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00:00<mwalling>packeteer: he got upset because SpaceHobo and i started going at it
00:00<packeteer>yeah, i know
00:00<packeteer>was just provoking it :)
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00:09<walterheck>hi, if i clone my linode to the euro-datacenter, will it change ip's?
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00:09<bd_>yes, IPs are not portable between datacenters
00:09<HedgeMage>walterheck: yes
00:09<walterheck>but thanks
00:10<bd_>alas, it's not possible to announce single IPs into the global internet routing tables :)
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00:14<linbot>Linodes can be migrated between datacenters by simply opening a ticket. Your disk images will be copied intact, but you will be issued a new IP address. Once a migration is configured, it makes a button on the dashboard available for you to start the migration yourself. Migration typically takes about 1-3 minutes per GB.
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00:20<karbassi>ty for rocking so much.
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00:23<@irgeek>That timing is if the migration is within the same DC.
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00:26<packeteer>^^ where there will be very fast connection
00:27<chesty>fast, but shaped
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01:01<linbot>JoeK: [dig] status: NOERROR | ;; ANSWER SECTION: 14400 IN A | ;; AUTHORITY SECTION 14400 IN NS 14400 IN NS
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01:12<linbot>New news from forums: Allow Hosts in IP Whitelist in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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01:22<MonkeyIsland>is it possible to install phpmyadmin on my linode ip address on an specific port?
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01:23<MonkeyIsland>for example: xx.xx.xx.xx:3333
01:24<uuid>hi, my migration failed
01:25<uuid>anything I should NOT do?
01:25<uuid>like: try to boot?
01:25<bd_>uuid: open a ticket right now and wait for advice
01:26<uuid>okay, thanks
01:26<bd_>the filesystem on the destination is pretty much trashed, so don't attempt to boot. there should still be a copy remaining at the source though
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01:28<uuid>it's those gremlins on the atlatic cables, darn!
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01:28<uuid>twisting bits to their hearts' desire
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01:40<cubells>hi all!!
01:41<cubells>how can I figure out why from my linode I can't ping outside??
01:41<cubells>I've made a migration from dallas to london
01:41<cubells>I've changed /etc/hosts
01:41<cubells>I've changed /etc/network/interfaces
01:41<encode>cubells: probably subnet
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01:42<encode>cubells: double check your gateway address
01:42<encode>it will have changed
01:42<encode>get the correct values from the web interface
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01:48<FTL_Ian>Hello, interested in your product but did not notice a detail on your FAQ.
01:48<FTL_Ian>What port speed does a linode server have?
01:48<FTL_Ian>Didn't spot options on the sign up page.
01:48<FTL_Ian>10mbit? 100mbit? 1000mbit?
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01:49<jtaji>I think it's capped at 50mbit but can be raised if needed/requested
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01:49<jtaji>I'm just a customer
01:50<bd_>50mbit out, raisible if you actually hit it. no cap on inbound, it goes at wire speed (which I _believe_ is 1gbit?)
01:50<cubells>encode: I've checked the gateway address
01:50<cubells>I've restarted the server
01:50<FTL_Ian>thanks for the info
01:50<cubells>and I've no access to outside
01:51<cubells>do you need some information?
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01:55<FTL_Ian>Another question. Some cloud competitors allow choice of cores when signing up. Linode's FAQ states my linode would share a cpu, if on the 2880 plan, with four other clients. What is the cpu in the server that is being shared? A quad core?
01:55<bd_>each host has two quad-core Xeons (for a total of 8 cores). Of which you get access to some four-core subset.
01:56<cubells>how can I figure out why from my linode I can't ping outside??
01:56<FTL_Ian>So, if all five nodes are active, they are sharing a quad core?
01:57<bd_>cubells: pastebin output from these commands: ifconfig; route -n; cat /etc/resolv.conf
01:57<bd_>FTL_Ian: No, they each have access to 4 virtual cores; each virtual core is assigned to one of the eight physical cores
01:58<bd_>not sure if the virtual cores migrate between physical ores
01:59<FTL_Ian>ahh, so you at least will have 1.6 full cores at a time of equal demand by each linode?
01:59<bd_>something like that
01:59<FTL_Ian>thank you again
01:59<bd_>on VPSes IO's usually more in demand than CPU :)
01:59<FTL_Ian>looking like the best deal I've seen so far
01:59<bd_>and that's what cache ram's for :3
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02:00<bd_>cubells: also put the stuff from the LPM's network tab in the paste for cross-checking
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02:01<MonkeyIsland>I made a new file in nginx to listen to my ip address port 3333, but nothing happens. (stopped and restarted)
02:01<MonkeyIsland>any idea?
02:03<cubells>bd_: sorry but I've solved my problem...
02:03<cubells>cat /etc/resolv.conf was the problem...
02:03<cubells>thanks a lot!
02:04<bd_>cubells: np :)
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02:17<Hoggs>Anyone know how much ram it might take to handle a source gameserver?
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02:19<erikh>Hoggs: depends on the number of the players, the map, and mods you have loaded
02:19<erikh>Hoggs: but you can give yourself a basic baseline of 256M on windows and a tad more on linux
02:20<erikh>the latter leaks like a sieve though, last I checked
02:20<erikh>so you'll want to cron in a restart from time to time
02:20<erikh>err... that's for CS:S
02:20<erikh>source games with newer content like TF2 and L4D/L4D2 are likely to soak up more ram
02:21<Hoggs>Yeah, was thinking L4D2 server
02:21<erikh>yeah, that should be pretty painless in the "restart occasionally" department
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02:22<erikh>alternatively, you can probably throw the process in an init-style respawner with a monitor in front of it that kills it
02:22<Hoggs>I think I'd have to make a smart cron that knows not to restart the server in the middle of a game
02:22<erikh>yeah, that's (one of the many) things I get paid to maintain these days :)
02:23<MonkeyIsland>anyone here who knows nginx well?
02:23<erikh>it's not pretty, but you can do it easily enough with some good rcon tools and a little scripting sugar
02:23<erikh>MonkeyIsland: I know enough to run a website on it... what do you need to know?
02:24<MonkeyIsland>I setup a file to run my phpmyadmin by my linode ip address and speicifc port
02:24<MonkeyIsland>I dont' know where I did wrong, cause xx.xx.xx.xx:port just does nothing and gets timed out
02:25<Clorith>is mysql set up to allow conenctions from anything but localhost?
02:25<Clorith>localhsot only is the default
02:25<MonkeyIsland>ah, where should I check that?
02:26<Clorith>you'll want to jump into /etc/mysql/my.cnf or my.conf
02:26<MonkeyIsland>ok I'll check it right now
02:26<Clorith>bind-address is what you will be looking for
02:27<MonkeyIsland>it is set to which is localhost
02:27<MonkeyIsland>how should I alter it?
02:27<Clorith>depends how you intend to connect, if no sites are hsoted on that actual server, jsut make it bind to your incoming IP
02:27<erikh>if you open it up, be sure your accounts have passwords
02:28<Clorith>if you run sites on localhost from it, I think it's to listen on anything, but I may be mistaken on that point as I've never done both at once
02:28<erikh>says "bind to anything I can"
02:29<MonkeyIsland>in nginx I created a file in sites-available called phpmyadmin, and I put for server:
02:29<erikh>wait a sec
02:29<MonkeyIsland>listen: my.linode.ip:3333;
02:29<MonkeyIsland>and then I modified the location root for phpmyadmin
02:29<erikh>can you not reach the php application, or can the php application not reach the mysql server?
02:29<Clorith>yeah, now I'm confused too, haha
02:30<erikh>MonkeyIsland: do you run multiple hosts on your nginx installation, or is it just to support this phpmyadmin thing?
02:30<MonkeyIsland>when I enter xx.xx.xx.xx:3333 in my address bar, the browser shows its working, but it gets timed out. like it is waiting for soemthing but it takes forever
02:31<erikh>MonkeyIsland: do you have a /var/log/nginx directory on that machine?
02:31<MonkeyIsland>ok another thing, when I change my default file to point to phpmyadmin, all works fine
02:31<erikh>well, the logs will likely tell you wtf is up
02:32<erikh>or not say anything, which means you probably need to pierce your firewall
02:32<MonkeyIsland>ok now I'm confused XD
02:32<erikh> /var/log/nginx/error.log is where they're typically kept
02:32<erikh>tail that file
02:32<erikh>tail -f /var/log/nginx/error.log
02:32<Clorith>I'm not familiar enough with nginx to help I think, but I guess it might not be listening on anything but port 80?
02:32<erikh>leave it running, then hit the website
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02:33<erikh>Clorith: vhost configurations can listen on a different IP:port
02:33<Clorith>erikh, I just know in apache you determine the port as well
02:33<erikh>Clorith: you do it differently, but you can do the same thing in apache.
02:34<MonkeyIsland>nano /var/log/nginx/error.log gives me new file. there's isn't any error.log there
02:34<MonkeyIsland>should I look some place else for it?
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02:34<erikh>MonkeyIsland: in your base nginx configuration (nginx.conf wherever your config is stored)
02:35<erikh>sec, I need to look up the directive
02:35<erikh>error_log /var/log/nginx/error.log;
02:35<erikh>you should see something like that
02:35<erikh>the right side of that is where your nginx installation logs error
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02:36<MonkeyIsland>ok found the error.log
02:36<MonkeyIsland>opened it
02:37<erikh>with tail?
02:37<erikh>you don't want to open it with an editor, it won't get updated when it changes
02:37<erikh>and for the love of god, don't save it. it's being written to :P
02:38<MonkeyIsland>ok I do tail now
02:39<erikh>brb. while I'm gone, grab the last few lines and paste them to, please
02:41<MonkeyIsland>nothing is getting logged. Though the browser isn't timed out yet
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02:44<MonkeyIsland>nothing got logged.
02:46<linbot>New news from forums: postfix, php mail(), google apps, virtual hosts [SOLVED] in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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02:50<erikh>MonkeyIsland: do you have a firewall on that machine?
02:50<MonkeyIsland>I don't know
02:51<erikh>can you capture the output of 'sudo iptables -nL' and paste it to ?
02:51<MonkeyIsland>sure , right now
02:51<Clorith>if it's a first time deployment, there shouldn't be any
02:54<MonkeyIsland>I did
02:54<MonkeyIsland>its there now
02:54<erikh>ok, what's the url it sent you to?
02:54<erikh>so I can look at it :P
02:55<erikh>MonkeyIsland: yep, you're firewalled
02:55<erikh>ok, good, that means we're getting somewhere
02:56<erikh>the FUN part now, is you need to figure out how that firewall got configured
02:56<erikh>and I doubt I'll be much help here.
02:56<erikh>MonkeyIsland: what distro are you using?
02:56<erikh>also, if you're using a control panel like cpanel or the like, need to know what that is.
02:56<MonkeyIsland>ubuntu Hardy
02:57<Clorith>ufw !
02:57<Clorith>MonkeyIsland; aptitude install ufw
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02:57<Clorith>it makes firewall management incredibly easy on ubuntu users =)
02:58<MonkeyIsland>ok, are you and erikh together on this? I just don't wanna have conflict. I AM grateful that you are looking into my problem
02:59<Clorith>well, firstly as erikh asked, do you have any control panels running? (cPanel, WHM, WebMin etc)
02:59<erikh>Clorith: let's figure out what's creating his firewall.
03:00<MonkeyIsland>no. nothing
03:00<erikh>ufw will only make things worse if a cpanel, etc is already dicking with it
03:00<erikh>and since I doubt he wrote a shell script to insert those iptables commands on boot, we need to figure out what's doing it now.
03:00<Clorith>point taken
03:00<MonkeyIsland>I don't feel like getting one, I think my CLI will be enough if I learn it
03:00<erikh>MonkeyIsland: ok, good.
03:01<erikh>I'm using ufw on my linode
03:01<erikh>let me see if it looks similar, that'll give us a good heuristic to start
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03:01<Clorith>I do too on my ubuntu deployments
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03:01<erikh>MonkeyIsland: did you set this up yourself originally, or did someone else do it for you?
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03:01<MarkQtty>hi guys
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03:02<MarkQtty> appear very slow...
03:02<MonkeyIsland>I used a guide, this is the link for iptables:
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03:02<erikh>yeah, definitely not ufw.
03:02<erikh>at least, not a recent version.
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03:02<erikh>MonkeyIsland: awesome. let me check that out
03:02<erikh>gimme a minute.
03:02<MonkeyIsland>thanks you!!
03:02<MonkeyIsland>thank you!
03:03<erikh>oh, good stuff
03:03<erikh>you're using iptables-save
03:03<erikh>makes this pretty simple
03:03<wrb123>i just signed up for Linode, and i installed Ubuntu 8.04 64-bit through the Linode interface, then installed Apache, MySql, and PHP... configured some files, and when i run top it shows only 20MB or so free out of 540MB... can that be right?
03:04<erikh>MonkeyIsland: before we do anything else, can you get to your machine from the ajax console or through lish?
03:04<erikh>there's a very real possibility a mistake here can lock you out from ssh, so we need to be sure you can still get into the machine.
03:05<erikh>ajax console or lish doesn't use your network connection, so if it does happen, you can clear the firewall through one of those avenues.
03:05<Clorith>wrb123, that can be right
03:05<MonkeyIsland>I dont' know how to work with ajax console. last time I click on that, it opened up a window and I saw my machine there. but I have no more info about it
03:05<Clorith>it'll run the rest in a cache, so it utilizes yoru ram for other things while your system doesn't use it
03:05<erikh>MonkeyIsland: what I'd like you to do is login to your linode account for this machine, and get into the ajax console
03:05<erikh>then login at teh prompt with your username and password
03:06<erikh>make sure you get a prompt
03:06<erikh>then we'll continue.
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03:06<erikh>Doing this for your own good, I promise. :)
03:06<Clorith>I'd be uneasy if soemoen told me that, haha
03:06<wrb123>Clorith: run "the rest" ? sorry, im kind of new to all of this but i had a different VPS and top always showed only about 100MB used with a LAMP Drupal site running and active, and before even putting a drupal site on here with it sitting idle its showing only 20MB free :) so i got scared
03:06<Clorith>wrb123, show the memoy output =)
03:07<erikh>Clorith: well, he's using a stateful, whitelisting firewall and it's pretty easy to screw up
03:07<erikh>the upside is once you have it right, they're pretty nice
03:07<MonkeyIsland>should I pm you erikh or its fine here?
03:07<erikh>performant and secure
03:07<wrb123>oh, so wait this is showing that other people are "borrowing" my ram right now?
03:07<erikh>MonkeyIsland: you can message me here
03:07<MarkQtty>I think that there is some issues on because i had tried a reboot of my vps here...
03:07<erikh>wrb123: your ram is your ram
03:07<wrb123>oh okay
03:07<MarkQtty>and the job was not completed...
03:07<erikh>nobody can take your ram
03:07<wrb123>well thats good
03:07<erikh>cpu OTOH is shared typically in a VM configuration
03:07<MonkeyIsland>ok I click on 'Launch Console' on the top left box
03:07<wrb123>now i just need to make sure i'm using my ram efficiently
03:08<erikh>but you shouldn't really notice unless someones trying to factor mersenne primes or something
03:08<erikh>MonkeyIsland: correct
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03:08<erikh>you should, if everything's wired up correctly, see a login prompt.
03:08<MonkeyIsland>so bottom-left box to enter user and pass?
03:08<erikh>sounds right.
03:09<wrb123>hmm i guess i just still dont fully understand where my ram is right now, being "used"
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03:09<erikh>the ajax console is more-or-less what you'd see on your monitor if the computer was running at your house
03:09<MonkeyIsland>bottom-left says 'lish login'
03:09<erikh>MonkeyIsland: any chance you could upload a screenshot of it somewhere?
03:09<Clorith>wrb123, the rest of yoru system is borrowing the ram pretty much
03:09<erikh>these are the links in teh control panel, right/
03:09<erikh>MonkeyIsland: you want to click 'Launch Console'
03:10<MonkeyIsland>I did. a new window opened
03:10<Clorith>not other users, but your own one, is giving it out to other parts of your system to make it take use of the ram instead of it laying around doing nothnig
03:10<MonkeyIsland>but I don't see any prompt for username of pass
03:10<erikh>MonkeyIsland: alright, please screen shot it and post it somewhere
03:10<wrb123>Clorith what is it borrowing the ram for if i have no programs running
03:10<erikh>I'll post a shot of what it should look like.
03:11<erikh>lord... had a ping running on my console for who knows how long.. heh.
03:11<wrb123>it just says 'init' and 'top' are the only ones actually using ram i guess
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03:11<wrb123>0s for everything else
03:12<wrb123>so i guess if i count all that up thats less than 1MB of ram.. ha, okay
03:12<wrb123>which also doesnt make sense, but okay :P
03:13<erikh>MonkeyIsland: it should look something like this:
03:13<Clorith>I had a good article that explained it nicely, lemme see if I can find it :)
03:13<erikh>MonkeyIsland: the shot you sent me looks good. the console sometimes isn't stretched out fully when the window opens
03:13<Clorith>I guess that works :P
03:14<erikh>so make it vertically bigger and hit enter inside of it a few times
03:14<erikh>MonkeyIsland: windows is barking about updates; I need to reboot. I'll be back in 5 minutes.
03:14<erikh>I'll still see anything you say when I get back.
03:15<Clorith>I like the workersmans bed analogy
03:16<@array>Clorith: :)
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03:16<MonkeyIsland>ok I saw the login prompt
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03:19<wrb123>Clorith thanks!
03:19-!-Schroeder [] has joined #linode
03:19<wrb123>now im going to go to bed, thanks for your patience Clorith/erikh
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03:21<erikh>MonkeyIsland: great... now login and make sure you get a prompt.
03:22<MonkeyIsland>with my root account?
03:23<erikh>you will need root, no matter how you get it
03:23<erikh>this is just if we botch the firewall and you lock yourself out
03:23<erikh>so you may not need it at all... just a mitigation measure
03:23<linbot>New news from forums: PPTP Problem in Linux Networking <>
03:25<MonkeyIsland>ok I'm in
03:26<erikh>MonkeyIsland: 3333 was the port you wanted to run on, right?
03:26<MonkeyIsland>I may change it, it is just a number
03:26<Clorith>array, thanks!
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03:26<Clorith>taht's the one I was looking for, haha
03:27<erikh>MonkeyIsland: if you change it, you'll have to change what we're doing
03:28<erikh>anyways... from your guide it looks like you have your rules in /etc/iptables.up.rules
03:28<erikh>open that, as root, in an editor
03:29<erikh>you should see a line in there that looks like this:
03:29<erikh>-A INPUT -p tcp --dport 443 -j ACCEPT
03:29<MonkeyIsland>no need for the ajax console right?
03:29<erikh>keep it open.
03:29<erikh>but you can do this over ssh
03:29<MonkeyIsland>ok. so I open the file in my CLI
03:29<erikh>alright, right under that line I noted above, do this:
03:29<erikh>-A INPUT -p tcp --dport 3333 -j ACCEPT
03:29<erikh>where 3333 is the port you want nginx to listen on
03:30<erikh>it should be on its own line and after the line listed above, and before the lines that come after it.
03:30<erikh>let me know when that's done, and you've saved your file and exited the editor
03:31<MonkeyIsland>ok so I add that line under?
03:32<erikh>order is important in this file so be sure to put it in the proper spot.
03:32<MonkeyIsland>I don't have exactly that line you said, mine has these in it also: -m tcp
03:33<MonkeyIsland>should I add it to the line I'm about to add?
03:33<erikh>can you paste the 443 line here?
03:33-!-Deckert [] has joined #linode
03:33<erikh>if you're using another module, probably good to know
03:33<MonkeyIsland>-A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 443 -j ACCEPT
03:34<erikh>basically what we're doing is changing the 443 to 3333 and adding it on a new line
03:34<erikh>so yes, copy it.
03:34<MonkeyIsland>so this: -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 3333 -j ACCEPT?
03:34-!-[Nuno] [~Nuno]] has joined #linode
03:34<erikh>brb in just a minute.. do those edits and save the file, i'll tell you what to do next when I get back
03:35<MonkeyIsland>done and exit the editor
03:36-!-[Nuno] [~Nuno]] has quit []
03:37<erikh>issue this from the console:
03:37<erikh>the ajax console
03:37<erikh>/etc/init.d/networking restart
03:37<erikh>your ssh session will 'burp' but should come back after a few seconds.
03:38<erikh>well, I guess it depends on if you're using dhcp or not
03:38<erikh>either way, there's a chance you will lose ssh for a second.
03:38<MonkeyIsland>I'm doing it.
03:39<MonkeyIsland>why I can't sudo -i and become root, then try it there?
03:39<erikh>yes, you need to do it as root
03:39<MonkeyIsland>so I can do it with my CLI also?
03:39<erikh>if you don't do it on the console, you could get disconnected and then you'll lose your ssh session
03:39<erikh>which will terminate the script before it has a chance to reinitialize your network connection
03:39<erikh>there are ways to do it over ssh, but this is safer.
03:40<MonkeyIsland>ok I'll do it with ajax
03:40<erikh>(and considerably less hard to debug)
03:40<MonkeyIsland>I can't copy paste with ajax consol right? gotta type all?
03:40-!-cilkay [] has joined #linode
03:40<erikh>yep, you've gotta type it out.
03:41<uuid>ps: does anyone know if / when beta backups might come to london?
03:43<erikh>MonkeyIsland: ok... do you still have ssh connectivity?
03:43-!-Dreamr_3 [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
03:43-!-Dreamr_3 [] has joined #linode
03:44<MonkeyIsland>I guess. nothing changed in my CLI nor ajax console
03:44<erikh>did you hit enter?
03:44<erikh>did it say, "restarting netwrok interface eth0..." or some ilk?
03:44<MonkeyIsland>of course. it showed some text as it is doing something and then I'm back on root@mail
03:44<erikh>alright, good
03:44<erikh>please paste the output of 'sudo iptables -nL' to
03:45<MonkeyIsland>it said 'reconfiguring ... '
03:45<erikh>great.. that's exactly what we wanted.
03:46<erikh>can you paste the output of /etc/network/interfaces there now?
03:46<erikh>the whole file
03:47<MonkeyIsland>its content?
03:47<erikh>yessir.. to
03:48-!-karbassi [] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
03:49*erikh sighs
03:49<erikh>ok... on the ajax console again:
03:50<erikh>(as root) iptables -F && (iptables-restore < /etc/iptables.up.rules)
03:51<erikh>after that runs, make sure ssh is still accessible and then paste 'sudo iptables -nL' again
03:52<MonkeyIsland>and upload to p.linode?
03:52<MonkeyIsland>can I update my last post? or make a new one?
03:52<erikh>doesn't matter
03:52<erikh>what's important is that we should see what it shows now
03:53<erikh>MonkeyIsland: 3563 is the port you chose?
03:53-!-Deckert [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
03:54<erikh>ok, make sure nginx is using that port, restart nginx, and you should get a response now
03:54<MonkeyIsland>you are awesome actually ^^
03:54<erikh>aaaaand now you know how to edit your firewall
03:54<MonkeyIsland>sure XD
03:54<MonkeyIsland>I just didn't got the last command you asked.
03:55<erikh>heh, thanks, but I'm just high because I launched 5 months (for me, 2.5 years for the project) of work today to the public
03:55<erikh>normally i'm just a cock
03:55<Clorith>what project?
03:55-!-ph^ [~ph^@] has joined #linode
03:55<Clorith>sounds like taht thing mtv launched a month ago
03:56-!-Deckert_ [] has joined #linode
03:56<erikh>there are a few competitors
03:56<MonkeyIsland>I could kiss you right now!!!
03:56<erikh>I don't really care about the business side of it, to be honest
03:56<erikh>MonkeyIsland: heh. please, my wife would get angry.
03:56<Clorith>aww, there's no filter by game?
03:56<erikh>right now, there's only one game.
03:56<MonkeyIsland>lol ok, also married ;)
03:57<erikh>that's changing soon
03:57<erikh>either way, we're not really advertising it yet
03:57<erikh>this is just a milestone for us
03:57<bitmand>just tried my console, works fine .. but after logging out of the server - how do I close the ssh connection to lish? :)
03:57-!-[Nuno] [~Nuno]] has joined #linode
03:57<erikh>bitmand: hit ctrl-a, then 'd'
03:57<erikh>should drop you to a lish prompt where you can type 'quit'
03:58<erikh>(maybe 'exit', I can't remember)
03:58<Clorith>it's nice whe nclients are hapy with yoru work and end their message with "sending sun and happy thoughts from the carribean!"
03:58<bitmand>not quit, but exit - otherwise PERFECT! :)
03:58<Clorith>and no, I don't typo this much to clients!
03:58<bitmand>erikh: thanks .. and I discovered the documentation to lish just now - rtfm for me :)
03:58-!-K-Zodron [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
03:59<erikh>bitmand: it's actually the 'screen' tool under the hood
03:59<erikh>most of the command you can use in screen work there.
03:59<MonkeyIsland>so with the iptables I have atm, there's nothing to worry about security holes? I mean forgetting about php scripting holes
03:59<erikh>e.g., ctrl+a, d is 'detach from screen'
03:59-!-kelvinq [~kelvinq@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
03:59<bitmand>oh.. thats great, then I know all what I need :)
03:59<erikh>MonkeyIsland: a firewall won't protect your php applications
03:59-!-[Nuno] [~Nuno]] has left #linode []
03:59<MonkeyIsland>i know. I mean other than that
03:59<erikh>and it's not the way I'd do it, but w/e.. it works.
04:00<erikh>if you want something simpler, 'ufw' does a really good job.
04:00<erikh>but you'll have to gut the firewall you currently have.
04:00<MonkeyIsland>I don't. I want to be sure if I can focus on my site and dont' worry about security holes for my vps
04:01<erikh>sure... ufw as a tool can do that for you
04:01<erikh>it's just a different way of doing it.
04:01<erikh>a little simpler to use.
04:01<MonkeyIsland>why i need it now?
04:01<erikh>you don't
04:01<erikh>just recommending alternatives.
04:01<MonkeyIsland>ah I see.
04:01<erikh>to put it another way, all that business with iptables would have been a single 'ufw' command
04:01<erikh>and you'd be done
04:02-!-Guest868 is now known as meff
04:02-!-Guest867 is now known as dcraig
04:02-!-arooni-mobile [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:02<MonkeyIsland>I see. I prefer to learn all the business. makes me more confident
04:02<erikh>that's a very wise approach.
04:02<MonkeyIsland>so far, we added our line to the iptables file.
04:02-!-dcraig is now known as Guest878
04:02-!-meff is now known as Guest879
04:03<MonkeyIsland>I gotta review our chat once more :)
04:03<erikh>we did that so it works on reboot. 'iptables-restore' just reads that file and executes those lines against the actual 'iptables' tool
04:03<erikh>the pre-up line in /etc/network/interfaces runs 'iptables-restore'
04:04<erikh>but is bound to the lo (loopback) interface for some reason, which /etc/init.d/networking restart doesn't restart
04:04<MonkeyIsland>ok, so all the things we've done after adding the line, was to get it to reload new settings?
04:04<erikh>as for the arguments in the /etc/iptables.up.rules file, I'll leave you to read the iptables manual, which describes that all much better than I would.
04:04<erikh>MonkeyIsland: yep.
04:05<erikh>rebooting would have been just as effective
04:05<MonkeyIsland>ok, I think I got the whole thing.
