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:48<nessenj>SelfishMan: i find myself wanting to send that letter way too often
12:48*HoopyCat has agents to take care of his passphrases for him
12:49<TM>Dear SelfishMan : Sure. Simply press the quick memory-release button on your computer marked "Reset". Kind Regards, Firefox.
12:51-!-det [] has joined #linode
12:52*SelfishMan closed 400 tabs
12:56<Peng_>HoopyCat: That makes me think of MIBs who type your passphrase in, not ssh-agent. :D
12:56<straterra>men in black? :O
12:56<@pparadis>will smith in da pc hizzouse
12:56<HoopyCat>Peng_: what's ssh-agent?
12:57<@pparadis>fo yo terminal, foo
12:57<@pparadis>there pageant for windows
12:57<straterra>I think I'm literally dying
12:57<straterra>My stomach is making noises I've never heard out of a human
12:57<@jed>i love how ssh freaks out when the host key changes
12:58<straterra>very very loudly..and it feels like my intestines are moving around
12:58<Yaakov>jed: You swing funny.
12:58<fapestniegd>jed: that's a good thing (TM)
12:58<@jed>i know it is, but i love its tone
12:58<@jed>all it needs it "Dear sweet God Jesus almighty, the world is ending!"
12:58<fapestniegd>zomg! key!
12:59<@pparadis>(sings) i'm looking at the man-in-the-middle, i'm asking him to change his ways...
12:59<@jed>i think it's the order that makes me giggle
12:59<@jed>Someone could be eavesdropping on you right now (man-in-the-middle attack)!
12:59<@jed>It is also possible that the RSA host key has just been changed.
12:59<schmichael> down? :(
12:59-!-derek [] has quit [Quit: derek]
12:59<mwalling>armagedtron is the best way to spend lunch
12:59<@jed>oh my god! someone is spying on you!
12:59<@jed>(or you just changed the key, you big goof)
12:59<@pparadis>looks like it's up to me:
13:00<schmichael>i never really expected the staff to send me porn in here but i guess it was only a matter of time
13:00*TM taps his fingers waiting for everydns update to find its way to dns servers that obviously are overriding the TTL
13:01<HoopyCat>schmichael: you missed the Night of the Assless Chaps
13:01<schmichael>i remember an assless chaps conversation
13:01<schmichael>not sure if it was *the* night
13:01<HoopyCat>ok, the Nights of the Assless Chaps
13:01<HoopyCat>... in fact, every night since pparadis has been here ...
13:02<straterra>HoopyCat: I used to have to pay for that kind of action
13:02<straterra>I get it for free from Linode now. Thanks Linode!
13:02<SelfishMan>how am I coming back to this conversation? I mean, seriously, why do you guys hate my freedom like this?
13:03<@pparadis>SelfishMan: you make me hurt so good.
13:03*HoopyCat slaps SelfishMan
13:04*SelfishMan slaps mwalling
13:04<mwalling>doesnt work in here
13:05<@pparadis>to hell with your slaps. i'm a freakin' warrior princess.
13:05<TM>nice whip
13:07<@pparadis>it's me:
13:07-!-kenichi [~kenichi@] has joined #linode
13:07*TM sees another long night of fightining with configs in sites-available and virtualhosts
13:07<Yaakov>pparadis: It's the Linode Incident Rapid Response Team
13:08<Yaakov>Didn't know I had pictures!
13:08*pparadis dispatches agents to Yaakov's residence to deal with this penetration of our secret society.
13:08<TM>oooh ooh sniper sniper
13:09<@pparadis>agents are already there, here's some streaming video:
13:10<HoopyCat>i thought my basement was scary and messy
13:10-!-neoark [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:11<Yaakov>They got in1
13:11-!-azaghal [] has joined #linode
13:11<Yaakov>They got in!!! I am fleeing!
13:11-!-neoark [] has joined #linode
13:11<@pparadis>oh christ it hurts
13:12<TM>someone pls tell me what im missing. its late and the coffee is low and this stupid thing wont work :
13:13<@pparadis>how is it not working?
13:13<TM>gives the default page
13:13<TM>vhost not being used
13:13<Yaakov>Put a port.
13:14<TM>i had, but i dont on my other ubuntu setups. ill put it back and see
13:14<@pparadis>where does that file live?
13:14<samirnassar>Hey, I am trying to understand some of my IPTables logs
13:14-!-Turl [] has joined #linode
13:14<TM>pparadis: /etc/apache2/sites-available and symlinked to sites-enabled
13:15<@pparadis>okay. did you restart/reload apache?
13:15<TM>yeah, put the port back, reloaded - nadda
13:15<samirnassar>I am seeing a bunch of SPT=80 DPT=52352 in my logs, where DPT could be a whole bunch of things. Why would the sourceport be 80 and be coming from my IP?
13:15<TM>whats the source and target addresses?
13:16<SelfishMan>samirnassar: because people are accessing your website
13:17<samirnassar>SelfishMan: even though it is outbound?
13:17<@pparadis>does your /etc/apache2/apache2.conf contain a line to "Include" the sites-enabled?
13:17<TM>pparadis: yep
13:17<SelfishMan>samirnassar: packets have to go both ways
13:17<SelfishMan>looks to me like you screwed up your firewall rules
13:17<samirnassar>SelfishMan: Well, inbound is not a problem
13:18<SelfishMan>again, packets have to go both ways
13:18<@pparadis>is that domain the real one?
13:18-!-vuf [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:18<TM>pparadis: yep
13:18<@pparadis>i see it in my browser.
13:18<SelfishMan>If someone tries to access your website then your web server needs to be able to send packets back
13:18<samirnassar>SelfishMan: I understand that part. The part I am not reconciling is my ability to see and use the website.
13:19<TM>pparadis: a website or "It works!"
13:19<@pparadis>the website
13:19<SelfishMan>based on what you posted it looks like it's broken
13:19<HoopyCat>samirnassar: iptables can log traffic without denying it
13:19<@pparadis>nvm, it doesn't work
13:19<@pparadis>i popped in instead
13:20<@pparadis>do you have an index page for your site?
13:20<SelfishMan>pparadis: that's what she said
13:20<samirnassar>HoopyCat: yeah. These rules only log dropped packets
13:20<TM>pparadis: funny u say that - it opened the right site for me once and never again after a refresh. symptom or maybe just my browser cache
13:20<HoopyCat>samirnassar: pastebin iptables -L? :-)
13:20<@pparadis>do it without the "www"
13:20<@pparadis>there ya go
13:20<SelfishMan>samirnassar: If they are logging dropped packets and you are seeing those entries then people are not able to get to your site or you are dropping a very specific part of the TCP session
13:21<erikh>holy crap coffee and klonopin is an awesome combination
13:21<@pparadis>TM: you need to create an alias for "www"
13:21<TM>pparadis: an lias where?
13:22<mattt>dns manager
13:22<@pparadis>that's odd, you're specifying as the servername
13:22<@pparadis>is the domain going to one ip and "www" going to another?
13:22<TM>pparadis: no all going to the one linode ip
13:23-!-pygmalion [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
13:23<@pparadis>well, it works without the www
13:23<samirnassar>HoopyCat: be gentle. :)
13:23<TM>pparadis: ServerName is what you identify the vhost with isnt it?
13:24<HoopyCat>samirnassar: are you seeing them as INPUT DROP: or OUTPUT DROP:?
13:24<samirnassar>SelfishMan: I must be dropping a specific part of TCP then because the HTTP traffic goes through without errors.
13:24<samirnassar>HoopyCat: OUTPUT DROP:
13:24<mwalling>samirnassar: if you're going to filter outbound, you should be allowing ESTABLISHED and RELATED packets through
13:24<TM>pparadis: erm im not vikram. and ive just fixed my DNS so is pointing to the right place :)
13:24<HoopyCat>mwalling: see line 26
13:24<SelfishMan>mwalling: Line 26
13:24<mwalling>my point stands
13:25<mwalling>hes just doing it already
13:25<SelfishMan>samirnassar: What is the exact log line?
13:25<HoopyCat>mwalling: heehee
13:25*SelfishMan slaps mwalling
13:25<@pparadis>TM: "" goes to, but "" goes to
13:25<Peng_>Does dallas153 use RAID 1 or 10? :D
13:25<SelfishMan>Peng_: RAID 7
13:25<TM>yes, 129 is right, .6 was my OLD hosting which has obviously gone to someone else. fixed it now.
13:25<mwalling>RAID 43
13:25<samirnassar>SelfishMan: OUTPUT DROP: IN= OUT=eth0 SRC= DST= LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=64 ID=0 DF PROTO=TCP SPT=80 DPT=2259 WINDOW=0 RES=0x00 RST URGP=0
13:25<samirnassar>SelfishMan: for example
13:26<samirnassar>mwalling: heh
13:26<straterra>raid 50!
13:26<mwalling>HIghoS: no, 43
13:26<SelfishMan>If I'm reading your IP tables rules correctly, you are rate limiting everything, incoming and outgoing
13:26*HIghoS likes to think his linode has the answer to life.
13:26<HIghoS>mwalling: Aw. I don't get the reference then ;p
13:26<mwalling>HIghoS: the answer, plus an offset of 1
13:27<mwalling>(aka, a typo)
13:27*HIghoS grins.
13:27<TM>HIghoS: can you ask it how I can get rich then pls.\
13:27<HoopyCat>samirnassar: are they all DST= stuff in private netspace?
13:27<@pparadis>TM: shouldn't "<Directory />" be "<Location />" ?
13:27-!-pygmalion [] has joined #linode
13:27<mwalling>TM: i hear whoring yourself out is well paying these days
13:27<mwalling>just ask purrdeta
13:27<TM>pparadis: dont think so, i edited the default example file.
13:27<samirnassar>SelfishMan: well what I usually do is close everything, and open up as needed. So I might be over aggressive
13:27<@pparadis>try it
13:28<TM>mwalling: with the high cost of card processing fees its not worth it. and cash will be stolen from u
13:28<SelfishMan>samirnassar: What I'm wondering is if the rate limiting rule is being applied anyway
13:28<@pparadis>i bought an hour's worth of purrdeta from mwalling last night.
13:28<samirnassar>HoopyCat: here is a slightly different example: OUTPUT DROP: IN= OUT=lo SRC= DST= LEN=68 TOS=0x00 PREC=0xC0 TTL=64 ID=1167 PROTO=ICMP TYPE=3 CODE=3 [SRC= DST= LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=64 ID=0 DF PROTO=TCP SPT=80 DPT=2259 WINDOW=0 RES=0x00 RST URGP=0 ]
13:29<HoopyCat>samirnassar: ICMP type 3 code 3 is port unreachable
13:29<TM>mwalling: doesnt work here in ZA
13:29*SelfishMan points at the rate limiting rules
13:29<mwalling>TM: eh, make them pay you in steak
13:29<TM>pparadis: Wow. we thought SSH throws its toys out for a cert mismatch, try a syntax error in apache and it looks like a bloodbath :)
13:30<@pparadis>doesn't like it?
13:30<TM>ermm. no
13:30<TM>unless "FAIL" repeatedly in red now means something else
13:30<samirnassar>SelfishMan: ah
13:30<@pparadis>try specifying the IP in the virtualhost directive: ""
13:31<samirnassar>SelfishMan: I /am/ ratelimiting everything
13:31*samirnassar looks for duncecap
13:31<TM>mwalling: had enough steak. crayfish... mmm i may be tempted
13:31<samirnassar>I am not logging dropped packets in general just dropped packets due to ratelimiting
13:32<HoopyCat>samirnassar: might not be a bad idea to allow more ICMP, too -- blocking ICMP is harmful more often than not (hooray path MTU discovery)
13:32<TM>pparadis: next drink on me. clever boy.
13:32<@pparadis>word up, yo
13:32<@pparadis>i like guinness :)
13:32<samirnassar>HoopyCat: Type 3 as well?
13:33<TM>pparadis: too bad, i like black label and the world must like it too! :)
13:33<@pparadis>make sure you alias just the domain to that vhost as well in case people don't type "www". i actually prefer a nice chocolate stout.
13:33<SelfishMan>Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll be threatening you with nukes before you even know it
13:33<TM>pparadis: never had stout. too scared to try it.
13:33<@pparadis>it's awesome
13:34<Pryon>It's not gonna bite. much
13:34<Karrde>Build a man on fire and he's warm for a night. Light a man on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life.
13:34<SelfishMan>e stout FTW
13:34<SelfishMan>Karrde: !fail
13:34<TM>pparadis: hmmm. will give it a try. had gin and tonic this weekend on vacation, kind of addicted to that for the time being
13:34<HoopyCat>samirnassar: well, you're sending ICMP type 3 code 3 as a rejection at the end of your input rules, so you'll -- at a minimum -- want to allow it out. however, pretty much everything in type 3 is useful, esp code 4 (which is sent when the DF bit is set but fragmentation is req'd)
13:35<@jed>now *there's* an unsubscribe address
13:35<@jed>good ole pounding the keyboard .html
13:36<samirnassar>TM: try the stout. It might bite, but in a good way.
13:36<samirnassar>TM: You know, just the way you like it.
13:36-!-ccelio [~ccelio@] has joined #linode
13:37<TM>samirnassar: prefer licking to be honest but yeah
13:37<samirnassar>TM: The Miller Lite is available at any gas station.
13:38<samirnassar>Cheap, quick, and mostly water
13:38<TM>samirnassar: ermm. never seen at any gas station i been to
13:38<TM>prolly cause im at the coffee machine instead.
13:38-!-Turl [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:40-!-Turl [] has joined #linode
13:40-!-megatron27 [~megatron2@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:42*SelfishMan waits for straterra to go over his bw quota
13:43-!-pygmalion [] has quit [Quit: pygmalion]
13:43<TM>linbot! i was about to have dinner damnit
13:43-!-pygmalion [] has joined #linode
13:44<HoopyCat>Please inspect and clean linbot's porn sensors!
13:45<TM>yeah i mean honestly. replace em all with angelina jolie or hell, i'de stoop as low as brad pitt over those pics above.
13:45-!-Turl [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:47*purrdeta doesnt click
13:48<SelfishMan>purrdeta: you know you want to
13:48<purrdeta>I am curious
13:48<purrdeta>but I am at work
13:48<SelfishMan>It's safe for work, just not your stomach
13:48-!-Twayne [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:48<TM>pparadis: I'm gonna beat you with a plank! :)
13:49<purrdeta>hahahahahahahahahahaha ew
13:49-!-Turl [] has joined #linode
13:51<TM>my vhost in apache works fine
13:51-!-cout_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:51<BP{k}>it's only kinky if you use the whole chicken. :P
13:51<TM>until i tried to add another one :)
13:51<@jed>haha, man, this was solid
13:51<TM>Now its moaning about the IP/name pair already existing and cannot reload the config with a new vhost - unless i meant to create a VirtuaHost instead.
13:51<@jed>don't normally watch TMZ, but that was worth it
13:51<@jed>(joe buck)++
13:51<TM>I need a drink
13:51<tjfontaine>jed: you should tell mikegrb to show the url I linked him an hour ago
13:52<@jed>what's funny is i'm currently VPN'd in to the office
13:52<@jed>so on our internal resolver there's a IN A for now
13:54-!-r3z [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:54<scott>i can resolve that too!
13:54<linbot>mwalling: Host not found.
13:55<scott>No match for "TJSMOM.COM".
13:55<scott>mwalling: !!
13:55<HIghoS>Man, if I wasn't at work I might have just gone and registered that, just because.
13:55-!-Turl1 [] has joined #linode
13:55<scott>jed: question is... what does it resolve to for you? :)
13:57-!-Turl [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:58*SelfishMan registers
13:59<SelfishMan>yeah, that's righ
14:00<Peng_>jed: Oh hai!
14:00<straterra>Someone kill me
14:00<tjfontaine>straterra: first start eclipse, and point it at tree
14:00<straterra>Oh..a fun way to die..
14:00<straterra>top speed
14:01<SelfishMan>poor straterra
14:01<straterra>Life right now is not fun
14:01<SelfishMan>sup g?
