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00:01<karstensrage>is there any way to "remember me" for the password on the iPhone app?
00:02<@jed>karstensrage: the latest version saves your username and password
00:02<RSully>mine asks for password everytime
00:02<karstensrage>mine too
00:02<@jed>running latest?
00:03<RSully>oh haha nevermind, mine saved it last time
00:03<@jed>i.e., App Store doesn't offer upgrades?
00:03<RSully>yeah mine saves it
00:03<@jed>karstensrage: ^
00:03<RSully>but uh jed, id prefer you add an option NOT to save it, for my account's safty
00:03<@jed>the "Logout" button is there
00:03<RSully>wow i just fail tonight
00:04<RSully>yeah i know, but when im done with something i just press home :P
00:04<@jed>well, for security, I originally left saving passwords out
00:04<@jed>and then there was clamoring, so I put it in, and then there was clamoring albeit less
00:04<@jed>so unfortunately, less clamoring wins :)
00:05<@jed>it was a quicker fix to just do it by default instead of adding a check box for it, but I might come back to that
00:05<karstensrage>i use a hugely complex password so i really appreciate you saving it
00:05<@jed>karstensrage: does it work?
00:05<@jed>1.0.3+ save it
00:06<karstensrage>i just downloaded it again
00:06<amitz>luckily, linode is not microsoft who charge per upgrade ;-)
00:06<@jed>yeah, that's latest
00:06<karstensrage>never got an upgrade notification though, this is anew iphone
00:06<RSully>hmm how original is the lastname zimmerlin
00:06<karstensrage>jed you wrote the Linode Manager for iPhone?
00:07<karstensrage>awesome job
00:07<@jed>thanks :)
00:07<RSully>jed you must teach me awesome objectiveCz
00:07<@jed>that implies that I know it ;)
00:07<RSully>you're better than me
00:07<@jed>I copied and pasted for a while and eventually it worked
00:07<RSully>but thats the thing
00:07<RSully>IT WORKED!
00:08<@jed>karstensrage: regarding the upgrading bit -- the way the machinery works in the background (don't know if you're familiar) is I submitted "Linode Manager for iPhone" and created a unique SKU for it, and all of the updates have been to that SKU
00:08<@jed>it shows up as one logical item in our UI
00:08<@jed>that's the entirety of the control I have over the "Upgrades Available" thing
00:08<@jed>I have no idea how they do it, and they don't let you do anything with it
00:09<RSully>apple does some magic =/
00:09<@jed>the day we dropped 1.0.3, there was several hundred upgrades, so I assume it works
00:09<@jed>were, not was
00:10<karstensrage>illl check again , but i dont think i got a notification
00:10<@jed>there's a numeric version in the bundle, in addition to the "marketing version" that is displayed -- apple's frameworks have all used floating-point numbers for the numeric version, so I suspect they do simple comparison
00:10<@jed>for the iPhone app, "1.0.4" is "10.4" internally
00:11<@jed>I think, been a while since I looked
00:14<RSully><3 jed's copy+paste skill
00:14<@jed>I kid, I actually wrote it, but I learned Objective-C to do it
00:14<RSully>yeah so teeech me :D
00:14<@jed>so I know that there's a lot of room for optimization, and there's still a few nagging problems I can't figure out
00:14<RSully>5 dolla
00:15<@jed>per minute? ;)
00:15<RSully>per day :D
00:15<@jed>if you do want to learn ObjC -- true advice -- the documentation on the Internet is all over the place
00:15<@jed>a lot of people stick to 1.0 paradigms, and 2.0 added a lot of things that make your life easier
00:16<@jed>one of them being dot getters and setters, which a lot of examples only show if they're specific to iPhone
00:16<@jed>I got a book on ObjC that I thought would take about the framework some, but it doesn't
00:16<@jed>it was useful for the language itself, though
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00:17<@jed>the examples that Apple provides in the SDK are indispensable
00:17<@jed>having been raised on Win32 programming, I always took samples in SDKs with a grain of I delayed a long time until actually opening them
00:17<atourino>caker's mom is indispensable
00:17<@jed>atourino: agreed
00:18<@jed>RSully: good book on the language, SDK documentation, and examples -- and you're there
00:18<@jed>you can trudge through it with just that
00:19<@jed>you will begin to forget how to program in non-MVC environments, though
00:22<atourino>I <3 complicated names in programming
00:22<atourino>so cool
00:23<atourino>I know all about name completion, but still
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00:36<amitz>it's difficult, to find the right balance between comprehensive self-explanatory names with painfully long name that looking at the whole program is difficult.
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00:41<chesty> int a,b,c,d,e,f,g;
00:41<@jed>int a_counter;
00:42<@jed>char *a_string;
00:42<RSully>int a_int;
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00:42<@jed>a friend of a friend did "int var1, var2; char *var3; struct struct1 *var4;" just to piss people off
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00:43<chesty>long dong_is_long;
00:43<RSully>you wish
00:44<Internat>echo sizeof(dong_is_long);
00:45<amitz>or... object doesn't exist.
00:45<@jed>I'll have to dig up my patch to wget that changes [==> ] 50% to [8====D ~ ~ ~ ] 95%
00:45<@jed>with all this dong talk
00:45<@jed>best argument for open source in the world
00:47<amitz>O_o .... impressive :-p
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01:01<amitz>..funny vent. My ISP is....funny. They use pre-purchased system, you must pay ahead before using. Now, there is slight peculiarity, that is you can't change packages you already bought. You must wait until the period end and then buy the connection package you intend to. This becomes a problem ever since they release this promotional package.
01:02<encode>funny is not the word I would use to describe that
01:02<amitz>well, I haven't finished yet.
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01:05<amitz>The promotion is simple, every time you reload a voucher you will be given a free package: the cheapest one. Hence, when they run out of higher valued denomination voucher, you have to reload multiple times before you have enough value to buy the better package. But for every reload, they will extend the time lowest package. And so.... I'm now stuck with perhaps 13 days left of the lowest quality connection, *sigh*
01:06<amitz>extend the time of the lowest package
01:13<amitz>okay, the vent is not really funny. But the ISP is.
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01:14<jtsage|ded>oh god, i feel sick.
01:14<straterra>You're just pregnant
01:15<encode>amitz: sounds like a bizarre billing system
01:15<jtsage|ded>i want one of those though
01:18<amitz>encode: since this is pre-purchased, I'd call it bizzare charging system. To be fair, IIRC, they made existing package uncancelable because they were complains from people who accidentally canceled their package using payment to another package... heh
01:20<amitz>sorry, fail, let me rephrase.
01:22<amitz>To be fair, IIRC, they used to make existing package overridable by charging to another package. But they were complains from people who accidentally cancelled their package that way hence the default behavior now is "running package is uncancellable, but extended at the end of the last package".
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02:02*amitz *mumbles*, I hope this vim drilling wort it.
02:07<Clorith>Why are you drilling the poor vims?
02:08<amitz>in preparation to urmom joke.
02:08*SirSquidness sticks amitz's mum in visual mode
02:09<amitz>I'm afraid to ask because I fear the answer is "there is". Is there anyway to make irssi editing behaves like vim?
02:10<xarcus>Do i need an extra ip address to get ip failover to work? or can I use an existing nodes ip and share that with another node?
02:10<amitz>SirSquidness: it's suppose to be urmom. You violate the norm!
02:10<SirSquidness>I violated urmom?
02:11<amitz>Clorith: it's urmom SirSquidness has been talking about!
02:11<amitz>I need a way to force myself to use vim editing.
02:11<firefox>Clorith, you fnish the AMVs?
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02:14<Clorith>I finished them
02:14<Clorith>sort of
02:14<Clorith>I fell asleep on #4
02:14<Clorith>it wasn't all that good
02:14<firefox>to much death note imo
02:14<firefox>but the end is the funniest
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02:27<Clorith>Is there a way to read mail sent through sendmail?
02:27<Clorith>like, is there a "sent mail" folder so to speak
02:28<encode>sure. upgrade to postfix, and investigate the always_bcc option
02:28<Clorith>well, it is postfix :P
02:29<encode>well, there you go. Too easy
02:29<Clorith>I just wanted to know what was in the headers of some failed sends
02:29<encode>of course, that won't get you information about the past
02:30<Clorith>yeah, that's the problem :P
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02:32<encode>pretty sure you're out of luck then
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02:32<encode>if it's not in the logs, then you got nothing
02:33<Clorith>well, the logs did help a little ;)
02:33-!-eighty4 [] has joined #linode
02:33<Clorith>knowing what I was looking for (a malformed header) does help some times
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02:45<oojacoboo>Performance overview
02:45<oojacoboo>On average, pages in your site take 0.2 seconds to load (updated on Dec 8, 2009). This is faster than 99% of sites.
02:45<oojacoboo>Google has added a lot to their webmaster tools recently
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02:47<encode>where does one find this information?
02:48<encode>nice, cheers
02:49<oojacoboo>encode: the funny thing is that I haven't really done much for optimization
02:49<oojacoboo>its just a wordpress blog
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02:49<oojacoboo>granted the linode is optimized as hell
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03:09<Clorith>Hmm, this can't be right
03:09<Clorith>shouldn't awstasts generate an index.html file or something?
03:10<jess^>ug, awstats
03:11<Clorith>Do not mock! I'm trying out various ones to find one that'll suit my needs in the long run
03:11<purrdeta>awstats is ok
03:11<purrdeta>but it works with
03:11<Clorith>awstats might have jsut lost though, as the lack of an index file makes it quite useless to me
03:11<purrdeta>for instance
03:12<Clorith>I don't have any file either xD
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03:12<Clorith>or I'm totally and utterly confused and doing it wrong
03:13<Clorith>which, of course, is an alternative
03:16<purrdeta>haha :P
03:16<Clorith>the only file I have is the one that analyzes the logs
03:17<purrdeta>yeah, thats the same one
03:17<purrdeta>for me at least
03:18<Clorith>really? o_O
03:18<purrdeta>I have some random shit in httpd.conf that somehow aliases and all this crap
03:18<purrdeta>let me see here
03:19<Clorith>yeah, I used aptitude for the install, and aparently it's -supposed- to alias my httpd.conf and shit, but aparently the package isn't made for apache2, as everything defaults to /etc/apache/ =(
03:19<purrdeta>of course, that may be wrong because I did an interesting hybrid of the pacman install and source
03:20<purrdeta>bit hey, mine works so I dont question
03:20<Clorith>yeah, not right ofr me though =P
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03:20<purrdeta>this voodoo works sometimes :P
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03:21<Clorith>webalizer just...worked...but it was cluttered and didn't really give me a good overview of anything
03:21<purrdeta>thats how I felt
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03:31<Clorith>finally got it working :D
03:33<Clorith>Now to find the logmerge thingie, haha
03:33<Clorith> even
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03:39<Clorith>This will husrt my poor server =(
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03:40<Clorith>Merging like 200 logs :|
03:40<tofufish>Anyone here running IRSSI?
03:40<Clorith>Does the pope keep records of your penis length?
03:41<Clorith>(That's a yes btw, according to a letter form the pope's record keeper or whatever he was xD)
03:41<tofufish>Do I have the create the config files in ~/.irssi/, or should I just be editing them?
03:41<Clorith>why do it that way, you can edit it frm isndie irssi
03:41<Clorith>s/frm isndie/from inside/
03:42<tofufish>Hrmm, The Linode library doc says differently
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03:42<Clorith>by all means, jsut edit the existing one
03:43<tofufish>Alrighty, Cheers
03:44<Clorith>*watches cpu load grow by the minute on the poor server
03:44<Clorith>155MB and counting
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03:46<Clorith>200 =(
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03:52<Clorith>does running aperl log merger count as "compiling" ?
03:52<tofufish>Is there no compiling allowed on linodes?
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03:52<Clorith>compile all you want
03:52<Clorith>I'm just looking for an ecuse as to why I'm reading sparrkfun instead of working
03:52-!-aidan is now known as tofufish2
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03:54<tofufish>Do i have to change my reverse dns to change my IRC hostname?
03:54<purrdeta>is that bad?
03:55<tofufish>Im not sure, im running a mail server, wouldnt changning my RDNS mess up the mailserver?
03:56<purrdeta>I don't think so... but maybe. I'm not an expert... my reverse DNS is and thats also my mail servers name
03:56<Clorith>mine is
03:56<Clorith>becuase I'm lazy.
03:56<Clorith>at least on this one, the others will be better ;)
03:57<purrdeta>I only have a need for one
03:57<purrdeta>also Im poor
03:57<tofufish>I can connect to my mail server on and it doesnt seem to make a difference
03:57<purrdeta>not sure how I am gonna pay next month :/
03:57<tofufish>Does that mean changing my RDNS shouldnt make a difference?
03:57<purrdeta>I would imagine not. Other servers tend to just check that you have one
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04:01<tofufish>Moment of truth I guess.
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04:12<Clorith>Tank god this merge is a one time thing xD
04:16<Clorith>also, my eeebox has arrived :D
04:17<amitz>eeebox with battery built in ftw
04:24<Clorith>it's the "desktop" kind
04:24<Clorith>the white one with full hd
04:26<Clorith>It cvame wit ha mouse and keyboard, which wasn't mentioned on the product page
04:28<Clorith>analyzing this file will be hell
04:28<Clorith>just saying :P
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04:37<amitz>I know, there is a version of eeebox with built-in battery so you don't need VPS
04:37<amitz>oh wait... UPS :-p
04:38<Clorith>you sude you don't mean the eeepc ?
04:38<amitz>yeah, I know -_-
04:39<amitz>oh? hmmm probably eepc. What's this eeebox?
04:40<amitz>oh, wait.. no. I really meant eeebox.
04:40<amitz>Unfortunately, the didn't imported the one with built-in battery here.
04:42<amitz>it'd be perfect... *sigh*
04:46<Clorith>that white one is the one I have :o
04:47<amitz>then you have a battery inside. Rejoice please.
04:47<Clorith>me rejoices
04:48<amitz>It's the perfect desktop for places with unreliable electricity like here.
04:48<Clorith>I keep forgetting the numpad don't work here
04:48<Clorith>and yeah, it did say limited edition white actually
04:48<amitz>and not so demanding desktop app, if any.
04:48<Clorith>aparently it's not in pdocution no more or something like that ?
04:48<Clorith>also, Square Enix really threw the mself at the whole iTouch wave
04:48<Clorith>they keep releasing new titles like every other month for them
04:49<Clorith>I jsut had to buy Chaos Rings =(
04:49-!-zack_ [] has joined #linode
04:49<Clorith>Because I'm a fanboy...*bows head in shame*
04:49<Clorith>$10 for a gameon the iPod :|
04:49<amitz>I no longer follows it. I now buy notebook or netbook instead.
04:50<amitz>I don't have i<thingie>. I can't rejoice. :-/
04:50<Clorith>It's almost so that I must unpack the eeebox right here and now
04:50-!-zack_ [] has quit []
04:51<Clorith>the white one there isn't the same as mine after all
04:52<Clorith>mine is an atom 330 with 2gb ram 250gb sata hdd
04:53<Clorith>I like that one
04:53<Clorith>I don't actually have a use for it, but I like it
04:57<amitz>me too. very sweet item :-D
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05:01<Clorith>You wouldn't happen to know the negated use of BETWEEN in a sql query?
05:01<amitz>the effect of .NOT. on .BETWEEN.?
05:02<Clorith>That might work :o
05:02<Clorith>thanks <3
05:10<linbot>New news from forums: Configuring phpmyadmin to work with nginx help in General Discussion <>
05:10<straterra>Stupid RSTP
05:10<straterra>I have three switches with RSTP. Switch 1 is plugged in to switch 2 and 3. As soon as I plug with 2 in to switch 3, it created a routing loop.
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06:20<Clorith>wow, the merger is STILL running
06:24-!-Intensity [] has joined #linode
06:27<Clorith>I mean, I'm only merging 104 files...of 4MB a piece, it shouldn't be -that- slow?
06:27<erikh>well ya better catch it!
06:27*erikh heads back to bed
06:28<Clorith>How dare you sleep at this time!
06:29<Clorith>I'm afraid of how this will look once I go to analyze this xD
06:29<straterra>You're going to analize your logs? pervert
06:31<amitz>logs? pervert.
06:32<Clorith>I know...I'm a bad bad man
06:32<Clorith>I should use legs instead.
06:33<amitz>are you sure about the efficiency of your merger? I mean, perhaps it won't finish until next week? :-p;
06:34<Clorith>well, based on what I've heard, it takes 73 minutes to merge two 4MB logs on windows
06:34<Clorith>but this ain't windows :P
06:34<Clorith>(it's the awstats one)
06:34<straterra>73 minutes?
06:34<straterra>What, running on a Pentium Pro?
06:34<amitz>what do you mean by merge anyway? simple concat or choosing which line goes next?
06:35<Clorith>Well, slapping otgether all the old apache logs into one so I can get old stats and not jsut the last 24 hours
06:35<straterra>That sounds easy
06:36<amitz>and do you have to merge it?
06:36<Clorith>well, most of them are tar'ed down by logrotate
06:36<straterra>As long as the contents of the log files are in order, thats easy
06:37<Clorith>it also handles dns resolving while merging, so I guess that'll slow it down a bit
06:37-!-mathew [] has joined #linode
06:37<straterra>dns resolving?
06:37<straterra>WTF for
06:39-!-elfgoh [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
06:41<amitz>anyhow, just make sure you can check its progress, perhaps by size of resulting file. It ain't funny if the process ends next week ;-)
06:41<Clorith>well, the file is almsot 4GB now
06:41<Clorith>so it should be done any second I'd imagine
06:41<straterra>*two weeks later* Any second..
06:41<Clorith>considering it's 4MB a piece on log files, 104 of said files tar'ed
06:41<straterra>You wrote your own merging app?
06:42<Clorith>hell no
06:42<straterra>Why not?
06:42<Clorith>I'm using form awstats
06:42*straterra already had the app written in his head
06:42<Clorith>by all means, type it out
06:42<Clorith>something tells me it's something really easy like cat'ing the files
06:42<straterra>INT 32
06:43<Clorith>only thing I'm missing is that I'd want a status output now and then form it
06:43<amitz>you know, you can open one of the file and see its size relative to the compressed state...
06:43-!-Bhavic [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:43<straterra>MOV EAX,0F79]
06:44<straterra>There's the beginning, I'm sure you can work out the rest
06:44<Clorith>oh yes, of course I can... *glares*
06:44<amitz>I mean, one of the 104 files, in order to see if the 4GB is close to finish :-p
06:44<Clorith>How do you mean "open"
06:44<straterra>I'd write it with two operating modes..
06:44<Clorith>jsut extract it you mean
06:45<amitz>yeah, extract. sorry windows backgroun :-p
06:45<straterra>If the machine had enough memory..load all of the files into memory and sort that shit out
06:45<Clorith>straterra: I'm not smart like you ;)
06:45-!-Bhavic [] has joined #linode
06:46<straterra>If I actually had a need for that kind of app...I'd do it
06:46<Clorith>I almsot screamedi n joy
06:46<Clorith>I looked at top, and didn't see perl running
06:46<Clorith>then I realised it was still there, just not using the most cpu
06:46<straterra>NEXT THREAD
06:47<Clorith>so I have this awesome song, who wants the youtube link?
06:47<straterra>Unless there are lesbians..
06:47<Clorith>I have 3 hours and 13 minutes left of my workday
06:47<Clorith>the song is called "The brothel"
06:47<straterra>I have negative 2 hours left
06:48-!-smed_ [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
06:48<Clorith>not that I'm anxious to leave, but I want to get hom and set up the new eee
06:48<straterra>Not really, I'm still here
06:48<Clorith>heh, these logs are really onconsistent
06:49-!-smed_ [] has joined #linode
06:49<straterra>How so?
06:49<Clorith>as small as 48kb zipped, and as large as 8.2M zipped
06:50-!-saikat [] has quit [Quit: saikat]
06:51<Clorith>I'll let it go for a few more minutes, but as soon as it hits 5G in size, I'm pulling the plug >_<
06:51<straterra>Just let it run
06:51<Clorith>actually...couldn't I just tail the file and see what it has on the bottom?
06:51<Clorith>it would have dates, I could see how fasr along it is
06:51<straterra>tail -f that shit
06:51<Clorith>unless it writes in reverse order
06:52<Clorith>since the last part of it is right now...