04:05<MonkeyIsland>out of the subject, why when we install something, it doesn't ask where do I want the files to be copied?
04:05<erikh>install something via aptitude or apt-get?
04:06<MonkeyIsland>aptitude I guess
04:06<erikh>it already knows where to install it
04:06<MonkeyIsland>and if I want to install it in another folder?
04:06<erikh>well, you'd have to install it by hand
04:06<erikh>the packaging system (attempts to) create a consistent environment, and that means installing certain files in consistent places
04:07<MonkeyIsland>I think my mind is used to 'windows-installations' way, that's why I find it unusual
04:07<erikh>e.g., that's how I know where your network configuration is, etc.
04:07-!-Niklas-b [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:07<erikh>sure.. it's a bit different but not much
04:07<erikh>linux systems have what's called the 'linux standard base' which is derived from teh 'single unix specification'
04:08<MonkeyIsland>and how linux knows how to install a program?
04:08<erikh>those documents concern themselves with what kind of files you're installing and where they typically go
04:08<MonkeyIsland>I mean for example: aptitude install wine
04:08<erikh>well.... f.e., your windows installers typically want you to install into program files, right?
04:08-!-Deckert_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:08<MonkeyIsland>yes but always gives me an option to change it
04:08<erikh>same deal, but the package manager expects you to install it yourself if you want it somewhere else.
04:09<erikh>mostly because in a linux environment, package A will likely depend on package B, C, and D being in the right spots.
04:09<MonkeyIsland>linux has a table of EVERY program and their installation files? (sites)
04:09<erikh>you can even query it :)
04:09<MonkeyIsland>that's so weird to me
04:10<erikh>your windows installer doesn't tell you the whole story typically.
04:10<uuid>MonkeyIsland: dpgk --list
04:10<MonkeyIsland>how? every program registers itself to linux?
04:10<uuid>MonkeyIsland: no not every one
04:10<erikh>often they install things into C:\windows without asking you
04:10<uuid>only the ones that you install via package managers
04:10<erikh>MonkeyIsland: things installed via the package management system do
04:10<erikh>you can query that, too.
04:10<uuid>you can dump apps somewhere and noone knows about that
04:10<uuid>bad idea tho
04:11<MonkeyIsland>so, when I do aptitude install appA, linux simply install it.
04:11<erikh>uuid: i don't want to confuse the issue, but 'build it in your home directory' can mitigate a lot of problems on certain types of hosts :)
04:11<MonkeyIsland>say, just now AppB came to market
04:11<MonkeyIsland>how my linux would find out what is AppB ?
04:11<uuid>erikh: yup. also there's some things that aren't part of your repo
04:12<uuid>MonkeyIsland: wrong thinking: market
04:12<erikh>not really
04:12<uuid>'market' does not really apply
04:12<erikh>same concept
04:12<erikh>MonkeyIsland: aptitude has a command to update what packages are available to you
04:12<erikh>that tells it what's new and what's not
04:12<MonkeyIsland>where it connects to find out their availability?
04:12<erikh>it tells you when it updates
04:12<erikh>but the file is in /etc/apt/sources.list
04:13<erikh>i don't suggest you edit it until you understand what it's there for.
04:13<MonkeyIsland>ok, how new programs interduce themselves and their availability?
04:13<uuid>yeah, you could say that linux is like windows in that you can install anything from any source that you like, but IN ADDITION to that, the basic core of the OS and some important applications exist in a managed pool of verified quality software
04:13-!-Niklas-b [] has joined #linode
04:13<erikh>that's managed outside of your system
04:13<erikh>and involves a lot of political bullshit you don't want to know about
04:14<erikh>trust me on this one
04:14<uuid>basically it starts with the development
04:14<erikh>anyways, dragon age beckons. ttyl folks.. enjoy your new config MonkeyIsland.
04:14<MonkeyIsland>ok that seems more clear. so windows lack this additional option, right?
04:14<amitz>MonkeyIsland: it's worthy for seasons of soap opera.
04:15<uuid>MonkeyIsland: the point is that windows is just the OS, but linux is a whole bunch more
04:15<uuid>windows can very well update itself from trusted sources
04:15<uuid>but microsoft doesn't offer and check other software via windows update
04:15<MonkeyIsland>but you can just tell windows 'install phpmyadmin' and that would be all.
04:15<amitz>but in some linux distros, you can have some organizations vouch for many applications runnable on linux.
04:15<uuid>you could if you used unix utilities in windows
04:16<MonkeyIsland>I see.
04:16<MonkeyIsland>tthis option of linux just got me confused at the first sight.
04:16<amitz>and they will provide the mechanism for managing the applications.
04:16<uuid>MonkeyIsland: in the long run, it makes things a lot easier
04:16<uuid>you don't need to crawl through crappy download sites
04:16<MonkeyIsland>I saw 'aptitude install something' and I was wondering how the hell linux knows where to get it and how to install it
04:17<MonkeyIsland>I see your point
04:17<uuid>really simple, aptitude has a list of all packages that are available right now
04:17<uuid>if you do sudo aptitude update you see where the list comes from
04:17<MonkeyIsland>when I installed phpmyadmin it installed v2.11
04:18<MonkeyIsland>why not higher versions?
04:18<MonkeyIsland>I see
04:18<uuid>because the guys who make the software lists didn't yet check if the newer one works with everything else
04:18<uuid>you could force to install a newer one, but that might break something
04:18-!-raistlinthewiz [] has joined #linode
04:19<raistlinthewiz>hi there
04:19<amitz>so basically they keep a list of programs they guarantee to work thus you don't have to think or test them.
04:19<amitz>hi raistlinthewiz
04:19<raistlinthewiz>so im already being hosted in newark and my sites mainly used by european visitors, so if i go for a europe datacentere migration, what's the expected downtime?
04:20<uuid>raistlinthewiz: I just migrated, and it depends on the size of your disk
04:20<uuid>linode says around 15 minutes per GB
04:20<uuid>can be higher
04:20<raistlinthewiz>i'll be happy if an admin answers this and good job guys with the benchmarks, keep it up
04:20<uuid>so best is to resize your disk to as small as possible
04:21<raistlinthewiz>i actaully do not use that much diskspac
04:21<raistlinthewiz>so i don't need any dns changes or so i guess?
04:21-!-dvdm [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:21<uuid>they take care of that
04:21<raistlinthewiz>so are u happy with the new location?
04:21-!-Niklas-b [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:21<uuid>they tell you the new ip at the start of the transfer
04:22<uuid>fremont: ping 160
04:22<uuid>london: ping 40
04:22<uuid>performance is the same, network speed is good, ping is much better
04:22<MonkeyIsland>uuid thanks for the info
04:22<uuid>MonkeyIsland: you're welcome
04:22<MonkeyIsland>take care mate. Cya
04:23-!-MonkeyIsland [MonkeyIsla@] has quit []
04:23<raistlinthewiz>is the datacenter stable also?
04:23<uuid>I've been on it for ~6 hours
04:23<uuid>I couldn't possibly say if it's stable
04:24-!-dvdm [] has joined #linode
04:24<bitmand>100% uptime since start!!! *giggles*
04:24<raistlinthewiz>thats the only thing that i want to wait for and see
04:25<bitmand>raistlinthewiz: What amount of time are you waiting, until you decide? :)
04:25<raistlinthewiz>at least 1-2 weeks
04:26<uuid>that's probably prudent
04:27-!-K-Zodron [] has joined #linode
04:31<raistlinthewiz>just checked my billing page and seems i'm a happy customer since august 2008 :)
04:32-!-mcarter [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:33-!-Niklas-b [] has joined #linode
04:38-!-Sparkesinator_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:49-!-raistlinthewiz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:53-!-abysed [] has joined #linode
05:02-!-memenode [] has joined #linode
05:03-!-Guest879 is now known as meff
05:03-!-Guest878 is now known as dcraig
05:03-!-meff is now known as Guest886
05:03-!-dcraig is now known as Guest887
05:08-!-Keverw [] has joined #linode
05:09<Keverw>Hello All.
05:10<Keverw>I'm start a user socal network type site. I'm going to have a copyright "DMCA" Link in the footer so people can report stuff for take down,BUT what if someone wants to be a total ass and just contacts linode and not me. What happens?
05:10-!-rainman` [] has joined #linode
05:11<@array>Keverw: we'll raise an abuse ticket with you on behalf of the complainant
05:12<Keverw>And then everything will be fine?
05:12<Keverw>once its remove.
05:12-!-rainman_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:14*beefsalad submits a DMCA for, because does not have the right to the words "the" "and" and "or" because I own them
05:14<@array>Keverw: sure, as long as the DMCA complaints do not turn into a frequent occurence
05:14-!-Dreamr_3 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
05:15-!-KingTarquin [] has joined #linode
05:15-!-tiny [] has joined #linode
05:15-!-Smark is now known as Smark[Gone]
05:15<Keverw>I hope not. :D Making a music/video portal with Joomla,But its more ment for unsinged people.
05:16<Clorith>joomla :|
05:17<Keverw>Is Joomla good?
05:20<rainman`>it has a bad security reputation
05:21<Clorith>but don't tell taht to the hardcore joomla freaks
05:21<Keverw>But if i keep it up to date,I should be fine... Right?
05:21<Clorith>although #joomla on freenode is amusing if you first say "joomla sucks"
05:21<encode>Clorith: have you tried it lately?
05:22<encode>i've a feeling it could be fun
05:22<Clorith>I maintain a server set up for nothing but joomlas...
05:22<encode>i tried joomla. liked drupal better
05:22<encode>but I don't think it has any fewer security issues
05:23-!-sardyno [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:23<Clorith>my main concern is that joomla demands so many 777'd directories under it
05:24<Keverw>Is 777 bad?
05:24<Keverw>Some people say its bad and some say its fine.
05:25<encode>shouldn't need to 777 anything
05:25<uuid>hackers agree: every file should be 777
05:25<encode>just make sure the group permissions are high enough for joomla, and make the apache user a member of said group
05:25<encode>at absolute most it should be 774
05:25<Clorith>777 means read/wr7te/execute privileges to anyone
05:25<uuid>Keverw: if you set a file on 777 you effectively disable any file permission based security
05:26<Keverw>What if i let users upload stuff. What should it be then?
05:26<Keverw>like from a php script.
05:27<encode>Keverw: see my previous statement
05:27<uuid>although not for everything
05:27-!-tiny [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
05:27<uuid>gotta think about every file :P
05:27<Keverw>So how doee one write to it?
05:27<Keverw>Dont they need a user acct on my server to do that?
05:28<uuid>apache or your CGI write to the directory
05:28<uuid>with the username that apache/the cgi use
05:28<uuid>so if apache runs as www-data, the files will be created and owned by www-data
05:29-!-dvdm [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:32<Keverw>My server hates 774
05:32<Keverw>The script tells me i cant write to it.
05:32-!-dvdm [] has joined #linode
05:32<encode>Keverw: what are the user and group owners set to?
05:33<Keverw>I dont see how to check...
05:33<Keverw>I'm using FileZilla to upload.
05:33<abysed>the 4 means read only, no write or execute
05:33<abysed>right-click on the file, go to "File Permissions..."
05:33<Keverw>but,I will say its owned by root
05:33<Keverw>It dosnt tell me...
05:34<Keverw>but i'm logged in as root.
05:34<encode>you're using filezilla as root?
05:34<encode>bad bad bad
05:34<Clorith>make a seperate user ;)
05:35<abysed>ftp uses plain text to log in, so people could see your password if they are trying to sniff your network
05:35<encode>consider root your "get out of jail" user. Nothing should be done with root, unless everything has gone horribly wrong and you're running in single user mode
05:35<Clorith>becuase you don't want yoru website running by root, that's bad bad bad
05:35-!-Smithers [] has joined #linode
05:35<Smithers>Hey all!
05:36<encode>hey Smithers
05:36<Smithers>Would someone be so kind as so pastebin the default apache2 "default" file (in site-available). I changed it for testing and don't know what the original was like.
05:36<encode>Keverw: create a separate account. If anything privileged needs doing, use sudo
05:37<Keverw>But how come other scripts wont write to it?
05:37<encode>you need to set the user and group ownership correctly
05:37<Keverw>works fine with 777 but not 774
05:38<Smithers>Fantastic abysed!
05:38<Smithers>Thanks a ton
05:38<abysed>no problemo
05:39<encode>Keverw: this is what I use
05:39<encode>drwxr-xr-x 4 www-data users 4096 Nov 24 12:26 drupal_files
05:39-!-MonkeyIsland [MonkeyIsla@] has joined #linode
05:39<encode>translated, thats 755 (should really be 754) with www-data as the user owner, and users as the group owner
05:39<encode>so anything running under www-data (like apache) has full control
05:40<encode>the user that belongs to that folder is a member of the users group, so they get read and execute
05:40<encode>everyone else also gets read and execute (but really they should only have read, or perhaps none)
05:40<MonkeyIsland>I'm trying to 'tar xzf sql.gz' to extract the content in the same directory. It says 'this does not look like a tar archive'
05:40<encode>MonkeyIsland: that's cos its not
05:40<encode>MonkeyIsland: man gunzip
05:41<MonkeyIsland>didn't get your second line mate
05:41<encode>MonkeyIsland: man gunzip
05:41<encode>as in, read the manual page for the gunzip command
05:41<encode>or try google
05:42<abysed>pulling 11.2MB/s on my linode.. pretty nice
05:44<MonkeyIsland>encode: got it, thank you very much.
05:47<Keverw>Grr. It worked for my tpl site but for joomla... Now i just get a wonderful white page.
05:47<Keverw>How come?
05:48<Smithers>Ok so I've been using root for the last week and just read I should be using a different user with 'sudo' commands (I'm using ubuntu). Is there any info on a creating a user like this and good practices with linux?
05:50<MonkeyIsland>I had copied large text and accidentally I right clicked on my CLI. and it is giving bad command.
05:50<MonkeyIsland>how can I stop it?
05:50-!-amitz_ [~amitz@] has joined #linode
05:50<MonkeyIsland>it doesn't
05:50<beefsalad>Smithers: man sudoers and man visudo
05:50<abysed>probably have to wait :P
05:50<MonkeyIsland>its very large
05:50<MonkeyIsland>about 30 mb of text
05:50<abysed>log out and back in I guess :o
05:51<MonkeyIsland>I can't type anything
05:51<abysed>open a new ssh session and kill the old one
05:52-!-amitz [~amitz@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:52<MonkeyIsland>I mean the command to kill the old one
05:52<abysed>log in, type ps x, youll see a line like "15433 ? S 0:00 sshd: abysed@pts/2" which is my only login on my linode, kill -9 15433 would kill it off
05:53<MonkeyIsland>I have many lines there
05:53<MonkeyIsland>about 8
05:54<abysed>should only be one that has sshd: youruser@pts/x
05:54<abysed>well, two since you are logged in twice
05:54<Smithers>ugh... how do you exit man?
05:54<MonkeyIsland>I have another one: username@notty
05:54<MonkeyIsland>what is that?
05:54<Smithers>I need to read man man
05:55<abysed>Smithers: hit q
05:55<Smithers>lol thanks
05:55<Smithers>Reading man man now
05:56<Clorith>wouldn't it be easier to just do "who" ?
05:56<Clorith>jsut saying...
05:56<MonkeyIsland>yyea who gave me only 2 entries
05:56<Smithers>Thanks for that info beefsalad
05:56<MonkeyIsland>how to kill one of them?
05:56<Smithers>you have a very tasty nam
05:57<beefsalad>Smithers: np
05:59<Keverw>Does anyone have an clue how to fix a joomla that loads a whitepage only?
05:59<abysed>not sure about the notty thing. think thats the one that is pasting all the fake commands in
05:59<Clorith>Keverw, sounds like it isn't finding the css file
06:00<Keverw>yeah its when i try to do a template... I wonder if i can change it back somehow... Cant get in to my admin panel.
06:01<MonkeyIsland>I killed the notty too. nothing happened
06:01<MonkeyIsland>it was another
06:04-!-Guest887 is now known as dcraig
06:04-!-Guest886 is now known as meff
06:04<abysed>ps x again, nothing else that says sshd? only one now?
06:04-!-JediMaster [] has joined #linode
06:04<abysed>could have frozen up stuff
06:04-!-dcraig is now known as Guest892
06:04-!-meff is now known as Guest891
06:05-!-hpj [] has joined #linode
06:06<Keverw>Google Chorme has Extensions now!!!
06:06<Keverw>I wonder if firefox plug ins will work...
06:07<Smithers>I'd bail on firefox if that were the case
06:07<Smithers>firefox crashes at least 3 times a day
06:07<Keverw>I think Chrome is based on WebKit and Firefox...
06:08*rainman` hasn't seen a firefox crash in months
06:08<Smithers>Come over to my place - you'll see it soon enough
06:08<Keverw>There is extensions already in the beta but i cant find Chatzilla in googles thing.
06:08<rainman`>maybe something else is broken
06:08<Smithers>I suppose it's some errant extension and not core firefox, but it crashes nonetheless
06:09-!-A-KO [] has joined #linode
06:09<rainman`>so, you install broken extensions, and then complain that firefox is broken
06:09<rainman`>"if i throw my computer out of the window, the operating system crashes! what a lousy OS!"
06:10<Smithers>the human mind is capable of extreme cognitive dissonance - I'm just abusing that fact
06:10<rainman`>"my TFT screen didn't survive a nuclear blast next to it, i'm never buying from this brand again"
06:10<rainman`>well, that's perhaps a bit too much
06:11<Smithers>I wouldn't be around to complain
06:12<Smithers>found this in my most recent crash log
06:12<Smithers>"i most likely blame microsoft. they suck."
06:13-!-hpj [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:14<Keverw>Grr. I think the Joomla Irc channel is dead.
06:15-!-dvdm [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:15-!-pwnguin [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:17<Keverw>How can you join other channels with this web client? I used the one on freenodes site just to go to the joomla room... but i like the java client on Linode better.
06:18-!-pwnguin [] has joined #linode
06:18-!-dvdm [] has joined #linode
06:21-!-Sputnik7 [] has quit [Quit: -=SysReset 2.53=-]
06:22<Smithers>Alright all, thanks for your help! I hope my website migration works.
06:22<Smithers>Have a good night (morning?)
06:22-!-Smithers [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:23-!-SpaceHob1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:23-!-Sputnik7 [] has joined #linode
06:25-!-Maushu [] has joined #linode
06:26-!-cpg_ [] has quit [Quit: cpg_]
06:32-!-Deckert [] has joined #linode
06:33-!-JediMaster [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:35-!-JediMaster [] has joined #linode
06:42-!-amitz [~MtvIRC_us@] has joined #linode
06:43-!-amitz [~MtvIRC_us@] has quit []
06:48-!-Dreamr_3 [] has joined #linode
06:49<linbot>New news from forums: [ Poll ] FreeBSD 8.0 Xen domU support in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
06:53-!-Hoggs [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
06:56-!-jimmy [] has joined #linode
06:57<jimmy>hey hey everyone - just seen the london news! to transfer my linode do I post a support ticket?
07:01<linbot>chesty: *click*
07:02<SNy>Hey, that is great news! Good thing a few free days are ahead then. :)
07:05-!-Guest891 is now known as meff
07:05-!-Guest892 is now known as dcraig
07:05-!-meff is now known as Guest898
07:05-!-dcraig is now known as Guest899
07:15-!-d1g1t [~d1g1t@] has joined #linode
07:16-!-terryleigh [] has joined #linode
07:17<BarkerJr>why would anyone want to extend google chrome? it's already perfect
07:17<terryleigh>I'm pretty new to Linux, would just like to know what would be involved in setting up a Django based website on Linode?
07:17-!-Sparkesinator_ [] has joined #linode
07:18<BarkerJr>I think this will help:
07:19<MonkeyIsland>I have installed postfix and my php mail function is working fine. How can I create a smtp email account?
07:20-!-laser` [] has joined #linode
07:24-!-dvdm [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:26-!-terryleigh [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:27-!-mathew [] has joined #linode
07:27<Maushu>jimmy: Unless you know how to clone a linode and don't mind pre-paying another linode.
07:29-!-dvdm [] has joined #linode
07:30-!-KingTarquin [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:31<linbot>Linodes can be migrated between datacenters by simply opening a ticket. Your disk images will be copied intact, but you will be issued a new IP address. Once a migration is configured, it makes a button on the dashboard available for you to start the migration yourself. Migration typically takes about 1-3 minutes per GB.
07:31<mwalling>jimmy: ^^
07:33-!-tbb [~sammo@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:35<BarkerJr>I prefer to give linode more money and make more work for myself :)
07:36-!-d1g1t [~d1g1t@] has quit [Quit: d1g1t]
07:36<Maushu>BarkerJr: You aren't really giving more money. It's more like pre-paying your server.
07:37<Maushu>When you shutdown your older server they credit back to the account. This credit can then be used on the next month of the new server.
07:38<Maushu>MonkeyIsland: Depends on how you config'ed postfix.
07:39<BarkerJr>but I prepaid for my servers for the next two years
07:40<jimmy>well i'll probably give the new data center a few weeks before moving
07:40<jimmy>give them time to work out all the kinks n all that!
07:40<SNy>!avail london
07:40<linbot>SNy: (linodeavail takes no arguments) -- Gets the availability of each Linode plan type optionally restricting the results to a specific datacenter.
07:41<mwalling>jimmy: some of us have had sekrit access for a while
07:41<mwalling>jimmy: its kink free
07:41<SNy>Ah, OK, my bad.
07:41<BarkerJr>how come I didn't get invited? :(
07:41<mwalling>jimmy: linode wouldnt greenlight a dc without letting people break it
07:41<SNy>Or, well, it's not a valid command, says it.
07:42<linbot>SNy: Linode360 - 467, Linode540 - 181, Linode720 - 193, Linode1080 - 100, Linode1440 - 75, Linode2880 - 11
07:42<BarkerJr>I faithfully helped break newark back a bit ago
07:42<linbot>mwalling: (1.09389) mwalling's mom sez hai
07:42<jimmy>i need to figure out if my traffic would be better off if i were based in the UK... Would Newark be lower latency than london for Australian users?
07:42<BarkerJr>I guess we gotta do
07:42<mwalling>... that worked?
07:42<BarkerJr>I would guess fremont would be lowest for au
07:42<mwalling>jimmy: that link has files in all three datacenters
07:43<mwalling>three? wow
07:43-!-gmcharlt [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
07:43<BarkerJr>very nice, huh?
07:43<BarkerJr>no more linking to a forum post :)
07:43<jimmy>mwalling: i know the London datacenter is better for me. But my linode gets traffic from the following (in order): 1) UK, 2) Australia, 3) USA
07:43<mwalling>jimmy: ah
07:43<jimmy>so I'm trying to decide if i should move to the UK...
07:44<mwalling>jimmy: got some friends to try it from .au?
07:44<jimmy>i could probably find someone... good idea =)
07:44<BarkerJr>a new ntpd has been released!
07:44<SNy>Uhm, if !avail does take no arguments... then how do you optionally restrict the results to a specific datacenter?
07:45<@array>jimmy: where is your Linode located at the moment?
07:45<linbot>BarkerJr: Fremont360 - 0, Fremont540 - 0, Fremont720 - 0, Fremont1080 - 1, Fremont1440 - 1, Fremont2880 - 1, Fremont5760 - 1, Fremont8640 - 1, Fremont11520 - 0
07:45<BarkerJr>that's how
07:45<SNy>Well, yes, but that's not what the help message would suggest.
07:46<mwalling>because avail-* are all hacks
07:46<SNy>Besides, it doesn't work for london. :P
07:46<mwalling>just like !f and !newcalc
07:46-!-dvdm [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:46<BarkerJr>we don't care about london :P
07:47<mwalling>!help f
07:47<linbot>mwalling: (f <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "factoidbot $*".
07:47<mwalling>!help factoidbot
07:47<linbot>mwalling: (factoidbot <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "web title$nick&q=$*".
07:47<mwalling>its a hack
07:47<mathew>Americans love London since we have a queen
07:47<mathew>and history
07:47<mwalling>mathew: you're a funny one
07:47<bitmand>isnt that a complete ripoff from some comedian?
07:48<mathew>bitmand, I dunno, it just came out.
07:48<bitmand>mathew: heh :)
07:48<mwalling>mathew: at least our king didnt chop 6 of his wives heads off
07:48<Maushu>jimmy: Trying tracing to know which is the best path to Australia.
07:48<mwalling>mathew: sorry, but if obama did that...
07:48<mwalling>awe hell, people would still kiss his feet
07:49<jimmy>array: currently in Newark
07:49<mathew>Anyway, as to not turn this room into England vs America (England wins btw) argument I'll shh now
07:50<bitmand>no answer for me .. stupid bot :(
07:50<mwalling>bitmand: it doesnt know about london
07:51<bitmand>ohh.. :)
07:51-!-dvdm [] has joined #linode
07:52<@array>jimmy: AU to NJ and UK
07:52<jimmy>ow wow, thanks array
07:52-!-hpj [] has joined #linode
07:52<jimmy>thank you so much :) Think i'll stay in NJ :)
07:52<@array>jimmy: (Fremont)
07:52<amitz_>Maushu: tell me if you find out.
07:53-!-amitz_ is now known as amitz
07:54<amitz>Maushu: I'm above you and I find london to have about 50-70ms faster lag than fremont.
07:54<jimmy>array: fremont is slightly less, however for my main userbase (UK) NJ will be a bit better. Thanks for the help
07:54<Maushu>Above... me?
07:54<Maushu>Wait, "faster lag"? How does that work.
07:54<amitz>shorter lag
07:55<Maushu>What do you mean above?
07:55<@array>jimmy: np! :)
07:56<amitz>Maushu: I'm curious how Australia's routes itself.
07:56<Maushu>amitz: Oops, I just noticed that I used "Trying", I meant "Try". I'm not in australia. :3
07:56<Maushu>The connections should go through the pacific...
07:56<amitz>Maushu: ah, I see :-)
07:57<Maushu>You have a lower lag connecting to the uk?
07:57<amitz>Maushu: yeah, weird huh?
07:57<Maushu>Perhaps the connection is going west instead of east.
07:58<amitz>Maushu: I guess. I have tried it again, is indeed pong faster than
07:59<amitz>so it's consistent across days ;-)
08:00<Maushu>amitz: Use this:
08:00<Maushu>Put your ip or the ip of some computer in your country.
08:01<amitz>but I always thought that even if it's going west, the distance to london is suppose to be farther than to california.
08:01<Maushu>amitz: Don't forget that distance sometimes doesn't matter that much.
08:02-!-gmcharlt [] has joined #linode
08:03<amitz>Maushu: great tool! I identify a problem in a hop.
08:03-!-jtaji [~jtaji@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:06-!-Guest899 is now known as dcraig
08:06-!-Guest898 is now known as meff
08:06-!-dcraig is now known as Guest906
08:06-!-meff is now known as Guest905
08:08<amitz>heh, guess what. From Indonesia to Singapore to Los Angeles to London. So it's not going west.
08:08<amitz>something is weird though. From Indonesia to Singapore then Indonesia again? Then to Los Angeles then to London.
08:10<BarkerJr>I don't think there's a great internet infrastructure in eastern asia / western europe / africa
08:17<Maushu>amitz: That is weird. Are you sure you aren't using a proxy in singapore or something?
