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00:01<Bohemian>anyone here an amd fan?
00:01<Bohemian>for desktop computers
00:02<Ahmed>man what was I thinking when I was going to order from Slicehost...
00:02<Bohemian>i have access to harvard's super computer. i just want to build a box that will let me learn selinux and MAC on fbsd, do some compiling, use two monitors... what's the last amount i can spend?
00:03<SelfishMan>approx $0.01 USD
00:04<Ahmed>anyway, I guess I'll just live with CentOS
00:04<Ahmed>thanks everyone
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00:15<jtsage>son of a..... just nuked a file that i had *not* yet added to git. dammit. that was about 2hrs of work.
00:15<kronos003>is there any reason this would fail to make a backup image of my harddrive? dd if=/dev/sda bs=1024 conv=noerror,sync | 7z a -mx9 -mmt -md=128m -ma=2 -mfb=128 -si
00:16<bob2>2 hours without a commit is way tooo long
00:17<Bohemian>ferodynamics: USD to get a computer i actually pay for
00:19<jtsage>yes. yes it was
00:20<jtsage>i might need to cry a litle.
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00:21<amitz>HoopyCat: impressive tautology.
00:22<ferodynamics>I have no idea Bohemian. I have a Lenovo SL400 and I love it. It's a cheap laptop, the screen beautiful, best ever.
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00:27<mobile_mig5>Any issues in Dallas atm?
00:27<Peng>mobile_mig5: Possibly. Be more specific.
00:28<kronos003>has anyone piped the output of dd to 7z and was able to dump the file back to the disk with the same success and gzip?
00:28<Peng>kronos003: 7z is more like zip, not gzip. If you just want to compress one file, check out lzma.
00:28<mobile_mig5>My vm is unpingable and the Ajax console seems to fail to load.
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00:29<Peng>mobile_mig5: The Ajax console sucks anyway. Try using the SSH version of lish.
00:29<@caker>mobile_mig5: we're looking into it now
00:29<mobile_mig5>Cheers guys
00:29<kronos003>Peng: im looking for something to replace gzip - 7z and 7za seem to be the linux implimentation of lzma - there is also lzmash but im not sure what that is or how its different from 7z
00:30<Peng>kronos003: I tend to use Ubuntu's 'apt-get install lzma'.
00:30<kronos003>basicly im trying to compress a disk image on to a file destined for dvd and would like the smallest usable outcome...
00:30<bob2>no, the 'lzma' package/command is like gzip
00:30<Peng>I do not know what program that is, but it works.
00:30<bob2>it just compresses a single file or stream
00:31<bob2>the linux equivalent of 7z is p7zip or sometyhing
00:31<kronos003>Peng: 7z and 7za impliment LZMA from what ive read
00:31<Peng>kronos003: Not my point at all.
00:31<Peng>At all.
00:31<kronos003>Peng: i think i missed something? what is not your point?
00:31<Peng>kronos003: Read what bob2 said. The '7z' command behaves more like zip -- i.e. like tar+compression, not single-file compression like gzip or bzip2.
00:31<amitz>bob2: it's kind of disservice to your colleagues to commit too often. Makes problem identification and rolling back painful?
00:32<bob2>amitz: no way
00:32<kronos003>Peng: thanks for the heads up
00:32<Peng>kronos003: The lzma package is an implementation of the LZMA algorithm with an interface like gzip or bzip2.
00:32<kronos003>the command is lzma?
00:32<bob2>in the lzma package on debunutu
00:33<amitz>bob2: more points to test to find out a regression... which I guess should be made automatic...
00:34<bob2>that's a log2 problem ;p
00:34<bob2>compared to losing two hours work
00:34<bob2>or deciphering wtf a giant commit does
00:34<kronos003>Peng: so i can use lzma just like gzip in relation to dd?
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00:36<Peng>kronos003: I do so with tar, so...probably!
00:36<amitz>well, I believe some changes may be too complicated to be done in 2 hours work. The kind with lots of factoring on multiple files.
00:36<kronos003>is there something i should be worried about - i cant find any guides for this anywhere - but there are plenty for gzip and a few for bzip2
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00:37<amitz>It's inevitably giant because you shouldn't commit an uncompilable commits?
00:37<bob2>I write python
00:37<Peng>kronos003: Yeah, cuz bzip2 and gzip are popular.
00:38<Peng>kronos003: LZMA uses lots of RAM, of course, but it should be good.
00:38<jtsage>amitz, bob2 - i was purposly not commiting yet to keep the git log nice and clean. it wouldn't have actually broken anything. still sucks though :)
00:38<kronos003>lol - i have LOTS of ram - 3gb on the 32bit target box and 4gb on the machine im doing the testing on
00:39<bob2>jtsage: meh
00:39<bob2>jtsage: that's why you work in branches
00:40<kronos003>Peng: do you have a recommended command line for [[dd if=/dev/sda | lzma]] to get maximum compression in a decent timframe on an amd TL-58
00:40<Peng>kronos003: Sorry, no opinion.
00:40<kronos003>Peng: guess ill do some more reading and play with it a bit
00:40<bob2>not backing up your entire disk would be a good start
00:40<kronos003>do we know if systemrescurecd includes lzma?
00:41<kronos003>bob2: its a clean install - im making a recovery cd
00:41<bob2>for what
00:43<kronos003>a windows xp box with drivers and and all updates installed - no av installed so i can put on whatever is current at the time of recovery
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00:43<bob2>maybe it's time to just run windows in a vm
00:43<kronos003>bob2: no hardware virtualization on this box
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00:44<randallman>vmware should still work
00:44<randallman>Xen require VTx? Or?
00:45<bob2>it does not
00:45<randallman>less annoying bloat than vmware-server or some such
00:47<randallman>oh but would it for running XP?
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00:48<randallman>only exposure to Xen I have is by being a consumer (linode) and at RHCE class :) qemu and vmware I have used
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00:53<randallman>I guess XP requires HVM under Xen?
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00:57<draginx>How do I ensure that mail sent from ym server doesn't get marked as spam?
00:57<bob2>you can't
00:58<bob2>you can improve your chances, though
00:58<draginx>Yeah, how would I improve it?
00:58<ferodynamics>read your mail server log, make sure there are no errors
00:58<bob2>a) don't send crap b) set your hostname correctly c) set your rdns correctly d) use dkim e) use spf f) get on dswl
00:58<bob2>er dnswl
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01:00<mig5>caker: i see dallas141 is reachable again via lish.. do i need to reboot my guest or will it come back by itself?
01:01<amitz>bob2: you mean python forces a style such that no refactoring is ever necessary?
01:01<@tasaro>mig5: Linodes will be returned to last state (you should have an open ticket)
01:01<bob2>amitz: I mean there's no compiling
01:01<mig5>tasaro: cheers. i didn't check
01:02<amitz>bob2: oh, yeah. But there is still broken state though.
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01:14<jtsage>much better, all sorted. goes much quicker when I understand everything that needs to happen the second time through :)
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01:37<kronos003>how do i figure out what the presets mean in lzma - form the man page i know what preset 6 is - but i would really like to use a big dictionary and leave the rest to a preset
01:38<kronos003>where do i get that kind of info?
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01:49<jdub>having odd performance issues -- is there something obviously wrong with dallas163 or my linode?
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02:20<ferodynamics>does a reboot typically spike disk IO on the graph?
02:20<ferodynamics>not that it matters, just wondering, tnx
02:24<ferodynamics>how many of you use Twitter regularly? Or is IRC too much already?
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02:28<Peng>I use and Twitter. I'm even less interesting there than on IRC!
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02:36<ferodynamics>peng what's your Twitter?
02:37<ferodynamics>my script posts to twitter+ too but my script is down for maint at the moment.
02:37<ferodynamics>renovation maybe.
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02:39<purrdeta>Peng: you are fascinating on IRC though.
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02:43*MeCooL Hi all,(F)
02:44<Peng>ferodynamics: @mnordhoff. Like I said, though, boooring!
02:47<ferodynamics>metric dollar, good idea
02:49<ferodynamics>any php gurus here? Seems like most tuts I read say use spawn-fcgi, does it really matter to use a "wrapper" or not?
02:50<purrdeta>I use twitter... strangely boring there though. Bitching about my life... guys not calling me back... etc.
02:50<bob2>most tuts probably tell you to use mod_php with apache
02:50<bob2>which doesn't require spawn-fcgi
02:53<ferodynamics>seems like I see "fpm" vs. spawn-fcgi vs. using php-cgi on its own.
02:54<bob2>for fcgi, yes
02:54<bob2>fpm requires patching php
02:54<bob2>which is pretty crap
02:54<ferodynamics>yeah that did not appeal to me
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02:56<ferodynamics>also wondering if it helps to have php-cgi "children" when there's only one mysqld on the back end... seems like php-cgi processes aren't super fast so probably a good idea to have a few children going, but I'm just guessing.
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03:32*amitz hugs everybody
03:33<jonsowman>aw :)
03:33<jonsowman>what was that for lol?
03:34<amitz>well, I sometime ask for hug when I'm sad. Now that I'm happy, I give back the favor :-)
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03:40<amitz>To: Subject: fyi, it's not rude :-p.
03:40*amitz hides :))
03:43<megatron27>I'm in love -
03:44<amitz>it's one hell of a pricey ..escort.
03:45<jonsowman>mm very nice
03:46<amitz>wat? only 500USD?!
03:46<amitz>still expensive bu cheaper than I thought.
03:46<megatron27>amitz, buy one for your wife, don't you love her
03:47<amitz>megatron27: she loves me so much that she doesn't want me to buy it for her.
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03:52<megatron27>amitz, testing
03:53<amitz>megatron27: consuming.
03:54<megatron27>I want one :X
03:56<amitz>I want more than one.
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04:00<ferodynamics>awesome I think i found a problem, now I can go to sleep
04:00<megatron27>good night
04:00<ferodynamics>lol haven't tested it yet
04:01<megatron27>dream of Nancy Pelosi :X
04:01<ferodynamics>my gf is hotter
04:02<amitz>ferodynamics: I'm sorry, N900 is hotter!
04:02<ferodynamics>is that your Nokia phone?
04:02<megatron27>amitz, don't treat a woman like an object!
04:03<amitz>megatron27: correction, I treat an object like a woman.
04:04<ferodynamics>first you get the money, then you get the Linode, then you get the woman.
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04:05<amitz>first you get the linode, then you get a woman to admin it, then you get the money.
04:05<ferodynamics>probably works
04:05<megatron27>that's sex discrimination!
04:05<megatron27>only a woman can administer your Linode?
04:06<amitz>megatron27 can.
04:06*amitz hides again. :-p
04:07<ferodynamics>my rc.local isn't working, ugh.
04:08*amitz wonders when will his estaticness end..
04:13<megatron27>cold day
04:13<megatron27>as much as I like the n900
04:17<ferodynamics>does anyone know if rc.local should be symlinked ?
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04:18<amitz>ferodynamics: centos?
04:18<amitz>megatron27: may I suggest you spices and/or herbs
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04:19<megatron27>yeah, Penyet Chicken!
04:19<megatron27>but I want soup
04:19<megatron27>with noolde
04:19<megatron27>Vietnamese Pho :X
04:20<amitz>soup... hmmm. try to find a ready made mongolian spice/herb for making soup. It's a really effective heat inducing food.
04:20<amitz>just tried it maybe a week ago. Really good.
04:21<amitz>I was sweating like crazy eating it.
04:28<megatron27>cold day
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04:43<Ahmed>this is one interesting IRC Network
04:43<megatron27>why do you say tha
04:43<Ahmed>I just did a /list and I think I like what this network is about, thats all
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05:20<Ahmed>Mmm doesn't "Linode 360" come with 200GB BW?
05:21<bob2>however, it is march 30
05:21<bob2>so you get 1/31 * 200GB
05:22<Ahmed>that's why I was charged 0.07C for my extra IP
05:22<Ahmed>but seriously?
05:22<Ahmed>OK, so I can run more than 1 image on a linode? like more than 1 vm?
05:22<bob2>if you buy multiple linodes
05:22<bob2>if not, you can run one
05:22<Ahmed>got it
05:22<bob2>but you can have as many images as you like
05:22<bob2>(and can fit in your disk quota)
05:23<Ahmed>Got it
05:23<Ahmed>I think I might get another one for IRC usage
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05:23<bob2>get 3
05:24<Ahmed>I got one for my websites just because I don't like to play where I work..
05:24<Ahmed>I work for a dedicated server provider, but I don't want them knowing my private stuff! lol
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05:24<Ahmed>NO need for my boss to know all my private websites & stuff, none of his business
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05:27<Peng>Ahmed: You can have more than one image, but you can only run one at a time. It's like dual-booting a PC.
05:27<Ahmed>I sure didn't waste the few bucks I spent
05:28<Peng>caker: You should announce backups and native IPv6 for April Fool's Day. And then really do *one* of them. :D
05:29<jsmith-->quick one, i think i've convinced work to replace out our expensive UK hardware with a linode or two running varnish (i'll get better performance with a caching server.. then our fully fledged applictation servers).. but wondering what the london DC's network can actually serve? ie; are we limited to 100mb.. or is there any burstable allowance there?
05:29<bob2>linodes are limited to 50mbit/s in one direction by default
05:29<bob2>it can be lifted if needed
05:30<bob2>ah, the outgoing direction
05:30<Ahmed>IPv6 should be real tbh
05:30<jsmith-->okay, that's good to know, so just a ticket to request the raise?
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05:31<jsmith-->we'd be sitting our geo-dns solution in front of varnish (as it is currently) and we've got potential to saturate a 100mb link quite easily when promo's happen
05:31<bob2>not sure, but if you a file a ticket you can find out =)
05:31<jsmith-->just asking, still need to convince the bill payer :P
05:32<jsmith-->surely you know how these multi-nationals are..
05:32<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. or urmom.
05:33<linbot>jonsowman: Yo momma's so old she's almost as old as Yaakov! (795:9/1) [mmour]
05:33<jonsowman>!vote down 795
05:33<jonsowman>whoops, its "urmom vote down" isn't it.
05:35<bob2>mikegrb: is 403
05:41<Peng>bob2: They know. Probably. Use for now.
05:43<Peng>jonsowman: Yes, you file a ticket to request a raise. You have to provide justification; yours sounds good to me, but I dunno how strict they are. (I do know they're pretty damn nice, so it should probably be okay.)
05:44<Peng>bob2: They do know some things are broken, and they should know about that one -- I mentioned it on the forum -- but...
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05:55<Peng>(Yikes, I've read too much Girl Genius. I need to give my bold key a break.)
06:06<megatron27>what's love got to do with
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06:28<jonsowman>having issues signing up :\
06:28<jonsowman>UK Visa Debit card should work?
06:29<jonsowman>"We're sorry, but the transaction failed. "
06:29<bob2>cvc? expiry?
06:29<bob2>is it electron or laser? is it embossed?
06:29<bob2>iirc the uk had a large number of types of cards
06:29<jonsowman>it is embossed - not electron
06:29<jonsowman>cvv and expiry are both correct
06:31<bob2>have you used it online with a foreign merchant before?
06:31<jonsowman>possibly not, I can't remember doing so
06:32<jonsowman>is this a "ring the credit card company" job?
06:33<Peng>......Got another card? :D
06:33<jonsowman>Peng: no :(
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07:17-!-Smark is now known as Smark[Gone]
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07:21<linbot>New news from forums: Mail rejected 554 or not being sent in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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07:29<adnc>Hello, I saw the announcement about Linode Backup Service. Will this service always be free?
07:29<Peng>adnc: No.
07:30<adnc>peng do you know what price range it will be?
07:30<Peng>adnc: No.
07:31<Peng>adnc: I'm sure I've heard it before, so you can probably track it down without too much effort. Of course, it's still subject to change.
07:31<Peng>adnc: IIRC it was 25% of the cost of the node, but I may be wrong.
07:31<adnc>peng: i see, thank you very much
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07:54<TinyAmitz>hmm can you love more than 1 person, will the loves be smaller on the receiving end? I'm questioning yaakov's claim...
07:54<linbot>New news from forums: Wordpress+Nginx+super cache help! in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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08:06<encode>so the LHC has started colliding protons, and we don't seem to be in the process of being consumed by a black hole
08:07<Internat>gota wait for these things to grow.
08:07-!-agentbleubleu [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:07<encode>on the other hand, would we even realise we were being sucked in to a black hole?
08:07-!-agentbleubleu [] has joined #linode
08:08<Internat>when the internet fails.
08:10<encode>so roughly around the time the australian government implements the mandatory filter?
08:13<SirSquidness>It wont happen
08:14<Internat>encode: nah that'll just be a "coincidence"
08:14<Internat>you'll only notice it if your looking at "unapproved" content
08:14<amitz>Internat: such as? curious.
08:15<Internat>amitz: i'll let you know when we know :P
08:15<Peng>American beer.
08:15<Internat>since they wont tell us whats on the list
08:15<Internat>thats a myth
08:16<Trystan>na its true
08:16<Trystan>American beer is not allowed
08:16<Trystan>filtering is already under way on imports physically, and they will be filtering adverts and such
08:16<Trystan>due to the impact it has on society.
08:17<Internat>i did have a copy of the leaked list at one ponit
08:17<Internat>frigs me where it went
08:17<Trystan>ultimatly its a good concept gone wrong
08:17<amitz>why? is your legislature dominated by religiously motivated people? oh my god think of the children peopl?
08:17<Internat>pretty much
08:17<Trystan>amitz: yea
08:17<Trystan>the guy in charge is a religious dude
08:17<SirSquidness>23:17:02 < Internat> frigs me where it went
08:18<SirSquidness>but watch out, that's on the banned list too. Dont' go linking to it on your Australian hosted site!@
08:18-!-saikat [] has joined #linode
08:18<Trystan>yet they say they wont block for politically motivated reasons
08:19-!-kethry [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:20-!-kethry [] has joined #linode
08:20-!-tehdan [] has joined #linode
08:20-!-bonesoul [~shalafi@] has joined #linode
08:20<tehdan>hi all - anyone seeing problems in London?
08:20<bonesoul>i was going to ask the same
08:20<bonesoul>it's all down i guess?
08:20<Peng>You two are the first.
08:20<tehdan>my ssh session just froze, looks like routing is broken
08:20<Peng>I can't ping London from Dallas.
08:20-!-K-Zodron [] has quit [Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.]
08:21<Trystan>summers working for me :D
08:21<bonesoul>my servers is down and also i can't access it through console
08:21<Peng>Well, I'm sure Nagios is waking everyone up right now, but you could file a ticket if you want to.
08:21-!-Fukuda [] has joined #linode
08:21-!-tozz [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
08:21-!-K-Zodron [] has joined #linode
08:21-!-JediMaster [] has quit [Quit: fnarble]
08:21<tehdan>shall wait a bit...
08:22<tehdan>bonesoul - where you accessing from/
08:22-!-tozz [] has joined #linode
08:22<Fukuda>my linodes down or its network in uk? anyone?
08:22<amitz>it's weird what happens in aussie. I mean this is the first time I have ever heard australia doing censorships. I mean, the R or PG (or equivalents) rated movie in australia is still daring enough it seems.
08:22<Peng>Fukuda: It's not just toy.
08:22<tehdan>ah, may well be back?
08:22-!-nyerup [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:22-!-nyerup [] has joined #linode
08:22<Peng>Jeepers, "toy"?
08:23<tehdan>I'm into my node from UK and US IPs again
08:23<Trystan>amitz: we dont have R pc games
08:23<Trystan>they are banned
08:23-!-WoodWork [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:23-!-WoodWork [] has joined #linode
08:23<Trystan>and have to be toned down or not released
08:23<Fukuda>ok uk is working now
08:23-!-agentbleubleu [] has left #linode []
08:23<amitz>Trystan: oh, that's new to me.
08:23<tehdan>seems to have kicked everyone off my node - must have been a routing screw up at level3
08:23<Trystan>amitz: the people in charge of it are all old morons
08:24<Trystan>as you say
08:24<Trystan>'wont somebody think of the children!'
08:24<Trystan>well.. the children can download it from overseas if you ban it ANYWAY
08:24<bonesoul>im back now
08:24<Trystan>but releasing it for Adults with actual marketing saying its for adults.. parents might realise its not for kids
08:24<Trystan>bonesoul: good to hear :)
08:24<tehdan>oh well, back to making services on my London node redundant :)
08:26-!-moesian [] has left #linode []
08:27-!-bonesoul [~shalafi@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:30-!-linville [] has joined #linode
08:31<amitz>Trystan: on the bright side, your condition is a lot better than one of your neighbor ;-)
08:32<amitz>also better than here.
08:32<Trystan>poor kiwis
08:32<Trystan>no one ever thinks its a good place to live.
08:34<Peng>Who wants to live in fruit?
08:35*amitz is about to continue the dual meaning chain but decided against it.
08:35-!-hachi [] has joined #linode
08:35<amitz>hachiko! good movie, or so I heard.
08:36<hachi>I meant to see it, but haven't yet
08:37<hachi>did we just have a network blip in london?
08:38<amitz>hachi: you're the 4th one to complain about london. But I don't know if any op awares of this yet.
08:38<hachi>actually, that's good enough for me
08:38<hachi>I wasn't so much worried about a 'fix' so much as a 'it wasn't just me, right?'
08:39<amitz>hachi: ah, I know the feeling ;-)
08:41-!-tiny [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:45<tehdan>hachi: looked like a routing problem, but seems fine now
08:45-!-Bass10 [] has joined #linode
08:45<hachi>I assumed so, I was getting traffic out of, but not in to my box
08:45<hachi>asymmetric routing glitch or somefin
08:53-!-Clooth [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:02-!-bbeausej [] has joined #linode
09:03-!-Fukuda [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:04-!-Fukuda [] has joined #linode
09:10-!-binel_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:14-!-bencaron [] has joined #linode
09:26<KingTarquin>How do you go about reporting abuse to a server owner (my box got ssh attacked)? There's no abuse email for the domain either.
09:27<Peng>KingTarquin: There should be one for the IP.
09:27<Peng>KingTarquin: Mostly nobody bothers, though.
09:27<HoopyCat> * Password must contain at least one letter or a number and one of these special characters !.$%^.*().
09:27<Peng>bothers to report it, I mean
09:27<KingTarquin>Ahh, fair play.
09:27<HoopyCat>KingTarquin: once in awhile i'll fling one off, but very rarely does it get any sort of response
09:28*KingTarquin just nulled the ip.
09:28<linbot>KingTarquin: IP:; rDNS:; ASN adv net:; ASN: AS3356; ASN owner: Level 3 Communications, LLC; ASN reg: 2000-03-10; Abuse contact:; City: Livingston; State: Texas; Postal code: 77351; Country: US; Latitude: 30.7247; Longitude: -94.823; Area code: 936; Domains: 4;
09:29<HoopyCat> The User ID already exists. Please enter a different User ID.
09:29<HoopyCat>well then, why didn't you just say so
09:30<KingTarquin>Ahh, nicey nicey.. stuff's going back to normal on my box.
09:31<HoopyCat>ha, the temporary password they sent me doesn't meet their password requirements
09:31-!-jdlspeedy__ [~Joe@] has joined #linode
09:32-!-K-Zodron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:32<HoopyCat>what do you MEAN it doesn't match your records? you just e-mailed it to me you sons of bitches
09:32-!-K-Zodron [] has joined #linode
09:32<HoopyCat>... sorry, printing is always infuriating to me :-)
09:33-!-K-Zodron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:35-!-Flue [~Flue@] has joined #linode
09:36-!-K-Zodron [] has joined #linode
09:36<Bohemian>hmmm, should i get an i7 for 199 or an x4 with a free mobo for 99?
09:37-!-jdlspeedy_ [~Joe@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:39<pharaun>Bohemian: the x4 = amd?
