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00:00<amitz>jkwood: I like the world in Traveler from Altruria, if you ever read it.
00:01<jkwood>Never heard of it.
00:01<erikh>dhoss: oh, just the obvious IP issues here. I think it might make more sense for them to open it after I leave, though.
00:02<erikh>I'm not coding it that way, but I think it will be sufficiently complex to require someone to spend a lot of time learning it.
00:04<dhoss>erikh: sorry, open it after youleave?
00:04<amitz>it felt like an ideal world for me. Egalitarian and basically people work together doing menial physical jobs -which also functions as physical exercise too- then they're free to pursue their field of interest.
00:05<erikh>dhoss: eh, sorry, lots of confusing personal musings mixed in... probably easier to say "don't bother" than try to explain
00:05<erikh>some days the words just get multiplexed
00:06<dhoss>erikh: ah. don't bother releasing oss ruby shit? or crossing the boundary period?
00:07<erikh>nah, a work project that work needs but I'd like to use for other things, construed with the fact that I am looking for new work and that they may not have someone to maintain it after I leave.
00:07*dhoss gets it
00:07<dhoss>the benadryl slows my brain lightning down
00:09<erikh>well, stop making purple drank
00:09<erikh>err, wait. that's robitussin isn't it
00:10<dhoss>yea, in which case i would be robotripping
00:10<dhoss>....which of course i know nothing about
00:10<amitz>erikh: we always like personal venting. It probably secretly makes us feel better ;-)
00:10<dhoss>WE'RE HERE FOR YOU
00:10<amitz>s/we/I/ . With the right dose of course :-p
00:10<erikh>amitz: venting?
00:11<erikh>musing, maybe. wishing perhaps? not venting.
00:11<erikh>I'll vent in here sooner or later. you'll know it.
00:11<amitz>erikh: oh, I'm looking forward to it :-p
00:12<amitz>"the best misery is other people misery". Probably I've heard a variation of that phrase somewhere hehe
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00:21<Talman|Ghosting>The Federation in Star Trek has no monetary system. Except for building things that the power requirements are simply too great to replicate, everything is provided for you.
00:21<Talman|Ghosting>You want a cool pair of sneakers? replicate a pair.
00:22<Talman|Ghosting>You can't replicate a starship, on the other hand, simply because the power requirements are too high (i.e. it would remove the worth of a starship)
00:23<amitz>can I replicate a DVD?
00:23*amitz hides
00:23<Talman|Ghosting>Since you don't make money off personal creations, everything is basically CC-SA.
00:23<amitz>wouldn't that be stealing?
00:23<Talman|Ghosting>It has no monetary value.
00:23<Talman|Ghosting>Only creative value.
00:24*zifnab is away homework
00:24<Talman|Ghosting>The idea is that its a utopia where people would give creative works freely to the Federation for others to enjoy.
00:24<Talman|Ghosting>Create a holodeck novel, and distribute it to the Federation.
00:24<jtsage|ded>one does wonder at the wisdom of putting a replicator in space. assuming the principle of matter in -> matter out, it seems more efficient planet bound. or like in a sun. lots of matter there
00:24<amitz>I can imagine a conspiracy worthy to be made a movie, when someone invents replicator...
00:25<erikh>maybe they'll call it blade runner
00:25<Talman|Ghosting>Thing about replicators is that you store bulk mass in cargo bays for use by the replicator matrix.
00:25<amitz>jtsage|ded: they use replicator on planets to replicate spaceship.
00:26<amitz>and I can replicate Yaakov with his GREAT HUGE LOVE!
00:26<Talman|Ghosting>Since there's very, very little loss of mass, (you eat replicated food, and when you poop... its broken down to elementary particles...)
00:26<jtsage|ded>but would the replica (dare i say replicant?) have a soul?
00:26<Talman|Ghosting>its a closed eco system where you don't need to restock that carbon much.
00:26<Talman|Ghosting>No, its inanimate mass.
00:27<Battousai>this is the nerdiest conversation i've ever seen
00:27<Talman|Ghosting>And in the world of Star Trek, the concept of "soul" is up to personal intrepretation, it doesn't enter into quantum mechanics.
00:28<Talman|Ghosting>Although... there are plot holes throughout all the replicator stuff in Star Trek. Only inanimate objects can be replicated, so how do the Klingons replicate those worm things that are still alive?
00:28<Talman|Ghosting>You know, to eat.
00:30<amitz>Battousai: no, this is liberal art talk ;-)
00:30<erikh>I think that's being kind. most philosophy professors wouldn
00:30<Talman|Ghosting>No, this is Sparta.
00:31<erikh>wouldn't have this conversation at 4am in a diner
00:31<amitz>remember the episode where you have 2 rikers, one left stranded on a planet?
00:31<Talman|Ghosting>Transporters != Replicators.
00:31<amitz>same thing with worms. They replicate them.
00:31<Talman|Ghosting>The replicator is the backwards inbred cousin of the transporter.
00:31<erikh>worms replicate themselves. just split one and watch
00:31<Talman|Ghosting>Doesn't have the resolution to keep all that stuff. There's you're plot hole.
00:32<amitz>the writer of the stories is probably impressed with the plot explanations fans have offered.
00:32<Talman|Ghosting>This is what happens when you get multiple teams of writers doing things.
00:32<Talman|Ghosting>Writers, and some of them ignore things and some of them use fan stuff which goes against official Star Trek sources.
00:33<Talman|Ghosting>If you stray too far, you end up writing Pocket Boobs.
00:33<amitz>I remember reading so many fanfics that I couldn't tell anymore the official story and the fanfic ones..
00:33<jtsage|ded>fanfic is evil
00:34<jkwood>Why do conversations about Star Trek always come down to erotic fanfiction with you people?
00:34<jtsage|ded>jkwood- where else can you get your mpreg fix?
00:35<amitz>jkwood: there are erotic fanfics
00:36<Talman|Ghosting>Its really simple, amitz.
00:36<jkwood>amitz: Unfortunately.
00:36<Talman|Ghosting>If you didn't see it in a movie, or on a TV show, it doesn't exist.
00:36<linbot>New news from forums: SSL - HTTPS on port 80 instead of 443 - help! in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
00:36<Talman|Ghosting>That's canon in Star Trek.
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00:38<Talman|Ghosting>Why in God's name would you want to run SSL on 80?
00:39<tjfontaine>there are only 65535 ports, wh use an extra one on 443
00:39<amitz>Talman|Ghosting: yeah but the stories can be so developed you no longer able to remember.
00:39<Talman|Ghosting>Then agian, I don't read Star Trek fan fiction.
00:40<Talman|Ghosting>90% of fan fiction is utter crap.
00:40<Talman|Ghosting>And I know people who write Evangelion Fan Fiction. Its utter crap, but fun to read.
00:42<amitz>By any chance, do you read Ranma fanfic called Hearts of Ice, the best fanfic I have ever read! A radio even licensed the right to broadcast the story.
00:42<amitz>too bad it took the writers 8 years (IIRC) to write the damn last episode!
00:44<Talman|Ghosting>I don't read Ranma fanfic.
00:44<Talman|Ghosting>The only fan fic I have ever read was Eva, and that's because I would have people send me links going, "read this."
00:45*Talman|Ghosting has read everything from crossovers with Cuthulu to some insane crackfic.
00:45<Talman|Ghosting>Most of it was too bad to stop reading due to the comedy angle.
00:45<Talman|Ghosting>While some was well written, you wished to stab the authors till they stopped moving, then stab them again.
00:46<amitz>yeah, the worse-written ones are usually the self-insert versions hahaha
00:46<Talman|Ghosting>Neon Exodus Evangelion is the worst thing I have ever read, and it was awesome.
00:51<amitz>that seems like a blatant self-insert and "I'm going to be so cool that themost powerful people in the story will be gaga-ing over me and I haven't even show them all"
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00:54<Talman|Ghosting>It is.
00:54<Talman|Ghosting>If you can suffer from the first "season," it gets more and more hilarious.
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01:11<linbot>New news from forums: Gateway Timeout Error Sending Emails in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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01:34<linbot>amitz: Yo momma's so ugly she couldn't get straterra to play with her! (737:17/1) [momru]
01:36<jkwood>!urmom vote up 737
01:36<linbot>jkwood: Voted up 737 [mmour]
01:38<amitz>debian snapshot archive service!
01:38<jkwood>They used to call that microfilm.
01:39<amitz>yeah, microfilm passed through OCR and automatic compiler.
01:41<amitz>but seriously, it's a nice service. I have some computers that works well with certain version of kernel module.
01:42<amitz>on the other hand, the newer opensource wifi driver is getting ahead of the proprietary driver in term of connection reliability, another yay!
01:42<amitz>starting to get ahead
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01:57<Clorith>question about multiboot, how do yo uset grub to boot the windows one first by default ?
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01:58<amitz>Clorith: somewhere in /boot/grub/menu.lst
01:59<amitz>assuming grub version 1.
01:59<Clorith>yeah, that file doens't exist
01:59<Clorith>It's most likely version 2
01:59<amitz>well, when you figure out the answer, tell me ;-)
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02:02<Clorith>It's a package thing, grub isn't installed, but grub-pc is
02:02<amitz> is instructive. somewhere in /etc/default/grub
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02:03<amitz>you can install grub-legacy instead.
02:04<amitz>I love ubuntu because they contribute so much to debian in term of docs.
02:09<Clorith>Got it
02:10<Clorith>I guess it's easier if you've done it once
02:10<Clorith>The docs for version 1 are easier, it prints the various drivers and the order for you, this one didn't until ater you made changes and reloaded grub =(
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02:21<keidian>hmm, nice. 50% packet loss from this laptop to my router
02:21<keidian>never a good sign :p
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02:21<amitz>I like the older one, more predictable, at least for me. I still have one installation that I can't make to work with grub2..
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02:22<amitz>keidian: wifi? wifi is still magic for me, you simply don't know what will work and what won't.
02:23<keidian>yeah, wifi through a linksys router with all the tcp stuff turned off so it's jsut a dumb access point to a pfsense machine
02:23<keidian>prob this laptop, the intel drivers win7 tries to install are sort of borked. they either disconnect a lot.. or stop it from hibernating
02:24<keidian>i'm daevien, just on diff laptop. funnily enough, this one has way more power than the usual one i'm on from, but it works better than this one tonight anyway :p
02:25<keidian>it's odd though, i'm getting the most noticable problem to my NJ linode, not this one in fremont
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02:27<amitz>fwiw, I find the newer kernel of linux (not windows ;-)) to be more reliable when dealing with wifi, unlike atheros' driver.
02:29<amitz>more reliable significantly that I risk upgrading everything to squeeze early.
02:29<keidian>yeah.. the other laptop runs crunchbang. this laptop is mostly for dragging around places where i need more power than the dual core 1.7 12" toshiba i usually use or when i go to friend's & pay games
02:29<keidian>er play
02:29<keidian>haven't used squeeze directly but the crunchbang beta is based on it, works very well
02:30<keidian>you use bitlbee at all?
02:30<amitz>oh yeah, you mentioned about crunchbang before, I think. Yes, I use bitlbee.
02:30<keidian>wtf does it mean when it keep cycling a using +v & -v? lol
02:30<keidian>using = user
02:31<amitz>ooh, that's to indicate available / not available buddies.
02:31<keidian>ah, well one of my contacts is constantly switching, it's a bit annoying
02:31<keidian>and i'm just setting up bitlbee, haven't used it much at all
02:31<purrdeta>I love bitlbee.
02:32<amitz>really eww :-o
02:32<keidian>i usually just use pidgin on my toshiba but it's not so portable and i switch machines a bunch. woudl be nice to just have it through irssi
02:33<purrdeta>amitz: like hardcore ew :P
02:33<purrdeta>keidian: yup! That's what I did :D
02:33<purrdeta>I decided to run a server on my linode too
02:33<amitz>keidian: well, just don't attend to that windows. and bitlbee is not really designed for irssi. It's more for client that constantly displays the users somewhere on screen.
02:33<purrdeta>not designed for it but works fantastic.
02:34<purrdeta>Also, there are bitblee plugins you may be interested in
02:34<erikh>irssi has plugins that can do that
02:34<erikh>also; weechat.
02:34<amitz>well, fantastic except I believe they don't have the feature to tell you if someone over there is currently typing..
02:34<amitz>oh, bitlbee plugin? will take a look.
02:35<erikh>no, one that displays the users as a list.
02:35<erikh>well, there might be a bb plugin too, but that seems kind of silly.
02:35<amitz>ooh, I see.
02:35<erikh>bb+dircproxy+irc client is nice, thoguh.
02:35<erikh>especially if you like to keep your IM traffic private at work
02:35<amitz>perhaps the bb plugin introduce a different interface..
02:35<erikh>that's what i'm saying
02:36<erikh>you can get
02:36<erikh>a plugin
02:36<erikh>for irssi
02:36<erikh>that displays the users in the channel constantly.
02:36<amitz>hmm I see.
02:36<erikh> IIRC.
02:37<erikh>ugh. people want that feature? normally I'm trying to find a way to get rid of it
02:37<keidian>well amitz mentioned it and i foudn that in my travels
02:37<keidian>i don't really use it
02:38<amitz>it's good to inform the other party "I'm typing something, please be patient".
02:38<keidian>heh: [127] -!- The hand of the deity is upon thee, thy nick may not change
02:39<amitz>obviously, IRC-ers are the more patient bunch thus we don't need that feature ;-)
02:40<amitz>anyway thanks keidian, but then I should probably left the status quo as it is :-p
02:41<Clorith>erikh: why would yo uwant to clutter the pretty irssi window with a nicklist?
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02:41<Clorith>I just /names if I want to check it, or tab names if I'm looking for someone
02:41<purrdeta>Clorith: same
02:41<linbot>New news from wiki: Internal Services <>
02:41<amitz>to quickly indentify who is available and who isn't in bitlbee.
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02:42<Clorith>I find /names to be just as fast, might jsut be me though
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02:44<keidian>my main problem is that i've gotten used to just using znc + pidgin.. so trying to remember how to use irssi with windows, etc :p
02:47<keidian>well that and i've discovered.. remember what some of my passwords are /facepalm
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03:11<amitz>anybody swim here? Non IT question but someone says I breath out too noisily while in water... hmmm
03:11<purrdeta>I do too
03:11<purrdeta>so says friends
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03:12<amitz>glad I have a friend! :-p
03:12<purrdeta>hehe :D
03:12<amitz>you breathe out using nose right?
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03:14<amitz>hmm but this particular someone told me I'm extra noisy... hmmm
03:15<Clorith>I guess it's to do with how comfortable you are with the water
03:15<Clorith>The less comfortable, the harder you blow out to stop any water from getting into your nose
03:16<Clorith>(Or so I've heard at least)
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03:17<Daevien>btw, found out how to not spam myself silly with mode changes in bitlbee... /ignore &bitlbee MODES
03:18<amitz>well, I make it a point to breathe out as much as possible to tire myself more with the least am.ount of time. But I guess I should also breath out using mouth? hmmm
03:18<amitz>Daevien: oh, noted trick.
03:19<amitz>oh my god... that's probably my past training..
03:19<Daevien>now i just need to drag my account passwords out of pidgin since at 4am, i can't remember them all :p
03:20<amitz>to emulate a condition of low oxygen ..
03:20<Daevien>actually, i think i'm just goign to actually go to sleep. since i work at 10am
03:20-!-keidian [] has quit [Quit: hoopycat ate my network connection]
03:20<amitz>Daevien: good night!
03:20<Daevien>see you later on i'm sure, can't work too hard at work ;)
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03:21<amitz>well, anyone reading this, please tell me if it's the right swimming technique.
03:21<amitz>breathing out as much as possible while in water.
03:22*amitz returns to lurking.
03:23<Clorith>I'm no pro swimmer...but yeah
03:24<Clorith>depends how you swim, what style
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03:29<amitz>frog style takes way too little enery so I usually breath out extra fast (which I can easily do if I also use month,heh).
03:30<amitz>free style uses a lot of energy so it happens naturally.
03:32<amitz>sorry, s/frog style/breast stroke/
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03:35<amitz>wikipedia is... enlightening.
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03:40<akash_b>Hi everyone.. I am slowly leaning towards getting a linode for myself. Need few comments from existing users about the uptime..
03:41<Entity>uptime's spot on tbh
03:41<Entity>I've been using my linode for 5 odd months now, never had uptime problems
03:41<MarkJ>Well I've had almost zero downtime
03:42<Entity>I've had 1 downtime so far and that was due to myself tinkering with too much and breacking apache -_-
03:42<pleia2>almost zero uptime here too, have had my linode for a couple years
03:42<Entity>you mean zero downtime ;)
03:42<pleia2>yes, I do
03:42<MarkJ>Works perfectly for the most part
03:42*pleia2 might be tired :)
03:42<MarkJ>All I can say is linode rocks :)
03:42<MarkJ>Had servers since 2008
03:42<Entity>seconding that
03:43<akash_b>Ok. so the uptime is good it seems.. But even when there was any downtime.. how much longer it lasted for you?
03:43<MarkJ>There was a recent data center incident in Newark DC, but that was only around 10 minutes, and that's very rare
03:43<MarkJ>or maybe up to 20, but still, once off..