06:52<Clorith>or mayybe it jsut finished? wouldn't that be ironic?
06:53<Clorith>my god, it's completed :o
06:56-!-xpire|mobile [~xpire|] has quit [Quit: xpire|mobile]
06:56<straterra>Why am I still here? :/
06:58-!-fermion [] has joined #linode
07:01-!-laser` [] has joined #linode
07:04-!-oghmag [~c0a89262@] has joined #linode
07:05-!-getsmart [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
07:06-!-elench [] has joined #linode
07:06<Clorith>BEcause of your insaturable attraction to me ?
07:07<elench>Hi, anyone know of a link to making and installing with custom slices on linode? the whole Disk images dashboard has me confused.
07:09<Clorith>like so?
07:09-!-Wong [~c0a89260@] has joined #linode
07:11<elench>not really more like I can't seem to find a way to add "slice" (disk images) to my slackware.
07:12<Clorith>ok errm, is this a brand new node?
07:12<elench>I setup a few raw slices in the dashboard but when I try to fsck them. I get a non-existent reply.
07:12<elench>Clorith: yes brand new.
07:12<Clorith>Well, once you login o the manager it should give you a page where it asks you to create your first node
07:13<Clorith>where you pick a distro, chose a disk size and a root pass
07:13<Clorith>ok, then I'm not seeing your issue clearly
07:14<elench>I want to make various slices not have a disk as 1 slice.
07:14<Clorith>wouldn't that leave really little space for each node?
07:14<elench>like / 512M and etc.
07:14-!-Wong [~c0a89260@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:14<Clorith>oh well, who am I to judge, hehe
07:15<Clorith>on the dashboard for your node, there's a list of yoru disk iamges
07:15<Clorith>under it, there's a link labeled "create a new disk image"
07:15<elench>Yea. I did that.
07:15<Clorith>then pick "deploy a linux distribution"
07:15<Clorith>and select the newlyu created iamge
07:15<elench>cut up everything to the sizes I want.
07:16<elench>thats not the issue. :)
07:16<elench>I just can't fsck and mount those raw slices I created.
07:16<bliblok>Edit your configuration profile
07:16<bliblok>(You need to shutdown first)
07:17<bliblok>Or create a new one here:
07:17<elench>bliblok I added the slices to the profile, but the deployment disk only uses the "deployment disk image"
07:17-!-DesertPanther [~Khalid@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:18<elench>does not seem to want to use slices I specify as say /usr / /var etc
07:18<bliblok>You need to add them to your fstab.
07:20-!-TLKit [] has joined #linode
07:24-!-DesertPanther [~Khalid@] has joined #linode
07:28-!-fermion [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:30-!-MetaCosm_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:38-!-xpire|mobile [~xpire|] has joined #linode
07:43-!-deepak9 [~deepak@] has joined #linode
07:44-!-fermion [] has joined #linode
07:46<deepak9>i m new in linux
07:46<deepak9>how i can install mysql and apache
07:46<deepak9>and how to access
07:47-!-deepak9 [~deepak@] has quit []
07:50*mathew prays for deepak9
07:53<atourino>yo dawg, I heard you like linode so we so we put a domU on yo domU so you can virtualize while you virtualize
07:56<atourino>yo caker, maybe you should make a link to the linode library more obvious for the newbies so they can know about next step if they need them... maybe that would cut back on the channel questions?
07:57<atourino>or even have a link directly to the lamp articles... chances are, that newbies would want to set up a lamp stack
07:59-!-MetaCosm_ [] has joined #linode
08:00<elench>Chances are :P he isn't answering cause chances are he does not care what your chances are at assuming the chances of him caring :P
08:01<oojacoboo>ugh, chrome is so damn buggy
08:01<atourino>so meta
08:03<atourino>yo dawg, i heard you like mikegrb so we put a lol on your lol so you can urmom while urmom
08:05<linbot>praetorian: Yo momma's so stupid, she takes herbal penis enlargement pills. (790:4/10) [omurm]
08:05<atourino>maybe she had a sex change done?
08:05<atourino>you never know
08:13<atourino>homeopathic penis enlargement pills
08:13<atourino>those would help her out
08:16-!-mathew [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:17-!-alexnunes [~c0a89260@] has joined #linode
08:18-!-alexnunes [~c0a89260@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:18-!-dKingston [] has joined #linode
08:21-!-MetaCosm_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:25-!-Entity01 [] has joined #linode
08:28-!-mecool [mecool@] has joined #linode
08:28-!-mathew [] has joined #linode
08:31-!-scorche [] has joined #linode
08:32-!-Entity [Entity@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:39-!-endlessmobius [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:48-!-tofufish [] has quit []
08:52-!-metaperl_ [] has joined #linode
08:55-!-mathew [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:57-!-Ashish [] has joined #linode
08:58<amitz>oojacoboo: indeed, buggy. What I don't like is, the bugginess simply crash, just like that.
08:58<oojacoboo>amitz: agreed
08:58-!-metaperl [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:58-!-metaperl_ is now known as metaperl
08:59<oojacoboo>I understand the logic, but hell, the experience feels worse
09:00*Perihelion crashes
09:00<amitz>to prevent symmetry, I put this sentence :-p. oojacoboo: agreed.
09:00<amitz>may I ask your personal record of not sleeping, if you actuall keep track of that? ;-)
09:01-!-fcoury [~fcoury@] has joined #linode
09:01<amitz>oh, right. Need to install some fonts. /me browses old blog post.
09:01<Clorith>6 nights
09:01-!-getsmart [] has joined #linode
09:01<Clorith>on the 7th day I was physically so sick Ithrew up and crashed
09:02-!-Ashish [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:02<Clorith>granted I slept for 36 hours non stop after that and pretty muc hcrawled around because I was so dehydrated and weak I couldn't stand
09:02<amitz>that's pretty crazy. Mine is like, IIRC, 60 hours.
09:02<Clorith>I was young and foolish
09:02<amitz>and what were you doing?
09:02<@Perihelion>Sleep is for the weak.
09:03<@Perihelion>SpaceHobo: Needs moar grue
09:03<Clorith>amitz: I wish I could remember
09:03-!-metaperl_ [] has joined #linode
09:03<amitz>sleep extends you age, or so I heard.
09:03<Clorith>I seem to rememebr a lan party in there some where
09:03<Clorith>So I shall die young, that's life I guess
09:04<amitz>woah, colorful grue... what's next, a...uh, I should stfu :-p
09:05<@Perihelion>Clorith: So I totally have that giant dong remy used to draw for irssi :3
09:05<Clorith>oh joy...
09:05<Clorith>the one he spammedered IRC with? :P
09:05<Clorith>he should've sent it as a global
09:05<Clorith>that'd be hilarious
09:06<@Perihelion>He did
09:06<@Perihelion>3 times
09:06<Clorith>I should've gone out flaring like that!
09:06<Clorith>except I never got the chance
09:07<Clorith>DO IT FAGGOT!
09:07<@Perihelion>Nar it's like 30 lines
09:07<HoopyCat>[oftc] // Mode change +8=D for user HoopyCat
09:08<Clorith>30 lines...I cna dig it.
09:08-!-metaperl [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:08-!-metaperl_ is now known as metaperl
09:09-!-metaperl_ [] has joined #linode
09:10<metaperl_>is there a drop-in replacement for "rm" that does not actually remove files, but move them somewhere?
09:10<Clorith>I actually saw one of those the other day, haha...but I cna't rememebr it
09:10<Clorith>also, why would you want to keep files you remove?
09:10<amitz>mv : p
09:10<Clorith>This makes no sense...
09:10<amitz>oh, sorry, drop in
09:11<HoopyCat>metaperl_: i think aliasing it to mv might do the trick, BUT the hard part is remembering where the file came from for undeletion purposes... hmm
09:12<HoopyCat>Clorith: like you've never had to rummage around the Recycle Bin for the file you didn't want to delete
09:12<metaperl_>yes, a good version would remember the basename of the file and mv it to a similar place: rm a/b/file.dat => /tmp/a/b/file.dat
09:12<Clorith>HoopyCat: I actually haven't, haha
09:13<metaperl_>sounds like a question for
09:13<Clorith>I do rumamge through endless external drives for files though
09:13-!-linville [] has joined #linode
09:14<HoopyCat>metaperl_: if you're in some sort of GUI environment, you could probably hook onto the trash function in there too
09:14-!-Ashish [] has joined #linode
09:16*atourino hooks up to urmom
09:16-!-Rock [] has joined #linode
09:17-!-Rock is now known as Guest645
09:19-!-Ashish [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:21-!-Guest645 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:23-!-Twayne [] has joined #linode
09:24<elench>Is there a way to boot a installer disk instead of using linodes disk images?
09:24<tjfontaine>if the installer is pvready, yes
09:25<tjfontaine>for instance all recent debian installers can be booted using pvgrub
09:25<amitz>but what part of the installer do you particularly want?
09:27-!-Troodon [~Troodon@] has left #linode []
09:28-!-Autobiz [] has joined #linode
09:29<elench>mmm might be easrier to just build from scratch.
09:31-!-maushu [] has joined #linode
09:32<metaperl_>is source .bash_profile the same as . .bash_profile
09:33-!-MetaCosm_ [] has joined #linode
09:33-!-Autobiz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:34<sub>metaperl_: yep
09:37-!-laser` [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:39-!-pheezy [~pheezy@] has joined #linode
09:41-!-pheezy [~pheezy@] has quit []
09:43-!-Trystan [] has joined #linode
09:45-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has joined #linode
09:46-!-Plinker [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:46-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:46-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has joined #linode
09:47<Bohemian>morning :)
09:48-!-numer_ [] has joined #linode
09:48-!-numer_ [] has quit []
09:50-!-derekyang [] has joined #linode
09:50-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
09:50<amitz>day :-)
09:50<maushu>I'm in ur servers, reselling them.
09:51<maushu>That reminds me. denied me. ;_;
09:51<maushu>"You are not american, go away you savage!"
09:52<maushu>I proceed to throw my poop at them.
09:54<amitz>you can mail the poop, just like what the anthrax people do :-p
09:58<Clorith>Heading home!
09:58-!-silence [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:02-!-Entity01 [] has quit []
10:04-!-karstensrage_alt [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:08-!-RiverRat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:12-!-fcoury is now known as fcoury|away
10:13-!-Guspaz [] has joined #linode
10:15-!-atula [] has joined #linode
10:16-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has quit [Quit: Bohemian]
10:28-!-jamey-uk [] has joined #linode
10:28<jamey-uk>Does Linode offer some sort of NAS for when a large amount of disk space required?
10:29<@Perihelion>Not really, but you're free to add extra disk space if need be or upgrade your plan
10:29-!-pheezy [~pheezy@] has joined #linode
10:29<@Perihelion>In some cases upgrading the plan is cheaper than adding the desired amount of disk space
10:30<jamey-uk>What about if I want a Linode to have more than 128 GB of storage though?
10:31<JshWright>you're doing it wrong ;)
10:31<tjfontaine>or you need to contact sales@ :)
10:32<path>or use a CDN or something
10:32<jamey-uk>It's called a lot of user files :P
10:33<praetorian>i smell piracy
10:33<JshWright>Linode 14400's have 640GB of disk space
10:33-!-sorressean [~FuckOff@] has quit [Quit: Peace!]
10:35<jamey-uk>Hmm, the problem is I want around 512 GB of storage with much less transfer than that, something like 400 GB. But I don't want the huge price difference between a Linode 11520 and a Linode 720.
10:36<tjfontaine>and I want a pony
10:36*praetorian gives tjfontaine a pony
10:36<oojacoboo>jamey-uk: just mount an amazon s3
10:36<@Perihelion>Like I said, you can add the extra disk space
10:36<@Perihelion>There's that too
10:36<jamey-uk>tjfontaine: it's called a flexible pricing system, and also not being a total arse
10:37<jamey-uk>oojacoboo: do you have experience with s3 in terms of latency and speed?
10:37<tjfontaine>jamey-uk: sorry, I'm just 100% arse
10:37<jamey-uk>tjfontaine: well, I tried
10:37<jamey-uk>Perihelion: adding extra disk space I noticed also gets pretty expensive pretty quick I noticed
10:37<oojacoboo>jamey-uk: negative, but I am sure there are a couple dozen articles about ti and I know quite a few people on linode use it
10:37<JshWright>jamey-uk: VPS's aren't well suited to providing large amounts of disk space
10:37<jamey-uk>oojacoboo: cool, thanks, I'll look into it
10:38<jamey-uk>JshWright: fair point, I just thought there might be some cloud-type offering on its way
10:38<jamey-uk>I guess S3 or a similar third-party solution might be worth a shot
10:38<oojacoboo>jamey-uk: you should get "close" to 10mbit
10:38<tjfontaine>the problem with traditional s3 fusefs is they don't provide easy ways to modify a file, so you get nicked for uploading twice
10:39<tjfontaine>there are other ones that store block info separate to take care of that
10:39<HoopyCat>S3 isn't too bad, depending on where you are and how fast you need things to be... the problem is that the linode disk is local, which means it's fast, stable, and in short supply (since there's only room for 4 normal-sized disks in 1U)
10:39<jamey-uk>it makes me feel like building a server and colocating it would be less hassle and cost over time, but I'm probably wrong
10:39<jamey-uk>HoopyCat: ah, that makes sense
10:39<oojacoboo>jamey-uk: you are def wrong about colo
10:39<@Perihelion>You could rent a dedi
10:40<@Perihelion>Colo is crazy expensive in comparison in most cases
10:40*oojacoboo has been there and done that
10:40<@Perihelion>I looked into it...:S
10:40<@Perihelion>There's a reason the server is sitting in my kitchen instead of being racked
10:40<oojacoboo>same reason I have 6...
10:41<JshWright>Perihelion: plus, if you're going to be paying for the electricity anyway, might as well use it to heat your house a bit
10:41<praetorian>Perihelion: because it made nice marmelade?
10:41<jamey-uk>Perihelion: Yeah we currently rent a dedi
10:41<HoopyCat>jamey-uk: beware of redundancy when looking for bulk storage... you prrrobably want at least two mirrored drives, which is going to make life correspondingly more expensive
10:41<oojacoboo>JshWright: unless you live somewhere where you don't want it heated ;)
10:41<@Perihelion>The kitchen was a convenient place for it. Also insert female/kitchen jokes here since I know you want to.
10:41<jamey-uk>But we need a bigger server, or more servers, so are looking towards cloud-type solutions or whatever we can find that will fit
10:41<HoopyCat>jamey-uk: i look at it as the difference between the cost of disk and the cost of storage :-)
10:42<@Perihelion>JshWright: The nice thing about it is that it doesn't get hot
10:42<@Perihelion>It's cool to the touch even when I use it to render 3d images n stuff
10:42<praetorian>Perihelion: but i dont know any :(
10:42<amitz>oojacoboo: it's too hot here you insensitive clod!
10:42<oojacoboo>Perihelion: they have amazing fans, most of them b/c when they are racked, they can't dissipate heat through the case really
10:43<jamey-uk>HoopyCat: hmm, okay - what would you do if you needed about 500 GB storage total, one hefty processing machine and one for regular LAMP stuff
10:43<HoopyCat>jamey-uk: what are you storing, and how often is it being read/written?
10:43<@Perihelion>It's racked on a half rack atm with another server
10:43-!-atourino [~atourino@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:43<@Perihelion>And between a rack mountable printer (wat)
10:44<@Perihelion>And it does alright...I <3 it
10:44<jamey-uk>HoopyCat: user-uploaded photos and documents, it's being written to on a daily basis but sporadically
10:44<HoopyCat>Perihelion: for 11"-wide paper? i bet that printer is all ears
10:46-!-dajhorn [] has joined #linode
10:46<HoopyCat>jamey-uk: honestly, the first thought that comes to mind is S3, because it sounds like the files won't be edited in place or overwritten very often. (plus, S3's API will spit out temporary short-lifespan URLs that can be used to directly fetch files, e.g. if someone wants to download something but the file isn't otherwise world-readable)
10:47<jamey-uk>HoopyCat: we do have certain files that are overwritten potentially *very* frequently though, a bunch of PDFs to be precise
10:47<HoopyCat>jamey-uk: S3 via FUSE never really gave me that warm, happy comfortable feeling, so i usually end up just skipping the filesystem altogether when dealing with S3
10:47<jamey-uk>Amazon's offering has always sounded needlessly complex
10:48<JshWright>jamey-uk: how big are the PDFs?
10:48<JshWright>could you store those locally while sticking the images on S3?
10:48<HoopyCat>jamey-uk: it's ok with overwriting... i just worry about the read-the-file-in, start-editing, save-it-every-5-minutes loop of doom :-)
10:48<jamey-uk>JshWright: anything from a few megs to hundreds dependent on the customer
10:49<HoopyCat>jamey-uk: but but but it has "simple" right there in the name! :-)
10:49<jamey-uk>HoopyCat: that's exactly the loop-of-doom we'd get with those PDFs
10:49<jamey-uk>HoopyCat: yeah, someone paid the marketing department way too much
10:49<jamey-uk>so we could store the PDFs locally and everything else on S3, that would probably be optimal from what you're saying
10:50<jamey-uk>there's very few cases where we're editing the photos, they either get deleted (eventually) or just more are uploaded
10:50<HoopyCat>jamey-uk: probably a good way to split things up. i like to use S3 as cold storage, for lack of a better analogy. it's the chest freezer out in the garage.
10:51<jamey-uk>HoopyCat: I like the analogy, but my way of using it would be more like a defrosting freezer (perhaps)... stuff will be being uploaded to it frequently, just not overwritten or 'edited' often, does that make sense?
10:52<jamey-uk>(I have a tendency to break analogies to a fubar'd state...)
10:52<HoopyCat>jamey-uk: another alternative is to roll your own storage architecture using one of those nice distributed filesystems everyone seems to be reinventing every week (someone remind me to rant about this) and a sufficiently-large number of inexpensive loss-leader dedicated servers
10:53<jamey-uk>Yeah but that sounds potentially fragile and volatile... what if one of the dedi centre goes down or bust?
10:53-!-atula [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:53<@jed>they you've chosen the wrong horse
10:53<@jed>then, rather
10:53<jamey-uk>but I prefer cars
10:53<HoopyCat>jamey-uk: that's why you pick a filesystem that lets you say "i need to have 3 copies of this in 3 different clusters"
10:55<jamey-uk>I just want easy servering
10:55<jamey-uk>when did it all go wrong
10:55*jamey-uk pulls out a tattered, old violin
10:55<HoopyCat>jamey-uk: but but but the cloud!
10:56<jamey-uk>but but but it doesn't have the easy cream cheese it promised!
10:56<jamey-uk>just smelly tech garbage
10:56<HoopyCat>jamey-uk: it's all moved from non-recurring costs to monthly recurring costs
10:56<jamey-uk>how so?
10:56*dKingston is somehow gonna get a linode
10:57<dKingston>say, if a 15 year old gets a linode, am i a liability or something
10:57<HoopyCat>jamey-uk: used to be that you'd spend enough to buy a decent midsized sedan to buy a shiny disk array, pop it into a half-rack at your local server ghetto, and there you are for $150/mo
10:57<jamey-uk>I see
10:57<HoopyCat>jamey-uk: now it's all pay-by-the-gigabyte-month
10:57<JshWright>dKingston: 13 is generally the magic age for the internets
10:57<jamey-uk>yeah 13 and you can rule them all
10:58<HoopyCat>dKingston: on the internet, if you have 19 digits, a month, and a date, nobody knows you're jailbait
10:58<HoopyCat>s/a date/a year/
10:58<jamey-uk>well, the prospect of building a server or two with an attached RAID is wonderful except scary all at once
10:58<jamey-uk>HoopyCat: a date will also do fine ;)
10:59-!-vsnine [] has joined #linode
10:59-!-vsnine [] has left #linode []
10:59<dKingston>the only thing i need is a VPN, and git
10:59<dKingston>i have no money what so ever, so yeah. /me finds some way
10:59<JshWright>jamey-uk: he's 15, and trying to purchase a VPS... I don't "dating" is something he has to worry too much about
10:59<dKingston>i already am dating somebody.
11:00<jamey-uk>are there any simpler solutions to third-party storage than Amazon's?