09:39<Bohemian>pharaun: yeah
09:39<pharaun>Bohemian: i would just go look at some benchmarks and compare the two
09:40<pharaun>and see if there is any major perf diff, other wise, go with the cheaper one
09:40<Bohemian>well, the i7 is obviously faster
09:40<Bohemian>8 cores vs 4
09:40<Bohemian>it's no real contest
09:40<Bohemian>the thing is, how much do i want to spend
09:40<pharaun>yeah, well not 8 core, its 4 + 4 HT, remember :-p
09:40<HoopyCat>it depends on your application
09:40<Bohemian>well, the deal is it comes with this mobo, but the mobo only supports ddr2 :(
09:41<pharaun>Bohemian: yeah, unless its one of those "new uber expensive" ones i think they are 6/something cores now, but
09:41<pharaun>the cheap ones are going to be dual or quad core + HT
09:41<pharaun>however what i heard is that the HT on the i7 are much better than the HT on the p4 back in the days
09:41<HoopyCat>ddr2's still around at least :-)
09:41<pharaun>HoopyCat: thank god
09:41<pharaun>ddr3 is still stupidly expensive
09:42<pharaun>been wanting to move up to 12-16gb of ram, but ddr3 still scars me from the pricing
09:42-!-Flue [~Flue@] has quit [Quit: Flue]
09:42<HoopyCat>i'm about due to start thinking about a new machine
09:42<pharaun>Bohemian: wtf that mobo only have two ddr2 slots
09:43<Bohemian>is 4gb enough for common multitasking in linux and fbsd, or should i go with 8 or 6gb?
09:43<Bohemian>pharaun: i don't expect much if they're giving it away for free
09:43<pharaun>i went with 6gb just cuz i was too lazy to replace my older 2x1gb modules, otherwise i would've maxed it out at 8gb
09:43<pharaun>ddr2 are dirt cheap
09:43<pharaun>but for most stuff i think 4gb is enough for most people
09:44<pharaun>i just like a crapload of ram cuz i work with up to 60+ 15mp photo into massive panoramas
09:44<HoopyCat>my current machine will max out at 2GB, which i plan to do real soon now... yeah, it's time to upgrade ;-)
09:44<pharaun>HoopyCat: yes it is!
09:44<pharaun>even at 6gb sometime i bitch about not having enough ram *sigh*
09:44<Bohemian>i've been happy with my c2d from 2007
09:45<pharaun>luckly 6gb is plenty for day to day tasking,
09:45<Bohemian>macbook with 3gb of ram and the 7200 rpm drive has made it super fast
09:45<pharaun>its just when i need the ram... >_<
09:45<pharaun>Bohemian: try 6x 7200rpm drive in raid 0 xD
09:45<pharaun>bloody fast
09:45<Bohemian>what is raid 0? the speed one?
09:45<HoopyCat>i am, believe it or not, starting to run into CPU crunch
09:45<pharaun>Bohemian: yeah raid 0 = stripping
09:46<pharaun>i setup the array to be raid0 for /tmp, swap, and couple other directory
09:46<pharaun>system files are on raid 10
09:46<pharaun>and /home/ /data are on raid 6
09:46-!-jsmith-- [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:46<Bohemian>i was thinking of doing 1+0. is that a good idea?
09:46<pharaun>that's basically raid 10 really
09:46-!-mcinerney [] has joined #linode
09:46<Bohemian>is it? i don't know much about raid, sorry
09:46<HoopyCat>july 2004
09:46<pharaun>but yeah nice thing about raid 10 is you can get the performance increase of 0, plus the fault tolerance of 1
09:47<pharaun>so a raid 10 is a decent compromise
09:47-!-adnc [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:47<pharaun>however do keep in mind the cost of drives/etc you'll need i think 4 disks at a min
09:47<pharaun>HoopyCat: hahaha
09:47<pharaun>HoopyCat: this is the oldest computer i had, been running a C2D 1.86 ghz for a long time
09:48<pharaun>then a friend bought a newer quad core computer and i was able to bum a q6600 off him for 100 buck
09:48<pharaun>and damn q6600 was a nice upgrade, but its one HOT son of a bitch
09:48<HoopyCat>if you have six drives in a RAID0, you've basically sextupled your odds of losing the farm at any given moment (more or less). it'll be fast, but jato-pack-on-a-volkswagen fast
09:48<pharaun>but kind of was expected cos its an small really small case
09:48<pharaun>HoopyCat: oh of course :-p
09:48<pharaun>HoopyCat: that's why i do raid0 for swap & /tmp
09:48<pharaun>raid6 for home, storage, couple other
09:49<HoopyCat>pharaun: i know you know :-)
09:49<pharaun><3 MD raid, gives me the ability to customize raid level to the "risk" that i'm willing to take
09:49-!-mawolf [~mw@] has quit [Quit: Alea iactus est.]
09:49<pharaun>and of course i have 1.75 tb worth of external drive for backups
09:49<pharaun>need to buy another 2tb disk cos i'm starting to max out those 1.75tb disks
09:50<HoopyCat>sadly, i don't have that much data
09:50<pharaun>been thinking of buying a second set of 6x drives and setup a second "volume" on the computer
09:50<pharaun>so i'll have 6xraid6 & 6xraid0/10/6
09:50-!-jsmith-- [] has joined #linode
09:50<pharaun>someday i might get off my ass and buy me a SSD, and raid 2 of em together for the system disk
09:50<pharaun>would work quite nicely, but i've more or less solved the "disk latency" of raid
09:51<pharaun>by mounting all of the bloated app into ramdisk >_> at firefox and its goddamn synchonous sqlite db
09:51<pharaun>HoopyCat: yeah my raws for my camera are 25mb each
09:51<pharaun>15mp canon 50D
09:51<HoopyCat>so THAT'S what does it
09:51-!-pheezy [~pheezy@] has joined #linode
09:52<pharaun>HoopyCat: the lags/etc in firefox is cuz firefox uses sqlite, and sync it to the disk
09:52*HoopyCat has mysterious urge to fix
09:52<pharaun>so i setup a little script to rsync the db/crap to disk every couple of minutes
09:52<Bohemian>right now i will get two drives (7200rpm), and maybe an SSD for /boot and storing system files on, or is that a waste? can you add to raid 10 once you've created it?
09:52<pharaun>its now "at a nice" speed
09:52<pharaun>tho you do pay a pentality on system startup when it loads everything into ram, but henceforth its quick
09:52<pharaun>Bohemian: on linux md, not sure
09:53<pharaun>i think you can expand raid10, 1, *maybe* 5/6 but
09:53<pharaun>imho its better to buy the disk upfront, and setup the raid, and make sure you have backup in the triple :-P
09:53<pharaun>linux's software RAID driver
09:53<pharaun>it provides raid0, raid1, raid10, raid5, raid6
09:54<pharaun>and i think *maybe* raid3/4 but no one really use that one
09:54<jdub>Bohemian: use the SSD for the files you actually *use* (ie. home not system)
09:54<HoopyCat>ah yes, the theoretically possible permutations
09:54<pharaun>jdub: the biggest issue with SSD is they are small
09:55<pharaun>and the files i play with are pretty weighty, i have some panoramas that are >1gb
09:55<tehdan>they're not small, they're expensive...
09:55-!-mcinerney [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:55<pharaun>yes they are small
09:55<jdub>pharaun: i was responding to Bohemian's comment
09:55<pharaun>128gb 256gb, etc
09:55<pharaun>that's tiny
09:55<pharaun>jdub: heh yeah >_>
09:56<tehdan>but that's a market driven cost issue - if you go for pro stuff you can have as much as you like
09:56<Bohemian>jdub: oh, because once i boot, who cares, right?
09:56<pharaun>tehdan: yeah i know
09:56<jdub>Bohemian: pretty much
09:56<pharaun>i was thinking of someday buying 2x 32/64gb SSD and just raid1 em
09:56<Bohemian>is it going to be a problem having raid 10 in fbsd AND a linux distro as a dual boot machine?
09:56<pharaun>and slam my system files/boot/swap onto those
09:56<pharaun>Bohemian: not if its hardware raid no
09:56<pharaun>Bohemian: but if its softraid, good luck
09:57<Bohemian>hardware raid requires you buy a raid controller, right?
09:57<pharaun>and btw "raid" on the mobo does *NOT* count
09:57<pharaun>that's a softraid/bastardized raid
09:57<jdub>Bohemian: fbsd was once able to grok linux software raid, so you may be able to do it -- not particularly future proof though
09:58<pharaun>jdub: oh really? i didn't know that
09:58<pharaun>but really if you want to do raid10 + multiple boot, your only real choice is hardware raid,
09:58<pharaun>and i'm not talking about the cheapass raid cards, i'm talking about the costly ones
10:00<Bohemian>can you rec a good raid card?
10:00<pharaun>never used one myself, so some of the other fellows here might know better but
10:01<pharaun>i've heard good thing about some LSI/3ware/highpoint
10:01<Peng>There's Areca too.
10:01<pharaun>Peng: ah those too, i forgot about em
10:01<Peng>Linode uses 3ware. OTOH, someone else I know has a bad experience with them.
10:01<HoopyCat>last i heard, linode uses 3ware with pretty good success
10:01<pharaun>Bohemian: good raid card, i believe, from poking at newegg is about >$400-500
10:02<pharaun>biggest problem with hardware raid is if one card dies, and unless you can find the exact one, you are going to be fucked, might want to buy a few as backups
10:02<HoopyCat>pharaun: ah yes, i'd blocked that from my memory
10:03<pharaun>Bohemian: <--- example of an raid card :-p
10:03<pharaun>HoopyCat: eh?
10:03<HoopyCat>they're also expensive enough that a cheap-ass boss is likely to say "i bought four of them, we're only using three, wtf do you want more?", leading a failed card to involve cannibalizing a working machine...
10:03*HoopyCat twitches
10:04<HoopyCat>pharaun: oh, how hardware raid tends to require hardware
10:04<pharaun>HoopyCat: >_> indeed, thankfully i haven't ran into *that* one but i can somehow see that happen
10:04<Bohemian>yeahhhhhhh... pharaun , i was hoping to spend 300 (without a HDD)
10:04<pharaun>Bohemian: go softraid, and pick freebsd or linux as a desktop, and VM the other
10:04<Bohemian>if i upgrade the mobo and cpu at some point in a year or two, will i lose all my raid 10 data?
10:04<pharaun>there is plenty of VM options
10:04<pharaun>Bohemian: no
10:05<pharaun>550MB/sec writes in RAID6 with (13) ES2 1TB Seagates.
10:05<pharaun>13 drives in a raid6
10:05<deejoe>mOAR daTA
10:06<pharaun>i sure hope that dude has a couple of hot standby's
10:06<pharaun>otherwise he'll have fun when two disks fails in a rebuild
10:06<HoopyCat>Missouri/Arkansas Publically-Operated Regional Network
10:06-!-mw44118-work [~mw44118@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
10:06<jkwood>That's how we roll, baby.
10:07<Bohemian>pharaun: i reall ydon't want to run a VM. i'm doing it now on my laptop and it *sucks*
10:07<HoopyCat>(with apologies to WMPORN)
10:08<HoopyCat>i, as well, don't want to drive a sportscar around watkins glen; i'm riding a bicycle around the bus loop and it *sucks*
10:09<pharaun>Bohemian: honestly, right now i'm using disk images on vmware
10:10<pharaun>and i did a test by putting my disk image in /tmp (raid0) and i was able to get about 1/2 of the performance for disk I/O, and it was still bloody fast, when you are getting >400mb read performance
10:10<pharaun>its going to be fast
10:10<HoopyCat>i mean, really... one computer, one operating system. in today's internet-age environment, dual boot is obsolete. "oh hang on, i need to reboot to the other operating system"
10:10-!-jsmith-- [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:10<pharaun>Bohemian: but really i would get better perf if i did raw disk access but meh
10:10-!-walterheck [~walterhec@] has joined #linode
10:10<HoopyCat>pick an OS for the metal, emulate the others
10:10<pharaun>i keep my windows vm around, and i do some experimental stuff in other vm's
10:11<Bohemian>maybe i don't need raid given i'm not doing anything too intensive
10:11<pharaun>Bohemian: honestly pick the OS you like the most, freebsd *or* linux
10:11<Bohemian>though it would be good to know how to setup
10:11<pharaun>then vm everything else
10:11<Bohemian>pharaun: well, the issue is this: i'm using selinux to learn how to use it, i prefer fbsd
10:11<pharaun>Bohemian: then pick fbsd as base os and vm linux
10:11<pharaun>problem solved :)
10:11-!-spkitty [] has quit [Quit: spkitty]
10:12<pharaun>honestly you want to know why your VM *SUCK* on a laptop
10:12<pharaun>its your 2.5 inch drive, most i've seen are about 20-30mb/sec iirc (been a while)
10:12<pharaun>desktop, a good drive, can hit 60+mb/sec sequal
10:12*HoopyCat cries
10:13<pharaun>and if you want to spend money get 15k, i've seen benchmarks hitting 120+mb/sec
10:13<HoopyCat>... sorry, bad memories of my ex dumping me
10:13<Bohemian>honestly, i think i'll skip raid until i build a better computer. a sub-300 computer probably won't benefit from raid.....
10:13<pharaun>so *that* is why a vm suck on a laptop :-p
10:13<pharaun>Bohemian: that's fine
10:13<Bohemian>pharaun: i have access to supercomputers ;)
10:13<pharaun>but the point is, by just moving to a 3.5 inch, you double the disk speed "most of the time"
10:13<HoopyCat>Bohemian: nod, you're a linode customer ;-)
10:13<Bohemian>just trying to decide to get an SSD under 150 or not to store my home on. i can't store my movies or most of my pictures on it though
10:13<pharaun>so vm sucks "less" :-p i mean fuck, i run games in my windows vm :-p
10:14-!-Peng_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:14<KingTarquin>I'm having problems with anchor's and mod_rewrite, as in when I click an anchor link, it doesn't move to the anchor.
10:14-!-walterheck [~walterhec@] has quit []
10:14<pharaun>Bohemian: honestly for movies/etc as long as its fast enough for you to use em, its not performance critical
10:14<HoopyCat>my major impetus for getting more RAM on my desktop is being able to move my winxp VM to a somewhat faster machine for multisim
10:15<pharaun>HoopyCat: you are going to want >4gb of ram
10:15<HoopyCat>KingTarquin: that's weird. how are the anchor links showing up in the html?
10:15<pharaun>i'm giving my windows vm about 2-3gb most of the time (when i'm not processing pictures >_>)
10:15<pharaun>i gotta to go, work
10:15<pharaun>i hate this goddamn rain
10:15<Bohemian>thank you very much!
10:15<HoopyCat>pharaun: eh, the windows VM is only around 512MB and i'm probably going to roll it down a bit
10:15<Bohemian>where are you? i'm in boston
10:15-!-mcinerney [] has joined #linode
10:16<HoopyCat>pharaun: i run two things: visio and multisim. and not at the same time. :-)
10:16<HoopyCat>pharaun: anyway, commute safely, stay dry, etc
10:16<jkwood>HoopyCat: Isn't save state a wonderful thing?
10:16<KingTarquin>HoopyCat: Both are in there ( <a href="#top">Top</a> <a name="top"></a> )
10:17<KingTarquin>They work without rewriting.
10:17<jkwood>Visio is so much beter to work with when you can just load it from a save instead of booting the machine, then starting it.
10:17<HoopyCat>jkwood: indeedity, especially since multisim takes sandwichtime to open
10:17<HoopyCat>Loading plugins you'll never use.... (1%)
10:18<KingTarquin>Or in fact, call it they both don't work./
10:18-!-ramoel [~ramoel@] has joined #linode
10:18<HoopyCat>Figuring out how to talk to a bunch of lab equipment that doesn't even exist....... (1%)
10:18<jkwood>Loading plugins you swore you blacklisted (1%)
10:18<KingTarquin>Must just be chrome and the smoothscroll javascript I have...
10:19<HoopyCat>Initializing virtual instruments... (contrabassoon, 3 of 12817)
10:19<jkwood>Checking whether your prcoessor can handle 60 seconds of nops (1%)
10:19<KingTarquin>HoopyCat: Yeah, its some smoothscroll javascript.
10:19<HoopyCat>KingTarquin: try disabling that and see what happens :-)
10:19<KingTarquin>Confirmed, Chrome doesn't like that...
10:20-!-grawity [] has quit [Quit: Read error: 42 (Entropy overflow)]
10:20<HoopyCat>Contacting license server to ensure that today's date isn't after 9999-12-31...
10:23-!-wrkq [] has joined #linode
10:24<KingTarquin>Is this just for firefox, or should it work in Chrome?
10:25-!-MeCooL [mecool@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:27-!-spkitty [] has joined #linode
10:29-!-ramoel [~ramoel@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:30<MrChloroform>Eclipse should die
10:30<Solver>video (youtube) sux on Chrome (Ubuntu) but otherwise it is good
10:31<Solver>youtube/hulu I should say
10:31<KingTarquin>I don't have problems with video's and chrome (Fedora 12)
10:32<Solver>using chrome cpu maxes out and the vids end up pausing
10:33<Solver>whereas FF on the same box with the same vid is fine
10:33<Solver>I d/l this ages ago so maybe a more recent version will help
10:33<Solver>it was probably an early beta
10:33-!-jsmith-- [] has joined #linode
10:33<KingTarquin>They have an rpm/deb file now, so it actually adds a repository to your update system, so when they release an update, you get it.
10:34<Solver>ah cool
10:34<Solver>thanks. I should definitely update then
10:38-!-Flue [~Flue@] has joined #linode
10:38-!-mcinerney [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
10:40<wrkq>... Can anyone confirm ? That is, if you put an email address with a dot in localpart, the Linode DNS manager doesn't backslash-escape it?
10:42-!-noob [] has joined #linode
10:42-!-Fukuda [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:43-!-orudie [] has joined #linode
10:43<orudie>does this ask for a login ?
10:44<wrkq>Times out for me.
10:45-!-noob1 [] has joined #linode
10:45-!-jsmith-- [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:47-!-noob [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:48<wrkq>Btw, :8080 times out wile :80 gives regular connection refused.
10:48<wrkq>Maybe check your iptables.
10:48<jforman>i was never a really hard core programmer, some of this is so over my head
10:48<jforman>bah, oops
10:48<wrkq>He he.
10:48<wrkq>Programming is way less fun than admining, IMO.
10:49-!-mcinerney [] has joined #linode
10:49-!-eighty4 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:50-!-noob1 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:52<pharaun>HoopyCat: aha 512 for xp, that's not bad, i just gave win7 2gb to make it happy
10:52<pharaun>HoopyCat: yeah, i made it to work alive :)
10:52<pharaun>wrkq: depending :)
10:52-!-loxs [~loxs@] has joined #linode
10:53<pharaun>if its boring business crud crap, then yeah admin can be more fun but really in the end everything can be boring >_>
10:53-!-Fukuda [] has joined #linode
10:53<wrkq>That's true.
10:54<loxs>hi. Is there any public information about the physical servers (their characteristics) our linodes run on?
10:54<tjfontaine>big and powerful
10:54<tjfontaine>what would you like to know?
10:55<loxs>well, I'm just curious... whatever :)
10:56<wrkq>Well, if you'll ever find out, drop me a note.
10:56<wrkq>All I know so far is thet they're good ;)
10:56<loxs>we are wondering why my linode performs (way) better than my friends physical server
10:56<loxs>yeah, exactly :)
10:56<wrkq>Phat pipe, 4x dualcore Xeon, fast disks...
10:56<tjfontaine>dual quad core, lots of ram, battery backup 3ware raid+10, 1U
10:57<wrkq>Pick your guess.
10:57<tjfontaine>dual gigabit links
10:57-!-kassah [] has joined #linode
10:57<HoopyCat>pharaun: nod... that's why i went with XP, even though i think i do have a win7 license
10:58<loxs>i see... linode is really great. This Linode 360 is really performing much better than my friend's physical machine :)
10:59<HoopyCat>oh, you have got to be kidding me
10:59<wrkq>Yeah, and speaking of... do our beloved Provider accepts debit cards, or credit only?
10:59<HoopyCat>it timed out my session and it didn't save the fifteen billion bytes of data i uploaded
10:59-!-Redgore [] has joined #linode
10:59<tjfontaine>wrkq: if it has visa or mastercard on it, it'll work
10:59-!-Redgore [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:00<HoopyCat>wrkq: if it's a 15-digit number starting with 3, or a 16-digit number starting with 4 or 5, or some 16-digit numbers starting with 6, it'll generally work
11:00-!-Redgore [] has joined #linode
11:00-!-adnc [] has joined #linode
11:00<@jed>HoopyCat knows his luhns
11:00<wrkq>I have an Electron, but it's enabled for internet transactions. Works with Steam. ;)
11:00<wrkq>(Visa Electron, that is)
11:01<Rob>not that many places take electron (or didnt used to)
11:01<randallman>Am, yo
11:01<@jed>wrkq: electron came up before, and I don't remember if it was a bad thing or a good thing
11:01<@jed>try it, I'm curious
11:01<wrkq>Well, that brand means different things in different countries...
11:01<randallman>What the heck is an electron? :P
11:01<Rob>its like a debit card they will give 16 year olds over here
11:01<HoopyCat>it's a negatively charged subatomic particle, but that's not important right now
11:02<wrkq>Yeah, kinda.
11:02<@jed>electrons are everywhere. even now, in this very room.
11:02<@pparadis>they're watching you
11:02<wrkq>Actually, I don't think one can get a "regular" Visa Debit in this country at all... Anyway, to not paste spam, first paragraph of this explains...
11:04<purrdeta>they are also watching you when you shower... I don't wanna know what they tell the neutrons
11:04<wrkq>I'll report once I get to trying it... right now I'm quite happy with the Linode I'm having a share in, but may need a new one in the future.
11:04<pharaun>HoopyCat: indeed, win7 is pretty nice, but i'm actually thinking of dropping back to xp just cuz its lighter on ram/etc for those "few" apps that i want to run in windows anyway
11:04<ekes>wrkq: UK visa debit == Visa Check Card == V Pay (according to wikipedia
11:05<HoopyCat>pharaun: exactly
11:05<wrkq>Yeah, anyway.
11:06<wrkq>So, well... is any of the staff willing to comment about the dot-in-localpart DNS manager (maybe-)issue?
11:06<randallman>Gah, why does flash linux suck so badly! :p
11:06<wrkq>Because flash sucks in general?
11:06<randallman>I know, I know, s/linux //g
11:07*wrkq grins.
11:07-!-walterheck [~walterhec@] has joined #linode
11:07<HoopyCat>being not on staff, i will not comment, even though i'm in the dns nerd auxilliary
11:07<randallman>Sure, but its ubiquitous
11:07<randallman>and mandatory for today's web
11:07<jkwood>I believe mikegrb would like to comment. mikegrb, can you give us your information-caked comment?
11:07-!-loxs [~loxs@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:08<jkwood>Apparely not.
11:08<erikh>randallman: flash (used to?) blow on OS X as well
11:08<erikh>it's not just linux
11:09<randallman>erikh, sure :-) So its just a number game
11:09<randallman>flash only sucks on computers that people use :)
11:09<randallman>err dont use
11:09<erikh>nothing like wondering why your machine is running so slow, closing a flash tab in safari/ff and watching everything speed up tremendously
11:09<erikh>or goign to a flash-ad-heavy site like gamespot and watch everything slow to a complete stop (more or less)
11:09<erikh>hopefully it's improved
11:10<wrkq>One nice thing of Chrome is the fact it runs Flash in a totally separate process, also separate from all tab processes. Can switch the priority to idle.