14:01<straterra>my intestines have been making terrible noises
14:01<straterra>and it feels like they are being moved around
14:02<straterra>and sharp, terrible pains in my intestinal region...front, sides and back
14:02<mwalling>dont eat pizza hut buffet
14:02<straterra>had it before that
14:02<mwalling>09:08 [@straterra:2] Today is going to be a much better day than yesterday..I've decided this.
14:03<straterra>It's still a better day than yesterday
14:03<straterra>I spent yesterday in bed, crying and shaking and depressed out of my mind
14:04<HoopyCat>i might recommend a trip to the doctor... depending on exact locale, could be gall bladdery
14:04-!-Xel [] has joined #linode
14:05<straterra>I think its just terrible, terrible gas
14:05<mattt>I've had terrible gas before, but not double terrible. Wow. :<
14:05<HoopyCat>that's what i thought too... but oh lord, it was worse
14:06<Xel>Wow, I came in at the wrong time
14:06<@caker>so, is that rash almost gone yet?
14:06<HoopyCat>Xel: are you a doctor? if yes, then you came in at the exactly right time
14:08<Eudoxus>How do I convert an SQLite date (it's some positive int) to a date that I can understand?
14:09*TM is giving on virtualhosts and is considering having a gin and tonic-stout-vodka shooter.
14:09<TM>giving up.
14:09<mwalling>Eudoxus: ask your database client
14:09<mwalling>Eudoxus: although its prolly a unix timestamp
14:10-!-cout_ [] has joined #linode
14:13<TM>Eudoxus : select strftime('%m/%d/%Y', 1125426109, 'unixepoch');
14:13<TM>Eudoxus: where the 11232 yadda yadda is the unix time being returned by your query
14:13<HoopyCat>TM: one night, as part of a sustained campaign of liver bombardment with a band that had just finished their last show, the R&D Department (that is, the lead vocalist/bassist) proposed and received approval for a round of Juniper Bombs
14:14<TM>alternatively most lang's have a unix->julian date/time converting function.
14:14<HoopyCat>TM: it was the turning point in the war, so to speak.
14:14<TM>HoopyCat: lol. hahaha
14:17<TM>i love the way they termed it unixepoch. sounds so the matrix'y
14:17-!-ccelio [~ccelio@] has left #linode []
14:23-!-amitz [~amitz@] has quit [Quit: Terminated with extreme prejudice - dircproxy 1.0.5]
14:24-!-amitz [~amitz@] has joined #linode
14:25*SelfishMan points at
14:26<scott>someone registered it
14:26*SelfishMan raises hand
14:28-!-dajhorn [~chatzilla@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:28<erikh>I just thought of something positively evil
14:28<erikh>screw rm -rf /, use chmod 4755 /bin/chown
14:30<randallman>What is it with java developers :) I've got 2 servers that just ran out of disk space at the same time.... and they each have ~6GB error.log files...
14:30<mwalling>WHY DID I CLICK ON THAT
14:30<randallman>-rw-rw-r-- 1 activeip tm 6099845120 Jun 16 14:26 error.log
14:30<randallman>And they ask 'Why am I out of disk space'
14:31<mwalling>randallman: you should be rotating logs
14:31<mwalling>bad sysadmin
14:31<randallman>This aint my app...
14:31<scott>mwalling: thats one day
14:31<randallman>They have total autonomy over this tomcat deployment
14:31<randallman>In this case, it IS 'they' :P
14:31<tjfontaine>my mom has been immortalized
14:31<randallman>tj, apparently :)
14:32<mwalling>tjfontaine: your mother is straterra ?
14:32<randallman>I hear a lot of chatter about your mom here :)
14:32<mwalling>er, ewwww
14:32<randallman>Plus, mwall - can I even rotate a logfile for catalina without restarting? Not sure a HUP solves the problem :)
14:33<mwalling>tell your programers to support hup then
14:33<SelfishMan>straterra: and how you stratroll someone
14:33<randallman>mwall, ahh and there the fun begins :)
14:33<mwalling>hit tab.
14:33<randallman>I dont think any j2ee devs know what a signal is :)
14:33<mwalling>i'm not adding a hilight for mwall
14:33<randallman>Oh I see
14:33<straterra>SelfishMan: I stratroll fine
14:34<randallman>mwalling - color IRC I see? :P
14:34<mwalling>no, hilights.
14:34<SelfishMan>randallman: eh?
14:34<randallman>SelfishMan: eh? eh?
14:34<randallman>Im trying to remember back in the day... there was a colorirc script for ircII
14:35*SelfishMan laughs at the people still clicking that link
14:35<randallman>and the error message if you specified an invalid color was '$COLOR is not a color, dumbass'
14:35-!-Xel [] has quit [Quit: .]
14:35*TM wonders why SelfishMan cant put something better up on it
14:35<SelfishMan>It was worth every penny of the $8.81 just to get mwalling
14:36<SelfishMan>TM: Originally I had it redirect to a google image search for granny porn
14:36<SelfishMan>but this seemed more entertaining
14:37<SelfishMan>plus I got a free positivessl cert
14:39*SelfishMan wonders why some people keep visiting the link
14:42<SelfishMan>hmm...a lot of traffic from NJ
14:43<phennessy>randallman: i use the "copytruncate" option for logrotate with tomcat :)
14:43<phennessy>i did look into it and there were some other alternative methods
14:44<SelfishMan>mwalling: that one too
14:44<randallman>By truncating you free the inodes but do not close the FDs?
14:44<phennessy>the FD stays with the error.log
14:44<phennessy>copy error.log to error.log.1 and truncate error.log to 0
14:45<randallman>however we really dont even care about the data
14:45<randallman>which is what upsets me the most ;)
14:45<randallman>noone reads the logs, noone cares :)
14:45<phennessy>tomcat keeps appending as if nothing happened, although i don't know if all logrotates have support
14:45<phennessy>just turn off logging then :)
14:45<phennessy>i think tomcat has logging options with the log4j stuff
14:45<randallman>not my app, not my filesystem :)
14:45<phennessy>and there are rotate options in that as well
14:46<randallman>Im sure there are :)
14:46<phennessy>yea :)
14:46<phennessy>i use the copytruncate on the stdout log
14:46<phennessy>which isn't configured by log4j
14:46<@irgeek>tjfontaine: Did you set up newcalc?
14:46<phennessy>error.log may not be either
14:46<SelfishMan>what the helll
14:46<SelfishMan>I'm still getting AARP stuff in the mail
14:46<SelfishMan>I'M 28!!!!!11
14:46<tjfontaine>irgeek: no, most of the web title stuff is SelfishMan
14:47<randallman>Moreover, my issue is with folks who just think that they can write anything to anywhere no matter what and get angry about it when they run out of disk space ;)
14:47<HoopyCat>SelfishMan: well, you know, lock in your lifetime rate early and reap the rewards
14:47<SelfishMan>!f triggers
14:47<linbot>SelfishMan: Most of the triggers are created by users. The trigger hacks using web title were mostly created by SelfishMan and Yaakov
14:47<HoopyCat>AARP's got some great discounts
14:47<mwalling>!f urmom
14:47<linbot>mwalling: skynet is urmom's keeper, bitch!
14:47<mwalling>!f where did the confidence rates go?
14:47<linbot>mwalling: Sorry, I don't know anything about that
14:47-!-materdaddy [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:47<linbot>Yaakov: [twitter] @filiptepper let us know if we can answer any questions
14:48<SelfishMan>mwalling: only applies if it doesn't have a literal match
14:48<@irgeek>SelfishMan: newcalc has a 32-bit bug somewhere. Just FYI.
14:48-!-materdaddy [] has joined #linode
14:48<phennessy>randallman: users suck
14:48<linbot>Yaakov: Current solar flux: magnetic 1.22e+02 nT (GOES-12), xray 3.73e-09 W/m^2 (GOES-10)
14:48<mwalling>SelfishMan: so that would be a 100% match
14:48<SelfishMan>irgeek: how and where?
14:48<linbot>chuck: [twitter] @filiptepper let us know if we can answer any questions
14:48<@irgeek>!newcalc (240000 * 8192 + (512 * 1024 * 1024) + (256 * 1024 * 1024) + (256 * 1024 * 1024))
14:48<linbot>irgeek: -00
14:48<tjfontaine>blame google?
14:48<Yaakov>!dig AAAA
14:48<linbot>Yaakov: [dig] status: NOERROR | ;; ANSWER SECTION: 400 IN AAAA 2001:470:0:6667::2 | ;; AUTHORITY SECTION
14:49<mwalling>(240 000 * 8 192) + (512 * 1 024 * 1 024) + (256 * 1 024 * 1 024) + (256 * 1 024 * 1 024) = 3 039 821 824
14:49<@irgeek>Google calculates it correctly.
14:49<mwalling>according to*+8192+%2B+(512+*+1024+*+1024)+%2B+(256+*+1024+*+1024)+%2B+(256+*+1024+*+1024))&hl=en&sourceid=gd&rlz=1Q1GGLD_enUS293US293&aq=t
14:49<pygmalion>does any one remember the irssi shortcut for page up/down because i can't remember it for the life of me
14:49<SelfishMan>irgeek: Nah, that just means you were rate limited
14:49<mwalling>pygmalion: alt p
14:49<mwalling>and alt n
14:49<tjfontaine>/sb end
14:49<straterra>or esc p/n
14:49<SelfishMan>-0 means you are blacklisted and -00 means you are rate limited
14:49<chuck>!help lasttweet
14:49<linbot>chuck: (lasttweet <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "web title$nick".
14:49<pygmalion>ah yes. thanks guys.
14:49<HoopyCat>figures that the second-to-last document in the 2005 file is a fsckin' mortgage
14:49<tjfontaine>!newcalc (240000 * 8192 + (512 * 1024 * 1024) + (256 * 1024 * 1024) + (256 * 1024 * 1024))
14:50<linbot>tjfontaine: (240 000 * 8 192) + (512 * 1 024 * 1 024) + (256 * 1 024 * 1 024) + (256 * 1 024 * 1 024) = 3 039 821 824
14:50<mwalling>SelfishMan doesnt like irgeek
14:50<@irgeek>!newcalc 2^33
14:50<linbot>irgeek: 2^33 = 8 589 934 592
14:50<@irgeek>!newcalc (240000 * 8192 + (512 * 1024 * 1024) + (256 * 1024 * 1024) + (256 * 1024 * 1024))
14:50<linbot>irgeek: (240 000 * 8 192) + (512 * 1 024 * 1 024) + (256 * 1 024 * 1 024) + (256 * 1 024 * 1 024) = 3 039 821 824
14:50<@irgeek>The rate limiting is funky then.
14:50<SelfishMan>I lifted your rate limit
14:51<HoopyCat>i lifted urmom
14:52<SelfishMan>!urmom HoopyCat
14:52<linbot>SelfishMan: Your momma's so attractive, she has a contract with the Ford Agency. (813:0/3) [morum]
14:52<@irgeek>I actually don't use it much anymore. Safari 4 puts the solution in the suggestion list when you search.
14:52*HoopyCat chews cyclobenzaprine and ibuprofen
14:53<@irgeek>Cyclobenzaprine? That sounds like it's meant to turn you into a robotic overlord.
14:53<Eudoxus>Does Linode allow one to "stockpile" bandwidth? If I don't use my bandwidth the first few months.... you get the point
14:53<mariorz>goo ol mellow yellow
14:53<HoopyCat>(that would, btw, be the moment my RSS feedbag upchucked upon my image-box)
14:53<chuck>irgeek: which version of safari? the latest version 4?
14:53<Eudoxus>to allow users to utilize their payment the best
14:53<bliblok>Eudoxus: Nope
14:53<tjfontaine>Eudoxus: sorry, no roll over mins
14:54<tjfontaine>Eudoxus: you get to pool bw though
14:54<Eudoxus>what is "pooling"?
14:54<HoopyCat>irgeek: muscle relaxant that works particularly effectively for getting me to sleep when my back really hurts
14:54<mwalling>Eudoxus: 2 L360s == 400gb bw total
14:54<tjfontaine>if you have multiple nodes, your alloted bw is the sum of all bws
14:54<Eudoxus>i c
14:54<pygmalion>!weather 07764
14:54<mwalling>weather has been broken for a while
14:55<TM>!define coffee
14:55<mwalling>!f weather 12345
14:55<erikh>that's what it should respond with
14:55<linbot>mwalling: temperature | 70 deg F; conditions | overcast; relative humidity | 64% (dew point: 57 deg F); wind speed | 0 mph; (1 hour 10 minutes ago)
14:55<TM>no diction lookup, ho hum
14:55<pygmalion>!f weather 07764
14:55<linbot>pygmalion: temperature | 63 deg F; conditions | overcast; relative humidity | 72% (dew point: 54 deg F); wind speed | 10 mph; (20 minutes ago)
14:55<mwalling>its partly cloudy!
14:55<tjfontaine>!f coffee
14:55<erikh>!help alias
14:55<linbot>tjfontaine: 'Coffee' is a brewed beverage prepared from roasted seeds, commonly called coffee beans, of the coffee plant. Due to its caffeine content, coffee has a stimulating effect in humans. Today, coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide.
14:55<TM>!f ?
14:55<linbot>TM: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error
14:55<SelfishMan>mwalling: it wasn't 10 minutes ago
14:55<TM>whats f got to do with the price of eggs?
14:55<mwalling>SelfishMan: it was
14:55<erikh>what's the command to make an alias again?
14:55<tjfontaine>!help f
14:55<linbot>tjfontaine: (f <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "factoidbot $*".
14:55<HoopyCat>!f price of eggs
14:55<linbot>HoopyCat: Your question is unrelated to the current topic of discussion.
14:56<mwalling>erikh: ask help
14:56<tjfontaine>!help factoidbot
14:56<linbot>tjfontaine: (factoidbot <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "web title$nick&q=$*".
14:56<mwalling>!factoidbot help
14:56<linbot>mwalling: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful community.
14:56<tjfontaine>mwalling: invserity
14:56<mwalling>no, really, it was
14:56<mwalling>i have a window
14:56<erikh>mwalling: ( 11:56:48 linbot ) (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
14:56<chuck>!f ?s=linbot&u=chuck&q=?s=linbot&u=chuck&q=?s=linbot&u=chuck&q=hi
14:56<linbot>chuck: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error
14:56<erikh>that's not very useful
14:57<mwalling>erikh: help alias add
14:57<tjfontaine>chuck: be nice
14:57<erikh>mwalling: ah
14:57<SelfishMan>chuck: there isn't anything there to break so don't even bother
14:57<tjfontaine>hehe chuckle: Heads up, mimes, and er... strudels: the iPhone 3G S pricing for France and Germany has been released!
14:57<chuck>not even a backdoor to execute arbitrary commands on your server?
14:57<erikh>!alias add weather weather has been broken for a while
14:57<linbot>erikh: The operation succeeded.
14:57<linbot>erikh: (weather <US zip code | US/Canada city, state | Foreign city, country>) -- Returns the approximate weather conditions for a given city.
14:58*erikh gives up
14:58<TM>weather is a function not a definition
14:58<TM>so it matches the function first.
14:58<chuck>!alias del weather
14:58<chuck>!alias rem weather
14:58<linbot>you know, my commands work in /msg
14:58<SelfishMan>chuck: weather is a plugin, not an alias
14:59<chuck>14:57:51 < erikh> !alias add weather weather has been broken for a while
14:59<chuck>14:57:51 < linbot> erikh: The operation succeeded.
14:59<linbot>pygmalion: Admin, Alias, Anonymous, BadWords, Channel, ChannelStats, Config, Dict, Factoids, Filter, Format, Games, Google, Herald, Insult, Internet, Lart, Later, Limiter, LinodeAvail, Misc, News, Note, Owner, Plugin, Praise, Quote, RSS, Scheduler, Seen, Services, ShrinkUrl, Status, String, Time, URL, Unix, User, Utilities, Weather, and Web
14:59<TM>!weather jnb
14:59<chuck>!f weather 55317
14:59<linbot>chuck: temperature | 73 deg F; conditions | cloudy; relative humidity | 47% (dew point: 52 deg F); wind speed | 15 mph; (1 hour 7 minutes ago)
14:59<TM>what city code does it want?