11:00-!-mathew [] has joined #linode
11:02<HoopyCat>jamey-uk: i know rackspace has something, and i know there's others but i can't remember off the top of my head. there are amazon AWS libs for most major programming languages, though, which is handy. (i use boto, in python)
11:04-!-Redgore [] has joined #linode
11:05*Perihelion dances
11:06<jamey-uk>thanks a lot
11:06-!-jamey-uk [] has left #linode []
11:06<Guspaz>HoopyCat: But... Isn't there the problem that AWS takes time to propagate data, so you can't be assured that you can read data right after you write it?
11:08*dKingston enjoys Perihelion's dancing
11:09-!-mecool [mecool@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
11:13<HoopyCat>>>> instance.lawn_mow(lawnid='back')
11:13<linbot>New news from forums: Slow SSH tunnel - Fast SFTP ? in Linux Networking <>
11:13<HoopyCat>api.ApiError: [{u'ERRORCODE': 3, u'ERRORMESSAGE': u'The requested class does not exist'}]
11:13*HoopyCat grumbles
11:13-!-dKingston [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:13<HoopyCat>afk, deploying spinny blades of death
11:15<amitz>how difficult is it to make my car remote controllable.. hmmm
11:15-!-dKingston [] has joined #linode
11:15-!-jamey-uk [] has joined #linode
11:15<dKingston>breaker tripped
11:16<jamey-uk>Is there anyway I can use a Linode to virtualise a Windows machine? We currently use a Windows VM for some proprietary file type conversions.
11:16<dKingston>you do realize linode's are virtualalized already
11:17<dKingston>never mind
11:17<dKingston>i'm so pissed off at power outage
11:17<jamey-uk>yep, I do
11:17<@jed>jamey-uk: no
11:17<jamey-uk>and you can Xen within a Xen, I'm just curious as to whether anyone here knows if it's allowed or can be done properly
11:17<@Perihelion>sup dawg
11:19<bd_>jamey-uk: It's theoretically possible, but not the way linode has things configured (you could run paravirt xen inside normal xen's hardware virtualizaion mode)
11:20<jamey-uk>ah okay
11:20<amitz>that's it! I'll google about this sup dawg thingie...
11:20<bd_>and it wouldn't let you run windows anyway :)
11:20<bd_>you could run windows in qemu but you'll have a LOT of overhead
11:20<bd_>expect a few orders of magnitude slowdoown
11:20<jamey-uk>ah, that's not desirable
11:21<bd_>unfortunately the only way to run windows effectively in xen requires support on the dom0 side :)
11:21<bd_>and linode doesn't seem inclined to implement it
11:21<bd_>can't blame them for not wanting to have to deal with licensing and stuff either
11:21-!-mathew [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
11:22-!-jameswilson [] has joined #linode
11:22-!-derekyang [] has quit [Quit: derekyang]
11:23<amitz>if your requirement is that much, just cough more money ;-)
11:24-!-Smark is now known as Smark[Gone]
11:24-!-Bdragon [] has joined #linode
11:27<amitz>dKingston: oh wait, you finally split the linode with 2 other people at the end right?
11:27<amitz>were that you?
11:28<amitz>nevermind, somebody else then
11:30<Daevien>amitz is just slightly crazy, ignore him
11:30-!-vsnine [] has joined #linode
11:30-!-vsnine [] has left #linode []
11:32<amitz>sufficiently advance uniqueness is indistinguishable from crazy.
11:33<elench>is there any disk image with a default desktop installed?
11:33-!-Trystan [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
11:33<JshWright>elench: why would you want a desktop on a VPS?
11:33<elench>Just curious
11:34<JshWright>no, all the stock images are very bare-bones
11:34<jamey-uk>JshWright: persistence maybe?
11:34<JshWright>ssh, and that's about it
11:34<JshWright>jamey-uk: huh?
11:34<@Perihelion>screen <3
11:34<jamey-uk>apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
11:34<jamey-uk>I guess
11:34*elench stays away ubuntu/debian
11:35<maushu>You have two problems there.
11:35<jamey-uk>Firstly, nein is spelt incorrectly?
11:35-!-Trystan [] has joined #linode
11:35<maushu>That too, but
11:35<jamey-uk>> 9000
11:35<maushu>First problem, don't use desktop. You get used to it and goodbuy terminal skills.
11:35<maushu>Second problem, you aren't using ubuntu.
11:36-!-Phiber_Optic [~Phiber_Op@] has joined #linode
11:36<elench>I wouldn't say that. Dkestop with mutliple console boxs is nice to have
11:36<elench>er Desktop even
11:36<maushu>Huh, screen?
11:36<amitz>yes, terminal skill is a good skill to buy.
11:36<@tychoish>maushu: gnu screen
11:36-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
11:36<JshWright>you'd use a desktop to run multiple terminals? icky... Screen is what you're looking fo
11:37<amitz>elench: with screen, you can emulate multiple consoles.
11:37<@tychoish>it's a terminal multiplexer and it's pretty awesome :)
11:37<elench>:/ sigh now I have people telling me about screen....
11:37<@jed>actually, I use desktop all day long
11:37*maushu pokes tychoish.
11:37<@Perihelion>screen <3
11:37<@jed>I just have a hotkey bound to Terminal
11:37<maushu>Don't add info to conversations you don't pay attention.
11:37-!-laser` [] has joined #linode
11:37<elench>It's like arguing about water and rain.
11:38<Phiber_Optic>Hi all... I have changed the NS of my server more than 24 hours ago from my previous host to point to my linode... but when i go to it, it doesnt happen anything, the previous host said ad that theres something worng not working on my new host
11:38<elench>You can't use screen to make nice little windows :P
11:38<amitz>but fire is hotter than water.
11:39<amitz>^^ just trying to convolute the conversation.
11:39<maushu>elench: Whats up with you and little windows. SHEESH.
11:39*elench is afriad of the so called 1 display 1 screen console warrior
11:39<@jed>Phiber_Optic: works here:
11:39<@jed>11:39 jsmith@upsidedown host ~
11:39<@jed> has address
11:39<Phiber_Optic>jed forgot to clean my cache
11:39<JshWright>you'd run a full-blown window manager in order to run a few terminals?
11:39<Phiber_Optic>my bad
11:39<@jed>JshWright: all day long
11:40<elench>JshWright: er I wouldn't call tinybox a full blown wm
11:40-!-jamey-uk [] has left #linode []
11:40<elench>I was just wondering if any of the images had one...
11:40<JshWright>elench: it doesn't do window management?
11:40<elench>ffs it's like talking in hatters tea party
11:41<@Perihelion>CHANGE PLACES
11:41<JshWright>elench: we just think you're crazy, that's all ;)
11:41<elench>Just Mad :P
11:41-!-mode/#linode [+v-o Perihelion Perihelion] by Perihelion
11:41<JshWright>if you needed a graphical terminal, they not use your terminal application of choice via NX?
11:42<JshWright> (or SSH X forwarding... or... etc)
11:44-!-cz9qvh [] has joined #linode
11:45<elench>you still need a Xserver running for NX, don't see your point.
11:46<elench>thou connecting form a wii/psp might be fun for giggles.
11:49<Lee>Would you guys use Anope or something else with UnrealIRCd?
11:54<Battousai>well first of all i wouldn't use unrealircd
11:54-!-cz9qvh [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:54<+Perihelion>Lee: I use atheme
11:54<elench>hybrid is nice.
11:54-!-mode/#linode [+o Perihelion] by ChanServ
11:54<elench>sadly :( not many networks use it.
11:54<@Perihelion>Eh, Unreal has all of the features I want and is stable
11:54<@Perihelion>So meh
11:55-!-sorressean [~FuckOff@] has joined #linode
11:55<sorressean>I'm trying to set up ssh to use public/private keys. I have my public key generated (which went to the server I'm connecting to). I'm not sure where to put the private key, though.
11:55-!-getsmart [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
11:56<TLKit>The hell, man.
11:56<maushu>Unreal? Pew pew.
11:56<TLKit>InspIRCd or gtfo.
11:56-!-HedgeMage [] has joined #linode
11:56<@Perihelion>The last time i used it there were too many issues
11:56<@Perihelion>unreal is dying, but at least things dont change all the time lol
11:56<TLKit>Well, feel free to PM me if you have any issues, I'm here to help...
11:56-!-mdcollins [] has joined #linode
11:56<TLKit>I have InspIRCd running on 4 Linode's and it >'s Unreal, big time.
11:57<@Perihelion>I don't anymore since I don't use it lol
11:57<elench>o.O wtf you need 4 ircds for?
11:57-!-Hoggs [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:57<@Perihelion>load balancing/geographic locations?
11:58-!-xpire|mobile [~xpire|] has quit [Quit: xpire|mobile]
11:58-!-MetaCosm_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:58-!-Harry_Mudd [] has joined #linode
11:58<sorressean>Anyone know what I need to append my private key to?
11:58<TLKit>Well, 1 is for hub (Anope), the other 3 are for whatever, 1 is London (for people within Europe), the other... Fremont and Newark.
11:58<@jed>sorressean: what platform are you connecting from?
11:59<sorressean>another linux box.
11:59-!-v0lksman [] has joined #linode
11:59<@jed>is it RSA or DSA?
11:59-!-dKingston [] has quit [Quit: testing]
11:59<elench>sorressean: look in sshd_config or whatever the file is on your OS.
11:59-!-kenichi [] has joined #linode
11:59<elench>look for this line ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
11:59<@jed>elench: that's not what he asked
12:00<sorressean>werd. can I have more than one entry in id_dsa?
12:00<@jed>sorressean: no
12:00*sorressean winces.
12:00<@jed>is there an id_dsa already there?
12:00<elench>thought he said where to put his pub key
12:00<@jed>Apr20 11:58:39 < sorressean> Anyone know what I need to append my private key to?
12:00-!-Talman [Talman|] has joined #linode
12:00<sorressean>no, there's not. I see.
12:00<HoopyCat>sorressean: you can have more than one id_dsa-like-file and refer to it with the -i
12:00<@jed>or in ~/.ssh/config
12:01<sorressean>I have a rsa and so the is what goes to every other server.
12:01<@jed>you want it to be called id_rsa and for SSH to use it without your explicitly telling it so
12:01*sorressean nods. thanks.
12:01<@jed>protip: ssh -vvv
12:01-!-dKingston [] has joined #linode
12:02-!-silence [] has joined #linode
12:03-!-RiverRat [] has joined #linode
12:03-!-Talman|Ghosting [~Talman|] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
12:04-!-mathew [] has joined #linode
12:04-!-oghmag [~c0a89262@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:05<sorressean>that stack script was... amazing. it crashed the new install. :d
12:07-!-osmosis [] has joined #linode
12:08-!-Bohemian [~Bohemian@] has joined #linode
12:09-!-walterheck [] has quit [Quit: walterheck]
12:09-!-Pupeno [] has quit [Quit: Learn Esperanto:]
12:10<maushu>dun dun dun
12:10*maushu is looking for the godlike size linodes.
12:11<maushu>So I can sigh dreamingly.
12:11<Bohemian>i'm about to upgrade to the 1080
12:11-!-drewr [] has quit [Quit: Changing server]
12:12*amitz got a brilliant idea!
12:12<amitz>linode should have an mlm scheme! muahahahahaha
12:13<mendel>You're not in their mlm scheme? Wow, you'll be low on the pyramid if you start now.
12:13<amitz>member who get member will get part of the comission of the downliner who get a new downliner muahahaha
12:13<maushu>Ah here we go: Linode 14400 $799.95 640GB 2000GB
12:13<mendel>Actually, I solved that problem nicely: Dreamhost referrals pay for my Linode now.
12:14<amitz>mendel: what? fuck, I'm late!
12:14<Lee>UnrealIRCd is stupid.
12:15-!-sonicrules1234 [] has joined #linode
12:15<sorressean>Host Duration: 0 minutes, 1 second Host Message: This isn't a Xen kernel! Fix your configuration profile.
12:15*amitz out. I'll have to convince my grandma to buy a linode now.
12:15*sorressean didn't change his profile. :|
12:15<Karrde>Unreal > *
12:15<Lee>Why does it appear anope is not starting
12:16<maushu>sorressean: Whatever you do don't divide by zero.
12:16<sonicrules1234>Hello, how would I set up my linode to work with the extra IP I buy?
12:16<sorressean>sonicrules1234: there should be an article at showing you how to configure a second interface.
12:16<Karrde>Lee: user misconfiguration, and if Anope's not starting what does Unreal have to do with it?
12:17<Lee>Karrde: /oper was being stupid till I remembered the user was case sensitive
12:17<sorressean>Lee likes to spout off random BS, you get used to it after a while.
12:17-!-jameswilson [] has quit [Quit: jameswilson]
12:17<Lee>Karrde: It doesn't error when I ./services, but it's not trying to link..
12:17<Karrde>read the log files, check your config etc
12:19-!-ryan_c [] has joined #linode
12:19-!-v0lksman [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
12:21-!-hercynium [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:21-!-Twayne [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
12:24<TLKit>Karrde, how does Unreal > *?
12:24-!-Talman [Talman|] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:25<Lee>Karrde: [Apr 20 12:25:08 2010] FATAL: Can't connect to server: Connection refused
12:25-!-osmosis [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
12:25<@Perihelion>are you linking it to a port that's open on unreal?
12:26<Karrde>Lee: did you set up Unreal correctly? Both a listen block and a link block.
12:26<Karrde>and then rehash the ircd?
12:27<Karrde>TLKit: I don't really know, but I'm biased towards Unreal having used and managed it for 10 years, and I don't like it when people say "X is stupid/broken" when what they really mean is "I'm having a problem and would rather complain than work to solve it"
12:27<sorressean>but... but... you mean complaining won't fix it? dam!
12:27<@Perihelion>I wouldnt consider unreal broken
12:28<@Perihelion>Though some people insist it is despite the fact that it does what it should do
12:28<TLKit>Right, but... the project is no longer cared for, the dev. team have more 'fights' than goodness knows what, people leave over childish sutff, etc.
12:28<Lee>Karrde: class servers {} for the link block isn't right, isit?
12:28<@Perihelion>TLKit: That's why I maintain my own copy :D
12:29<Karrde>TLKit: I don't follow the politics, but there have been a few posts this year..
12:29-!-endlessmobius [~james@] has joined #linode
12:29<TLKit>I'm biased towards InspIRCd, of course - but I used to <3 Unreal and defend it like you would/are, but then I got to know InspIRCd and it really does go a long way.
12:30<@Perihelion>there were still too many quirks when I tried it
12:30<Karrde>Lee: sure it is
12:30<@Perihelion>Enough to make me lose interest in it
12:30<TLKit>The start of InspIRCd was a little bumpy, but it's on the right road now, I think... anyway.
12:30-!-osmosis [] has joined #linode
12:31<TLKit>I'd post a link here but I don't know if I'd be allowed.
12:31<Karrde>Lee: e.g.
12:31<@Perihelion>Perhaps. Many things have changed in 6 months or so lol
12:31<Lee>Karrde: No, I got it, listen *:1333; is what I forgot
12:32-!-drewr [] has joined #linode
12:32<TLKit>Anyway, if you're bored - just have a little read of - I understand Karrde, used it for years and it isn't easy to change your opinion after a while.
12:33-!-Bdragon [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
12:33<sonicrules1234>Hrm, I set up the static configuration like in that guide, and I can bind to the IP address now, but when I try connecting to somewhere else once I have bound to the IP, it won't connect
12:33<@Perihelion>unreal works on mac :3
12:33<Lee>Woah, sonicrules1234, is sigma a linode?
12:33<Karrde>TLKit: I'll read it at least
12:33<sonicrules1234>Lee: Yep
12:33<@Perihelion>tjfontaine: I havent tried that :PO
12:33<Lee>sonicrules1234: Hmph. I had no idea. 360?
12:34<tjfontaine>Perihelion: sure you have, you just don't know it :D
12:34<sonicrules1234>Lee: I think so
12:34<TLKit>Perihelion: So does InspIRCd :p?
12:34<TLKit>Karrde: Thanks!
12:34<@Perihelion>tjfontaine: not from an admin PoV
12:34<@Perihelion>TLKit: Theyre saying it doesnt :<
12:34<sonicrules1234>Lee: Do you have any experience with setting up multiple IP addresses?
12:34<TLKit>Perihelion: Orly, where?
12:35<tjfontaine>Perihelion: it's just hybrid really, where all server notes are global and you can't keep god mode for more than 15 minutes :)
12:35<@Perihelion>Portability: Mac OS X support
12:35<@Perihelion>Ah, then I have in a roundabout way :P
12:35<Karrde>TLKit: what does '4in6 only' mean? I have an Unreal working listening on 2001:470:zzzz:yyy::2 which is through a tunnel broker
12:36<Lee>sonicrules1234: Nope, Iff only has one I'm afraid
12:36-!-RSully [] has joined #linode
12:37-!-numer [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:38<Lee>Karrde: /wind 1
12:38<Lee>Karrde: er, ignore that
12:38-!-Twayne [] has joined #linode
12:38-!-BusyBee [~Nifa@] has joined #linode
12:39-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has joined #linode
12:39-!-Harry_Mudd [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.3-dev]
12:39*erikh likey hybrid
12:40<erikh>it works, it continues to work and sometimes, it even works
12:40-!-rtrrt [] has joined #linode
12:40<tjfontaine>path: ^^^
12:40-!-osmosis [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
12:41<HoopyCat>Success rate is 50 percent (3/6), round-trip min/avg/max = 72/200/240 ms
12:41-!-rtrrt [] has quit []
12:41<bd_>rtrrt: Your IRC client does not support unicode. You'll need to use another client (mibbit?) - oh
12:41<erikh>but it does support git tree-ish
12:42-!-Bdragon [] has joined #linode
12:42<Karrde>TLKit: is my 2001:470:zzzz:yyy::2 address 4in6? that looks like an IPV6 address to me
12:43<n00bwork>it is 6
12:43<n00bwork>but the payload of the ipv6 packets is ipv4 packets
12:43<n00bwork>de-wrap it twice
12:43-!-FiXato [] has quit [Quit: FiXato]
12:44<n00bwork>ipv6( ipv4 ( payload ) )
12:44-!-FiXato [] has joined #linode
12:44<Karrde>how can you tell?
12:45<RSully>anyone see this?
12:46<erikh>people still wear watches?
12:46<erikh>wait wait wait
12:47<mikegrb>! people still use slackware?!?!
12:47<erikh>people still wear watches that run slackware?
12:48<RSully>this is the fail:
12:48<RSully>However, for a cell phone to connect to the watch, the cell phone needs to have a Bluetooth chip that's compatible with the new low-energy version. Phones with existing Bluetooth chips won't be able to connect.
12:51-!-jameswilson [] has joined #linode
12:52-!-FiXato [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:57-!-maushu [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
12:57<mikegrb>mmm cake
12:58<taupehat>poor mikegrb
12:59<RSully>he needs to say something when you say his name i think
12:59-!-descender [] has joined #linode
13:00-!-jackson__ [] has joined #linode
13:04<RSully>how does mysql react to multiple primary keys in one table
13:04-!-raddy [] has joined #linode
13:04<tjfontaine>then that's not a primary key is it
13:04<Karrde>that's possible?
13:04-!-sonicrules1234 [] has quit [Quit: G2G, tutor is here]
13:04<Karrde>you can have multiple columns as your primary key
13:05-!-mdcollins_ [] has joined #linode
13:05<RSully>yeah im not 100% sure on the subject, but i know in my sql client it lets me add multiple indexes, not sure how it works
13:05<tjfontaine>or more correctly phrased, a key need not be a single field
13:06<tjfontaine>an index is not a key
13:06-!-raddy [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:06<Karrde>you can define any colum(s) as unique
13:06<RSully>so thats with key type => unique
13:06-!-gmcharlt [] has joined #linode
13:06<tanto>wow, noc has been hot for about 1 month now
13:06<tanto>hard to work like this
13:06<tanto>76.8 F
13:07<Guspaz>What's that in real degrees.
13:07<RSully>ouch, that sucks
13:07-!-numer [] has joined #linode
13:07<Guspaz>!newercalc 76.8 f in c
13:07<linbot>Guspaz: urmom
13:07<Guspaz>!newcalc 76.8 f in c
13:07<linbot>Guspaz: 76.8 degrees Fahrenheit = 24.8888889 degrees Celsius
13:07<tanto>76.8 degrees Fahrenheit = 298.038889 kelvin
13:07<Guspaz>That is somewhat warm, not much so.