11:10<erikh>no flash on the 64-bit FreeBSD, which is what I like to work on
11:10<wrkq>Same thing in Opera/Linux, but for some reason not in Windows version... (well, maybe in10.5x but these are too buggy yet)
11:10<erikh>kind of nice for keeping focused
11:10<randallman>well yeah I had to isntall 32 bit firefox on my 64 bit box
11:10<randallman>because there wasnt no 64 bit flash bin
11:11<erikh>there is for linux
11:11<randallman>and screw all that wrapper crap :)
11:11<erikh>oh, maybe you do need to use a wrapper
11:11<erikh>ISTR it being available the last time I used ubuntu though
11:12<erikh>could possibly just have not been paying enough attention during installation, though.
11:12-!-jsmith-- [] has joined #linode
11:14<randallman>Yeah Im using RHEL :0
11:14<randallman>on my desk here @ work
11:16-!-Pupeno [] has quit [Quit: Pupeno]
11:16-!-mcinerney [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:16-!-Pupeno [] has joined #linode
11:17<HoopyCat>randallman: does it still start up xeyes after ./startx spawns fvwm?
11:17-!-Fukuda [] has quit []
11:17-!-Guspaz [] has joined #linode
11:17*wrkq shivers.
11:17<randallman>you mean TWM
11:17<wrkq>Argh, fvwm.
11:18-!-jsmith-- [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:18<randallman>I actually hacked it up so that I can run Openwin
11:18-!-mcinerney [] has joined #linode
11:18<randallman>though I was considering CDE for a bit
11:18-!-jameswilson [~jameswils@] has joined #linode
11:18<pharaun>i used to run 64bit flash
11:19<pharaun>but it keep on crashing firefox so much that i gave up and moved back to the flasher wrapper and the 32bit flash, its not *much* better but when flash crashes it won't nuke my firefox process
11:20<jkwood>Did you try it with a fresh firefox profile? I've seen more problems with firefox crashing firefox than flash crashing firefox.
11:20<KingTarquin>I never had many problems with Flash on 64 bit.
11:21<pharaun>jkwood: yeah i did
11:21<pharaun>i did a couple of fresh profiles/etc still crashed
11:21<pharaun>like flash would load and play fine
11:21<pharaun>but when i closed the tab/window, it would nuke firefox
11:21<randallman>I think as long as Im running RHEL, none of this matters :0
11:21<randallman>Im at the mercy of outdatedness
11:21<pharaun>KingTarquin: i used not to
11:22<KingTarquin>Mainly because I didn't use the flash plugins in the repo's.
11:22<pharaun>i was able to run flash64 for a while but just recently an update to GTK, or firefox, or flash caused the system instability
11:22<randallman>I've found it immensely easier to switch to the 32 bit firefox :0
11:22<randallman>shit happens...
11:22<pharaun>and i decided i just didn't care anymore and just stuffed flash into 32bit ndswrapper and let *that* crash all the time without taking down firefox
11:22<pharaun>good enough
11:22<KingTarquin>I've had to go back to 32 bit because I had no way of burning a disk without it screwing up.
11:22<pharaun>i don't give a *shit* anymore
11:23<pharaun>as long as i can watch a few youtube videos here and there, without the goddamn thing taking down my browser, i don't care
11:23-!-Bdragon28 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:23<pharaun>been playing with chrominum, midori, and 1 other browser... midori is looking nice, still a bit on the immature and unstable side
11:24-!-orudie [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:24<pharaun>and chrominum pisses me off with its title bar bullshit, i forced it to use my system window/border/titlebar, looks a bit "odd" *sigh*, plus heavy javascript page still crashes it
11:25-!-eighty4 [] has joined #linode
11:25<jameswilson>hi guys, first timer here, considering a move from dedicated hosting down to linode VPS. we've grown acustomed to admining our box with webmin/virtualmin. does anyone use it on their linode boxes?
11:25<KingTarquin>I'm sick of wodim burining coasters. But when I ditch wodim, and stick cdrtools on, I'm no longer supported by fedora...
11:25<wrkq>jameswilson: Many people, I think... tho not me in particular.
11:25<wrkq>I like my CLI.
11:25<jameswilson>props to that wrkq
11:26<pharaun>CLI ^5
11:26<pharaun>you can script it, you can do some amazing stuff with CLI :), webadmin is just chunky
11:26-!-jspiros [jspiros@2001:470:1f07:f30::1] has quit [Quit: leaving]
11:26<jameswilson>but what we do is so repetitive, we can teach our 'client' guy the right point-click combinations to setup a new sandbox for a client space.
11:27-!-jspiros [] has joined #linode
11:27<pharaun>jameswilson: why not just write a cgi script and give the client a webpage to *clicky* on?
11:28<wrkq>Hmm... "Because it's not worth the debugging effort"?
11:28<jameswilson>good thought, but its just doesnt fit use cases. its not generalizable enough. and the client wouldnt setup their own anyway.
11:28-!-jsmith-- [] has joined #linode
11:29<pharaun>if its going to be a simple/repetitive operation, you can script it and provide it via cgi, and use apache auth or something, good enough,
11:30<pharaun>but if its going to be complicated then like wrkq said, might not be worth debugging
11:30<jameswilson>its for OUR non-tech guy to be able to actually not be affraid to admin a linux box. we are a tiny team, need all hands on deck for any possible thing that gets thrown at us.
11:31<jameswilson>ok, i think i understand that webmin would be a good match on a linode
11:31<jameswilson>might have to work out ports though
11:32<jameswilson>i think webmin defaults to 10000
11:32<wrkq>Maybe check the forums archive, and/or post a new thread there?
11:32<wrkq>I know quite a few people there mentioned they're using Virtualmin.
11:32<jameswilson>sweet, thank you for the pointer, wrkq
11:33<wrkq>Hope it'll be of any help.
11:33<jameswilson>definitely, you've already instilled some confidence :) thx
11:33<pharaun>jameswilson: really a linode can run anything as long as you got the ram :)
11:34<jameswilson>yeah, ram, just what i was worried about frankly
11:34-!-mcinerney [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:34<jameswilson>only way to know is to try though
11:34<wrkq>And making things squeeze into the RAM is just a matter of a bit of skill or patience :P
11:34*wrkq enjoys a 50/50% split between appram and disk cache.
11:35<pharaun>plus it depends on how much traffic/etc you expect from the node
11:35<jameswilson>i guess you probably run gentoo too wrkq :P
11:35<wrkq>Huh? A properly set up webserver shoud work in more or less constant memory space...
11:35<wrkq>And no, Debian.
11:36<pharaun>wrkq: that's assuming dynamic scripts/etc
11:36<pharaun>wrkq: but if its static content an 360 node should be able to handle a *ton* of traffic
11:36<wrkq>It's all PHP here ;)
11:36*pharaun gasps and throws up a cross!
11:37*jameswilson also runs php software
11:37<jameswilson>your outnumberd
11:37*ericoc +1 for php
11:38<wrkq>Hope you're not using prefork, jameswilson ;)
11:38<jameswilson>actually, my problems are more os based
11:38*pharaun -1 for php
11:38<jameswilson>trying to get off RHEL
11:38<jameswilson>and onto ??? thinking ubuntu lts or deb
11:39<HoopyCat>something_that_isn't_apache+php_via_fastcgi >> apache_prefork+mod_php
11:39<ericoc>is it me or is down/really slow
11:39<wrkq>They're running on Apache, what did you expect? :P
11:42<sub>works fine for me
11:42-!-atula [] has joined #linode
11:42<jameswilson>there are ways to get around apache's problems
11:42<wrkq>And php-fastcgi + apache2-mpm-worker isn't quite bad... now if only someone would fix mod_fastcgi to handle graceful reloads correctly I'd be completely happy.
11:42<jameswilson>squid / varnish work exccellently
11:43<pharaun><- never heard of varnish
11:43-!-Flue [~Flue@] has left #linode []
11:43<pharaun>isn't that just another reverse caching?
11:43<ericoc>there's no mpm-worker package for Arch Linux in the main repos :\ i'd have to recompile apache to get it i think
11:44<jameswilson>not sure what you mean to imply by 'just another' those things are lifesavers.
11:44<ericoc>just prefork
11:44<pharaun>yeah, right now my site is more or less static, but if i ever did a ton of dynamic stuff, i would stuff a reverse cache in front ofc :)
11:44<pharaun>jameswilson: oh i know, but nothing i do right now has enough "traffic" to merit a reverse cache yet so i haven't really looked/worked with them at all
11:45-!-zack_ [] has joined #linode
11:45<crazed>you know what's funny.. i once had a dev tell me he didn't want varnish
11:45<crazed>because all his pages were dynamic
11:45<crazed>and that caching wouldnt' do anything
11:45<jameswilson>yes, crazed. its a little 'hard' to convince people sometimes, that they have to rework their code... to take advantage of caching
11:46<pharaun>jameswilson: i thought for "most" cases you could just drop a cache in front
11:46<jameswilson>but if you architect correctly from the start, you know that caching is something to consider...
11:46-!-eighty4 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:46<wrkq>I dropped APC in the back instead of a http cache in the front...
11:46<jameswilson>most cases yes, but you do need to integrate with the software app sometimes the software needs to know when you can cache and when not
11:46*wrkq grins stupidly.
11:47<pharaun>jameswilson: true, yeah had some trouble with that at work
11:47<jameswilson>wrkq, yes another way to improve apache's drawbacks
11:48<pharaun>anyway WAS finally died on me
11:48<jameswilson>ok, guys. i gotta get to work, thx for the chat and the pointers.
11:48<pharaun>so i'm going to go and hack at the j2ee app again *sigh*
11:48*jameswilson is already feeling welcome in the linode community :)
11:49<wrkq>Drawbacks? Woth prefork there is a problem, as any "static" request ties your preciousssss processes, but with a worker sat to for example 3x more threads than PHP_FASTCGI_CHILDREN you can serve everything fast enough.
11:49<wrkq>Fast enough for me, that is. >.>;
11:49-!-uuindex [] has joined #linode
11:49-!-kassah [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:50<jameswilson>what do you mean by 'worker' wrkq?
11:50<pharaun>well if you have a ton of static content, couldn't you just drop a lighttpd or something to feed the static content, and let apache take care of the dynamic content?
11:50<wrkq>But why should I?
11:50<wrkq>That's additional process, additinal configuration, need to keep your vhost configs in sync...
11:51<jameswilson>pharaun: re static content, lighttpd... sure
11:51<wrkq>Did anyone finally convinced lighttpd author(s) to allow for per-vhost error log file?
11:51<jameswilson>but yea, wrkq has a good point
11:52<wrkq>I played with lighty two years ago or so... yeah, it was usable on a P-200, while apache was not.
11:52<wrkq>(Not as much, at least.)
11:53-!-uuindex [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:53<jameswilson>i bet
11:53<pharaun>vhost... true, i didn't think about vhost
11:53<pharaun>i'm used to running 1 site 1 server/setup so yeah
11:54-!-D[a]rkbeholder [] has joined #linode
11:54<wrkq>% ls -1 /etc/apache2/sites-enabled | wc -l
11:54<wrkq>'Nuff said.
11:54<jameswilson>i was wondering about that issue too... on linode/// better to go vhosts or go 1-1
11:55<wrkq>Depends on the vhost load, of course...
11:55<pharaun>plus do keep in mind that each node costs more $$
11:55<wrkq>Or if you need total isolation.
11:56<wrkq>But a properly configured 360 should be able to handle a ton of load.
11:56<pharaun>but that does depend on the workload that is being done
11:57<jameswilson>wrkq: any reason u go with debian over X?
11:57<Napta_>My stock 360 servers a few million page impressions per day without breaking a sweat. Using lighttpd (soon to be nginx)
11:58<wrkq>jameswilson: Familiarity, mostly.
11:58<wrkq>It does its job well.
11:59-!-Pupeno [] has quit [Quit: Pupeno]
12:00-!-darkbeholder [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:02-!-jsmith-- [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:08-!-HedgeMage [] has joined #linode
12:09-!-mcinerney [] has joined #linode
12:15-!-laser` [] has joined #linode
12:15-!-laser` [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:16-!-laser` [] has joined #linode
12:17<Napta_>Who wants to see my latest creation, one day it will be in the Tate Modern
12:17<wrkq>Just post it... someone may stumble over it later ;)
12:21<pharaun>yeah i was looking into puppet/CM for my linode
12:21<pharaun>just so it would be easy to change stuff locally then push it up, but its complicated -_-
12:22<wrkq>I'm using Mercurial for my config files.
12:22<wrkq>Maybe it's a bad idea, but works for now.
12:22<pharaun>i liked the idea of puppet
12:23<pharaun>cos i could just create a new node, install puppet, then push stuff and let it take care of setting up/provisioning stuff
12:23-!-arooni-mobile [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:23<wrkq>Well, it's totally out of my scale of things ;)
12:23<pharaun>then i would just have to worry about backup of the actual data, the rest of the server can go to hell
12:23<pharaun>yeah mine too
12:23<pharaun>but i do have a little openvz box running on an atom, w/ about 10ish vm, would be nice to setup config management on that
12:23<pharaun>so i could say, oh hay i want X, ok here you go
12:25-!-hercynium [] has joined #linode
12:26<pharaun>Napta_: nice article
12:26*wrkq sighs.
12:27<wrkq>I'm kinda approaching the point of opening a ticket about that SOA email thing...
12:27<wrkq>I just hoped I could catch someone from the Linode staff here and drop a quick question.
12:28<@caker>who uses soa email anyhow? ;)
12:28<wrkq>No one, but it still should work...
12:28<wrkq>Anyway, the thing is that you apparently don't backslash-escape dots in localpart.
12:28<@caker>yup - it's on our buglist now - thanks for the report
12:29<wrkq>Thank you a lot, Chief.
12:29-!-Twayne [] has joined #linode
12:29<Guspaz>It looks like Linode might not have any news posts for March :(
12:29<wrkq>Out of curiosity, will it need a manual re-render of the zone file?
12:29<wrkq>(Heh, too early for this question, I guess)
12:31*wrkq notes that there apparently is a magic word with T on both ends, that can be used for summoning purposes.
12:36<Napta_>pharaun: thanks
12:39-!-jmulder [] has joined #linode
12:39-!-kenichi [] has joined #linode
12:42-!-walterheck is now known as Guest656
12:42-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
12:46-!-Guest656 [~walterhec@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:51-!-Trystan [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
12:57-!-ramoel [~ramoel@] has joined #linode
13:00-!-zack_ [] has quit [Quit: zack_]
13:03-!-walterheck [] has quit [Quit: walterheck]
13:05-!-orudie [] has joined #linode
13:07-!-JCR [~c0a89260@] has joined #linode
13:09-!-JCR [~c0a89260@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:10-!-Clooth [] has joined #linode
13:10-!-Smark[Gone] is now known as Smark
13:15-!-draginx [] has joined #linode
13:16<draginx>Quick question for you guys, (btw bob2 if you're on thanks for the earlier help mate) would it be better to have multiple linodes for httpd, mail, and db rather than just upgrading my current linode/making it bigger?
13:17<JshWright>draginx: that depends on you usage patterns... but generally, yes
13:17<tanto>does the floating IP work between DCs?
13:17<tanto>didn't think so, thx
13:18<JshWright>draginx: Two 360's have more CPU and disk io availablity than a single 720
13:18<draginx>JshWright, sorry "yes" to multiple or one big linode? :P And my usage would be a web application consisting of cherokee + php-fcgi and MySQL (as well as postfix to just sendmail)
13:18<JshWright>draginx: you asked "would it be better to do x, rather than doing y?" seemed like a yes/no question to me
13:18<wrkq>I would say you don't need a separate node just for mail unless you're talking abour really huge volumes...
13:19<JshWright>I'd leave the mail server on the web server, and move the DB off to it's own node
13:19<draginx>JshWright, right I have a database with one MyISAM table and the rest is InnoDB. Assuming the database size is 200mb the linode360 should be "fast" enough for this kind of db yes?
13:19<wrkq>Most probably so.
13:19<bencaron>depends of the load/type of queries
13:19<draginx>Right, also I know its a yes/no question was just trying to figure out where the yes went to but got it :P
13:20<draginx>bencaron, I'm going to have a lot of reads/writes
13:20<wrkq>Unless you have some crazy-mad 100-level deep unoptimizable unindexed query monster.
13:20<draginx>Don't think so, my indexes are pretty good.
13:20<bencaron>yep; mysql can take quite a few hit...
13:20<draginx>Now, what about having memcache? Is that OK storing it on the same httpd server or is it "preferred" to keep it on the db server too?
13:20<JshWright>a 200MB database will be completely cached in RAM (assuming it's configured properly), so bazillions of reads won't be an issue
13:21-!-Pupeno [] has joined #linode
13:21<JshWright>run memcached wherever you have spare RAM
13:21<bencaron>if you outgrow a 360, there is always the option of upsizing it
13:21<bencaron>and DB is not the best place then
13:21<draginx>JshWright, yer that's what I figured, eventually the DB size will be 2 gigs though :P Not that it isn't a problem (I'll just upgrade the linode). How many queries per second can run with MySQL under "normal load" (and yeah I know it's hard to measure that but let's assume a properly configured server).
13:21<bencaron>you want to give more memory to the db
13:21<JshWright>ideally your DB server shouldn't have any "spare" RAM, it should all be used for caching
13:21<HoopyCat>bencaron: however, two nodes == "twice" the I/O availability
13:22<bencaron>yeah, but putting mysql on 2 nodes is challenging
13:22<bencaron>you get into sharding, replication,etc.
13:22<HoopyCat>bencaron: well, just put it on one node
13:22-!-Bdragon [] has joined #linode
13:22<JshWright>bencaron: depends on how normalized the data is
13:23<HoopyCat>bencaron: (assuming the immediate goal is performance and not availability, at least)
13:23<bencaron>yeah, i was assuming performance here
13:23-!-bradoaks [] has joined #linode
13:23<draginx>What's the maximum size of linode I can get? Assuming I need more than 2880
13:24<Guspaz>HoopyCat: Other than the fact that you should keep a decent chunk free for the disk cache, sure... Unless you don't count that as "spare"
13:25<HoopyCat>draginx: through the normal methods, i think 14400?
13:25<linbot>HoopyCat: Linode360 - 371, Linode540 - 153, Linode720 - 147, Linode1080 - 60, Linode1440 - 45, Linode2880 - 17
13:25<draginx>I was told to use dswl for improving the odds of my mail not going into spam folders..I tried googling it but I couldn't find anything for it. Could someone direct me to a resource? :)
13:25<linbot>HoopyCat: Newark360 - 99, Newark540 - 53, Newark720 - 32, Newark1080 - 12, Newark1440 - 7, Newark2880 - 8, Newark5760 - 7, Newark8640 - 7, Newark11520 - 5, Newark14400 - 4
13:25<HoopyCat>draginx: yes, 14400. :-) however, Arrangements Can Be Made if that's too small
13:25<Guspaz>I believe there are 2x14400 per host, but if you want, they may be willing to sell you a 28800, which would essentially be a dedicated server.
13:26<draginx>HoopyCat, 14400 should be enough ram for this database for a loooong time. :) heh. But yeah it's nice knowing I could go more if need be.
13:26<JshWright>I thought the 14400 was to avoid making more "arrangements"
13:26<Guspaz>JshWright: And considering how few customers would want 28800s, wouldn't it do just that, avoid the vast majority of arrangements?
13:26<HoopyCat>JshWright: you build a bigger linode, the world makes a bigger application
13:26<jess^>there's always a bigger fish.
13:27<wrkq>I don't remember who's Law goes "The software expands to use the resources available"... anyone?
13:27<pharaun>wrkq: that applies to money too ;)
13:27<linbot>New news from forums: I need a 'consultant' to set up Linode...will pay in General Discussion <>
13:27<Guspaz>I'd argue that if your database needs more than 14 gigs of RAM, and you're not HOLYSHITBIG, then you're probably doing it wrong.
13:28<draginx>Guspaz, yeah veru true heh :) Unless you're storing lots of binary files in the DB for some reason
13:28<bencaron>or you want to start a nosql fight ;)
13:28*wrkq facepalms.
13:28<JshWright>eh, 14GB is well below the "throw more RAM at it" threshold
13:29<wrkq>I just spent a hour looking for something that looked totally like a runaway thread in mysql...
13:29<Guspaz>draginx: That doesn't necessarily need a lot of RAM. That's just a glorified file system, and a healthy disk cache (or query cache) needn't be 14GB.
13:29<Guspaz>Disks aren't so slow that you need to cache absolutely everything in RAM.
13:29<wrkq>While it actually was a bad query that missed the indexes and triggered a full table scan on a likke, 100MB/850mln rows table.
13:30<Guspaz>wrkq: See, that's an example of "doing it wrong" ;)
13:30<wrkq>So, it made all kinds of second-sampled readouts look like mysqld was eating circa half of one core all the time.
13:30<wrkq>Yeah, well... I was totally baffled by the fact that it looked like a constant cpu usage, but not 100% of one core, but 50%.
13:31<draginx>lol, there a certain operating system that should be used over others in regards to MySQL?
13:31<tanto>you can tune any linux OS
13:31<wrkq>draginx: Maybe, but here you can choose between Linux and Linux.
13:31<tanto>i wouldn't use windows, though =)
13:31<wrkq>So, use Linux.
13:31<Bohemian>preferred OS for mysql?
13:31<Guspaz>tanto: Good luck trying to tune Tomato ;)
13:32<tanto>tuning for mysql performance depends on your data set, DB traffic, etc, there's a ton of things to consider
13:32<tanto>and you can tune in terms of OS and mysql settings
13:32<linbot>New news from forums: apache control access to some files in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
13:33<draginx>Right hmm, so in a nutshell. The answer is cache, cache, cache :P
13:34<wrkq>As always.
13:34-!-mdcollins [] has joined #linode
13:35<tanto>to an extent, yeah
13:36<tanto>if you have poor mysql performance it could also be bad queries which need to be optimized or even a different logic approach in your app
13:37<draginx>That's true, but then you're questioning my flawless logic. :P
13:37<tanto>i would never!
13:37<tanto>draginx check out the percona people
13:40<draginx>I have the book :D Which is essentially why I'm questioning more and more about DBs, etc.
13:41<tanto>oh cool
13:42<wrkq>Poor draginx... we lost him to the Ctsqlhu...
13:43<draginx>ctsqlhu? :S
13:43<draginx>Also, what are your guy's thoughts on XtraDB over InnoDB?
13:44-!-adnc [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:49-!-Redgore [] has quit [Quit: Peace and Protection 4.22.2]
13:54<Guspaz>draginx: The (official?) InnoDB plugin also (supposedly) has big performance advantages over MySQL's built-in InnoDB implementation.
13:55<linbot>New news from forums: 504 Gateway Time-out when running large SQL command in General Discussion <>
13:55<draginx>Guspaz, I was talking about whatever comes with MySQL :P
13:56<Guspaz>Yes, and I'm saying that if you want performance improvements, using the InnoDB plugin rather than the built-in InnoDB engine that comes with MySQL may provide the performance advantages you're looking for without being quite as radical a change.
13:56<Guspaz>Although XtraDB claims to be drop-in compatible.
13:58<draginx>How "easy" is it to "install" the InnoDB plugin for MySQL?
13:59*wrkq bets a pipe symbol that it'll need a recompile.
13:59<Guspaz>No idea, I've never used it./
13:59<Guspaz>wrkq: Apparently not.
13:59<Guspaz>Apparently it's available even in binary form.
13:59<Guspaz>After all, it wouldn't be much of a plugin if it required a recompile.
14:00-!-ryzr [] has joined #linode
14:00<wrkq>But that binary is most probably compatible only with the "official" mysql binary package... not with the distro-shipped ones.
14:00<wrkq>Meh, I don't know.