08:19<rainman`>and are you sure that the visual traceroute tool is correct? :)
08:19<rainman`>their analysis data definitely sucks
08:20<Maushu>rainman`: True, it is possible that their ip 2 geo location is incorrect.
08:20-!-confounds [] has joined #linode
08:21<amitz>Maushu: ah..
08:22<HoopyCat>lies, damned lies, and ip geocoding data
08:22-!-SubZero [] has quit []
08:23<amitz>oh, already run without proxy. supposedly no, unless they force a transparent proxy on me.
08:23<Trystan>rainman`: yea their analysis is kinda off
08:23-!-uuid [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:23<amitz>how much off can it be?
08:23<Trystan>not in terms of that
08:23<amitz>I mean, the general path from Jakarta to Singapore to Los Angeles to London is wrong?
08:23<Trystan>but it doesnt look at the situation
08:23<Trystan>i meant one test i did
08:24<rainman`>amitz, no, the statements they make based on the data
08:24<Trystan>'the highest response time was 302ms, this is rather high'
08:24<Maushu>Besides, this is a reverse route trace. It goes from the website to amitz computer.
08:24<amitz>rainman`: ah, I got it.
08:24<Trystan>no shit.. its from the US to Australia.
08:24<Trystan>and yes, kinda useless to test routes from them to you
08:24-!-starfishpbx [] has joined #linode
08:24<Maushu>If anyone knows a free visual tracer....
08:24<Trystan>would be more useful to test from yourself to multiple locations
08:25<starfishpbx>Hi, does anybody know if is possible to move my existing linode to the new London location ?
08:25<Maushu>You need to download their tool for that, and the free one doesn't include the visual data.
08:25<laser`>starfishpbx: Raise a support ticket :)
08:25<Maushu>starfishpbx: Two ways, ticket or clone the linode yourself.
08:25<rainman`>you can usually guess from a standard traceroute
08:25<rainman`>many reverse names have locations in them
08:26<starfishpbx>Thx, I've opened a support ticket but I wanted to ask the too, maybe I missed an option on the web inteface somewhere
08:26<Maushu>starfishpbx: Well, the option on the web interface would be cloning the linode.
08:27<starfishpbx>Maushu, but that would require to buy another linode, right ?
08:27<amitz>something is strange. One of the path is , but that's germany from whois? this is access from jakarta to fremont.
08:27<Trystan>they could have infrastructure which you are passing through
08:28<Trystan>a german owned company
08:28<amitz>oh wait
08:28<linbot>HoopyCat: IP:; rDNS: None; City: Fremont; State: California; Postal code: 94539; Country: US; Latitude: 37.5155; Longitude: -121.896; UTC offset: -8; Area code: 510;
08:28<Maushu>starfishpbx: Huh, it would be just pre-paying. You would get your money back of the old linode.
08:28<laser`>tbh it's easier just to ask them to migrate it :P
08:28<starfishpbx>Maushu, you're right, thanks for the tip
08:29<Maushu>Some people like to get their hands dirty.
08:29<linbot>amitz: IP:; rDNS: None; City: Frankfurt Am Main; State: Hessen; Country: DE; Latitude: 50.1167; Longitude: 8.6833; UTC offset: 1;
08:29<starfishpbx>wow the linode guys are great, they already working on my migration
08:29<amitz>you mean, that's probably something owned by germany, but maybe located in US?
08:30<Maushu>starfishpbx: They had to stop their paintball war in the office for that. Shame on you.
08:31<Trystan>amitz: it could be
08:31<HoopyCat>amitz: from here, it looks a long way away towards the east
08:31<Trystan>i route through Australian IPS which are located in the US
08:31<Trystan>but show as being australian via geoip
08:31<HoopyCat>amitz: an 8-hop traceroute; hop 7 is 7.3ms away, the 195.* address is 121.3ms away
08:32<amitz>HoopyCat: you mean from your location to mine, you went east?
08:32<HoopyCat>amitz: from my location to where are you? :-)
08:33<amitz>I'm according ifconfig.
08:34-!-Bass10 [] has joined #linode
08:34<amitz>Is it possible that my ISP use an inefficient routing?
08:35<Trystan>it could be
08:35<@irgeek>It depends on who they peer with and their view of the routing tables.
08:35<amitz>so I can just file a complain...?
08:35<Trystan>various ISPs will peer in different places causing varied paths
08:35<Trystan>chances are they wont give a shit unless they get alot of complaints
08:35<amitz>ah, so it's not just technical consideration. Depends on their agreement with others.. that sucks.
08:36<Trystan>depends on who they pay, and who they pay pays
08:36<Trystan>or has agreements with
08:36<Trystan>i changes ISPs and went from 230 to about 180 from AU to Fremont
08:37<amitz>Trystan: woah, that's a lot.
08:37<HoopyCat>amitz: from my house: from newark: from london:
08:37<amitz>My traceroute to
08:38<Trystan>it varies
08:38<Trystan>its 195 atm
08:38<Trystan>but about 30ms on average
08:38<HoopyCat>amitz: your traceroute to fremont is certainly going in an easterly direction
08:38<HoopyCat>but anyway, breakfast.
08:38<amitz>HoopyCat: ah I see.
08:38-!-starfishpbx [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:39<amitz>hmm.. damn..
08:40<Trystan>from Indonesia?
08:40<linbot>Majes: timed out
08:40<Trystan>paris, london, new york, san jose, fremont
08:40<Trystan>unless my geography fails me, thats west
08:41<amitz>Trystan: yeah, that's west... this is something deserving a WTF...
08:42<Trystan>our (oceanic/asian islands) best path is through guam or straight to LA/west coast
08:42<amitz>From here to US I must hop on Europe. But from here to Europe I must hop on US..
08:42<Trystan>its the reverse here
08:42<Trystan>we go to US then to Europe
08:42<Trystan>but.. since the majority of (english) sites are US hosted
08:42<Trystan>it works out ok for us
08:42<amitz>but when you have to go to US, You just go directly to US right?
08:43<amitz>for completeness and checking, let me traceroute to london.
08:43<JediMaster>anyone know why my ubuntu 9.10 machine can't seem to do a reverse dns lookup on my ip? It causes ssh to take 15 seconds to pop up with the password prompt. My other machines (ubuntu 9.04 with different hosts) do the reverse dns fine
08:43<Trystan>i would laugh if it went the other way :D
08:43<JediMaster>and looks like the machine is resolving dns correctly (e.g. ping comes up straight away)
08:43<Trystan>JediMaster: what resolvers are you using?
08:44<amitz>Trystan: it seemed to be that way according to that visual traceroute tool, but it's a us server, not so...
08:44<Trystan>have you done a lookup against them on your IP address
08:44<Trystan>to ensure they resolve it correctly?
08:46<JediMaster>Trystan, nslookup brings it up correctly
08:46<amitz>to london: . It's going west at a glance. Sorry, no laughing material ;-)
08:46<Trystan>JediMaster: hm. I am unsure as to why it would do that. I am not familiar with ubuntu really,
08:47<JediMaster>Trystan, "who" and "w" come up with the ip rather than hostname, which they don't on my other machines
08:47<@irgeek>JediMaster: PM me the IP
08:47<HoopyCat>Trystan: yes, that's what i meant. haven't had coffee yet
08:47<Trystan>HoopyCat: thought possible so
08:47<Trystan>to the east coast
08:48<Trystan>same thing can be said two different ways :D
08:48<HoopyCat>Trystan: i was thinking "from west to east", which is a rather embarrassing confession
08:48<amitz>heh, none event then. I blame that visual traceroute! or its weird peering :-p
08:49<Trystan>amitz: mmm
08:49<Trystan>the traceroute you posted was theirs or from your console?
08:49<amitz>The traceroute I posted are mine, the one I put in .
08:50<JediMaster>irgeek, I think someone else with a UK machine was saying the same thing yesterday
08:51<amitz>Trystan: yep, the and
08:51<Trystan>then i would still say you are going the least efficient way
08:51<Trystan>if you go through asia
08:51<amitz>it's interesting that there is a looong path from singapore to london.
08:51<Trystan>it comes down to a cost thing too
08:52-!-Trystan [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
08:52-!-Trystan [] has joined #linode
08:53<amitz>Trystan: hmm.. interesting. The route can change right without warning, within a connection session?
08:54<amitz>I believe this one particular ISP didn't own the recently build connection to US. Probably that's the cause.
08:57-!-confounds [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:00<linbot>Majes: IP:; rDNS: None; City: Houston; State: Texas; Postal code: 77002; Country: US; Latitude: 29.7523; Longitude: -95.367; UTC offset: -6; Area code: 713; Domains: 1;
09:02<MonkeyIsland>do I have to install a program like google apps for creating SMTP accounts?
09:03-!-ubuntuisloved [] has joined #linode
09:03<amitz>MonkeyIsland: yes, but doesn't necessarily with the same pretty interface. That is assuming you want to actually own/manage the account by your own self.
09:06<amitz>heh, at time like this I'd appreciate the so called veteran 1st level technical support.
09:06<amitz>I don't even know if I screw up the explanation or not..
09:07-!-Guest905 is now known as meff
09:07-!-Guest906 is now known as dcraig
09:07-!-meff is now known as Guest909
09:07-!-dcraig is now known as Guest910
09:08<amitz>what will happen if meff and dcraig run out of the digits? :-p
09:10<Clorith>Only one way to find out!
09:11-!-d-b_ [~db@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:12-!-straterr1 [] has joined #linode
09:12<amitz>or makes 998 Guests to trap those nicks. :-)
09:12-!-dvdm [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:19-!-memenode [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:24-!-octopod [~octopod@] has joined #linode
09:25-!-ermau [] has joined #linode
09:25-!-ermau is now known as ermau|work
09:26-!-newcustomer [] has joined #linode
09:26<newcustomer>Hello, am I allowed to download legal files from via torrent protocol on shell?
09:26<newcustomer>for example using ctorrent and leaving a session on screen?
09:27-!-RSully [] has joined #linode
09:27<jess^>everyone knows torrenting isn't used for anything legal ;)
09:27<amitz>jess^: linux ISO! :-p
09:27<newcustomer>maybe you know, but torrents are also iso's
09:27<newcustomer>anyway, is torrent allowed on these vps'es?
09:27<jess^>fwiw, though, i dont think anyone would mind legal downloads provided it didn't negatively impact other customers on the same host
09:28<jess^>newcustomer: i was being facetious earlier (the ;) on the end)
09:28<mwalling>!f what can i do with my linode
09:28<linbot>mwalling: What can I do with my Linode? It's probably easier to tell you what you cannot do: Nothing illegal and nothing that interferes with other customers and services. Our Terms of Service document is located here:
09:28<mwalling>newcustomer: ^^
09:28<mwalling>thats from
09:29<RSully>hia newcustomer
09:30<linbot>SpaceHobo: Cubic feet per minute (CFPM or CFM) is a non-SI unit of measurement of the flow of a gas or liquid that indicates how much volume in cubic feet pass by a stationary point in one minute. The higher the CFPM the better the suction.
09:30<newcustomer>just tell me guys what about torrent :)
09:30<newcustomer>am i allowed or not
09:30<newcustomer>until i break law
09:30<newcustomer>and someones is shitting you with notices of infrigment
09:30<beefsalad>8you are allowed, unless your trorrent is disruptive
09:30<beefsalad>or illegal...
09:30<RSully>newcustomer: You can torrent but NOT IF ITS ILLEGAL
09:31<mwalling>newcustomer: what part of the factoid above didnt answer that?
09:31<newcustomer>i wasnt mean of hosting or something
09:31<RSully>mwalling: The part that he interperted as "idk wut lul"
09:31-!-octopod [~octopod@] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
09:31<newcustomer>i mean scenarrio like, i dl something on vps and no sharing
09:31<RSully>If its illegal then NO
09:32<mwalling>newcustomer: if its legal and doesnt bother others on your host, you can do it. just like the faq says
09:32<straterr1>SpaceHobo: they'll drop your node :P
09:32<newcustomer>doesnt say much about torrents, good idea to put there a notice about it
09:32<RSully>newcustomer: THEY GAVE NOTICEZZLJEfjrlghre
09:32<newcustomer>allright how fast are transfers on ftp?
09:32<linbot>Please use SSH/SCP/SFTP/rsync-over-ssh instead of FTP:
09:32<RSully>Depends on your internet connection
09:33<RSully>newcustomer: I can put money on it that the speed will max your home connection
09:33<straterr1>SpaceHobo: Thats why you encrypt your node
09:33<straterr1>Go into lish, type a password
09:33<RSully>SpaceHobo: magic
09:33<newcustomer>RSully: i rather transfer files onto server in my job places where we have about 40/40 mbits
09:33<RSully>newcustomer: Linode has 50/50
09:34<straterr1>Erhm..Linode has multiple gigabit uplinks..
09:34<RSully>newcustomer: and thats just a cap to prevent you from using your bandwidth
09:34<RSully>straterr1: Im getting to that
09:34-!-straterra [~sikis@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
09:34-!-straterr1 is now known as straterra
09:34<newcustomer>RSully: nice, do i get my own ipv4 adress ?(sorry just fast question included in price)
09:35<straterra>No, he's greek. irgreek
09:35<amitz>irradiated geek.
09:35<straterra>Or infrared..
09:35<RSully>irgeek: Yeah he's too nub to reed
09:35<@irgeek>None of the the above.
09:35<amitz>insidious geek
09:36<newcustomer>RSully: the only nub i see here is you :)
09:36-!-orudie [] has joined #linode
09:36<newcustomer>RSully: read behind the brackets
09:36<amitz>hmm I know that word but never know the meaning. Time to check.
09:36<RSully>newcustomer: Lol?
09:36<newcustomer>anyway, thanks for the answers
09:36<amitz>!f insidious
09:36<RSully>newcustomer: kthxbye
09:36<newcustomer>thank you too!
09:36-!-newcustomer [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:36<linbot>amitz: Insidious is the 5th full-length album by Mephisto Walz. All the tracks on this album were arranged, recorded, mixed, written and produced by Barry Galvin. Christiana provided the vocals and David Glass supplied some of the drums for this album.
09:36<amitz>damn :-)
09:37<Keverw>how do i unzip a file?
09:37<RSully>apt-get install unzip
09:37<straterra>paypal me $40
09:37<Keverw>you mean yum?
09:37<RSully>Keverw: O
09:37<RSully>I use Debian
09:38<amitz>and let me send you straterra's paypal number.
09:38<RSully>first hit
09:38<RSully>"That was easy"
09:39<Keverw>I wish roadrunner had faster uploads...
09:39-!-grawity [] has joined #linode
09:40<Keverw>like a half hour to upload 20mb.
09:40<RSully>I got a new cable modem recently and my speeds doubled. Its awesome.
09:40<RSully>I download over 1.2mb/s and upload around 600kbps
09:40-!-lws688 [] has joined #linode
09:41-!-ubuntuisloved [] has quit [Quit: Ubuntu is LOVVVVVVED so go love it !]
09:41<RSully>If you get a choice in cable modem brands, get Scientific Atlanta
09:41<RSully>They limit the speed less or something on those boxes.
09:41<lws688>hi, may i use a visa debit card to pay for a linode server?
09:42<RSully>We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We do not accept PayPal, however the PayPal credit card is branded by Mastercard and is accepted. We have month-to-month, 12-month, and 24-month terms available.
09:42<mwalling>!f how can what forms of payment do you accept
09:42<linbot>mwalling: What forms of payment do you accept? We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We have month-to-month, 12-month, and 24-month terms available. Paypal transfers are not supported but Paypal debit/credit cards should work. (44.444%)
09:42<Keverw>My download is 8 but upload is like 500kbps
09:42<RSully>mwalling: Beat you to it YEAH
09:42<mwalling>RSully: typo bitch
09:42<mwalling>wanna go?
09:43<RSully>psh you don't wanna go with me
09:43<mwalling>hey FeGeek, wanna ref?
09:43<mwalling>(get it? irongeek? )
09:43<erikh>are bets being taken?
09:43<mwalling>erikh: depends, betting for me?
09:43<RSully>np lws688
09:43<erikh>mwalling: depends, will you take a small adjustment to your bank account if you go down in the third?
09:43-!-lws688 [] has left #linode []
09:44<mwalling>RSully: also, you probably had faq.cfm open
09:44<amitz>mwalling: too obscure that you felt the need to explain it.
09:44<mwalling>RSully: so you cheet
09:44<linbot> <-- push it. now.
09:44<mwalling>amitz: fuck you :P
09:44<RSully>mwalling: Obviously I had the FAQ open
09:44-!-hpj [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:44<RSully>Its all about serving the customer, not the method behind it
09:44<erikh> !fail should really be
09:44<amitz>mwalling: after you trigger something with that button :-p
09:44<mwalling>serve urmom
09:44<RSully>no u
09:45<RSully>its urmom.jpeg
09:45<RSully>I got HTTP 404 on /urmom
09:45<straterra>What is this, 1998?
09:45<RSully>straterra: 1997 actually
09:46-!-sardyno [] has joined #linode
09:46-!-bbeausej [] has joined #linode
09:46<straterra>How old were you in 1997?
09:47<RSully>Um younger than 6
09:47<RSully>Older than 2
09:47<RSully>2 < x < 6
09:47<mwalling>i'm older then someone here!
09:47<straterra>All lies
09:47<RSully>Eat my inequality
09:47<mwalling>eat urmom
09:47<RSully>no u
09:47<cdlu>RSully, either way you're too young to be on IRC. ;)
09:48<RSully>cdlu: Why's that?
09:48<straterra>Because of the use of terms like "O" and "nub"
09:48<straterra>and "reed"
09:48<cdlu>and roflzing at your own jokes
09:48<JshWright>and you're under 18...
09:48<erikh>the 31337 police!
09:48<RSully>I'm a paying customer ;)
09:48<cdlu>IRC is definitely rated R
09:48<amitz>that's enough :-)
09:49<amitz>can't you see RSully is scared?
09:49<straterra>RSully: Just..keep in mind terms like 'nub' get old..very fast
09:49<amitz>oh wait...
09:49<erikh>straterra: so ignore them?
09:49<RSully>straterra: Yeah well, I just like to joke around sometimes >_>
09:49*amitz hides from RSully
09:49<erikh> /ignore -regex
09:49<laser`>When I was your age, I wouldn't have been able to afford a Linode :P
09:50<straterra>When I was your age, we have to walk uphill both ways to get our data
09:50<RSully>laser`: Well I have a friend who makes some big bucks from Google Ads
09:50<straterra>In 5 feet of snow, barefoot
09:50<straterra>And we liked it
09:50<erikh>when I was his age, I did yard work to pay for my landlines my BBS ran on
09:50<erikh>and that's the honest truth
09:50<cdlu>when I was your age, IRC had more users than Google.
09:50<RSully>When I was my age I code(d) PHP and had my own linux VPS
09:50<erikh>when I was your age, PHP was actually a perl script
09:51<JshWright>sad that kids these days are still using PHP...
09:51<nyerup>Wait - how old is this guy?
09:51<straterra>When I was your age, perl was actually COBOL
09:51<cdlu>when I was RSully's age I didn't need a Linode because my dorm room was on a T-1.
09:51<RSully>nyerup: 10 < x < 18
09:51<mwalling>nyerup: he was born between 1991 and 1995
09:51<amitz>when I was his age, okay plus 2-6 years, I get additional pocket money by gathering sand and sell it to sand seller.
09:52<JshWright>wouldn't that be a sand buyer?
09:52-!-alex-weej [] has joined #linode
09:52<RSully>Oh noes I need moar RAM in mah macbook
09:52<straterra>When I was his age, I played MMORPGs in a terminal over serial..
09:52<RSully>Yeah yeah sorry about the newb terms.
09:52<mwalling>JshWright: no, he sold to a middle man
09:52<amitz>JshWright: well, how about sand reseller? :-)
09:53<RSully>Wow this is a fail, my IRC client uses more ram than Safari.
09:53<RSully>But only by 30mb
09:53<cdlu>and doesn't responded to ctcp version requests
09:53<mwalling>and it doesnt reploy to versions
09:53<nyerup>When I was his age, Linus posted an idea about a kernel on comp.os.minix.
09:53<RSully>cdlu: I disabled that I think
09:53<mwalling>cdlu: <3
09:53<Maushu>When I was his age I used a magnetic needle to access the data in a harddrive.
09:54-!-johndbritton [] has joined #linode
09:54<mwalling>cdlu: you dont respond to UPDIKEs :P
09:54<amitz>basically I gather the sand they leak all over the places. The owner laughed at first but he actually paid me from then on :-D
09:54<cdlu>mwalling, the answer is too long, it crashes the updike script :)
09:54<mwalling>cdlu: uh huh :P
09:54<amitz>s/present tense/past tense/
09:55<cdlu>mwalling, it does. my updike responds with one (. ) ( .) for each day the systems' been up :)
09:55<cdlu>and I'm at 230 days uptime :)
09:55-!-bbeausej_ [] has joined #linode
09:55<RSully>I have 15mb free ram
09:55-!-bbeausej [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:55<RSully>Also, about the version requests:
09:55<cdlu>RSully, when I was your age, my computer didn't have that much ram.
09:55<RSully>I have 4GB. Only 12mb is currently free.
09:55<Maushu>My harddrive didn't have that much space.
09:55-!-J-Node [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:56<JshWright>RSully: why are you wasting 12MB?
09:56<cdlu>I went to boarding school with an 8086 with 640K of RAM and a 20MB hard drive running DOS 3.3.
09:56<RSully>JshWright: Anything I open will just lag me at this point
09:56<RSully>JshWright: A minute ago I couldn't type
09:56<cdlu>Rsully, not running Linux at home are you.
09:56<JshWright>and the world was a better place for it
09:56<nyerup>RSully: No it won't. Most of your used memory, is probably in use by caching, anyway.
09:56<RSully>No, but I just remembered I have a Windows 7 VM running to test IE shit
09:57<mwalling>my second computer was an 8088 with dual floppies and a monochrome screen
09:57<RSully>Stupid windows >:(
09:58<cdlu>I had a 4 colour DataTrain CGA 14" monitor. It was awesome. :)
09:58<mwalling>my third was a 286 PS/2 System 60, fourth was a baigebox 486 running 3.1, 5 was a P1@200MHz running 98, then i finally got a laptop with a first gen centro in 2005
09:58<mwalling>cdlu: rich boy
09:58<RSully>System Info: Model: MacBook (Mid 2009) · CPU: 2 @ 2.0 GHz · L2: 3 MB · RAM: 4 GB · OS X: Version 10.6.2 (Build 10C540)
09:58<cdlu>mwalling, this was in 1995. my roommate had a P75. :(
09:59<mwalling>cdlu: poor boy
09:59<mwalling>cdlu: by 95 i had 3.1 running in VGA baby
09:59<laser`>My first was a BBC Model B
09:59<RSully>I remember when I was a kid my dad had this wicked old iMac and I thought it was a piece of shit. Then I saw the old computers my uncle had, that quickly changed my mind
09:59<laser`>Second was an Acorn A3010
09:59<cdlu>by early 98 I had switched to Linux on my almost $3000 P233 MMX!
09:59<mwalling>RSully: YOU STILL ARE A KID
09:59<RSully>mwalling: Yeah but like years ago
09:59<mwalling>i was pissed when my parents bought me the 8088, because they wanted their c64 back
10:00<RSully>mwalling: Like um 5 or 6 years back
10:00-!-ph^ [~ph^@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:00-!-Hinrik [] has joined #linode
10:00<cdlu>to those of us who aren't teenagers
10:00<mwalling>i didnt get into linux until windows pushed WGA and i couldnt install a .net update
10:00<cdlu>5 or 6 years ago isn't very long.
10:00<RSully>Yay, 50mb ram free
10:00<Maushu>RSully: Do "free -m" see what is under "free" in the "-/+ buffers/cache" row.
10:01<cdlu>Maushu, in Windows?
10:01-!-memenode [] has joined #linode
10:01<Maushu>No, linux.
10:01<RSully>Windows? Screw you I don't run Windows
10:01<RSully>But still, Mac OS X no has free command
10:01<cdlu>Mac OS X has free and top afaik.
10:01<straterra>Nothing wrong with Windows
10:02<cdlu>although running Mac OS anything may explain why you're running out of ram
10:02<RSully>28mb Free, 1.64GB wired, 1.57GB active, 784mb inactive, 3.97GB used
10:02<RSully>thats the info you probably wanted
10:02<RSully>cdlu: No, running a Windows VM is why I'm running out of RAM
10:02<RSully>To test stupid IE for CSS and Javascript fixes
10:02-!-J-Node [] has joined #linode
10:03<straterra>I wouldnt mind some more memory
10:03<straterra>8 gigs just isnt enough
10:03<cdlu>I've survived on 2GB for years.
10:03<RSully>I wouldn't mind 8Gigs
10:03<cdlu>you can live on very little RAM if you don't install a GUI.
10:03<RSully>I had 2GB for years too, but I needed to go upto 4GB when Snow Leopard shipped
10:04<RSully>haha yep
10:04<@jed>hello from caker's iphone
10:04<straterra>cdlu: I have servers that have OOM'ed with no X
10:04<straterra>caker has an iphone?
10:04<straterra>Sell out
10:04<@jed>the entire office is tethered on his connection because the comcast is down
10:04<@jed>this is so superfly
10:05<erikh>RSully: vmstat
10:05<erikh>it's a bsd machine
10:05<RSully>"Hmm whats this kernel_task process in Activity monitor ran by root? *kills process* Oh shit. "
10:05<straterra>jed: Why don't you guys have like..a T1 or something?
10:05<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: newark146 in System and Network Status <>
10:05<@jed>straterra: this is south jersey, homes
10:05<straterra>There aren't T1's in south jersey?
10:05<RSully>$ vmstat
10:05<RSully>-bash: vmstat: command not found
10:05<@jed>cable is the most reliable thing here
10:05<amitz>jed: until caker see the incoming bill for breaking the contract :-D
10:05<RSully>erikh: I believe Snow Leopard removed most of those linux commands that Leopard included
10:06<erikh>they aren't linux commands, they're bsd commands..
10:06<RSully>Well Snow Leopard said bye to them
10:06<@jed>iostat is there
10:06<RSully>Yep that one works
10:06<erikh>i wonder why the other sysstat tools aren't there though, seems odd
10:07<@jed>erikh: mach kernel
10:07<straterra>mach 3!
10:07<erikh>ah, they never ported them to darwin?
10:07<@jed>interfaces are different; they had to port everything that talks to the BSD kernel over, and I guess they were selective
10:07<randallman>Really, no vmstat on snow leopard?
10:07<RSully>randallman: Thats what it seems
10:07<erikh>jed: oh, they integrated the bsd layer wholesale?
10:07<randallman>Are there reasonable alternatives?
10:07<randallman> :)
10:08<erikh>randallman: macports I bet
10:08-!-Guest910 is now known as dcraig
10:08<randallman>Sorry, I had to get my NeXT cut in there :0
10:08<@jed>click spotlight, type "Activity Monitor", push enter
10:08<RSully>macports is the worst thing ever
10:08-!-Guest909 is now known as meff
10:08<randallman>I actually miss next...
10:08<RSully>jed you can back me up on the macports sucking, right?
10:08<randallman>I still use the GTK2-Step widgets on my gnome desktops
10:08<RSully>Well I can still use /proc/meminfo
10:08<rainman`>straterra, a T1 is rather slow actually
10:08-!-dcraig is now known as Guest919
10:08-!-meff is now known as Guest918
10:09<rainman`>straterra, my DSL at home is faster
10:09<RSully>Sorry um
10:09<RSully> /proc/meminfo no exist. wtf
10:09<erikh>that's because ..
