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00:03<SelfishMan>son of linbot's mother
00:03<SelfishMan>what the hell was that?
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00:09<pwnguin>hmm. i see clay shirky's wrote an explanation for why he'd vote for sarah palin
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00:14<nb>lol its some stupid song from american idol
00:14<nb>ive seen it on facebook a lot
00:14<nb>something about pants on the ground, looking like a fool with your pants on the ground
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00:45<Nivex>I think lft may be my new best friend
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02:31<@Perihelion>s-s-s-s-a-a-a-a-f-f-f-f-e-e-e-e-t-t-t-t-y-y-y-y safety dance!
02:32<palintheus>NO U!
02:32*palintheus kicks Perihelion in teh shin
02:33<palintheus>this is a consumerist article I didn't expect to see in my reader
02:33*Perihelion makes palintheus lose the game
02:33<@Perihelion>Wth is that haha
02:34<palintheus>yeah that's what my reaction was when I got to it in google reader
02:35<@Perihelion>yakkity yak! dont talk back
02:35<@Perihelion>And yeah...that's a bit...odd
02:36<@Perihelion>I can honestly say I've never pondered the need to make things...pinker.
02:37<@Perihelion>Some of the comments are amazing
02:38<palintheus>yeah comments on articles like that are what really makes it
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02:39<@Perihelion>Haha yeah
02:40<purrdeta>What colour does it turn?
02:40<purrdeta>Like... why do we need to restore pink?
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02:41<purrdeta>Also, what causes it to change colours?
02:41<palintheus>those questions require more research
02:41<@Perihelion>Admittedly, I've never pondered such things
02:42<purrdeta>Granted, I'm gay and a male... sooo I will never ACTUALLY know the answer first hand..
02:42<purrdeta>but, I still am curious... why one would need to restore colour
02:42<runa4>Need some help on DNS Mapping
02:42<@Perihelion>Well, as with all things in this world - don't like how it looks? Don't look at it
02:43<palintheus>visually attractiveness? dunno....
02:43<purrdeta>it is located in a place that is... difficult to get a good view of I think... *shrug*
02:43<palintheus>heya runa4
02:43<purrdeta>I guess guys like to look at it :P
02:43<linbot>Don't ask to ask; just ASK
02:44<Scott^>palintheus; that is just ew. I'm pretty sure the hair dye I used on my dog would work better though.
02:44<Scott^>it had no chemicals as well...
02:44<@Perihelion>I'll expect a report on this on my desk on Monday morning
02:45<runa4>How can I point to my application running in Tomcat through DNS mapping?
02:45<palintheus>I figured I'd share that discovery from gooogle reader in the only active channel I have atm ;)
02:45<purrdeta>we appreciate it I think
02:45<purrdeta>well I do at least
02:45<@Perihelion>It gave me something ELSE to fret about when I leave the house.
02:45<@Perihelion>Thank you.
02:45<@Perihelion>How's my hair? How's my makeup? How's my COLOR?!?!?!
02:45<Scott^>I was going to get a midnight snack before sleep but nvm now.
02:46<purrdeta>Perihelion: because *everyone* will see it! OMG!
02:46<@Perihelion>zomg I know
02:46*Perihelion turns on the red light
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02:50<purrdeta>runa4: dont pm people randomly
02:50<purrdeta>If I knew the answer to your question I would have answered it
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02:52<@Perihelion>Nice Scott^ haha
02:53<palintheus>runa4: I'm not sure I understand the issue really...
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04:18<TinyAmitz>something just crossed my mind. Anybody conciously know the opportunity cost of your time of various components of your life in deciding stuff in daily life? Like either sleep or clean the house?
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04:19<TinyAmitz>..a dejavu feeling. Did i ask this before?
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04:21<TinyAmitz>hmm let me think on how to approach this. Feel free to give any suggestion or comment.
04:25<Peng>TinyAmitz: Not sleepnig and not cleaning the house also have a cost/
04:25*Peng shrugs
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04:26<TinyAmitz>Peng: but what's the monetary value? I need a framework to calculate it and makes it usable for practical purposes.
04:26*TinyAmitz hacks thor_r :-p
04:26<Peng>TinyAmitz: No idea! :D
04:27<TinyAmitz>peng: anyhow, let me quit first. Be back in a few hours.
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04:27<Peng>I know he's gone, but: Still, it's not useful. Sure, your average human spends decades asleep, losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars, but they'd be useless in a couple days and dead in a week (or whatever) if they didn't.
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04:27<Peng>Now, a cure for sleep would be awesome, though.
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04:48<NotInternat>id like a formula that can put together what the best things for me to be putting my time into are..
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04:48<NotInternat>sadly i dont think getting laid, or world domination are going to come up on top..
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04:52<Peng>I propose you spend all of your time figuring out how to spend your time.
04:52<Peng>Also chatting on IRC.
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04:53<Peng>Hmm, I don't like it when people make fun of IRC, so I shouldn't do it myself (even when it's (not) funny).
04:54<Peng>It's an effective communications medium. The fact that it's often not a good use of time is irrelevant.
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05:40<NotInternat>peng++ :) irc ftw
05:43<erikh>i push for an office irc server at every place i've worked
05:43<erikh>once everyone is onboard, they generally are pretty happy with the result.. even the non-technical folks.
05:43<erikh>and hybrid is pretty braindead to get running
05:44<Hoggs>erikh, I'd love some pointers. I don't think they'd ever adopt it here.
05:44<NotInternat>mm i tend to prefer an im solution like jabba rather then irc.. but at the end i dont care as long as there is a decent form of internal im type communication that isnt email
05:44<peter_>gmail seems to be popular around my office
05:45<peter_>especially with the offline messaging aspect
05:45<peter_>(well, gtalk more specifically)
05:45<NotInternat>the problem i have with things like gtalk etc, is that you end up with people using it to chat with external people
05:45<erikh>Hoggs: hybrid takes a miniscule amount of ram and almost no time to configure in a secure environment
05:45<erikh>just make sure people from the outside can't get into it, throw it on a non-critical server and get the technical staff using it
05:46<peter_>it's going to happen either way
05:46<erikh>from there, someone will say something to the non-technical staff
05:46<NotInternat>nah not really.
05:46<erikh>and the non-technical staff generally can't stand being out of the loop
05:46<peter_>i'd rather people use gtalk, then pick up the phone..
05:46<Hoggs>erikh, hardware wouldn't be an issue. Large datacenter. Just that the IT dept is somewhat oldfasioned and glued to email.
05:46<erikh>so the problem solves itself.
05:46<erikh>if you can't get the technical staff on board, you're going to have issues.
05:47<erikh>that siad, I've only worked at one place that had that issue
05:47<NotInternat>i dont want to have to teach people how to use irc. thing slike msn etc people already understand the basic principles
05:47<erikh>NotInternat: dump them all in a single channel
05:47<erikh>if they want to learn more, they will... if not, just type in the bar at the bottom
05:47<NotInternat>i think with an irc based solution youd get them trying to get support via that medium..
05:47<erikh>the technical chatter that needs a high S:N you put in another channel
05:48<erikh>if you have a problem supporting your staff, you have communication issues to resolve
05:48<erikh>sorry.. just being honest
05:48<NotInternat>i have no problem supporting staff.. they just need to follow a process :)
05:48<NotInternat>which doesnt involve contacting second and 3rd level directly.
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05:49<Hoggs>Would be bloody great where I work. I envision channels where our operations centers are able to communicate more easily with other departments instead of ringing us all the bloody time
05:49<erikh>well, see if you can get a few people interested
05:49<erikh>maybe it grows from there
05:49<Internat>ive got spark with openfire setup for the it staff at the moment.. and its taking off.. just need to convince my boss that its stable enough to move off of a shit dev box, onto a prod box so i can deploy to whoever wants it.
05:49<erikh>right now we have ours bound to a vpn and have a team in singapore, a sysadmin in portland and the staff here (philly) talking on it daily
05:50<Hoggs>I'd even voulenteer to set it up. I'm quite experienced with Unreal
05:50<erikh>esp. nice because of the time differences
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05:51<erikh>I mean, if there's no policy against you setting it up on machines, just take 20 minutes to do it (on debian, it's a apt-get + update-rc.d to get a connection available) and see if you can ferry a few on
05:52<Hoggs>It would have to be an approved project from management before anything could be done
05:52<erikh>ah, yes
05:52<erikh>there are times I really hate small shops, and then there are times where I really love them
05:52<erikh>this is one of those times
05:53<erikh>my last ... 3 jobs or so have been at small shops
05:53<erikh>generally if I needed approval on something like that it would take several weeks if at all at the larger companies I worked at before
05:53<erikh>nowadays? if it takes an hour it's a hard sell
05:54<Hoggs>I'd have to convince several very important people
05:54<Internat>yeah im in a smallish shop, my boss just can be a prick for ideas he didnt come up with :)
05:54<Hoggs>then a business case would have to be proposed
05:55<Hoggs>then approved, yadda yadda
05:55<Internat>he doesnt see the point in setting up and IM server.. yet hes had no problem using it :P
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05:56<Hoggs>I /am/ however, pushing for a business internal wiki
05:56<erikh>i just go to my boss, if it's necessary at all
05:56<erikh>sometimes I just say, "I'm going to be spending a few hours today setting up an irc server"
05:57<erikh>at which point a conversation moves forward where I don't really need to seek approval, but he's just interested in why he's paying me to do it
05:57<Hoggs>Way too many people here don't have a clue, and I think an internal wiki would be a brilliant resource.... especially for our "Unhelpful Desk"
05:57<Internat>yeah see we have twiki setup, with the project team setup perfoect and maintained it etc, except my boss hates it so when its coming over to us in the ops team all sorts of shit ensures
05:57<erikh>which is more or less how it's been at the other two small shops I worked for
05:58<erikh>we have a wiki, but it came for free with the ticket tracker
05:58<Internat>its funny cause i can get away with saying "yeah look my head wasnt in the game this week, i did sweet fa.. and hes happy with that. but give him a project that im working on that he doesnt see merrit in...
05:58<erikh>we didn't specifically target getting a wiki up as much as it was a side benefit people rely on now
05:58<erikh>redmine actually
05:58<erikh>did my tour with trac and I really loathe it
05:59<erikh>other people really like it though, it's just too much trouble for me
05:59<erikh>esp when you're not using svn (although that might have changed in the last year or so)
06:00<Hoggs>Only problem I see with a wiki, is having people maintain and verify its accuracy. I'm sure the business won't justify paying for this.
06:00<erikh>it depends on what you're not doing because it's already on the wiki
06:00<erikh>I mean, if you can argue that you can spend a lot less time training people because they can, for the most part, read the pages on the wiki to get a grasp of how the organization works
06:01<erikh>you're probably saving a ton
06:01<erikh>with developers I'd argue that half-decent wiki documentation makes that quite real
06:01<stanix>is redmine indexed by google?
06:01<Hoggs>Considering they threw out training recently.. I think that's a great point to put forward
06:02<erikh>stanix: it's flashier, and easier to use, but's definitely nowhere near as powerful as trac
06:02<Hoggs>Our retailers are left to manuals now
06:02<erikh>depending on your needs, that's a good thing or a bad thing
06:02<erikh>Hoggs: right, and manuals cost money to print and go out of date just as easily
06:03<Hoggs>Well, we have a pretty solid electronic distribusion system
06:03<erikh>I know trac, redmine, and possibly other wiki systems can send email alerts on update as well
06:03<erikh>so not only do you get to keep your docs current, but you can inform the retailers to brush up when you do
06:03<erikh>jesus, I've been doing this too long
06:04<erikh>i'm giving you the full court press sales pitch :P
06:04<Hoggs>I'll be passing it on. ;o
06:04<erikh>anyhow, maybe you get some ammo out of it
06:04<erikh>let me know if anything becomes of it, will ya? I'm invested now
06:04<Hoggs>Haha, sure. :P
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06:10<cyberninja>are we allowed to setup vpns on ur linodes
06:11<Clorith>morning linodians
06:11<Clorith>cyberninja, as long as it's legal, it can be done.
06:11<Clorith>that's pretty much the gist of the ToS
06:12<cyberninja>ok just wanna make a lan between a few mates
06:13<Clorith>By all means, enjoy =)
06:14<Clorith>Is it possible to do DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS, or is that only for tables?
06:15<erikh>I know the dump file does it
06:15<Clorith>I know you can do DROP TABLE IF EXISTS
06:15<erikh>oh... tables
06:15<erikh>try it?
06:15*azaghal wonders if someone is DDoS'ing him
06:15<erikh>create a new db and do just that
06:16<Clorith>hmm, phpMyAdmin didn't error
06:16<Clorith>let's give that a shot :D
06:16<erikh>use the commandline?
06:17<Clorith>would give the same errors in pMA if it would error at all I believe
06:18<Clorith>seems to be working like a charm :D
06:19<Clorith>hmm, won't let me import the information_schema =/
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06:22<mig5>Clorith: yeah, yer not really meant to..
06:22<Clorith>I know, but the user privileges etc are in there
06:22<Clorith>so I kinda need that one too
06:22<Clorith>but I guess a dump and imort isn't the best way to move eveerything :P
06:23<erikh>in the information schema?
06:23<mig5>why can't you just do the grants again
06:23<Clorith>mig5, because the grants are like 50 different users
06:23<Clorith>USER_PRIVILEGES in information_schema, erikh
06:24<Clorith>haha, ironic, I googled, and it said mysql has a mig-4 migration system, just as mig5 started talkiong
06:24<Clorith>and of course, is dead for me >_<
06:25<Clorith>I can't reach so that doens't help me =/
06:26<mig5>ah well
06:26<mig5> might've worked too despite not working
06:26<mig5>i.e, DNS
06:26<mig5>anyway, i guess I'll just tell ya to rtfm :)
06:26<mig5>(not for any good reason other than to shit you)
06:27<mig5>i think you'll be stuck re-doing the grants by hand
06:27<Clorith>hmm, hidemyass'ed my way into that
06:27<Clorith>that's on a widnows system though, and I did --all-databases, but I'm not allowed due to some damaged tabløe in the mysql database (the one labeled 'mysql') =/
06:27<mig5>put all the grants into a .sql and then execute that
06:28<Clorith>I'm on debian ^-^
06:28<Clorith>I know
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06:30<Clorith>I'll look at it in a bit, gotta go pretend I care about my other job for an hour or so *sigh*
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06:54*bintut waves
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06:56<bintut>is there an api for the usage or statuses for the disk i/o, ram, cpu, network, and summaries for network, storage and host?
07:00-!-WormFood [~wormfood@] has joined #linode
07:03<WormFood>is it possible to move a server between datacenters? I thought I remember reading something about that, but can't seem to find it now.
07:07-!-bryen [] has joined #linode
07:14<Internat>WormFood: log a ticket
07:14<Internat>and they'll configure it up for you
07:14<Internat>youll have an ip change though
07:16<WormFood>well, right now there is nothing left in the datacenter I want to change to, so I can't move it right this instant, but I want to move it when a slot is open
07:16<WormFood>yeah, I know the IP would have to be changed
07:22-!-Guest2505 is now known as dcraig
07:22<Internat>too easy.. log a ticket.. they often have capacity reserved that isnt listed on the site, so they might be able to hook you up asap
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07:31<amitz>Peng: well, I'm talking more into the ability to choose either do A or B by using some objective measure.
07:31<amitz>Peng: but yeah, a cure for sleep would increase productivity a lot :-D
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07:33<amitz>Peng: the measurement doesn't have to be valid. But just believable enough and somewhat measurable.
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08:15<cyberninja>how many Mbps is Linode
08:16<cyberninja>my linode is locatd in Fremont, CA, USA
08:16<beefsalad>think it depends on what you sign up for
08:16<beefsalad>!library bandwidth
08:16<linbot>beefsalad: 1. Introduction to Rsync ( - 2. Standalone MySQL Server (
08:16<cyberninja>Linode 720
08:17<erikh>I'm pretty sure bandwidth is the same across plans, but the caps are different
08:17<erikh>err, transfer caps
08:18<cyberninja>yea so is it 10Mbps or 100Mbps ?
08:18<erikh>in other words, you can send/recv at the same rate, but a 720 can send 600GB a month, etc
08:18<erikh>100Mbps I'm fairly certain
08:18<beefsalad>!wiki bandwidth
08:18<aziwoqpd>from dallas i have no problem hitting 30Mbps
08:18<aziwoqpd>so it's at least that
08:19<erikh>there you go.
08:19<erikh>just pick a box that's not on your network
08:20<bintut>is there a linode api for the usage or statuses for the disk i/o, ram, cpu, network, and summaries for network, storage and host?
08:21-!-maushu [~Cookie@] has joined #linode
08:23-!-Guest2513 is now known as dcraig
08:23-!-dcraig is now known as Guest2521
08:24<chesty>it's gig e everywhere
08:25<chesty>sending is rate limited to 50M to limit the damage of an out going DOS
08:25*praetorian giggit-e gigggit-e
08:25<Internat>but that can be removed :)
08:26<praetorian>yep. just need to ask for a license to spam
08:28-!-internalkernel [~caleb@] has joined #linode
08:29<amitz>praetorian: there is?
08:33-!-Clorith [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:33-!-Clorith [] has joined #linode
08:33-!-Nat_UB [~Gr0ver@2607:f128:42:44::2] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:34-!-BarkerJr [] has joined #linode
08:35<BarkerJr>seems that fremont130 is a little slow and has been for several days
08:36<Yaakov>It's that guy BarkerJr doing it. He's got something sucking up the bandwidth.
08:36<Yaakov>Oh... wait...
08:36<BarkerJr>in that it took several seconds to get from the "Last login" line to the bash prompt
08:36<Internat>are you swap thrashing at all?
08:36<BarkerJr>I'm only sucking up all the bandwidth in atlants, lol
08:36<Yaakov>Does the little CPU guage on the Linode page showing anything?
08:37<BarkerJr>2.12% cpu, 50.41 io
08:37<Yaakov>I mean the host state.
08:37<Yaakov>OK, I say pebcak.
08:37<Yaakov>Format and re-install.
08:38<BarkerJr>I just did that with my other server
08:38<BarkerJr>the one that was hanging every random number of days
08:38<Yaakov>It helps to show it who's boss once in a while.
08:39<BarkerJr>it finally hung when I was doing 'yum update', and that was the last straw
08:39*Internat shows Yaakov who's boss..
08:39<BarkerJr>I reformatted and even went to 64bit
08:39<Yaakov>Wow. Thanks. I didn't know.
08:39<Yaakov>I never would have suspected that.
08:40<BarkerJr>I'm gonna give 64-bit another try now... maybe I'll just live with the bigger JVM size of tomcat
08:42<BarkerJr>I'm glad that bandwidth is pooled, though
08:42<BarkerJr>my 360 in atlanta is using 20GB/dy
08:53-!-TIBS01 [~tibs01@] has joined #linode
09:00<BarkerJr>so, google docs lets us upload any file type up to 1GB now
09:00-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:01-!-mau [~Cookie@] has joined #linode
09:02-!-azaghal [] has joined #linode
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09:09-!-stanix [] has joined #linode
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09:12-!-laser` [] has joined #linode
09:12-!-mau [] has joined #linode
09:17-!-brenton [] has joined #linode
09:18-!-Demonicpagan [] has joined #linode
09:18<Demonicpagan>need some assistance in trying to figure out why i have some ungodly load averages lately on my linode
09:19-!-mau2 [~Cookie@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:21<brenton>*cyberninja* hello
09:21<erikh>BarkerJr: that sounds like a recipe for 4chan^Wdisaster
09:22-!-Nat_UB [~Gr0ver@2607:f128:42:44::2] has joined #linode
09:24-!-Guest2521 is now known as dcraig
09:24-!-dcraig is now known as Guest2527
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09:26<amitz>Demonicpagan: perhaps because you're not godly by definition.
09:27-!-gmcharlt [~gmcharlt@] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
09:27-!-brenton [] has joined #linode
09:28<amitz>Demonicpagan: seriously, how do you know about the load average? IO load? processor load? Have you checked your "top"?
09:29<amitz>!library oom
09:29<linbot>amitz: 1. Install ejabberd on CentOS 5.4 ( - 2. Installing Prosody XMPP Server on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) ( - 3. Install ejabberd on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) (
09:29<amitz>!library out of memory
09:29<linbot>amitz: 1. Monitoring Servers with Munin on Debian 5 (Lenny) ( - 2. Linux Administration Basics ( - 3. Package Management (
09:31<erikh>can anyone recommend a GUI mp3 player in the same weight class as xmms that is not xmms?