13:07<RSully>i couldnt work in that temp
13:07<tanto>it's hot for an office
13:08<RSully>its like 68 in my house
13:08<tanto>warm is 72 F
13:08<dKingston>if anybody is interested
13:08<Guspaz>24 is what my parents like to keep their AC at during the summer.
13:08<Guspaz>Which is ~75 degrees I guess.
13:09<tanto>you mean that's what they like to keep the heat at =)
13:09<RSully>i'd prefer like 72 for the ac, anything higher is too hard to concentrate for me
13:09<RSully>i guess it would help if i didnt go to sleep at 2am =/
13:09<tanto>been here 9 minutes and i already have 8 tickets. =(
13:10<RSully>tanto: where you work?
13:10<Guspaz>That's odd, there isn't that big a difference between 22 and 24 c.
13:10<tanto>i won't say
13:10<tanto>lets just say it's a hosting company
13:10-!-arooni-mobile [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:10<RSully>and its safe to assume its not linode
13:11<tanto>it's not linode or slicehost but it is a competitor, kind of
13:11<RSully>hmm rackspace cloud might be my next guess
13:11-!-jameswilson [] has quit [Quit: jameswilson]
13:11<sorressean>so why do you sit in #linode? :|
13:12<RSully>because linode be awesome
13:12<tanto>i'm a linode customer
13:12<dKingston>i just watch
13:12<tanto>slicehost IS rackspace btw
13:12-!-hercynium [~hercynium@] has joined #linode
13:12<tanto>rackspace bought them something like 2 years ago
13:12<RSully>tanto: yeah but cloud vs vps =/
13:12-!-sthg [~sthg@] has joined #linode
13:12<erikh>i'm just working on my abillity to multiplex chat and code
13:12<RSully>hmm, vpsland lol
13:13-!-nessenj [] has joined #linode
13:13<RSully>alright too much chatting going on for me, back to work xD
13:15<randallman>God Damnit, my boss just got fired
13:16<path>you curse and smile at the same time.. i'm not sure what to make of that
13:16<randallman>No its bad
13:16<randallman>Its all bad
13:16<randallman>basically, if I were the manager of several teams
13:16<tanto>wishing we worked at the same place =)
13:16<randallman>I would have been just like him in my approach
13:17<randallman>and I would be fired
13:17<path>why he fired for his approach or what he accomplished?
13:17<randallman>His approach
13:17<randallman>he was extremely successful
13:17<randallman>in getting work done
13:17<@jed>#linode: violating NDAs, one customer at a time
13:17<randallman>But his approach was off for this org
13:17<path>i didn't know people actually gave reasons when firing
13:17<randallman>jed, meaning? :P
13:18<path>that just opens you up to liabilities
13:18*pparadis violated urmom
13:18<@pparadis>for great justice
13:18<path>so are they promoting anyone, or combining teams?
13:19-!-loxs [~loxs@] has joined #linode
13:19<tanto>bosses should have to go to boss school
13:19<@Perihelion>What is this NDA you speak of?
13:19<tanto>also microwave popcorn should be banned from the officeplace
13:19<dKingston>non disclosure agreement
13:20<@Perihelion>Go sit in the corner.
13:20<@Perihelion>You have KILLED this.
13:20<@jed>tanto: never.
13:20*dKingston sits in the corner
13:22<erikh>people get fired and that's all anyone else ever thinks about
13:22<erikh>"who's getting promoted?"
13:22<erikh>makes me want to facestab people.
13:23<path>no one gets promoted at my work
13:23<randallman>Im not worried about who gets promoted :0
13:23<randallman>Im more worried that they will find a managers manager
13:23<randallman>to replace my old boss.
13:23<randallman>someone who has no clue about technology, but knows people
13:23<dKingston>erikh: hm
13:23<randallman>and wont understand what our how our team works
13:23<dKingston>you seem oddly familiar
13:23<tanto>jed: if you worked at an office where everyone burns their microwave popcorn you'd dislike it too =)
13:23<erikh>if it came from above, yeah, they'll get a hatchet man
13:23<erikh>classic move at least.
13:23<tanto>burnt popcorn makes it hard for me to breathe successfully
13:24<tanto>here's a good one
13:24<tanto>burnt popcorn or BO
13:24<@jed>burnt popcorn.
13:24<@Perihelion>We have these awesome things called windows
13:24<@Perihelion>They open
13:24<tanto>agreed =)
13:24<@jed>take your ass home and take a shower
13:24<@Perihelion>and air goes in and out
13:25<tanto>perihelion: our windows don't open
13:25<RSully>tanto: they do if you push hard enough
13:25<@Perihelion>And who's fault is that?
13:25<tanto>where i'm in the noc we don't even HAVE windows
13:25<@Perihelion>For you chose to work there.
13:25<tanto>i didn't choose to work with people who burn popcorn and have BO, that's just an added bonus =)
13:25<@Perihelion>Neiter did I
13:25<@Perihelion>And I dont
13:25<dKingston>Perihelion: you work at home
13:25<RSully>*cough* jed
13:26<@Perihelion>I'm sitting in a conference room atm
13:26<@Perihelion>Like a champ
13:26<RSully>is that code for living room?
13:26<@jed>no, it's a large office with a table in it
13:26<@jed>which we meet in
13:26<dKingston>so like
13:26<dKingston>you're all in the same room
13:26<dKingston>but using IRC to talk to each other
13:26<dKingston>whats wrong here
13:26<sorressean>they're in their own confirence rooms, and they just yell back and forth
13:27<@jed>docs team has an office, I'm in an office with irgeek, caker/tasaro/mikegrb have their own offices
13:27<erikh>wait, did I violate NDA there?
13:28<dKingston>who knows
13:28<sorressean>confirence room != office!
13:28<@Perihelion>I just said hi to jed irl
13:28<@Perihelion>Also I have an iPod
13:28<@Perihelion>Mainly so I don't heave to hear jed
13:28<dKingston>i'm getting a macbook pro
13:28<erikh>Perihelion: wait, so you guys really nest up in the conference room? I was wondering if something was being moved or something.
13:28<@Perihelion>It's not a normal thing
13:28<@jed>she is in there temporarily
13:29<@jed>she's on timeout.
13:29<@Perihelion>When you were here we were camping out
13:29<randallman>heh was playing Dragon Age: AWakenings... The dwarf rogue companion says 'Fail' if you try to open a locked chest and fail :)
13:29<@Perihelion>Mainly because we could
13:29<Daevien>when poeople are bad they have to sit by jed, they aren't bad a second time
13:29<randallman>Its funny how the modern lexicon makes it into video games :)
13:29<erikh>well, I do swear a lot when I'm forced to type.
13:29<@Perihelion>I do too
13:29-!-hercynium [~hercynium@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:29<@Perihelion>I also do it in real life
13:29<dKingston>my god
13:29<dKingston>the FOSS conferences
13:29<dKingston>are boring
13:29<erikh>don't go?
13:29<@Perihelion>I'm kinda shocked you didn't hear us
13:30<@Perihelion>It gets quite...colorful
13:30<@jed>Daevien: :/
13:30<erikh>Perihelion: nah, I was engorged in writing an essay about burritos
13:30<@Perihelion>Also pwnt
13:30<dKingston>erikh: i dont think i could anyway
13:30<@Perihelion>You wrote about burritos?
13:30<erikh>it ... was not very good.
13:30<dKingston>oh, as templates
13:30<dKingston>i'm using lorem ipsum
13:30<dKingston>(for websites)
13:30<erikh>at some point I devised a burrito superhero, and then I thought punishing others with spandex might be a bad idea
13:30<erikh>so I went the francis ford coppola route.
13:31<erikh>burrito godfather.
13:31<dKingston>erikh: his beans will kill you
13:31<@Perihelion>At least your interview wasnt ALL AFTERNOON
13:31*Perihelion leers at pparadis
13:31<erikh>heh. I had to go post-haste anyhow.
13:31<@Perihelion>I drove up from MD
13:32<erikh>how far is that? I'm east coast stupid.
13:32<@Perihelion>~4 hours?
13:32<@Perihelion>Between 3 and 4
13:32<Guspaz>Baltimore is in Maryland, and Otakon is in Baltimore, and Otakon is something like 4-5 hours away from NYC?
13:32<Daevien>i'm busy trying not to strangle my boss today mostly. may 10th, hurry the hell up. thats when he's gone. i did have to laugh at him this mornign when he nearly had a heart attack cause he thought the head of the company worldwide + the guy that is canada wide were coming down tomorrow to give him his review with his boss though
13:32<Guspaz>(Apparently I now measure distances by Anime conventions)
13:32<dKingston>manhatten is fun
13:33<dKingston>i've never been there though, only the bronx
13:34<erikh>I believe I will grace ardmore pizza with my plastic today
13:34<erikh>I wonder if they'll deliver just a gyro
13:34<@Perihelion>We don't have any gyro places near my house
13:34<erikh>Yaakov: liar.
13:34<@Perihelion>GOOD MORNING YAAKOV
13:34<kenichi>mmmm love
13:35<erikh>Perihelion: they have... some kind of delivery conglomerate thingamabob here.
13:35<erikh>it's kind of neat.
13:35<@Perihelion>I WOULD LIKE TO GO
13:35<linbot>New news from forums: load balancing with a custom server in Performance and Tuning <>
13:35<Yaakov>Hello, Perihellion.
13:35<@Perihelion>However I may be in the process of moving around that time
13:35-!-kassah [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:35<@Perihelion>You could come help me move instead. I wouldn't mind
13:36*HoopyCat appends to calendar
13:36<Yaakov>Perihelion: As much as I would LOVE to do that I have a prior commitment.
13:36<@Perihelion>Le cry.
13:36<Yaakov>HoopyCat has a strong back and a willing heart...
13:36-!-saikat [] has joined #linode
13:36-!-camel [] has joined #linode
13:37<HoopyCat>actually, my back is hell, which is why i probably won't actually end up there
13:37<dKingston>HoopyCat: you know python, correct/
13:37<Guspaz>HoopyCat knows every language.
13:37<dKingston>even mindfuck?
13:37<dKingston>or haskell
13:38<sorressean>Is there a better setup besides arno-iptables-firewall?
13:38<Guspaz>If I know Haskell, I'm sure HoopyCat does.
13:38<HoopyCat>dKingston: i know some python here and there
13:38<Guspaz>But I hate it.
13:38<dKingston>haskell for me is a bit weird
13:38<dKingston>it's syntax makes me want to stab my monitor
13:38<sorressean>it seems to be intent on writing *everything* to syslog. >.>
13:38-!-hercynium [~hercynium@] has joined #linode
13:38<RSully>dKingston: i think you mean brainfuck
13:38<dKingston>RSully: yeah
13:39<erikh>what the shit
13:39<Yaakov>Piet is the only laguage you ever need.
13:39<dKingston>if you care
13:39<erikh>damn gyros aren't on the foodler menu
13:40<Guspaz>I had to learn it in a class on functional programming, where the prof made us learn his made-up language "Haskell++", which has no relation to the *real* "Haskell++". Of course, you can't actually compile FakeHaskell++, because it's made up by the prof (who has a weak grip on sanity). And then you need to write Haskell++ scripts on paper for exams.
13:40<Guspaz>Yaakov: Admiral Piett?
13:40<dKingston>Guspaz: .......
13:40<Yaakov>No. Piet Mondrian, actually.
13:41<dKingston>i question professors more and more
13:41<Guspaz>I should say that the prof made us learn Haskell first, working with a compiler, and then only later made us learn his fake version.
13:41<erikh>Server with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Tzatziki, Salt, and Oregano.
13:41<@Perihelion>That's not entirely bad really
13:41<erikh>THERE WE ARE.
13:41<@Perihelion>It gets you to think
13:41<@Perihelion>And while the language may be useless, the concepts arent
13:41<dKingston>you should see my progrmming language
13:41<Guspaz>He kept telling us he was working on getting big contracts with the US government or something (this being a university in Montreal, which is not in the US)
13:41<Guspaz>Of course, the next class he'd always tell us that he hadn't gotten the contract :P
13:42<tanto> LOL
13:42<Guspaz>I'm not sure if I should click on that at work :P
13:42<sorressean>it seems to be intent on writing *everything* to syslog. >.>
13:42<dKingston>this is the wonderful hello world
13:43<Guspaz>It looks straightforward enoguh.
13:43<Guspaz>I prefer this hello world:
13:43<RSully>tanto: not as good as
13:43<dKingston>although it looks as though it would be interpreted
13:43<dKingston>it's a compiled language
13:43<erikh>so, i'm getting 2 gyros, some fried mushrooms, and a "2 litter" of soda
13:43<Guspaz>Any language can be compiled or interpreted.
13:44<tanto>rsully lol nice
13:44<dKingston>oh i know
13:44<erikh>pretty awesome, huh?
13:44<Guspaz>2 litters, eh?
13:44<Guspaz>Maybe you should ask for the mother, and you can then produce your own litters of soda.
13:44<tanto>- Ruby on Railroads - Ruby on Boats
13:44<@jed>dKingston: what language is that?
13:44<@Perihelion>IM ON A BOAT
13:44<RSully>PHP 7 :)
13:44<tanto>omg free identity theft ?!
13:44<dKingston>jed: mine
13:45<dKingston>it's called affinity
13:45<RSully>2 glow sticks man
13:45<@jed>dKingston: do you have any fuller examples?
13:45<dKingston>i chose it because it means "a community with similar ideas and interests"
13:45<dKingston>yeah, hold up
13:45<RSully>tanto: "Exceptional service for an exceptional price. My only complaint is that technical support told me to fuck off when I called them, but everything else has been great."
13:45<linbot>New news from forums: Are there databases on physical servers? in Sales Questions and Answers <>
13:45<dKingston>jed: what would you like to see
13:45<RSully>keep refreshing to see the quotes at the bottom
13:45<@jed>your largest sample
13:46<RSully>Our LAMP is powered by 30 halogen bulbs for extra bright lightening that will definitely hurt your eyes. \
13:46<metaperl_>uname -a says that a remote computer is running GNU/Linux, but that doesnt say if it is ubuntu or debian, how can I find that out?
13:46<@Perihelion>My LEMP > Your LAMP
13:46<RSully>lolol Don't like uploading your files via FTP? No problem! Send us your files on a floppy and we'll upload it for you. It's one of the many ways we do our best to accommodate your needs. Just remember, our floppy system does not accept Windows, Linux, or Mac floppies.
13:47*erikh uses LEPR
13:47<@pparadis>Perihelion: that's okay, my LCPP > your LEMP
13:47<tanto>cat /etc/issue ; cat /etc/redhat-release
13:47<erikh>actually, FEPR for work
13:47<@Perihelion>pparadis: lies
13:47<tanto>for metaperl
13:47<tanto>cat /etc/
13:47<@pparadis>Perihelion: try it, you'll see
13:47<erikh>wait, someone actually uses cherokee?
13:48-!-camel [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:48<@jed>real people use Python SimpleHTTPServer
13:48<@pparadis>erikh: ever tried it?
13:48<@pparadis>it's pretty awesome
13:48<@jed> <- done
13:48<sorressean>wow, he disappeared after you asked for the largest sample. wonder if he had to go make it up or something. :|
13:48<dKingston>it's awesome
13:48<dKingston>but it pisses me off
13:48<dKingston>90% of the time
13:48<erikh>eh, but I can be vulnerable to slowloris without using it
13:48<@pparadis>it's also ridiculously fast
13:48<erikh>but no. nginx works, and I have some low level investment
13:48<@Perihelion>pparadis: YOU CANT MAKE ME
13:49<Yaakov>I use Rick Klements 24-line Perl httpd.
13:49<@Perihelion>I use urfais
13:49<erikh>oh, sorry
13:49<@pparadis>/etc/init.d/urfais stop
13:49<erikh>I have a some sendmail CF that can technically serve web pages too.
13:50<@pparadis>somebody wrote a web server in postscript once
13:50<@pparadis>it worked.
13:50<Yaakov>Really, netcat is all you ever need.
13:50<erikh>well, it is a full programming language.
13:50<@Perihelion>I have an IRC client in it :3
13:50<sorressean>Is there a better script/something to help construct iptables rules rather than arno?
13:50<@jed>sorressean: vim
13:51<Karrde>sorressean: nano
13:51<erikh>what jed said. or, you could try something simpler like ufw.
13:51<@Perihelion>sorressean: I use config server
13:51<@Perihelion>It's insanely easy to deal with
13:51<dKingston>line 7 is off slightly of indentation
13:51<dKingston>(it's not forced coding style)
13:51<@jed>dKingston: that's your largest sample? did you just write it?
13:51<@pparadis>here we go:
13:51<Yaakov>sorressean: Webmin's iptables module is pretty good.
13:51<erikh>I used to just have a set of shell functions, and a port loop aruond them.
13:51<tanto>ticket #1 done, fixed some grails website
13:51<dKingston>jed: no
13:51<dKingston>that sadly is my largest sample
13:52<@Perihelion>brb cancer
13:52<@jed>dKingston: looks close to python with extra syntax
13:52<dKingston>it does look close to python
13:52<dKingston>i do admit that
13:52*sorressean nods. I understand the basics of iptables, but when I try to make it work like I want things go to shit and I end up having to use lish.
13:52<@tychoish>common lisp webserver. pwnt
13:52-!-zack_ [] has joined #linode
13:53<@jed>I wish I had my tape, I'd pull my x86 assembler Web server off ot it
13:53<@jed>and pwn you all
13:53<Nivex>pwnguin: rst
13:53<pwnguin>use arm and we'll talk
13:53<@jed>pwnguin: how about AVR?
13:54<pwnguin>you'd have to write the tcp stack first ;)
13:54<@jed>nah, arduino did for me
13:54<pwnguin>true i guess
13:54<@jed>code reuse++
13:54-!-LordMetroid [] has joined #linode
13:54<Yaakov>I use an httpd that runs on an original Babbage engine.
13:54<pwnguin>i was thinking about using erlang for the web
13:55<dKingston>..web server in.. ASM?!
13:55<dKingston>jed: what are you nuts?
13:55<@jed>against Win32
13:55<pwnguin>but then i found out it didn't support apache
13:55<tanto>erlang is kind of cool for some things
13:55<@jed>it was an exercise in __fastcall calling conventions under Win32
13:55<dKingston>jed: now do it in pure binary.
13:55<pwnguin>we have these things called compilers and assemblers
13:55<@jed>honestly, if the idea of a Web server in assembly under Win32 scares you, you shouldn't be designing a language
13:55<@jed>word from the wise, my friend
13:55<pwnguin>they do these mundane translations for you
13:56<dKingston>i'm just kidding around
13:56<@jed>I know :)
13:56<@jed>write an interpreter first
13:56<@jed>optimizing hash table lookups for namespaces is a challenge in itself
13:56<pwnguin>hell, write the grammar and a dozen programs first
13:56<@jed>pwnguin: I mean an interpreter for an already-established language
13:56<dKingston>jed: which
13:56<@jed>dKingston: pick one
13:57<@jed>I'd recommend something simple and turing complete
13:57<pwnguin>dKingston: you should write a parser for... ML
13:57<pwnguin>ok, maybe a bad idea
13:57-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has joined #linode
13:57<@jed>write an interpreter for python
13:57<@jed>in python
13:57<dKingston>thats done
13:58<erikh>write one for scheme
13:58<erikh>it's not hard.
13:58<pwnguin>dKingston: everything has been done
13:58<chrisa>C has a pretty simple syntax for what it's worth
13:58<@jed>this is an exercise for your learning, not distribution
13:58<chrisa>The grammar is in the back of the K&R book
13:58<tanto>problem #2 fixed, crontab'd cron find -exec rm syntax fail!
13:58<@jed>plus walking away from a project because it's been done already will make you a bummed out programmer for the rest of your life
13:58<@jed>look at ubuntu, it reinvents shit every release
13:58<@jed>YEAH I SAID IT
13:58<erikh>or perl
13:58<erikh>or ruby
13:58<chrisa>jed: Time to change init again!
13:58<erikh>or python
13:58<pwnguin>dKingston: how about this: write a program that translates from Python to C
13:58<erikh>they all reinvent each other perpetually.