14:59<pygmalion>!list admin
14:59<linbot>pygmalion: capability add, capability remove, channels, ignore add, ignore list, ignore remove, join, nick, and part
14:59<pygmalion>!list alias
14:59<linbot>pygmalion: !, !!, !!!, !!!!, 64bit, 8ball, <3, accessible, acro, add, aks, ask, atlports, avail, avail1080, avail1440, avail2880, avail360, avail540, avail720, availall, availan, availatlanta, availca, availdallas, availfremont, availga, availhe, availnewark, availnj, availtp, availtx, b4, backup, backuping, bacon, beep, beer, blocks, bolopd, botsnack, bsd, can, captfail, centos, centosfw, chess, coffee, (3 more messages)
15:00<Yaakov>Who is mikegrn?
15:00<erikh>mike green, of course
15:05-!-cgreco [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:07<linbot>TM: The current (running) version of this Supybot is 0.83.3. The newest version available online is
15:07<TM>maybe the new version works
15:07<@irgeek>OMG /msg !
15:07-!-cgreco [] has joined #linode
15:08<TM>is supybot based on eggdrop? those were the last bots i played with
15:08<tjfontaine>hahahah hahahahah
15:08<TM>irgeek: u meant that for me?
15:08<tjfontaine>everyone abusing the bot
15:08<@irgeek>tjfontaine: Gets a cookie!
15:08<tjfontaine>nom nom nom
15:08<linbot>I HAVE BEEN VIOLATED!
15:09<mwalling>TM: supybot is python. eggdrop is... blech
15:09<tjfontaine>horrid combination of C and TCL
15:09<linbot>chuck: chuck: #iranelection, #haveyouever, Tehran, Father's Day, LVaTT, #iRemember, Opera Unite, Soulja Boy, Swagnanamous, #gr88
15:09<TM>mwalling: im behind the times. been a long time since i spent my night addicted to irc. aaah the memories
15:09<A-KO>Are there any other decent open-source webmail solutions other than squirrel mail?
15:09<A-KO>or is squirrel mail the "best" there is?
15:10<chuck>!urmom roundcube
15:10<linbot>chuck: Yo momma's so insecure, she gets exploited more than Roundcube! (744:10/0) [rmuom]
15:10<TM>roundcube...aah! the nightmares. make it stop!
15:11<TM>i would rather use the postal service
15:11<Nivex>yeah, our lug got pwnt through roundcube once :(
15:11<@irgeek>I'm assuming that, by putting best into quotes, you're implying "least terrible" - In that case, I'd say yes.
15:11<chuck>is it still insecure?
15:11<TM>i know of an awesome opensource one but cant mention it since its also a big global conflomerate business trying its hand at world domination
15:12<TM>and the lazy way out.
15:12<SelfishMan>chuck has discovered the triggers
15:12<@irgeek>chuck: Last time I checked they 'fixed' the exploit by making the page require authentication. That means you only get exploited *after* someone figures out a user's password.
15:13<SelfishMan>Weren't there several more exploits published the next day?
15:13<chuck>irgeek: ah...
15:13<chuck>oh woops
15:13<chuck>I just noticed that my little !twittertrends thing says chuck: twice xD
15:14<SelfishMan>how much chuck could a chuck chuck chuck
15:14<linbot>chuck: #iranelection, #haveyouever, Tehran, Father's Day, LVaTT, #iRemember, Opera Unite, Soulja Boy, Swagnanamous, #gr88
15:14*TM is contemplating shaving or trying out sims 3
15:14<pygmalion>TM: try out sims 3 and have your sim shave
15:15<TM>yeah, just may not work for me work tomorrow
15:15<mwalling>SelfishMan: No.
15:15<linbot>*BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
15:15*linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
15:16<chuck>SelfishMan: you have *way* too much money in your domain budget
15:17<SelfishMan>14:35 < SelfishMan> It was worth every penny of the $8.81 just to get mwalling
15:17<@irgeek>The third-level domains don't cost extra.
15:17*mwalling uses that logic to get
15:18*SelfishMan buys a new domain
15:19<TM>ok im out. later ppl
15:19*SelfishMan creates a gallery script for
15:19<SelfishMan>after lunch
15:20-!-TM [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.10/2009042316]]
15:20<chuck>I find the text on really hard to read :P
15:22<mwalling>wait, exists?
15:23<HoopyCat>mwalling: yes sir, and according to our records, it appears to be related to a gentleman by the name of "Mark Walling"... you wouldn't happen to know a Mark Walling, would you?
15:25<pygmalion>and he uses some host named XCalibre
15:25<linbot>New news from forums: Outage: dallas158 (Accounts moved to dallas162) in System and Network Status <>
15:25<pygmalion>how british
15:26<mwalling>i wonder if this is the pyscho who tries to friend me on facebook all the time
15:27<tjfontaine>mwalling: no that's me
15:29-!-silverblade [] has joined #linode
15:30<Yaakov>!wx kord
15:31<linbot>Yaakov: [metar] OBS at KORD: 69.8F/21C visibility 10 mi. Wind 9.21 mph
15:31<Yaakov>There! Weather!
15:31<tjfontaine>!wx kcak
15:31<linbot>tjfontaine: [metar] OBS at KCAK: 78.8F/26C visibility 10 mi. Wind 11.51 mph
15:31<HoopyCat>Yaakov: what's the altimeter setting?
15:31<Yaakov>I can display it, if you REALLY want it.
15:32<HoopyCat>it's handy
15:32<pygmalion>does anyone have issues running vim in screen? once i get close to the bottom of the page the lines start to duplicate
15:32<mwalling>!wx kalb
15:32<linbot>mwalling: [metar] OBS at KALB: 73.4F/23C, , visibility 10 mi., Wind 4.60 mph
15:33<mwalling>10 miles and overcast
15:33<mwalling>fail bus.
15:33<@irgeek>!wx krull
15:33<mwalling>!f weather 12309
15:33<linbot>irgeek: [metar] KRULL: not found
15:33<linbot>mwalling: temperature | 73 deg F; conditions | clear; relative humidity | 47% (dew point: 52 deg F); wind speed | 5 mph; (42 minutes ago)
15:33<pygmalion>Yaakov: you're in Chicago?
15:33<Yaakov>!wx kjfk
15:34<linbot>Yaakov: [metar] OBS at KJFK: 64.4F/18C, , visibility 10 mi., Wind 11.51 mph
15:34<Yaakov>I am not in NY either!
15:34<Nivex>!metar krdu
15:34<Nivex>aww I wanted the raw metar
15:34<Yaakov>That's easy.
15:35<chuck>are there any other fun APIs that could be used in a trigger?
15:35<HoopyCat>pygmalion: works fine here; that's usually an indication of either a termcap issue (rare these days) or funky terminal settings
15:35<pygmalion>HoopyCat: Thanks, I'll explore.
15:36<@irgeek>!wx kacy
15:36<linbot>irgeek: timed out
15:37<chuck>!help wx
15:37<linbot>chuck: (wx <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "web title$1&requester=$nick".
15:37<chuck>does it not work with regular zip codes and stuff?
15:37<Pryon>I finally had to add a "weasels have eaten our phone system" for calls coming out of area code 315. Is there something in the water in Syracuse?
15:37<pygmalion>chuck: metar is Aviation Routine Weather Report
15:38<Yaakov>!wx kord
15:38<pygmalion>chuck: airport codes only
15:38<linbot>Yaakov: [metar] OBS at KORD: 69.8F/21C, visibility 10 mi., Wind 9.21 mph (altimeter: 29.89)
15:38<purrdeta>!wx KDFW
15:38<chuck>!wx msp
15:38<linbot>purrdeta: [metar] OBS at KDFW: 93.2F/34C, visibility 10 mi., Wind 19.56 mph (altimeter: 29.87)
15:38<linbot>chuck: [metar] MSP: not found
15:38-!-Turl [] has joined #linode
15:38<pygmalion>!wx kmsp
15:38<linbot>pygmalion: [metar] OBS at KMSP: 73.4F/23C, visibility 10 mi., Wind 12.66 mph (altimeter: 29.87)
15:38<purrdeta>the wind couldnt possibly be that much
15:38<@irgeek>!wx kacy
15:38<linbot>irgeek: [metar] OBS at KACY: 64.4F/18C, visibility 10 mi., Wind 11.51 mph (altimeter: 30.24)
15:38-!-CWii [] has joined #linode
15:38<@irgeek>!wx kacem
15:39<linbot>irgeek: timed out
15:39<mwalling>hmm, the albany radar site should work then, right?
15:39<mwalling>!wx KENX
15:39<linbot>mwalling: timed out
15:39<@irgeek>!wx kink
15:39<Yaakov>hmm... too
15:39<linbot>irgeek: [metar] OBS at KINK: 100.4F/38C, visibility 10 mi., Wind 3.45 mph (altimeter: 29.88)
15:39<Nivex>!wx krap
15:39<pygmalion>!wx KBLM
15:39<linbot>Nivex: [metar] OBS at KRAP: 69.8F/21C, visibility 10 mi., Wind 6.90 mph (altimeter: 29.83)
15:40<linbot>pygmalion: timed out
15:41<Yaakov>NWS is sometimes slow to answer.
15:41<Yaakov>And they may be throttling you norbs.
15:44<Yaakov>I AM GOING HOME
15:44<pygmalion>HoopyCat: #vim channel people think it is a utf-8 issue.
15:45-!-Turl1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:48-!-daMaestro|isBack [] has joined #linode
15:51<mwalling>NWS must be lagging like wo
15:51<mwalling>even wunderground is laggy
15:52-!-mawolf [] has joined #linode
15:52<pygmalion>HoopyCat: yeah that was it...screen wasn't set to utf-8
15:55-!-daMaestro [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:57<Popper>how hard is it to setup mailboxes using dovecot, sendmail, fetchmail, and procmail? Do I just need to isntall squirrel mail or whatever client I want to use?
15:57-!-dzjepp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:57<erikh>sendmail is pretty tricky
15:58<erikh>but not that hard.
15:58<erikh>it has pretty good documentation.
15:58<erikh>I found exim to be just as sinfully complex and ugly as sendmail
15:58<erikh>if you want a nice configuration, use postfix.
15:58<mwalling>postfix is purdy
15:59<Karrde>so, are a one-line /etc/inittab and a 0-byte /etc/passwd and /etc/group bad things?
15:59<erikh>Karrde: yeah.
15:59<Karrde>anyone want to lend me some nerf guns to use on my developers?
15:59<erikh>sure, mine says 'louisville slugger' on it but it works just as well.
15:59<linbot>Please don't install sendmail: despite the catchy name it isn't your best option for a mail server. If your needs are simple, consider postfix. More complex? Try exim. Don't need your server to receve mail? Try ssmtp.
16:00<purrdeta>exim is complex?
16:00<purrdeta>I havent ever tried it
16:00<erikh>exim is painful.
16:00<purrdeta>maybe I will someday
16:00<erikh>so does sendmail
16:00<erikh>but oh well.
16:00<mwalling>so does postfix
16:00<SelfishMan>purrdeta: not more complex but allows for more complex rules natively
16:00<purrdeta>hmm ok
16:00<erikh>it's not worth this argument.
16:00<purrdeta>well, ill probably play with it someday LOL
16:00<purrdeta>If for no other reason than furthering my knowledge of stuff
16:01<erikh>SpaceHobo: have you ever even configured sendmail?
16:01*erikh sighs
16:01<Popper>so I should unisntall just sendmail?
16:01-!-pygmalion [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
16:02<Popper>and install postfix?
16:02-!-pygmalion [] has joined #linode
16:02<erikh>yeah, I sincerely believe that.
16:02<Popper>what if a program I am running on the server, CelientExec, requires "Sendmail" will postfix be my "Sendmail" ?
16:02<Popper>well, what info do you need
16:02<Karrde>hell, you can solve sudoku with apt-get
16:02<erikh>sendmail CF is turing complete
16:03<mwalling>Karrde: huh?
16:03<Popper>talk to me like I am wearign a helmet
16:03<bd_>Popper: all mailservers install a 'sendmail' binary. yes, this is confusing. sorry.
16:03<Popper>I know that little
16:03<Popper>ah, thanks bd_ so unisntall sendmail, and yum isntall postfix
16:03<bd_>Popper: there is also a specific mailserver called 'sendmail', which is horrible and don't use it
16:04<mwalling>Karrde: holy shit.
16:04<Popper>I guess I could also just point my dns to google apps
16:05<Peng_>jed: So, which registrar did you end up going with?
16:05<@jed>Peng_: namecheap
16:05<Peng_>jed: ok :)
16:05-!-FooMunki [] has quit [Quit: FooMunki]
16:06-!-laser` [] has joined #linode
16:15-!-Talman [] has joined #linode
16:16<Talman>Someone asked me an interesting question. Is hosting multiple IRCds on a linode justification to IANA for additional IPs?
16:16<Talman>Since the apps would need to be on 6667-7000 each.
16:16<straterra>You can run it on alternate ports
16:16<straterra>or use a proxy of sorts
16:17<bd_>Talman: You're running more than 666 ircds?
16:17<bd_>and, ircds can run on eg port 7001, no problem
16:17<bd_>(someone should convince mirc's author to implement SRV lookups :|)
16:17<tjfontaine>ha ha
16:18<@pparadis>straterra: glad you're online. i found a new car for you:
16:18<Talman>Alternate ports seem to be not within customer's expectations. Proxy is an interesting concept.
16:18<tjfontaine>straterra: yes
16:18<chuck>Do I URL encode stuff when I'm posting it with curl?
16:18<@pparadis>i figure if you're gonna drive a chick car you should go all the way.
16:18<Talman>But what proxy would do host based lookups and redirect?
16:18<straterra>I'd never get a new miata
16:19<straterra>I'd take an older one..and either put the rx7 rotary in, or the ford 5L
16:19<@pparadis>you can use squid to do almost anything
16:19<tjfontaine>let's extend the ircd protocol to include a HOST command after USER and NICK
16:19<@pparadis>better off with the ford motor, unless you buy two of those old rotaries.
16:19<straterra>Why two?
16:19<straterra>the Ford replacement is a LOT LOT LOT more work
16:19<@pparadis>for when the first one explodes from oil circulation problems.
16:20<@pparadis>at 70,000 miles
16:20<straterra>'re supposed to do regular maintenance at around 50k on them
16:20<straterra>a rebuild isn't uncommon
16:20<@pparadis>heh, yeah it's called order the second motor
16:20<straterra>the rotary in the rx8 is a lot better about that
16:20<@pparadis>yes, it is
16:20<straterra>It burns oil by design
16:20<@pparadis>much better, totally redesigned circulation system
16:20<straterra>So, you gotta add a little from time to time
16:21<@pparadis>just live my old civic si ;)
16:21<straterra>Oh god
16:21<straterra>you'll never see me in a civic. Ever.
16:21<@pparadis>i had the original 86 civic si hatchback
16:21<straterra>I'm sorry
16:21<@pparadis>could not kill that car. god knows i tried, really i did.
16:22<@pparadis>ran it without coolant for seven miles once after blowing out the radiator.
16:22<@pparadis>no permanent damage aside from replacing the plugs
16:22*laser` has a Ford Fiesta
16:22<samirnassar>After re-educating myself I think I have a better handle on my iptable rules -
16:22<laser`>It's tiny compared to what you American's consider a car, but I love it :P
16:23*pygmalion just set up notification forwarding over X so that he can be alerted when he gets irc messages
16:23<straterra>my eclipse isnt large
16:24<straterra>the backseats arent usable
16:24<tjfontaine>ha ha eclipse
16:24<@pparadis>it runs on pure estrogen, too
16:24<pygmalion>vw golf
16:24<straterra>thats ok
16:24<samirnassar>And here is the iptables -L output
16:24<straterra>i harvest estrogen off of my penis from your mom daily :P
16:24<@pparadis>does your car seem to lose fluids for a few days each month?