09:31<erikh>X11 player
09:32<erikh>i don't want something as heavyweight as amarok/rhythmbox
09:34-!-user_ [] has joined #linode
09:34-!-user_ [] has quit []
09:35-!-adnc [] has joined #linode
09:37<Demonicpagan>amitz, yes, i've looked at top
09:37<Demonicpagan>load average: 20.04, 21.14, 21.43
09:38<Demonicpagan>i have munin installed
09:38-!-Clorith [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:38-!-mathew [] has joined #linode
09:38-!-Clorith [] has joined #linode
09:41-!-zz_neilio is now known as neilio
09:41-!-brenton [] has left #linode []
09:43<Demonicpagan>munin tells me it's iowait
09:43-!-dKingston [] has joined #linode
09:44<thegodlikehobo>sounds like a job for iotop
09:46-!-neilio is now known as zz_neilio
09:46<bintut>is there a linode api for the usage or statuses for the disk i/o, ram, cpu, network, and summaries for network, storage and host?
09:47-!-binel_ [] has joined #linode
09:51<Demonicpagan>kjournald is holdin up my io
09:51<WormFood>does linode offer a backup (secondary) dns service?
09:51-!-binel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:54-!-uuid [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:55-!-uuid [] has joined #linode
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09:56<Demonicpagan>is what i'm seein through iotop anyway
09:56-!-adnc [] has quit [Quit: bye]
09:56<linbot>New news from forums: tuning apache in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
09:57-!-bryen [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:59<erikh>aahhhh! bold!!!!
10:10<atula>if I want newer packages for centos... what are the strings I need to use to google? centos update mirrors ?
10:10<atula>been too long :/
10:11<BarkerJr>by definition, centos only has packages that were released before rhel 5.0
10:11<HoopyCat>WormFood: yup; the DNS manager can slave zones
10:11<BarkerJr>they're tried and true
10:11<atula>so I need to hook up with fedora, right ?
10:11<HoopyCat>erikh: i use audalicious or however it's spelled
10:11<WormFood>cool...thanks there a special place for slaves?
10:12<atula>BarkerJr: I need to get a newer version of mysql-python
10:12<BarkerJr>I don't know fedora
10:12<atula>but there are a few dependencies
10:12<erikh>HoopyCat: I punted and just built rhythmbox
10:12<HoopyCat>atula: "centos backports" might be a good one too; however, you're voiding your warranty going that way, but you know that already :-)
10:12<erikh>on the clock, don't want to spend all day evaluating music players.
10:12*WormFood cringes at the thought of CentOS
10:12<literal>erikh: audacious is xmms' spiritual successor
10:12<HoopyCat>WormFood: create a new zone, and instead of "master", choose "slave", and it'll ask you for the IP address(es) of the master(s)
10:12<WormFood>CentOS takes a CENTury for them to update...and ScentOS stinks...and SentOS should be sent away
10:13<atula>HoopyCat: so how would I install newer versions of stuff ?
10:13<atula>manually ?
10:13<BarkerJr>source code :)
10:13<atula>sooo much dependencies
10:13<erikh>literal: ok, I tried to build xmms2 earlier, didn't seem to like me.
10:13<HoopyCat>atula: find a backport for it in some archive, where someone has built an .rpm for the package/version you need against the distro version you have
10:13<erikh>I'll take a look at it later today.
10:14<literal>yeah, xmms2 is very different, serveR/client architecture
10:14<erikh>i just really don't need a really fat music player on this box
10:14<BarkerJr>well, it depends on what you're compiling... php, for instance, only need httpd-devel, gcc, and make I think
10:14<erikh>esp because the partition holding my music (the windows partition) is only mounted when.. I want to listen to music
10:14<literal>audacious is very similar to the original xmms, except it's being maintained
10:15<erikh>xmms was choking all over my mp3's earlier
10:15<erikh>ones I know play just fine in winamp
10:15<erikh>and erikh gets angry when dethklok is cut off
10:16-!-Scott^ [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
10:20<atula>HoopyCat: man.... I need new versions of things like python
10:20<atula>this sucks
10:20<atula>i want a stable core too
10:20-!-TinyAmitz [~Amitz@] has joined #linode
10:21-!-TinyAmitz [~Amitz@] has quit []
10:22-!-TinyAmitz [~Amitz@] has joined #linode
10:25-!-Guest2527 is now known as dcraig
10:25-!-dcraig is now known as Guest2533
10:27-!-TinyAmitz [~Amitz@] has quit []
10:29<HoopyCat>atula: python is core in the RHEL/CentOS world, so you probably do not want to upgrade that in place
10:29<atula>HoopyCat: all I need is a newer version of mysql-python
10:30<HoopyCat>atula: you can compile your own and stick it in /usr/local/bin (e.g. /usr/local/bin/python2.6), then when things need that, #!/usr/local/bin/python2.6 i suppose
10:30<atula>those are my dependencies
10:30<HoopyCat>atula: which version of centos are you running?
10:30<atula>the latest on linode 5.3 I believe
10:31<HoopyCat>atula: the rpm you're trying to install there is for 4.x ...
10:31<HoopyCat>atula: (hence the "el4")
10:31<atula>I see
10:31<atula>then I'm stuck. others require newer version of python
10:32<atula>do you recommend switching server ?
10:32<atula>as in... deploy another distro
10:32<WormFood>atula, use google, there are different repositories you can add that will let you install newer packages...pain in the ass, but it works (that is one of the reasons I've moved away from CentOS)
10:32<atula>WormFood: what do you use ?
10:32<WormFood>atula, I've personally been using debian for years
10:33<WormFood>if you're a linux noob, you may be better off with ubuntu...that is based on debian
10:33<atula>well, I've used debian before I just never use redhat base stuff
10:33<atula>let me try debian then
10:33<WormFood>my first linux distro was red hat 4.x (4.1 or 4.2 I think), back in 1995
10:34<HoopyCat>atula: i use ubuntu 8.04 LTS myself... python 2.5.2, python-mysqldb 1.2.2
10:34<HoopyCat>atula: ubuntu 9.10 has python 2.6.4 and... python-mysqldb 1.2.2 :-)
10:34<atula>the reason why I'm forcing myself to do use centos because it seems like "enterprise" servers out there are all using redhat
10:34<atula>is fedora 11 bad ?
10:35<atula>don't want to start flame war.. just curious
10:35<WormFood>atula, you're right, but they support old stuff, and many people use newer stuff....if you install newer python, then it may break your distro
10:35<HoopyCat>atula: indeed, it's a decent enterprise OS (well, RHEL is a decent enterprise OS; CentOS is for people that want to be like enterprises but don't want to pay for things :-)... that said, "enterprise" and "newer version of <package>" don't go together
10:36<WormFood>since their yum, or whatever uses python, you risk breaking that, if you upgrade'll want to install another copy of it
10:36-!-Bass10 [] has joined #linode
10:36<atula>so I should give fedora 11 a try ?
10:36<HoopyCat>atula: i suppose fedora is fine, but i've never used it
10:36<WormFood>atula, the nice thing is, you can wipe it out, and reinstall another distro in seconds
10:36<atula>yeah. that is true.
10:36<HoopyCat>WormFood: then spend weeks learning the new distro :-)
10:37<atula>but it's such PITA to keep on switching ya know
10:37<WormFood>you may want to install something like vmware and install your testing distros in different VMs, so you can play with it all you want
10:37<atula>I have left my network engineer ID 4 years ago
10:37<atula>I'm a developer now.. I just want my django stuff to work lol
10:37-!-hisam [~chatzilla@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:37<WormFood>HoopyCat, usually the new distro isn't so different it takes anything major to learn
10:37<HoopyCat>four years ago? well then, centos will probably be damned familiar to you ;-)
10:38<atula>well I was never a redhat personality
10:38<atula>I've always liked debian
10:38<Solver>yeah distros aren't so different from one another
10:38<Solver>LSB helps
10:38<WormFood>HoopyCat, I don't see any place to select master or slave in the dns configuration screen....I'm sure I'm overlooking it, but I can't find it...can you give me a point in the right direction?
10:38<Solver>just make sure you understand all the package management systems
10:38<WormFood>rpm has some nice features
10:38<WormFood>one of my boxes was rooted, and using rpm, I was quickly and easily able to see what files they changed
10:39<Solver>I really like the high level of package integration in Debian
10:39<HoopyCat>WormFood: DNS Manager -> Add a new domain zone -> Domain:, Type: (Master|Slave)
10:39<atula>I wanted to use centos stable and such... but django require a newever version of mysql-python... fking throw a wrench in my perfect setup
10:39<WormFood>I use debian unusable (sid) on my desktop....because I like my shit to break every time I upgrade it
10:39-!-Clorith [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:40<HoopyCat>atula: you know, with ubuntu (even 8.04 LTS!), you can just apt-get install python-django and it'll be ready in about 30 seconds
10:40<HoopyCat>...come over to the dark side...
10:41<WormFood>I see the mistake I made now HoopyCat, I told it to import the zone from a remote name server, which I guess defaults to being primary....big thanks for the help
10:41-!-Clorith [] has joined #linode
10:42-!-J-Node [] has quit [Quit: HydraIRC -> <- It'll be on slashdot one day...]
10:42<HoopyCat>WormFood: ah, yup... the other magic button :-)
10:43<WormFood>and where is the list of the slave servers names/IPs?
10:43-!-ph^ [~ph^] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:43<HoopyCat>WormFood: on the next page
10:44<WormFood>when I had it as primary, it gave me a nice list
10:44<WormFood>what "next page"? takes me to the dns manager, I see the "domain zone" with my domain name listed..."Edit" and "remove"...and that is it
10:45<HoopyCat>WormFood: the one you get after you enter "" (or whatever) for the Domain and "Slave" for the type, then click "Continue..." ?
10:46<WormFood> takes me to a page where it asks for the IP of the master server...and "save"....not much there, and no list of servers
10:46<HoopyCat>WormFood: yeah, you'll put the IP address of the master you want to slave off of there
10:46-!-TIBS02 [~tibs01@] has joined #linode
10:47<WormFood>and what is the addresses of the slave servers?
10:47<WormFood>what good does it to do have slave zones, if I can't add the servers to the TLD?
10:47-!-cmjb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:47<HoopyCat>WormFood: i dunno what the master is (only you know that, and i have a 1 in 2^32 chance of guessing), but linode's slave servers are the usual ones (ns1, ns2, ns3, ns4,
10:48<HoopyCat>WormFood: wait, what exactly are you trying to do? i believe you asked how to configure linode as a secondary nameserver for your zone...
10:48<WormFood>yeah, I saw that list when I had it as the primary name server...but never saw that list again when I had it as slave server
10:48<WormFood>but I still need the address to the slave servers to actually use them.
10:48-!-J-Node [] has joined #linode
10:49<HoopyCat>WormFood: ns1, ns2, ns3, ns4, and
10:49<atula>HoopyCat: hmm, if I were to install a server, why don't I just install debian ?
10:49<atula>instead of ubuntu that is
10:49<atula>I am scared of new things
10:49<HoopyCat>WormFood: you don't need their IP addresses (that part's already taken care of by linode)
10:49<WormFood>I guess I'll have to wait up to 15 minutes for those changes to take effect
10:50<WormFood>strictly speaking, you're right, I don't need the IPs...but I do need the names :P
10:50<HoopyCat>atula: i dunno. i just went with ubuntu because it was the best choice at that specific time, and i stuck with it because i run it on my other computers now too
10:50<WormFood>thanks for your help Hobbsee
10:50<WormFood>er, I mean HoopyCat
10:50-!-cmjb [] has joined #linode
10:50<HoopyCat>WormFood: ~15 minutes for the first update, but then they'll pick it up Damn Near Instantly (tm) when your master sends notifies
10:50<WormFood>damn nick completion and my fast fingers :|
10:51<WormFood>yeah, after the records are made, then it won't take 15 minutes
10:51<WormFood>in fact, if the primary name server pushes the updates, it is almost instant
10:51-!-TIBS01 [~tibs01@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:51<HoopyCat>WormFood: (and remember to list all 5 in your zone's NS records, so your nameserver does send notifies, lest they'll take their sweet time waiting for refresh)
10:51<WormFood>I used to work for an IP years ago....I managed the dns server with thousands of domains (I forget the exact number)
10:52<atula>HoopyCat: this is me thinking a head of myself... but I am on linode now because I'm just a small fry... and I can't afford a dedicated box... but in the future when I move up to tiny shrimp level, I would want a dedicated box... what will happen then? would the transition from debian to redhat be much tougher ?
10:52<WormFood>oh yeah, I know to add all 5 zones
10:52<WormFood>atula, pick a distro and stick with it
10:52<WormFood>if you're not paying for enterprise support, then what do you care about redhat/centos/whatever
10:52<atula>that is true
10:53<atula>debian is tested and is a beast in the server world... in fact the reason why I started working with debian is because I heard it was the best :)
10:53<laser`>Plus if you're thinking Debian, perhaps go Ubuntu?
10:53<atula>then somehow... I started working... and everyone was using redhat
10:53<atula>it confuses me
10:53<laser`>Because Canonical does sell enterprise support contracts
10:53<atula>laser`: I don't want to change to much
10:54<laser`>If you think you may ever be big enough to need one
10:54<atula>well I'm hoping!
10:54<atula>all small fries get to dream big with linode's help :)
10:54<laser`>Ubuntu and Debian are very similar, and Ubuntu is currently Linode's number 1 deployed distro afaik
10:55<atula>I thought Ubuntu was made for desktop... this is from a guy who used debian stable with fluxbox as desktop for a few years
10:55<WormFood>that is true laser`
10:56<atula>Ubuntu isn't jsut similiar to Debian... I believe it's the bastard child of Debian... it's built on Debian's core, right ?
10:56<WormFood>that is correct atula
10:56<laser`>There's an Ubuntu Server specific distro too afaik
10:57<WormFood>I tried ubuntu...I didn't care for it
10:57<laser`>I use Fedora on my personal servers
10:57<WormFood>I use debian stable....couldn't be more happy with it
10:57<laser`>And CentOS on the ones I get paid to maintain
10:57-!-askme [~barakied@] has joined #linode
10:57*synapt tends to use fedora on most of his 'server' environments
10:58<askme>hi all , do you want to make more 500$ daily.. pm me now
10:58<laser`>Mainly because I got into this server thing with's $99 Celeron "servers" with a couple of friends, and that was RedHat 7.3
10:58<synapt>*as well
10:58<laser`>So just stuck with that since really
10:58<synapt>askme: I do belive you're in the wrong place o.O
10:58<HoopyCat>atula: at the end of the day, the distro only matters for installing new software and applying security patches/bug fixes... the actual guts of the gopher as far as completing your mission goes don't matter. :-)
10:59<atula>I need a path to enterprise
10:59<atula>that's RedHat it seems
10:59<atula>I am stuck!
10:59<HoopyCat>askme: i can do that already; print 500*'$'
10:59<HoopyCat>atula: wtf is "enterprise"?
10:59<atula>hehe... it's the white guy's stuff ?
10:59<atula>I feel bad since I'm Asian
10:59<atula>small fries Asian :(
11:00<laser`>Heh, I've always heard it called "Grey Suit Linux"
11:00<HoopyCat>atula: serious question. what is "enterprise", and why do you need to get there?
11:00<amitz>atula: woah, new food? :-p
11:00-!-askme [~barakied@] has quit [autokilled: Do not spam other people. Mail if you feel this is in error. (2010-01-17 16:00:37)]
11:01<atula>HoopyCat: I need a path to enterprise because when I work on a project or thinking about going into business. I need to know that I am competing with the same level with other guys out there.
11:01<HoopyCat>atula: are you going to be droppin' a couple hundred grand on the Oracle and handling airline reservations or something? :-)
11:01<atula>I know it might sound cocky, but I want to use as much of "their" tools as possible
11:01<atula>I don't know. I feel conflicted.
11:02<amitz>atula: well, what kind of business anyway? I mean perhaps the toppest of a particular industry doesn't need the so called enterprise ;-)
11:02<atula>at the end of the day, it's just me sitting in a room by myself here. but you guys are giving me some good insights though.
11:02<atula>just want to get rich or die tryin' here :P
11:02<amitz>btw, I don't know if this is old story or not. But google chrome is probably stable enough that they start offering it via youtube ad.
11:02<tjfontaine>die tryin part is easy
11:03<amitz>last time I checked I need to compile it myself :-p
11:03<atula>amitz: Google Chrome hijacks my 404 pages if they're below a certain size... FU Google Chrome
11:03<atula>it's fast though
11:03<amitz>atula: oh, noted bug.
11:04<atula>I honestly feel bad for FF
11:04<ekes>enterprise linux == free stable linux distro + expensive_contract ^ support;
11:04<synapt>atula: Why so?
11:04<atula>the only thing that's Google Chrome isn't good right now is Firebug in my mind
11:04*synapt doesn't feel bad for firefox at all really
11:04<WormFood>yeah, lack of firebug in chrome, is a problem for me too
11:04<synapt>Then again I won't ever really use chrome, I'm not a fan of Google's past 'Privacy' EULA's
11:04<atula>synapt: FF is sluggish now compare to chrome in my experience
11:05<atula>FF takes a bit to load up on my windows xp
11:05<synapt>Atula: I'm still on the 3.0.x branch which runs alright for me, 3.5 doesn't seem to have the performance increase claimed
11:05<atula>same with mac osx
11:05<atula>FF really hogs resources
11:05<atula>Chrome startup time is incredible in both mac and windows
11:05<synapt>now thats a bit true, but I can't really blame it as I tend to tab-whore in FF a lot and have a crapton of things open at once
11:05<atula>I think ubuntu deploy is bigger in size than debian, right ?
11:06<atula>synapt: hehe... I have been using chrome for main browser for a bit now. which is sad because I need firebug
11:06<Yaakov>It is two orders of magnitude larger.
11:07<Yaakov>And that's the minimalist installation!
11:07<synapt>That would be the other reason next to privacy concerns, is I use firebug rather religiously, lol
11:07-!-cmjb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:08*amitz feels left out.. so many people have been using google chrome :-p
11:08<synapt>You and I both :P
11:09<synapt>I just don't see the appeal yet
11:09<amitz>synapt: it will be you only in a few minutes ;-)
11:09<Null_>speed + memory use
11:09<WormFood> <-- does this mean UK is a good place to host torrent servers?
11:09<synapt>amitz: Traitor
11:10<synapt>Null: Memory use isn't an issue for me, speed so far hasn't been either
11:10<Null_>not an issue in that you don't care, or you haven't seen problems with FF?
11:10-!-cmjb [] has joined #linode
11:11<synapt>haven't actually 'seen' them, that they effect me directly anyways
11:11<synapt>My FF 3.0.x can get memory intensive sometimes, but its usually my own fault
11:11<laser`>Yeah, it was basically speed that convinced me to switch to Chrome
11:11<synapt>lots of tabs, various videos, etc
11:12<synapt>Right now my FF is takin up about... 450MB of memory with 8 tabs and a video open
11:12<Null_>my chrome on windows idles with ~10-15 tabs usually.
11:13<synapt>my low level idling is normally just two, my one cPanel login and a page with all my news/rss feeds, lol
11:13<Null_>just cleaned it up this morning actually, down to 12 tabs, ~120mb used.
11:13*synapt suddenly thinks mikegrb has an auto reply to lol
11:13<laser`>He does :P
11:13<synapt>yeah, I imagine most of my memory though is going to the hour and a half hulu movie loaded at the moment :P
11:15<spkitty>10 tabs and 260MB and 10%CPU for me
11:15<spkitty>but chrome doesn't have the 'magic search bar' thingy that firefox does and i can't live without that
11:15<synapt>2% CPU here
11:16<synapt>CPU usage is never an issue thankfully
11:16<atula>HoopyCat: Do you know if Debian 5 uses up to date stuff? like mysql 5 and apache 2 etc? when I used debian stable... not sure which version... it was 1.1 apache and mysql 4 I think :/
11:17<atula>spkitty: Chrome has a omnifield I think... anything you type in the address bar becomes a search if not found in DNS cache
11:17<HoopyCat>atula: you can check... or thereabouts
11:17<spkitty>atula: i don't remember it doing that when i was checking, but this is for mac anyway - and it still has a long way to go for mac
11:17<atula>spkitty: DNS cache/checking is interesting
11:18<Null_>atula: current debian stable uses mysql5 and apache2 yes
11:18<HoopyCat>atula: in general, the pros use whatever gets the job done. there's personal preference (e.g. all other things being equal, i'll use ubuntu), but sometimes, you end up needing to use something else
11:18<atula>I need a very minimalistic setup really. python, mysql and apache
11:19<atula>where do I get the distro deploy sizes?