14:01-!-orudie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:05<Bohemian>does anyone here run multiple linodes for different services? e.g. postfix/dovecot on a linode 360 and the LAMP server on another linode?
14:06<Bohemian>besides the possibility of attack, is there any reason to host on separate linodes?
14:06<JshWright>Bohemian: more linodes = more disk I/O and CPU availabilty
14:06<Guspaz>Performance, that's about it.
14:07<jcy>also to give more moneys to caker
14:07<Bohemian>trying to decide whether to get a linode 360 just to do mail
14:07<Guspaz>Well, considering that a 720 costs double that of a 360, not really.
14:07<Guspaz>Bohemian: Why, is your current Linode overloaded?
14:07<Bohemian>we're only hosting about 5-10 virtual emails
14:07<Guspaz>That seems like a waste.
14:07<Bohemian>Guspaz: no, but someone who i consulted about their services (tomcat search) suggested using another linode for postfix/dovecot
14:08<Guspaz>Did they give a reason?
14:10<ryzr>Bohemian: if you plan on running Spam Assassin or Mailman, you may need a little more memory
14:10<Bohemian>we'll run spam assassin
14:10<linbot>New news from linodelibrary: Advanced Irssi Usage <> || Using Irssi for Internet Relay Chat <>
14:11<Bohemian>Guspaz: when it goes nuts or gets attacked
14:12<wrkq>Set a few sane limits, like max number of parallel connections, and you won't notice a change in CPU load during an attack attempt...
14:13<Napta_>or don't bother with spam assassin. filter at the gateway
14:13<Napta_>or just outsource the infrastructure away to message labs or postini
14:13<Guspaz>I wouldn't run SpamAssasin on a 360, regardless of if it was the only thing on the box or not. That thing is crazy RAM hungry.
14:14<Napta_>I spit on Spam Asssasin
14:14<Napta_>spamhaus seems to filter most, if not all of mail for my customers :)
14:14<Napta_>and they're the first to complain if theres one micro-second of latency
14:14<ryzr>i agree, I am very happy with spamhaus
14:14<tanto>i wouldn't run my own email server.. i personally use google domain email
14:14<Napta_>tanto: werd
14:14<tanto>0 spam
14:15<tanto>+ no troubleshooting stupid email server problems =)
14:15<Napta_>tanto: sadly, at our scale we can't afford google apps or anything
14:15<tanto>you have a lot of users?
14:15<Napta_>~400 or so
14:15<tanto>i mean, because, it's free
14:15<tanto>check out zimbra
14:15<tanto>we've used that for customers and we use it internally here
14:15<tanto>it's pretty decent and they have a free version
14:15<tanto>(we use commercial version)
14:16<Napta_>but eh, more than happy with linode. servers take care of themselves really. postfix/dovecot... nothing ever needs tweaking. periodic apt-get updates
14:16<Napta_>and keeping an eye on mail graphs
14:16<tanto>oh you just have basic email then
14:16<Napta_>oh yeah
14:16<Bohemian>google mail is free for non-profits?
14:16<tanto>zimbra is mail+calendar+other crap
14:16<Napta_>we're just providing smtps/imaps/webmail
14:16<Napta_>Bohemian: turned us down
14:17<tanto>wow. harsh.
14:17<Napta_>most google employees are ;)
14:17<Napta_>My best friend joined google and umm
14:17<tanto>when did you try?
14:17<Napta_>became an asshole :)
14:17<Napta_>tanto: three years ago maybe
14:17<Napta_>or two
14:17<tanto>i'd try again
14:17<Guspaz>Napta_: non-profits can get the educational (sort of premium) version of Google Apps for free. But only certain types of US non-profits.
14:18<Guspaz>We're also a non-profit that needs more than the free 50 accounts, but we're Canadian, so we don't count.
14:18<Napta_>Ah, these people are African non-profits
14:18<tanto>i agree. canadians don't count.
14:18<Napta_>essentially a WISP to a community
14:18<Guspaz>tanto: Quiet, you.
14:18<tanto>lol j/p
14:23*Daevien stabs tanto & helps Guspaz dispose of the body
14:24<Daevien> tanto: [14:18:55] i agree. canadians don't count.
14:26-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
14:27<randallman>staff: my IP is on Xmissions' RBL and I cannot remove it...
14:27<randallman>and I dont send spam :)
14:27<randallman>please advise :)
14:28<Guspaz>When a problem comes along, you must ticket.
14:28<jcy>title the ticket with "BE MANLY, WE HAVE VI@GRA"
14:28<randallman>Why do I always forget my linode username :0
14:29<@caker>you can change it to what you think it should be, you know...
14:29<randallman>I cant spell :)
14:29<randallman>No but I do need to remove my original e-mail addr
14:29<jcy>randallman ask to change it to "caker2"
14:29<randallman>somehow, it has my OLD e-mail...
14:29<randallman>even though I've updated it
14:29<randallman>in the account contact information
14:29<jcy>omg i just realized i have to change the cc# info
14:29<jcy>thx for the reminder
14:31<jcy>i lost my wallet and went to the trouble of canceling all my cards. but then the next day i found it on top of the TV
14:31<jcy>that was fairly annoying
14:32<randallman>k, 163339 and 163340
14:32<randallman>I am a consecutive ticket ID mofo :0
14:32-!-wrkq [] has left #linode []
14:33-!-wrkq [] has joined #linode
14:33<jess^>o/` double-yew are kay queue! o/` </jingle>
14:33<Daevien>randallman = spamford wallace
14:33<jess^>Daevien: ++
14:34*wrkq curses low quality software...
14:34<jess^>wrkq: it's made in taiwan
14:35-!-grawity [] has joined #linode
14:37-!-taupehat [] has joined #linode
14:39-!-eighty4 [] has joined #linode
14:42<randallman>spamford wallace
14:42<randallman>there's a blast from the past
14:42<randallman>isnt he in jail?
14:42<randallman>getting beat up with Hans?
14:43<taupehat>isn't Hans dead?
14:44<jcy>did he die in jail?
14:44-!-Flue [~Flue@] has joined #linode
14:44<taupehat>that's right, he just got beaten really badly and they moved him to a club fed
14:44<taupehat>for some reason I thought he died
14:44-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:44<taupehat>just like my data on his filesystem
14:48<Daevien>last i knew spamford had declared bankruptcy after losing to facebook so they got nothing
14:50<randallman>Thanks Mr. Sinclair
14:50<randallman>I am teh fale
14:51<randallman>So since I got my droid, I am spending time fine tuning pandora stations :0
14:51<randallman>go figure :)
14:51<Daevien>i have to jump through hoops to get pandora going since i'm in canada, it's annoying
14:52<jcy>proxy on your linode?
14:52<randallman>ssh -D
14:52<randallman>works fine I imagine?
14:52<randallman>or does that include X-Originating stuff?
14:53<randallman>I guess it would, you'd progbably have to use squid and rip out the proxy headers
14:53<grawity>ssh definitely doesn't add that crap, it just forwards raw bytes.
14:53<randallman>ssh -D ?
14:53<Daevien>it works, just annoying. and doesn't worjk as easy on ipod last i tried
14:53<randallman>the socks proxy?
14:54<grawity>randallman: yeah?
14:54-!-Flue [~Flue@] has left #linode []
14:54<randallman>most proxy servers blaze the originating IP in, no?
14:55<wrkq>Most HTTP proxy servers.
14:55<Nivex>a SOCKS proxy is a mechanism for making direct connections. It has no concept of HTTP headers, or any other protocol for that matter
14:55<randallman>sorry :P
14:55<randallman>Yeah ok cool
14:55<randallman>wasnt sure if socks did this or not
14:55-!-LordMetroid [] has joined #linode
14:57<jdlspeedy__>Im trying to block 'port 25' connections from everyone except for the US country, I have 24,999 records/cidr blocks, i was thinking iptables, but i don't think iptables can handle 24,999 records and it would take time to make a connection since it has to go through all the records, any suggestions?
14:58<randallman>Better of using rbldnsd
14:58<randallman>and creating your own seeds
14:58<TheJoe>Damn, is my swap usage high or WHAT
14:58<randallman>its not a NETWORK BLOCK
14:58<TheJoe>168 / 256MB
14:58<randallman>but a connection time refusal
14:58<taupehat>Quick question: if I do a mke2fs -j on a thin-provisioned volume, will the filesystem creation fatten the volume? Is there a way to prevent this?
14:58<TheJoe>144 / 360MB RAM, too
14:58<randallman>taupehat, ahh thin provisioning
14:58<TheJoe>Worrying stuff
14:58<randallman>screw thin provisioning
14:58<randallman>the eventuality is that ALL BLOCKS WILL BE WRITTEN TO AT LEAST ONCE
14:58<randallman>and without FS support...
14:58<randallman>its moot
15:00<randallman>Perhaps thats absolutist of me, but
15:00<randallman>it jsut adds admin overhead; )
15:00-!-LookTJ [] has joined #linode
15:00<taupehat>perhaps ;)
15:00-!-eivindu [~eivindu@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:00<taupehat>but it doesn't really speak to my question, does it?
15:01<LookTJ>Hello, I have one question, does Linode put a sales tax on me?
15:01<jcy>what state are you in?
15:02-!-fahadsadah [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
15:02-!-alnr [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
15:02-!-Gurpartap [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
15:02-!-joeblob_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:02-!-Synapse_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:02<LookTJ>jcy: California
15:02<wrkq>Ah, ha, Newark choked...
15:02-!-hawk [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:02-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
15:02-!-MrGlass_ [] has joined #linode
15:02-!-HalJordan [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:03<v0lksman>is newark hosed?
15:03<TheJoe>PHP is using an awful lot of memory
15:04<jcy>my linode isn't pingable also no ssh
15:04<wrkq>Yes it is, v0lksman
15:04<Nivex>ahh, that would explain it!
15:04*Nivex waits for newark to reappear
15:04-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
15:04-!-DS [] has joined #linode
15:04-!-ianneub [~Adium@] has joined #linode
15:04-!-Clooth [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:04-!-pharaun [] has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
15:05-!-m3lawren [] has joined #linode
15:05-!-DS [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:05-!-DS [] has joined #linode
15:05-!-daevien_ [~daevien@] has joined #linode
15:05-!-bkaplan_ [] has joined #linode
15:05-!-sveiss [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:05-!-aphistic_ [] has joined #linode
15:05-!-sub_ [] has joined #linode
15:05<wrkq>Blarg... year ago I wouldn't even notice a few minutes of downtime... old host was dying all the time...
15:05-!-Kilgore1 [] has joined #linode
15:05-!-Karrde [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:05-!-SelfishMan_ [] has joined #linode
15:06<wrkq>Nowadays, every second of unreachability makes me sad.
15:06-!-TLKit [] has joined #linode
15:06-!-ryzr_ [] has joined #linode
15:06-!-warewolf_ [] has joined #linode
15:06-!-DS [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:06-!-bd_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:06-!-xorl [] has joined #linode
15:06-!-tanto_ [] has joined #linode
15:06<wrkq>Linode raised my epectations too much :)
15:06-!-agentbob [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:06<ianneub>wrkq: are there issues in newark?
15:06-!-mawolf [~mw@] has joined #linode
15:06<daevien_>i'm guessing NJ = currently fubar?
15:06-!-ekes [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:06-!-cmantito [] has joined #linode
15:06<wrkq>Mine's dead too.
15:06<wrkq>Well, unreachable.
15:06<LookTJ>No one answered my question :(
15:06-!-tres [] has joined #linode
15:06-!-Solver_ [] has joined #linode
15:06<ianneub>yeah same here
15:06<SelfishMan_>!library irssi
15:06-!-m3lawren [] has quit []
15:06-!-charlie [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:06<memenode>stop it
15:06-!-caker_ [] has joined #linode
15:06-!-alpo [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:06-!-amitz_ [~amitz@] has joined #linode
15:06-!-schmicha1l [] has joined #linode
15:06-!-Daevien [] has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
15:06-!-ATGeek [~atg@] has joined #linode
15:07-!-DS [] has joined #linode
15:07-!-jetlag [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:07-!-m3lawren [] has joined #linode
15:07<TLKit>Yeah, my Newark is down.
15:07-!-encode_ [] has joined #linode
15:07<Edgeman>mine also
15:07-!-funkytastic [~c0a89262@] has joined #linode
15:07<m3lawren>mine as well
15:07<memenode>mine too
15:07-!-cm|mibbit [] has joined #linode
15:07<ATGeek>NJ datacenter?
15:07-!-Null_ [] has joined #linode
15:07<cm|mibbit>yup ;p
15:07<m3lawren>which newark are y'all on?
15:07-!-kerrek [] has joined #linode
15:07-!-jtatum_ [] has joined #linode
15:07<ATGeek>Yup, mine's down as well
15:07-!-tortau [] has joined #linode
15:07<jcy>still can't launch the console on mine
15:07<m3lawren>i'm on 85
15:07-!-JshWright [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:07-!-HedgeMag1 [] has joined #linode
15:07<ATGeek>96% packet loss
15:07-!-HoopyCat [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:07-!-asr [] has joined #linode
15:07<m3lawren>jcy: can't get lish either, it's unable to hit :/
15:07<DS>none of my newark linodes are up :( hopefully they get it fixed soon
15:07<daevien_>i'm on 83, so it's def the datacenter
15:07<cm|mibbit>* 98%
15:07-!-L0stm4n_ [] has joined #linode
15:08-!-martin6 [] has joined #linode
15:08-!-TeaTowel [~c0a89262@] has joined #linode
15:08-!-porkus_ [] has joined #linode
15:08<m3lawren>daevien_: yeah, sounds like it from all the different numbers
15:08<martin6>is there an outage?
15:08<daevien_>and yeah, console is dead too
15:08-!-Battousai [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
15:08<wrkq>DS: aren't up as in "shut down", or "can't connect"?
15:08<m3lawren>martin6: it seems that newark is having issues
15:08<Nivex>yeah, last hop is
15:08<martin6>okay thanks
15:08<wrkq>The latter could be networking...
15:08-!-mgoetze [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:08-!-funkytastic [~c0a89262@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:08-!-__Randall [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
15:08-!-JshWright [] has joined #linode
15:08-!-compumike [] has joined #linode
15:08<daevien_>well my znc shutdown it looked like, quit msg and such
15:08-!-ttaylor [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:08-!-funkytastic [~c0a89262@] has joined #linode
15:08<Nivex>I seem to be pingable again, but latency is high
15:08-!-HalJordan [] has joined #linode
15:08-!-mattt [] has joined #linode
15:08-!-tuntis [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:08-!-Yaakov [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:08<HalJordan>issues in NJ?
15:08<linbot>JshWright: (101, 'Network is unreachable')
15:09-!-Netsplit <-> quits: @caker, porkus, brainproxy, ryzr, HedgeMage, matt-, schmichael, Dreamer3, nyerup, bss, (+39 more, use /NETSPLIT to show all of them)
15:09-!-path [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:09-!-brainproxy_ [] has joined #linode
15:09<jcy>oh nice
15:09<m3lawren>HalJordan: yep, seems that newark is having issues in general
15:09-!-dotplus_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:09<jcy>don't worry fellas i'm still here
15:09-!-nothingmuch [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:09-!-tuntis [] has joined #linode
15:09<linbot>JshWright: [mtr] 9 hops, 60.0%/845.0ms (urmom)
15:09-!-randallman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:09-!-SelfishMan_ is now known as SelfishMan
15:09-!-jetlag [] has joined #linode
15:09-!-Daevien [] has joined #linode
15:09-!-randallman [] has joined #linode
15:09-!-Netsplit over, joins: StevenK
15:09<v0lksman>I think its back
15:09-!-caker_ is now known as caker
15:09-!-MrChloroform [~straterra@2001:470:8a81::4] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:09-!-Netsplit over, joins: HIghoS
15:09-!-tychoish [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:09-!-area [] has joined #linode
15:09-!-pharaun [] has joined #linode
15:09-!-JshWright [] has quit []
15:09-!-funkytastic1 [] has joined #linode
15:09-!-aimozg [] has joined #linode
15:09-!-Netsplit over, joins: TheFirst
15:09<DS>yep, all 3 linodes back up now :)
15:09<ATGeek>Yup, ping is responding again
15:09-!-capnkernul [] has left #linode []
15:09<v0lksman>has been pretty choppy all day though...thought it was my DSL
15:09<martin6>back for me
15:09-!-sub_ is now known as sub
15:09<m3lawren>yeah, mine just came back up
15:09-!-Netsplit over, joins: bss
15:09-!-HoopyCat_II [] has joined #linode
15:09-!-Netsplit over, joins: elky
15:09-!-jed2 [~jed@] has joined #linode
15:09<ianneub>looks good from here too
15:09-!-Battousai [] has joined #linode
15:09<LookTJ>Does Linode put a sales tax on me? I'm in California, USA
15:09-!-Netsplit over, joins: danp
15:09<m3lawren>and it was just a net outage it looks like
15:09<ianneub>thanks caker!
15:09-!-aimozg [] has left #linode []
15:09<jed2>we're investigating problems in newark, folks
15:09<daevien_>caker, stop tripping over cables when you go to get coffee
15:10-!-Netsplit over, joins: Harry_Mudd
15:10<jcy>mine's back
15:10-!-Netsplit over, joins: Dreamer3
15:10-!-Netsplit over, joins: gmcharlt
15:10-!-funkytastic1 [] has quit []
15:10-!-JshWright [] has joined #linode
15:10<HoopyCat_II>you know, the lab PCs don't have adblock, and mibbit TOTALLY gave me a banner add for a bbw dating site
15:10-!-martin6 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:10-!-tycho [] has joined #linode
15:10<HoopyCat_II>s/banner add/banner ad/
15:10-!-Bohemian_ [~Bohemian@] has joined #linode
15:10<daevien_>hoopycat: and now you are excited?
15:10<jcy>w/ a fremont location, i couldn't guess if they would have to charge you sales tax
15:11-!-seantwg [] has joined #linode
15:11-!-Gurpartap [~Gurpartap@] has joined #linode
15:11<jcy>gawd knows that CA needs all the tax rev it can get its hands on
15:11-!-Netsplit over, joins: elfgoh
15:11-!-Lee [] has joined #linode
15:11-!-bd_ [~foo@2001:470:1f07:61f::feed:f00d] has joined #linode
15:11-!-tycho [] has quit []
15:11<HoopyCat_II>daevien_: well, it'll teach me to fire up an IRC client at a fairly visible lab bench, that's for sure
15:11-!-xenofox [] has joined #linode
15:11-!-Netsplit over, joins: River-Rat
15:11<amitz_>HoopyCat is dead! Long live HoopyCat_II!
15:11<TLKit>OK, my Newark is back.
15:11-!-nyerup_ [~nyerup@] has joined #linode
15:11-!-Netsplit over, joins: jkwood, jameswilson, fermion, TofuMatt, aspect
15:11<LookTJ>Nivex: Thanks, I will
15:12-!-dotplus [~dotplus@] has joined #linode
15:12<Lee>Psst, guys, what happens now? 300GB Quota, 299GB Used, 1GB Remaining
15:12-!-Netsplit over, joins: crazed
15:12<daevien_>is hoopycatII like snowball II from the simpsons? aka there has been like 5 of them :p
15:12<amitz_>it seems plenty of oftc server in newar?
15:12<JshWright>did newark fall off the face of the earth for a bit?
15:12<daevien_>lee: your soul belongs to caker
15:12<Nivex>Lee: don't use that last GB in the next two days? :)
15:12-!-ttaylor [~ttaylor@] has joined #linode
15:12<HoopyCat_II>JshWright: nope, just you
15:12<daevien_>yes JshWright
15:12<apeiron>hrm, more NJ routing issues?
15:12-!-charlie [~charlie@] has joined #linode
15:12-!-jvaughan [~jvaughan@] has joined #linode
15:12-!-mgoetze [] has joined #linode
15:12<HoopyCat_II>afk, back to work
15:12<Lee>daevien_: But I'm still using that! Can't I trade my left hand instead? I only use my right hand anyway ..
15:12<grawity>Lee: bandwidth? IIRC, your connection just slows down or something (but doesn't die completely)
15:12-!-Karrde [alucard@] has joined #linode
15:12-!-asr [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:12-!-HoopyCat [] has joined #linode
15:12-!-HalJorda1 [~null@] has joined #linode
15:13-!-ianneub [~Adium@] has left #linode []
15:13-!-TeaTowel [~c0a89262@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:13-!-nothingmuch [~nothingmu@] has joined #linode
15:13-!-Yaakov [] has joined #linode
15:13-!-HoopyCat_II [] has quit []
15:13-!-jed [j@] has joined #linode
15:13-!-mode/#linode [+o jed] by ChanServ
15:13-!-hawk [] has joined #linode
15:13-!-tychoish [~tychoish@] has joined #linode
15:13-!-mode/#linode [+o tychoish] by ChanServ
15:13-!-mwalling [] has joined #linode
15:13<jcy>Lee can you purchase more resources in extras&utilities
15:13-!-Daevien [] has left #linode []
15:13-!-fahadsadah [] has joined #linode
15:13-!-jed2 [~jed@] has quit []
15:13-!-Pupeno_ [] has joined #linode
15:13<Nivex>If you only go over by a hair, and it's not every month, you probably won't get dinged
15:13-!-tychoish_ [] has joined #linode
15:13<Lee>jcy: No, I don't have the money. This is a first for me
15:13-!-ekes [~ekes@] has joined #linode
15:13<@mikegrb>! people still use slackware?!?!
15:13<smed>so any news on an official Slackware 13 image yet?
15:13-!-funkytastic [~c0a89262@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:13-!-Synapse [1005@] has joined #linode
15:13-!-daevien_ [~daevien@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
15:13<Nivex>worst case you get an email from caker saying "knock that off!"
15:13<mwalling>guessing a cagemonkey decided to swing from the backbone cables again?
15:13<smed>or even unofficial....
15:14<smed>nice bot mikegrb
15:14<jcy>oh it's just "extras" not "extras&utilities"
15:14<@mikegrb>! people still use slackware?!?!
15:14<erikh>slackware foo?
15:14-!-__Randall [] has joined #linode
15:14-!-joeblob [] has joined #linode
15:14-!-daevien_ [~daevien@] has joined #linode
15:14-!-eivindu [~eivindu@] has joined #linode
15:14-!-area [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:14-!-jed [j@] has quit []
15:14<jcy>i want a slice of slackware cake lol
15:14<xenofox>looks like is having5-10 minute outages each day starting w/ sunday
15:14-!-jed [] has joined #linode
15:14-!-mode/#linode [+o jed] by ChanServ
15:14-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:14-!-Bohemian_ is now known as Bohemian
15:14<erikh>slackware .*?
15:14<erikh>hah. damnit.
15:14-!-seantwg [] has left #linode []
15:14-!-cm|mibbit [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
15:14<Lee>I've never had a problem with Dallas138. Well, I think it's 138.
15:14-!-Caelum [] has joined #linode
15:15-!-tychoish_ [] has left #linode []
15:15-!-mwalling [] has left #linode []
15:15<jcy>Lee we're so close to the end of the month, maybe prorating the bandwidth for a day or so might be a neglible cost
15:15<jkwood>Ironically, a number of the people activating that trigger on purpose actually RUN Slackware.
15:15-!-amitz_ is now known as amitz
15:15<Lee>You have used
15:15<HalJordan>hmmm, i just had to move boxes in NJ
15:15<Lee>of your monthly transfer
15:15-!-Pupeno [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
15:15-!-Pupeno_ is now known as Pupeno
15:16<@mikegrb>! people still use slackware?!?!
15:16<daevien_>i currently have no slackware machines, but i do trip the slakcware trigger from mike a lot :p
15:16-!-alpo [] has joined #linode
15:16<jcy>is the overage on bandwidth like 15 cents/GB?