16:24<linbot>pygmalion: Yo momma's so smelly, New Jersey left HER! (741:0/0) [moumr]
16:25<linbot>straterra: Yo momma's so hairy she donates her facial hair to charity! (728:0/0) [rumom]
16:25<straterra>my car is fine
16:25<@pparadis>!urmom vote down 728
16:25<linbot>pparadis: Voted 728 down [omrum]
16:25<straterra>and sexy
16:26<chuck>!urmom vote up 741
16:26<linbot>chuck: Voted 741 up [ormum]
16:26<@pparadis>hey, i drive a sonata, so i have no room to talk
16:26<straterra>i dont mind the new tiburon's
16:26<straterra>they look decent..and are hella cheap
16:26<straterra>too bad the aftermarket for them is lacking
16:26-!-daMaestro|isBack is now known as daMaestro
16:27<straterra>a 2g eclipse in the neighborhood was broken in to last night
16:27<Popper>1 less on teh street
16:28<straterra>i drove by this morning..polarized glass next to the car
16:28<straterra>meh..even the older eclipses look good, if kept clean
16:28<Yaakov>!wx cyxy
16:28<linbot>Yaakov: [metar] OBS at CYXY: 44.6F/07C, visibility 6 miles, Wind 11.51 mph (altimeter: 29.62)
16:29<straterra>!google boobs
16:29<linbot>straterra: No matches found. (Search took 0.00 seconds)
16:29<mwalling>!wx kenx
16:29<Popper>!google scrotum
16:29<linbot>Popper: Search took 0.20 seconds: Scrotum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; Cello scrotum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; Scrotum : Scrotum or Scrotal Sac : Male Genitals : Discovery Health: <>; scrotum (anatomy) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia: (2 more messages)
16:29<linbot>mwalling: [metar] KENX: not found
16:29<pygmalion>!f boobs
16:29<straterra>i know there are boobs on google
16:29<mwalling>!wx knex
16:29<Eudoxus>What nameservers do I point my domains to to host them on my node?
16:29<linbot>mwalling: timed out
16:29<Eudoxus>(note: I may be using a wrong terminology. What should I have said?)
16:29<linbot>straterra: The current (running) version of this Supybot is 0.83.3. The newest version available online is
16:29<mwalling>Eudoxus: host on your linode or host with linode's dns manager)
16:30<straterra>why not just use the weather plugin that comes with supybot?
16:30<straterra>thats what i do
16:30<tjfontaine>straterra: shush
16:30*mwalling stabs straterra
16:30<tjfontaine>straterra: you spoil everything
16:30<Yaakov>!wx vaid
16:30<linbot>Yaakov: timed out
16:30<Eudoxus>mwalling: you mean make my own nameservers on my node vs. using linode's nameservers?
16:30<Nivex>because they like to abuse the web title command
16:30<tjfontaine>Eudoxus: yes
16:30<Nivex>instead of writing bot plugins
16:30*pparadis cries inside because straterra robbed him of his innocence.
16:30-!-FooMunki [] has joined #linode
16:31<linbot>SpaceHobo: molecular weight | 191.1 g/mol; phase | solid
16:31<Eudoxus>ok. any reason why I would NOT want to just use linode's nameservers? Sounds easier.
16:31<Yaakov>!weather 07726
16:31<straterra>but..theres already a plugin...
16:31<mwalling>Eudoxus: because thats not what you asked the first time
16:31<Eudoxus>as soon as I point it, I will be able to use the domain in Apache, right?
16:31<@pparadis>our nameservers cure cancer
16:31<tjfontaine>Eudoxus: dns is dns is dns
16:31<bd_>Eudoxus: If you need zone updates to take effect in under 15 minutes, then don't use linode's nameservers
16:31<tjfontaine>bd_: as masters
16:31<Yaakov> [< linbot] Error: Could not find weather information.
16:31<bd_>tjfontaine: I've found they take a while as slaves as well
16:31<@pparadis>it takes 15 minutes because all our cpu time is devoted to curing cancer
16:31<tjfontaine>bd_: orly
16:31<tjfontaine>pparadis: fix it
16:31<bd_>maybe not a full 15 minutes but still a good bit
16:31<Eudoxus>i see
16:32<bd_>(with NOTIFY enabled)
16:32<mwalling>tjfontaine, bd_: SelfishMan already investigated this...
16:32<@pparadis>tjfontaine: you'll be sorry you said that when you get cancer and we won't help you
16:32<bd_>mwalling: oh?
16:32<tjfontaine>pparadis: heh
16:32<bd_>!skynet NOTIFY lags, fixit :(
16:32<linbot>bd_: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error
16:32<tjfontaine>SelfishMan: result?
16:32<mwalling>SelfishMan: you need to sanitize your input better
16:32<@pparadis>"as soon as you pay your balance we'll reactive your linode and take care of that lump in your neck"
16:33<tjfontaine>pparadis: I haven't met my deductible?
16:33<tjfontaine>glad to make your day better
16:35<Peng_>!skynet (
16:35<linbot>Peng_: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error
16:35<Peng_>It's likely Supybot's fault for not escaping input.
16:35<Peng_>!dns2 (
16:35<linbot>Peng_: No AAAA or A records found
16:35<Peng_>Or not.
16:35<tjfontaine>you're supybots fault Peng_
16:36<bd_>urmom is supyboy's fault
16:36<Yaakov>!mtr (
16:36<linbot>mtr combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one easy to use tool, and the output can be useful for determining where the source of a problem is. It can be downloaded from or for Windows. MTR summaries can be retrieved in-channel using the command !mtr-CITY where CITY is fremont, atlanta, newark or dallas.
16:36<Yaakov>!mtr-newark (
16:36<linbot>Yaakov: [mtr] no host given
16:36<chuck>!mtr ;ls
16:36<linbot>mtr combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one easy to use tool, and the output can be useful for determining where the source of a problem is. It can be downloaded from or for Windows. MTR summaries can be retrieved in-channel using the command !mtr-CITY where CITY is fremont, atlanta, newark or dallas.
16:36<@pparadis>Public Service Announcement:
16:36<chuck>!mtr-newark ; ls
16:36<linbot>chuck: [mtr] no host given
16:37<chuck>!mtr-newark && ls
16:37<linbot>chuck: [mtr] 1 hops, no loss, last hop average RTT was 0.1ms
16:37<Peng_>This one is skynet's fault, actually.
16:37<Peng_>!skynet ()
16:37<linbot>Peng_: skynet is urmom's keeper, bitch!
16:37<Peng_>SelfishMan: Skynet explodes if you give it non-balanced parentheses, e.g. "!skynet (".
16:37<straterra>Is Squid hard to set up as a proxy?
16:37<Peng_>!skynet (()
16:37<linbot>Peng_: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error
16:37<straterra>for HTTP, that is
16:37-!-tychoish [] has joined #linode
16:38*pparadis hears the sound of a million apt-get upgrades clattering at once.
16:38<Peng_>I'm sure SelfishMan is really gonna appreciate this next time he reads his error.log. :P
16:38<straterra>I have squid configured on my linode for my home and vpn..
16:38<straterra>But I want to get rid of web servers running on weird ports to the outside
16:38<@pparadis>do it with squid
16:38<straterra>Can I use the same squid install to do both?
16:38<@pparadis>you can run squid on multiple ports as well
16:38<straterra>It's configured as a transparent proxy atm
16:39<Peng_>Urmom is a transparent proxy.
16:39<Peng_>On multiple ports!
16:39<@irgeek>Why not use one Apache on port 80 and ProxyPass to the others?
16:39<straterra>I don't know..
16:39<straterra>The things I want to proxy is stuff like shoutcast
16:39<straterra>I have apache on port 80 atm
16:39<@pparadis>i use it to do host-based parceling of inbound HTTP requests to separate VMs, all on one public ip.
16:39<Peng_>pparadis: Why?
16:39<@irgeek>He was too cheap to buy a second IP.
16:40<Yaakov>pparadis is an isolationist.
16:40<mwalling>Peng_: so his phpbb site wouldnt kill the world
16:40*pparadis has crapcast intarwebs at home
16:40<straterra>I have a second IP..I need more on my linode -_-
16:40-!-esparkman [~esparkman@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:40<Peng_>Actually, I might do that in case I ever get a second 'node and move one web app...
16:40<Peng_>s/in case/if/
16:41<straterra>pparadis: is using apache easy enough?
16:43<mwalling>lighty could do it too, right?
16:44<Yaakov>Apache upgraded!
16:45-!-dzjepp [] has joined #linode
16:46<Peng_>mwalling: Yeah, lighttpd supports proxying.
16:47-!-Turl [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
16:50<straterra>pparadis: how does proxypass work with vhosts, though?
16:51-!-hpj1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:53<tjfontaine>very carefully
16:54<tjfontaine>I love squid for apt-get caching
16:54<tjfontaine>way more than any home grown apt proxy
16:56<SelfishMan>Peng_: I'm not worried about someone doing bad things against the scripts. There are plenty of things that will make it throw an error but nothing worth taking the time to write code for
16:56*tjfontaine dumps air on SelfishMan
16:56<straterra>I'm not finding any documentation on vhost + reverse proxy
16:57<straterra>I want like.. to go to
16:57<SelfishMan>redirect or rewrite rule then
16:57<tjfontaine>isn't a squid vhost the same concept as reverse proxy?
16:57<SelfishMan>just like
17:00-!-linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:01-!-oruwork [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:02<Peng_>SelfishMan: OK.
17:05<linbot>New news from forums: Linode 1 year later in Customer Testimonials <>
17:08<Yaakov>I suppose it is good to know that it is not *old* news.
17:09-!-mawolf [] has quit [Quit: mawolf]
17:10<straterra>Sweeeeet, I got it working.
17:10<Popper>whe n Issh to my server, the login as pops up fast as does the password, but after I put hte password in, it seems to take a while to auth. IS there some thing I can do to speed this up?
17:12<Popper>only started happening today
17:12<Popper>and when I ftp, it takes a while to display folders
17:12<mwalling>putty is presenting the username request, not the sshd
17:12<Popper>and load pages
17:13<Popper>so, basically everythign seems to be slowing down.
17:13<mwalling>churning swap?
17:13<tjfontaine>Popper: what's the output of: free -m
17:14-!-Redgore [] has quit [Quit: Peace and Protection 4.22.2]
17:16<tjfontaine>you have a big linode
17:16<Popper>its not a linode, its one that I use for testing, as well as one of my linodes :p
17:16<tjfontaine>I presumed your question was in relation to your linode
17:17<Popper>no sorry, general linux question
17:17<Popper>my lindoe is workign great
17:17<tjfontaine>ok, moving on then
17:18-!-xitology [~xi@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
17:19<tjfontaine>there's so much that can interact, and if this isn't a linode I don't really have the desire to help you
17:19<tjfontaine>!f bofh
17:19<linbot>tjfontaine: The 'Bastard Operator From Hell' ('BOFH'), a fictional character created by Simon Travaglia, is a rogue system administrator who takes out his anger on users (often referred to as lusers), his colleagues, his bosses, and anyone who gets in his way.
17:19<Popper>!f asshole
17:19<linbot>Popper: mwalling is the resident asshole
17:20<tjfontaine>sorry, it's not me :)
17:20<tjfontaine>!f tjfontaine
17:20<Popper>no problem
17:20<linbot>tjfontaine: city population | 24588 people
17:20<Popper>this is what kept me from linux in teh first place, people unwilling to get off thier high horse
17:20<Popper>I mean, I could repaste bign the info with stats from teh linode if you would feel better about helping someone
17:22<tjfontaine>here's what I know about your server: it has 4G of memory but is only in 32bit mode, and 4G of swap but with 0 usage
17:22<tjfontaine>if something is slow about anything on your server it's either something eating all your cpu, or your disks are dying
17:22<tjfontaine>taking random shots in the dark
17:22<Popper>perfect, thanks for the info, it points me in a direction that I can try adn figure out
17:22<Yaakov>!f Yaakov
17:22<linbot>Yaakov: Most of the triggers are created by users. The trigger hacks using web title were mostly created by SelfishMan and Yaakov
17:22<nessenj>check dns as well
17:22-!-FoxTrot_ [~FoxTrot@] has joined #linode
17:23<tjfontaine>I can make a lot more assumptions about linodes because they're generally more known environments
17:23<tjfontaine>Popper: nessenj makes an excellent point as well
17:23<tjfontaine>Popper: if everything is stuck trying to do rdns lookups things will slow down
17:23<tjfontaine>and what Yaakov said
17:24<Popper>so from now on if I have general linux questions, ill make sure and lie, and paste bin the lindoes info
17:25<Pryon>I got yer plurar femilia right here
17:26<SelfishMan>Yaakov: Press the key directly left of the letter 'A'
17:26<Yaakov>OK, NOW WHAT?
17:27<Yaakov>Whew, pressing it again stops that.
17:27-!-FoxTrot_ is now known as FoxTrot
17:28<pygmalion>the key directly next to the A on my keyboard is control
17:29<pygmalion>so that confused me.
17:29<samirnassar>Hah hah. Lindoes, Lintendo
17:29<SelfishMan>pygmalion: get a real keyboard
17:29<SelfishMan>none of that international or non-US crap
17:29*SelfishMan hides
17:29<pygmalion>SelfishMan: HappyHacker
17:29<samirnassar>yay Happy hacker. I have the Happy Hacker light.
17:29-!-internat1 [] has joined #linode
17:30<samirnassar>I am cooler just having it on my desk at home.
17:30<pygmalion>SelfishMan: urmom's an international keyboard
17:30<linbot>SelfishMan: Yo momma's so dumb, she tried to exorcize the daemons from her Linode! (751:0/0) [mrumo]
17:30-!-jldugger [] has joined #linode
17:30<pygmalion>samirnassar: yeah, I love it. and having control above shift rocks
17:32-!-pwnguin [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:32<samirnassar>pygmalion: yeah. I need to get me another. Totally worth the United States Peso
17:33<pygmalion>samirnassar: I think I have the lite also... is there an alternative anymore? i can't remember
17:34<samirnassar>pygmalion: don't know. I haven't looked for a keyboard since getting the lite.
17:34-!-Dreamer3 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:35<samirnassar>pygmalion: It is my one and only. Like god you know, but with awesome finger feel.
17:35<pygmalion>samirnassar: hahahaha yes!
17:35-!-Internat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:35*samirnassar is done fscking around with postfix
17:35<Eudoxus>When adding a new Domain Zone, the email address I type under SOA, is that email address kept private? Who has access to that SOA email?
17:35<samirnassar>ssmtp FTW.
17:36<SelfishMan>apt-get install postfix, done
17:36<@caker>Eudoxus: it's in the zone file, which no one will see if you keep AXFRs disabled
17:36<@caker>oh wait
17:36<mwalling>and if i SOA
17:36<purrdeta>everyone will see it
17:36<@caker>it's probably queryable
17:36<purrdeta>or *could* see it
17:36<samirnassar>SelfishMan: well the debian "helping" dialogue is totally opaque to me
17:36<Eudoxus>why is it required then?
17:36<Eudoxus>i don't want to share my email address
17:36<purrdeta>then make one
17:37<purrdeta>for your domain
17:37<purrdeta>it is an RFC thing
17:37<SelfishMan>Eudoxus: You have to have a point of contact for the domain
17:37<Eudoxus>can I temporarily put an invalid, not yet setup, email address there?
17:37<samirnassar>Eudoxus: yeah, get an email address from a free provider.. Where might you find one?
17:38<samirnassar>If you Bing "free email" It'll probably have something for you
17:39<samirnassar>mwalling: yeah, because only tools use google. :)
17:39-!-pwnguin [] has joined #linode
17:39<Yaakov>I use Lycos.
17:39<samirnassar>hah hah
17:40<mwalling>i use altavista!
17:40<Yaakov>I mostly use Gopher.