11:20<HoopyCat>atula: best example i can come up with, off the top of my head, is asterisk+freepbx... it installs like butter with centos+apache, but shoehorning it into ubuntu+lighttpd is a pain and a half, especially if you end up needing the magic kernel module
11:20<amitz>curious, anybody abandon FF in favor of chrome? Comments?
11:21<amitz>synapt: weirdo! ;-)
11:21<atula>amitz: you can't abandon FF because Firebug is just too good. but I've started using Chrome as main browser now
11:21*synapt will still stick to FF
11:21<HoopyCat>atula: so, in general, pick your favorite but don't hesitate to use something else if it is the right thing to do. :-)
11:21<atula>HoopyCat: I'm thinking of going ahead with Debian
11:21<Null_>amitz: for linux, no java, which is fine for me. on windows, chrome has ben excellent.
11:21<synapt>Like I said my main concern with chrome is Google has had too shady of a past with their whole privacy-invading EULA's, regardless of if they get 'changed' quick or not
11:21<atula>Google is evil.
11:22<atula>I'm scared of them becoming like Darth Vader
11:22<amitz>Null_: ah, no java. noted.
11:22<HoopyCat>atula: the deploy sizes are probably on the deploy page itself somewhere, but you'll grow quickly past that once you start installing stuff, so aim high
11:22<atula>maybe we need to kill it now!!! chop off an arm or something
11:22<atula>HoopyCat: heh. You have any hesitation in Debian 5.0 ?
11:24<Null_>if all you need is a minimalistic setup, debian 5 will do fine.
11:24<amitz>now I just need to disable ipv6 of google chrome. It causes significant lag.
11:24<HoopyCat>atula: go for it. :-)
11:24<Null_>not that it wouldnt do fine anyways, just based on your comment.
11:26-!-Guest2533 is now known as dcraig
11:26-!-online722 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:26-!-dcraig is now known as Guest2541
11:27<atula>:) thanks. I'll get to it after church.
11:30<Null_>hmm google has no forward-only/alias account ability in google apps I guess? I mean, aside from setting up an account, and setting it to forward and not keep a copy.
11:30<amitz>HoopyCat: say, IIRC you mentioned about broken resolver of ipv6. What's the google keyword to fix that?
11:32<laser`>Null_: You can create forwarding groups that include external mail addresses, so I presume a group of membership 1 would accomplish that?
11:35-!-Clorith [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:35-!-Clorith [] has joined #linode
11:35<Null_>laser`: interesting, thanks, probably about equal work of setting up legitimate accounts and forwarding them I guess.
11:35<laser`>Meh, I'd say probably less
11:38<amitz>HoopyCat: solved for now, don't know if it's elegant enough or not.
11:41-!-SubZero [] has quit []
11:41-!-bintut [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:42-!-RSully [] has joined #linode
11:42<RSully>hey guys
11:42<RSully>anyone here good with some php regex :S
11:43<RSully>awesome, because I got a little problem in preg_replace
11:44<RSully>I'm trying to ONLY match uppercase characters, yet it still matches lowercase
11:44<mathew>You have the i flag set
11:44<RSully>I thought i was for the $1 $2 stuff
11:44<RSully>for integer O_o
11:44<mathew>It mean case insensitive
11:44<RSully>oh, damnit
11:45<RSully>man, your the best
11:45<RSully>or I just suck
11:45<WormFood>maybe both :P
11:46<RSully>okay, so that works for something like
11:46<mathew>Bookmark and read ;)
11:46<RSully>yeah, been there, tried that, failed
11:46<RSully>How would I mod that same regex to not match noPurchasePopup
11:47<mathew>Did you even try?
11:47<RSully>yeah. i've been trying for about an hour
11:47<RSully>then i decided "irc must know so much more than me"
11:47<HoopyCat>amitz: i'd either 1) fix the IPv6 stack or 2) i think there's a /proc dealy to turn off IPv6
11:48<HoopyCat>oh hey, RSully
11:49<amitz>HoopyCat: at the end, I just delete the ipv6 entry on /etc/hosts . You expect ME to fix ipv6 stack?! :-p
11:50-!-`Tim [] has joined #linode
11:51<HoopyCat>RSully: good to know you survived the avian chokeraping! the situation appeared dire.
11:51<HoopyCat>amitz: it builds character
11:51<erikh>preg is PCRE right?
11:52<erikh>perldoc perlretut should be pretty handy then
11:53<RSully>HoopyCat: Uh, whatt?
11:54-!-`Tim [] has quit []
11:54<HoopyCat>RSully: and
11:54<erikh>RSully: try putting (?i-xsm) at the head of your regex
11:54<RSully>HoopyCat: Ah, glad to see you kept up to date XD
11:54<erikh>not sure how well that's supported in PCRE though.
11:54<RSully>HoopyCat: I laughed so hard when I saw that
11:54<HoopyCat>RSully: thanks to the public IRC logs of this channel, i was a Person Of Interest for awhile
11:55<RSully>mathew: So uhm, any ideas?
11:56<mathew>Yeah, but I'm going to be an ass and not tell you
11:56-!-A-KO [] has joined #linode
11:56<RSully>what a great friend
11:56<RSully>i'm sending yelling_bird after you
11:57<RSully>I'm not sure how to *not* match lowercase characters
11:57<erikh>open a manual
11:58-!-HedgeMage [] has joined #linode
11:58<RSully>you have no idea how many times I've looked through the regex manuals and didn't pick up a thing
11:59<erikh>do you have perldoc installed on your system?
11:59<erikh>'perldoc perlretut'
11:59<erikh>preg is PCRE... the P stands for 'perl'
11:59<erikh>it's a tutorial, well written and peer reviewed and probably upwards of 10 years old
12:00<RSully>awesome, had no idea about it
12:00<erikh>but [^a-z] is a POSIX character class as well
12:01<mathew>I learnt a lot with Regex Buddy, trying different things and see how it works
12:01<erikh>it'd pretty much work in every regex style
12:01<HoopyCat>there's also a newer version of the standard called mpreg, which you can google for
12:01<RSully>alright, i'll deff take a look
12:01<erikh>(well, maybe not emacs regex. emacs regex is terrible)
12:02-!-Twayne [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:02<erikh>also, if you plan on using regular expressions a lot, I highly recommend "Mastering Regular Expressions" if you can get your hands on it
12:02<RSully>and uh, I implemented the ^a-z as best I could see fit, and it looks like it broke what I had
12:02<erikh>it teaches you both how to write and understand how teh engines work
12:02<erikh>it's perl-centric, but most regex implementations these days are just clones of perl's anyways
12:02-!-ang [] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
12:02<HoopyCat> can be fun to visualize patterns of modest complexity
12:03<erikh>yeah, that's incorrect
12:03<erikh>[^a-z] == do NOT match a-z
12:03<erikh>[] is a character class
12:03<erikh>a leading ^ means match anything but
12:04<erikh>and a-z is a range from ... lowercase a to z
12:04<RSully>yeah, I got that part of it
12:04<erikh>you probably want /[^a-z]+/
12:04<erikh>if you need to catch multiple occurences, use a global matcher (look for a php function that does it)
12:04-!-Twayne [] has joined #linode
12:04<RSully>well the goal would be, match all uppercase characters ONLY if there are no lowercase characters around
12:04<erikh>see? match 1 or more characters that are not a-z
12:05<erikh>that's what that says.
12:05<RSully> /([^a-z]+)([A-Z]+)([^a-z]+)/
12:05<RSully>Then I would get $2
12:06<erikh>for A-Z, [^a-z] matches
12:06<erikh>because A-Z is *not* a-z
12:06<RSully>but uh
12:06<HoopyCat>^a-z also matches 0-9 and a buncha other misc. characters
12:06<RSully>my goal is to match OMGOMGOMG but not hiHelloThere
12:06<erikh>HoopyCat: right
12:06<erikh>are these delimited by anything else?
12:07<RSully>its json
12:07<RSully>I'm trying to quote objects
12:07<erikh>why the heck are you parsing whitespace with regexes?
12:07<erikh>err, json
12:07<erikh>use a json parser
12:07<erikh>thank me later
12:07<RSully>I'm trying to quote the COLOUR
12:07<erikh>you mean you're trying to do syntax highlighting
12:08<HoopyCat>people with a lot more brains and guts than me have solved this problem using libraries you can import
12:08<RSully>yeah but uh, php json_decode won't allow the consanant
12:08<RSully>syntax highlighting? no
12:09<RSully>my goal is to get a JSON into a php array, but json_decode won't allow the consanant so I am trying to quote it
12:09<erikh>let's wind back a bit
12:09<erikh>where does this data come from?
12:09<HoopyCat>actually, just to put the moose on the table and make sure we're all on the same page: are you on acid?
12:09<RSully>an actionscript source file
12:09<RSully>HoopyCat: no
12:09<HoopyCat>'cuz that's about the only time i've had json in color
12:09<erikh>alright. you're parsing the actionscript?
12:09<HoopyCat>ok, just wanted to make sure :-)
12:09<RSully>erikh: yes
12:10<mathew>HoopyCat, ?
12:10<mathew>random ...
12:10<RSully>I parsed the actionscript "json" variables into PHP strings
12:11<RSully>now I'm trying to json_decode them, but I can't do that with consanants, so I need to put quotes around them
12:11<erikh>I can't help but think that this isn't something that needs to happen dynamically
12:11<HoopyCat>mathew: he was trying to quote the colour, but that was before the actionscript part was mentioned, so it makes more sense now. :-)
12:11-!-KingTarquin [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:11<RSully>heres another two examples
12:11<erikh>does the actionscript change a lot? is what you generate generated a lot?
12:12<RSully>in those examples, I need to quote the FEET and the shell.INVENTORY_EXCLUSIVE
12:12<erikh>it's "constant", btw. not 'consonant'
12:12<erikh>the letter f is a consonant
12:12<laser`>Can you not change the thing generating it?
12:12<RSully>laser`: no
12:13<erikh>well, we can cheat a little
12:13<erikh>I don't know how this rolls in php but i'll explain what the perl code would do:
12:13<erikh>$string =~ s/([A-Z]+),/"$1",/g
12:14-!-TIBS02 [~tibs01@] has quit []
12:14<erikh>basically, this presumes that any fully-capitalized word that leads a comma is matched, and then the data that is relevant in $1 is the capitalized word. Then, we reconstruct the string surrounded by quotes and trailed with a comma.
12:15<erikh>the /g does this globally; in other words, it will do it as many times as it can without modifying data it's already modified.
12:15<erikh>$string contains your json.
12:15<RSully>how would that match
12:15<erikh>you'll need to tweak it to fit your needs
12:15<HoopyCat>erikh: but that would match false, which is probably be suited as a bool and not a string
12:16<HoopyCat>s/ be / best /
12:16<erikh>and if there's any commas in any other part of the data, that would completely fail anyways
12:16<HoopyCat>this data makes me sad
12:16<RSully>HoopyCat: why be that
12:16<RSully>or uh, why would that be
12:17<erikh>regexes aren't complete parsers
12:17-!-cmjb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:17<erikh>that's important to understand.. most of the time it doesn't matter, but in cases like this it's most obvious
12:17<erikh>(see also, parsing HTML)
12:17<RSully>so what would be best in this situation
12:18<HoopyCat>RSully: alternative approach that works in my language of choice: can you define FEET="FEET", PHOTO="PHOTO", etc?
12:18<erikh>a full grammar
12:18<erikh>which is not trivial
12:18<erikh>HoopyCat: php uses sigils
12:18-!-crazed_ [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
12:18<RSully>HoopyCat: yeah, but they're not always going to match like that, they change every once in a while
12:19<HoopyCat>erikh: oh right, that's why this is valid at all...
12:19<erikh>err.. if you were thinking what I was thinking (cheating PHP into interpolating it)
12:19<HoopyCat>i've gone all object-oriented
12:19<erikh>RSully: the safest approach would be to digest the parts of the string and basically recreate the data structure
12:20<erikh>and then, emit fresh json
12:20<RSully>err, seems like a ton of work
12:20<erikh>that's closer to a full grammar though
12:20<RSully>any idea how i'd even go abouts it
12:20<erikh>i'd probably find the first { and last } on each line to get my json
12:20<HoopyCat>... or modify json_decode slightly to do the right thing, since it probably already breaks out the value at some part in there
12:20<erikh>assuming they're all onelinerss
12:20<erikh>then split by comma
12:20<erikh>then split by first :
12:20-!-kklimonda [] has joined #linode
12:20<erikh>they you have a key/value pair
12:21-!-pwnguin [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:21<erikh>HoopyCat: that might prove more trouble.. and json_decode is doing the right thing, it's just that he's not technically playing with json
12:21<erikh>also, in php, i'd put a week's pay on json_decode being written in C
12:21-!-pwnguin [] has joined #linode
12:22<erikh>likely a flex/bison deal
12:22<RSully>yeah so I have one string with one json line
12:22<erikh>right. and you'd break it up into parts.
12:22<erikh>enough parts so you can stuff it all into a hash.
12:22<RSully>but how would I split it up with multiple delimiters. I don't think explode() would work for that
12:22<erikh>preg_split() exists, IIRC
12:22<erikh>but the last time I used php seriously it was.. version 3 or so
12:23<HoopyCat>erikh: if so, that's an ominous sign for our protaganist :-)
12:23<erikh>right. if he's new to regexes I wouldn't want to subject him to the hell that is a shift/reduce conflict.
12:23-!-KingTarquin [] has joined #linode
12:23<RSully>preg_split.. more regex..
12:24<RSully>let me give it a try, then you can tell me where I fail
12:25<erikh>all it does is divide strings by pattern
12:25<RSully>no I know
12:26<RSully>lemme try to get the pattern, then you tell me where I failed
12:26<erikh>sure.. i have work here to do so I may be a little distracted
12:26<erikh>but really, you're not going to learn much from having me code it for you
12:26<erikh>MRE or perlretut will be much more beneficial in the long run.
12:26-!-cmjb [] has joined #linode
12:27<HoopyCat>fwiw, python's simplejson chokes on the string in question w/o quotes, too
12:27<erikh>next time I may be drunk or in jail or something
12:27-!-Guest2541 is now known as dcraig
12:27<erikh>HoopyCat: it's illegal
12:27<erikh>those are actionscript constants
12:27<erikh>that probably evaluate as strings
12:27<erikh>well.... processor macros most likely
12:27-!-dcraig is now known as Guest2546
12:28<HoopyCat>erikh: i figured i'd try it anyway :-)
12:28<erikh>fair enough
12:28-!-MTecknology [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:29-!-katyl [] has quit [Quit: Later]
12:30<HoopyCat>i wonder if there's already an actionscript parser out there
12:31<RSully>erikh: how bad did i do
12:31<HoopyCat> <--- might be an interesting place to check for preexisting wheels
12:31<HoopyCat>RSully: it looks ugly enough to work!
12:31-!-Clooth [] has joined #linode
12:33-!-aziwoqpd [] has quit [Quit: Braaaaaaaaaaaaainnnnnnsss.....]
12:33<erikh>RSully: did you test it?
12:33<RSully>nope, doesn't work
12:33<erikh>i don't see any code here
12:33<erikh>just a regex
12:34-!-aziwoqpd [] has joined #linode
12:34<erikh>break it down considerably
12:36-!-eighty4 [] has joined #linode
12:36<erikh>h = new Hash; json = match(/({[^}]+})/, line); parts = split(/,/, json); for x in parts: key, value = split_first(/:/, x); h[key] = value
12:37<erikh>go write that in php
12:37<erikh>split_first is just a fancy split that stops as soon as it finds the first point to split on
12:38-!-MTecknology [] has joined #linode
12:39<RSully>whats the $key set to O_o
12:40-!-elhippo [] has joined #linode
12:41<eighty4>anyone have a ping test from the london server to sweden?
12:41<RSully> /({[^}]+})/
12:41<RSully>that doesn't translate into PHP correctly
12:45<HoopyCat>eighty4: !mtr-london, or /msg linbot mtr-london ... or you can ping from sweden to london ( i believe?)
12:47<eighty4>HoopyCat: yeah, I was looking at but when I tried pinging it didn't work... But as usual I must have done something wrong since it works now
12:47-!-cmjb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:47-!-cmjb [] has joined #linode
12:48<eighty4>100ms latency, that high :(
12:48<Mumin>about 30 for me to london from .se
12:49<eighty4>Mumin: that sound better :)
12:49<eighty4>Mumin: where in sweden if I may ask?
12:49<RSully>erikh: that regex isn't working
12:49-!-Clooth is now known as Clooth|away
12:49<Mumin>eighty4 southwestern area
12:49<Mumin>should be roughly the same latency everywhere really
12:50<eighty4>Mumin: true, wonder why I get 100 then
12:51<Mumin>traceroute is your friend
12:51<Napta>38ms to london1 here, and I am about 3ft from the data centre :(
12:51*Napta smacks level3
12:51<eighty4>Napta: everything above 10 is to high :)
12:52<Napta>haha, 1ms for network latency, and 37ms for the substation outside the DC inteferring with the copper and giving everyone cancer
12:53<Napta>Actually, disregard my 38ms figure - just remembered that I am in the middle of several xfers
12:53-!-ph^ [~ph^] has joined #linode
12:53<eighty4>now to understand the trace :|
12:53<Napta>It's probably like 14ms
12:54-!-KHobbits [] has joined #linode
12:55<HoopyCat>eighty4: there's usually city names/airport codes/recognizable locations in the names of routers along the way, which you can use to guestimate
12:55<eighty4>lol, it goes by NY
12:56<Mumin>guess that would explain the latency :)
12:56<eighty4>that cant be right...
12:56<eighty4>sweden -> US -> london in 100ms is way to fast
12:56<HoopyCat>eighty4: ok, pastebin that; you might be breaking my record for stupid routing :-)
12:57<HoopyCat>eighty4: also note that it's *round trip* time, so it might be taking a more direct route from london to sweden
12:57-!-cmjb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:57<RSully>HoopyCat and erikh ^
12:58<Demonicpagan>i'm not gettin anywhere with my high load ave,
12:58<eighty4>HoopyCat: I did a visual traceroute but heres one from the console
12:58<Demonicpagan>it's still high as hell
12:58<HoopyCat>eighty4: visual traceroutes are also 95% crap
12:58<linbot>Yaakov: [mtr] 8 hops, telecity.ge9-9.br02.ldn01.pc: 20.0%/90.6ms
12:58<linbot>Yaakov: [mtr] 9 hops, 20.0%/1.2ms
12:59<@Perihelion>Oh wow they fixed this...I used to have two loops from one server to another
12:59<Napta>1.2ms eh
12:59<Napta>Faster than dr who
12:59-!-awnstudio [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:59<Yaakov>That's a lossy hop, it doesn't seem to have made it to New Jersey.
12:59<linbot>Yaakov: [mtr] 9 hops, 20.0%/0.8ms
13:00<eighty4>seems like the graphical traceroute and traceroute jumps differently
13:00-!-Clooth|away is now known as Clooth
13:00-!-KHobbit [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:00<laser`>Graphical traceroutes are only useful if you want to feel like Natalya in GoldenEye
13:00-!-Clooth [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:00<HoopyCat>erikh: looks like between hops 7 and 8 is a big jump; that's between "arn" (? somewhere close to you) and "ams" (amsterdam). oddly, it's within the same network, which makes me go hmm
13:00<eighty4>Anyhow... it seems like the new london servers have decent latency so I might just buy a 360 there
13:00<HoopyCat>eighty4: looks like between hops 7 and 8 is a big jump; that's between "arn" (? somewhere close to you) and "ams" (amsterdam). oddly, it's within the same network, which makes me go hmm
13:00<Mumin>eitherway something is horribly wrong with that routing
13:01<HoopyCat>erikh: your nickname starts with too common of a letter
13:01<linbot>Yaakov: [mtr] 9 hops, 80.0%/0.9ms
13:01<eighty4>HoopyCat: oh! I just realized what that might be
13:01<Yaakov>Wow, 80% loss.
13:01<Yaakov>Something's goofy in old London town.
13:01<HoopyCat>eighty4: the traceroute in the other direction might show an oddity
13:01<eighty4>HoopyCat: bahnhof is my ISP and they're trying to come around the new laws in Sweden demanding ISPs to log all traffice
13:01<erikh>HoopyCat: sorry
13:02<HoopyCat>Yaakov: might just be busy filling out its tax forms or something
13:02<Yaakov>On hop 5 mtr chokes with a ??? and goes no further.
13:02<mathew>lol HoopyCat
13:03<Yaakov>ping gets ~90 ms.