13:59<Daevien>write a webserver in cobol
13:59<dKingston>pwnguin: ...never
13:59<pwnguin>should take you six months to do poorly
13:59<erikh>what a colossal waste of effort.
13:59<@jed>write an assembler
13:59<@jed>seriously, you think I'm kidding, but it's about as easy as it gets in the "coding tools" line of work
13:59<pwnguin><-- wrote a translator from MiniJava to C
13:59<@jed>complex syntaxes are for pros
13:59<erikh>anyhow, if you get stuck writing a scheme evaluator, there should be plenty of help out there.
13:59<erikh>it's not hard.
14:00<@jed>here you go: implement MMIX
14:00<@jed>implement MMIX and write an assembler for it
14:00<pwnguin>mini java == java without the annoying object reflections
14:00<@jed>implementing MMIX in hardware is on my list of things to do before I die
14:00<pwnguin>surely someone has posted that on opencores already
14:00<erikh>2009 was so last year.
14:01<HoopyCat>i dunno, i'd be happy building an 8-bit architecture in 74xx-series logic
14:02<erikh>sql isn't that hard to write a grammar for either
14:02<pwnguin>The GNU Compiler Collection includes an MMIX back-end for its C/C++ compilers, contributed by Hans-Peter Nilsson and part of the main GCC distribution since late 2001.
14:02<erikh>at least the basics.
14:02<@jed>pwnguin: yeah, but nobody's put it in an FPGA yet
14:02<HoopyCat>hard part's finding enough physical space, wire, and room in the breaker panel for the 200-amp 5V supply
14:02<@jed>HoopyCat: ever thought about building an IBM PC on a breadboard?
14:02<pwnguin>jed: apparently not
14:02<@jed>a few people have done that
14:03<pwnguin>jed: but since gcc targets it you can at least build a few test apps
14:03<pwnguin>although, i suspect you'd be missing peripherals
14:04<HoopyCat>jed: it's entirely possible
14:04<@jed>yeah, and would be fun
14:04<pwnguin>im sure they did one or two of those at IBM
14:05*Guspaz 's idea of a DIY project is to build an NES PC that, excepting the lid, has no outward differences from a normal NES, including accepting the orginal controllers and outputting via composite.
14:06<pwnguin>Guspaz: what about the carts?
14:07<Guspaz>I'm willing to sacrifice that in order to fit the PC in there, and to give some place for PC connectors to be available.
14:07<pwnguin>NES is well documented and old enough that you can probably find linux drivers for the controllers
14:08<Guspaz>I'm afraid that such a project is probably beyond my skills, though. Getting a PC into a NES isn't the problem, getting connectors and such working is.
14:08<Guspaz>I had planned to just get USB adapters and wire them up internally.
14:09<erikh>you used to be able to find kits on fidonet that would adapt snes and nes controllers to old style game ports.
14:09<erikh>not that... i've done that or anything.
14:09<Battousai>it's a wonderful world we live in now that we can just bluetooth the wiimote to our computers
14:10<Battousai>is bluetooth verbable?
14:10<@jed>connected via bluetooth
14:10<Guspaz>Not AFAIK.
14:10<Battousai>is verb adjectivable?
14:10*pparadis bluetoothed jed
14:10<@Perihelion>And I wasn't invited?
14:10<@pparadis>i took pix
14:10<@pparadis>no worries
14:15<Karrde>(╬ ಠ益ಠ)
14:16<@jed>!rainbow Be happy!
14:16<linbot>jed: Be happy!
14:16-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:18<Guspaz>erikh: More interesting is that it looks like NES and SNES controllers are electrically compatible, in that the same retrozone controller handles both NES and SNES... So if I could build/buy an SNES to NES adapter (like this:, then I could use SNES controllers on the NESPC without needing uglification.
14:18<Guspaz>Wait, NM
14:18<RSully>!rainbow rofl
14:18<linbot>RSully: rofl
14:19<RSully>it would be nice if mikegrb echoed the color one
14:19<Guspaz>Wait, yes, they are compatible.
14:21-!-zack_ [] has quit [Quit: zack_]
14:21*Guspaz starts imagining frankenstein SNES controllers with NES plugs
14:23-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has joined #linode
14:24-!-numer [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:27-!-Phiber_Optic [~Phiber_Op@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:27-!-maushu [] has joined #linode
14:28<erikh>bodies are for hookers and fat people; all I need is a head with some cash in it
14:28<erikh>-- Bender
14:30-!-hercynium [~hercynium@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:39-!-zack_ [] has joined #linode
14:42-!-pheezy [~pheezy@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:43-!-zack_ [] has quit []
14:43-!-pheezy [~pheezy@] has joined #linode
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14:45-!-BusyBee [~Nifa@] has joined #linode
14:51-!-HedgeMage [] has quit [Quit: be back after lunch]
14:57<Nivex>!rainbow [morse [leet [urmom]]]
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15:00<erikh>!rainbow [morse [morse [morse [morse [f merchant of venice]]]]]
15:00<linbot>erikh: -....- .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- -....- .-.-.- -....- .-.-.- -....- .-.-.- -....- .-.-.- -....- .-.-.- -....- .-.-.- -....- .-.-.- -....- (50 more messages)
15:01<erikh>i wonder if there's a stack limit
15:01-!-laser` [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:01<linbot>New news from forums: Windows VPS in General Discussion <>
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15:03<Lee>Anope support BLOWS.
15:03<@Perihelion>What are you trying to do?
15:04<@Perihelion>You help
15:04<Lee>Perihelion: I go there, and show them TWO LINES
15:04<Lee>And I get banned
15:04<@jed>ha ha, welcome to IRC
15:04<@Perihelion>You flooded the channel apparently
15:04<@Perihelion>Which is somewhat lulz
15:05<@jed>!rainbow [f king james bible]
15:05<Rob>the gline has been removed, apparently an oper cant read :)
15:05<linbot>jed: This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it
15:07-!-sthg [~sthg@] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
15:07<@Perihelion>Dear Rob, Send me Cadbury's. Love, Amanda
15:08*Daevien emails Cadbury's to Perihelion
15:08<Rob>Dear folson, I had said cadburys, but ate them, I'm sure you'll understand, lve n hugs - Rob
15:08<@Perihelion>Dear Rob, :( </3. Rage, Amanda
15:08<Daevien>i has a whole display of them about um, 75 feet from me
15:08<@Perihelion>I have none, thanks to Rob.
15:08<linbot>azaghal: Yo momma's so paranoid, she wears tinfoil panties! (739:4/2) [mruom]
15:09<@Perihelion>She doesn't need to one wants any of that business
15:09*Daevien spies on erikh's facebook
15:10<erikh>don't keel over from excitement now
15:10<randallman>FBSTALK FTF
15:11<Battousai>aww wall kitty
15:11<Daevien>iz bad to link pirate pics on facebook :p
15:11<erikh>no, no, it's not.
15:12<erikh>my cat is awesome and you guys are just mongoloids until you understand that
15:12<erikh>that is all.
15:12<Daevien>i meant the one of you downloading 24
15:12<erikh>I wasn't downloading it.
15:13<erikh>I was transferring it.
15:13<erikh>the one I ripped with handbrake from a dvd I have in my house
15:13-!-kenichi [] has left #linode []
15:13<erikh>to transfer to my media center.
15:14-!-kenichi [] has joined #linode
15:14<erikh>you know, standard operating procedure
15:14<Daevien>suuuuuure :)
15:15<Daevien>fios is cool though, i had it in texas when i was there.. though my connection here in NS isn't all that bad, 15mbit and i can pretty much max it
15:15<erikh>I don't have it anymore. besides, cable around here is just as competitive.
15:16<metaperl_>wow, almost by telepathy my question showed up on reddit prog -
15:17<mathew>Seems like we have a mole
15:19<@jed>4 oh 4
15:19<@Perihelion>The requested URL /p/div-stop.jpg was not found on this server.
15:19-!-sonicrules1234 [] has joined #linode
15:20<erikh>Yaakov: you need my super awesome photo gallery software.
15:20<sonicrules1234>Hey, can somebody help me with my rdns? I set it in the linode manager, and it still hasn't propogated. I set it about 1:20 ago
15:20<erikh>it uses git for the thing it's worst at
15:20<erikh>(handling binary content)
15:20<Yaakov>erikh: I don't really want galleries...
15:21<Daevien>takes a while for rdns to take effect, some datacenters takes longer too since linode doens't have direct control over the ips i think
15:21<erikh>but... it uses git!
15:21<@jed>Daevien: that number is very small, we have control over almost all of our rDNS
15:21<sonicrules1234>How long should it take? When I set up rdns for my first IP, it was very quick
15:21<@jed>and getting smaller every day
15:21<@jed>sonicrules1234: IP?
15:21<Daevien>ah k, was going off of what i had heard others say here :p
15:22<@jed>give it time
15:22<@jed>you might have got in right before the zone regenerated last time, but we don't do it very frequently
15:22<@jed>I'd say wait a maximum of 24, then get concerned
15:23<sonicrules1234>24 hours?
15:23<@jed>use dig +trace -x, too
15:23<randallman>oh diggy diggy dig
15:24<Daevien>yeah when i said a while, it was in relation to how long you had alreayd waited, mine have always changed within 24
15:29-!-zack_ [] has joined #linode
15:30-!-hercynium [~hercynium@] has joined #linode
15:31-!-zack_ [] has quit []
15:33-!-zack_ [] has joined #linode
15:33-!-Damian [] has joined #linode
15:34-!-zack_ [] has quit []
15:34-!-numer [] has joined #linode
15:36-!-drewr [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
15:37-!-drewr [] has joined #linode
15:37-!-drewr [] has quit []
15:41-!-Pupeno [] has joined #linode
15:41<Daevien>Guspaz: fail
15:41-!-drewr [] has joined #linode
15:46-!-endlessmobius [~james@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:50-!-hercynium [~hercynium@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:55<randallman>Ok Im about to pass out
15:55<TheJoe>randallman: Try breathing
15:56<randallman>Boss Fired Internal Termoil Fail
15:56<erikh>Yaakov: but... it uses git!
15:56<Yaakov>erikh: I don't use git, much.
15:56<Guspaz>randallman: They broughtt the new guy in already and he's already making life hell?
15:58<erikh>s'cool, bro.
15:58<dhoss>cool story bro!
15:59<erikh>Damn, cool story bro.
15:59<randallman>Nah guspaz
15:59<randallman>old guy just got fired today :)
16:00<chesty> poor old guy
16:00<Guspaz>But you didn't, and the new guy isn't causing issues yet, so... Don't be so down!
16:01<randallman>he's a friend
16:01<randallman>and someone who isnt that different than I
16:01<randallman>and bleh
16:01<Daevien>become the BOFH randallman, make it so they can't get anyone else to manage and hire him back
16:01<randallman>it disheartens me about my employer and their appraoch to people :)
16:02<Daevien>vast majority of employers only care about one thing: money. though it sound slike this guy brought them money, he was a risk sinc ehe didn't brownnose to their standard :p
16:02<randallman>but I dont brownnose to thier standard either
16:03<randallman>not sure why I havent been fired ;)
16:03<Guspaz>Because you're randallman.
16:03<randallman>yeehaw :P
16:03<randallman>Ya know the biggest surprise to me is that there are others in my field or even at my compnay who are LESS flexible and accomidating than I am
16:03<randallman>which is UNBELIEVABLE
16:03<randallman>because I'm an asshole :)
16:03<Daevien>cause they need you/. until they can find someone else to do your job for less :p
16:04<randallman>People like us who can code, build networks, build servers, and get the birds eye view of the business arent exactly growing on trees :0
16:05<randallman>moreover, those of us that actually retain people skills too...
16:05<Rob>cool story bro
16:05<Rob>[End of blog post] [Comment?] [Email to Friend!] [Digg it!] [StumbleUpon] [] [Submit to Slashdot] [Submit to Reddit]
16:05<Rob>(sorry had to!) :)
16:05<randallman>Its not like it was a monologue :)
16:06<randallman>or a soliloquy
16:06<tjfontaine>ya Daevien kept fucking that up
16:07<randallman>Alrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrighty then :) :)
16:07<randallman>Next victim? :P Who'se next?
16:08-!-hfb [] has joined #linode
16:10<erikh>randallman: that sucks.
16:11-!-fermion [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:12<randallman>too bad that's all the permutations.... :)
16:12<randallman>Oh we'd missed one
16:13<randallman>yeah... fail++
16:13<randallman>Yeah double fail
16:13<randallman>someone put me out of my misery :)
16:13<maushu>Triple fail?
16:13<@jed>MONSTER FAIL
16:13<@jed>GODLIKE FAIL
16:13-!-randallman is now known as failman
16:13-!-tschundeee [] has joined #linode
16:13-!-failman is now known as randallman
16:14<erikh>!rainbow [fail [fail [fail [fail]]]]
16:14<linbot> <-- push it. nao.
16:14<randallman>oh stop it :)
16:14<randallman>I cant read that crap :)
16:14<bd_>!rainbow [urmom]
16:14<linbot>bd_: The two most abundant things in the universe are hydrogen and urmom. (:/) [muorm]
16:14<randallman>Is it just me being colorblind, or is that mostly illegible?
16:14<randallman>to normal eyes/
16:15<bd_>readable for me
16:15<erikh>!urmom [asdf
16:15<bd_>more or less
16:15<erikh>ha ha
16:15<randallman>I can read it but its difficult
16:15<erikh>!rainbow [urmom\]
16:15<bd_>maybe it's just my color scheme :)
16:15<erikh>!rainbow [urmom\\\]
16:15<bd_>!rainbow [echo \]]
16:15<bd_>!rainbow [echo "]']
16:15<erikh>!echo asdf
16:15<bd_>!rainbow [echo "]"]
16:15<randallman>!rainbow [rainbow [urmom]]
16:15<linbot>randallman: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
16:16<chesty>!rainbow [chesty]
16:16<linbot>double pits to chesty, he nailed it
16:16<Rob>you people make me sad, do it yourself instead of making the poor bot
16:16<Rob>eye rape :)
16:16<erikh>!rainbow there are many colors in the homo rainbow
16:16<linbot>erikh: there are many colors in the homo rainbow
16:16<@jed> o \O_ Arrgh!!
16:16<@jed> <\==- - - - - - - --- __/.
16:16<@jed> / \ \ `
16:16<erikh>it's a ween song.
16:16<@Perihelion>I need to put back on here
16:16<@Perihelion>It was amazing to the max
16:17<Rob>you love a bit of gay
16:17-!-Phiber_Optic [~Phiber_Op@] has joined #linode
16:17<Nivex>jed: that ascii art is ftw
16:17<bd_>Rob: stop using black :(
16:17<@jed>I stole it
16:17<Rob>bd_: lol
16:17<erikh>games/cowsay% sudo make install clean
16:17-!-loxs[] [~loxs@] has joined #linode
16:17<erikh>regret pandora.
16:17<Phiber_Optic>quick question whats the difference between managed vps and unmanaged? pros and cons
16:18<@jed>COMBO BROKEN
16:18<@Perihelion>That combo was RAPED
16:18<erikh> _____
16:18<erikh>< moo >
16:18<erikh> -----
16:18-!-loxs [~loxs@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:18<erikh> \ ^__^
16:18<erikh> \ (oo)\_______
16:18<erikh> (__)\ )\/\
16:18<Nivex>make it stop!
16:18<erikh>| ||
16:18<chesty>!rainbow [cc]
16:18<linbot>SpaceHobo: chickity china, the chinese chicken. have a drumstick and your brain stops tick'n
16:19<jess^> AHAHAHHAAHA
16:19<erikh> ___________
16:19<erikh>< 8=======D >
16:19<erikh> -----------
16:19<erikh> \ ^__^
16:19<erikh> \ (oo)\_______
16:19<erikh> (__)\ )\/\
16:19<erikh>| ||
16:19<Karrde>but does 8 REALLY equal D?
16:19<erikh>no, it just has semantic equivalence.
16:20*jed looks around for
16:20<@Perihelion>I'm proud to have been a part of this without being the cause
16:20<@Perihelion>You can pass figlet to it
16:20<@jed>caker has a bunch of awesome things in his irssi
16:20<@Perihelion>I cant get figlet for some reason
16:20<@Perihelion>It makes me sadpants
16:20<@jed>the best name for a package ever
16:20<@Perihelion>toilet sucks by comparison
16:20<@jed>ha ha, toilet sucks
16:20<@jed>bada bing
16:21<erikh>i wrote a library to interface with the old textfilters stuff.
16:21<erikh>someone packaged it all into a gnu project
16:21<randallman>haha nice signage to the face
16:21<erikh>and I bound it to a ruby facade
16:21<erikh>then, I integrated it into a bot
16:21<erikh>and used random bits of shakespeare as source text
16:22<erikh>i should probably put that shit on github anyhow
16:22<@jed>I think that's in my prompt
16:22<@jed>16:22 jsmith@upsidedown
16:22<@Perihelion>Needs moar rainbow fortune
16:22<@jed>less paste moar perl
16:23<@Perihelion>Not found
16:23<linbot>SpaceHobo: chickity china, the chinese chicken. have a drumstick and your brain stops tick'n
16:23<@jed>!trigger add
16:24<Nivex>stupid trailing slash
16:25<@Perihelion>jed: needs moar figlet on staff
16:25<erikh>there... the commit messages should give you an idea of how long it's been touched.
16:25<erikh>s/been/been since it was last/
16:25<@jed>Perihelion: debian...
16:26<@Perihelion>I have it on debian
16:26<Rob>figlet famine? :(
16:26<@Perihelion>Debian is not Irosh kthx
16:26-!-zack_ [] has joined #linode
16:26<@Perihelion>Irish too
16:26<Rob>we has potatos we is on about figlets
16:26<@Perihelion>I can count to potato.
16:27<erikh>but yeah, getting parts of macbeth in jive
16:27<erikh>total win
16:27<Rob> _ _ ___
16:27<Rob> _ __ ___ | |_ __ _| |_ ___|__ \
16:27<Rob>| '_ \ / _ \| __/ _` | __/ _ \ / /
16:27<Rob>| |_) | (_) | || (_| | || (_) |_|
16:27<Rob>| .__/ \___/ \__\__,_|\__\___/(_)
16:27<erikh>i should probably port that part to dbot
16:27<@pparadis>i can count to potato
16:27<@Perihelion>We've been over this
16:28<@jed>Perihelion: figlet is now on staff
16:28*pparadis walks around the office giving out free hugs
16:28<@Perihelion>NO HUGS
16:28<@Perihelion>ILL CALL THE COPS ON YOU
16:28<@pparadis>ye ye ye everyone gets a free hug
16:28<@jed>YOU ARE WELCOME
16:28<@Perihelion>figlet: standard.flf: Unable to open font file
16:28<@Perihelion>Font fail
16:28<Rob>figlet fail
16:28<@jed>then you fail
16:29<@Perihelion>Nar you could be helpful and do it properlike
16:29<@jed>oh, someone broke it
16:29-!-linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:29<@Perihelion>"Go hug jed." "HI JED! HI JAMES!"
16:29-!-FiXato [] has joined #linode
16:29-!-loxs[] [~loxs@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:30<@jed>cp: `fonts/term.flf' and `fonts/term.flf' are the same file
16:30<@jed>make: *** [install] Error 1
16:30-!-zack_ [] has quit []
16:31<Phiber_Optic>any guides on securing a server??
16:31<@jed>open("fonts/standard.flf", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
16:31<@jed>open("standard.flf", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
16:32-!-zack_ [] has joined #linode
16:32<@jed>Perihelion: fixed
16:32<@jed>that will be $20
16:34-!-draginx [~daniel@] has joined #linode
16:34<draginx>If my server just spiked to 99%, and I shut the server down
16:34<draginx>Is there a way to "see" what caused that spike?
16:34<@tychoish>99% of what? in what context?
16:35*erikh pushes a bunch of old repos to github
16:35<draginx>tychoish, CPu usage
16:35<erikh>maybe someone else finds them useful.
16:35<maushu>Thats nothing. I got 400% once.
16:35-!-HedgeMage [] has joined #linode
16:35<@tychoish>draginx, yes, since linodes have 4 cores, they can use up to 400% CPU
16:35<draginx>Actually i hit 110 :P
16:35-!-BusyBee [~Nifa@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:35<@tychoish>that's not, neccessarily anything to be alarmed about
16:35<draginx>tychoish, right but it hit 110% and the web server/pages werent responding
16:36<draginx>so I want to see what caused the hang up
16:36<draginx>it doesnt just shoot
16:36<Phiber_Optic>what about running chkrootkit?