17:40<nessenj>ugh, bing
17:40<@jed>i fought the ticket to pull gopher out of firefox
17:40<@jed>tooth and nail
17:40<Yaakov>jed uses Cuil.
17:41-!-jldugger [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:42<nessenj>no one here uses y! search?
17:42<samirnassar>Eudoxus: don't you have an email address provided to your registrar for your domain registration?
17:42<samirnassar>Eudoxus: if you don't, let us know who your registrar is. Could come in handy.
17:43<Eudoxus>i provided some email address there yes
17:43<mwalling>jed: i dont see your name on the bug
17:43<Eudoxus>i'll dig it up for this
17:43<@jed>mwalling: i read it, i'm being facetious
17:46<Eudoxus>Why is the "tailing dot" not required in Linode's DNS Manager? I ask because in the past, I have often had to end the stuff with a dot, like "" nb the ending dot
17:46-!-FireSlash`Work [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:46<@caker>Eudoxus: humans don't use trailing dots
17:47<mwalling>because the dns manager is awesome
17:47<@caker>whomever trained you to use them sucks
17:47<Yaakov>Wow, I have seen 119,773 unique IPs accessing my webserver since I stood it up about 9 months ago.
17:48<Eudoxus>heh ok
17:48<samirnassar>Yaakov: were you counting them one by one?
17:48<Yaakov>Yes, it tooks days.
17:48<Yaakov>I printed out my logs and highlighted the uniques, then counted them.
17:48<samirnassar>Yaakov: perseverance
17:49-!-Guspaz [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:50<Yaakov>!wx kacy
17:50<linbot>Yaakov: [metar] OBS at KACY: 62.6F/17C, visibility 10 miles, Wind 12.66 mph (altimeter: 30.24)
17:50<@caker>!wx acy
17:50*caker sad
17:50<linbot>caker: timed out
17:50<Yaakov>Needs the K
17:50<mwalling>caker: fail
17:51-!-zefster [] has joined #linode
17:51<nessenj>!wx klas
17:51<linbot>nessenj: [metar] OBS at KLAS: 82.4F/28C, visibility 10 miles, Wind 10.36 mph (altimeter: 29.81)
17:51<Yaakov>Because there are also "C"s in Canadia, etc.
17:51<mwalling>!wx ksch
17:51<linbot>mwalling: [metar] OBS at KSCH: 71.6F/22C, visibility 10 miles, Wind 4.60 mph (altimeter: 30.2)
17:52<nessenj>!wx ksmf
17:52<linbot>nessenj: [metar] OBS at KSMF: 82.4F/28C, visibility 10 miles, wind 6.90 mph (altimeter: 29.84)
17:53<nessenj>!wx kvcb
17:53<linbot>nessenj: [metar] OBS at KVCB: 82.4F/28C, visibility 10 miles, wind 11.51 mph (altimeter: 29.84)
17:58-!-mawolf [] has joined #linode
18:03-!-MarkJ [~mark@] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
18:03-!-Artifex [~ncain@] has left #linode []
18:04<HoopyCat>!wx CYHM
18:04<linbot>HoopyCat: timed out
18:04*HoopyCat clears throat
18:04<HoopyCat>!wx CYHM
18:04<linbot>HoopyCat: [metar] OBS at CYHM: 68.0F/20C, visibility 15 miles, wind 16.11 mph (altimeter: 30.1)
18:05<HoopyCat>the air is clearer in canada; that's why labatt blue > everything else that tastes like labatt blue
18:06<FoxTrot>i love labatt blue!
18:09-!-internat1 is now known as Internat
18:12-!-dzjepp [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:22<orudie>happy anniversary caker, do i get some resources ?
18:22<@caker>damn, you're right!
18:22<@caker>Linode is 6 years old today!
18:22<orudie>hook me up with some space
18:22<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:22<Nivex>dammit, now I want cake
18:22<orudie>happy birthday
18:22<@caker>orudie: how about a kickban?
18:23<mwalling>i second!
18:23*Nivex ambles toward the pantry
18:23<Nivex>just as I suspected: empty
18:24<orudie>yeah not so much fun
18:24<orudie>caker just turned a happy customer into a not so happy one
18:24<Nivex>ah ha! found some teddy grahams!
18:24-!-nessenj_ [] has joined #linode
18:25-!-nessenj_ [] has quit []
18:25<orudie>caker, but yeah caker you can kickban me i care less
18:25<iggy>friday was my 5th year with linode
18:25*jed passes out roofies
18:25<@caker>orudie: I was joking, of course :)
18:25<orudie>no no please go ahead
18:26<@caker>I would never.
18:26<erikh>one roofiecolada
18:26<chesty>i would though, ops me
18:26*caker applies one more Mhz to everyone's Linode
18:27<orudie>chesty but you wouldn't matter
18:27<FoxTrot>woot. lol. 1 mhz can go a long way :P
18:27<chesty>raid 10 for anniversary present
18:27<@jed>we have a couple spare jiggawatts, maybe next time you log in you'll find one
18:28<orudie>so if 1 mhz for every linode, how many mhz is that total ?
18:29<@caker>more bacon than the pan can handle
18:29<Nivex>It's baaaaaacon!
18:29<chesty>bacon fries down though
18:29<randallman>anyone having any type of issues with teh google right now?
18:29<randallman>It seems.... hammered :)
18:30<mwalling>works for me
18:30<tjfontaine>works for me
18:30<tjfontaine>mwalling win!
18:30<randallman>Ahh danke
18:30<mwalling>tjfontaine slow
18:30<tjfontaine>mwalling: first time for everything
18:30<randallman>mwalling FTW :P
18:30<mwalling>tjfontaine: like /kill *?
18:30<tjfontaine>mwalling: fo shiz
18:30<randallman>Thanks guys
18:30<orudie>randallman, yeah google is not giving putting my site at the top of the search , so sure big problem !
18:30<@jed>i have a hunch that won't do anything
18:30<randallman>we're seeing tons of 'Sorry' pages :)
18:31<mwalling>jed: it does
18:31<randallman>from multiple IP's in multiple places
18:31-!-jtaji [] has joined #linode
18:31<@jed>mwalling: orly?
18:31<mwalling>jed: tjfontaine has k-lined the entire network before
18:31<@jed>that's pretty funny
18:31<@jed>but that's not /kill * :}
18:31<randallman>gline * ? :P
18:31<mwalling>tjfontaine: demonstrate?
18:31<@jed>it's likely different over here
18:31<tjfontaine>well, both were triggered by code, but one was my fault, one I took the blame for
18:31<tjfontaine>we don't use glines
18:31<tjfontaine>we use tklines with destinations of *
18:32<randallman>I havent ran an ircd since 1997 :)
18:32<@jed>Over There it's /os akill add *!*@* 30d lol u suck
18:32<tjfontaine>jed: yes, that's what it is here
18:32<iggy>those were pretty common for a while
18:32<@jed>tjfontaine: bahamut services and oftc services run parallel, eh? :D
18:33<@jed>paperwork gets done Over There, though
18:33<tjfontaine>jed: there's little improvement on the user interface to be had
18:33<tjfontaine>ours is semantically different
18:33<tjfontaine>/msg operserv akill add +30 *!*@* you suck
18:33<tjfontaine>if you want to specify times
18:33<tjfontaine>otherwise the config has a default time value
18:34<@jed>when I opered Over There we had an alias for OS from an irc client to "be like a" /msg operserv
18:34<randallman>man, that would make for a highly productive IRC network ;)_
18:34<@jed>They dropped /msg operserv
18:34<@jed>you can now only /operserv, same with /****serv
18:34<tjfontaine>[06-16] 18:32 Aliases:
18:34<tjfontaine>[06-16] 18:32 akill /msg operserv akill add $- Mail with questions
18:34<mwalling>jed: wheres Over There?
18:34<@jed>starts with a D
18:35<@jed>ends with ALnet
18:35<tjfontaine>I'm not sure if we have /os enabled, but /ns and /cs should work here
18:35<mwalling>18:35 [*] Irssi: Unknown command: ns
18:35<@jed>mwalling: that's irssi intercepting it
18:35<@jed>/alias ns quote ns
18:36<@jed>i opered on dalnet before they crumpled under the weight of a six-digit botnet
18:36<@jed>then i just stopped going for a while
18:36<@jed>i told 'em, too, banning file sharing would be a bad move
18:36<@jed>boy was I right
18:38<straterra>How do I make a !whatevercommandIwant say something to the user that said it?
18:39<mwalling>!echo foo
18:39<mwalling>straterra: alias has a variable for nick
18:39<schmichael>hey staff: i need to a good linode logo to pimp you guys in my presentation
18:40<schmichael>caker: hawt
18:40<@jed>i stole one from somewhere, i forget where
18:40<schmichael>tomorrows the big day
18:40-!-lakin [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
18:40<schmichael>fremont88 users will regain much lost IO ;-)
18:41-!-jcn [] has quit [Quit: ircII EPIC4-2.6 -- Are we there yet?]
18:41<mwalling>the big day?
18:41<schmichael>mwalling: did my testing on a linode
18:42<pygmalion>schmichael: cool, that looks great
18:43<schmichael>pygmalion: lets hope it turns out well
18:43<schmichael>i'm afraid poor lighttpd is going to suffer a bit of bias against it
18:43<pygmalion>schmichael: will your results be going online at some point? oregon is not nearby for me
18:43<schmichael>i'll try to get them up during the conference (so by the end of the week)
18:44<tjfontaine>schmichael: I wantz them now!
18:44<pygmalion>urmom wantz them now
18:44<tjfontaine>where do you think I learned to be greedy?
18:44<schmichael>urmom has what she wants
18:44<schmichael>i gave it to her last night
18:44<tjfontaine>that's not what she said
18:44<pygmalion>oh snap!
18:45<tjfontaine>schmichael: how far the gap results?
18:45<schmichael>haven't quite parsed all the numbers yet...
18:46<schmichael>but apache is definitely slow (big surprise)
18:46<tjfontaine>how much care did you give to the configs?
18:46<schmichael>i think nginx is going to win the speed daemon competition for whatever thats worth
18:46<schmichael>not that much honestly
18:46<schmichael>i didn't want it to be "how fast can i get each server going"
18:46<tjfontaine>ok, for each app whos instructions did you follow?
18:47<schmichael>people's decisions should be based on a wide variety of things, not just which one they can squeeze the most RPS out of
18:47<tjfontaine>indeed indeed
18:47<tjfontaine>I'm more curious about testing procedures
18:47<tjfontaine>when you did django did you use fcgi across the board or did you use mod_python or or or
18:47<schmichael>i used siege and good ol' ab for load testing
18:47<schmichael>modwsgi & flup+fcgi
18:48<schmichael>as well as proxied cherrypy daemons once
18:48<tjfontaine>you did modwsgi and fcgi on apache?
18:48<schmichael>modwsgi on apache & fcgi on nginx/lighttpd
18:48<schmichael>might try to sneak back to do more testing on apache
18:48<tjfontaine>ok, I kinda wanted to see amore apples to apples comparison for django
18:49<schmichael>thats the thing
18:49<schmichael>*everyone* is going to be disappointed by my talk
18:49<tjfontaine>nah I'm sure I'll be happy in general
18:49<schmichael>because there's no way in hell i can adequately cover everyone's favorite platform combinations
18:49<schmichael>you have about 3 dimensions of options to combine
18:49<tjfontaine>did you do drupal with mod_php and fcgi on apache? :)
18:49<schmichael>just mod_php on apache
18:50<schmichael>benchmarks are never fair
18:50<schmichael>and if they are fair, they're not realistic
18:50<schmichael>exactoy :)
18:50<schmichael>exactly :)
18:50<pygmalion>lol SpaceHobo
18:50<tjfontaine>schmichael: I think it's always important to continue to benchmark, especially somethign more than static files
18:50<pygmalion>i concur
18:51<schmichael>tjfontaine: amen, and thats going to be my point: test & tweak your setup. just about any of these options *can* work
18:52<schmichael>going to someone's blog post on how nginx served 10k gifs at once has no bearing on how to deploy your drupal site
18:52<schmichael>so basically my presentation is going to be about how worthless my presentation is ;-)
18:52<schmichael>^ *spoiler alert* ^
18:52<tjfontaine>I wish there were something useful out there to handle htaccess in other servers though
18:54<schmichael>i'm not a big htaccess fan
18:54<schmichael>they're a necessary evil
18:54<schmichael>because.. (SpaceHobo, you want to take this one?)
18:55<schmichael>< SpaceHobo> that's because PHP sucks
18:55<tjfontaine>I think there's more usefulness to .htaccess than php
18:55<straterra>I like PHP :/
18:55<tjfontaine>at the very least is the ability to parse the rewrite rules in subdirs
18:56-!-ondrej [~ondrej@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:56-!-cron [] has joined #linode
18:57<Yaakov>Pragmatically speaking, PHP seems to be useful.
18:57<schmichael>Yaakov: yep
18:57<schmichael>which is why we all put up with it
18:57<Yaakov>In principle it is a crapfest in a can.
18:58<straterra>How so?
18:58<Yaakov>As a language, it is a morass.
18:58<Pryon>moar ass
18:58<straterra>Still better than python, IMO
18:58<schmichael>its a dumping ground for terrible programming language ideas
18:59<pygmalion>straterra: how do you figure
18:59<Yaakov>Python is a far, far better language on every front.
18:59<pygmalion>Yaakov: agreed
18:59<tjfontaine>this is probably an argument about understand OOP :)
18:59<schmichael>Note: The goto operator is available as of PHP 5.3.
18:59<schmichael>any language that *adds* goto support in 2009 should be destroyed
18:59<Yaakov>Python's object model is, well, an object model.
18:59<Nivex>can we port Gallery to Python so I can finally ditch PHP?
19:00<Yaakov>PHP's object model is hate on a stick.
19:00<schmichael>it was better in 4 before they pretended it was good
19:00<Yaakov>All the confusion of Perl with the power of Logo.
19:00<schmichael>in 4 it was like an associative array with special powers
19:00<schmichael>in 5 they tried to pretend they knew how OOP should work
19:01<tjfontaine>SpaceHobo: that would enforce a bit of discipline on them
19:01<pygmalion>schmichael: and that's about when i stopped using it and switched to python
19:01<tjfontaine>just use _'s as namespacing
19:01<Yaakov>I personally like Perl 5's OO, but I don't think it is the same thing as Python's.
19:01<Yaakov>And Perl does have namespaces.
19:01<tjfontaine>SpaceHobo: but but but
19:02<schmichael>pygmalion: ditto :)
19:02<Yaakov>SpaceHobo: No...
19:02<Yaakov>Perl 5 is the current perl.
19:02*tjfontaine grabs popcorn
19:02<Yaakov>Perl6 is the upcoming perl.
19:03-!-MarkJ [] has joined #linode
19:03<Yaakov>tchrist... Heh.
19:03<Yaakov>Talk to Larry and Damian.
19:03<erikh>this is also the guy who wrote the infamous "tcl sucks" paper.
19:03<tjfontaine>it doesn't?
19:04<erikh>which was just inflammatory drek
19:04<Yaakov>The fact is that perl is prodigiously eclectic in influence. There is no doubt that Python is part of it.
19:06<Yaakov>In any case, I do like perl's OO. It is very discretionary at every level.
19:06<Yaakov>BUT, as with al that is perl, you must have GOOD programmers.
19:07<Eudoxus> etc. were VERY fast in adding my zone.
19:07<Eudoxus>how come?
19:07<Eudoxus>it got propagated more quickly than I have seen elsewhere
19:07<erikh>in perl, your contract stipulates that you play nicely, or shoot yourself in the foot
19:07<erikh>especially when it comes to OOP.
19:07<@caker>Eudoxus: less dots
19:07<Eudoxus>usually they say 24 hours. it happened in minutes here.
19:07<Eudoxus>less dots?
19:07<tjfontaine>Eudoxus: that depends on your TTL
19:08<tjfontaine>and not your whois change
19:08*caker thanks Yaakov
19:08<Yaakov>caker: I just KNEW that you would want to be told!
19:08<erikh>SpaceHobo: so you're asserting that idiots can write great code in certain languages? I'm failing to understand.