10:09*erikh gives up
10:09<RSully>It was there on Leopard.
10:09*cdlu chuckles
10:09<randallman>that's a linuxism, no?
10:10<randallman>solaris has a /proc
10:10<randallman>but I believe none of it is human readable
10:10<rainman`>does linode support solaris?
10:10<erikh>yep, that's where it's adapted from IIRC
10:10<erikh>% uname [10:08]
10:10<erikh>% ls /proc [10:08]
10:10<@irgeek>RSully: I'm on Leopard - no /proc
10:10<randallman>Rainman, someone here was getting opensolaris working
10:10<rainman`>irgeek, same here
10:10<RSully>irgeek: You're kidding me
10:10<randallman>I believe he *has* it working
10:11<randallman>I forget who it was
10:11<erikh>you can install procfs on bsd
10:11<erikh>required for linux emulation
10:11<@irgeek>RSully: No
10:11<erikh>not sure why a mac user would require it though.
10:11<RSully>irgeek: How about free or vmstat
10:11<erikh>I'll bet you $100 there's a sysstat package in macports.
10:11<randallman>free and vmstat are implemented differently on different systems.
10:11<erikh>a working one.
10:11<RSully>erikh: Me no like macports
10:12<RSully>They're evil
10:12<erikh>enjoy handing your nuts to jobs, then
10:12<RSully>Or I could compile myself?
10:12<RSully>A much more likely option since I will never install macports again
10:12<erikh>but it'd be easier to screw up, next to impossible to uninstall and much harder to do
10:12-!-skule [] has joined #linode
10:12<randallman>3792/1: open("/dev/kstat", O_RDONLY) = 3
10:12<randallman>That's the solaris way :0
10:12<randallman>a binary interface
10:13<erikh>yeah, freebsd uses a system called kvm
10:13<randallman>iostat's for KSTAT_IOC_READ
10:13<randallman>3792/1: ioctl(3, KSTAT_IOC_READ, "vm") = 1513
10:13<randallman>err s/iostats/ioctls :P
10:14<randallman>I think we can all agree that linux got it right :0
10:14<randallman>human readable files ++
10:14<spkitty>if you want stats on os x why aren't you using istat menus?
10:14<RSully>spkitty: I have iStat Pro
10:15<spkitty>i prefer the menu bar version
10:15<RSully>We were looking for a way to do it via terminal
10:15<RSully>spkitty: Good for you, I don't
10:15<randallman>Does snow leopard support a snmp agent?
10:15<spkitty>wow like i give a shit if you don't
10:15<randallman>you could, in theory, poll that :)
10:15<erikh>net-snmp :)
10:15<randallman>not exactly the best solution
10:15<RSully>spkitty: Like I give a shit if you do?
10:15<randallman>ok settle down :P
10:16<rainman`>like i give a shit whether any of you gives a shit
10:16<RSully>^_^ She started it
10:16<erikh>randallman: oh, we went live yesterday
10:16*RSully points to spkitty
10:16<erikh>thanks again
10:16<spkitty>1) i'm a he
10:16<@irgeek>OS X has vm_stat
10:16<bd_>incidentally, the way linux did 'ps' and friends before /proc was by directly reading kernel memory
10:16<erikh>8 days past deadlines we planned for 3 months, not bad really
10:16<RSully>irgeek: Nice find
10:16<randallman>erikh, nice - how's it goin? Did you do resiliency testing?
10:16<rainman`>spkitty, that's what she said
10:16<randallman>bd, that was a long time ago :)
10:17<erikh>we have been the whole time.. it's holding up well
10:17<RSully>rainman`: ahahah nice one
10:17<randallman>erikh nice man
10:17<erikh>and we hooked up offsite monitoring a few days back, so...
10:17<erikh>dirt cheap and does the job
10:17<spkitty>pingdom is great
10:17<spkitty>and free
10:18<RSully>Yeah pingdom gets the job done well
10:18<erikh>not if you want to get anything useful out of it
10:18<erikh>it's not free at all :)
10:18<spkitty>just give them your site and an email address not hosted on your server
10:18<Hinrik>Hi. New linode user here. I was just wondering why it costs an extra $20 a month to add 360MB RAM to 720 linode when it costs the same to just upgrade it to a 1440 one
10:18<erikh>it's not as expensive as alertsite, but it's definitely not free.
10:18<RSully>Hinrik: Its your choice, depends on what you need out of it
10:18<Hinrik>sorry, Imeant 1080, not 720
10:18<straterra>Hinrik: Its motivation to upgrade your whole plan
10:18<@caker>Hinrik: because we want you to upgrade
10:18<amitz>Hinrik: to encourage you to move permanently
10:19<@mikegrb>mmm cake
10:19<RSully>caker: I want cake.
10:19<spkitty>dammit that's just what i was typing caker
10:19<amitz>spkitty: saw that too but I just kept typing :-p
10:23-!-cdlu [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:24-!-cdlu [] has joined #linode
10:25<rainman`>upgrading only ram is nice for temporary bursts
10:25<rainman`>because it only involves a single reboot to apply
10:27<amitz>ah, I see, to prevent the need to kick out people just to accomodate too many larger temporary linodes.
10:30-!-bbeausej [] has joined #linode
10:30-!-bbeausej_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:31<Hinrik>are there big differences between the old non-paravirt and the new paravirt kernel?
10:31<amitz>spkitty: I'm looking at many other sites. They are so sophisticated that I don't believe they don't have any vested financial interest in setting those up.
10:32<spkitty>hmm amitz?
10:32<amitz>spkitty: mangafox and the likes.
10:33<spkitty>ah yeah
10:33<spkitty>there's dozens of them around
10:33<amitz>I begin to doubt that they're here for the fans only.
10:33<spkitty>mangahut, mangafox and onemanga being the three main ones
10:33<spkitty>they're out to make money from advertising
10:34<amitz>spkitty: call me naive but I thought they make enough for the bandwidth. But the amount of work put on, for example mangafox, is too suspicious.
10:34<spkitty>they all agree to copyright claims from darkhorse and viz
10:34-!-bbeausej_ [] has joined #linode
10:35-!-bbeausej [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:35<spkitty>i think it's not so much for all the money
10:35<spkitty>but to be the biggest and best site with the most content and most visitors
10:35<spkitty>but hardly anybody involved in those sites are the ones doing the scanlating and translating of course
10:35<Hinrik>hm, the Debian 5.0 64-bit profile picks the stable kernel for me. How do I switch to the paravirt one?
10:36<bd_>Hinrik: you can change it by editing your configuration profile
10:36<bd_>if you're using paravirt, please note that your clock is not locked to the host, so you need to run ntpd
10:36<bd_>if you don't run ntp, your clock may drift by a second or so a day
10:36<Hinrik>any other gotchas?
10:37<amitz>spkitty: I'll probably turn off my.. uh, automatic ad money contributor ;-)
10:37<spkitty>ha, it's not like a click through any ads, and i just finished reading a 55 chapter series on mangafox
10:37<spkitty>well ... 55 so far
10:38*amitz feels a bit...cheated.
10:39<amitz>I let my love of manga clouded my judgement.
10:41<amitz>spkitty: any recommendation?
10:42<amitz>I'm a "death note", "liar game", kind of guy.
10:43<randallman>Dangit, I wanted to try DIMP.
10:43<randallman>but the horde framework supplied with ubuntu 8.06 is not new enuf it seems
10:43<randallman>I suppose I could smash through that problem easily, but taht would be annoying :)
10:45<spkitty>amitz: 'akumetsu' might be for you - sorta a death note x beserk style manga. personally i'm reading 'goodnight punpun' which is fucking brilliant and also very well drawn
10:51<Hinrik>Hm. What could I be doing wrong if a Linode I just created doesn't accept the root password I set? I tried shutting it down, changing the password, and booting it again. No luck.
10:52<@caker>Hinrik: via SSH? did you disable root logins?
10:52<@caker>Hinrik: try it on the console
10:52-!-Clooth [] has joined #linode
10:52-!-Guspaz|m [] has joined #linode
10:52<Hinrik>I tried it both on the console and after ssh
10:52-!-MonkeyIsland [MonkeyIsla@] has quit []
10:53<Hinrik>Both game me a login prompt where I put in root and the password.
10:53<@caker>Hinrik: hmm .. tried a simpler password?
10:53<Hinrik>I'll check
10:53<laser`> Isn't that the dom0?
10:53<Clooth>I was wondering, since my own credit card doesn't work in online payments, is it possible for someone else to buy a VPS from linode, then erase their details from the account and when I would log on, I could add my own credit card to the account (my card will work within a month)
10:53<Hinrik>Btw, where can one enable/disable root logins? I didn't see that option anywhere.
10:53<@caker>Clooth: yes
10:53<@caker>Hinrik: /etc/ssh/sshd_config most likely
10:54<Hinrik>caker: Well, I've never managed to login, so I've never touched that file. :)
10:56<Hinrik>I changed the root password to something shorter and I managed to log in
10:56<@caker>sounds like a bug
10:56<Hinrik>Either I mistyped it both times when I changed it earlier or the "set root password" fields are chopping the end off of long passwords
10:57<spkitty>how long was your password?
10:57-!-RSully [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:57<Hinrik>ah, it's longer than the 16 character maximum
10:58<Hinrik>It was 18
10:58<amitz>Clooth: in other word, you want to change your credit card information to be different than the one you registered with?
10:58<spkitty>mine is 19 and i have no problem
10:58<Hinrik>spkitty: well, did you set it with the "Change a Filesystem's root Password" feature?
10:58<amitz>spkitty: checking it out :-)
10:59<Hinrik>It only allows 16 characters, but apparently fails silently if you exceed the limit
10:59<spkitty>i did not Hinrik
10:59<Clooth>yes amitz
10:59<Hinrik>An error message would have been useful :)
11:00<Clooth>so the first payment would be from another card
11:00<Clooth>but the recurring payment would be from mine then
11:01<amitz>spkitty: ah, that one seems to be the slice of life type. If you don't mind shoujo, I recommend "His and Her Circumstances". The author has some fucking deep insights into human psyche.
11:01<Hinrik>Btw, can I easily switch to a 12-month billing scheme for next year before the month is out? Would I have to open a support ticket?
11:01<Clooth>amitz: so is that possible?
11:01<spkitty>cool i'll give it a look amitz
11:02<@caker>10:53 <@caker> Clooth: yes
11:02<Clooth>yeah just explained it further caker :P
11:02<Clooth>just making sure
11:02<@caker>ok :)
11:02<amitz>sorry, missed that caker :-)
11:02<@mikegrb>mmm cake
11:02<@caker>the cake must be heard!
11:04-!-BarkerJr [~BarkerJr@2001:4b98:41::5cf3:88b:139] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:04-!-Clorith [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:05-!-arooni-mobile [] has joined #linode
11:06<Clooth>is the first card's info safe from my eyes
11:06<@caker>but you can charge it up real quick, before changing it! :)
11:06<@caker>SELECT ALL --> PURCHASE
11:07<Clooth>I think my co-worker wouldn't be happy.
11:07<Guspaz|m>Getting to work at the beginning of a snow storm? Easy. Getting home from work after said snow storm has dropped 20cm on the city? Less easy.
11:07<Clooth>Gudpazlm, install a plower to your car
11:08<JshWright>20cm? That's like... less than 8"...
11:08<Guspaz|m>Dropped in a single day, it's a decent amount.
11:09-!-Guest918 is now known as meff
11:09-!-Guest919 is now known as dcraig
11:09<Guspaz|m>Clooth: I have no car, I take public transit. The Metro (subway) is fine, it's 100% underground and runs fine in storms. The busses, on the other hand...
11:09<Clooth>yes but not satisfacting guspazlm
11:09-!-meff is now known as Guest922
11:09<Clooth>I walk to work
11:09<Clooth>10 minutes
11:09-!-dcraig is now known as Guest923
11:10<Clooth>and that 10 minutes includes buying an energy drink from the store on the way
11:10<Guspaz|m>I can walk the bus part of the trip and only take the metro. That means a ~1KM walk from the metro stop to the office, if memory serves.
11:10<Guspaz|m>Not fun in 20cm of snow.
11:10<Clooth>Well run
11:10<Clooth>don't walk
11:10<Clooth>run on top of the snow
11:11-!-KingTarquin [] has joined #linode
11:11<Guspaz|m>I'm not a character from an anime, that doesn't work in real life :P
11:11<Clooth>oh. :(
11:11<JshWright>again... 20cm doesn't sound all that scary... (I'm assuming you guys have things like plows and shovels up there, right?)
11:11<Clooth>get a barrel and roll on the snow
11:11<Guspaz|m>JshWright: This is Montreal. The snow will take a week to be fully removed.
11:11<Clooth>Mount Real
11:12<JshWright>we average over 3 meters of snow per year in Syracuse, so I guess we've just gotten good at getting rid of it
11:12<Guspaz|m>Montreal can't plow snow, there's too much of it in the winter. It has to be removed off-island, in the single largest snow removal project in the entire world (yeah, bigger even than anywhere in Russia)
11:13<JshWright>20 miles north of here... now those people are nuts... They're forcasting almost a meter of snow over the next 24 hours for that region
11:13<Guspaz|m>It means that all snow on the island needs to be taken off the road, put into dumptrucks, and carted off island. I think some of it gets melted on-island, most is taken off.
11:14<Guspaz|m>It costs $128 million a year in Montreal to do this :(
11:14<Clooth>there's no snow here
11:14-!-blithe [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
11:15<Guspaz|m>I envy you.
11:15-!-blithe [] has joined #linode
11:15<Clooth>to make up for the lack of snow
11:15<Clooth>its fucking cold in here
11:15<Clooth>and windy
11:15<Clooth>and shitty in general
11:17<JshWright>what I like about Syracuse, lots of snow, but not too cold
11:17-!-dvdm [] has joined #linode
11:17<mwalling>JshWright: rain started there yet?
11:17<Guspaz|m>It appears that it never gets really warm in Finland, but it never gets really cold either.
11:17<JshWright>mwalling: yeah, it's been raining for a few hours
11:18<Guspaz|m>We've got the disadvantage of hotter summers and colder winters :(
11:18<Clooth>allow me to disagee
11:18<Clooth>it was very hot last summer
11:18<JshWright>lake effect is supposed to kick in tonight
11:18<Clooth>I measured 41celcius at best
11:18<Clooth>at our summer house
11:18<Guspaz|m>Clooth: I'm just comparing average highs/lows for Helsinki vs Montreal.
11:18<Clooth>well yeah
11:18<Clooth>its getting hotter every summe
11:18<Clooth>global warming ftl
11:19<Guspaz|m>Montreal is like 6-8 degrees hotter in summer and colder in winter it looks like.
11:19<randallman>I miss Snow :P
11:19<randallman>I use to live in Chicago...
11:19<randallman>Now I live on the east coast, so
11:19-!-confounds [] has joined #linode
11:20-!-D[a]rkbeholder [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:20<Guspaz|m>Average Chicago snowfall: 94cm. Average Montreal snowfall: 225cm
11:20<randallman>well dude, you're a lot further north :0
11:20<Guspaz|m>Yeah, so I'd miss it a lot less ;)
11:25-!-tozz [] has joined #linode
11:27-!-avar [] has joined #linode
11:29*avar is moving to linode after Christmas, see here for why: :)
11:29-!-KingTarquin [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:29-!-elfgoh [] has joined #linode
11:32-!-ph^ [~ph^] has joined #linode
11:33<avar>Does linode do any connection throttling? slicehost seemed to have a per-tcp/udp-connection throttle of 1MB/s but prgmr didn't have any (I often got >10MB/s on a single connection). But then again I've been more IO limited than network limited on prgmr recently :)
11:34<jforman>the nodes are throttled at 50mb/sec outbound iirc
11:34-!-KingTarquin [~Tarquin@] has joined #linode
11:34<bd_>but no inbound
11:35<bd_>and outbound can be removed if needed
11:35<@caker>outbound is saftey-netted to 50Mbit/sec, inbound is not capped. We can raise the outbound limit if you hit it
11:35<bd_>(ie, if you actually hit it, they'll remove it for you)
11:35<avar>ah, that's fine:)
11:35<Guspaz|m>If you're hitting 50mbit/s, you might be thankful that the limit is there ;)
11:35<bd_>!f 200 gigabytes / (50 megabits / second)
11:35<Guspaz|m>Bursting at a gigabit can consume your cap rather fast.
11:36<linbot>bd_: 32000 seconds
11:36<bd_>!f 200 gigabytes / (50 megabits / second) in hours
11:36<linbot>bd_: Results not found. I'm pretty sure straterra ate them
11:36<bd_>!f 200 gigabytes / (50 megabits / second) as hours
11:36<linbot>bd_: zomg you broke teh interwebs!
11:36<Guspaz|m>!newercalc 200 gigabytes / (50 megabits / second)
11:36<linbot>Guspaz|m: 32000 seconds
11:36<Guspaz|m>!newercalc 200 gigabytes / (50 megabits / second) in hours
11:36<bd_>blah, that worked in wolframalpha
11:36<linbot>Guspaz|m: urmom
11:36<Guspaz|m>!newercalc 200 gigabytes / (50 megabits / second) as hours
11:36<linbot>Guspaz|m: urmom
11:37<Guspaz|m>Apparently it doesn't work on wolfram alpha.
11:37<bd_>SelfishMan: factoidbot doesn't work with 'as $unit' syntax (which works on the wolframalpha web interface)
11:37<bd_>!f convert 200 gigabytes / (50 megabits / second) to hours
11:37<avar>It's mainly inbound caps that annoyed be on slicehost, sometimes I'd want to get say a 10GB dump of wikipedia/openstreetmap/nasa data or something and it would take around 1024*10/60/60 hours :)
11:37<linbot>bd_: zomg you broke teh interwebs!
11:37<avar>*annoyed me
11:37<bd_>avar: feel free to download as fast as you can write it to disk :)
11:39<mwalling>!newercalc 200 gigabytes / (50 megabits / second) in hours
11:40<linbot>mwalling: urmom
11:40-!-Clooth [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:40-!-asfaf [] has joined #linode
11:41<mwalling>wow, you really can get on here from the beta stack
11:41<@tasaro>!newcalc 200GB / 50Mbps in hours
11:41-!-asfaf [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:41<linbot>tasaro: (200 GB) / (50 Mbps) = 9.10222222 hours
11:41<@caker>not any more
11:43<Guspaz|m>beta stack?
11:47-!-arooni-mobile [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:47-!-WoodWork [~WoodWork@adsl-77-86-111-197.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #linode
11:49-!-WoodWork [~WoodWork@adsl-77-86-111-197.karoo.KCOM.COM] has quit []
11:52-!-alex-weej [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:52-!-bbeausej_ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
11:55-!-confounds [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:55-!-confounds [] has joined #linode
11:56-!-q[rGeoffrey] [~chatzilla@] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.0.15/2009101601]]
12:02<mwalling>stopping the httpd
12:02<bd_>mwalling: quick, does lish work? ;)
12:03*Guspaz|m is confused
12:03-!-q[rGeoffrey] [~chatzilla@] has joined #linode
12:03<mwalling>i dont remember my creditentals :)
12:05-!-jhford [~jhford@] has joined #linode
12:07-!-row [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:07<KingTarquin>Anyone having issues on Newark26?
12:08<@caker>just that it's awesome ... whats up?
12:09<KingTarquin>SSH unresponsive, IRCd pinging out
12:09<@caker>sounds like a problem with just your Linode, then, because from our end newark26 looks fine
12:10-!-Guest923 is now known as dcraig
12:10-!-Guest922 is now known as meff
12:10-!-dcraig is now known as Guest931
12:10-!-meff is now known as Guest930
12:11<KingTarquin>Hmmm... Everything appears to be fine when I lish in.
12:11-!-row [] has joined #linode
12:12<bd_>KingTarquin: fail2ban or something kicking in maybe?
12:12<bd_>or some other firewall issue?
12:13-!-[Nuno] [~Nuno]] has joined #linode
12:13-!-mib_64oyff [] has joined #linode
12:13<KingTarquin>Its just incredibly laggy
12:13<@caker>KingTarquin: mtr or traceroute would tell you why/where
12:14<mib_64oyff>anybody else having connectivity issues on newark(146)? can't reach my vps
12:15<@caker>mib_64oyff: please provide an mtr or traceroute (to pastebin)
12:15-!-tomaw [] has quit [Quit: Quit]
12:16-!-tomaw [] has joined #linode
12:16-!-rmayorga [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:17-!-MarkQtty [] has joined #linode
12:17<[Nuno]>Hello, I'm having some slowness to londo10 too
12:17<@caker>maybe the internet is broken!
12:17<mwalling>hello, i cant connect to my office vpn
12:17<MarkQtty>Emergency Maintenance: dallas96
12:18<MarkQtty>someone know how long take this emergency maintenance?
12:18-!-_grawity [~grawity@] has joined #linode
12:19<mwalling>MarkQtty: you mean ?
12:19<MarkQtty>yes but this form post was of 3 december..
12:20<mwalling>i know
12:20-!-grawity [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:20<MarkQtty>ok, i have received the message with Emergency maintenance today...
12:21-!-rmayorga [] has joined #linode
12:21<KingTarquin>I think there is an issue between the UK and the US..
12:21<MarkQtty>ok, i but have received the message with Emergency maintenance today...
12:22-!-rascal999 [] has joined #linode
12:22<straterra>Someone cut the sub line!
12:22<mwalling>quick, to the space tubes!
12:22<@jed>MarkQtty: the original post was from December 3
12:22<@jed>the emergency maintenance was planned today
12:22-!-jimmy [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
12:23<MarkQtty>ok but i thinks that the problem is not only on dallas96
12:23-!-purrdeta_ [] has joined #linode
12:23<MarkQtty>because i have several vps no reachable...
12:23<@jed>the problem doesn't exist yet -- we haven't touched dallas96 yet
12:23<MarkQtty>newark118 for example..
12:23<KingTarquin>Nothing appears to be killing my vps, so it must be a network issue... traceroute from London11 to Newark26 >
12:23<@jed>if you're having problems, can you file a ticket?
12:23<straterra><3 jed
12:23<mwalling><3 urmom
12:23<rascal999>hello I have a VPS on newark174, it's slow, I can't ssh in, this has only just started.
12:24<straterra><3 ur <3 mymom
12:24*mwalling thinks the internets are clogged with lotsa people telecommuting today on the east coast
12:24<mib_64oyff>rascal999: I have a same problem with a VPS on newark146. I can't connect to it.
12:24<rascal999>mib_64oyff: just started?
12:24<rascal999>for me about 10 minutes ago
12:24<MarkQtty>ok i will check if is not a problem on my side...
12:25<@caker>pleae open a ticket with a traceroute, in both directions if possible
12:25<MarkQtty>if is not i will open a new ticket..
12:25<@jed>folks, if you're having connectivity issues, please file a ticket with the output of mtr --report (or traceroute) to your linode, as well as "ifconfig", "route -n", and "iptables -nvL" on your linode
12:25-!-Frools [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:25<mib_64oyff>however, the vps is still up and accepting connections, so it's something on my side
12:25<@jed>if you're unable to reach your linode via the network to run the last three, you can use LISH
12:25<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log into the LPM. Lish's primary function is to allow you access to your server's console, even if networking is disabled.
12:26<rascal999>410 packets transmitted, 138 received, 66% packet loss
12:26<mwalling>mib_64oyff: it cant be. the planed maintaince in dallas that hasnt started yet must be breaking the network in newark
12:26*mwalling sighs
12:26<@jed>rascal999: please file a ticket with the output of the commands I posted above, and we'll have a look
12:27<tuntis>oh look it works again (???)
12:28-!-dcraig_ [] has joined #linode
12:28-!-grawity [] has joined #linode
12:29-!-DrJ- [] has joined #linode
12:29-!-Netsplit <-> quits: DephNet[Paul], tomaw, @tychoish, tkoskine, Yaakov-EGLL, jacob, spkitty, Kuukunen, _grawity, skule, (+11 more, use /NETSPLIT to show all of them)
12:29-!-DrJ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:29-!-Netsplit over, joins: Yaakov-EGLL, @tychoish, tomaw, skule, jetlag, _grawity, row, laser`, K-Zodron, binel_ (+9 more)
12:29-!-tychoish is "tycho garen" on @+#linode #linode-staff
12:29-!-Sparkesinator_ [] has left #linode [Leaving]
12:30-!-jcr [] has joined #linode
12:31<MarkQtty>ok my linode on dallas96 now works...
12:31-!-mib_64oyff [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
12:31-!-Guest931 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:31<MarkQtty>but freaky strange...on the ticket you mean a brief downtime...
12:31-!-_grawity [~grawity@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:32-!-MaZ- [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.1-dev]
12:32<MarkQtty>but my server is not rebooted...simply now works by's about magic?
12:32*grawity curses hxtool and heimdal and hx509 and openssl
12:32<rascal999>Mine's working now
12:33<rascal999>still getting packet loss, i'll open a ticket
12:33<mwalling>MarkQtty: the internet is a series of tubes. if someone takes a big shit, it can reduce the flow through those tubes
12:34-!-kronos003_ [] has joined #linode
12:34<mwalling>i'm not kidding.
12:34<mwalling>linode doesnt own the tubes, or have the phone number for the local rotorooter
12:35<MarkQtty>ok ok, it's only because was a pretty metaphor
12:36<jess^>morning Yaakov!
12:36-!-kronos003 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:37<jess^>morning people
12:37-!-bd__ [~foo@2001:470:1f07:61f::feed:f00d] has joined #linode
12:37<tarpman>morning jess^
12:38<tarpman>how are the customers today
12:38<tarpman>placid, hopefully?
12:39-!-jhford [~jhford@] has quit [Quit: gone]
12:39<rascal999>tarpman: some of us are having intermittment connectivity, but it seems to be subsiding now
12:40-!-bd_ [~foo@2001:470:1f07:61f::feed:f00d] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:40<tarpman>rascal999: I was referring to jess^' customers actually... but good to know nonetheless ;)
12:40<tarpman>rascal999: I hope your day is going well
12:41*tarpman is generally in a good mood today.
12:42-!-Maushu [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
12:42<rascal999>tarpman, yeah, just a hiccup, I don't think it was Linode's fault
12:44-!-litwol|m_ [] has joined #linode
12:45<MarkQtty>ok, now all the system appear online (also vps on dallas96) as usual thank's for your support!!regards...
12:45-!-kenichi [~kenichi@] has joined #linode
12:46-!-vuf [~am@] has joined #linode
12:47-!-elhippo [] has joined #linode
12:47-!-litwol|mac [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:50-!-robcham is now known as Rogi
12:50*Peng_ pokes Peng.
12:51<Peng_>Cool, iowait was 85% once.
12:51<[Nuno]>which linux client do you suggest to use in a command line console?
12:52-!-rascal999 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:52<mwalling>irssi + bitlbee + twirssi == unified messaging platform
12:52<[Nuno]>:) nice!
12:52<Peng_>I don't care about unifying anything, so I just use irssi. :P
12:52<mwalling>Peng_: where do you twitter from then?
12:52<jess^>mwalling: screen + irssi + bitlbee + twirssi = people think you never sleep
12:52<jess^>mwalling: CLI twitter client :)
12:53<mwalling>irssi twitter client
12:53<Rogi>jed: I also just had connectivity problems twixt here (Portugal) and Newark, but seems ok again now, so far. Lasted about 5 mins or so.