03:44<pleia2>the only issues i've had with my one in dallas is lag from ddoses in the same datacenter, happens maybe once every 6 months for a few minutes
03:44<pleia2>but it's hard to avoid that anywhere
03:44<Entity>I'm using a london linode, I had 1 reboot due to maintenance in 5 months of use, my node came back up in about a minute
03:44<MarkJ>I guess my "downtime" has been during vps upgrades (to bigger plan or another dc)
03:45<MarkJ>But that was user initiated
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03:45<akash_b>So issues like HDD failures etc as it happens with other not so good providers ?
03:45<avar>There was network downime for ~1 hour in one of the US facilities last year.
03:46<avar>akash_b: It's a Xen VPS. You don't notice.
03:46<pleia2>akash_b: if a harddrive fails, you won't ever see it
03:46<MarkJ>akash_b: Yeah that happens. But as pleia said you won't notice
03:47<MarkJ>Sometime last year I got an email along the lines of your "your host has suffered a critical failure and your linode is in queue for migration"... an hour or two later anotehr email" your vps has been successfully migrated"... it was still running until it was shutdown and migrated...
03:47<MarkJ>No effort on my part, and very minimal downtime
03:48<akash_b>i might be a noob but what has xen to do with HDD failure.. It must be the RAID because of which it doesn't get noticed ???
03:48<Entity>no its Xen running in a cluster
03:48<Entity>so a node dies, and another one automatically picks the slack up
03:48<Entity>just look up "high availability" and "fail over"
03:50<Entity>RAID arrays CAN also do that, but seeing as more then likely the entire cluster runs off a SAN i doubt they would send you a mail about one of their disks crashing, not to mention thats not consideren a critical error
03:50<akash_b>Thanks for that information.. One more thing. I don't see anything about CPU resources. Is it fair share? Plan based? Where to look?
03:50<Entity>thats something that happens and why there are hotspares
03:50<Entity>Fair share
03:52<bob2>cpu is the least of your worries
03:52<MarkJ>what did you want to get a vps for akash_b - web hosting?
03:53<Clorith>doing exchange on my outlook from scratch...stupid microsoft stuff not working properly >_>
03:53<Clorith>It's nice when outlook, your main client, done'st see emails
03:53<Clorith>but yo ucan find them in the webmail client jsut fine
03:53<Clorith>buggy where?
03:53<akash_b>No I have my own web based services like live support system, mailing list management etc. I am currently with Vaserv. But facing downtimes lately.
03:54<avar>akash_b: The biggest pain is lack of IO, but all VPS's are like that.
03:55<Entity>there are always "OH SHIT" scenarios that you can't plan for, or you can plan but not avoid them
03:55<Entity>that being said... Linode's been rock stable for me
03:56<Entity>and I can only be full of praise about them
03:56<akash_b>My services are not so IO hungry. I am good at optimization. My main requirement is UPTIME. Even a 5 min downtimes fills by inbox with 15 complaints.
03:56<bob2>well, then you need to be running on more than one machine
03:57<MarkJ>So this is for a business site?
03:57<akash_b>more than one machine.. You mean a real fail-over system? Or that something possible with linode?
03:58<akash_b>Yes I offer both free and paid web based services so its for business not hobby or personal use.
03:58<MarkJ>There are several failover mechanisms (software based)...
03:59<MarkJ>If I recall the linode failover service requires restarting (or starting off normally off) the backup host, so not instant...
03:59<MarkJ>as it reassigns the original IP address
04:00<Entity>tbh, if you are requiring that level of uptime, would it not be better to colocate your own cluster somewhere ?
04:00<avar>Linode is probably about as stable as you'll get for a VPS. But if your uptime is business critical you should probably not be relying on it.
04:00<avar>Perfect uptime is not guarenteed with linode.
04:00<erikh>perfect uptime is a fucking myth
04:01*MarkJ agrees with what erikh said
04:01<erikh>perfect uptime is a bunch of smoke and mirrors surrounding redundancy. don't confuse the issues
04:01<akash_b>I know 100% uptime is a myth.
04:01<MarkJ>It doesn't matter how much you'repaying
04:01<akash_b>But I just want to get the best uptime whereever possible.
04:01<Entity>Linode's right up there with the best of them then
04:02<akash_b>And if its linode then I am joining in.
04:02<akash_b>I am currently utilizing DNS based failover in case the downtime exceeds 10 mins. But that is just to redirect users to backup server to see a message about downtime. Keeping two MYSQL's in sync is a headache so I am fine with VERY little
04:03<akash_b>than dealing with the complexities of managing two systems and keeping them in sync
04:04<Entity>well, once your system is set up and running in all honesty you'll get one of the best uptimes I've seen
04:04<Entity>also ticket service (trouble tickets) are handled pretty fast...
04:04<Entity>so thats a plus as well
04:04<Entity>my last ticket got replied to in about 1 minute :D
04:05<MarkJ>And of course ops can be often found in this IRC channel, but don't really on that
04:05<MarkJ>But they all hang around in the channel, idling or active
04:05<erikh>linode's a great service, and they bill by the day
04:05<akash_b>Thanks everyone for all the inputs. I was confused between knownhost and linode. But now I am sure I am gonna try Linode first. This IRC community is another BIG free Add-on.
04:05<erikh>just try it! :)
04:06<Entity>yhea akash... the Linode community is quite lively and active
04:06<Entity>which was one of the key aspects that drew me in aswell
04:07<akash_b>No PayPal ??
04:07<MarkJ>Um no
04:07<MarkJ>I don't think so?
04:08<MarkJ>Yeah says they don't in the FAQ
04:09<MarkJ>I use my Debit Mastercard (not Credit)
04:11<akash_b>Ok. They should accept but anyways I will use the card then.
04:11<Clorith>I think thye decided against PayPal due to all the paypal fraud around
04:12<Entity>Tbh, your still better off using normal VISA or alike cards. They are right about as secure as they can be
04:12<Entity>paypall is good for ebay stuff but thats about it
04:13<Clorith>They tend to fuck you over more often then not
04:13<akash_b>PayPal fraud has been around ever since PayPal took birth but still most hosts accept that (atleast the verified accounts).
04:13<amitz>and they like to fuck many other people so....
04:13<Clorith>Great fun when they did a cahrgeback on me for a freelance job I did >_>
04:14<Clorith>the bastard issued the chargeback on me the day after sending payment as well
04:15<Clorith>oh well, back to figuring out why this lightbox refuses to work *sigh*
04:22<erikh>flash poll
04:22<erikh>snow vs. vanilla ice
04:22<erikh>which would you rather be stuck on an island with for eternity?
04:24<amitz>vanilla ice. I can separate the water from it. Food + water = sruvive.
04:24<erikh>I was talking about infamously crappy mid-90's rappers
04:24<erikh>but sure, that's valid.
04:26<Clorith>never heard of snow
04:27-!-pparadis [~pparadis@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:28<amitz>baby changes people :-p
04:28<erikh>Clorith: it's bad. trust me. it's like autistic shaggy.
04:29<amitz>pparadis no longer loves us.
04:29<erikh>he'll come around.
04:30<amitz>she. Once she has outgrown her cuteness, muahaha
04:30<erikh>ok, that's just a little bit creepy.
04:31<amitz>perhaps cute is the wrong word. kawaii to be exact.
04:34-!-Twayne [] has joined #linode
04:35<Clorith>Snow - Eternal Rap
04:36<Clorith>no, cna't be this one
04:40-!-Entity [Entity@] has quit []
04:42<erikh>Clorith: "informer" is the one hit wonder, but I wouldn't be surprised if he had more famous atrocities out there.
04:44<straterra>What a wasted day
04:44<straterra>HAlf the network punch downs I did were
04:44<Clorith>oh god
04:44<Clorith>it's this guy
04:45<Clorith>I have no idea who is the lesser of those two evils
04:45<Clorith>also, I now feel old...thank you.
04:45-!-peter [] has joined #linode
04:46-!-Rob_ is now known as rob
04:46-!-rob is now known as Rob
04:49<erikh>straterra: use brass knuckles next time.
04:50<erikh>Clorith: :)
04:50<erikh>well, i'm glad someone can appreciate it. I too, am starting to feel it.
04:50-!-akash_b [~akash_b@] has quit [Quit: I was using TinyIRC! Visit for more information.]
04:50<Clorith>I'm 23...
04:50-!-mcinerney [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:50<erikh>jesus you're a pup
04:51-!-pparadis [] has joined #linode
04:51-!-mode/#linode [+o pparadis] by ChanServ
04:54<Clorith>...thanks xD
04:54<amitz>pparadis: you love us back!
04:55<amitz>I thought you forget use because of the baby.
05:02<Clorith>please notice that he doens't bother answering :P
05:02<Clorith>he jsut lurks, infant in one hand, banstick in the other
05:04<amitz>I noticed :-D
05:15-!-Twayne [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:21<Clorith>I'm on a roll of efficiency today
05:21<Clorith> scares me =(
05:26<linbot>New news from forums: Linode Data Center #6 in Sales Questions and Answers <>
05:27<amitz>you mean you keep working efficiently? that's nice but weird :-p
05:30-!-Stanley [] has joined #linode
05:34-!-voker57_ [] has joined #linode
05:35<voker57_>login on is broken
05:35-!-Stanley [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:36<voker57_>oh it's fixed now
05:37<voker57_>can you move a linode to other location?
05:38<chesty>yes, ask in a ticket
05:41<voker57_>cool, can i see a list of locations somewhere to ping'em all?
05:44-!-walterheck [] has quit [Quit: walterheck]
05:45<@pparadis>amitz: <3
05:48-!-saurabh [] has joined #linode
05:48-!-saurabh [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:49-!-Stanley [] has joined #linode
05:49-!-saurabh [] has joined #linode
05:52-!-Stanley [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:52-!-ashish [] has joined #linode
05:57-!-ashish [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:59-!-SubWolf [SubWolf@] has joined #linode
06:01-!-darkbeholder [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:10-!-ashish [] has joined #linode
06:15-!-ashish [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:19<Clorith>How rude, pparadis didn't give me a heart =(
06:20<chesty>he doesn't love you
06:26-!-darkbeholder [] has joined #linode
06:33<Clorith>I know
06:34<Clorith>And I even let him touch my GREAT HUGE LOVE
06:34<Clorith>(GREAT HUGE LOVE (tm) (r) Yaakov)
06:35<stan_theman>I am authorized by pparadis to dish out hearts
06:35<stan_theman>Clorith: via pparadis, <3
06:45<Clorith>Excellent, Clorith is pleased.
06:48-!-fermion [] has joined #linode
06:58-!-sonicrules1234 [] has joined #linode
07:14-!-agentbleubleu [] has joined #linode
07:15-!-saikat [] has quit [Quit: saikat]
07:17<Clorith>Hai yaakov
07:19-!-JediMaster [] has joined #linode
07:20<JediMaster>hey guys, managed to get the boss to finally agree to getting a linode server =D
07:20<JediMaster>bad news is that we only set it up on Friday and it's been hacked already
07:21<JediMaster>anyone give me a hand catching these guys? they're currently logged into SSH
07:21<Clorith>log on and do "who"
07:22<JediMaster>yeah already got the IP:
07:22<JediMaster>it's in romania
07:23<JediMaster>they're running: perl 0 0
07:23-!-LinodeJavaUser [] has joined #linode
07:23<JediMaster>also using all the bandwidth and a lot of cpu
07:23<JediMaster>so I presume it's a DDOS
07:23<LinodeJavaUser>need some help with a resize
07:23-!-LinodeJavaUser is now known as digitalcrypto
07:24<Clorith>you might want to kick them off and lock down ssh
07:24<NotInternat>you might want to shutdown and rebuild your linode from scratch.
07:24<Clorith>If you suspect they are performing a ddos from your server, you'll get the heat if they are
07:24<jforman>JediMaster: perhaps you could start by 1) changing the (ALL) passwords and switch to key-based auth 2) start locking down which IPs can ssh to your node 3) begin going through logs. that is just three things off the top of my head
07:24<NotInternat>no, im serious. you need to re-ionstall
07:24<digitalcrypto>I was in the process of resizing my linode and didn't realize I had checked two sizes larger and proceeded. Of course when I looked at the queue I noticed this so I decided to reduce it back to the 540 from 720. How will the billing on this be handled?
07:24<NotInternat>you dont know what binaries they've changed, modifed, replaced
07:25<NotInternat>digitalcrypto: its all pro-rated
07:25<digitalcrypto>yes but will I be billed for the 720 then credited ?
07:25<NotInternat>my understanding is, at most you'll get charged a days worth of the 729
07:25<Clorith>Listen to Space, he knows about space-provided server security.
07:26<digitalcrypto>what do I get for 30 seconds worth?
07:26<Clorith>digitalcrypto: if you chose the 720 and went through with it, you will be billed for the 720 and then credited
07:26-!-TinyAmitz [Amitz@] has joined #linode
07:26<NotInternat>im not sure how quick the billing cycle works, but the pro-rata stuff is done with a day as minimum
07:26<NotInternat>eamil the admins, they might sort you out :)
07:26-!-NotInternat is now known as Internat
07:27<@irgeek>digitalcrypto: Billing is done before the migration starts. You'll end up with a small credit on your account.
07:28-!-adnc [] has joined #linode
07:29<@irgeek>Internat: Email isn't an "official" support method. Also, for anything account related we need a ticket for identification. So it's best to recommend people open tickets. ;)
07:29<Internat>righto :)
07:29<JediMaster>yeah tbh we only just set it up and there's little data on there
07:29<Internat>can understand that :)
07:30<Internat>you should hook emails into the ticketing system ;)
07:30<@irgeek>Email is too easy to fake.
07:30<Internat>yeah, fair call
07:30<TinyAmitz>damn, can't grab any glory.
07:30<@irgeek>We will answer simple questions when we can, but anything account related we make people open tickets or call us.
07:30<JediMaster>just wanted to try and see if we can catch them
07:31<JediMaster>irgeek, got a hacked 3 day old linode here =/
07:31<Internat>see, i like it how people in here agree with that. my work people decided that email was a form of approval.. i said we should atleast put in Digital certs then, but was told nah, not worth it.. ffs
07:32<@irgeek>JediMaster: It happens. Even happened to me once because I got distracted and left a weak root password in place.
07:32<JediMaster>yeah it was a weak password, that's what you get for letting your boss set it up
07:32<JediMaster>2 words + 1 letter =/
07:32<JediMaster>er number
07:33<@irgeek>If there's any data you need just shut down, shrink the image, re-deploy and mount the old image inside the new one to grab data.
07:33<@irgeek>If there's no data to worry about, you can just delete the images and start over.
07:33<JediMaster>yeah, trouble is they've been flooding the network for the last 2 hours
07:33<JediMaster>over 20GB of data and >100% cpu usage on the graphs
07:34<JediMaster>hence what alerted me lol
07:34<JediMaster>ok well I have their IP, so goign to call their ISP
07:36<@irgeek>JediMaster: If you're talking about the Linode I think you are, looks like they've only blown through 20% of your bandwidth. You're not into overage-country yet.
07:38<JediMaster>hehe just talked to their ISP
07:38<JediMaster>in romania
07:38<JediMaster>they're going to pass it on to their legal department
07:39<TinyAmitz>... do you interpret that as positive? Is that suppose to be positive response? I don't know.
07:40<JediMaster>better than ignoring it
07:40<JediMaster>ok, I've changed the password, killed their process and killed their ssh session
07:40<erikh>legal deparment. in romania.
07:40<erikh>I have some shore property in kansas for sale
07:41<JediMaster>no new users in /etc/passwd, so doesn't look too bad, but I'm going to wipe it all in a sec anyhow
07:41<erikh>sucks to hear it though
07:41<TinyAmitz>i have a land i want to rent. But it's always under sea water :-p
07:42<TinyAmitz>S/rent/rent away/
07:42<TinyAmitz>Oh well
07:42<JediMaster>SpaceHobo: nginx, fastcgi+php 5.3 and mysql
07:42<JediMaster>ubuntu 9.10
07:42<JediMaster>64 bit
07:43<Clorith>Simple password(s)?
07:43<JediMaster>yeah, but they were physically logged into ssh so pretty sure it was a brute force attack on the password
07:43<JediMaster>Clorith, yeah boss set it up =/
07:44<erikh>yeah, key auth is great
07:44-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
07:44<erikh>especially on machines where you have a console that's OOB
07:45<erikh>I've been lazy in this incarnation with my personal servers and have yet to set it up
07:45-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
07:45<erikh>my work machines are all key auth only though, even the ones behind the vpn
07:45<erikh>yeah, just lazy here
07:45<erikh>hell, look at my homepage
07:45<erikh>it's been there for the last year.
07:46<TinyAmitz>i always wonder if there are people who got hacked by that debian/ubuntu predictable key generator..
07:46<TinyAmitz>Or something like that.
07:46-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has joined #linode
07:46<erikh>the old machine did lots of stuff right, just not worth the effort and it's ubuntu so it'll break soon enough
07:47<erikh>pessimist efficiency for the win
07:47<Clorith>also, excellent XKCD today
07:48<erikh>man, like clockwork
07:48-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
07:48<erikh>wife heads to work, 5 minutes later the cat wants to go out
07:48<erikh>why can't the cat figure out to leave when she goes out
07:48<erikh>amitz: there you go, I vented.