19:08<Eudoxus>SpaceHobo: what langs satisfy you?
19:08<silverblade>i have to use a horrible proprietary language at work
19:08-!-zefster [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:09<silverblade>sort of a hacked-extensions-to-basic kinda language
19:09-!-mattikus [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:09<silverblade>its like QBASIC on a bad day
19:09<Randall>SpaceHobo: Sometimes that's the case, though. A language might be good for a particular thing, but trade that efficiency for a difficult early learning curve where people write unreadable but barely-working code.
19:09<erikh>see, I think python looks like complete line noise
19:09<Yaakov>SpaceHobo: No, that's not what I am saying at all.
19:09<erikh>but perhaps I'm in the minority here.
19:09<Randall>SpaceHobo: It's sort of like arguing that emacs is worse than nano because so many people are bad at using it.
19:10<Yaakov>SpaceHobo: I am saying that perl requires a good programmer to use properly because the degrees of freedom are very many.
19:10<Yaakov>SpaceHobo: It is not a matter of working around perl, it is a matter of using it.
19:10<Randall>erikh: I suspect so.
19:10<Randall>SpaceHobo: I know it's not exactly the same.
19:10<Randall>I was just trying to illustrate my point, and I think my point stands.
19:11<Randall>You have to get to a certain level of fluency to write useful code in Perl, and it's sad that people write code in it without getting to that level.
19:11<Yaakov>vim, on the other hand, imparts a special golden quality.
19:12<Yaakov>Perl is a language that can be used in many idioms.
19:12<tjfontaine>same for python, and all those people hardons for list comprehensions
19:12<Randall>SpaceHobo: I have found the opposite, unless you mean very-novice (shell scripting).
19:12<@jed>best map on google maps _ever_
19:12<silverblade>i used to think c/c++ rocked, and not keen on c#/.net stuff... i recently found Ruby which was a nice surprise
19:12-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
19:12-!-lakin [] has quit []
19:13-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
19:13<silverblade>came from PHP
19:13<@jed>oh, that doesn't link the gangs one
19:13<silverblade>went to Ruby
19:13<@jed>well poo poo
19:13<@jed>,-118.211689&spn=0.053839,0.184536&t=h&z=13 <- there we go
19:13-!-supine [~marty@] has joined #linode
19:13<straterra>I wonder who updates it when someone loses territory
19:13<@jed>the comments are epic too
19:16<@jed>u got tha fudgetown mafia crips in tha wrong spot and were the watts franklin crips at they hood run fromcentral 2 compton ave from centry 2 103rd u need 2 post them up on there they hood color green 2
19:16<Randall>SpaceHobo: I've always found that without exception, the fewer nonalphanumeric symbols a language uses, the better it is.
19:17<Randall>compare: VB and C
19:17<Randall>Python and Haskell
19:17<@jed>so the more nonalphanumeric symbols, the worse?
19:17<Yaakov>I like sigils, personally.
19:17<@jed>is what you're saying?
19:17<@jed>so you're saying VB > C?
19:17*jed twitches quietly
19:18<Randall>jed: I'm just trying to lead the discussion somewhere where it will light SpaceHobo's fuse.
19:18<@jed>ah, carry on then
19:18<SelfishMan>QuickBasic FTW!
19:19<Randall>SpaceHobo: I know; I was going for a plausible general opinion and then stating it as an absolute
19:19<Randall>to see if you'd try to point out an exception, at which point I'd take a hard line on it and argue that VB is indeed better than C in the real world.
19:20<Randall>The MTV show, yes.
19:22<Randall>In the real world, if you're worrying about the efficiency of your code, you're doing something wrong.
19:22-!-Harry_Mudd [] has joined #linode
19:22<SelfishMan>efficiency of the code or of the language?
19:23<chris>That's a blanket statement that isn't correct in a good number of situations
19:23<Pryon>ship it!
19:25<Randall>19:18:31 < Randall> jed: I'm just trying to lead the discussion somewhere where it will light SpaceHobo's fuse.
19:25-!-Alan_ [~alan@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:25<Randall>19:17:46 <@jed> so you're saying VB > C?
19:25<Randall>19:19:21 < Randall> No, I was going for a plausible general opinion and then stating it as an absolute
19:25-!-Alan [~alan@] has joined #linode
19:25<Randall>19:19:41 < Randall> to see if you'd try to point out an exception, at which point I'd take a hard line on it and argue that VB is indeed better than C in the real world.
19:25<Randall>19:18:37 <@jed> ah, carry on then
19:25<Randall>19:22:35 < Randall> In the real world, if you're worrying about the efficiency of your code, you're doing something wrong.
19:25<Randall>19:23:05 < chris> That's a blanket statement that isn't correct in a good number of situations
19:25*Randall looks pleased and goes back to aligning page numbers
19:25<Randall>I'm nostalgic already.
19:25<linbot>binary packages vs. source packages. GO!
19:26<Randall>I always download source packages so I know there's no malicious code in them.
19:27<SelfishMan>in that case I'm going to go hack a kernel while I rebuild rbldnsd
19:27<Yaakov>I do a complete code review on all updates.
19:27<Randall>The problem with open source is that anyone could insert a virus into any program.
19:28-!-Harry_Mudd [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.0-dev]
19:28-!-Harry_Mudd [] has joined #linode
19:28-!-Harry_Mudd [] has quit []
19:29-!-Harry_Mudd [] has joined #linode
19:29<SelfishMan>Are you saying the FSF hates our freedom?
19:30-!-mthaddon [] has joined #linode
19:30-!-FoxTrot [~FoxTrot@] has quit [Quit: —I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 3.0 (March '08)]
19:30<SelfishMan>how do the hookers feel about that written contract?
19:31<opello>they can read?
19:32<Randall>The problem with Linux is that you can't easily change the theme without installing a new window manager.
19:32<Eudoxus>Will "sudo a2enmod rewrite" be retained even when restarted?
19:32<Eudoxus>I.e. does apache remember what is enabled and what isn't?
19:33<Eudoxus>ok great
19:33<opello>a2enmod symlinks it into the modules-enabled directory
19:33<opello>not to ruin the magic :p
19:33<Eudoxus>ah ok. nice nice
19:34-!-J-Node [] has joined #linode
19:40-!-Bass10 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:44<chuck>Is there a way to scroll *up* a page in less? (The opposite of space)
19:45-!-supine [~marty@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
19:47<HoopyCat>mmmm dish pan hands
19:48<chuck>SpaceHobo: doesn't seem tow ork
19:48-!-silverblade [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:48<chuck>"b" does the trick, thanks mthaddon
19:50<chuck>heh :P
19:52-!-kenichi [~kenichi@] has quit [Quit: kenichi]
19:52<mthaddon>SpaceHobo: you're my favorite Hobo ever!
19:53-!-fearoffish [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:54<HoopyCat>hobo is an inherently funny word
19:55-!-krmdrms [~krmdrms@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:55<HoopyCat>SpaceHobo, on the other hand, is not. discuss.
19:56<straterra>Pork rinds
19:57<SelfishMan>Dear FireFox: No really, I would like back at least 2^32 bytes of RAM back
19:58-!-daMaestro|isBack [] has joined #linode
20:05-!-daMaestro [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:18-!-supine [] has joined #linode
20:19-!-ondrej [] has joined #linode
20:20-!-uriel [] has joined #linode
20:20-!-azaghal [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:21-!-X-LP [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:23<uriel>anyone knows how long it usually takes for new blogs to show up in Planet Linode? The ticket I filled was clossed a couple of weeks ago saying it would show up in the next update, but I fidn it is trange it is taking so long for it to show up..
20:23<uriel>(no big deal, just curious)
20:24<uriel>(the ticket I filled was [80797] in case that helps)
20:24<tjfontaine>sometimes planet needs a swift kick in the pants
20:24<@caker>lemme check
20:24<uriel>caker: cool, thanks
20:24<uriel>tjfontaine: oh, I see :)
20:25-!-cgreco [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:25-!-Turl [] has joined #linode
20:25*uriel runs a planet too, and yea, it can be a bit flaky at times... has in his todo to re-implement the planet software some day... but dealing with xml sucks so much...
20:25<tjfontaine>the right library is helpful
20:25-!-tofufish [] has joined #linode
20:26<supine>which planet software?
20:27<@caker>uriel: give it 10 minutes, lemme know if it doesn't appear
20:27<uriel>caker: awesome, thaks!
20:28<uriel>tjfontaine: well, the problem is that so many feeds out there are broken in strange ways
20:28<uriel>supine: I'm using venus currently
20:28-!-mawolf [] has quit [Quit: mawolf]
20:28<tjfontaine>uriel: indeed
20:28<HoopyCat>i throw a couple quirks in my RSS feeds just to annoy people
20:29<uriel>HoopyCat: heheh
20:29-!-mdcollins [] has joined #linode
20:31-!-mawolf [] has joined #linode
20:32-!-esparkman [~esparkman@] has joined #linode
20:33-!-X-LP [] has joined #linode
20:36-!-Turl [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
20:38<HoopyCat>Playing the greatest hits of all time, from the top of the Empire State building, this is New York's world-famous CBS FM, 101.1 WCBS-FM New Yorrrrrk
20:40<phennessy>!wx 19805
20:40<linbot>phennessy: [metar] 19805: not found
20:40<jtsage>anyone thing there would be any market for a little web add that does this: among linode users? free of course - it's basically done, but not documented worth a damn yet...
20:40<tjfontaine>phennessy: wx is for airport codes
20:40<phennessy>!wx help
20:40<linbot>phennessy: [metar] HELP: not found
20:40<jtsage>er, think even
20:40<phennessy>!wp ilm
20:40<tjfontaine>!wx kilm
20:40<phennessy>!wx ilm
20:40<linbot>tjfontaine: [metar] OBS at KILM: 73.4F/23C, visibility 10 miles, wind 9.21 mph (altimeter: 30.05)
20:40<linbot>phennessy: [metar] ILM: not found
20:41<phennessy>!wx ilg
20:41<linbot>phennessy: [metar] ILG: not found
20:41<tjfontaine>!wx kilg
20:41<linbot>tjfontaine: [metar] OBS at KILG: 62.6F/17C, visibility 10 miles, wind 12.66 mph (altimeter: 30.24)
20:41<Peng_>Isn't that what feedparser is for?
20:41<tjfontaine>!wx kcle
20:41<linbot>tjfontaine: [metar] OBS at KCLE: 73.4F/23C, visibility 10 miles, wind 6.90 mph (altimeter: 29.99)
20:41<phennessy>yea, it's KILG
20:42<uriel>caker: great, it worked, thanks!
20:42<phennessy>it's getting cold
20:43<tofufish>!wx qld
20:43<linbot>tofufish: [metar] QLD: not found
20:43<tjfontaine>!wx kqld
20:43<linbot>tjfontaine: [metar] KQLD: not found
20:44<phennessy>what's the K? small airports?
20:44<tjfontaine>no, airports are really prefixed with K's
20:44<MarkJ>!wx ymml
20:44<linbot>MarkJ: [metar] OBS at YMML: 46.4F/08C, visibility 1200 miles, wind 0.00 mph (altimeter: 30.386352507)
20:44<tjfontaine>just noone uses it that way anymore
20:44<tjfontaine>just like broadcast stations and W
20:45<HoopyCat>we typically drop the K if we're definitely referring to a domestic airport
20:45-!-laser` [] has quit [Quit: DMDirc exiting]
20:46<tjfontaine>the first letter or first two signify regions
20:46<pygmalion>tjfontaine: i just got yelled at in ##javascript for saying that what i was coding was based off knowledge gained at w3schools hahaha
20:46<tjfontaine>pygmalion: I see two problems with that, one is a #, the other is you are using w3schools :)
20:46<HoopyCat>personally, i think it should return the raw METAR, but that's just because it would baffle people any more
20:46<tjfontaine>HoopyCat: cdlu would agree
20:46<phennessy>##? is this freenode?
20:47<pygmalion>phennessy: yes
20:47<tjfontaine>HoopyCat: HAM operators generally agree
20:47<pygmalion>and tjfontaine wasn't it you who recommended w3schools in #django last night? or was that straterra
20:47<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: with which part? :-)
20:47<tjfontaine>pygmalion: no mwalling
20:47<tjfontaine>HoopyCat: metar
20:47<tjfontaine>and baffle
20:47<pygmalion>tjfontaine: oh right. hah well funny anyway
20:47<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: mostly pilots, i'd have to say
20:48<tjfontaine>HoopyCat: yes, but I've met other hams that feel the same way you who don't pilot
20:48<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: there's a certain mindset...
20:48<tjfontaine>HoopyCat: sure
20:50<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: *I* will decide what information is important, tyvm; the computer can point stuff out, but maybe i want to know the altitudes of the various cloud layers for... you know... my reasons.
20:50-!-Turl [] has joined #linode
20:50<pygmalion>simulator pilots might have the same mindset
20:50<pygmalion>there are some hardcore x-plane fanboys
20:50*pygmalion used to be one
20:51<Yaakov>!wx kacy
20:51<linbot>Yaakov: [metar] OBS at KACY: 60.8F/16C, visibility 10 miles, wind 9.21 mph (altimeter: 30.26) [KACY 162354Z 08008KT 10SM OVC017 16/12 A3026 RMK AO2 SLP247 T01560117 10189 20156 53006 ]
20:51<HoopyCat>Nivex: thanks for typing that in! i used to have that on papyrus right next to my "Thou Mother Dost Not Worketh Hither -=- Please To Clean-Up After Thine Selfe" engraving
20:52*HoopyCat checks "be snarky to someone for no good reason" off his to-do list
20:52<pygmalion>is that what that was?
20:53<pygmalion>Nivex: i found it funny
20:53<HoopyCat>Yaakov: ah cool, they've an automated precip sensor!
20:53<Nivex>< DarthCaker> The snark is strong with this one!
20:54<HoopyCat>___/\_____,o,__ utoh! snarkshark is coming!
20:55<linbot>thanks, pygmalion!
20:56<HoopyCat>!wx kroc
20:56<linbot>HoopyCat: [metar] OBS at KROC: 71.6F/22C, visibility 10 miles, wind 6.90 mph (altimeter: 30.1) [KROC 162354Z 06006KT 10SM FEW040 BKN200 22/14 A3010 RMK AO2 SLP192 T02170144 10250 20217 55003 ]
20:56<Nivex>!wx krdu
20:56<linbot>Nivex: [metar] OBS at KRDU: 71.6F/22C, visibility 8 miles, wind 4.60 mph (altimeter: 30.1) [KRDU 170051Z 10004KT 8SM FEW015 SCT040 BKN075 OVC150 22/19 A3010 RMK AO2 SLP190 T02170189]
20:56<HoopyCat>clouds are broken :-/
20:56-!-daMaestro|isBack [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:57<phennessy>!wx kilg
20:57<linbot>phennessy: [metar] OBS at KILG: 62.6F/17C, visibility 10 miles, wind 12.66 mph (altimeter: 30.25) [KILG 170051Z AUTO 10011KT 10SM FEW018 OVC041 17/12 A3025 RMK AO2 SLP242 T01670122]
20:57-!-awnstudio [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:58<pygmalion>!wx KEWR
20:58<linbot>pygmalion: [metar] OBS at KEWR: 60.8F/16C, visibility 10 miles, wind 8.06 mph (altimeter: 30.27) [KEWR 170051Z 15007KT 10SM BKN017 BKN045 BKN250 16/11 A3027 RMK AO2 SLP248 T01610111]
20:58-!-fearoffish [] has joined #linode
20:58*HoopyCat opens ticket to report broken clouds all over newark
21:01<Peng>Am I still here?
21:01<Peng>I think DNS died. :D
21:01-!-Eudoxus [] has quit [Quit: Eudoxus]
21:02<Peng_>My connection to my 'node froze for a second too.
21:02-!-JshWright [] has joined #linode
21:02<Nivex>!dns localhost
21:02<Nivex>nope, DNS is fine :)
21:03-!-JshWright [] has quit []
21:03*Peng_ switches from OpenDNS to his ISP's.