12:54-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
12:54<jess^>IRC = multiplayer notepad
12:54<[Nuno]>Me too
12:54<linbot>Yaakov: [twitter] @karlus let us know if we can answer any questions
12:54-!-MarkQtty [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:54<[Nuno]>to newark and lodon
12:54<Yaakov>I want my status feed!
12:54<Peng_>mwalling: :D
12:54<[Nuno]>Olá Rogi!
12:54<mwalling>Peng_: twirssi can post to identica and twitter at the same time
12:54<Rogi>Hey Nuno. :)
12:55<[Nuno]>I'm having some trobles from Portugal too
12:55<[Nuno]>but now it's ok
12:55<mwalling>[12-09] 12:25:07 <@jed> folks, if you're having connectivity issues, please file a ticket with the output of mtr --report (or traceroute) to your linode, as well as "ifconfig", "route -n", and "iptables -nvL" on your linode
12:56<Rogi>[Nuno]: Ah, you too? Thinks it's alright now. Minor hiccup.
12:56<mwalling>SpaceHobo: twitter has critical mass... thats about all it has
12:57<mwalling>SpaceHobo: and i run a instance at work
12:57<Rogi>[Nuno]: You connecting via Sapo?
12:57<[Nuno]>trace from uk to pt give me some strange results
12:57<[Nuno]>But traces from sapo are better
12:57<Rogi>I also tried Optimus on my phone and was ok on that. Maybe it was a PT problem.
12:58<mwalling>SpaceHobo: if they keep getting VC randomly with no business plan, they'll stay around for ever
12:58<[Nuno]>from here to london with sapo i have 7 hops, with meo I have 9 ...
12:58<mwalling>SpaceHobo: you can keep someone alive on a heart&lung machine for quite a while
12:58<[Nuno]>from here to newark I have 9 too
12:58<Rogi>[Nuno]: Ah, ok. Well seems ok now, so back to complaining about the cold instead of the connection. ;)
12:58<mwalling>they own @BreakingNews now
13:01-!-bbeausej [] has joined #linode
13:02-!-BarkerJr [] has joined #linode
13:04<Peng_>mwalling: Yeah, I know. I just don't care enough to look into it.
13:04*Peng_ files...a support ticket! Gasp!
13:04*jess^ idly wonders if linode would pass the Dreamhost Ticket Test
13:06-!-jhford [] has joined #linode
13:06<Rogi>Anyone tried getting BBC iPlayer through a London 'node? Does it work?
13:06<grawity>Tried, doesn't
13:07*Rogi thinks about getting an iPlayer Linode
13:07<Peng_>jess^: DreamHost ticket test?
13:07<Rogi>grawity: Oh. How come?
13:08<jess^>Peng_: yeah, the ticket with nothing but "heard any good jokes lately?"
13:08<jess^>Peng_: dreamhost will answer it with "Sure!" and tell you a joke. :)
13:09<Rogi>grawity: What does the BBC say back? "You are sneaking in via Linode and we know, evildoer!"
13:10<BarkerJr>do linode dns servers accept notify?
13:10<Peng_>BarkerJr: Yes.
13:10<Peng_>BarkerJr: Set up a slave zone.
13:10<Peng_>jess^: Ooooh.
13:10-!-jcr [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:10<BarkerJr>so, setting them to check for updates every hour in SOA is probably overkill
13:10<jess^>when someone asks you
13:10<jess^>if you're a god
13:10<jess^>you say
13:10-!-Clorith [] has joined #linode
13:11<BarkerJr>my SOA is 1D 1H 4W 1D
13:11-!-Guest930 is now known as meff
13:11-!-dcraig_ is now known as dcraig
13:11-!-LordMetroid [] has joined #linode
13:11-!-dcraig is now known as Guest939
13:11-!-meff is now known as Guest940
13:13<Peng>BarkerJr: Eh. One XFR an hour is no big deal, and it's nice if a notify gets lost.
13:14<Clorith>calm down jess^, it's just me
13:15<BarkerJr>well, it really is just a query of the SOA record, not an XFR, right?
13:16-!-materdaddy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:20-!-Rogi is now known as robcham
13:20<BarkerJr>ooh, anyone used the NULL type in dns?
13:22<Peng>BarkerJr: Oh. I have no idea.
13:24-!-[Nuno] [~Nuno]] has quit [Quit: [Nuno]]
13:26<Guspaz|m>I used a NULL type in urmom.
13:27-!-HedgeMage [] has joined #linode
13:28<BarkerJr>the null type is like txt and can contain anything
13:29<Peng>...So why not use TXT? :D
13:29<BarkerJr>cause that's what everyone else uses
13:31<randallman>SPF 99 [RFC 4408]
13:31<randallman>Why do they suggest we create a SPF RR type
13:31<randallman>when we can just use TXT records for that :)
13:32<Guspaz|m>Because using TXT for SPF is deprecated.
13:33<BarkerJr>it always has been
13:34<BarkerJr>however, SPF isn't supported by most DNS servers
13:35<thedan>so it isn't deprecated?
13:35<grawity>BarkerJr: Most DNS servers allow specifying arbitrary types, I thought
13:36<BarkerJr>I don't think so
13:36<grawity>foohost IN SSHFP 2 1 c8558505707c33b0666d5ca92a07b9c738213dac
13:36<grawity>foohost IN TYPE44 \# 22 02 01 c8558505707c33b0666d5ca92a07b9c738213dac
13:36-!-nathan7 [] has joined #linode
13:36<nathan7>Helloes, I was wondering if there's a linode API sandbox
13:36<grawity>At least for SSHFP on bind, ssh-keygen offers this alternative ^
13:37<mwalling>nathan7: there was, but caker killed it today
13:37<randallman>So wait, using TXT for SPF has always been deprecated, but it's always been the industry standard?
13:37<BarkerJr>well, it's the standard in the spec
13:37<randallman>that's a bit like saying 'Burning gasoline to move your car is deprecated' :) Despite the fact that there are no reasonable alternatives to powering a car
13:37<mwalling>randallman: deisel
13:37<linbot>jess^: tank full (24:0/0) [eexssuc]
13:37<randallman>TYPE99 (spf) is sugested by RFC 4408 which was apr 27 2006
13:38<randallman>SPF records have existed before then.
13:38<BarkerJr>they created the spec with the caveat that the spec is deprecated
13:38<randallman>Didn't they?
13:38<nathan7>mwalling: aww, why?
13:38<randallman>Or I guess not :) Since 4408 *IS* spf
13:38<mwalling>nathan7: *shrug*
13:38*grawity screams at heimdal
13:39<randallman>Hmm RFC 4408 is still labeled as experimental
13:39*nathan7 screams at the presence of grawity
13:39<randallman>very fun.
13:39<nathan7>grawity: You really are everywhere I go
13:39<nathan7>caker: Why is the API sandbox gone, and will it come back? (if yes, any idea when?)
13:40<grawity>"certificate signature failure: accept? (y/n)" <-- why does it work for firefox and openssl s_client but not for w3m and lynx :(
13:40<@caker>nathan7: it wasn't meant for a sandbox, only beta testing, and is unmaintained. As such, there is no API sandbox
13:41<BarkerJr>anyway, the current standard is to use both TXT and SPF
13:41<jess^>!wx 33406
13:41<linbot>jess^: [metar] 33406: not found
13:41<@caker>nathan7: what are you looking to test?
13:41<BarkerJr>$ host -tSPF
13:41<BarkerJr>host: invalid type: SPF
13:41<nathan7>caker: mhm.
13:42<nathan7>caker: Planning to play a bit with cloudey stuff
13:42<nathan7>caker: Linode was my first choice
13:42-!-descender [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:42<nathan7>And I found a copy of the linode API python bindings in my homedir
13:43-!-materdaddy [] has joined #linode
13:43<grawity>BarkerJr: SPF records for www.* ? O_o
13:43<nathan7>caker: So I was hoping to do that in some kind of sandbox
13:43<jess^>grawity: tried doing 'curl -O' ? curl will tell you what the ssl error is when it fails
13:43<nathan7>I guess I'll have to roll my own then..
13:44-!-materdaddy_ [] has joined #linode
13:44<jess^>caker: why not set up a linode user which has 4111111111111111 as teh credit card
13:44<@caker>jess^: he can do that himself?
13:44<jess^>caker:that'd take care of the billing part of a sandbox
13:45*caker points to as the sandbox
13:46<grawity>jess^: curl doesn't complain :\
13:46<jess^>grawity: orly? what's the url?
13:46<jess^>O? i'm an idiot
13:46<jess^>curl -I https:// ...
13:46<grawity>Same with -I.
13:47<BarkerJr>grawity: you should have an SPF record for every A record
13:47<nathan7>jess^: What'd that do?
13:47<jess^>nathan7: curl -I?
13:47<nathan7>jess^: 4111111111111111
13:47<grawity>jess^: for example; I tried making my own CA with hx509.
13:47<jess^>nathan7: it's a test visa.
13:47<BarkerJr>otherwise someone could send spam from and you'd be responsible
13:47<jess^>dkim > spf
13:47<nathan7>jess^: mhm, but would that allow API use?
13:47*grawity finds OpenSSL's CA scripts too complicated for his needs.
13:48<jess^>it'd mean you wouldn't get charged for any linodes b/c the actual checkout would fail
13:48<mwalling>nathan7: its a credit card number that passed the luhn checksum as a visa
13:48-!-mcarter [] has joined #linode
13:48-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has joined #linode
13:48<jess^>what are you trying to TEST?
13:48<nathan7>I'm trying to get the hang of the API a bit and stuff
13:48<grawity>"verify error:num=19:self signed certificate in certificate chain" :(
13:49<jess^>grawity: that's a useful error. have you googled?
13:49<mwalling>grawity: are you using the same cert store as firefox?
13:49<@caker>nathan7: adding a Linode is brain dead simple, and is the only thing that charges your card. I'd say, if you can get the other calls to work, making linode.create work you get easily
13:49<nathan7>but I need a linode for that.
13:49<nathan7>To test the other calls
13:50*caker points to
13:50<grawity>mwalling: not exactly - but I did add my test CA certificate to /etc/ssl/certs/, which w3m uses :|
13:50*nathan7 points at empty wallet
13:50<jess^>grawity: hang on
13:50*grawity tries googling again instead.
13:50-!-[Nuno] [~Nuno]] has joined #linode
13:50<jess^>grawity: lemme get this luser off my phone
13:50*nathan7 reimplements the API
13:50*Yaakov points at an ambiguous figure to the left of the dark area.
13:51*nathan7 calls for him
13:51*nathan7 points at Yaakov
13:51*nathan7 takes wallet
13:51<jess^>grawity: for some reason, your server isn't trusting your CA
13:51-!-Keverw [] has quit [Quit: Keverw]
13:51-!-materdaddy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:51<grawity>jess^: the CA cert is my own, created with hxtool, at - and lighty is configured to use it as
13:51<jess^>you might want to change the level at which apache cares about SSL certs?
13:51*Yaakov tackles nathan7 and recovers the wallet with great prejudice.
13:52<grawity>(it's not apache.)
13:52<grawity>Meh. Whatever.
13:52<jess^>what are you using?
13:52<Yaakov>caker: This nathan7 guy just tried to take my wallet.
13:52*jess^ will rtfm about lighthttpd in a few
13:53<Yaakov>Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition is NOT speedy about syncing mailboxes.
13:53-!-Fried [] has joined #linode
13:53<nathan7>Yaakov: Then make caker write a sandbox =p
13:53<jess^>Yaakov: it's Entourage.
13:53-!-hpj1 [] has joined #linode
13:54<Yaakov>nathan7: As far as I am concerned, caker has impeccable business practices. If he doesn't think a sandbox is a good idea, I don't either.
13:54<Yaakov>I will just borrow the Linode LART to defend my wallet.
13:55*nathan7 is writing a fake linode API binding
13:55<Yaakov>FAKE FAKE
13:55<nathan7>That just uses a db on my 'puter
13:56<Peng_>"htop: page allocation failure. order:1, mode:0x20" That's interesting.
13:58-!-Hinrik [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
14:01-!-Redgore [] has joined #linode
14:07-!-nicole [] has joined #linode
14:09<nicole>I am in need of some help with a linode setup, anyone here available to help out. Looking to hire server admin
14:11<linbot>Don't ask to ask; just ASK
14:11-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:11<mwalling>(job postings seem to have good luck when posted on the forums)
14:12-!-Guest940 is now known as meff
14:12-!-Guest939 is now known as dcraig
14:12-!-meff is now known as Guest954
14:12<ermau|work>nathan7: a fake binding? for the service end?
14:12-!-dcraig is now known as Guest955
14:13<nathan7>ermau|work:, for the python module end
14:13<nathan7>ermau|work: Using sqlite (single-file SQL db) and some magic.
14:13<ermau|work>Ah, I was going to say, a fake service to simulate so you can test an integration would be great
14:13<nathan7>I might make it someday.
14:14<ermau|work>Ah, looks like that's what you were talking about
14:15<nathan7>a binding is something that gives you an API for something for the lang you program in.
14:15<ermau|work>Well right, that's why I wasn't sure why you'd make a 'fake' binding
14:15<ermau|work>Unless your testing what uses the binding I suppose
14:16<ermau|work>I'm more interested in a way to actually test the binding, as I'm writing one for .NET myself.
14:16*nathan7 would write it if he had more time
14:17-!-Turl [] has joined #linode
14:17<nathan7>I'm just a random 13 year old, don't think I'm some kind of magician =p
14:17<nathan7>*14, damn birthdays
14:18<straterra>I feel so...old
14:18<ermau|work>straterra: Suddenly, me too
14:18<grawity>nathan7: And you were laughing at me for not remembering my age.
14:18<nathan7>grawity:'s not me, it's the damn birthdays!
14:18<ermau|work>I have to think about my age, I don't always remember right away
14:19-!-descender [] has joined #linode
14:21<chesty>wow, you've been on irc for 1 year
14:21-!-nicole [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:21*nathan7 bbls
14:22<BarkerJr>!help summer
14:22<linbot>BarkerJr: (summer <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "say".
14:22<Guspaz|m>bbls? It's not a verb. You can't "be back laters" as an action.
14:22<BarkerJr>be back later soon?
14:23<Guspaz|m>"be back later soon" is either an oxymoron or redundant.
14:23<Guspaz|m>"be back soon" is fine.
14:23<tarpman>he's bbling. I don't see anything wrong with that
14:23<BarkerJr>I'll be the oxy and nathan7 can be the moron
14:23<straterra>Billy is back with another fantastic product?
14:23<tarpman>-ine? -ene?
14:23<Guspaz|m>"be back latering" <-- I don't think that "latering" is a word.
14:23<tarpman>Guspaz|m: think of it as 'bubbling' (* nathan7 bubbles) and don't worry about it.
14:24<BarkerJr>strange you should say that, straterra, after I just vacummed for the first time in two years
14:24<BarkerJr>that vacumme makes your hands tender
14:24<straterra>Which vacume?
14:24<straterra>SpaceHobo: shush you
14:24<BarkerJr>I haven't done it enough to know how to spell it
14:25<BarkerJr>but the landlords are coming to inspect tomorrow
14:25<straterra>Pull a GTA and kill them..put em in a random car's trunk..and go blow it up
14:25<Guspaz|m>landlords? Inspect?
14:25<BarkerJr>they wrote, "please make sure that your apartment is in a sanitary condition"
14:25<straterra>That means to lay all of your used condoms out
14:25<BarkerJr>so, I figure I'll vacuum and wash dishes
14:25<grawity>nathan7: Is it just me or is Cobi's network unstable as hell?
14:26<BarkerJr>oh, is that it? all I had to do was pick up the dirty underwear?
14:27-!-larry-lwe [~larry@] has quit []
14:28-!-Kerem [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:34<Daevien>who wants some snow? going cheap.. take all you want, long as it goes away
14:35<ermau|work>I do!
14:35<ermau|work>..Florida sucks.
14:36<Daevien>i came in to work 3 hours ago, no snow. about an hour ago looked outside (in room susually w/o windows) and theres a bunch of snow everywhere. eww
14:36<BarkerJr>I stayed home
14:36-!-MaZ- [] has joined #linode
14:37<Daevien>it's been a shitty day.. locked myself out of mjy apartment when i left today, landlord doesn't have key to apartment door, just building door (was there before he bought the place).. father doesn't have key to outside door for sure, but might to apartment one. otherwise, i get to pop the hinges on my own apartment door when i go home.. so i can get into home
14:37<Daevien>and works been crazy sinc ei got here too. i keep wondering if it's friday the 13th or something
14:39<mwalling>whats better then running out the door to go to the firehouse for a call and instead of grabbing your car keys, you grab the dog lesh
14:39<adj>Daevien: your exterior door has exterior hinges? 8/
14:40<Daevien>the door to my apartment, yes. the door to outside building no
14:40-!-elfgoh [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:42-!-Remag [] has joined #linode
14:43<Remag>I purchased a linode, and since im a newbie, can you recommend any easy to install control panels?
14:43<mwalling>youre here
14:43<mwalling>what do you need a control panel for?
14:43<Remag>for hosting multiple sites
14:44<mwalling>(aside from my zelotry, i've heard that a properly configured webmin is nice... same for ispconfig...)
14:44<mwalling>Remag: why do you need a control panel to do that?
14:44<Remag>its seems the easiest way to go?
14:45<Guspaz|m>Woot, due to snow storm, management just announced we should go home at 3:30pm
14:45<Remag>webmin or ispconfig is the way to go?
14:45<mwalling>not for me
14:45<mwalling>i use a text editor
14:45<adj>snow storm? :( its 74F here
14:45<mwalling>except for when i wrote my own control panel to meet my needs
14:46<mwalling>also, does work know you're on IRC?
14:46*mwalling smirks
14:46<Guspaz|m>yes for me too, although I'm not paying much attention to this.
14:46<rainman`>they must be reading along already :>
14:47<mwalling>club craxkers are addictive
14:48<adj>mm. i got an amazing steak for lunch today
14:48*adj thanks Dell for lunch
14:50*mwalling reads about OSGi and RCP
14:51*Yaakov reads about HnJUUsXi and LLRT
14:51*bitmand reads what mwalling and Yaakov currently reads
14:51*straterra reads about what else he has to do to get 100% completion on GTA4
14:51<mwalling>straterra: drive a chick car
14:52<mwalling>oh wait, you already did that
14:52-!-Remag [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:53<randallman>Total Eclipse of the Heart :)
14:53<straterra>mwalling: I dont drive a chick car :/
14:53<straterra>If I got an Evo, would it be a chick car?
14:53<randallman>You drive an eclipse, right? :p
14:53<randallman>A lancer evo?
14:53<randallman>No, that'd be a shitty car ;)
14:53<straterra>Yes, Lancer Evolution
14:54<randallman>Real sports cars have 8 cylinders xthxbai
14:54<randallman>err kthxbai :)
14:54<randallman>Actualyl Im full of shit :)
14:54<straterra>over 300 horse stock with not very much boost
14:54<randallman>but it sounded good while I was typing it :)
14:54<TheFirst>randallman: if that's the case try a laxitive
14:54<straterra>I want an evo for its tranny
14:55<randallman>NICE yaakov :0
14:55<randallman>Straterra, the only < 8 cylinder *car* i'd ever want to drive would be a Grand National :0
14:55<randallman>I'd *love* to have a 6 cylinder cummins :)
14:56<straterra>They are nice..a little bit heavy though
14:56<randallman>A little bit heavy? 10 seconds is definitely achievable on a street GN
14:56<straterra>10 seconds is achievable on a street Eclipse too :P
14:58-!-Oli`` [~oli@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:58<randallman>is it really?
14:58-!-bd__ is now known as bd_
14:58<randallman>Bolt on boost ?
14:59<randallman>eclipses arent turbocharged anymore, are thy?
14:59<Yaakov>My poor ex-Volvo was a 5-cylinder and did 7.
14:59<straterra>Turbo kit is like $4k now
14:59<straterra>The Eclipse GS has a LOT of headroom..and engine room too
14:59<randallman>Bear in mind that the GN was 1986ish
14:59<straterra>The GT, less so
14:59<randallman>from like 1983 to like 1987 I believe
14:59-!-ubuntuisloved [] has joined #linode
14:59<randallman>so this was AMAZING for the time
14:59<straterra>Eclipse's are FWD, N/A these days
15:00<straterra>But Mitsubishi makes another Turbocharged Lancer thats not the evo
15:00<randallman>an FWD.... torque steer with 15# of boost? :P
15:00<straterra>The Lancer Ralliart..AWD too.
15:01<straterra>The GS is a great turbo platform because it takes almost all the same internals as the 4G63
15:01<jess^>ring ring ring ringringringringring banannaphone
15:01<straterra>4G63 parts are cheap and easy to find
15:02<tarpman>ding dong ding dong ding dong ding donanaphone
15:02<tarpman>I've got this feeling
15:02<tarpman>so appealing
15:03-!-kerem [~kerem@] has joined #linode
15:03-!-j00d [~jcy@] has joined #linode
15:03<TheFirst>the demon feeling is much better
15:04<Guspaz|m>I read "The GS is a great turbo platform" and for a second thought you meant WRT54GS and its "turbo" wifi mode :P
15:06-!-Oli`` [~oli@] has joined #linode
15:07-!-raistlinthewiz [] has joined #linode
15:07<raistlinthewiz>hi there
15:08<raistlinthewiz>i've 2 linodes on newark and experiencing continuous packet loss with them, any noticable maintenance over the network?
15:08<linbot>mtr combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one easy to use tool, and the output can be useful for determining where the source of a problem is. It can be downloaded from or for Windows. MTR summaries can be retrieved in-channel using the command !mtr-CITY where CITY is fremont, atlanta, newark or dallas.
15:08<@caker>raistlinthewiz: where has the loss occurred, is the question. Use mtr to find out
15:09-!-raistlinthewiz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:09-!-raistlinthewiz [] has joined #linode
15:10-!-raistlinthewiz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:10-!-raistlinthewiz [] has joined #linode
15:10<linbot>raistlinthewiz: (mtrnewark <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "web title$1".
15:10<@caker>raistlinthewiz: no, you need to run that from your local machine
15:10<linbot>mtr combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one easy to use tool, and the output can be useful for determining where the source of a problem is. It can be downloaded from or for Windows. MTR summaries can be retrieved in-channel using the command !mtr-CITY where CITY is fremont, atlanta, newark or dallas.
15:11<linbot>Karrde: [mtr] 10 hops, no loss, last hop average RTT was 40.3ms
15:11<Karrde>raistlinthewiz: what caker said; also, my host is fine fron dallas
15:12<Karrde>raistlinthewiz: I'm MTRing you ( from my newark node. Lots of packet loss as soon as I get into .tr
15:12<Karrde>no loss in linode/NAC tho
15:12<mwalling>gasp! linode is an inferrior service!
15:13<Daevien>no loss on my nj linode either, it's what i'm on irc from
15:13<ubuntuisloved>mwalling, hows the weather treating you?
15:13-!-Guest955 is now known as dcraig
15:13-!-Guest954 is now known as meff
15:13<mwalling>ubuntuisloved: i'm indoors, thank god
15:13<mwalling>ubuntuisloved: by noon, the city had made 1 pass on my street
15:13-!-dcraig is now known as Guest964
15:13-!-meff is now known as Guest963
15:13<ubuntuisloved>mwalling, my neighbor was killed by an Amtrak today he was plowing with the town truck
15:13<Karrde>can we ban meff and dcraig so they lose the ability to change nicks?
15:14<mwalling>Karrde: /ignore meff NICKS
15:14<mwalling>ubuntuisloved: saw that on the news, sorry
15:14<Karrde>mwalling: ooo will try
15:14<ubuntuisloved>mwalling, snow storm sucks
15:15<mwalling>for contexts sake, ubuntuisloved is referring to
15:15-!-raistlinthewiz21 [] has joined #linode
15:15<linbot>mtr combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one easy to use tool, and the output can be useful for determining where the source of a problem is. It can be downloaded from or for Windows. MTR summaries can be retrieved in-channel using the command !mtr-CITY where CITY is fremont, atlanta, newark or dallas.
15:15<linbot>raistlinthewiz21: (mtrnewark <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "web title$1".
15:15<mwalling>raistlinthewiz21: typing !mtr into IRC WILL NOT FIX ANYTHING
15:16-!-laser` [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:16-!-raistlinthewiz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:16<raistlinthewiz21>checked it with winmtr
15:16-!-SDjernes [] has joined #linode
15:16<raistlinthewiz21>will paste it to pastebin now
15:16-!-SDjernes [] has left #linode []
15:16-!-Netsplit <-> quits: reillyeon, memenode, Falcon|, sadiq, vuf, dioz, azaghal, SNy
15:18-!-j00d [~jcy@] has quit []
15:19<raistlinthewiz21>here is the results
15:19<@caker>raistlinthewiz21: how about from your Linode back to your IP? mtr -r -n your.ip.add.ress
15:19<linbot>charlie: (mtrlondon <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "web title$1".
15:19<mwalling>raistlinthewiz21: and what does that pastebin say?
15:20<Karrde>I suspect issues crossing the pond
15:20<Karrde>I .. can't even get out of NAC anymore
15:20<Karrde>I lied, there it goes
15:20<KingTarquin>Apparently, LINX is having problems.
15:20-!-row_ [] has joined #linode
15:21-!-bumblebird [] has joined #linode
15:21<litwol|m_>will i get complaints if i utilize CPU 15%-20% _at all times_ ? consistent use hour in hour out.
15:21*Peng finally tries /ignore
15:21-!-litwol|m_ is now known as litwol|mac
15:21<raistlinthewiz21>@mwalling it seems nac is dropping my packets
15:21<mwalling>yes. nac hates you.
15:21<bumblebird>I just got severe packet loss to NJ. Any known issues?
15:22<raistlinthewiz21>u see im not the onlyone :)
15:22<Karrde>bumblebird: you get an MTR too
15:22<linbot>mtr combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one easy to use tool, and the output can be useful for determining where the source of a problem is. It can be downloaded from or for Windows. MTR summaries can be retrieved in-channel using the command !mtr-CITY where CITY is fremont, atlanta, newark or dallas.
15:22-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
15:22-!-vuf [~am@] has joined #linode
15:22-!-memenode [] has joined #linode
15:22-!-sadiq [] has joined #linode
15:22-!-SNy [] has joined #linode
15:22-!-dioz [~gooch@2001:470:1f0f:211::103] has joined #linode
15:22-!-reillyeon [] has joined #linode
15:22-!-Falcon| [] has joined #linode
15:22-!-row [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:22-!-jacob [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:23<raistlinthewiz21>bumblebird please paste your winmtr to pastebin and lets see if your pitfalls are also the same
15:23<bumblebird>also packets dropping tons
15:23<bumblebird>ok thanks
15:23<HoopyCat>litwol|mac: i don't see why; i average about 11% CPU and all i got was this lousy t-shirt ;-)
15:23<linbot>KingTarquin: [mtr] 8 hops, telecity.ge9-9.br02.ldn01.pc: 40.0%/89.5ms
15:23<Karrde>bumblebird: what country are you in?
15:24<litwol|mac>what about 30-40% ?