13:03<HoopyCat>Yaakov: weeeird
13:03<Yaakov>Oh, wait... it is going IPv6!
13:03<RSully>108ms here
13:03<Yaakov>Let me fix that.
13:03<mathew>Hobbsee, that reminds me, I have until the end of the month before the tax man kills me
13:03<mathew>I mean HoopyCat*
13:03<Yaakov>That's better, still ~90 ms but no ???
13:04<RSully>HoopyCat: looks like your name starts too common a letter too :P
13:04<HoopyCat>eighty4: ah! and that's why i encrypt everything but the bomb-making instructions i encode in ICMP echo_request packets
13:04<HoopyCat>RSully: hush :-)
13:04<Yaakov>For Newark <--> London IPv4 and HE IPv6 are pretty much the same latency.
13:04<RSully>hmm no hush wouldn't be a good choice either
13:04<HoopyCat>mathew: we're still awaiting forms
13:05-!-jtaji [] has joined #linode
13:05<mathew>HoopyCat, that sucks, hopefully you will get an extension
13:05<mathew>Or do it online
13:05<HoopyCat>mathew: our deadline is april 15
13:05<mathew>Ah, American?
13:05<HoopyCat>mathew: yup
13:05<kklimonda>hmm, how long till my account is processed after registration? do I have to wait for working hours in "linode timezone"?
13:06<@caker>kklimonda: in most cases it's instant
13:06<Yaakov>The IRS sent us a mysterious letter indicating that they have credited our account about $300 in interest for overpaying taxes.
13:06<Yaakov>Not further explanation...
13:06<Yaakov>No, that is.
13:06<HoopyCat>Yaakov: oh shit, does it have a form number or line on the 1040 to denote that?
13:06-!-cmjb [] has joined #linode
13:07<Yaakov>HoopyCat: We are waiting for more information from them. It isn't at all clear... though 300 in interest sounds like a LOT of overpayment, so I am wondering...
13:08<mathew>Yaakov, no doubt you'll get another letter "Sorry, that was a mistake, can we have that money back please"
13:08<Yaakov>Well, they didn't send a check. It's credited to our tax account.
13:08<Yaakov>The next refund check should reflect it.
13:09<Yaakov>But if 300 bucks is the interest, I am wondering about the principal.
13:09<HoopyCat>you can probably mess with their heads by filing a form 8888 to split your refund between two accounts
13:09<Yaakov>I mean, even if it was paid at 10% (which I am sure it is not) that would be 3,000 in a year.
13:10<kklimonda>caker, hmm.. just my luck then I guess ;)
13:10<Yaakov>I'd rather not confuse the issue, if I am getting cash back, HoopyCat!
13:10<@caker>kklimonda: why, what's up?
13:10<Yaakov>Hello, caker!
13:10<HoopyCat>Yaakov: $300 is a particularly magic number, if you recall the economic stimulus checks of the previous few years
13:11-!-RSully [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:11<@caker>kklimonda: what's the username or something I can search on?
13:11<Yaakov>HoopyCat: It isn't excatly 300, and it is clearly called "interest on overpayment of taxes"/.
13:11-!-cmjb [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
13:11<Yaakov>Hmm... "excatly"
13:11-!-cmjb [] has joined #linode
13:11<Yaakov>That's life 10, I huess.
13:11<@caker>nm, found it - kklimonda: you're all set
13:12<kklimonda>caker, asknoone - nothing is up, I'm just used to "instant" registration :)
13:12<@caker>kklimonda: yeah, we watch carefully who we let in .. for everyone's protection
13:12<kklimonda>caker, thanks
13:12*caker is watching you
13:13<@caker>Don't make me turn this channel around!
13:13<Demonicpagan>caker, is freemont67 dealing with any high load IO times? i can't figure out what is causing my high load averages
13:14<Yaakov>caker: Are we there yet?
13:14<HoopyCat>Yaakov: i can find nothing obvious in a quick skim of my books, so congratulations, you're weird!
13:15<mwalling>heh, chesty hijacks cakers name, now caker is chesty colored
13:15<@caker>Demonicpagan: It looks ok to me .. but I made an adjustment. Let me know if that's better
13:16<Demonicpagan>i'm running load averages of load average: 27.07, 27.00, 25.98
13:16<Yaakov>HoopyCat: OK, I am looking. It is actually a 1099! They want us to report it as income. But I don't know where we got that income. They say it might have been in a refund check, or credited to our account... I don't think we recieved it though. And if it is a one year payment... well, that must have been a big overpayment.
13:17<eighty4>caker: == linode staff?
13:17<HoopyCat>eighty4: all the ops are linode staff, so yes :-)
13:17<eighty4>HoopyCat: good good
13:18<eighty4>caker: how do you handle DDOS attacks on users? nullroute and wait until it's resolved?
13:18<@caker>eighty4: if it affects others, yes -- and repeat offenders get asked to find hosting elsewhere
13:19<eighty4>caker: offenders, If I'm the target of a ddos I can't really be called the offender?
13:19<@caker>doesn't matter. DDoSs aren't random
13:20<HoopyCat>Yaakov: hmm... maybe it was a state/local tax refund? that'd usually come from the state/local as a 1099-G tho
13:20<Yaakov>It says. specifically, "federal tax".
13:21<HoopyCat>Yaakov: is it a plain ol' 1099, or a 1099-something?
13:21<eighty4>caker: might be true. But I was recently targeted and I have no idea why...
13:21<Yaakov>Very plain 1099.
13:23<Yaakov>DDoSssSsSssSsssss are attacks by snakes.
13:25<HoopyCat>Yaakov: "Interest you receive on tax refunds is taxable income", Pub 17, pg 59
13:26<Yaakov>Right, I am not surprised. I still come out ahead. I am mostly concerned about what the overpayment was about... the interest makes it seem quite substantial.
13:27-!-jtaji [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:27<HoopyCat>Yaakov: "The law generally provides for interest on your refund if it is not paid within 45 days of the date you filed your return or claim for refund", Pub 17, pg 278... points to Pub 556 for more info
13:28-!-adnc [] has joined #linode
13:28-!-Guest2546 is now known as dcraig
13:28<Yaakov>Well, this was for 2009, and so I would expect to have recieved the money already...
13:28<Yaakov>Oh well, we'll just wait and see.
13:28-!-dcraig is now known as Guest2559
13:30<HoopyCat>Yaakov: i'd assume your memory would have been jogged by this point, so yeah, probably worth giving them a call ;-)
13:30<Yaakov>My wife does the taxes so she can figure it out. :)
13:31<Yaakov>With my latest promotion we might actually have to pay taxes for the first time in years. That is, not get a refund.
13:31-!-kklimonda [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:31<Yaakov>I don't know yet.
13:32<HoopyCat>... did she say something like "sorry, honey, no refund this year" and then mysteriously you found yourself on your family yacht with your family one weekend, wondering exactly when you got a family yacht?
13:35<Yaakov>That was a yacht!? She told me it was a throatwarblermangrove.
13:37-!-kassah_ [] has joined #linode
13:37-!-cmjb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:37<HoopyCat>hmm, say you get a refund anticipation loan (e.g. for a usurious fee, they'll cut you a check right then and put their bank account on the form), but something happens causing the refund to not go through properly. the tax people take a long time to figure this out, by which point the interest policy kicks in. i wonder what THAT would do
13:37-!-cmjb [] has joined #linode
13:39<HoopyCat>and i just noticed the droid commercial on the television includes fine print declaring that it's a lucasfilm trademark used under license... WCPGW
13:39<WoodWork>caker: You there? :)
13:40<mathew>caker, WoodWork fancies you
13:41<mwalling>HoopyCat: the droid website does too
13:41<WoodWork>I was wondering, if it'd be possible to add the number of the hosts load in the Linode Manager .. or is there specific way of telling??
13:41<HoopyCat>mwalling: i figured there was a conflict, but i never bothered to research it enough to figure out how it was resolved
13:41<WoodWork>Didn't mean for the double ? btw.
13:43<@caker>WoodWork: no. hostload is rather meaningless these days
13:43<WoodWork>Ah okay, thanks. :)
13:43-!-cmjb [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
13:44-!-cmjb [] has joined #linode
13:45<WoodWork>Everyone had a good day?
13:45*Demonicpagan is pulling what little hair he has out
13:45-!-Clorith [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:47<Demonicpagan>i seriously cannot find what is causing my high IO wait times
13:47<charlie>caker, Why is host load almost always idle?
13:47<charlie>Even for my Linode 360s, which would have more linodes on the host
13:48<HoopyCat>there is no host
13:49<mwalling>charlie: [01-17] 13:43:00 <@caker> WoodWork: no. hostload is rather meaningless these days
13:49-!-Clorith [] has joined #linode
13:51<@Perihelion>Clorith: Jeg hørte du liker mudkipz.
13:51<HoopyCat>... or, more specifically, i believe the host load is measuring the load on the dom0, which is more of an "equal" of the domUs than a "parent". so, while it can be impacted by the existence of high host load, it doesn't directly have a role in it
13:52<HoopyCat>recall that, under the UML platform, each linode's kernel ran as a process... /proc/loadavg on the host was a pretty darned good measurement then :-)
13:54-!-ShaunR [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
13:55<eighty4>ok, here goes... I'm buying a linode.
13:56<HoopyCat>eighty4: \o/
13:57<eighty4>HoopyCat: never understood that smily :|
13:58<ericoc>i'd love to see a linode android app (like slicehost has)
14:00<eighty4>ericoc: write one?
14:00<ericoc>im only smart enough to use an android app, not to make one
14:01<ericoc>i remember seeing a forum topic about it, but i thought it was old and before the api was what it is now
14:06-!-Redgore [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:06<mwalling>pparadis: /etc/ssh/sshd_config line 87: Directive 'ChrootDirectory' is not allowed within a Match block
14:06<mwalling>pparadis: Version: 1:4.7p1-8ubuntu1.2
14:06<eighty4>HoopyCat: If you have a ref code I'd be glad to use yours
14:06<eighty4>HoopyCat: provided you can answer what that smily means :)
14:06<linbot>Why would you steal money from Linode when you didn't refer this person? ;_; (looking for a referral code? see !referral)
14:06-!-Redgore [] has joined #linode
14:06<linbot>Looking for a referral code? Use this one for free activation: dbe98bfe8cad58e02d9ea22fc98f446240edc909
14:07<mikegrb>mmm bacon
14:07<HoopyCat>eighty4: \o/ is a guy with his arms up in the air, saying hooray. :-) and feel free to use the code of whomever referred you to linode in the first place, or leave it blank and the linode staff will use it to buy bacon
14:07<HoopyCat>mwalling: hmm, i wonder who put THAT there
14:07<deejoe>HoopyCat: are you sure that's not somebody drowning?
14:07<HoopyCat>deejoe: it might be
14:08<deejoe>I always wonder.
14:08<deejoe>Even when I post it myself.
14:08<Peng>HoopyCat: Is that a joke, or do you not know?
14:08<mwalling>Peng: he knows
14:08<eighty4>HoopyCat: the one refering me in the first place don't have a linode account :)
14:08<mikegrb>mmm bacon
14:08<HoopyCat>eighty4: the bacon fund it is, then
14:09<eighty4>HoopyCat: k, just wanted to say thanks for the help :)
14:09<HoopyCat>beer, on the other hand, is always welcome
14:10<eighty4>Pro-rated Total? wtf?
14:10<eighty4>oh, they only charge for half a month
14:10*deejoe is wondering whether or not this whole yum-bacon viral meme isn't just a cardiologist plot
14:10<ericoc>total for the rest of the current month
14:10<HoopyCat>eighty4: billing day is the 1st of the month; that'd be the time from now until the first
14:11<Nivex>linbot: help referral
14:11<linbot>Nivex: (referral <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "echo Looking for a referral code? Use this one for free activation: dbe98bfe8cad58e02d9ea22fc98f446240edc909".
14:11<mwalling>no, its not referralbot
14:11<Nivex>hmm, if it had been a factoid it would have shown who entered it
14:11<mwalling>factoid db broke
14:11<mwalling>so we're back to using aliases
14:11<HoopyCat>that's why we use an external factoid system
14:11<mwalling>!f urmom
14:12<HoopyCat>!f flying cars
14:12<linbot>mwalling: Keep your dirty hands off her.
14:12<linbot>HoopyCat: Results not found. I'm pretty sure straterra ate them
14:12<HoopyCat>see? it knows everything
14:12<eighty4>HoopyCat: If you're ever in Sweden I'll buy you a beer
14:13-!-memenode [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:14-!-MonkeyIsland [MonkeyIsla@] has joined #linode
14:14<eighty4>now to figure out what dist I should go with. ubuntu 8.04, 8.10 64bit/32bit?
14:15<mwalling>do you know you need 64bit?
14:16<HoopyCat>eighty4: 32-bit unless you have a really good reason, and whichever distro you're most comfortable with. make it two beers and i'll tell you which i use
14:16<thegodlikehobo>cat on keyboard, disregard
14:16<eighty4>no, cant say I know that I need it. But my slices been running 64 and I havent had any problems with that
14:16<MTecknology>I use 9.10 64bit; I need the 64bit
14:16<eighty4>MTecknology: need 64bit for?
14:16<mwalling>if you dont know you need it, you need it.
14:17<mwalling>if you dont know you need it, you dont need it.
14:17<MTecknology>You guys know of any web app that I can use asa password storage tool that can let users share passwords between a group of users?
14:17<HoopyCat>eighty4: there's a noticeable memory penalty with 64 bit; whether it's a big deal or not depends on what you're doing
14:17<eighty4>9.10 then, 32-bit
14:18<HoopyCat>MTecknology: not off the top of my head, but somehow, that made the hair on the back of my neck stick straight up
14:18<eighty4>but it'll have to wait, it's getting late. Need to go for a run now...
14:18<MTecknology>eighty4: I run a custom kernel, and xen seems to hate doing that on 32bit; else I'd be using it
14:18<mikegrb>mmm bacon
14:18<HoopyCat>that's why america rules the world! we eat bacon and don't waste time running about for exercise
14:19<mwalling>HoopyCat: cisco passwords?
14:20<mwalling>HoopyCat: the local administrator account for every deployed desktop in the company/
14:20<HoopyCat>32-bit pv_grub works for me, but kernels are all black magic anyway, so i will not discount that approach :-)
14:20<MonkeyIsland>my postfix stopped sending mails. I have /usr/lib/postfix/trivial-rewrite pid 7430 exit status 1 in my syslog
14:20<HoopyCat>mwalling: indeed; the web app aspect makes me nervous tho.
14:21<MonkeyIsland>or warning: problem talking to service
14:21<MTecknology>HoopyCat: It didn't work for me; I'm also using 9.10 if that makes a difference
14:23<HoopyCat>MTecknology: i haven't tried compiling my own on 9.10 yet, but if you recall yesterday i said my personal record was 5 config profiles and 13 images...
14:23<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: what changed since the last time postfix was restarted?
14:23<Demonicpagan>... my gawd this is rediculous ...
14:24<eighty4>HoopyCat: 4.81km
14:24<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: Hi :), I don't remember the last time it was restarted. maybe after last night I had issue with the php-fastcgi
14:24<MTecknology>HoopyCat: I don't actively listen in every channel.. I'm not compiling, the distro maintainer has the features I need
14:25<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: I had also tried to setup dovecot, but I got myself more confused. So there's a dovecot on system that doesn't work too :(
14:25<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: couldn't setup my smtp mail
14:26<MTecknology>MonkeyIsland: dpkg-reconfigure dovecot :)
14:26<WoodWork>MonkeyIsland: If you're starting from nothing, and little linux skills I recommend installed virtualmin/webmin which installs / configures everything and gives you a nice interface to work with.
14:26<HoopyCat>MTecknology: it took a few tries... ubuntu moved their xen support to -ec2, since obviously it's 2009 and xen is totally 2008
14:26<@caker>Demonicpagan: what's "ps auxhf" look like?
14:27<@caker>Demonicpagan: ", 0 stopped, 0 zombie
14:27<HoopyCat>MTecknology: it took a little bit of poking to make life happy
14:27<MTecknology>I bet, I hate managing mail servers
14:27<@caker>Demonicpagan: "1 running, 182 sleeping" yet loadavg in the 20s is suspicious
14:27<MTecknology>especially for multiple domains
14:27<HoopyCat>eighty4: in 6 minutes?! :-)
14:27<Nivex>the high iowait time caught my attention
14:27<Nivex>gotta find the process that's doing all that IO
14:27-!-adnc [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:28<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: /etc/init.d/postfix restart, and pastebin what shows up around that in mail.log?
14:28<@caker>pretty sure waiting for IO counts as running
14:29<@caker>maybe not in top ... hmm
14:29-!-Guest2559 is now known as dcraig
14:29<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: mail.log? /var/log/mail.log?
14:29-!-dcraig is now known as Guest2567
14:30<MonkeyIsland>WoodWork: isn't it a complete control panel?
14:30<HoopyCat>Demonicpagan: 815MB of memory free, so very probably not swap-thrashy... pastebin "vmstat 1 30"? (it'll take 30 seconds)
14:30<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: yeah
14:31<mwalling>caker: thought that was the D state (as opposed to R)
14:31<@caker>Demonicpagan: fwiw, you're the largest io consumer on your host .. not that you're doing a ton -- but you're pulling a fair number of writes
14:31<@caker>mwalling: yeah - it counts towards loadavg, but where are D state procs counted in top? sleeping? That doesn't seem right
14:31<MTecknology>caker: what's mine look like?
14:31<Demonicpagan>i'm trying to pull it down, it's never been that high until recently
14:32<@caker>Demonicpagan: mind pastebinnnnning "ps auxhf" ? ... I'm curious
14:32<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: the file is 3 mb
14:32<Demonicpagan>i'll pastebin both
14:33<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: trying to dl it and pastebin the last lines of it
14:33<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: yes, so pastebin the part right after you /etc/init.d/postfix restart
14:33<mwalling>huh, donno
14:33<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: "G" in less will go to the end of the file, too
14:34<HoopyCat>caker: delicious!
14:34-!-Reisen [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:34<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: I'm using nano for the file?
14:34<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat was abotu to ask how to jump to the end of it
14:34<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: ..?
14:34<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: using nano
14:34<WoodWork>MonkeyIsland: Yeah, some people perfer it, some don't.
14:34-!-samferry [] has joined #linode
14:34<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: nano's an editor; editing logs is a bad idea :-) use less
14:35<Demonicpagan>here ya go caker and HoopyCat:
14:35<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: G is not taking me to the end of the file in less
14:36<HoopyCat>Demonicpagan: ... sendmail?!
14:37<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: capital G, right?
14:37-!-Reisen [] has joined #linode
14:38<Nivex>ooooh, lookee all those sendmail processes in 'D' state
14:38<HoopyCat>Demonicpagan: take a look at your mail log; your sendmail's got a lot of stuff in iowait, and i wonder if it's gone nutty
14:38-!-grawity [] has quit [Quit: Read error: 42 (Entropy overflow)]
14:39<@caker>Demonicpagan: yeah -- now your node is doing some serious writes
14:39<HoopyCat>Demonicpagan: also, it appears to not be demoting itself to an unprivledged user after starting... you might wanna check your config at your convenience. (i think sendmail's supported that for awhile now)
14:40<Demonicpagan>i'm seeing this in my mail.log: Jan 17 13:39:18 fenrir sm-mta[17053]: o0FC05sJ008618: to=<>, delay=2+07:39:13, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=esmtp, pri=14700662,, dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred: Connection refused by
14:40<@pparadis>mwalling: what ubuntu version is that?
14:40<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: warning: mysql query failed: Incorrect information in file: './virtual_email/virtual_aliases.frm'
14:41<mwalling>2 months after the feature was added to openssh, so thats why its not there
14:41<@pparadis>mwalling: yeah, ssh is too only to support the directive there.
14:41<@pparadis>i'll add a note to the intro paragraph that 8.04 isn't supported.
14:41<@pparadis>thanks for the heads up :)
14:41<@pparadis>wow, "too only" should be "too old"
14:41<mwalling>i was wondering what the hell you were doing
14:41<HoopyCat>Demonicpagan: a whole buncha that? how does "mailq" look?
14:41<mwalling>then i stopped thinking about that when images of mikegrb came to mind
14:41<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: Is it because of dovecot?
14:42<Peng>What's this about SSH?
14:42<HoopyCat>Demonicpagan: if you've got a lot of stuff in queue, mailq will probably take a little while to run, as it's rather IO-intensive in sendmail.