07:48<TinyAmitz>erikh: hah! :-)
07:50-!-pclissold [] has joined #linode
07:51-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has joined #linode
07:51-!-grawity [] has joined #linode
08:00<TinyAmitz>on second thought, that's a half-assed vent. Vent like a pro, dude!
08:00<TinyAmitz>I can give names from #linode but... :-p
08:01<TinyAmitz>Anyway, bbl
08:01-!-TinyAmitz [Amitz@] has quit []
08:03<JediMaster>anyone tried ubuntu 10.04 LTS beta yet on a linode?
08:03<JediMaster>I'm running it on this desktop, a laptop and an internal server personally with very few issues
08:04<Clorith>I can vent
08:04<Clorith>I can vent with the best of'em!
08:04<Clorith>o, he left =(
08:05<linbot>New news from forums: Sending SMS through SMTP in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
08:07-!-walterheck [] has quit [Quit: walterheck]
08:08<JediMaster>can anyone suggest a secure password storage system, preferably with iphone app (boss and I need access and he has an iphone too) that can sync between devices
08:10<grawity>I like KeePass, not sure how capable is its iPhone app though.
08:10<Clorith>The best system in the world is not writing it down anywhere
08:10<grawity>There's also LastPass
08:10<grawity>Clorith: This encourages picking bad passwords.
08:10<@irgeek>I'm not sure about sharing data, but 1Password is pretty popular.
08:11<JediMaster>really need it so either of us can access the servers (we have too many to remember the passwords unless they're all the same *cringe*)
08:11<Clorith>grawity: not if you have a good mind for remembering ;)
08:11<JediMaster>will take a look at those though
08:12<grawity>Clorith: Most don't.
08:12<JediMaster>Clorith, I have a useless memory
08:12<erikh>JediMaster: have you thought of using something like krb?
08:12<erikh>it doesn't make sense for everyone, but it makes this problem go away for the most part.
08:12<JediMaster>except I can still remember the Dell service tag on my 486 sx 25Mhz machine from nearly 20 years ago lol
08:12<@irgeek>JediMaster: Use sudo
08:13<erikh>yeah, if you're just writing down root passwords... use sudo.
08:13<@irgeek>That way you each only need to know your *own* password.
08:13-!-agentbleubleu [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:13<erikh>star out root if you can get away with it.
08:13-!-agentbleubleu [] has joined #linode
08:13<JediMaster>irgeek, yeah that's better I suppose, but if that person's password is cracked/guessed then all the other machines are vulnerable
08:13<erikh>but if you need to auth against tons of varied things, consider kerberos
08:13<erikh>because, uh, that's what it's made for, and stuff.
08:13<erikh>(and junk)
08:14<amitz>Clorith: I'm always here, looking over my children.
08:14-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has joined #linode
08:15<digitalcrypto>If it's not Linode, you're doing it wrong. What a great service!
08:15-!-mode/#linode [+o Perihelion] by ChanServ
08:16<amitz>I see. when someone praisse linode, Perihelion proudly declare her op-ness..
08:16<@Perihelion>Nar, it's just nearing work time and I wasn't feeling lazy
08:17<amitz>be a man and take a stance before the fact!
08:17<amitz>oh wait... :-p
08:17<@Perihelion>I will destroy you >:3
08:17<amitz>I will survive :-p
08:17-!-haj [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:19<amitz>I'm like herpes, I can't die.
08:19<amitz>..I should find a better analogy when arguing.
08:19<@Perihelion>Yeah probably.
08:20<Clorith>Where's the fun in that?
08:20<@Perihelion>Plus your burning sensations can always be extignuished with cream
08:20<Clorith>mmmm, cream :3
08:20<amitz>and don't forget good old amputation.
08:20<@Perihelion>I'm not even gonna get into the logistics of that
08:21<amitz>yes, you lack the necessary appreciation of the obstacles.
08:22<Clorith>ARe you implying Perihelion has no penis ?
08:23<amitz>Perihelion has plenty of pennies.
08:23<Clorith>I know
08:24<amitz>Once I mispronounced pennies to penis...
08:24<Clorith>Where was this ?
08:24<amitz>they didn't forget that for months..
08:25<stefanie>The assistant principal in middle school had the last name Condon
08:26<stefanie>a lot of folks ended up saying condom.
08:26<digitalcrypto>Dear Mr Condom, Please quit being a D$% to kids. Kthxbai ?
08:26<chesty>organisms to orgasms to a common freudian slip
08:27-!-jamison [] has joined #linode
08:27<stefanie>it was mostly the students though
08:28<amitz>well, I usually used up the higher valued currency for paying. That left me with pennies. So I walked up to a homeless guy with my friends and I asked "do you want some penis"?
08:29-!-digitalcrypto [] has quit [Quit: digitalcrypto]
08:29<Clorith>yeah, we'll never never let you hear the end of it
08:29<Clorith>the day you offered a homeless man sex
08:30<stefanie>I'm sure he was secretly looking for some love...
08:30<amitz>I know better now ;-)
08:31-!-Redgore [] has joined #linode
08:31<Clorith>Now you know to ask for the money up front?
08:32<amitz>if you know the pronounciation system of my native language, you will find it funnier because it makes sense.
08:32<Clorith>What would said language be ?
08:32<amitz>Clorith: I challenge you to find a joke they haven't told me ;-)
08:34-!-akash [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:34<Clorith>Challenge forfeited.
08:35<Trystan>wow, amitz you are very open with your sexuality :P
08:36<amitz>Trystan: okay, that's one I haven't heard of ;-)
08:36<Trystan>amitz: i meant re: asking homeless man for sex :P
08:37<chesty>not asking, offering
08:37<amitz>yeah, that's one joke they haven't told me. 19:32 < amitz> Clorith: I challenge you to find a joke they haven't told me ;-)
08:40<Trystan>i just cant help but wonder what one of those signs would read
08:40<Trystan>'will dance for penis'
08:47<Clorith>"Will play flute for penis"
08:47-!-dKingston [] has joined #linode
08:48<erikh>where's the random "this is a channel where business is conducted blah blah" quip here
08:48*erikh has a thirst for righteous indignation
08:48<Clorith>Where's the fun in that?
08:48<amitz>business can be done with enough pennies.
08:48<erikh>Clorith: amusement?
08:49-!-jcy [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
08:49<stefanie>pennies are the evil evil coins.
08:49<amitz>hmm, I could spin that sentence better.
08:51<Trystan>Clorith: lol i like that one.
08:51<amitz>you can get everything with enough pennies.
08:52<Clorith>"penises are the evil evil loins" :o
08:52<Clorith>naughty stefanie
08:53<erikh>amitz: s/pennies/penises/ # /me is on topic
08:53<amitz>ooh, thank you Clorith!
08:53<Clorith>You are most welcome
08:54-!-jcy [] has joined #linode
08:55<Clorith>I hate lightboxes
08:55<Clorith>just saying
08:55<erikh>oh, also, dr. wongburger
08:55<amitz>Clorith: I need help on last comment of erikh ;-)
08:56<erikh>a character on "aqua teen hunger force" that built an entire business empire out of wangs
08:56<amitz>and the one before ;-)
08:56<erikh>quite literally.
08:57<Clorith>erikh: you have an unhealthy addiciton to wangs
08:57<Clorith>You know those things are the reason for obesity!
08:58<erikh>Clorith: no, dr. wongburger does
08:59<erikh>although I'm fairly certain, given enough determination, a venture capitalist could be found that would fund such a concept
09:00<HoopyCat>i've got ur social media right here in my wang 2.0
09:00<Clorith>Ok, what the matter how much I try, I can never EVER make any lightboxes work
09:00<Clorith>and I've tried quite a few variations...
09:00<erikh>HoopyCat: it's got rounded corners
09:00<Clorith>erikh: CSS 3.0 ;)
09:01<HoopyCat>erikh: alas, an iphone app is going to be difficult, given that it's flash-based
09:02<erikh>Clorith: there's a jquery plugin for 'em, but IIRC it's just 3 layers with some funky transparency on the middle one
09:02<erikh>personally, i hate the things
09:02<Clorith>I have the jQuery one here, and it doens't work either for me
09:02<Clorith>I'm sure I am doing it wrong...but I cna't se how that is even remotely possible
09:03<Clorith>trust me, I hate them to, but the client wanted, and I quote "those cool faded background image viewing thingies"
09:03<linbot>New news from forums: PHP not running on Apache with FastCGI in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <> || Partitions for websever in General Discussion <>
09:03<erikh>HoopyCat: my wang swings asynchronously
09:03<erikh>schrodinger's wang
09:04<erikh>the halting wang problem
09:04<erikh>holy crap, "schrodinger's wang" would be an awesome porn title
09:05-!-fcoury [~fcoury@] has joined #linode
09:05<HoopyCat>erikh: ISAGN
09:10<Clorith>a great need for what ?
09:10-!-eighty4 [] has joined #linode
09:10<HoopyCat>Clorith: a brief video production entitled "schrodinger's wang"
09:11<Clorith>I see
09:12<@Perihelion>It's too early to be gay
09:12<HoopyCat>Perihelion: NEVER
09:12<@Perihelion>Well, it's hard for me to be gay here
09:12<@Perihelion>On account that most of you are dudes
09:12<@Perihelion>I guess
09:13<sonicrules1234>Hm, I wish we could get the info shown in the graphs through the API
09:13<sonicrules1234>Is there any plan for that in the future?
09:13-!-DesertPanther [~Khalid@] has joined #linode
09:13*Clorith looks at the Linode iPhone/iPod app
09:14<Clorith>Oh lookie, graphs by api ^-^
09:14<sonicrules1234>Well, if it exists, its not documented
09:14<sonicrules1234>At least not at /api
09:14<Clorith>I think it's private
09:14<erikh>well, the story does involve a box.
09:15<erikh>it doesn't have to be gay.
09:15<erikh>(but it can be. whatever floats your boat)
09:16-!-mathew [] has joined #linode
09:16<@Perihelion>It's "private"
09:16<HoopyCat>sonicrules1234: there is a somewhat older mechanism that provides a snapshot of some current values
09:16<Clorith>well, this poses something of a problem
09:16<Daevien>sonicrules1234: pretty sure that question comes up once a week or so, basically those graphs are used in the console, but not checkable through the api for public use. recommended action is to run a collection program on your linode and pull your data that way
09:16<Clorith>the jquery download thingie forgot to include the css file O_o
09:17<Daevien>ie: muninn, nagios, cacti, bunch of others it's too early in the morning to remember
09:17<sonicrules1234>Hrm, I'll have to find out how to get RAM usage using python
09:17*sonicrules1234 googles
09:17<HoopyCat>xmlurl = '' + config.linode_username
09:18<HoopyCat>sonicrules1234: the downside of the web graphs is that they can't tell you stuff like memory usage, etc. so you might as well use munin or something like that locally :-)
09:19<sonicrules1234>I'll probably just make a cgi script that returns json or something
09:19<sonicrules1234>It will, of course, use authentication
09:21<HoopyCat>sonicrules1234: for inspiration, munin has a wide range of plugins that collect a lot of different data. can be useful to see how they do it.
09:21<erikh>oh yeah! my power supply is here
09:21<sonicrules1234>Ok, I'll take a look at that
09:21<erikh>the one I ordered with overnight shipping that I thought would arrive on saturday
09:22<erikh>that was a well-utilized $50.
09:22<HoopyCat>erikh: saturday delivery is another $15
09:22<erikh>HoopyCat: I didn't see distinction on newegg so I (poorly) presumed it was saturday as well
09:22<erikh>anyhow, lesson learned.
09:23<Yaakov> perl -wle '@o=`free -m`; $o[2]=~/\s+(\d+)$/; print "You have $1 MiB of RAM available to programs."'
09:23<Yaakov>SUPER HACK BABY
09:23<erikh>I get the feeling that's wrong for some reason
09:23-!-eighty4_ [] has joined #linode
09:24<HoopyCat>erikh: i'd have a box of parts here today, except fedex home doesn't deliver on mondays. ballsacks on the shipping companies.
09:24<erikh>Yaakov: also, have you seen all the carping about windows 7 using all of your ram? kind of cute.
09:24<Yaakov>erikh: Nope.
09:24<erikh>it reports similarly to linux now
09:25<mendel>"ballsacks on the shipping companies" scans well with the tune from "deck the halls"
09:25<jkwood>It's hard to get line noise wrong.
09:25<Yaakov>````xx````xxxx```xx`x``````xxx NO CARRIER
09:25*mendel fondly remembers the modem bug that let you put AT commands in IRC long ago
09:25<erikh>wait, @o=`asdf` is splitting by lines, isn't it?
09:25<mendel>well, it's probably still there, but who uses a modem
09:26<Yaakov>mendel: Heh.
09:26<Yaakov>erikh: Surely.
09:26<erikh>well crap.
09:26<jkwood>That's how you know your Perl program is done, Yaakov.
09:26<Yaakov>mendel: I use a Genuine Hayes™ modem, you can't fool me with your lack of timing.
09:27<Yaakov>jkwood: It's a little known fact that perl does not suffer from the halting problem. Perl programs ALWAYS halt.
09:27<@Perihelion>GOOD MORNING YAAKOV
09:27*jkwood goes back to writing erotic fan fiction... err... Ruby code
09:28*erikh writes ruby and perl, almost every day!
09:28<erikh>it's ok
09:28<erikh>you can write BOTH
09:28<Yaakov>Not and stay sane.
09:28-!-fcoury is now known as fcoury|away
09:28<erikh>Yaakov: sure you can.
09:28<Yaakov>But then... well...
09:28<erikh>well, ok, maybe i'm not the best role model in that regard
09:28<Yaakov>erikh: I'll need an exemplar. Please don't suggest yourself, it would lead to an embarrassing scene.
09:28<DesertPanther>is it okay to make /usr/bin/scp permissions to 755?
09:28-!-getsmart [] has joined #linode
09:29<jkwood>Just don't put line noise in your fanfic, you'll get Lisp.
09:30<erikh>Yaakov: it's cool; I just think it can be done is all.
09:30<jkwood>Yes, that one.
09:30<TLKit>I <3 You, Yaakov.
09:30<Clorith>What am I ?
09:30-!-mathew_ [] has joined #linode
09:30-!-mathew_ [] has quit []
09:30<Yaakov>That was the answer.
09:31<Clorith>And that is the response.
09:31<Yaakov>emacs is for people who can't handle vim.
09:31-!-Fighter [] has joined #linode
09:31<Yaakov>It was a non sequitor my good Scandanavian.
09:33<Clorith>I have no idea what a sequitor is, but I'm sure I don't want one
09:33<jkwood>And that's why I stopped drinking.
09:33-!-mathew [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:34<Yaakov>"non sequitor" is a classic logical fallacy. It is from the Latin "non" for "eat" and "sequitor" for "lutefisk which has been out in the summer sun for two weeks".
09:35<jkwood>But what about freedom of the irons?
09:35-!-linville [] has joined #linode
09:35<Yaakov>jkwood: On MY course it is freedom of the woods.
09:35<Clorith>Did you jsut mock my countrys traditional foods ?
09:35<Clorith>Not that I care, lutefisk tastes shit
09:35<Yaakov>Clorith: No, I have a vast storehouse of VERY IMPORTANT information.
09:36<Yaakov>Clorith: Leaving it in the sun doesn't improve it.
09:36<Clorith>I can only imagine
09:36<jkwood>Touche, mon bon-bon.
09:36<Clorith>I believe you mean "Touché" ?
09:37<erikh>no, he meant touche
09:37<erikh>touch? is a question that has some very odd responses
09:37<Yaakov>Café au Lait! --Daffy Duck, Deduce You Say!
09:37<@Perihelion>Needs moar crazy o
09:38<Clorith>Enjoy your ø
09:38<@Perihelion> ø. ø
09:38<jkwood>Your lol is trying to have an alien baby, Clorith.
09:38<Clorith>or ø if you prefer
09:38<erikh>jkwood | Your lol is trying to have an alien baby, Clorith.
09:38<erikh>busted up once that hit me.
09:38<Clorith>also æ
09:39<@Perihelion>Also wat.
09:39<erikh>also, peaches and herb
09:39<Yaakov>AE Ligature.
09:39<jkwood>THIS... IS... SPARTA!
09:39<@Perihelion>AND IT FEELS SO GOOD
09:39<erikh>yeah, i fail at remembering
09:39<erikh>but i'm listening now!
09:39<randallman>heh, 'IN YOUR FACE... AND IT FEELS SO GOOD...' (311)
09:40<@Perihelion> ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
09:40*jkwood notes that he can make strange and qonderful alt characters with shift and alt
09:40<Clorith>I have no idea what just happened
09:40<erikh>I find random weirdness in my mp3 collection due to working at a place that had a very, very large collection I may have put on about 15 DVDs before the corporate hammer came down upon it
09:40<Clorith>but aparently my awesome norwegian characters are driving you all nuts
09:40<@Perihelion>k brb work or something
09:41<Yaakov>Perihelion: Your phone like is messed up babycakes.
09:41<@Perihelion>My phone is fine, sir.