15:24<row_>ffs at linx
15:24<row_>mega packet loss
15:24<bumblebird>Karrde: UK
15:24<row_>Linx are having issues that is why people will be seeing packet loss etc
15:24<bumblebird>but it looks like everyone is having issues getting to my linode (usage dropping)
15:24<row_>no word from linx as of yet to wtf the cause is
15:25<row_>for those that don't know linx = london internet exchange
15:25<Karrde>bumblebird: raistlinthewiz21 is in turkey and reports packet loss to NJ, but none of the US people here see it
15:25<Karrde>row_: what's
15:25<Peng>"20:23:56 [EsperNet] -Global( FYI - we've been informed that there are ongoing data transit issues at LINX, a major internet exchange in London. This is affecting excelsior's connectivity. Please forgive the inconvenience." :D
15:25<mwalling>linx a that a transatlantic provider?
15:25<mwalling>oh, london
15:25-!-Netsplit <-> quits: LordMetroid, tomaw, hpj1, vuf, @tychoish, tkoskine, azaghal, Falcon|, Yaakov-EGLL, spkitty, (+14 more, use /NETSPLIT to show all of them)
15:25<Peng>mwalling: London Internet exchange.
15:25<bumblebird>ah ok,
15:25<mwalling>its hitting oftc too
15:25-!-Netsplit over, joins: Falcon|, reillyeon, dioz
15:25-!-Netsplit over, joins: Yaakov-EGLL, @tychoish, SNy, tomaw, skule, jetlag, sadiq, memenode, vuf, azaghal (+11 more)
15:25<row_>peering point basically
15:25-!-tychoish is "tycho garen" on @+#linode #linode-staff
15:26<randallman>Whee netsplits
15:26<Karrde>" affecting excelsior's connectivity." as charon and joule split, uh huh
15:26<mwalling>Karrde: that was from, not oftc... tj doesnt excessivly global notice :)
15:28<nathan7>grawity: Sure it is.
15:29<Peng>Bizarrely enough, it's not serious on Freenode. :D
15:29<nathan7>uhh, isn't linode's London dc on LINX?
15:29-!-spkitty [] has quit [Quit: spkitty]
15:29<adj>most DC's have more than one peer ;)
15:30<bumblebird>Peng: freenode has enough netsplits on a day to day basis lately
15:30-!-Frools [] has joined #linode
15:30<Peng>Since TelecityGroup hosts half of LINX, Linode should be using LINX, yes.
15:30<HoopyCat>ffffiiirrreeee ppphhoootttooonnnnn ttooorrrppeeeddoooeeessss
15:30-!-mib_hnf559 [] has joined #linode
15:30-!-spkitty [] has joined #linode
15:30<mwalling>HoopyCat: urmom
15:30<Peng>For some reason, twice now, I've gotten a bunch of IRC messages at the exact same time.
15:30<adj>i wonder if its related to this:
15:31<mwalling>the aliens are comming
15:31<randallman>Hell yeah they are
15:31-!-madbill [] has joined #linode
15:31<Karrde>Peng: isn't TCP nice?
15:31-!-grawity [] has quit [Quit: Read error: 42 (Entropy overflow)]
15:31<madbill>any network issues at newark?
15:31<bumblebird>IRC over UDP would be sort of interesting though,
15:31<nathan7>Peng: I researched the DC earlier today.
15:31<randallman>Karrde, at least the messages werent lost :)
15:31-!-raistlinth [~raistlint@] has joined #linode
15:31<randallman>yeah UDP irc... w/o in-protocol retries? :P
15:32<Peng>Ah, my IRC connection goes through London.
15:32<randallman>It'd be like a bad voip connection :0
15:32<bumblebird>madbill: looks like there's some screwy london network issues
15:32<raistlinth>mm at least im not the only one with the packet losses:)
15:32*nathan7 's irc server is on a londonnode
15:32<HoopyCat>madbill: are you in europe or points east?
15:32<nathan7>*irc client
15:32<Karrde>madbill: yes but only if you're in Europe
15:32<mib_hnf559>i can't reach my newark vps either
15:32<Karrde>linx's fault :)
15:32<mib_hnf559>had the same problem a couple of hours ago
15:32<mwalling>mib_hnf559: are you in europe or points east?
15:32<madbill>no issues getting to dallas
15:32<mib_hnf559>i'm in europe
15:32<mwalling>madbill: differnet route
15:33<HoopyCat>madbill: LINX just backed over a fire hydrant (again), and that's usually where europe<->newark traffic goes
15:33<mwalling>madbill: try it, traceroute to and then traceroute to
15:33<madbill>ok cheers guys
15:33<nathan7>fire hydrant?
15:33<HoopyCat>nathan7: sorry, fireplug. (forgot to consult my english<->english dictionary ;-)
15:34<nathan7>American->English =p
15:34-!-J-Node [] has quit [Quit: HydraIRC -> <- *I* use it, so it must be good!]
15:34<tarpman>wth is a fireplug
15:34<Peng>(Nice job, OFTC geolocation. Germany is totally close to Texas.)
15:34<tarpman>you mean a fire hydrant?
15:34<tarpman>damn english anyway
15:34<randallman>Germany is about the SIZE of texas,no?
15:35<randallman>so perhaps size matters :)
15:35<mwalling>Peng: you can do better?
15:35<mwalling>Peng: you should apply for staff then
15:36<Peng>mwalling: You're taking the fun out of whining.
15:36<bob2>or sell your geopip db to maxmind!
15:36<bumblebird>seems network issues may be fixed
15:36-!-JediMaster- [] has joined #linode
15:36<Peng>Does MaxMind do IPv6?
15:36<bob2>dear virtualbox, please stop smashing my disk, love bob2
15:36<mwalling>the tow truck removed the car from the fireplugs rectum
15:36-!-raistlinthewiz21 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:37-!-mib_hnf559 [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
15:37<nathan7>mwalling: :o
15:37<raistlinth>i think linx issue has been solved now
15:37<raistlinth>my packets are ok now
15:37-!-raistlinth is now known as raistlinthewiz
15:38<bumblebird>all packets here present and correct also
15:38-!-Dvyjones [~dvyjones@2002:6d4a:c081::1] has joined #linode
15:38<HoopyCat>Peng: you're connecting with IPv6.
15:38*nathan7 sees a Dvyjones
15:38-!-anhero [] has joined #linode
15:38*Dvyjones sees a nathan7
15:39-!-jacob [] has joined #linode
15:39<HoopyCat>Peng: take this opportunity to consider 1) where OFTC's IRC servers are, 2) where their US-based servers are located, and 3) how many of those locations have native IPv6 :-)
15:41-!-katyl [] has joined #linode
15:41<Peng>HoopyCat: :)
15:41-!-JediMaster [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:41-!-Guspaz|m [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
15:42-!-bumblebird [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
15:42<Peng>Sorry. Forgot the significance of IPv6 and geolocation...
15:43<mwalling>is your penis 4 times the size?
15:44<Peng_>mwalling: Yes, but performance and reliability have suffered.
15:44<HoopyCat>Peng: IPv6 is geolocatable, there's just no IPv6 in your country.
15:45<randallman>Can we quote you on that Peng?
15:45<randallman>'My junk is now 4 times the size, but performance and reliability have suffered'
15:45-!-JshWright [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
15:45-!-confounds [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:46<randallman>this is like :)
15:47<anhero>get windows keys for cheap :)
15:47-!-anhero [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
15:47<randallman>Rick rolling perhaps? :P
15:48<randallman>< jkwood> Microsoft: "We'd like to patent sudo."
15:48<randallman>Why do I know that nic? :p
15:48<randallman>Oh and hoopycat :)
15:48<randallman>Heh where are these great quotes coming from? Here?
15:49-!-JshWright [] has joined #linode
15:49-!-[Nuno] [~Nuno]] has quit [Quit: [Nuno]]
15:50<Karrde>SelfishMan: Fatal error: Call to undefined function untrailingslashit() in /var/www/domains/ on line 365
15:52<mwalling>all i saw was un....shit()
15:52<JshWright>you too, huh?
15:53<jess^>the default linode debian image doesn't have fucking bzip in it? frrl.
15:53<Peng>jess^: :)
15:54<jess^>i have this nasty habit of doing tar -cjvf foo.tar.gz . by accident
15:54<Pryon>apt-get install fucking-bzip
15:54<Karrde>if only there was some easy way to install packages and its dependencies on debian
15:54<jess^>since whereever possible, i prefer bzip
15:54-!-Frools [] has quit [Quit: bye jews]
15:54-!-Frools [] has joined #linode
15:54<Pryon>bzflag is also not installed by default, damnit
15:54<jess^>Pryon: yeah yeah yeah. :) i've just never seen an image not have a tar with bzip in it already :)
15:54<@caker>first time for everything
15:55<Karrde>why isn't virtualbox installed by default!
15:55<Karrde>hell, $another-vps-provider's Debian didn't come with less
15:55<Karrde>I cried
15:55<jess^>don't mind me. i'm PMSing.
15:55-!-lanstin` [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:55-!-lanstin` [] has joined #linode
15:55<litwol|mac>less? i give you more!
15:56<Pryon>less > more
15:56<litwol|mac>no shit. i was just making a joke
15:56<Pryon>But I was being completely serious!
15:56-!-ermau [] has joined #linode
15:56-!-tylerm [] has joined #linode
15:56-!-ermau [] has quit []
15:57<Pryon>plenty of PMS to go around, it seems
15:59<tylerm>Hello. I've just added a disk node to my linode, but it hasn't appeared.
15:59<bob2>did you reboot?
15:59<tylerm>I added the disk while it was offline.
15:59-!-Falc [~Falc@] has joined #linode
15:59<@caker>tylerm: attach it to your config profile on a device node, and reboot
16:00<tylerm>caker: ahah. Thank you.\
16:03-!-Smark[Gone] is now known as Smark
16:03-!-tylerm [] has quit [Quit: tylerm]
16:04<HoopyCat>16:04 [@FakeAPStylebook:12] "Hacker" simply means "a person who is skilled with computers." To describe a computer criminal, use "Linux user."
16:05<ubuntuisloved>:( ouch
16:05<erikh>take that, esr
16:05<tarpman>can't trust linux users
16:07-!-madbill [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:07<jess^>that's why jesus uses FreeBSD!
16:08<erikh>it is a funny comment on esr's crusade to reclaim the word 'hacker', though.
16:08-!-darkbeholder [] has joined #linode
16:08-!-squircle [~squircle@] has joined #linode
16:09<jess^>perpetuating the stereotypes that all computer criminals use linux is seriously uncool
16:09<jess^>there are people that will believe it
16:10<straterra>Who cares what they believe
16:10<SelfishMan>Karrde: I don't know what you are talking about
16:10<SelfishMan>also, I'm pissed at wordpress because that error keeps showing up with no fix. Google it and find lots of errors with no solution
16:10-!-Bass10 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:11<jess^>hey, where's a good place to get a cheap ssl that isnt' starcom?
16:12<straterra>What do you mean a cheap ssl?
16:12<straterra>a cert?
16:12<JshWright>you mean a cheap cert?
16:13<randallman>openssl x509 :P
16:13<jess^>can't brain today
16:13<jess^>randallman: that isn't self-signed. hush you
16:13-!-spkitty_ [] has joined #linode
16:13<randallman>I dunno how 'spensive is comodo these days?
16:14-!-Guest963 is now known as meff
16:14-!-Guest964 is now known as dcraig
16:14<randallman>Heh 149.95/yr
16:14<ubuntuisloved>straterra, godaddy has a deal for 12 bucks how cheap do you want one
16:14<randallman>NOT cheap
16:14-!-dcraig is now known as Guest979
16:14-!-meff is now known as Guest980
16:15<jess^>5 domains for $90?
16:15<straterra>Expensive certs are expensive for a reason
16:15*jess^ does some quick mental arithmatic, arrives at a number she likes, and grins.
16:17<litwol|mac>Can i upload my own OS install image and replicate it across a dozen linodes ?
16:19<jess^>rapidssl can beat them
16:19<jess^>and i only need two certs
16:19<HoopyCat>litwol|mac: yup; you can clone an image onto any of your linodes, space permitting. (protip: resize the install image fairly small, clone it, then expand it)
16:19<litwol|mac>This makes it as easy to use as cloud instances
16:19-!-laser` [] has joined #linode
16:20-!-spkitty [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:20-!-spkitty_ is now known as spkitty
16:20<ubuntuisloved>jess^, thier 80 bucks?
16:20<ubuntuisloved>jess^, godaddy is $12
16:21<row_> hehe at the linx blip
16:22<@caker>lots. o. traffic.
16:22<@jed>holy lord
16:23<HoopyCat>so shift to second gear THEN let the clutch out? or... oh hell, what was that noise
16:23<row_>yeah big peering exchange :)
16:23<Pryon>straterra: why are expensive certs expensive?
16:23-!-row_ is now known as row
16:23<HoopyCat>Pryon: you're paying for the prestige
16:24-!-Falc [~Falc@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:24<ubuntuisloved>Pryon, maybe higher encryption?
16:24<HoopyCat>Pryon: expensive cert == guzzling fiji at the gym; cheap cert == drinking tap water while jogging
16:25<Pryon>ubuntuisloved: I want my encryption sober
16:26<Peng>Some of them are more expensive because they verify who the owner is.
16:27<HoopyCat>some are more expensive because they DON'T verify who the owner is
16:27<nathan7>Criminals have more money ;)
16:27<randallman>It's just a huge racket
16:27<randallman>as if verisign is any more well suited to tell me who to trust than someone else
16:28<HoopyCat>no matter what you do, life's full of paperwork... however, you don't have to fill out and sign the green forms
16:28<ubuntuisloved>these days its not hard to fake identity ...not that I would know but just hear about it
16:28-!-raw [] has joined #linode
16:28<vuf>now I got some credit in my linode account, how is that paid out?
16:28<raw>can someone please tell me linodes ns servers
16:28*ubuntuisloved quickly shreds his paperwork
16:29<raw>i mean the info in etc/resolv.conf
16:29-!-mateus [] has joined #linode
16:29<JshWright>vuf: assuming you still have a linode account, it's applied to your next bill
16:29<HoopyCat>vuf: next time you get billed for linode service, it'll hit up that balance first
16:29<HoopyCat>raw: varies by datacenter; check the Network tab in the dashboard
16:29<raw>ah thanks HoopyCat, had that page open and didnt even look there :D
16:30<vuf>okay, that what I figured ... a bit impractical with one year until the next bill, but oh well ...
16:30-!-raw [] has quit []
16:31<litwol|mac>some one give him an api factoid
16:31-!-[Nuno] [~Nuno]] has joined #linode
16:31<HoopyCat>vuf: you can also use it to Rent-A-Linode (tm) to play around, without credit card transaction cost guilt :-)
16:32<straterra>Pryon: Ever try to get certs from little dinky signing companies?
16:33<straterra>And have outside people try to use it..and they get prompted because the signer isn't in their root list?
16:33-!-Reisen [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:33<Peng>!f API
16:33<linbot>Peng: An application programming interface (API) is an interface implemented by a software program in order to enable interaction with other software, much in the same way that a user interface facilitates interaction between humans and computers. APIs are implemented by applications, libraries and operating systems to determine the vocabulary and calling conventions the programmer should employ to use their (1 more message)
16:35<JoeK>moar cowbell
16:35<BarkerJr>stupid bot
16:35-!-DekuNut [] has joined #linode
16:36<squircle>but the bot loves you...
16:37-!-WoodWork [~WoodWork@adsl-77-86-111-197.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #linode
16:38-!-confounds [] has joined #linode
16:38-!-WoodWork [~WoodWork@adsl-77-86-111-197.karoo.KCOM.COM] has quit []
16:40<BarkerJr>it's refusing to tell me, though
16:41<squircle>!more BarkerJr
16:41<squircle>linbot: Error: That's all, there is no more.
16:41<Pryon>!more Peng
16:41<linbot>Pryon: services. It may include specifications for routines, data structures, object classes, and protocols used to communicate between the consumer and implementer of the API.
16:42<BarkerJr>it has redeamed itself
16:43-!-jhford [] has quit [Quit: gone]
16:47-!-raistlinthewiz [~raistlint@] has quit []
16:47-!-linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:47-!-jhford [] has joined #linode
16:48-!-MaZ- [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.1-dev]
16:49-!-MaZ- [] has joined #linode
16:50<vuf>hmm, linear vs. raid0, opinions?
16:51<erikh>hmm... should my car's body be made out of glass or peanut brittle... opinions?
16:51<adj>vuf: opinions on what
16:51<vuf>that's a long way of saying "no"
16:52<adj>i use raid0 sometimes
16:52-!-arooni-mobile [] has joined #linode
16:53<jess^>ubuntuisloved: godaddy is #30, normally.
16:53<adj>when i need speed and don't care at all if the data get blown away
16:53<ubuntuisloved>jess^, thats still pretty good
16:53<ubuntuisloved>jess^, I used to pay 80 per domain
16:53<vuf>i heard that raid0 is bad for access speed because you will have to wait for several platters to align
16:54<adj>vuf: you're either joking or horribly misinformed
16:54<vuf>not joking
16:54-!-RSully [] has joined #linode
16:54<JoeK>is there any way i can use paypal to get a linode, since i dont have a credit card? :(
16:55<Peng>!f PayPal
16:55<linbot>Peng: What forms of payment do you accept? We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We have month-to-month, 12-month, and 24-month terms available. Paypal transfers are not supported but Paypal debit/credit cards should work.
16:55<adj>read up
16:56*Peng reads down
16:56<BarkerJr>don't you hate when you do 'service network restart' and your network goes down?
16:56<BarkerJr>hi RSully!
16:56<erikh>BarkerJr: service network restart &
16:56<BarkerJr>but it's not supposed to disconnect me
16:56<erikh>you lose your shell, the foreground process terminates
16:57<erikh>hmm.... not sure what you think restarting the network *should* do..
16:57-!-orudie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:57<BarkerJr>it's not supposed to kill existing connections
16:57<adj>hang the network, then tcp should resume the session ;)
16:58<vuf>adj: wikipedia is no substitute for experience
16:58<Peng>vuf: Sure it is.
16:58-!-squircle [~squircle@] has quit [Quit: Disappearing into the abyss.]
16:58<BarkerJr>wikipedia sucks
16:58<adj>vuf: i have no interest in enternaining nonsense questions when you obviously have no understanding of raid whatsoever..
16:58<erikh>BarkerJr: i'm not sure what you think 'ifconfig eth0 down' is supposed to know about your ssh connection, but I assure you, it doesn't care.
16:58<vuf>no, a "read up" wikipedia link is a roundabout way of saying "i don't know"
16:59<adj>vuf: no. its a way of politely saying RTFM
16:59<BarkerJr>I didn't do 'ifconfig eth0 down', I did 'service network restart'
16:59<adj>vuf: because i answered you and you spouted some anecdotal gibberish
17:00<Redgore>BarkerJr: service network restart takes down all interfaces, so ssh will fail as it has nothing to bind to
17:00<Redgore>and then brings them back up
17:00<adj>Redgore: no
17:00<vuf>adj, the wikipedia article says "Note that these performance scenarios are in the best case with optimal access patterns." so that is useless in practice
17:01<adj>Redgore: inbound connections to ssh will fail while the iface is down. tcp is fault tolerant however, so existing connections should resume when the iface comes back online
17:01-!-SGajewski [] has joined #linode
17:01<adj>vuf: whats your question anyway? jbod vs raid0?
17:02<SGajewski>Is there a line?
17:02<BarkerJr>so maybe I just got lucky this time and my VPS was so slow that it sent me a message before the eth0 came back up and reset me
17:03<JoeK>so who knows how a paypal topup card works?
17:03-!-MaZ- [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.1-dev]
17:03<JoeK>from my understanding, i just load it from my account(funds) and im good to go
17:04*linbot puts its right arm forward palm down, then its left arm; then, it turns its palms up, left then right. Right hand on left shoulder, left hand on right shoulder, then hands on back of head (right, then left). Then it realizes supybots don't have hips...
17:04<linbot>SGajewski: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
17:04<HoopyCat>sorry, thought someone said there was a line
17:05<SGajewski>Can someone help me reset my user/pass for Webmin on my linode server?
17:05<vuf>adj: linux md, linear vs. raid0 ... it makes some sense to me that raid0 could be slower because you always have to wait for the last of the drives
17:06<HoopyCat>SGajewski: in theory, the normal webmin password reset procedure should work if you have that handy
17:07<HoopyCat>SGajewski: <--- looks like they have a nifty tool for it. second question on the page :-)
17:07-!-hercynium [] has joined #linode
17:08<adj>vuf: haven't used softare raid in a while, but iirc, linear will let you add more disks, and raid0 won't
17:08<adj>and waiting for the last of the drives makes no sense since your data is striped across both drives in raid 0
17:09<adj>i assume md raids linear level is just jbod, but someone might correct me
17:10<vuf>it is, if you mean concatenation
17:10<adj>then raid0 is faster
17:11-!-bbeausej [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:11<adj>as you are pulling chunks off multiple disks at once
17:12<adj>neither make much sense on linode
17:12-!-arooni-mobile_____ [] has joined #linode
17:12-!-Tallken [] has joined #linode
17:12-!-arooni-mobile [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
17:14-!-ermau|work [] has quit [Quit: Be back later]
17:15-!-Guest979 is now known as dcraig
17:15-!-Guest980 is now known as meff
17:15-!-Edgeman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:15-!-dcraig is now known as Guest988
17:15-!-MaZ- [] has joined #linode
17:16-!-meff is now known as Guest989
17:18-!-SGajewski [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:19-!-nathan7 [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
17:20-!-nathan7 [] has joined #linode
17:24-!-SDjernes [] has joined #linode
17:25-!-SDjernes [] has left #linode []
17:31-!-Reisen [] has joined #linode
17:33-!-cpg [] has joined #linode
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17:37-!-jams [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:38-!-Redgore [] has quit [Quit: Peace and Protection 4.22.2]
17:39-!-DekuNut [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:40-!-jams [] has joined #linode
17:42-!-Guspaz|m [] has joined #linode
17:43<[Nuno]>i'm having some troubles dealing with exim4
17:44<[Nuno]>www-data (ubuntu) has somes bounce emails (I think)
17:44-!-TheJoe|ZzZz is now known as TheJoe
17:45<[Nuno]>the return path and envelope-to have www-data@host.domain.tld
17:45<[Nuno]> I usa Google Apps to receive , but emails are sent directly from my linode
17:45-!-Pupeno [] has joined #linode
17:45<mwalling>something is sending them
17:46<Pupeno>Are there any chances of expanding the partition of a linode when purchasing more hard disk?
17:46<[Nuno]>they are sent using mail()
17:46<mwalling>Pupeno: sure
17:46<Pupeno>mwalling: how is it done?
17:47<vuf>Pupeno: resize
17:47<mwalling>Pupeno: step 1. buy more disk from the extras page. step 2. click on your image, type a ne size in the box. step 3. click save/apply/done. step 4. drink.
17:47<mwalling>vuf: yay for clarity
17:47<[Nuno]>here is exim4 config and an email deader ->
17:47<Pupeno>mwalling: I would have expected that to be destructive. It actually increases the size with the data in it?
17:48<vuf>Pupeno: yes
17:48<sadiq>oh yes, I was meaning to ask.
17:48<mwalling>Pupeno: if you used a standard image from the dashboard, it will use the linux fs tools to resize it
17:48<sadiq>is it possible to buy extra ram and as an upgrade alone?
17:48<linbot>Available Add-ons: Disk: $ 2 per 1GB/month. RAM: $ 5 per 90MB/month. Transfer: $ 10 per 100GB/month. IP: $ 1 per IP/month
17:48<sadiq>I don't really need the transfer, disk space or anything else.
17:48<sadiq>mwalling: thanks.
17:48<vuf>sadiq, it's the same price
17:48<mwalling>sadiq: but it costs the same as upgrading
17:48<[Nuno]>usually you make a better deal jut upgrading
17:48<Pupeno>I have a minimum linode with tons of rams (yay for Zope and Wordpress and MySQL)
17:49<[Nuno]>you must stop you linode to resize a disk
17:49*Pupeno will have to loook into upgrading.
17:49<Pupeno>Thanks for the info.
17:49<mwalling>sadiq: 540-360 = 180. 180/90 = 2. 2 * $5 = 10.
17:49<sadiq>mwalling: well, ram is my limitation.
17:49<mwalling>oh wait, a 540 costs $10 more then a 360
17:49<sadiq>so it being the same price as upgrading doesn't really help so much. =)
17:50<sadiq>interesting how it looks like ram is the limitation on density.
17:50<HoopyCat>RAM is also the host's limitation :-)
17:50<mwalling>sadiq: bigger plan, less contention
17:50<mwalling>so numbers are not the only resource
17:50<mwalling>er benefit
17:50<[Nuno]>I upgrade mine last week
17:50<sadiq>I think i'll just pick up two 1080s for now.
17:51<linbot>abysed: Fremont360 - 0, Fremont540 - 0, Fremont720 - 0, Fremont1080 - 0, Fremont1440 - 0, Fremont2880 - 1, Fremont5760 - 1, Fremont8640 - 1, Fremont11520 - 0
17:51<[Nuno]>so ... can anyone help me about exim4 ?
17:51<mwalling>[Nuno]: i dont see a problem
17:51<mwalling>[Nuno]: mail to an obsicfated domain bounced. woo hoo
17:51<HoopyCat>[Nuno]: what's the content of that bounce message?
17:51<[Nuno]>the only problem is that i have /var/mail/www-data full od returnes emails
17:52<vuf>mwalling: bigger plan, more busy neighbours?
17:52<mwalling>vuf: less neighbors
17:52<[Nuno]>HoopyCat: Recipient address rejected: User unknown
17:53<mwalling>i still dont see a problem
17:53<HoopyCat>[Nuno]: that'd mean that "user" doesn't exist at "other-domain.tld"
17:53<[Nuno]>I know ...
17:53<[Nuno]>I only want this email to return a real email address
17:53<Pupeno>How much ram has a Linode 720?
17:53<[Nuno]>not www-data@host
17:53<mwalling>Pupeno: 720 megabytes
17:53<HoopyCat>Pupeno: 720MB :-)
17:53<Pupeno>Oh, ok :P
17:54<mwalling>Pupeno: see here:
17:54<Pupeno>Yeah, I somehow missed the ram row... silly me.
17:55<HoopyCat>[Nuno]: best bet would be to tell whatever's sending the message to set the return path to something more useful. (alternatively, put "www-data: some@real.address" in /etc/aliases to get those bounce messages, or "www-data: /dev/null" to ignore them)
17:56<[Nuno]>Do you know is I can rewrite the header to return instead od www-data@xpto?
17:56<mwalling>just use an alias
17:57-!-CaptObvious [] has joined #linode
17:57<CaptObvious>anyone getting really really crappy throughput from dallas?
17:57<[Nuno]>using an aliases will not change the header of the message
17:58<mwalling>CaptObvious *AND* CaptObviousman
17:58<mwalling>[Nuno]: (alternatively, put "www-data: some@real.address" in /etc/aliases to get those bounce messages, or "www-data: /dev/null" to ignore them)
17:58<Peng>No MajObviouswoman?
17:58<HoopyCat>[Nuno]: i haven't done it lately, but it's generally something that the originator of the message (e.g. whatever sent the message) has to do; exim is merely the messenger
17:58<Peng>There are many Obvious possibilities left.