14:42-!-ph^ [~ph^] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:43<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: i believe it's referring to /etc/postfix/virtual_email/virtual_aliases.frm
14:44<Demonicpagan>Hoopy, i'm running it now
14:44<HoopyCat>Demonicpagan: sendmail is remarkably good at burrowing itself into an I/O hole with a large number of messages in queue
14:45<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: no idea how to fix it. sorry for my noobiness
14:46<mwalling>Peng: pay attention
14:46-!-ShaunR [] has joined #linode
14:46<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: pastebin it? worth an eyeballing, i suppose :-)
14:46*Demonicpagan looks for his sendmail config
14:46<Peng>mwalling: :(
14:47<Peng>mwalling: Ah, /lastlog got it. Never mind. :)
14:47<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: /etc/postfix/virtual_email/virtual_aliases.frm => no file there.
14:48<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: is there an /etc/postfix/virtual_email directory?
14:48<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCta: o
14:49<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCay: no
14:49<MonkeyIsland>omg sorry. HoopyCat*
14:50<HoopyCat>Demonicpagan: if it's anything like my used to be, it'll be the file that looks like russian line noise with a comment at the top saying "DOWN, NOT ACROSS" :-)
14:50<HoopyCat>... but that was before they allowed O's and R's to have names longer than one character
14:51<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: hmmm... try: grep virtual_aliases.frm /etc/postfix/*
14:51<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: something might be mentioning it by name
14:52<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: check that: grep -r virtual_aliases.frm /etc/postfix/*
14:52<HoopyCat>recurse a bit
14:52<MonkeyIsland>nothing happens
14:53<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: ok, take a look at /etc/postfix/virtual/
14:53<MonkeyIsland>file exists
14:53-!-Makkara [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:53-!-K-Zodron| [] has joined #linode
14:53-!-Niklas-b_ [] has joined #linode
14:53<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: figured it probably did. pastebin it?
14:54-!-Niklas-b [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:57<HoopyCat>query = SELECT 1 FROM virtual_domains WHERE name='%s'
14:57<HoopyCat>that looks weird
14:58<HoopyCat>but i suppose it's correct, upon further review
14:58-!-Clorith [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:59-!-Clorith [] has joined #linode
14:59<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: try this: postmap -q mysql:/etc/postfix/virtual/
14:59<MonkeyIsland>maybe dovecot put it there? I messed up with dovecot before. but my postfix was still working
14:59<Demonicpagan>HoopyCat, i found
14:59<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: also try -q
15:00<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: maybe... it's stuff related to pulling mail routing configuration out of mysql
15:00<MonkeyIsland>postmap: warning: mysql query failed: Incorrect information in file: './virtual_email/virtual_domains.frm'
15:00-!-vuf [~am@] has joined #linode
15:01<MonkeyIsland>command not found for -q
15:01<Demonicpagan>and mailq is finished
15:01<Demonicpagan>Total requests: 3406
15:02<eighty4>HoopyCat: na, in 25
15:02<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: postmap -q mysql:/etc/..... returned command not found?
15:02<eighty4>HoopyCat: im in _horrible_ shape
15:03<MonkeyIsland>postmap: fatal: usage: postmap [-Nfinoprsvw] [-c config_dir] [-d key] [-q key] [map_type:]file...
15:04<Clorith>best way to move mysql from one server to another (different versions), and retaining privileges etc?
15:07<HoopyCat>Demonicpagan: that's a beefy number
15:08<mikegrb>mmm bacon
15:08<HoopyCat>eighty4: try eating more bacon! :-)
15:08<mikegrb>mmm bacon
15:08<eighty4>crazy americans and your bacon
15:08<mikegrb>mmm bacon
15:08<laser`>American bacon is really quite poor :(
15:08-!-Turl [~Turl@] has joined #linode
15:08<Demonicpagan>yeah, i'm currently looking at how to handle the unpriviledged user deal
15:08<MonkeyIsland>wow another word from mikegrb
15:09<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: so you do it -q and it gives the "Incorrect information in file" error, and you do it -q and it gives a usage error?
15:09-!-elfgoh [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:09<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: what's your virtual_domains table in the virtual_email database look like?
15:09<eighty4>now to config my linode
15:09<eighty4>what do you guys call your "slice"?
15:09<Clorith>well, linode =P
15:10<MonkeyIsland>both gives:
15:10<MonkeyIsland>postmap: fatal: usage: postmap [-Nfinoprsvw] [-c config_dir] [-d key] [-q key] [map_type:]file...
15:12<HoopyCat>Demonicpagan: for what it's worth, i switched away from sendmail ~years ago because it did not perform well under heavy loads, but i'm not sure how well sendmail handles big queues these days. (i'm tempted to say "not very well, obviously" but that wouldn't be fair. :-)
15:13-!-Tallken [] has joined #linode
15:14<HoopyCat>Demonicpagan: (that said, if you DON'T normally push enough mail volume for 3406 to be a reasonable number of messages in queue, you've probably got a problem)
15:18<MonkeyIsland>what I supposed to do something?
15:19<Demonicpagan>need to find some docs on how to change the user
15:19<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: i was recommending you take a look at your virtual_domains table in the virtual_email mysql database and see how that looks
15:20-!-zack_ [] has joined #linode
15:20-!-madteto [] has joined #linode
15:21<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: dovecot had made them before
15:21<madteto>I'm trying to setup an apache server
15:21<madteto>getting the error: apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName
15:21<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: but I couldn't get dovecot to work, probably after a reboot, dovecot is messing with the postfix
15:21<madteto>any clue how to solve that?
15:21<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: I have tried to install dovecot with this:
15:22<madteto>I get this error when I run /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
15:22-!-saikat [] has joined #linode
15:23<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: well, postfix is looking for information on which domains it should handle by querying the virtual_domains table, for better or for worse
15:23<Peng>madteto: I note that that error message has many results on Google.
15:25-!-ferric [] has joined #linode
15:26<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: the tables there are corrupted
15:27<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: Can't repair them either
15:27-!-bryen [] has joined #linode
15:27-!-zack_ [] has quit [Quit: zack_]
15:28<ferric>is there anyway to kill a job in the queue?
15:29<mwalling>mortals cant do it
15:29<@caker>ferric: I don't really understand your request
15:29<eighty4> is in london, right? So if my node is in london I should set that as primary dns?
15:29<ferric>mwalling: gotcha
15:30<@caker>eighty4: ns* aren't resolvers
15:30<@caker>they're authoritative only
15:30-!-Guest2567 is now known as dcraig
15:30<ferric>caker: i just issued a backup snapshot job, then a resize and then a reboot, but the backup is going to take an hour or so and i want to kill the resize till the backup finishes
15:30<mwalling>eighty4: if you put ns? in /etc/resolv.conf, you're doing it wrong
15:30<@caker>eighty4: the DNS servers listed on your Linode's Network subtab are local to the facility your Linode is in
15:30<ferric>but i opened a ticket.
15:30-!-dcraig is now known as Guest2578
15:30<eighty4>caker: ok, do it doesn't matter. I have very limited dns/nameserver/... knowledge :)
15:30<eighty4>mwalling: admin panel...
15:31<@caker>ferric: in the past 3 minutes, i've watched it go from 15% to 33% done ... I doubt it'll be an hour
15:31<@caker>now 40%...
15:31<ferric>oh you're right
15:32<ferric>but what about all the 3 customers my startup is going to lose with this downtime! ;-)
15:32<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: that would be why your mail server is boned
15:32*ferric closes the ticket.
15:32<@caker>ferric: that's why you need a few more Linodes and some HA goodness going on
15:32<ferric>caker: one day :-)
15:33<@caker>I tried...
15:33<ferric>caker: what do you people recommend for HA stuff? third party load balancer?
15:33<madteto>hey everyone\
15:33<@caker>ferric: I've been looking a lot into HAProxy lately. That, and our ip-failover/sharing stuff, and some heartbeat, and it'd be a pretty set setup
15:33<madteto>i'm setting up apache for the first time
15:33-!-jtaji [] has joined #linode
15:33<madteto>but i'm getting the error: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName
15:34<ferric>caker: hm, cool. will look into it as well.
15:34<madteto>when I restart apache
15:34<madteto>any clue why i'm getting that?
15:34<eighty4>stupid... why wont it let me change ns to linode... one day I'll have to learn how this actually works
15:34<@caker>madteto: I bet Google knows
15:34<ferric>caker: any idea how long a disk resize will take?
15:34<mwalling>ferric: whats the phase of the moon?
15:34-!-sorressean [~notI@] has joined #linode
15:34<@caker>ferric: an fsck plus (longer for resize down, not that long for resize up)
15:34<madteto>professor google gives too many answers and none of them are relevant to linode
15:34<ferric>mwalling: haha
15:35<ferric>caker: oh, resize runs fsck post-resize?
15:35<mwalling>madteto: are you using a custom build provided by linode?
15:35<mwalling>madteto: why would that "error" (its not) need linode relevant results?
15:35<ferric>caker: but aren't fsck's mad fast with ext3?
15:36<HoopyCat>madteto: i believe that means apache is configured wrong, in some way... is your ServerName set right?
15:36<@caker>ferric: who told you that? :)
15:36<ferric>caker: i thought that was the advantage of a journaling fs!
15:36<HoopyCat>ferric: not if you choose the "don't just tell me it's fine, actually check and make sure it's fine" option :-)
15:36<@caker>ferric: well, for recovery, yes -- but a full fsck is the same speed as ext2
15:37<ferric>HoopyCat: hahaha - "file not found, should i fake it? (Y/Y)"
15:37<ferric>caker: oh, good to know.
15:37<HoopyCat>ferric: pretty much, yeah ;-)
15:37-!-cmjb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:37<madteto>HoppyCat: I'm going to check
15:37<eighty4>If I want to make linode handle my domain I should "Add new domain zone" at the admin panel for linode and also point the domains nameserver settings to linodes ns{1,2,3} right?
15:38<eighty4>or am I doing this completely wrong?
15:38<HoopyCat>madteto: should be something that resolves to your public IP
15:38<madteto>good tip
15:38*HoopyCat crosses fingers
15:38<@caker>+ {4,5} .. correct, eighty4
15:38<HoopyCat>!library dns manager
15:38<madteto>i'm going to check my http config files
15:38<linbot>HoopyCat: 1. Linux Administration Basics ( - 2. Configuring DNS with the Linode Manager ( - 3. Sitemap (
15:39<HoopyCat>eighty4: #2 above will run you through it :-)
15:39<HoopyCat>usually, when i use !f or !library, i don't get what i want... the only time i get what i want every time is with !urmom
15:39<eighty4>HoopyCat: yeah, that's what I'm reading
15:39-!-sysErroR [] has joined #linode
15:40-!-cmjb [] has joined #linode
15:40<eighty4>HoopyCat: except that loopia don't like me trying to change ns{1,2,3..} to
15:41<HoopyCat>eighty4: what's it throwing, error-wise?
15:42<eighty4>HoopyCat: Some of the fields have illegal values...
15:42<eighty4>I'm forcing the change :)
15:43<HoopyCat>so, is it me, or has every NFL playoff game so far this season been decided in the first quarter? why am i exposing myself to hazardous doses of joebuckium?
15:43<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: it couldnt' connect to db cause yesterday we edited mysql and turned off innodb support. the tables were innodb
15:44<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: I changed the tables to myisam and it is working now :)
15:44<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: \o/
15:44<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: Thank YOU for taking time :)
15:44<HoopyCat>(there's a conversion tool for that?)
15:44<ferric>what's a good ftpd to run?
15:45<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: how do I create smtp account like with postfix?
15:45<HoopyCat>ferric: short answer: if you can avoid it, none
15:45<ferric>HoopyCat: oh right - i am running ssh, so i could just use scp
15:45<ferric>HoopyCat: thx for the reminder, tho.
15:46<HoopyCat>ferric: ... wow, you're the first person to ever respond to that positively :-)
15:46<HoopyCat>mwalling: ^--- HOLY SHIT
15:46<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: hmm... for authenticating outgoing mail? offhand i don't recall, but there's something in that tutorial probably
15:47-!-BBHoss [~bbhoss@] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
15:47<ferric>HoopyCat: haha. i've had too many boxes root'd now so i'm surprised I even asked the question :-) damn these windows users asking you for insecure stuff
15:48-!-BBHoss [~bbhoss@] has joined #linode
15:48<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: INSERT INTO virtual_users (id, domain_id, user, password) VALUES (1, 1, 'chantra', MD5('chantra'));
15:48<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: where 1, 1, chantra, and chantra are different as required
15:49-!-Turl [~Turl@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
15:49<ferric>caker: o crap - the resize failed, since i just did a backup.
15:50<HoopyCat>ferric: there's still a buncha stuff out there that does ftp, and there's a couple things that are easier with ftp than scp/sftp (for now), but one of these days...
15:51<HoopyCat>hmm, was the backup still in progress? shouldn't bust it up *too* bad... *thinks*
15:51<HoopyCat>but it mighta
15:52-!-confounds [] has joined #linode
15:52<vuf>i have a hard time securing scp users from one another
15:53<ferric>HoopyCat: yeah, i just got them to use filezilla and now their isp is blocking outgoing to port 22 - fun! re: the backup i think it is a known issue that resize immediately after backup doesn't work
15:53<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: I'll look into it. gotta sleep. had a long day
15:54<HoopyCat>MonkeyIsland: np. g'nite!
15:54<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: Thanks a TON!! I'll bother you again later :)
15:54<MonkeyIsland>HoopyCat: Take care
15:54-!-MonkeyIsland [MonkeyIsla@] has quit []
15:55<HoopyCat>ferric: ... seriously? blocking outgoing to port 22? blurrgh. well, i suppose it happens, and is why lish listens on 443 too...
15:55<HoopyCat>vuf: came across the wire recently
15:56<mwalling>(not on 8.04)
15:57-!-delta2038 [] has joined #linode
15:59<ferric>HoopyCat: can I put two Port lines in the sshd_config file?
15:59-!-v0lksman [] has joined #linode
15:59<ferric>HoopyCat: like Port 22\nPort 443 or will that mess it up
15:59-!-Demonicpagan [] has quit [Quit: Demonicpagan]
16:00<ferric>ok it worked, nvm.
16:00<vuf>HoopyCat, having to create uids for each user is part of the problem
16:01-!-delta2038 [] has quit []
16:03<HoopyCat>ferric: did it work? haven't tried it myself :-)
16:05<HoopyCat>vuf: not having a uid for each user is a bit of a limited case... once you get out of the realm of static file hosting, e.g. letting folks use php, they're gonna need their own uid anyway
16:07-!-cmjb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:07-!-zack_ [] has joined #linode
16:07-!-cmjb [] has joined #linode
16:08<ferric>HoopyCat: yeah, it did
16:08<HoopyCat>ferric: nice
16:09<vuf>HoopyCat, if I let people use php, chrooting sftp is of little use
16:09<vuf>(anyway i got it all worked out by now, but it was a lot more work than pure-ftpd)
16:10<HoopyCat>vuf: chroot php! :-)
16:10<HoopyCat>vuf: nod... on the bright side, your customers ain't letting their passwords fly around
16:11<vuf>HoopyCat, i actually did chroot php for a few years, it gave me a nice warm feeling, and lots of problems
16:13<eighty4>any suggestion on what to install to be able to send mail from my node, just send mail, not receive
16:13<vuf>eighty4, postfix
16:13<HoopyCat>unrelatedly, "Made With Real Sugar" is, when you think about it, a relatively disturbing marketing adjective for a product
16:13<HoopyCat>eighty4: which distro?
16:13<eighty4>HoopyCat: ubuntu 9.10
16:14<ferric>hm, ok the resizes are still failing
16:14<eighty4>oh :) linode guide (stupid me didn't search there)
16:14<ferric>i'll give it a few i guess
16:14<HoopyCat>the fog is getting thicker, and library is getting larrrrrger
16:17<HoopyCat>ferric: what's the error it's failing with?
16:18<ferric>HoopyCat: lv_resize: Image is currently snapshotted
16:18<HoopyCat>ferric: ok! your guess is as good as mine :-)
16:18<HoopyCat>caker! he broke it!
16:20-!-madtet [] has joined #linode
16:20-!-DesertPanther [~Khalid@] has joined #linode
16:20<HoopyCat>p.s. to whomever runs omegle:
16:21<DesertPanther>hello guys, just purchased a new VPS from linode, not sure about which datacenter should I choose, and ideas/suggestions?
16:21<HoopyCat>oh, whomever-runs-omegle already knows. *finishes reading comment thread*
16:21<vuf>DesertPanther, i would pick london
16:22<DesertPanther>vuf, why?
16:22<HoopyCat>DesertPanther: ... where are you, and where are your people?
16:22<vuf>DesertPanther, because I'm in Europe
16:22<Yaakov>RELEASE ALL ZIG!
16:22<DesertPanther>HoopyCat, I am in Egypt, my people are everywhere :)
16:23<HoopyCat>DesertPanther: london or newark would be my first two choices from there :-)
16:23<DesertPanther>HoopyCat, why?
16:23<HoopyCat>DesertPanther: geography
16:23<DesertPanther>maybe London is the fastest because it is the newest one?
16:24<mwalling>quit speculating
16:24<DesertPanther>okay, sorry :)
16:24<DesertPanther>will start the download now
16:24<HoopyCat>DesertPanther: all of the datacenters are roughly equivalent; linode keeps things pretty constant from datacenter to datacenter
16:25<DesertPanther>that's good to hear
16:25<mwalling>would you sign a contract with an inferrior datacenter?
16:25<TimothyA>if it saves me a couple of pennies; OF COURSE!
16:26<vuf>i was at dreamhost
16:26<mwalling>theres your first problem
16:27<HoopyCat>ok, the cat likes coffee again
16:28-!-getsmart [] has joined #linode
16:29-!-v0lksman [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
16:29-!-ph^ [~ph^] has joined #linode
16:31-!-Guest2578 is now known as dcraig
16:31-!-dcraig is now known as Guest2583
16:32-!-gmcharlt [~gmcharlt@] has joined #linode
16:33-!-gmcharlt [~gmcharlt@] has quit []
16:37-!-bryen [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:37-!-gmcharlt [~gmcharlt@] has joined #linode
16:40<HoopyCat>Linode Sports welcomes you to the following presentation of the National Bacon League.
16:41<TimothyA>it's an american sport?
16:42<jtsage>it shouldn't be. although, I suspect it'd be tough to fill a jewish team...
16:43<mikegrb>mmm bacon
16:43<HoopyCat>everyone can appreciate a large glass of milk, a few slices of bacon, and a plate of tofu neggs
16:43-!-Clorith [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:43<HoopyCat>and a cup of irish coffee
16:43-!-Clorith [] has joined #linode
16:52-!-Niklas-b [] has joined #linode
16:52-!-Niklas-b_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:56-!-nb_ [] has joined #linode
16:58<linbot>nb_: Yo momma's so fugly even SelfishMan wouldn't touch her! (773:15/0) [rmomu]
16:58<SelfishMan>That's not true. I'll try anything once
17:01-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has joined #linode
17:02-!-stanix [] has quit []
17:02-!-nelchael [~nelchael@] has joined #linode
17:05-!-getsmart [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
17:08<atula>I'm getting a syntax error
17:08<Nivex>then yes, there is.
17:08<atula>well okay. could you help me spot the error in this query: GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP, INDEX, ALTER, CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES, CREATE VIEW, EVENT, TRIGGER, SHOW VIEW, CREATE ROUTINE, ALTER ROUTINE, EXECUTE ON `db_name` . * TO 'username'@'localhost';
17:08<SelfishMan>why not just use grant all since you just granted everything
17:08<synapt>atula: GRANT ALL would be simplest
17:08-!-internalkernel [~caleb@] has left #linode [Leaving.]
17:09<SelfishMan>GRANT ALL on urmom.* to 'urmom'@'localhost' identified by 'urmom';
17:09<HoopyCat>i'm dubious about those spaces and `'s
17:09<Nivex>SelfishMan: USE urmom;
17:09<SelfishMan>also, it is very specifically 'db_name.*' not '`db_name` . *'
17:09<HoopyCat>Nivex: it's implicit
17:09<Nivex>HoopyCat: oh I know, I just thought it sounded funny.
17:10<SelfishMan>Nivex: everyone knows you don't need to USE urmom before GRANTING ALL ON urmom
17:10<atula>you're right
17:10<atula>that is easier..
17:10<HoopyCat>and instead of using grant all, i usually use peach schnapps on urmom
17:11<synapt>atula: Notice SelfishMan's comment as well, as that will fix your syntax error
17:11<HoopyCat>afk, setting butter on fire
17:11<SelfishMan>HoopyCat: I prefer McGillicuddy's
17:11<atula>identified by bit, right ?