16:36<@tychoish>draginx: if you've rebooted, your best bet is to wait for it to happen again and watch on the console or using a tool like top
16:36<draginx>it stopped at 145 actually (just refreshed)
16:37<erikh>holy crap
16:37<erikh>(old backups)++
16:38<@tychoish>draginx: without being able to look at the system console or top when your system is in that state it's very difficult to determine what the cause of the load is
16:43<erikh>revel in my perpetual awesome.
16:43-!-endlessmobius [~james@] has joined #linode
16:43<erikh>(or, you can read that as, "someone else really should fork this and make it work again")
16:46<erikh>i'm half-tempted to post the git repo that I used to create oodles of perl patches
16:51<erikh>hmm. this version of bclient is older than the export I have.
16:51<erikh>wtf erikh
16:52-!-Smark[Gone] is now known as Smark
16:53-!-mathew [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:53<mdcollins_>Any suggestions on a good book for the A+ certificate?
16:54-!-zack_ [] has quit [Quit: zack_]
16:54<chesty>A++ in a clamshell
16:54<erikh> # inb4baconmeme
16:55-!-hercynium [] has joined #linode
16:57-!-zack_ [] has joined #linode
16:59<dhoss>huh. this domain insists on fucking up my dns
16:59<dhoss>the changes won't take effect
16:59<erikh>dhoss: raise your right hand and say, "by the power of vixie"
16:59<tjfontaine>by your powers combined!
16:59<erikh>then hop in your delorean and conquer them
16:59<tjfontaine>I am captain vixie
17:00*Perihelion crons
17:00<dhoss>erikh: oh *vixie*
17:00<erikh>Perihelion: vixie, for many purposes, is more awesome than mere cron
17:00-!-zack_ [] has quit []
17:01<erikh>holy crap
17:01<erikh>this backup system is borderline insane
17:01*erikh is proud to have written it.
17:01<dhoss>i suppose just smashing it wouldn't help
17:02<erikh>ohhh yeah. this is going on github.
17:04<erikh>read it and revel in the awesome.
17:04<dhoss>WHAT IF I WANT GIT
17:05<erikh>you know how to fork it
17:05<erikh>gitkeeper is a saner approach, but less working.
17:06<erikh>hess has ... etckeeper and mr which also take a similar approach
17:06<erikh>(and are probably a lot more battle-worn)
17:07<tjfontaine>what differentiates gitkeeper from etckeeper?
17:09<erikh>I started working on gk before I had heard about ek and mr
17:09<dhoss>excellent fixed
17:09<tjfontaine>erikh: ah
17:09<erikh>other than that? gk is a lot more like mr than ek
17:09*dhoss needs to get on moar gooder backup solutions
17:09<erikh>intended to be able to seed a shell environment from a repository
17:09<dhoss>erikh: it looks cool
17:09<erikh>dhoss: you're kidding, right?
17:09<Nivex>HoopyCat: ha! apparently one of our campus NTP servers is using your NTP server. from pool perhaps?
17:10<dhoss>erikh: no?
17:10<erikh>hub has a single point of failure problem.
17:10<dhoss>erikh: regardless it's a solution
17:10<erikh>gk can't handle symlinks very well, and won't be able to without a lot of outside-of-git massaging
17:11<erikh>also: permissions.
17:11<erikh>two things svn does very well that git ... just doesn't
17:11<HoopyCat>Nivex: probably :-)
17:12*HoopyCat dumps the monlist for amusement
17:13<dhoss>erikh: really
17:14<erikh>moar fun
17:14<erikh>that actually might still be useful; the facter plugin still uses a lot of it
17:14<dhoss>erikh is much moar gooder at computers than I
17:14<erikh>dhoss: it didn't before
17:14<erikh>dhoss: I'm just being an ass
17:14<erikh>gotta stay in character.
17:15<dhoss>erikh: sorry you lost me, what didn't before?
17:15<erikh>git, and symlinks+perms
17:15<@Perihelion>come sail away come sail away come sail away with meeeeeeeeeeeeee
17:15<erikh>and I found this old backup with shit
17:15<erikh>so i'm putting it where I can, uh, not carry it around anymore
17:15<erikh>it's entertaining at least.
17:16-!-eighty4 [] has joined #linode
17:18<Yaakov>Perihelion: Where are you sailing?
17:18<erikh>to the river styx, naturally.
17:18<@Perihelion>I've set an open course.
17:19<erikh>also, my great uncle managed them
17:20<Yaakov>Perihelion: Is it on the Love Boat?
17:23<@Perihelion>Only if you're there, princess <3
17:23<Yaakov>I'm there in a New York minute, babycakes.
17:25<randallman>New York Minute... lol
17:25<randallman>Next thing you know, those two anorexia chicks will come walking by
17:25<randallman>the olsen twins
17:26<erikh>"ooh, an open window" *whoosh*
17:26<mdcollins_>What is a New York minute? is it longer or shorter than a regular minute?
17:26<randallman>by far
17:26<erikh>"whoops! a crack in the floor!"
17:26-!-kaitocracy [] has joined #linode
17:27<erikh>dunno what the deal is lately, but putting my wallet in my back pocket at all, no matter how thin I make it, just tears my back to shreds after an hour or two
17:27<randallman>Best is driving long distances with the wallet in the ass pocket :)
17:27<kaitocracy>hi, I've two linodes and I'd like to say ssh from one to the other using the internal network
17:27<Yaakov>erikh: Remove the spool of razor wire you keep in it.
17:27<kaitocracy>so I do ssh linode1 from linode2
17:27<erikh>yeah, that'd probably help
17:28<Yaakov>kaitocracy: Then put private IPs on each and BLAM.
17:28<kaitocracy>I'd like linode1 at this point to see the request as coming from the private network IP of linode2 and not its public network IP
17:28<kaitocracy>how to do this?
17:28<erikh>but really.. back was agitating me all day, wondering what the hell I did (I don't normally have this problem), removed wallet, poof.
17:28<tjfontaine>money clip!
17:28<erikh>so in a way, ardmore pizza delivery relieved my back. that's kind of weird.
17:28<Yaakov>!library private ips
17:28<dvdm>kaitocracy: are they in the same location?
17:28<linbot>Yaakov: 1. Linux System Administration Basics ( - 2. Advanced Irssi Usage ( - 3. Development (
17:29<erikh>I tried that a long time ago. I always thought it was kind of showy
17:29<Yaakov>kaitocracy: Yes, they must be in the same data center.
17:29<kaitocracy>Yaakov: yes they are and usually it just works
17:29<Yaakov>kaitocracy: are you using names or IPs?
17:29<kaitocracy>Yaakov: I'm using names and I've got the names mapped to private network IP's in /etc/hosts
17:30<Yaakov>Are those names also the same as the ones you have in DNS for the public address?
17:31<kaitocracy>Yaakov: okay so DNS uses the same names and returns the public address
17:31<Yaakov>kaitocracy: Actually, just use the -b parameter on the ssh line.
17:32<erikh>or configure .ssh/config
17:32<Yaakov>kaitocracy: Or put it there, yes.
17:32<jonsowman>recommendations for uk domain registrars?
17:32<kaitocracy>Yaakov: interesting thanks that works now what about everything else?
17:32<Yaakov>I was about to suggest that.
17:32<kaitocracy>is there a way to set a default binding address?
17:32<erikh>(both options work equally, but if you're doing the -b a lot, be aware you can avoid that)
17:32<kaitocracy>because it's not just ssh that's the problem
17:32<erikh>kaitocracy: right. see what Yaakov and I were just saying.
17:32<Yaakov>kaitocracy: Yes, in the above-mentioned file.
17:32<Yaakov>Oh, for *everything*, no.
17:32-!-Redgore [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:32<Yaakov>Check your /etc/nsswitch.conf for resolver order.
17:33<kaitocracy>Yaakov: yes my /etc/nsswitch.conf is set up correctly
17:33<randallman>nice, Chamber of 32 doors - genesis :)
17:33*randallman jams
17:33<Yaakov>But otherwise, just set the defaults in the individual apps.
17:33*jams randallman
17:34<randallman>o/~ The rich man stands in front of me, poor man behind my back... They believe they can control the game... but the juggler holds another pack... I need some one to believe in... Someone to trust o/~
17:34<randallman>nice :)
17:34<randallman>a dude named jams :P
17:34<jams>it happens alot in the channel for some reason
17:35<kaitocracy>I guess the problem is that when my linode accesses another linode in the private network I'd like it to bind to the private address rather than its public address
17:35<kaitocracy>and usually it works correctly
17:35<randallman>kaitocracy, hmm... it should source from the address it routes via
17:36<randallman>unless the endpoint is specifically NOT the interface via which it routes...
17:36<kaitocracy>and this is a HUGE problem because tcp_wrappers and iptables and everything else is configured such that the private network traffic should appear to originate from private network addresses
17:36<Yaakov>I like exotic jams on fresh bread.
17:36<Yaakov>kaitocracy: Is this a *change* in behavior?
17:36<kaitocracy>randallman: I'm sorry I'm sort of a routes n00b what does this mean?
17:36<kaitocracy>Yaakov: yes and it is seemingly random
17:36<randallman>If you connect to the server on the private, it should appear to come from the private
17:37<randallman>if you connect to the server on the public, it should appear to come from the public
17:37-!-saikat [] has quit [Quit: saikat]
17:37<kaitocracy>randallman: yeah that's what I would like to happen
17:37<randallman>barring any type of deliberate manglement.
17:37<Yaakov>kaitocracy: What changed?
17:37<kaitocracy>Yaakov: well basically what randallman said above is the correct behavior
17:37<kaitocracy>Yaakov: then all of a sudden for no apparent reason
17:37<kaitocracy>Yaakov: when I connect to a server on the private it will appear to come from the public
17:37<Yaakov>Yes, but what changed at the time the behavior changed?
17:37<randallman>o/~ All of a sudden for no apparent reason o/~
17:38<kaitocracy>randallman: I'm dead serious it happened overnight when I was sleeping
17:38<Yaakov>kaitocracy: No, if you connect on the private address it will HAVE TO come from the provate address.
17:38<Yaakov>You are connecting to the public address.
17:38-!-SubWolf [~subwolf@] has quit [Quit: At this time, there is nothing more to say.]
17:38<randallman>Not sure how the privates are implemented @ linode, as a seperate VLAN?
17:38<kaitocracy>Yaakov: no I am not I am connecting to the private address
17:38<randallman>w/ no L3 rotuer?
17:39<Yaakov>If you try to connect to a 192.168.x.x address it CANNOT use the public interface.
17:39<randallman>If you connect to the public address, the source will appear to be the public....
17:39<kaitocracy>Yaakov: then is my problem just in the address resolution?
17:39<randallman>as it must, because packets received from the private address on one box towards the public of another would cause asymmetrical routing...
17:39<Yaakov>kaitocracy: It almost certainly is.
17:40<Yaakov>kaitocracy: Because you can't get to the private LAN from the public one.
17:40<randallman>yaakov, notwithstanding things like irssi choosing to use another addres on the box
17:40<randallman> /set hostname
17:40-!-dajhorn [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.3/20100415103754]]
17:40<randallman>for example
17:40<Yaakov>randallman: You still can't get there from here.
17:40<randallman>is how I *appear* as the inside interface of my linode rather than the hetunnel address
17:40<randallman>Well that's true...
17:40<kaitocracy>Yaakov: but when I test it by hand the name resolves to the correct address
17:41<Yaakov>kaitocracy: The application may not use the same method to resolve.
17:41<randallman>He could asymmetric it, stamping the private address into the TCP packet as it exits via the public interface :)
17:41<Yaakov>host, dig and nslookup will show different things.
17:41<randallman>But that's probably not what is happenning :)
17:41<kaitocracy>for example I have this in my SSH log
17:41<kaitocracy>Address maps to, but this does not map back to the address - POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT!
17:41<kaitocracy>Accepted publickey for kaiting.chen from port 36215 ssh2
17:41<Yaakov>randallman: Go ahead and write your routing table to send private IPs to the public interface and see how far you get...
17:42<randallman>Yaakov :) Perhaps there's other forces at work here :)
17:42<randallman>such as spoofing filters etc...
17:42-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
17:42<randallman>Kaitocracy, why arent you using different hostnames for the privates/
17:42<kaitocracy>randallman: didn't think there was a reason to as long as /etc/nsswitch.conf was set up properly
17:43<randallman>you're confusing yourself and your system resolver
17:43<randallman>and then some apps like Net::DNS (perl) or Java DNS (java) might not even care about nsswitch or local resolver settings
17:43<kaitocracy>randallman: I see so the fix here is to have different names for the private addresses?
17:44<randallman>you'll take fewer advils
17:44<kaitocracy>randallman: I see okay I'll go ahead and do that thanks
17:44<randallman>if you have multiple A records for the same host, it will round robin
17:44<randallman>if you have something different in /etc/hosts than in dns
17:44<randallman>it may behave differently in different situation
17:45<erikh>eh nat
17:45<erikh>nat is some crazy, cutting edge stuff
17:45-!-walterheck [] has quit []
17:45-!-tschundeee [] has quit [Quit: tschundeee]
17:46<randallman>Tell that to the IPv6 tables guys for linux :)
17:46<randallman>since there's no NAT :-)
17:47<kaitocracy>okay another question if I want to VPN into my linode from a Windows machine what is the best way to do this?
17:47<randallman>o/~ Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground o/~
17:47<randallman>I hear OpenVPN is good...
17:47<kaitocracy>I've been using OpenVPN and it's been a sucky solution
17:47<randallman>I personally just ssh port forward
17:47<Guspaz>I use OpenVPN-as, I like it.
17:47<kaitocracy>since it doesn't actually install on Windows properly
17:47<Guspaz>The -AS part of OpenVPN-AS is both good and bad. Good because it vastly simplifies the client and server config, bad because the free version only allows 2 simultaneous VPN connections.
17:47*Pryon uses the openVPN gui on a laptop and it's not too bad
17:48<Guspaz>The AS client is very simple, though. No options, no config, just a server provided profile.
17:48<kaitocracy>well I don't really have any problems with the client
17:48<erikh>yeah, at work I have several people doing the windows vpn client thing
17:48<kaitocracy>but TAP-WIN32 won't install for the love of God on Winodws 7 64-bit
17:48<erikh>w/ openvpn
17:48<erikh>kaitocracy: you need a newer openvpn
17:48<erikh>trust me. it works.
17:49<kaitocracy>erikh: been trying with the latest development version
17:49<erikh>I am using ... 2.4 I think?
17:49<kaitocracy>erikh: can't install on my Windows machine
17:49<Guspaz>kaitocracy: The OpenVPN Access Server client worked perfectly fine for me on Windows 7 64-bit, I ran the client installer and it was just working and connected.
17:49<erikh>and w7, 64-bit. working great.
17:49<kaitocracy>erikh: oh wait what is OpenVPN Access Server?
17:49<erikh>hell if I know.
17:49<Guspaz>OpenVPN's commercial distro of OpenVPN:
17:49<Guspaz>It's turnkey style.
17:50<Guspaz>It's quite nice, but as I said, the free account can only have 2 clients connected at a time.
17:50<erikh>the only problems I ever have with ovpn on windows are with split dns
17:50<erikh>and that's because windows' dns cache is a complete turd
17:50<kaitocracy>interesting I'll take a look at this thanks
17:50<erikh>s/cache/resolver in general/
17:50<Guspaz>The cost for additional clients is $5 one-tim.
17:50<randallman>o/~ I am standing up at the water's edge in my dream... I cannot amke a single sound as you scream! o/~
17:50<erikh>kaitocracy: hold on, i'll get you an exact copy of the installer I use.
17:51<erikh>I have it bundled with other stuff so I need to pluck it out.
17:51<randallman>what about the whole pptpd thing?
17:51<randallman>I know its not perfect or anything
17:51<erikh>you can see the version and find a less likely to be exploited copy
17:51<randallman>DONT DEW IT... ERIK SEEKS TO PWN j00! :P
17:51<Guspaz>The trick with openvpn access server is that the clients are generated by the server; each user gets their own customized installer when they log into the web interface. You can also set it up to auto-connect so that it's literally zero-config (run the client and it connects).
17:51<erikh>well, I am handing him an installer that installs system-level drivers. I wouldn't trust me either.
17:51<Guspaz>randall pptp is super annoying to set up, and GRE is limiting.
17:52<randallman>gre is limiting due to PMTUD sucking?
17:52<Guspaz>Due to the lack of ports.
17:52<randallman>GRE is the basis for DM-VPN - it works pretty good...
17:52-!-kaitocracy [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
17:52<erikh>I didn't even know there was a userspace implementation of GRE.
17:53-!-binel [] has joined #linode
17:53<Guspaz>GRE has no ports; NAT'd users can only have one user connect to a given endpoint at a time.
17:53<Guspaz>If you have a PPTP VPN, and you want to connect two of your computers to it, tough, you can't.
17:53<@jed>ssh vpn ftw
17:53<erikh>then again, you know where my network knoweldge ends; shouldn't be surprising.
17:53<erikh>leaves before I can hand him the goods.
17:53<randallman>Guspaz, oh I see, yes, its a specific protocol
17:53<Guspaz>I want a jpn; jed private network.
17:53-!-Sputnik7 [] has quit [Quit: -=SysReset 2.53=-]
17:54<randallman>GRE is ipproto47
17:54<erikh>"it's too hard, it's too hard!" "here, i'll fucking do all the work for you" *poof*
17:54*erikh sighs
17:54<randallman>I think I skeer't him away with the ERIK WILL PWN j00!
17:54<randallman>(or not)
17:55<randallman>red rain... coming down over me... in the red red sea... over me...
17:55<erikh>from my hand rolled "rofl pwn the ticket tracker plox" collection
17:56<randallman>how the HELL did INXS wind up on my Yes/King Crimson/Emerson Lake an Palmer/Genesis Station
17:56<randallman>Im going to have to complain :)
17:56-!-Sputnik7 [] has joined #linode
17:58-!-Guspaz [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
17:59-!-binel_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:59<Yaakov>We need a JavaScript version of vim.
17:59<randallman>Flex :P
17:59<randallman>so that we need Flash :0
18:00-!-numer [] has quit [Quit: bye]
18:00-!-Sputnik7 [] has quit []
18:01-!-pheezy [~pheezy@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:03-!-Sputnik7 [] has joined #linode
18:11-!-endlessmobius [~james@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:13-!-fcoury|away [~fcoury@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:14-!-snuxoll_oftc [] has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
18:20-!-Bobster [] has joined #linode
18:22<JshWright>All I have is this rotary saw...
18:24<JshWright>I dunno... you might go through a couple blades, but a K-12 can go through just about anything
18:25<Yaakov>GIVE ME ONE OF THESE:
18:25-!-path [] has quit [Quit: brb]
18:25-!-path [] has joined #linode
18:25-!-Bobster [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:26-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:30<tacticus>which vault are you going after Yaakov?
18:31-!-jackson__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:32-!-Napta [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:32-!-draginx [~daniel@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:32-!-Napta [] has joined #linode
18:33<Yaakov>I am just making some small modifcations to my MacBook Air.
18:34<path>oh yea,what's tat?
18:34<Yaakov>That's what I need the plasma cutter for.
18:34<path>can't type
18:40-!-mathew [] has joined #linode
18:43-!-MetaCosm [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:47-!-orudie [] has joined #linode
18:48-!-Deckert [] has joined #linode
18:50<erikh>there are a couple of javascript editors out there
18:51<erikh>I seem to recall some designer named 'amy hoy' was developing one.
18:52<erikh>I could see a few uses for rights partitioning, other than that the idea of doing development in a web browser frightens and startles me
18:52*erikh is just an unfrozen caveman
18:55-!-Damian [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
18:59-!-SelfishMan [] has left #linode [damn irssi reconnecting mumble mumble]
19:07<maushu>erikh, wat.
19:08<maushu>You will edit javascript in your browser AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!
19:08-!-CyZooNiC [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:10<erikh>it's an editor, written in javascript.
19:10<erikh>jquery actually.
19:10<erikh>not an editor for javascript.
19:10<erikh>even has project management, IIRC.