15:16*Lee hugs Debian
15:16<TheJoe>So I have two php5-cgi processes, one is using 14% memory and the other 11%. Is there a way to cut down on that?
15:16<daevien_>something like that jcy
15:16<xenofox>anyone happen to know if newark in general is having issues or if it's only newark47?
15:16<daevien_>xenofox: nj in general
15:16<TLKit>xenofox: Newark in general.
15:16<caker>jcy: $9,000 a bit, which we charge to guspaz's account
15:16<wrkq>TheJoe, there's a fair chance most of that memory is actuall shared between them.
15:17*jcy starts running torrents
15:17<Nivex>caker: Quick, put your @ back on!
15:17<TheJoe>wrkq: That still makes it 25% or so
15:17<wrkq>If my php-cgi processes would really take as much memory they seem too, I wouldn't have more than half of it free and zero swap.
15:17*caker amps up
15:17*jkwood applies for caker's job
15:17-!-mode/#linode [+o caker] by ChanServ
15:17<daevien_>jkwood: sit around and try to look pretty?
15:17-!-alpo [] has quit []
15:18<jkwood>"I have limited experience swimming in pools of money, but I did learn to swim in dirty ponds at the farm."
15:18*Lee squeezes caker's muscles
15:18<TheJoe>wrkq: Yeah, swap
15:18<TheJoe>My swap usage is horrible right now
15:18<Lee>I've been known to completely use it up
15:18<jcy>caker's job is to build a cult of personality, so major mojo is needed to apply
15:18<Lee>I'm over 100MB right now
15:19<jcy>what in the world are you running that requires that much b/w
15:19<daevien_>long as your real mem isn't full joe, basiclaly means you have a bunch of idle processes running
15:19<wrkq>You know, I'm kinda wondering if I should file about moving me back to newark89 where I was before the forced migration in January...
15:19<jcy>xxx torrents?
15:19<xenofox>if nj in general is having intermitent issues with connectivity shouldn't have something about it?
15:19<Lee>jcy: Me? No, CS:S servers.
15:19<wrkq>But I think only one outrage I was involved in since wasn't DC-wide.
15:19<Lee>But I have NO idea why my usage spiked, I've never gotten this high before.
15:19-!-jrijsdam [] has joined #linode
15:20<daevien_>xenofox: prob, yes. however, if there's only one perosn around, which would you rather, the page that updated with info you already know or the problem fixed? ;)
15:20-!-DS [] has quit [Quit: DS]
15:20<jcy>all the jews are playing cs:s instead of preparing the seder i guess
15:20<Lee>I'm not Jewish
15:21<jkwood>Erm... that was oddly specific.
15:21<jcy>i guessed that by the fact that you're working today
15:21<Lee>Actually, I don't know the name of a religion that believes in Greek Gods.
15:22<Lee>Doubtful, the Titans ruled before the Gods
15:22<xenofox>daevien_ well ive been having the intermitent network connectivity issues since sat or sunday, and since said nothing about it i assumed the problem was on my end and spent time going through my server to see what was going on
15:22*amitz wanders off.
15:22<daevien_>xenofox: have you put in a ticket? i haven't seen any problems besides this time myself
15:22<@caker>xenofox: there have been no issues in Newark other than this one, so those weren't us
15:23<Lee>That's .. almost an answer.
15:23-!-medex [] has joined #linode
15:24<xenofox>caker: are you sure? they behaved exactly the same, and _nothing_ has changed between then and now (actually i added a ip to the linode, but didnt reboot it so i thought perhaps there was some sort of housekeeping cronjob)
15:24-!-HalJordan [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:24<@caker>xenofox: positive
15:24-!-alpo [] has joined #linode
15:24<xenofox>so i did reboot it
15:24<Lee>I suppose it would be Ancient Greek Polytheism
15:24<@caker>xenofox: using mtr is a great way to determine where along the path a problem exists
15:24-!-jrijsdam [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:25<linbot>mtr combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one easy to use tool, and the output can be useful for determining where the source of a problem is. It can be downloaded from or for Windows. MTR summaries can be retrieved in-channel using the command !mtr-CITY where CITY is fremont, atlanta, newark, dallas or london.
15:25<xenofox>yea, i was away till yesterday so i hadn't caught the other issues happening when i was around
15:25-!-n900_joachim [] has joined #linode
15:25<n900_joachim>I've got a question regarding the server hardware
15:25<Lee>Is this bad?
15:26-!-Pupeno [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:26-!-Netsplit <-> quits: bd_, laser`, Peng, jarryd, Ovi, wrkq, jeremiah_, danieldg, TheJoe, Rob, (+1 more, use /NETSPLIT to show all of them)
15:26<smed>mtr eh?
15:26-!-Netsplit over, joins: laser`, jeremiah_, jarryd, Rob, Clorith, TheJoe, Ovi
15:26<jkwood>n900_joachim: The actual host hardwar is not vcirtualized, if that's what you're wondering.
15:26*smed googles
15:26-!-Pupeno [] has joined #linode
15:26-!-Netsplit over, joins: bd_, Peng, danieldg
15:27<n900_joachim>I want to install a linux library, which comes precooked since its proprietary, and the choices are 'barcelona' 'core2' 'generic' 'nocona' 'opteron' and 'opteron_sse3'
15:27<grawity><tonyb> "4:30pm (EST): The Newark facility is missing. Not even a hole in the ground remains where it once stood."
15:27<Lee>..I almost went to see if that was real, grawity :P
15:27<@mikegrb>! people still use slackware?!?!
15:27<smed>I notice there is a slackware package for mtr mikegrb ???
15:27<Lee>19:27 tonyb:» "6:46pm (EST): The Newark facility has been found in Orlando, Florida. The Newark Facility is now the Orlando Facility."
15:27<smed>that's a productive bot....
15:28<n900_joachim>jkwood: so .. basically I'd have to get the 'generic' version then
15:28<jkwood>n900_joachim: I would think core2.
15:28<jkwood>They use dual quad-core Xeons, if that helps.
15:29<n900_joachim>hmm, I'll try
15:29<n900_joachim>thanks =)
15:30<erikh>any burps in newark?
15:30-!-compumike [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:31<daevien_>erikh: nope. caker just tripped over the cord again, no burping involved
15:31<jkwood>!urmom burps
15:31<linbot>jkwood: Yo momma's so insecure, she gets exploited more than Roundcube! (744:17/0) [urmmo]
15:31<jkwood>!urmom vote up 744
15:31<linbot>jkwood: Voted up 744 [mmuro]
15:32-!-Daevien [] has joined #linode
15:32-!-Daevien [] has left #linode []
15:32<linbot>Lee: Yo momma's so vain, she thought Microsoft was a skin care range (807:0/6) [umorm]
15:32<Lee>!urmom vote down 807
15:32<linbot>Lee: Voted down 807 [momur]
15:32-!-Daevien [] has joined #linode
15:32<jkwood>!urmom vote down 807
15:32<linbot>jkwood: Voted down 807 [ommru]
15:33<Daevien>bleh, network probs confused pidgin's irc part
15:33<jkwood>That one shouldn't live much longer.
15:34<erikh>well, I had a definite service interruption
15:34<linbot>Lee: Yo momma's so blind, she dated mikegrb and thought it was Ben Affleck! (736:13/0) [ummro]
15:34<erikh>no big deal. just wondering if it was known or not
15:34*Lee claps
15:34<Lee>erikh: Yeah, minor DoS attack
15:35<erikh>that was pretty short. nice work.
15:35<atula>hi all. I am on debian and I can't seem to find the place in /etc/apache2 to disable directory listing. do I need to add these things in manually ?
15:35<jkwood>!urmom vote up 736
15:35<linbot>jkwood: Voted up 736 [omumr]
15:38-!-elfgoh [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:38-!-alpo [] has left #linode []
15:40<jraidan>atula: google is your friend. "apache disable directory listing"
15:40-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has joined #linode
15:41-!-path [] has joined #linode
15:41<jackson_>grrr, why is DATA sometimes not an array?
15:41-!-alpo [] has joined #linode
15:42<tjfontaine>oh in the api, jackson_?
15:42<jackson_>tjfontaine, yeah
15:43<jackson_>I'm guessing a half decent json parser would handle this, but i'm using a 1/4 decent json parser
15:43<tjfontaine>jackson_: what conditions are you seeing it not being a dict?
15:43<tjfontaine>er array
15:44<jackson_>tjfontaine, response from linode.reboot
15:44<tjfontaine>oh things that return jobid's
15:44<jackson_>mhm, yeah linode.boot too. so i guess anything with a jobid
15:44<chesty>arrays not up yet
15:45<jackson_>i guess i can work around this easily enough
15:45-!-daevien_ [~daevien@] has quit [Quit: hoopycat smells like pee]
15:45<tjfontaine>jackson_: yes I'm seeing in my code boot/shutdown/reboot/duplicate/resize/create_from*
15:46<@jed>jackson_: there's a few cases
15:46<@jed>I special-cased my JSON code to treat !array as an array of 1
15:46<erikh>it's probably just not being autoboxes
15:47<erikh>err, autoboxed
15:47<randallman>jed, et. al. - I just had a ticket regarding my linode's IP being on Xmission's RBL... Brett tells me its my own issue, but I know that these Linode IPs *used* to be Dialup/Dynamic Is
15:47<randallman>err Dynamic IPs
15:47<randallman>as such, Im having issues unblacklisting it
15:48<linbot>Lee: Yo momma's so ugly she couldn't get straterra to play with her! (737:14/1) [momur]
15:48<jackson_>jed, tjfontaine thanks, it should be pretty easy for me to work around.
15:48<Lee>!urmom vote up 737
15:48<linbot>Lee: Voted up 737 [umorm]
15:48*Lee walks away
15:48<jackson_>gives me an extra excuse to make those guys have completion handlers too
15:49<tjfontaine>jackson_: yes, new LinodeJob(DATA['JobID']) :)
15:49<randallman>Ok updated the ticket, indeed it appears as though is blacklisted with Xmission RBL
15:49<randallman>which is where my linode falls :)
15:49<jackson_>hmmm, i think tjfontaine is reading my code
15:50*tjfontaine steals your c#
15:50<randallman>Will Work for C#?
15:50<tjfontaine>except I just said ' and not ", that's not valid
15:51<jackson_>its weird that you even know i am using C#
15:51-!-HedgeMag1 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:51<jackson_>of course i did say "1/4 decent json parser" thats kinda a giveaway
15:51<tjfontaine>jackson_: no it isn't, I've known who you are for a long time :)
15:51<randallman>btw, is mono actually a viable solution for C# under UNIX?
15:51-!-ATGeek [~atg@] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
15:51<tjfontaine>randallman: ask jackson_ he's know quite well
15:51<jackson_>randallman, short answer yes
15:52<jackson_>long answer yesssss!!!
15:52<jackson_>(with fist pump)
15:52<randallman>Well that's cool :)
15:52-!-ATGeek [~atg@] has joined #linode
15:52<randallman>Now code written for .net may not necessarily run out of the box, no?
15:53<tjfontaine>jackson_: I spent too much time myself in #mono and the winforms channel [incidentally make gimpnet give up and come to oftc]
15:53-!-grawity [] has quit [Quit: Read error: 42 (Entropy overflow)]
15:53<jackson_>randallman, well it depends how new
15:53<jackson_>tjfontaine, yeah i recognize the name now
15:53<randallman>Jackson, literally I have no clue about the questions I am asking :)
15:53<randallman>Im a UNIX-fool to the core :)
15:54<randallman>C, Perl, X11, etc.. :P
15:54-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:54<jackson_>randallman, for the most part things work
15:54<randallman>never written or read .net or C# :P
15:55<jackson_>The newer libraries trail behind MS, but if you aren't using the beta stuff, we are usually OK. With some exceptions like WPF
15:55<randallman>so therefore I dont really have the vocab to have an intelligent conversation about this :)
15:55<randallman>But java is to j2ee app server (jboss, weblogic) as c# is to ____?
15:55<jackson_>for instance, the json parser i am using is in the 'new new' version of .net and works fine
15:55<randallman>and .net is sorta like the j2ee EJB2 spec? Or is it more like Spring?
15:55<randallman>so .net is to c# as ____ is to java?
15:56<jackson_>unfortunately the names don't line up perfectly
15:56<randallman>so .net *is* c#?
15:56<randallman>I hear ya :0
15:56<jackson_>.net == java runtime
15:56<jackson_>C# == java language
15:56<jackson_> + other class library stuff == j2ee
15:56<randallman>Ok it makes sense then :0
15:57<randallman>Mostly anyway :0
15:57<erikh>the C# compiler builds CLR (common language runtime) which is analogous in many ways to java bytecode
15:57<jackson_>unfortunately both products are very poorly named
15:57<erikh>.net is numerous things
15:57<tjfontaine>microsoft bob
15:57<erikh>system library + compilers + CLR execution environment
15:58<erikh>(and DLR, these days, I guess)
15:58<jackson_>ok, my .net port of libcloud works....for linode
15:58<tjfontaine>jackson_: you just made me cry
15:58-!-eighty4_ [] has joined #linode
15:58<jackson_>tjfontaine, how come?
15:58<tjfontaine>libcloud in .net :(
15:59<jackson_>because your .net port of libcloud doesn't work?
15:59<tjfontaine>.net linode api makes baby jesus happy
15:59<jackson_>haha, well this opens the door for....libcloud on the iphone :-)
15:59<tjfontaine>monotouch -> you're killing my soul
16:00<jackson_>i needed something sexy for a presentation i am doing
16:00<tjfontaine>fair enough
16:00<tjfontaine>is kang a part of the monotouch stuff?
16:00<jackson_>yeah, he is in charge of it
16:00<tjfontaine>I had a feeling
16:01<jackson_>anyways, i love python but there is nothing wrong with having C# also
16:01-!-HedgeMage [] has joined #linode
16:01-!-eighty4 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:01<tjfontaine>indeed, I was going to do it, but my need for .net is limited these days
16:02-!-bkaplan_ is now known as bkaplan
16:03-!-fermion [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:04-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has joined #linode
16:05-!-anveo [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.0]
16:05-!-ATGeek [~atg@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:10<JoeK>i had a Q about how linode has the IPs done
16:10<JoeK>since they are all assigned by ARIN, cant they use that for any datacentre? or am i missing how ips are routed?
16:11<jkwood>I believe Linode buys their IPs from the datacenters.
16:11<JoeK>i disagree
16:12<JoeK>NAC(newark) has given linode 207, and they are not assigning those anymore
16:12<JoeK>or my old linode ip (but they generously gave that back to me :))
16:12<jkwood>My information may be outdated, however.
16:13<jkwood>Oops, bad link
16:13<jkwood>There we go.
16:14<erikh>the WTFPL is also nice
16:15<erikh>it meets the open source definition!
16:16<erikh>jkwood: what is 'chucks'?
16:16<jcy>the WTF public lic?
16:17<jkwood>erikh: It's the place I chuck stuff I don't havea real place for.
16:17<erikh>jcy: the "whatever the fuck" public license
16:17<erikh>which is self-descriptive in its permissions
16:18<erikh>jkwood: ah
16:23-!-kassah [] has joined #linode
16:23-!-Bobby [] has joined #linode
16:24-!-Bobby6 [] has joined #linode
16:26<Bobby6>A newby here. I'm just setting-up a CentOS Linode to run Litespeed and need to enable virtual directory support in php. How do I do that? Thanks.
16:28<bob2>what is virtual directory support in php?
16:28-!-Bobby [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:28-!-laser` [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:29<bob2>all the google hits I can see are people confused about mod_rewrite
16:29-!-laser` [] has joined #linode
16:29-!-dvdm [] has joined #linode
16:30-!-adnc [] has joined #linode
16:31-!-ondrej [] has joined #linode
16:40<TheJoe>Don't suppose anyone would know of possible reasons why a RAMDISK image would take forever to load?
16:40-!-ramoel [~ramoel@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:41-!-Trystan [] has joined #linode
16:42<laser`>It's been swapped out?
16:43-!-Deckert_ is now known as Deckert
16:44-!-Flue [~Flue@] has joined #linode
16:46-!-cobianet [] has joined #linode
16:47-!-cobianet0 [~cobianet@] has joined #linode
16:50-!-bencaron [] has quit [Quit: bencaron]
16:50<cobianet0>can anyone help with a mysql problem
16:51<bob2>ask your question here
16:51<bob2>not in a pastebin
16:51-!-cobianet [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:51<jkwood>caker: You don't have to hide from SCO anymore, it's over.
16:52<cobianet0>I can't very well lay out the table structures here
16:52<cobianet0>and I would consider it spam...
16:53<@jed>have a nice day, SCO!
16:53<@jed>thank you, come again
16:57-!-huayna [] has joined #linode
16:59-!-cobianet0 [~cobianet@] has quit [Quit: cobianet0]
17:00-!-kenichi [] has quit [Quit: kenichi]
17:00-!-dvdm [] has left #linode [Leaving]
17:01-!-alnr [] has joined #linode
17:02-!-huayna [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:02-!-linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:02-!-initself [] has joined #linode
17:03-!-huayna [] has joined #linode
17:05<JshWright>don't tease me... I'm stuck in PHP for the next week
17:06<jkwood>class << self
17:06-!-SubWolf [SubWolf@] has quit [Quit: At this time, there is nothing more to say.]
17:07<@jed>class \WINNT\JshWright\Classes\lol {
17:07<@jed>or did they rethink backslashes as namespace separators
17:07<@jed>since, you know, :: isn't firmly established in OOP land or anything
17:08<JshWright>I don't mind PHP terribly, I just find myself missing Python
17:08<@jed>PHP's on its way out
17:08-!-huayna [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:08<jkwood>urmom has a ::
17:08<JshWright>"I'll just use a list compre... oh wait.."
17:08<jkwood>jed: They said that about C too.
17:09<@jed>jkwood: they didn't rewrite most of the core of C and call it C 6, then say "aw, hell, this is going nowhere, let's restart development on a new branch called 5.4"
17:09-!-npmap [~npmap@] has joined #linode
17:09<@jed>PHP 6 is a big, fat, ugly mess because they want to do full UCS-16 Unicode in the core
17:09-!-n900_joachim [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
17:10<@jed>er, not UCS-16, whatever the full expression of unicode is ... UCS-2 or whatever
17:10<@jed>my Unicode knowledge ends at UTF-8
17:10-!-jameswilson [~jameswils@] has quit [Quit: catch you on the flip side]
17:10<npmap>what xen hypervisor version is Linode's xen? I'm trying to debug a FreeBSD domU kernel panic on Linode
17:11<@jed>npmap: it varies, and shouldn't matter
17:11-!-MrChloroform [] has joined #linode
17:11<npmap>jed: it seems it does. it's ok on 3.2 and 3.3
17:12-!-abysed [] has quit []
17:12<@jed>npmap: but not 3.4?
17:12<npmap>jed: ok, I will try 3.4 now
17:13-!-abysed [] has joined #linode
17:13<@jed>I've never messed with fbsd's domU, but I have heard success stories
17:13-!-kleinmp [] has joined #linode
17:14<tjfontaine>is there a kfreebsd success story yet?
17:14<@jed>what's the advantage of doing that, anyway
17:15<tjfontaine>I'm not really a fan of the linux kernel development pattern anymore?
17:15<@jed>just curious, not doubting you
17:15<tjfontaine>because choice is what the opensource ethos is all about? :)
17:15<npmap>tjfontaine: no, not even remotely. kfreebsd is the same thing
17:16<tjfontaine>npmap: ok thanks
17:16<npmap>jed: it's a matter of taste, what an admin likes and what he knows is good for his workload
17:16<@jed>I see a clear advantage for solaris, which is ZFS
17:16-!-Bass10 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:17<@jed>and I've heard a lot of people say pf > netfilter
17:17-!-FiXato [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:17<tjfontaine>as opposed to debian-kfreebsd not having zfs?
17:17<tjfontaine>I'll pick debian blessed over nexenta
17:17<@jed>no, opposed to linux
17:17-!-jmulder [] has quit [Quit: jmulder]
17:17-!-kleinmp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:17<tjfontaine>you said "I understand solaris for zfs"
17:18<tjfontaine>I understand fbsd for zfs
17:18<npmap>jed: you can have nice ZFS on FreeBSD too
17:18<@jed>or userland?
17:18<tjfontaine>jed: read
17:18-!-kleinmp [] has joined #linode
17:18<npmap>not to mention Oracle is killing OpenSolaris one breath at a time
17:18<npmap>jed: kernel 100%
17:18<@pparadis>that is very cool
17:19-!-bbeausej [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:19<@pparadis>oh, and of general interest considering the blurb on that page concerning SCO -->
17:21<npmap>FYI, I find the FreeBSD + ZFS combo to be performing better right now than Nexenta Stor
17:21-!-kenichi [] has joined #linode
17:25-!-ramoel [~ramoel@] has joined #linode
17:25-!-babak [] has joined #linode
17:26<fapestniegd>can you remove disks from zfs yet?
17:26<npmap>fapestniegd: yes
17:27<ramoel>someone can tell me why my nginx can't start my application?
17:27<fapestniegd>when did they add that? recently?
17:28<npmap>fapestniegd: that's been there for quite a while. I couldn't tell you exactly when, but it's there in zfs version 13
17:29-!-memenode [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:30-!-babak [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:31-!-Mantax [] has joined #linode
17:32-!-BarkerJr [] has joined #linode
17:32-!-BarkerJr is "BarkerJr" on @+#Tor-Relays @+#Tor-Mirrors #tor #nottor #linode
17:34<linbot>New news from forums: Mail works for user@host.domain but not for user@domain in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
17:35-!-Mantax [] has quit []
17:35-!-ferodynamics [~ferodynam@] has joined #linode
17:36-!-Clooth [] has joined #linode
17:37-!-Clooth [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:49<xenofox>npmap freebsd runs on linode??
17:50<@caker>well, netbsd at least
17:50<npmap>xenofox: not yet, it's got some bug which kills it early in the boot phase
17:51-!-eighty4_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:51<xenofox>ive been wanting freebsd for awhile, but i like linode more then i want freebsd
17:52<xenofox>so ive been using debian
17:52<npmap>xenofox: I hope you will be able to use FreeBSD on Linode soon
17:52<npmap>I am certainly making efforts in that direction
17:54-!-jamescollins [] has joined #linode
17:55<xenofox>npmap that would be awesome
17:56<xenofox>or openbsd, either is $$
17:58-!-draginx [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
18:04<npmap>xenofox: openbsd will not be getting xen-ish
18:04-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:04-!-ryanc_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:05-!-atula [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:07-!-hercynium [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:09-!-pheezy [~pheezy@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:10-!-kleinmp [] has quit [Quit: kleinmp]
18:11-!-Bass10 [] has joined #linode
18:13-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has joined #linode
18:15-!-Pupeno [] has quit [Quit: Pupeno]
18:23<pharaun>why not?
18:24<pharaun>i like openbsd, it makes for a great little router
18:24-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:24<npmap>Theo will never accept such a thing
18:25<pharaun>well can't you then run openbsd under hardware virtualization via XEN
18:25-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has joined #linode
18:25<pharaun>xen supports that right?
18:26<tjfontaine>you need at least PV support for linode
18:27<pharaun>i would think that most linodes machines would have PV
18:27<pharaun>cos aren't they more or less on newer xeons
18:27<tjfontaine>perhaps you're confusing PV with VT
18:27<pharaun>PV = what?