17:11<synapt>no, the 'db_name.*'
17:11<SelfishMan>atula: the db_name part is what is screwing you
17:12<eighty4>"Warning: Application 'openssl', version '0.9.8g', is out of date, and possibly a security risk." Nice...
17:12<synapt>While you can wrap database names with `` in say, SELECT, UPDATE, etc, in that you do not
17:12<synapt>er db/table
17:12<SelfishMan>2010-01-17 17:09:42 < SelfishMan> also, it is very specifically 'db_name.*' not '`db_name` . *'
17:13-!-ph^ [~ph^] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:15-!-Turl [] has joined #linode
17:17-!-nelchael [~nelchael@] has quit [Quit: nelchael]
17:18-!-nelchael [~nelchael@] has joined #linode
17:18<nelchael>Any tips how long 'account activation
17:18<nelchael>* takes?
17:18<SelfishMan>!f how long does account activation take?
17:18<linbot>SelfishMan: Screw you, SelfishMan
17:18<SelfishMan>what the hell
17:19<SelfishMan>nelchael: typically instant unless there are flags in which case it is usually within a couple of hours
17:19-!-nelchael [~nelchael@] has quit []
17:20-!-nelchael [~nelchael@] has joined #linode
17:20<HoopyCat>eighty4: huh, that's the version i'm using. what's throwing that error?
17:20<HoopyCat>well, specifically, i'm using 0.9.8g-4ubuntu3.9
17:20<nelchael>SelfishMan: Thanks.
17:20<eighty4>HoopyCat: rkhunter
17:21<eighty4>HoopyCat: it's the latest for Ubuntu it seems
17:21<HoopyCat>eighty4: you've been rooted already?!
17:21<eighty4>HoopyCat: I'm guessing that rkhunter is just overly protective
17:21<eighty4>HoopyCat: nono
17:21-!-madtet [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:21<eighty4>HoopyCat: But I'm taking steps to prevent it from happening :)
17:22<eighty4>i.e. runnning rkhunter every night
17:22<HoopyCat>eighty4: ah... not leaving rkhunter installed would be a good idea, since you can't trust the copy running on the system you suspect has been rootkitted
17:22<HoopyCat>but some crackers are lazy
17:23<DesertPanther>how can *ping* each datacenter?
17:23<Solver>true but I always install a fresh copy if investigating a possible breakin
17:23<eighty4>HoopyCat: you're saying I should write a script that installs, runs, uninstalls :)
17:23<eighty4>HoopyCat: that wouldn't be better then leaving it
17:23-!-nelchael [~nelchael@] has quit []
17:23<HoopyCat>DesertPanther: <--- then use ping on each hostname
17:24<DesertPanther>okay thanks
17:24<Solver>chkrootkit id easy to install in /tmp
17:24<nb_>basically is where to ping DesertPanther
17:24<nb_>newark1, fremont1, london1, dallas1 and atlanta1
17:24<DesertPanther>nb_, thanks
17:24<HoopyCat>eighty4: well, you can't trust the package management system either ;-) (you're fine, ignore me)
17:24<nb_>DesertPanther: no problem
17:25-!-kassah [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:25-!-Turl [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
17:27<eighty4>HoopyCat: :)
17:27-!-cmjb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:27<eighty4>Now to figure out why http://ip redirects to wrong domain
17:30-!-cmjb [] has joined #linode
17:32-!-Guest2583 is now known as dcraig
17:32-!-gmcharlt [~gmcharlt@] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
17:33-!-dcraig is now known as Guest2587
17:36-!-tarpman [] has quit [Quit: brb]
17:36-!-mathew [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:37<DesertPanther>it is better to have 2 x RAM size for the swap partition, right?
17:37<eighty4>I guess it's some reverse lookup and that then points to the wrong ip and so on
17:37-!-Clorith [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:37-!-Clorith [] has joined #linode
17:37<eighty4>DesertPanther: that was the rule back in the days... not sure now
17:38<DesertPanther>eighty4, I know it is an old concept, but I guess it is still working
17:38<jtsage>eighty4- http://<your ip> will bring up whichever virtualhost is the default (a.k.a. the first if there is no documentroot outside of a vhost
17:39<jtsage>DesertPanther- in practice, it's best to keep your vps from swapping - however, that's not to say you shouldn't have any swap. I've heard a lot of people do 1xRAM, i still do 2xRAM (old habits die hard)
17:40<DesertPanther>yep :D
17:40<eighty4>jtsage: I'm not sure I understood that
17:40<jtsage>eighty4- you are refering to apache configuration?
17:41-!-tarpman [] has joined #linode
17:41<eighty4>jtsage: no :)
17:41<HoopyCat>DesertPanther: go with 256MB or less
17:41<HoopyCat>if you're that far into swap, you're boned
17:41<eighty4>jtsage: I've just moved a domain to linode
17:41<jtsage>ah, disregard anything I said then. /me shuts the hell up :)
17:41<SelfishMan>linode staff types have repeatedly said to use 256 or 512 for swap. If you are digging 256MB into swap you will feel it severely anyway
17:41-!-gmcharlt [~gmcharlt@] has joined #linode
17:42<HoopyCat>for my site that is prone to explosion, i set it to 128MB
17:42<eighty4>jtsage: When accessing http:// ip my nginx install is rewriting that to and that still points to my old slice
17:42<eighty4>jtsage: I think
17:42<jtsage>gotcha - no clue how nginx goes about handling that. I've only used apache and lighttpd :)
17:43<SelfishMan>you sure it isn't the site doing the rewrite?
17:43<eighty4>jtsage: I see no point in using apache and I find nginx easier to config then lighttpd
17:43<SelfishMan>several blog and cms apps will rewrite to the configured domain
17:44-!-Redgore [] has quit [Quit: Peace and Protection 4.22.2]
17:44<jtsage>eighty4- i learned on apache, went to lighttpd about a year ago to learn something else - i haven't had time to play with nginx yet :) someday maybe
17:44<eighty4>SelfishMan: I'm not really sure whats rewriting it, I'm doing a to rewrite
17:44<SelfishMan>are you sure you aren't doing ! to
17:44<eighty4>not really important, when the dns changes kicks in it all should work (I hope)
17:44-!-arthurb [] has joined #linode
17:47<eighty4>So. no password login for ssh, only two ports open (done with iptables), nginx + php-cgi - mysql + git installed. What more do I need to do?
17:48<jtsage>backups? :)
17:48<eighty4>jtsage: that comes last
17:49<eighty4>jtsage: once everything is setup I plan to make a backup image of it
17:49<jtsage>makes sense
17:49<eighty4>and then I'll just be developing and that's "backuped" with git
17:49<jtsage>until you get hosed before you make the image :)
17:50<eighty4>man I hate my new linode password ><
17:50<eighty4>I'll never be able to remember it
17:51<eighty4>hitting "Duplicate Image" should be enough?
17:52<HoopyCat>eighty4: won't protect against host disk array loss or issues related to linode themselves, but it'll protect against most run-of-the-mill personal messups
17:52<eighty4>and now I'm getting less then 30ms in latency. *rocks*
17:53<HoopyCat>see, it's because it was 4:20pm and your route was going through amsterdam
17:53<HoopyCat>smoke alarm going off, dinner is ready; afk.
17:53<eighty4>HoopyCat: I read that you can download an image
17:53<eighty4>so I guess I'll do that as well
17:53<DesertPanther>hmmm... isn't ext4 is better than ext3?
17:54<straterra>better is relative
17:54<straterra>its newer and has its own bugs
17:54<DesertPanther>I mean in performance and speed
17:54<straterra>if you like risking your data :P
17:55<eighty4>isn't xfs even "better"?
17:55<eighty4>or ufs
17:55<DesertPanther>I am using ext4 since the release of Ubuntu 9.10 and didn't lose any bit
17:55-!-mrsteveman1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:55<straterra>xfs is good if you have a ups
17:55<eighty4>straterra: who cares about that :P
17:55-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:56<DesertPanther>looks like I will keep using ext3 for now
17:56<straterra>zfs is a memory hog
17:56<vuf>ext4 is much better, but not on linode :)
17:56<SelfishMan>memory is cheap in most environments where you will have a use for zfs
17:57<straterra>maybe...but its still fat :P
17:57<kyhwana_>zfs doesn't work in linux tho, well, unless you use FUSE
17:57<DesertPanther>vuf, I don't know why, but looks like so :D
17:57<straterra>reiser3 is good if you dont store reiser3 images on reiser3
17:57-!-kassah [] has joined #linode
17:57<kassah>there we go
17:58<straterra>i prefer jfs and xfs, depending on what the purpose is
17:58*eighty4 hates waiting for dns changes
17:58-!-kassah [] has quit []
17:58-!-mrsteveman1 [] has joined #linode
17:58<metap|pe>jfs is nice. it just does it's job, with no overall weakness.
17:58<SelfishMan>eighty4: use the multi-dns tool at to see where it is still cached
17:58<straterra>i have some aix servers running jfs...very old ones. never had any data loss
17:59<vuf>DesertPanther, ext4 is mostly for large fs, and linode does not provide that
17:59<Solver>jfs on Linux did seem to have performance problems years ago but recent versions seem better
17:59<SelfishMan>my only complaint with murderfs is that it is painfully slow at replaying the log
17:59*Solver uses xfs extensively
17:59<Solver>SelfishMan: people still use it? :)
17:59<DesertPanther>vuf, yeah and I guess its advantages won't be noitced in this case
17:59<SelfishMan>oh, and it might delete all data associated with your wife
18:00<straterra>not married ftw
18:00<SelfishMan>Solver: there are a lot of times when reiserfs is viable
18:00<Solver>SelfishMan: I didn't think it had much in the way of support anymore
18:00<metap|pe>like if you live in your car.
18:00<SelfishMan>why would it need support?
18:00<Solver>SelfishMan: filesystems actually have bugs from time to time :)
18:00<eighty4>SelfishMan: all results point to linode :| but it's still not working
18:02<SelfishMan>eighty4: you do realize that 1. your browser may cache the IP, 2. your OS will cache the IP, 3. your recursive servers will cache the IP, 4. urmom may cache the IP
18:03<ferric>HoopyCat: the resize worked, just had to wait a while. thx for your help! :)
18:04<eighty4>SelfishMan: that's so true... I'm way stupid right now :) Just last week I was explaining that for a customer :/
18:04<SelfishMan>eighty4: yes, that fourth one is the first that people forget
18:06-!-kassah [] has joined #linode
18:06<eighty4>SelfishMan: I'm really glad we don't do this stuff at work... We just have to explain to customer that when switching host it might take some time for all stuff to clear it's cache
18:07<eighty4>I blame it on the fact that it's 00.07 here and I've run 4.5km today
18:07-!-ferric [] has left #linode []
18:07-!-cmjb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:07<vuf>eighty4, in snow?
18:07-!-cmjb [] has joined #linode
18:08<eighty4>vuf: yeah?
18:08<eighty4>but it's not that cold anymore so it's ok
18:09<vuf>if there's snow, it's still a bit cold
18:10<eighty4>vuf: it's been -10C to -20C here for a couple of weeks :)
18:10<eighty4>now it's just -2C
18:14-!-vulcan [] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
18:15-!-vulcan [] has joined #linode
18:19-!-palintheus [] has quit [Quit: Ping Timeout]
18:19-!-rsdehart [] has quit [Quit: rebooting]
18:19<eighty4>having disabled password login, how would I add another computers public key to the server?
18:20<Internat>i think you might have that confused.
18:20<eighty4>Internat: I'm pretty sure I have :)
18:20<Internat>you need to generate a keypair for the user, and upload the public key to the server :)
18:20<eighty4>yeah, that's done
18:20<Internat>then thats all you should need to do.
18:21<eighty4>that's done on _this_ computer
18:21<eighty4>but when I get to work I'll want to add that computer
18:21<Internat>oh just copy your ~/.ssh/id_rsa file to the new computer.
18:22<Internat>or id_dsa
18:22<eighty4>oh, so I shouldn't generate multiple id_dsa files?
18:22-!-Turl [] has joined #linode
18:22<chesty>it's better that you do
18:23<vuf>eighty4, if this is a linode, you can make a lish login and add the key there
18:23<eighty4>vuf: yeah, linode
18:25-!-cyberninja [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
18:25<eighty4>vuf: not sure I get how that work either :)
18:25<eighty4>seems like lish is just a different way of loging in to ssh?
18:25-!-kassah_ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:25<SelfishMan>lish is the console and is not ssh (despite using ssh to connect)
18:25<vuf>eighty4, no lish is a virtual console login, so ssh restrictions do not apply
18:26<eighty4>then it seems like a better idea to ssh in to it if possible?
18:28<atula>what do I need to install to get a c compiler ? I would like to get the C speedup here:
18:28<atula>not sure where to begin
18:29<atula>thank you
18:29<eighty4>I guess I'll generate the keys, and then use a usb stick to copy it here and then transfer it...
18:29<laser`>I think there's a meta package on UBuntu if you're using that, build-minimal or something
18:29-!-azar [~notI@] has joined #linode
18:30<laser`>You probably need to install tonnes of other stuff
18:30<atula>debian here
18:30<atula>I just did apt-get install gcc
18:30<atula>I don't think that did it
18:31<atula>as when I did python install once more I'm still not getting the C speedup
18:31<laser`>No, there's typically tonnes of dependencies
18:31<atula>how would I know these dependencies? is there a way to get that whole thing in one apt-get ?
18:31<vuf>eighty4, that would work, but so would lish :)
18:31<HoopyCat>atula: apt-get install build-essential
18:32<HoopyCat>atula: also, there's a python-cjson in 8.04
18:32<HoopyCat>atula: and in 9.10 as well
18:32<laser`>Does it print "WARNING: The C extension could not be compiled, speedups are not enabled."?
18:33<HoopyCat>bakeoff fodder :-)
18:33<atula>yeah it did that , laser`
18:33<laser`>What does it print below that?
18:33<atula>should I remove it and then run install again ?
18:33<laser`>Pastebin it if necessary
18:33-!-Guest2587 is now known as dcraig
18:34-!-dcraig is now known as Guest2593
18:34<laser`>btw, you probably don't want to run just install, but to rebuild it as well
18:34<eighty4>I should just add the new key to the old public key, right?
18:35<eighty4>or should I use multiple files?
18:35-!-sorressean [~notI@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:36<laser`>oh odd, you'd have thought it'd've generated some error messages
18:36<vuf>eighty4, add it to the authorized_keys file
18:36<laser`>You probably need to install things like python-devel
18:36<laser`>But that's a Fedora-esque package name
18:37<laser`>No idea what it'd be called on Debian
18:37<eighty4>vuf: that's what I thought, just wanted to be sure :) Thank for all the help
18:37<atula>HoopyCat: mr. cat, what is python-devel on debian?
18:37-!-cmjb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:37-!-cmjb [] has joined #linode
18:38<HoopyCat>atula: probably python-dev... you did install build-essential, right? (just makin' sure)
18:38<atula>yes I did
18:38-!-vuf [~am@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
18:39<atula>okay that did it.
18:39<atula>all working now, thanks HoopyCat and laser`
18:40<eighty4>HoopyCat: food was good?
18:42<HoopyCat>eighty4: chili, with corn bread. very good.
18:42<mikegrb>mmm bacon
18:42<eighty4>HoopyCat: no bacon?
18:42-!-Clorith [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:42<mikegrb>mmm bacon
18:42<HoopyCat>eighty4: of course there was bacon!
18:42-!-drew [] has joined #linode
18:42-!-Clorith [] has joined #linode
18:43<HoopyCat>(there was, actually)
18:43<drew>having a problem with ubuntu 9.10 linode. When using ssh with putty and I press the up arrow I get ^[[A or if I press the left arrow I get ^[[D. Anyone know how to fix this?
18:44<chesty>drew: echo $TERM
18:44*Yaakov installs Ubuntu on his Lenovo S10 netbook...
18:45<HoopyCat>Arrival Scan: Middleburg Heights, OH, US (ETA 1/19)
18:45<Yaakov>I'll full body arrival scan you!
18:45<HoopyCat>drew: i believe there's a setting in putty for how to send escape sequences, but normally the defaults should be fine...
18:45<atula>aarrgh. something happehend: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/var/www/.python-eggs'
18:45<atula>I got that error in log and my site is throwing 500
18:46<HoopyCat>drew: you're ssh'd to your linode and not lish (, right?
18:46<atula>I only worked on python and installing all those things mentioned above
18:46-!-rHn_ [] has joined #linode
18:46<HoopyCat>atula: try mv /var/www/.python-eggs /var/www/.python-eggs.bak
18:47<drew>I'm ssh'ing to the url and not linode@blah
18:47<HoopyCat>atula: that will either fix it or make it worse, hence mv instead of rm :-)
18:47<eighty4>linode should have some staffers paid to answer n00b questions in here, I'd love that :)
18:47<atula>HoopyCat: that isn't there I think
18:48<eighty4>jed: you're not paid to answer "Should I but the keys in the same file" questions, are you?
18:48<drew>I actually have 2 linodes. One of them works fine, ubuntu 8.04 and the new one, 9.10 doesn't work with up arrow
18:48-!-azaghal_ [] has joined #linode
18:48<eighty4>*should I put the keys
18:49<HoopyCat>drew: i will defer to someone who has putty handy
18:49-!-memenode [] has joined #linode
18:49<HoopyCat>atula: you sure? (note: files starting with . won't be shown by ls unless you add the -a option)
18:49<atula>HoopyCat: yeah
18:50<atula>[Errno 13] Permission denied: '/var/www/.python-eggs' seems like it can't create that file due to permission ?
18:50<atula>I installed the stuff via sudo
18:50-!-rHn [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
18:50<atula>doesn't matter right, that should still make it root
18:50<HoopyCat>atula: hmmm... try this: ls -ld /var/www /var/www/.python-eggs
18:50-!-azaghal [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:51-!-azaghal_ is now known as azaghal
18:51<atula>ls: cannot access /var/www/.python-eggs: No such file or directory
18:51<HoopyCat>atula: your web server doesn't run as root (i hope), so if it's trying to *create* it, it'll need to have write perms to /var/www; if it's trying to *read* it, it'll need read and execute. assuming it's a directory, which it might not be
18:52<HoopyCat>atula: hmmmm.
18:52<atula>make var/www own by apache ?
18:52<chesty>ls -ld /var/www it should be www-data already
18:52<Internat>probably www-data actually.. depends on distro
18:52<drew>if I use that works so I guess I'll use that
18:53<HoopyCat>drew: that'll work in a pinch, but it sucks for day-to-day use
18:53<atula>HoopyCat: um... I think it might be running as root? I just deployed Debian the install apache and start it.
18:53<atula>HoopyCat: how to remedy this?
18:53<HoopyCat>atula: what does ls -ld /var/www say?
18:53<Internat>if your running debian, apache will be running as www-data
18:53<atula>drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Jan 17 20:38 /var/www
18:53<HoopyCat>i generally prefer my /var/www not be writable/owned by the web server user
18:54<atula>so make it own by www-data:www-data ?
18:54-!-palintheus [] has joined #linode
18:54-!-palintheus [] has quit []
18:54-!-mattbnz [~mattb^] has left #linode []
18:54<HoopyCat>atula: do that, have it create the .python-eggs to make it happy, then chown it back to root:root
18:54<HoopyCat>or whoever:whoever
18:55<atula>someone in django mentioned: os.environ['PYTHON_EGG_CACHE'] = '/tmp' and let wsgi create it in tmp dir
18:55<atula>let me try that
18:55<HoopyCat>i don't like www-data to have permission to write to /var/www, as that means a bogey php (or python ;-) script running under the web server can then replace /var/www/index.html with "PWNED BY DEADSUNK!!1!"
18:56<HoopyCat>atula: i like that
18:57<atula>works now
18:57<atula>thanks all
18:57<atula>now I need to go take a shower ... been toiling at this all day :D
18:57<HoopyCat>talking to your sysadmin about termcap dysfunction isn't easy, but it's definitely a conversation worth having.
18:57<atula>would you guys like to see the site?
18:57<atula>it's a project I use to learn django.
18:58<atula>do I need to install sendmail on debian btw?
18:58<HoopyCat>atula: i tend to parse my screen in a pattern that resulted in me reading that as "now i need to go take a shower", followed by "would you guys like to see?"