09:41<jkwood>Clorith: And that's my simplified lecture on non sequitor, or the art of high-brow nonsense.
09:41<erikh>I need to fix it; gonna try to get 'sup' working today and it's very utf-8 happy.
09:41<Yaakov><@Perihelion> ÔÓıÁˇÏflfi‡›fi„‹›ÅÍ›€fifl‡°·ˆØÒ˘˜¯Âı◊Dz¸ÅŒ‰ˇÓÔÁ˝ÓÔ
09:41<@Perihelion>No, that was hitting alt on a mac and typing things
09:41<erikh>err, my utf-8 fail on this terminal
09:41<erikh>it's probably just a stupid font.
09:42<erikh>does terminus grok utf-8?
09:42<erikh>damnit, now I can't remember.
09:42<@Perihelion>Sense. Yaakov makes none.
09:42<jkwood>That'll be 19.95 from each and every one of you.
09:42<@Perihelion>So I away nao
09:42<erikh>HoopyCat: hah
09:42<@Perihelion>jkwood: sup im not paying for your linode
09:43<Clorith>why is yaakov trying ot give you cutesy nicknames ?
09:43<Clorith>I mean, he's just failing
09:43<@Perihelion>I don't know.
09:43<Clorith>nothing beats mine for you <3
09:43<jkwood>Perihelion: I don't give courses in nonsense, ya know. People pay good money for this kind of information.
09:43-!-new [~new@] has joined #linode
09:43<@Perihelion>It's somewhat endearing
09:43<Clorith>liek "woman", "wench" and "person over there"
09:43<Clorith>endearing...again with the made up words
09:44<@Perihelion>Also I know what to get you for your next birthday
09:44<jkwood>Yaakov: You just summoned a wils new!
09:44<@Perihelion>A printed version of that ^
09:44<@Perihelion>Wild new appears!
09:44<Clorith>so it's making you feel like your rising in cost ?
09:44<@Perihelion>Old uses thundershock?
09:44<Clorith>basically you jsut called your self a whore :o
09:44-!-jameswilson [~jameswils@] has joined #linode
09:44<@Perihelion>Did you see the second definition?
09:45<@Perihelion>k bbl
09:45<new>Hello. I just signed for an account and got "activation is pending" message. How much time it takes (activation)?
09:45<Clorith>no, I stopped when I realised I could make a whore reference.
09:45*jkwood pokes the afolson
09:45*Clorith glares
09:46*Clorith offers a bounty on the head of whoever came up with this lightbox crap
09:46-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
09:47<jkwood>new: I'm sure someone is already on top of getting it approved.
09:48<Clorith>SpaceHobo: I know this
09:48<Clorith>but it does that even when I have javascript enabled, and I want it to work
09:48<Clorith>and it done'st, which makes me rage
09:48<jkwood>I'm of the opinion you should save that money for my next random extortion attempt.
09:49<Clorith>jkwood: I have no morals and no shame
09:49<Clorith>extort away.
09:49<jkwood>WHERE MY MONEY AT
09:49<Clorith>dunno, punk!
09:49<Clorith>wanna take this outside !?!
09:49<@Perihelion>new: Can you PM me the username you signed up with?
09:49-!-mathew [] has joined #linode
09:49<Clorith>in which case, can it wait...bright light out there
09:50-!-mathew [] has quit []
09:50<jkwood>Well, in that case, I can wait until the daystar has retreated.
09:50<Clorith>Then we take it outside!
09:51<erikh>dance party?
09:51<jkwood>Of course, what else would we be ralkong about?
09:52<jkwood>Ten points to anyone who can tell me what that word means.
09:52<erikh>either your utf-8 terminal is more broken than I thought, or you need to type slower
09:52<Clorith>Everyone knows a dancy party cannot start until the night star takes her rightfull palce amongst the skies.
09:52<@irgeek>Hey! If you want to ralkong, get your own channel.
09:52<Clorith>So my coworkers are quite puzzled as to why I am laughing
09:52<erikh>laugh LOUDER.
09:53<erikh>extra points if you snort
09:53<jkwood>Hold on, I'll start the mass quantities of paperwork required to get a channel on OFTC.
09:53<Clorith>heh, HPs acquisition of 3com was jsut completed today aparently
09:54-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
09:55-!-walterheck [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:55<@irgeek>Sounds like Palm is next on the auction block.
09:56<Clorith>Who is likely to take over?
09:56<erikh>that would not bode well for google
09:57<Clorith>oh well, time to head home!
09:57<erikh>oh yeah, I forgot that android's running on moto devices now
09:58<erikh>guess it's not that big of a deal.
09:58-!-Twayne [] has joined #linode
09:58-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
09:58<jkwood>THIS MESSAGE SORT OF BROUGHT TO YOU BY MOTOBLUR (trademark symbol character)
09:59<erikh>so, this PSU has probably 10 leads hardwired into it
10:00<erikh>then, has 3 extra pluggable leads, and a second set of cables you can optionally add
10:00<jkwood>LEVEL UP
10:00*erikh is looking for the type r sticker
10:01<jkwood>Red stripes are for top speed, yellow stripes are for acceleration.
10:01<erikh>yep, there are 6 additional leads in the external cable pack, all split at the device end.
10:01<erikh>(so about 18 connectors)
10:02<erikh>the SUV of power supplies
10:02<erikh>nay, the H3 of power supplies.
10:02*caker appears out from the mist
10:02-!-HedgeMage [] has joined #linode
10:02<@caker>I declare today: reverse emoticon day! (:
10:03<HedgeMage>Wow, you have WAY too much free time.
10:03<jkwood>My stabbard approach doesnn't work here.
10:03<Daevien>hes got to do something to amuse himself while he's chilling in his mansion watching porn
10:03<@jed>HedgeMage: it is Monday
10:04<@jed> _ _
10:04<@jed> _ __ _____ _____ _ __ ___ ___ __| | __ _ _ _| |
10:04<@jed> | '__/ _ \ \ / / _ \ '__/ __|/ _ \ / _` |/ _` | | | | |
10:04<@jed>| | __/\ V / __/ | \__ \ __/ | (_| | (_| | |_| |_|
10:04<@jed>|_ \___| \_/ \___|_| |___/\___| \__,_|\__,_|\__, (_)
10:04<@jed> |___/
10:04<@Perihelion>Monday is vintage hair dryer day
10:04<@jed>oh, big -R
10:04<@jed>oh well.
10:04<jkwood>He's happy, he just sold 2000 Linodes to the Greater Nashville Arts Association.
10:04<HedgeMage>Daevien: If I were rich, had a huge mansion, and absolutely nothing to do, I'd rather host play parties than watch porn. Seriously. Flesh > data.
10:04<erikh>jkwood: HEH
10:04<@jed>should probably check the flags to figlet before executing it
10:05<@Perihelion>Data > Flesh once it starts complaining
10:05<@Perihelion>Just sayin
10:05<HedgeMage>Perihelion: The people I sleep with don't complain.
10:05<@Perihelion>Good to know I suppose
10:05<Solver>HedgeMage: I'd travel and when not travelling I would provide technical advice to charities (solutions architecture, etc). I guess I'm boring ;)
10:05<Solver>free tech advice, I mean
10:06<jkwood>Human flesh can be simulated. Uncomplaining stamina cannot.
10:06<HedgeMage>Solver: Wouldn't that be something to do, though? Thus negating the "absolutely nothing to do" clause in my previous statement.
10:06-!-walterheck [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:06<Solver>HedgeMage: hahaha ok fair point :)
10:06<HedgeMage>jkwood: I'm poly. 'nuf said.
10:07<Solver>polyamorous? always thought that was a cool word
10:07<HedgeMage>Solver: yes, polyamorous.
10:07<erikh>oh yeah? i'm poly*awesome*
10:07<jkwood>polygonic is also a cool word, and would enhance the story as well.
10:07<@tychoish>it sounds like a siamese walrus
10:07<@tychoish>I mean
10:08<Solver>HedgeMage: I'm all for humans exploring alternative relationship styles
10:08<erikh>but not farm animals. screw them.
10:08<HedgeMage>Why is the longest of these applied to people who need a spreadsheet to figure out when they can have sex? We don't have time for five syllables :P
10:08<@irgeek>erikh: No thanks.
10:08-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
10:08<Solver>HedgeMage: hahaha
10:08<erikh>irgeek: :)
10:08<Daevien>HedgeMage: but caker doesn't know any real people, just people in here
10:09<erikh>that's what the boots are for... right? RIGHT?
10:09-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has joined #linode
10:09<HedgeMage>Daevien: I'm a real person! I passed my Turing test and everything!
10:09<@jed>hooray spreadsheets
10:09<Solver>I got booted off OFTC once as a bot
10:09<Solver>true story
10:09<Solver>some people asserted I was a real person and I was alloowed back
10:10<Solver>well I got botted off a channel anyway
10:10<erikh>sounds like bot envy.
10:10<Solver>there were a lot of bots around that day and they were shooting first and asking questions later
10:10<HedgeMage>jed: You think I'm joking...try keeping track of your schedule, your spouse's schedule, your spouse's other lover's schedule, your two other partners' schedules, and one of their spouse's schedules. It's INSANE
10:11*HedgeMage superglues jkwood's caps lock in the "off" position
10:11<erikh>i don't think it works that way.
10:11<Solver>jkwood: your developer needs to understand case :)
10:12-!-walterheck is now known as Guest2257
10:12-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
10:12-!-metaperl_ [] has quit [Quit: Light travels faster then sound, which is why some people appear bright, until you hear them speak]
10:13<jkwood>Caps Lock acts as a valid substitute for all punctuation. It's new grammar.
10:14<@Perihelion>WAT R GRAMMER
10:14<Solver>silly - grammer what is?
10:14<HedgeMage>Seriously, guys, you are costing me IQ points over hear. I can feel my brain cells screaming in protest.
10:14<@Perihelion>OVER HEAR
10:14<HedgeMage>*over here
10:14<erikh>Perihelion: he just has sensitive ears.
10:14<jkwood>I OVER HEARED THAT
10:14<Solver>that's the drop in IQ coming in to effect
10:15<HedgeMage>See! See! I can't even get my homophones right. :P
10:15<@Perihelion>i hered u liek mudkipz.
10:15<Solver>HedgeMage: :)
10:18-!-Guest2257 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:19*jkwood wanders off, having sowed the seeds of destruction
10:20-!-eighty4_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:20-!-eighty4_ [] has joined #linode
10:20<Daevien>Perihelion: he runs a mudkip farm
10:20<erikh>abort, retry, fail?
10:22<@jed>Abort Retry Easy
10:24<@Perihelion>Abort Retry Wat
10:25<jkwood>You chose wisely.
10:26<Daevien>eww, this computer smells like it's been on a mudkip farm or something *puke* repairing computer at retail = terrible
10:27<@jed>I was seriously considering an AZ vanity plate that said MUDKIP before I moved here
10:27<@jed>because it was available last time I checked
10:27-!-joema [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
10:28<@jed>still is: Plate is available, order now or search again.
10:28<jkwood>We have to monitor then SOMEHOW, Daevien. Be very careful with that, if you lose my Ruby scripts I'll be hosed. You can't find Star Trek/My Little Pony crossover fiction just anywhere, ya know.
10:32<amitz>cmiiw, car plate is not case sensitive and only support number and letters. It ignores spaces.
10:33<Daevien>i just don't know how people can seriously stand to use a computer that smells this terrible
10:35<HoopyCat>Daevien: if you load too much shit onto a computer it'll slow down. that's why it's in for service
10:35<amitz>Daevien: you should smell ours :-D
10:36<amitz>well, not smelly. just dusty, seriously dusty.
10:36<jkwood>amitz: Take it outside, blow it out, reap performance and stability benefits.
10:36-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:37<amitz>so dusty that there was a time when we no longer could press the power button..
10:38-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has joined #linode
10:39-!-Redgore [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:39-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:39<amitz>jkwood: we have an industrial blower, bought specifically for blowing dust out of PCs.
10:40<amitz>but at the end, we have to open notebook cases and they're not exactly trivial to open.
10:40<jkwood>Depends on the notebook. I field-stripped mine two days ago, and it was actually pleasant to work with.
10:42<amitz>the netbook whose power button stuck, is hard to work with. The guy who disassembled it couldn't reassamble it perfectly. Either that or in one of the blowing session, somehow the blower damages the cable to the touchpad. And last time I heard, the monitor is no longer work, lol.
10:44*amitz resists the temptation to fix this and that.
10:44-!-queso [] has joined #linode
10:45-!-getsmart [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
10:45-!-Entity [~eprazer@] has joined #linode
10:46-!-Redgore [] has joined #linode
10:47-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has joined #linode
10:50-!-drecute [] has joined #linode
10:50-!-saurabh [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:55<linbot>New news from forums: Green Renewable Energy/Electricity for in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
10:59-!-Harry_Mudd [] has joined #linode
10:59<Daevien>here's just one handful of shit i pulled out of the system...
11:02<Pryon>looks like a bit of tractor-feed paper.
11:02<jkwood>mtkoan: Missed just slightly.
11:04<mtkoan>jkwood: haha, was supposed to be in the google search box in my browser
11:05<jkwood>Ah, more than I thought then.
11:21-!-walterheck [] has quit [Quit: walterheck]
11:22-!-anonymous77 [] has joined #linode
11:22-!-Entity [~eprazer@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:22-!-Redgore [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:23<amitz>Daevien: okay... that's biggger than I thought. Or is thatt something you gathered in more than say 1 year?
11:23-!-frupsel [] has joined #linode
11:23<frupsel>Quick Question; any problems on the network?
11:23<frupsel>69.164.208 range?
11:24<amitz>and that's really dense...
11:24<jkwood>Quick Answe: Hippopotamus.
11:24<Daevien>amitz: that was one handful out of 4 or 5 from one machine that arrived today for me to work on
11:24<frupsel>jkwood that's not really quick, just big..
11:25<Daevien>frupsel: no problems reported anyway, what kind of problem are you having and did you use mtr to check the path?
11:25<linbot>mtr combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one easy to use tool, and the output can be useful for determining where the source of a problem is. It can be downloaded from or for Windows. MTR summaries can be retrieved in-channel using the command !mtr-CITY where CITY is fremont, atlanta, newark, dallas or london.
11:25<amitz>Daevien: oh, you meant that's the accumulation of all the dust?
11:26<Daevien>about 1/4 to 1/5 of the dust, tar-ish stuff, hair, paper, etc i pulled from a dell dimension desktop
11:27-!-anonymous77 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:28<jkwood>frupsel: Well played.
11:28-!-Scaramanga [~subwolf@] has joined #linode
11:28<amitz>what's the environment anyway? my dust is more...dusty although they tend to become ball.
11:28<Daevien>no idea, machine smelled terrible as well. i can only hope & pray the customer doesn't keep it in their house, otherwise thats.. scary...
11:28<amitz>I believe due to the fan .
11:28<frupsel>Daevien; we think it's a local problem on second thoughts. CPU-usage raised to 400%.. Thanks though!
11:29<Daevien>htop or top from the console will show you what is takign up resources
11:29<frupsel>Can't connect to console ;-)
11:30<Daevien>amitz: some fan, yes. but some of the handfuls came from the bottom front part of the case, on this model there's an open bottom on the front bezel then a space, it was pretty full of junk too
11:30<Daevien>frupsel: did you try ssh or lish (console through
11:32<frupsel>After the reboot, everything is working again. We will now try to find out where the problem (or problems) were :-) Thank you all!
11:32-!-Redgore [] has joined #linode
11:33-!-SubWolf [SubWolf@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:35-!-frupsel [] has quit [Quit: There's no need for me to tell who I am.]
11:37-!-Pupeno [] has quit [Quit: Pupeno]
11:38-!-Pupeno [~pupeno@] has joined #linode
11:44-!-FingerS [~FingerS@] has joined #linode
11:53-!-kyhwana_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:54-!-pclissold [] has quit [Quit: pclissold]
11:58-!-kyhwana [] has joined #linode
11:58-!-hfb [] has joined #linode
12:02-!-SubWolf [SubWolf@] has joined #linode
12:04-!-ramoel [~ramoel@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:05-!-ramoel [~ramoel@] has joined #linode
12:08-!-Scaramanga [~subwolf@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:08<linbot>New news from forums: i need help setting up my linode - will pay in General Discussion <>
12:09-!-Scaramanga [~subwolf@] has joined #linode
12:10-!-Pupeno [~pupeno@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:14-!-SubWolf [SubWolf@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:15-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has left #linode [Leaving.]
12:18<randallman>got my arduino stuff
12:19<randallman>and my replacement ASUS ION board.
12:19<DephNet[Paul]>i can just replace /etc/init.d/iptables, after making a backup of course, with my own rules can't I?
12:19<randallman>DephNet, the best way IMHO is iptables-save and iptables-restore
12:20<randallman>it generates a mostly human readable output
12:20<randallman>and its how RHEL does it..