18:27<npmap>HVM takes more resources
18:27<pharaun>oh right
18:27-!-nisstyre56 [] has joined #linode
18:27<pharaun>i'm used to paravirt, not pv :)
18:27<@caker>paravirtualization - the guest OS is aware it's being virtualized
18:28<tjfontaine>and I have 4 decomissioned hosts, that most certainly dont' have VT
18:28<pharaun>yeah i'm using an intel atom for a little vm machine
18:28<tjfontaine>(there' sprobably a good reason they're decomissioned)
18:28<pharaun>it sure does not have VT
18:29<xenofox>npmap yea true i didnt think about that (re openbsd)
18:30<pharaun>i guess i'm just used to
18:30<pharaun>having HVM/VT on my desktop
18:30<pharaun>yeah, nvm, ignore me :)
18:31-!-hfb [] has joined #linode
18:31<erikh>you should be able to run openbsd via hvmloader
18:32<nisstyre56>Hi, just got my linode...wondering what's the best domain name registrar
18:32<nisstyre56>I don't want to use godaddy
18:33*mdcollins loves his little intel atom mini xen server
18:33-!-Deckert [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:33-!-Deckert [] has joined #linode
18:33<bob2>namecheap is pretty good
18:33<bob2>but no ipv6 glue and they resell enom
18:34<bob2>(google for 'namecheap $month coupon' to get like a $1.50 off a new registration)
18:34-!-sveiss [] has joined #linode
18:35<xenofox>i like namecheap
18:35<xenofox>but i use dnsmadeeasy for dns
18:35<pharaun>i sadly use godaddy
18:36<pharaun>but will be transferring when it expires >_>
18:36<mdcollins>some recommend
18:36<mdcollins>im still using
18:37-!-olekvi [] has joined #linode
18:37-!-olekvi [] has quit []
18:37-!-olekvi [] has joined #linode
18:38<BarkerJr>I got ipv6 glue :)
18:38<bob2>gandi's not bad, but a bit pricey
18:38<bob2>ditto joker
18:38<BarkerJr>but gandi includes an ssl certificate
18:39<bob2>so does namecheap
18:39<olekvi>can Linode provide IPv6?
18:39<bob2>there's a he tunnel within 5ms of each linode dc though
18:40<@jed>out and back RTT for me, from one linode to another, is 3ms
18:40<tjfontaine>that's not doing the question justice
18:40<@jed>root@lateralus:/srv/dns# ping6 undertow
18:40<@jed>PING undertow( 56 data bytes
18:40<@jed>64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=63 time=3.32 ms
18:40<tjfontaine>olekvi: certain datacenters provide native ipv6, not all, when linode can offer a unified experience to each of its own customers then yes linode will likely offer native ipv6
18:40<bob2>my jed-host-naming-convention-theory is CONFIRMED
18:40<BarkerJr>0.875ms from fremont to 6to4 server
18:41<olekvi>tjfontaine: but it's not offered in any datacenters now?
18:41<bob2>it is offered by some datacenters, it is not offered by linode
18:41<olekvi>Thanks :-)
18:41<tjfontaine>olekvi: for linode it's an all or nothing venture, it's not something you want to special case in your management code base
18:42<olekvi>tjfontaine: sure not :-)
18:42<@jed>we're investigating ipv7
18:42<@jed>we're well ahead of the curve, on this point, we think
18:42<BarkerJr>except for port blocking, you can move your VPS between data centers and always get the same experience
18:42<@jed>bob2: what's my home machine? go!
18:43<@jed>opiate is no more
18:43<olekvi>I've just startet to migrate everything from the states and to London, and would love to get rid of my 6to4 tunnels - thats why I'm asking
18:43<tjfontaine>olekvi: not yet, sorry
18:43<@jed>erikh: assumption flawed, danny carey is god
18:43-!-ramoel [~ramoel@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:43<erikh>jed: read his writings. he thinks so too.
18:43<@jed>I know, most of them are whacked out
18:43<@jed>great live show, though
18:43<erikh>great drummer, but yeah
18:44<olekvi>jed: I asked my (old) ISP about IPv6 some years ago, the sales dude told med "we're waiting, but IPv5 should be available next summer"
18:44<erikh>he's got issues
18:44<erikh>jed: well, aenima or maybe 10e5-days? :)
18:45<erikh>I think we've traveled the discography
18:45<xenofox>i wish FiOS would hand out some ipv6
18:45<erikh>other than my bad math, of course
18:45-!-CompWizrd [] has joined #linode
18:45<nisstyre56>lol ipv5
18:45<olekvi>ahh. the London node less lagged from. really great to see Linodes in Europe finally :-)
18:45<@jed>erikh: opiate, undertow, aenima, lateralus, 10,000 -- some throw the live DVD in there too because it has a couple originals
18:46<@jed>wtf is the name of that album, I'm drawing a blank
18:46<erikh>I don't have the live dvd
18:46<erikh>I guess puscifer was up here last month
18:46<@jed>last show I saw was tool in liberty state park, with tasaro
18:46<@jed>was A++ would watch again
18:46<erikh>neat. I haven't seen them live.
18:47<erikh>don't do too many shows, though.
18:47<erikh>been wanting to go to more, but it's an apathy conundrum
18:47-!-olekvi [] has quit [Quit: n+ff]
18:47<@jed>I barely see anyone live, I'm with you
18:47<@jed>I made an exception last May for NIN at NIN|JA, that was a wise move
18:47<erikh>don't care enough to remind myself to go, but I always have fun when I do.
18:47<@jed>street sweeper social club tore it up
18:47-!-Pupeno [] has joined #linode
18:48<erikh>no matter what the band is, really.
18:48-!-walterheck [] has quit [Quit: walterheck]
18:48<erikh>would like to see clutch, and if some kind of fortune smiles a dj shadow live set
18:49<erikh>other than that, whatever's at the local venue works
18:49<@jed>I saw street sweeper on the tickets, and they put "TOM MORELLO / BOOTS RILEY" under it so I'm all okay, it's probably tom recovering from audioslave -- and it's a totally different sound, completely epic
18:49-!-Flue [~Flue@] has left #linode []
18:49<@jed>they're a live band through and through, though, it doesn't sound as good recorded
18:49-!-xenofox [] has quit [Quit: xenofox]
18:49<erikh>oh, the morello acoustic stuff?
18:49<@jed>no, power rap...ish
18:49<erikh>I heard some of that, didn't exactly get me jumping for joy
18:49<@jed>boots raps, tom does his funky sounds on the electric thing
18:49<erikh>so RATM without zach
18:49<@jed>pretty good jams
18:50<erikh>or more like public enemy + anthrax/
18:50<@jed>sorta, not as overpowering as zach
18:50<@jed>yeah, getting closer
18:50<@jed>great open for NIN
18:50<erikh>yeah, we saw dillinger escape plan nad a few other bands at the fillmore last month
18:50-!-abysed [] has quit []
18:50<@jed>dillinger rocks
18:50<erikh>never heard any of them before; we went because one of the bands was named "I wrestled a bear once"
18:50<erikh>anyhow, that show was crazy.
18:51<@jed>haha, leet
18:51<erikh>and I was fulfilled.
18:51<@jed>I saw some videos of dillinger playing wish with NIN, trent likes them
18:51<@jed>they rock pretty hard
18:51<erikh>yeah, they put on a good show too
18:51-!-hfb [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:51<erikh>the lead guitar would find new hiding spots on the set between parts where he had to play
18:52<erikh>ari (my friend) and eventually started playing "where's waldo" with him.
18:52<erikh>at one point he was on the balcony, from the stage. I'm still trying to figure out how he got up there without anyone noticing
18:52<erikh>(and playing, no less)
18:53<erikh>and the best part was the concrete knowledge that if you got close enough to the main floor, physical harm was imminent
18:53<erikh>the cornerstone of any good metal show
18:53<@jed>oh for sure
18:54<erikh>yeah, it was that or puscifer
18:54<erikh>I'd say we won there
18:56<linbot>New news from forums: apache control access to some files in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
18:56-!-abysed [] has joined #linode
18:57<erikh>jed: "Darkest Hour" was also nice technically, but not much beyond that.
18:57<erikh>if you're looking for stuff like that.
18:57<erikh>it was pretty plain as far as that genre goes, but they played really well.
18:58<erikh>i think if you google for the name you'll get a little mp3 thingy you can play
18:58<nisstyre56>I have sshd running on my server, not on port 22, but for some reason an nmap scan only shows the smtp and http ports...??
18:58<nisstyre56>I can ssh in
18:58<bob2>nmap is a complicated tool
18:58<nisstyre56>I guess that's good
18:58<bob2>remember by default it doesn't scan all ports
18:58<tjfontaine>nmap -p<yourport>
19:02-!-CompWizrd [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:03-!-ramoel [~ramoel@] has joined #linode
19:04-!-CompWizrd [] has joined #linode
19:05-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:06<ramoel>someone can help to configure nginx + passenger + rails or apache + passenger + rails ?
19:08<MrChloroform>nmap isnt that complicated
19:08<MrChloroform>its not sendmail
19:10<apeiron>You need to configure rails? I thought you could type one command and have a blog setup.
19:10<apeiron>(granted, you can *just* have a blog...)
19:11<orudie_>how to look up the cpu info ?
19:11-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
19:11<apeiron>On Loonix, it's in /proc/cpuinfo.
19:12<apeiron>(because the processor info is so related to processes)
19:12<erikh>apeiron: be nice
19:12<apeiron>this is nice
19:12<apeiron>you've not really seen me rant about Linux.
19:12<apeiron>Believe me. This is nice.
19:12<erikh>I wasn't talking about linux.
19:12<apeiron>That is nice.
19:12<apeiron>You've not really seen me rant about rails. :)
19:12-!-Flue [~Flue@] has joined #linode
19:13<apeiron>Shall we go on? :)
19:13<erikh>right, and you haven't seen me rant about rails in perl
19:25<tjfontaine>mmm purlll
19:25-!-laser` [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:25<npmap>jed: it worked
19:25<tjfontaine>npmap: don't boost his ego
19:26-!-laser` [] has joined #linode
19:26*apeiron munches perl for breakfsat
19:26<apeiron>breakfast, too
19:26<npmap>tjfontainte: I'm talking about FreeBSD under xen
19:26<tjfontaine>are you calling me a taint? :)
19:26<apeiron>freebsd++ # especially now that Oracle gave the finger to the world regarding Solaris
19:26<npmap>*tjfontaine: sorry, typo
19:27<tjfontaine>npmap: quite the hilarious typo I enjoyed it
19:28-!-A-KO^ [] has joined #linode
19:28-!-A-KO [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:28<jkwood>tjfontaintes everything he touches.
19:28<tjfontaine>it's true
19:28-!-A-KO^ is now known as A-KO
19:29<erikh>eh, no more need to be hostile about rails than there needs to be about pointing out that catalyst works just like rails but takes 30 prereqs just to get the point where it can do what rails does
19:29<jkwood>And that's how jkwood because like he is.
19:29*erikh grins and ducks, simultaneously
19:29-!-A-KO [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:29<tjfontaine>erikh: are you trying to spark a micro vs monolithic kernel debate? :)
19:29<jkwood>What the muffin my talking is borken
19:29<erikh>tjfontaine: nope, turing complete is turing complete, after all
19:30<erikh>i'm just picking on apeiron because I know how much he hates it when the hyperbole is directed at his product
19:30<apeiron>Except that you can do more than a blog in cat without having to bend it in ways the designers didn't think of. :)
19:31<erikh>right, because you might as well start all your modules with "sub handler {"
19:31*apeiron fails to grok the meaning there
19:32-!-A-KO [] has joined #linode
19:32<erikh>not a mod_perl user?
19:32<apeiron>I stopped writing mod_perl code eight years ago.
19:32<apeiron>(actually had the idea for Catalyst before it came around while Maypole was floundering unmaintained)
19:32<erikh>yarr, maypole and jifty unfortunately nose-dived
19:33<apeiron>Maypole nose-dived because Simon Cozens fucked off and went to god school.
19:33<apeiron>If anything is the rails of Perl, it's Jifty, tbh.
19:33<erikh>his choice I suppose
19:34<erikh>I have a pgp key signed by a man who is now not a man
19:34<erikh>not criticizing that either
19:34<apeiron>right. Life choices and perl are separate. :)
19:34<tjfontaine>I am gawd
19:34<tjfontaine>bow before me
19:34-!-fivebats [] has joined #linode
19:34<erikh>apeiron: like I said, I'm flicking you shit because you're using hyperbole to attack someone who needs help
19:35<erikh>my (honest) opinion of cat is orthogonal to that.
19:35<jkwood>Such language.
19:35<erikh>I do think rails does some things better, but we're not gonna agree on that
19:35<erikh>(and I think cat does some things better)
19:35<apeiron>well, instead of keeping them to yourself, present them well-reasoned in #catalyst.
19:35<erikh>oh no
19:36<erikh>the last time I did that I got a ball of fury from someone
19:36<erikh>even when I was polite and obsequious
19:36<erikh>you guys can do that on your own. sorry.
19:36<apeiron>erikh++ # obsequious
19:36<apeiron>(the usage of the word, that is)
19:36<apeiron>(it needs to be used more)
19:36<erikh>I played starfligth
19:36<erikh>I know that word well
19:36<erikh>it kept me alive :)
19:36*apeiron unfamiliar
19:37<erikh>possibly the most amazing PC game ever. look it up
19:37<erikh>2 360k disks, saved the game by modifying the binary and writing it back to disk
19:37<apeiron> ?
19:37<erikh>in forth
19:37<erikh>several hundred star system (with multiple planets, and tons of surface on each planet) to explore.
19:37<apeiron>wow, nice.
19:37<erikh>it's a fucking *amazing* technical feat.
19:37-!-synapt [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:38<erikh>you can find it around, it's abandonware
19:38<erikh>I strongly suggest trying it at least once.
19:38<nisstyre56>is it abandonware now?
19:39<erikh>you should at least be able to find a star chart; each star has 1-n planets
19:39<nisstyre56>oh nvm
19:39<erikh>nisstyre56: it's from the mid-80's
19:39<apeiron>I wonder how I could get it running.
19:39<jkwood>I think I played that.
19:39<nisstyre56>I just saw you say that
19:39<erikh>apeiron: dosbox + cpu throttler.
19:39<apeiron>ah, dosbox
19:39<apeiron>I was thinking C64.
19:39<nisstyre56>I might get dosbox and check it out
19:39<erikh>nope, it's a DOS game.
19:39<apeiron>WP says C64 too.
19:39<apeiron>And Mega Drive.
19:39<nisstyre56>I can control cpufreq on my laptop
19:39<erikh>ah, probably; it ran on DOS 3.3
19:40<erikh>which is about the time C= started singing the siren song
19:40<erikh>(and around the time the genesis was popular)
19:40<jkwood>erikh: OMG... I've been slooking for that game forever! I couldn't remember the name.
19:40<erikh>yeah, there's a sequel as well, but I've never finished it.
19:41<erikh>really. it's worth playing. there are "expansive" games these days taht can't hold a candle to it
19:41<nisstyre56>what about daggerfall?
19:41<nisstyre56>: P
19:41<erikh>different game
19:41<erikh>apeiron: if you get a copy, be sure to make copies
19:41<apeiron>Regarding the editing above?
19:42<erikh>in fact, the manual (which I have around here somewhere) has a big fat warning on it to copy the disks before using them.
19:42<nisstyre56>why? is it really hard to find?
19:42<apeiron>nisstyre56, scroll up
19:42<erikh>the game modifies itself to save it.
19:42<randallman>Erikh, those were the days ;)
19:42<randallman>you actually had to copy the 'game disk'
19:42<randallman>to prevent ruining the game :)
19:42<nisstyre56>how? wouldn't it have to recompile every time you save?
19:43<apeiron>er, no? Not if it wrote binary code.
19:43<nisstyre56>I assume it was only like 30 floppies or something
19:43<nisstyre56>oh okay
19:43<randallman>On the C64, it was more that it would save the saved game on the same floppy as the game data.
19:44<nisstyre56>is there a modded version that saves properly?
19:44<erikh>randallman: yep
19:45<erikh>2 floppies, self-modifying binaries
19:45<erikh>I know nothing of the C64.
19:45-!-orudie_ is now known as orudie
19:45<erikh>if you stumble on STARFLTA.EXE and STARFLTB.EXE, you've found the whole thing
19:46-!-synapt [] has joined #linode
19:46-!-orudie [] has quit [Killed (NickServ (Too many failed password attempts.))]
19:46-!-orudie [] has joined #linode
19:47<orudie>if a private tracker is used in torrents, can it's content be monitored ?
19:48<nisstyre56>by the other people accessing the torrent
19:48<nisstyre56>not by anyone else
19:52-!-jackson_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:52-!-adnc [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:53<mdcollins>But consider, how private is a tracker if they allow anyone to sign up during their open registration?
19:56-!-npmap [~npmap@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
19:58-!-ramoel [~ramoel@] has left #linode []
20:00-!-jamescollins [] has quit [Quit: jamescollins]
20:02-!-tanto_ is now known as tanto
20:05-!-zz_neilio is now known as neilio
20:06-!-neilio is now known as zz_neilio
20:06-!-cmantito [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:07*Daevien thinks array is closely watchign his beta backup usage now
20:08<Daevien>my ticket to signup for it read: "Hey there, would like to get added to the backup beta to see if I can crash your server, erm, I mean test your backup setup ;)"
20:09<kenichi>erikh: holy crap starflight! i have to say... star control 2 may have beaten it...
20:10<erikh>different games.
20:10<erikh>waaaaay different.
20:10<kenichi>i remember the ui being very similar
20:11<kenichi>menu-driven + keypad based flight/battles
20:11<linbot>New news from forums: GB is a State of UK? in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
20:11<kenichi>regardless i played those starflight floppies to death (the copies)
20:11<Daevien>starflight used ascii graphics, star control used actual images didn't they?
20:12<kenichi>the starflight i had was CGA
20:12<jkwood>Stargflight used real graphics.
20:12<erikh>kenichi: SC2 was all about the action
20:13<erikh>SF was primarily an exploration game.
20:13<erikh>and SF used EGA graphics if you could support it
20:14<erikh>I think it was just up-scaled CGA, but not sure now
20:14-!-HalJorda1 [~null@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
20:14<kenichi>SC2 you also had to explore, go down to planets and get metals and crap, but it also had the action
20:14<erikh>anyhow. both are fun games. you can actually find a modern clone of SC2 "melee" mode on
20:15<kenichi>rad. thanks for the nostalgia... cheers
20:15-!-kenichi [] has quit [Quit: kenichi]
20:16-!-HalJordan [] has joined #linode
20:16<linbot>New news from forums: SPF In Linode DNS in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
20:18<kronos003>whats the word on doing multipledd read operations against the same disk?
20:18<kronos003>s/multipledd/multiple dd//
20:19-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:19-!-bencaron [] has joined #linode
20:21<Bohemian>can someone help me? i'm trying to test to see if postfix is working, when i do telnet localhost 25 then ehlo localhost, i don't get any output...
20:21<Bohemian>i'm on this section of the guide:
20:21<Bohemian>what do i do now?
20:21<bob2>read your logs
20:21<bob2>pastebin the output of 'sudo netstat -plnt ; sudo iptables -L -v -n'
20:22<erikh>Bohemian: do you get a welcome message before you try ehlo?
20:22<nisstyre56>question: why even bother having guides for Arch?
20:22<nisstyre56>the arch wiki has everything pretty much
20:23<Bohemian>it says connected to localhost
20:23<Bohemian>erikh: then says the escape char line
20:23-!-jamescollins [] has joined #linode
20:23<erikh>yeah, do what bob2 requested.
20:24<BarkerJr>y'know what'd be cool? ipv6-only nodes
20:24<randallman>Hrrm, TouchDown for Exchange for the Droid is > default mail (for exchange)
20:24<randallman>it does GAL lookups, keeps the separation of Church and State
20:24<randallman>is remote wipeable from the exchange side, etc..
20:25<randallman>Barker, I've considered going V6 only at my house
20:25<randallman>but I still think stuff will be busted :)
20:25-!-tigerthink [~c0a89262@] has joined #linode
20:27-!-tigerthink [~c0a89262@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:27-!-tigerthink [~tigerthin@] has joined #linode
20:28<tigerthink>if I add another disk image to my linode, what will happen when I ssh into it?
20:28<Bohemian>output logs
20:29-!-atourino [~atourino@] has joined #linode
20:29<atourino>coming to you live from the toilet!
20:29<atourino>just kiddin'...
20:29-!-laser` [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:29<atourino>or am I?
20:30<tigerthink>atourino, if I add another disk image to my linode, what will happen when I ssh into it?
20:30<atourino>I would flush it first
20:31<Bohemian>bob2: erikh any thoughts?
20:32-!-kronos003_ [] has joined #linode
20:32-!-kronos003 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:32-!-kronos003_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:32<atourino>tigerthink: seriously, I think you just need to mount it once you ssh into it
20:32<atourino>and if you need to to auto mount there are commands for that
20:32<Bohemian>i don't have any postfix logs in /var/log. ..
20:32<atourino>google is your friend
20:33<atourino>not a sysadmin guru by any means
20:33<atourino>I just IRC from the toilet...
20:33<tigerthink>what if the two disk images are different OSs?
20:33<atourino>it shouldnt matter
20:34<atourino>as long as the kernel that is running knows how to handle the file system you want to mount
20:34<tigerthink>how does file system mounting work?
20:34<atourino>you wont be running both systems if thats what you're trying to do or getting at
20:34-!-HalJordan [] has left #linode []
20:34<amitz>bing is a lonely friend.
20:34<tigerthink>I run a mount command, then there's some directory I cd into and suddenly I'm running a different OS?
20:35<atourino>just a different directory
20:35<atourino>you will still be running the original system
20:35<tigerthink>so if I have two disk images with 2 different oses installed it's impossible for both oses to be running at once?
20:35-!-mawolf is now known as Guest732
20:35-!-mawolf [~mw@] has joined #linode
20:36<tigerthink>so if two can be running, what happens when I ssh? which gets chosen?
20:36-!-Guest732 [~mw@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:36<Daevien>he didnt' understand you. you CANNOT run two OSon linode withotu havign two nodes
20:36<tigerthink>OK, thanks
20:36<amitz>unless virtualized
20:36<Daevien>amitz: ssh, dont' confuse him :p
20:36<atourino>tigerthink: yeah whatd Daevien said
20:37<amitz>Daevien: oops, sorry..
20:37<tigerthink>my linode is already virtualized though, right?
20:37<linbot>New news from forums: how to stop nxfree or freenx-server on boot up in General Discussion <>
20:37<atourino>and you proably dont want to revirtualize a virtualization
20:37<tigerthink>that's pretty interesting it sounds like you guys say I can virtualize on top of that virtualization... is there a limit to how high this pyramid of virtualization can go?
20:37-!-jsmith-- [] has joined #linode
20:37<amitz>couldn't resist the desire to be pedant ;-)
20:37<Daevien>amitz jsut volunteered to tel you how to run a virtual machien within a virtual machine though
20:37<erikh>Bohemian: try starting postfix
20:37<atourino>tigerthink: bad idea unless you really know what you are doing
20:38<Flue>only your hardware memory? :P i like that question
20:38<amitz>zomg, what have I done!? :-p
20:38<tigerthink>OK, thanks guys. I guess I'll be purchasing another linode then... darn
20:38<randallman>VM in a VM in a VM in a VM in a VM
20:38<randallman>recursive VMination
20:38<Daevien>i think my mybookworld just melted itself into oblivion tryign to e2fsck the drive...
20:38*atourino makes a tail call and flushes
20:38<Bohemian>erikh: i did, tried telnet again, no change
20:39<erikh>Bohemian: is it still running?
20:39<erikh>check your logs
20:39<Bohemian>in var/log?