18:58<atula>we're all nerds here... I dunno want to see nobody :)
18:58<HoopyCat>atula: all things being equal, sendmail ought to be avoided
18:59<HoopyCat>!library exim send-only debian
18:59<linbot>HoopyCat: 1. Send-only Mail Server with Exim on Debian 5 (Lenny) ( - 2. Exim Guides ( - 3. Send-only Mail Server with Exim on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) (
18:59<HoopyCat>atula: URL #1 above will get you what you probably want :-)
18:59<HoopyCat>that might also be handy, if you need help soaping your back
19:00<atula>lemme give that a try
19:00<straterra>atula: double negative! you want to see me in a bra
19:00<atula>or a bro
19:00<atula>for men
19:01<straterra>I look sexy in a bra
19:01-!-drew [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:04-!-Bass10 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:05-!-DesertPanther [~Khalid@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:05-!-Irl [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:06-!-thegodlikehobo [~thegodlik@] has quit [Quit: That'll do, pig.]
19:06<atula>maildir or mbox ?
19:08<tjfontaine>I come not to bury ceaser
19:08<tjfontaine>if oyu mispell go allt he way
19:10<HoopyCat>oww hey stop stabbing me ouch god dammit that hurts
19:10<Yaakov>Oh, too late. Sorry.
19:10<HoopyCat>no, it's only january; remind me later?
19:10-!-Turl [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
19:11-!-Turl1 [] has joined #linode
19:11-!-Turl1 is now known as Turl
19:11<straterra>A kid in one of my highschool classes did a great, creepy "Beware the ides of March" phrase
19:11-!-thegodlikehobo [~thegodlik@] has joined #linode
19:12<eighty4>a what?
19:12<straterra>he says it creepily
19:13<tjfontaine>!f who said beware the ides of march
19:13<linbot>tjfontaine: zomg you broke teh interwebs!
19:13<atula>where do I force python to use exim as default mailer ?
19:14<tjfontaine>atula: first by: apt-get install postfix
19:14<straterra>It's the section that the back of your mind screams "FORESHADOWING!!!!"
19:14<HoopyCat>atula: It Just Will. what are you trying to do that isn't working?
19:14<atula>tjfontaine: I thought exim is the mta already
19:14<atula>I'm using django's email module
19:14<atula>it's suppose to just send me an email heh. it's so mysterious to me
19:14<tjfontaine>you probably want to specify localhost
19:15<tjfontaine>but exim is ancient (not as bad as sendmail)
19:15<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: there's a quick-setup guide for exim in the library, not yet one for postfix :-)
19:15<tjfontaine>what is there to the guide? apt-get install postfix
19:15<tjfontaine>answer the question
19:15<atula>okay I think here's what I'm doing that's wrong
19:16<atula>I'm sending email using arbitray from
19:16<atula>which isn't good
19:16<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: dunno, ask pparadis why he hasn't whipped it out yet :-)
19:16<atula>like when user submit a form I use the uer's email address as the from email
19:16<tjfontaine>pparadis: fix it nao
19:16<atula>that might not work, right ?
19:16<atula>HoopyCat: ^
19:17<HoopyCat>atula: it's generally a tragically bad idea, but it should work ok for testing i suppose. what's your mail log look like?
19:17<@pparadis>tjfontaine: wha ? :)
19:17<HoopyCat>oh shit he's here
19:17-!-mathew [] has joined #linode
19:17<@pparadis>oh hai!
19:17-!-palintheus [] has joined #linode
19:17<tjfontaine>pparadis: oh hai
19:17<@pparadis>what shall i whip out?
19:17*pparadis is shy tonight
19:18<HoopyCat>pparadis: tjfontaine wants one thing, but i'd be interested in a postfix send-only config guide for ubuntu 9.10
19:18<tjfontaine>pparadis: for starters a postfix setup guide and put exim in a dark dark hole
19:18<@pparadis>HoopyCat: roger that, it is actually in the works :)
19:18*pparadis is hurt by your lack of love for exim, but will author a postfix guide this week, scout's honor.
19:18<HoopyCat>and who is it that's taking a shower right now?
19:18<atula>HoopyCat: everything is empty for /var/log/mail.*
19:19<atula>HoopyCat: It was suppose to be me taking the shower.. but I need to get mail working
19:19<HoopyCat>atula: is there a /var/log/exim/ (or /var/log/exim4/ ?) directory? i think it's mainlog, in there
19:19<tjfontaine>pparadis: exim lost its ability to get respect from me when i found out its configuration file is named: configure
19:20<azar>that's totally a good reason not to use a program. :o
19:20<@pparadis>but that's so intuitive! ;
19:20<HoopyCat>pparadis: atula will soon take a shower, and if the summer glau on a stick can't reach, he might need someone to loofah his back
19:20<@pparadis>;) even
19:20<atula>HoopyCat: Mailing to remote domains not supported
19:20<atula>Unrouteable address
19:20<atula>that one too
19:20<HoopyCat>atula: GOOD NEWS: the python end of it is probably fine. BAD NEWS: something else isn't.
19:21<atula>exim config perhaps
19:21<@pparadis>what distro?
19:21<atula>debian 5.0
19:21<tjfontaine>pparadis: intuitive my ass, that's the name of the file you run before compiling ;)
19:21<@pparadis>make && make tjfontaine
19:21<@pparadis>atula: you are using exim, right?
19:22<atula>yes I am
19:22<atula>thanks to HoopyCat's direction
19:22<@pparadis>hmm, the guide in the library worked fine for me (i sent test emails to three different accounts at different domains)
19:22<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: i usually run ./ before compiling
19:22<azaghal>Hm... Postfix vs Exim?
19:24<HoopyCat>azaghal: postfix for "real" mail handling; whichever one is most convenient when you just need an MTA
19:24<atula>pparadis: what is the command to send as someone else? I have echo "This is a test." | mail -s Testing
19:24-!-amitz [~amitz@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
19:24<azaghal>I see
19:24<@pparadis>atula: you can connect directly to exim via local telnet if you like for further testing, i believe that's what i did :)
19:26-!-Tallken [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:26<@pparadis>atula: can you please try "dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config" and make sure each step looks like the guide screenshots (changing the domain name to your machine's FQDN, of course)?
19:26<atula>pparadis: all steps are correct and I could send email to myself.
19:26<atula>from root only
19:27<atula>I am trying to get the django's sendmail thing to work
19:27<atula>where it would send email from a user to me. using any random email as from
19:29-!-Turl1 [] has joined #linode
19:29-!-Turl is now known as Guest2604
19:29-!-Turl1 is now known as Turl
19:29<tjfontaine>atula: that's set to use localhost?
19:30<@pparadis>atula: that _should_ work... hmm
19:31-!-donza [] has joined #linode
19:32-!-Tallken [] has joined #linode
19:32-!-confounds [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:33-!-ghostfish [] has joined #linode
19:34-!-Guest2604 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:34-!-Guest2593 is now known as dcraig
19:34<@pparadis>atula: does your script actually point to a binary or symlink for "sendmail"?
19:35-!-amitz [~amitz@] has joined #linode
19:35-!-dcraig is now known as Guest2605
19:35<atula>pparadis: I think the python side is working. I just need to play with the allowable emails maybe ?
19:35<@pparadis>in other words, can you tell it to make an SMTP connection to localhost? those won't require authentication, and the mail should go out as anyone you specify.
19:36<atula>pparadis: how to send an email from a random email to another email on the command line ?
19:36<atula>echo "This is a test." | mail -s Testing worked earlier
19:36<@pparadis>sure, but i don't believe that allows you to set the "from" (i could be wrong)
19:36-!-phlux [] has joined #linode
19:37<@pparadis>a direct SMTP connection to localhost:25 will let you set all options. can you use a standard SMTP module to connect to localhost?
19:37<phlux>I tried rebooting my linode, but it's hanging on stopping apache2 according to the AJAX console
19:37<phlux>Any ideas?
19:37<X-LP>pparadis do you have any idea whats going on with the backups at nj?
19:37<azar>shoot it!
19:37<@pparadis>X-LP: mikegrb would know better than i :)
19:37<X-LP>hes never here
19:38<atula>pparadis: okay I just got into telnet localhost 25
19:38<X-LP>and i was told that before :P
19:38<ericoc>the -r option to "mail" sets the From address
19:38<atula>lemme give that a try
19:38<ericoc>according to my man mail
19:38<@pparadis>very nice, thanks ericoc ^ (i was just pulling up the manpage) :)
19:39<ericoc>i knew i'd done it before in cron to automatically send an attendance email for school with my student email in the From address
19:40<@pparadis>atula: also, here's a good example of testing smtp using telnet: (i'll add similar instructions to our library guides too, it'd be very handy to have there)
19:40<phlux>is it normal to have high load averages after rebooting?
19:40<phlux>My loads are at 2.5
19:40<@pparadis>depends on what's running, how much traffic is hitting your linode, etc
19:41<@pparadis>what's your linode username?
19:41<mwalling>depends on how hyperactive your init scripts are
19:41<mwalling>phlux: does it decay after a while?
19:41<phlux>appears to be dropping back down, mwalling.
19:42<mwalling>sounds like crazy init scripts ot me
19:42<mwalling>(but what do i know :)
19:42<aziwoqpd>speaking of cpu load, any idea why the cpu usage graph on the linode website would idle at 14% usage even with a load average near zero? someone said paravirt kernels all do that?
19:43<HoopyCat>aziwoqpd: load average != CPU usage... check top or htop to see what's actually doing it
19:43<mwalling>(but only for htop++)
19:43<HoopyCat>for what it's worth, mine doesn't idle at 14% usage :-)
19:43<@pparadis>mwalling: :( i though you had love for me
19:44<mwalling><3 != ++
19:44-!-Clorith [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:44<@pparadis>ah, okay then :D
19:44*pparadis notes that his own customer record is three addresses out of date.
19:44<amitz>tough love
19:44<HoopyCat>pparadis: open a ticket
19:44<@pparadis>i think i shall
19:45<phlux>I wish I could move my nodes over to gentoo without losing all of my data/configurations
19:45-!-swifty [] has joined #linode
19:46<HoopyCat>phlux: you can... copy your data over, then merge in the config as required :-)
19:46<@pparadis>phlux: you could create another config profile...
19:46<@pparadis>and then mount the old disk image to copy stuff over.
19:46<@pparadis>say as xvdc
19:46-!-Clorith [] has joined #linode
19:47-!-Irl [] has joined #linode
19:47-!-swifty [] has quit []
19:47-!-paradisaeidae [] has joined #linode
19:47-!-smop [] has joined #linode
19:48<ericoc>what does this mean - "You have 1 total referrals: 0 completed ($0.00) and 1 pending"
19:48<atula>pparadis: went through that and log even said completed no problem... email is nowhere to be found. even checked spam box too.
19:48<ericoc>does that mean someone actually signed up with my referral code and hasn't gone 90 days, or...
19:48<bd_>ericoc: it means someone used your referral code, but it hasn't been 90 days yet
19:48<ericoc>bd_: oh cool, thanks
19:50<HoopyCat>ericoc: it means you should open a ticket because it says "1 total referrals" instead of "1 total referral" ;-)
19:50<ericoc>does it
19:50<ericoc>i don't want to open a ticket about grammar
19:50<HoopyCat>... or do what i did and refer someone else
19:51<ericoc>i gave my referral link to 3-4 friends, i actually have no idea who used it
19:51<HoopyCat>!urmom ticket
19:51<Peng>Linode needs a "report stupid bugs" feature.
19:51<linbot>HoopyCat: Yo momma's so pedantic, she opened a trouble ticket to request a correction to a previous yo momma joke (725:0/0) [murom]
19:51-!-memenode [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:51<Peng>Aside from the general
19:52<Peng>Aside from a general "don't page anyone about this ticket" feature, I guess.
19:52<mwalling>Peng: you mean like the forums?
19:52<HoopyCat>mwalling: but more discreet
19:52<bd_>Peng: you mean like /msg caker?
19:52<Peng>mwalling: Yes. Except I don't like forums. :D
19:53<HoopyCat>Subject: linode6554321: NOT IMPORTANT, DON'T PAGE ANYONE, KEEP IT ON THE DL: got my beans stuck between the slats of the chair
19:58<Peng>Is it just me or does the manager feel a bit slow?
19:58<Peng>Mostly when I added a new zone in the DNS manager, not other stuff.
19:59<@caker>TOTAL EXECUTION TIME: 4ms
19:59<@caker>Peng: it's just you
19:59<azaghal>Total execution time...
19:59*azaghal likes the sound of it
19:59<tjfontaine>actually you're getting lag in Dallas :)
19:59<azaghal>No idea why the name "Steve" pops up when I read it, though...
20:01<HoopyCat>how come when i right-click on this thumb drive and go to "Safely Remove Drive", it says "Unable to stop drive"? is it my buffalo bills defense wallpaper?
20:01<tjfontaine>HoopyCat: you guys have a qb yet?
20:01<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: whassat?
20:02<tjfontaine>HoopyCat: are you going QB with your first round? :)
20:02<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: what is this "QB" you speak of?
20:02<tjfontaine>HoopyCat: since noone wants the coaching job maybe you guys can pick one of them up in the draft too
20:03<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: haha
20:03<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: "Now, I know we drafted you as a tight end, but do you have any experience coaching?"
20:03<smop>soo.. are there any plans to add a flexible storage solution like amazon ebs? or at least pimp the plans?
20:03<smop>the current storage situation is a bit... pityful :)
20:04<smop>they top out at 128G, no?
20:05<HoopyCat>640GB, on my price list
20:06<smop>uh where is that plan and what does it cost?
20:06<tjfontaine>you can always purchase full host :)
20:07<smop>wonder whats' stopping them from throwing a few storage boxes in those racks
20:07<HoopyCat>it's the 14400, and $800/mo; good storage isn't cheap, but cheap storage is plentiful
20:07<smop>$800/mo is a bit ridiculous ;)
20:07<HoopyCat>smop: keep your core stuff on the linode, and use S3 or whatnot for your bulk, expendable data
20:07<tjfontaine>electricity? solid disaster recovery plans?
20:08<smop>HoopyCat: doesn't work so well for databases
20:08<tjfontaine>you'd really want to run a db that huge on a network device?
20:08<smop>tjfontaine: it's not rocket surgery. i've done it, if they need help they can hire me :)
20:09<tjfontaine>smop: there are 5 datacenters, and many clients, it's not about just serving you
20:09<HoopyCat>i'm not saying linode storage isn't meager; i'm just saying it's not going to get that much better for host-based storage thanks to physics
20:09<smop>i've done it on the larger scale, too. it's quite doable.
20:09<smop>amazon somehow magically does it, too :)
20:10<tjfontaine>ha ha ha ha
20:10<laser`>I wish Linode did something like run NAS things we can buy
20:10<tjfontaine>I love Linode, but I don't think they pull quite the same revenue stream
20:10<smop>yup that's what i'm talking about
20:10<smop>tjfontaine: i doubt money is the issue at their scale. those boxes aren't *that* expensive
20:10-!-cmjb [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
20:11-!-Tallken [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:11<tjfontaine>smop: each box you talk about sacrifices rack space and electricity quotas that are planned for deployment
20:11<tjfontaine>it's a trade off
20:11<HoopyCat>given that linode probably has ~1000 customers per rack (weighted number pulled out of smelly orifice), that's a crapload of mounts
20:11-!-cmjb [] has joined #linode
20:11-!-cpg [] has joined #linode
20:11-!-mrsteveman1 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:11<tjfontaine>this isn't "hey we got this old server sitting here, why don't you guys rack it so we can use it as a NAS" type of offering
20:12<tjfontaine>but thanks for your enthusiasm! :)
20:12<smop>well, you can put 48 spindels in 3U, just a matter of doing some math :)
20:12<tjfontaine>smop: and what's the backend communication network?
20:12<tjfontaine>and if hosts don't ahve fiber?
20:12-!-Bass10 [] has joined #linode
20:12-!-internalkernel [~caleb@] has joined #linode
20:12<mwalling>mmm, fiber
20:12<smop>yup that would be advisable, FC host cards go for around $200, that's not the thing. iSCSI can go quite a way, too.
20:12<mwalling>the dog's new food has lots of fiber
20:13<mwalling>she shtis alot now
20:13<smop>(fc fabric stuff *is* expensive)
20:13<HoopyCat>mwalling: URBAN SMOG ADVISORY
20:13<JoeK>what does iirc stand for
20:13<tjfontaine>if i recall correctly
20:14<smop>the real work is in the one-time setup, i.e. getting the automatic provisioning right and such. but well, elbow grease.
20:14<tjfontaine>ya it's so nontrivial
20:14<tjfontaine>mikegrb: make it happen yesterday please.
20:14<smop>tjfontaine: it's their biz and their money on the table me thinks :)
20:14<HoopyCat>48 drives of 1TB each, for about 24TB usable, across 1000 customers in my hypothetical rack, would be about... 24GB?
20:14<tjfontaine>smop: wow! +1 insightful
20:15<smop>HoopyCat: pro-tip, a rack has 42U ;)
20:15<HoopyCat>smop: apologies; i didn't reduce the 1000 figure by the 3U
20:16<smop>HoopyCat: pro-tip2, a datacenter (well, most of them) has more than one rack :)
20:16<HoopyCat>and loss of $2400/mo in revenue
20:16<tjfontaine>for one rack
20:16<HoopyCat>smop: i know, i'm assuming one rack to keep the math easy
20:16<smop>erm... i wasn't saying they should give it away for free
20:16<HoopyCat>smop: if the same 3U box is serving multiple racks, then divide by total number of racks served
20:17<amitz>those extra hd space is too host the intelligence of linbot.
20:18<smop>however, around $50k should buy you a nice deployment for one site. if a few customers buy the stuff (and i guess they would?) that *might* amortize after a while.
20:18<tjfontaine>let's imagine that each new bump in a DC is 6 hosts that are each 1U, and this theoretical storage deployment is 2x3U for edundancy
20:18<laser`>I would presume that this is sold as an add-on - NAS storage, and charged for appropriately
20:19<smop>yea what laser says. no idea where your math is going...
20:19<laser`>So it's not loss of rackspace, it's possibly less $ per U but in most DCs there is spare capacity so it's not taking away from there
20:19<bd_>laser`: fremont has no spare capacity :)
20:19-!-chk32 [] has joined #linode
20:19<bd_>and I mean _no_ spare capacity
20:20<tjfontaine>and let's also talk about if you want this to be a CDN and IPs
20:20<smop>i, personally, want a friggin' NAS mount and that's it
20:20<smop>ofcourse linode is free to develop their business further from there
20:20<tjfontaine>buy another linode and use nfs
20:20<smop>good one ;)
20:20<tjfontaine>isn't that what you asked for?
20:21-!-cmjb [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
20:21-!-cmjb [] has joined #linode
20:21<smop>if you see me asking for nfs i'm either very drunk or at the local s&m club
20:21<tjfontaine>you can use iscsi if you like
20:21<tjfontaine>or foe
20:21<HoopyCat>it's configured entirely within the image, migrates well, and is supported by most kernels these days
20:22*smop sighs a bit
20:22<chk32>hmm whats up with linode locking you out based on your ip these days?
20:22<Solver>web interface?
20:23<smop>tjfontaine: ignoring the fact that your idea is not feasible for any sort of serious workload, the current going price of $10/gb is also not exactly competitive ;)
20:23<tjfontaine>smop: aren't you happy I'm not an employee?
20:23<smop>yes, a little bit ;)
20:23<tjfontaine>why isn't it feasible for workloads?
20:23<HoopyCat>smop: says $1.25/GB on my screen :-)
20:23<chk32>my node is down and i guess my ip changed, and now i can't login to my linode via the web interface... because my ip isn't on the list. i'm not even sure what email i had/have or if i can access it anymore. it might just be what i'm using on my lineode at this point. isn't there an alternative reset?
20:24<smop>HoopyCat: for 6G max?
20:24<tjfontaine>you get bw pooling as an extra bonnus
20:24<smop>tjfontaine: because nfs doesn't work for read/write loads. also because at minimum you'd want a dedicated storage network.
20:24<tjfontaine>I told you can use iscsi or foe too
20:24<HoopyCat>chk32: you can ssh to lish ( and reboot that way; it'll also be the same e-mail you normally get billing notifications/ticket responses at. barring that, ...
20:24-!-cpg [] has left #linode []
20:24<smop>as said, i've done it before at similar scales. it's not rocket surgery, but well, you don't get it for free either.
20:25<smop>rocket surgery
20:25<chk32>HoopyCat: thanks- i knew there must be an alternative
20:26<HoopyCat>chk32: you can also turn the IP access control off, once you're in there :-)
20:32-!-rsdehart [] has joined #linode
20:35-!-Guest2605 is now known as dcraig
20:36-!-dcraig is now known as Guest2611
20:37-!-phlux [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:38-!-madteto [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:40-!-Rick [] has joined #linode
20:40<Rick>could someone help me with something pertaining to google apps
20:40<linbot>caker: Unlikely.