19:11<maushu>Doesn't matter. YOU WILL LIKE IT.
19:12-!-endlessmobius [] has joined #linode
19:12<dKingston>i am genius.
19:12<dKingston>click on AIM/MSN/EMail
19:18<Phiber_Optic>how can i cancel
19:18<Phiber_Optic>my account?
19:18<@Perihelion>Phiber_Optic: You can do that under the "Account" tab
19:18<@Perihelion>If you want a refund, please say so in the comment box that appears
19:19<Phiber_Optic>Perihelion ok, thanks I think I need a managed vps :(
19:19<dKingston>we can help
19:20<dKingston>with whatever you're doing
19:20<Phiber_Optic>dKingston yeah but I dont have the time to check for security, ddos
19:20<dKingston>what are you going to be running
19:20<dKingston>that would get you ddosed
19:20-!-jamescollins [] has joined #linode
19:21<Phiber_Optic>apache, mysql
19:21<dKingston>Phiber_Optic: do you have enemies?
19:21-!-kassah [] has joined #linode
19:21-!-endlessmobius [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:21<Phiber_Optic>dKingston not that I know... But we will be running an application like ticketmaster where security is A MUST
19:22<dKingston>i see
19:22-!-Phiber_Optic [~Phiber_Op@] has quit [Quit: Phiber_Optic]
19:22-!-Phiber_Optic [~Phiber_Op@] has joined #linode
19:22<Phiber_Optic>sorry got disconnected
19:24<Phiber_Optic>did you get my last message?
19:26-!-Phiber_Optic [~Phiber_Op@] has quit []
19:27-!-Phiber_Optic [~Phiber_Op@] has joined #linode
19:29<Bohemian>how do i see if mod_security is working properly with apache2?
19:30<Phiber_Optic>did u read my message?
19:33<Phiber_Optic>I said before that I was going to cancel my account here in linode because i need a managed vps
19:34<maushu>Managed...? MANAGED?!
19:34<xorl>how hard is it to MANAGE a vps?
19:34<Phiber_Optic>xorl I dont know...
19:35<@jed>Phiber_Optic: you'll never know if you don't learn
19:35<xorl>It takes like a good 20 minutes to setup, the rest is just maintenence :\
19:35<BarkerJr>yum update often
19:35<Phiber_Optic>the thing is i have no experience and soon we will be launching an application like ticketmaster
19:35<Phiber_Optic>where security is a MUST
19:35<Bohemian>Phiber_Optic: then hire someone to do it, if you don't want to. linode is great.
19:35<@Perihelion>If you set up the VPS properly, security of your app is the main concern
19:35<xorl>Phiber_Optic: on a VPS?
19:36<Phiber_Optic>xorl yes
19:36<@Perihelion>Gotta start somewhere
19:37<Phiber_Optic>Perihelion how would I know if the vps is set correcty
19:38<@Perihelion>There are guides and people to ask :D
19:38<smed_>Phiber_Optic, - consider hiring an experienced Systems Administrator.
19:41<@Perihelion>Are you having a problem with something specific?
19:41<@jed>or investing the time and learning yourself
19:41<@Perihelion>Or just generally overwhelmed?
19:42<@jed>Phiber_Optic: a system administrator on a managed VPS is going to watch over the VPS itself -- meaning, local logins, keeping your packages updated, and all that jazz. I don't know a percentage, but I'd wager better than 90% of attacks that take down a VPS are through an application
19:42<@Perihelion>Yeah, agreed
19:42<@jed>a recent example would be JIRA, which was taken down through JIRA
19:43<@jed>weak passwords probably round out the percentages
19:43<Phiber_Optic>Perihelion i think im overwhelmed... and when i read it makes me wonder
19:43<@jed>honestly, to hear you say "we're launching an application like ticketmaster," and "I'm not experienced with security," it makes me nervous for you
19:44*smed_ nods
19:44<@jed>Phiber_Optic: this isn't because that service is offered by someone other than Linode -- i.e., I'd tell you the same thing if I worked for them
19:44<@jed>that's a complete and utter marketing shill
19:44<@jed>you can do all of that for free by reading through a few guides
19:45<@jed>think the Computer Optimization that best buy geek squad tries to sell you
19:45*smed_ chuckles
19:45<erikh>allow me to inject my horribly arrogant opinion here.
19:45<@Perihelion>That shield thing
19:45<@Perihelion>I can probably tell you exactly what they
19:46<xorl>Easiest 3 things: Firewall off important services, Don't code like a slob, make sure your updates are *CURRENT*
19:46<@Perihelion>Advanced Firewall (CSF) <-- you can easily install this yourself. The directions are awesome
19:46<erikh>it takes time to understand the issues, and understanding the issues is an important part of filtering out the crap suggestions you'll undoubtedly get.
19:46<xorl>It's not hard, but that's an durastic over simplification haha.
19:46<@jed>AUIIS -- All User Input Is Suspect
19:46<@jed>remember that as a programmer.
19:46<erikh>so, you have a time issue here that I don't think gets resolved with a few howto's.
19:46<xorl>jed: Oh yeah, my favorite :P
19:46-!-spkitty [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:46<erikh>jed: funny, that's a different aspect of what i'm talking about right now
19:47<erikh>anyhow. you're not gonna get that "chair time" unless you put it in.
19:47<Phiber_Optic>jed im not a programmer
19:47<erikh>so take that for what it's worth.
19:47<@jed>Phiber_Optic: what are you, the manager?
19:47<xorl>jed: managers these days :P
19:47<@jed>you have a team writing your app, and none of them can admin?
19:48-!-spkitty [] has joined #linode
19:48<Phiber_Optic>who likes to get into the tech stuff
19:48<@caker>jed: that always blows my mind
19:48<xorl>My old manager at qualcomm could code and admin circles around me haha
19:48<@jed>Phiber_Optic: this is going to sound really harsh, so please don't take it as such
19:48<@jed>if you don't like tinkering and getting into things
19:48<@jed>you don't deserve to work in IT.
19:48<@jed>the end.
19:49<@jed>a lot of administration is scriptable, and tech stuff always interests me
19:49<xorl>And another thing to add to the end of jed's statement, if you're just now setting up a server to launch a pre-coded project, you're horrible at project management lol
19:49<@jed>I realize you might have taken my 'you' there to mean you personally, but I don't, I mean the 'general' you
19:49<xorl>Exactly, whoever was before you, or you as in "The group" did not plan that out well.
19:50<xorl>I never jump on a projects bandwagon without knowing A) a release date and B) what will be needed.
19:50<erikh>jed: the royal 'you'
19:50<Phiber_Optic>i understand that ;)
19:50<ericoc>gotta love when the project requirements change mid-project
19:51<erikh>anyhow. seat time is important
19:51<erikh>don't ignore that.
19:51<erikh>especialyl when you hire
19:51<erikh>THE END
19:52<@caker>|_ [^\ /\/\ O /\/\
19:52<Phiber_Optic>thanks for the comments
19:52<@jed>!rainbow [f urmom]
19:52<linbot>jed: Keep your dirty hands off her.
19:53<erikh>caker: that was pretty leet
19:53<@jed>caker: you missed ASCII art fest earlier
19:54<@caker>yeah, I think I was too busy working :-P
19:54<@jed>oh snap
19:55<@caker>werkin on teh codez
19:55<@caker>(and mai fitness)
19:55<xorl>ericoc: oh yeah, I am a big fan of that :P
19:55<@jed>he blows kisses
19:55<xorl>When I was working on Android at qualcomm, yeah, I was going to choke someone.
19:56<ericoc>xorl: isn't it great? halfway through some small project i did at work, i had to totally redesign this mysql database
19:56<xorl>Don't even get me started about oracle at the Q.
19:56<erikh>when I was solving the halting problem, turing came to me in a dream and told me I should stop, lest the universe implode.
19:56<xorl>That's at least a half bottle of scotch and a hand guns worth of talk.
19:56-!-laser` [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:57<erikh>my solution involved a magnet and a flux capacitor
19:57<xorl>Mine involved getting a senior project director shit canned.
19:57<xorl>Actually worked to my benefit cause his replacement was a hot chick, hahaha
19:58<xorl>It was like a nerd dream come true.
19:58-!-initself [] has joined #linode
19:58<tjfontaine>doesn't the dream only come true if she fends off the alpha-lawyers in your honor?
19:58<erikh>Perihelion: didn't you get the bulletin? all nerds are into hot chicks managing them.
19:59<xorl>tjfontaine: She did, a few times :)
19:59<erikh>there's a late night showtime series in the works that depicts it all
19:59<xorl>drinks + other various things haha
19:59<erikh>"rules of ACK"
19:59<@Perihelion>I think you could have stopped at all nerds are into hot chicks?
19:59<@jed>Perihelion would know
20:00<xorl>Hey, I didn't do anything wrong, didn't realize she was a mom till after the fact, but still, i'm in the good zone haha
20:00*erikh watches this conversation go where no conversation has gone before
20:00<@Perihelion>Awkward comment is awkward.
20:00<Bohemian>how do i see if mod_security is working properly in apache2?
20:00<erikh>this is total win.
20:00<Bohemian>haha erikh
20:00<xorl>erikh: haha
20:01<@jed>erikh: to a management meeting...and beyond!
20:02<Bohemian>how do i turn off the feature in linux that won't show waht commands were entered after you close out of a user session?
20:02-!-smed_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:02-!-smed [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:02-!-smed_ [] has joined #linode
20:02<erikh>probably in 'set' in bash, but I can't remember for sure
20:02-!-smed [] has joined #linode
20:02<erikh>try 'help set'
20:02<erikh>or man 8 bash if you want to tackle the 800lb gorilla.
20:03<Bohemian>thanks erikh
20:03<erikh>while this is a horrible reason to change, zsh turns it off by default.
20:03<Bohemian>zsh is a replacement for bash?
20:03<path>i think bash actually needs you to unset something
20:03-!-silence [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:04<xorl>you want to disable bash history?
20:04<Bohemian>erikh: what is zsh?
20:04<Bohemian>xorl: yes
20:04<@jed>Bohemian: a shell
20:04<xorl>export HISTFILE=/dev/null
20:04<Bohemian>xorl: in what file?
20:04<path>or "unset HISTFILE"
20:04<@jed>man 8 bash
20:04<xorl>.bashrc or bashprofile
20:04<xorl>bah .bash_profile
20:04<xorl>Take your pick.
20:04<@jed>.bashrc and .bash_profile have different uses, so read the man page
20:05-!-MarkJ [] has joined #linode
20:05<xorl>Indeed they do.
20:05<path>man pages? isn't that what irc is for?
20:05<xorl>I am a man page :P
20:05<Bohemian>xorl: just add that export line to the end of the file?
20:05<xorl>Bohemian: why of course :P
20:05<@Perihelion>Type "man tar" into your console and giggle.
20:05<xorl>Where else would it go?
20:06<xorl>ugh still at work
20:06*xorl slams head on desk
20:07<@jed>the history channel is really getting into the speculative recently
20:07-!-Schucz [] has joined #linode
20:07<erikh>hell, it's practically the nostradamus channel
20:07<@jed>this entire show is about the aliens that might have landed here in history
20:07<tjfontaine>2012 is just around the corner
20:08<erikh>so, how about that y2k thing. anyone heard about that y2k?
20:08<smed_>2012: The year the History Channel runs out of shows to air and goes tits-up.
20:08<tjfontaine>I hear they renamed it 2038
20:08<erikh>tjfontaine: really? I am so out of the loop.
20:08*erikh overflows
20:08<tjfontaine>erikh: silly 32bit lusers out there
20:08<tjfontaine>erikh: I hear that's why slicehost is preemptively 64bit
20:08<erikh>DJB was a visionary
20:09<erikh>DO NOT DOUBT THE DJB.
20:09-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:09<@jed>tjfontaine: in another ten years, they'll say that they found a tablet in aboriginal australia with a prediction of 2022
20:09<@jed>ridley scott to direct
20:09<erikh>screw that
20:09<@jed>I'm convinced it's a ten-year cycle
20:09<erikh>james cameron, maybe
20:09-!-Schucz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:09<erikh>not my precious ridley scott.
20:09<erikh>i'd mate with ridley scott if it were possible, I think.
20:10<erikh>they call you apocaryptic movie director
20:12<tjfontaine>some call me tim
20:13-!-MarkJ [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
20:13-!-lakin [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:13<straterra>win 28
20:13<erikh>tjfontaine: african or european tim?
20:13<Yaakov>Tim J. Fontaine
20:14<@jed>straterra: time to close some windows, eh?
20:14<straterra>I use all of them
20:14<straterra>I just wish irssi had keys for 20-40
20:15<tjfontaine>erikh: french, even better
20:15<erikh>straterra: any chance something like this would help?
20:15<straterra>I can't tap Escape, then a key for 20-40
20:15<erikh>irssi has similar built-in features, but this is a little more tunable.
20:16<erikh>yeah, this is just a little more tweakable.
20:16<erikh>that's all. I thought I'd plug it because, well, I wrote it and I like to plug stuff I wrote.
20:16<erikh>and I'm awesome. don't forget that part.
20:17<straterra>alt a?
20:17<Phiber_Optic>still undecided ;(
20:17<straterra>WTF does alt a do?
20:17<erikh>similar to what that script does. irssi windows are assigned priority
20:17<@caker>cycles through active windows
20:17<erikh>alt+a navigates in order of priority. sort of.
20:17-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
20:18<tjfontaine>erikh: good enough, smart enough, and doggoneit people like you?
20:18-!-kenichi [] has quit [Quit: kenichi]
20:18<erikh>I suppose. the stuart smalley approach is a bit less aggressive than I prefer.
20:18<erikh>LIKE ME GOD DAMNIT
20:18<straterra>I don't like that
20:18<straterra>I want esc + key navigation :/
20:18-!-mathew [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:19<straterra>I know what all my chans are by number
20:19<erikh>I reconnect via proxy just to spice it up a little.
20:19<straterra>I know which are important
20:19<erikh>you can actually tweak how irssi treats importance
20:19<tjfontaine>straterra: I WANT A CAMEL
20:19<erikh>via scripts or through some config parts.
20:20<straterra>I don't care about importance
20:20<erikh>I see; well, using that system can, uh, make it simpler?
20:20<straterra>I just need to be able to switch to an arbitrary window using 2-3 keys
20:20<erikh> /alias w window
20:20<straterra>My navigation is always esc + 1-9, or q-p
20:21<Yaakov>straterra: type /bind in the status window.
20:21<@tychoish>erikh: use the plugin it'll change your life
20:22<straterra>meta stuff
20:22<Yaakov>You can add all you want.
20:22*straterra fondles Yaakov
20:23<@Perihelion>I wish I could unsee that in my mind.
20:23<erikh>oh, i don't use irssi anymore.
20:23<erikh>weechat actually does this exactly how I want it to.
20:24<erikh>i'm not sure why using software that works for me evokes sadness, but hey.
20:24<@tychoish>irssi is win
20:24<@tychoish>I want to share the win, but indeed it doesn't matter
20:25-!-MarkJ [] has joined #linode
20:25<erikh>also, I should probably check out for the day. tata.
20:25<straterra>Yaakov: more fondles if you can get me to avoid the man do I bind more?
20:26<Yaakov>When I switched from mIRC to Irssi (a concomitant effect of going from Windows to OS X) WeeChat was alpha, so it lost.
20:28<Yaakov>Just /bind meta-a change_window 21
20:28*straterra fondles
20:28-!-zack_ [] has joined #linode
20:28<Yaakov>I can't remember how to make it permanent...
20:29<@jed>/save should
20:29<Yaakov>A /save might be enough...
20:29<Yaakov>I use and I don't think I could use Irssi without it.
20:30<erikh>yeah. /save writes to all sorts of stuff though, bit me more than once.
20:30-!-DesertPanther [~Khalid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:30<@jed>Hold your breath.
20:30<@jed>Make a wish.
20:30<@jed>Count to 3.
20:30-!-endlessmobius [] has joined #linode
20:30<@jed>Coooome with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure imaginatiooooon
20:31<erikh>the pawtucket brewery isn't all that awesome.
20:31<erikh>all you east coasters like is lager anyhow
20:32<straterra>That config change is..magical
20:33<@jed>There is no life I compare with pure imagination
20:33-!-_metaperl [] has joined #linode
20:33-!-lakin [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
20:36<@Perihelion>Yo momma so fat, when she was cremated all flights in europe got cancelled
20:37<straterra>I ahte you
20:37<erikh>yep, that goes into a /topic elsewhere.
20:37<@jed>complete win
20:37<@Perihelion>You don't hate me, surely.
20:38<@jed>!rainbow Flawless victory!
20:38<linbot>jed: Flawless victory!
20:38<Bohemian>how do i disable root login via ssh in debian?
20:38<@jed>Bohemian: edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config, set PermitRootLogin no
20:39<@jed>there's also without-password
20:39-!-metaperl [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:39-!-_metaperl is now known as metaperl
20:39<Bohemian>what's without-password mean?
20:39<@jed>PermitRootLogin without-password
20:39<@jed>it means only an SSH key will work for root
20:39-!-HedgeMage [] has quit [Quit: TTYL]
20:40<ericoc>what if passwordauthentication is no and publickeyauth is yes, that counts for root too, doesn't it?
20:40<Bohemian>jed: after i edit that file, do i need to restart ssh?
20:40<@jed>ericoc: it's meant to allow passwords for everyone but root
20:40<ericoc>ah, k
20:41<erikh>don't worry; pam can and will make this twice as hard as it needs to be
20:41<@jed>twice is an understatement
20:43-!-atourino [~atourino@] has joined #linode
20:44<Bohemian>do i need to restart ssh after i edit that config file?
20:44<ericoc>pretty sure you do
20:44<@jed>it might work with a reload
20:44<@jed>I always restart because I'm lazy
20:45<@jed>active SSH connections are persisted, usually
20:45<erikh>restarting sshd doesn't restart the children anyhow
20:45<erikh>unless you use a dumb OS
20:45<@jed>OS X does
20:45<erikh>I stand by my statement.
20:46<atourino>yo dawg, i heard u like linbot so we put a !urmom on !urmom so you can lol while you lol
20:46<@jed>!urmom [urmom]
20:46<linbot>jed: Yo momma's so fat, when she went to the beach, the tide came in! (829:3/0) [momru]
20:46<erikh>!rainbow yo dawg, I heard you like !urmom
20:46<linbot>erikh: yo dawg, I heard you like !urmom
20:46<erikh>oh, comma filter ail
20:46<erikh>erikh: f filter fail
20:47<maushu>!rainbow yo dawg, i heard u like !rainbow so we put !rainbow on !rainbow so u can !rainbow while u !rainbow
20:47<linbot>maushu: yo dawg, i heard u like !rainbow so we put !rainbow on !rainbow so u can !rainbow while u !rainbow
20:48<@jed>!rainbow [rainbow [rainbow urmom]]
20:48<linbot>jed: 4ur7m3om
20:48-!-elfgoh [] has joined #linode
20:48<ericoc>ha, so in irssi, how do i filter color codes :p
20:49<Bohemian>ugh, i just tried to login as a regular user after doing PermitRootLogin and /etc/init.d/ssh/restart and i get this error:
20:49<Bohemian>ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
20:50<@jed>ssh -vvv
20:50<@jed>did you keep your original session open?
20:50*atourino keeps urmom open
20:50<@jed>you just learned a valuable lesson, huh
20:51<BarkerJr>I got my microsd for my blackberry today
20:51<BarkerJr>I've never seen 16GB smaller than my findernail before
20:52<Bohemian>jed: what now? i get a bunch of options when i type ssh -vvv...
20:52<atourino>yo dawg, I heard you like ssh so we put an open session into your open session so you can config while you config
20:52<Bohemian>(i'm using debian lenny)
20:52<@jed>just add -vvv to your regular ssh command line...
20:52<Bohemian>what does vvv mean?
20:52<atourino>the more v's you add, the more verbose ssh becomes
20:52-!-Phiber_Optic [~Phiber_Op@] has quit [Quit: Phiber_Optic]
20:53<@jed>up to 3, I think
20:53<jtsage|ded>verbose, *very* verbose. ya know, like james bond....