20:39<atourino>oh Im checking my logs alright
20:39<randallman>you might actually want to commit suicide after the 3'rd tier of Virtualization :)
20:39<randallman>Running a QEMU inside a Xen inside a KVM
20:39<bob2>Bohemian: what os
20:40<atourino>my logs dont look good... :/
20:40<bob2>Bohemian: /var/log/mail.log
20:40<BarkerJr>I think a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that a 6to4 server being nearby means less latency
20:40<BarkerJr>not always true, cause the return trip doesn't exit through your local 6to4
20:41<BarkerJr>replies to 6to4 users exit onto ipv4 at the point closest to the sender, not the recipient
20:42-!-mcinerney [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:45-!-HalJordan [] has joined #linode
20:46*Daevien stabs the mybookworld
20:46<Daevien>soon as i get data off, i've had enough of shitty performance with it. time to gut it and rescue the 1tb drive
20:47*KingTarquin needs two new drives...
20:47<Bohemian>bob2: erikh seems it is these same errors over and over again (i had to copy/paste from nano so i'm not sure the files are completely right, as they were cut off at the end):
20:47<KingTarquin>My main drive ( / and /boot ) have so many damaged sectors its scary.
20:48<KingTarquin>My /home drive has some damaged sectors, but its performance is shitty.
20:48<erikh>Bohemian: your is busted, I think.
20:48<bob2>no, you don't have to copy it from nano
20:49<bob2>yeah, is pointing at files that don't exist
20:49<erikh>bob2: one thing at a time :)
20:49<bob2>perhaps you lost the trailing f
20:49<Bohemian>erikh: how do i fix it? go through the guide again and find the mistake?
20:49<Daevien>hm, that was nearly bad. almost rebooted the local linux server rather than the mybookworld. local linux server = xen machine that runs like everythign including routing :p
20:49<erikh>Bohemian: if it doesn't have any secrets, how about you open it up in 'less' and paste it in the pastebin?
20:50<Bohemian>found the f
20:50<Bohemian>i mean, i needed to add an f
20:50<erikh>Bohemian: I have to go for ... ~30 minutes or so. If you're still having trouble, I'll catch up.
20:50<Bohemian>now try to telnet again?
20:51<bob2>restart postifx
20:52<Bohemian>now telnet?
20:53<Bohemian>wonderful, thank you!
20:53<Bohemian>to my credit(?), i just got done sucking on a fentanyl lollipop so i was out of it
20:53*atourino has sudo privileges on urmom
20:53<atourino>just so you know
20:53<Bohemian>it's amazing how such a little thing can fuck things up
20:56-!-Cygnus [~Cisne@] has joined #linode
20:57-!-bencaron_ [] has joined #linode
20:58-!-tigerthink [~tigerthin@] has quit [Quit: tigerthink]
20:59-!-ramoel [~ramoel@] has joined #linode
20:59-!-bencaron__ [] has joined #linode
21:00-!-bencaron [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:00-!-bencaron__ is now known as bencaron
21:00-!-bencaron__ [] has joined #linode
21:00-!-bencaron_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:03-!-bencaron_ [] has joined #linode
21:03-!-bencaron [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:03-!-bencaron_ is now known as bencaron
21:04-!-Flue [~Flue@] has quit [Quit: Flue]
21:08-!-MarkJ [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
21:08-!-bencaron__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:11<KingTarquin>Would this work as an SQL Query?
21:12<KingTarquin>`SELECT user_name FROM users WHERE user_name='$nick' AND (user_pass='$pass' OR user_pass='$sha256pass') AND user_suspended='0' LIMIT 1`
21:12-!-MarkJ [] has joined #linode
21:12<SelfishMan>KingTarquin: without knowing exact specs it technically should
21:12<SelfishMan>however, using variables directly in the query string is just waiting for an attack
21:13<SelfishMan>user_suspended should be a tinyint not char/varchar
21:13-!-jsmith-- [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:14<KingTarquin>SelfishMan: Its for an IRCd. Non-java send their password plaintext (hence $sha256pass) and java users send their password as an already-hashed password.
21:14<Cygnus>SelfishMan: May i ask why "using variables directly in the query string is just waiting for an attack"
21:14<KingTarquin>SelfishMan: They are configuration file variables, the IRCd already does everything to protect against SQL Injection Attacks.
21:14<BarkerJr>KingTarquin, don't quote numerics
21:15<SelfishMan>Cygnus: if the user has the ability in any way to alter/inject $nick or $pass then they could easily exploit the database
21:15<SelfishMan>Cygnus: see
21:15<BarkerJr>but really, it's that "using variables directly in the query string" will be slower cause the dbms needs to compile each statement
21:16<BarkerJr>if you used placeholders, the dbms would only need to compile it once
21:16<KingTarquin>I supposed you'd have to fully understand the context I'm using them in..
21:16-!-germ [~c0a89261@] has joined #linode
21:17<Cygnus>SelfishMan: 8)
21:20<Napta_>database backed IRCd eh. Next we'll move it in to Rails, and run it inside of engineyard!
21:20<Napta_>auto-scale efnet baby
21:21<HoopyCat>Napta_: what, you think services uses a flatfile?
21:21<SelfishMan>urmom uses a flat file
21:21<tjfontaine>actually ... freenode ...
21:22-!-kronos003 [] has joined #linode
21:22-!-saikat [] has quit [Quit: saikat]
21:22-!-saikat [] has joined #linode
21:23<amitz>Napta_: those should be run under emacs.
21:23-!-mcinerney [] has joined #linode
21:23<kronos003>does bs=<xx(M||K)> have any other effect on output other than speeding things up?
21:23<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: i thought they used a tar-like sequential format?
21:23<erikh>hybserv uses a flat file
21:23<amitz>that's just common sense
21:23<Battousai>you don't want to use oftc-ircservices. it randomly akills *@*
21:23<kronos003>in dd i mean?
21:24<HoopyCat>Battousai: services doesn't randomly akill *@*. tjfontaine randomly akills *@*
21:24<Battousai>a common misconception
21:24<erikh>maybe it uses bdb
21:24<Napta_>HoopyCat: services are for goobers
21:24*erikh checks
21:24<jkwood>Including services.
21:24<Battousai>tjfontaine's power trips are carefully calculated
21:24<erikh>flat file with a grammar no less
21:25<HoopyCat>kronos003: it sets the block size for the reads and the writes. bits are still the same.
21:25<erikh>that's nuts.
21:25<HoopyCat>speaking of which, food time
21:25<tjfontaine>last I had my hands on the freenode services they were flatfiles that were quite fragile :)
21:25<tjfontaine>but things have changed since then
21:25<Battousai>they're much more fragile these days
21:25<Napta_>tjfontaine: wasn't freenode just fragile in general?
21:25<Cygnus>HoopyCat: if i hack that file, will i get a two word nick registered?
21:26<Cygnus>HoopyCat: i mean a two char nick registered?
21:26<linbot>New news from forums: IPv6 in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
21:26<tjfontaine>no you need to edit modules/nickserv.c
21:26<erikh>tjfontaine: anything like hybserv? <user>\n->PARAM VALUE\n->PARAM VALUE and so on?
21:27<erikh>looking at these files here, kind of makes me wonder how well they sync.
21:27<tjfontaine>erikh: very was the code base
21:27<erikh>oh well; works for all 10 users or so
21:27<Cygnus>tjfontaine: then recompile and silently slip it under the door so every server will run it right?
21:27<kronos003>HoopyCat: so if i make an image of a drive with bs=100M that wont mess anything up if i write it back without specifying bs or if i specifying bs=25M?
21:28<erikh>still want to write an ircd from scratch sooner or later
21:28<erikh>sounds like the fun side of irc
21:28<tjfontaine>Cygnus: every server? in specific
21:28<mdcollins>oh, lets do an ircd in shell script. itll be fun!
21:28<erikh>irc it
21:28<amitz>erikh: why?
21:28<tjfontaine>erikh: I'm in the process now
21:28<tjfontaine>mdcollins: talk to cdlu
21:28<KingTarquin>Someone coded an IRCd in mIRC's scripting language..
21:29<erikh>tjfontaine: source available?
21:29<tjfontaine>erikh: semi
21:29<tjfontaine>buddy and I started it a year ago, and we're just now restarting it
21:30<nisstyre56>KingTarquin; is mIRC's scripting language turing complete?
21:30<tjfontaine>the idea being libevent+python based
21:30<erikh>I see that.
21:30-!-megatron27 [] has joined #linode
21:30<tjfontaine>my idea is to build it more like a twisted replacement
21:30<KingTarquin>nisstyre56: I wouldn't know, I don't use mIRC.
21:30<erikh>tjfontaine: got any janitor work? been looking for an excuse to cut my teeth on python
21:30<Nivex>if you can write ircd in brainfuck I'll be impressed
21:31<tjfontaine>erikh: that's what the other guy is doing on it
21:31<erikh>ah, fair enough.
21:31<tjfontaine>erikh: cutting his teeth
21:31<jkwood>ircd in whitespace.
21:31<tjfontaine>erikh: the more the welcome
21:31<erikh>oh ok
21:31<erikh>I gotta admit, I've no idea how much time I can commit, especially if I'm still programming full-time after I leave this job
21:31<tjfontaine>the idea is to support current irc and then create a replacement protocol with breaking changes
21:31-!-BarkerJr [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:32<tjfontaine>erikh: that's fine it's a project that comes and goes with motivation :)
21:32-!-jmhor [] has joined #linode
21:32<erikh>but I have some half-decent irc background from the client side, so I can help write testing stuff and so on
21:32<tjfontaine>erikh: this is about the 3rd or 4th restart :)
21:32<erikh>yeah, I have a webmail client that's like that.
21:32-!-mdcollins [] has quit [Quit: woot, ircd!]
21:32<@jed>so if my microwave beeps 4 times every time it finishes
21:32<tjfontaine>it's seen many different languages, C++ D C# and python a few times
21:32<@jed>and it just beeped 5
21:32<@jed>should I be concerned?
21:32<tjfontaine>jed: burned
21:33<erikh>jed: cmos error, press "popcorn" to continue
21:33<@jed>I'm genuinely startled
21:33-!-jmhor [] has quit []
21:33<@jed>you get used to 4 beeps and you're like, "okay, it's done," then it beeps again
21:33<erikh>tjfontaine: yeah; D is on my "do soon" list as well.
21:33-!-jmhor [] has joined #linode
21:33<erikh>it speaks to my sensibilities a little more than python, but I don't mind running with good ideas from other languages.
21:34<tjfontaine>erikh: I like the D+llvm stuff
21:34<erikh>adn that often means reading them.
21:34<erikh>I wrote a little against dmd and read the whole spec
21:34<KingTarquin>jed: Mine beeps 5 times, then when you pull on the door, it beeps again..
21:34<erikh>aroudn the time I read C#'s ECMA spec looking for ideas for a project that never materialized
21:34<@jed>mine always beeps 4, unless you open the door early
21:34<kronos003>would i be correct in thinking that if i make an image of a drive with dd if=/dev/hda bs=100M that wont mess anything up if i write it back without specifying bs or if i specifying bs=25M?
21:35<megatron27>you read an ECMA spec? are you okay man?
21:35<erikh>megatron27: I like that kind of shit.
21:35<erikh>tjfontaine: anyhow, I suppose your weapon of choice here is svn?
21:35<KingTarquin>I also hate my microwave, you have to turn the dial shit loads in order for you to get to 5 minutes :(
21:35<erikh>i'll root around
21:35<erikh>thanks for the link.
21:35<tjfontaine>erikh: yes, but it's svn+ssh if you want actual access :)
21:35<erikh>I can go RO for now
21:35<megatron27>I've only read one RFC from the beginning till the end. I'm sure it will affect me in the future...
21:35<erikh>err, unles syou don't have it exposed over http at all
21:35<@jed>megatron27: :O
21:36<@jed>megatron27: I couldn't tell you how many I've read
21:36<megatron27>jed, do you have insurance?
21:36<tjfontaine>erikh: I don't :) I don't mind getting you an account though if you send a public key to
21:36<@jed>depends on the type
21:36<erikh>tjfontaine: cool, thanks. I'll get that to you in a minute.
21:36<linbot>New news from forums: SOCKS Proxy in Linux Networking <>
21:36<tjfontaine>erikh: k
21:37<megatron27>I've read portions of other RFCs, but I've only read one from beginning to end. This one was extremely terse. If you skipped a sentence you would have screwed up your implementation :D
21:37<ferodynamics>good evening.
21:37<erikh>your nick + domain?
21:37<@jed>some of the "best practices" ones are readable
21:38<@jed>you should print out at least all the April 1st RFCs, and kick back and enjoy
21:38<erikh>tjfontaine: it done been delivered
21:38-!-bencaron [] has quit [Quit: bencaron]
21:38<erikh>want a mindfuck? read the IMAP specs.
21:39<KingTarquin>Nobody actually follows the IRC RFC anyway... its full of incredibly outdated stuff.
21:39-!-ondrej [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:39<@jed>KingTarquin: I find the newer ones more followed
21:39<megatron27>there's no working group for IRC then?
21:39<@jed>...but convoluted
21:39<megatron27>usually the working group will update the RFCs
21:39<erikh>lots and lots and lots of IMAP is "well, you can do this, but you don't have to"
21:40<erikh>some of it is stuff like implementing certain branches of SEARCH syntax and envelope formats
21:40<@jed>erikh: having read it, did perkel's EXEC extension ever get in?
21:40<erikh>you know, the inconsequential crap
21:40<tjfontaine>erikh: you should be all set
21:40<erikh>I haven't read the extensions, and not in more than a few years
21:40<@jed>I read about it a while ago, he envisioned SMTP over IMAP
21:40<erikh>tjfontaine: ty sir, let me see if I can co
21:40<erikh>oh, push?
21:40<@pparadis>holy cow, IRC was first introduced in Finland in 1988?
21:41<@jed>yeah, you're logged in to IMAP already, so instead of doing submission, you just use IMAP EXEC ... to feed it an outbound e-mail
21:41<erikh>jed: there are actually a few dropbox implementations of that. courier uses one.
21:41<megatron27>yeah, it's probably too cold to go out and actually talk to someone there
21:41<tjfontaine>erikh: this project is on svn the hostname is just because :)
21:41<randallman>Sending email via IMAP, what'll they think of next :)
21:41<erikh>I think you can configure dovecot to do it too, and I bet cyrus will.
21:42<erikh>although, I stay tf away from cyrus these days
21:42-!-stefanie_ [] has joined #linode
21:42<erikh>too much trouble.
21:42<erikh>(even though it and courier play ball best with the spec as I was implementing it)
21:42<@jed>cyrus broke my linode last I played with it
21:42<erikh>cyrus is old guard configuration wise
21:42<randallman>I used cyrus prior to courier
21:42<erikh>similar sized gun as sendmail and so forth
21:43<erikh>easy to aim at foot because it's so heavy.
21:43<randallman>The best part about sendmail is that they still havent really simplified it :) It is much as it was.... in 1995
21:43-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:43<randallman>Bat Book FTW
21:43<megatron27>Someone recommend some VPS fiction for me to read
21:44<randallman>I used to do mad LHS/RHS rewriting with sendmail
21:44<amitz>stefanie_: you're still... chatting. H-2 before disappearing.
21:44<erikh>big push for moving to xml in sendmail 9 last I heard
21:44<randallman>erikh, not sure that'll be cool either :)
21:44<erikh>assman was fighting it
21:44<nisstyre56>When I asked about sendmail in #archlinux on freenode everyone told me to use postfix if I wanted sendmail
21:44<randallman>postfix really got it right...
21:44-!-stefanie_ [] has quit []
21:44<randallman>awesome features, but tucked away
21:44<megatron27>got what right?
21:44<amitz>stefanie: ?
21:44<randallman>megatron, a balance between features and insane config files :)
21:44<erikh>randallman: .cf, not .mc
21:45-!-draginx [~daniel@] has joined #linode
21:45<erikh>as I understood it, the macro processor would still exist.
21:45<randallman>dnl dont talk to me about mc files :)
21:45<randallman>I mean 'Do Not Load' - Nice f'ing comment :) :)
21:45<megatron27>I know someone who wrote a chat client that could figure out the correct abbreviation for each nick.
21:46<randallman>rndllmn ;) Just remove all the vowels :)
21:46-!-LordMetroid [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:46<randallman>mgtrn27 :)
21:46<randallman>rkh doesnt work so hot :)
21:46<randallman>mtz, etc.. :P
21:46<stefanie>amitz: giant fuck up using screen
21:46<megatron27>it was really intelligent, got to ask him how it works
21:46<randallman>i before e, except after c? :p
21:47<HoopyCat>kronos003: it'll be fine either way
21:47<randallman>Thinking about that - the lolcat bible.... Did someone actually write a lolcat converter for the NIV? :P
21:47<randallman>or did someone MANUALLY convert it :)
21:47<randallman>(obviously it was mostly manual, but)
21:47<amitz>stefanie: ah.. I thought you're suppose to disappear as of today. But then again, IIRC you will disappear before D02..
21:48<kronos003>HoopyCat: cool thanks
21:48<stefanie>amitz: pft, I'm not due until Sunday.
21:48<ferodynamics>How's biz?
21:49<randallman>stef, then now's the time to smoke lots of cigarettes, drink lots of whiskey, and shoot up a few times :) Just for good measure :P
21:49<@pparadis>builds up tolerance
21:49<stefanie>why don't I just shoot myself in the foot while I'm at it?
21:49<amitz>stefanie: oh, my wife told me. Same day is OK, silly me :-p
21:50<randallman>stefanie: kidding, of course... :)
21:50<randallman>stefanie: I assume you're about to have a bebe? :P
21:50<HoopyCat>jed: well, did it stop emitting lethal radiation? if so, you're probably ok
21:50<stefanie>randallman: yes
21:50<randallman><< permanent DINK :)
21:51<randallman>I'll probably regret it when Im 80 :)
21:51<randallman>and have noone to wipe my backside :)
21:51<HoopyCat>don't worry, we'll buy you an aubesian
21:51<randallman>all that money I wont save for college will go into the 'Take care of Randall and Joan' fund :)
21:51<megatron27>why must there be two legs in the quarter final matches... Seems a little tedious
21:51<stefanie>randallman: lulz, Imma live forever, and be that batshit crazy woman who scares the neighborhood children!
21:52<randallman>nice hoopy :)
21:52<randallman>I had to look that sheet up :)
21:52<amitz>stefanie: shouldn't told my wife. Now she has plenty of questions :-p. Have you prepared a name yet?
21:52<stefanie>amitz: yes, Susan Elizabeth
21:52<megatron27>amitz, is your wife pregos
21:53<megatron27>wait, I think the correct spelling is preggos
21:53<erikh>going for the super-greasy food tonight
21:53<erikh>oven baked sandwich or pizza?
21:53<HoopyCat>megatron27: pregnate
21:53<Cygnus>amitz: Congrats
21:53<stefanie>DELICIOUS PIZZA!
21:53<amitz>megatron27: nope, as of of now. But we like to gather names to assimilate :-p
21:53<megatron27>erikh, smoked salmon on bagel drenched with mayonnaise
21:53<nisstyre56>erikh; why not both?
21:53<erikh>nisstyre56: because i'm hungry, not a family of 5
21:53<amitz>Cygnus: oh, no, not yet , but thanks :-)
21:54<megatron27>amitz, start the baby factory first
21:54<stefanie>amitz: If we were having a boy, I wanted to name him Charles Xavier.
21:54<megatron27>amitz, then you can get into the marketing aspects of it :D
21:54<Cygnus>amitz: When they begin to ask for names, it because they allready have the idea on their head :)
21:54<amitz>stefanie: what a high expectation ;-)
21:55<stefanie>amitz: more dooming him to be king of nerds
21:55-!-walterheck [] has quit [Quit: walterheck]
21:55<stefanie>b/c I can
21:55<erikh>screw it
21:55<amitz>stefanie: haha
21:56<erikh>3x 10pc kickers + 1x cheesy bread + 1x 2 liter dr. pepper
21:56-!-draginx [~daniel@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:56<erikh>lunch tomorrow as well!
21:56<amitz>megatron27: and I can make a factory outlets ;-)
21:56<megatron27>dr. pepper...hmmm....
21:56<megatron27>car vs baby - they cost about the same...
21:56<amitz>Cygnus: yeah, correct ;-). I already have a good girl name, but not yet for boy.
21:57<megatron27>amitz, Krisdayanti <3
21:57<amitz>megatron27: my wife hates her.
21:57<megatron27>amitz, even better
21:58<megatron27>is your wife jealous of her
21:58<stefanie>amitz: Convince her Charles Xavier is a wonderful name
21:59<amitz>megatron27: no, not jealous. Just feels uncomfortable of her.
21:59<stefanie>zelda is a girl's name
21:59<amitz>stefanie: my goodness, she likes the name!
21:59<erikh>Battousai: beat me to it.
21:59<Cygnus>amitz: Its not your choice the boys name, believe me on that one
22:00<megatron27>you should choose those gender neutral names like Ashley or Alexis or Jessie
22:00<erikh>from at least my grandfather down, the first born in our family is named on deviations of what means "leader" in various languages
22:00<megatron27>that way if your child ever decided to change genders......
22:00<erikh>been joking with the wife we should name our first born jupiter or zeus
22:00<erikh>these jokes were not met with laughter
22:00<amitz>Cygnus: why not?
22:00<stefanie>megatron27: that's no fun
22:01<amitz>megatron27: good thinking.
22:01<amitz>erikh: hmm perhaps I should create a theme for the names of my dynasty.. muahaha
22:01<Cygnus>amitz: For some strange reason when you come up with a name for your boy she will take something out of the back of her head with her shining eyes that you will just say, "Ok lets name him that way"
22:02<Cygnus>I've seen it quite a few times with my friends
22:03<megatron27>I don't like it when the office is full....
22:03<erikh>amitz: we have another tradition where we take the middle name from an immediate ancestor and use that for the middle name
22:03<erikh>from either family
22:03<amitz>Cygnus: hmm.. we're reasonably democratic, but I may not have met her stubborn moment :-p
22:04<erikh>my little brother and pop share middle names, and I share a middle name with an uncle
22:04<stefanie>The names we argeed on had a name from an immediate family member.
22:04<erikh>I think it's a fun tradition.
22:04<stefanie>Our moms are Susan, and she'll share a middle name with my sister.
22:04<amitz>erikh: that sounds like a variation of chinese naming btw.
22:04<megatron27>there's no place to hide at my new office
22:05<stefanie>poor poor megatron27
22:05<erikh>amitz: possibly. my grandfather's uncle was named homer, and I'm certain that was a literary reference.
22:05<erikh>err, s/uncle/brother/
22:05<erikh>my great uncle
22:05<stefanie>probably the poet
22:07<HoopyCat>Wed Mar 31 02:07:27 UTC 2010
22:07<erikh>you sir are in east asia
22:07<HoopyCat>erikh: aren't we at war with eastasia?
22:07<amitz>I think in term of UTC, muahaha
22:07<stefanie>so my kid is sticking to mai laptop...which is in mai lap.
22:07<erikh>HoopyCat: I'm just at war with society
22:08<erikh>my white face makeup and black clothes are intended to communicate that statement.
22:08<stefanie>military time ftw
22:08<megatron27>which Polynesian island has 20mbps internet....
22:08<megatron27>at affordable prices
22:08<erikh>guam. guam. guam.
22:08<erikh>it's called the USAF
22:08<erikh>and that's why it's cheap
22:09<megatron27>only 10MB
22:09<megatron27>for 200 USD
22:09<megatron27>or whatever currency they use there
22:09<megatron27>assuming USD
22:09<stefanie>considering it is the USAF
22:10-!-jmhor [] has quit [Quit: jmhor]
22:10<erikh>stefanie: oh, the child has been born?
22:10<erikh>I just noticed that
22:10<erikh>congratulations if so.
22:11<stefanie>erikh: no, not due til Sunday. I'm predicted to have a baby on Zombie Jesus Day.