20:40<@caker>Rick: :(
20:40<linbot>Don't ask to ask; just ASK
20:41<HoopyCat>i lol'd (and have witnesses)
20:41<Rick>Im having trouble getting a cname set up so that forwards to google apps
20:41<@caker>define trouble
20:41-!-rpminihan [~rpminihan@] has quit [Quit: rpminihan]
20:41<Rick>not forwarding
20:41<Rick>i set up the cname to go to like it said
20:42<chesty>works for me
20:42<aziwoqpd>it works for me
20:42<@caker>Rick: worked for me. You're likely seeing your ISP's resolvers caching the old (non existant?) result
20:42<@caker>existent, even.
20:42<Rick>oh alright then
20:43<linbot>mwalling: [dig] status: NOERROR | ;; ANSWER SECTION: 86400 IN CNAME | ;; AUTHORITY SECTION
20:43<Rick>I'm using Google DNS on my personal computer. How ironic
20:43<HoopyCat>looks good on, too
20:43-!-laser` [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:43-!-Clorith [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:44<Rick>Thanks guys I appreciate it
20:44<HoopyCat>Rick: you might have to pick it up and shake it (if a macintosh) or... oh heck... ipconfig /flush_dns if it's windows?
20:44<HoopyCat>it's been awhile
20:44<Rick>ill have to do the shaking ;)
20:44<HoopyCat>disclaimer: never shake a macintosh. never.
20:47-!-Clorith [] has joined #linode
20:49-!-Turl [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
20:50-!-mrsteveman1 [] has joined #linode
20:59-!-Nicholas_ [] has joined #linode
21:02-!-cpg [] has joined #linode
21:06-!-Bass10 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:08<linbot>New news from forums: Default Apache Site in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
21:10-!-Rade [] has joined #linode
21:10<tanto>pants on the ground
21:11-!-TimothyA [~MeepMeep@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:11<mikegrb>Rick: dscacheutil -flushcache
21:12<mwalling>not dnscacheutil?
21:12<mwalling>(i'm making a factoid)
21:13<mikegrb>directory services or some such
21:13<mikegrb>not dns specific
21:14<mikegrb>pre 10.5 though it was something else
21:14<mikegrb>lookupd -flushcache
21:14<mikegrb>but who still uses 10.4?
21:14*mikegrb runs from caker
21:14<linbot>On a Mac: dscacheutil -flushcache On Windows: ipconfig /flush_dns
21:15<aziwoqpd>ipconfig /flushdns
21:15<aziwoqpd>no _
21:16<HoopyCat>mwalling: ur stoopid
21:16<HoopyCat>everyone knows there's no _ there
21:18<mwalling>[01-17] 20:44:21 < HoopyCat> Rick: you might have to pick it up and shake it (if a macintosh) or... oh heck... ipconfig /flush_dns if it's windows?
21:18<mwalling>i stoopid?
21:18-!-online722 [] has joined #linode
21:19<mwalling>shut up
21:19<mwalling>i trusted him
21:19-!-eighty4 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:19<mwalling>i trusted caker when he corrected my spelling of "moron"
21:21<linbot>On a Mac: dscacheutil -flushcache, On Windows: ipconfig /flushdns
21:21<SelfishMan>much better
21:22<SelfishMan>is it really "dscacheutil"?
21:22<mwalling>SelfishMan: scroll up
21:22*pparadis shakes his mac
21:22<HoopyCat>sda: on fire
21:22*SelfishMan scrolled up further and lost interest
21:22<mwalling>LETS GET IT STARTED
21:22<@pparadis>OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE?
21:23<mwalling>IN HERE...
21:23<@pparadis>? ...
21:23<mwalling>bounce in time
21:23<mwalling>to the beat
21:23<mwalling>you dont even have to move your feet
21:23<amitz>TILL I APPEARED,
21:23-!-BarkerJr [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:24<HoopyCat>Four makes two...UNLESS YOU'RE DEAD
21:24<chesty>2 by 2 hand of blue
21:25<HoopyCat>mikegrb: red is never the right color
21:25<@pparadis>that story was pure win
21:25<@pparadis>FOUR MAKES TWO
21:25<HoopyCat>it was the right story at the right time to give me hope for the next few months
21:25<HoopyCat>hope that maybe, just maybe, i can be that crazy guy on the 11
21:26<mwalling>give HoopyCat hope ^one month #love !2
21:26<mwalling>oops, ww
21:26-!-mau [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:26<HoopyCat>There is a mailbox here.
21:26*pparadis opens the mailbox
21:27*pparadis feels a burning sensation
21:28<jtsage>There is a ham in the mailbox. (
21:29<HoopyCat>you know, we need a new game here.
21:30*pparadis is afraid of the mailbox now, because it made his hand dissolve
21:30-!-awnstudio [] has joined #linode
21:34-!-azar [~notI@] has quit [Quit: azar was useing Mirc4Life 2.3 from:]
21:36-!-Guest2611 is now known as dcraig
21:37-!-dcraig is now known as Guest2616
21:40<linbot>New news from forums: Ubuntu 8.04 pv-grub: No login prompt in console or lish in General Discussion <>
21:44-!-Clorith [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:44-!-Clorith [] has joined #linode
21:45-!-Hoggs [] has joined #linode
21:48<mwalling>feature request (cause i've asked poor tasaro several times, and now mikegrb): on include the CC used for the payment some how
21:48<@tasaro>or just look at your CC statements ;)
21:49<mwalling>you know why i couldnt do that in the first case :P
21:49<mwalling>(and i had no idea how i had been paying for linode for the past year)
21:49<spkitty>they could add the last 4 digits i guess
21:50-!-paradisaeidae [] has left #linode []
21:50<@tasaro>i don't have one handy, but I am almost positive the last 4 are in the invoice e-mail
21:50<mwalling>they're in the receipt email
21:50<chesty>spkitty: then you would get a number between 0 and 36
21:50<mwalling>Payment Card: 8036 Exp: 1/11
21:50<@tasaro>will add it to "the" list
21:51<mwalling>finally! :)
21:51<mwalling>can i get the raw RRAs now?
21:51<@tasaro>anyone in here previously have problems viewing BBC iPlayer from their London Linode?
21:53-!-Rade [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:53*amitz has problem understanding the global appeal of BBC...
21:53<mwalling>i'll withold comment
21:53<spkitty>tasaro: i know plenty that did, but it wasn't something i personally checked
21:53<nb>tasaro, i tried it, and it worked for me a few days ago
21:54*nb used openvpn
21:54<spkitty>amitz: i never understood how people found american tv any good ... it's all a matter of taste i guess
21:54<@tasaro>nb: great, thanks.. two of the larger geoIP database maintainers fixed our records over the last week or two
21:55<amitz>spkitty: but bbc is news and I find it curious that typical linode geeks like mainstream news..
21:55<spkitty>it's not amitz - it has plenty of shows and such too
21:55<nb> GB United Kingdom H9 London London 51.5002 -0.1262 Linode, LLC Linode, LLC
21:55*nb just checked maxmind
21:55<linbot>mwalling: IP:; rDNS:; ASN adv net:; ASN: AS15830; ASN owner: TELECITYGROUP UK; ASN reg: 2002-09-11; City: London; State: London; Postal code: 20609; Country: GB; Latitude: 51.5002; Longitude: -0.1262; Area code: 301;
21:55<amitz>spkitty: oh? :-O
21:56<spkitty>amitz: there you go
21:56<nb>nice, i didnt know !ipinfo existed
21:56<spkitty>prepare to be amazed
21:56<SelfishMan>why is there an area code?
21:57<@tasaro>wonder if they left that from the old info
21:57<@tasaro>if it happens to be MD, then they left it in there
21:58<spkitty>well that is definitely not a british postcode :v
21:58<SelfishMan>Yeah, I had MD in there but it shows nothing now so I don't know where that is coming from
21:58<amitz>spkitty: I <3 you!
21:59<nb>oh, btw, NOMOREFUNN finally updated their bogon list
21:59*nb was surprised
22:00<amitz>my linode, here I come!
22:00<nb>ok maybe not
22:00<nb>only some ips got delisted
22:00-!-blognewb [~blognewb@] has joined #linode
22:01<Hoggs>Dual redundant PSUs, backed up by a UPS bank, backed up by generators. AND THE POWER SOCKET FAILS! Such is life. :(
22:01<SelfishMan>nb: but it's still apews listed so you are screwed
22:01*SelfishMan hides
22:02<HoopyCat>Hoggs: D=
22:03<Hoggs>HoopyCat, and it was to our VMware farm. alot of very important servers went out. ;_;
22:04<nb>hmm, apews sounds like they dont even offer a removal request form
22:04<SelfishMan>Hoggs: if the dual PSUs were properly implemented that shouldn't have been a problem
22:04*nb is glad he doesn't run his mail on a london linode
22:04<Hoggs>SelfishMan, exactly
22:04<HoopyCat>Hoggs: protip: plug the PSUs into two different outlets (and circuits)
22:04<SelfishMan>nb: apews listed about 90% of the net
22:04<nb>SelfishMan, oh?
22:04<SelfishMan>and the other 10% just hasn't been allocated yet
22:04*nb has never heard of anyone who uses apews
22:05<SelfishMan>people still do
22:05<HoopyCat>nb: there's a reason for that...
22:05-!-dKingston [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:05<nb>and i never knew anyone to actually use nomorefunn either, it just got looked up by one of the blacklist checkers i used for a friend's server
22:06*nb wishes everyone's unblocking was as easy as earthlink and att
22:07<HoopyCat>there's the pretty reasonable dnsbls everyone uses, then there's the dnsbls that are "up and coming", then there's the ones that exist mostly on paper
22:07<HoopyCat>and by "paper" i mean "reams of pcp-drenched blotter paper"
22:08<Hoggs>Is there anyway I can make a new disk image and mount it on my linode without rebooting? I want to preserve my uptime. =p
22:08<SelfishMan>Hoggs: no
22:08-!-kelvinq [] has joined #linode
22:08<HoopyCat>(you know, the ones you don't know about until you check your IP against a multi-RBL test and are like "hey, they've listed my IP because the ratio of consonants to vowels in my provider's name matches a spam pattern")
22:08<SelfishMan>I really don't get why people will avoid doing things that need to be done just to preserve uptime
22:08<nb>HoopyCat, yeah, lol
22:09<HoopyCat>Hoggs: you could add a new linode, make the image on that one, boot it up, then NFS-mount it over the private network
22:09<nb>uptime is overrated usually
22:10<SelfishMan>MOAR LINODEZ
22:10<tjfontaine>VIVA BUYMORIA
22:11<Hoggs>Buying a Linode 14400 just for NFS! amidoingitrite?
22:11<nb>Hoggs, no, you need a linode 28800
22:11<nb>or that doesnt exist
22:12<synapt>silly hoggs
22:12<amitz>tasaro: mine doesn't have any problem, if you still need that information.
22:12*nb wonders how much ram a host has
22:12<Hoggs>I thought they had special super-sized packages
22:12<HoopyCat>i tried to get a linode 56000, but i bought the wrong kind of modem so i'm stuck with a linode 33600
22:12<nb>Hoggs, i think the largest is 14400, although i suppose they might make special packages if you want to pay them lots and lots
22:13<synapt>good lord all those numbers are giving me flashback to old baud modems
22:13<Hoggs>ohai nate
22:13<synapt>slow hoggs
22:14<HoopyCat>NO CARRIER
22:15*StevenK Connection reset by peer
22:15-!-seventoes [] has joined #linode
22:15<seventoes>I'm looking into getting a linode vps.. Liking what I see so far
22:15<seventoes>anyone running rails? everything smooth?
22:16<StevenK>Yes, and yes.
22:16-!-bryen [] has joined #linode
22:16<seventoes>i saw 'Dedicated IP' in one of the feature lists, is that for every plan?
22:17<Hoggs>synapt, so you're running with linode now? :P
22:17<ericoc>everyone Linode a static IP, yep
22:17-!-bryen [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:17<HedgeMage>seventoes: yes.
22:17<synapt>Hoggs: Lurking currently
22:17<synapt>not with them, perhaps in time though if my resume ever got through, lol
22:17*synapt slaps mikegrb
22:18*synapt spanks while at it
22:18<Hoggs>I meant were you using a linode VPS... but that works too I suppose.
22:19<synapt>ah no, not at the moment
22:19-!-bryen [] has joined #linode
22:19-!-Ghan_04 [] has joined #linode
22:19<synapt>I kinda abandoned all my hosting stuff at the moment, mostly serverless now, just not enough time to bother
22:19<HoopyCat>seventoes: take a look at rails rumble... each team gets a 360 :-)
22:20<HoopyCat>(and it works)
22:20<Ghan_04>It is true that you can add on disk space to a Linode without upgrading plans, correct?
22:20<Hoggs>Ghan_04, yes, you just need to request extras
22:20<Ghan_04>What is the price on that per GB?
22:20<HoopyCat>Ghan_04: yes, but upgrading the plan usually works out to be more cost-effective if you're using it long term
22:21<linbot>Available Add-ons: Disk: $ 2 per 1GB/month. RAM: $ 5 per 90MB/month. Transfer: $ 10 per 100GB/month. IP: $ 1 per IP/month
22:21<Ghan_04>Awesome. That's what I needed to know. :)
22:22-!-Nicholas_ [] has quit [Quit: Nicholas_]
22:22<HoopyCat>np :-)
22:23-!-bryen [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:25<Ghan_04>$2/GB seems high to me, though. It is cheaper in the long run to go to the other plans even if you are just looking for space.
22:25<Ghan_04>I was thinking of using a Linode as a good backup solution, so I don't really need the RAM and CPU.
22:25<BBHoss>Ghan_04: use for backup
22:26<BBHoss>they even support pull backups so your backups are extra safe, you just have to email them to set it up
22:26<Ghan_04>Well, there is a point to having a full server (especially a VPS).
22:26-!-Demonicpagan [] has joined #linode
22:26<BBHoss>oh ok
22:26<Ghan_04>It would be easy to bring sites up on a Linode in case something goes wrong.
22:26<Ghan_04>Resize, pull up a backup, go.
22:27<Ghan_04>So to some extent it is redundancy as well.
22:27<HoopyCat>the space is expensive, but it's local to the host and optimized for reliability and performance over efficiency, so it's a bit of a tradeoff
22:28<Demonicpagan>what cmd in linux does the same thing as pwd_mkdb in freebsd?
22:28<HoopyCat>Demonicpagan: what does pwd_mkdb do? :-)
22:29<SelfishMan>Demonicpagan: if you want to change a user pass then just use passwd
22:29<SelfishMan>otherwise there is no reaosn
22:29<Demonicpagan>i'm just following some thing i found about chrooting sendmail
22:30-!-seventoes [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:30*HoopyCat checks his calendar
22:30<SelfishMan>Demonicpagan: is the "some thing you found" about chrooting sendmail on your specific distro?
22:30<linbot>Please don't install sendmail: despite the catchy name it isn't your best option for a mail server. If your needs are simple, consider postfix. More complex? Try exim. Don't need your server to receve or queue mail? Try ssmtp.
22:30<HoopyCat>it's neither april 1, nor is it before 1995
22:31<Nivex>now there's a factoid I can get behind :)
22:31<HoopyCat>i'd probably reverse postfix and exim in that factoid
22:31*nb likes postfix
22:32<SelfishMan>HoopyCat: really? exim has build in support for scripting the hell out of things but postfix doesn't
22:33<HoopyCat>SelfishMan: i've always associated exim with "i just need an MTA on this box so it can send mail when it's grousy" and postfix with "i need a mail server"
22:33-!-chk32 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:33<HoopyCat>SelfishMan: so i haven't really poked around exim that much...
22:34-!-bryen [] has joined #linode
22:35<Demonicpagan>gotta stick w sendmail, i work with a developer of a tcl scripting package and the author has it looking for sendmail
22:35<Demonicpagan>tool command language
22:36<nb>actually most MTA's have a "fake sendmail"
22:36*HoopyCat contacts Federation timebase beacon
22:36<Hoggs>Demonicpagan, both exim and postfix have their own sendmail substitutes
22:36<HoopyCat>Demonicpagan: is it specifically looking for SENDMAIL(tm)-brand sendmail, or is it looking for /usr/sbin/sendmail?
22:36<SelfishMan>the real question is what part of sendmail is required?
22:36<Demonicpagan>i'll be find then if it's going to respond to set emailerror [catch {exec $whereis_command sendmail} ohhell]
22:37<HoopyCat>rtucker@arrogant-bastard:~$ whereis sendmail
22:37<HoopyCat>sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail /usr/lib/sendmail /usr/share/man/man8/sendmail.8.gz
22:37-!-Guest2616 is now known as dcraig
22:37<HoopyCat>rtucker@arrogant-bastard:~$ dpkg -S /usr/sbin/sendmail
22:37<HoopyCat>exim4-daemon-light: /usr/sbin/sendmail
22:38-!-dcraig is now known as Guest2622
22:39<HoopyCat>and likewise with postfix on my mail server, although the man page is in section 1 instead of 8.
22:40-!-Ghan_04 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:42*Demonicpagan apt-get removes sendmail from his box
22:45-!-Clorith [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:46-!-Clorith [] has joined #linode
22:47*Perihelion harpoons Clorith
22:47<Irl>Ohh hi Clorith
22:47-!-internalkernel [~caleb@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
22:48*Perihelion harpoons Irl too
22:48<Irl>Sup girly
22:50<@Perihelion>im pretending to work or something
22:51<HoopyCat>good thing your boss doesn't IRC!
22:52<tjfontaine>dun dun dun
22:53<Hoggs>Wha, I don't have these chars!
22:54<HoopyCat>buh? it's upper meta F16
22:56<SelfishMan>!urmom in russian
22:56<linbot>SelfishMan: вашей матери так медленно, она получила избили обоих Заяц и черепаха (803:0 / 7) [omumr]
22:58<amitz>!urmom in SelfishMan... :-D
22:58<linbot>New news from linodelibrary: Monitoring Resource Utilization with Cacti On Debian 5.0 Lenny <> || Manage Distributed Source Branches with Bazaar <>
22:58<linbot>amitz: Yo momma's so fat, she IS the global obesity crisis (816:5/0) [mmour]
23:00<JoeK>i should make a library how-to fork bomb
23:01<Hoggs>:(){ :|: }; :
23:02-!-walterheck [] has quit [Quit: walterheck]
23:05<MTecknology>Is there any legality to what can be hosted on a linode?
23:06-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
23:06<Hoggs>MTecknology, if it's legal, you can do it.
23:06<HoopyCat>MTecknology: yep; see the TOS
23:06<MTecknology>Example: If a client of mine wants us to host a pornographic website but it's legal from a website standpoint, is it acceptable from a linode standpoint?
23:07<HedgeMage>MTecknology: I've never heard them complain, and I know of a couple.
23:07<amitz>MTecknology: IIRC, you have been asking a variation of that question sometime ago ;-)
23:07<HoopyCat>MTecknology: <--- generally speaking, if it doesn't harm other customers or the internet, and is legal in your jurisdiction and linode's, it's good
23:07<MTecknology>HedgeMage: thanks. It's something I want to avoid but it's coming up
23:08<HedgeMage>MTecknology: Just keep in mind that it has to be legal where Linode is too, not just where you are.
23:08<MTecknology>ok, thanks
23:08<amitz>MTecknology: and to certain extent, where his/her customers are, probably.
23:08<HoopyCat>what type of porn? i'm familiar with the field, and given a sufficient sampling and a little time, i can give you an opinion
23:09<MTecknology>HoopyCat: any chance you're on freenode too?
23:09<amitz>HoopyCat: how much time do you require? I can do it faster.
23:09<HoopyCat>MTecknology: that'd be the same me
23:09<amitz>uh, bad implied statement.. :-p
23:09<HoopyCat>amitz: that's not a good thing, generally speaking
23:10<HoopyCat>and with that, i think my wife is advising me to discontinue IRCing for the night...
23:10<Hoggs>HoopyCat just wants free porn. :)
23:10<amitz>HoopyCat: hush, go away then! :-)
23:12-!-zack_ [] has quit [Quit: zack_]
23:18-!-jtaji [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:23-!-palintheus [] has quit [Quit: Ping Timeout]
23:23-!-Palintheus [] has joined #linode
23:26<linbot>New news from forums: don't include additional record for ns5 in Feature Request/Bug Report <> || 6 hours and cannot configure Postfix + Courier-IMAP in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
23:38-!-Guest2622 is now known as dcraig
23:39-!-dcraig is now known as Guest2627
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