17:58-!-gmcharlt [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
17:58<HoopyCat>speaking of which, foodtime
17:58<CaptObvious>I'd prefer an actual answer rather than some smartarse comment about my nick
17:59<[Nuno]>How much emails can I relay using google apps?
17:59<HoopyCat>CaptObvious: LINX (the london internet exchange) crapped out a few times today already, but that mostly affected europe<->newark
17:59<mwalling>your nick is smartassly close to a friends nick.
17:59<[Nuno]>maybe I'll do this!
17:59-!-orudie [] has joined #linode
17:59<HoopyCat>CaptObvious: some MTRs both ways are probably in order
17:59<linbot>mtr combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one easy to use tool, and the output can be useful for determining where the source of a problem is. It can be downloaded from or for Windows. MTR summaries can be retrieved in-channel using the command !mtr-CITY where CITY is fremont, atlanta, newark or dallas.
17:59<linbot>mtr combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one easy to use tool, and the output can be useful for determining where the source of a problem is. It can be downloaded from or for Windows. MTR summaries can be retrieved in-channel using the command !mtr-CITY where CITY is fremont, atlanta, newark or dallas.
18:00<HoopyCat>mwalling's got it covered. :-) bbl, food
18:00<mwalling>fuck that
18:00<mwalling>brb, beer
18:01<vuf>bbl, sleep
18:03<CaptObvious>actually I believe it may be my ISP
18:03-!-bjorne [] has joined #linode
18:05<CaptObvious>here's the one from server to here:
18:06<CaptObvious>here to server:
18:08<CaptObvious>heh, just ran a speed test to a server that's 100 miles from me
18:08<CaptObvious>1.5 mbps
18:08*CaptObvious is on a supposedly 20 mbps connection
18:08<sadiq>I take it bandwidth between linodes in different datacentres isn't free? =)
18:08<BarkerJr>not free
18:09<BarkerJr>and only bw on the private IPs is free
18:09<Peng>CaptObvious: So your are in the U.K.? Or Europe, anyway?
18:09<Peng>CaptObvious: Betcha you're going through LINX, so it's probably fallout from that.
18:10<sadiq>mmm, worth a shot.
18:10<sadiq>Peng: what happened to LINX?
18:10<CaptObvious>it asploted
18:10<mwalling>someone shoved a fireplug up their ass
18:12-!-Twayne [] has joined #linode
18:12<Pryon>GIFs or it didn't happen
18:15<sadiq>C-C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER
18:16<abysed>4chan all up in here
18:16<Karrde>you jerkface
18:16<linbot>mwalling: Yo mamma's so ugly, straterra had to chloroform HIMSELF! (797:6/0) [mmour]
18:16<Twayne>ahhhhhhhhh... yeah i like that
18:16-!-Guest988 is now known as dcraig
18:16-!-Guest989 is now known as meff
18:16-!-dcraig is now known as Guest993
18:17-!-meff is now known as Guest994
18:17-!-CaptObvious [] has quit []
18:20-!-orudie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:21-!-orudie [] has joined #linode
18:21-!-orudie [] has quit []
18:24-!-sardyno [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:25-!-jhford [] has quit [Quit: gone]
18:25<linbot>New news from linodelibrary: Create a Wiki with Ikiwiki on Debian 5 (Lenny) <>
18:27-!-arooni-mobile_____ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:28-!-Frools [] has quit [Quit: Reconnecting]
18:28-!-Frools [] has joined #linode
18:32-!-jtaji [] has joined #linode
18:33-!-vuf [~am@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
18:36<jess^>....really? one of my linodes is pegging the iorate alarm?
18:38-!-orudie [] has joined #linode
18:39<jess^>lol, it LIES
18:44<jess^>LOL I hit 13898.36 iorate for FIFTEEN MINUTES and i get an error that "Your Linode, azuma, has exceeded the notification threshold (1000) for disk io rate by averaging 1204.88 for the last 2 hours."
18:48<mwalling>1204.88 > 1000
18:48<mwalling>thats not a lie
18:49<jess^>it lies tho
18:49<jess^>it wasn't a two hour average
18:49<mwalling>and 14000 is a big number... if there were only a few samples in the 2 hour window, the low numbers might not have brought down the peak
18:49<laser`>!newcalc 13898.36 / 8
18:49<linbot>laser`: 13 898.36 / 8 = 1 737.295
18:49<mwalling>laser`: thanks :)
18:49<jess^>i untarred a 2.4gb backup file so i could pare through it and only keep what i want as i bring this linode up.
18:50<jess^>it took like 10 minutes to untar
18:50<jess^>10 mins != 2h
18:50<laser`>Yeah, but it's averaged
18:50<Guspaz|m>That's how averages work.
18:50<Guspaz|m>If it's 10 minutes, then:
18:50<laser`>Basically :D
18:50<Guspaz|m>!newcalc 13898.36 / 12
18:50<linbot>Guspaz|m: 13 898.36 / 12 = 1 158.19667
18:50<Guspaz|m>Pretty close.
18:51<Guspaz|m>So, yeah, it's right.
18:51<abysed>4000 for 30 minutes = 2000 for 1 hour = 1000 for 2 hours etc
18:51<laser`>Anyway, it's not the biggest deal in the world
18:51<jess^>like i said: don't mind me, i'm pmsing
18:51<jess^>ie. i tend to nit-pick things to death
18:51<abysed>just a notice if anything. in case you were unaware of something eating up cpu
18:51-!-ermau [] has joined #linode
18:52<mwalling>abysed: but if you sample on 5 minutes, and do 4000 for 30 minutes out of 2 hours (and 0 the rest), your average is (4000*6)/24
18:52<mwalling>!f (4000*6)/24
18:52<linbot>mwalling: 1000
18:52-!-avar [] has quit [Quit: changing machines]
18:53<mwalling>er, yeah, i'm not too drunk
18:53-!-avar [] has joined #linode
18:53<BP{k}>mwalling: why not? ;)
18:53<jess^>abysed: i was more surprised than anything. b/c i untared it hours ago and i just now got a noti--- well it does say 'over two hours', so durrrr. :/
18:53<mwalling>BP{k}: cause the alcohol is too far away
18:53<abysed>yeah tonight should be fun. gf is turning 21
18:53<ubuntuisloved>jess^, i agree the two hr avg thing is strange
18:54<ubuntuisloved>abysed, so young enjoy it
18:54<abysed>yeah she still can't decide what she wants to try first
18:54<jess^>ubuntuisloved: it's like, your script pillages your diskio and then the doorman waits two hours to call the cops.
18:54<abysed>gonna end up being an AMF if she doesnt decide
18:54<ubuntuisloved>jess^, LOL
18:54<BarkerJr>I'm watching dollhouse and I'm like... wait a minute... is that evil lady summer?
18:54<BarkerJr>she is!
18:55<jess^>my sorta-boyfriend is like 28. prrr older guys.
18:55<BarkerJr>I'm like 28 :)
18:55<abysed>2 hours is a good time. if it was less, like a half hour, thered be a looot more notices going out. so when something intensive is done you get some time to let it chill
18:55<BarkerJr>or will be in a few weeks
18:55<jess^>caker: oh hush. you're just jealous because you don't get any
18:55<ubuntuisloved>abysed, take her out and get her drunk for 21st birthday thats what i did when I was 15 through 20 then when 21 came it wasn't that cool
18:55*mwalling snickers
18:55<mwalling>caker: you going to take that?
18:56<abysed>ubuntuisloved, yeah we've been drinking for 2 years or so. her first drink was at 14 haha. but itll be nice being able to go to bars with her
18:56*jess^ eagerly awaits the host-level crons that bounce her linodes hourly for no apparent reason
18:56<HoopyCat>if the averaging process is a little fuzzy, you can also take the reciprocal of the difference of the two x values and multiply that times the integral of the function between those two x values
18:56<jess^>HoopyCat: @.@
18:56<mwalling>HoopyCat: you sound drunker then me
18:56<HoopyCat>and wait a second
18:57<HoopyCat>28 --> "prrr older guys"?
18:57<ubuntuisloved>HoopyCat, <---- uhh what he said
18:57<jess^>HoopyCat: i'm 25.
18:57<jess^>28 > 25.
18:57<HoopyCat>jess^: i'm 28.
18:57<jess^>HoopyCat: and?
18:58<HoopyCat>jess^: it's a small channel; watch where you're applying that "old" word ;-)
18:58<ubuntuisloved>HoopyCat, wish I was still makes me jealous
18:58<[Nuno]>I'm feeling old :)
18:58<jess^>HoopyCat: i said older, which is relative. :)
18:58<jess^>HoopyCat: to your credit, you didn't ask if you wanted in my pants. you++;
18:59<mwalling>ubuntuisloved: you dont want to know how old i am
18:59<ubuntuisloved>how old ?
18:59<HoopyCat>jess^: i'm old enough to know better than to try that approach :-)
18:59<Battousai>mwalling: asl!
19:00<mwalling>Battousai: 13/f/yourvan
19:00<[Nuno]>that's why I'm slower than you :)
19:00<mwalling>or 12/m/taiwan
19:00<jess^>HoopyCat: that's a good thing. my pants already have one asshole in them ;)
19:00<[Nuno]>HoopyCat: I rewrote the exim4 return-path with: php_value mail.force_extra_parameters "-f user@domain.tld" in apache vhosts
19:00<Battousai>crap this channel is logged
19:00<jess^>ugh exim
19:00<[Nuno]>It's a tip i got from the forum
19:00<Battousai>way to go mwalling now the feds are gonna show up
19:00<mwalling>Battousai: twice
19:01<[Nuno]>don't like exim?
19:01<mwalling>[Nuno]: postfix
19:01<[Nuno]>it's bigger
19:01<[Nuno]>and eats more ram
19:01<[Nuno]>or am i wrong?
19:01<jess^>[Nuno]: i don't mind exim. it's just that exim has the potential to be an object lession in sadism.
19:01-!-videege [] has joined #linode
19:02<[Nuno]>i just use exim because is lighter that postfix
19:02<bob2>ha ha ha
19:02<[Nuno]>it only relays emails .. nothing more
19:03-!-TheJoe is now known as TheJoe|ZzZz
19:03<mwalling>huh, i guess 5 meg RES is too big
19:03<jess^>[Nuno]: sadism occurs when you have a boss that wants you to do a billion things without installing a better^H^H^H^H^H^Hmore robust mailsystem.
19:03<mwalling>thats the sum of RES for all processes owned by postfix
19:04<[Nuno]>nut will i have any advantages using postfix?
19:05<HoopyCat>[Nuno]: ah, figured it'd be something like that. i momentarily forgot about the -f option, d'oh
19:05*HoopyCat recommends using whatever mail server you use, as long as it's not sendmail
19:05<[Nuno]>HoopyCat: this is a good option because you can set it per vhost
19:06*ubuntuisloved wonders why he likes sendmail so much....
19:06<[Nuno]>well ... exim4 works form me ... just to send email, nothing more!
19:06<videege>Hey guys, my linode is going to be a little idle for a month; any ideas on fun stuff to do with it in the meantime?
19:07<ubuntuisloved>I've grown to like sendmail over the years from when I was fighting spam but really not much reason now that I use google apps
19:07<mwalling>videege: calculate prime numbers
19:08<HoopyCat>videege: migrate it to london and use it to measure the speed of light via ssh :-)
19:08<videege>lol, my physics major gf might just like that
19:09<HoopyCat>. o O ( hmm, i wonder if she likes older guys )
19:10<HoopyCat>videege: i've been known to use spare linodes to work out how to do particularly unusual things with linux, then i write howtos about them. that, however, relies on you being idle during that month too
19:10<BarkerJr>I so want ext4 to be stable
19:11<ubuntuisloved>BarkerJr, what problems you having with it?
19:12<BarkerJr>it's prone to losing data, I guess
19:12<ubuntuisloved>I've heard but I use reiserfs myself so I wouldn't know
19:13-!-lanstin` [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:13-!-lanstin` [] has joined #linode
19:13<mwalling>ubuntuisloved: i was going to make a comment about murderfs on the mailing list, but decided not to
19:14<ubuntuisloved>hey hans is just a little looney
19:14<HoopyCat>my freshman physics prof is "just a little looney". hans reiser is a CONVICTED MURDERER
19:15-!-Frools [] has quit [Quit: Reconnecting]
19:15-!-Frools [] has joined #linode
19:15<ubuntuisloved>HoopyCat, his wife screwed his best friend so he wacked her
19:16<BarkerJr>but ext4 is so much faster and fragments so much less
19:16<mwalling>ah ojk
19:16<mwalling>thats justified
19:16-!-kerem [~kerem@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:16<ubuntuisloved>lolz no it doesn't but I like reiserfs
19:17-!-Guest993 is now known as dcraig
19:17-!-Guest994 is now known as meff
19:17<mwalling>sumorunner can <redacted> though
19:17-!-dcraig is now known as Guest1003
19:17-!-meff is now known as Guest1002
19:18<mwalling>i thought ian had banned him after he badmouthed me (and my employer)
19:18<ubuntuisloved>BarkerJr, ext4 seems slow to me when I tried it last
19:19<HoopyCat>december 9, 19:18: gmail gives me ads for dehumidifiers
19:20-!-MaZ- [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.1-dev]
19:20-!-Edgeman [] has joined #linode
19:20-!-MaZ- [] has joined #linode
19:23-!-alex-weej [] has joined #linode
19:24-!-kassah [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:25-!-KHobbits [] has joined #linode
19:25<linbot>Guspaz|m: Now 51% full (about 2 days remaining). Last emptied Saturday at 00:00 EST, last full Friday at 18:30 EST after running for 5.2 days.
19:25-!-[Nuno] [~Nuno]] has quit [Quit: [Nuno]]
19:25-!-jhford [] has joined #linode
19:29<confounds>is the beta backup system fairly stable at this point?
19:29<linbot>New news from forums: Wordpress node almost ready... in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
19:30<@mikegrb>backing up, yes, restoring, not yet
19:31<BarkerJr>sometimes restoring works
19:32<@mikegrb>have concentrated on the backing up part
19:33<confounds>first things first :)
19:35<ubuntuisloved>mikegrb, will the future hold single file restores?
19:39-!-Guspaz|m [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
19:40<BarkerJr>well, they are stored as single files, right?
19:42-!-awnstudio [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:43<@mikegrb>ubuntuisloved: eventually
19:43-!-j00d [] has joined #linode
19:53<katyl>Anyone know if they're working on making a suse 11.2 image?
19:54-!-ph^ [~ph^] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:54<ubuntuisloved>mwalling, i missed the line you wrote when you said someone bad mouthed you and your employer? why did he do that?
19:58-!-MrGlass [] has quit []
19:59-!-amitz_ [~amitz@] has joined #linode
20:00-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
20:00-!-kenichi [~kenichi@] has quit [Quit: kenichi]
20:00-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has joined #linode
20:04-!-amitz [~amitz@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:08-!-arooni-mobile [] has joined #linode
20:09-!-amitz_ is now known as amitz
20:09<amitz>has screen ever crash?
20:10<HoopyCat>if it exists, i've probably crashed it
20:10<Peng>I think I took out screen once.
20:11<amitz>HoopyCat: um, what?
20:11<bob2>it used to hang a lot
20:11<abysed>screen screen
20:11<bob2>after very harsh ssh disconnections
20:11<amitz>Peng: and what kind of behavior does that?
20:11<bob2>but since sarge it has been basically flawless for m
20:11<HoopyCat>amitz: i've probably crashed it before, but it's probably been awhile and i can't remember
20:11<HoopyCat>(that's a good thing)
20:12<amitz>bob2: ah, I see. I fear of running something really important with screen.
20:12<Peng>amitz: I had been unable to find a good goat for sacrifice.
20:12<Peng>amitz: Everything crashes.
20:13<Peng>amitz: I've crashed X11 many more times than I've crashed screen.
20:13<HoopyCat>i wouldn't run a life support system within screen, no
20:13<HoopyCat>Peng: oh hell yes
20:14<arooni-mobile>hi folks! having trouble mounting /dev/md1 as my home partition. md1 is a raid 1-0 device across two hard drives. running karmic. i changed nothing except for the locatoin of the PC (moved it without dropping it). now when i try to mount /dev/md1 i see: "EXT3-fs: unable to read spuerblock; mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mda1" .... what should i do now?
20:14<bob2>did you mean to ask that in #linode?
20:15<amitz>HoopyCat: Peng: noted.
20:16-!-jhford [] has quit [Quit: gone]
20:16<HoopyCat>arooni-mobile: this might be a typo, but i do notice the error specifies /dev/mda1 which may differ from /dev/md1
20:17-!-HedgeMage [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:18-!-Guest1003 is now known as dcraig
20:18-!-Guest1002 is now known as meff
20:18-!-dcraig is now known as Guest1008
20:18<j00d>i have a 540 linode, and when i go into "extras" it looks like adding ram is capped at an extra 360, is that the topmost limit? would i have to upgrade to 1080?
20:19-!-meff is now known as Guest1009
20:19<Peng>j00d: You can add more than one...piece of RAM.
20:19<Peng>j00d: But why don't you want to upgrade? You get more disk space and bandwidth and it costs less.
20:19<HoopyCat>j00d: i believe you can add it in multiple chunks, but at that point, you might as well go for the upgrade and get more disk/bandwidth for free
20:19<j00d>so i'd add 360 and then add another 270?
20:20<Peng>j00d: Sure.
20:20<@caker>j00d: click the resize tab!
20:21-!-Edgeman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:21<bd_>j00d: it's more cost-effective to upgrade, unless it's just for a short time
20:21-!-alex-weej [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:21-!-materdaddy_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:21-!-arooni-mobile_____ [] has joined #linode
20:21<bob2>or you can't afford migration downtime [unlikely]
20:22<Peng>It would only bee like 15 minutes of downtime anyway.
20:22<Peng>Or something.
20:22<bd_>bob2: It could happen. Sudden load spike, you need more RAM _now_. Then schedule a maintenance window to migrate later.
20:22-!-Edgeman [] has joined #linode
20:23-!-saikat [] has quit [Quit: saikat]
20:30-!-ph^ [~ph^] has joined #linode
20:31<BarkerJr>course adding ram now requires a reboot anyway
20:31-!-ph^ [~ph^] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:31-!-ph^_ [~ph^] has joined #linode
20:32<laser`>Reboot is quicker than a migrate though :)
20:32-!-videege [] has left #linode []
20:33-!-MrGlass [] has joined #linode
20:33-!-cpg [] has quit [Quit: cpg]
20:33<j00d>thanks, <3 this vps host, so unbelievably awesome
20:33-!-j00d [] has quit []
20:34-!-cpg [] has joined #linode
20:34<confounds>would a backup that included all of /etc /usr /opt /home /var be encompassing enough for a fairly quick restore?
20:35<mwalling>is that where you store your data?
20:35-!-swaj [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:35<mwalling>wait, what directories arent in that?
20:35<bob2>mwalling: /boot
20:36<mwalling>what REAL directories arent in that?
20:36<bob2> /srv
20:36<Peng>I have real data in /root.
20:36<mwalling>Peng: including your 3 penis extenders?
20:37<confounds>mwalling: that captures my own data, but i want to make sure i wouldn't be leaving out configs that might be elsewhere
20:37<Peng>mwalling: Those are hidden in /home/urmom.
20:37<mwalling>Peng: touche
20:37-!-jams [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:37<confounds>mwalling: (as i'm relatively new to the linux filesystem)
20:37<Karrde>I usually take /etc and /home
20:37<Karrde>/var if I care about logs
20:37<Karrde>I don't put things in /opt or /usr
20:38<mwalling>i put shit i'm too lazy to package in /opt
20:38<Karrde>nb I moved my documentroot out of /var/www
20:42-!-jams [] has joined #linode
20:50<laser`>What about mail spools/MySQL?
20:50-!-mateus [] has quit [Quit: gone by]
20:53-!-swaj [] has joined #linode
20:53-!-swaj [] has quit []
20:56-!-Tallken [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:57-!-saikat [] has joined #linode
20:59-!-swaj [] has joined #linode
20:59<mcarter>does anyone ever have trouble with files on linode drives sometimes appearing to be entirely zeroed out?
21:00<HoopyCat>nope... that's usually not a good sign
21:00<@caker>mcarter: on two different Linodes, on two different hosts, too?
21:01<mcarter>caker, I suspect so
21:01<mcarter>caker, its possible it was just one newark though -- still investigating
21:01<ubuntuisloved>mwalling, did you ever get the "Fatal Error: Neither remote nor local manifest is readable." from your s3 scripts?
21:01<bob2>are you using XFS?
21:01-!-swaj [] has quit []
21:02<@caker>mcarter: is this regarding a tecent ticket?
21:02-!-swaj [] has joined #linode
21:02<mcarter>caker, yes
21:02<@caker>ok :)
21:02-!-lanstin` [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:03-!-lanstin` [] has joined #linode
21:03-!-Irl [] has joined #linode
21:03<@caker>to answer your question, no .. this is the first we've heard of this
21:03<Irl>sup Perihelion
21:03-!-arooni-mobile_____ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:03<Perihelion>ohi Matt
21:04<mcarter>caker, next time it manifests I'll be sure to ping you
21:04<@caker>it's suspicious that it looks zeroed, and then the data comes on subsequent views
21:06<BarkerJr>that sounds like the bug in ext4
21:08-!-JediMaster- [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:08-!-LordMetroid [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:09-!-confounds [] has left #linode []
21:10-!-laser` [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:10-!-Twayne [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:11-!-confounds [] has joined #linode
21:12<Karrde>!urmom in russian
21:12<linbot>Karrde: вашу мать такая старая она почти так же стара, как Яаков! (795:9 / 1) [muorm]
21:12<amitz>!urmon in bahasa
21:12<amitz>!urmom in bahasa
21:12<linbot>amitz: Yo momma's so fat she jumped in the air and got STUCK. (719:4/4) [ourmm]
21:13<Pryon>!help urmom
21:13<linbot>Pryon: (urmom <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "web title$nick&q=@1".
21:13<Pryon>!urmom vote down 813
21:13<linbot>Pryon: Voted down 813 [mmrou]
21:14-!-lakin [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
21:14-!-ph^_ [~ph^] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:14-!-ericindc [] has joined #linode
21:15<ericindc>Trying to configure postfix on my linode. Very new to it. Anyone know what "postdrop: warning: unable to look up public/pickup: No such file or directory" error means when trying to send a test message with mailx?
21:16<ericindc>I realize it's a missing file. But where does it go and what should it contain? I saw nothing of it in the write-up I followed.
21:16<bob2>where configure = ?
21:19-!-Guest1008 is now known as dcraig
21:19-!-Guest1009 is now known as meff
21:19-!-stefan-n900 [] has joined #linode
21:19<ericindc>bob2: i meant I am trying to install it.
21:19-!-dcraig is now known as Guest1016
21:19-!-meff is now known as Guest1015
21:20<mwalling>what was wrong with your disto's preconfigured configuration?
21:20<ericindc>i created a blank file and that seems to have removed the error.
21:20-!-stefan-n900 [] has left #linode []
21:20<bob2>don't do that
21:20<bob2>what distribution are you using?
21:20<bob2>then undo everything you did
21:20<bob2>and install the postfix package
21:20<bob2>set it as an internet server
21:20<arooni-mobile>hi folks! having trouble mounting /dev/md1 as my home partition. md1 is a raid 1 device across two hard drives. running karmic. i changed nothing except for the locatoin of the PC (moved it without dropping it). now when i try to mount /dev/md1 i see: "EXT3-fs: unable to read spuerblock; mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mda1" .... what should i do now?
21:21<bob2>arooni-mobile: does this have anything to do with linode?
21:21<ericindc>i believe i did that. i followed
21:21<arooni-mobile>bob2, its linux ;p
21:21<mwalling>bob2: because arooni-mobile likes to join and part a lot.
21:21<mwalling>arooni-mobile: ask in #ubuntu
21:21<ericindc>and the last thing on the tutorial was to run mailx...that's when i got the error.
21:21<mwalling>arooni-mobile: linode handles raid for us
21:22<bob2>ericindc: I don't think you can get that error with that config
21:22<ericindc>bob2: i'm not sure what you mean by that. i definitely got that error until i created that file.
21:23<mwalling>public is a directory, not a file
21:24<mwalling>and it contains sockets and other special things
21:27-!-ernie [] has joined #linode
21:27<ernie>anyone work with post fix??
21:28<linbot>Don't ask to ask; just ASK
21:28<ernie>anyone work with postfix??
21:28<linbot>Don't ask to ask; just ASK
21:28<linbot>Don't ask to ask; just ASK
21:28<linbot>mwalling: Yo momma's so old she's almost as old as Yaakov! (795:9/1) [umomr]
21:28<Karrde>!urmom mwalling
21:28<linbot>Karrde: Yo momma's so unpleasant she makes mwalling look like Miss Congeniality. (822:15/2) [mmuro]
21:29<bob2>ericindc: if you have a postfix question, ask the postfix question
21:29<bob2>ericindc: I don't know of any IRC channels that encourage asking pre-questions
21:29-!-SDjernes1 [] has joined #linode
21:29-!-SDjernes1 [] has left #linode []
21:30<mwalling>bob2: itym ernie ?
21:30<linbot> <-- push it. now.
21:30<bob2>ericindc: apologies
21:30<ericindc>bob2: no problem.
21:30<HoopyCat>put the moose on the table
21:30<ernie>want someone to install it
21:30<mwalling>why cant you?
21:31<bob2>ernie: have you read the documentation on
21:31<Karrde>feel free to install it
21:31-!-Turl1 [] has joined #linode
21:31-!-Turl is now known as Guest1017
21:31-!-Turl1 is now known as Turl
21:31<ericindc>bob2: Are there tests I can run to help ensure that my postfix + courier + mysql install was done correctly?
21:32<mwalling>ericindc: send mail
21:32<bob2>ericindc: big one is send a mail to your machine, and then send a mail from the machine
21:32<mwalling>ericindc: and receive mail
21:32<bob2>ericindc: watch the logs for errors
21:32<ericindc>mwalling: isn't that what mailx is for? and I get the error i mentioned.
21:32<ericindc>ok, let me look up how to do that.
21:32<ernie>looking to pay someone to install
21:32<mwalling>i thought you "fixed" the error by "creating" a "file"
21:32<mwalling>ernie: try the forums, people looking for work usually frequent there
21:33<bob2>ericindc: you didn't change the data_directory or anything did you?
21:33<ericindc>mwalling: i did, but i thought bob2 said i should undo that.
21:33<bob2>ericindc: or unchroot pickup in
21:33<ericindc>no. i didn't see any mention of either of those in the tutorial i followed.
21:33<bob2>excellent :)
21:34<mwalling>ericindc: you either did something not in the library article, or you had an incorrectly install package
21:34<mwalling>(typos count in the former)
21:34-!-wrb123 [] has joined #linode
21:34<ericindc>mwalling: ok, that's what i'm trying to track down.
21:34<bob2>ericindc: maybe pastebin /etc/postfix/ and /etc/postfix/
21:34-!-Guest1017 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:34-!-RSully [] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
21:36<wrb123>i have a linode and installed LAMP, and now im trying to get mail working through Google Apps - i got the Google Apps side of it verified after my domain finally propogated to my linode, but now im unsure what i need to do to get mail working on the server. i tried and i can send From the google apps account to someone's gmail, but someone's gmail gets "rejected by recipient domain"
21:36<bob2>so your goal is to be able to send mail from your linode, via google apps?