22:11<megatron27>having a meeting
22:11-!-Mantax [~Mantax@] has joined #linode
22:11<erikh>well, best of luck then. It's not like I know you or anything, but being cordial never hurts
22:12<Mantax>!library ftp
22:12<linbot>Mantax: 1. Transfer Files with Filezilla on Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop ( - 2. Limiting Access with SFTP Jails on Debian and Ubuntu ( - 3. Transfer Files with Cyberduck on Mac OS X (
22:12<linbot>Please use SSH/SCP/SFTP/rsync-over-ssh instead of FTP:
22:12<amitz>erikh: I used to screw up my friendship with someone by congratulating b'day too early.
22:12<erikh>amitz: you should choose your friends more wisely
22:12<stefanie>at least you remember
22:13<megatron27>!library carbon neutral
22:13<amitz>she was a bit superstious. She believed that congratulating early meant wishing early death, heh ..
22:13<erikh>stefanie: eh, if you're comfortable talking about it, are you inducing on sunday if you don't go naturally?
22:13<HoopyCat>!library bomb-making
22:13<amitz>stefanie: yes, she should be glad I remembered!
22:13<erikh>I am new to this baby production cycle. can you present me with a post-coitus ER diagram?
22:14<HoopyCat>we pair-programmed urmom last night
22:14<stefanie>erikh: probably, both my sister and I were 3 weeks late. I really don't want to do that. >.>
22:14<amitz>!library paranoid
22:14<linbot>amitz: 1. Monitoring Resource Utilization with Cacti on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) ( - 2. Monitoring Resource Utilization with Cacti on Debian 5 (Lenny) (
22:14<erikh>stefanie: yarr.
22:15-!-Edgeman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:16<erikh>neither of us are getting any younger, and the topic is coming up more frequently now, so I've been passively looking into the process.
22:16<megatron27>ipad vs n900
22:16<erikh>like, really passively.
22:17<amitz>child is a useful distraction for wife when you want to be alone, lol
22:17<erikh>related, I'll be 32 in 7 days
22:17<amitz>erikh: still young enough.
22:17<Cygnus>erikh: happy birthday
22:17<megatron27>erikh, sounds about the right age if you have the finances in order
22:17<erikh>amitz: I'm the younger one
22:17<amitz>if you ever decide to conceive
22:18<stefanie>amitz: nonsense, you put in some help or your wife will be batshit crazy within weeks
22:18<erikh>megatron27: yeah, we have that nailed down I think. I'm looking for new work which might complicate issues, so we're moving at a snail's pace but doing so anyhow
22:18<Cygnus>amitz: don't you ever dare to tell that to your wife, you'll end up on the ER room not knowing if you will ever walk again :)
22:18<amitz>stefanie: dammit, don't burst my fantasy bubble!
22:18<erikh>but my current job is... by any measure of the word, unstable
22:18<megatron27>erikh, besides, the woman will do all the work :-)
22:18<erikh>even though it pays pretty well
22:18<amitz>Cygnus: I know ;-)
22:19<erikh>megatron27: I have to grunt for at least 2 minutes
22:19<amitz>megatron27: I wish. We already have a rather detailed arrangement right now for works..
22:19<stefanie>these are reasons why wives hate their husbands
22:19<amitz>baby work
22:19<dhoss>with guns?
22:20<HoopyCat>we're generally on the not-having-kids side of things. which is nice, since i'm generally on the not-working side of things and my wife is generally on the career-that-doesn't-allow-pregnant-women-to-work-for-safety-reasons side of things
22:20<megatron27>child support is 30% of your income, so make sure you have at least that much in disposable income
22:21<megatron27>how much would alimony be
22:21<stefanie>alot more depending on income
22:21<Cygnus>When you marry you do your downpayment. From then one you get comfortable monthly billings :)
22:21<HoopyCat>alimony is taxable to the recipient
22:22<megatron27>some fucking retard is late for the meeting so we're waiting for him
22:22<amitz>HoopyCat: I wonder if your wife's job has some kind of company sponsored retirement mechanism?
22:23<amitz>s/company/government/ . which is job specific.
22:23<stefanie>megatron27: I don't pity you at all.
22:23<HoopyCat>amitz: there is a pension through the union, yes
22:23<amitz>HoopyCat: through union?! useful union, nice!
22:24<erikh>i have 30 pieces of breaded chicken
22:24<stefanie>Cranberry Juice makes the fetus happy, which makes me happy.
22:24<erikh>and a wedge of cheezy bread
22:24-!-Mantax [~Mantax@] has quit [Quit: Mantax]
22:24<erikh>it's also great for clearing a UA
22:24<amitz>!excuse stefanie
22:24<erikh>uh, not because I'd know that or anything
22:24<linbot>amitz: Dvorak error (52:0/0) [xseescu]
22:24<erikh>I just repeat what I'm told
22:24<stefanie>It's true
22:24<amitz>you like the juice, you're happy thus the baby is happy :-)
22:24<megatron27>I'm not in a hurry for anything but I don't like having the projector so close to me.
22:25-!-Edgeman [] has joined #linode
22:25<megatron27>it's one of those Dell projectors so it gets hot enough to melt marshmallows <3
22:25<HoopyCat>amitz: well, otherwise there'd be nothing. by page count, half of our mortgage refinance paperwork was "Copies of W-2 (annual wage and earning statements for tax purposes) for the Past 2 Years"... i had no idea there were this many electrical contractors here. obviously, employer-managed retirement plan would suck.
22:25<amitz>megatron27: at least it's not directed to your general direction ;-)
22:25<amitz>just the other day you complained cold. Get your complain straight!
22:26<megatron27>amitz, half of my genes came from my mom, what do you expect
22:26<stefanie>Also she is pleased with mai music choice
22:27<megatron27>Kanye West?
22:27<amitz>megatron27: so half gene is used to heat, and the other half is used to cold?
22:27<stefanie>no, it was Beyonce, now it's Chevelle
22:27<HoopyCat>amitz: basically, company pays $x to employee and $y to union; the $y goes to pension fund, health insurance (self-funded by the union!), supplementary medical fund (like a flexible spending account for health-related things), dues, political action committee, etc
22:27<stefanie>I are eclectic
22:27<apeiron>eclectic \o/
22:27*apeiron is eclectic and eccentric
22:28<megatron27>unions? where do you work
22:28<amitz>HoopyCat: I see. on one hand more assurance because large institioun hold the fund. On the other hand, less say on how to manage the fund.
22:28<megatron27>isn't hoopy in college
22:28<HoopyCat>amitz: as you can imagine, $y >> $x, but $y doesn't show up on any tax-related paperwork, which makes me smile
22:28<HoopyCat>megatron27: my wife is an electrician
22:29<amitz>HoopyCat: which total up to less tax paid? or you just doesn't have to deal with the paperwork?
22:29<HoopyCat>amitz: the union is a bunch of sons of bitches, but at least they're our sons of bitches.
22:29<Cygnus>Gentlemen, ladies have a nice evening.
22:30-!-Cygnus [~Cisne@] has left #linode []
22:30<megatron27>Joyent has everything on one very big machine?
22:30<amitz>for the record, I have little trust on union leaders.
22:31<ferodynamics>power corrupts.
22:31<megatron27>wooohooo meeting starting
22:31<amitz>megatron27: good luck, end it quickly!
22:31<ramoel>someone can help me? my apache runs.. but not with my rails app with passenger
22:32<HoopyCat>amitz: basically, only the $x (wages) is taxable or reportable; $y is not taxable, nor is it reported. this makes sense, because each of those things are usually paid "pre-tax"
22:33<ferodynamics>I think we should make pensions illegal, that will get this country moving again.
22:33<ferodynamics>Why start a business when you can sleep on the govts teet.
22:33<bob2>free market is for suckers
22:33<stefanie>I'm sad, the cranberry juice is gone :<
22:33<bob2>you need more government rules about things like pensions
22:34<stefanie>need more cranberry juice
22:34<HoopyCat>amitz: and yeah, they can be a little slimy to say the least, but eh... the pay's better on the union side of the fence
22:34<HoopyCat>ramoel: what's it doing? any particular error messages? did it work before?
22:34-!-megatron27_ [] has joined #linode
22:34-!-megatron27 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:34<amitz>HoopyCat: oh, and taxable once the pension is given to you, right?
22:34<amitz>I thought megatron27_ meeting has ended :-p
22:35<HoopyCat>fwiw, the "pension" in this case is more like a 401k retirement account... it's not like "you've worked 40 years, here's money for the rest of your life"
22:35<stefanie>amitz: it hadn't started yet, they were waiting for someone
22:35<ramoel>HoopyCat: no have any message.. only isn't work. maybe I do something wrong on my apache2.conf
22:35<amitz>HoopyCat: gah, I was expecting for the rest of your life :-p
22:35<amitz>stefanie: he said the meeting started.
22:35<megatron27_>woohoo.. first slide is one of those motivational posters :D
22:36<stefanie>ah there he be
22:36<ramoel>HoopyCat: here is my apache2.conf >
22:37<HoopyCat>ramoel: i'm not familiar with apache, rails, or passenger, but i am a decent troubleshooter :-) did it work previously, or is this a new configuration?
22:37<ramoel>HoopyCat: a new configuration
22:37<amitz>if the first slide is a motivational poster, expect shit :-p
22:37<amitz>salary decrease! early retirement!
22:38-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
22:38<amitz>forced early retirement
22:38<HoopyCat>amitz: i think the old farts are still pension'd, but it's being phased out; pensions suck if you have to or want to ditch out before The Retirement Age
22:38-!-jackson_ [] has joined #linode
22:39<amitz>yeah, that being unsustainable..
22:39<HoopyCat>ramoel: the three files mentioned towards the bottom exist, right?
22:39-!-Hoggs [] has joined #linode
22:39<ferodynamics>If I'm President, you'll all get a pension.
22:40<ramoel>HoopyCat: yes.. they exists..
22:40<ferodynamics>And lifetime Linodes!
22:40<megatron27_>ferodynamics, but the government can't even run the post office </republilcan>
22:40<ramoel>HoopyCat: and the path are correctly
22:40<HoopyCat>maybe someone here knows more about apache, ruby, and passenger than i do...
22:41*HoopyCat surveys the crowd
22:41<Hoggs>What's the question?
22:42<HoopyCat>Hoggs: ramoel's ruby ain't passengering through the apache, and it oughta be
22:42<Hoggs>I assume you've already covered everything I could suggest, so I'll leave it there
22:42<stefanie>Philip was playing with the babies foot through my belly and it felt weird.
22:43-!-draginx [~daniel@] has joined #linode
22:43<HoopyCat>Hoggs: i looked at apache2.conf and asked a stupid question
22:43<megatron27_>who is Philip
22:43<Hoggs>link to paste?
22:44<HoopyCat>Hoggs: 22:36 ramoel HoopyCat: here is my apache2.conf >
22:44<ramoel>HoopyCat Hoggs heres is my sites-enabled/ >
22:44<ferodynamics>does anyone here have MSIE handy? Can you take a look at a jquery site and tell me if it looks OK?
22:44<ramoel>the virtualhost
22:44<HoopyCat>stefanie: i'd be afraid of breaking something or accidentally ejecting the baby
22:45<stefanie>at this point I'm just a storage container until she's ready
22:45<HoopyCat>ferodynamics: might give you the look
22:45<Hoggs>Doesn't it need a handler defined?
22:45<Hoggs>for whatever the ruby extention is
22:46<@pparadis>ferodynamics: you need
22:46<ferodynamics> Tnx I never heard of it.
22:47*pparadis just noted the HoopyCat reference ;)
22:47<ramoel>Hoggs: did you see my pasties?
22:48<stefanie>hehe pasties
22:48<Hoggs>ramoel, yeah, though I'm not familiar with ruby
22:48<ramoel>Hoggs: hmm.. thanks!
22:48<HoopyCat>pparadis: tried the konami code yet? wondering if that does anything in utero
22:48<megatron27_>oh, pastries
22:48<ramoel>yes.. pasties.. more than 1 pastie
22:48<megatron27_>Eclairs <3
22:49*megatron27_ is at work
22:49<@pparadis>ID even
22:49-!-Solver_ is now known as Solver
22:49<SelfishMan>megatron27_: boobs
22:49<Hoggs>wikipedia... safe for work? NEVAR
22:49<@pparadis>IDSPISPOPD ftw
22:49*SelfishMan starts trigering content filtering for megatron27_
22:50<megatron27_>SelfishMan, only safe for work if I work for a pr0n site then
22:51<stefanie>megatron27_: pasties cover certain parts of the boobs, allowing them to out in public
22:51*megatron27_ 's imagination goes wild
22:52<stefanie>They cover the nippls
22:52<stefanie>nipples even
22:52<ramoel>someone can help me with apache+passenger+rails ?
22:52<SelfishMan>nipple shields?
22:52<stefanie>more like stickers
22:53<@pparadis>ramoel: what distro?
22:53<ramoel>pparadis: ubuntu 8.04
22:53<jtsage>See Also: merkin. heh. more articles should include that one.
22:53<@pparadis>i've found apache/passenger/rails to be problematic, in all honesty. as in: it works today and breaks tomorrow. have you considered using nginx?
22:54<ramoel>pparadis: i try.. but isn't work too.
22:54<@pparadis>ramoel: have you tried this? -->
22:54<ramoel>pparadis: exactly
22:54<megatron27_>short meeting...
22:55<ferodynamics>browsershots is pretty amazing, I hope that's automated and not powered by screenshot-slaves ;-)
22:55<@pparadis>ramoel: is your problem application-specific? i used that guide to set up redmine on a system a few days ago
22:56-!-Twayne [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
22:58<ramoel>pparadis: i will try to setup redmine here to
22:58<ramoel>let me see
22:58<@pparadis>what app are you trying to install?
23:01-!-brenton1 [] has joined #linode
23:02<brenton1>can linode add a feature to their credit card section to include MasterCard because im getting charge bank fees every time i get billed ??
23:04<ferodynamics>Paypal Mastercard?
23:04<@pparadis>brenton1: we accept mastercard
23:04<ramoel>pparadis: an app of mine.. it work on heroku and local
23:05<@pparadis>ramoel: an open source app?
23:05<@pparadis>if so, i'll make you a deal
23:05<brenton1>yeah but theres nothing to record if the credit card number is MasterCard or Visa so if linode ppl guess and put the transaction through as Visa it gives me a fee i think
23:05<@pparadis>paypal doesn't do that
23:05<brenton1>im not with paypal
23:05<@pparadis>i have a paypal business mastercard in my wallet
23:06<@pparadis>are you talking about a mastercard linked to your paypal account?
23:06<brenton1>australian paypal dont offer cards yet
23:07<@pparadis>if your bank charges you a fee for using your bankcard (with a mastercard logo), that's separate from processing through mastercard intl
23:08<brenton1>pparadis: ok ill have to ask my bank why thats happening then
23:08<@pparadis>indeed :)
23:10<ramoel>pparadis: not yet.. but will be
23:11-!-hercynium [] has joined #linode
23:12<HoopyCat>brenton1: mastercard numbers start with 5; visa numbers start with 4. that's pretty immutable.
23:12<ferodynamics>do they have Internets yet in Siberia?
23:13<@pparadis>HoopyCat's note is well placed; payment processors can't accept a MasterCard and suddently decide to process it through Visa. things don't work that way.
23:13<@pparadis>suddenly, even
23:14<HoopyCat>( is my usual reference for that)
23:17<linbot>New news from forums: Wordpress+Nginx+super cache help! in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
23:19<ferodynamics>How much do you all transfer bits/sec on your linodes?
23:21<HoopyCat>in which direction over what medium?
23:21<ferodynamics>my chart goes up to 200k bits/sec, is that like a max or does it auto-scale?
23:22<ferodynamics>medium, I have no idea I'm looking at the Linode control panel graph
23:22<HoopyCat>outgoing network? heh heh
23:22*HoopyCat spools up
23:23<ferodynamics>I guess I could do the math to divide what I paid for my 30
23:24<ferodynamics>I spiked today 110kbits/sec, that's not a lot is it?
23:25<HoopyCat>looks like about 18706595.84 bits/second
23:25<HoopyCat>ferodynamics: the graphs auto-scale, and they're five-minute averages
23:26<ferodynamics>HoopyCat, which plan do you have?
23:26<HoopyCat>ferodynamics: the linode 360, but there's no network differences between the plans (aside from monthly bandwidth quota, of course)
23:27<@pparadis>ferodynamics: your Linode is sitting on gigabit internet uplinks. we do not rate limit incoming traffic, and outbound traffic is limited to 50 Mbits/sec
23:27<ferodynamics>So realistically how much transfer could I sustain the 360 before upgrading, assuming I didn't max out the CPU first.
23:28<@pparadis>see above ^
23:28<ferodynamics>50 mbits/sec per account?
23:28<HoopyCat>ferodynamics: outbound? about 32,000 seconds.
23:28<@jed>Connected to
23:28<@jed>Escape character is '^]'.
23:28<@jed>220 Beware! Beyond lies mortal danger for the likes of you!
23:28<@jed>catch the reference and I give you a cookie
23:28-!-Bass10 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:28<@jed>(testing its obscurity)
23:29<@jed>which one
23:29<@pparadis>that is absolutely awful
23:29*jed hands Daevien a cookie
23:30<Daevien>was pretty sure it wasn't the first one, but i can't remeber what the bigger catchphrases for 1 are now lol
23:30<ferodynamics>32,000 seconds? I'm confused.
23:30<Daevien>biggest thingi remember from diablo 1 is the cow level stuff
23:31<@pparadis>!newercalc 50 megabits per second * 32,000 seconds
23:31<linbot>pparadis: urmom
23:31<ferodynamics>OK I can extrapolate from there.
23:32<@pparadis>*+32000+seconds <-- :)
23:32<@pparadis>hm. let's see if i can rework that here
23:33<@pparadis>!newercalc (50 Mbits/sec * 32000 seconds) in hours
23:33<linbot>pparadis: urmom
23:33<@pparadis>i did that wrong
23:33<ferodynamics>so it's possible to go over 50 mbits/sec temporarily just can't sustain it past 8.8888 hours
23:33<@pparadis>!calc 32000 seconds in hours
23:33<linbot>pparadis: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
23:33<@pparadis>!newercalc 32000 seconds in hours
23:34<linbot>pparadis: urmom
23:34<@pparadis>!newcalc 32000 seconds in hours
23:34<linbot>pparadis: 32 000 seconds = 8.88888889 hours
23:34<@pparadis>there we go
23:34<@pparadis>shows how often i use that
23:34<stefanie>pparadis fail
23:34*pparadis glares
23:34<HoopyCat>ferodynamics: no, there's a safety throttle in place at 50Mbit/sec which a linode can't go over, precisely because sustaining 50Mb/sec for ~9 hours would put it over 200GB
23:34<amitz>a literal glare is funny :-p
23:34<stefanie>pparadis: :p
23:34<@jed>!newercalc 50 Mbit/sec * 32000 seconds
23:34<@pparadis>we can raise the cap for you if you specifically request it, but only if you're showing consistent usage approaching the cap
23:35<linbot>jed: urmom
23:35<@pparadis>!newcalc 50 Mbit/sec * 32000 seconds
23:35<linbot>pparadis: (50 (Mbit / sec)) * 32 000 seconds = 195.3125 gigabytes
23:35<@pparadis>newercalc is old news
23:35<@jed>!newcalc answer to life, the universe, and everything
23:35<@pparadis>newcalc is okay though
23:35<linbot>jed: answer to life, the universe, and everything = 42
23:35<@jed>that's google
23:35<@pparadis>newercalc appears to be busted
23:35<stefanie>kinda like urmom
23:36<@pparadis>oh schnap
23:36<@jed>wolfram does some fun calculations, like time for light to travel from fremont, ca to newark, nj
23:36<@pparadis>yes indeed :)
23:36<ferodynamics>lol wow linbot is smart
23:36<@tasaro>!newcalc 200GB / 50Mbps
23:36<linbot>tasaro: (200 gigabytes) / (50 Mbps) = 9.10222222 hours
23:36<stefanie>pparadis needs to hush, he deals out plenty himself
23:36<HoopyCat>!newcalc .025 newtonmeter/amperes in pound-foot/emus
23:36<linbot>HoopyCat: You broke teh goog!
23:37<HoopyCat>oops sorry guys
23:37-!-abysed [] has quit []
23:37<@pparadis>stefanie: <3
23:37<stefanie>pparadis: lies, you would not be so cruel if that were so.
23:37<@pparadis>that's funny coming from a girl who punches me in the sensitive regions while i sleep ;)
23:37<@pparadis>DON'T DENY IT
23:38<stefanie>you deserve it
23:38<Daevien>she's just making sure no more kids will be created by you
23:38<@pparadis>whatever, imma gonna continue conversing with folks round here now
23:38<@tasaro>^ not denied
23:38<amitz>Daevien: I see. Thus owning an exclusive product of pparadis.
23:39<stefanie>there times when he need a good punch in the balls
23:39<@pparadis>tasaro: hehe
23:39<HoopyCat>limited edition! signed and individually numbered
23:39<stefanie>s/there/there are/
23:39<Daevien>can we get linbot to do that stefanie?
23:39<@pparadis>oh god
23:39<megatron27_>hey pparadis
23:39<ferodynamics>i still don't get the significance of 8.888 hours if the cap ongoing.
23:40<Daevien>you'll be out of bandwidth
23:40<HoopyCat>ferodynamics: bandwidth quota for a linode 360 is 200GB/month
23:40<ferodynamics>ahh ok
23:40<ferodynamics>quota smota.
23:41-!-abysed [] has joined #linode
23:41<ferodynamics>i want to do my part in warming the globe.
23:42<amitz>ferodynamics: the worlds needs it considering all those complains about being cold..
23:43<ferodynamics>!newcalc 50 Mbit / 1 byte
23:43<linbot>ferodynamics: (50 megabits) / (1 byte) = 6 553 600
23:43<HoopyCat>if it makes you feel better, my graph peaks at 9.72Mb/sec
23:44<HoopyCat>(again, the constraint on that one's my home cable modem... hooray sucking down backups)
23:44<Daevien>!newcalc How many HoopyCat's does it take to change a lightbulb?
23:44<linbot>Daevien: 20
23:48<ferodynamics>!newcalc 50 Mbit * 86,400 / 33,659 bytes
23:48<linbot>ferodynamics: (50 megabits) * (86 400/33 659) bytes = 16 822 574.6 Bytes^2
23:48<HoopyCat>boy, the units sure are flyin' hard and fast here
23:49<linbot>THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!
23:49<amitz>chesty: heh, I was thinking where are you...
23:50<linbot>double pits to chesty, he nailed it
23:51<chesty>i had an amazing sleep last night, best sleep for 5 years
23:52<SelfishMan>chesty: what was her name?
23:53<amitz>chesty: was really tired? problems disappeared?
23:54<jackson_>jed, you around?
23:54<chesty>amitz: i did some breathing exercises before hand
23:54<Daevien>chesty: i read it quick, i thought you said sheep, not sleep
23:55-!-encode_ is now known as encode
23:55<chesty>self awareness crap, I don't know that I believe it, but i believe the placebo effect and the power of the mind. it seems to work
23:56<chesty>Daevien: I'm not a kiwi
23:58<amitz>megatron27_: do not start a controversy!
23:58<Bohemian>erikh: you around?
23:59-!-VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
23:59<amitz>chesty: haven't tried that. I just use the good old tiring myself to sleep :-p
23:59-!-VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:59<megatron27_>amitz, wtf
23:59<chesty>amitz: but you're a trained head shrink?
23:59<ferodynamics>got my math wrong, you could serve a 34k sized page about 333,077 times per day at 50 Mbit/s.
23:59-!-draginx [~daniel@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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