12:20<randallman>on rhel, /etc/init.d/iptables start just does an iptables-restore
12:20<randallman>and save does an iptables-save
12:20<randallman>and if its set to save counters, stop also writes counters out with iptables-save
12:20<DephNet[Paul]>how does one use them then? sorry, im an iptables noob
12:21<randallman>just run iptables-save > OUTPUTFILE
12:21<randallman>then read the output file
12:21<randallman>and you can do 'cat OUTPUTFILE | iptables-restore'
12:21<randallman>to reload the rules
12:21<Fighter>The graph of CPU usage on the control panel - is that CPU usage from your linode or total CPU usage on the host?
12:22<DephNet[Paul]>your linode i think Fighter
12:22<DephNet[Paul]>ok, thanks randallman
12:22<Fighter>It peaked at 54%, no idea what I did to use 54% of the hosts CPU ^^
12:22-!-SubWolf [SubWolf@] has joined #linode
12:25-!-grawity [] has quit [Quit: Read error: 42 (Entropy overflow)]
12:29-!-queso [] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
12:29-!-Scaramanga [~subwolf@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:33-!-Scaramanga [SubWolf@] has joined #linode
12:35<Pryon>or iptables-restore < OUTPUTFILE
12:36<randallman>you say potatoe, I say potatoe
12:36<randallman>err :)
12:36<randallman>yeah you know what I mean :0
12:36<amitz>debian potatos!
12:38-!-SubWolf [SubWolf@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:39-!-SubWolf [SubWolf@] has joined #linode
12:42-!-sonicrules1234 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:43<gregglind>stupid question... I found the place to run stackscripts, but now I can't it again.
12:44<@caker>gregglind: deploy a linux distribution
12:45<gregglind>got it! from "See also: Deploying using StackScripts"
12:45-!-Scaramanga [SubWolf@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:46-!-Scaramanga [~subwolf@] has joined #linode
12:46<gregglind>good url, but (IMHO) hard to find. maybe should be more prominent somewhere?
12:47-!-sublemon [] has left #linode []
12:47-!-SubWolf [SubWolf@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:48<Fighter>If neccesary and no one else is using it - we can burst to the full capacity of the host server right?
12:48<Fighter>In terms of CPU I mean
12:50<erikh>oh, lord
12:50<erikh>looking at the fan page on FB for "Albertsons", I think half the posts are from people who've been laid off
12:50<erikh>bad ideas in social networking.
12:52<linbot>New news from forums: Upgrade Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 then to 9.10, first step good... in Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials <>
12:52<Pryon>Fighter: you can max out 4 CPUs, I believe (each host has [at least] 8)
12:53<Fighter>Ah, yeah - htop gives the stats for 4 cores so I assumed the servers were quad core
12:55-!-jackson_ [] has joined #linode
12:56-!-SubWolf [SubWolf@] has joined #linode
13:01-!-eighty4 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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13:04-!-Scaramanga [SubWolf@] has joined #linode
13:06-!-jsr [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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13:08-!-mdcollins_ [] has joined #linode
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13:12-!-jmulder [] has joined #linode
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13:14-!-medex [] has joined #linode
13:15<jdlspeedy__>anyone have experience with postfix?
13:15<linbot>If you have a question, please just ask it. Don't look for topic experts. Don't ask to ask. Don't PM! Don't ask if people are awake, or in the mood to help. Just ask the question straight out.
13:15<Daevien>prob quite a few people.. whats the q though?
13:15<TheJoe>I followed a howtoforge guide if that counts
13:15<jdlspeedy__>sorry jkwood, i shoulda know better, LOL
13:16<jdlspeedy__>in postfix im trying to append headers to the emails like a sourceip and if that email was authenticated or not
13:16<jdlspeedy__>emails coming in that is
13:18<jdlspeedy__>is this possible with postfix?
13:19-!-v0lksman [] has joined #linode
13:20-!-MetaCosm [] has joined #linode
13:20<randallman># add_local_header
13:20<randallman># list all local networks here
13:20<randallman> PREPEND X-Trusted-localdomain: yes
13:21<randallman>Loks like it's just another map
13:22<randallman>Check out the header_checks.5 manpaeg
13:22<jdlspeedy__>randallman: well, problem is theres people with iPhone's, so theres people emailing outside our trusted zone :-/
13:22-!-LordMetroid [] has joined #linode
13:22-!-kassah_ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:23<randallman>well basically, if you can match on it via a MAP
13:23<randallman>you can PREPEND
13:23-!-zack [] has joined #linode
13:23-!-zifnab [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:23-!-zack is now known as Guest2273
13:25-!-zifnab [] has joined #linode
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13:27-!-hpj [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:27-!-zifnab [] has joined #linode
13:27-!-silence [] has joined #linode
13:30<Talman|Ghosting>Today's funny: It's funny, I changed the div to a span and now there is no newline :o
13:31<Talman|Ghosting>CSS: Voodoo magic!
13:32<jkwood>That's because spans are inline elements.
13:32<hawk>Talman|Ghosting: div's are block elements
13:32<JshWright>(by default)
13:33<Talman|Ghosting>I know. :)
13:33<jkwood>Block elements get newlines. And ponies.
13:33<Talman|Ghosting>That's why that's today's funny.
13:34<hawk>Talman|Ghosting: Ah, it's funny that it's funny?
13:34<TheFirst>jkwood: toy rockets too?
13:34<Talman|Ghosting>Its funny that someone would type that on #Freenode IRC.
13:34<Talman|Ghosting>Since this channel is logged, I strip nicks from amusing things I read.
13:35<jkwood>This is what noobfarm was created for.
13:36<Talman|Ghosting>I am unfamiliar with noobfarm, is it a nice website I can paste such things to?
13:36<Talman|Ghosting>(This is not bash worthy)
13:36<jkwood>Yes, yes it is.
13:37<Talman|Ghosting>>.> I see.
13:38<Talman|Ghosting>There seems to be some Selfishman in there.
13:40<Talman|Ghosting>Also, in other news, I haven't used slackware since the 20th century. Is it still the same thing that I remember, only with newer pkgs?
13:40<TheFirst>plenty of jkwood
13:40-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has joined #linode
13:41<jkwood>Somewhat. They dropped Gnome when it became a 2k pound behemoth.
13:41<jkwood>emacs is still in its own package set, though.
13:41<TheFirst>take it kde isnt in there either then?
13:41<Talman|Ghosting>emacs is its own shell.
13:43<jkwood>TheFirst: Sure is. Gnome is eleventy billion packages that all depend on themselves.
13:44<jkwood>There are third-party distributions of it, but it's a full time job trying to keep up with it.
13:44<jkwood>KDE is easy by comparison.
13:45<TheFirst>slack always was a full time job
13:45<SelfishMan>Talman|Ghosting: yes, I seem to be highly quotable
13:46<jkwood>TheFirst: I tend to disagree. I spend very little time tinkering with the internals of my install.
13:46<linbot>New news from forums: SSL - HTTPS on port 80 instead of 443 - help! in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
13:46<SelfishMan>jkwood: That's just because you are tired of fighting it and gave up
13:46<jkwood>Gentoo, on the other hand, is a full time job. You can even use your machine to make coffee during long compiles.
13:46<TheFirst>well maybe its changed in the 14 years since i used it
13:47<jkwood>14 years? At that point, ALL Linux distros were full time jobs.
13:47<TheFirst>i think 3.4 was the last version i usded
13:47-!-Pupeno [] has joined #linode
13:49<Talman|Ghosting>I remember Red Hat 14 years ago!
13:50<Talman|Ghosting>I used Slackware cause I was insane.
13:50<TheFirst>the thing i remember from back then ... dselect! argh the nightmares!
13:50<tanto>was insane??
13:50<Talman|Ghosting>I use ubuntu now, I don't need to be insane.
13:50<TheFirst>need to be and still are are two entirely different things
13:51*deejoe looks in scrollback for why TheFirst ever messed with dselect
13:51<linbot>New news from forums: Need help installing IMagick in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
13:52<jkwood>You don't need to be insane to use Ubuntu. It will help you to get that way if you ever try to remove software, though.
13:52<TheFirst>deejoe: uh it popped up during a normal debian install
13:52-!-new [~new@] has left #linode []
13:52-!-hpj [] has joined #linode
13:52<deejoe>oh, hmm.
13:52-!-Pupeno [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:52-!-Pupeno [] has joined #linode
13:53<deejoe>dselect, or tasksel?
13:53<deejoe>because I've seen the latter, but don't recall having to tangle with the former, except in rare instances.
13:53<TheFirst>dselect...i actually still have a mag that had a step by step walk through of installing debian and going through the dselect "fun"
13:53<deejoe>maybe before my time
13:53<TheFirst>would have been 96/97 maybe?
13:54<deejoe>I was using Redhat then
13:54<deejoe>oh, and slack
13:54<TheFirst>grabbed the magazine at a fleetfarm of all places
13:54<deejoe>can't remember which
13:54-!-atula [] has joined #linode
13:54<jkwood>"What? You want to uninstall nano? Okay, say goodbye to desktop-essentials!"
13:54<TheFirst>yeah dselect was enough to move me to slack for a long time
13:54<deejoe>slack->RH->Debian for me
13:54<deejoe>and it was apt that drew me in
13:55<deejoe>well, apt and the policy to back it up, of course
13:56<TheFirst>debian->slack->rh->suse->slack->mandrake(for 1 hour)->redhat->gentoo->debian->debian(server)/ubuntu(desktop)
13:56<TheFirst>apt is what drew me back to debian ... and well the fact that rpms loved to lie and break things
13:57<TheFirst>ohi think there may have been a freebsd install in there somewhere too :P
13:58-!-adnc [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:59-!-v0lksman [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
13:59<deejoe>oh, haha, I forget to mention Mandrake
14:00<deejoe>sort of like how I neglect to mention that I'm at a similar place with ubuntu+debian now
14:05<Talman|Ghosting> <- Why is it that I know what this problem is, how to fix it, and it takes me 3 minutes? Oh, because I had to learn that in Gentoo.
14:06-!-hercynium [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:07-!-kassah_ [] has joined #linode
14:09-!-Harry_Mudd [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.2-dev]
14:09-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:12-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has joined #linode
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14:15-!-karstensrage_alt is now known as karstensrage
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14:16-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has joined #linode
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14:23<alnr>any op around for a pm?
14:23<@caker>that depends
14:23<linbot>The staff may or may not be around but if you tell us your problem then someone in here may be able to help
14:24<jkwood>caker: It's an erotic pm.
14:24<alnr>ok. is there a caker around for a pm ? :)
14:24<alnr>jkwood: heh
14:24<@caker>alnr: still depends. Is it good?
14:24<jkwood>Wait, never mind... mikegrb, it's an erotic pm.
14:24-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has joined #linode
14:25-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has left #linode []
14:25<alnr>its real good :)
14:25-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has joined #linode
14:26<alnr>ah, you've never refused me b4 :( ok
14:26-!-adnc [] has joined #linode
14:26<@caker>alnr: fire away
14:28-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has joined #linode
14:29<Bohemian>any staffers here? i can't access my boss' account
14:29<Bohemian>i have the username/login, saying it's the wrong credentials
14:29<@jed>we'd only be able to do anything with your boss's credit card number
14:29<@jed>the last 6, at least
14:30<Bohemian>jed: one second
14:31<Bohemian>jed: i just sent a reset passwd email to the email on file. will they easily be able to change the passwd from that, or does it require the corporate card?
14:31<@jed>that will work
14:31<Bohemian>okay, let me try this, brb
14:31-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:34-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has joined #linode
14:35<Bohemian>jed: can you at least tell me if the username is correct?
14:35<Bohemian>she's not answering her phone
14:36<@jed>Bohemian: if you tell me a username, I can tell you if that's an active account, but that's as far as I can go
14:36<@jed>that is an active user, yes
14:38<Daevien>caker: sponsor a green card and i'll move to nj :p
14:39<Bohemian>it's just weird, the passwd i was given ends with two asterisks.
14:39<Bohemian>Daevien: where are you from?
14:40-!-Redgore [] has joined #linode
14:40-!-joema [] has joined #linode
14:43<jkwood>Haven't we annexed them yet?
14:44<synapt>only in fallout 3
14:44<linbot>New news from forums: Checkbox input type for StackScripts in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
14:45<Bohemian>that's a downgrade
14:47-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has quit [Quit: Bohemian]
14:47<@Perihelion>nate <3
14:48<Daevien>canadians are too nice, we make the US feel bad whenthey try to take us over. we'll eventually use tha tin our favor to stab them in the back and make the US livable again when we take them over
14:48*Daevien whistles innocently
14:49<@Perihelion>Mainly because we don't take kindly to moose up in our biznis
14:49-!-Harry_Mudd [] has joined #linode
14:49<jcy>i will never eat poutine
14:49<jkwood>My sister bit a m00se once.
14:49<stefanie>jkwood: <3
14:50<stefanie>I need to watch it now!
14:50<TheJoe>Apologies for the problems in this IRC Channel. Those responsible have been sacked.
14:51-!-aziwoqpd [] has quit [Quit: Braaaaaaaaaaaaainnnnnnsss.....]
14:52<jcy>conan on TBS, how small
14:52-!-aziwoqpd [] has joined #linode
14:52<@jed>good for TBS
14:53<jcy>it's great for them, but i feel bad for conan
14:53<synapt>TBS is kinda trying to become the new comedy central I think
14:53<@jed>TBS is making a move to compete with the networks in late night
14:54<@jed>“The lead-ins would be shows like ‘Family Guy’ and ‘The Office,’ which is great for Conan,” Mr. Polone said. Mr. Lopez has the youngest audience in late night with a median age of 33.
14:54<@jed>yep ^
14:54<@jed>solid move for conan
14:54<Daevien>they are prob giving conan a big chunk of money an din return, hope his publicity as of late will carry on into better ratings overall and more attention for them
14:54<@jed>that was the problem, was all the whitehairs who watched leno couldn't stand conan
14:54<@jed>conan's lead-in after that whole move sucked
14:54<jcy>reruns aren't really a lead-in
14:55<@jed>jcy: well, same thing at Fox
14:55<synapt>I always figured thats why NBC originally gave it to conan, as they wanted to move the late show to the 'younger crowd' that conan has, they didn't even give it remotely enough time to really sink in though
14:55-!-lyetz [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
14:55<jcy>i think almost all fox stations have the news at 10pm, so conan could've had 11pm all to himself
14:55<jcy>that would've been nice
14:55<@jed>most Fox stations have family guy/seinfeld etc at 11
14:56<stefanie>dude my kid just let out an adult worthy burp!
14:56<@jed>and they're lucrative for them, so Fox has a real problem with network congruency in the 11pm hour
14:56<jcy>right, so conan would've been a premium over reruns
14:56<@jed>well, the affiliates didn't want to budge on that
14:56<@jed>surprisingly, those reruns do well for them
14:56<jcy>oh is that what they said?
14:56<jcy>how lame of them
14:56<jcy>bbl, have to give a bigwig his new BB
14:56<@jed>in my former life I did the broadcasting circuit, and I still say in contact with a program director at a Fox station in Oregon
14:57<@jed>and he said Fox network sent around a solicitation for interest, and he said his station didn't want conan at 11
14:57<@jed>of course I asked why, and he said the ads do well on family guy then seinfeld there
14:57<@jed>go figure
14:58-!-Redgore [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:00-!-Guspaz [] has joined #linode
15:01-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:02-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has joined #linode
15:02-!-Guspaz [] has quit []
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15:03-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has joined #linode
15:03-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:04-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has joined #linode
15:05-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:06-!-jsr [] has joined #linode
15:07-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has joined #linode
15:08-!-metaperl_ [] has joined #linode
15:10<metaperl_>when I ssh into a machine. I invoke emacs21. Control-s is not received by emacs. How can I see whether this blocking of Control-s is something specific to emacs or the machine I'm on?
15:10<@jed>metaperl_: are you using LISH or SSH?
15:10<metaperl_>jed - I'm using ssh.. and actually this is not a question about my linode... so it's off-topic really (blushes)
15:10<linbot>New news from forums: Localhost versus localhost.localdomain in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
15:11<@jed>ah, okay, there's a known issue if you say "LISH", so carry on
15:11<@jed>tychoish is the resident emacs expert
15:11<@jed>he may be able to help you
15:11-!-kenichi [] has joined #linode
15:12<metaperl_>well it's a 2-hop things. I ssh into the jump server. Then ssh to the final machine... there is no emacs on the jump server, so the problem might be starting there... and by the time i'm on the final machine, i cannot use Control-s within emacs on it
15:12<metaperl_>isnt there a shell utility ... ah! od -tc
15:12<metaperl_>I will try that and see if it is getting the control-s at shell level
15:13<metaperl_>it's starting on the jump server
15:14-!-hercynium [~hercynium@] has joined #linode
15:14<tjfontaine>why does this just sound like issues with
15:16<metaperl_>that's a more accurate way of describing my problem tjfontaine. thanks... now to ask some peoplehere why it's happening
15:16-!-Redgore [] has joined #linode
15:21<@jed>that. is really, really, really awesome.
15:21-!-oru_work [] has joined #linode
15:23<metaperl_>tjfontaine - thanks for the rewording... I found an answer - You have to call M-x enable-flow-control. When handling is enabled, user can type C-s as C-\, and C-q as C-^. With arg, enable flow control mode if arg is positive, otherwise disable.