21:36-!-walterheck [~walterhec@] has joined #linode
21:37<wrb123>...when they try to email one of my Google Apps emails. my goal is to be able to use Drupal and have the emails from there send correctly, so yes i suppose from my linode through the Drupal app, which sends automated registration emails for my site and such
21:37-!-confounds [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:37<bob2>nothing to do with drupal, really
21:38<wrb123>yeah didnt think so, just letting you know thats how ill be using email on the linode side of things, or something
21:38<bob2> should do what you need
21:38<wrb123>thanks, ill try that out :)
21:38<bob2>that'll relay all your outgoing mail via /one/ google apps mail account'
21:39<SelfishMan>amitz: You want !urmom in malay
21:39<wrb123>and then if i want to log into Google Apps and send email from accounts associated with my domain thats ok?
21:39<bob2>that's fine too
21:39<bob2>installing ssmtp just means things on your linode can send mail via google
21:40<wrb123>cool :)
21:42-!-Tristan [] has joined #linode
21:43<ericindc>bob2: does that look right to you?
21:45<mwalling>wrb123: what domain (so MX records can be checked)
21:45<wrb123>bob2 earlier i installed postfix according to a different tutorial, can i uninstall postfix now that i have ssmtp and google apps?
21:45-!-lanstin` [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:46-!-lanstin` [] has joined #linode
21:49<mwalling>wrb123: /me sighs
21:49<mwalling>stupid tab
21:50<HoopyCat>mwalling hits the wrong button, film at 11 (if we can restore it from backups)
21:50<linbot>find . -user mwalling | xargs rm -v
21:50<amitz>I remember there is a term saying "The point of failur is between the chair and monitor".
21:50*amitz hides.
21:51<SelfishMan>amitz: 'PEBKAC'
21:51<amitz>SelfishMan: ah, thanks!
21:52<mwalling>amitz: 'mwalling'
21:53<JoeK>!urmom amitz
21:53<linbot>JoeK: Yo momma's so paranoid, she wears tinfoil panties! (739:3/2) [mmuor]
21:53<mwalling>amitz: except in this case, it was "the point of failure is between the car seat and cell phone"
21:53<ericindc>Can anyone put this into plain english... :-)
21:53<ericindc>"Now you'll need to set the system mail name. This should be a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) that points to your Linode's IP address. In this example, we're using an example organization's domain for our mail server. You should set the reverse DNS for your Linode's IP address to the fully qualified domain name you assign as the system mail name, while other domains you wish to host email for will be handled through later virtu
21:53<ericindc>domain setup steps."
21:54<ericindc>trying to figure out what I should be setting this value to in my postfix configuration.
21:55-!-WormFood [~wormfood@] has joined #linode
21:58<amitz>mwalling: PEBCSACP.. I can trip my tongue :-p
22:00-!-HedgeMage [] has joined #linode
22:01-!-Hoggs [] has joined #linode
22:01<mwalling>ericindc: hypothetical: if your company name is, you could make your dns ''. thats now your mailname. you'll have MX records for '' pointing to '', an A record for '', and a reverse DNS (PTR) for the same
22:01<mwalling>this will become your mailname
22:02<mwalling>and postfix does need to know that, but debuntu patches postfix to read the mailname from /etc/mailname
22:02<ericindc>mwalling: ok, so say i had two domains that i'm hosting on a single linode
22:02<ericindc>and i want to have mail setup for both.
22:02<spkitty>you need two google accounts
22:02<mwalling>look at
22:02<spkitty>unless you want them to send into one account
22:02<mwalling>spkitty: wtf does google have to do with this?
22:03<spkitty>and you can link them
22:03<spkitty>oh god
22:03<spkitty>this is a new question
22:03<spkitty>sorry :(
22:03<spkitty>i'm still in 20 minutes ago
22:04-!-SDjernes [] has joined #linode
22:04<ericindc>mwalling: what am i looking for?
22:04-!-jams [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:04<ericindc>i have my domains setup already. just trying to get the email stuff setup.
22:04-!-SDjernes [] has left #linode []
22:04<mwalling>ericindc: my mailname is '', i have an A and PTR set for that, and the MX records for domains i host point to
22:05<mwalling>ericindc: does that answer your question?
22:06<ericindc>mwalling: sort of. i'm not familiar with much of what you've mentioned.
22:06<ericindc>my sysadmin skills are lacking, clearly.
22:06<mwalling>i just suck at explaining
22:07<ericindc>how about a little of both then.
22:07<ericindc>i'm a developer. sysadmin stuff is not my thing.
22:07<mwalling>i'm a dev at a fortune 10 company
22:07<mwalling>no employees are sysadmins, they outsource all that
22:08<HoopyCat>i have the teacher badge on stackoverflow
22:08<WormFood>I expect to be getting a Linode VPS soon (maybe today)...and as usual, I'm always paranoid to change hosts. Can anyone tell me their worst experience with Linode service/support?
22:08<@mikegrb>mmm cake
22:08<mwalling>WormFood: i asked for cake and all i got was instructions on how to bake one
22:08-!-jams [] has joined #linode
22:08<ericindc>mwalling: ok, so can i just make arbitrary mailname? and set that in the postfix configuration?
22:08<mwalling>WormFood: oh, and they came out with the referral program after i had referred all my friends
22:09<mwalling>ericindc: kinda
22:09<mwalling>basicly, invent the hsotname for your linode. set your rdns, forward dns, and mailname to that. then on your domains you get mail for, set the MX records to point to this domain
22:09<WormFood>mwalling, DNS administration is not all that least for basic stuff...even the more advanced stuff isn't that hard...just read up on it...the dns book from O'Reilly is a good resource
22:10<ubuntuisloved>WormFood, Getting the IRC people to like you
22:10<WormFood>or, actually, I think that should be directed at ericindc
22:10<mwalling>ubuntuisloved: maybe if your nick wasnt so retarded
22:10<ubuntuisloved>but i lovvvveeee ubuntu
22:11<Peng>/nick slackwareisloved
22:11-!-MTecknology [~michael@] has joined #linode
22:11<@mikegrb>mmm cake
22:11<ubuntuisloved>ekkk no
22:11<mwalling>/nick peng has a AAAA sized penis
22:11<mwalling>ubuntuisloved: screw you
22:11<WormFood>now where are those instructions on how to bake a cake?
22:11<spkitty>is that AAAA as in AAAA+++++++ or as in the battery
22:11<Peng>WormFood: You have to sign up first.
22:11<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log into the LPM. Lish's primary function is to allow you access to your server's console, even if networking is disabled.
22:11<mwalling>WormFood: ^^
22:11<ubuntuisloved>mwalling, ya ya
22:11<Peng>spkitty: All of the above, at once!
22:12<mwalling>spkitty: the ipv6 record
22:12<wrb123>well now that i configured one little config file for ssmtp, google apps is working to send and receive email, and i can send email from the linode with a little php statement, so i guess im done with mail? time to install drupal yay
22:12<amitz>Peng: so convenient..
22:12<WormFood>my penis is so big, if I laid it out on my keyboard, it would go from A to Z
22:12<ubuntuisloved>WormFood, honestly I moved to linode it's the best hosting provider I've experienced yet I have no negative complaints other then the ball busting in here
22:12<HoopyCat>WormFood: prrrobably would have to be the mass host reboots of ~october; however, considering staff worked their butts off and the problems that led to the reboots got nicely post-mortemed...
22:12<mwalling>spkitty: Peng is the resident ip6 troll, so i like to say his penis is 4 times extended, since an ip6 address is 4 times the size of a ip4
22:12<wrb123>WormFood you get a bonus if it looks like tilde
22:12<amitz>WormFood: you got me a moment there, worthy of "lol" :-)
22:13<spkitty>oh god, i get ya mwalling
22:13<mwalling>HoopyCat: newark84 never got rebooted
22:13<WormFood>ubuntuisloved, yeah, I haven't found anything negative about them...I'm used to getting my current VPS rebooted once a year
22:13<mwalling>HoopyCat: sucker :P
22:13<mwalling>WormFood: 7 day money back
22:13<ubuntuisloved>WormFood, you shouldn't they are a great host I don't say that lightly
22:13<mwalling>WormFood: just try it
22:13<WormFood>while I find my current host very reliable, I'm just pissed that I can't use the distro of my choice...and CentOS is NOT my choice!
22:14<ubuntuisloved>WormFood, whooottt
22:14<WormFood>ubuntuisloved, I believe you, as *everything* I've read about them is positive
22:14<Hoggs>Question.. Is it possible to view TTY1 from an SSH session without the use of screen?
22:14<HoopyCat>WormFood: i do believe that's a violation of the geneva convention
22:15<WormFood>HoopyCat, what?
22:15<ubuntuisloved>WormFood, performance is really good too on the machines I have a 720
22:15<HoopyCat>Hoggs: not via lish, no... you could probably do some magic involving pipes, but it'd be brittle and not a great idea. what're you running into?
22:15<HoopyCat>WormFood: forcing people to use centos :-)
22:15<WormFood>Hoggs, are you talking about serial tty? I know how to read what is on the virtual console
22:16<wrb123>i am migrating from eApps to Linode right now, from managed to unmanaged, 512MB to 540MB
22:16<WormFood>yeah should be....SentOS should be sent away, and ScentOS really stinks
22:16<ericindc>mwalling: so i see my rdns is set to the original address. any reason not to just keep that for the mailname?
22:16<MTecknology>I'm having a pretty big issue. I'm using Linode DNS now. All DNS seems to be looking at however, no MX entries are showing up when I dig the domain. I checked the Zones file and the file looks just fine. ( Why do I not have any MX records in DNS?
22:16<WormFood>can I set my reverse domain name with linode?
22:16<mwalling>ericindc: stupid people who listen to an expired draft RFC will say you're a dial up ip address and you shouldnt be sending mail
22:16<darkside_>WormFood: yes, of course
22:16<bd_>MTecknology: you got your MX records backwards
22:17<bd_>MTecknology: ie, you defined a MX for
22:17*ubuntuisloved likes WormFood already
22:17<HoopyCat>MTecknology: put the where you have the, and leave it blank where you have the
22:17<WormFood>darkside_, I kinda felt I could, because I didn't see anyone asking about it ;)
22:17<MTecknology>this sucks......
22:17<mwalling>WormFood: yes, you can set rdns
22:17<Hoggs>HoopyCat/WormFood, Not exactly linode related.. just want to know if there's a way to view the console remotely
22:17<darkside_>anyone know something about PHP_FCGI_MAX_REQUESTS?
22:17<mwalling>ericindc: its busy, i'm drunk, hilight me if you say something... everything is just blending in
22:18<WormFood>Hoggs, you can view the virtual console, no problem (as if you were sitting in front of the computer, with a real keyboard/monitor)
22:18<Hoggs>WormFood, you mean Lish?
22:18<WormFood>I don't know about viewing the serial port console...I rather doubt it, as it should have no buffer (where as the virtual console does have a buffer)
22:18<WormFood>I don't even know what Lish is
22:19<Hoggs>Then how? :P
22:19<WormFood>I do know you can cat /dev/vcs* and see what is on the virtual consoles
22:19<MTecknology>There isn't any way to magically have the fixed DNS magically available across the intire internet now, is there? :D
22:19<WormFood>Hoggs, also, I suggest you have your screen width set to the same thing that the console is ;)
22:19<HoopyCat>WormFood: lish is the "linode shell"; allows you to work the console, issue reboots/shutdowns/etc, see the job queue, and so forth
22:20<WormFood>no have to set your TTL low
22:20-!-Guest1016 is now known as dcraig
22:20<WormFood>oh yeah...forgot about that, it sounds awesome.
22:20<Hoggs>WormFood, I'm guessing you'd run into issues if said console was running something like an ncurses gui? =p
22:20-!-Guest1015 is now known as meff
22:20<HoopyCat>MTecknology: your negative caching ttl is ~86400 seconds, so it might be a wee bit
22:20<Hoggs>Because that's kind of what I'm after
22:20<WormFood>Hoggs, console does not run in a GUI, as far as I know.
22:20-!-dcraig is now known as Guest1022
22:20<HoopyCat>Hoggs: do you want to be able to view it or interact with it?
22:20<WormFood>Hoggs, you're talking about a terminal, not a console
22:21-!-meff is now known as Guest1023
22:21<Hoggs>HoopyCat, at least view. Interact would be bonus points though
22:21<WormFood>MTecknology, also, some dns caches do not honor your TTL
22:21<Hoggs>Not familiar with the difference
22:21<WormFood>oh...sorry...what I was talking about was're asking for something different :P
22:22<WormFood>console is what is physically connected to the machine
22:22<Hoggs>Yes, want to view THAT
22:22<WormFood>while x11 is technically connected to the same machine most of the time, it is really remote, because it uses tcp/ip
22:22<Hoggs>Not x11
22:22<bd_>actually X11 uses unix domain sockets usually if you're doing it same-machine
22:22<Hoggs>Else I'd just use vnc
22:22<WormFood>true bd_, but still logically is as if it is remote
22:22<ubuntuisloved>or freenx
22:23<WormFood>so, as far as I'm aware, you can't get an x11 console, only a terminal
22:23<bd_>WormFood: Until it starts using shared memory extensions :)
22:23<WormFood>right, and some direct video access stuff
22:23<Hoggs>I just want to view the console, x11 is out of the picture!
22:23<SelfishMan>WormFood: My worst experience? Easy. I had to wait several days before I could brag about being in the London DC since it hadn't been announced yet
22:23<HoopyCat>Hoggs: i recall there being something back in the day that'd let one intercept a pty... mostly useful for messing with users. trying to remember what it's called... pty spy? *thinks*
22:23<WormFood>but I'm talking about logically....just trying to be clear
22:23<MTecknology>HoopyCat: 24hr.....
22:23-!-lanstin` [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:24<WormFood>Hoggs, I've told you know
22:24<MTecknology>i fucked up bad this time...
22:24<HoopyCat>MTecknology: DNS is generally rather geologic. *thinks* in theory, you have an A record there, which MTAs will fall back to if there's no MX record present
22:24<SelfishMan>!library dns
22:24<linbot>SelfishMan: 1. Configuring DNS with the Linode Manager ( - 2. Linux Static IP Configuration ( - 3. Sitemap (
22:24<WormFood>the virtual console, is represented as /dev/vcs1, /dev/vcs2 etc, and /dev/vcs is what the current screen around with it on your local machine (<alt><ctr><F1> will switch you there...but you probably already know that)
22:24-!-lanstin` [] has joined #linode
22:25<HoopyCat>MTecknology: you could have something listen on 25 and trombone it out to google's servers... netcat might do it
22:25<MTecknology>HoopyCat: there's nothing listening there
22:25<MTecknology>any ideas how?
22:25<WormFood>HoopyCat, yes, you are correct...if there is no MX, it should fall back to the A record
22:25<Hoggs>WormFood, yeah, I saw, but again, wouldn't work too well with an ncurses app would it?
22:25<HoopyCat>WormFood: i know i'm correct ;-)
22:26<WormFood>Hoggs, yes, of course....ncurses does not're not replaying the ascii, or whatever're simply reading video ram
22:26<WormFood>netcat is freakin' awesome!
22:26<Hoggs>WormFood, fo tail -f should get a live feed?
22:26<WormFood>correct, no tail -F for live tailing
22:26<WormFood>you'll have to go to a bar for "live tailing" :P
22:26<HoopyCat>MTecknology: looks promising
22:27<SelfishMan>Assuming that the remote server will fallback to an A record is a bad idea
22:27<amitz>or just your plain neighborhood will work.
22:27<WormFood>SelfishMan, that is the standard...that is the way it is supposed to work
22:27<HoopyCat>SelfishMan: it is a bad idea, but two wrongs can sometimes get the pager to stop beeping
22:27<SelfishMan>WormFood: That isn't how it works
22:28<MTecknology>HoopyCat: looks like I lucked out and it's working partially - just be a broken host or two
22:28<HoopyCat>MTecknology: nod, it's not like it'll be like "bing! fixed!" at exactly 24 hours from now... it'll get progressively better. good news is you probably won't lose any (legitimate) mail, either
22:29<MTecknology>we already did
22:29<MTecknology>that's how this was noticed
22:29-!-purrdeta_ is now known as purrdeta
22:30<HoopyCat>MTecknology: huh, if there's nothing listening on it should be a softfail
22:30<HoopyCat>assuming, of course, this problem is of trivial duration
22:30<MTecknology>the sender got an error
22:30<MTecknology>we got notified
22:30<HoopyCat>MTecknology: how long has it been misconfigured?
22:31<WormFood>SelfishMan, I don't have my dns book with me, but look it up, that is how it usually works.
22:31<MTecknology>I feel like a failure as an admin
22:31<WormFood>MTecknology, are you an admin?
22:31<HoopyCat>MTecknology: their mail server administrator needs to be popped a reality pill, but, well, someone's gotta be the first to bounce :-)
22:31<SelfishMan>WormFood: You're an idiot
22:32<WormFood>I am?
22:32<HoopyCat>WormFood: i don't wear a seatbelt for that 99.99% of the time i'm not rapidly decelerating my car into the side of an oldsmobile
22:32<MTecknology>WormFood: ya..
22:33<MTecknology>WormFood: still in college working for a start-up company
22:33<HoopyCat>MTecknology: if you need it, that /etc/xinetd.d/smtp trick in the article i linked above works beautifully; telnet 25
22:33<MTecknology>thanks :)
22:35<WormFood>I used to run a machine with no mx record, and I never had a problems getting my email
22:35<mwalling>edge case
22:37<ubuntuisloved>WormFood, it will work but it's not proper
22:37<HoopyCat>i used to run mail servers, and whenever there was no MX record and we had to fall back to the A record, the server would automatically e-mail lemonparty to postmaster@
22:38-!-_banana [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:38-!-SDjernes1 [] has joined #linode
22:39<WormFood> <-- so how am I wrong, and this not proper?
22:39<WormFood>RFC 5321 sec. 5 now clearly states that:
22:39<SelfishMan>Saying no MX will work because the cricket book says so is like saying that an MX record can point to an IP because the first release of the bat book said so
22:39<WormFood> 1. SMTP clients must look up for an MX record;
22:39<WormFood> 2. if no MX record for domain is present, look up for an A Resource Record (RR), and if such record is present, treat it as an MX record;
22:39<WormFood> 3. if an MX record is present, clients MUST NOT use an A RR.
22:40<WormFood>SelfishMan, I've been doing this stuff for 15 years...I know what I'm talking about
22:41<WormFood>well...actually, been doing dns/mail closer to about 13 years...but still....I remember this stuff
22:41<WormFood>SelfishMan, you're an idiot
22:41<Karrde>popcorn $5
22:42<mwalling>Karrde: i'll buy
22:42<ubuntuisloved>irc priceless
22:42-!-jams [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:42<wrb123>.msg redacted do you cyber
22:42<wrb123>oops sry
22:42<Hoggs>WormFood, doesn't work so well.. I guess running a screen session on the console is my only hope
22:42*jed stares quietly
22:42<mwalling>wrb123: dude, i'm drunk. you better have been joking
22:42<HoopyCat>47 minutes to plonk, nice.
22:43<wrb123>haha yes i was joking
22:43<mwalling>wrb123: k, good.
22:43<wrb123>im gonna go tell everyone in #2,000
22:43-!-wrb123 [] has quit []
22:43<@jed>/join #2,000
22:43<WormFood>Hoggs, what exactly are you trying to do?
22:43<@jed>you'll see
22:43<Hoggs>WormFood, pretend there is a console-based application running.. on the console
22:44<Hoggs>I want to be able to at least view it
22:44<bd_>jed: irssi protects against that :)
22:44<@jed>bd_: does it? lame.
22:44<WormFood>sure, no problem /dev/vcs*, where * is the number of the console you want to view...make sure your current terminal is the same width as the console
22:44<bd_>you can still do /quote join 0!
22:44<@jed>(or this ircd does, which might be more likely)
22:48<Hoggs>WormFood, maybe it's because I'm trying to test it on a linode...
22:48<Hoggs>I'll try it in VMware
22:49-!-BlakeRG [] has joined #linode
22:52<Hoggs>WormFood, much better, but doesn't work with tail -f
22:53<Hoggs>No colour though
22:55<HoopyCat>offhand, does anyone know where one would set autorejoin-on-kick in irssi?
22:55<bd_>HoopyCat: /usr/share/irssi/scripts/ ?
22:56-!-sardyno [] has joined #linode
22:56-!-JoeK [] has quit [Quit: O_O.]
22:56-!-JoeK [] has joined #linode
22:58-!-Turl [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
22:59-!-wrb123 [] has joined #linode
23:00<wrb123>i can successfully WinSCP into my linode and navigate around, read files, but if i try to upload im not allowed - is there a setting i can change to fix this?
23:00<bob2>be more specific
23:00<wrb123>im attempting to use WinSCP as a FTP through SSH
23:00<bob2>ie where are you trying to put these files?
23:00<wrb123>and i want to put a drupal .zip file into /srv/www/
23:00<mwalling>can you write to that directoery?
23:01<mwalling>(probably not)
23:01<wrb123>id also like to upload a phpmyadmin db dump to whatever folder is appropriate for importing it with mysql
23:01<wrb123>i can write to it through PuTTY
23:01<mwalling>with sudo?
23:01<mwalling>or normally
23:01<wrb123>i mean edit files and such, i made a sample .html file, yes with sudo
23:01<mwalling>does winscp use sudo?
23:01<wrb123>*gulp* i guess not
23:02<wrb123>i just dont want to go changing folder permissions if thats stupid
23:02<wrb123>im wondering what the best way to do this is
23:02<mwalling>push it with winscp somewhere you can (like /home), then use sudo to do what you want with it
23:02<wrb123>ill be editing/uploading files from ftp frequently as i develop the site
23:02<wrb123>okay, ill do that thanks
23:05<wrb123>wow this sure is slow :P
23:05<mwalling>hell, just edit everythin on your linode with vim
23:05<mwalling>SCP is slow
23:05<JoeK>i use filezilla
23:05<bob2>well, ideally, you'd do all your work on your machine
23:05<wrb123>thats true, once i get my files uploaded i can do the work there
23:05<bob2>and your deployment to to your linode would be automated
23:05<wrb123>i didnt think about that because my current/previous vps sucks
23:05<mwalling>bob2: i do it in a vhost cause i'm poor
23:05<mwalling>but i use virtualenv for everything, so theres no leakage
23:05<bob2>well, that too
23:05<bob2>yay virtualenv
23:07<mwalling>anyone ever gotten pip to work over a proxy?
23:07<wrb123>i cant even get it to work on my tv
23:07<mwalling>not that pip.
23:10-!-MTecknology [~michael@] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
23:14-!-jams [] has joined #linode
23:16-!-BlakeRG [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:21-!-Guest1023 is now known as meff
23:21-!-Guest1022 is now known as dcraig
23:21-!-dcraig is now known as Guest1029
23:21-!-meff is now known as Guest1030
23:25<ericindc>Anyone know how to setup apple mail to connect to my postfix/courier setup for smtp?
23:25<ericindc>I'm able to connect to, but it warns about sending an unencrypted password.
23:25<ericindc>and gives an option to setup the server manually, which allows for a checkbox with "use ssl" and then a couple of ssl options.
23:25<mwalling>i think he needs to enable submission, but i'm too drunk to walk someone though that successfully
23:26<mwalling>(i have been anti-rule-4 and helping ericindc in /query)
23:26<mwalling>((amazing, isnt it)
23:26<WormFood>can I use OpenVPN on a linode vps?
23:27<mwalling>!f what can i do with my linode
23:27<linbot>mwalling: What can I do with my Linode? It's probably easier to tell you what you cannot do: Nothing illegal and nothing that interferes with other customers and services. Our Terms of Service document is located here:
23:29<WormFood>I can't use openvpn on my current vpn host...just checking :D
23:30<WormFood>I was 99% sure it would work.
23:30<JoeK>would it be possible to run openvz on an openvz vps? o.o
23:30<bd_>I recommend using pvops with openvpn though, I've had some weird cases where it deadlocks in the kernel on .18
23:31<WormFood>thanks for the recommendation...I will investigate it
23:31-!-_banana [] has joined #linode
23:32-!-_banana [] has quit []
23:33-!-_banana [] has joined #linode
23:34<WormFood>bd_, I'm a little will pvops help me?
23:35<bd_>WormFood: pvops = kernels newer than 2.6.2x :)
23:36<bd_>2.6.18 has some refcounting bug that sufficiently new versions of openvpn can tickle on shutdown. This results in openvpn never terminating, and various kernel locks being held until you reboot.
23:36-!-ermau [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:36<bd_>So basically use 2.6.3x instead of 2.6.18
23:38<WormFood>use where? on linode?
23:39<WormFood>I can't change the kernel on my current vps host (they suck!)
23:39<bd_>on linode, yes :)
23:41<WormFood>ok...I understand now...thanks for the suggestion
23:43-!-jams [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:45-!-ermau [] has joined #linode
23:45-!-SDjernes1 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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23:48-!-Turl [] has joined #linode
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23:53-!-pharaun [] has joined #linode
23:53-!-Turl [] has quit []
23:53<pharaun>did something happen to linode or something
23:54<mwalling>yes, they opened a new datacenter in london
23:54<wrb123>how do i look for a file, checking any directry on my linode... find ... something... filename ?
23:54<pharaun>cos my 360 node just went offline, i could not ssh to it, etc..
23:54<pharaun>yeah i saw :)
23:54<pharaun>nice for the euro peoples
23:54<mwalling>did you pay your bill?
23:54<pharaun>yeah i did
23:54<mwalling>its the 10th
23:54<bd_>pharaun: what does the LPM say?
23:54<bd_>can you get into lish?
23:54<pharaun>i have an invoce in my mail saying that i *paid* it
23:54<pharaun>yeah i was able to
23:54<pharaun>i looked at the logs
23:54<pharaun>didn't find anything and just rebooted it
23:54<mwalling>pharaun: are you back on said linode now?
23:54<pharaun>its working now
23:54<amitz>pharaun: I thought you're referring to the exchange rate :-p
23:55<bd_>mwalling: check logview
23:55<bd_>on lish
23:55<mwalling>bd_: FAIL
23:55<mwalling>FAIL FAIL FIAL
23:55<linbot> <-- push it. now.
23:55*bd_ pushes
23:55<mwalling>good boy
23:55<bd_>need sleep :|
23:56<pharaun>bd_: logview?
23:56<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log into the LPM. Lish's primary function is to allow you access to your server's console, even if networking is disabled.
23:56<pharaun>yeah i was able to get in lish
23:56<pharaun>and i checked my sys logs
23:56<pharaun>saw *nothing*
23:56<mwalling>logview - view contents of console log
23:56-!-jams [] has joined #linode
23:57<pharaun>i don't see logview
23:57<mwalling>its a lish command
23:57<pharaun>god i hate firefox middleclick sometime
23:58<katyl>Anyone else have trouble upgrading from opensuse 11.0 to 11.2?
23:58<pharaun>i log in as root
23:58<pharaun>into lish
23:58<pharaun>then type in logview, nothing
23:59-!-VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
23:59-!-VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:59<mwalling>no, thats not lish, your in your node
23:59<pharaun>mwalling: i click on lish it comes up with a screen and asks for my login
23:59<pharaun>that's all i see
23:59<mwalling>yes, because it auto connects you to your node
23:59<mwalling>hit C-a d
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