20:53<atourino>i thought 4
20:53<@jed>beats me
20:53-!-Phiber_Optic [~Phiber_Op@] has joined #linode
20:53<ericoc>i thought 4 too
20:53-!-initself [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
20:54<Bohemian>that's the verbosity
20:54<@jed>sshd looks bonkered on the Linode
20:54<Bohemian>why would that have happened? i didn't change the config file other than what you said to
20:55<Bohemian>and better yet, what do i have to do to fix it?
20:55-!-nessenj [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
20:55<@jed>revert what you changed -- I only said "PermitRootLogin," I suspected you knew to put PermitRootLogin no
20:55<@jed>that was a bad assumption, sorry
20:55<Bohemian>i did
20:55<@jed>and you can fix and restart sshd over LISH
20:56<Bohemian># Authentication: LoginGraceTime 120 PermitRootLogin no StrictModes yes
20:56<Bohemian>but i don't want to revert, i want to not allow root ssh
20:56<Bohemian>could this have anything to do with me using fail2ban?
20:56<@jed>depends on its action.d
20:57<@jed>if it were iptables, it would straight up ignore you
20:57<Bohemian>it is iptables
20:58<Bohemian>ugh, wtf, i just reverted to PermitRootLogin yes && /etc/init.d/ssh restart and i'm getting the same error when i try to ssh as a normal user...
20:58<amitz>Bohemian: have you opened your id_dsa file using editor?
20:58-!-Bass10 [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
20:58<atourino>it looks to me like it's a bad private key file?
20:58<Bohemian>amitz: i don't think so...
20:58<amitz>atourino: indeed
20:58-!-zack_ [] has quit [Quit: zack_]
20:58<Bohemian>amitz: what do i need to check?
20:59-!-kyhwana_ [] has joined #linode
20:59<Bohemian>amitz: where is the id_dsa file?
20:59-!-jameswilson [] has joined #linode
20:59<@jed>atourino: mine says stuff like that on valid keys
20:59<@jed>all day long
21:00<amitz>jed: ah...
21:00<Bohemian>i fixed it
21:00<Bohemian>i think
21:00<amitz>Bohemian: /Users/cmm/.ssh/ird_dsa
21:00<amitz>id_rsa , sorry
21:00<Bohemian>yeah, i fixed it
21:00<amitz>how did you fix it?
21:01<Bohemian>i had ALL:ALL set for /etc/init.d/hosts.deny
21:01<Bohemian>i added ALL:ALL to the bottom of the file a few minutes ago
21:01<@jed> <-- valid login
21:01<amitz>jed: for both rsa and dsa? perhaps fails at rsa but ok on dsa?
21:01<atourino>Bohemian did it for the lols
21:01<@jed>I have an RSA key that it vomits on all day long
21:02<Bohemian>so that stops all ssh connections from coming in? oops
21:02<atourino>jed: you should change your machine's name to cameltoe. it's funnier than undertow...
21:03<Bohemian>jed: so if you properly configure the ssh file, it will still ask you for your root passwd only to say "permission denied", correct?
21:03<@jed>Bohemian: yes
21:03<Bohemian>awesome, thanks!
21:03-!-kyhwana [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:04<atourino>Bohemian what is prompting the password is not the server but the client trying to unencrypt your private key, so yes, it's expected
21:10<atourino>whenever i read dom0 somehow I always think "dom0 arigato mr. roboto"
21:11<atourino>I want so that I can have a host named but $100 is quite steep for this wish
21:13-!-eighty4 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:13-!-MarkJ [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
21:17<amitz>atourino: I know what you mean :-)
21:18-!-martinc6 [] has joined #linode
21:18-!-martinc60 [] has joined #linode
21:19<martinc60>is there a network outage? my linode is super slow all the sudden
21:19<martinc60>it's in Newark
21:19<martinc60>oh wait, things are going back to normal
21:20-!-martinc60 [] has quit []
21:20-!-atourino [~atourino@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:23-!-martinc6 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:25<@jed>man, there's five pages of aliases on linbot
21:25<linbot>mwalling is a noob
21:25<linbot>mwalling is a noob
21:25<erikh>that's just awesome.
21:25<@jed>there's an !ubunut but it throws registration
21:26<linbot>Ubunut is a rare nut-based ubuntu varient.
21:26<@jed>caker: I can has credentials?
21:26<@Perihelion>21:26:43 <linbot> Error: "freebsd" is not a valid command.
21:27<linbot>Ubunut is a rare nut-based ubuntu varient.
21:28<linbot>GIVE ME BACK MY CASHEWS! Along with the peanuts...
21:28*linbot dispenses OJ
21:28<linbot>Shut up and deal with it
21:29<linbot>SpaceHobo: chickity china, the chinese chicken. have a drumstick and your brain stops tick'n
21:30-!-zack_ [] has joined #linode
21:30-!-mdcollins_ [] has quit [Quit: watchin x-files with no lights on..]
21:37<amitz>LCLU = Linode Certified Linbot User
21:38-!-Twayne [] has joined #linode
21:41-!-karstensrage [] has joined #linode
21:42<straterra>win 20
21:42<path> fail
21:43<@Perihelion>That'll do pig.
21:43-!-Bdragon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:47-!-maushu [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:47-!-Phiber_Optic [~Phiber_Op@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:51<linbot>jed: jed: You may rely on it
21:52-!-zack_ [] has quit [Quit: zack_]
21:52<linbot>jed: Yes
21:52<@jed>!8ball Is my !8ball trigger made of awesome?
21:52<linbot>jed: Outlook good
21:52<RSully> That looks valid, right?
21:52<@jed>complete with all 20 answers from the real 8 ball
21:52<@jed>you're welcome
21:54<path>didn't it already do that?
21:54<path>if it ain't broke, fix it?
21:54<@jed>it had fake ones which make my OCD crazy
21:55*jed thinks of moar to add
21:56<RSully>pst jed, you should halp me real quick first
21:56<@jed>don't use dollar sign variables inline :<
21:57<RSully>well i did all the sanitation, they're safe (int or NULL (string))
21:57<RSully>This is my sql error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'SET `module_id` = 1, `project_id` = 1, `settings` = 'a:1:{i:0;s:52:\"http://imag' at line 2
21:58*linbot dispenses a sixpack
21:58<linbot>*BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
21:58*linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
22:00<RSully>am i wrongfully using `?
22:00<@jed>oh yeah, a better russian roulette
22:00<@jed>one with !shoot
22:01<@jed>maybe tomorrow
22:01-!-jameswilson [] has quit [Quit: jameswilson]
22:03-!-dKingston [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
22:06<linbot>New news from forums: HowTo: Apache2, SuExec, PHP5 and FastCGI for Virtual Domains in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
22:06-!-hfb [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:08<RSully>so the problem is inside
22:08<RSully>SET `module_id` = 1,
22:08<RSully>that looks valid to me
22:09<tjfontaine>hate mysql `` bullshit
22:09<RSully>same thing without em, makes no difference
22:09<RSully>SET module_id = 1,
22:09<RSully>how is that invalid
22:10<tjfontaine>in your ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE you do not need to specify the table
22:11<tjfontaine> according to this
22:11<RSully>aw shucks, i was looking at the line below
22:11<RSully>i should have noticed that, if i didnt stay up until 2am yesterday
22:13<RSully>and i dont need to do WHERE id = either
22:13<tjfontaine>also true
22:14<RSully>thanks tjfontaine
22:14<tjfontaine>you're welcome
22:14<RSully>so it took me all day but i finally finished my module system :D
22:24<@jed> ^^
22:24<@jed>that is all.
22:26-!-flygirl [] has joined #linode
22:28-!-LordMetroid [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:30-!-LordMetroid [] has joined #linode
22:30-!-LordMetroid [] has quit []
22:39-!-Plinker_ [] has joined #linode
22:40-!-Twayne [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:40-!-sbruner [] has joined #linode
22:43-!-randallman [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
22:45-!-sbruner [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:45<ohkus>any windows/ad experts around?
22:46-!-sbruner [] has joined #linode
22:47-!-Plinker_ is now known as Plinker
22:47<sbruner>hey guys. my server CPU is running high. I just rebooted. it went down but then back up. any ideas?
22:47-!-randallman [] has joined #linode
22:48<randallman>Out Of (Money|Mojo|Memory|Mana|Mind)
22:49-!-jackson__ [] has joined #linode
22:49<@irgeek>Check, check, check, check and check.
22:49<RSully>haha my linode has tmm
22:49<@irgeek>I win!
22:49<RSully>my linode is using like 90 out of 540mb
22:49<@irgeek>OMG UPGRADE NOW!
22:50<RSully>you'd be a good sales rep
22:50<randallman>Im using like 333 out of 720 :)
22:50<sbruner>seems like load is high. can that be a memory issue?
22:50-!-randallman [] has quit []
22:50<RSully>what exactly is "cache" and "buffers" (from htop)
22:51<@irgeek>sbruner: vmstat 5 20
22:51<@irgeek>If the si & so columns aren't almost always zero, you're swap-thrashing.
22:52-!-randallman [~randall@2001:470:1f07:7e0::1] has joined #linode
22:52<randallman>Im having issues apparently :0
22:52<sbruner>irgeek. they are 0
22:53<@irgeek>Pastebin the output.
22:53<sbruner>irgeek. how do I check OOm?
22:53<randallman>generally it gets logged
22:53<@irgeek>free -m
22:53<RSully>yeah so what exactly is the cache column for linux? i have a general idea of what cache is
22:54<randallman>its cache :)
22:54<RSully>and buffers?
22:54<HoopyCat>cache is the benjamins
22:54<@irgeek>They're buffers
22:54<randallman>well those are buffers :)
22:54<randallman>buffers for I/O
22:54<RSully>yeah but what does that refer to
22:54<randallman>cache is stuff that is free'd, but might be used again
22:54<randallman>buffers are unsynched disk writes etc..
22:54<randallman>amongst other things
22:54<erikh>things commonly heard before a raid leader loses his shit
22:54<erikh>"i'm out of mana"
22:55<RSully>irgeek: thats buffers or cache
22:55<sbruner>irgeek. shouldn't a reboot have cleared mem?
22:55<randallman>I love it when someone asks me just how much memory a SINGLE process is taking :)
22:55<randallman>Its such an easy number to compute... not.
22:55<sbruner>free mem 759
22:55<@irgeek>sbruner: Not if all the service you start at boot consume it again.
22:56<sbruner>buffers 6
22:56<@irgeek>randallman: 0 < process_memory < *
22:56<randallman>nice :)
22:56<randallman>then I get into a brief explanation of VSZ vs RSS
22:56<randallman>and they glaze over and say "thanks'
22:56-!-sbruner [] has quit [Quit: Get FlowChat for the iPhone and iPod Touch!]
22:57<HoopyCat>woah, my desk is a disaster area
22:57<randallman>mine too
22:57<randallman>I quit smoking a year ago
22:57<erikh>i cleaned mine yesterday. I AM BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU
22:57<randallman>and there's still ashes :)
22:57<RSully>erikh: my desk is probably still cleaner
22:57<randallman>(not THAT bad, but)
22:58<erikh>RSully: probably.
22:58<RSully>my desk is so big
22:58-!-sbruner [] has joined #linode
22:59<HoopyCat>mine's generally not too bad, but i just got done building a... something my model rocket club will be using to safely launch a rocket
22:59<sbruner>irgeek. only one site seems to be slow. how can I identify a load issue?
22:59<randallman>Hoopy, are there any hobbies you do not have? :P
22:59<RSully>you dont use apache
23:00<@irgeek>sbruner: There are many possibilities for why a site may be slow. Did you read the link the link earlier?
23:00<RSully>it could be slow cuz you put sleep(20) in the php =/
23:01<HoopyCat>randallman: not really, no. it just looked like a cool project.
23:01-!-jackson__ [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
23:03<sbruner>yea. didn't help. tried to run the ps -eo line and got "-sh: less: command not found"
23:04<HoopyCat>i smell centos
23:05<HoopyCat>sbruner: use "more" instead of "less"; it'll do roughly the same thing
23:05<RSully>but less is more
23:05<HoopyCat>RSully: more or less
23:06<sbruner>I think it may be nginx. firebug says the GET is taking over 9 sec
23:07<sbruner>anyone familiar with nginx?
23:07<RSully>im going to be using it in the near future for my ajax long-polling, but havent touched it yet
23:07<@irgeek>What is nginx serving up?
23:08<@irgeek>Well there's yer problem!
23:08<RSully>whats the link to the blog, ill tell you how long it takes for me
23:08<sbruner>running super cache
23:08<RSully>yeah its pretty slow
23:09<RSully>took 8 seconds before i even got headers
23:09<@irgeek>sbruner: Are you sure? I thought I was running it for weeks, but I hadn't gotten all the rewrites correct so it wasn't really running. :p
23:10<RSully><!-- Dynamic page generated in 6.736 seconds. -->
23:10<RSully><!-- Cached page generated by WP-Super-Cache on 2010-04-20 23:09:16 -->
23:10<sbruner>it's been running for months.
23:11<@irgeek>Looks to me like it's cacheing, but regenerating the cache on every hit?
23:11<sbruner>what do you mean " rewrites correct"?
23:12<@irgeek>The stuff that make the cacheing work.
23:13-!-nenolod_ [] has joined #linode
23:14<HoopyCat>i just hit it with wget a couple times; the first time took ~10 seconds, subsequent tries were almost instant. same .html output each time. so i think it's invalidating the cache more often than it should...
23:14<@irgeek>sbruner: The stuff under "Mod Rewrite Rules" in the plugin config.
23:15<HoopyCat>fourth attempt took ~8 seconds; only difference in html output was the wp-super-cache footer
23:16<sbruner>irgeek. section is not there.
23:16-!-dvdm [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:17<@irgeek>It is in mine.
23:17*irgeek shrugs
23:17<sbruner>8 seconds. that's a little insane!
23:18<@irgeek>I think you need to tweek something in MySQL. Pretty sure it's (a) quer(y)ies on the front that's are slowing it down.
23:18-!-nenolod_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:18<@irgeek>Everything else loads fast as expeceted.
23:19<@irgeek>Expected even.
23:19-!-nenolod_ [] has joined #linode
23:19<sbruner>how do I identify slow queries?
23:19<HoopyCat>sbruner: wordpress is traditionally not the fastest application in the stack; caching should be helping you more than it is, but yeah, it's probably just sticking on one or two elements
23:20<RSully>try disabling certain plugins
23:20<HoopyCat>turn things off until performance improves. or i think mysql has a slow query log or something
23:20<sbruner>can you try home page again? I think it just sped up
23:20-!-nenolod_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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23:21<RSully>its fine for me now
23:21<RSully>what did you do
23:21-!-jackson__ [] has joined #linode
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23:22<@irgeek>BTW: The "Haiti Not Forgotten" has a dead image linked to it.
23:22<sbruner>irgeek yea. client doesn't know how to run site.
23:22-!-Bdragon [] has joined #linode
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23:23<sbruner>CPU is still
23:23<sbruner>CPU is still running high.
23:24-!-nenolod_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:24<amitz>sbruner: you almost read like powerpoint slide ;-)
23:25<sbruner>almost?!? I'll try harder. :)
23:25<HoopyCat>=== Possible Causes ===
23:25<HoopyCat> * Specific Page Element
23:25<HoopyCat> * Database Index Missing
23:25<RSully>* Wordpress plugins
23:25<HoopyCat> * Half of Audience Asleep
23:26<RSully>* Server mass index
23:26<HoopyCat> * Noone Can Read 11-Point Serif
23:26<RSully>* Too much orange
23:26<erikh>sbruner: sorry, all I can think of is 'broner' when I read your name.
23:26<erikh>don't take offense. I just had to mention it is all.
23:26<HoopyCat>sbruner: do you have a... /var/log/mysql/slow-query.log or something like that?
23:28<sbruner>hoopyCat can't find one
23:28<sbruner>of course.
23:29<sbruner>rsully afreed
23:29<HoopyCat>sbruner: ah, it'll be log_slow_queries in my.cnf
23:29<sbruner>erikh went to highoS school with a bronet
23:29<HoopyCat>log_slow_queries = /var/log/mysql/slow-query.log
23:29<HoopyCat>long_query_time = 1
23:30<RSully>wow i learned about php anon functions today and im using them right now, makes things so easy
23:30<erikh>lambda lambda lambda lambda
23:31<RSully>return (function($a) as ($x){ });
23:31<@irgeek>0==||========> PHP
23:31-!-saikat [] has joined #linode
23:31<@irgeek>PHP makes me stabby.
23:33<amitz>it was written so often that I thought irgeek just type another variation of...
23:33<sbruner>hoopyCat not sure if enabled. can enabling screw anything up?
23:33<erikh>'closure' would be so much better there
23:33<erikh>get on my heap, my heap is amazing.
23:34*irgeek declines to get on your heap
23:34<HoopyCat>sbruner: in theory, if you have a LOT! of slow queries, the process of logging them to the file could be a performance hit. however, by "a LOT!" i mean "many dozens per second, sustained", and if you're at that point.....
23:34<HoopyCat>sbruner: plus i think it requires a mysqld restart, which'll poop things out for a few seconds
23:34<amitz>erikh: hmm what's with you anyway? you have been quite active recently?
23:35<sbruner>hoopyCat got it
23:35<jtsage|ded>HoopyCat- logging them does requite a restart. and yes, when you hit *that* point, the disk IO overhead of logging does indeed rear it's ugly head.
23:35<erikh>amitz: caffeine.
23:35<erikh>and a lot of work.
23:36<mikegrb>mmm cake
23:36<purrdeta> It's cake in a jar!
23:36<HoopyCat>jtsage|ded: which is still useful information :-)
23:37<@Perihelion>purrdeta: im totally ordering this.
23:37<purrdeta>I know
23:37<sbruner>FYI. I'm looking for 24x7 monitoring and support. anyone know of a company that does this ?
23:37<mikegrb>mmm cake
23:37<HoopyCat>purrdeta: it's like bonsai kitten, but for cake!
23:37<purrdeta>HoopyCat: zomg yes! :P
23:37<RSully>theres lots of companies who do it, but they cost $$
23:37<purrdeta>also not horribly cruel
23:37<jtsage|ded>HoopyCat- quite. until you hit the established system where you can't log the queries because it kills the box, and you can't find the suspect queries because you can't log them.... :)
23:38<HoopyCat>sbruner: 24x7 monitoring? there's quite a few out there, very affordably priced. 24x7 support? i fear it's probably gonna be cheaper (and more useful) to have a contract sysadmin and architect things so as to not need support at 3am on december 25.
23:39<sbruner>hoopyCat agreed
23:39<sbruner>my server usually behaves. all wordpress. all svn.
23:40<HoopyCat>pure luck!
23:40<@Perihelion>And maybe witchcraft
23:40<RSully>ive not a single problem with my linode so far :P
23:40<RSully>HoopyCat: you ever manage to recreate my io graph?
23:41<@Perihelion>Me either :3!
23:41<randallman>I have a terrible new years story :)
23:41<randallman>lost power NYE 2008->2009
23:41<randallman>generator fail :)
23:41<HoopyCat>RSully: nope; busy with school
23:41<randallman>didnt matter if we were on call or not, we all had to bust up in the joint :)
23:41<HoopyCat>i just packed my entire kit away and i have exactly 1 extra twist tie. wtf
23:42<RSully>they probably counted on you being stupid and losing a twist tie
23:42<HoopyCat>RSully: i is they
23:42<RSully>well you should know better next time
23:45<erikh>pingdom can handle the monitoring issue.
23:45<erikh>it's pretty cheap and we've had great success with it.
23:45<@irgeek>sbruner: This may be of interest as well:
23:46<RSully>do they support pagers or only sms
23:46<@irgeek>Phone, SMS & email.
23:47<RSully>i almost want to buy a pager
23:49<erikh>so it doesn't come with the "boss is calling and you must answer" extra benefits?
23:49<RSully>i was just joking
23:49<RSully>i don't have a boss anyways
23:49<erikh>I know a few people who desire pagers (or have asked for them) for just that reason, is all I'm saying
23:50<Trystan>i has a pager
23:50<Trystan>i love when it doesnt go off....
23:50<erikh>yes. me too.
23:50<Trystan>state requirements that its tested daily
23:50<Trystan>so i get one a day, but other than that its been quiet recently.
23:51<RSully>well, im off. be back in 11 hours
23:51<sbruner>irgeek. thanks. curently use pingdom
23:52-!-RSully [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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