15:30-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:31-!-saikat [] has joined #linode
15:31-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has joined #linode
15:33-!-dKingston [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
15:38-!-Redgore [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:39-!-Redgore [] has joined #linode
15:41-!-k`sOSe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:46-!-elfgoh [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:47-!-emm1 [] has joined #linode
15:47-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:47-!-grawity [] has joined #linode
15:52-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has joined #linode
15:54<emm1>any plans on offering vps's in other countries/continents soon?
15:54<TheJoe>They just got into Europe
15:54<TheJoe>As far as I know, they're not stopping at London
15:54<emm1>k :p
15:55<Clorith>So yeah, my country sucks
15:55<Clorith>may want to google translate it
15:55<Fighter>Anyone know what the best data center is for the fastest ping times accross the US in general?
15:56<@jed>across the U.S., I'd say dallas wins
15:57<Lee>Assuming it doesn't get DDoSed
15:57<Daevien>nj is pretty good for speed as well
15:57<Daevien>and doesn't get attacked as much.. or survives better :
15:57<benley>I'm happy with nj.
15:58<emm1>newarks has the best ping of all US ones for me
15:58<Daevien>i've had a linode in nj since like sept 09, only a few short problems
15:58<benley>it's 6ms from me in boston, 40ms from me in chicago, 80ms from me in san francisco
15:58<jkwood>Judging from your question about other countries and your hostmask, that's not surprising.
15:58<Daevien>and yeah, i got good results back then when i tested it
15:59<emm1>does Linode get attacked alot?
15:59<jkwood>Newark is closest to Europe (barring London), Fremont is closest to Asia et al.
15:59<@caker>it's our policy to ask people who attract attacks to find hosting elsewhere.
15:59<Fighter>I have a dallas one at the moment, but my test subjects accross the US are all getting >100ms ping
15:59<TheJoe>Been with Linode for a little under a year, never experienced an attack. And there's only been one outage that I've experienced.
15:59<Talman|Ghosting>The closest thing we have to an "attack" is some jackass spamming OTFC.
15:59<emm1>i have one vps in london and no problems, best vps and dashboard i've ever had
16:00<Talman|Ghosting>And I've never seen attack on my box in Fremont.
16:01*Pryon attacks linode with a pint of raspberries
16:02<Lee>Linode is the only VPS I've ever had.
16:03<Lee>I've found places I could get 1GB memory and 1TB bandwidth for less than I'm paying here, but the quality here is too good
16:03*stefanie releases the tiger.
16:03*Pryon hands stefanie a cigar
16:04<Talman|Ghosting>Bet they're OpenVZ.
16:05-!-fermion [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:06-!-MetaCosm [] has joined #linode
16:12-!-maushu [] has joined #linode
16:12-!-jmulder [] has quit [Quit: jmulder]
16:19-!-kenichi is now known as Guest2296
16:19-!-Guest2296 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:19-!-kenichi [] has joined #linode
16:23-!-maushu [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:27<Lee>Was Dallas DDoSed yesterday?
16:27<Lee>Or, er, 2 days ago
16:27<jess^>hey, if i need a handful of records copied from one zone file to another, is it easier to just open a ticket since y'all have direct access to the zone files?
16:28<Lee>jess^: I think the DNS manager has an option to view zone files
16:28<jcy>i put in tickets asking them to help clean my garage, so asking shouldn't hurt
16:28-!-tacticus [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:30-!-tacticus [] has joined #linode
16:31-!-tacticus [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:36<Talman|Ghosting>Hey ,is Central Time -0500 GMT or -0600 now? I forget. :(
16:36<grawity>Who cares, we have tzdata :D
16:38<Talman|Ghosting>Because I had to write my timezone in -0X00 UTC for a brain dead support administrator
16:38<Nivex>!tz US/Central
16:38<Talman|Ghosting>in an email.
16:39<tjfontaine>Mon Apr 12 20:39:45 UTC 2010
16:40-!-FingerS [~FingerS@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
16:40-!-FingerS [~FingerS@] has joined #linode
16:42<Bohemian>anyone here use google API?
16:43-!-tacticus [] has joined #linode
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16:44-!-tacticus [] has joined #linode
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16:45-!-kenichi [] has quit [Quit: kenichi]
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16:48-!-eighty4 [] has joined #linode
16:52-!-TimothyA [~jacobus@] has joined #linode
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17:01-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
17:02-!-grawity [] has quit [Quit: Good night.]
17:04-!-kewlbrzz [] has joined #linode
17:04<kewlbrzz>Aloha all
17:06<kewlbrzz>How are you doing today
17:06<path>pretty good
17:06<kewlbrzz>do you have a Linode
17:06<randallman>what's up
17:06<tjfontaine>most of us do
17:06<path>not much
17:07*caker is now known as snakedoc
17:07<randallman>got my arduino today
17:07<randallman>and my ASUS RMA :0
17:07<@caker>itym 0:
17:07<kewlbrzz>I got one last month but haven't been able to do much with it because i am not a server admin
17:07<randallman>oh you think? :P
17:08-!-Redgore [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:08<path>bout to head home
17:08<randallman>Im about to go to steves :0
17:08<randallman>and get a haircut too
17:08<path>so you going to do some shots before installing that replacement part?
17:08-!-oru_work [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:10<randallman>oh well
17:10<randallman>ascii art copy paste fial
17:15-!-kenichi [] has joined #linode
17:16<Fighter>Do I have to open a support ticket to ask for my linode to be moved server locations?
17:16<Fighter>Does anyone here have an NJ linode?
17:16<Fighter>What kind of ping times do you get?
17:17<Fighter>Can't do ping with that tjfontaine
17:17<linbot>tjfontaine: [mtr] 10 hops, no loss, last hop average RTT was 40.2ms
17:17<tjfontaine>Fighter: yes you can
17:17<Fighter>300ms chesty? Ouch, that's pretty high
17:17<tjfontaine>Fighter: take the hostname and *ping*
17:17<Fighter>Okay tjfontaine - thanks
17:18-!-kewlbrzz [] has quit [Quit: kewlbrzz]
17:18<chesty>yeah, but i'm in australia
17:18<Fighter>Ah, ok chesty ^^
17:18<chesty>just wanted to point out that asking for ping times is pointless
17:18<Fighter>Why so?
17:20<chesty>unless the person your asking is sitting next to you, the results are useless to you
17:20<jkwood>Because it's relative to where we are and where the server is.
17:20<tjfontaine>Fighter: why are you concerned about latency in the first place
17:20<Fighter>chesty: I'm not buying a VPS for my own connectivity anyway
17:20<tjfontaine>the question is why you find latency relevant to your choice
17:21<Fighter>tjfontaine: using it for an IRC server, latency is pretty important for links between servers
17:21<tjfontaine>and whether or not that is a valid point
17:21*jkwood looks at tjfontaine
17:21<tjfontaine>Fighter: OFTC finds Linode hosts to perform very well for our NA connects
17:22<Fighter>Being that the different datacenters that linode are owned by different companies, it would be reasonable to expect they have different qualities of networking
17:22<Fighter>*that linode use
17:22<Fighter>Ok tjfontaine, thanls
17:22<Fighter>Can't type today :-S
17:22<tjfontaine>we have leafs in newark and fremont, and a hub in dallas
17:23<tjfontaine>and we'll soon provision our london as either hub or leaf, unclear on that atm
17:23-!-voker57_ [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
17:23<Pryon>root and leaf
17:23<SelfishMan>tjfontaine: soon? 4 months later?
17:24<Pryon> /nick tjfontaine fangorn
17:24<Fighter>tjfontaine: The network I want to link to only has european servers so far, this would be the first US server
17:24<tjfontaine>SelfishMan: <3
17:26<tjfontaine>Fighter: oftc operates under regional hubs, we have on average 2 hubs in each region that connect to each other, and then 1 from each region connects, it's served us very well keeping the transoceanic links to a minimum
17:27<Fighter>Current network setup tjfontaine is one hub in The netherlands, a leaf in the netherlands and a leaf in Germany
17:27<Fighter>We have lots of users in the US though, so a US leaf makes sense
17:33<Fighter>Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 2ms, Maximum = 3ms, Average = 2ms
17:33<Fighter>^ The network can be pretty fast :-D
17:34<TheJoe>And FINALLY I have paid my Node bill
17:35<Talman|Ghosting>>.> The perfect hourly employee, by unicru.
17:35-!-mathew [] has joined #linode
17:39-!-agentbleubleu [] has quit [Quit: agentbleubleu]
17:42-!-voker57_ [~voker57@] has joined #linode
17:45-!-joema [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
17:51<linbot>New news from forums: SFTP problem with client GUI in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
17:56-!-LeeM [] has joined #linode
18:00-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has quit [Quit: Bohemian]
18:03-!-walterheck [] has quit [Quit: walterheck]
18:05<gregglind>so, re: stackscript... is the idea that I'll write my own stackscript incorportating the functions from other stackscripts until I'm happy, or can I deploy a kernal using more than one other stack script?
18:05-!-voker57_ [~voker57@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:06-!-Pyromancer [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:07<gregglind>and they can only go into effect during the initial first deployment?
18:07<chesty>yes, and i believe there's a clue in the name
18:08<chesty>well, any deployment, doesn't have to be the first
18:08<@caker>only one stackscript at a time (although you can create your own that may call other stackscripts - results may vary), and it's on deployment
18:08<gregglind>chesty, noted and withdrawn re: "first"
18:09-!-voker57_ [] has joined #linode
18:10<gregglind>many of them are side effect free (or repeatable), I notice. is there some nice way to simply use them as bash scripts, while still getting the nice <ssinclude ...> macro behaviour? or any plans for that?
18:11<gregglind>perhaps someting like putting them all in a cloneable git repo or something?
18:12-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
18:15<gregglind>being able to call more than one would be nice, fwiw, and help to keep them orthogonal to each other.
18:15<gregglind>esp. for the ones that don't require user input.
18:18<@caker>you already can. But with many authors, and many different conventions and expectations, there's no way to get a predictable output with all combinations..
18:19<gregglind>sorry, but "run more than one" I mean, "run a list of them directly" not "create my own that combines them using <ssinclude ...>, and I'm not looking for guarantees that they'll all work together.
18:19<gregglind>perhaps i'm misgrokking you, caker.
18:20<@caker>my own stackscript that pulls in 20 others: <ssinclude StackScriptID=1> <ssinclude StackScriptID=2> <ssinclude StackScriptID=...> <ssinclude StackScriptID=20>
18:20-!-LeeM [] has quit [Quit: Colloquy for iPod touch -]
18:21<@caker>any easier than that, and there'd be the expectation of end users that it would actually work :)
18:21<gregglind>that's a fair critique.
18:21<gregglind>I think i will have to go that route as well, of building one anyway.
18:22-!-Smark is now known as Smark[Gone]
18:23<gregglind>is there a repo of all the public ones somewhere? In viewing them one by one, it's a bit tedious to open a tab, click on the little "show unformatted code" icon, copy and paste, etc.
18:23<gregglind>(for the ones I don't want to directly ssinclude I mean)
18:24<linbot>kenichi: Yo momma's so fat, even Vista moves faster than her (828:4/6) [momru]
18:27<Fighter>Guys - is transfer prorated when you purchase a linode partway through the month?
18:27-!-Talman|Ghosting [~Talman|] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:27<@caker>+ /browse/
18:27<Fighter>Bandwidth allowance I mean
18:28<@caker>Fighter: yes
18:28<Fighter>Thanks caker, was trying to figure out why my max was 126GB
18:28<Fighter>Then I guessed that would be it ^^
18:28<gregglind>so caker, the answer sounds like "no" then :) that's how I'm looking through them now.
18:29<@caker>copy paste?
18:30-!-Pyromancer [] has joined #linode
18:35-!-Harry_Mudd [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.2-dev]
18:37-!-mathew [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:41-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has joined #linode
18:41<erikh>you're a towel
18:42-!-zifnab [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
18:45<erikh>that's awesome
18:46<erikh>overstuffed furniture is in fashion anyhow
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19:01-!-ramoel [~ramoel@] has joined #linode
19:03-!-hercynium [~hercynium@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:05-!-initself [] has joined #linode
19:06-!-northwesterner [~c0a89262@] has joined #linode
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19:07-!-brian [] has joined #linode
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19:10-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has quit [Quit: Bohemian]
19:12-!-brian [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:13<Fighter>Hmm, I can't log onto my linode after it was migrated between data centers
19:14<Fighter>Both the user password and the root password don't work anymore
19:16<MarkJ>that's not normal
19:16-!-jamescollins [] has joined #linode
19:16<MarkJ>are you sure you're using the new IP address?
19:16<@jed>and not LISH?
19:16<Fighter>I am using the new IP and not LISH
19:17<Fighter>It's odd, I even sent in a request from the utilities to change the root password and it still doesn't work
19:17<Fighter>So I guess I'm doing something wrong ^^
19:17-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has joined #linode
19:19<Fighter>Seems to be working now with exactly the same IP, kinda odd
19:19<Fighter>Nevermind - thanks
19:20<MarkJ>same new ip?
19:21<Fighter>I thought so
19:21<Fighter>Maybe I set it up wrong in putty to start with
19:21<Fighter>But I checked it
19:21<Fighter>Anyway, it's working now
19:22-!-initself [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
19:35-!-eighty4 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:39-!-initself [] has joined #linode
19:42-!-initself [] has quit []
19:43-!-initself [] has joined #linode
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20:02-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:03-!-hfb [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:09-!-Harry_Mudd [] has joined #linode
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20:09-!-TimothyA1 [~jacobus@] has joined #linode
20:14-!-mdcollins_ [] has quit [Quit: gone]
20:19-!-DesertPanther [~Khalid@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:20-!-nwsunni [] has joined #linode
20:21-!-CompWizrd [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:21<nwsunni>hi..can anyone help me with /hosts file on ubuntu 8.04. noob.
20:22<bob2>best to just ask your question...
20:22<nwsunni>wondering why some use localhostdomain.localhost localhost and others say to use just localhost on that line..
20:23<nwsunni>not sure which is right and why?
20:24<nwsunni>is my question clear?
20:26<nwsunni>I mistyped that. Bleary brain. It's localhost.localdomain with the alias of localhost.
20:27<nwsunni>Some use that entry while others skip it and just use localhost. Not sure when to use one versus the other.
20:28<amitz>probably a (weird) application may uses localhost.localdomain. The localhost is more universally use.
20:28<amitz>to be safe, just put both of them.
20:28<nwsunni>really? Ok...that would solve my confusion!
20:30<nwsunni>what about canonical name and alias for the static IP assigned by linode...i read that it must start with the hostname...but then I read that it doesn't. Brain is mushy from all this reading on etc/hosts file.
20:30<nwsunni>so my hostname is magdalen.
20:31<nwsunni>do i have to enter in /etc/hosts something like this: 12.32.##.## magdalen?
20:32<nwsunni>In other words, must it have that hostname, which is already in the hostname file?
20:33-!-CompWizrd [] has joined #linode
20:33<amitz>don't know about duplicate
20:34<nwsunni>do you include it?
20:35<amitz>no harm in cluding them.
20:36<nwsunni>so there are no "rules"....guess I am looking for the right I learn properly from the get go.
20:36-!-kenichi [] has quit [Quit: kenichi]
20:41-!-Smark[Gone] is now known as Smark
20:42<linbot>The rules: (#1) RTFM, (#2) urmom is *always* relevant, (#3) SelfishMan is the resident arrogant prick, (#4) mwalling is the resident asshole (#5) jkwood is utterly insane
20:43<SelfishMan>!urmom is *always* relevant
20:43<linbot>SelfishMan: Yo momma is sluttier than a Vulcan in pon farr (911:2/3) [omumr]
20:43<nb>!urmom vote up 911
20:43<linbot>nb: Voted up 911 [mmuor]
20:43<stefanie>!urmom vote up 911
20:43<linbot>stefanie: Voted up 911 [momru]
20:44<Yaakov>nwsunni: localhost is the canonical name for the loopback interface, localhost.localdomain is an alias for things that need a FQDN.
20:44<Yaakov>(Fully Qualified Domain Name)
20:45<Yaakov>"localdomain" is the domain name of the loopback, in other words.
20:45<stefanie>babies have very heavy heads
20:46<Yaakov>Baby heads are ginormous relative to their bodies.
20:46<stefanie>i have a friggin cramp in my arm from Susie's head
20:47<jkwood>WAKE UP, LITTLE SUSIE
20:48<@tychoish>reasons 495 and 637 to not spawn
20:48<stefanie>jkwood: i will end you
20:48<@tychoish>I ended urmom
20:48<stefanie>tychoish: win
20:48<jkwood>My current font causes capital Ts and Ls to merge to form TTL.
20:49<@tychoish>HOW IS TTL FORMED
20:49<Yaakov>Transistor to Transistor.
20:49<@tychoish>FOR GREAT JUSTICE
20:50<nwsunni>So, Yaakov... are you saying, thus, that one does do the local host entry as follows: localhost.localdomain localhost ? or just leave it as localhost or go with posting both lines? Or ...maybe it just doesn't matter...
20:50<Yaakov>jkwood: Funny, for me it forms CMOS.
20:50<Yaakov>nwsunni: I would do: localhost localhost.localdomain
20:51<Yaakov>nwsunni: SOME applications can get goofy if the FQDN is first.