21:04-!-JshWright [] has joined #linode
21:04*Peng_ shrugs.
21:05<Peng_>Fine now. Yay for temporary hiccups that scare me.
21:06<straterra>use my dns
21:06<linbot>Yaakov: [mtr] 6 hops, no loss, last hop average RTT was 46.2ms
21:06<Peng_>No, I meant OpenDNS is fine again.
21:07<linbot>Yaakov: [mtr] 13 hops, 20.0%/77.7ms
21:07<Peng_>You just like running mtr. :P
21:08<Peng_>Hmph, home -> Dallas node is Level 3, but Dallas node -> home is Level 3 in Dallas and then Cogent the rest of the way. Yay asymmetric routes!
21:08-!-Turl [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
21:08<HoopyCat> 13. 0.0% 10 31.3 32.1 29.8 40.1 2.9
21:09<HoopyCat>aight, time for a new mouse
21:09<Peng_>Now that makes NTP think my 'node is 11 ms fast.
21:09<Peng_>Anyway! This isn't interesting for you. :P
21:11*Peng_ vanishes.
21:12<Yaakov>Hey! Where did Peng_ go?!
21:13<tjfontaine>Peng_: please oh please will you use your Peng client for talking and your Peng_ client for idlerpg
21:14<HoopyCat>or both for both
21:14<HoopyCat>redundant array of inexpensive pengs
21:14<Peng_>tjfontaine: What? Why?
21:14<Peng_>tjfontaine: I use them *both* for iRPG
21:14<tjfontaine>the _ annoys the piss out of me frankly
21:15<bd_>oh hai
21:15<tjfontaine>bd_ has no choice
21:15<bd_>I don't?
21:15<straterra>No. You're annoying either way
21:15<tjfontaine>bd_: you don't, as I've removed the option to register nicks <= 3 chars :)
21:15<Peng_>tjfontaine: I've thought about it, but I'm lazy. And nick changes penalize you in the iRPG, so it has to be scheduled carefully.
21:15<Peng_>(i.e. when the iRPG is down, or when I'm just connecting)
21:15<linbot>New news from blog: Linode Turns 6, Welcomes New Hires <>
21:16<Yaakov>tjfontaine: Can I please register the nick Y?
21:16<Peng_>So mostly I've punted since it's low-priority.
21:16<HoopyCat>hooray! linode is almost legal!
21:16<tjfontaine>Yaakov: sowwy, no :)
21:16<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: i think you're outnumbered by people with _ in their nick here
21:16<@jed>omgz i haz blog
21:16<Yaakov>Aww... Please?
21:16<Peng_>...Sam Kleinman?
21:16<Peng_>Technical writing? STL? Did you steal him from Slicehost? :D
21:17<Peng_>jed: Congrats
21:17<@jed>thanks :}
21:17-!-uriel [] has left #linode []
21:18<tjfontaine>jed: you're not welcome
21:18-!-atula [] has joined #linode
21:18<@jed>/kick tjfontaine I deserve this one
21:18<@jed>oh, oops, ctrl+enter there
21:18<tjfontaine>jed: I'll give you one pass, feel free
21:18<@jed>haha, no thanks
21:18<@jed>my akill quote for 2009 is full
21:19<@tasaro>the blog is stuck in the land of no DST also?
21:19<HoopyCat>tasaro: it's written in coldfusion java
21:19<Yaakov>Hello, T. Asaro.
21:19<HoopyCat>tasaro: ya'll should go UTC and be done with it
21:20<Peng_>Anyway, I meant to be /away. Bye!
21:21-!-anilm [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:24-!-JamesCollins [~jimmycoll@] has quit []
21:26-!-mattwj2002 [] has joined #linode
21:27-!-mattwj2002 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:27-!-BlindGod [] has joined #linode
21:30<@jed>anyone in here have a dallas linode?
21:30<@jed>i haz project for you if you have a few minutes
21:30<BlindGod>I wanna know how to update my VPS?
21:30<Pryon>BlindGod: can you please be more specific?
21:30<@jed>BlindGod: file a support ticket in the interface, and one of us will take care of it
21:31<@jed>oh, i read 'upgrade' too
21:31<@jed>BlindGod: upgrade or update?
21:31<BlindGod>sorry just upgrade
21:31<@jed>yeah, go ahead and file a ticket, and we'll get you squared away
21:31<bd_>jed: I have /access/ to one, so if it's not something invasive/downtime-provoking/something that needs major changes... >.>
21:32<bd_>(UML at that)
21:32<booja>lol donut provoking
21:32<@jed>bd_: /msg
21:33<jtsage>jed - if he can't, i have 2 @ dallas and some spare time tonight
21:34<BlindGod>I mean just upgrade from Linode 360 to 540 or 720 anyone help?
21:34<@jed>BlindGod: yep, a ticket and we'll have that done shortly
21:34<Pryon>You don't need us. They'll make a button on your dashboard and you push it and wait.
21:35<BlindGod>But how about the charges?
21:35<@jed>prorated to the day
21:35<Pryon>You need to send me $1500 (US)
21:45-!-ang [] has joined #linode
21:46<_banana>jed: im on a dallas node
21:47<@jed>_banana: taken care of, thanks :}
21:50-!-elhippo [] has joined #linode
21:53<Yaakov>jed: I'm in Newark!
21:53-!-ondrej [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:56-!-agittins [] has joined #linode
21:56<@jed>Yaakov: your DC is next
21:56<@jed>for the sooper sekret projekt
21:56<@jed>you guys got backup first, dallas gets this one first
21:56<Yaakov>Well, wave at me.
21:57<mwalling>native eyepeeveesix?
21:57<phennessy>en tee pea
21:57<@jed>it's not that interesting :/
21:59<Yaakov>We got backup, then *poof*.
21:59<phennessy>i heard they were going to restore the backup.
22:00<bd_>jed: We got backup, but we didn't get to keep it ;_;
22:01-!-Shinaku_ [~shinaku@static-87-102-39-137.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #linode
22:02-!-ondrej [] has joined #linode
22:02<_banana>whats the secret project o:
22:03<@jed>i'll dispel the rumors, instead of feeding the's not customer facing, sorry. :]
22:03<Shinaku_>USB Stargates.
22:03*bd_ makes a guess: push notifications to hosts when jobs are queued?
22:04<@jed>nah, just interhost stuff
22:04<bd_>inter, you say? What could this be now :o
22:05<bd_>a prelude to live migration? >.>
22:05<@jed>that would be customer facing.
22:06<@jed>it's internal management stuff, don't hurt yourself :)
22:06<bd_>true, but it could be a prereq or something >.>
22:06<bd_>jed: Let me have my dreams ;_;
22:09-!-Adam1 [] has joined #linode
22:10<Yaakov>Native IPV6 would be... really neat.
22:10<phennessy>would be, if it were real
22:10<phennessy>but all ipv6 is in tunnels.. how could it be native?
22:11<bd_>IPv6 is like santa claus
22:11<bd_>secretly it's just IPv4 in a red suit
22:11<agittins>ipv6 is made of tubes
22:12<chuck>Are there any guides to setting up Squid so that it can be used as an http accelerator by being an http proxy?
22:13<tjfontaine>chuck: huh
22:13<tjfontaine>chuck: EAGAIN
22:13<tjfontaine>it's a read error
22:13<tjfontaine>can you rephrase and ask that question over
22:13<bd_>surely the usual response for EAGAIN is to resubmit the same buffer
22:13<supine>chuck: only about half the internet
22:14-!-Harry_Mudd [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.0-dev]
22:14<tjfontaine>bd_: hushapye
22:14*phennessy googled for "squid reverse proxy howto"
22:14<chuck>phennessy: kthx :P
22:14<mwalling>tychoish isnt +o!
22:15-!-jldugger [] has joined #linode
22:15<tjfontaine>For example, you can open a file/socket/fifo for reading with the O_NONBLOCK flag. If you subsequently do a read(2) call and there is no data waiting, instead of blocking and waiting until there is data ready and returning that data, the read() call will return an error (EAGAIN) to let your application know that there is no data ready and to try again later.
22:15<phennessy>i've used apache as a reverse proxy, but not squid
22:15<tjfontaine>bd_: so no :P
22:16<chuck>phennessy: are those guides for using squid as an http proxy for all sites on a local computer?
22:16<chuck>it looks like those guides are for people running a website that want a cache in front of it
22:16<phennessy>no idea, i dind't bother reading them
22:16-!-pwnguin [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:17<phennessy>i thought that's what you wanted
22:17<supine>chuck: you want to use squid as it's normally intended?
22:17*chuck goes to google :P
22:17<tjfontaine>chuck: like I said, rephrase your question
22:18<tjfontaine>phennessy: <#
22:18<tjfontaine>er <3
22:18<tjfontaine>squid *is* a proxy
22:18<tjfontaine>that *can* cache
22:18<tjfontaine>in or out
22:18<phennessy>when he said "http accelerator" i thought he meant reverse proxy.. like serving something from his linode.
22:19<tjfontaine>he did, even if he didn't know it
22:19<tjfontaine>vhost, http accelerator, and reverse proxy are all terms that mean pretty much the same thing
22:20<chuck>it's a proxy that will accelerate the http requests that I make :P
22:20<tjfontaine>no, that's a cache
22:21<tjfontaine>and generally speaking a proxy slows down the initial request
22:21<tjfontaine>and accelerates subsequent
22:21<tjfontaine>well a caching proxy
22:21<tjfontaine>you get the idea
22:21<phennessy>unless it's all dynamic content
22:21<chuck>IRC is so fun in that you can start five minute long discussions just by asking a simple question xD
22:22<supine>chuck: if it's just for you there is nothing it will do that your browser won't
22:22<supine>it makes sense once you start talking about multiple users
22:22<chuck>using it on more than one computer on my network will change its effectiveness?
22:23<tjfontaine>supine: or parent isps
22:27-!-esparkman [~esparkman@] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
22:28-!-sc0field [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:30<mwalling>has anyone configured a tunnel in a debuntu interfaces file?
22:31<mwalling>ifup wont bring up my tunnel interface because it cant modprobe ipv6
22:31<@jed>comment it out
22:31<mwalling>comment what out
22:31<@jed>you don't need modprobe ipv6 in linode's kernels
22:32<jtsage>aye. or you may need to replace modprobe with a shell script that returns an exit 0;
22:32<mwalling>/sbin/ifup: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.6.8, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), stripped
22:32<mwalling>comment what out
22:32<@jed>the modprobe ipv6 you got he config?
22:32<mwalling>22:30 < mwalling> has anyone configured a tunnel in a debuntu interfaces file?
22:32<@jed>i remember it feeding me one
22:32<@jed>and I dropped it
22:33<@jed>sorry, I have sixteen windows of ssh open and I didn't give the full attention to your question
22:33<@jed>what's uname -a
22:33-!-Adam1 [] has quit [Quit: Adam1]
22:33<mwalling>Linux youtoo 2.6.29-linode18 #1 SMP Wed Apr 1 20:22:21 EDT 2009 i686 GNU/Linux
22:33<tjfontaine>dpkg-divert --add --replace --divert /sbin/modprobe /sbin/modprobe.real
22:33*jed points
22:33<tjfontaine>in case you were to ever replace modprobe
22:33<mwalling>what the hell
22:33<tjfontaine>actually I may be backwards
22:33<@caker>mwalling: is there a special handler file thing in /etc/network/if-up.d/ ?
22:33<mwalling>shit, i'm about ready to go back to slack
22:34<purrdeta>I love linode :P
22:34<mwalling>ls /etc/network/if-up.d: mountnfs ntpdate openssh-server openvpn postfix
22:35<mwalling>purrdeta: can i pimp hire his prostitute?
22:35-!-alyoshka [] has joined #linode
22:35<tjfontaine>mwalling: can I see your interfaces file?
22:36<bd_>mwalling: I've got a config, one sec
22:37<tjfontaine>mimetype fail
22:37<bd_>huh, works for me. what debian version?
22:37<bd_>tjfontaine: bah.
22:37<bd_>I'm on testing, which may make some sort of a difference
22:38<jtsage> perhaps something like this will work?
22:39<tjfontaine>booo it doesn't use dpkg-direct
22:39*tjfontaine updates
22:39-!-morficus_ [] has joined #linode
22:39<jtsage>heh. i didn't write it, just read it once.
22:39<mwalling>gist updated with output of ifup:
22:39-!-lakin [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
22:40<jtsage>fwiw, that seems to bot be nessesary on newer ubuntu images, i did a tunnel with both intrepid and jaunty, and didn't need to do that
22:41<alyoshka>Can anyone point me to some details as to when a 64bit OS can cause problems on a low RAM server such as a Linode 360? I run two small (256) slices on Slicehost in 64bit and haven't had any problems and pretty good performance, but the sites on their are relatively low in traffic. I plan on hosting a much higher traffic site on the Linode 360 and I want to know at what point would 64bit be too much for it to handle.
22:41<SelfishMan>!f 64bit
22:41<linbot>SelfishMan: Basically, 64-bit distros will use more memory than the a 32-bit version. More info about the difference between 64-bit and 32-bit can be found at
22:41<bd_>alyoshka: it's not like a totally crippling thing, but you can expect measurably higher memory usage
22:42<alyoshka>yeah, but even a high traffic Rails app running through Apache/Passenger wouldn't be enough to drain the 360 of all its RAM, correct?
22:43<bd_>I don't know, I don't use rails :)
22:43<purrdeta>do you need 64bit?
22:43<purrdeta>and if so why
22:43<bd_>^ the real question
22:43<supine>alyoshka: all things configured the same 32bit would fill it slower
22:43-!-morficus [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
22:44<phennessy>isn't there something you can put in modprobe.d/aliases ?
22:44<bd_>note that 64-bit code is also larger (L1 footprint-wise), which isn't a nice thing to have on a VPS either, when you're competing for cpu cache with everyone else :)
22:44<phennessy>what if you have a legit need to modprobe something?
22:44<bd_>but that's not as important
22:44<alyoshka>it's not too big of a deal, but I sometimes use functions that work more than twice as fast on 64bit, but mostly for experimental purposes for now
22:45<mwalling>phennessy: actually, good point, dahdi
22:45<phennessy>yea, that's what i was thinking about
22:45<bd_>alyoshka: If that makes a signifigant difference in your application, and you're cpu-bound, then by all means :)
22:45<bd_>but typically VPSes are more strapped for memory than CPU
22:45<linbot>New news from wiki: IPv6 <>
22:45<mwalling>that probably falls into BIGNUMs
22:46*tychoish seriously needs to re/write his irssi notification script (thanks to the folks wo mentioned me before)
22:46<bd_>but if you're an exception, then all the more power to you :)
22:46<phennessy>maybe blacklist it?
22:46<alyoshka>I don't use any in production environments yet, and don't have a need to, but I might and then would upgrade to 64bit anyway, so I was just wondering what the tradeoffs would be now other than more RAM usage
22:46<mwalling>phennessy: ooh
22:46<phennessy>or "install ipv6 /bin/true"
22:47<phennessy>i'm just throwing out random crap here
22:47<bd_>alyoshka: More RAM usage, possibly more/less CPU usage, the latter of which is heavily dependent on your workload
22:47<jtsage>tjfontaine- if you divert to .real, shouldn't the replacement script call .real too? (it uses .orig in that writeup)
22:47<bd_>the article linked earlier had some numbers
22:47-!-morficus_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:48<tjfontaine>jtsage: I leave the rest to you my observant friend :D
22:48<Talman>>> Today is Linode's birthday?
22:48-!-matt___ [] has joined #linode
22:48<matt___>hi everyone
22:48-!-matt___ is now known as mattwj2002
22:48-!-BlindGod [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:49<alyoshka>bd_: yeah, I read it before. So basically, 32bit is good for now, but should I decide to move my BIGNUMs from expirements to production, I'll just upgrade to 64bit
22:49<alyoshka>but then again, running 64bit as it is now isn't painful either I gather
22:50<chuck>Who is Sam Kleinman?