20:51<@tychoish>some applications get goofy regardless
20:51<nwsunni>Boy, this gets really confusing.
20:51<jkwood>Yaakov: You and your fancy UTF-8.
20:51<Yaakov>tychoish: ARGUMENT FROM IGNORANCE
20:52<Yaakov>nwsunni: Not really, if you learn principles instead of rules.
20:52*tychoish checks his /etc/hosts to see how he has it
20:52<jkwood>Some of us can't argue any other way.
20:52<nwsunni> what's the principle?
20:53<@tychoish>hostname first, then fqdn
20:53<@tychoish>and imma second that as a good policy to follow
20:53<Yaakov>nwsunni: It is based on how the resolver behaves.
20:54<Yaakov>nwsunni: man resolver
20:55<stefanie>baby placment in crib win!
20:57<nwsunni>wow...this is such a left turn for me... everywhere else, I read do the alias in the "third col" and the fqdn in the second col...after the IP... I've run into reversing it like you folks are suggesting just a few times.... I was just concerned about using IP localhost and IP FQDN localhost... so now I'm bouncing on my head some more... OK... I guess if you folks are going with localhost localhostdomain.localhost ..I'll
20:58<nwsunni>which is you, of course!
20:59<Yaakov>nwsunni: Generally, the order is set by the distribution. Since the first entry after the address it the canonical name, some programs not expecting an FQDN get confused by it. I haven't seen the reversed situation.
21:00<@Perihelion>Everyone say hi to tychoish
21:00<@tychoish>I. hate. you. so. hard.
21:01<nwsunni>ok...thanks yaakov...
21:01<Yaakov>nwsunni: Look at it this way, localhost is the same, for the canonical situation as localhost localhost.localdomain.
21:01<nwsunni>ok...that helps!
21:01<Yaakov>But if you reverse them, it is DIFFERENT. And, many people use ONLY localhost but no one uses ONLY localhost.localdomain.
21:02<nwsunni>got it!
21:03<Yaakov>tychoish believes in things like "equality" and "social justice". He's dangerous! Suppress him!
21:03<Yaakov>Hmm... the supressors seem to be on the blink.
21:04<Yaakov>Uh oh.
21:05-!-nwsunni [] has quit [Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.]
21:08<amitz>stefanie: the head will shrink after being exposed to the stupidity of the world.
21:10<@Perihelion>Or expand with fail
21:11<stefanie>Perihelion: my child will not be fail!
21:11<@Perihelion>It's related to will be Phail.
21:11<@tychoish>everyone is fail
21:12<stefanie>so mean ;-;
21:12-!-Pyromancer [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:14<erikh>that's as nice as I get, so take it for what it's worth
21:17<amitz>does she look like phil? hopefully not.
21:18<erikh>did she do the first poop thing yet?
21:18<stefanie>she has his ears, but they look cuter on her.
21:18<stefanie>erikh: yes, many times
21:18*erikh is told that's a huge deal.
21:18<amitz>and burping, or so I heard.
21:19<erikh>makes sure all the important bits are functioning and so on
21:19*erikh is pretty baby-dumb
21:19<stefanie>she's let out some pretty outstanding burps for being so small
21:19<erikh>get any firehose service yet?
21:20<erikh>she pop open like a hydrant?
21:20<stefanie>nope, she's a lady
21:20<erikh>oh, the girls can do it too, i'm told
21:20<erikh>you just have to feed them enough and not burp them.
21:21<stefanie>but she does make an awesome face when she poops. then she smiles.
21:21<jtsage|ded>dear pnc bank. fix your damn out-of-office replies. thanks.
21:21<erikh>anyhow, again, all of what I know is graciously provided by friends my age who have done this already.
21:21<amitz>stefanie: first phase of freud -> SUCCESS!
21:21<erikh>stefanie: anyhow, really, congratulations.
21:21<stefanie>thank you
21:21<erikh>and I suppose pparadis deserves the same
21:22<amitz>erikh: nah, he just fire and forget.
21:22<stefanie>yep, someone had to hold my hand
21:22<amitz>allow me to introduce you to prostethic hand.
21:24<stefanie>I actually nicked one of his fingers when I had a really strong contraction.
21:25<stefanie>but yeah, 22 hours, I so got an epidural after 15...
21:25<amitz>I'm baby dumb too but that seems very long.
21:26<@Perihelion>Blah, does anyone run gentoo on an HP laptop here?
21:26<@Perihelion>Moar specifix: Does anyone know wtf kinda driver the ATI card needs?
21:26<amitz>not another tree destroyer...
21:26<@Perihelion>Mainly because the ATI one from ATI phails hardx
21:27<stefanie>amitz: my water broke before I was dialated. So I got hooked up with Pitocin to help with the process.
21:27<tarpman>Perihelion: VIDEO_CARDS="ati" should work for all but the most recent cards...
21:27<@Perihelion>Yeah that's the failed :<
21:27<@tychoish>I hate the ATI, buy intel
21:27<@Perihelion>As in like the crap segfaults lol
21:27<@tychoish>it's gentoo though
21:27<@tychoish>I mean
21:27<tarpman>segfaults, eh :/
21:28<@Perihelion>Yeah it's slightly ugly
21:28<@tychoish>isn't that the point
21:28<@tychoish>I mean
21:28<@Perihelion>Yeah the lspci thing works
21:28<@Perihelion>And it sees what it should see
21:28<@Perihelion>The card exists
21:28<@Perihelion>But the driver...doesnt?
21:28<tarpman>right, what is it though
21:29<@Perihelion>VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS780M/RS780MN [Radeon HD 3200 Graphics]
21:29<CompWizrd>stefanie: did you upgrade the firmware yet?
21:29<tarpman>tried fglrx?
21:29<erikh>stefanie: jesus, that sounds very unnerving.
21:29<CompWizrd>and install the base OS?
21:30<erikh>I suppose it could be worse; the phrase "C-section" could have been brought up.
21:30<CompWizrd>stefanie: actually, i suppose you did, you're getting core dumps out of it already
21:30<stefanie>erikh: not really...the weirdest part was feeling her head crown.
21:30<@tychoish>that's what you get for fsking mounted file systems
21:31<erikh>is that kind of like when I'm dehydrated and eat a lot of burritos?
21:31<stefanie>not even close.
21:31<@Perihelion>Apparently radeonhd works
21:31<erikh>well, can't blame me for trying.
21:31<@Perihelion>Here be the beast
21:31<tarpman>radeonhd has been deprecated iirc
21:31<tarpman>integrated into the main ati driver now
21:31<@Perihelion>But the problem with this page is that someone clearly got confused or spent a lot of time tenderly caressing Gentoo to get it to work with this
21:31<@tychoish>avoid HP hardware?
21:31<@Perihelion>Yeah that too
21:32<stefanie>erikh: it something only understood if you have a vagina, and are/have given birth.
21:32<@Perihelion>Lesson learned RE: Linux and HP
21:32<@tychoish>thinkpads for the win
21:32<@Perihelion>Sup, Mac here.
21:33<erikh>Perihelion: my experience is that most gentoo installations are like that
21:33<@Perihelion>Nah they're relatively painless on Dell
21:33<erikh>notably the 'tenderly caressing' part.
21:33<erikh>I like the system after it's installed for the most part.
21:33<@Perihelion>Nar, it's okay if you have non-wat hardware
21:33<@Perihelion>Which unfortunately does not include anything HP creates
21:33<@tychoish>not to stray into the vulgar, but I prefer to avoid tenderly caressing anything within reach of IRC
21:33<amitz>oh, you meant dilated.
21:34<@tychoish>lisp doesn't count
21:34<erikh>lisp is already caressed smooth when you write it.
21:35<erikh>well, unless you use CLOS
21:35<erikh>that's more like a PVC suit and a cat-o-nine.
21:35<stefanie>amitz: yeah, I was phonetically spelling in my head...
21:36<@Perihelion>So that's really weird that ati segfaults and radeonhd is okay
21:36<@Perihelion>I'm not sure what would do that, and I did the standard recompile and cry about it a few times
21:36<erikh>ati or radeon?
21:36<@tychoish>CLOS is pain
21:36<@Perihelion>Which should appease Gentoo
21:36<@Perihelion>But this time it didn't
21:36<erikh>err, one of those is the closed source driver
21:36<erikh>radeonhd is the open source one
21:36<erikh>made by ATI.
21:37<erikh>also: #radeonhd on freenode IIRC.
21:37<@Perihelion>But you think that things
21:37*erikh is using it here on fbsd
21:37<erikh>Perihelion: I had some issues on this embedded 4200 that vanished instantly by moving to beta/devel drivers.
21:38<erikh>something about the chipset being really recent and not being detected by the driver.
21:38<erikh>not sure if that helps you any, in fact, i'm pretty sure it doesn't, but the IRC channel was very helpful
21:38<@Perihelion>Freenode is generally a last resort for me since people either ignore you or talk down to you
21:38<@tychoish>I'm kinda in the "just use the vesa driver, and get over it,"
21:38<erikh>it largely depends on the channel
21:38<@Perihelion>If I wanted that I'd strike up a conversation with mwalling
21:39<erikh>but yeah, that's irc in a nutshell
21:39<@tychoish>welcome to #linode
21:39<@Perihelion>I don't ignore you BECAUSE I want to talk down to you.
21:39<erikh>I don't think I ignore anyone
21:40<erikh>well, with my client at least. anyhow, the channel was pretty helpful.. in the event you can't get anywhere some other way.
21:41<amitz>I don't like to ignore people but I learnt to because people can be really demanding... and take up your time.
21:41<erikh>ah. i just repeatedly insult people like that until they stop
21:41<@Perihelion>Like all lulz aside, there are some people who only talk to me to waste my time
21:41<@Perihelion>They legit get ignored
21:41<@Perihelion>Short of that, I try not to ignore people who need help
21:42<@Perihelion>Unless they are people who don't even bother trying to help themselves first
21:42<@Perihelion>Then they get ignored or sent to snarky websites that google for them
21:42<amitz>I have this one pet channel I'd like to develop but the only talking person left, because he was very demanding and I kind of ignore him :-p
21:42<@mikegrb>urmom helped herself to my...
21:42<jkwood>...chicken salad soup.
21:42<erikh>let me urmom that for you
21:43<erikh>no, sorry, i lie. I have one person in here on ignore.
21:44<amitz>erikh: jkwood said "I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING SPECIAL"
21:45<erikh>I don't have him on ignore
21:46<erikh>I'm a tolerant person because I'm an insufferable fuck, so as to not be a hypocrite I try to limit those who I would not consort with
21:46<jkwood>Well, isn't this embarassing.
21:46<amitz>superhobo said "erik, please stop ignoring me".
21:46-!-neilio is now known as zz_neilio
21:46<Bohemian>woot, my article is in the top 5 read articles in opinion.. the rest are from friday :D
21:47<erikh>Bohemian: is that the psilocybin testing?
21:47*erikh saw something about that earlier today.
21:47<erikh>some big conference trying to take a more rational approach at treating mentally ill patients with psilocybin
21:47<@caker>reverse emoticon day! <:
21:48<@Perihelion>No I did that one earlier
21:48<@Perihelion>You have to pick a new one
21:48<erikh>err on the side of caution and all that. I guess there is plenty of data to support continued studies in limited environments.
21:49<Bohemian>anyone here use google maps api here, or another gis app?
21:49<jkwood>caker: The more I try this, the more I'm convinced perhaps reverse emoticon day isn't that awesome.
21:49<Bohemian>i'm interested in deploying it on the site i'm working on
21:49<@Perihelion>jkwood: Blasphemy
21:49<erikh>am i doin it rite?
21:49<@Perihelion>Yes you are.
21:49<@Perihelion>Better than pointy
21:49<jkwood>I think that one's circumsized.
21:49*erikh hastily authors reverse_uptime_penis
21:50*SelfishMan waits for the /ctcp #linode UPDIKE
21:50<@Perihelion>Wow this went from sassy to out of hand in no time
21:50<amitz>specifically, too much being circumsized.
21:50<@Perihelion>There's no such thing!
21:50<@Perihelion>Wait wat
21:52<erikh>TIE bomber: also a palindrome
21:52*caker wins
21:52<erikh>oh, I'll dig up a WWIV macro to trump that
21:52<erikh>just uh, let me sift through these backups.
21:52-!-mode/#linode [-c] by caker
21:52-!-mode/#linode [+c] by ChanServ
21:52<@caker>beotch, chanserv!
21:52<@Perihelion>Nice fail
21:53*caker looks through chanserv's help
21:53<erikh>what's that? you like it when I sign each post with a spinner that gradually reveals my name?
21:53<erikh>at 300 baud?
21:53-!-zz_neilio is now known as neilio
21:53<tjfontaine>caker: /msg chanserv help set mlock
21:54<tjfontaine>in short /msg chanserv set #linode mlock -nt
21:54*SelfishMan demands a urmom option for chanserv
21:54<@Perihelion>Why not -c?
21:54<linbot>nb: Yo momma's so fat, when she wants to haul ass, she has to make two trips! (791:6/4) [ummor]
21:54<erikh>you'd get urmo, or maybe romu
21:54*tychoish demands a chanserv for urmom
21:54<erikh>maybe there's a +M.
21:54<nb>!urmom vote up 791
21:54<linbot>nb: Voted up 791 [muomr]
21:54*Perihelion demands urmomserv
21:55<tjfontaine>in short /msg chanserv set #linode mlock +nt
21:55-!-mode/#linode [+nt] by ChanServ
21:55-!-mode/#linode [-c] by caker
21:55-!-mode/#linode [+nt] by ChanServ
21:55<tjfontaine>Perihelion: -c would mean no user could ever set +c
21:55<SelfishMan> /msg urmomserv do #linode
21:55<@tychoish>this joke had better be good
21:55<@caker>!colorize [urmom]
21:55<linbot>caker: Yo momma's so fat, she IS the global obesity crisis (816:7/0) [mmour]
21:55<@Perihelion>Yeah but at the time -nt didn't make much sense either :P
21:55<@Perihelion>Oh god it's like clowns took a crap on linbot :(
21:55<CompWizrd>Perihelion: Windows NT never did make sense.
21:56<tjfontaine>Perihelion: ya I am silly
21:56*Perihelion pats linbot
21:56<nb>!colorize [urmom]
21:56<linbot>nb: Yo momma's so blind, she dated mikegrb and thought it was Ben Affleck! (736:15/0) [urmom]
21:56<linbot>I just lost the game :(
21:57<@Perihelion>I just lost the game.
21:57<stefanie>we all just lost
21:57<jkwood>!colorize [debian]
21:57<linbot>I'd like to tell you about Debian, but we have to put it to a vote first.
21:57<jkwood>linbot, I am disappoint.
21:57<SelfishMan>!colorize [slackware]
22:00<@Perihelion>So I'm bored. One of you dance.
22:00<SelfishMan>!colorize [therules]
22:00<linbot>The rules: (#1) RTFM, (#2) urmom is *always* relevant, (#3) SelfishMan is the resident arrogant prick, (#4) mwalling is the resident asshole (#5) jkwood is utterly insane
22:01<@Perihelion>It hates you
22:01<pharaun>!colorize [urmom]
22:01<SelfishMan>Dear linbot: you suck. that is all
22:01<linbot>pharaun: Yo mama's so old her social security number is 1! (788:1/3) [momur]
22:01<SelfishMan>!colorize [urmom in arabic]
22:01<linbot>SelfishMan: أمك قبيحة لدرجة أنها لا تستطيع الحصول على straterra للعب معها! (1 more message)
22:01<linbot>SelfishMan: (737:19 / 1) [mumro]
22:01<SelfishMan>OH GOD MY SCREEN
22:02<pharaun>!colorize [urmom in japanese]
22:02<linbot>pharaun: Yo momma's so ugly the goonies wouldn't marry her (825:3/8) [mumro]
22:02<stefanie>all I got was straterra for the arabic
22:02<SelfishMan>apparently there is no word for straterra in arabic
22:02<@tychoish>unicode fail
22:03<pharaun>!colorize [urmom in korean]
22:03<linbot>pharaun: Yo momma's so fat, she IS the global obesity crisis (816:7/0) [ommur]
22:03<@tychoish>!colorize [urmom in shavian]
22:03<linbot>tychoish: Yo momma's so slow, she got beat by both the Hare and the Tortoise (803:0/7) [rmuom]
22:03<pharaun>pfbah, no support for any eastern asian language?!
22:03<SelfishMan>!urmom help
22:03<linbot>SelfishMan: urmom usage: urmom [regex] [in (pig latin | russian | malay | italian | albanian | swedish | greek | spanish | french | hebrew | arabic | irish | german)]. Note: '/ /' on the regex is implied. Follow urmombot on twitter for realtime updates of the jokes! SelfishMan's mom, however, is beyond help. [umrmo]
22:03<Lee> !colorize [urmom in greek]
22:03<pharaun>!colorize [urmom pig latin]
22:03<linbot>pharaun: Yo momma doesn't like people named pharaun [mruom]
22:03<jess^>i'm having a senior moment.
22:03<jess^>how do you get irssi to dump the window buffer to a file?
22:04<Lee> !colorize [urmom in greek]
22:04<pharaun>lol lee it hates you
22:04<Lee>Stupid failboat
22:04*SelfishMan looks for greek in the list
22:04<Lee> !colorize [urmom in greek]
22:04*SelfishMan doesn't see it
22:04*SelfishMan points at the list
22:04<linbot>nb: Yo momma's so ugly they filmed 'Gorillas in the Mist' in her shower! (810:4/2) [umomr]
22:04<Lee>SelfishMan: Between swedish and spanish
22:04<jess^>it's there
22:04<@caker>get rid of the leading space
22:04<pharaun>!colorize [urmom in greek]
22:04<linbot>pharaun: Yo momma doesn't like people named pharaun [mumro]
22:04<Lee>!colorize [urmom in greek]
22:04<linbot>Lee: Η μητέρα σου είναι τόσο αργή, το Norton τρέχει πιο γρήγορα από ό, (1 more message)
22:04<Lee>Oh dear.
22:05<pharaun>what the fuck, it refuses to send me anything but english?!
22:05<Lee>caker: Thanks, hard to tell in Irssi
22:05<amitz>monochrome ftw! if only I have one...
22:05<SelfishMan>pharaun: enabled unicode
22:05<encode>hmm. why is there colour again? I thought this channel used to have the no colour flag
22:05<pharaun>SelfishMan: i should have unicode enabled, cos I'm in a japanese channel on the other server
22:06<SelfishMan>pharaun: oh, colorize isn't unicode safe
22:06<SelfishMan>!urmom in greek
22:06<linbot>SelfishMan: Η μητέρα σου είναι τόσο αργή, που κάνει RedHat Δίκτυο Updates δούμε γρήγορα (804:9 / 4) [urmmo]
22:06<pharaun>!urmom in swedish
22:06<linbot>pharaun: Yo momma doesn't like people named pharaun [uomrm]
22:06<pharaun>fuck you urmom
22:06<SelfishMan>rate limiting ftw
22:06-!-Fighter [] has quit []
22:08<amitz>maybe if I make a flash website, where people have to press a button repeatedly... and if you press rapid enough, it will trigger the urmom. So you have to earn the !urmom by physical exercise and tiredness becomes the rate limit.
22:09<SelfishMan>amitz: I refuse to license the joke databases for that use
22:10<pharaun>SelfishMan: but it would make all of the lardass in here (myself included) thinner ;)
22:10<Lee>!colorize [urmom in greek]
22:10<linbot>Lee: Η μητέρα σου είναι τόσο ψεύτικο, Mythbusters έκανε ένα επεισόδιο (1 more message)
22:10<erikh>that was a lot of work for an ascii penis.
22:10<Lee>Bah, come on Putty!
22:10<amitz>ooh, you shrink it erikh. I know, it's difficult to keep it up.
22:10<amitz>SelfishMan: nah, I'm just putting ideas into your head.
22:10<erikh>amitz: there, "=" x 70 ftw.
22:10<erikh>also, String::IRC is a very painful API.
22:11<tjfontaine>there's an api for it?
22:11<@Perihelion>Moar +c
22:11<@Perihelion>Tis be enough clown shitting
22:11<SelfishMan>poor guinea-pig
22:11<erikh>tjfontaine: no idea what the color code key is on weechat.
22:11<@tychoish>erikh: step one, don't use weechat?
22:11<erikh>i'm pretty sure it's ^C, which I have rebound to /part
22:12<erikh>tychoish: I like it.
22:12<SelfishMan>step two ???
22:12<SelfishMan>step three PROFIT
22:12<tjfontaine>erikh: oh
22:12<erikh>weechat doesn't support /exec by default either, had to download a python script for it.
22:13<pharaun>btw how the hell do you escape stupid shit like ( [ spaces, via scp?
22:13<pharaun>just normal \'s ?
22:13<pharaun>cos that sure like hell aint working for me
22:13<Lee>Does anyone know how to get those odd ass characters working in putty?
22:13-!-BarkerJr [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:13-!-BarkerJr [] has joined #linode
22:14<amitz>pharaun: are you sure it's not / ? after all, smiley is (-:
22:14<amitz>you're abit disoriented.
22:15<amitz>the line suppose to go from the top eye going diagonally.
22:15<SelfishMan>Lee: don't use colorize
22:15<pharaun>goddamn this shit is why i don't like []()'s and other garbage in filename
22:15<Lee>!urmom in greek
22:15<linbot>Lee: Η μητέρα σου είναι τόσο άσχημη, που μοιάζει με αυτό! (817:0 / 0) [murom]
22:15<SelfishMan>pharaun: quote it
22:15<jkwood>pharaun: ""
22:15<Lee>SelfishMan: Heh, without colorize I see a bunch of ???????
22:15<pharaun>the whole thing?
22:15<SelfishMan>enable utf-8 support then
22:15<pharaun>aka blah:./blah stupid ?
22:15<jkwood>The filename.
22:16<SelfishMan>windows also needs the alternate character sets installed
22:16<pharaun>finally got the goddamn thing to go, had to "" and escape it *sigh*
22:17<Lee>SelfishMan: It is in putty.
22:17<SelfishMan>Lee: and windows, and the environment on your node, and in irssi, and in screen if you use screen
22:17<Lee>SelfishMan: How on Win7?
22:18<SelfishMan>hell if I know
22:18-!-ramoel1 [~ramoel@] has joined #linode
22:18<pharaun>on windows, you should be able to go to um... what the hell was it "regional settings?"
22:18<pharaun>there should be a tab to enable other languages
22:18<pharaun>dunno if its different on win7 but i did that w/ xp
22:19<Trystan>language and region settings?
22:19<pharaun>yeah that one
22:19<Trystan>and it should be there in windows 7
22:20<pharaun>that's what i figured, but anyway go to that, add in the other language options such as complex, and far east
22:20<pharaun>that should take care of "most" language on windows, then in irssi/screen, i forgot heh
22:20-!-ramoel [~ramoel@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:23-!-Hoggs [] has joined #linode
22:23-!-Pyromancer [] has joined #linode
22:25-!-DeepInTheFire [~pyromance@2001:470:1f0e:d1::2] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.1]
22:25-!-DeepInTheFire [~pyromance@2001:470:1f0e:d1::2] has joined #linode
22:29-!-metaperl [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
22:31-!-metaperl [] has joined #linode
22:32-!-Guest2273 [] has quit [Quit: Guest2273]
22:38<randallman>here we go again with the memtest of the ASUS mobo
22:38<randallman>RMA-ification :)
22:38<randallman>lets hope THIS board is good, after testing 2 sets of 1x2GB PC2 6400 dimms
22:38<randallman>in the last one
22:39-!-LordMetroid [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:43-!-atula [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:44-!-adnc [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:48<straterra>Fucking chinese products
22:48<straterra>Keystone jacks crumbling..
22:49<dhoss>keystone-- # shitty beer
22:49<dhoss>keystone++ # better than natty ice
22:49<tjfontaine>mmmm natty
22:49<tjfontaine>warm natty even better
22:50<dhoss>you probably like php too don't you you evil bastard
22:50<straterra>I like php
22:50<tjfontaine>I don't
22:51<straterra>You prolly like knock off AMP punchdowns too
22:51<initself>schlitz++ # better than natty ice and keystone
22:52<initself>straterra: dhoss like good pussy and democracy
22:52<initself>randallman: good luck!
22:53-!-zack [] has joined #linode
22:53*randallman tries to get 'how to assemble simple electronics' clue
22:53<randallman>never really did 'get' soldering :)
22:53<randallman>had those 150 in 1 and 200 in 1 kits as a kid
22:53<randallman>but the springs made it easy :)
22:53-!-zack is now known as Guest2324
22:53<randallman>and its nothing like welding at all :) :) (lol)
22:54<randallman>'how to solder electronics the right way... :)
22:55<jkwood>Hint: You want to heat the metal, not the solder.
22:55<path>solder flows to the heat
22:56<randallman>Thanks :)
22:56<randallman>I think I need to do some practicing on the basic arduino kit before I actually try anything of consequence
22:57<randallman>but I figured I'd read before actually doing :P
22:57<randallman>and one part is going to be neatly wrapping up the project when completed :)
22:58<randallman>query: how do you heat the metal without cooking the component? :P
22:58<path>getting some helper arms things help too
22:58<path>to hold stuff up
22:58<randallman>Or is that where the art lives? :P
22:58<path>there is a really good guide out there for the arduino stuff
22:59<path>that's for the protoshield
23:00<path>they also have pics
23:00<randallman>I need to dust off my multimeter :)
23:00<path>basicially you just point the iron point on the other side of the wire from the solder
23:01<path>i have some stuff if you need to borrow it
23:01<path>handy hands, desoldering tool etc..
23:02<path>i got a lot of practice years ago when my cat ate through my cell phone charger a few times
23:02<randallman>I think Ill just play with the proto stuff first
23:02-!-neilio is now known as zz_neilio
23:02<randallman>I had bud the cat eat through mouse cables :)
23:02<path>then i got that flex tube and put that on all wires now
23:03<path>at least around my computer desk
23:03<randallman>I had a buddy at work that fixed it for me :)
23:03-!-karstensrage_alt [] has joined #linode
23:03<randallman>he soldered on stuff we mfgr'd all day
23:03<path>it was easier with the old stuff
23:04<path>i had an ipod cable that got hit too, but it was near the plug.. i started taking it apart and ended up throwing it out
23:04<path>there were some tiny wires in there and it's all shielded stuff
23:05<path>anyhow.. time for some Zzzz
23:05<CompWizrd>my boss keeps bringing me things his rabbit chewed.. wants it all fixed
23:06<CompWizrd>he was upset we didn't have a spare dell laptop power supply.. said with all the junk in my office we should have a bunch of them
23:06<CompWizrd>asked him to find a dell laptop in the office, if he did, bring it to me so i can smash it up with a hammer... all our stuff is thinkpads
23:07-!-blognewb [~blognewb@] has joined #linode
23:09-!-karstensrage [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:11<amitz>straterra: I deal with a lot of chinese stuff. Basically, they often yes for any price cut but they will cut the quality. The secret is to understand how much their real cost is, or if you're good enough, read their body language.
23:12-!-jamescollins [] has quit [Quit: jamescollins]
23:13<amitz>as long as the price is at least as high as the cost, it's OK. They can (impressively) live with tiny margin, as long as margin still exists.
23:14<Trystan>on the other hand
23:14<Trystan>western companies expect huge markups in most instances
23:15<CompWizrd>i wonder what chinese companies will substitute for lead, if you're buying lead acid batteries on the cheap... or do they just put less lead in? :)
23:16<amitz>first, don't overestimate the price of lead ;-)
23:17-!-initself [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
23:17<CompWizrd>i've been buying phone chargers and other blackberry parts off chinese ebay suppliers lately.. 3 out of 10 will be DOA, but the other 7 are bloody cheap.. and even if 9 out of 10 were dead, it's still cheaper than paying telco prices
23:17<amitz>then there is probably the cost of purifying lead (I don't know). Your lead may not be as pure as you think.
23:17<CompWizrd>and losing a $1.50 charger hurts less than losing a $30 charger.
23:18<CompWizrd>if i remember right they started substituting cadium for lead on childrens toys
23:18<CompWizrd>apparently testing isn't done for cadium
23:19<CompWizrd>cadium is #7 on the EPA's list of bad chemicals
23:19<straterra>amitz: We haggle well
23:19<HoopyCat>CompWizrd: my new cellphone takes plain ol' microusb (or thereabouts)... didn't realize how much old-school phone chargers sucked until i eliminated the need for them :-)
23:19<straterra>amitz: doesnt make the product any less shitty
23:20-!-jtsage|ded [] has left #linode [Ex-Chat]
23:20-!-jtsage|ded [] has joined #linode
23:21-!-megatron27 [] has joined #linode
23:22-!-megatron27 [] has quit []
23:23<CompWizrd>yeah, the blackberries use either the standard microusb, the new tour's and storms too i think, use a modified one
23:23<CompWizrd>so i have to stock two versions of cheap chinese junk
23:23<amitz>straterra: you got what I said wrong. You must identify the acceptable level of price, not haggle to the death. Because they often will sacrifice quality to compensate for the ridiculously low price.
23:23<amitz>oh wait, I probably got you said wrong.
23:24-!-jamescollins [] has joined #linode
23:24<amitz>anyway, I know some companies here who outsource their product to china. Impressive level of price and quality. It's doable.
23:25<amitz>you need a cross-cultural consultant. I'm serious. Either that or a person who knows the in and out of chinese culture.
23:25<CompWizrd>if you're outsourcing it though, check your quality up front.. make sure you're getting what you pay for.. and most importantly, KEEP checking the quality.. they might ship you beautiful inspec parts for 6 months, and then once they think you're not checking, start changing components on you
23:26<straterra>amitz: We have chinese people who help
23:26-!-megatron27 [] has joined #linode
23:27<amitz>straterra: decision makers hopefully.
23:27-!-mdcollins [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:27<amitz>it's usually the number one failure of western companies trying to do business in china.
23:27<HoopyCat>CompWizrd: it's probably going to be a requirement going forward that my cellphones use some standardish usb.
23:28<megatron27>HoopyCat, what type of phone
23:28<CompWizrd>HoopyCat: iirc, china is requiring microusb for phones sold in china, so that's a good sign
23:28<amitz>CompWizrd: either that, or you develop (a chain of) trust.
23:28<CompWizrd>the Blackberry 8330's and Tour's have a little pod you can drop them into to charge
23:28<HoopyCat>CompWizrd: the cellphone accessory racket can jump off a hike as far as i'm concerned
23:28<CompWizrd>i bought a pile of them off ebay for cheap.. no more plugging cables into small jacks
23:29<HoopyCat>megatron27: sanyo 2700
23:29<CompWizrd>at least the /==\ shaped one is someone harder to plug in backwards, the one that's more like (===) drives me nuts
23:29<randallman>son of a
23:29<randallman>I reboot my ubuntu box with a kernel patch and v6 no workie
23:29<megatron27>anybody check out the new Microsoft phone yet
23:30<megatron27>I think it's designed for hipsters
23:30<megatron27>no someone who would have a VPS account with Linode
23:30-!-Pyromancer [] has quit [Quit: Pyromancer]
23:30<CompWizrd>or 12 year old tweens with ToS violating myspace/facebook accounts.
23:30<megatron27>you know the demographic better than I do
23:31<HoopyCat>for what it's worth, the 2700 is designed towards the, uhh, younger crowd too. tread lightly.
23:33-!-kassah_ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:34<megatron27>do tweens really have that much disposable income
23:34<megatron27>oh yeah, all their income is disposable
23:34<linbot>New news from forums: Setting time in General Discussion <>
23:34<CompWizrd>their parents do!
23:34<HoopyCat>megatron27: their parents do. and, uhh, it was $30 with a one-year contract
23:34<amitz>twins have double the income.
23:34<CompWizrd>Bratney has to have the BEST stuff or OMG her friendz will LOLZ at her!
23:35<HoopyCat>it's not like i'm slinging an iphone around
23:35<megatron27>spoiled brats
23:35<CompWizrd>i liked my old blackberry 7520.. bounced if you dropped it.. had a bad holster on it, and a 7510.. probably dropped the two of them a good thousand times in 3 years
23:35<CompWizrd>still worked just fine
23:35<megatron27>I'm old school - Nokia N70
23:35<CompWizrd>even the drop from 6 feet onto concrete just broke the battery door
23:36-!-kaitocracy [] has joined #linode
23:36<CompWizrd>it got replaced with an 8330, i don't think it's anywhere near as durable
23:36<kaitocracy>hi say I've got a server where /tmp is mode 1777 on its own partition, I have users in two groups users1 and users2, I want to reserve say X amount of bytes on /tmp so that various servers can run, is this possible using quotas?
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23:43<randallman>what in the HELL
23:43<randallman>I can connect to port 80 via IPv6 between my linux box and my other linux box
23:43<randallman>but actually no data really transfers
23:43<randallman>just the handshake
23:43<randallman>anything after the handshake, its all dead
23:43<randallman>no loggie log
23:43<randallman>no iptables block
23:44<kaitocracy>randallman: ipsec?
23:44<randallman>not that I am aware of
23:44<CompWizrd>did the server catch H1N1 from the handshake?
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23:45<Trystan>shoulda got it injected..
23:45<CompWizrd>yes yes, sql injections!
23:45<HoopyCat>kaitocracy: with quotas, you could limit users to x amount of space (e.g. user1 gets 1GB, user2 gets 2GB)... if you don't overcommit the resource, i suppose it works as a reservation
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23:47<kaitocracy>HoopyCat: I'd like all my users to be able to access the available space on /tmp minus the amount I've reserved, is the only way to limit all my users to only one group?
23:47<kaitocracy>HoopyCat: I suppose I could just have everyone use ACL's instead of creating multiple groups
23:49<randallman>ok the only thing I can thing is that my eth0 is br0
23:49<randallman>But this worked before the latest kernel upgrade
23:50<randallman>strange that ping6 workie, and UDP workie, but no TCP
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23:54<HoopyCat>kaitocracy: you could create another filesystem to reserve that space, and have your application create its temp files there. that would probably do it...
23:56<randallman>Hmm me thinks this is packet size
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