22:50<tychoish>chuck: me
22:50<bd_>alyoshka: Well, there's a trade-off. If you're only using 50% of the CPU at 32-bit, why switch to 64-bit?
22:50<bd_>alyoshka: OTOH, if you're running something that's going to peg the CPU, then 64-bit might be faster.
22:50<bd_>alebit at the cost of higher memory usage
22:50<chuck>tychoish: why aren't you opped!?
22:51<bd_>computing is full of these cpu-memory tradeoffs :)
22:51<mwalling>how do you un-divert something?
22:51<checkers>you call the post office and they'll do it for you
22:51<mwalling>friggin tj and his friggin typos
22:51<bd_>mwalling: dpkg-divert --rename --remove file
22:52-!-mattwj20021 [] has joined #linode
22:52<tjfontaine>mwalling: sorry charlie
22:52<mattwj20021>hi everyone
22:53<alyoshka>well, then I guess my final decision will be based on which architecture Ruby and Rails play with better
22:53<alyoshka>I'm just kinda on the fence with it. On Slicehost I didn't have a choice though.
22:54<tjfontaine>you should go with 32bit
22:54<mattwj20021>I just got the Linode 360 account today
22:54<checkers>ooh, new blog post
22:54<mattwj20021>and I had a few questions
22:54<@jed>mattwj20021: shoot
22:54<tjfontaine>!ask away
22:54<linbot>Don't ask to ask; just ASK
22:54<mattwj20021>can I do folding@home if I throttle it to like 25%?
22:54<linbot>bd_: *click*
22:55<tjfontaine>can? yes, should? no.
22:55<bd_>mattwj20021: You can do whatever. We'll just glare at you when we think you're not looking.
22:55<phennessy>i suspect things like that would be better using spare CPU cycles at home
22:55<mwalling>!f what can i do with my linode?
22:55<linbot>mwalling: Sorry, I don't know anything about that
22:55<phennessy>!f ail
22:55<linbot>phennessy: Extras and Add-ons are available for your Linode at the following prices: Disk: $2 per 1GB/month. RAM: $5 per 90MB/month. Transfer: $10 per 100GB/month. IP: $1 per IP/month
22:55<mwalling>SelfishMan: god damnit
22:56<bd_>who broke skynet :(
22:56<SelfishMan>mwalling: what?
22:56<booja>or add another linode to your account
22:56<bd_>booja: look at the lookup command :)
22:56<mwalling>SelfishMan: i thought you made it so that i could type a faq question?
22:56<Talman>!f Why aren't I retrieving Linode FAQs?
22:56<linbot>Talman: Sorry, I don't know anything about that
22:56<bd_>!skynet Why do you fail?
22:56<linbot>bd_: Sorry, I don't know anything about that
22:57<SelfishMan>mwalling: It was working
22:57<booja>hmm, I think I might use my insurance payout to buy linode access for a year
22:57<mwalling>SelfishMan: who has access to the code?
22:58<mattwj20021>the other question I had was can I do asterisk ?
22:58<Talman>mattwj2002: Yes, yes you can.
22:58<Talman>Some of us have had successes with it. mwalling, I think, for example.
22:58<mwalling>mattwj20021: i do, phennessy does
22:58<mattwj20021>nice :)
22:59<mattwj20021>I guess that is what I'll use my new server for
23:00<mattwj20021>thanks you guys :D
23:00<SelfishMan>!f what can i do with my linode
23:00<linbot>SelfishMan: What can I do with my Linode? It's probably easier to tell you what you cannot do: Nothing illegal and nothing that interferes with other customers and services. Our Terms of Service document is located here:
23:00<HoopyCat><--- runs the asterisk
23:00<mwalling>HoopyCat: on your linode?
23:00<SelfishMan>mwalling: The usual group has access to train it
23:00<phennessy>is your asterisk running? better go catch it!
23:00<mwalling>SelfishMan: but you said my query was all stop words
23:00<HoopyCat>mwalling: Connected to Asterisk 1.4.17~dfsg-2ubuntu1 currently running on framboise (pid = 26186)
23:00<phennessy>i stole that one from caker
23:01<SelfishMan>mwalling: I added literal search strings to it
23:01<SelfishMan>!f what can
23:01<linbot>SelfishMan: What can I do with my Linode? It's probably easier to tell you what you cannot do: Nothing illegal and nothing that interferes with other customers and services. Our Terms of Service document is located here:
23:01-!-CWii [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:01<SelfishMan>!f linode
23:01<booja>is your slackware running? AHAAHAHAHAH slackware!
23:01<bd_>!f what
23:01<linbot>SelfishMan: {| id="mp-topbanner" style="width:100%; background:#fcfcfc; margin-top:1.2em; border:1px solid #ccc;" | style="width:56%; color:#000;" | {| style="width:280px; border:none; background:none;" | style="width:280px; text-align:center; white-space:nowrap; color:#000;" | Welcome to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that . articles in English |}
23:01<linbot>bd_: {| id="mp-topbanner" style="width:100%; background:#fcfcfc; margin-top:1.2em; border:1px solid #ccc;" | style="width:56%; color:#000;" | {| style="width:280px; border:none; background:none;" | style="width:280px; text-align:center; white-space:nowrap; color:#000;" | Welcome to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that . articles in English |}
23:01<SelfishMan>oh dear god
23:01<phennessy>!f where
23:01<linbot>phennessy: {| id="mp-topbanner" style="width:100%; background:#fcfcfc; margin-top:1.2em; border:1px solid #ccc;" | style="width:56%; color:#000;" | {| style="width:280px; border:none; background:none;" | style="width:280px; text-align:center; white-space:nowrap; color:#000;" | Welcome to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that . articles in English |}
23:02<SelfishMan>damn wikipedia
23:02<SelfishMan>!f where
23:02<chuck>SelfishMan: are you trying to parse wikipedia articles?
23:02<linbot>SelfishMan: IPv4 |; IPv6 (short version) | ::ffff:4312:59b2; (as seen by Wolfram|Alpha)
23:03<bd_>chuck: He's been building the ultimate FAQ trigger, pulling from the linode FAQ, wolframalpha, wikipedia, and possibly other sources
23:03<SelfishMan>The literal matching only works on multiple words
23:03<bd_>!f ips
23:03<linbot>bd_: Can I purchase additional IPs? Yes. All new accounts include one IP and are permitted to add an additional IP via the Linode Manager for $1.00 per month. If you need more than two IPs, you can open a support ticket and provide proper justification (we abide by ARIN's regulations). (70.711%)
23:04<HoopyCat>!f weather
23:04<linbot>HoopyCat: ]] 'Weather' is a set of all the phenomena occurring in a given atmosphere at a given time. Weather phenomena lie in the troposphere. Glossary of Meteorology. [ Troposphere.] Retrieved on 2008-06-27. Weather refers, generally, to day-to- day temperature and precipitation activity, whereas climate is the term for the average atmospheric conditions (1 more message)
23:04<SelfishMan>That wasn't a literal match (hence the confidence rating)
23:04<bd_>!f urmom
23:04<linbot>bd_: Keep your dirty hands off her. (99.087%)
23:04<bd_>what's the other 0.913%? >.>
23:04<chuck>I know someone that wrote a kickass parser for wikipedia articles in perl if you want it
23:04<HoopyCat>that's exactly as specific an answer as my query deserved. bravo
23:05-!-atula [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:05<SelfishMan>!f mwalling
23:05<linbot>SelfishMan: mwalling is the resident asshole (57.735%)
23:06-!-mattwj2002 [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
23:06<SelfishMan>it's not very confident about that
23:06<SelfishMan>!f mwalling
23:06<linbot>SelfishMan: mwalling is the resident asshole (99.015%)
23:06<mwalling>how did i jump 42%?
23:06<SelfishMan>!f mwalling
23:06<linbot>SelfishMan: mwalling is the resident asshole (99.313%)
23:07*mwalling suspects some PRNG action going on
23:07<SelfishMan>I just made it more confident
23:07<mwalling>!f mwalling
23:07*HoopyCat suspects some asymptote at asshole == mwalling
23:07<linbot>mwalling: mwalling is the resident asshole (99.313%)
23:07<supine>that's a pretty poor sample size
23:07<phennessy>!f walling
23:07<SelfishMan>!f mwalling
23:07<linbot>phennessy: 'Walling' is a method of interrogation that consists of stressing an individual by placing his heels against a wall and repeatedly having his body slammed into the wall by interrogator. The intent of walling is for the individual's shoulder blades to hit a flexible wall specifically constructed to create a loud noise as to scare the individual into believing excessive damage to his body was underway.
23:07<linbot>SelfishMan: mwalling is the resident asshole (99.693%)
23:07-!-mattwj20021 is now known as mattwj2002
23:09<SelfishMan>phennessy: Wow, that kinda explains a lot about him
23:12<chuck>!f Wikipedia
23:12<linbot>chuck: 'Wikipedia' is a free, multilingual encyclopedia project supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. Its name is a portmanteau of the words [[wiki]] (a technology for creating collaborative websites, from the Hawaiian word wiki, meaning "quick") and encyclopedia. Wikipedia's 13 million articles (2.9 million in the English Wikipedia) have been written collaboratively by volunteers around the world, and (2 more messages)
23:13<linbot>chuck: almost all of its articles can be edited by anyone who can access the Wikipedia website. Launched in January 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, it is currently the most popular general reference work on the Internet. Cf. Bill Tancer (Global Manager, Hitwise), [ tancer/2007/03/wikipedia_search_and_school_ho.html "Wikipedia, Search and School Homework"], [[Hitwise]]: An (1 more message)
23:13<linbot>chuck: Experian Company (Blog), March 1, 2007. Retrieved December 18, 2008.
23:14<linbot>SelfishMan: Yo momma's so stupid, she takes herbal penis enlargement pills. (790:0/0) [ormmu]
23:17<bd_> SHA-1 in 2^52 operations
23:17<bd_>er, SHA-1 collisions
23:21<chuck>SelfishMan: is the source for factoidbot up anywhere?
23:22<chuck>can you put it up somewhere when you get a chance? :P
23:24-!-pygmalion [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
23:25-!-pygmalion [] has joined #linode
23:25<chuck>tjfontaine: i want to steal the code and make millions off of it, why else?
23:25<alyoshka>K, so I'm installing 32bit, but just out of curiousity, has anybody done 32 vs 64 bit benchmarks specifically on Linode?
23:26<alyoshka>I mean Linode w/ 32 vs Linode w/ 64, not vs Slicehost
23:27<supine>did you read the article?
23:28<alyoshka>yes, and I'll read it again, but all I saw was memory usage
23:28<booja>hey ops, how do I change to a yearly bill? I'm not seeing anything in my account section
23:28<mwalling>booja: ticket
23:29<alyoshka>I wanted to know how much time it took for various operations in both setups on Linode
23:29-!-dueyfinster [~dueyfinst@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:30<supine>"various operations"
23:30<supine>waves hands
23:31<supine>alyoshka: you should test it for your workload
23:31*linbot pours a set of shots
23:32<supine>you could configure a 32bit image and a 64bit image and run the same test in each one
23:34<alyoshka>it'd actually be hard for me to test exactly what I'm planning to do, all I could do would be simple benchmarks
23:34<alyoshka>but whatever, it was just pure curiousity as to whether it has been done or not
23:34<alyoshka>it doesn't really matter
23:35<alyoshka>when my BIGNUMs are going to be used in production, I'll probably get a larger Linode anyway
23:37-!-JamesCollins [~jimmycoll@] has joined #linode
23:41<orudie>am I drunk or am i not understand ubuntu linux
23:41<rsdehart>sounds like a question only you can answer
23:42<alyoshka>I'd understand if it was Gentoo, but not understanding Ubuntu? You might have had too much...
23:42<booja>drunkbuntu, the latest thing!
23:42<orudie>caker bitch greedy motherfucker no give freebies for anniversary extra space for ssh sftp jew !
23:43<booja>what the
23:43<orudie>sorry over the limit
23:43<supine>does #linode have a "you must be this drunk to ride"?
23:44<iggy>it's certainly not "you must be this sober to ride"
23:45<orudie>damn i will regret this
23:45-!-Twayne [] has joined #linode
23:46<@caker>orudie: call me names all you want, but I will not tolerate racism
23:47*jed sighs
23:47<chuck>since when is a religion a race?
23:47<orudie>that was dumb i agree somes jokes are not apropriate i am no racist what so ever i promiss that is just dumb
23:48<orudie>really sorry
23:48<@jed>so glad the announcement of my hire has united the linode community in song
23:48<@jed>there's already a "why no upgrades" comment on the blog post, too
23:48<phennessy>i appreciate caker recently giving us more disk space. i can't even make use of it all, but he constantly gives more resources to the plans and i think it's pretty awesome.
23:48<chuck>jed: we've come to accept it already :P
23:48<@jed>i'm gonna go back to work and forget about this
23:49<orudie>i have no idea who you guys are especially you caker but what you provide as a service for me is just unbelievable !
23:49<Shinaku_>w00t for 5am normalisation
23:50<Shinaku_>Yes, SQL, you are my bitch.
23:50<chuck>database terminology hurts my brain
23:52<orudie>happy anniversary I will raise this beer to
23:52-!-alyoshka [] has left #linode []
23:54<mattwj2002>does anyone run Gnome on their linode?
23:54<@irgeek>It's been done.
23:55<@irgeek>Almost everyone that asks about it ends up, after a little guidance, that there's a better solution to their problem.
23:55<Hobbsee>happy birthday linode!
23:55<chuck>the next memory upgrades will be sweet, I'm guessing it'll be 25% more memory?
23:55<StevenK>Whee, happy birthday, Linode
23:56<mattwj2002>I need it ....
23:56<orudie>i am about to tell my boss that our email server needs a monitor upgrade
23:56<amitz>oh... what's mattwj2002 problem?
23:56<@irgeek>chuck: Speculation about upgrades may earn you a free downgrade. :p
23:56<mattwj2002>I don't need it....I am just trying to figure out what to do with my node
23:56<@jed>i'm already subtracting 1 MB of RAM
23:56<groulder>memory seems to be the most expensive resource.
23:57<rsdehart>that's nothing new
23:57<StevenK>jed: So the 360 plan is now the 359 plan?
23:57*StevenK grins
23:57<@jed>everyone that asks about upgrades from now on gets docked a MB
23:57<@jed>new policy
23:57<mwalling>but i get a 541, right?
23:57<@irgeek>StevenK: Only for chuck
23:57<chuck>irgeek: muahaha, i've cracked the upgrade plan
23:57<amitz>it would be cool if I can run linux on memory.. harddisk is for loading only.. uh, it's been done :-)
23:57<orudie>yo I need some freebies
23:58<supine>irgeek: can we go rounds of rr to get more?
23:58<@jed>mwalling: as linode is a communist regime, all reclaimed resources will be distributed amongst the workers
23:58<Hobbsee>jed: hahaha
23:58<Hobbsee>now thee's an idea.
23:58<mwalling>jed: but you already get free nodes
23:58<StevenK>We do that in #ubuntu-release-party at the time of release -- everytime someone asks is it out, a bot adds an hour and announces it
23:58<@jed>that's right, i'm in the party
23:58<mattwj2002>yeah I think I will run gnome....I think I'll get more out of my node
23:58<mattwj2002>is there any reason I shouldn't?
23:58<amitz>jed: convenient choice of word, worker eh? ;-)
23:58<chuck>1/n, where n is the number of vpses that linode hosts...
23:58<amitz>not people.
23:58<mwalling>mattwj2002: you're going to be pulling your hair out while waiting for your mouse to move
23:59-!-VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
23:59-!-VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:59<_banana>waste of resources to run a WM on a vps anyway
23:59<mattwj2002>tightvncserver should work fine
23:59<mattwj2002>or do you mean it'll be slow?
23:59<_banana>gnome will use a lot of ram
23:59<StevenK>Gnome in say, 360MB will be a tight fit
23:59<mattwj2002>xfce4-desktop ?
---Logclosed Wed Jun 17 00:00:08 2009